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" TDESPA?MOayiNg,' SEPT. 1, 18.
Democratic Union Nominations.
vu. iHugh, J, - J ewett,
Taoitiia J. .' bmitk,
' rn.MH-w.-ioii6.-
. Minjv lf-"Y ' "
..u-jvtv i r. - fUtaun,
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um Mm-ii iitBti w 'tra a ,
ft - 1
Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY
mtlttrrTTiVf S,
a. j . 0 go'ttOtf ii; cohterse!-
V. if. ""
mtk J-tSBORaE.W. HUffMAN,.,, ,
ft K iUDrruw.,
ftVs"jj.lUTTp3 MARTIN,
JUHN u. hiompson.
I I A - . .
1 - j.
t a an-urettAS JATER.' ;' ' V' I
ivmo j -r. .'..:. . "- ' I
ol U.vwux "ItflTIKMitT Bietcroi,-" j
x'Jt i lemon ,h e$& ;
.... j i.' , ' -"J '. 1 ..l nju-.T 1
- '-'OETor tKe Cairipaign!.'!
.in .i.k u j;iriBbiMni0( Ibt Ohio BUt-
.W. mt.i.tii-. Mr Kaeth. at 5" ,
"thefrl'-Vcrtly ltlenoii,roBA.at..... !S
Ilther of the aboT Una wll) be leralihe for one ot
t -n4it k Tita rlnBl cclM, at lb abote
tbe W iaiM.n will te fortUbrf at f.W
la etabt of SO eopits, for two moethi. .......... 3 ee
L --iJ It MMHibia'faf km amthx oi.. 7. DO
Iht tro vvitbe Clohj UJoiror 4pHod of tho
Cuotliiii and Urn BUco our MAMMOTH WIIKtT
Is the kf ewfbo want S f Pamralpi paper,
Ut ihe.fiknOl of ttf good eauie lh trn Union
ut Of Ohta-f f )o work, nd ipnan ".::(
' 'en -ret the Bute W expert to inakoRanoffidoBt aid
the good work of the redtmpllon of the State of Wi
Let U bo well elreuBtrt.
Aatntj 10. 11."
Letter from John G. Marshall, Esq.
We. print eleewbere t brief but explicit letter
i. in O. Mauball. Esq., the Democratic
t' .
ti: fnr T.ieatenant-GoTernor. It
VUIUU wUw.w r
ill k mii that be eoncnre In eentiment with
Mt,Jiwirr, onr nominee for Gorernor. If. the
"' memberiV the lite RepobHcan pirty nrereei.
ly elncer ln'thelr expreeeloB of e desire thet
'I tWe AouU be no dTiiiooln Ohio thin fell, nnd
'- lfHhr'pfofee4 enactment to the biob be
etnnertj thf y tire erideoce of .lt by unit-
log wllinhrtJhlon Democmcy In the enpport of
the rjWe&rtoW tlcke nomlnitede the 7th
of AugW Contention. Tbnf li the wey te
here harmony. No better Union men than thoee
on onr ticket eta b found, nnd ne te thetr cap
blllty for the poetlton for which tbey hTe been
elfcted, erery 'one edmite that." '
' m '
Parties and Factions.
fnnMii,Hw:i.; -.. ?
An eooie politlcel wiiter definee the differ
ence between faction nnd a party to coniiit in
thie that the Ibemee U e, 'combination of per
f eonei foOftdetf apo motieeo of hmbition, pejeion
eeif Intereet, while Ipairty le Organized upon
'ioW orlncfplV' ptlnctfle of government or
noWinjwiey, pppoeitipn.to f faction or party
Tdesyiag hoBe-iptinoinlee, or .holding jppoeite
'"teie '"? v- ' ' " ' !
rectlone are, therefore, Btonllr ebort-llTedj
for, they itbrjrMn;-niwerthe purpoeee of
.their ereatlonor re dlebegfleil for the want of
'VinVVBdng conceive principles' Fartiea exiet
--e fen i If tte prinoiplee that grre them birth
Jf Wn command edhereriu Mffiflleirtl giro them t
tn9e.oeVton nUtoot nation..
A decaying party or (aetian tfally edopta, the
pedi4xlt,-fe reteenin tha ' peUaoaL power
elre'adfc)n1rdv nnd proton grog fta exietwiioe,
""of dropping' tie nrfpopola aame.'meakTng ke
' anpopoiea .lnil-i aadtmkitg Iteelf the
!61oef ganetle; i Bel thie expo
dienTMBpnTynewer i tomporarVfurpoee, te
Sh new'organieatio Inberju .Uie eoninmptivc
tendency of $i oiwvi fron f hlch It borrowed
-n .l. 1 l,.1lt. Il hrno. . '
It U not In time ol peaoe, but In Ume of war
tad lTll4oaHMtlonV thee the real etmgth tod
of a eoTernment U profed.' So it II
lth t Bolitlcal oartyT" The reeTjralM and pa.
trlotliai 01 great' party are teW, M the beet
, advantage, ot wBftTthe chip of atete ridee
gnlelijoVer a smooth end untroubled sea; bet
when totted and tbttttened with wreck by a
V Wihe ciuniry treeds, nd the' pony eftVu af
a anetart ieetiori of yesterday, bat (he etrong
grtip ?d., sinewy, trmo, e puty thtt has
iireaS)y pf9? 4 i? manhood.bj holding the eblp
taaJ and aUoliog ber to a lafe harbor under
iVvdt3teaeae-Jikepea.toi-i. i! 1
Bach a prt tee eanniry aaa-now la the old
.. Democrti0-Orip'ttlo,Jt bL?fr bMB tt
& the only rei jUqba.pMty.7r0r.ltt an
K linching BeToilod to, lb eaorlfioee for the Ua-lea-W
!4 encoeer W matntelalui ht Uolon
Cfcte'ti" whol aad WoleliaoVltl bctlou oppo-r-tHM
Ue heapeiTri-roD U and lit adherenu all
r of obloqoy.- X ferrioee era BO need
tieeUli to witie lTaTon frcil loUl and
,,,tlna1''dTBnf?rtoo -Tha eneaeee -of tha people
tea eo.1 tcknewledge this. They ere ready to
( f rfm"-'" t! Demoereoy taia camtnoa effort
' ' fr.,. thnWa'tion'of llie Untofi, tiid tha conee-
mvuir mw.wa';afpatca' i4"oarvdiatrtcted
But a ttrenuout effort It making to weaken'
ud divide tba Democratic partj, and thus Ira
rt tii Dnton. bv eet Ate P ne PMJ or
action. Mdcf . tbe pretense thf lo timea like
foes, all party tlee ehould bt Ignored All
men fectloue comblnatlooe ahould De at once
tud former eWudooed. "In deeetiiog their old
rotten orgenlaeliooe, the ppponenU of the Ot-
mnisr.n are rltht. Bat Demoorate cetwes ww-
o . . . U.JI
go their orgnUtlon( became it U n eniooui
meat of those prlaolp.ee of Melltj lo the Union
tad to tho freedom 1 fturenteee, which they
hia dMf than llle taelf. ,.Thee puno'P'
nlone tea eere the Union, ud, eoonef or er,
if.),. rTinB u dMtlned; u Democrert nrnily
bellere It U. to inrf Ue the preeeni riock. ell
n.trloiio men IU eome np to the help
of the Demoartejr in i8hty ud of
rfi.nnloB no eweeplng orer the und,
ThM. ho nttenDt to frnetrnte nna iinpeae
thle neion of effort, to which the mneeee of tb
nliui trtdentlf teodlor, ere hotlonlete nnd
iMrriIiere' - The icbeme to dllde ud .die-
treot the people, by creeling now feotlon, le
one whieb.li eaoeetefuU will prolong the prot
ettnnheppy OontroTerty, end perhepi end It by
edtieolatioa of the Union.' Thie cen be. pre
vented by the Democrecy remaining firm nod
molted u of old in their determination that the
Union mnettnd ehall be preeerred, end in the
people frowning down ell new end factious com
Mnetlone to thwart that determination
a, - -
Parties and Factions. Mr. Gidding's Letter to J. W. Vance,
Parties and Factions. Mr. Gidding's Letter to J. W. Vance, of Knox County.
1 n.,SMiMM we nubleh the letter 01
JeaBOA R. GiDDiNoi, whioh wa find lo tha Ash
tabula SMiiax!. Wa bad supposed thtt our
nelehbor of the onmel, u t nutter or ooune,
ouldnnbUahtbU JetUr.ttair. Winwnoe wa-
one of the very prominent leaders of tha late
EeoBbllOeB'MrtT.'a'ttewng friend or tha ao.
mlnlitrttloo, and tha represented of our
i.MMimoat in a foreiira conntry. Bet In tbit
are dleaoBolnted. The Jearaei ehoold cer
ulnltonbnsh the letter.1 The lata Kepuoiioan
Congress and Congressmen are pretty roughly
handled by this old fur or ma nepuoucw
aeetw. 1 '
' .
Josiroi ityst' .MTbey assign no reason iwr .w
extraordinary morement; except the assurance
that H la aeeeasart to get ap a aeei political
oartf . to increase the awateer of pertiee, In or.
der to dispel party feelings from the publlo
mind, a sequence not very clear to my nnacr.
etaading."': 1 -
farther says Mr. Giddwos: " 1 be enecs 01
tbiA morement 'cannot be selsUken. It wan
attempt te change front la the face of the one
ray, to acknowledgment that wo Dare oeen
wrong.;' Itle a toUl eurrender of onr prestige
of political euMees., It it worse than a erjme
it it political eleweV."). ( c i "
Without further Commtat, we submit h let
ter to our: resdere for their rerdict ts to the
oorreetaeet pf Mr. Qibwhoi's position, te It re
latet to the Republican party. .' - -
Our View of the Case.
1. A conaerrttiTaJt6fieaa friend eaye to ns(
"Why do you oppose the organisation of the aew
Union ptrty it will crush such Abolitionists
Wadi.Lotx.ot, Gmoiaos, Bwobam,v too some
others bo nemed la onr. city, "and beeide that
u .ill ru.r. Ant the State Douse here."
eneirered; There It no nee In this new party
foi theea purposes the Democracy bara oeen
nVhtin to vat down theea men for yeare, and
all ton htrelo do U to Join tht old Notional
tuu n.mnnin And the tbior U done. . " ui
.. .. .m ttfL'i.
we hare no obicctloa to tha objeote ha trows,
We hare no faith in accomplishing it except
through the Democracy. ' If the Abolitionists
to Into it they will control It, if they do
go into it, it will not amount to "ehncke."
Our View of the Case. [From the Buffalo Courier.]
Our View of the Case. [From the Buffalo Courier.] The Tribune and the Chicago Platform.
Tha Triiaae', la attempting to reply to
etriotnrea of the Albany Jewrael, makee a bad
matter worse.'" It declares lte firm adherence
tb the prtodplea' enunciated to the Chicago
Platform, tad eepeclajly to thtt clause In
which declares hostility to tha extension
alarery. Il insists thtt it would not consent
giro eltVery t foot hold In any territory, eren
tare tha Border States. Alluding to Its hoetil
Ity to the Crittenden and Border State Com pro
miies, both' of which were tdroctted by the Al
bany jearael, it ttys:
If thtt taffieed to ''drive tba Border States
oat," wa did U, and wa atattd by it to-day, Dit
tmteaaWawerraBe,eBt SUterf Exit
Wa fry eor Me teotUi t a trim,! eafetie fa
m miMS priftr tie former. 11 we are called
esffor for oar ehelea, ao be it. 1
Tha 7Vaii thus edmite til thtt tht Albany
Joaraei charged upon 1U It'atya, la fact, thtt
disunion is preferable to tht Democratic doctrine
Of leaving the people of tht terrltoriea to select
their own institutions. '"
Tha New'.Tork J&rerwt U1U tha Triiaai
that "this war will never be tncoeaefnlly pros
ecuted by making war upon the institutions
toy portion of the people. Two thlrde of the
rank and file, of the army hare no political
sympathies with tha AnU-SUvery or Abolition
party. Tbey art fghtlng fo a Government,
for a Country, for tha Union, for tha Constitu
tion, and not to gratify tba theories, the whims,
the .passions, or even the prinoiplee, of
fanatics Of tht" Und, Vorth er Booth. The
policy of the Xriiirae would make this ta Anti.
81twtry wtr, rather tbaa aaa for tha existence
of the Government; and the effect would be
split tie North lo," twain.' The very worsf lo
eoadlariea wa btva art those of tba two ex
tremes, who do alt ta their power to divide
NortherO opinion Ia: regtrd to tha object tod
aeeaeeltiM of the wartn 1 ,
Our View of the Case. [From the Buffalo Courier.] The Tribune and the Chicago Platform. The New Republican Union Convention.
We find the following, from this city, la the
CNWserciafa '"" V
The Peonlt't Convention for the Nomina-
tloa of Franklin county delegates to the 5ih of
8entember Convention for tbe selection or oan
didatea on a Union State ticket, met here to
day... It was largely attended. Delegates
vara present. froraAll parU.of. the county,
representing all classee of pact political self
Uonebln-",,. - ' J,. "-. i'i '
Tha iratb h. tha teaetleg wet a eaa lauara.
Thera were not te exceed eaa hundred tnd fifty
nrasent. There were ft toweshlps not repre
sented. AH rdssaea'loflit!ca might have
been renresented. but (he Deaocratlo part of It
... MMadlnfflv.Bmtll. aot to exceed a half
dot to that we know of. Ia fact, there wert
scarcely enough to distinguish it from a regular
Republican Convention. "
' They failed to indorse tht Ohio Bute JW
mI. ' This Is the only thing thtt looked Ilka
throwing off Repnblleanism y-.Z t '! '
So far as this county is concerned, tba whole
thing It t tad failure; of this, Our friends tf t
distance afreel tstored. Ilia aot bow, tnd
never will be, as formidable tn opposition to tba
Democracy as were tbe Republleener Suvi, i
; tT. lion. W, E Fi bu been nominated by
tht Union Democracy of tba Muskingum tnd
Perry dletrlot for tht Sutta Bentta.
Vn Fwb It a aoaod Union man, tnd of fine
labilities.' We hope he will be elected, be will
d0 honor to the district.
Letter from John G. Marshall—The
Democratic Union Candidate for
GEORGETOWN, OHIO, Aug. 30, 1861.
VEoiTO or Ohio Stati8Maii Dm
the nominee ot the Btateuommiuee or mj u
nlon Democracy of Ohio for tha office of Llea
. ... nunw. I dom It nrooer to Sty,
v.mnh tha toed am or vour naner, w w-
dUlty lodoree aad approve every sentiment ei
nreesed in the letter of accepttnee of Mr. Jew-
... nn, worthv nominee .fur Governor. - i"
iboueh I opposed the feotlon .oljthe proeent
..... 111 rnwtw. n 1 wnuiu iitw uv uwiw
oulated to cripple the power of the Government
in nutting down tba terrible rebellion which
... kn lik odukeloud over our beloved
uv. 0- .. , ......
oountry. cai, at we tame wwt w
intereete of the State tnd oountry will be eub
eerved by t change of Administration, end that
alt. liamnAaat.ia fftdirtV. IT tranomtsJUla W l Bxavaawa v
eondaoetotepeedy tnd Hetl putting down of
that spirit of rebellion tnd violence which It
threatening the libery of the cititen both North
Soath. Truly youre, -
Tk r.tntnn.tl Commtrelal should take care.
else it will be euppreseed. It U not respectlul
to the secretary or war or tno wavy i.D-.r.
Lmmll Dtnterot.
The Commercial is not in the least danger,
ItUteeaeIiea nsner. Tbey have t license
to abuse tbe Administration, on tba princlpl
that the father whips his child. ,
[Correspondence of Cincinnati Commercial.]
No Rebel Advance upon Washington
—Gen. Butler's Expedition—Coast of
North Carolina Blockaded.
WASHINGTON, September 1.
AflVI-A Avar the river remain unchanged
Our pickets etill hold Bailey's Croee Holds, but
.... . . . . r 1 I ...... .1 If...
subject to me nre nom icu i"v"
son's Hill. Acres or woodland are being bum
A th an?a for onr runt. ' ' "' . ". '
fn. Bntl-r'i ancseesful exploit is the topic
of tbe day, and Is considered the first of a, series
.f limlHi nTwrflHlnA tie Ora. ' t
' He reporte the coast of North Carolina (iffee
many Diocaiaeo.
nnr,l ftimont'e broclsmatioo creates
. ,
Tha fnllnwint di-natch. which is of kreat in.
tercel to our eitlteirs, has been handed us for
publlcttloni ' , , ' Jf' ., ,,f . t
WASHINGTON, D. C., Sept. 1, 1861.
W. S. GtoiitscK Camp Deonieon hae heen
made a camp of lnetraciion. General 0. M.
MUchoU leaTe for Cincinnati to-day. Heavy
trtiUery will be tent at toon tt possible. These
movements have been taken in consequence of
urgent dispatcbee from Uvv. uennisoo. , .-
N. H. SWAYNE. Gen. O. M. Mitchell Ordered to Camp
COLUMBUS, Aug. 31.
Gov. D.-nnison has been luformed by tele
graph from Washington, that in compliance
with his request Brig -Gen 0. M. Mitchell, will
be Immediately placed In command tt Camp
Search for Secessionists in Columbus
—The Defense of Cincinnati.
COLUMBUS, Sept. 1.
Th.'hnnBM'of John W.' Brown, General
Ticket Agent Central Ohio Railroad, and Wll-
li.m Hutton. were searcnea ia nigui. 10
cided sensation here on their srrest for tret
It Is understood that cannon er big canore
will be ordered by the War Department to Lin.
iMnnAtl Immediately. ' '
pArt of tbe earriieei for Lamp iscnnison
battery were thrown from the care over the Al
ton trestle woik last night, and smashed.'
The GustUi tnd Csmmeretal trt tt loRfter
heads over the Secretary of the Treasury. . The
GMtti chareee that Mr. taaee oppoied tbt tt
nantance of t force adequate to meet tbe armies
of tht bonitaeracy. . ine vemmfrcww tumite
r . . . ... i i ...
the opposition, bat putt It upon Ate ground teat
Mr. Chase first wanted that tbe Administration
should htvo a polteyr "A roucrl" exclaims
tbt Gatelfe "Two hundred thousand rebele In
arma as-aine! tha Government, the Capital
threatened, the army, melting away from tba
lanae of the time ot service, and yet Mr, Lnase
resisting tbe raising of troops because he want-
Tha Comawrcfars case is a bad one: and the
Secreury of tbe Treasury it unfortunate ia hit
advocate. 1 arn over to nie casioay eome poor
fellow who it setting down In tbe world and
eannot come back upon it, tnd it can demolish
him in tbe most virtuous style, tnd with the
choicest BillinesEtte; but let nobody who bat
tnything to lose trust nis cause in lie manage
- - ... t . i ta l
moot. Jit Is lite tome lawyera m too worm wst,
whatever they may do to the opposite party, tl
wayt demolish their clients,
ft Hams to be admitted thtt Mr. Chase did
oppose tbe acceptance of troops; tnd thtt bt
was In Complicity Wltn air. vameroo in report
lrc tbe number of troops to Congress consider-
tbly larger loan waa tue ,aet. v uj uiu nr.
Chase do UT It It probable that, If tht troth
were known, it wonld appear that hit opposition
wit not because the Administration-had not a
policy, but bectuee the Administration would
not adopt tbt policy which he recommended. It
was, and it, reported, verbally, that Mr. Chase
had a nollcv peculiar to himself, which govern
ed ble acta as a member of the Administration,
tnd wblcb he, of course, believed wtt tn entire
tod Infallible, or the only solution of tht dlffl.
cultleo Into whitfi tht country It plunged.
Whether it is proper for blm to pursue a policy
different from thtt selected by Mr. Linooln. ls
t question which teems to be avoided.
)t may, tt leatt, be rationally conjectured
that the financial pursuits of the bead of tht
Treasury Deportment btvt led Dim into tocltty
not enjoyed by the other members of the Gov
eminent the capitalists, to wit, of the conn
try.. It has been said that in Earope questions
of war and peace, are -decided by the house of
Rothschild! in other words, that tbey who sup
ply tbe Immediate means to carry on belliger
ent operations, oeoome uiuaiaiaif tuo pamoi iu
determine bow far war should, be carried, and
when peace should be made. These people
settle it upon considerations of interest alone
tbe queetion being, bow far it will do to trust
the Government with their money. . Tbe quee
tion of finance It undoubtedly complicated with
thtt of politics in tbt United States now. tt It
it in Europe In time of war; tnd Mr. Chase
mar bare, or may think he hs, a more accu
rate gauge of tba available s inswi ot war, than
tbe oihere, and may find bis opinions ol tbe
policy to he pursued governed accordingly.
It ia atid bv some, that Mr. Chats, ctlculttint
frem hie financial poitt of view, baa arrived at
tbe opinion that to aecure a separate independence
wonld be the point aimed at by the North,
and that bit view ot ine extent oi toe opera
Hone on tha oart of tbe Government baa been
adopted on tbeaa considerations: that hie idea
hat been that of t wtr of delense merely; to
aora the North from invtstoo, tod to eain inch
terms tt WOUia CO nouorauio uu yrvper vn
dirieion. How far tble le true perhaps' the
iuture will determine Ciaciaae'f frees, i
aj.fmrtr ataaBerrata,-' irt
Wa htva daily bow tn teeoont of tba Indus
try of the Postmaster-General In removing
Demoerate. tnd plietor. ultra Kepubiicane
their places'. ' Among them we note tha follow
la la this State.'" . -
' J. C-. Davis, Postmsster at Davisbargb, re
moved! ' ". j ' - - i
O. D. Bell, Postmaster at Oxford, remered:
' A. Labor, Postmaster at Charleston, removed.
We are Informed tbe person appointed la one
of tbeee places, bst often denounced tbe Union
as rotten, and tbat It had better be broken np
8uen acta are encouraging to petriota wbo art
iae!2u.aa property tod life to sustsia
COontry. JXrerl Free JrVete, ; ' ; .'
' fee finrrtitsiow or Nrwerams, Wa pub
lish tbe remtrkt of two Democrttie ptpert
tbe North ao tble subject, l ney suggest that,
tn oava the Government, it it quite as neoeesa
ry to snpprees tome Abolition at Secession p.
r.. ' Onr onlnlon Is. that the plea of necessity
ill not cover each tcte. The Government
loeee more than it gaine by them.' Every such
tot creates enemies, and the repetitloa of them
distract tod dissatisfaction. - If the re
bellloa can't bt put down In the midst of tha
fiercest discusalon, it can't be put down by tup
pressing tuoh discussion. Tba tlvema cam
menu of a few papers add bo strength to tha
revol utlon LnitmlU Dm.
Changes in the Cabinet Tenure of
Changes in the Cabinet Tenure of Office.
Tha folloalna Baracrtnh tppeafo lo the tola-
grtphia aorreepondenoe froat WashlDgton:
us eommiuuia or renuiuieu
tba East and New York, who were anxloueto
irA riiuHi ! tha Cablaeti hare com back
egtln, with a very dUtlnct mlftrust that they
btva failed in their mlaoW.' Who, fie le.lth.at
k.n ih Mi fMinaated il SUM tfieifi V
jecfieae to Gen. Ctmeron, they wert forced to
admit tnat tbey anew noiniDg. . "
mmmt a tiocU met f A IS 10 WDICO CJ.uikluua
ooald be made, and so made but a feeble Im-
preeeloa upon the Freeideat, exoept mat ne wae
driven to the conclusion mas ny iu
good-tited txt to grind. --
Wa do not oeueve tats uo riw wwiu
do the gentlemen in question the groee Injuttlce
of tupposlog them to be governed by .Intereet-
ru mnt tii in tha fpraeentaiioo bct "
mod oonaernina chaoEeeit the Cubinet. If
ho Sms Imnnta to them anv such selflih pur'
pose, bo must do violence to nie own acme m
propriety, as wen as evinoe very s;ro ,Kuur
tnoe of the obtrtoUr of the partite oaaaerned.
Nor aan mm revard U as nrobabia tnat BO ex.
peotei tbem to file "specific charges" againet
Mr. Cameron, or any other member of hie Cab.
lnet or to exact eon notion or parvicuiaruuen
im oa tha anlv around of t belief that hie Ad
ministration would gain Strength by a change
of membere. Such a Ibeery ts tbit would put
Government on a much, lower oasis into is net
hitherto been supposed to btve. Mr. Lincoln
dots not pitsldeovera Court of Seesiooa. nor
ie t conviotioa of Itroeny, or burglary, or any
other offense, neoeeetry to prove the relative
tinftttiMi of a man frr a teat in nit ivaoiaai.r-
Ia England, if a Mlntetry losee tba eeaUewee of
Uuptoylt, is insttntiy reeigns. i u wuuurom,
in tm .hint aa veil at its Integrity, it felt to
be absolutely essential to lte proper oonduot of
fubllo affaire. If Wis oe eo in cDgiaou, i u
much more so here. Oure u pecuiierly a uov
arnmont of the Moole. Everv act ot admlnle
Iratioa dedvee ita strength and power from their
.nnroral. And this is oremlneatly thaaeaa in
time ef war, when the Government mnttraly
hnllv and axelasivelv on the sapDort of the
people for tbe mesne tnd the spirit to make the
war effective. If a Cabinet officer, , charged
with the cooduol of a great Department, loeee
tha aonfldenee of the public we care not wheth
er ho deeervee to lose It or not his usefulness
ia anna. Ha cannot meet the reeDooslbllltlee
whioh devolve upon hlra. And If bis eaosa of
self-respect, tnd bit regard lor tht publio wel
fare, are as teen tt idoot o a man m oauu a
plaoo should be, ha would not hold the' poet an
boor on euob terms. ' '"" '
. Wa make tbeee renter kt without tny special
reference to the cast of Mr. Cameron. Tbey
art applicable equally to every member of the
Cabinet. Whether they do or donot enjoy pub .
Ita aonfldenee. it t oueation of faot with which
mm hATa now no concern. ' Wo only eat that,
If thev do not eolov it. they btva no buslneee
In tha Cabinet, whether eoy "specific note" of
wrong-doing can be proved, againet tbem or not,
-s.Y.rtm. ifr'it-J2'j
It it no use for tbe Republican press to at
tempt to bowl Mr. Cab raoa or of tbe Cbl
net. k "It eaa't be did.'; . Mr. LABtaoa pta a
firm bold on Mr. Linoour and beside, that,
Mr. 'Linooui bat not yet'appointed a tingle
Democrat to a civil atatlou not even to the
smallest poetofflcej how, then, can it. pe ex
pected thtt he would appoint such, a Democrat
at Mr. Holt to his Cabinet. It . will -, not be
done.- .s ... - . - i
' 1 O
The Rev. Dr. Cheever and the War
for Negro Freedom.
Under the above beading a
New York ex
cnauga aajti . ; r , : j j . ,.
. . . f : .-
By tbe papers wbicu arnvea ny tne adkio-
Revon. we learn that the Rev. Dr. Cbeever and
tha - British Abolitionists are looting to toe
American war for the most hopeful results for
thai aaaaa. ' ' 1
"Wa aecord -to Drj-Cheever the merit pf
both tenea tnd h-ankneee in tbit matter, and,
consequently, eaa well appreciate hie purpose
in adminiaieru to the otter ruin of cone try
and . Government. . His interpretation of tbe
real motive which governs the , war party ia
unquestionably truthful, as any other inter
pretatloo would bt rneompatibre with any
nrdtnarv mode of reason In r noon tha subject
It ie to be beped that the American people
will open their eyee to tbe real enormity of the
project before It is too lata to arrest the threat
ened oalamitv. Let bs at least attempt to pre.
earva tha form and anlrit of the Government,
though the dsy of negro mllleDlum and -jubilee,
which enliveno tha bo pee of Dr. Cbeever
and hie ajmpttbiters, be indefinitely post
poned." Wa do not indorse the above in the broad and
eeneral form in which the statement Is made.
A eantione discrimination should be used in
epaaking of the motivee which lie at tba heart
of the war. . '. bote motives are mixta ana va
riant. W'tb tboea who hava Inrnithed tbe
moat men and tbe most money, the object has
been to preserve tbe unity of tbe government
But there hava been, and there are, certain
scheming tgitaton who have fomented and
nrs-ed oa the auarrel. and without whom it
would never have been begun. . On tha aide of
tba North, tba moat of theea agitators bava
been prompted by n blind, fanatical mat to de
stroy the institution of slavery, not knowing or
caring much for tbe probable result. ... ..
The war eannot be broorht to an and, la any
jnsl and honorable form, until . tble fanaticism
shall cease lit perniciote iniermaauiing, anu
tha men of the 8outh ehall have sood reason to
believe that in the controlling publio sentiment
of tba North thera It no desire to tntkt tba In
stitution of slavery either t means or tn and In
tba proaecntioa of the wer.-G.n. .Bewarr e
Ri Union, t.;,. f
War News by Steamboat.
Tbt steamer Die Vernon, Capt. Metton, tr
rived fioo Keokuk tt 10 o'clock Thursday
morning, hating a good trip of passengere,
among whom were a few recrulte. Paseeogere
by tbe Die Tarnoa state thtt MerUa Oreen is
encamped near ShelbyvUlO, Mo , with 1500
Confederate!.- waca toa-aoai paatea aown,
no engagement bad occurred with these troops,
but a fight waa dally expected. : About 400
United States troopo tod Jaoma Guarde left
Louisiana, Mo , on Taesday night, for Loais
vllle, and bad t tkirmith with somt Confeder
ates tt tht latter place.
Two of them were killed tnd two wounded.
Lieut Duncan wet killed end Hugh Merer
land wounded. Tbtatmeeof tbe other killed
tnd wounded we did not learn. Thle skirmish
occurred on Wednesday mornlDg. The Fed
eral forces eubjeoted tht towa al Louisiana to a
thorough search, aad thare wae much excite
ment wben oar informant ieii. or. avowh tvp.
Secret Abolition Societies.
It bat corns to light within the last few
vtaaka. that a secret aworo Abolition orcanlaa-
tioo exlttt throughout tbe North, whoaa object
I. mmiA a. ka ta nrra tha Government te take
easnret to promote an onivertai uprising oi
tbe elavee In tht Bontn. i no purpoeee oi wis
aaeodatloa are two fold to' work try private
meana to 'Cxotto a tervllt innrreetioa tmong
tbt tltvet, tod to Induce tbe Administration to
co-operate. A brtnoh of thlt tootety exists In
Lebaaeo, and, wa are Informed, held a meeting
on Saturday night last. . UO Batnroay morning
a namnavat waa eollcUad. bv a prominent Re-
Kblloaa, to Jolo tbe arder, bat refused. Webe
ive that tble organisation also ha for its cb-
Irct the eontrot of iht State tod County Quote
10 DO tilled thlt All, too uatpewatw w
being made to indaca Democrttt to joid with it.
wa ua lii tha saldat ef a war to maintain onr
. ... .... m a a X . a . fna aba.
Government, which must receive tbe enpport of
all good eltlisne, but It Is no time lor aaoooin
.A aad Su, Chaaibart. wblebcta only
work mleohlef tad disorder, and they sbonld be
frowned down by all who love tbelr country
Dr. Roby.
. Wa ttara informed last week on Koine to press.
thtt Colonel Hyer, of Highland, bad been nom
inated by tht Republleane ae tbelr eaadldate
for the State Beneta. It -wtt Dr. George W.
Roby, of BaInbrldge,wbaweaaowi natad. The
Dr. le tn ultra Repub leao, and If be It not
greatly mlsrepreeented he would at toon - vote
for Joshua R. Glddlngs foe tbe United 8Utee
8enate aa for any man in wecteie. a ntve
been credibly Informed that be la In favor ol
tha Government purchasing h'J fsdoin of tha
slaves la WesUra Virginia; Xeryi.id, Ken
tacky and Missouri" float ad though t.0 taxes
are net high anooglf BOW) and astfanclpAtlcg
without compensation tha slaves in tba seceded
Sutn. OiliioefAf AdttrUtr.
Mahoning County.
The tolld Unloa Democracy of ! Mahoning
county hare nominated fteoUowifi tickpti
For RepreeenUtive, John Cessna, 01
for CommltisioDer,-Andrew Bbields, of Board
mani for InOrmiury Director, Mtthlu ireBi
mtnofJackto.,. 1 f .
The &aflfiejltye,
Id tnbther Oofumn will be found the proceed
ings of the Dauocratio Union county Conven.
(Inn nn Mondav. Old men' tnd young, who
have attended our county Conventions lor yoars,
say they never were proeent. ar ono-bee' '
t niin. or mora unnnimouv ana fmuuww.
ite sentiments end nominations. We know it
wit largei respectable ana patriotic a v
r.....n.n' .it fiTpr. and rrothlne -elee flot t
Convention In ftvor of union -of partletf.but
wholly tnd eolely In favor of the States.' We
nt tt ata at tt wewn nr Ke m alir U RinvuB m
large nnmber of Democrttt pretent, bat -what
. a . J t.l Alias ITnlnn
was in favor Of our great aUU
all tbe time and every time-- - That was right
and every Union man wae nos oniy
v.t aMtiflnd.'' Thare wti ao 'contention, no
strife, no bltterbess, to obtsiu epolls, plnnder or
profll.' The time for plitioal- Intrituing, pull
ing and hauling wae emphatically banlBbed.
' .... . . . . ...... .wtllttAa''
Thai la me way 10 orop '.iuwww -.....-In
this crisis of our nation. Our opposing breth
ren, of the new political no-party party were re
markably abady, Iteopmg away tu moy; wum,
with tbe exception of several Democratic faces
-iih knm tha vnlina" naselon wae etroPC in
death; Wa hope to eee them all back la action
aa wtll tt ineiru. -. ' 1 r.'i l j;o :t:
Tuscarawas County.
' The Union Democrac of Tnscarawat 'Otmn
tr here nominated the , following 'excellent
tlnkttl -'c,j U it-'" . ( .-' ."
U RepreeenUtive, John Walter; Treasurer, Ad
..H.. wiihaimii Sheriff. Isaac L. Dyei Prose
...i.a atbna.Inhn M. Haast Commisaioosr,
Frada-ii-k Laholds Infirmtrv. Dlreotor.r Paul
BUOV.V !o T ' ' lO t-iO
' The Democrat ttytl ' '' ' - ; ' ' rT
' Thaiihinn fiernnbratlo County Convention on
Mond last was largely attended by Democrats
from all partt of the county. A better; more
entbusiastic and determined spirit among dele
gates wa never witnessed at any prevloue Con
vention. Tbe foul slanders and abuse heaped
upon tbe true Union Democracy Of the Oonntry
h Ahnlitlon Republicans and their miserable
tools, Is having tbe effect to arobse alt good and
true Union Demoerate to reneweu urgj uu
d.tarminatinn in auoDoft of their "ttae honored
party and tbe nndytbg principles of patriotism
and loyalty which It bat ever tdvootted. ) ! '
The Convention unanimously adopted a. pint
fnm nf nrtnflinlaa and oraoi ice that mutt cbal.
lent a the admiration of every rood and loyal
oitiEsn who . wiahea well -for ble oountry, bis
fttata and nnnntv. ' : r .. '.
1 Id tha matter of 'retrenchment for the relief
of the orerburthened tax-DSyert of tba county
the Convention bava Inaugurated a reform bat
mnat work treat cood to community. Let the
people indorse thie movement of the UiOn
n.mnnratia Convention, and the- influence will
spread from county to county until the whole
Slate will ring the needed reform so loudly into
tbe dull ears of Legislators tt to. awaken tbem
to a proper aense o duty to Che labor, and. in
dustry ot the country. , v,? ;; - . : - '
: Tbe union yemocratie uctet muo u,
good and true men, who will dieobarge the du
ties of their respeotive offices, if elected, crcd
itably to themselves and, for tha general good
nf tha niuinla. Cterv man udoU. the ticket 'is
worthy tbe suffrages of the bynefal yeomanry 'of
old t usoartwat. , ;.,,,VJ t. ;.-;-,.r:
83. The Binntr ef R-Union, published at
Cincinnati, commenting 'opoh an article" Tt pm
the tommefwsf.sajs:. ir . , ,( ;.t, .,, I
an arlidd Tt ora
Wa fear tht above and many saVilax articles
are not-Written with autuoieai disorimioation
A verv large party, whoaa number ie rapidly ta
araaaina-. believe that tha War it not Wisely COB
ducted tbat a great change in tba policy of
tha Administration must De msae oeicre a iw
and hnnnrahla rjcaca nan be obtained. I
. That there art men among us who would be
olad tn tea a division of the Union, we have no
doubt but they are not always found la the
ranks of those who Deueve tnat tne war, aa low
proeecuted, will never Drmg peace-ana re
untnn. .
Not many weeks since we met In this city,
man. whn. in wuv atronff terms, denounced
what he atiDDneed to be our sentlmente. We
heard htm natlentlv and then asked for his 00
litleal creed. "Whin them and then let them
go," aald he. "As for re noiod.'we do not want
It, and will never Tiave it. . ......
And yet thie man, and others holding si ml
lie, ai.ntlment.it. rlalm to be n&triots. and de
nounce as traitors tboea who, in good faith and
with every energy of tbelr lives, are laboring
to arrest the progress or dissolution.
[From the Boston Post.]
Ta the memorable words of Mr. Douglascitcd
in yesterday's Put, allow me to apply tbe fol
lowing brlet Historical cateonismi .
When tha maiotity of the Amencao people
feared a disruption of tbt Union by reaaoo of
an immense eectional parly, who offered every
inducement to their political opponente,' tne
Whirs, to loin them on a Union basis, aod at
the same time waived all political dogmas, pie
ferringtbe Integrity or tbe union to tne lnieg
gityof party! - '. . ', ., ' " j
TbeDemocraey. '. :',.,
Whea tbt react .Cocgreu. were in.tession,
and onlv tha waiver of the unconstitutional
dogma asserting tha right of Ceogreea to In
terfera with territorial legislatioa, wae neces
sary to restore tranquil ityy-wbo - obstinately
relused to" taertneo tha idterprtty of- party,
or this' cardibat "ilorJwlnl"whlch Q Bold tbeir
party together, to the. integrity of tbe Unioni
mft I. .wti ... . - TV
A ue IvtpuDlluaut, JIVxZ't'
r Master, ii3iontr8 ala,
Tavarl. - BvaTmlirtl a
waT T T..M..II ak ail.l . . .
Tv IU Jftt ' ww - f w -9 i
s ,a m a. Mun. fram th BoMtlor Ooart ef frank
lin County. Ohio, I will offer for tale, at tht door
the Ooart-Boutt, la tbe city oi veraastut, oo ; i
Monday, Oct. 7th, 1861, I
at on e'etooK P- MS. the foltowlngdetemied real estate
t Unite In tbt county oi rraoann ana bum oi vmo)
wlu Tbt South kali of the N. a. quarur seouon
loWDthlp 11, tango XI, UBlMUDiaiafanJnw uuae,
alalsg eignty acre. . - vl t.n n
APPT , 8. w" HTjrrM ivi pherirf, '
' ' and MAStcr Commissioner.
Order to stlt (he above detor'.bed Ltnd In parte.
n. tinn ta the Courtbvl. Tutor, attorney for de-
ftndtnta, itlsordeitd Ihtt iktordeV ef tslthtrttorert
made In the above tamed action, bt aod tht stmt It htrt.
ft chanted as follows . J ; . r ' i
The auerlli is oraerea 10 ecu eai mru iu w
i.a aunM. lei. -T. offer fo salt sat tell thirty asret
.. .... w i. mi h.1.wltir ta Wllllsm M. Dar'
aelU being tbt Worth part ef ttd tract; aad If said
acres do neUrlng a sufficient saouol to pty the lame,
.. .71 . . . n,. n . .... tnmadlaletV ad-
man w, .... ... .... . . - .
Joining tb former on tb Boathi and If a sffllt
amount! money ia nu, ,.vi,w. " - y - - .
?T7- ? ,.....:. th. ..Id Sheriff te 1 the balaoet
Amount tf money is no received f011'.?0
of Tld P.' a dlieot4 by the fo,m ord.r pj
Ceart.., tjTtoruik?: akarift1.!
Ii . fA.ll. WrVUJHI- tlfUutMt CoaBis,ionT.
Printtr'tfet $7 Op.,rt reini oieVk j
HpSdlttSt .. '.id a: .it . a vtt.HH: 1
I . sij-.ie. t '- -. ' i
m . a.llf ltlal
Helf to tba
aaa Di't ''"V "1.I..-..I.J
tlmmaai aia;ts er.t a-..-.--
jornn s. feelet,
mtotof the . moot Improved kind of Bperkaclet.
All bit Olastet, whether for near or far-sighted .
groand la concave convex form with the greaOtet cere,
to ae to salt Iho Byet of all esses, curing Weaknaee,
Dissloeee er Inuammattoa of lb Byes, aiulJmpartlng
ttranath for long rtAdlnf or fist ttwlog.
Office. -IS Best Bute street, at Seiner At Wtbstat't
If act tote.' .;'."'-' e' Jr.1 hinjii
fig9mf v'.'?H Wuaj-t e.-i! mm A a.ii (
f '
1 L . CLOAK CLOtHI. Also,, other JttrOct of Spring
0 leak Cloths, In all deelrabl mlxturet Hiiidit'is, Ts
ttlt and Buttons to match. BAIN At SON,
apriU Ho. J9 South High sue
nWiar.fen PROPflllUWIIXBEHE.
BjVUPet-tlir Offlw of W nrry of Btate,
MondtynKeTSa fSlf wt geptimffernext, tt 19
for fnriUblDt the BtAto of Obto with Fuel, as follows:
0,060 Buslwls "of Oekay te wslfh not lass than 49
ldfOOO UAluli Ooai; tt talot Kis-btst ojuallty equal
t iiut to the low,r vein of Hooklnt Coal, and (roe
V from lAei kliok snddlrt.l , 1 I , ( l :
to Oordt-or Wood, too laaU to'bS dry blokory,keach or
sugar, lour iu .uavu, ..gui. .uv w.i. .pu..
Tka (nel to be delivered. without chrge for such da
livery, a bo ato Honeo In 0laabtM. '. ,
v..nnu in h aiioonioanled tr tuatilet, sad to spool.
fy the klad, quality aud price ot tbe lull yropoied to be
inrnUbed. ... rm. .. .... v..
ICAch oontraotorwin a" "
. . ... i. .in.Hl. tnn mnnnt or the Ann.
lZt.itfaiedvM Jislthful.Ma-oe.ofbls
uleatdtSo bo audo ahd'thb-eoatraots to bo awarded In
oosordoaos with the unasof .the act oauuea 7As s ie
provide for tbe pnrchaa, of Bttlonery , fuel, and other
mA lot. treD.ral..AsMinblj and 8U oflters.-
Aiied Merob 11, IBM. Be owo .
uiu ho'iaSnreed oa tht oovelope, Fropostls for
. t .. . . . . .... at.-. J i !.- J i ' '
lue 1 fnrnlihed by the contreotori modi to all 1 eases
be eqaai.laqn.lltf to the staple. Thlt nd) wilt b
riguuy wa. ,mi.t.. , i
- ) rrfk tit s grettryol Btate.
Oolnmbui. OnTo, August!, dtd. , I
j , 1 " ' 1 1 1 1
SUAL.V.D FHUrUSALS 1 A A A. nn, aax.
OBIVBB at tbe.Qftof tea atcreury of Btate,
tha 9d day of September next,
".-s "' boob,' ;
for feralAblai war for tht t of. tbe tut ol Ohio, as
follows) r-'-ii: ' u.. i,','."." i ""'I '
t ,000 Baaras Doable Sapor BovaI Printing Pspor, B7Js
by 41 inohei, to weign not iua ao p.uiu u.
lOO Beamt Doable flat 0 tp, IS by 87 taenia, te weigh
ttlest8Spounditoihsreun. :' . .
100 Reams Brother Oover Peper, AloorUd eotort.90
by 87 iocbss, to weigh at least 88 pounds to the re Am.
The quantities above hajfeil ti hi Increta.; at the op.
Uon of tot Secretary of Btter-. ' ;" ' . '- . . I
Bids must be aoeompaorea oy wipm ; vvw'
and muit specify tbt prloe itwhlcbeach kind aod quaU
t will be deliver.' at iht Itatt Hones In Oolombus
No tAinpUt of tn ln.ertor trtlols need btprtsentodi tbi
..... .... h. nf Ih. iMt nn.iv. '
Iht delivery it (be Boptt Royal and Oovtr Peper lo
etmmenot on the first of November next ensuing, and
continue ss the ptper ehall be needed. -
The delivery at ink Doable flat Cap to commence on
ik. a, rf.a ltmrvmt.r mcL end oontinae Al above.
Bonds, with spproved security in double the amount ef
th centra, will t rtquitto (accoraua; to iawj, oooui
tioned for tht faithful performAnoo of each contract.
vk. V.1.M ta fen mail aad ia eontrtot awarded In ao-
oordance with the terms of the "Aot lo provide foV tbe
ourobseo of Stttlonery, Btel, sadbtbtt ardolet for tht
. . . . . . f, - - ' U.n.h II
ueneral aseeaeiy aoo oiaw vmci., i n, i v.
ammt.,-m. eigm Raan'aatat. 808. '
Bids to be IndoiMd on the envelopeai "Proposals for
hnilhlnpai)tvterlhlMto.'t : ' - " .
Bidders art Assured tlut no popor will be rtotivtd
nn leas It eonforaMiw. every speot with the samples.
ns twwafitaerw. H"&aitU
''rwf at.
Colnmbut. Ohio, ASurt S. IFBI-dUl
;For an Inch of Time!
TTTAB nivrR XII K EaULA J1A 1 1U.I wa
V T a dying Queen. TbAt Ipch of time etn be procar-
d At A maeb ebeaoer rate, ana many ioag yvan
Mid hvMeenlllne Dr. MBRRTWE ATnlR. who
It caring ta mott btire and long-standing dlieaiee
Of the l,U!,'ltBaiV lIVH.. Aiusam, nunvr
aaa bTftaf Af)H UHaniITI8M DI8BA8KB PBOU
. r, yt s.ubbarii Things!
Deir,wht the Philadelphia oorreipondenteaye tn the
'OomraonweAiin, niiminguin, veiawaia, mvi .,..
..An Hn.llth MntlemAh. fbrmerlv connected with the
Hritlah Arm. aaA wh st, lee bbntelf th 'Indian
Botanic Physician has of late gained an eitenslv repn.
latton hare by his tktll In raring all manner of com
nl.btta. ' Bean of hi BAtlenta I bav converted with
end tbey pioaoano bB nmedlet and modt ot treatment
aa vary tuptftorr Boat hare been ret to red aa If by
magic. Tbt medicine b ntet It distilled by himself
froea various kerba possssaiag rare earativ properties,
i -WhllaKtog in to army b devoted bit ltleurt mo
eata to a lberough study of the offeots produced hy
oeittua medicinal recta tnd kerbs oa all manner of die
net. , ltaeems at bt foand a sort and epedy reme
dy for all tb 'Ills tbat Seeh is heir te ill prtoutt
mirmmA titmtAt anil ia d.llv lncreaslni. In tb col
nl.inta ts hlrh Vemalrs are subleoted. he has no equal
aa Urge number here have testiled that they owe not
only tnelr'preeent goo a neeiin, oui mir u.w, w w..
skill of thlt Indian Botanic rnysician." -
. Office 37 East State Street, Columbus.
iugl7-d3nA ' '
vHPystergl Oysters!!
O- J.m XJflLCrVN3S3Il.
betfrdatlyaeeipt, by tUprtts, of ; ,f.
: paitss cAi & KEa otstebs.
n.ltlnniV anS talr.tTiirrn.' "'' " ' ' '"-''"t
Call at WagatrtOjUtrtod fruit Ptpot, Mo. SI Kast
augMtr art-.il-eilaV.t t-'
w i-rn:-ti r,,''f fa-jj-j 11 '
V :' '.je-tjautitirinl i A.e '' w
.aeil Jii.ii. 1- '.v. .- .
'JX-. iU ' i.t;T I I 'J ' ' - ' .
i-...q I -i i. i.i.(r;ni at I " I ..v '' :
.: ,.i 1. 1 .j M ' '. I f i ri " ''-
J v. J v . i
i c itio' . '"'.M
-Tll--X t ,
'lT?illA7aoa of Balve, and apiece of Porous Plaster,
U vViie Traiai.lat Nnttkell."
. Tbt many kinds of eovpioa Sale rat ui found In marttt
are Wtsk. Ifcport sad unhSalthy, abd defraud tkt pur
chaser of his money.' .Pyle's purs Dletetlo It entirely
free from ell those objections, Its great mitt prove
popular! it-; Depot,' Hi TAehioftoa ttrctl, Ntwlork
Bold by groee rs everywhere.
' foo muohtAtlng'anil drlnklpg.'atwnAblts'and mode
of life, ohtB 'prbdrjctJ VrreiuUillltl It the ' bowtlt and
general kealth of tle tyittin.' 3l Baattairaw rfis
will toon core, the atomich' wlU, regain Ita Strength, and
A healthv aetlnn of th aVttata Will bS rtetor.'
MiDiciirt ark eqbal m uttfulntss to the ' , v ' c,;'
lvr man of Ih IIJtB EOtTiTH bad a box
and an ALLOOCnVB POROUB PLA8IA5B put la their
koaptaek free of txptntt. And to thlt faot may bt at
tributed tht abstnea of tor. f THIS tiaiHXHT from
tht hospital. -'hi..'' i. i
' xTIRTIOXirflR shoals have box ef BrendreUY
Tbty art SUR1 to bt attft,!, ofttn llrt-aarlng.
Bold by Joae K.tCoo(, Druggist, Columbus, and by
all respectable dealers It mtdleioes. ... tt . t
ang17-dlm ;, . ; '
. jnorFAT'8 LIFE WXIiS,"',
Ia all easts ef eoettrst,dyspon, ttlllous aad Uvai
affections, piles, rrwamatttau - ravers' eat agu, ohetl
nste head acbea, and all raaitl dsfanfeaiente ot htaltb
that Pills have Invariably proved aeertaln and toetdy
remedy.. A tlnjlt trial will pUoa tht Life PUIS beyond
tbs reacAotoempttlUoil Ih the estimation Of every pa
Uent. tt ''"! J f
.Ci.Hsfait PhesaUsUtmrswUl ka SotuU anoallytf
aoatioat laaUoASsa of aarveat eMUty, dyspveie,
tehs, khe1 ateknekt taeMent to fearalee tn aalleat health,
sad aVery kind ef wtakntts or tns tigetuve organt.
lte tmlt by W. a. stya,a nani,,,
sirf ell . w1 t amr-awiy
Thr fcHo-offtriff U a, extract from
latAtrwrtttaakW ahUev- J. B. Bolt, patter ol
plerreDOlnt Street Bajitlrt Church, Brooklyn, H. Y
the '; Jouro1 env Meattegtr," CuxrlnntU, 0. , and speaks
volumes la favor of that wwrl. Unowned mcdlrdba, MM
WrVfleV't Iootuoio !TPro OaiLnttx Tawrauai -
"Weanean advertltment la Tone tnlemns of Mtt
Vt""w'l Boornwe Svaur, How wt pever aalda wd
In favor or t r-aUnt mcdlclnt before In onr lite, but wo
'Tevioomptti taaay to .ut rcavleve that this Un4 bora
agMiliftveiBRi imsww rr TS w ia
n.atax ,tMWoaalyftk tenit en rests fol medl
Snea efthetav, becaurt It it on of the beat. And thtt
4 wryeattstdset rk kaas tablet can't do batter tbaa
lay ina suppiy.- ci .iuaw
Ho 9 Soath High Street, Colambas
s.1 wow orriEino
8000- yards Iiavslin
Brass floods at 8X, value
KSOyards yravellDKSrett Oocdt stills', vaus SOcU.
9OU0 yerdt EogliJb, BsanS at IU it, value 85 cents.
low yaros rrooca uriaoaiee mi av, veiae xu oenie.
SKfln VArdt fast' Colored Lawns at 10, value p eeota.
I OUO ytrds Voalard Prose BUM, at JIH, veins so cents.
1S0O voids Super Pleln Dltok Bilk at a I 00. value 1 1 VS.
Babes of OrcAudli Btnf, and JtoglUh Brje, al oao.
half their value. . .
South High Street.
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
No: 29 South High St.,
HAVB )aet opened ta lovplet ef very large and
Widb jTrench Laces for Shawls.
Very Deep French Flouncing Laces.
Real, Thread, French, Cbantllia & Gecevese
Valencleniies, Point de Gazo, Brussels
ana inreaa Laeei and Collars,
. ,j . t. In new Shapes,
. For traveling.
Traveling Dress Goods.
. auks, rorti m chitkes. . .
Tbe bett and most fathlonablt styles tn tbt city,
"'jf-V..':.-. " - u bain a bos,- - -
JeSl . , , . 80 booth High Street.
- - ' ' '- " "
t;;-, rin.,.,.,;;. ' :
Produce, 3 '
. Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
'Fruits, etc! etc.,
Nor 100, .South High Street,
Tht old stand recently occupied by.WM. McDONALD
De It In dally receipt of
i '.- : -"".if Whhht will trll
Cbeap far Cash or Country Produce.
Jj Oocdj dellrercd to City trade fret of chtrg
No. 106, South High Street,
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
jlyl2 .. , . r .
Steam Between Ireland and America
Tbe following new and mtgnlBoent flrst-clatapaddll
wheel Steamship oompoe the abovt lino:
ADRIATIC, . 8,888 Ions barthto, Capt, J. Mact
' (Ponntrly of tht Colllnt Line ) v '
BIBIRNTA, 4,400 tons burthen, Capt. H. Paowta.
COLUMBIA, ' 4,400 - u. Larroa.
ANOLIA. ' 4,400 ' ' '' " Miobouoh
PAOiriO, 3 t.eoo ' I. Sana.,
, 90O " " " ., J. WaLXia.
On of tht above shlpt will Isave New Tork or Boelon
altarntttly tvtry Tuesday fortnight, for Oslway, car
rying tht governaaeat malls, touching at Bt. Johns,
tf. . -
Th tteaaaen ef thtt lint have bote eonttraettd With
th greatest oar, a trior tht saptrvltioa of tb govern
bmbS, have water-tight eomptrtmeat, and are unexcel
led foreomforti taftry and epeed by any tUamert afloat.
Tbey are tcutaaaded by ablt and txprined ofBoers,
and tvtry tatrUon will bt madt to promo tt tbt comfort
f patsenger.
An;xperienetd Burgeon atttchtd te sack ship.
f trti-cltei H. T. or Boston te OslvAy or Liverpool I0U
Beooad-tlass, i " '''
flrti-elaas, . to St John's 3i
Third-class, '('M to Oalway or Liverpool.
. or any town la Irtland, on a Hallway, - - - 3U
Thlrd-claas pasetngers art liberally supplied with pro
visions or tht beet quality, cooked and tarred by tbt ser
vant of the Company. . ,
Partlee.wiahlng tt tend Str their frtmdt bum Ih old
oountry eaa obtain tlofctla from any town on railway, in
Inland, wr front tb principal titles of Bog land and boot
land, at very low rate. -
Ptasengert for Httr-TorkV efttVtflg by ih Boston
Btaaaiert, win ee lorwaraeo to new ion ire oi enargt.
yor patsagt or fartbtr Inform anon, apply eo---
- ... Wa. u. WIOKHAH.
Atthflaef Ih Oompany, oa th wharf, foot of
Canal street, New York.
apriU. dom. . -. ,; . . . ,
1,000 yards laoer Plata Blatk Silks at ftl 00-ralut
ft tf per rar4. ..v
8,600 yards Traveling; Dress aad. Mantis Goods at
It l-feenbj valet fO tents peryard. J.: ;.
t,000 yards Whits' Brtlllsnles at It 11 eents
vala 90 teats per jard. ;
StOOOyarOl line and DomtsUc Glaihams greatly an-
MOZiatBTQinrJ, Aizoarf,l
cHixin, fOTjftiBD ; Biiri.Tp
; aura BA5EQE,LATn.UI,
Nervr stnd sushioaavlila) XXwaar Gtnod
la the nost desirable styles sad at very lower price.
r-i rr 07iXaX jsiioi
Of all materials, mad la tht moot styllak ttntner aflei
th btteit Parts Ptshiont-ibs most slegapt sly lei I
the dry, -,-' f
may 30
Oaatoa lVliittin
,mi l4e'ifA XeMtU WWetl M'eJi'anel
4 WblU Ontoktdof euptrlorqualliy. Fortaley
. , If A IN 4k BON

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