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' i -f
Tne Adams Eznresi Company places ns dally
under obligations to it for tne very latent papers
I'rom the eastern cities". ., .'.', . ,
The American Express" Company has oar
I banks for Its dally , lavori la the Ifjape o'lh
very latest eastern papers.
senatorial and Judicial Convention
Tbe County Central Committee! of Frank
11a and Pickaway Counties bare agreed upon
tbe flay for tbe meeting pf the delegate from
tbe counties of Franklin, Pickaway and Midi
son; for tbe nomination of a candidate for Sena
tor, and a Judge of tbe Conrt of Common Pleas.
It is requested that oar Democratic friends
So Madison County, will send delegates to the
Judicial Convention. . .-. ; ,
The Convention Is appointed ; to meet at Co
oiddus at me vuy nan. - : i..m , ti.
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee.
Columbus, Sept. 23, 1861.
Council Phociidinos At tne meeting of the
City Council last evening, Mr. Staoaiko was
chosen President pro Urn. ' , ,
Tbe City Cletk and City Treasure presented
the following
Stalimtnt of the RmtfpU and XapmiUurn o tht
vug or Wiumoui from awpwes wwfinwir a.
jeui, Mown;
Balance In Treasury, Aug. 6 .... $1,450.83
frinklln Branch Bank Ixisn as.uuu.vu
John Otitoit Houl of crarel bank la .
fulltoBeplember I, ieol.-'...... . 40.23
J.G. Thompson On account of Jun
tun 9,000.00
JohaMiller Bale of hone - OS. (10
Jo,, y. Marllo Market llous Bent
for August ....' ...i
Wrey 1 nomas I low and Licenses..
Total.. ....
- 109.18 ';. I ;
. 18,751.06
Fire Iepartnient....
City Police
Market Home, (to...
Bewtri aort Sialong.
Oae Kepairt, elo....
Temporary Loam. .
Internt. etc
, S D90C3
....... 634 97
' hi 41
S4 77
, 10 77
.....u.... 61 SO
Incidental KxpeniM.4.1.
Qrave Yardi
Halarlte, etc
Third Ward k.'ti
Vnnrth ttnrrt
Balance In Treuary, Bcpt.3.
' ' ' a 1 8,758 05
The Street CommiMtormr,' JauM H." BrtM,
submitt d the following report: . -
."I have employed in the month of AudOBt
horses and carts brlougme to H. Jones for 51
day at tl 25 per dy-$02 37. "
"There hav alfO been performed by the
Cnaiu-gwij; in the month' of Agast3G3. days'
work " . , . . i
Mr. Doorr, from the uoot'uittee on tbe Fire
Pepaitmeut, ou the petition of Capital City
Fire Company, No. S, reported la -favor of ap
propriating to said Company tbe sum apked
for, one hundred dollars. The .report was ao
eepted. '
Mr. Doutt, from tbe same committee,' on
the petition of the Independent Hook and
Ladder Company, asking the Council to pur
chase all tbe apparatus of said Company, re
ported tbftt, though such purchase might be de
sirable for the city, yet, in the' present depress
ed condition of Its finances, the committee did
not think it best to make tho purchase. Re
port accepted.
Mr. Motu-ia offered the fjllowiog resolu
tion, which, after discussion, was laid on the
table: . ' " ' '
Renloed, That the committee on Claims be
anthorlxed to pay Jamcs 8. Winahs lor paving
In front of the school-house on the east side of
Fourth street, between Mound and ,8outh
streets. " '."
Adjourned. ' ' ' ,7,- ,. . .
5 U
t.ia saw., o m.
. it3 (10
, i 0 6-72 39
9,129 CO
D Wo are Informed by the Postmaster
this city that the, Postoflice will be opened here-
arter In the morning at l bstcad of 7 o'clock.
m- ;
IT The County Fair opens at the Fair
Grounds east of tbe city to day. .
ICT. Mr. Holtzman, lormerly clerk jn- the
Journal office in this city, died .after .( abort
Illness, at Etna, Licking county ,-n last Friday
evening, of a patrid sore throat. He was high
ly esteemed by those who were Acquainted with
him as a worthy citizen and an upright man.-
ST We learn that Colonel Foab's Regiment,
from the camp near Mansfield, wilt pass through
the city at eleven o'clock "this forenoon, on its
way to Camp Dennison.'; .The train conveying
the Regiment and its equipments and baggage,
will consist of slxteen-naisenger and si bag
gag cars. -. ,r, . .AlJ.... ;,
ICTTbo Mayor was very bv Jesterday, bar.
ing before him some six . oe sevea'oasesior
drunkenness, disorderly ' conduct' ahd' Quarrel
ing.' ' ' " ' "! : 'a'h .i .v t . ,
CT Mr. Jamxs II. Brnoor tblH .cftj.has
been commlwloned'to aisi a companv of la
fan try , to consist of ' not uia. lha'n eigbty-thue
nor more th"an.Viwo '..hundred s.nd jna Jnf tp
serve during the War?? ' ' " --.1. .''.
Ha 'is-' H w.-.Tho 'lmmo'rUl . sN.". !the
peklwtM'airyfpifepbet and satirirt that ever
lived, and the only j hllonopher thai ore dared
proclaim . and .MltiwhgrdllifJ ;,lth .;bbld
and startling doctrine; trmt 'man 'ebonld be
judged by merilvloneirtgpeotiva,'orj wealth
or poalttori lit- lejty liiitavr ia ,'trtt.?i.Tt
immortal "J. N ," before who powetfur intel
lect error snperstlti? an!J .avart5iff 1T Pa
eon before the Ark of the Lord, will leotore
from the steps of the State House this evening.!
Turn out everybody, ana near me immortal "j,
N." wlo, although, tbeadknewiedgsd InUlieot-
nal eonqneror of thd world, Is th ycry 1mperj
sonatlon of genuine modesty nd superior numf-4
, 5 Subjeot, Truth and. VV aft. ;.. 0
la e. . 14
BT On Saturday night lasl, three mounted
cannon and several caissons weretehlpped on the
Columbus &, Xenla rotd for Camp Den,nlon.-
On the other side or Darby Creek, they became
detaohed from their fastenings and. the cannon
rolled off the' car , ande CM;tage wore bfoken
to nieces'." Tbcy were brought -kwck to tbe city
W yaaTXHius jjBeuli niruun.n viurtiann on.
Saturday, orf their way to thr seal ef .wai"
via Pittsburgh. . -Thla' U a'.fuU ''riegiaoatipho
thousand ttropg.,7, j;,T.r- Tl
CT They are agitating in Cleveland the tub
lect ofmtng,nVMafino Bomltarta-that trlty
as a MlllUry Hospital for the reception oTtha,
wounded of. bo,Se.veu't':eg!ei;tyho;maye
brought bfk by tbe ccmmiUeea cow iaWeat
era virginia:yvn.ta nw vAjri J
. ; tt t ?ti A
ILT The uoverotakoi a orosrea urigaatez
General O.M. Mitormi, to take Immediate
command of tht troops at Camp Dennison.
) CiMf Wads. The Cleveland Htrtld says
thai the reornlU of the Wade and Hntcblns'i
Reciment. Second Cavalry, are coming Into
camp rapidly. There are abont Ire hundred now
in camp, and advloei have been received horn
tbe Quartermaster thai fpu hundred Bore Will
reach tbe camp by to-morrow.
; Tbk Mb at Cajwon. Nino young men, all
residents of, tbe town except one, were arrested
In Canton last week for being concerned, in the
mob on the Stark Connty Democrat printing of
fice, and held to ball In the. sans of $300 each
for their appearance at the next term of the
Court of Common Pleat for thai oounty.-vir t,
..llET (J. 8. Qaartermaessr. Dtcuiitoa. at. Cin
cinnati has issued proposals for; . fort thousand
uniform Infantry frock coats, to be delivered by
the 15th of November next, i .n t-j
How Sal WAS,DstssiD, A ball was given at
Long Branch reoently In honor of Mrs. Lirooui,
which appears to have been a very gay and bril
liant affair. ' An account says: '-" ' ' 1
Mrs. Lincoln was dressed in an elegant robe
of white grenadine, with a long, flowing train
tne bottom or the skirt purxea witn quiiunge
or white satin, and toe arms ana snowaers un
covered, save with an elegant point-laoe shawl
She wore a necklace and bracelets of superb
pearls, a pearl Ian, and head dress of wreatnea
white roses. Beyond all eomparUoo, she waa
the moat richly and completely dressed lady
present, , ,r , ,. ,,.
Amir Noisis Uniform. The style of dree,
which the-Military, sot Millinery Board, has
ordered the army" nurses to wear Is 'thai de
scribed: The color is brfghl brown; no crino
line; dress reaobes half way between the knee
and anVU; tipper sleeve loose, gathered at. the
wrist; pantaletta same oolor wiJe, but gather
ed tight aronnd the ankles j black hat with
plumes or feathers of same color; feel -dressed
in Morocco boots:';""''1;. r'f
OT On Saturday, a little ' boy In Cincinnati,
five years old, who wS' playing In the street,
was bitten in the obeek, by a savage horse
attached to a butcher's VagonTbe ferocious
beast did not let go his hold until he had torn
out a piece of, flesh as big as a dollar, leaving
bare the jaw and teetti. Tho aavago animal
then cannibal-like swallowed the morsel of hu
man flesh.' The child's' case 'was considered
titieal. i" . a. t' '''. mm " .--vo '
. .. .. - m -
''' r- . r 'I ... - . .,
BARnraoAU.The shock of an earthquake
was dlsUuctly feH la CJttclxinatrand, vioInUy on
Saturday1 morning at twenty minutes before five
o'clock. There were- two vibrating motions
tho first longer and more distinct than the sec
oDdVMaoy persons were awakened from their
sleep greatly frightened. i Several ladles were
so alarmed that they ttn eot Into the street en
( . I - ! tf..j
KT ITobu. ' At" JoHirsoKi of Tennessee, de-
Ikrered one tl bis swone iJoioa sneeohes from
the blcony-. o the Buroe House, Cincinnati,
on' Saturday evening ' He was to speak at tbe
Court-llouie in maouy, yes;eraay airpoon
Rail Road Time Table.
""'Leaves. - ' " arrives.
OldelbnaU Aoeommodatlon. S4 A. M. - 1 9:10 t. M.
1 " ,.axprea. 11:40 A. M. ' 113 a.. M.
Man and AcoommodkUm.. 9:10 T. IS. ' S 00 F. If,
Night Kxpren TlaDiytm.lS:0intdotght. -4:90 A. M.
i 30: W., DMnrr, Agent.
.-..-.., .,, t
CoLOMioi a OLavrijurD A. B- i
NIRht Izpren. J 4S A. M. . 11:15 P. II.
Neir Yortt Iipre.1 ..11:10A.M. 10:50 A.M.
0.0. 0. WaylxpreM.... J0 P.M. TiMP. M.
Jim PiT-nrJucw, Agent.
cTALOnio a. nr
He. 9 Bxpre..l.. IlM A. M. ' tl3 A. M.
Ho.S. do Stl Y. at. ii: a. a.
W. J. WUt Agent.
PrrraBuaan, Ooicmns OrncimiTl R.B. .
Mall Train ....v 130A.M. llffl A.JI.
XzpreuTratn.....w.f......'.ll:A.M. - :. M.
. , , Jo. BoiimoK, Agent.
(CoLDitio'e rieiDA a amujia k. .
do. 1 Exprtti... ........ 8:30 A. 8:00 P, M
Bo. 3 . ,300 t, M. 7:90 P. M.
10:50 A. M.
O.-W. Exm, Agent. ,
Mails for Mew York OttF. Beaton. Albany. Bnffale,
Prttabargb, teabenrtll way.i Olereteod, ganesvlUe,
Newark. Sranvtll. WuhlnetM Oltr. BatUnen, Phlla.
delptata and MewOrleaM, eloee dUy (baadaye aoep-
ed) at 8 o'oloek p. m. , -
1 A through nail for New York and Cleveland etwee
dally(8andayeexoepted)aio'olok p. .
0. 0. 0. B. H. Way Uattelosee orjr(pandayiex
oepted) at o'clock p. m. 1
Central Ohio Way Mi
Kail clotat dally (Sandaya excepted)
at 10 o clock a. m. -
Cincinnati Way Mall cloiei dairy (Bnndayaezeepteq at
0 clock a. m. ;
Chleuo. TJnbaane. TJeUwmi. MarloB and TTortttef-
ton Mails sloaea dairy (Boadays excepted) at B o'olock
p.m. M,'. ir t 1
Malta rorxenla, Bprtnirneid, payton, Toieao, jmein-
natt. Indtanaoolle. Looinllle. St. Inte. and Detroit
doeei dally r3andaye excepted) a S o'clock p. sc.-:
! A tbrongh mall to Xenla, BprloaileM and Olaelanati
oloeea dally (Hundayeazeepied) at 10 o'oloca a.
urbana, riqaa, Timn ana imioa uny aau eioiee eauy
(Snndaye eieepted) at o'cleek p. m. "-'I
I i.aaeaMer, bngan, neiaonTiiM, virawTiiH, uuiiimnot.
Portimoarh, WMhlngtra O. H Atbena,-Marieua, end
HllliNno,h aaili cieee dally (Bandays enepted) at 8
e'clockn. m. - '' '
aet way nail' ny national' ire to mmwtum wa
ally (Bandera eieepted) at H o'clock a. 1
llarriibnnta Meileloees dally (doadays esaepted) att
e'olook p. Bl. J '
! Mt. Yemen Mall, byway of Weetervllleaad !,
eloee del ly (Snndays ezeepted)at 'elect p. -
vodiio aaii eiom aauyaoday escepteajaa -eios
, m. ' ' j...u, I, k. , i... .
Lanealter Tfav Mall eleees dally (taadn esesoted) at
o'elockp: m.- 1 .-'i-. . ... ..-1.
r . 'ABIITAU.,' ' '"-
Halls from WewTort, Boatoo, Philadelphia. Buffalo,
Albany. Pittaburgh, Olereland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Bprtnirneid, Olnetanatl, OhllllooUie, Hi Iioabk
and all aoathm eMieer -arrive ketweea tne Boats of i
o'olock p-m., end 4 o'olock a. m. m ,
uaiitrroainaianoua,vmeansmavvMome urm
at 1:40 a. m. s ' 1 iff ft -.'
Mail front Vaamngtoa Clty.r Baltimore, .wbeeiint,
VJaaeeville, Newark, Bleubenville, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. 0. B. B. Way Man,arrlTeat 18 o'clock m. .
Way Hail from Cincinnati arrives at I o'clock p.m.
Iiancat'er Mail arrtveo at 3 o'clock P, nt. '
Beat Way Mail over the National Aoad arrive! at U
O'clock a. m. 1 iVi t I'.i
Ml. Vera on Way Mall arrival at 11 M a. m.
Mail from Dublin artive at IS o'clock m.
TJHwia Way Malt arrvree at t o'clock p. m.
BaMetmrgh Mail arrlvea at 11 e'oloek a. v
Lancaaier Way Mall arriTee at 19 o'eloek I
Ollioe dallverv ooen even, da (exceot Snnda?) from
7 o'olock a. m. to d o'clock p. m. Opea on tandaye
from 7H to 9 o'olock In -tbe morning, and from S to S
o'clock la the evening.
W. A
'JSatoJMlox't JbUuDyel
Xhls aplsndld flair Dye haj no sgaaiuutantaneoat ln
effeot-BeaaUfal Black oe. Manual frown no slatnlog
the skla orlnjdilng ti Hai. MaWxMt'lM Joitr a
effect of Bad Pyes, and 1M4goMe (he kalr for Ufa.
Moo are cenalnc 'nleMie4 "Wa A. BaUhelM."
Jyl&wlyA ntMWItrit,BewTirt.
! HAiR' DiiiAiii dye:'
j V"Wm.'A. Bttchtlor'i IZalr Dyel U
The OxltHfU, Hi last it .fha' UTorUT
' All ethers art atari bailatlons, and ahodld ke avoided
tfyoa wlrt to etcape rldtmis. r , . ;
BAT, BBD OB KUIII HAIB Dyed Instantly to .
saatual and natural Brown or. Blank, witheat Injarp t
Hair or Skin. . v-M.f v
i . MeBaIB ArTD DIPTjOM Al have bee
awarded t fa. A Satehaler slnol 1839, and over 80,00
applUatlora ban toes mad te the Bair et.als aKa
olhUnuBpniSyet' .' ' ' 4 1 ' '" "
' , WM.,A BAIoaiLOBt HAIB tTB prodotel col
draot t baeUatlAgaichad freea aatars, and is warranted
nodte Injur la tke Meat, hewever toag It may to oontln
oed, and ni eftete of Bad Dywremedledl thBti
Invigorated ,t lift) hytUfciplendldDy. "' ' '-"-1
1 tolAlaaU ettie aed towne of the United (tat,
TJrrrM end Pesey fteoda Dealen. ... .... .
. 1 S7t '-W (faittfia' be th4 fcauu and tddMol BpM a ateal
plat afe!) e pit aides ef took 1(0, Of WTXUAH
A. JtAAUAUiwia, Adureee
Jym-Wlf 1 Barelay Mreet, MeW Tork
The Expedition at Hatteras Inlet—
Capture of Seven Hundred and Fifteen
Waiuinotoh, September l.The following
IS me onioiai fepore ui tue.uaiverae uiiee u'
falri.';. .;!"V -', ViX'.'
"JTsiDkiffrereforiro' rtsiVaev; .....
"I have to ln'orm you that we have been em
Inently snooessful. : All that could be wished by
tbe moat hopeful has been accomplished. We
are taklnc on board the Minnesota the offloers
and men, numbering 715, who surrendered after
a bombardment from tne Beet during a portion
of two days. After landing tbe prisoners at
New York, I shall return to Hampton. :, ;
"Blockading Squadron."
The artlolea of oanltolatlon agreed on be
tween Commodore strinsnam ana uenerat sut
ler, apd Bamoel Barron, oommandine tbe naval
foroe C S. N., Colonel Martin and Major An
drews,, commanding tbe land forees at Fort
Hatteras, stipulated that all the forces nnder
tht "Id Barron, Martin and Andrews, and all
inanitions, arms, men and property be uncondi
tionally surrendered to tbe Sovernment of tbe
United States In terms oi full capitulation, and
that the officers and men shall receive the treat
ment doe prisoners of war., r . :a .1 :
, , Anotner omaiai account saye no expedition
to Hatteras Jolet resulted In a signal victory
over tbe rebels. We captnred two torts, twen
ty five 'cannon, 1000 stand of arms, and 716
prisoners, among whom are Captain Samuel
Barren, Lieut, Sharp and Dr. Brown, late V. S.
N., and Major Andrews, late U. 8. A. Loss on
their side not learned. Five known to have
been killed and sf number wounded, many of
Whioh were carried away. - ' 1
Lieut. Murdock.lato of the United States
Navy, Is among tbe number, with tbe loss of an
arm. IVe have no eaiualty of .consequence.
Tbe surrender was unconditional. About three
hundred men were landed amid a heavy surf,
when tbe men-of-war hauled in and commenced
tbe cannonade at 10:15 A. M-, on tbe 28th, and
kent it on at intervale all day, re-commencing
on the 99ib, with Increased effect.
'. The enemy attempted to land about l.ouu
men at the fort, but were driven back. At 11:30,
tbey displayed a white flag, and were forced to
surrender at discretion. - j : ' . .' '
It 1b believed thst many of tbe wounded and
perhaps all of tbe killed were sent on board the
rebel steamers in the Boand, prior to the capit
ulation' 1 ' '' - -'
Gen. Butler has arrived In Washington. The
news of the victory caused unboanded joy. Tbe
result or tbe expedition is saia to oe our po
session of the entire North Carolina' coast,
Thls expedition was planned by experienced of
ficers, In connsotlonwitb the Navy Department,
belore the meeting of the last Congress, bnt fasd
been delayed until tbe 26th. ' "
- Among tbe papers captured was one from the
late American Consul at Rio de Janeiro, Robert
G. Scott, giving a list of all the vessels leaving
or to leave that ort during tbe month, with lull
description of cargoes, etc By this rebel pri
vateers knew when and where to look, ond six
named in the list were captured.
A gentleman'connected with tbe expedition
reports that tbe forces were landed and drawn
up in line on tbe beach, when it was found that
there were three "hundred and nineteen 'men
ander Colonel Weber.ot the 20th. New .York
Reaimeot. 'A this time tbe wind raUed
little, and it was found lmpoasiblo to land more
troops. -They proceeded up the beach, captur
ing one brass field piece and one howitzer,
The force then advanced to Fort Clark, which
had been evacuated, but were compelled to re
tire acain,owiaf .W the shells of the fleet fall
log tnereln, and marched back to- the place of
landing, and there bivouacked lor tne ntgnt.
Early next morning they again returned, ana
tbe fleet commenced bombarding the second
fort called Fort Hatteras, which soon afterwards
displayed the white Uagrwnen ine ion was en
tered bv our troops. '
Our officers were condacted to the tent ol
Commander Barron, who was in command of
the forces. - .The Commander placed in the
band of Lieutenant Wieeel tbe following propo
sition which was immediately carried to Gen.
Batlert " '"';.
JkfrmsreaaiMt.r-Flac 0 IB cor Sam Barron C
S. N., offers to surrender Fort Hatteras with all
tbe arms and mnnltions of war. the onioers to
be allowed to go out with side arms, and men
Without arms to retire: ,J
Commanding Naval Defenses.
FnT IIiTTteia. ,Ane. 29 The following
reply was dispatched by Capt. Crosby, U. S. N .,
and Lieut. Wlcgel:'! J - ');! ; :''..'
Memorandum. Beat. t. Butler, major-uen.
oral Commandlne U. S. A., In reply to the com
munication of Samnel Barron, commanding tbe
forces at Fort Hatteras , ,, .- -.
I cannot admit the terms proposed. Tbe
terms offered are theeet a full capitulation,
tbe officers and men to be.treated as prisoners
war. No other terms admissible. Com
manding offloers to meet on board the flag ship
Minnesota to arrange details.. . , -,, , ,,,
Uoon the reception of this the Commander
called a council of war of his field offloers, and
accepted the terms offered, and proceeded to
the flaff ahin to arranae tbe details, after which
tbe prisoners Were pot on board the flag ship,
and tbe Stars and Stripes hoisted.
The official aoconnt of General Butler gives
very minute particnlars of tbe expedition ond
engagement, but presents no new features.: - He
says Fort Hatteras contains ten guns and four
unmounted r- also one targe tu men voiumpiaa
rcattv for mountintr. ' '' l.,;:.., -.-.
i The position ot the' Fort' ir an exceedingly
strong one, nearly surrounded 0Q all sides by'
waters and only- to be approached by a march
600 yards eireuitoueiy over a long neck of
sand within a half musket range," and over a
oausewsy a few feet In width only, which; was
commanded with two 33-ponnder guns, 'loaded
with era tie and ennnister. ' 11 '' ' M
Fort Clark, which Is about' TOO yards north-
easterly,is a square redoubt, mounting five'gubs
and two 6-pounders.' The enemy bad spiked
these gtins, out in a very lnemcieni manner,
upon abandoning tbe fort the day before. J "
Gen. Butler says: "On coosuluation with' flag
offioer Strlngbam and Commander Stellwager,
determined to leave the Uoops and cold the
fort, because of the strength of the fortifications,
its Importance, and because, If again in tbe pos
session of the enemy, with a sufficient arma
ment, of the difficulty of recapturing It, The
importance of the point cannot be overrated.
from there tne wnoie coast 01 Virginia ana
North Carolina, from Norfolk to Ckpe Lookout,
la within our reach by light draft vessels, which
cannot poaaibly live at sea during the winter
months. -f rom 11 offensive operations may ae
made upon the whole coast of North Carolina
to Bogue Inlet, extending many miles Inland to
Washington. Newborn end Beaufort.. In the
language of the'Chief Engineer of the rebels,
In an official report, it Is tbe key of the Albe-
merle. in my judgment it is a station second
in importance only to Fortress Monroe, on this
coast. Asa depot lor coaling ana supplies tor
tbe blockading (qnadrow, It Is invaluable! ae sr
harbor for our coasting traae, or miei irom ine
winter storm, or from pirates, it Is ot the first
Importance. By holding it Hatteras light may.
again send forth a cheering ray to the storm
beaUn mariner.'Vy '-' ... .."i"1'- ' '
The remainder of Ueneral uutier's report is
taken up In making honorable mention of offi
cers and men nnder him, who distinguished
themselves. .
It smears thai the Harriet i,ane ana irans-
port, with Colonel Hklns'e Regiment aboard,
ont aahnre on the bar DteviQua to tbe capitula
tion, and were immediately under the guna- of
the fort. , ',. "!'' :T,
BaltimOrs. Sent. 1. Maj.R. Soowden An
drews, captured at Hatteras, was an architect
of this olty . ' Many of the prisoners were Balti
moreans.n Among tho prises it a, ihlp loaded
with Miton. .-!. -w i ' rs-y ,,e-.
It Is rumored that a member or the Bonthern
The Harriet Lane got ashore and was obliged
to throw overboard her guns and coat.
The footing: thus obtained In North Carolina
Will be held, and Wilmington will be ultimate
ly taken, inn firing into tbe rebels' rear.- .
.General Wool has Issned a general order on
tbe Hatteras . Inlet victory. : He save we also
captured a ten inch Columblad, thirty-one plots
cannon, a brig loaded with cotton, a sloop load
or provisions ana stores, two light boats, and lou
bags ooffei etc.
Niw Yoac, Sept. l.The Tribune's tpeolal
hat the following partlcularsi - .. -
Tbe fleet arrived off Hatteras Inlet on, Wed
nesday. Two forte had been erected. by tht
rebels, commanding the month of tbe Inlet,
which commands the entrance to tht Falmloo
and Albemarle Sound, wbloh that affords a oon
ntotion with Virginia and tbe sea. Tbe forte
reblied to our inoesssnt fire but withont mnco
damage. After three honrs cannonading tbe
flig 00 Fort Clark was. bsnled down, and tbe
rebelr recreated to the other lort. - Our land
loroes toon occupied the abandoned forts, hoist
inff th atari an.4 atrlnM.
At 11:30, out shells' were beginning to play
on tbe magatine, when tbe rebels jtoiated
white file-. k '
General Butler refused aoceding with any
terms, except unconditional surrender, which
was at last aooeoted. C - ' IT.
Barron delivered bis sword to Commodore
Btrincham. aud tie other offloers theirs to Gen.
Botler. ... :
One thousand stand of arms, twenty-five can
noo, five hundred knapsacks, and a large quan
tity of munitions captured. ' Nobody on our.
sine hurt. . .. .. .
Four hundred rebels had reinforoed tho forts
on the niehi nrevious to the attack. --'
un Thursday forenoon a, stetmer witn i.uuu
rebels snDToached.'bot was kept away by our
force in Fort Clark.
Col. Max Weber Wat'feTa'oed in'oommand of
Fort Hatteras and Cot. Hawkins In Fort Clark.
A portion of tbe fleet remains there. . Impor
tant books and papers were captured, disclosing
tne plans of the rebels;-!'' ,.1 1 ,
FoaTiits Moaaor. Sect.. l.The, steamer
George Peabody , arrived from Hatteras Lilet
this morning, having in tow tbe prise bark cap
tured In the inlet. The Harriet Lane was got
off on Saturday. He armament and coal had
been thrown overboard. " The guns would be
vvWtt. . , ... , , a .... . , ......
The Minnesota had left for flew York with
the Confederate prisoner. l:The 'seoeeslonlst
naa eigbt killed and twenty five wounaea.
. A new military denartm-at4 it is supposed.
win oe oreatea lot tea iiutier. .-. ." .
. ...... - i-,. i
Commanding Naval Defenses. The War in Missouri.
Wabbikoton, Moh Sept. l-Liittaigbl six
teen of tbe United States reserve corptf, in this
county, were ordered to arrest a violent seces
sionist, living some, ten Imiles west of here
un approaching the house tbe lights were put
out, and tbe owner learning their intentions fir
ed a double barreled shot gun, killing two Of
tne reserve corps, , iney bursted open the door
and killed him and knottier, who fired and ran.
There ie a Camp of eeesalorlets in that neigh
borhood, a lew miles from where, the above
mentioned occurrence took place. , BeFenty of
the reserve corps left hero this morning to bold
them in check nntii reinforcements can' be ob
,.inj ..... .S.I. .71.,. ml j
"r'i.i . t'"" 1 ,' '"-. t..). .,.i!ri ni
'8t. Jwwra, Mo' VAurr, 30. This-motnlriff
our cii7 was surbriscd and tnrowft into tt state
f excitement by the-arrival o 110 mounted
armed rebels, who paraded tbe streets and cap
tnred two United State recruiting officers, and
tben returned to their r.Atnn. whinh la anmn
eighl ; mifea distant.'. ... ' A .. ,
it is rumored there aro JSU men rendezvoused
near here. : "" 'J ' - ;v a:
The withdrawal of the Federal troons from
this point and vicinity, haj left trie field open for
their depredations. ' , ,' ., !',. , ,2' 2i i'jti
QoiNOr. 111. Ani. 31. The train: trom SU
Jcseph arrived all safe this evening. 1 There
ports of tne track being torn Up for mile? wst.
of Palmyra, cannot be true, ii -.I-. . sxmt .
ihere is great exoitement here to-night, coca.
sioned by tears ,ot an,'; jtttnek; by rebels frprh
"'W., ,...) 10 ,. .a,5i,.,(,-. -,..1 i,.
1 JtrraMON' Cifv.' Mo:i' Senterabfr" 1. -Col.
MartbaH's, Cavalry ,werfi at , Geotgptowri on
Thuredsyi' .and : surrounded the Wwn, .taking
Magoffin prisoner, with several other. - One oi
Col. Marshall's men, w ma kllled-aml on badly
wounaea. . iney nave, prooaoiy eadatdex'
ington'by this time.
St. Louts, September-! The following is
appended .'to 'paesporfs Issued by, tho. Provost
iMriuai,.aua.mu8t near ine. signature, ot, eaon
person accepting the paesr k ,v nt.:.i:
; "It must be nnderstood that- the -within
named and sub'acrlbdr "accepts this pass on his
word of.honor that he is and will be ever
loyal to the United States; and, if hereafter
found in arms against-tbe Union, or in any
way aiding her enemies, the penalty will be
ocatn. , , j . 1 -. . w. j -m ! ; v,i , iii v
br. Lows, September S Lexington remain
ed in the possession of the Federal troops as
late as Friday. . Reinforcemonts have reached
them before this, and ao apprehensions are now
entertained for tbe saiety of the place." "
, la. tn attack on Tuesday, ecrcrarl' Union
trooue were wounded, but none killed.,. 1 ,
Ged. Pope ' leaves for Quiney this' evening,
end will Immediately take the field in person In
north Missouri.
From the South via Louisville.
Louisvilu, Sept. 1. Tbe correspondence of
tbe JNew uneaoe Delta of tbe Smh, says that
the coast of tho Mississippi is well nroteoted
Scores of volunteers aro all along tbe shore,
and quite a number of gunboats sre building. ,
1 A Kiehmond dispatch reports several arrests
ia Loudon county, Vs., or old Citizens' oharged
witn treason. -
Several deaths have occurred among tbe Fed-
eral prisoners, including Captain Jones, First
Maine, add Lieutenant Badoin; Eleventh- Ma
sichhsetts. " -' '" .
TbeBap'Jst College, at Richmond has been
made an army hospital..-- .'Mie.tc--
'1 he Knoxviiie Kegister ot tbe 34th notices
the arrest of Commander Boutwell, U.V S. N..
bv order of the Confederate Secretary of the
Kavy. , :. t'x'.-vi.
The f ensacola correspondent of the Colum
bus (Oa ) Sun says there are- whispers that a
fight will , take place soon.. Litters are being
made, by order 01 the ituartermaster, and more
troope araexpected. . t j.. ji
Uaptain Abernatny,' or tne lVtB Aijsslesippf,
reports, on the ?0tb, that more fftan half his
brigade are in the hospital. -r jsn ;. --i. -y
Louisvillc, Sept. 2. A special dispatch to
the Courier, front Nashville on the 31st nit.
says, the oapttrre of Fort Hatteras and Clark,
the latter twj miles north of Hatteras, Is con
firmed from Wilmington. Oar men lougbt
bravely. It la repotted that five or ail hundred
of our men were taken prisoners.'-' Our lose in
killed and wounded Is only ten or twelve..';;";
The Journal of this morning strongly con
demns Fremont's Proolamation, and urges the
LegitlatOr by aetlbtf to avoid The ooatingeacy
of such. action hV-w' " .V
11 says ii must now dcoide whether we ; will
organise a body of loyal soldiery for State pur
noses 'strong enoneh to 'enforce the obligatloet
cf lovit neutrality' ot whether It . will . suffer
tbiogs to go 00 ae they Have. been going, wiih a
prospect of lapslng'al 00 distant day into a eon
dition which In lo brief a time hat .bright In
way martial law in Misspuri'.J"
-, Tbe verier says there 14 a company or arm
ed Federal atatluned it Hone Cava, Station, on
tbe Nashville Railroad, eighty one rniiee South
of Louievillef - 1 j- w ..Tj,
Immense amounts of freight and a great ruth
of people are dally going South by tbe Nashf
Villa roote, while a greater number of passen
gers are arrlvinga It ie thotghl that the great
rush South Is caused by the etiiot that has gone
lortb, that after tbe 1st of September, noo-in-terooune
with tbe South will be rigidly enforc
ed, and tht rnsh North' is owing to Davis's pro
clamation. ....
Tbe- Courier says that Camp Dick Robinson
ts constantly jtvMeasJpg. . . , , w 8 --
. A negro, yesteruay, swam me river, at tills
polntrpafBlngoyerhe Falls, and landed per
fefltly baked In Camp'Jot Holt:', lie fepreserJted I
himself as being the oroperty of Col. Johnston. 1
... - . f , . . . V. , - . , I
01 uamp noone, acuu. no wan tuis raurning
tetumed in charge ot a nie oi soiaieraw Jener
lon county jail, Col. Roseean giving Col John
son nolioe of tbe laot. ij
Hon. Emerson Kthendge terc lor rrankfort
mis morning, n, .e
From the South via Louisville. [Special to the New Orleans Delta.]
Richmond, Va'Aeg.T.-Prtsfdent Davl Is
so ill that Coogress hat adjocined; to kwalhls
convaieseenoe. r in .. n .i. umvie-v
A bill has paseedCODgrest for tbe settlement
of accounta betweed tbe' Ooverhment and the
States, for advances made toward pt,bsecutng
the war.' some memoera I a vol ine release ot
Harris. MoOraw'and Ely. --
t Comnianier, Bo.ntweir'TttdBflgljt-are-BtJ
Jlfchmand charged whb, being. Sfllet.iy;1' J
: uenerai iuKabucr ie u.i.
Ramori 'ere eooflrra the report of Roseorana.'
Snrrender to Lee near Beverly.
BVeaMen Tlivl Viae been 'a'uth6rited' th'
.Ma n iha rtammatidv.ln.r.htaP
uuiui .W MIU. - - j ,
i All absent offioere ef the Army of the ro
te trtwiattixpecte to beTttftjIj JOJBqjttt
xoio. f , v -i ... iiiJi' i rn.r
l After the adiournment, bl Congress, ,DvIi
wlU take- command 1 petoa trf tht -Army of
tnt r otom ao,il ... riat
I HT.'JT'T'.U.' ilat 1 Han WnnA ilaifna tfiM
! .1. a WAe M j.wrt.v.v.,u.
hat been any change la tht editorship of. the
Dally News. . I
Capture of the Hon. Edward J. Pendleton.
Aogust' 29 Advices
that lion uawara J.
Petdletonofi Virginia, haa been ciptarsd by
its rtntu-i) re is a prominent Umou man. .
i Everything on. the Potomac, between the
month and .Seneca and Monocaqy livers, is
Sod Monocaqy livers,
Moui Martlnsbnrg state the
[By the Pony Express.]
Later from California.
1 Otrrra Btatioh, Pacivio Ttucoaara, Aogust
JU. The' rony fcxprets, witn Ban Francisco
dates to tho Slat, passed here at 5 o'clock A. M.
to-davt 'r'l,; :'r ; 'i't- , k ;
Tht steamer Uncle (Sam, (or Panama, took
tl.OOOOOO In aneele.
inatedatblrd candidate lor Congree. In ac
UD U. IU, ftU.VC UVlltlUII Ul U.I. UVU.
oardahce with the statement of tbe Secretary
tae interior inat uaiiiornia, ooaer tne new ueu
sua, Is entitled to three members Instead of
A fire at f3baws FlaU.'TuoInmne county, de-
stroyed property valued at $18,000. . .
1 nere is sara to oe a gooa many svmpaiaisir
with stcsrsion in Nevada territory. 1 1 !!
. ..... .... ... ' ' .
ah the. Indian tribes east ot the uaecaae
Mountains are believed to be prepariog for war
upon t)ewmtee,.j ;
Later front Carey.
MoNTiCAb, Sept. 3. Tbe North American,
from Liverpool, Aug. S3, via Londonderry, 33,
arrived off Farther Point1-this morning, with
advices two days later,"-ri ?":
Uotton firm, at an advance ot 'd.
Consols for money 91it(ffi9li. '
Advices from Manchester are unfavorable.
LiVtarooL, August. The brcadituus market
has a downward tendency.
1 no weatner nas
been favorable for the crocs.
flour Inactive, at a decline of bit quotations
at S7s...VVbeat easier and dull, with a decline
of 9i;rrd western D9j 3d, while, western' at
Us CdCtlH 9J. Corn easier 1 mixed and yel
low at ..-294 '6.d30p-white 3l34., Provi
sions generally ouiet. TBeef dull: fork inac
tive at48(ft50c Lard firmer at 45(347c. Tal
low . has a downward tenoonoy: sales at 80Q
Amoflff the papers read at tbe meotlogw tbe
social science Congress at uublin, was one by
air. Uatley, JV1. r. from luanchester, entitled,
'Witht cotton, emplovment and food: without
It, famine' and expatriation."! no said the
manufacturers expected to be able to command
supply of cotton to keep them working with
a tolerable regularity until the spring. J he
orop we growing in the Southern States, but
tbe difficulty will be to obtain it. j Certainly it
will be short of past years. ' .
. . f - n t 1 . -.- t 1 ..ej
that ontton is now laid down in his warehouse
at 12J per cent, la excess of the price paid to
American planters," whereas to bring eotton
from Beirut would cost 100 per cent, on the
price paid, 0iog to tbe difficulties of transport
ation, 1 1 tl ) f -JJ
. Dr. McGowan. an American, said the states
men of tbe country would bail with delight the
efforts to ? relieve them from tbe monopoly of
ootton.f . .' ' rt i t . '
' Tbe matter, of supply of the. great' staple was
further dlscuiscd, ween .Mieg arnh Redmond
read J Pftpef on American slavery, and Its lnfl.iv
enoe oo-Great Britain. .i. -v -'. ' '
1 Mr. Chevalier, tbe celebrated French Free
'Trader, tben denounced tbo Morill Tariff as the
child of disorder. ': ,... r . ; ,
1 Tbe Paris Bourse was firm and animated at
the opening, but closed lower. Rentes quoted
at 63U5e.
1 London, Aug. 23. Tbo Times publishes Mr.
Rus4U's correspoDdence to the 5th oH-August.
The last letter nominally iefon io the demora
lized utid insubordinate state of tbe army, and
at the same time crediting Gen. McClellan with
speedy reforms. . He ears tho Southerners be
lieve they wiM be Safe if they bold out; until
October, and that at the end of tbe year tbe
Northerners will be further from tholr aim than
ever. - ... ... ,. ., 7-
' Tbe Times has another editorial on the fi
nancial difficulties ot the American Govern
ment. It savs that tbe' course pursued at
Washington throws Jptojbejhjdelltbe bor-l
rowmg oi jDogiami. , , . .
Weather in England was rather variable and
less favorable, but no injury baa been done to
the eroptv The harvest progresses finely. . f 3 r
The rupture between Austria and Hungary is
regarded as complete; ' No new movements had
taken viae, and no Imperirl decrees had been
lfsued, bu :he d;tolution of the Hungarian Diet
waa fully anticipated, to be followed by a mani
festo against Huogariin pretensions. ... .
LivcarooL Paonocc Maf-Iit. Sugars qniet
and steady. - UofJee ouiet. Kice firm
' London Markets. Breadstuff steady. Su
gar upward. Coffee firm. Tea steady. Rtoe
firmer. ','." 1 ' "
London. AoeuauSJ. Latest sales of Amerl
can Stock; were Illinois Central- &3i4U
Disturbance in Indianapolis.
IriDtANAroLis. Sentemberl.-e-A Convention of
tht sympathizers of the so-cirred Peace party,
assembled in. this city yesterday afternoon.-
Though bnt a few participants were present, a
large crowd of excited people assembled at the
Court House.: Hon. Robert L. Walpole, of this
cltyt was made Chairman, and while addressing
the audience, debouncing the Administration
and the war, was Interrupted several times, and
finally withdrew amid great confnsion. A' man
named McLean; a friend of Walpole, tben at
tempted to harangue the crowd, at the same
time drawing a pistol, when the crowd rushed
and he was rather roughly handled, j ..- ..
During tbe melee a number ot- Bfbte oeoar
red.butwitb no serious results. Considerable
exoitement was manifested during1 the after
noon, and In tbe evening a crowd visited the
residence of Mr Walpole and several other
prominent politioal men, whose loyalty was
questioned, and foroed them to take tbe oath
allegiance to tbe United states Uovernment,
wbloh was done without further distuibuice.
Among .those who took tht oath was the editor
the Sentinel. "'.?' a, l ,
An Alarm in Wheeling.
Whielino, Sept. I. There Is considerable
exoitement. here to night, in consequence of a
dispatch just received trom Fairmount, Marion
county, by .the utvernor, stating that a large
number of beeessioniNts have been seen in the
back country, and are marching on the town to
burn it and tear np the railroad track'"
UTD9 .drums are beating, to, arms, aed tbe
streets are crowded with people. Tbe Governor
dispatching 'the Home Guard and volunteer
oitiseos to Fairmount. TbeF'iBtng. Is supposed
te.bejn concert with some, movement of Gen.
Lee... All the united mates troops nave lately
gone forward lrom tnat point. . . .
Jit js. feared that tho movement among the
secessionists may be general, and large num
bers of citizens here are going ' on' parole duty
.Ink) .' ' ' a-kti ft a-. ' .
Cincinnati Market.
The drooart clot oot verr eulet this week at least
fav annAS In the lre av. - V....' t...
The eondltion ol lb tear tttrVet doe not change.
her la com demand inr upernne. out it is Teey
eurM. wil. haven ire tu to lo aeiow toe ssami in
their flarea. W qnote arin B upernne at Ji to
mt Til; axtta ms hi, io si uu.
Wneat of the atrletly ?rm fredee Red and White
la a fair market at 73b3o aenly; prim can be had
at703eoc. ' .
iad at
Cora is trot tare rreeryat vise), out osaies easily ds
i k ; t w t.
Oat we oontlnn to qnote at imc.
Ky la nominal at 40o.,, . .. .
mdowate lljagatti; (,
CommtrkkH.i .
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, August. 31 1861.
FLVUri unil.- wo aaiee leaiorMHi. . . .
W Hit AT Heawand dull. . Neither buyer nor eel!
r sre analoua to operate at 80.. kales of A oar whit
atBOo, an earmiM aceaew - .
m rjtnn-naie er iovo. wmtm mm eeie at se. . . . 9
yHUiTS Bales-of SO bbl an peeled ptachet at o,
d TO il dried apples at ao. 1 ..
BUTT Sit-Salts 19 Brklns prim batter at Bo. , , ,
SaaS-Saleeof IB bbl repacaed at 6te. .. . .
. , ;i . ,. 1 jn- jv- 1. ,. aewur-:
.-..i,..-!-!. ABTnnTlSBMBKT.
il iyi th IN8TAKI Miliar
tnd TtRM ANBITf OOBB of tt
) ilitreaslmj eomplatot mm '
t .v.- at .'! i, di'iiVttf K'Jti -' At
iaaVtaO- WtwdtTB oo; iw ,'
V rrlc t trxril imtffbyp.
I C ' ' a, . a a thna it f 1
' 1 " ; t 1 ' 1 ., 1 . r ' 4
10 U9 Biwaiioo 01 motacTis nor
lV't P". reawnng all iDftammaUoa wUl aila,
...' I. ..
Ofllieni upo6lt1iabtherfclt will lrttoyBrer
ana .. ,...,. . . ..
We have pntnp and sold eoiearUel for ever ten yean,
?-. Ooioicioj.atn TBrjin,ofit,
eloe nrvkb ha tttfjtt rfwESZ
akcb. to kkFhot a auute. when ilaelv .d. Nev
Ir'dld we know uinitaowofdiaeatlanvecion by any on
fe.n ttmmA I. . .1, J.ll.klul tk II.
r ,r" ""' 'lim"'ljnr 'Zlz
).v.BMvue, oijie mymmm las amiasa vi w ee i iy vym aw
magical ciimi and medical virtnoe. we tpeaa In Uie
matter "what wk 00 SNUWi" aner tin yean' expo
almoet every Imtanc where the infant ia eagering from
pain and .exhauetlon. relief will be found in aflcen or
twenty minutes after theayrun it admlnlitered. -
This valuable nrenaratlon It the nmcrlniion of onf ef
the moet BXPHKIKNOKDand SKILL! DL NOkilSto
New Bniland. and haa been nted with MkVBB I AIL-
It not only relierea the child from pain, oat fovtroe
att-t the stomach and towela, oorrect acidity, and glvei
tone and enemy t tb whole oyitew,,. It will altaoet le
a em
n"y reneve . v . v i g 4 j - n,
gej.ro in the bowels, and wind colio
and overcome convumona, wnich, If net speedily reme
filed, end Id death. - We beltar K the BKeT a4 OCa.
HMT RHMKDT IN TUB WOKLD, in all eaeee of TS
it Arises from tcethlne. or from any ether eaoeev We
would tayto every mother who hseaohlMeafferlDe from
any of tbe forevotrr ettmnltirrte DO HOT LKT VOUk
eland between yon and loar eufferini child, and the re
lief that will be BUKB yea. ABSOLtjraLI DDUBo
rciiow the use orthianedicin. usaeiy uee. mil di
rectinni for mine will accompany each bottle.
nnnln no less the facsimile ot OUU1A8 rBHJUJit),
new xort, is on ue oaieuj wrapper.
Sold by all Druggtat lhrohoiU UMI world., ,
Prf nci pal Office, 13 Cenlar Street N .V.
otrc-awiy. . n ....
A -nnc ' m "A' ''" 'f mm .
An Effective, , Bale .and EcoflomicaJ
IU original color without dralney anil preranllny
A uaiiirom turning gra,
And coring it, when then I the least partiole of vlUU
or recniierativa energy resuining.
Andallontaneontaffectlon' of the Boalp.
Imparting to it an unt)alet gloeraiutbrllllaney. nakiBf
soft and silky in It texture, anil oauslLg it to ear'
readily. ' - . J..v.
l'he gnat eelobrlty and increasing demand for thi an
. erinaled preparation, convinoee the proprietor Uiaoua
trial la only necessary to sati-ry a discerning pnblle of Ita
Superior qualities over any other preparaUon In nse. ' It
eansee the bead and setlp ran dandruff and other
outaneoua diseases, causing the hair to grow lnxuitantlr
Hiving it a rich, eoft, glossy and flexible appearance, eiid
also, where the hair ia loosening and thinning, it will giro
strength and rigor to the root and restore tbe growth to
lose parts which have become bald, causing it to yield a
Ksn covering oi nair. - - ....
There are hundreds of ladies and gentlemen In New
Tork who have had their bair restored by tb nee of this
Invicorator, when all other preparations hare failed. I.
tl. ha in his possession letters innumerable asttilylnt
tne above racts, rrom persons or tne olgneat noeeeta
ility. It wlU effeetnally prevent the hair front turning
ntil the latest period of life; and la eases wbere'th bair
baa already changed He color, the nse of the Invigorator
will witn certainty restore it to II to It original One, giv
ing it a dark, gloesy appearance.- AT perfam for the
toilet and Hair Bestoratir ft I parttoolirly recom
mended, baring an agreeable fragrance; and Uw great fa
cilities It afford In dreaeing-th batr.-wbielt, wbeai mean
with the Inrlgotator, san be tnaeed In any required
form so aa to oreserre its nlace. whether nlalnlnr In mirla:
bene tbe great demand for it by the ladle aa a standard
toilet article which none ought to be without, tbe price
places it within the-reach of all, being . , , . - r.r,
Only Tweutj-Five Centi
per bottle, to be had at all respectable Pruggiita and
' . Fertaaer. '
h. MlLLlta woold call the attention f Paranr and
Onardiani to tlie use of bis Inrigorator, in cawet wher
the children's bair inclines to be weak. The wk of it
lays tbe foundation foreooocIAtfiM of Mir, a It re
moves any imparities .tbat may hare beooss onneeted
with the scalp, the removal of which Is neceasarr both
for the health of the ehild, and the future ; appearance of
Itauair. ........
OiDnon. None genuine withont the fac simile L0TTI8
MILLER being on the outer wrapper; also, L. MIL-1-KR'a
ItAIft INTIQ01UT0B. Ni.Tr, Mown la th
Ilasa. -. ' ... vx.ji Ji S. 1. t ?' . ;-; .
Wholesale Depot, SG Dey street, and sold by all tht
principal Merchants and SrargtsB throughout the world
idosrei onsooui 10 parenaaiir ay ape aaauty. . .
I alto desire to present' to th American Pnblle my
which, after yean of edentiSe experimenting, I hare
brought to perfection. It dyta Black or Brown Instantly
wlthontinjary to tbe Hair or Skin; warrantad tbe best
article of tbe kind in existence. ' ......
PRICE, ONLY 50 CENTS- . .. '.,
Depot, .- 56- Dey ' St!, New York.
etS8:dKly. '
NKWAKK onff,
iriannfacturera ( all kind f Pr
takle and stationary eUaana Est-- .
tne, daw Irltlle, Urlat Mill,., ,
.. ..... X.cVCe, V.
LAJTF4 fODVSl Statml B. ti MlAXDTSml3
. eV. a. ' DiTFALlSiimlfl 7QLUX2VS
uAcmxx co. Btatr i) nslpioso -
ot CO. atnl t III r-' . 4,vr
Oar Portable XnirtBe and w Mill -
awarded the first premium of (50 at th Indiana
fair for 1C0 over Lane tt Bodley't on: aooountot
Price, lightness, simplioityr eoonomy ef fuel
and superior character df lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Bngine wa awarded at4 tb hum Tali
the first premium of tied. , .- . .. ' -.
Onr Portahle Bngin was awardtd the tnt prealna ol
10U at the fair at Memphis, Tennour Blandy's Da
rail's, Columbus Machine Co s.. and Bradford k. Co H
a committee of fractleal aailroad lUineer. 'S
ror price and terms address r ,fv'l
r-, .5 v WlLLAitD WABNIB, Treasurer.
decoWUtwlyeota.. t , , v Newark. Ohio
Wltileaaie anl lie tail' Male i In
TOBACCO; SiWFF cigars:
1 ':i.-i.y 1 ..
ee onstnntly orrnanet att tko wa
--.--. name dhanus An
Xxxajptirtpdl Oisrairo,
Oct Mlyd
- -1
MANUOODd-,r rv
or Seminal Weakness, Beiotil Debility, NrvMent.la
Voluntary Emits InrtS -aed Impotanoy, resulting Irrxn
felf-aban, Ho. By Root. i. flulrerwelt, M. Seat
Snder teal, in a Plain envewf. to any eiMreet.iMri
aid. oa receipt of twe tantp. by Br.OUAS. J.OV
Kljlrf B. m Bowery, New York Post OtScw Bo. N
4,58. ' ' ' ' ' aunflOadA 1
iMstaat Hellel! -Bfp fmt Ooafh
Parlf y 7yv BreartkV.
. Itrenrtkea wattr Tofoot f
&&jDL&T1JA& -oil
". good for swai..iki.,', 'v
. , good for consumptives.
' I f ft.
' OBTtDltlrf OKT tOl' I
They relieve a Congh Instantlj. ; f 1 81 1 '
They clear tbe Throat. '
.... V -V-.). ' ' ( -. v .
They give strength and vol am e to the vote.
They impart a delicious aroma fo the breath.
They are delightful to the (sate.
They are made 'of simple herbs and cannot
barm apy one.
IladrlM trery one. wk hast OoajfltTa basky Teio
or a Bad Brtath, er any dlfneolty of the Throat, t get
packsge of my Throat Contest lews? tkey win wllaya , .
yoa instantly, and yoa will agree with a that "Ik?
Jo fight t the pot." Toa wUl final than, very aaafa J
and pleasant whll trarellng or atttadlaf pabll meet
ings for stilling yoar Ooagh or allayinf year thirst. 'It
yoa try onf paokag, I am safe la stylnf that yoa will
ever afterwards oonslder thm IndlepeasabU.
Toa wlU find meat at tat 9rgists and BejaenksT
Medicines. . .
My algnattrt Ie ea eaek inokagei. kti mth(Mrkr
A package wUl be saw by gaill, trepsM, ta rtt '
Thirty Cents. . .....
Address, .;" '' ' " ", ' ' '
Henry ;C Spalding, ; ;
" ' - MO. m CIDA2 lltlltr.
J it K
naro cure rez a
By the as of the Pill tb periodic attacks ef 'jvVr'-
ou or Sink ieMtiomUatay k rtwveotsd; and If taken
at tb eomsisiioeieent of sa attack liavasilsli teller from
pain and tieknaa will baostalntd.
They Uoa falUa moving th Saw and
atJt ta wUch tnaaloe Are e att. I , , tj
Thy act geatly area the bowel seats ring CUM rT
a.' '''"" ii i. .-. '.m,i-
lor Ultrary Mm, OudmU, Btllial futa '
and all person, of secleeitory kabitt, they are valaa
t aWea. Improring lb mppdiU, (Mai low
Sr to the dlgntive organs, and res taring lb aster
alasttctty and strength of th whole syatean.
THI C1PBALIO PILLS sre the remit ef keg Mm
tlgatton and eanfally oond noted zprtta, harlw('1
been ia nse sucy years, daring which Urn they hsv
pnremted and rsUrred a vast asaeuC of peAa and eaSat :
tng from Headache, whether originating in the wrests
system or from a deranged stats e the arneaeoA.
They r (ntlrely vegttahl in tbelr eompoeitio. aa
may bs taken at all Urns with perreet aetty withoal
making any change of diet, emot M wtseass mf mt
iUwrmtkttttrmitrtU aAwsaftwlAs-a
11 W ASB OT OOUKTI aflRI 1 '
The gennln bar Oesirnalaieeof Eeeary 0 IpaMlaaJ
eoMchBos. - " ; f;""l '
Sold by Dragtista aad ail ether Tealesa In stteUcin.
A Box will be eenl by stall, prepaid, ea reulyt eatth
Prioo, QO Ooritol
AU ordert shoold be addreesed to
41 Oaelsur Street, Neve fork.
Trom tb Bzaalnar, Korfolk, Ta. t: at
Cephalic Tills aceompltth the objeet far which Bey
Were made, rla.: Core of headarbe la all la rwna. '
a. a. .-p;
-. from the tTtrtlmr, Horfolk. Ta. ' ... ,j
They hare bees Seated la aor Uaav a thoasand eaves
With enttr snoots. .h- - - n-..i
' l,.;liMi
rrom th Decaoerat, tl. Cload, aflnS.:..71
If you are, or hare been, troebttd with she heartache
tendtur a ban, (Oephaito PUHJ that yoa away -Saw
them In ease of an attack. - - '
-..so aM.faeT
; ' Treat the Advertiser, rrrridsne, X. X. --i
Th Oephsllo Pills are (aid to be a rwaarkaUy ttTtMfr
remedy for the headache, Bod owe ef the very beet far
that very frequent ooeoplal at which
eorerea. ; 7 ,
till '
1 1 .
Vroa th Wee tarn T
. OaaetU, Cbicato, III.
W heartily sndoree Kr. IpaaUing, sad hi onriraled
vepnauc rui
Kanawha Valley Ihir, Kanawha, Tal -A ',' ?
Ws ai tor that parson sufarlni with lb hsalaihs
who try tnam, will Mick to thea. .iii.'.. rr.iMKd
1 Trom tb Soatbara Tath Tioowr, WewOrtaanWlss'li!
. Trytheml yoa that an afflsstsd, td ere eseema thai id
roar tealtanenyoaa be added th already sMeaeraaai .
list that hit received hwainl that ae ethar (MdieiM eaa
prod noo.
Th tmaenee damaad br Uw ejtkM lOephati Pria
m rapidly Increasing. T - i
from the Oaattts, Darenpart. tow-.
HaJpaJdlngwoaM ant
hi smawtataa4
lawrlt. - ' :
Uol be did sot ewt to
TJjA angte bottle mt SPALDrNaf TBBPAUB
u.usj wiusare tea nmea iw tew snnaa ly-yj . .
- 'X Mt J V-
1 1 -
TOOB8I j,a-.
. BOOSOMTl . . . , 9nTATCWj
j m' vriat w tun Kna.'aO
Aa accidents will happen, vea' ta trail tegahttad kas
UkM.lt livery desirabl to bare eom baap mM eoa I
vwnlamt way for reyeirtM tataihas, fey, GreMery'1
1 1 . .1 S : ITALDTlin't TBBPABIB eT,rB) " A
meets all soeh ewsergracteo, aa4 tw heemooid ee (ford
tobewttboatlt, ltutwatjraary,mdayltkiltok
ing point. '"
B. f ,TA Brnsll tweompanles mA bottl, ''
aanta Address, : rf.
" -irtr - hKf BY 0. eTATiDIsTO, '
: .l .! ' Wa i Plu l.l u V
'it .
u ,mJ IIS '
' A eertaiw woriMp yMveMm- wva attewifttlnf f
rita off oa tbe anewpeotirf yablle. imitates, of
aafARHP Llf a, I waM Mwtlon all pone tot
Beats before pnreheatng, and ee til ti e f-u T-
JDSPAUUt 4 TKKrAta,B4li,(. )
ti ea theoatsid wrapper! all hi are aeriau.... a
terfaltac -v-.k- k. ,

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