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Democratic Union Nominations.
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Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY
.ev4i- Wwrr.
"SfeOTlit; W. "HUFFMAN- "'
.ttjibt-- - -
"25 iJ.QBV- a.-THOMPSdN-.;
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jHAU'CfeiiAsicAtER. .'i .A
! Ids.' a- 1
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Tin 4I
;tnir om&" statesma,
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.or.tliQ Campaign-.;
in. aorlsi a P?10'1 '
Tht Baijj ItoU'Mwy at. . ...... ctnta
' fetlltiiitVtbp'aWra bn wjll bs Jnpi(ibea for ona
mm nonlhi, Ib elate or Ing1e0', lbet
tl Wki ti' ititpM will be furabhed ai fol-
fi'trPblelfiWoplea.for tomonth. ll-OP
Iaelubiof 11 eojflee. MT( onlhi.....-j,i-.
I rnb f Sflbpl f ttrpi-oprhaj trf
waiMpPI-WapplPP, r r'iBoaW.A'- .(
JThar iff rafcl' jC(3- Wrl ptrtbi perwf tf
0pal ad ih.i pta HfMSIOM WBKLT
la the hurfa P ail who ai It, "It s CaUpalpi paper,
on wry reaaoableJsiBir, ,
Ut thai $. oth tSUatfyJr DioB
men of Ohio K t woO-aoa iprema .
, .11 t:th MhW !Te epVto anAMt n rteot
"V'ha' 0o& worksite redpU.orMK'P,io;
Let it be well circulated. ' v-
Aujoit 10, 18UI. t.;-
Business Notice.
1 1"
The rcceDt order lroJpp'Potofficp Depart.
mfaraicUiig"?lw "poptagp itampp of the o
'"fUoeVilf render It Impossible foe etpjh.alaDipi
to be hereafter, receir ei kk office, In pay
ehVord'ei.! t ,
Business Notice. August 24, 1861.
Business Notice. August 24, 1861. OUR WEEKLY SUBSCRIBERS.
t-, Op weekly eubeeriptioa ha iBereawd Sottp
idba4 wo4raye .ntirely exljpuMed itte hack
ton pf piii iift -' -1-t- - -printed-a
Urgeetfltlpift T6iwfflekpleiitof$i4 whose
oames wetaPeel.TeiinceVhf'UA issue,
why they bare not beed' supplied. The psjier
Will WiUedMgnWfy' hereafter. dW'
We eontiaae the-Mammoth Weekly
two moftitoeVM twejilseMtrAe Datly for
eenu a moothfrjJTrtfekly for twentyfife
cents a month, tjimeP jiike, these, erey
perponphoultlakp aoodbemocrati'c paper,
and heepJullypoelod 'io regard ib the stirring
erenU that are apw-j treeepiriop; in this onc
properoppbt,ow djstracdjcpajnjr. .j
t orMosw of oVkinri frieids whp haP Inter
' sate (besnsetre t proosrlDg iroptrtber-
Never Despair of the Republic.
,. m
Bm. Fismkun'p moti-JViieisB-aiUwwB
with a slight alteratlPPJi te peculiarly ppproprl-
atp at tbp pres5a?ttSJ"PWPr ekapalr of
EwabUp.T w41opJl,5'jOY.3 Xm.'IA
kPTP asMapparagiog kiead that peaethlDg
efedstwd iaaUut Wkb placev'pprl that the
bfrd if flfttort will Yetctf dpon the TJnloritafl-
' LUt ti it r--.ut. v.--i.e .
BPr. . .-) tl- it ,; , t r,9
TJjp repent .pnevruJjPweiitjat Af.UtaliePt
sjo4ef 43tPBofLwa,w th. NorthuCasollaa
esjtat,Ppki wy wttdettnt ibr rbTn?tlldpi,
giving theiftj seb,of pie dijBUeisje so anx
lmlpfarr'r'411'' a raid. P crass ihoPo-temiPTlmo-mUiiff-;
. .,. ,
" VftltA&v&ft wpears thatlhe,rebl
forcee are' aeaJrlfatttctn'wIflir'Fotomac
throwing np entrnment and. Jnoaotiog noa
It ID iapjadito vie iaUyf the Federal
eity. In the meantime we hear lirtJHl'bf
eyemeote pad preparations lnaare"by tb Fed
eral beti tr K-piUrog ai attack b,ef making
ODf ppoVh1r nmf CTlU VpPre1
aoe-Bp itf ttuluoos pigd flat Gen.'lUoCtsui
and mpeperalfilaersip wooimandMB that
that (he emmTndh) 'Ottt
ewfJppmpilftpsW' 'Igbest ssciepity
aad prudence to keep bis own ooontels to him
lelf, and 'not f ufsTjV P10' ""OTement and
fwparatioq a bfs pai t to bt bruited efcroad
tkf'eVs4lP:xirpsP,B4 thp.oeythaP
kept fally jttdiheretofcM, la tele tloo
thp present disposition of thp Federpl jorcep
nTTEel'i fJtu7sropertrpn (fn thUfTiew whai
pi' tW 4rei' blush Vight seeni to oreManguinP
nxa. p'fcgrtAni3vf jtfoiibr'hftdli'Co'uragp
wr: t.T"rw Inspire iheftfMo'&sr Jkp
aed enrifldenea in tt" r" whom prp entrtuud
thViuuety of the Kawtsal Captil pud the boO-
r.T.Ps't wbdom e4 sradeacp by thp sad ft
verse at'EuIi Run, ftjji.no) Wbj soppoesd that
. prty kti-H bty sn1 nnprfnrcd advance will
miitt tue one which ltd to tiiat ill-omened
disaster ;P&31 K9 'MtX S:. toaUa thp
rebels to concentrate their troops aoAstrarictbeB
heir pHUBij ba tb . "fOp Y,, f'
douU not. bp nr-:dq'ut a advantageously eta
euVc ivliy "J BrB "" i"l",7,
le'- ofc oy V?. ."WW""."?
greater MP concentration oi torcee, uu
tide, pnd IhP euoro lormiaeDip ipe prepereuuue,
iVp ioT' will bp wp battle, or tn
rlei Of btllpp. nbeo th grl tofft 4olilo
trriTPP. A (pw dy of pwriystouenier.ipu
lavtd bf deet(if vlolorj on thp Unloa wao,
taiy ptrtoiny f o to p'wpTiwhlch might
,1. .V.iF.nin'lA'Lha cnuutrT.i ..A . ! )'H I1'' !
w vufwrnf
r nn rr
Mistake of the Commercial.
Th r.inalMikd CmMl ot
tppiklogol tbp tPePPr lPiier oi ui. n.
(adloptod by orrMppedeni of (bp Clriitd
Lijy t diitropl pnd pwicrlbp DtmocraU
kT popip bfttorp the CaoTenrion "
m vtUhthrMmtril ewreot br lubstltultot
tkp wprd"rU' friiMr, la tbp pbo.Tpl
umm. &r4 lt tbp-orrPip4odcoi bltterlr u-
ii thhlb'f(noerPtlb bttrr, ohtrclDl U
iih whulPialP ttBpptbt villi tnp oum,na
nrti!ulrtTttck(l lion. pftd Tod by Impa
utlAn. .Ilhootrbnot b? 0, t&jioff b to
papport hiBi' (bf'Opvproor oord bp' bi
mniii ir hpiihd ninclDUt tht would
lasUf toP tkplfiiiln mrty with tbp reter
bPwntpynpptBy wiB-44wiiB '"v.
Wepubllsb th pbOrp ki W Wrp peclmen
(Ublisbad tbtklpuer. fpplp It tbp oorrppondeot
bltterlr autUedtbp wbol. Uemocrtuo party
ohrgln It tb. fbolealp, ijippptby with the
Sooth.Pio . '!
How xopdlflBly '&refal the Leidir Is about
fubllahlng wholesale pbyek ' of the Doioocrptlo
partj!7.lTbVo ??'. VPr B ,na ...wpuwj
tht kai bppmpr filely pbuaire pr tM uemo
Hda aartv ind 8TirHi A.1 Dowjlai than (hi
lWyf .',MriJ,oiip .ofho rpl Johm fQw
" . ' t ! - V -' - ' ' 1
wdnMoeM '.The UtxM so bold a. eii
dip to It In thlii Hop and it le bad oegb,
It pU ewaeeteHetP'" 1":
Wh.U kind teekti (btJ harp J oat at tbli
timalbr Pftnoorata!, WootPoapl !, -
Capt John Henderson.
- TbeUnioB Dmoaraor of the csooilei
WaahlBctoa. Moreaa and Noble bare bomi
Dated CapUln' JpM HwDiuo,"pf Wpahlngton
poqntjj'aa LhLg' oapdidatP tat But Senator.-
WahuppihP gpod poopd Union ntm or tne an
trlot will lot blW: Ee li sonnd Pnlon mm,
and wilt mate au excellpnt reprpUtlrp In the
SeoaU t phio- u u : " ' '" I
Top Marietta Dmaerl pay of bin t " ' '
: WiTd with "touch credit In tbp three
mnnthp eamsulffn lo VrrRlnia, and will do kia
duty to hie ooaotry'id tbp Senate, If elected,
Which Be la pretty pore w or ; N
A VauToV.-Tbat Wyal Fracklin eoanty and
the city ot Commbua bM produced a real live
traitor, prj,pw. will bo williojr. to admit bat
each fa the fw nevertheless. ,.Bf. refer eooe to
the letter olWPfi'; Vuier, in .w ua pa
n.r. It will W paen that one Frank. Higgles,
formerly compositor in this offieey is at the
resent ttmpaaqpeo pod aowJ accession let He
ia at tne nteeent urn duwiwiiuk turn tmimmt,
TimM. in Artaona Territor. pod orar his own
aignaUirpwarns Union men from petering that
rrttory, aoa,uaw)a omcen iruu eMiuiuig
tbeir fuoctioue were. v. o. ymnwr. -. ;
We suppose Fppnk wu led sstray by follow
iBgbpteaobiogS 0 the VsairiisZ. It Is bot. a
fef 'mohtbs'slQCP 'that'piprr declared that DO
6fa'Jn9. inonldflibnrn. tbp. downfall of tbp
American Union. ,l.my dp that tap aisooioc
arid tmppoabU artiele in the Journal, In which
xii thove lentlmtnt'irail contained, wu the
itanae'of the fall pf Fmhi.ILooihs.
.,13" The Delegates to the mem Republican
Copventiop from Hamilton county stand as fol-
lowsr Rraibllcsns, J9j DomooraU, 4.
' A Notp mom Mu, 8x!UToa Gwia-Nor
vt at Fast Laritrrn Mrs. Senator Gwin
lnria th fnllowin note to the New York Rtr-
tlit, denying,' as thp telegraph stated a few days
seo.'that She prested and held a jtruooer
August 27, 1861.
1 I was startled, ypeterday, by rpading, as an
Item of Intelligence In yoor peper, that I had
been emoted in Washington City for alleged
co-operation with the Bontherd army. I have
had o aepiratKms,' I assure yon, for either a
evown of manyrdom.'tir pay ,ioch Jaorels pa
year' eorreepondeat. would encircle my brow
what bat hpve been residing very quietly, with
my family, In the place from which this letter
to dated for thp laat two weeks, exclusively oo
Copied with domestic concern, May I eek you
to contradict, etc ' , ,.,'..,.
,u. tjt
Sharp Irony.
,.j4) co .v..;-. I-! tm.ii
. . ,Ths Ciooipnatl QmHt, speaking of Bscretary
Csiasvpy '-' 10 "- ""
-;:0h the1, A 8crlry of thp Treaa
dry hap fonndtime to glvp thp largest and most
minute personal attention to kit these matters,
Ind has been enabled to secure a mcch large
portion of these favors to Ohio than a just ap
portionment would give tbp State.: ' Ills persona
attention bat directed the dispensation of these
tpofls, and brf has been enabled not 'only to do
much for hid friends, bat to be still more gen
erourto his enemies; " '
Tod character of many of these appointments
excited a feeling of mortification in tbe party,
and VMpeverply denoncced by the Ctmmireiul,
Until fa- rVpshiagtan eorrespdndeni diaoloeed
whp made them; then, that subsided. There is
bp complaint (bat Mr. Chase bas not attended
to tbeee party matters with pll the teal that
Annld he asked bv thp most ultra partisan! end.
Indeed, ktUd ktt If kit plant Jut ih$ tue-
uttitm, as etmU wsi s pern pure nwuji ao
awrs kindlf ttUntit r piafc, es
oratiilariso rae pm f wHoaf tie en lis
PSiwtwiewf , end txprtmug Ail t'Ttttal grttxjic-
tin At as, vpewrP V for .ss.; ; . ; n
" Secretary Crust1 Jul, po doubtfcln all jbts pr
'pglntmwts ha4 an pjp stngU to bis fnturp pollt
ioal aocotsa.aa baretoforpvy , b .e ; I
[Correspondence of Cincinnati Commercial.]
From Frankfort, Ky.
FRANKFORT, Ky., Sept. 2.
The -day an orgtaixt
tfon.'exeeptln the Senate, where there are ten
aontested seaU, thp contest, however, lovolv-
Itiz no? party diftsre'ooeit, hut growing cut pf
tbe apportionment la. Will br settled hamo-
aMagoffln'r'meseagd prdbabfy W morrow'.-'v"
The House elected Judge Baokner, of Lei.
Irfr'tOTi Speakers W. Ti Samuels, Clerk " '
wnMa howeeveotv-flve Union to twenty
Ave seoession.membere;- The "Uod msjarity
in .. rebate is also decisive),.' The members
generally represent ftet therr ft r fMermined
Wp harp six out ol pfoe, Vnlep; CeflgreeeBiei
nere. , .
There bu been BeeoBfefeoeeefc MemDerp
anticipate a short seesiori, chiefly occupied with
military matter Xbey tbreptearto lis np Ma
goffin, who baa received little aid and comfort;
and the anticipated row to be ethfed wp by
tb .TaeoedetoaiPtPt seems likely to end lo
Cmp Robioeon received - reinfoTrwment pf
1WJ and lOMBtry yeateraay, iron ftiaa
i m i i
; T Copasep or Bo t St Bou 1m The
following Incident of, Bull.Kno came to my
knowledge yesterday. Ode of the guns of tbe
celebrated Sherman's Bttery was reeeued from
oapture by (he rebels and brought elf the field
bv two bcrses that bd been shot through by
Jlioie mnsketalle. When the order "forward"
was givei they repolutely straightened eat end
abiolutply tvooght aff the gun, ., ., : t
August 31.
To Hon. (Jidiok IVitXM, Seo'y Of tbp Narti
t . Sir I bare to report thai to expedition to
Capp Uatterap Iitlel has rseulted In a signal vie
tory over tbp rebels. The capture of two forts,
25 cannon, 1.000 tuai ttl pjhu, 7lo prliooerr,
among whom pre Capt. Samnel Barron, Lieut.
Sharp, pb4 Vd. Wyati M Brown, all UWof tbe
United' 6utup navy, and, Major1 Andrppsi pod
otbproffloere, late of thp Dolled States army.
The amount of lose on tbeir aide we do aot sx-
potly know, Firs ara psccrtained to harp been
buried, pud plOTen -ounded.,pre.on board this
vessel i Moj were carried pwaji Lieut. Mur-
l i . . e a i tit. , a...
UUUK u , ui ine uuiiou oire umvjt auiuofi
tbp pambar, wttn up iom or an arm. wemsi
with no casualty tf aifr oenseqapoop whatset
The surrender was unconditional. : For pll Dat
liculars 1 bea to refer to the reports of Flat-
OBioer Bilas H. etrlogbam and Major-Uanpral
BetiUinlb r, Bauer.,, Although. ho Adoiaidp
and Oeorgp Feabody, wprp chartered lor otbtr
and apeoial 'Pcrvlce, yet to, further Imporuit
operations J ooapeutpd. to.uke the troopp-''pa
board from Newport ,cwe and ronrpet Mon
roe, niaP hundred men, with arms, prrlsloas,
monitions or war, eua ipuaea, part t warn,
about three hundred, amid a hpary purf, until
tbp boats nlled and oecatne UDitanageaDie,
The man-of-war hauled lo and commenced p
bcr cannonade at 10;15 A.' M- a thp 2d Jh,
and kept It np at Inter al eUl day, arid Teoomt
menoing on tbp )tn, at e:ia, witn increased,
effect. -The enemy attempted" tn jtmdt oep
thousand or fifteen hundred men, bat wptp dtiV'
en back.: At U;3U they displayed a flag of
truce, and .were totced to purrender at discre
tion. ' Op tbp appearabcp vf thp wbitp Jag I
steamed Into thp inlet and laid behind the fort,
roady to throw thp, tsmaioiag troops ashore,
either In case oi a commencement or cessation
of hostilities. '-The George Feabody, Lteuten
ant Lowry, did the same. At the surrender we
officiated la the, cereuoniep, aftar which tbp
prisoners were brought to this vessel, and next
day, SUth lost.f Pieced rm board tbp Minnesota,
which Teasel sailed at 2.3Q P, Af. for New York,
and wa lett fwc Annapolia, with. Major-General
Butler, Uatitad Sutee army, and the wounded
Drisoneri. '"' .'. i-,, -.s .
1 hope my endeavore in the ease may meet
your full approbation, and beg to-roonmrnend to
j out consideration top cooauci or .t.ieuwnaBi
Commanding K ts. Lowry, aesooiatea witn mi
on this work, sod placed in eberasof the' Geo,
Peabody; of Dr. r William M. King," United
States Navy.whp volauteered for the expedition.
I bare also received valuable psslstancp iron my
corns of DitoUiend from Du F. C. Baellwaeeu
and Jamea For j lb, who aeted it the glapp of
junior officers. ' " , .. v. ,a
I am; rery especlfullyi t .a
H. S. STELLWAGEN. Gen. B. F. Butter's Official Report to
Gen. Wool.
August 30.
GiNttaLt Aereeably to.youn orderp I em
barked oa tbe transport steamere Adelaide and
George Peabody 500 of the Twentieth, Regiment
New York Volunteer?, .vol . weosr coamana
log, 220 of tbe Ninth Regiment New York Vol
unteers, Col-. Hawkins commending, lOO of the
Union Coast Guard, Capt Nixon commanding,
and one company of the Stcood United Slates
Artillery, Lieut. Ltrneo cjtnmanaing, as a
force to operate in conjunction with the fleet
under command 'of oUicvT" Slrlngbam pgaiaat
tbe rebel lorta at Hattetap WleU.
Wa left Fortress Monro, on Monday at one
o'olock P. M. Tbe Urn ship of our fleet arriv
ed off Halteras Inlet about lour o slock Toes
day afternoon; such, preparations wprp pos
iltilp for tbe landiugJP era made la tbp evening,
and at rUvlisbt next suoralog, diepopitions wprp
made lor an attack upoo ,ine forte oy tnp bpci,
and for the landing of troops... Owing to tbp
nrevions nrevaleoce or souinwesl gales, a Heavy
sari was .breaking on the bench. Every effort
was made to una me wood, ana euer aooui
315 were landed, including 55 marines from the
fleet Pnd the regulars, both tbe iron boats upon
which wp depended were swamped in the surf,
and both iiatboats stove: ana a Drare attempt
beinrmadp ty ueatenam vroeoy, v, o a,
aervlno'lvith the SrmV as post piptaio at Fort
reap MocrOe, who bad volupteered to pome dpw-
wlth tbe ateamtug ranny, Belonging to the er
my, to land in a boat from tba war steamer
Pawnee, resulted In tbp beaching of thp boat,
ao that she could not eet off.
It was impracticable to land more troops be-
csnae of the rislog wind ana sea. I ortuoateiy
a twelvp wonder rifled boat-gun loaned OS by
tbe fltg-shlp, and a twelve pound bowltxer, were
landed, the last slightly damaged.' Our landing
was completely covered by the shells of lbs
Monlicelio ana tne narnei iiana.,., , was oa
oosrd tbe Harriet i,anp airecting toe pmoatca
tlon of tbe troops by means of signals, and was
about landing with them at tbe time the boatp
were stove. We were Ipduced to desist from
farther attempts at landlug Poops by the rising
of the wind, sod because, Id tbe meantime, the
fleet 'had opened fire upon the oeereat fort,
which wai finally silenced and Ui flag struck.
No flrlnr had opened opon oor troops from tbe
other fort, and its Bag wsi aiso strucx. uup-
poslng this to be a signal or surrender, um.
Weber advanced his troops already landed upon
the beach. Tbe Harriet Lane, Capt Fannce,
by my direction, tried to cross. the bar to get
in the smooth water of tbe Inlet, wheo fire was
opened npon the Montlcello, which bad proceed
ed In advance or oa, irom tne onter lort. sev
eral ehote struck her, but without oausing any
casualties, as I am Informed. So well, con
vinced were tbe officers pf both navy and
army that the forts bad surrendered at this
time, that the Surquebanjia, bad. towed, the
frigate Cumberland to an offing. ' The fire was
then re opened (as ' there was no f Ignal, fom
either) opon both forts. In the meantime
few men from the ooast-goard bad advanced np
tbe 'be oh with Mr. Wiegel, who mtt acting as
volunteer aid, snd whose gallantry and services
wish to commend, and took poseessioo of the
seaalfet fort: which was found to bare been
abandoned by tlie enemy, aqd raised tbe A,mer
fotf 'flag hereon. '. It bd becomfj neoeasarj;,
owrtif to np tnreaieneu appearance qi -tue
weatoer, that all tbe ;ehlps ebonld make an
Piling, which was done with reluctaace'frpm'Be
eeeeity, thus leaving thp trucps upon toe shore,
etartid possession of thd small fort (about 700
yards from the large one), and tbe fealbiyouack
ed'hn the beach, bear tbe place of landitue,. about
twe' miles north of the forts. Early he Beat
moraine' the Harriet Lane ran in-BhoroJor the
utpose of covering any attnek Ou the troops.
At tee me time a large steamer was pDjerrea
eomln down 'tbp' pound, Iqstde.the libaV with
relnforeemenfs lof the enemy, bift be was pre
vented from landing' by ' Captalp Johnson,
of ' Rid coast-guard, who . had , placed thp
two cans from tbe ship end a six pounder
from the enerov in a small ssndbatiery, and
ppetted Are or the rebel steams .'At 8 o'olock
thcflepv opened ure again, xne nte snip pemg
anchored ae bear af the water allowed, and tbe
Other ehipi eourtogaUautly tuto actlop, It
was evident After a few 'experiments, that obi
hot fell short, an Increased length of fuse was
telegraphed, and Bring commenced with shell
pf fifteen seconds' fuse. I had sent Mr. risks,
aerinc ald-de'camD.otr stiove, for the purpose 0
ealnine Intelligence of the movements of the
troops and of the enemy f thed Wfot with
thp Fsnny for the purpose of effecting a landing
of iha Vemalnder of tbe troops, wbeu a white
flig wai run op from the fort.1' I then went
with the Fanny wver the bar Into tbe Inlet, at
the same Cms the trocbl nnder Colonel Weber,
tawrcbed ep the beach, Pnd 'signer was tnadp
front & flag-ship to cease firlpg., 'Af the Fan
By rounded 1p over the bar the teWfe.td.imef
Wlnalow went op the channel, bavlne: a large
aerpber of eecession troops on board winch 'sbf
ka nnl landed We threw k shot at her from
thw Fanny, but she proved to be 6ut pf range.f;
I then sent Lieutenant Uroshy oa snorg aet,
msud tbe meaning or tbe wbttP fiag, '' '
- : " " ' ' '"'T
(i. .. oil .-. i .,i v
'"A FvoiTt'RisToxi i-Ar,(ap conimence
wienf of the battle; Lieut Hasbrorick, bf tbe
West Point Battery, was riding a utile sorrel
hfl-ea. In p short timshewasebot three times.
and from loss of blood became tfd Peak for
r-tr,r etvice."He Was suipped of bridle and
.trrl. and turned loe, aabis owner supposed,
to die. " la (be best of the cutest Qothiug more
,nnnffht nf the little sorrel, oor Was be seen
sgatn until the remnant of ths battery was far
towards Washington on tbo retreat. ' II psed
at Centravills, ana wnuo resung, merw mui.
ffasbrdnck was dellghtea to oe joiiko oy nis
horse, wbicri ty a strong instinct naa
thad morto tbp hum.p mens engaged oa th.
s T m hot" rf doinr.' ' He csme safely Into'
Lto J?i& LVwoA.
reaTyfwahothwflgbt.' jT "'- u
[Correspondence of the New York Times.]
Inopportune Haine--Return of the
Inopportune Haine--Return of the Captain-General--Keystone State
Inopportune Haine--Return of the Captain-General--Keystone State after the Sumter--Affairs in St. Domingo
Inopportune Haine--Return of the Captain-General--Keystone State after the Sumter--Affairs in St. Domingo--News from Venezuela.
HAVANA, August 24, 1861.
T My laif titit wa sett by the steanjet ao4
iro d Cubs', which left' tbil port on the dventog
or the 14th Inst. Conslderabie snxlety is felt
to know oi her safe arrival, as pomp tour arter
the steamer's departure we bad rather bolster
aaa ae.tharl amethloa' in the ItylP of P hurri
cane. For nearly an Boar, tne nownog oi ine
wind, the excessivp beat .and tb,e color, pf kbe
eky . remladed ms considerably of - tb 'fadrons
hurricane f 1844. , Tbp ferry boats from Ha
vana taKscia atoDced working, Pnd the whole
of that nlcht and the next day itdid not cease to
, m n i J .u. .4
rain, a a proctmeioua rdu wv i-mo.a uu
ebaoot. of tbe 15th. bad to be indefinitely aus-
peaded, '-much to the disappointment of the;.
directors or tbe railway rrom Regie to uuane
baooa. wk bad msde Brest preparation! tolre
celva thp public, and la plea of maklog, as they
did last year, nearly $1,000 oa that day, barely
tooKpauu. ... .. ' j
The Cantaln-Ganeral. Don Joee 8erran07re
uraed t the city en Monday, tbe 19th, fromthe
Ialand of St. Pommroi I am assured by per
sons, visitors a the Palace, that bis Excellency
hap retarnedtsa ao plaxaaiil mood irom nie trip.
It- appear that found everything in great
eonfuaion at St. Domingo, and hat sonvioced
himself that the Inhabitants are rot datiefied
with the wpy la which tbey erp to be governed'.
The. Dominicans, on, .annexing tbemselvrs to
Spain, Insisted on beiug cdoeidsred asSpaaiards
and W be governed by the lawe of Spain. This
baaootbee the case; tbe Coristftutlbn" there,
a la the Island ef Cuba, is a dead letter, It is
Crne there Is no Slavery, and this iaa treat deal
no doubt; but ths Dominicans aspirp to possess
as much politloal freedom as the Spaniards have
la Spain. . y ""IT" '
Hie Exoelleocy airived here en tbe Isabel la
Catollca, and as ths alaaal guoa wera fited An
nounoing hie approach to tbp harbor,' the troops
were already lining the streele, the artillery at
tbe forte being prepared for a grand salute,
when tbe signal appeared from tbe stestoer for
tbe troop to return to their garrieoae, anj no,
public daaaoaetraUoiia lo b made-" Gen. Serra
no landed about 13 o'clock, and after walking to
tbp palace ana remaining mere ten minutes,
mounted on boraebMk loaompauted by somp of
ficers, started off Immediately In all hast to
tb beautiful villa, "Lo Moliooe," wherp tha
Capotesa de San Antonia, his -wife, was am
iooslv exoeotinp him. . "'' '
Tbe United States steamer. Keystone State.
arrived hero on thp 21st. She left egain tbe
pext day people here eay, In pursuit of tbe pri
vateer Sumter.- The flret-naraed steamer was
detploed here for something like twohoure after
getting ber eteam np, by tbe non-arrival on
board of one of the officers, whom I saw on the
wbarf pacing ap and down io Be pleasant mood.
at not being allowed to lake off la the steamer's
I ao nc ".about two. IBoneand iar , withot:
getting out a propel' permit fromthe Costou,-.
house. i"
We bara news from Venezuela no to the 22d
of July, ind, according to private letter, the
news may be lammed up In these few worda.i.Tbe
(ItuafoB of analis is .ctoeedlncly HQfavorabls.
bat we may soon expect better times. The fol- j
lowing M pb extract irom a letter wbloh I have
received from a friend resident In Ceraccii,
dated July Sit .. y, A I '
" Do Bot believe, ae the majority ol the peo
ple her do, that tua fete of tho eountry de
peodson.tbe existence of tbe two dominant
parties, one called tb Constitutional- and the
other tbe Federal. No; here there are no good
and bad men, friends and enemies pf the Gov
ernment: this Is a. eooiat war of Individuals
against Individuals, of tbeee wb have nothing
pgainss vo wpaitoy, i anew woo possess a lit
tle against those who possess a little more. It
la Imnasaible to understand, 'without helmr' Jn
thecoantry. thp leliog which predominate
among the yeotxuelan; to speak frankly these
people have lost all sbame. IJielieve that in
former times they had someldea of honor, and
perhaps have heard of some such word, and ev
en or good laitn, out now ) assure you ibat..ell
Ul hiuijuhcu. ,, .. , ,u ,'ll .
. Thprp 1 no crimp which ii considered too in-
faraoae to obtain promotion, Tbe entire pnpii
IsttoB is nnder arms. ' You will often find np
water to drink In a house, but yoa will' fiod - a
rifle, a lane, or com other Instrument of de-(p
have teen poya sleeping in tbq Streets, with a
loaded gpn t their side. , . -i . av
Yeeterday eeveral edicts were published, sad
by on tbe Republic I declared id Assembly,
and martial law la proclaimed; the Press is
hushed; those that wiBh to protect tbe Federa
llop are pereeouted; in a word, the Consiitutioo
is trampled on, and a tout d'ettl is given. It is
a painful aot, bat II is necessary. - Unfortunate
country, which needs . Mtnagathtn to maintain
order. : Bat what can be doue, when there are
wore terrorists tba qaiet people? The elo
quence of tbe bullet and thq bayonet id neces
sary. V ,.., . . ; T , i, ,,....': , .-vr, 'I..
According to tbe frrntm,l to is eliy, a slijht
shock of earthquake wa felt here on Monday
last, thp 19th lost i it must have been a very
slight one, a I knew aothing of it till 1 read
about it In that paper, and althoagh 1 have
made inquiries, t nave spsrp witn no Odd that
felt it. -1 : , :-."V.v ;: 1.-t
The British steamer .T'rsii whioh1 lfs this
perl oo the iii, at 10 o'oKook at night, returned
to port yesterday'at. about 13 o'clock; having
broken part bf ber machinery. , She will not be
able to leave tot Vera Crax for foaror five days
till. ' "
Tbp health of the city i eoosldered pretty
for thp the
P. Mob Violence.
An attempt was mad to saoo thi ottiee' lest.
Moaday algbt, betw-11 and' 8 o'clock, , by
eomp persons, probably from ten to twenty' In'
namberi They are .well known, anfl eah "lie
positively Identified. . however., tbroogk the
vicilanoa of, some of wnr citizaos f whe are not
apt to be caught asjiffiiiie rJot.wae diacov.
ered before night, pnd tbp papers othis, office
advleed'or waa waa tope cone. ' A guard sur-;
fioient to ddtsthd thd broperiy poited at tbe
building, la-eateao -attempt sinmld be made
An attempt wa made lb mobocrats, to the:
number of Uxor more, cam from Ue Market
House to tha Jront of-ouroffio at three differ-'
eoAttmeai iultteatlbr4eoad:Bpproadh, one
or more pf them, cam .np Jhe-slaire, and at
tempted to iuaert a key in the office-door, which
wp not done, because our offlee-key, being io
the door (oa. the Ineide), prevented it. Some
one in thp PfHee for the defense ol the property
moved, making pome noise, wnioh the putgider
probably bearing, retiree) to his pertnew pt. tbe
feet of the ptalrp. Tbey tbea went, eweyf tbd
afterward (abont two a'plock la the night) tbey
again returned, bringing with then, , ,bUpk
imitn'e sledge; hot log some, oaose, ad . fsoet
probably became tbey discovered )hat they
would meet with oprosiiiojt.holnrther attempt
wae made to enter tb office. Tbey dashed
their rocks, brickbats, etc., upon the pavement
aud, retired. About thik im som ol the per.
eons who were stationed outside of the offloe
for it BvOtaotlon, made their appearance to the
rioter a. and mm heard of nothlog forth that
sight except (bat to "oiflo would 4e mobbed
la th day ume."
. Ham ere abhor ainolvand are thaokful-to
BVioy of ar l tU os (ot thejr pposUio Ao uch
a course of procedure. ConsidenMd PkciW
meat still exist en the subject,; W hppe no
farther attempt at moo yiaiencp .win Be made.
If we havs Dubliahad iy .thiug nnlawiaW'we
are ready to aaswav to she law, II there is any
law. We claim andfcr th Consmatlorl-fe,
liberty, protection lo trope rtv,,.libertr' oaon-
tclenoe, pad freedoea ,ot ,tbipreee.i;.We'iere
Ineavl lot taa Government and tba oountrv. and
vhop, lathe futqre, that all good cljlsens
will abide by the laws and not byj mot and
force The effect of raolj t iolende must e ap
parent to ell reflecting pefsoni'. ''
t, W Uk plepewp ill assuring tb fJwV
iiothat,Ma this riotous deiaoestration, no voinm
teers wprp e gaged, eicept tp-o or three who rp
aid I lapksen-all otherp puhdlo loof as
good and erdprly. pitiaaa , ehoald dM-liviisa
CeNfy Hxprtt. a. "VJ " -ntmm. v
I A Misuari ppe ceaily iuforaieif Itiead
ri that the Vwif rop of Gswonadp aoanty. la
1BC0 we 425,000 gal " - Thw neat paper oor
raetwd th err by putting "wloe" ro.tbe place
or wire -- !-..'
rerter, or, Jostday. Sept. 10,b, weeo the
elebrated'lUO mile h6rse "CrokerjT entered by
of "Wnlt.Lllly
A Loaa Taov ComM Or?.-A grand fifty-
mil horse trot for a purse of, tfoW.- will eome
A.P.110, iblPclVjand
' of WorcterB.tpa wrir. .
'-' 1 " 1 '
Jst'Z. Iiroa's Orrtoa, OoLcaine, 0,
r ' September , IBttl.
jl Tnira wara in tue oily or uoiumooe ere mrtoy no-
litted that an eisotloa er one Trusteer to aot aa a memDer
Of the Oouanli o tald eltjj, tonappty a vaeaaoy cauied
y me reaguaiiea oi ur. . ui Dtair, laie xrueiee, win
Held at tbe United matet Hoiel, in eaia wara, ine
meal plaoe of holding eleottons la raid Ward, oa Moo
day the lt)lh day of bepiember, A. S. 1861. The polls
wil be opined ana oioaea oataai oty at tne niaat ana
- ; V
il ,l-rr..:- BiWIU SAjeuik i,wJ'jti:a
ac..wra'lhmi 1 i 'f't.f;.it. a
'" li nive.". ' v superior ajouri.!"' "
Bdward k.Smwu etal ) i-.i.r v.-uttn'.a Ti.'prrji
KTCE or A wki r w
JLf co aae
tin ebnnty, Ohio. I will oOej- lor aal at the doovf thel
Court Bones, la the city of 0olumhue,Ohl, , i
. , ZZ yA pawrdav, y eloper bth, j pw,, j.. ,
atone o'clock, P. M, the followlog premieee, aitnat lu
the oonnty of franklin, and Bute of, Ohio, and bound-,
edae follows, lo wh:.--;'-' i '- ;T
H xaat inoi or pnjoi i inn ijwfumnwi wv miy vi vy-
Inmbai, beiaga (ubdlvlilop f kail eeetloaMo. IW.'tcwd
eblp Mo. S, range No. Si, Kifagee land, and.duoribed
on aoerlaln plat recorded to the office' of tho Htcorder
la and for eald. Irankllo Bounty, hi Book No. 81, pege
Oi (reference thereto ,tiog kwebr made), as lob Ho. il,
oantalalne eleyen acree and-aeventveTea -eneulid.
redthaof an acre (It 77-1U0), and which wae conveyed lo.
ayail at vavn oy Jonn vreifnieni ana oy tat Kyau
Parle and wi't to Advard A.Br-wavby deed dated October
7th, A. D. 1858. and recorded to Po No. 01, pige-178,
In-the Recorder'a office In lall Xrasklln oounty; the
aoove premieee nenoyae eiornaia ooareyea, Deiogeno:
Jeot, In the hande of thaamldL BOWMd A. BreWnv to the
claim of hie mother. Oarolla,8(torn, for the charge and
ezpenee of ber reaeonable end comfortable eapport and
naintenancedurlng her nataral life. ' , -
.Aleo, he fjlloeinfdeecrlbed aval eetetej alluete In the
ooumy of franklin, and btate.ef Ohio,: tovwiC;rtTlie
weithalf of . lot No. 28, In the-attbdivnioa-of ball, mc
tlon No. S3, townihlp No. 5, range no. SA made and
deeoribed In a certain plat recorded In the Becorder'e
ofltoe 01 rranklla county, in Hook no. oi. page a (e
(um lasdil: tbe whole- of eald lo -centainteveleveci
and aeventy-three hundredth! of an acre (11 73 100), and
being the aame land that wu conveyed to She laid fiya'l
fcDarliby John Oreigbton, add by eald Byall Ac DiTli
and wife to Oonetantlne Jotinion, by deed dated OdSnber
7th. A- D. 1B50 . and recorded In Hook Moi til, page.175,
In the Becorder'e office of said Frankllp county. i
AppraUed kl Lot No. 99 1 ....... i5 00 per acre.
1 . .. rfi ,.WeetalfoiI,0tN0i8,atS50 00 "? '
: , . .- vrA'-V' HU!MAN,IBrierinV I .
J. O. BeiWtr, Att'y. '
JTrinter's fees, B10 CO.
aepdtd .',
.j.Jf xtr,H vpuu
1.09 1.-K-JI
"Sheriff!. Sale;;'
7 ;icv
Joha Kennedy,
,,M v.' 3 o t-i-r ;.-: tt
Commen Pleaa. - nil .-r"jr.;i.' I
James toutk'st al.. . r '; t. .., ...t-r. .i --'f i
BT tlrtne of an order or aals to me directed, from the
Court of Common Tleu of franklin countr, Ohio,
I wMI offer for eele at the door of the- Coorl Eobie, In
in euy ei veiemixu, en - - ; ,
Monday, tbrltsh day of Sop.,"A.'D: 1B61,'
at eoe o'clock P H , the following detodbea real
eiiete, litueie In the.-oonntr of franklin, Slate of
Phloend eity of Oolumbui, to wlu Xbpeait one-be U of
tbe following aremuee, commeneing one nundrea ana
eignry-ianr ieei lie; we ot iueeouineaoorneroroui-
Mi namoer t-uj miriy-Bre, ana oemg apart oi eaia out.
lot. at a alake, thenee north one hundred and ela-hty-
leren and a half feel (187X) to a (take, thence veil
fifty-ieven feet (37; to a atake, thence edit fifty geven
feel (471 1 tue piece of beginning, all of which llnee
and oorners, cowever, mutt tie nndorotood as eerieapvoS
log with those of tne atreete and alley! or the city ol
Oolumbui aforeiaid. being Ihe eart one-half of the above
deeoiibed premliee, and the eeme ;eonreyed t the eald
4aaea swain by eaia. wonn &enseay ana wiie-py aeea
ef even date herewith, ', . i V- i
A-ppralied at tns. . .....
Printer'! fe5.SS 8. W. BTJf f HAS. Bherlfi.
aogla-ti - - , .By Kd. Davis, Deputy i
Superior Court of Franklin Coufn-
-. ... .. --f ' ''''. ' '-'-I
?U or; i
I ranc'a If . Story, by bis next friend,
(t friend,' V - '- I
,rl-y:. J raisin pirtl'lioal'
tondeats,''!", '". ' ' . .. . -, i
Jill B1r' B'ory, petiliooir
vi. .
Joeeph Story A othen.' reipoode:
X the eald Oonrt lo me directed, I will offer for eale at
puMie amtienat the door ot ths Ooarl Uooee, in the
city or, Uplambus, on r :j .1 ..-tr --;n:."J)-;o ' j
- Saturday, the 2Sib day of Sept. A. IT. 1861, ;
between the hears of W o'clock kt'. and S o'clock P. II.,
tbe followlog deecribed real eeuta. lileele In Pleasant
townihlp, franklin county, Ohio, and bounded apdda
acrlbedeefollowe: . . .... I
Part of enrvey Ho. 3809. .of the Virginia HiUtaay Sni.
veyS, beginning at a atake Id tbe aonihweit corner of the
tract of land, containing one hundred aoree. conveyed te
Jonah Bivanl by Joeeph Story oy deed bearing ante Nay
7..188! Ihenee south 7V polea to a itake and four imall
hlckoriee and elm; thence eiec-LM poles to a etaka in a
prairie; thenoe north ot polea to a itake oo tne weit
me or an Sim marked ai corner in tne line ot tne River's
lot; thence weet 124 poles to the beginning, containing
fifty-two and A half acre,, more or lea,; eableot t a
sower citato nereto'ore eet on ana asiinea to Mary
Clory. widow of eald Mtrmadake Btory in laid premitee)
deacrrbed eafollowK 17 7-100 aorei'of Bald land, bound
ed as Joltovn Beu-tmrtng at a luke front which a b',-
walnut 13 lnchee i In diameter been M. t$H Peg. St-'lt
lint a; thence ft. 3 dug. W. Bi polea and 80 Hake Is a
auket thence p. 83dcg-f. Hi polea to a -alike to the
weet ,tpe of Teobun's laod; thenoe N. 81 polee aad SO
Hnks to a stiks I the wait iide of an elm marked aa a
eornee; thence N. 68 dej weet ld poles to the begin
ning, ; : -s ' ' ' , i t .. i i
Appraised at 13 00 per acre.
Printer's fees $8 PQ, . . ,v ;
aagtotd .. ' ...,
.Master Commissioneii,s Sale.;
Eale of Real Sstate ty order of Court.
W.M. Finch ' ' i'V.:
- -ve. ' Superior Court of f raakTIn CbrtntyJ
John Brown etal.) . i c. i
TW pamance of an order of the Superior court of
Frank lincoontr. Ohio, mide at the May term thereof.
A. D. 1-61. In the above entitled action, tha re will be
offered for lale, at public auction, lo Ihe highfit bidder,
on . ... , , ., , ..--( ; - i :-'.r; -1 :
Saturday, the &ih day of Oct,' A. D. 1861,"
si tbehohref 10 o'clock AM., at the door of the Couft
Honee. la rae eity or Uoinraooj, to taia rrankiin county,
Ik fellewiarreal eaUle, to wut ., nvj.--:.
. In-lot aauber 9 of Hoberl Nell'e eddlUoo to theelrr
of Colambua, being the nurlh-eael cemor oi.Lqckwtu!
turnpike aud JoUn.wwn plinn roa L,-i :::-, irtoo
'AppraUed at 1,300 00. . ts r) faroi
lermi ,41 iae,
i.. li t . . ,1' ;
:.t- .' .-im o;
SpecitV iiteroraoTtiioTJ'?r.f
iAIIm, ba-4 . ii ja
vS .Jk If. rM,lnA.a.lAttw
Prlntev'e free. ti-iSi' I wi at eie.' I L
Aug. US, IHOI-wlW.
, erij i -.
. r1 r
"0 M"
Has ircsjpnECEivEp; iNia'vvlLL
be la deny rtcwipy P Kiprei. 'oT
Vra nitrtnbM uk fair tlavrn.ci A i " V'U
' Call at Wagier'a uyeterana fruit yepoi, no. yt-i-ui
!,: ii Tha Truttl m . ptpIinj'K'!' lu- 'j
The meny kpdsf common Bale ratal foond la market
are weak,, lapare sad unhealthy, and sefraad the pur
ehaeer of hie money. ' Pyle'e pure Biefetla li, entirely
free from all thoie ohjectlone. Its great sales prova lp)
popnleriry. Tiepqt. TTaibjhgUia street, New York.
Sold by grown every where ,T,T a, CT A
kfpects or' iBfeEatrtAUrrrirAvoiDiD.
Too much eating: ind drink jog, hew habits an , modes
Mfe'.'ofteu ,produ(; UrregHlaiMVii is the Vowels end
geoeeai bealtk ef. the aystaat, Bal Bsawnae-ei'S Pitii
will soon edre, the stotnich wtlTt reisid it strengtb, and
a tmtfthy action of the, eyetem.. will he reetoeed. , Ne
huuimi .re ennai Beeiuiaeas enitna u 1,1 ' ' 1
, Xvery man of ike fIRB BOTTAVBB bad 'to-4of
BBANDBBTH'S Pit 1, 8 AtfOx of tj?irt Itt At Wft
and, an AJ,l,l3O0.K'S.XttlC.C'S.H.AIB pA la iheU
knapsack fret af expensed And to thht tart may b at-
trlbated the Abeenoe of any of THIS BCOlUENf from
MBeerttleT 8i tp r.- ",!,'
aeerntai." i-.t ' ' -' lk
XYIftY BttLDTSa sWU hava'.a boa of Brandreth's
PIILj, a ,box of Salre. and apiece of foeeae-JlaetW.
lu..n,.Uu.l.l uttmm .lie..t.W.! i f li
Bold by Jons B. Coog, Druggist Ootambiis, and by
... . . ..h.i. ... .j,-...ej ,';m'-s- '
it iuiwe,w uwi.i. i.
; angVTUUe ' "
noFFAT'd IAT& jeiijjs.
adeetloa. plje, gknasilsaa, .'evow ul agues; dbatxr
aato head aohee, ead ell general derangement oYheaWr
tfeea Pllli bavt Invariably', proved a Pertain and fpeadi
remedy.' A stogie trial will place the Life Pills aeyeod
the reeeh efeoeapeUtioa fat the eetrmstlon ef every pa
Heat. .W f tlt:!tl IrtC.l.i
Xr. Moffat's PhcsnM Bitters wffl he feu4r,tiinf eV
Scaelewe In sfl ease oTpervovl f cbht, aspepslar.lie
ache, te alcltpesi iavsiaefit tfl leraake w delicate heatia,
and ver kind t weaktveew-at OM dlgeMvrfnii.
for saw I r: fi.'KOffAT, Kt, Iraadwaj, H. X ,
aaiby aUDragglila.
"JlTJATl just opened .a Jn,9i.ef ver, large and
ifBAIH prj,; 11
lUTn'i 00 B.ntti TJTfnl, aVfvsAT' ' i!ft1nmlin.
"" A ' -
IX-fOOO yardi Tiarelln
Dreie Ooodi at BW. value
tofojvAt Trarellnf Brett Qooda atlSJiva'ue iOctt.
xuuu JinU JCngllak be ml fee at I2H, valee 'J eeatt. 1
lOOOyarrti f ronahOriaudiei at VH, value SO oeoti.' , '
irtlOo yette tut Oulortd Lavas el 10, Value 1 eente. .' '
inuuarai Touiarfl Dreea Alike at 37K, value 50 rente.
1SU0 vardt Super Plain BUck Bilk at Bl 00. mine BlilSb
Hobei of Organdie Berafe, and togliih Berage, at one-
T;wi5crx-tvii.u: Vain iW. ;
on a..,u tii-w l, . .
el 1 1 i i
j fc
tB1pvi,f V w!l VhamttT T A
ej v i wa'nwvu ar i mipnvv wi a n a wrv wn a ni ' e l'j
itAWMAU iitiuao Aiixj ruui IW'I
WiDTWcttCES ,for, Shawls.
VaryiFrPoph FloiiBelbg'Ltces. ')r l , , ,
'Real ThreadFrenchVCbaBUlla 4 Genevese.
yajtmojlennep. J'oiat d Gaze, Brusseli
and Thread laces anl collars,!"
tilifcllbi ejiE$'tttLSiMED H'DKFS; '
',KaEN, COLLARS A CUFFS, r1 ' . 1 .
e.vi'Tr ria ii u u ,to-)!l, - ; -la hew Shapes,
PAPER. CQL.ryA.llS( jpUFFS,-, r ' '
, oi-.' en " t i nMfleiji-ei'oi .rm For traveling.
pricks vvrqxjfcxjovr
avelinEri : Goods.
3'14Wttt8,'a,0ft,'l)H CH-f KB. 4 "" .a ' " ! '
i-Jf. . ,AVblAB, BBOOffB TILIHCIAR, Ac. Ao.
The beet pnd most fuhlnnable etylei In the city,
il.wATkBTnf4"sf' ttoyr-i pricks.
Ui:-'ia1! iA-) -'' BAIN A ION,
JeSL,, ir -ii.-'J '" ' -' .WPoatri High Street,
'.n VI u '
' R E M O V A LV
i!3 Jncit-2 rJi;l i-wtr- - 1
' DEAfiER IX .M:i-e.i .. j
, ea .. t .:a..i "- 'J frt-lA'j Jl ill
y"a urtr ' iv i.--j-'-jiis -v ,f ,
Mtt oi(in ,e3iwj .tni ""Provisions,
01 no ttig ikfo&ist?n6ixn6vt
t & m,' n o 7.ft3iiff R e e t,
.) ru al-mae 11 '. v awvti? ar.- 'rt "
so,nbmiiKniw oi A. -s no, ; 31
NoVuCyatraigri Street j
to it tw ..';-.T"if' wtUrO i.nvi.
Th told 4toj6'rweri'I)i tytty$)3tfi;'titoOTtkL1
vdha-v il tl3IUuim daily reoelnt of ,Jrjt.
. -il:"t .'iel. t-- -. ' '
- -- Mtrsfcr. M willieil y ' "' " i
Clioi (c Caab r Ocuatry Frednco.
-...;. V.',...!' ft it jl.-.c ' " "
T7 Ooodi delivered to City trade free1 of eharge-'Ql
:rtet .j.-'d-a'"--1- s-J.n.r. -. '"TT
,5 trVi i-'n, ft J fMti.,;,., lxi-iv.--.l- j
i'i t ..Tl '.'.1 If T. W
.".n-Mli"! tua iwhyw i il 'ru3""' 1 '
'-No? lOou'ffi'Higb Street,
. t.-Jj i.tAt-Vn-nO ,IVf' "" '-
Jt o; u pottivati3T7s, - . '
-ti . iyjnt in .-'' " '"
,.-t w! i im.-diwa ! rve iivii -' " i '
Foreign and ..Domestic Fruits',' " j
FLOTjfc r3'Ai'tlrIQU bRS, ETC.
ft ' Lv .1 , b.-:J . i ', -,.-
. Pf V V I lOtpJVy.U"" - I '- "' l- "
'JIyKJ''f ' .,.. tee ..:'..
, '.;r. TT!g :' r' 1 v."l'i ' - - '- ' ''
Steam Between Ireland and America
... -
'.', ... I .11 "V " ' 'I Tl ' l "
, The fuflowliig new and aengnlBoent Snt-cUaapaldll
wheel 8ttamalii)ncou.poe.tue above liiet . -AD11UTI0,
,888 tone burthen. Crt, 'J. Macs
- t 0. Fenaealg of. U Oelllm We ) ,v- i ,
1U u f. ll.-, 1 i, , . ,i,i tune enrinoe, vapi. -n.i
FIIBKRNI i, , , .4.4110 tone koiibee, Capt, N.-Faeve.
bglTOU, n
PltlNOB ALBKHr (aerew.)
.1st v.J,e:.i -w'' m' J. Waixia.
aiOaat-tfi avi above 'Shtpalll leave New Tortt of ?oitot
atteetiauir' evurf ineseiy lorwiif-ue. rorueiway, ear-
rriBi'4a gnwreeeeti maiie, - eeuertmg n oi., Jonna,
U. f. .t4 ft J J .i " I
.l- a . -i ,v,i. V .... i will.
mo cioiu.y1, tvm-yw mmm wog y..., , h.i ....
the greatest airtr, under the iuprvliion of Ihe goyeio-
eaeeaaavw weeer-wflae ejoeeperimenie, - anu ere unexcel
led larromfeKakCt'tftang- netUti.i ateaoMia afloat.
They are commanded by able and experienced oflioore,
and every eiertion will be made to prouiel tbe oomfort
el poooiagoioi '
AnexpMietjced fuigeon ataclied te each ablp..
i lHAItHS ttnVABlaAe3Kaiiil
f Iret-cUaa N. Y. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool B1O0
Ber-aieePtri W. '!, i' ! 1 i i
yM-ckwal iU'tV vy'lJ UW 3oWa tVA
Third-class, " un to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town In Ireland, en a Hallway, - - . m
ThlrdtaMpassengereataUliefallf eappllel with pre.
vlsionPof the beittiuAlttyreooked'and served by tbo.se
Parties wishing to eend for their friends from th MS
(Won try cab obtain tickets from any 'town on a railway, In
Ireland- far Mm the (irlaetpal erbesof England and Boot
Piusengert for Now Tork, arrlvlog:by lie Boston
Sleemere, will be lorwacaea to new loot in of gnarge.
for passage or further luformaUon, apply to
At the office 'of ths JJoipany, on ths wbarf, foot of
Canal street, flew XQ,H- n ...., -,T
no at ,
apriU9:dGm. .,,teir,Hi
BAIN mb'BQN&i t.
. HO. 39 SOUTH' 'B3QE ,8TSEETkA 1'
A. ttJP K b W- (6 T T B R 1 '
laOO yards gaoet Plata Bleak Silks ai tl 00vtl
tl 85 p' yrd- trs'Kx
2,500 yards Titvellhl SMeJ And, Kan' jjoodl ai
19 l-B cents valee SO eenIP ffjard,V m aa.A
3,000 yards' WhStT'JirilJlahttk, sif,. liTucntji',i. .
value 80eenUperard..1( i5,'.i.' tnA i
SsOOO yards I.Jne 'wdlHiifiSIUs ; Slnr'gmtr
der value, itixtl' lis!ireft-
, ALBOi-y MailKH-
' ,0 raOUIZ JIARSQESk lAVEllAft a uRA
Trtto faSritt raaKlouali.'tV. ,'
U she seott se1raeSf1i anif at tr lo wars' proes.;
, nw.ii.inl en mi ,
; xTxT'E'XXiXi at:
Of aft mrterW, km lo7 lls aiotl atyOab. Baaaaer after
the attek'i Paris eihloo'q-,aet! Plegjsnl stykM Ik
Che eityt. . ow .; " "
! bmPw''""1' - ffo. 8tmlH High Street "
' ion '
A .1 C
ifa-ripf rt irwiiiid'etBia c sid
ft Vbi plwedoXlttpeilnrqnallty. foraalehf
, .... siin eun,
aahSS , ,Ma.BaathB,fh
M Effective, Sals and .Economioal
. evtj m
Si til
To iU origin! oolfrV wtthont dyelun,' and preveollD.
IShVir iruiu auruiuK gfinj'e
And curing It, when there Is the least particle of VHall
, 1 1 ., . or ffoui-eratlve energy romalulng.
,. . And all oetaneoas affections of the Scalp.
--6r beautifying the hair.
Imparting to It an uneqaled gloss and brilliancy, making
it soft aad silky la lis texture, and causing II to our'
readily. . . ; . - ; .
The great ceiecmy ana increaeing oraunn iur inu uu
equaled preparation, convince! the proprietor that one
trial is only necessary to aatlify a dlioernlug public of He
superlorqualities over any other preparation in use. It
oleaneea the heed and scalp from dandruff and other '
outaneooe dieeasee, eauiing the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, and
aleo, where the hair is loosening and thinning, It will give
strength and vigor to the roots and restore ihe growth to
hose parts which have become bald, oausing It to yield a
rein covering oi nair.
There are hundreds of ladies and gentlemen In New
York who have had their hair restored by the use of this
nvlooraeor. when all ether preparations have failed, h.
M. twain bis posseuloa letters Innumerable testifying
to the above faon, from persons of the highest redtecu
billty It will elleotaaliy prevent the hair from turning
until the latest period of life; and in oases where the hair
bee already ohangod rte color, the use of the Invigorator
III with certainly restore it to It lo its original kue, giv
ing it a dark, glossy appearance. As a perfume for the
toilet ana a uair jmuiiito it u periicuisriy recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; aud tne great fa
cilities it adonis In dressing the heir, whioh, when moist
with Ihe Invigorator, can be dressed in-any reuuirer)
form so as to preserve Its place, whether plaluorln curie;
hence the great demand for It by the ladles as a standard
tolletartlcle which none ought to be without, tbe price
places it within tbe reach of all, being ,
Only Twenty-Five Cents ,
per bottle, to be had at all respectable llruggiets and
. , jreriiaiere-
i L. ItltLBB would oall the attention of Parent! and
Guard lane to the use of hli Invigorator, In cases where
tbe children's aalr Incline to be weak. The use of It
lays the foundation for t good Mad of Anfr, as It re
move any imparities that may have become connected;
with the icaId. the removal of which Is neoeeearv. botbj
for the health of tha child, and the future .appearance off
Ita Hair. . , , . , ' i ' f
OiOTUiw.None genuine without the fao-slmlle LOtTIS
MILLKtt being on Ihe outer wrapper; alio, L. Mil,
LER'B HAIR INYldOBATOU, N. V-, blown in th
glass. , -
Wholeeals Depot, 58 Bey street, and sold by all t
prinoipal aterchaola and Druggiata throughout the woe hi
iitnerai oisouani to purenssors oy we quunuty.
I also desire to present to the American Public my
whlek, after years Of edentldo experimentiiig, I have
brought to perfection- It dyes Black or Brown Instantly
wlthoutlnjury to the.Balr or Skint warranted the belt
artiele of the kind In exletance.
Depot,'! 66 Dey, . SL, New ..York.
oetsa-dAwly. '
-.i.' '.. NBWABK OHIO, : ''
HJannfactnrera af all kinds of - Pan
-. table and Mustlonary stesm IU.
- glncBt Naxw Mine, Uriel Mill,
, ; , Ac, Ac.
UKZdk BODLSi Sealml a. d t. IMfITmml
f.J. It. DUTA-LL Btafnlll C0LV31BVS
et CO. BattllU
Our Portable Engine end Saw Kill
Wu awarded tha first premium of SSO at the IsdlaMi
State Fair for 1HW over lne ABodley'a on account ot
Price, lightness, auaplioity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber eawotl.
Our BUttlouevyBnglne waa swarded at the aame fall
the first premium of l -IHl.
Our Portable Bngioe was awarded the first premium m
1(U at the fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blsndy'e Du
rail's, Colnrabui Machine Co l. , and Bradford Ic Co's.
oy a eomenitlee of practical Railroad Bngineere.
for prioeand tenna address - -
. WlliLABD WARNER, Treasure r,.
decS-dfcwlyeoU.. . Newark. Obi
"Tbr'nlrichof Time!'
a dying Qmen. Tut loch of time oio be praar- '
td at a much oheaper late.and many long yeara of
enjoyed by consulting' Br."MBRftYWBATHBBj. who,
Isourtng the most obiltnateand long-standing diieaica
...... tt " n
FatctP ar Btabbrn Thtof el
Hear what the Philadelphia eorreapeailent surs- la-tti
"Commonwealth WilmlogWa, Delaware, 9th of April,
lPOST! T'!.- I .." t t
"An English gvptlesMa, formerly connected with the
Brittib Army, and wbo atylea Himself tbe 'Indian
BoUnlo PbystcUn ,' has of late gained an exlenilve repu
tation here by bis skill In. curing all manner of oom
plaints. Some of hie patients C have oonvencdaiih.
and they pronounoe hll remedies and mode of treatment
as very superior. Borne have-been restored aa U br
megla. Tbe medicine he oees Is distilled by blmsrkf
froo various herbs posseislng rare ouretlve properiltsa
"While aetlog In toe army he da-nted hkt leisure mo.
aents to a thorough study of th effects produoed by
certain medicinal roots and herb oa all manner of dis
eases. It seems bs ha found a sur and . speedy reme
dy for all the 'III! that desk Is heir to.' His practice la
already extensive and le dally Increasing.' In Uieeom
plalnts to which females are euhjeoted, hv has aa equal,
sea large number here have testified that they owe sol
only their present good health, but their Uvea, le the
kill of tbll Indian Botanlo Pbyilalan." t;- ;t
Office 37 Eut Stat Street; Colombua
augW-MrA., ;
net Artificial IlelV
-r Uaaiaa blfBit vr InTenteot,
vnoT7-o-rv a vj-p-or TJW f ii'VIif''
ment of the most Improved kinds of Apeclasle
All hie Glasses, whethes for near or far-slghtede, see
ground la eoneav convex form with the greatest east ,
so b to cult th Bye of all caeee, euvlurw'a,n"
Dlnloeea or InBsaimaeioa of Ihe ayeei-end hnpirlliig
Itrength for long reading or fin sewing, .
Olhoe, vast State Street, at Seiner A Wobiter'
ttfaale tore.,0 1fl ff;w v I wwi ;ft Jf'l'
I auti-dly. , ...i r KMt
', 1
1 ti
111,1 ii CLOTIIS. Also, other makes of Sprini
look Cloihi. loell desirable aalxturee Binding, Tas
sels and Button to match. BAIN fc, BON.
z Wa. P PaaUi Hlah itnl
, - i

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