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Tbe Adunie Express Company places os dally
under obligation to It for (be Verv Jateat papers
Tbe American Kiimu Company has our
thanks for ltu dally favors , In tjie shape of tbe
very latest eastern paper. ,f, !,
Senatorial and Judicial Convention.
The Connty Ceniral CoinmJttecs of Frank
lin and Pickaway .Counties nnvo agreed bpo'n
the day for the mseling of-.lhe delegates from
tbe' couutie's of Franklin', Pickaway and Madi
son, for the nomination 'of a candidate for Bent'
tor. and a Judge of tbe Coort of Common Pleas
It is requested that, oar Demooratle friends
In Mad i boo County Wilt send delegates to the
Judicial Convention, -3-, ,
The Convention Is appointed to meet at Co-
nmbns at the City II all
Chairman Franklin Co. Committee.
Chairman Pickaway Co. Committee.
Columbus, Sept. 23, 1861.
, aft) ' " '
The Coontt Pais i-iYesterday Was 'the first
day of our County Fair. " Tho, opining was
fair one, especially go, considering tbedlaturbcd
state of the couutry and the unfavorable fease.ii
we bare bad for, lYuits and vegetables. ' At fire
o'clock last evening, 905 entries had been made,
distributed among, the different classes as fol
lows: -"-JI Vt If- iVAIT
Class. ''' ''" " ' ' - .fflBMUHj.
, 1. PinnCron .u..'...y.r..'..-. , si .
9 Cattle Thoroughbred ... ....Mi........ ST
"3.' do. Oradet. ... ..vl.. ..-.. IS u
4. do. Sweepataket ....... ........ 8 ' -
5. Floe Wool Bhetp.. 4
tt. Middle Wool do ...... ... ; . IS
7. long Wool, do .... 10. ,
9.' vac do ............. .... ...'
9. Hogs Large Breeds. ........ ...... .v 10
ju no. romaia . .u-....vwf),'.,
XI. lloraei Thoroughbred
l'i. Koad lionet ..............'.!....
IS". Matched aod Uaddlt flonee ............
14. Tims do.-.
15. Uor.es of All Work
10. Iirait aloraet .
. 17. Bullion with 5 Colti ,.
18. Jick,. etc..
10. lionet tiweepittkea ' '
110. Ladttt' BorleaiahilOp
SI. Poaltry
VS. Farm Implemtitts ...... a.. ...U.w....
93. lomeatlu Manufartnrea
. '
. 24- "
. fill
. 11
. 3
; .7. . . .
a ' '
. 18
. 17
.'3 V'-
, wr
. 38 .
. 1
, 89
S4. Ltdlea'do. do
tS. OrnameaUl Work .... ..
So. Bauer, CheeM.eW
n.-eann rrant
' 8.-
...... ......
3U. rult,
Si . yiuwen FrofcuIOial
32. dft. -.Am.l.nr.' -.- 1J
33. Grain.... .....V..; t1-
Class SO Ladies Horsemanship will be open
for entries until tbe last dayot the Fair., ".,
The -entries in Clara 24 Ladies ' Domestic
Manufactures are more numerous than ' they
were laet jeur, ' Four of tho articles' on he
list In tbis class this year were entered by a pa
tient in Ihe Lunatio Asylum, in tbis city. .
Tbe entrtes of stock are generally large
Forty new stalls were nut up ' on tbe grounds
this season, and all, both new and old, are al
ready filled. fThe number of horses entered Is
considerably larger than it was. last year, and
among them re somo very fine specimens
The same of the cattle, sheep and swine, - -
Among the curiosities in' the Stock Depart
ment, are. Mr. Risit's fine imported msre, and
his fonr beautiful Shetland ponies. Ooe of the
latur. is a handsome dwarf poney apparently
only about six or seven hands high. ' It Is prob
ably the smallest specimen of tbe horse kind
ever seen In this part of the country.
To-day the articles in the different depart
ments will he- arranged and on exhibition
The different committees will commenoe their
examinations preparatory . to making their
awards of premiums. ' One thousand dollars are
to be awarded In premiums and all paid In
cast:;. . . . : ::. ;
U Probably the list of entrcis we have given
above will oe considerably eularged... we were
Informed by Mr. John M,.Fcch, Treasurer of
fie County Agricultural Board, Ibat the receipts
at five o'clock last evening, had amounted to
about 300 " '
Our citizens will find tbe County Fair this.
year not kferior, in many respects,' to what it
has been In any former year'. S ' - ' L "," ( .
Ricint Aiv ArroiNTMiirr.-Gov. DxUNHoa
basreccutly made the following appoiutments.:
Alfred Taylor, of Icvelsnd, GrcOtl ..f 2d
Rfglmenl Ohio Cavnlry.
K T- Coaio, ZiucBviHc,;Surgc,oiV43th Regi
ment, . ' -i
Levis f . Ilackl'ji Ciiioa, Colonel, 2i)Ji Reg-
lment,V3u ..... k ,.. . ,tJk
Oeorse A. Spienl.Citrrtoti, Surgeon)47tR Reg.
. K ;w 1. -M. . ... ... .......
ime!T..:- v-t.-twir .J.- ....
AuguivusJI-dHafip J. photon), iA8t.''8urgeon,
47twteglaieM.' .' - t' -
Henry T. Gritir',".VV4Hlogl'oni SurgeoDt30th
Reflncnt. 'l"--t v
J.oob T. Cantw'ell,' Mansfield, Siirgeoa.' lK
Regwiit;;;":' ;:::y! ';
J. R: Arter, SalinMvllle, -Surgeon, 31st Regl-
men J. ...., - . ,c r..i t.. i .,-i,.,w,
A. yytlsoo, Sidney, Asf. Burgeon, lt Regi
ment. '-'. ".-'.. . ; , .-- 4 i ij.,..
TlfOsi'Q.'ClevotaqjJ, plqvjlapd, Surgconfr4Tt
Regiments ."ai'..it iui..n ci n n
Henry lge',:devlaodrjC'hapIa'i, ?0ll).R(g-
iment.'; tZJ-t'-''-
JRicbard MeClain, Coshocton, Major, Slot tUg
tVR S. Clark, Becyrus; Ast. Surgeon, 34th
Regiment. .
Com. E, Dei gVColunibus
Regiment. ' ' '.- - W
S. L. Elliott, Columbua.'tileut Colon -l,47h
iiegimeni, , ,., , ., rfn.A ,. .... ., ,, .
A-jgostui J. Parry, Cincinnati, 'Majors ,47 0
Kegimeni. ) , i', xi,.... .i-wJ .-.i-jii
Michael Eitler; Cinoifinatli Chaplain. -47 tb
Regiment, -. i,i ij n ,. -,4 uj ,i,uiii oj ijj.;
ment Ohio Cavalry. r 1
'ii - Li.
l Ohio Cavalry.'1 vi t.jxio 'o ...n
T Easthquais. Tfie earthquake On 8atnr-
day norning last at Clneinaatl, was notiosoV at
that tbsliocX wak aljr JUtlnctljr fBlMft;;tbal
euy ftrsew sninatee neiore a o'clock and last
ed abodUne'iu!au(eV!i,J.8ome;dwelIldgSdoo
wersrthrown - open, and -wreons asleen- were
aronsedr JWe h'ave.leaia &f."tuk onepersw
that ftllced;(t In:ths' clt.Perhsoi1 W41 were
all toft foend 'asleep to be aroused evenly aa
artl!fiaai jnr.whs .( wore Illtely rpu Jctr);'(s
probably on toi bolld k foundation to be watily
shaken. Tbeboringf UieArtesjVa wiiseeau
so have prove4.euch Ve WmKuvfult.Z,
CawtON ZooAVM.Wr twe indebted ihe
enterprising publishers," Messrs. SiLTrcai
Wnrrci, No.' 13 East $tt. I'tr.Torcppj
of an excellent piece of' Itrtelei eompesed by
Professor NoTHHAa'ii, pC.ihTavioIt'y, well koofb
lor his musical talents and . attainments. The
title page Is enrlobed.by.a sisornfnraripg,
ind this, like otter mnrfpnbHshed bytheeame
house, must win the admiration of the lore:
pf tbV'art divine." '
. OT Capt. L. J. Jaccson,- Willi si company of
one hundred and ten men, from Somerset, Perry
county, arrived to the elty last evening on tbe
way to Camp Chase. Capt. Jackson was in the
three months' servlee In Western Virginia, and
gained tbe entire confidence of those nnder his
command. " '
. Oas Posts and Ljjiri. The City Council
committee on Gas and. Gas Light have award
ed tbe contraot to Messrs . Mitbofv k Jonis to
furnish the streets with additional gas posts sol
lamps, in conformity With' thoetf now in ate In
the clty,.at $21.97, being tbe lowest bid. -
w .. . ... . i-.-:
' ID" The ladies of Bigelow Chapel will hold
their last Aid Society for this Conference year,
on to-morrow. (Thursday) evening, at tne
church, where ' they and their castor will be
pleased to meet all their friends. ""' " ; '
GaHo Union Sisq-t-AU tbis Singing Classes
la the different parts of , the cpantv, will ;meet
and unite their voices upon the tanes in the
'Musical Mirror," at the County fair Grounds,
on Thursday afternoon; at' two "o'olock. .AH
take notice and govern themselves accordingly.
07 We are informed lhat John W.Baowir,
of this city, wbo wai arrested in Cincinnati on
a charge of treason, in selling Beal'e Pistols to
parties lii tbe South, was yesterday honorably
acquitted, po , evidence whatever appearing
agalnstibim : v: .j- i-.mhi h
O Judge. Coa win, o Uibana, has. been ap.
pointed Colonel of the Fifty-fourth Ohio Regi
ment, which will go into a camp on" the Fair
Groilnds, near" Urbans to be called Camp Joi
VaHCB." " "' ,.! vtntl l:-in " - - -
ItJ! the grape orop in the vlolnity of Cincin
nati promises to be large this lesson. "
HT John Lowl,of this city, has been sp-
pointed Third Aislstant.Register In the United
States Navy. ' " " ".V.
IT A man by the name' of John Faoltnh
was arrested in Blendon-, township, on Monday,
'or Stealing $63 from Eli Bstiia, of this city,
Faoltmss has been bound' iover by the Mayor
to- answer for the alleged theft, in the Court of
Common Pleas. -
s.isssi .s
XT It Is Stated that the additions to tbe ac
tive service last week nude the Ohio - force In
the field tweDtv-flve thousand, end that thirty
fife thousand tu ba bad by September 10th, if
required .l.-..!.-,.' ' -m.N r'.-. . -.. -.
ID During tbe mftotb of July tbe receipts of
tbe Central Ohio' Railroad, amounted to $75 -071.
62, a large excess over tbe eoirespooding
month last year. ' T'1. '
7 tT Colonel Foao's Regiment pused through
tne wty yesterday arternoon on- tneir way to
Cjamp bcnuleon, whence they expect soon to be
ordered to tbe "seat of . war', ,
iO Tbe TbirV-stoond Regiment, recruited at
Marietta, has gone to tbe Kanawha. ' ' " '
V Tbe Immortal N."is stilt in the city.
Tbe base envy o( the world has no terrors for
htm. He was announced to speak . from . the
steps of the Capitol last evening; but the peo
ple were too Jealous of his mighty power and
growing fame to como oht 'to'bear him. . He
will lecture at the same place thte evening, and
if the people turn not out to learn wisdom from
his lips.'f'J. N." will leave them to be eclipsed
by tbelr own fears of the greatest orator, phi
losopber and satirist that ever lived since the
foundation of tbe world, Subject Truth. t .
Columbus, Sept. 23, 1861. Rail Road Time Table.
Leaves. Arrives
Olnclnnatl Aocommodatlon. 3:00 A. M. Ik 10 P. M.
- Xxpms. 11:40 A. M., ll:3 At M.
Mall and Aocommodatlon.. 0:10 P. II. 8:00 P. U,
Night Kxpnrti Tla Dayton. 1S:09 midnight. :2U A,i M.
' Jso. yf. SoBtaTV, Agent.
CoioasDs St Otsvturs JU B. '
KlRht Ixprns 3:40 A. M. 11:13 P. M.
New York Kxpraa. ...... .11:10 A. M. 10:50 A.M.
aCjkC. WjrHprtajv..:JO g.U,' ; 7:60 1". K.
'.. . ' ' " ' Jahss pATTtssoa, Agent.
CurrstiOnto B. B.
No, 3 Express,
1:30 A. M.
U:9S A. M.
11:15 A. St.
No. 3 do g:lS P. U.
''. W. 3. Tux, Agent ,
Fii-ructaH, OoujitBDS 4t Owooouti K.B. J : .
tUllTrala ..i..... ........ 3 30 A.M.: 1I U Ai U.
Kspreaa Train 11:A. M. f:4SP;la
Jos. Bosimoii,-AseaU
Cotmsos & IssiAjroro'ua, K. B. ' f
. i (UAlumsos Pidda Si Ikduka B. B.)
No. 1 Kxprcas 8:3ft A. M. SCO P. M
No. ROD P. M. . T:S0 P. M.
Aesommodatloa .m..i - i - . V"10:S0 A. M.
0. W. rwrni. Asent.
1 Mslls for Sew- York Cttj, Boston, 'Albany,' BntTalo,
Plttuborfh,- twubenrllle way.-Clereland, ZanesTllla,
Newark, OmnvlHe, Waahmgtoa Cltj, Baltimore, Phila
dalphla and NewOrleaas, eloss dally (Bandars except
ed) attt o'clock r. "'''-' ' '
A through mail fot New Tetlt ana OlsvslanS doaee
ally (Sandaya excepted) at 9 o'clock p. m.
J. O.stO. K. R. Way Mall closes dally (Bundsys ex
oeited) at oVIork p. m. ''
' Central Ohio Way Mail closes dally (Sundays ssctptsd)
st 1U o'clock .. m.
Cincinnati Way Mall elosss dally (gnndayi mepteS) at
L o'clock a.' m. '" ' -, j - - ... -
Ohlexo, Snbsqvs, Delaware, Marlon and Worthing
a- Mails etosss dally (bundsjrs excepted) alt o'ohxk
p.m. - ' ........ . .. i ..,
. Mafli far Tenia, Bprlnjlleld, IHytoo, Toledo, ClDdn
Btil, IndiaDapolls, ialarllle, Bt. Xoals, and Vetrslt,
closet daily (Sundays excepted) at 8 00100 p. aa.
A Ihroogh mail 'to Xeoli, BprtnfrSsId and Olnoinnatl
iloaes daily (Swndsys sxtwptsd) a 10 o'clock . :.
I Urban, S iqua, XUtln aod Union Oily auU sloses dally
(Sundaya sxoepted) at 8 o'clock p. sa.
. Lanoaitar, JLogau, MsatoaoUia, OaiDttTtlka, Ckllllooth,
PrtamsnUi. WaibingtoB -C. AlhtM. -OUraetm and
Hlllaboroaih mails oloss dally (Saadays sxoepted) at 8
S'clurk -.' , . ,
' Xaat Way Mall by Rational Jtoad to ZanssvUle slosss
tally (Sandayt exoepled) st 18 o'clock m.
Harriabargli Mall closes dally (dandays Excepted) at t
o'clock p. m. ...I' . ii
Ml. Yeraoa Malt, by way or Weeterrllle and Bnnbtiry,
Sloaes dally (Handera excepted) st 8 o'clock . m. -
Dublin Mall dotes dalMtianilaya axxeptedjat 9 o'clock
p.'m. .. . . . .
laacastsr Way Mall oloass dally (Sundays sxoepted) at
.thhj.- h: m t- -o l..k ...
Malls from New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Plttaburah. Cleveland. DaTton. Toledo. Xsnla,
Detroit, gpringduld, Cincinnati, Chllllcothe-8t. Lools,
and all Southern elite, arrival daman thaTfe-annof 8
AlnMfe . 1 J .... . j . M.
A Malls front WssMnston Olt. Raltlraora. Whawttns.
JapaaTtlla.il awaik, 8UbSBUislw Vsnoa. and tba
0. 0. K. tt. Way MalLarriTa at IS o'clock m.
W If&ll Am ti-l .1 . j. 7 . ..."
U Bast Way Mall stst tts M.uonal Boad arrlree at 1)
lit. Vernon Way Mall arrlree at f!:00 a. ' '
Mall from Dublin arrives at IS f 'elssk x.
JjTJrbana Way MaU arrives at 9 o'elook p. m. , '
CjHarriaburtk Mail Wrtvsa st 11 o'elaeka. as. if a. C S
Lanaeater Was Mail arrlTsa at 19 aiiw.k.
Otto ASUvwry opsa svsry day (except Saadl) from
7 o'olock a. m. to 8 o'clock aw at... Opsa sn landays
from 7) to o'clock In tbe B19 raing , and froxt S t S
yfflry MANHOOD. .
or Bemloal WsJknees, Bexual Debility, Msrroainsss.Ia
Volantary Bmlaslona aod, ImpoUocy, rstultlng Iroaa
It-abut, Aui. By BobU-1. Oulrsrwell, M. D. Bent
qde aeal, In a plala snvslopsv'to any addrsat.pou
paid, sa receipt of two Stamps, by Dr. OUAS. i.O .
aLINB, lilwryf SswYsnt. PoatOfflos Box.Ho
4.4HS. .- ( . aaartiaadAv, '
O W BIYLKd kntn stn.ho. otk
m sueek nave lual oixned new altlaa r Dine Gin.
jousts. BAuiiaa ana atco.ua, aaad in lbs aswest and
wraat atll.n aaannar.... aim., a. m ...fe alalM
Miatr.k, Mike, verbeaT, dsslzne4 szp rsstly for
eMMiiiieV nt DugaiDtiai ... Ittpnta
4 Is f KwS, Hluasas 'I'AlUli AAI U
t W 1 TA 1 V il . &, aaaaW.lAd. a a a .
1 avmaia n nasjlllnSIN
BAl v BOB, '
OprllS le.tWUar4.
From Washington.
Washisotom, 8ept. 9. Secretoiies Sewsr
and Cameron having returned,' Attorney (jet
eral Bates la tbe only member of 'the Cabinet
ont of tbe city, a ' I
DarloaT tbe past week reports have been pre
valent here and elsewhere, based on alleged
private accounts, or disasters to'Uen. Kose
orsns's command i bat It Is certain that the War
Denartment bos no such Information. ' i
beorelarv Cbase has Issued a oatriotto anoeal
to tbe eltlzens of lbs United Stales in behalf of
tbe National Loan. . . - '
Minister Adams writes that ho does not
think tbe British Government oontempioiets an,
change of position, so long as the blockade
continued. v.
Washington, Sept. 3. Heavy Bring was
heard on tbe Virginia aide this morning,i)dti)he
reports are contradictory concerning it. ,
Tbe Mayor of Washington, has AppbintW
Jos. jl. Bradley Corporation Attorney, in place
oi James in. usrusie, resigned. -
[Times' Dispatch.]
Tl Tiaa tuiAft nalAeminail he NAvarnmani an
hold the position 'at' Cape Hatteras,1 altbonsb
the original intention was to destroy and aban
don the works, but now it will be made ' a ren
dezvous for army and naval' forces. - This -ex
pedition le bat tbe oommenoement of operations,
lor which the Navy Department has mode am
ple preparations, and wblcb will b rapidly de
veloped. '' ' - ' - - -
Tne propeller lieibert arrived yesterday, cav
ing oroaent as prise a small sloop laser tne
day previous. - 6be Is heavily laden with re
volvers, primers and ammunition, Including 1000
barrels of percussion caps, blankets, -surgical
instruments, medicines, etc. She was1 worked
by three men, one of whom escaped to the' ii
ginla shore, the others were taken prisoners.
The sloop Is eald to bave taken on freight' in
Washington. ' " a:
Tbe Herbert shelled tbe woods and beacb
near the Rappahannock, without discovering
rebels. '"
(Herald's Dispatch.)
A dispatch has been received here to day
from Richmond via Louisville, announcing tbe
death of Jeff. Davis. Tbis accounts lor tbe dis
play of flags at half-mast from tbe rebel ram
parts to-day. i . i " V ! ; . . iaflj",
The rebels st Munson's mil are practicing
their artillery in throwing balls and shell iote
adjacent houses, compelling tbe inmates, chiefly
women sod children, to neo to tne woods lor
safely. '
From the South via Louisville.
Louisvillc, Sent, 3. Tbe Journal says there
are two secession military companies of Infan
try ana cavalry at Beard'e Station, on tne Louis
ville and Lexington railroad, armed' with State
Guard arms. .The Courier of this evening says
that fears are eutertained of a collision among
the citizens of Newcestle, Ky. i- ,: ; - - m
Tbe Ooeloness (La.) Courier of Ausmt 21.
ssys lhat twoechoonersbad run tbe blockade at
tbe mouth of tbe Calcasieu river, and lauded
cargoes of coffee, floor, salt; etc" -i - i
1 be correspondent of the Richmond Enquirer
notifies that paper of the arrival at one of the
Southern ports of two oargoes of sugar, salt.
molasses, eto. - It is supposed these are tbe
same vessels reported above.
A correspondent oi tbe New Orleans Cree-
cent suggests tbe seizure of all the blankets on
board of steamboats lying at that pott, lor the
army. - f
The Mobile Tribune says tbore la every rea
son to believe that tbe enemy at Fort Pickens
are removing tneir valuables prior to tbe evao
nation of that place. i ..,, , ff;
From New York.
Ntw Toss, September 2. Tbe Post's spe
cial says the picket of Doth armies are very
cloee to each other on tbe other side of tho Po
tomac. Tbe rebels bad a dress parade tbis
morning on Munsoo's bill. Their artillery Is
not yet mounted.
Carlisle, Assistant District Attorney of the
District of Colombia, an i Intimate Iriend of
Mayor Berrett, resigned to day.
Niw Yobs;, Sept.-' 2. Surveyor Anderson,
yesterday seized , twenty-six vessels, owned
wholly, or la pari, oy reneis, including eight
ships and seven barks. .Others will be eeised
to-day. Tbe value of the vessels seized is over
Tbe Commercial s epeoial atates that it is re
ported that there were several thousand, rebels
in tbe vicinity of Aqu'ia Creek. '
Washington is loll of rumors of an advance
by tbe rebels, some even stating that tbey bad
crossed, the Potomac at Edward's Ferry. 1 ' y
New Yobx, Sept. 3, The Arago arrived to
day. ,
An olhcer of tbe returning expedition Irom
Ilatterae, reports having seeu, near' Hampton
Roads, a strange steadier towing, what ap
peared to be a floating battery. -. It is be
lieved it was Intended to obstruct commnnica
tlon between Fortress Monroe and tbe Poto
mac. Tbe Courier des Etats Unis has gone Into
new bands; it will hereafter drop advocating
tbe Southern rebellion. -. :... .. .
Tammany Hall last night elected a full del
egation of loyalists to tbe Syracuse Conveti;
lion.-,-." . ..It., -:,..:'::..'..',
Military Movements in Southern
St. Lcuis, Sept 2. Lexington, AIo-. remain-'
ed in possession of the Federal troope as late as
Friday. Relnforoemcnts have reached there
butore this, and no apprehensions are Iclt for the
safety of the place. . - . .i .. : 1 : .. i. , .'
in the atuck on Thursday several Union
troops were wounded, but none killed.' "
uen. rope leaves lor Uulnoy .this evening,
and will Immediately take the -field' in person,
in North Missouri. - ' - " -' '
The Democrat baa advloes direct from Gen.
Thompson's oamp at Bsntoo, Scott county, to
the aBcot that all tbe rebels'' heavy baggage at
that and other points are being' nastily remov
ed to New Madrid,! and that Thompson's and
Hardee e forces would attempt to eilaot a luna
tion aod fall back on -Sykestown, the --termination
of the Cairo and Fulton Ratfrosd.'where it
is supposed tbey would make a stand, and, give
Gen. Prentiss battle. - .o-.ii . -). I
Tbe combined strength of Thompson, Hardee
ard Pillow's farces, if estimated at thirty tbous'
and.,,'. .,1.-, 1 , '..1 i( -i . . ..!
Reports were current yestercsy that General
Prentiss had surprised a camp of Missouri reb
els near Bloomfleld, Stoddard (ounty, and taken
eight hundred and fifty prisoners without firing
a gan, but they need confirmation, -v ' J.
Private dispatches announce . that rrovost
Marshal .McKlnslry ha kbeea promoted to B
Brigadier-Generalship. i t - - -. -w-.'
Caiso, III . September S.Gen. Promts and
staff arrived , at Cape Girardeau on Sunday nfier
noon. . Ilia army encamped at Jackson, ten
miles west. . No secession camps .were. found
between Ironton and Jaokson. Gen. Groat so
pereedeo Geni Prentiss, who has tendered his
rssignation.'; ' -.; . ' ?
Jeir. ibompson yesterday took siuu,uuJ isom
tho Bank at Charleston, Mo. 1 0 vwi 1 1 1
mm iiw ' 11. ,?TJ
The Kentucky Legislature.
FsASxrokTi1 September 2. Hoase. II.
Bncknerwas elected Speaker: WrF. Samuels;
Clerk, and John s. Hmeaiey,. sergeant-at-
Tbe Senate Is not yet organized. '
Rebels Demonstration in Western
Whsiuno, Sept., 2. The Beoesslonls.ts' ip
eanpaent at W orthingten,. aaarion , county,
roBv hundred In number, were attacked by tel
Croasman. of Geo. Kellv's staff, with two com'
panics o( United States troops, aUttle after dajJ
1 if hi this morn ne. too seoesstoaiBie wsr too
atron for him and he was obliged to Tall back
with ha lua af tea num. Tha 'einsJltlon
from hsra last nlaht. had not reaooea wa scene
of action at oar latest advioeev' Two-pleeeaof
artillery were sent to CrossmaO'B rellsf.'lrtm
Clarksburgh, to-day. Hb rsportu tbat be oan
noia the enemy la check until reiniorcea.
1 1 ..- -
Aquittal of John W. Brown, of Columbus.
f . 11 rKIIJ- , ,HUI rn,l i
-..-., .,.,,unl"",.'-:i ',,.) i a vt' a
CmotNUATt, Sept. 3.Jobn W, Brows, arresM
ta on nunaay on a Charge or SeiMri? arms w tne
rebels, was houorablv' acauitted this motolDtr',
no evidenoe wbatever being against bim.
Aquittal of John W. Brown, of Columbus. Seizure of Vessels in New York.
- Tint TOK, eptemb X. tight anoTVvse.
(sis e seised by tbe Borveyor te-dav, hsolu cl
ing the steamer Marlon and tbo ship Trnmoalt
The latter was loaded and ready to sail for
Arrival of the Arabia.
Halifax. Sent. 8. Tho steamship Arabia
from Liverpool, Aeg. 24, via Queenatown, 35,
nasatrirad. r .i, i. -
JJrBdstau"j loajtive- Provisions 40JI with
small sales. y 7 -
Cooaols 9191 for money. L
Cotton seed is being regularly shipped to In
dlafromSaesJ 11 r"
Protestants are to be allowed to opt;nscboolsj
in r ranee. ; J - ri t
A comoanv of Italian soldiers afitviug at
Pouts Londale. while beine refreshed, were set I
upon by tbe people sod a number maswicred. J
ine troops retaliated the next aay ny uesiroj.
Ing the whole town. One hundred and fifty
persons were killed.
Fight in Virginia.
,,At.,ruijUi. Bcybr frn, HU, WW p.W,
veBterdav at Boons Court Houa. Va.. between
the rebels sod three companies of sdera( troops
wblcb r etui ted Ja tho rout of too rebels, With a
hiss of thirty killed, a large number wounded,
ana forty priionere.rfi JNone were kisiea on -ear
side, but six were wounded.'- oar men Dntnea
the town
TV 1 .
iiyi "Til!
The Confiscation Act in Boston.
Boston, Sept. 2, Two barke principally
owned la Charleston S. C, wfre fixsd.y the
surveyor of this port, today, under the Loons
oation Act; ... t ,n ,a;.' r 1
Prince Napoleon at Chicago.
Chioaoo, Sept. 2. Prioce Napoleon and salte
arrived, and took rooms at the Tremont ,11 cose
tuia cremnx. . Anev ej irom ncra ui 01. - aiouis
on Wednesdsy.... ,!.'. ,if?fj
aammmwrnmamaaiwmmaBamB 1 - ui.
New York Market.
New York Market. NEW YORK, Sept. 2.
FLOUB The market for itala and wet tern Is rather
mors steady, but prioes grosrally are without decided
change; aaiet of 13.000 bblt at St 25j4 30 (or eupsrfia
ttate; S4 SSS4 S3 fof extra eUte, a d f4 73 fordioioe;
4 S03I4 30 (oi tiiti-rllne wcaUrnl' St 50(31 lii for os
uon to medium extra weitern; a55 ip foe ablpptng
brandt extra round hoop Ohio; mjiiket oloaiog qulst.
Can.dUn flour nominal, .' ,. , ,', " , . ..,.,'
HYM FLOUR In liclted request. , . ., , ,,.
ORNMSAr.-llultttteady. -
WHISKY Without matarUl chansn In nrln..-
of 500 ebls at 17s.
WJUBAT May be quoted a thads firmer, with a anad-
srats export Inquiry, and bualoesi somewhat checked by
tbefirmneieof (rel.hta, aalea ot 0,200 bubals Obioawo
urloK at Vcc; 40,100 da. Milwaukee iabatl (Wat OH
11,1100 do Green Bay tprlDi at tl 05AU (la: 111 cOO An
amber Iowa at $1 0.l 03i 38,4X0 do.wluter red weasera
st Bl lujfcl 18; 7000 do red ttataat HUM -leJuOd
wblts weetrrn at II Xl(31 X3i S.tiliU dovwhlu Kenium.
I80 91 31.,,.-, , ,',
HYB Oonttnaes quiet and steady.
DAHLEY Dull and pilose entirely nominal.
COHN Still raise firm, and prices sialn advansed lc.
with s pretty rood export end (air hooM trade demand;
aim o, vo.ww uuania ai ii.niiro lor interior to. common
mixed weaterni 48340c for aocd and cbuisi, .hirmi an.
aod 50952c for Weatsrn yellow. "
OATB to moderate reauett. and srlcea a llltl firm..-
salee at SOitUo for Osnada; add 333 (40 for westsm
and state. ' i. .v. i. ..1.i. -.
PORK 8HII rules Terr dull! a.lee f 00 at
IS 00 for mreal and $ 10 00 for prims-: ' Total stock of
now aod eld, September 1st, Ibfll. SI.M3 barrela! aaha
dais wet naeflth 44,999 do and same data last yeartl-
S14 do."- ' I ' , . .-' -.i.
HK SO More setlre. and Srmer fnrrfr ,.. aklM1
of 8,000 bmi a B 13 50. We quote tS4 SO for country
prlaaei (593 SO for do met,; (9 003 1 1 M (or rspaoted '
meet; an) BIS 75&13 SO for extra men. ToUl suck, '
sew ana old, Sept let, 1801, 17 994 packages; laoe tune
w awuom x jir ao earns lima laat jrar 83 490 do.
Pilm meas beef nominal. Beef buna qsiet and eteady;
we notice sales of 240 barrela choice weatern st B 13.
:CUT MSATiJ-ifull mxmX" forihooldersandS
0ifl for hams. ' -'-J .--' ' , ..
LaHD Quiet and steady; salei of 3CiO barrels atB
dhOWd. ...I... ,4 Ui 1 .. .
. BUTTBR-Ittenins8(aMlerorrjhlo;an lO&lJVo
OHBK9K Continues Heady at e7Xe.
COSSBliw-Rnlaa Aran, uua r I Tr .
134wl3o. -,.im , :t.n . t .j. .,.1, ... 1 a....
KltlJs flonfclneiaa. amtaei- .u Af pa, - - r
(a'0. ' 11;. Ij ,H, - - ).u.'MiK 4U .1 .
saOAR-Raw Tory flrm, srnl price folly Xo hither;
iesof 976 hnda at lor Hnha r Ivalu.ai.
Rioot 50 bona Havana on nrlTata i.m.. ouo
St01aa)aata-Vlmiari aalM'nr inn I.K.I. . 0. r..
Cubs aluacoTado; 33a lor hit, Rico; and 88290 for
twrDsdoee. - - . .- ,-,: , 1
TALLOW Qulst: we nnlloa aalea iim tiM,
saatcre at Bj.ei. ,..,11 ;i.-. i j:i 1-. , 1
Cincinnati Market.
Xaers is i
BOChanM .in tba tenor at houlnaaa uHurf
uie grove rv , a lair eraer aeaana ror tosdai saws, bat
notlilnu U-morlng la ths largs way.. --, .... 1 - r. .
iaiuk m in oniy moder.t rsqaestal 99 0093 65
forsupeifloe: BJ BOOSU (or extra. ,j: r,.
W UK AT Maintains ths lame nssitlcn renarlad for It
ou eaturaay. 100 prime quaimee only aeem to be mar
ketable, lbs movements of. (hit grain tines barreat
ahow kow largely ths commerce in it here depends oa tbe
orop of Kentucky, snd ths amonnt of It which finds Its
way miner. La-t year the orop In that state marketable
bars, was quite Hunt below the average. - tjiit tesaon
It tt run. snd ths receipt, a A thlpments iloce ths mid
dles' J sir, thow a marked Increaae orer what the vere
for ths same period hut year1, ai well at oyer the two
pravlowo yeare. The actual fignrtt ibow lhat tbe receipts
wruiaiDo inepreceaing mree yean were at loupe-it
lEltr' ' '' larn " io.n " ' .o.o -- ''
400,447 both 24,879 bush , 27530 built S30 bu.h
The Shipments for thlt tenon, for the aaaia nerlod.
wars 984.751 butbele againtt SI 854 buihelt In 1800. At
Intimated before, this Increaae is almost eotlrei? la Keo
tucky wheat, and ebowt the ubbo,uos and rain of this
markst to that station of country, as wsll as the eonss-
quence of thrt trade to sa. 1 .-...(..... v,rv:t
UOKN-H tsliing a lltlls mors readily at 28c. v, n
OATS Remain eteady at at 83s. .-
BARLkY AND RIB Are icarcely mentloneij, , .
WEISKI Js steady at 13o..:.: . , ,.,,,0 , . -:i
. Oomwicrelal. ,
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. CLEVELAND, Sept. 2.
tWUlt-l)ull...Jakal bb Is -rod wheat da able asf
traat 94 85. - . - 1 t m m nVmw ie. 1 I im lu.
WttHaT Inactlre. MelUiMbayssMrselbnaraaav
nosed to operat to any (teat ex Mat. u The noaipSaatei
gntns lots "ore. 1 eaioa nee two -a u - sc ndi inye kaah
elt eaob at 31c (re on board: 1 ear eemmam to while, at
9lo, and 1 etr choloe do at 0-ic, and 1100 do afloat, pries
not learnao. . ' .1 ,t.ia -r?...u
CORN Sales of 1000 bush from it are at 33c. and 1 ear
on track at32o. ", " , . . .
OAT8-8alo 1 etral81X'bd JcSrtdoat
IlIOUWItlKB Balrt 01 WbWi at 15WC. " ' " '
' Hiw aemaln dull at Sc."-' ' -" ,k, ' "
' BOTftlH-Deil at B9 "1 1
1 j aiiivM ' !-.-' J t'i- -e leu XSO(fr'. "'
van em
.Irish ;Wnwi;"Gd8i:si:
T.ll, 5,'l,.
Vf Linen Shirt Bosoms - Piainead rsneni i e.iaii
i i u v Bhlrling and Bosom Ltneae, .4. i-uan ai-u J
i .. .. u ,-nnimeai anaiuS'amaruioiavsawriISuo.i.i
'. w ii. lsssi uattiiriossBd-
lirios and, Loot Lawoa. Hi.
focaeb-hacisa'fa, all elsawi-,.
-au,il; .' i
'ijji, ,i -i ,',famm iwaiimasaaouiapesB
'. a (oMi, Lisa Napkins sad B'Oy lies, w ts ,tt
j) - Linen TabwC iotas and Bates llaaaaeks. .i-r.i-w
1 , at. Liasa TswsAa wtthisslareel borders, -i .'i "r
I i .w.r.l.a Uses Stair Ootsrioaaaod Onaahi li.iti
.. .- j-Jforeaaeat aawpnoasa nm .(x-i-.n
i .'i-rt . rru MAIN da BOM,.n.i
i feb9 . . - ,i ,..,4 . 7o8OoaMb llith ttraeC-
iV'. f ymutttun
and PERMANaNT wCRMoitks
T X J ilshskewif eomtm r WSS
. S M R aV w&l Si utt.u rx".
Mads by 0. B. BBTMOUlTa? 00 , 07 itueM Bt., N.
r not at per box j sent free by poet. ,
DitroaiBt r "
I r all
AW BHiniaiiua miu pio, nn uu wuin nni,
staid, bra im, out or trash wwaaoVst saw kinds Vrtvents
twtiiing and pain from bee stings, moaqui MISS, aaA It
poisonous plan la, neuralgia, rbeumatiam, aaa.a. aba
breast, salt rbenm, etc. When ltat ktlawMlgyeU will
poeitlvely cart croup la ohUdisnefd crvsw immsdlats
re lief in ths worateaaa j UiiiaoUaae4niplatnt; also,
.removeo- hoaiseaetsana son throat. Vrtos, SB cents
bottle, ,Bhsuidbsinsvaiihpuss, for sals by Dnaja
. tow I
vr.-..a nsj -...w'
" Ho real Juatloa earn bt Aoaet tbs aba we preparations
..... r
bat by pro wring aadj readies Aeserlptkts aampMsaul -.
be tvuad with aUSaieaa ar arill be awnl iaaxWepriaSa.
oaosicaad. . Fiiaannlat ead Itial JlsMlesasnt to.Bkysii
eiaas, was will Sad devwaspmsate as sath -wee thy .tiatii
socsptsnos and appiwva. iirt A It-.w
aiorraaBSiidssioe aoliclted frrm all whsss saiasaslUeaf
SurlosMr peompui kta srml aOiths abort reliable Ksssa
For sals to Aha bm! kHpld rstaii aVaAea,
sverjrwheri.t 14 .My lis nl hBJWaiu
J- cilBliiat aUiarBABMACIliTISTt.Jl!!
I i li0tl1tnUfIUt BOStOBJIas:'' I '. I
. Bohsrts gamuel,1f. . Birrts, .''; Cotk1; If .' It
Donlt. U.Vejiig tvnnnSi s. ncnasuatmaon. Meats
, lJan4d-EmbWid6fJs;.,
' V Laws Ovllart and eetwi: recM fu.her amd lbrbad
tads Vslls. ine psAteesS.I adeacteaes,' Vbraed and
IjVaUit Urns, EmhrsidstvdCollaasi Set sa, T rbnifflnaw and
Ofcirts, Laoe BarbtJ and Ooltfarne, jrtato i.wM UoiUwa.
Aettsand Cuba. Kmbroiderad Collars and CuSS In Setts.
bain tt son.
Ho. U,mthUlgh Street.
1 1 1 . t , ,
'I';?;! IIH -it 2
I fii I II pi:
UO0K.' illni JOB U i L
.1,. n;n arte.. , c. (i m
1 uimr;"isSco i
, If folly prepared to execute' in ths
I 7 o t . J 1 1' i' .
! V .
& OS T S 1 A 5q a( Z T i IMA NVi ii
.. ; HI
I ti, r.
-nii'Tii 1 ",'n - - t
m.. -liavcusx si,iudBi t
Oi I t lii lu '
J j'JV j ;iv.
;r.c;i cjr!;w
ctAtoaoBJ,i n 1
van mASB, -I .
q. UTTTERajB ABB, j. )
,::tlOAL BLATfKB, "t
::.r "...l
.V. ' .,iS... .,,11)
11 V A, AO.
Jiijt. ;.
.f -.t.'l
I 1 1 J
HOI (11
And ercry description of
! i I 1 r I ,.. 1 V
Equal' W any "lttaWlthmenl la the Btatai 'And: opon
i.iA'i .ifir;.!!
leWn't Eastern trtoting Hatt? ri'
fftf.i . 1 ,3jJl.,....l In an',
,jj-.!1 tMfllj .rhull Hil
,'( '.;! ,n- I .. (t Mi -. )
v-stwlH tlt ,rni' ,1 r (n-.M
HLsvVlhnv' ,
to aid
; . ihb raoDuonoK or . t ;
;'l in
.tt ,
CARDS, ,( r,tl
- "... o'- ' , ;
Tfs offer ofar 'services to all who may desire that class
a.'v'l. i K;
of work.
-.We' hare conoected with oar bUbHthawat ar '''
.oliO ; - r. ti i 1- v .- -. .Iiv, c-T
tuii i: .:- . . ' - t- . Mini.,-' tj ,'-. ,t ir'nttsi'.
. Mil.. . ... r- j i fi-i,: -..I i r;.'i . tt ft
whl ws produce ths
. :TABLI8E(lfl?N,T.t".;-
r l.ir
Il U bsadmltlei
j i : . . , -1- - i, v - '
. I. . o' I .!.; . v -. ,-
V j .it' . i
V .- .... . v. :i
aicb ths Horr
i .
- tT
I. i . . . , IV l
In this City, and ws may add.'
I ml - ja
WITH Aft o i
tOi. .oV
I ?
rV v'S lm,,
i I'M rm
' . ' . A aA a ' a
tn eiwaci irom st
letUrwrineaVthelteV.'r.'tiohne, patter ol tht
Pltrrspouit-Btrest BaBtist jDnanh. Brooklyn. If. I., to
thsVJoarnal and Meeaenger, Olndnnat, 0., and rpcaks
TAlawee In fsver ef that worM-nmowasd asedtoias, Mas J
Wimuiw's BooTflmo Bvany roa C'iubb Tamils aj
"We tee an adVartiasuaat1 tH your 'sktltaans of Has
wtnum't Boo-rauM araotw. Kow wanerec said t word
&fkyof sf s Mtent maillot no before In our Ills. , bat ws
il Som palled to say to your iwadsrt tiat this bras bust
aaaaavaias) a, ajat awtata wr.io ss . au 11
isuw It probably mefltl most wncoeatfol modi-
tipap of fha day, becauss It Is ous of Ihe best. And tbOaS
si yotrr reaaert wno naew naoies cant ao netotr man - - -lagMaaaaapky'f
:vtt-.u J-jrr.sOtlyArW.i
Wj Batcliebp'B Hair Dyel
-,.1'a.fl,. .-' .- IWWMWW, . -11
This tplsndld Hair Dye baa eo squal tostantansoaa hi
effect Beautiful Black or Katuat Brown no atatnlnf
tha skin sruOuilns tits Bair twmedtescheabsur ati
effect of Bad Dyes, and In rlio rates tha hair'' tbt lift
tons'1 art genalns salest signed "IT. Jl. ahtshelor.'
BoVdavwywhsrs: """ 4 ' ' " ' -
0HAB. BAtCHItOR, Prsprfeter; ' "
JylSkw1r'! " II BaWtay Btowst, Mesi Total
Wm. A. BatcHelor'B Hair Dye!
T.Wfalf elt' .thsorUll
AU others art mars taint, asd thou Id be aroided
Ifyeatrlah w)seos4rVfam 0 n ,. , r-v-.w,,,,
ai;01 ItOTrt lUlU,e. intiantlyloi
IheautlftllaaHl JlaltiralBrewasf BtaaSt, wtUia Inl ary ts
, . J 41-. I t4e 1 J
BalrorBknv a- -i -1
FIFTIES ' 1 1CID ALB AIT) TPMhUSi have ' nss
swarded to Was. A. Batehelotttncs MSB, and ovsrBS.OO
p pUoaUont have base saads tb ths Halt of his patron
sf nts Saainwe dyst. i ji.r u ..it-.-. k ,,, ,
- wtsi a. ATnwwrvin-ti it am. Art - -
of hot to be dUUbgnlihsd rroaf natura, and It wwruted
pt l hilars la the watt, kwwerser Isscttmay be ssnU.
sed.andths in effsets ef Bad Dyes retuedtsdi asHasr
bvtgoratsd for Ufs by this aptandld Syo, "
BflWla atl satlea and towns of the Culled SiMs
r.. -it
lyiruggUU and Fancy Oosds Dsalers.- x ' "
U aiie vaamiae yaa anw awwaa am awuva myvm m
ploUaaHmiTlng om fear stdsssf oath box, of WILLIAM
44EATOUELOB, , Addreas .
A 1 OUAALEB BATOBEtOVt, Pstprletdr,
ItIw-wIs. r a SI Besaiay atrwe. Hew Verh1
iwra w a a e, .nAWaarf WIT--
a lierota tiles. w , ,i
. 1 vaaa reamu Itariry. I -u - 1 a"
'S BarrslaHhits WacatPloor, . , ,;, t ,
ISO , t ked (Bxtral.
lasiaa4fuBsslsr,rw H R1;.TIitTrx,
aaglU-Jt lot South alia Street.
1 , 1
.rur f. st-'Ai it. p;'li5ii'!J
iXDsrisnoed Karae and Tefaals rnytlclaa, pr
I to ths attenthnwf sseShwrs. her
i ' J' jfi T.'r.ir"Wir!wWTrrf'
n (UaV tJUllIa.aViSi.AlWAaauiva-.
which stsetly SacUltaSss tkw at or Stsihlnar, by soft.
sninw the man. ted ante alt liiSamsaatatSii wlli OlaU
ALL PAIN and epaamodlo sattoav swaMiet-)W tjtr. ,1
vuB4t KEaoUATE orne ftQif els.
Vntiipafa 4oiberi; iH)i,i;)rlvi rertlo yirtve
J We harejidt ( na aotd-twb, artlote (or am la yean,
ana Uts'-HAI, 1 JnriUBlweu.u xanjaaawan,
waat-wsajaraawrer been eMotoswyaf sny otesr -aaeoir
AMOK. TO-B 91 SO A GUM. Mi when tkneBT saetbt H
Sr did ws know sa tntUowe o( Jltsallifwttleei by auuf om
wbo seed it. Oa the sbatrary, alt aawdettaiad wttfi iaa
operattont, and speak in terms of oommendatioa or m
magical eneotrand mwdloab sfrtoesv- ws speac us init
matter "what wk Dti know;" arter ten years-exps-rlencs.
aenosA evey-JniUncl whose ths inautt is tuaerlng tram
pain and sxhauitlon, relief will be found to tUmen or
twenty mlnntea after theSvritu la admlnlawred. '
: This ralfa'sble frsiiarwtMn d ths yreteiiptleti ot See of
New England, and has been wlla NEVER IA1L
INOBUCCEdBla 'V -'?HIV'; ; ; 'tt
pv TorjSAiJiii'Orltt.l--u
Itnotoclr ralleraa thehUd fMaa..paiu, out inrlgor
ates ths stosuah mi sowslv, san-tscte aoidlty, and glrsa
tone and eaerxr to tba whole taslaauv it will alnsast lal
stantbr relieve
asiPisTO nr raKiowiis. AiowiNii corid
aod overcome Sonvuittons, which, IT not rpeedlly reme-J
men, end In neatn. we betters tt mt naarana SUB
It arises from teething, or from any other eauss.- W
would lay to every mother wbo has a child tofferlntrfrom
any of the foregoing eomnlalnte DO HOT LET TOtJB
stand between you and your suHeringchlld, and the "re
Iter lhat aill h- srtuC ARAOIjlTTKLT 9TTRII! (n
fellow ths ute of thlt medicine, if timely needV full v61
rsctlonafbr aolnv will aeoomuany saco oouie. mods
gennlns unlets the fee-simile of- OORtIS fc UMBSUNSi
Mew York, is on thssutsids wrapper.-, -i 1 . ,,r ui.:-.:
Bold by all Druggists Umugoout us world. . , .
Prl iclpal Of rice, 13 Cedar Street W.T.
' ortCTfcwly;1 '"" ' 1 ' s
JVIastef Coniiiiissioiief 's Sale.
Joaeph P.-By waters. I
ersri. 1 i t.tr ) i r
fm. R. Darnell at
to me directed, frooa ths Bsperior Court ef Iraok
lln Oouaty, Ohio, I Ui offer for sale, at ths door of
the Court-Homo, In ths elty sf Columbus, oa
Monday, Oet. 7th, 1864,
one o'clock P. If., ths following descrfbt real ettals
tltuate (a the county of franklin and Btata Ohio, to
wlu Ths Boaih half of thsN. . qowrtet of . Cotton tS,
towmhlp 11, taigeSl, UnlKd Btatet allliury la. dt, eon
talnlag eighty seres.- it i I It IV
i Appraisedst $'-16 00 perseW ' - j t I I' Jl.
' . , , r ,. g, W- tTCFFMAIf, Bherlff,.
. - tT "S''adllaswrCoiiimlsitoLer.
Order to sell thoaioviJdesotlbedLand in parts.
On motion to lbs Court t fl. Tulor. jttaaams tew Oa.
ifcodanu. tt la ordered lhat ths order of eala. heretofore
made la tne abore named action, be and the tame 1, here
by changed ae follow.:
I Tns Bbertff 1, ordered to sell raid land tw tfc follow
ing manner: ltt. Ts offtr fbr sals sad tell thirtr acrea
off of aatd tract of land belcntlns to William R. Dar
nel,, oemg iu norm pare sf aaia tract; aos ir aaad jw
sores do not oring s suuMleni smount to pay the same,
then tbat he offer for eala ths 30 aaraa lmmsdeatelT ad-
Joining ths former on lbs Booth; snd If a eeuietent
smount oi money it sot rweslred from tbt tarns to talli
es said oNer, then that ths ssid Sheriff eell tne balance
Sf said land, as directed by ths formes, arte of this
rourt. v -
0B0RQ1 W. HUFf MAM, Sheriff, -
riu r.r,j and Slitter Oommlsawsisr.
; Printer's fes B3 tO:i.-S .i!:i... . if
i sep3dltSt ii:
The Courtj j3f ComiTioa . Pleas,
j ....FrankUfl CoiratfOliio.,
By his Oaa'iisni EsshJVl U,, UUoJl
George Wathlngloi'BhrBiaiV ) '" "" ' ''' '
ths ssid Couh to me directed, I will offer for sale
at public auction, at the door of ths Court Bouts la
,hMll n, llnlnmKn. ' ' ' l- " '
Saturday, the 14lh da j of SepleniBe 1861,
between ths hours of IV eWoek as, and 11 sYlnek
m., the following detcrlbed realeiute, tUaatsvla ths
nnnl. nt Vranklln. anrf itl.l nl nhln.
' BeglnntBs' at' ths N. W. comer ot satdf trkot of 133
acrea snd 41X poles, in ths pstitloe and writ of parti
tion detcrlbed, and running thenca with ihe north line
of taH tract N 64jdeg. 30 mim H. 14f3X potet to a pott
In tbe center Sf ihe rind, N.'H. eornerto raid fract;
thence with ths road B. 37deg. 30 m In. E. 4tKpnleMs
pott In ths road; thenoe 8. 64 deg. 30 min. 1. IS4 SS-teo
poles to s pott in tbe wert thro of tatrt 1SJ teres nflV9)fH
poiee, uearce w. SIM foist to ins Beginning, oon
ialnU,g 39 acrea. Bnbject to the dower eatala of Elisa
beth A. Paymndssn ISasrssof taU mat.
Appraised at 3d ,65 100 per aore, .. ,
. . ' ' ' ' QUO- W. iltJFFMAIf, Sheriff,
Printer! feet, t(J TO. . ' ' ' - '
angj-itdwtd. , ':,.., " . , "
Sheriff's Salei " .'.V'.
James Tucksr and wife) . -, i
ts. - J 'Comoa?leatV-a-'
Ellas XV- Uughss.i ..:, h i. f f I r , :
k ms direcUAIroea ths OoaHsl Osoame Piessaf
traakUn osasty, O,, 1 wHaeffsi foreak, at tbs doer of
tha Court Uoum, la tho sity W Ooluaukma, .sm-.-. -
.... .- .Ti-yva y-a --v. . ,
At ona o'clock, P. H., ths following detcrlbed real si-
tats, situate la thS Count" or Franklin, end .Stats 4
Ohio, to wit: ' I
Lot Ho," ttl, la John'aa'd Henry Mlller't Addition V
ths City of Columbus. .i"i, ef'ijK
Appralied at (VOO. '
0. Vf-iorFtfim BheruT,
Printer's lest, 11.30... -..-By En,- Davis, Deputy.
sug84td ' ' ''. '
"'' - '- "' '
7 Master Commissioner's Sale.
vt. Saperlor Ooart,- rt.?
John II. Turney. ) ,
JL ta ass .- directed,' frost- ths Bupsrloi Court of
Franklin county, Ohio. I will offer for sale at ths doog
of ths Court ilouss, 1st ths city of Oolnmbua. on ' -J -
Batnrday, tbe 31st Say ol Sopt , A. D. 1861,
at owsa'stsek. P.M., ths folio wine dssertbsd rsat sstasr.
Iln.1. In lha mm.I. nl llMnblln m Bl.,a .1 ,1Ia .a
Sirlt: Lots Not twenty-thraeaod twenty four R3andt4),
in naiter at uitmeii't tuuilTlilsn or out-wu Hot. i ana
ol ths cits Sf . Oolnmbua. aa oar recorded n lal m tba
Bsosrdsr'ssiasssf Franklin souoty. Obis, -
Appratscast iietrro. so, mvu sk jrv
vr, ajue no.
,Clil UJ-i 'I W. HPrVMANf BlavrlB TT
( i.j. ' i - .'. a and Matter tmitaiooerf J
auglB-dliAwtit , nif, rut u. o) s'J i-'-t'n,.
rianurt rest IS.UU.t j'IT
SKorifT'o olo
t t C1 tt ti. It . V"vi f.'aT l f i 41 I rj
Geotws L. Tiwierae.' "-. . ..- iu " 1. 1
I 'vs.'. S40S Suparlor OsuftJ-Ma wt boa
Henry J. Rlosstsl. '-"
I A Ov aam aHnwtad. fsom lbs Butmrlsr Ooartrwt nrank-
iia eoanty, Ohio, I will offer lor sals at ths 'Boot of
iu vouas taousw, mio.niw vii.ii.ii luraaaawiaauj.
ba .i.o .- iii"U irh i ' i, V 1
Saturday, the7(h day of SepterSoer.'A. D,. 18SI,
between ths hours of IS e'clock, ht., and 8 e'olock, P.
ht.. Ihe followins deacrlried real sttate. U witi .
tlot No. eight (8). In Wiilleat FbeUu't sdditioa to chs
ty sf Oolumbut, la Franklin oowity. Okto, ss pir is
forded plat thereof In Beordet'aofflce. , , , ,
Apprsisedatt)l7S.eo.-i iii -O.
W- KlCFFUAV. Baerlf ,
Jlyt7ltdA4tw. -:r PrsukUa county, Ohio.
rnotsrsises, 03,ao. - -
Master Commissioner's ;Sala
4 ,l44i
Amos M: Usll
Bnpsrlor Court.
Jl to ma directed, from the Superior Court ot Prank
Ha County, Ohio. I will offer for sale, at tbo door of
ths Court, Uoass. lav tha, sjty .of jOolambns, oa,r.
t Satar'day.the 5th day of Oct., AVD.I8CI,
at 1 eVlocw, P. Mlo' fcftoirttn' orterlsew rw bfte,1
sliasto wj tnsoountyor rrsnkitn, snaotstw oe uniw, iw
Wtt-t Lm namber IX of kn'ttorrlsos's saMiVietenbr
lots t, 0, 1, B wod 35 of Jobs Morrlseo't addition to tbt
oltwof Oolsmbos. '' -' " .'f
Appralied at I.S50. ' . ' a "' "J i."
Piintsrs feet B4,l.'' - - "''" l' fH
' rBf"rjT.!.!. (J.W HOTFMAXfhoflstd
- ...4 u...lr;.n...L.-.n.i -
(KTiWu '((TS., U VUllIlM I
IZ2 ' y-i ''
Whslcaala etna Itrtall Vealcr I
tnT sV''A 'OTtlTIfD.'sV "sfi'lWt
No., .25 Fifth Street, h, '
i . . is .
UoeitnisitmSttip eat & stl git wet-
I ui t"i i 'j a- our ttsaJhN-aMt-tsB u '-i..j -- :
' I'lld Kl ., - .'Tl-'- l.,
Oct. astly ; "''"'. 'V'-..
Isaatastt Belief! ' tosi yooir Cotsfla
Y3 tl 4 VC4""; V, :
Pstrifr Brosttkf
t wirsmtTiaawn wenmar w stcsi
..-, jl ... j i. n,:f If.
' 1 Ktin Bif.l- II ill jai, i i . . .
OOOftfOitXaeCTORERSjirjn .;,ar,j
X IF41100D FOR C0N9UMirnVE9,. V?
' .loi ii :.(
i p
tnt ivi', ';v !
Tbey relieve a Coagh instantly.
They clear tbe Throat.- "'T' :i K I.:, . 7r
They give strength and volnrae to the roioe.
They impart a delicious arena to tbe breath.
Tbey .ore doubtful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
(harm any orie: ' ' "' ' " '
II advlts every one who hat a Coagh or a huiky Teles
or a Bad Breath, or euy dlfflcslty sf ths -kroat, ts get .
package of my Throat Oonfections; they will rsllevs
yosl IniUntly, snd yea will tgms with ait (hat "they
m rleht to tha root. Ton will Bod then very stefs I
snd pleawnt wbils trarsllng or sttendlrf publie tel-;
Isgt for sUlllsf yoor Cosgk or-aHagtog your thirst, i I
you try one ptckage, t am safe In laying that you will
avsrattsTWarde esnalpof fhats tedltjrBsaHsw il'iei'T
i Ton will find them at tbs Druggists and Sealers In
Medicines. " ' " " T"- w 1
.JJ-xjl So li j,
iiVbn Vi-rivoi
My ilgntturs Is on each package.
All others art
eonntSTftlu , ..'fxL S
!.1 ) r.rf )
A package will be sent by mail, prepaid, oa receipt of
Thirty Cents. . J
' kAAnm. -...- s. .-. ,.i7i a ,y f?i, t- n
Br the uae el Ihe Pilie ebe rodie alUoki of Ar-
sotis or aid iTMtVtsAt may bs preewstadi aad if taken
at ths oommenoement of on attack. Immediate relief from
pain and etckaeai will be obtained. , ,
'ihs seldom mflla tstaovrnf ths JTrsbssriaad
awAw to which mnistts sts ss sqtiaoU- ,- L
- they set gently aps ths bowls iwmoviwg Oeetie -fatSS.
,!!(!.' , : : ;l
Por lAttrorf Mm, SdmU Pslioats Female
and all person, sf staf an lory toMU, they are ralua
tat InsjaKes, Improrlng ths qppttiU, gtelng lone .
Oiosr to ths 'digestive organs, and restoring tht oatnr
eltttlclty and itreDgth of tttk whom sysstss. ? '
TBI CEPHAtIO PILtB ti ths rees.lt of long farvss
ligation and cartfully eondwetsd axperimenta, having
yean, amitssjwUch ttste shay kaws
prsvsntsd and rslmvsd a vast amount of pain and suffer
Ing from Boadaohs, whether eriflBating h theaitrwoiie
tyitem si from a deranged atat of ths.stonaocA. ,
They art sntlrely rtgeubls in their oompoaitton, oa
may bs taken at all tlts with perfect safety without
making say eewAega of diet, 'swat OAs erf taste sV amy
ditoorabU tat rtn&tr U tan to mdminii er lAtm
tMUrm. . '- , ' t ' ' ' " ' .
.Thsgsaulnw hart firs ilgnataieeof Henry O Bpsidlag
OnSSOhBoBtJ 11 Wviau.O ti -I ik?
; Bold by Drugrittf SS afl other Dealers to Mtstttase.
i A Box wUl be tent hy mall, prepaid, oa rertlpt of the
i Prioo,;D8 Oonts.
I All orders showld bs'sdalreailf ksi VOt" J
40 Ceststr IttraeW Now fork.
Prom Examiner, Ktrfolk, Ta.' ,
Oephalle Fills accomplish tbs objeot for which they
were mads, rls.t Outs of bettlaahS In all Ms totals.
,i:..'. .A i i ... . . r:
-" From ass Watts lnr, Normlk, Va. ' -'
They htn been tsalccT l mors than s thoueaad caaea
IwitheuUmtweoess, 4 ,..h
Prom rhslkksocTaf, St. Cload, iftna.
It yea tw.sr haws been, treskled with Ssa fcsaSAoht
send fur a box, (Cephalic PUi) so that you may have
thunia oats of so attack,. mMtt
! 1 Prota the Advsrtlter, Providence, ft. L ' '' "
I Ths Cephalic Pil1ssrs said' (o bs a rsmarkably effectlvs
remedy fot ths heartache, ah ont of ths very best for
Prom the Western ft. aVfltsette, Chloago, III.
i ws nsarttiy tnaorte mr. aysmiaiaajr e anssstiiwf
Cephalic Fills. . . a :r-
,. ,.. f-f . li. -S; ' I j. jl l
t Pro Kanawha Valley Star, Ksaawha, To. . . ,t
. Ws ars ssrs thrt pstsons enweHng VKh tho heaSOohl "
Who try tbsm, will stick to tbeaa. it:
From ths Southern Path liooor, New Or leans, law"
'Try themt yaw that ars kollxtod, and an ars Mrs 'that
pour aaatlmonyean bs added to ths already aumaroas
(Ittthat hai recsiyod. benf laOitt us otbex madjrioe caa
Prom the St. Umk Peotosrsi.0 ' "
Ths immsnss demand for. Uli articls' '.TJsphahe Pills
U rapidly bsereafr a
J: t, she Oasttts, Bavsnuo'rr, tors, $ .) j )
Mr. Braiding Would sot soanoet hit asms with so ar-
UcwbadMaotaittiitons 'j
awat I I ti
JEfa -stsstle. bsStls ,sl .BBALBItlU'B PBEPABBSa
m,aMT.wit.-rTW wmm -a. mttm aaanwurf jt:.ua
m . -A-K I'M I.C lit M f . n ... l
! ..OiipAXJU'aiiv f iEplaEQ jLui'i7i J
s f i t tTi rep a'&eiJ C lu r :
. -t.iw
,. , .a s ran riooest :
OON014TI f) It l'r 1 JsWAPOHl
, rrjHaBTtU ntd Bvss Vm,"JCl ,
Ataraldcate will bar two. svwa ta weU rwraUltd tamt
lilss. It ts eery datiraiiis ts havs somo -theap and ssa
Venlenj waj or rtvairtag Jfarnltaiw, .lays, Otoe aery
V . .. miJ)a'rtt-PAKiitfclii r '
meets all sank eeMrgieiKiae, and no beoaebuld sao affo-d
at bs without ii. Ilisa4ways.nady.sad opto tht ttkh
! it'i S.- Btsih ori taauaartt task kouie.
otawsi' " j ,ylr ddaeae, -
T ,-.; .. UtlllBT O. UPAtDIWa,
1 , . . Be. 48, Cedar Btraei, Hew Tork.
j fftA 451-oaorios . - . - t.i j
I At ssrtalj otiprtnelpUd peisuns ars attompUog .
pblm xtTon the ui.tuaprttiug publie, Imluttout ol r
PHVPAR". ut.UK, 1 wwtis sautwa all
rtoue IS
br-tire pitrctA,Mitr,, and tee tbat tbt fut
i Uieoa
fl l L'U,-. r) fKbeAaKDULlia,,
Is oa UuouveuwraHperlotletbsrs are swtndiF
wisaw. a m.
I ',
J w-i"'' CURE .V

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