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HAXTFKHHT HLLKS, ftthllllun,
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THO RSDAy,M.Ogf lftO-.,,SEPT. - 661-
Democratic Union Nominations.
Hugh J. Jenflfett,
, as Muektagfasa.
,Kl,'j6im"Gt: Marshall.
.,.v- 1
,.;:,! .0 jBijif.,;r;..,-.,j
tBA8URIB0f MAT!, ' ...
O" Hamilton.
WILLI an nr. AeaiTasN0,
i i J Of Smuta. ,
imiwinrTfl i m
. .-. I
Of CaweAep.
imtSMTATITM, .,' ,
' Airorroa, . . , "
, v TrAciSB. .
, . CQtnflftlOMIB,
' COtOMEt,
wriktuar ftiiccro,
PBrLEMON jiess
t II Jl
. For the Caiinpaign
. - ,. - Taaj.-
Wt furblih lb dlderebt litatf tnhtOMo States
man. daring tit Campaign, se'eile) j ,, ,'.; j , i
Tat Dally Statesman, per mcato, at-?.?.''... SO cenU.
Tliafrl-Wealy8ta1ere1prtmlh,st.,....S "
' : . .- . . i r '
llther of the above Ittoee Will be furnished br on or
mart months, In' lato r tlntl topic, l Um tban
The WMJ Ohio SitttiBio will U faiaUM u fol-
low :.::.. r
la slab of 5 ojli tor two month. 11-00
In tmk of 'll copies, for two Bonthi 1.00
10 elobo of 20 eoptn, f or to onlh. I SO
Ioelboof eoH,fufto onlb..;-..w 7.00
. - ! ; ' t i '
. . .
Tho taroawaftl Clabi v 111 ooTei tbe period of thi
Otmpla n4 tha ploo oar HAKUOrB WIIKLT
la Um hotdi Of (II who Vint It, U Cunptlra piper,
on tcit rtuouoklo ti.: ' ,. t i
Let tht fiitndf of the good eaou (at trao Vnlea
meoofOhlo p to work, ond ipre4 j
f j . , i i . i . i '
011 otoi the I UK i Wo txptor a) out U ta tffieSeal tld
n the good work of the ndtpUoo. of the tltla of Ohio.
Let U bo well olraalotod. i " i-
Aaptl , KM.' - ' ' ' ' '
Business Notice.
The recent order from the Poeioffiee Depti
tnent caoceliog the pottage Co top i of the eld
iuue will rentier it Unpoeiible for inch lUmpa
to be kereI(er received at thio office, In pay
meet of due. .;'.'
August 24, 1861.
The Union, the Constitution and the
It would teem from the emphaaii with which
ffltoj pf the aolitiewae of the &j dwell eo the
idee of ropnonlog ibe Government, tbtt ihej
make distinction between laaUinteg the Got
eminent and malo'talnlng the i Union, .
In a norrew aJ feitrlcted eenee, tbe Federal
Government tot be told to, be anitaintd, even
though one portion of (be Union tbonld be te
ered from the other. ' It might Hill remain
Government over one lection, of the Repobllc)
but it would noi be' To loch eaae'Xe Government
' eattbliihod by tV CoofittU oi tbe UUtd
8tatee. ThU.UuloapDedtaeolTed.theCeeoU-
tation would be eel eideMd-tbe Government
wbieh derivee Its power1 end authority from that
instrument, would be at ha eodV"1
Tbe Federal Cevernment U 4 GfesUtnlfoes)
Government over Ibe whole domain embraced
In the thirty-four States eno the adjacent'terd
torlee. Such it must remain, or it is ot worm
sustaining at the expense ( aoiliioM of Ir onset
and tboaaands ef lives. Tnei VeJoa if) Union
under one Constitution and one? Government
eaubllshed by that CotmUotlorj of all tbe
tairij-iour ouiies ana me irrriiorieij ana eacn
It must remain r ft lit aot worth ' maintaining
at tbe rUk o( leeperty aad life' J ''" '
The Unloa, the Constitntlon and fts dovern-1
menti ' This ft the tootto of the true and loyal
Union man. ' FJe does sot set eae of these wvet
and above the. ethers. .Oo is not with tilsi
primarv, and the wtbere seconder;.''1 JUt three
mast to bis 'estimation fall or stand' together:
and hence, bis iapporitaalf three is as eordlal
end unwavering as ll I to any one of Ibem
Tbe Union, the Constitution and tbe Govern
ment! This to the Uiuitr in nnlty of the A
icaa Republic. Ifq who alteajpU to levee one
from tbe others and make It a distinct ana
separate object of devotion aud attaobneat, is
guilty of seaming thai which the people have
joined together as one and inseparable.7' The
true patriot and loyal citizen will maintain Ibe
Union, adhere Io tbe Constitution,' and support
tbe Government under tbe Constitution . with
equal seal and aroorj because each and all era
neceeaary to tbe preservation of nr national
existence, and to the libertiee beqaeathed as by
the fathers. H i;-iJJ '
Senatorial an Judicial Convention.
Tbe Senatorial tod ladiclal Convention for
this District met this" Wring io the City HalL
Tbe proceeding! will be found in this morning's
paper. . ,, ,..,,.'., . ,i, , ,
Aoootoi L. PuatLL, of Pickaway, was nom
inated for Senator. It l( not necessary lor
as to epeak;o( Mr. riitJU,..tHe baa repreeeattd
the people otp4s JDistriot (Wawev terms, aai
It s nomination fo election the third time speak
their approbation of Sis aotioav. lis is a sound
Union Dftnoorat a prsfltiutl farmer, aad i lafe
end judicious JegUUtor ," - l i V
Ulnar N. fliooij, Sr., of Fjckaway, wis
riomlnaUd tor Comas so Plena Judge of tbe
District, composed of fbe Coantfee of Franklin,
Tlcksway atxl Kdion..' Jtr-.Esnets b a good
lawyer, and a tree Ualott Deuooral, - , s . y
Senatorial an Judicial Convention. Work for the No Party Party Convention.
Taattloa. v
Tba objeot ptofeseed to be .designed by the)
ao-puty party organ'iitiou, whose Stats lon-
ventlon meia to day, is to reduce Into harmony
and ualob the sentiment ef Ohio, so tbat we
a j present t onlied ant oompaot body Ink sup-1
port of ths Federal Administration, la Its civil
aad war policy, to put down the greH rebellion.
For Demoorate to doubt or quesUoa the compe
tency of the "powers that be,", or. to suggest
any reform' ia tbe minagement of affairs. Is
held by is leading spUiia a this aew move
moot u ireesoir'to'lbe' Government. The
UokelBoa!nateddaUie7ih of, August is from
head to fool made op ni" eoend, lojsi Union
eo-and erery asaa ea ll Is able aad enabled
by talent, Integrity aad ability I 111 tbe place
for which he ie designated. And tbe Conveu
doa declared (tse'f for the Unloa and the sup-
preasioo el tbe great rebellloo. Bat it had tbe
temerity to say that II did not believe tbe war
management of tbe National or State Admin
istration vii free from objection, and thai, the
President did aot aot strictly within bis eooatl-
tatloonl authority la suspending the writ bf
Islets svrtM In Certain cases. These ere tbe
points In the proceedioge to which tbe getters
ap of ike No-party party Ceoventloa object
atost strenaously, and hpon which they chiefly
justify ; themselves for getting ap their new
movement.,; ,i, .
Aa eoneervators of the publle sentiment to
which tbey aspire, we tblnk It Is incumbent on
them to look to some of the leading papers,
which seem to be recognised organs of the aew
party, bat wblch are evidently In the interest of
the rebellion, and giving aid and comfort to tbe
enemy, , We mean the Cincinnati Gasttfs aad
the Cincinnati CowaNo-sui. Tbe latter paper,
within the past few days, made a violent vsault
oa tbe admlo'aUatlQo. Without quoting its
artlnle io full, we give tke substance of it from
its neighbor of the Cinefnieti Qmtttt of the 31
September, as the latter condenses the Commtr
oaf ertlole. ,U Ie tnasi ', 4-, - .. 'i
The femersW, which helps the popular eon
fldence ia tbe Admlnlstratioa by oalllos: the
Saoretarv of War a thief and a robber, aad by
charging that hie motive in wanting more troops
a as ibe coirapt Jobs they weald furnish, and by
calling tbe able and efficient Secretary ot tbe
Navv aa "Imbecile," and by representing tbe
President aa steading with his band In hie
pocketa. in tbe midst of this oarrantioa end I
becllUy, end. as if ia his dotaee, "ulking of
Uoa. Jacksoa," aaa by levouog tne "fool-kliu
er" to strike" tbe AdmioistraUoa "with red
right band," this paper wbioh has saoh a nice
regard for the reputation of too members ot
tbe Cabinet, and whose attacks epon them have
been utterly devoid or sense or founJatlon,
copies tbe Baltimore Pitritfi grief thai any
paper ahonld have to little regard lor tbe public
service aa to ceoanre a member of tbe Cab
"Bet. . ; , . .I
Ia tbe tame aamber of the vesette, its own
loading editorial - ie a terrible fulmination
against the Administration and Geo. Scott, In
relation to the operations in Missouri, and tbs
reverse of the Federal arms la that State,
from which we extract the following:
We refer to these particulars because matters
have already come to our knowledge indicating
that the energy of Gen. Fremont ie hampered
with this routine and with a want or money,
and it Ie feared with a want of tbe eordlal sup
port of some of the members of tbe Govern .
ment. - The habitual hostility of Gen. Scou to
every officer near him is tank, who has distin
guished bimself. or who baa any nrosoect of ac
quiring distinction. Is so wsll known that we
should disregard tne punuo welfare 11 we re
frained from speaking of it now, when, If be is
permitted, he may throw obstructions in ths
way of this most important expedition of the
war. His Insolent latter, which kept Gen. Wool
out ol the service end put Inexperienced mee
wnere ne ougnt to Dave been, is a specimen oi
this disposition. ''Bis tnooomanla of personal
vanity should oo longer bs allowed to retard a
eaase, wnlca bis Impotence has already so terrl
biy eaerinced. - "
' After going on In tbia strain, the 7iU
elesse it article tbnsu . i
' Tieqseetion ie yet to be decided whether
there willto a Government to succeed to, and
It Ie to be decided by this war. Tbe Mississippi
expedittoa will be tbe turning point inits late
It may be that this war will develop the com
ing maa whose service i to the country will be
to great tbat the united voice of tbe people will
appoint him, as It did Washington, to direct tbe
Goverameal wblch he bat saved. 1 li may be
ibatsweh distinction is Inseparable from the
eoeceee of our cause. Great successful wars,'
es tooi ally of liberation or for national preser
Tatloa, almost Inevitably result in great pel id
eal diaUnetioa. Tbe nation now looks anxious
ly for the earning man for this emergency.
He cannot be prevented from rising np out of
this war except by our disaster and defeat.;
Victory will almost certainly develop him. But
it were better for a publle msa or an Adatuis
traiioa, tbat a millstone were fastened a boot lie
neck, and 1 1 were east into ths tea, than that it
should be subject to ibe popular execrations
wbioh would be heaped epon It, should It be
suspected of obstructing the operations of oar
armies for fear of wioterioue Generals. ' "
! Now as a sincere Unloa paper, and earnestly
desirous thai efficiency aad unity ebon Id prevail
in Ohio, aad taa Caen ''Busked batteries" as
tbe Cincinnati Gasttfe ard tbe Cincinnati Com
eii should be silenced, we torn then pver
to the bonaideratioa of tbe no-party Cooveation
of to-day, so be dealt with by it in a lammary
matmen Tbls we Insist apoa by all means.
Senatorial an Judicial Convention. Work for the No Party Party Convention. The Executive of Ohio.
Oor ootemporary of tbe enraei indicated on
yesterday morning its views and opinions aa to
th' kind and character of man M bo nominated
for Governor, by the no-party party Cpnventloa
which meets In Ibis City to-day. From tbs er
Uols Io qaeetioa it le quite tvidtol thai no aaa
who has heretofore been a Democrat, no matter
aew ardent, sincere and honest Ike may now bs
la tbe new movement, will satisfy tbe Jewraef
Indeed that paper will be satisfied with nothing
short or a rsal "irrepressible" of the Jona
Baoww school. We thus hive evidence ef lie
want of candor In the professions it has baade of
the; Mccealty aad duty an the pert of the cttl-
fttss, to abandon party during the war. It sim
ply wants Democrats to abandon their organise
tlon and go at tbe tail of the Republican sot.
nam la tbe new teoveaeaU . That's all. How
far tbe latter 'will bo humbugged time alone
will deterainenrWe extract the following par.
agrapne from the) Jewraers artWei ': , i
tot the perfect and satisfactory discharge of
the duties' thai will throng around the Governor,
in tbe present disturbed state ef stairs, be mutt
be a man of tbe people e aaa ia whose onritT
oi me ana tommy prwcipio ids people can
.I'll. ."
repose nawaveruig eoauaeaee. uie experience
la eabtie sir ire eooaid ne aapiet nis acquaint
anoe with military rnle aad organisation eom
plete. Ills aablte ol business aaant be regular
aad exact, hie energy aad promptitude decided.
end hie Irmness ot purpose unyielding. His
fidelity to Ibe publle goad and his loyslty to Ibe
Uoveraaeot mutt be beyond entpieioa. Tbe
oertatot' of thie. mutt no: be eloaded by soy
party amueueae, either of the pare ef prsseM.
uit poittieal status should be such tbat no pos
stble Influenee that partUaa raJatioaehip could
command, would bit able, eoaectouoly or neoa
eeiowaly, to divert hie mind end tear from fall
communion, and eordlal sympathy and coopers
tlon with tbe National Admicittratioa in lie ef
forts to check tke awalliag tide ef rebellion. - '
Fur without thie perleet aotualU of eoen-
dsnee, aad hearty reoipreettr of eWt(ia sms-
pttAf between tba National and , trial Exrou-
lives, tbat uudoubtiiig .reliance on each other,
which forms tbs firmest batis ef suecess, mutt
bs, to a omtalo extent, wanting. And bow
that tha boar is eom s when ell tbe vigor of the
National Government ie required to tare aer
us ll tattoo from wreck aad tola, il were stteriy
y f
an wit u as, aowertr gcawrons mo naouvs,
(tijprWs ths era ef the National Executive of
"'any single sleme,.lol power.
; Should the Convention a"- In sentiment
with tbeVtttPitai, tbe Cuaa to botpul ta nomine.
lion is tbs present Incumbent,"' Ujs loyalty is ef
course above eaeplolon, and be to la ptvftol po
litical sympathy with, thiffttloaai Exeeetiow.
iRnnrnddcd ta theaa nuallfloatlons. it has been
Mal In ttyt State tore nominate tte Ifcberit
of th Exactttive'chalr for a seoond term. Let
na. than, have Gov. DtHwisoii aa the candidate
of the co-party party for Governor of Onto. ,
Senatorial and Judicial Convention.
Persnant to notice by thf Dnloi Deaooratfo
Central Committees' of the counties of Frank
lin and Pickaway, a Delegate Convenrtoo. was
hsld at ths City Hall la Columbus on Monday,
the 4ih of September, lor tbe purpose of seal
natlot a candidate to represent said eountiat in
kn.tSnataof Ohio end also a eandldaU
for Judge of the Common Pleas Court for the
sub-division oompeeed ef the oMotleeor 'run
11a. Picks waf and Madison v, , "J j '
' On asotloa, the Convention was organlxed by
tbe election of Col s: Mxpast ae Cheiraeo,
and Jone W. Ksn. of Pickaway, as Secretary,
On motion of John Phillips, a committee of
Are on Credential's was appointed by tbe Chair,
as follows John Phillips, Jos Olds, Oeo. Ham
mel. E. Livingston and Jaeea Case.
Tns ceaalttee retired for a few minutes, and
then reported tbe folieoiog ae the names
persoot entitled to seats as members of
Convention!, . - v 1 " ' '.1,,.
. ' i.
Senatorial and Judicial Convention. FRANKLIN COUNTY.
Peter Harrington, Prairie township.
Alex. Thompsoo, Wasbingtoa " ,
Jacob Cilery. Ploin , v. t- " -Lewie
Agler, Miffla - i "
Theodore Carpenten Jefferson "
Wm. Cooper, Bleodon ,
Joe. Bullsn, Jacksea j ,Sj V -Riihi.
Brooks. Marwlch - '" '
tt. 1
James H. Htaaring, 5th Ward, Columbus
E. H Ljsle, Clinton .owotbip
B. C. Kenuev. Psrrv , 14
il f-W
E. Livlnrtton', Montgomery M
Jaoob Bishop, Madltoa "
John Philiipt, dih Ward, Colnabaa.
S. W. Aadrsws, 1st Ward, .a .
L. E. WrJooesSJ "
John- Lyle, Hamilton . township. .
John Snider, Pleesant . . ' . "
C- 8. Wood, Sharon '
, Truro ' "
Brown "
, 8d Ward, Columbus
J. H. Coon' x, Franklid townthip.'
Sam. Evans,
Geo. Ham mel, 5 "
JO. Harper,'
Robert Morrow, -Jaeoa
Case," -J.
W. Armentront,' -Wa.
Knowree, ''
Elias Weaver,
D. Adklns, ,
Henry Welteri
R. Fletcher,
' John W. Keee,; s
Geo. Morrow,', " '
"John Fry, ; .
Z.H Peirill, 1
Aaron Tesgarden,
Joe. Olds,
'. ' John Moms,
Edgar Manning.
The townships of Brown and Truro, and tbe
3d Ward of Columbus being unrepresented, Mr.
Bsrbee wsi asde a delegate for Brown, Geo
Evans for Truro, and Wm Domlgan for the 3d
Ward. ' ,, .,, , , , , m
The report of the committee oa Credeatlals
was then unanimously adopted. . ' J '
Col. Medary here stated that u be was lot
reported as a member of the Convention, be
felt eoastrained to resign bis position Of Chair
man, but tbe Convention nnanlaiously re elect
ed him to retalo bit place." v, ; ,i ,.
Oa motion, the Ccnventioa proceeded to the
nomination of a candidate for Senator, the
namea of Gen. S. W. Andrews, John E. Ed
wards and A. G Hibbs, of Frsnklin, and Ben.
A. L. PerriU, of Pickawsy, betog preeented.
Mr. Edwards declined being a randldate.
The ballot was then taken, with the following
result: ,' i ... i
. . .. , , . .
PerriU. - - - 1 86 " ' '
Andrews, . i . - ' 10
. -.-Hibbs, ' - - ' ' 4
Mr. PerriU having received a majority of til
the vote cast, was declared tbe nominee of the
Convention. Tbe nomination wai then made
uaaalmoos. - '' ' ' ' ' '
On motion of Robert' Brooki, Henry N.
Hedges, Sen., of Pickaway oocoly, was nomi
nated by acclamation at the candidate for J ad ft
of tbe Common Pleas Court for the tub-di vision
composed of the counties of Franklin, Picka
way and Madison. .. . , . x.-. ' -.i.i -
Mr. Hedges aod Col. Medary addreeeedthe
Ceavention briefly on the state of the country
and the lesaet before tbe people. a .
There belog no iarther bus la est, :
On aotioa, the Csnveotloa adjonraed 'tint
JOHN W. KEES, Secretary.
John W. Brown Dismissed.
,At noon, yesterday, th hoar eel for Bearing
he eaase of John. W. Brawa, eberged wiib
Treason, the proaecuting witaessce, E C. Blush
and bis wife Mary, tailed to appear, t The
United States Diewiot Attorney, having 4m
staled that these vttmeeese, if presaov eon Id
only prove that tbe defendant bad seed piatoia,
aad could not testily tbat be did to to disloyal
persons, aaksd that tbe prisoner be tMoorably
discharged, which, tbe Untied States Commit
tiooer accordingly did. , Judge. Pwksee,, hie
eonnel, ihea etated tbat. the scouted bad deair'
sd tbs fullest invettigaUM, aad tbM bad tke
peoeecuting witaesees been present, they would
have proved tbe proteoatioa to be aalioioaa,
aod tbat it orisinated ia tbe known faot thai
Mr.' Brown bed. manifested a deep Meadeuip
for William Hutton, agaioat vboa.iaeeaeaate
partita had preferred: a similar ebargo, wbioh
eocusatioa, be alleged, was oauaedby a pertetr
al difficulty between tbe parties, HatLoat aad
Blasb, wbo ere brothers in Uw . j ,. i uri
., He further suutd tbat Brown was Ih step
son of Mr. Beale, the iaventor of a patent pie
UA, and that lor many years peel ae bad been
la the habit of selling these pistole to railroad
meo and other basinets Maude, bet that sines
tbe fall of Sumter, Mr. Brown bad dleeoatloe
ed tbe pracilct- Tbe court room wa filled
with a large nomberef prominent cUlxoae freta
Columbus, Railroad, and Express men who
oeme forward voluntarily to eabetaauato three
statements, aad to prove the loyalty f the
prtaoner.; Judge owes belog aaug tbeea
esU br conteat of all parUee, etaud tbat be
bad known, Mr. Brown many years, aad, had
evidence, of; hi noquestiooed devotias) txMb
oountry. ,.s f t, r:,, tV"..fc.
'Tbe tasvil adds ' V-
Ielt due to Mr. Browtv to lute,' that whlls
therb wss bo.evidsnet? offered to suttala tht
ohargre agsinsl hist, there were many of the
bet eitiseoe of different porttoni of oof State
present, wbo were ready to testify not only to
tbe entirely upright and loyal antecedents ol
Mr. Brown, bat wbo would alto' bare made out
a strong eat W malicious prosecution against
the wlutsesee who took such good care 10 be
out or tae way When tbe eae Wat Called. Tbe
occasloa draw around tbe accused a goodly
Basher of the meet prominent of oar railway
fraternl.y, who recognise io Mr. Brown an at
social worthy of Ihtlr highest esteem aod re
gard. '-While tbey looked epoa his dlsohsre sd
asttor-ef -eoaree, tberr ooogratulatlont ex
tended to bin oa hie liberation from' "durance
vll" were eordlal, aad ot eourte gratifying to
Mm.-' ; " ".' ? - " , '"
' We were astooithtd wbso we heard tb sa.
port of Mr. Baoww 's arrctt, and bad bob tha
teaet ideaef th troth ef the ebarre.i It It a
strong lllattratloo ofj tbe damtge a mklicloos
person eso, d any good cHs;a a thea time,
when nojoil eaepiclooe and alpersloos are e
freely east dpoa tarn whose totally M above
sweplolo.' ' . ,,,; v'-ij
. . - I i II . I I I III 1 -.4
CT Wiadoa to an bpea fountain, wbot watcri
H not to be sealed ep, but be kept runniDg fr
Negotiation of Mr. Corwin with the
Liberal Governments—Adjournment
of Congress—State of the Country—
of Congress—State of the Country— New Diplomatic Difficulties.
.. By the avlval of .lb Cubastsr . we
iretiiaeed in possession oi vera uius nies w
eed in possession oi vera uius nies w
SioU lit ttatcs that the Envoy of tbe
Th Siali
United Sutaa ia busllv sneaRed In the serotla.
Uoa of UeaUed with the Mexioao government,
In veferenee Io postal matters and tne extrsdi
lion ef fugitivei Tbe plenipotentiaries oa ths
Msxioaaslde are Senoro Sebastla Urdo.de
Tejada nd JLedo.,! : ; I v '. :i iJ.it
ConoraM adlourned on the 6tb ult., when the
Fresldtnt of tbe Republic and tbe Freildebt of
Conirreaa both delivered addresses upon tbs eon
dition of publlo affairs. It was announced that
Congress would re aseemble on ths 15th Inst.,
to take into I pedal consideration matters re
latiog to foreign relations.
. Ta Mills from the CUT. of Mexico reached
Vera Cms August 10. Gen. Ortega had gone
to Toluoa In pursuit of tbe insurgents congre
gated there. Gen. Marquex, It seems, bad
barned the farm buildings of Los Arose, sod ths
village of Teeeatltlan, while urtega bad - takea
the lowa ef Hlxtlabuaoa.
It Is staled that ex-Pretldent Ccmonfort bat
been outlawed, end tbat Yldeurrl has reoeived
orderl to Imprison him. '' "V1 t.i i
Gso. Parodi has left Mexico to taks eOmmaod
ef the troops at Qaeretaro, Goanajuatq aud San
Mejla, the reactionary leader, Is said to have
ander bis oommand 1300 foot, 500 brfrsf and
some plecM of artillery.',' . , ' .., -u
Tbe Government of Guatemala, It Is 'report
ed, nee tboaehl to re-esiabltsh diplomatic rela
tione with thai of Mexico, by tending at Mio-
ieter Plenipotentiary Seoor del Barrio, who, tbe
reader will remember, was recently expelled
from the Capital with tbe other foreign Minis
tors. .. .....
Treatment of State Prisoners.
The followior interesting statement of how
the prisoners fare In fort Lafayette is from the
Exprtu, which eontradiots numerous repreteo
tatloot tbat the gentlemen, confined there, Art
treated at badly as captives Io war ware traeteu
oo board tbe British prison ships in New York
harbor, during tbe war of tbe Revolution, or Id
the Infamoee Dartmoor prison, England, during
tbe war oi joik: .
Tbe ooameodant at Fort Lafayette, In refer
ence to these allegations, ssys a portion of them
are depriveiione WQlob pritonert or war must,
of oourse, have to submit to, while others srs
untrue. , General Scott's orders are to treat the
priseoers kindly, but to keep them safely.
When they were first brought to ths fort, tbetr
one was taken from tbem, and a receiol was
given for It. Tbey are permitted to use It by
giving obecke and epecirjlng the purpose to
wnion it is u os applied. . , . . - -Tbe
fneooere are allowed the aaene"ratlons,
and live in tbe earn apartment astlened Jo tbs
officers and soldlsrs at tbs fort. Newspapers
are denied tbem, beoauie It Is thought they
would only belp to keep their minds ia ao excited
stale-.. Their first batch of letters were ao
strcog in denunciation p tbe Government that
tbey were sent to Washington. k letters are
examined, both golbg In end, coming ont.
Rulee were furnithed to guide" tbem ia unity to
as to oppose tbe lorwardiog of the letters to tbe
desired dasilnatioos. The restrictions are, tbat
nothing must be eaid araintt the civil or mill
tory authority of the federal Government, aod
eeeh mlstlve mutt hare a postscript probibitleg
it rrom oeing peoiitnea ia any newspaper.
A part of tbe prisoners, who had means to do
so, bars arranged for extra food with Ordnance
sergeant ursves! but the arrangement is
privets affair between the parties immediately
oobcerned. Tbe prisoners' who have no money
are oupptiea who pottage stamps lor toeir let.
ters. No personal communication it to be per-;
milted with tbe prisoners, except on ao .order
from yvesblngton. Toey were tarnished, when
tbey firtl weotintotbe forMsith oiliows, sheete,
blankets, plates, Knivee and forks, sane bottom
arm chairs, aod walnut tables.
Thev are allowed all the wrltins' nMr the
desire lor letter wriliogi also books, snd friends
oaa send thea anything io the way of food.
books or clothing, bat oo Uqaor.. U is true that
Ibe basket of wine of tbe Commissioners wss
taken from thea, hot at to the etory about the
bag and vegetable! there must be some mis
take.,! ..ji i ...- .-
I ne pnsooere are permitted to eddreti any
reepeotful eommonioation to tbe Government.
Fight at Lexington—The Secessionists
Repulsed—Sixty Killed—Houses Destroyed.
trfel. ,t
We learn from Mr." Weston, a gentleman
who left Richmond aod arrived by tbe North
Mieeourl Railroad Friday bight, tbat a fight
took plaee at Lexington, Lafayette eodoty, on
Thursday laet, In the day time, between 500
eeoessionlsti aod 430 Home Guards and Untied
States troops, In tbs eotrenehmenle around Lax
log ton. ,1 he attack wae Bade by the sects
siooists, wbo were repulsed with a loee of sixty
killed Id tbe battle, aod three el tbeir pickets.
None of the Federal loroe was killsd. i ' -"
Poring the engagement. Arcane Hall, occu
pied by the Masons, and a private residence op
posite to the Court House, owned by R.r Anil,
Esq., of this city, aod occupied by T. Critten
den, Esq. (temporarily absent ia Kentucky,'
were thelled end burned. The Impression wae.
tbat tbe former contained powder deeigued.for
tbe no ol lb Confederates; Another sttaok
was threatened and apprehended.' '''
We learn further, thai ex-Governor King, of
ruty bounty, woo bed been taken prisoner, bad
mads bis etctpe from the Confederate! but that
Jedge Ryland and bit too John, were eullpsit-
eaere Vi- ' ' : ,. ''..,.. ....
Two regiments of lnfantrr and a eauadroo of
avalry left Jefferson City yesterday morning,'
by land, for jibe Relief of Lexington. s -.
A ceetlcatn woo arrived In the Paolfio cars
fast ovsoiog, from- WarrraiborgT'Johnsoo coun
ty, gireo tome additional loformsiumld regard
w affairs at Laxiagtoa. He had. newt direct
from that city Jo Friday wAlibat-tlme, the
troops in tbe eutrenoiimeote still held out
stalest to Confederates, Ha sayt, tbat 00
Wedaatdsy the Confederate forces made. ds
aand for tbe tufrender of tie troops in the en
trenehaento. Thie wai indignantly refuted.
Oa Thursday the Confederate! attacked the
Union uoopt. aad Were repulsed the lose ol
th former, being fllty or eixty killed. Tbe
Union men' bad none, killed, bat some were
Wounded inside of the entrenchments. Five or
six Union aaa belonging to the Union troops,
serving as scouts, bad been killed In Vbe iitigh-
borhood, by tbe Confederates. Tbs assailing
party bad no artillery.' Their number wae esti
mated at 8,600. but tbey claimed 4,000. iThe
oosnaacdlug officer felt quite eonfidedt of being
able to suttaio himself against any furtksr at
tacks until reloforeemeote could arrive.' Tbey
were certain to be tbor on Saturday night, and
oonslaiedof a regiment of Illinois troops, un
der eom mud oi Col. Marshall, part of theJoba-
toa county uome uuatde, and part of a regt
ment of Home Guards under command of Col.
MoClurg, numbering io all about 1,200 men.
Tula force would enable tbem to drive tbe Con
federates from that section of the Bute, when
aided, as they toon would be, by two or three
regimen te en the march front Jefferson City, , .
Whoa near Georgetowo, tbellllooie rsgl
steal wae fired l by a person from a window,
with a dooblekbarreled shot-gun, and One man
killed and another wounded. The person firing
wm eaptored and proved to tie Col. Magoma,
ta icaacr oc to secessionists la fettu county.
He Is now e prteoaer. - -. ' ', '-' ,,,.
Caputs 8uplst. who hat been rreitlr inttrn.
aentai la bringing on these troubles, watlailnr
weet tbe oountry, eeiatog the wheat of Union
ten, and having it grossd into flour for the use
Af th fiwUM.t. t 1 -M.. ... A 111
w .w w .w iw vvm. a mmr uay will BOOB
1 r
Nashville Railroad Depot.
Yetterdsy there was a scebe at the Nashville
Depot. fllaisntly torprislng to ' attract 'all
Idlers. A naaber of persons wbo believed that
tb aou.iotereosnro act would Ipecdlly take et
feet, had sol looted their provisions, to bs shin.
ted towardt tbe Sootbsrn part of . tbe Stat.
inn aunt comprise tone twenty er thirty dray
loads. -t la addition t tbatr were) th specula
tore, for there are men la end about Louisville,
New Albany, Jtffrvllle, ' end Cincinnati,
wbo are asking rapid fortune by saagglieg,
swearing false oaths, and all of tbe other aaaoe,
fair and uollr,by wbioh inuggltog it carried
on.' Prays, black drivers with long whips, slog-log-
aaldtt tbt tumult, and laughing at th unl.
pushing forward, were fornnd i ' . ? i
"In tanks and Koulroi,i, aad right furmt of war,"
Broadway, between Ninth and Tenth,-wx
perfectly blocked, not blockaded. Nlulhttreet,
nearly up to Teoth, wae filled In the earns way.
Tooth street wi filled la tbe eameway'w 'f
- la tbe full tide of a prosperous teaaoni with'
tha road perfectly open, there never were sooh
shipments at took; place yesterday. Bacon,
noffee, pork, beef everything possible and im
poseibls, and unexpected from a lady'a gloves
10 terra ootte for a ohuroh Io Tennessee.
The Cincinnati papers take exceptions tb our
blookadei .Tbe (oiliest part of the fok 14. that
Cinclonatl and Cinoiaaati lodorters rJenfl,J-We
do believe, tbe greater part of their provisions,
and fornloh the most permits;1' 1 "V :",A I
Tba blockade la faof, "worke- evlf and ! faot
good j: An honest planter; who really wlsbft
toppllea for bis negroes, cannot gw tbrotighutb.e
neoeesary amount oi aweeriegi ut fepecola-.
tor, with a conscience that could bot fee spoken
of ,wlthont violatlD cood mandere," ships
trades, tpeoalatet, seeart and Use until tbe air
it blue w4ib oatbt, and sends goods Mouth.' -t he
Custom Haute officer ought to be on I tbe Tea-
oetaee line to effect anytbiog. I iere, ae doabt,
be Is obeated oonlinuaily. Xoawwut Vtmtat
vereal fun, and white drtrers, o wearing
Noble County.
..We have received the; first number of the
Vnio, a new Democratic paper -published' at
Caldwell, Noble county. f It If ably edited and
handsomely executed.. Suocett to the'enterpi is
log pubtitbtr. .' . r ' r- I I -o
0 .1 r.i
aUVoa't Ovrioe, OOL0Mant,4,'
- rr: nopitowor ay leui. y
'X Third Wri In ths olti of ColawJias art btnb n
HSod that an election of one Trnstoe. toactaa emtmbef
of ua OosboII or oatt elty, to supply a vacancy ctuwd
a tk rsslgoatlon 01 Pr, A. O- Blair, lata Trantoty will
bo bsldat the United Btaios Howl, la said WereYtht
otnal plaot of holding elections la ald Ward, oa Mon
day lbs Ittih day of Sepitmber, A. D. 1801, Thtpolll
will be opened and tlosed oa that day at -tlio wsaal and
ligal hours. , ' li. ' ' ' - iiiJJ'
" ". .. .WHAT IHOMAi, Mayer;
sept-td.. '-. - ; 1.,.,
Sheriffs; Sale.;
i '. tWravThi
1 . . mm-
v . ,1 r ...
ti. .BaeiWOeurt.?v.'ini.t r
kdward A. Brown et
a aiai r ,
JL to no dlraetcd. rroa tbe Baperlsr Ooart of frank
11 11 eoanty, Ohio. I will oner for tale at tha door of the
Uoart uooto.ln Utecltyor uolambae. ODIo, . ,
:l '- Od Saturday, October 5th, 1861' . "I
at oss o'clock, t. M , ths following premloes-sltaatoini
um tmiy w vrmDKiw, ana cuts 01 uoio, ana Oonotfl
Sd as follows, to Witt mv-.O ... 1 -
, That traot or pared of laad lying eastof tot oftjrofOo
lambai, twins a subdlrlilon of ball Moiion Ma. sa. town
ship Mol t, rnto Mo. M. Kefaeeo lands, aod ducrlbad
oa aeortaia plat rosordod Io tko office of the Htcorder
la aad (or said fraaklla ooaaiy. In Book Mo, SI, page
S3 irereronee inertio MU oaraoy . at wt ao. w,
Containing elertn aens and aereoty-aaTaa ons-haat
nali, of ao aero (11 T7 100). and whloh was eoor.ycd to
tiyall At Davia ay Joha Orlahioo,nd oy aald Byall tt
Darts and wl'a to adward A.brown, ay detd dated Ootohor
Tin, A. D. ltuo. and recorded In Book a a. 01, page J3S,
la the Beoorder's offloe la said Vraoklla ooanlyf the
atOTO praetiaet hereby at aforteatd OooVtyod, being euo-
Joot, la the bands of Mio aald Atdwaid A. Brown, to the
Olaloa 01 nia momer, uaroima Brown, tot too ohwgs aad
azponto of her reasonable snd oomforlable support sod
amaUiaaaaoodorlngkeraataral lire. .
. Also, tke following daterlbed real Mtale, situate lb the
eoon,y of trankllo, and 8 la to of Ohio, to wtt; Tht
west half o( lot No.'BB, In the sobdlruloa of half boo
Uoa Mo. 83, towathlp Mo. I, range Mo. 8. at Bade and
daMrtbsd ta aeertala plat rooorded In the Beoorder's
oflioe of Prankllo oounty, fn Book o. 11. page 84 (ao
fngao laodi); the whole of said lot eontelnlog elsvea
aod soreorylhreo hondredlhaof aa tore (11 73 1C0), aod
being tbt saaao land (kat wat eonTeyed to the said Re'l
ak Davit ky Joba Ortigktos, aad by aald Byall at D.Tla
and wife to Constantino Johnsoa, by deed dated Ostokar
7tn, A. 11. IBM ana recorded la Book Mo. 81, page Ui,
im um nnvnt.t a vuiov vi avra arvnaiin oounry.
ABpraJaod ae-Ut Mo. M Si'Hi 00 per acre.
f-V- 1 VestbalfofI.otWo.B8,atSl OS -
. t ,.-",' O, W. HOrifatAN, Bhorif. '
-u a .. .-.'.. - By Bo. Daw, Deputy.
iI.O.BuartT, Att'y.i -! 01. . '
,PrinUr'sfoet,gl0U0. 1 - . .
tepdtd ' , . .. . " . ,, '.(..: ; 1.
Sheriff's Sale.
1 Jobs Kennedy, i ' . t- '-.f
1 vs. , Otmmoa Pleatio T
Jaes South et al.) .',u -.',.7 ,!-'
BT vlrtne of ah order of tile to me directed, from the
Ooart of Common Pleas of franklin eoontsUklo,
I will offor for ale at tba door or the Ooart Ueo, In
lha rllw ol rtnlnmtuia. mi -
, Monday, the 16:h day of Se'pt. A.'D,
at one o'clock 7. M , the followlog jdesoiiked real
aetata,- tltoate In the oounty of Iraaklia. Ntata of
Ohio and olty of Oolanbui, to wit:' The east one-half of
the following prenliot, oonaienclntr ont bondred and
eigmyioBriv-i wvaaoi inooovtoeasi eoroer or out
lot aaDoer (5j thirty-live, aad belag apart of aald out
lot. at a ataka, theaoo north one bandrod aad ekrhrv.
teres and a half feet (1S7K) to a etake, thence, west
afty-revea feet (57) to a stake, thtnoo oast fifty seven
feel (57) r- the place of brainiiiDe.all of whJcb lines
andoorrieTt. cowever,aiustbt uodaratood ai eorraapood
log with those of the streets and alleys of the city of
uoiumoue aforesaid, oeing ino east oae-nali of tbe above
described prentice, and the same eonvoysd Io the said
James Snath by said John Kennedy and Wits by, dead
of even date herewith, ;1 '
Appraised at a7J. ,.: .i.v. v
Prluter'tfeet tiM , . , 0. W. HXTrrifAJt. RMrilfr
aogis-ti ,. ByXd.-SaTit, Jtpatr. a,i.
; Oysters I Oysters ! haj.
be la daily receipt, by Kaproaa, of
f r.'st baltlmora and Mr Haven.' 1 u' -J"
Call at Wasaot's Ovsuwsad trM Vmfotl Ho. St Eiit
Bute sweou . , ;.:! m.
aajtStu 1 - ......
; t' ' ve r!
MSW bTYLbo Hairi it Mou.'Mo. .jiBoaibJ
uiga earewa, nave jue 1 opeoeo new ami 01 VLOth tit-
ct'Laaa. baaaouiaa aad paoajtrtti maderd ths newest ant)
meet stylish aauieer.r abw..- iryerai Platin
saiatctt bilk, eery ,boavy, setlgacd tapresaly tm
aianuiiaa aoa Mac u loee , ,.-(..;.,, , j. t utaiarllA)
Tit Truth la a Nalehell.t
tbe many klndnrf eommin BalrralaiTound In Earkat
are west, Impart .ted.ustallb.aiid stfnrad Ut par
chaser of his mousy., pyle'a pure Dotla tt saUrtly
free from all tbeae'tJeotlo.; Its grea tales prove Its
popularity. Depot, S4J Weihlngton street. New Tork.
Bold by froKrrtvtry whert. . L 1 U I U fi . 1 1 riv
lmcis or rRBiorLiBirarAVoiDEDJ
Too mnch eating aod drinking, new habits and modes
of lift, often predate- bvogataslilet Ifthw bowcBaM
feneral health ot (he iytttm.Smr Baiuioatra't Pius
ill aaa care, thestsmtoh will eeerrntt'rtrerA M
t healthy atftfon'of the syKem will Vfi.rejtoied. J
tumciircs are e)Ual in Btalulaess tolas u a ..:,a t
I vary ataa f lbs Plftl JOO ATB8 id t bor'of
branubbth'b Pitts,, bot of TjirryBBSAt saxti,
aad aa ALLOOOK'S POEOOB PLllBTBk pal lb (heir
kotpstck frts of eapesst. j And to Ibis faeV any Do at-
triboUd tha aceenct of any p( TOIS JLtOIUBNT from
tbt hospital, .-,. a ,i .ii a '! ! i v
1VSRY SOLDI BB skohMltV:t to'x or'SrandreUTt
Pills, a bos of Bslre.' SBd i plaoe ofPoraa Plaenr.
. t '. r lasnr.
Tbey are BUM to be stsfal, rtsa
Sold by Jem R. Cool, Draggbt, Colombo,' and" 'y
arlretpectahie dealers lo medicines..
' suglT-dlm o : -:' -""
' norrAT Lire piijuii.m' ,."7
la all easts of eotttvanta, dj spspsta, Mlltoao and Uvtr
affeetioaa, plies, rbtematlsa, terert" and; agues, oUU
sate head aehet, aad all general. oUraaifemeatt of health
Ihea Vila bare invariably proved A terlata and tpoc1yt
remedy. A single trial will place t&e Lift Pllli beyond
tba re tab sfooapotlHo h' fha tttfsiaUoi jH avtry pa-
Dr. Moffat's Phorolx Bitten WU1 bs foand oqaally ef
Icacfoss a tUtaaas of serrost aeMHIw, dyspepsia, head
acht, tht sickness Incident to fraearcs la delleaU health.'
Sod every kind of wosknta at the' digestive- organs,
for ale ky Dt. W. B. MOmT.TJa, Bieadwir, R. rr
and by all Dragglsta. . ,1 auyttt-dttwIpM
v Tba followiBjjiB an ejxtract-jroia a
letter wrlttea by the Bev,. . B.' Holme, peater ths
flerrepoltt-Btreet Baptist, Ohareb, Brook bjraa II f 4 b
tU"laraaJ and tlaaaaasvr," Ctnotnota, 0.; and iprtjiy
eoitusoa la ravar or Ban worM-rtaownad auxiJauit, Vm,
Wweurw's Bocrrauts Brain yoa Cauaaatw Taaiaiwwt -"We
eee aa advortlawMol a roar avlaa,na ar ar..
raaaow't Boorwtm Bvaos. Now wo never aald a word
la law rf a pUot atedtctne before In oar Ufa. but wai Zu
Bag wa aava vetiirt rr, ao oW rr re aa au., itTT.V,
euias. M b) probably one of iht Bioet tnocaaa7urroi.il. I i
etoaa of tbe day, becMte It It out of Uie teaUAad Uwee
1 r in saw oaa I ao tetter tliaa. ,
bwaasapply." ' ooa7:lydw
1 TI " " .
., . i.
' i -AtW.hlte) lead
f i
Eo;29 South High &;raetj Cdmb
" ft irovf oiMBma V
IX. 8U00 lardt'TiaTOlla Dress Goods at BKi valat
wmkw. s'.itn vrrotrOoffltnyjfrvaurSO cr
i jarai Kugll.ti Bauia at MX, Taluo otoU
jm, vra0UrpiHit at iliKi vajoi
k0 yiMi rui ooiori i.an at in, Talao
100U jaidt Voulard litem kilkiat 7u.ai
Ta(at W oenti.7
raise Ueoote. -
;,ralasa0 eeats.
1400 tank 8uur Plain Bluk Silk ,1011111. IIM.
live, raiao aim.
IsBKtraas, atea'
Elegant lace Hantillas,
No, 29 Sorith .ppjgUti;
Ut m jon oponoa aa idtowo oi very large aad
.handsoate I alsMuis ! t-'ii tPi
,VJ45E,.4,NJLLA9AND P01NTE3. j
yty.J)s?rrMb Flohnclr LtcesI, i
,',Ke4.Tl)r.ad. Trench, ChaaUU il Geneves,
7T7!TT .Qw "1
-jtn v" TV. ... v J
valenciennei, Point de Gaze, Brussels'
'trirj Tlujeaaacw tUia CoUbM,
i,-i. i cuiiow ouapwo,
V Ol
rMLii cuJL.L.Aao oc. uurrs, 1
,..ii- ? .ritjf iai-rft'i ,t. For tratellng,
'fnic;:v?VfWJttsr low, ;
,s jncka, TfOiiDi cuVkvwevit' j
"'fhe be'efand "ttott rainlOnshrs sty lea In tba alty, . I
'".fujdjw :if vii!e ""BAIW ft 801f,' ,
JaBtTlo'J .,t .r-s.amrM n Booth High Stroll.
N .1
.attlieV alilO .tSBUEll'
1 !( ..ii vi 11 I f
j,ir. t
'.! ll
OrftPfiMPql;oiolaa!u'J si .rtv.
n; it'
K4 awvaiavrw
i7-a ,rl!a. ''
'..ml iiiX ,i-1f .Vrl ,a.
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
... -. I- . "o .v-1
. it
;N VStl.'&WJf 10 STk E E T,
e did tlahl,cTlyl!octaplej ifWKMcWiltkllt
. "i iei' 1.1 ...-. ' ' ''! -'Jt
lie is In dally lecelpt of
V -i.-.iw il j t ' ..-4l-i. !'!
Cbeap for Cash or Country Produce.
ix-J ur' wa . ' 1 ; --
11 Oricas delrvered to City trad free' of ohrgsrQl
- " (StTOCiBSoaVo'lfcKItf fcEiSTHaUIj' ..',",
Npa.clOG.SsouHigh Street,
a. "1 1-MK.i a. rr.0! W 1 ' : J-"-' .
Foreign' and4 Domestic .Fruits,
SStr TiB
j ;'.,., V. .,.,,. k.w i'Wi.i.
1 lu
"T ' ef
Steam J7eteed, Ireland and America
.... 1 ., , 1,.,. . 1. .1
The follow lae aew, aad maaalBaaat tnlili
wueei auaoMtVP' torn pose .the abeva lloo.--. - -
apai T 10, ; ,B8B tone barthen. Cspt, J . Mc
1 (Formerly of the Oolllns Line )
HinERNItji ' e.ftotirweiwrtheritOBPt. If. Pkorvss.
C0l.UMlllA..,...t4il ,n iif.it.r. k.lnng.
iANOLlawt d.lk). j'lvaSn A.v.i " Nkuowc
rauittu,. . k.tuo-:xjr!!j...'v 1 nma.
JltINCJJ ALBKrtt. (Screw.) ,..'
ne of tbe shVe shirri will We New York or Dostot
lit greatest care, aadeyarai iapereieloai of the govern-
ment, navewauir-iiiii cowpAriraeots, and are aaexoef
ltd fertewiroTt, tafery And speed hy any ateameie atoat.
TUey ara onaniaanrtd by bkle and experienced a Sloe re,
sod every esertlon will bs rnadt to preeaou the Oomforl
An.eipsiHuosd tumult ktUched 10 each ship"'
I -UATBt-er PAtiSIAeSB. "trr
yiret-clssaMi X .it Beafeb tt tlalway or Liverpool 1100
Breood class, " ,.7J
nrttlaat.l irWfi'V'Jn 1JoHs.' f '3
Ihlrd-tiaaei- 1 KUJ "1V toOalway or Liverpool.
1 or any town In Irelaod, one Railway, ... 3d
Thlrd-olaae passengers are liberally eupplled with pro-
Vasts of tb Company.- - .
j t JtI4TIjnt TIOJKETa. t b,r. t
rartlei Wiihlus to aend foriaais frlonda from tht old
eountrr aaa obtaia tickets from any town 00 a railway, ta
Irelaod, or from the principal cities of JCngJud andooot
land, at vary tow ratew. ' ' " "
Paaaeaaare faav Nnw Tark.. arrtv4iia trta tba -naaftoa
steamers, will bs forwarded lojisw leek free of ehargo.
vor ptatagt or (wiber IpfermaJlon, apnlv t , 1
"1 .Waj.Ji. wICiHAM, -
At the offlee of th Cemgiany, oa the wharf, loot ol
Otnal street, New York.
i UOVTLAtIB .AgBJNW.ALL, Agents.'.,, tr
aprllll):dum. c m ; r. a-- o :1 . tM
ai nt
AUUlti BibJUtl, si..f
)(M7ardaier PUln BUok Silks tt ft 00-valae
v,S00 yardt Traveling JJna and Mantlt Ooeds a
HA.A . . . . .
! cents value u cents peiyaroj.it "
8,000 yardt TfMt BrUliaotet X.'li.l.a.anU .
"raloe 80 tents per ard. tv.t e.
ttOCO yardt fine and Dottst(lc Qintuami groaUy
oof valat. , . ... ... .
nil ' w-AMiiiM .-tj.
CHAliOiriJLRDeURR, . "'. t f
tf ;
eroihh fcMamutstcu:, :
Im g, AAWttA, tiAUUUx.,' isrwnsc
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JVeV'LiiM'falW ieaw- Good!
louit meet datlrable styla and af ttry'lowers prlottw ,
111 materials, wade l the moot stylish manner aft at
e latest Fio ?',iaWia tbeat eleifaal efylet lp
.wfcl .''.''' liAwr at loir. '
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may. 30 ,
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Mai mat
white Oiuckwt of isayeilor onailty,
roe alt by
Soot. I
atl! jfH dlvJ t
CTevaan at bub.
tiletweany' enrf Tu,isv Tirrt(itttt. for Oalvty. car-
rylrrt ra'fiTeriittiet't'riialit,, touching at BL, Jehus,
n; tV... a. J t-'.i". '1 '. ' i . -
tbe Steamer trf thlllntiVeror) constrncted with
An Effective,, Sals and Eoonomical
A. -' CnmnAnnd."
its original oolor withoat dyeing, aod piareauog
Hair from taming gray.
Aad oaring It, Whoa there It tht teat particle of VftaU
f t f or raeuperallve eaoigy MBialnln.( j , i
Aad all oatantoat affections of tht Scalp. , f ,
Imparting to It an satqiled gloa end brll llaacy, ataklas ,
tt aoft ana a)lky.ln.tu Aaataia,eB4 eaaalag at to car)
leadily, 1 ' "
the mat eelebrifey aad tnereaatiig demand Car this Bos
equaled preparaUoa ounvtaoot the peopnetor that out
trial la only neoeesary to tatlify a diaceenlng pabtle of Its
sorjariarejealttieaovoriay other preparation la ass. It
slaanaes Uie bead aad toalp front daadmf aad other
eauaeoaa dtseaaeo, causing the balr to grow luxuriantly
gUiag tt a rlob, toft, glossy and Bexlble appearaaco, and
also, where the kalr ialoooeaing aad tblnatag, tt will give
etreogUi and vigor to tbe room aad restore Oe eroweii to
hoao parts wblch have become bald, ceasing ll to field a
rash covering of hair. r
Ihero are handrada of ladles and geatlemoa In itvw
York who have had Ikair ki, ma Wm ttim mm. nl (hla
Jfnvlgorator, when all other preparaUoaahavatailaeb L.
alii has In his possession letters Innumerable teiulvtnr
to tht above facta, rrom persona ot the highest rsitswcta
WlHy. It will eSeotnaliy prevonftoe hair from Imiahig
BDUltka latest period olluetand Ineaaee wbero'tha hair
has already obaogod its oolor, the ass of the Iavieowator
wtllwltbosrtalnty restore It to it to Its original hue, gle
bes it a dark, glossy ap pea ranee, Ae a perfume for tbt
toilet and a Ualr iteetoratlvt it la particularly recoaa
aaonded, having aa agreeable fragrance; and the great fa
cilities Itaforusia dieasing the hair, ich, when moist
wita ino invigomor, oaa oo omeea in any required
loeaaao at to preserve iu pnoe,wrMtber pla!oorln oarlat
beao tht great demand for II by the ladles as a standard
tonal article wares none ougnt to do wtttiont,as the price
places It within the reach of all, betog , , '
. Only Twenty.I'm Cntsv',
per bottle, to be had at all respectable Drugte 'and
. -m , j Perfeaers. ',,,; ,,v,
L. MIXLBB would call the attention of ParaaM and
aardlans to tha aae of his Iovtgorator, In eaaat whore
the children'! hair lnclluet to be weak. Tha aaa of.lt '
lays tbe roondatlon for a oood Ktad 0 Hair, aa It re
movea any imparities that may have bsoome toaaavied
with the scalp, tht removal of which la neceaaary both
for the keaiU at tha atrlka, sad tb fatajt ppaaraaot of
HtUarr. - - . , f
OauTfot. Jlone geaalna withoat tht fko-tlalh) LdTJIS
U ILL Hit bertig on the oater wrapper; alao, L. MIL
LBR'd HAIat-IMVIOORATOB, L I., blown In tbs
glass. ' y w h i
Wbolaeals Depot, St Dey street, and told by til tht
principal aterchaola aad Draggttte throaxhoot tht world -
Liberal ditcooat to panhaeem by tba 4 aantltf .
I alto desire to present to the American Public ap j.u
whleb. afttr yean oi tdeotlne expertmen'UasS I
aa ve
broaght to perfection. It dee Black or Brown Instantly
wlthoBtlnJnry to the, Balr or Bkln; Warranted the bast
artioltof tht kind taaxlaiaac.--' -A-
Depot,' tiG' Vey SV.New!iiVor&
otSftdAwiy. .' ' -, -"
M i KBV7ABK OHIO, . rA . J3'f.1J.'J
Olanaraclnrera of all kind of Par
ts. Ma and Ntdtiaiimrr btetint En-. ,4 -j
- Bines, Maw Ml I la, Wrist Iflllls,
- - .! i h 'i
UUrSd B0DZS1 Btatml B. i. BLANJ) YBeattM ,
"' ot CO. Btatml I III'.
Oar Portable Engine and Saw kill .
7a awarded the tret premlaa of BW at the lndflua
State fair for lc60 over Law tt Bodley't on tccoant of
Prloo, lightness, simplicity, econbmy of fuel
' and superior' character of lumber sawet.
' Oar Stationary Bni-loe wa swarded at the taxe fall
aae Brat prtmiam of '.
' Our Portable Engine was awarded the first premium ol
1U0 at the fair at Memphte, Tcdd., over Blandy't Da
tail's, Oolamboa Maohlnt Co s., aod Bradford A Oo Y
by a committee of practical BailaoadBnglaeertk J A I '
1 for price and terms addreaa . , , l
' r WjLLA&rWAJUiAaW-Cseaaarer,
' decS-d Awlytolt. : : H 1 . - '. t Newark. Ohio
v..ei if.l
,. la
. AMI til
.i a tai:
- . t
t. v' :i t'-l
; i
if ! (f" V-
i I J lint
A "'-r . V
a dylne Queen. Tbatlnchof tiraa am be sroourel.
ed at a aaab oheaper rate, and many long years of,,, '
snjayed by forfaiting Dr. MBHBTWB ATHXB, Who
la oaring tnt most obitlntto tnd Jong itandlog diMtaee
AltBOIIOMB OP XJlJtl.XI.Alin.atAawa
i i facts are atabboru Tbtnaal
T ..v.. . nLII.J.I-1.1. .
HOemmonwaalib," Wiln)liigton, JDelawais, tub of April,
icov; , ,
"AO Boglhh gentleman, formerly eoncected with the
Vtrltlab Army, and wbo ttylea himself the -Indian
Botanic Phyatoian baa of late gained an txttntlvt repn
ration bare by kla tklll In caring all manner of oora.n
plaints. Borne of hie patients f bavt oonverted wlth.
tnd tbey peotioanw hit reaiedtee and modrtrrtTtnUnent
tt very taptrlor. Soma- have btea 'Matured tt ll by .
roario. Tbe medicine ho ssst la dUtllled by blmeelf r, a
from varioae herbe posaesalng rsre curative 'aroperUerwy J,
"While aotloe la too amy ho devoted his leiiurs bs-i .
dints to a thorough stndy of thsrffecu prodaoed ,tff .
certain medicinal roots aad berbt on all manner of dl j j .
tteet.v It eeeme be hat fnaad a tart and speedy reme
dy ferall tb Hit that Beth tt heir to.' Hit practice to
slretdy tztsativt aad Is dally Increasing, Iu the com-f
plalats to which lemslrs are snbjscted. htnu no.eijiiult
aaa large namber here have leetifted that they owe. aot , . .
only their present good health, but their lives,, to Jli4 .
Ikll of tbtt India BotanloPhyalolan.r, a ,.,rM
Office 37 East State Street, Colombo.-augl7-e3a
v.'-J-. ., ' ''',, .r
t cot.ninnfl
Beat Artificial - Ilelw
ta Ch iwa
Afataaa bight ww avatel
iV mentor the most Improved kludt of Bpeclaelas,
All his Olasses, whether for near or, fr-alKl'todr-M A
roBad la eoncavo roBVtl farm with the sren.it Curt, J
a aa lo suit the Byes of til oases, aarlnw VVraknno.
Diaalnees or lullaaxnaUaa of the Cyeetearilwyariing
strength for long reading or fint aewlog. , v " "
.OOlee. 13 Bast Hula itnet. at baluer sV Webster's
lln.lo.8tore.. . , rM . ltrT SMtt twa
j I , 1 , jluiiLJXlLL I
1 CLOAK. OLOTHB. Alto, other auikae of Spring
leak Olotia. la all Aeelrabie mlataree Blodlnira. Tea-
leak Olotfaa. la all deeirabie
alt aad Battoas to ataloba
aprl. no
tt Sea th High stree

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