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THUR3P4,Y M0RNUIQ.-8EPT..6, 1861 u
Tb Adam Exprem Comjtony places ui daily
- oDder obligations to H forth vert latest papers
from th 8terncltiei.'r,J;.;7l,, J V
m , i 1.1 '.-r
th,. Am.Mn.n Emrao Coraoanr ba ooi
thank for It daily faor !n e jbape of tb
vry latest astern papers. ,f v'i ;, V ' :
.. a l i l
Th 6hicbii ,Ut Bvwlno.-Thtfe waa
ion epeaking last vo.ng befor a crowd y0u
the Western aide Of tbe State Hou.se.- It was
a eort of a prelude to ibe No prty Contention
to ba bold ln'tbe'citT to-day.' - - :' i
Tb flrtt ipeaker was JadgaiowiMM, of CIn:
ctnnatl,. rTh Judge inade a Terr good speech
In favor of sustaining" the pous'titutW and 'the
Uoloo, with remark interspersed, here and there
on the great remits to flow from the Coot entloo
to-day Toward the close vt hie address, be
tuggeaUd that the Convention should send out
missionaries, to banvsss the State, wbo ehoold
go forth, two and two, one Republican and one
Democrat.' i ft? said that for bla part be was
willing to be matched with any Democrat, who
had not-stolen anything. , ' j 4 ' ".' ;
Dr. Doust, of Piquafas the next speaker.
Tbe Doctor was rather severe upon the call for
the late Democratic State Convention and npoo
the resolution adopted by , that Convention.
He closed after showing bow muoh the people
of the Northwest were Interested In having tbe
navigation of the Mississippi free from the
control of a foreign and hostile Government.
Gad. B. Ft Cash, of Cincinnati, tbe renown.
ed Temperance lectarer, made one of his char
acteristic speeches. He commenced by laying
that this was tbe first time that, be had aver
been "a delegate to a political Convention,
From that point he went on .to, picture the na
ture of "this Infernal rebellion," as he called
it, In those strong terms which he knows so well
. t i v l .ttj-j i-..... a up. a i
now 10 useV4! (,ikf ; , k . t
Judge John A,, Coiww .thep, attempted,. a
speeohj ; but his remirks for-6me eaone or
other were neaily or quite' Inaudible. While
the Judge wa .trying to 1 make himself heard,
we, la -common with a large portion of the au
dience, left the grounds.. 1".
it S i i e :,.- 1
ILT We have beard; that the claims of Col
S. D. Haatis will be pressed before Ue Conven
tion which meets here, to-day, for boihlnatton
as a candidate for Seoretary of State. . , ...
.rrw... 1 1 L-J - ' I f i
Tub, CooTt Faia Tn Fair made fin pro
great yesterday. ; The' totaf entries had In
creased at noon to 952, -Th fro.lt, flowers and
article of domestic nanufaolnrt on exhibition
made a very creditable and handsome display.
To-day the Fair wi.l be in full blast, and abould
be visited. ' "
Jswhh NW Yii 0S22. To day (Thurs
day), September ' 0, Is tbe flret of tbe Seventh
month (Tishrl), the civil New Year of the Is
raelite all over tbe world where the sons ol
Jacob have found a borne.: Tbl la alway the
occasion ol a holiday, aDd la moet religiously
observed by all tbe Israelites threughool the
world. . Alt of them , .closed." their place ..of
business last evening, at six o'clock, fof three
days, and, where the Christian Sabbath is ob
served, this year many of them will keep closed
for four consecutive day. - Tbe Synagogues
will be opened to-day j1 and the ancient rites and
ceremonies of tbe Children of Israel, observed
In tbe land of Judea five- thousand years ago,
will be repeated in all their oolemn grandeur.
07 Col. Schiiim elf xnning,' of ' the Thirty
seventh (Germao) Regiment- ha arrived at
Cleveland from Philadelphia to take command
of the Regiment, which ia aald to be rapidly
Elxctiom or Councilman. Iu our advert!
leg column, will be found tbe proclamation of
Mayor, Thomas for a 'spcolat . election of one
Trustee in the Third Warden Monday, Sept.
to fill. the vacancy occasioned by toe resigna
tion of Dr. Buia. . , 4.. . , , - j
ILTPersons wanting retorts, furnace, marble
mantles, or grates set, should call on P- Fitz,
No. 73 Water street, by whom their work will
be well eodt promptly executed Uecsr Jlcg- to
order. Vil'-.!jt , liAiiluI
Moiuoc CucNTi An.-rtic Was. The Woods
field, Monroe emitjJijiJ'Demteraey'ku ,
nouncee that -luree moro cempauie bsv left
that cjuniyi to rjjfht fcndcr the 8ii and!Sirlp'rt
In deltnsttlof lhetiovernlneDt.' The companlee
are commiadd.by. CaptiJn SfAMaia,' funic
and CiS'olf.''-" a11 ' . V' -v; tt,-i
me atrt. Uda that U Jkh Uoveramenl eee
more meo hsn are illlinto.yplujiUe, U Voji't
have to draft ia Moofoeeonoty "t();airy alarm
ing ciienif ?0oud for old 6eioocrati' Mouroe!
rli II III, ,i ! , till I ,t. , I
IT GeMrreittr ttr tortmaril'o! CamlS
ID" Mr. yon Siocu was, on-Thursday night
lait, elected President qjba Clt;f;buhcir,OT
Cincinnati .ia, plae of Samow, Cj B. Hiasr, re-
t v vn , v.' '''
ST Tfio, regiment sre pouring IntpCtmp
Dnn!son froaadiffaieiit portion of th. 8 tat.
Every cantonment'; tleVetofore. will ioon be
filled with soldiart .a . u ' i -i
r-- " 1 ''n ,M i'."--'ii .hj-u
tT Th ctalmii. already ,nle4 VgaW' tbrni ty
of Clnctanatffbtjainajw
ram iioun, emoous. to-niay moosaod dollars,
and (till kfiefCfli'r 'otVi."!f
j.i'nm ! , ! in n p-i ii n ki,.
tT Volunteer leavloreamp otj farloflgB. 'go
and return itiWr own expense.. M t,
l ' - - i a ........ j ... bva
tT Fo .conveniencef ctmpaclijs orvolub.
trs throughout th State, b following posts
hav been asalgned to tb'diffaren. iffloers, wbo
will attend' to mustering out or three mpoths'
men and mustering In n three t years Vine In
their respwtlve dlstrlpttCr
Major Joan R. Ewe, Ctpti Bowai Stairs
Boat Columbofcj. (.Mku,.,.),, , i u
Lieutenant FrmawijWPajtonJind; Ztnea-
VIII. l,m-t ll ... tiJJ.l" -....
clnnatl, Hamiltonand Bat a via.- '
Lieut. B HcLiChillioothe,Allieoji Ma
rietta, Portsnionth, ahd McArlBur'."' ?
Capt. E... M. WeoB--Toledo: Deflanc and
lOOiay. . u UiMl'ilioaMid. .1 W.HI Mi
' Capt. BKtVarMjicBneld'AMstH!, Clev-
J. R. EDIE, Major Fifteenth Infantry.
CT Th hThird rtBatMr; Ohl Artillerv
(Cleveland. B atleryX C apt. ,W G Sta x niat.
ha been ordered to Camp Dennleon. The or
der wer to leav Cleveland at Two o'cTock
yatterday (Wdneday alterpooa. Mt ;V v. ',,
i rr ' i ii i i 'i i i r
IT Capt. -Hawrwwltl 'eopflf tj
hundred and eleven - mio'i arrived in the-tlty,
Teesday trwiDg. TWf ftmfaVfy Ktbi Cohf
pany A, la tU Watletn' Regiment at Camp
j firm Fint. Th railroad loading to Day
ton will oarry passenger and freight at half
fare to th Stat Fair, which open on Tuesday
next, Sept. Ia. k
' Aid Sooirrr. The ladle of th Bigelow
Chapel will hold their last Aid Society for tbl
Conference year, thi (Thursday) evening, at th
church, where they and their paitor will bglad
to meet all tbeir friend.
ST The "immortal J. N ," admitted by the
pre to be th greatest orator, philosopher nd
satirist that ever lived, will speak from the
steps of th Capitol thi etenlng. Subject
Truth nd War. . , , ,;.
D". Yesterday forenoon officer How arrested;
a man pamed Qiotoi ConmNogaH for stealing
$63 from some person near Mt Gilead, Morrow
county. ' CoNMNOHAM was handed over to an
offloer from Morrow. ' ' "".
CT-Mayor T-ionas y eater day boand over
Wm. Riiut la th tun of $500 to th Court of
Common Pleas, to answer tbe charge of an as
lault with Intent to commit a rape on th person
of a little girl six or seven year of age. ,.
Ooa Cmr Hacks. There ar few eitie bet
ter supplied than Columbus with good hacks
and carriages for public use, and with careful
and accommodating driver..: Moat of thei
bave established so good a repntation, thai a
specifio deeignation of particular one I unnec
essary. ,n4 i(
l I in m '
One of the humanitarian movement of out
times, although little .known a sucb, can hardly
tie ovet eeumatea In . It Importeno npoo tbe
wlt-peing ot our wtaety Katiered eommanitie.
The oooulation of tbe American Stale' 1 in
many seotlons so sparse, that skillful physician
ar neto.lv available 10 tnesa. vaet aumbere or
our people are obliged to employ, in sicknesi,
seen medical relief a wey can near 01 irom
each other, or, Indeed, any they can get from
any quarter. ' Hence arise the great ooneump.
lion 01 rateni jueaictoe among ni, : greater oy
lar than in aoy of tbe old oountries, where skill
ful physicians are accessible to all olasse. Un
principled men bave long availed themselves of
tbie necessity, to palm on tueir wortnieea nos
trums, until the word ba become synonymous
with imposition and cheat. One of our leadlnc
ohemists in the Eaat, Dr. Ayer, la pursuing a
course which deleata tbie Iniquity. He bring
not Only bis own, but tb beet skill or our limee
to bear, for the production of tbe best remedies
whloli can be made. Thee ar supplied to I h
world, in a convenient form, at low pricee, and
the people will no more buy poor medicines In
stead ot good at the same oost, than they will
bran lnsteaa or nour. 1 be inevitable eoniequence
of thi la, that the vile compounds that flood our
country are discarded for Ihose which honestly
accomplish the end In view which dure. Do
we over-estimate It importance, in believing
that the .prospect ol supplanting th by word
medicines, with those ot actual worth and vir
tue, Is fraught with 1mm true consequence for
pood, to tbe massee ot our people Uatttl mnd
Chronicle, Peru, la. eept.l dawlw.
V . f-T .'
ajost judqmskt. ruouo opinion ia a oar
before which few care about appearing without
their acts will stead tb eeverett eorutinlilng;
some lay tb it verdiots ar harsh, but never
theless they arc generally juat and correct.
"Kennedy's Medical DiMovery" ha now been
on trial for oonse twelve year, and dorlog that
period thousand' of witnesses have arisen to
speak In its favor. One, testifies that be waa
cured of Scrofula after offering six years; an
other mat be lound immediate re'let alter suf
fering with Sali-Rheum for- twenty year, and
It is such evidence a this that, has caused tbe
publio to render the following 'verdict: Guilty
of exterminating and anoibliMioc from th sys
tem every humor with which it comes in con
tact, and we recommend it to toe consideration
of the afflicted.- . ,
Rail Road Time Table.
iMTtt. Arriree
OlnelnnaU Aoeoamodatiea, 3 00 a. M. S:l P. M.
XlDran 11:40 A. M. Ii:li3 A. M.
Mull nd Aooomm1atlon. 10 P. M. , .0 t. U,
MlfbtJCxprm ti Dtjton. 18:00 mldnlht. 1:20 A. M.
. Jm. V. DoaxaTV, Apibt
Oolciiids fc OuviLAn E. E. . , , .. )
Nlgbt lipren
Nw York Kipreu ,
O.O.fcO. WayKxpnn.
...340 A.M. 1 f.U.
..11:10 A.M. IfcJOA. M.
... :J0 P. t. 7:40 f. M.
Jajib Pattwjou, AfSnt.
no. t upna...
No. 9 da ....
t.i ;M A. U. 11:08 A. V.
8:15 P. M. 1LU A. M.
W. J. f Ax, Agent. '
MllTriB- S SO A.M. 115 A.M.
xpnMXnla ...1L23A.M. .:SP.M.
Jos. Koukidx, Aftnt.";
Coitmiot k. iHDiAioroLis, R. K.
No. 1 Bxpms.a., :SO A. M.
No. " j ...... .!. S:U f M. I
7:80 P. M.
10.JO A. M.
0- W. tmm', A(nU
, Mailt lor Nw Tor ltr. jam km, AHwov. Balrale.
HMJburgh,. tiettbDill w, . cimlaiML Suwntll.
Neat, UranTllle, WbkOton City, BalUaora, Phila
eellikla an MtwDrlmtx, lMdAllv (Banian axon-
d) at 8 'cloak p. m. ..r .-
Itiroafth muAl lot Hew lork and Onvaland elosM
dally (Buadayi acKd) at S o'elook p. at.
' O.X.ky. u.il. War aUll (loan oallv (BuBdws aa-
vlnU at S aVolncK . bi ' (
- Cwtral Obi Way MalllotM dally (Susan excepted)
at III oNlook aa. .
OlnclnnMA.WaMaUelate dally (Banoknexosptad) at
Cbki((oT Dtbaqat, DeUmurs, Marion and Worthing
low Mali alcarti 01y (Baadan aawptad) at e'oloek
fs ,. l. fre ' - ' ' i x -'i i. - -
aiauf nuiaa Bprmirneia, vaytea, Toleaa, Claelo
aail, Jnliauauolia. LoalnlllA, (. Loala. and D trait.
clo daily (aa4aya axaaalad) at a'olosk p. at.
A throat awl I t Xanla. Karincflal an Oteolaaatl
loaetdaliy (eundaytaxonptad) at lOa'olaoka. at.
uruana, riqoa, lima aod UnKa Olty atall laaas dally
(BaoOaya axoapted) at a'aloak p. m.
r Laooaaltr, Lofaa,alBTiila, eirewallie, OhllllastBa,
PortamoBth, Wubiagton 0. Athana, Marietta and
HllliMroa,a bhIIs eiow dally (Bondays axotplcd) at
o'clock p. m. . n - . j - ,i
Kaat War Mall avNaHonaT Boad la CanttrUIa alaaaa
dally (Saodayt txeeptt)at H a'eloek at. -
HarrttbariU Mall claws Jail (eaadays excepted) at
"olook p. at. . ' t
Mt. V anion Malt, by way of WealarrllleaBd f anbarr.
eloHt dally (Sondayt cxoapUd) atx a'tloet a. at.
vaDim Mail eiotat aaiiyiBandaya axMDtadlat e'aloek
'. ,-.. ...
lAueuter way Mall eiotat dally (BaMayt txcapiae) at
Alban. VllUbunrh. OlavaUnd.. D.ua. Tolaila. XanU.
DetroU. Bprlntttold. ClnolnnaU. Chllllootha. St. Loala.
and all Boatbtra olliaa, arrive batman lb bows aft
o oiock p. at. and 4 e olooa a. at. .-
''IHalltfmM Inill.n.nnll. ,lhln.iin .nA Itaknnna tnln
at S:I0 a. m. -
'Mailt from'Waahlnirton Oily, Baltbaora, Wkaalta,
CanetaHIa, Newark. iaubtnvllle. Ml. Vtrnoa, and taa
" ' v ""arnveat ia a'eloek at..
v .ni vuwtuiati, amrat at o clock p. ta.
Laocntar Mail arrival at 9 o'clock p. at .
But Way- Mail mr thm N.tinn.f bmA .ntMaailt
Vlock a. n. , r . ... , i
Mt. Vernon Way Mall intra, at it -tn 1 ;.'
' Mallfroa'DabllaarrlTaaaA ia ..vik
TJrbaoa Way Mail arrtTat at 9 o'clock p. at. ,,
iiuiiihiiii .. .niTu Hi a otaok a. at. ; -
Lanoatiar Way Mail arrint at 19 .'awt a.
I Offloa dallvtry epB enry day (sxcapt Snadav) from
V o'cloel a. m. to 8 a'clack p. at. Opan oa Baadava
via i tv . vwvk km w. aavrania;, ana irota to i
o'clock to tba tTanlo, - - ....
HOW I0ST, ' how iiaroaxD.
ar Baaitnal Waakaaaa, Bexaal BaWllty, Warronrn aaa.lt
TOlnntaty Emiitlona and latpotamcy, Mtaltinf rraar
BaM-abuM, t. By Boot. . OalvarealU M. D. BmI
kodar taal, to a pltla tavalapa, la any add rata,? Mt
rid. tm neclpt of two ttaotps, by Dr. OliAB. J.J
LIKE, 1ST Bptary, Hsf Xoik.. JPoat Ooa Box. Na
i " ' riUad4bw..
for the IlflTAMt BBLI1I
- and PBEMAHEST QUBJ af tie
tlAtrattla soaipliktt aaa 1
BuoacniAi cia Asxzzxiy
r4t tyi 0. tranmvm 00., lor aW ., I. '
' ;. ?rlolpaaai eaat fraeky port.
TELEGRAPHIC. Another Arrest in New York.
Niw Yost, September i. Jehu 0, Rahmibg,
a merchant at 3G South atreet, was arrested last
evening on a charg ot treason. It s alleged
that Rehming, soma time sgo, endeavored to
Induo tb Captain of tb sohooner Arotio to go
to Nassau, N. P.,aod Bahamas, and take thence
a number of cannon to Wilmington, N. C. Tbe
Captain deolloed to enter into tbe business, and
subsequently tbe matter cams to th knowledge
or tbe ponce autocrines. I
Rabmlng la a native of th West Todies Jl
was scut 19 Fort Lafajette. V . v . x
The priiontt uken at Hattera ar to be
placed on board in bull tfranOywin. , -
The Rumor of Jeff. Davis's Death.
Washinotoh. Seotembee 3. There ha been
a report in circulation In this oitv, this forenoon,
of. tb death of Jeff. Davis- Iaqulries have
been made by tbe reporter Of tbe lAMoolated
Press here, but nothing leading to a confirma
tion of such a rumor ha bsn elicited-. Tb
tatemeot may have arisen from tbe lact that
a rebel tug waajeen nymg at nan-mast over
an encampment of tbe enemy,
The National Loan in Philadelphia.
Philadilthia, Sept. 3. Tbe tubeoripdon to
tVtM af.ttnAai' fwian an nnanad vaatawdav.-
$135,000 were subscribed during the day, . . ..
Hardee Runs from Gen. Prentiss.
Can GisasDfAO. Beot. 3. flen.
little armv; which left Iron ton torn dav slnoe,
arrived at Jackson, ten mile weetoi nere, yes
terday morulnir. Oen. Prentlts sod uff are
aow here. , Tb report that Gen. Prentiss took
850 oriaonara. la tberefor false. ' o -' T
, A tcout arrived from. Hardee' lean rj last
night, and reported that tb rebel knew tne
exaot time that Oen.' t rentiae left Ironlon, and
Immediately commenoed retreating. 7 Harde
waa reported moving toward Arkantaa with
6000 meo. Tbe enemy le reported to be strong
ly fortifying at Sykeston.
Kentucky Legislature.
FaANiroar, Kr , Sept. 3. Hocei Nothing
of Importance to day." . ..
. Sinat Judge Robinson, of Scott county,
was elected President pro Ism. ' : t ;
Six or seven mote Senators than the Consti
tution allows, bave been eleoted, and the ques
tion of contested seals tbu raised, delay th
permanent organiZAtlon of the Senate.
A North Carolina Union Congressman
—Gen. Rosecrans All Right.
PaiLADiLrHia, Sept. 3 Hot. C. H. Foster,
Union memoer of Congress from North Caroli
aa, baa arrived here, en rout for Washington.
Tbe Government baa . telegraphio advlcee
from Gen. Rosecrana, Intimating that all is right
under ble command. : ' ' .:'"'!'.'
This is dated since tbe Richmond callers uub-
llsbsd acoonntt of bis aliened surrender to Gen.
Lee. . ' .; , ! - , '
The firing acron the Potomac heretofore
reported, waa occasioned by exeroising men at
gun. Th enemy also fired eeveral shots from
tbeir rifled cannon at our pickete. Nobody
hmt. . .'i'V - : T. i'l ? ii:-): i.
McCulloch Going to Arkansas.
Rolls, Mo., Sent. 3 The correspondent of
th St. Loui Democrat furnlsbsd the follow-
"A gentleman from bprineneld. rridav even
ing reports MoCulloch with live thousaod Texas,
Louisiana and Arkansas troops moving toward
Arkansas. He was last beard from at the
Chalybeate Springs near Mount Vernoo, his
wounded wer alao being moved . from '-the
Springfield Hospital, and taken Southward 00
Sunday, the 39m nit. ' J ''
"liens. Price, Parsons, black and Churchill,
moved toward Boliver with a fore of aome ten
or twelv tbqosand men; .When last beard
lroiq, tbey were marching toward Jefferson
City, on the road between Boliver and Waraawi
only a part of Gen. McBrlde's Division remain
ed at bpringOeld. . , , , 1
"Tbiru-eigbt of tbe Dent county ilome
Guards were surprised early 00 Sunday morn
ing at Benoett'e Mills, by tbree hundred and
fifty rebels, and two of them killed and eight
wounded one mortally. 1 be killed and wound
ed of the rebela filled a large wagorj, but tbeir
number could not be ascertained. Tbe Guards
retreated. Eighteen seceesiou prisoners taken
by the Guards the day before,. er confined t ia
a house nsar by, and the rebels, mistaking them
for Unionist, fired upon them, wounding sev
eral." -
Arrival of a California Steamer.
New Yoke, Sept. 3. Tb (learner Northern
Light, from Aipinwail, August,24ih bss arrived.
8be brings $750,000 in Ueaaare ,1.,
, 1 1 ii .1 . r-r.
I Caiao, 8ept. 3. Lieut. Tnfts who was 'sent
witb a nag of truce 10 Pillow's camp at New
Madrid, returned last night. Col. . Wallaoe's
term .were acoepted by Pillow, aud an ex
change of prisoner took place to day. Fif
teen hundred rebele wer reported at - New
Madrid. ; ' "
News from Richmond—The Secession
News from Richmond—The Secession Army only 70,000 Strong in Virginia.
..-.....,... U I. H . 1
I. , '. . '.t.l' I - l I
LooiiViLLC.Sept. 4 A rentleman just ar
rived bera Irom Richmond Informs tb Journal
he was taken prisoner at. Mathlaa Point,, while
on bis way North, and waa cent back . to Rich
mond for trial, wber he proved blmtelr an top
liahmaarad was discharged. H says that
tb number of troops In. Virginia la greatly ex.
aKjreraled, and that tbe actual ' nambar in tbe
Stat I not over 70,000, many of whom are
down with, sickness,' tbu "corroborating' th
tatemeot of tb Southern paper that fully fif
ty per seat, or tbeir fighting tore ia in the hoe
pi Ui. He stys (bat on Friday last Jeff, Davis
wee'very 111, and but little hopes Wer enter-.
tainea 01 nie recovery...!. ... u..,:. , .
A letter from Uublin Grave county, Ken
tucky, tart two brothers named Billet, with
bowie knives, kitted Back Smith and Bill . Sher
eeld, In a quarrel wbiob grew out of a political
lusa. ma tSAiievs are uaioo men. ''
.No Bautbern papers reoeived ber o-day.
" a 1 sa 1 .1 .
News from Richmond—The Secession Army only 70,000 Strong in Virginia. Position of the Southern Army of the
8ept. Tne Ameri
can of to-day, say that no rebel troop wer at
Vvloobeeter on ibursday,' except a few wbo
were tick. At Leesbure there are three or four
regiments our at Waterford, above Point of
Hooks, and on at Uoose. Ureek. - 1 iv , 0
Letters from rebel soldiers at Richmond, state
that the troop are In a tad ttate of destitution
being barefooted abd la want Of suitable cloth-,
log. .The skins In a tannery at Hillaboro. bad
been Uken dripping from th Tat to be con
verted into shoes. ' ,
All the hone from the Union and disunion
farmers bad been seised, which created th
greatest dissatisfaction. -.. -. : w
Tb waut of ooundeoM 1 increasing Oallr.
th bope ol the rebel being kepi op by report
tbat tbe ueoerai uoveromeui . bad only 9U.UUU
troops arouod Waahineton, and found H lspo
alhta in aaiwiilt an nnra
: .1 a t
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to the Post.]
tT'SHweTOW, Sept. 3. Most trustworthy ad
vice reoeived from Virginia, place th number
of rebel troop of that Stat in th field at
65.000 men.-' v' " ' ",- "
Th eoeuiv ar onoantratinr ) larre fore
South of Alexandria, 1 and are alsA erecting
batteries sear th mouth of th Ocoooquan
1 ver.
Heavy firing hu been heard thi mornlnc
from tb direotlon of ear line on th oppoeit
shore ot tbr rotomsc, but no reports ot bat
tle have bein received. . .'
Th proclamation of th President elosior the
rebel porta, will not be Issued at present.
Borne sklrmlshlor took Discs Ibis Doruna In
th vicinity of tb Chain bridge, over taa Poto
mac, it is not balieved to nav been of a serl-
one eharaotef . : - " '
Th Navy Department 1 mors" active than
ever.-, from tha araoarat on aiiklocit I evt
sent th affAi a Uattera fr ip b followed np
oy otuer aitacas.v , 1 ,--t.
Abe BtoreUrv of tbe Naw addreeeed a let'
tor of ooogratnlatlod to Com, 8 tf Ingham and
bia omoers and men on.th reoeut viotory at
U altera InleU !k,th
- Th Pretldeot hu appointed a lumber of new
Brigeaier-WMtHM-ertDff-ihnT Daniel" E
Sickle. -r-r trt t 1 imvuuv t)
Thi WiAhlntlM-b., .
veateli lav arrived within th last twenty-four
With one txotptton, th crew report nil
quiet on th Potomac. No batteries or men on
the banker vUibl. Th exception report
that, whan opposite Matbia Point, a Shall was
fired at tba vessel. M - iTT
K. When she left, tbe rebels seemed to bH mov
ing toward Fotoma Creek, below Aquia Creek.
Theia.waa no Cabinet meetine to-day, al
though tbie wai. the regular Cabinet day, which
Indioatee that everything ie running smoothly.
From all Darts of the country tbe Government
has assurances that recruiting is going en witb
great briakneee. -i Tb average numDer recruit-
in. la ikAiil K t(t ua 1. ( '
The receotio of Hon. Jos. Holt, jrf Ken
tucky af Irving Hall last evening, wa most
cordial. p. r.
A letter from Panama eats tb privateer
Samter wa sea on tb lath of August, passing
Marsu r ta. Venezuela, out of. eight of land
and steering west, wkiob. tourM would bring bsr
into tb traokot tb Asplnwaii steam er.- Vtpt
8imms, ber commander, wbll at T,io!aiaL n
nounced hi intenilon ot proceedlbg to the Bra-
sli ooaat. to look out for Iodiamen and Califor
oik vessels, but thi proves not Id hive been hi
trad IntanLinnr1 V' ' '
(Tribune's Correspondence.)
In oonneotion with th rumor of Jcff. Datia t
death, it is mentioned tbat be ha long bad ia
cbronio disease of tb optio nerve, threatening
a oanoerou result. . Hit physician apprised him
tbat death would speedily follow tbe exteusioo
of tbe disease to tb brain.
A picket of th Michigan Fourth wag fbot
through the loin to-dav a mortal wouud. ,
On application' of Hon. Elihu Washburn,
3,000 tuuJ . of arm bav been, forwarded to
IJIinoie.". v -u. . in - - , ,
Captain Geo. J. Flint.' of 'New York, bai
been appointed . Aaaistant Adjulant-Geoeral
and ordesed to report to General 'Thomas at
Louisville. - ' "!;''.,',,
Tb President has re-uatated Roufcr Perry aa
Commodore of th U. 8, Navy. .-
A Virginia refueae reports the Conlederates
cocstrubiliig batteries at Cockpit Point, opposite
Budd's Ferry, forty miles below Alexandria,
nd have order not to fire 00 .vessels till, the
battery is oompleted. -1 - 1 - -
Ulncer of the Uotllla report tbat Irnm Alex
andria to tbe Rappahannock river; a dietanoa oi
Cfty miles, there!. not. a soul visible on the
Virginia shorei the country ie apparently deso
late. ....
Information teiiefved savs that part of the
Massachusetts, regiment captured fifty Horns
Gourds of Charleston, at Harper'e ferry.
The President ba appoiuted. Jonathan C.
D. ...... . V - D . .. 1 .. . 1. T . , r(
uuiuoti, vi iauaaa, ,bvjiobr ui tua uniu vi-
flce at Fort Soott. Kaneas, and Walter Holland,
ol Missouri, Receiver ol Publio Mooey at War
as.?, Mo. . '
1 .
New York, Democratic Convention.
SraACvt,' N. Y., Sept. 3 Tbe Democratic
Convention now bids fair to be one of th larg
est ana atroagest held lor many years. Tbe
expression generally seems to be In favor of tbe
vigorous prosecution ol lb war against any
separation of 8tatee, and is in favor of holding
lortn to lb rebel states an oner ot peace, at
aoy moment that they will return to tbeir alle-
giaocet also condemns tb State policy of the
Republican party, and favors i the reconstruction
of tbe Cabinet. , ' . , ,. .-. Q, ,..
Sibacusb, Sept. 4. Th Demoerstio Conven
tion to day elected Hon.' Francis Keonon, of
Uoeide, temporary Chairman. Oa taking tbe
Chair .he adiireased lb Convention, reviewing
the (tat of tba oouokry, and said It 1 sur duty
to meet tbe present danger; and to do all In our
power to itay tb ruin that eeeuit impending to
tot coo.' -it i our duty to oppose Aboiitiomem
at tbe North and Seeeeaion at the South, which
are equally making war on our Government, and
1 exhort you trom my heart as men and patriots,
to consign both to a common grave. ; Tb Abo
iiiiooiste ot lb nortb tbrougn tbe ballot-box
ar seeking to retsln power which la as destruc
live aa deatb to the Institutions, nnder,wlilcb
we live.' ( Loud applaue ) . Let us take a por
tion, which ahall enable us to iffectually put
Abolitiooiem down at the ballot-box. We cue
not what men are in charge of the Government,
it is our duty to proteot and preserve tbat Gov
ernment and resist with arms, U need be with
our lives, the men wbo eeek to overthrow (t.
we will ay to everybody at bomo and abroad
tbat this must be no war for the emancipation
of slaves, but a war lor tb preservation at tbe
Wovernmeol and ot tb rights ot all sections ol
tb Union. I be time ba come, when thaposl .
tion of a great party must be decisively taken,'
for no negative policy oan preserve the oountry
Irom destruction at tbl crisis. It 1 tru that
nobappily for tb country w have not the power
at tbie lim (o admiolster the Government, but
we oan clearly, boldly and firmly mark out the
decisive course of action whiobAwe propoee In
order to reecu IB country Irom tb dangers
that surround it.-
He further says the Democratic party can
give tone to ibis war so that It may.be . said it
was war ta npbold tb. Constitution, to- pre
serve lb Government, to give every Section ol
tb country, tbeir Just rlsbte under tbe rjonati
tution, and so tbat it may ba known that ws
have fought to pot down thi rebellion from a
love to oar whole country; and not nom bate
to our brethren of tbe South, Bed that, we Are
ready to proclaim, that aa soon a thi armed
rebellion is ever, w are again prepared to meet
tbe 8outh again In a liberal spirit and to guar
antee full Cooh'ltuilonal right to all, t '
The News the Wreck of the "Jeff
Davis" Confirmed.
1 PniLABBLnti', 8rot' 3 The Richmond ' En
quirer of tbe 29ih of August, publishes a letter
trom Feroeudina, Fla., of the lt,bloh has
beed reoeived. at Savannah, Ga.reaviog tbat
the .crew of the' "Jeff. Davis" had arrived
there, the vsssul having been wrecked on the
bsr -while trying to get into St. .Auguatino,
Additional Foreign News.
"The-iodet)endenc Beige publishe the rob-
it ibc of an autograph letter from the' Empe
ror to th PopeIiiUmatina that if theoonaition
ot affaire be ameliorated, tbe 'present statu is
to b maintatnod, . . "
Tb Pari Bjurao ha bceulaflrm,,'k'Rates
' Italv. The eorrespondent of the' London
Time gives a very gloomy account ol the state
ol affairs. at Naples,,.. . .;; ., ...
u Canunala ricoolomlnl and Santacoi ar dead.
Two eupaoeed aesaaelaa. bad attempted to
enter the house of" Garibaldi. Thet eaoaoed
after being ,&r4.BP9nl Oa"of. tbeu ,was
wounded. i. i. .k. i ' nutwa n-
Tb reactionists- had mad an attempt to
land a fore at San del Laronte, but were re
W . . t.r.. ,W,
AoiTkiA. Tb Bunearlaa Dlt.ws formal
Iy dissolved on tbe liJd or August, and a new one
It to be called." A resolution pas-ed both bouse
dolarlng th dissolution of tbe Diet Illegal, end
protesting against th onoonstitntional and ar-'
bltrary conduct of th Government.
1 be collection of tale by BsUiterv force will
b rigidly enforced.
A eoilnlon bad taken place between tba- sol
dier and people In consequence ol th latter
singing National air. ' -
. . Halation between tbe European and Japanese
Government are likely to b disturbed. ' For
eign merchants were beiog robbed in ooen day,
ano,lt wa belleted that tbe Japanese uoveru
an ant aAnalionad It. - - - - 1
Seizure of Merchandize in Cincinnati.
. aaaSIlV'01', w a:
- Cihoinnati. 8ect. 3 Yesterday th Uoftrld
States) Marahal seised the interest or. itisn In
thf rebel Stales In lb merchandise esoaj. (or
eale n commission, amountln to toU.OOO.
Tba Commercial ears It la understood In
Frankfort that Governor Magoffin tflutea to
play Into tb band ol rabid. eoesioojtti that
be bed a quarrel with Breckinridge, and refuse
to demand tbe breaklos op of tbe U'. 8. Cajno
In Qerrard eoonty, and declares he will submit
la.th' will Of the majority ot tba people 4
Kentacky, a may a enprataed . Ittrowgli th
Leelatur...-., ' - :Z".t
Baltihobb,' Sepl. -laUes Weom Key
West to the Balttmer Anterloaa dated1 Aacdet
35th, aboard tb rrigetn Ban tee, mys tb aieam
t Powbattan eaptufed k prlxe.ot the Sumter
bavins: a laree letter bag containing letter for
Jeff. Paviai, on giving miormauon 01 m
twlWhereabouu. lb rowaattan lae-gee
to look for ber.
; . All qulej at Picken; Vi rTll TT
Election in Vermont.
SIowrrluBB, Vt., 8ept. 3 the Stat lec
tion to-dav party lines wer entirely broken up
Habrook wa so poor ted by the Republicans and
liberal DemooratSiSmatley supported by tr!bk
Dsmocrats, and Traoey by lb Union party.-
Return Irom 27 towns show Habrook greatly
VVjlnino). Dxxii Sept; .Tb: entlr
fTnWi thSke aaa eldnUit rlavi Gllnln
New YoaxSept. H-Ttf ' Herald' aeh
logton correspondent.; leUerAtee. tb MtfitT '
Davis's death. The rc.jort waa brought to the
coiespondeat try a negro from Mannaea. ; " ,
: HenrV A -Reeve', editor of the Watchman, of
Green PoiutJjTi.,-was arrested last veolng a
be wa eaierlug, tb cars r tba. uuoaon auvae
Railroad. He wa sect to Fort Lafayette.
r Th Herald,, men tion anotbas- supposed plot
to blow up t'-ie Vroion Aqucauoi.v ! I ( '
. Th Captain of a srhoouers filled with powder,
which wa seised ner r Croton dam, 1 under ar
rest. in " -1 J - ' '' ' ' '-
Election in Vermont. The State Fair at Dayton.
Dayton, Sept. 4. Oar city ie U excitement
making preparation for, tba Stat Fair. A.
large eunibev -of 'entries re already made,.
among which is a lot of floe blooded stock. I be
celebrated horse tnmer, Rarevirwsll be here
during tbe entire tair.i Andy f ooqoo, oi len
nessee; Is slso announced for , a speech every
thing promises a perfect eooeeas. '' '
Eilstment are gojog da, briskly ..yjjXTi
Court Martial.
St. Louis, Sept. 4 Col. Deahena, of the
Indiana legion, bag been court-martialed on a
charge of conduot unbecoming an effloer and a
gentleman, and sentenced to be dismissed from
tbe service of the United States. , The court
was presided over by Gen. Pope, and the finding
approved b General Fremont, ',!,fr;n'i '
New York,
NEW YORK, Sept. 3.
ItOUB llateveryacarcetnd brlniri Sir more, with a
fairtxport itainand, whilaotbararicrlptlanaBfadiilltnd
drooping; Aft of 4.70U Ublt at t SUaM 3S iMaovarftae
lata; 4 ouatt 7Ururrxiratiate, a d 4 7S for ehol.t;
I xKa4 13 rot anptrSue wttttro; i tO fof coat
aea tu nudtan axtra weaiara, ft AS 10 for ihlpping
kianda txtra round hoop Ohio; and i ii for
trade braaaada.; atarkat eloalogqalat Caaadianfluar
qal and nominal. . . .
! ruiUiiqiiiat ana steady at W 303)3 BS, .
JOHN MEAL-ttalci iieadyi aleiof 100 bull J,ru
tt 85, , .1 ) t , I ' ' m
WIIIrtSTr-yim, salts of 700 bblt at 17(a17Xa. '
W1IKA1, 8carca and wtth a rlr txnort uemantl: mav
at qnoiad le batttrj sales of S00O baihtlt Ohlcngo tprtn
atl 00; 1000 So common iprloa at 3o; 34.000 do alil
wauire olubat l Wl l8)i; 30 100 do ioferlar do at
WMIWMo; 6500 do amber Lira at 1 09; 5d,U00 do. win
larrtd rViemail lol 15 X; lOOO do vary hanl
toait amber Jrrtey at l So; 0600 do wbila Ohio at
SI IS; 1800 do white Wttiemti I VJftI S5;Sl00do
while Keaiuokyat 1 251 30j nd tome vary chalet
DtwwhUeUicbiKanat! 30411 11. -
. RIB Continual quiat and itaady at tbont previous
prloes- ... . i v
n ABLET Dull and priest nominal; wa nolle ialet
Of 10, OOu ba.hcla barley m.lt at 77o. .- . j .1
CUKN Optned a thada firmer, and eloaed onlet at
Jtaterdaj't vilcat; talet of lU3.u0i bnihslt at 48x4148a
lor iniartor le loaami aatxtd waalaroi SwSOw lor good
and prima shipping du and bO&i-io lor Wvaiarn yellow.
; OaIo In modarala reqaaat; aalea at KB8Vo fr Can
ada, and 32Ha3 for Weatera and State.
POHK Pail, baivy and Inwsr; aaUa af 17S bhlt at
14 8414 SO for maatand t 7J10 Ufor prima. -
BBiey Qaitland t.tidy; tmall talet at S4JI4 40 for
eonntry primei $i 0J SO for do meat, uil 45 for
repacked mcia; and IX 739 13 SO for extra meat. Prima
men and Mel luma art eemlnat-and Dachau red. .--k
. ouc MB ATS- Hale quiet at 4(SHXe for thooMeri
SiaMKe for baas . ... ,- r7-, ,
' BACON Dull and nominal. 1 ' ' ' ,l " 1
' IfAKO Uaavy lor common descriptions, bat nrkea
are without material cbanxe; talet ot 7i0 kbit at
X. ... .. - - '
MUTiinV it ttllioB at sails for Ohio and 103'.4),c
ior auiia
CUKkSB-Io fair rtqaeitat6(S7c.
Cincinnati Market.
rLOUR-TiniJt nd permanent faror at the hands of
oparaloit lh demand ta oat lew Instances bat beta of
acb a cnaractar at to aiva tbe market any nartre or Ipir
It. A tpaim of ImproveoMnt has bow and then men
perrepilsle; aal M dependad awra en the fact that the
atocK Wat itant, man on any material Inerease In the de
mand. Wt quote sur-etlioa at J Q0i3 ?S; 3 WKai4
fur extra. -I'. . - '....
WaKAT There hat been a dull market throughout
ineweearertueordioary aod Interior erjdet of wbttt
but pilda in choice qaallt'tt hare tola retdily, without
Ming macu tdecltd In pricee by the reports or a weaken
ing of pricee la the New xork martet. To-dar I he mar
ket wu mher more heavy than for aeTtral daya, on all
kloda. frime re l qaeied at 7uo ttnetly -prime an
en-nea rana irom mis to v Jo: wmte ranges Iruta toj to
eSe for prime and choice qualities. It una, an extra
quality of either le brink ebtve (be evea fixurea.
- OOHN Ia steady at Sbo, tboufh dlatlliert do not bay
irteiy atoTerzo.- tteceipit ait not maca above wa t
OA re Thoorh In vary Pgut'reeelpt to-day, are lower.
ana will Dot ariog era, x. , i : ,
it I a it a, euoat a nominal nratt. ant Is aeg lasted.'
BARLkl Hal no market and quotations ara quite lav
poss.bte. . . " - -..-.. .
iruitM-nu s ready market at "c. 1
Cleveland Market.
ItOCTt rnicllre: talet of s small lot. iacladini In
diana white wheat double extra at 7S
WUK tT Inactlre. with a Utile tier feellDii ttlet
of 3 oars red on track at S3c; 1 car whits at 00c; 4 cars
at S3 1; aod cars cho oa at S3 j.
CO BN salt of 1 oar at 3o ,
OAlS-Salttof a cars at 2io and 1200 bushels from
oat at tAme. . . . ,
HIQHWINES-Salts ol 100 hbU at I43i0.
..... . ...j . ...... ..o..a't.idat.
I the onlV knowntreme6yfor'
Rheomalira' Gout and Kearalgia,
) , aitiiSaitatrMiai at faay
It Is a aonvtnfcatly arrianirel Band', containing a'med-
com pound, to be worn a round tne w atat, without
luxury to lae veat delicate persons; no abaoge 1 habits
tiring It required, and It entiiely removes the dit
ease from tne system, without producing the Injurious
eBesta arising fremttie ate ot powerful iaiernal medl
does, which weakea) and destroy tbe eonetituuoa, and
give temporary, aaiief eniyi i oy tnu) treataaent. lae med-
iciaaiyroperiieseonuiinea in tne nana eume in oonutot
witb the Mood and reach the disease, throayh theporet
of tne akin, attesting In everw lattanee a aerfeot ours.
and restoring the parte effitefca. lav a- haalihy condition.
This band is alao a mostpowarful AaTf alaacuauLairenta
awl will entirely relieve the system It oat tne peratestrus
euectsoi aiatcary. moderate catee'are eurminalew
days, and we are eenataatly receding teatlmoalalt of,tt
sOioacy In agtravated oaaea ef long standing.
lBiaB ta.OU, to be had of Drugglita generally, or can
ba scot by mall or exprtet, witb fuH dlreetiona for nee.
to any part or tbe country , tllreoi from the rrincipal
Dflioa, i IiA'UIA 1 i.i'Ki iJ.m ..-A
Vo. 409 BROADWAY, Ksw YorJt
d. SMITH fc-C.,r?6le' PprletOTS.
If. S. Descriptive Olreultrs Beat Tree." '
i.f. 8atfktI.BKTai SOU. BaeaenTs.' iarWTt'No:
377 B" liie St., baa. Irtead and atauadr Oedaatbat,
1LT awaiaei aa at latest ETtrpnera, -i
l28-lyhlhttp.4twr Stl.Js t areata a-,v
' i;n I.t -ii i n-a v
f . ,a.t aul Ihm
yi, Aa.Batchelor'i Hair Dye! i
Tttti ttltDdid Hair Dn hu ao waU!nitntoTvtipi Ip
etrcl Beaatlfal Black or hatnnil Brovrn- ijo italoUif
as.- ti xf. i-- r Jt'.' JT 1 Jl . j : -'
tffi of1, Bid"Dyc."aua InVlgoriteai tlia.hal for tlfa
Mont a leoalua Qqlen ilgnea "W.. A. Batchalor-"
tViui wwejs rv tictvs ,
CHAS. ATCrmOR, Proprietor,
eiKi. J llBavemy Bireet, BewTorr!'"'
Wm. A. Batchelor'f Salt Dyel
Th OriBiBitTtesCX tt i WoiliV .
AU others are mere Imitation, and ahould ba avoided
lfwUhtaaetmeTidietile.,f-,,-y (ii , i
RATI Ut oa aOBTt aAIK Byed Waatly te
heiroflfbtand Httaral Brown or Blacw, wltheat Injury to
nlr'a evi.. wA'.'V.'VA. .
warded to Wm. A. Batehelor tlooe 1839, and over 80,00
applications have bet ataxia ta tba Hair, el ale patron
olAmtataoaedyai i. ..-J3-..-
I j WM. A.tATCITBXORI HAI tt wroduoei S !
ot sot to M dlttlstuabetl from Atura, abd ig vvmuted
aet to lnlhra ia the iaaeti boaserev rone 1 1 itw BSeaaam-
wad, aaa sW HI sffecbi ef M Dyes remedied: Ybs Rtrt
IDTigonaMu im jjia.uy auts tfieuuu.vyo .a.aa fu
'Sola Inall eitMe-.aaS. eoarna-ef the rjartsd (tahav"
H7fh Genuine ba tba nameand addreta apoa a sttai
plate etirrtrlng on (our tides of tacb aajt,fJrYUX
ABAIOHBLOR, Addree, .T .
if... uuAasjSiw naruisaaiuna riimTi
t rim 'ITWT1, rv.f v;t ,
i t
v. I1U
AlAa Ttartiaa hjev,.,j ia. i v.n.4..v
a, art Caak fearled llarley. , ' iiw-r H , 4 k
,i varrtit rf atie naeeifiour.
M0 . lie IKwri), , f
auglS 31 '106 Boutb High Street.
t'r.I'liPIC t
A.n .' m v . ... 1 au. .. -. -n
txperienoed Nana and. female PhytWaa, nretesU
I to tne atucntiPY mouicra. ur , f ,
Ofi&M JtN fl-ia YBlii?,
hlch grtatly luilltatea tba preeeaa of taatWae, by tof
enlng the gumi, redooing all Inhammauon wui aiiaj
ALL PAIN aadspMmiacUon, and It tttv, .
Depend iKW It, awtbeBj, U WlU gt et to yoartelvet
ana i - .t , miti-': ft- n titur--. ..
We have put op ami told this article for over ten yean,
what w have never been able te any ol any other medl-aJne-KVr.
ANOB, TO MrVRCT A COBB, when timely used. JCev.
r did we know an iuitance of dtssatlsfaeilon by any ont
who used it. - On the contrary all an delighted with Its
operations, and tpeat tb terms of eommeadaUoo of Its
tnaalcal eeeettanri raerllcal virtues. Wa apeak In this
mailer ''WHAT WB DO B NOW;" after ten yean' expe
elmeettvery IntUnce where the infant it euSerlng frets
pais and exnauatiou, relief will he found ia Sltetn or
twenty minutes alter IneByrup Is admmletered.
t aiSTaluahle preparation it the preatrlptlon of one of
the noat BaM'JtltlKNCttDeiid BKllyLfUL NUttSBSla
New Bnnland. and baa been used witb HKVltll AU
''It not only relieves the child front pain, oat Invlgor.
alas tbe stomaoh and bowels, eorraett aoldity, and girt,
tone and energy to the whole System. . It will alnott ln
ttantly relieve t H,v. . A r v
rnd ovtreeme emvamont, wfllcb. If not speedily re tit
dle-K end in death. We believe It tbe BBsT and SOB'
KST KBMKDY IN TUB WORLD, la all eases atOit
II ariset from teatlilng, or from any other causa. We
would say to arery motfaas whe haaaobild autrerlrifr fme
any or the loiegoiag aomplainta 1K NOT LKI j(OUtl
stand between yuu and your suffering child, and- taa re
lief Uiat will be oCitB-jes. ABdOLCfCLY. SUttS-ta
lolldw the use of this medicine, If timely used, full di
rections mt tulnc will ecoomvany each bottle. Norte
Genuine eelees the lac -rim lie of CURTIS fc PJSKIN8,
lew Tort, Is en tbe oatalde wrapper. ' -
Bold by all Druggista ihrouenout tot world.
Prl iclpal orrice,"13 Cedar Street N.V,
ootS7-d.wly, , j . , t.-.....
'.Master Commissioner's Sale.-
Joteph.rr.ys;atert V , :i I J . t j
I nuperior uouri.
atal.) , ,. u. - - -.
R. ParaaU I
to ate directed, from lha Superior Court of Frank
lin Ooanty. Ohio, t will offer for tale, at lha door of
the Oourt-rjoaae, In rbe city of Oolumtrat on-. .
j Monday, Oct. 7ib, 18C1, -
al one o'clock P. M., the followlngdetor!bed real ettate
situate la the eounty of Prank lln and Sttta of Ohio, tt
wit: ' The South hair af the N . It. Quarter or taction ,
township II, iaoeei!l, United States Military lands, eon
taloing eiKlity acres.
Appraitcdat .a uu peracre.
. tt, W.'ITDPFIUbT. fhtriff,
I ( (Jkahj Matter CommUtloaei..
Order to sell the above described Land In pari.
On motion to the Court by S. Taylor, attorney for de
fendants. It is ordered that iba order of sale, aerated re
ateae In tbe above named action. Be and Itte tame It acre.
by chanted aa follow : - .. ...
TC Kuerm l orarraa to sen tail una in tnt ionow-
IPs' mani.tr: Itt. To oOet for tale and sell thirty aeres
AL of aald tract of land belonaing te William U. Dar
nell, balng tbe North part el aald tract sad if laid 30
aorta do not bring a tufflcient amount to pay the eame,
then tnatht offer for tale ilia 30 aerea Immediately ad-
ilnioe the firmer on the BouUi; and if a tuOieleot
amount ol money is not received from tne aama to eat is
fy aald order, than ibat the eeid Sheriff tell lha balance
of aakl land, at diiected ,ly the former order of ibia
voun. .... .
, , ., 0E0R01 tT. nrjB HAN, BUerlff.
' I . ii and tamtlek Uommlttioner
Prlhler't foe $3 CO, ...i t. ( i : ,
te3dlta5l .-, . t -. ai .
The Court ' of Common Picas, ;
Ti Franklin County, ( Oluo,4 .
Joseph Ui-nry Brrrkenrlilce.
y Brrrkenriilire,
.Nrmhr.Brllton.-' j gt,e
tton Sliruo atal..,- J t . . t
By his sutrdian
George Waihlngtoi
X the said Court
to me directed, I will offer for tale
at publio atieiloa. at the. dear el the Court House la
the city of ColarAtua, oa. i u -i . -.-- ' --
Saturday; tbe Hth day of September, 1861,
bttween the hours of 13 o clock maod.3 o cloak
at., the following described real estate, .tltuats, to lha
county of franklin, and State of vhiet ' -
Begionlnt at the N. W. corner ef Bald treat of 135
acre and 43 X polea, in the pe'ltion and writ of parti
tion de senna '1, aa tuaelng tneno witb ha aortb Mae
of tald tract N M.deg. 30 m,n. K. l aelae to a Beat
In Hie center of ihe rnad N. M. eurnertn said traet;
theooewlita the road 3. 37 dear. 30 rule. at. Siliipniettna
poMlnihe road; thence d. Ctdeg 30oin. JB. tH 3M00
poles lo a pott In the we t line of tal i 133 tcretand 43H
polet; Iheuoa N.2i W. 14 polea te thebaaiaavag. euu
taiui.g 3ttacrrt. Buhleoi to the dower eatats of Eliza
beth A. Daymurle en 13 tcreeef tald tract.
aupralsedat 3Q W liiu par a;re. .
. - ' QBU. W, HCTPFMAIT, Bbttlir.
"Prlnrer'tfeei.lO 00.- '- - ' ,
"aajWrdwtdf ' -''"-:"
Jane Tucker and wife
- - i vs.
- lliu I. Uughet
Common Pleas.
MJ tn me directed from Ihe Court of Common Pleas ef
Franklin eounty, O., I will offer for tale, at the door of
tba Court House, in tba elty of Columbus, on
; Monday, September 3(Kh, 1861,
Al one o'clock, P."M.. the following, described real sa
ute, situate In; tbe oounty ot Franklin, and State of
unto, t wit:
Lot No. 56, lo John and Henry Miller's-' Addttiea is
Ltba City of Oolumnut. i.itii' ir i
, Aspialstd at Sjvou.
j r 0.WHurrstaK, Sheriff,
Printer's fees, 14. JO, -j 3lto. Davis, Deputy,
auglltd- "' " r,--"'-r
Master Commiesionet's fialo.
"aeuova Ifetowajider . t vtio !
' vs. I Basaxloc Court. tr)
r John II. TumsjvJ
Lt to me rrireetert, from' tbe Buperlor Court of
kranktlu eoifnty. Ohio. I will offer loi tale at the door
oi tne uoun uouse.ia mt etty-el ueiaataua. am a.
Sattarday,th.$tUtdayt Sept, A. D 186 k,v
at one o'clock, P.M '.the f l rowing deserriwd ml estate,
tttuate In the oounty af franklin and State ef Ohio-, to
wa: tott Noe: twenty three and Iwentt lour(if3ai,d1ft;t
ia Baktr St Mitchell's suMtvlstoa of oaVlots Net. 7 and
B, of tba oily e( OnltaMar at per neerded pmt la tbe
juooraert enica or rrai.kiiri eoaaty, unto,- r .
Appraised at laetNe. 3, WOO. .. jrl it.
1 KTau " x. JUU U. v .....- a
Ju l O. W. HUff MAS, SherlB
ttti Viw'tr Cttmrnlmltntr -
angie-fjivStwid rs . C TT
Fno tort leas tWKfJlJ iOJlJ
v.; t
Sheriff's Sale. ',-
.. , .. a r V S
ve I
Qtorge L. Convene
vli '...a aa. -
uperlor Court.-
Henry t.
Hire etal,
a .ri ia.-i '
te tne directed from the Superior Ceurt ef frank
lin county, Ohio, I will offer for tale at -tbe 'door of
tne Cosrt House, in uie city or uorambus, in tarn eounty,
on . '.- " -
Satorday, tbe 7th day of September, A", tk. 18C1,
between! the hours of 19 o'clock, M., Snd B 'slack. P.
Mm tbe following described real estate, te wilt, rl
Lot No. eight (8), In William Phelan't addition to lbs
elly or Columbui, In franklin eounty, Ohio, as per ie
enrded lat thereof tn Recorder'! office. ,
Appraised at l79.ao.
t O. W. HTJPfMaN. Bherllf.
'JlySTIUftttW. Tranklln county, Ohio.
ildttr't feet, l)3,S0.
iter ComtMSsttners Sale.-4 '
) 'Vt. '
Amos it Hall
superior uourt. ; tir
etal.,) ' ,,..'.-. i-
to ma directed, from the Snuerior Court of frank-
Ha Oeuaty, Ohio, I will eSe fvf tale, at tbedeeref
toe ueurt Hoaee, la tbe eily or uorumout. on
- Saturday, the 5th day of Oct.,' A.0.i86t,
tl o 'slock. V. U ' lha following described real ettate,
almate la the aoanle of franklin, and Bute of Ohio, to
wit r Lot rumber It, of Jvilia Mot-neon's tubdlrition of
rou B, . 7, 8 aod 35 of John Mortisoo addition te tb
olty or Calumboa. , . . -
- apr.ralrtdat l.it,.-AU-jA0v' ill.L Bi
E, r M!C0LLl8TERr
WriAisioal) attid Metaill- Imlewt"
Ke tis'WtitH,2tii'aandl all' the Vav
rtotta BaAANStf
Oct aa iyd
r--i luir.Ki Mi",
i fff 9Wt. m MAV.ihTrik
it 1 ,t l ts,i n4 f?' OemttJsiloner. ,
ea.S,,,AM,r' ie' V' i,ratfc4-H
, r,!sf A. re-.- Kt
Inatasit Uellel M -iVItnpi tm CmwgU
I .
ai ...
treartmeat yawr
I o:' -'
BiAJZTiAyrca "
rl, ' v. . .
5C.1.4tS'l i;i.',i
w l i-4 j,.,r
-''. I ; ' r..k . : i re '.."
"vm'"' wlKTWlfBll OARRTJ -
' - J OBXUtKW OR? FOR: ' '
They relieve a Conh Instantly.'; 'i
They clear tb Throat.. J- ,.
Tbey give strenptaud volume to tbe voice.
Tbty jrapart a deilcloos aroma lo tbe breath.
Tbey are' delightful lo tbe taate.
lTbey are' made of simple herbs and cannot
- harm any one. V( " ' ,
Cl , ... -
( i adrtie every ont who hu 4 Cough or a beaky Voice
era Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to gat
s package f my Throat CMfcetloni; they will rallevs
you Inttantly, and yon will sgres with me that "they
go right to tba spot.' Ton will And them very niefu I
snd pleasant while traveling or etlandlag public meet,
togs for timing your Oough or allaying your thirst. I f
yoa try sue package, I am safe In ttylng that you will '
ever afterwards oomldtr them indispensable. . ,
Too' will find them at t'.s Druggltti and Dealers la
i ' j . . 4. '1 r .A-i . '
' j PRI01
j . TWENTY-t lf. )4 CENT8.
My signature Is fa each packages All ethtre are
A ptckigt will be sent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt of
Thirty Cents. . , '
Addreea, , . ; , . u ..
Henry C.' Spalding, : ,
,!.U C Dl I'
i NEW, YORK. i.
By tbe use of these Pills Die period le attacks of AVr
eottt or BUsJt Btadaclt may be prevented; and If taken
at the aocameaoentest ol an attack immediate relief from
pain and siofcaaia trtll at obtained ' 1 . .'
They setaoai fall In ramoeinf tba Haua and
ayvts te which femalet art to tnhject. - "
' They act gently apoo the bowels removing thtUt '
for Utsrarf Jtm, BtwUntt, Delicate female '
and all person, ef fdtntany kabttt, they are value
t lamaUvt. ImproTiog tbe appttiU, giving toiu
mQor to tbe dlrettlvt organa, and restoring tht natur
elasticity and strength of the whole tyitem.
THI CBPH ALIO PILLS srt the remit of long Invet
ligation' and earelally eoodtwted earparimenta, harlng
beta In ass many years, during which time tbey have
prevented and relit red a vast amount of pat aad tatter
tag from Headache, whether originating in tbe aanyes
system ar from deranged ttate ot tba ettataoA.
Tbey are entirely vegetable b their oompoaltion, aa .
may ba taken at all times with perfect safety withoai
making any change of diet, otti fas a&aratot o ar.y
diimgrtatii taitsmtdtrt U aaaa lo admfMis er lJum i
oAiiuren. .. .. . v
The genuine have Bvetlgnataiaa of Henry 0 Spaldiag
on each Bog. s'
Bold by Draggttit tad all other Dealers la ktedlelnas. '
A Bei will ba tent by mail, prepaid, oa tereirH af tba
Prioog QS Oontfl.
All orders abould be addretaed ta .
a, 1.1 48Cdtar treeU Not Vrlt.
I 1
' Prrtra the hammer, Norfolk, Ta. , . .
Oepballe Pills kcromplUb fh object for whisk they
were nude, via.; Curt o headache in all Its forma
f J 1 Trom tbe Ixamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
Tbey bave beta tatted la mora than a theaaand oases
lib satire success, i,,. -.. . ii i
-. from the Daraoerat, St. Clend, H ina. - -trf
yea are.er have been, troubled with the beartaehe
seavlftar a tax, (Oephalla Pills,) as tbat yoa may hava
-themiaoase of aa attack. . -
1 - 1 from tba Advertiser, Providence, B. I.
TKe Cepbalw PUIS are aald lobs remarkably effect! ?e '
remedy for tht beadtcbe, aad one af th very test for !
tbat very frequent eomplalnt.whlcb has erv-r been dit
covered. , ' ' - - - - 4
from the Western R. R. Qesette, Caieago, lit. ' '
We heartily endorse Mr. Bpaalding, and bit nnriraled '
Cephalic fills.
fro Kanawha Talley Btar, RAaawha, Ta.' . '
Wa aie tare that person, aufferiag witb tbe hstdions .
who try. them, will ttlok te them. ... e - .
I . -. , ,.-
Trom the Southern Path finder, Hew Orleans, La. -Try
them! yoa that are afflicted, aad era are tart thai
your testimony can be aod ad ta he already aumaroaei '
lisltha has received benefits tattoo other medicius eaa
pradaoa. K.i.-O.-
I !
j f root lbs It, louls Deaucrat.
The Immense demand for 'the article vOepballs Pills
ia nv a. r . ,.
! f rom lbs Oaoetta, Davenport. Iowa.
Mr. Sealdlne weaM eat eanaeet bla naaae Mta aa as.
licit he aid aol no to oosaaas real merit, . ., ,. ,
T7A riaeHe f SPaLmna'S PBBPAR1P
v,a,us aiiiHr.au hurb ivi mn asinuiiirv Jl
'i I ...... A f.fawf.e-ll .l . t Jii
1 rv , .r v .- nncni apn fli ric,
. oriiiuinu t raciiaabv wuudi.,
f ... i . . . . -f . , , . , : a
1 saitr TUB PIB0SSI ' I'i ' ex
, IEJ'AaTiTcsi Tun lavav mu.JJl a-.-s
Atkocljents will happen, eves In wall regulated lam ..
Illea. It I ter?estmeie to aava aome ebaap and ooa .
vtalent tray for repairing furniture, Toya, Cmfcary .
1 BPAtDtttS'SPRlPABBDaLnti "
meett all Snob amergeaoiee, and ao houMBold can tJfetd
toaawiumutit. it ataiwayt reaiiy, tad up ta toe ttkk
lug points'
. :,
" r J
, BV-U )raab an-empaniee aacb aettlt
Re. , Cedar Sueaa, Maw Tsrk. -
.OSUIIOM , wwl
AT 3
4.1 1
Asaeruiia anprlndpled ptraont are) attempting "'
laa vf
tne eneoaptetiiig puuiic, tmlutions of at . .
IHlRtO OI.CB, I would eaatlea all
parsons ta,
, eernre paimaairia;. arm see mat tne mil awe,
, anrt see that the full eaaav
Is ee thebataids wrapperl all olnsrs are aertndliua aca
Sttfeitt, oua
vl.f U

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