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'tyt (!)t)w Statesman
KunrnnrT nun. .uwwri
: Friday. MoamNQ, sTjM
Democratic Union Nominations.
toE ooTio71wO.:
Hugb. J Jeett,
. YV.J,r 'ttoESiW"aoviMOE, 1
' John G. Marshall.
wt- . ,;.T.",v"-V-
r,WE. w,-
... -. YjfoaaiAf j; f.'amrrkit , ,, ,-
Of Stntf.
, iff
fcwi. v" ftnMPTItnLLBE.-
;H -o
I. .
T.ti 0jJ5 -T' 1
J o1
0 C-yeooe
. w ni .u . itr i i
- r- M.-s fo" COMMON PLEA. JCBOT. v
. , (ituiui, ncXiw-T am -ibhou)
HENRY If. HKMHi ,"?'
rw rJK (fni,,,,;,. p ftrgawav)
' Of Pteittny.
i" A !T nr-airr. -; "
-Usomn, f ' '"
M H'(l TMAJOm.!' .'i
! ' ,",.".';'.' EKwnn- '
u i . .
""'".'COIIMHUOHW. ' ;,' .
v -...I'-. . -
For the Campaign.
W wtn foiabh lb dlffti taact of the Ohio ItoUt-
un. dariig 0plrii, u follow K
Tht Daily Itattwoun, per jnosth, kt M BtJ
Th frt-Wrtjr iew, par Boalh, t.... . . ,
I .... 4 t t . .
.'Mhr f lb kMff will bt famtabM for M w
on mooOii, In elataw tlcilt !, lh wb
Tl Wetklj .Ohio BioImimo win b fanltbel M fol
llbj of '3eopl,ftr twOBonthw... !
Iaclnbiof 11 eowtet. for lw onlht. I
Io dob of Mtopin, tor tiro ontlwW. . SW
T rwk. 0 oU. for two a oo tin. T.W
Tb two bkbUu Clabt Ul am ti BwrM of tb
0aoicB.a4ua pUo HI MAMMOTH WE BELT
la the budi tf ill who out It, ti t Cmpla paper,
on Tf rr rtuoaobli teiM. . - -
Let tht Men of the good cum tho tent Uilo
mem of Ohio go to work . tod pmd the
til oti tbt r aM ' UTe wpot U urnit U tat efflrient lid
a the (tot work of Ut ndeBptioa of tbo Btttt of OUo,
Lot It bt well eircaltted.
Aafntt 10, INI.
Business Notice.
Tbe receoi order Irtoi thi Postoffie Depul
mrti etncellog' the pottage lump of tbe old
Issue wilt rtndor U Impossible far snofc sumps
to be herew,fter .roelTed t thi effice, lo ptj-
meet of aoeew -. -
August 24, 1861.
There is Hope for the Republic.
We hire rt'td ia ome medioAl book Mitt of
tentimes di.cMe which seem to tbe snperfloisJ
obterver iadiMiioni. of wstkeeee, ere retllj
eTideoeee of strength fn tbe pbyslcsl eonttlta
"tioa, eUs it woald" eateamo'Vi Its fermidsble
esetilsotr. 1 Henfc7U "often happen- that the
sppaseollT.be.Ubj Dd tobMt a bu BOt kl
ways tho etroogest end sorest hold on life.
The same rule nay hold good In regard too
eteie'ee Vatioa. it mtj be that tbo open se
aulle of foreign (oat and tbo 1 said loos irork
i ogs of dosaeetio treasod are as ieeeuary to
etUblieb,"cODfifffl BDd consolidate.' scontiUa
tloo and EOTerameDt io the lojalty and aOse-
tioo of tbe people, as is the (all. fUj of tbo
.tempest and the rattling hail npoa the joaog
and tender oak Jn ordtt Ihat il Miaf bare
etrooger Uonkavod ttordiev 1Iuds( aad. strike
Its root deeper and firmer Into the heart f the
Oarih!aJ.i lUt'.MitH m ii si to-l'-i-
Tee -Aawrieaav Repoblre thoegh tn
years, I baa been in tte carter often Bererel (eet-
ed. It baa been assailed from wilhoat
within,. ,Bt these trials, which the eepartolnl
are ptooe to e dowo as eigne of weakneee,
hare only proeed the innate strength and rigor
of that Union,; that Const! to Uon aod fom
got erweoewwr-whlcn- gart tber Repoblle birth
and started it on tho career of proeperitf aod
' greatness a. '-F'S.. - .
It le now Bodergotog a trial more threatening
aoi feraidabte than any ' preceding one', ', .But
the heart of the nation is sound and strong,
te inherent Unaolty to life will assert its Be
premaey, radrreetore harmooy, health and rigor
to tbo body and Umbo ol the yoaeg giant. Tola
should giro hope to the detpeodiog and inspire
eooflileace In tho wareriog. '
Wo cannot ratioaally txpeoV to eeeapo
oonnion lot of humanity end of all political as
soctatlone. 1 Oiseaso will keaail the indiridaal
and eiril com motions the state, or natloe.
the latter as in t'ae former ease, tbe main roll
bdoo for a speedy and safe deliverance moot
upon tbe etrengtb and Stability of the eonetita
lion. If tble is sopnd, and baa eafely pateed
through former, thosgh lees eerero trials,
b ire a well grooaded aMuraooe, that It will
only-inrrtre'lbe preeent shock, hut become
Birpngerand more rigorous thaj beforOL
17 Thel?e Yotk Tuui publ'utbes a
from ito Firie eorreepoodont) dated Aognst
He ateerta la tbe most potitire terms that
Emperor NaroLtoN eympithisee moot heartily
and thoroughly with the Government In
eootcst with rebellion,' and withes it the moat
ample and complete aucceait and that he wil
do nothing wbkterer to afford tho rebels
slightest eooonrtgemtut ia the proeeentton
their ecbeoB.V'.-:. ' M.'J -' i t
The No-Parry Party State Convention.
Wa onblith elewke la oor oolumoe tbe fro-
oeedtoge of the No-party party 8U Conren-
tloo, Bleb aatembled in tble eft o reetoraej,
September 6 ITbo ConrenUOBs was weuav
tended, tbe delegate oompoeuif enE
sbMleloI former polllloal opinion and aeeocla-
tlon. I iK :
Tbe eandldalee and tbe platform will bo loonu
. a - 3 -a. M mJk
la their appropriate place ia ibohiw-"-.
r.t Iha rlnlnot of the bedf ' . ' !
Tb. candidatea etieeUd are oaaliaed for tbe
eereral poaia tor wbioh they bare neea nuaa-
ma f.v ad eanae tr le ooooereea. cm ...
. ... .i . no' deelro to dear the
tk.t ih.w ttand well m tho oemmanuy.
Tbe platform IgBoree alt ibb oogmaa
RBpablleaa prtf entirely, anT for all that bb-
peira to K, so one could W uai wo orw
an 'JrreoresslblB,, ! Ohio. It doolaroB for a
rlgoroM proaeeaUea of tho war, aoe with a
to a lubjoretlon of the BoBtbera BtateB,
bat to put dowa rebellion and aaeert the aatlon-
al aothoHty, oa u oppoeew any w-,--
with tboee to arms agaljat the Goremment. 1
J The fe-nomlnadon of Judge Boott, tor bu
oreme Judge, ia a complete condemnation of. the
re nemlntil.n aad ro election of Judge bbwk
Baaora last year, and an todoreement of Jedge
Swan in the celebrated Oberllo ouea of 1869.
.Tbos It Abolitionism completely iquaooea ia
Ohio, and tho former managero of tho nepanu
eaa nartr la tble State arc moat signally re
buked. '
, .Wc Uke U for granted that aU the candidalei
on the ticket accept tbs platform without any
mental reserraUon, and that therefore ibey may
all be conceded to be true unconditional Uaion
men. Sash balnc the faot tho people of the
State bare before them two ticket! composed of
Union men, loyal to tho Constitution aad the
falthinl enforcement of the lawc made ia puree
aaae thereof, aod heaoe In Ohio wo arc hereafter
ta btra no more aMeroDtl to resist the executloa
of the fugltire alarclaw.
The ticket of the 7ib of Aagoal baa thU ad
aotace over the ticket of the 6tb of Septem
beft It io made up of mea who bare alweye
been Tor the Union, and repreeeote a coneuuen-
e thai kaa alware been lorak TheeaeulldaMo
m raitad in a aefcoot where obedlenoo w aw
and rerereoco for ike Conttltntion end tbe
Ualoa, were elementary principles In the poll
lice of their faith aad trainlog, aod they all
accord ia sentiment on certain great fandamen
ta! principles of government and hence,
ouceeesfal in tbo campaign, tbo gentlemen coi
tMinw iha ticket of the 7ih of August Coa
it... wtonld hvlne Into tho adminlatratioi Of
www w
tho affaire of tho State, a unity ol purpose ana
action wbiob would make tbem rery effioleut, ae
we arc quite euro they would be faithful public
offloers. "
It l not co with the 6th of September noml-
aeee. Jar. ion ana tit
a the Uckot hero boca raited la tho strictest
achool of the old Demoeratlo party of the real
pot metal cast, while Mr. SrairrW and hU Re-
oublieaa eoUeaauea oe Uo came ucaee aaro
-l-ul-l In dtraetlr OfiDOOit faith. It ia
not to be expected that thete mm oaa barman-
lie on mature of policy, principle or edmlnie-
tratlon,andbeaoe,cbouldthey-o clooted.dlc
matt Mian la the administration of our
Siato afftlre. The people of Ohio will do wen
for tbemeelrec and well for tbe Uoloa, bow aad
i. ik. f.tnM. ia alaet the 7th of Anna ticket
by an overwhelming majority.
. Parties for tbe boar cannot bo relied upon
The hietory of the late Republican party la laav
aauble orldebcc of this truth. It la hot a little
more lhaa five years since tt was Inaugurated
aod It immediately poeoeseed iteelf of and has
tinea held the State coreroment. Much
was promieed in Ite behalf, bat ouch baa beea
Its shortcomings, such tbe CI it baa brought up
on tbe people of the State, that oa the 5th ol
SepUaiber, 1861, la a largo Convention, where
Roftnhliatna nredominated. no maa wae ooia
enough to name It as a lirinf institution!
, It has paseed away, and wc now hare a ao
party party propoced la ite etoad. If the people
arc wise they will put tbe substitute out ol the
way oa the second Taoeday la Oetober.aad ton
oror tho State Gorernment to tba repreeenta
tlrcc of tbe old National Union Democracy j i
party with a record la the peal w.lch la a euro
guarantee of Ite neoe tally and exaltation la tbe
present. :
It is a significant and most Important fact
that the Convention failed entirely to cay one
word la saenx-eadation, defease or ladoreement
of the State or Federal AdmiBiatratiooa. After
thia emission, It Is to be hoped we thall bear
no more grumbling ebent the reaoluuono of the
7th of August Convention, la relation to tbe
war admlaietratlea at Columbae aad Washing
too, and the lelree ttrpuP " .
The No-Party Party State Convention.
The Delegates to this Conrention aacembled
at the Theatre, la this dtp, at 11 a'olock yester
day, aad were called ta order by Jadgc Johneoa.
af Cincinnati, ofoo whose motion Themis G
Mitchell, Eiq., of Clnclaaatl, waa elected tern
porary President.; , r .
Mr. Mitchell was conducted to tba chair, and
made a beat little speech, thanklrg Uje Conren
tion for the honor coo erred npoa him.
Joha C. Groom, Era.., af Frank! coaary,
was, upon motion, appointed temporary Secra
c following committees were tbea appointed!
1 .
-Judge Warren,
8 L Snod grass, ' 1
J A Watt, , 1
C W Welle, 1
MBPlamer, '
E E Wilkine, '
JQ Smith, "
G F Stayman, ,
C O TiUotttoo, '
MRBartlettr .'
A J Wright, ,' J
W Bander,
Geo tl Clark, '
R R Doonelly, '
R Lannlng,
B Craig,
CJ Albright, '
Cbac. Rblaehart;
A MoReynolde,
F E Stowe,
John MeCook."
1 Geo. B. Hallliter, of Hamiltoa
9-M. W. Ollrer, '
S-L. D. Campbell, of Botlor. ' '
" 4-Bartnn 8. Kyle, of . '.
- George Latkey.ef Wood..
fC. Gastioe. of ClermoM. ' ' ' .
7 A. G. McBurney, of Warren.
8 BeoJ. Stanloa, ol Logan .,
' 9Joba J. Stciner, of Seneoa. '. ;
IBRalph Leece, of Lawreoce. '
11 H. O. Hooter, of Fairfield.
It John W. Andre wt, of Franklin,'
11 George H. Bafford,of Huron. "
14 8. Humphreyrille, of Mediae. '
15- J. C Derlo,of Koo -18
W. P. Siwagoe, of Morgan. '
17 Daniel Peck, of Belmont. '
1 8 Luther Day, of Portage. .. '
' 19-Oenrgo Wlliey. of Cayabega.
' 90 B r. Wade, of Athtabula. '. '
91 J. W. Riley, of Columbiana '
1 N. Barllctt.
S 8. J. Thompson
J-E. W. Davit. .
8 E. Brews.
8 Amne Dawson...
7 A McDowell.
8- B B Cole.
12 J". Buckingham.
13 0. E. Kellogg
14 L. A. 8beldea.
l&-Joba Catkey.
16- Wm. F. Curtis.
17- J. M. Kirkbfide.
18 9. Meyer.
19 Jamee Matoo.
9-J. F. Hlnkle.
S J-C. E.Glldden.
10 J. M. Shackelford. SI fler. A. Swaaey.
11 Let L. Smith.
" h t . T-l O .
I judge warren ij-iootepamw.
8 Peter Ilea. ' - -$ O-ee.
J-Itrael WUltame. 14H. E. Mussey.
4 T. E.Cunntoham. l-.Levl Sargent.
6 T. M. Godfrey. 1I--J.B. H. Bradahaw.
C. Baird. ' 17 J. C'l)ooglaVv
T--W. B. FalrcMd." 18 A. Hart. -
8 Geo. f, Stayejan. 19-P. Hitohoook,
9 0. Bowes. ..I J SO Geo. M. Brow. ! j
10-8. M. PeBoL v i Sl-S. a BhotweU.
11 A. McVeigh. - -
. , .
Upca mottoa Of Hon.- L. D. Campbell, the
Conrention rated tba all , roeolaaons ba refcr-
l U the eommUtee on ResoluHons, wiuoaj
debate. . ,- : -r--
Tbe Convention thea took a reoesc until twt
Tbe Coaveotloa ro assembled Bt 1
M., and wai called to order by the temporary
Praaldant. A paalo then ensued, tne crowe
getting tb impreeeloa thai tbo fioore ol tba
Theatre were glrlng .?Bf. iltwaa aaaoB-cod
that it waa ImpoosUiio to, reetore ardor ta that
building, when, eat motion, tba Convention ad
journed to tba Ball of tbe House of Keprasen
tatlvee. Alter the aeaembllng Ol the aotagatee
la tbe Hell, it waa thought beat to hold the
CoareadoBV at tba eat front ol the Capitol,
whither the" delesated then repaired, ; Afur
come delay, the Cooreatloa proceeded bus!
. ..V....... -.-.Si Jk-'.B .' '
Tba oommlicee on Permanent 0;ganUttIoa
than reported tbe following officers i
lJa.es Wataoa.
1S-J. R. Staaoerry,
.Wa. L Baooaer, IS J. W. Buckingham,
3 Wat Eebdborger, 14-J. H Boyntoo,
4 Wm.A Carey
IS D. W. Sumbtogh,
a a. uranam, ju i a. moinw-, . ,
16- E. 9. HolntoeB,
17- Jamee Smith,
18- B. F Lelwr,
U-R Hitebeoek,
90 D. Ribby,
tl John A. Blngbti
g Thoe. D f itcb,
7 A. Toland, v
8 John H James,
9 B. Johneoa,
10 Tboe. Dry-en,
11 H.D.8mith, " '"-'
i Chac.Har-,,;' " ' "'S. Wolf,' ''
- J. L. Keeslnger " " C C. Murdoch,
'- " F. O.Lewis. J .,: . ,. ,
The committee recom mended that tbe aomi-
aatlonc bo made la tbe following order:
ltt Governor. '
SJLlruteuant Gerrroor.', '.
. Sd Treeeurer. . , ,i l j .
- dtb Supreme Judge. ; "
. 6ia--Comptrollor. : 1 ' ' .
6ilrSecretarj of Stale. ...
7th Board ol Public Worke, i
Hon. Thomaa Eolog waa tbea condueted
the chair, and, after expreetlog bis appraolktioa
of the honor conferred upon bim, aod lander
log the ConvenUon bla thanks, he apoke ably
and patriotically of tbo present condition of
the eountry,
Tbe committee oa Credentials preeented their
report, which was laid oa the table aad ordered
to be printed with the official proceedings
H. H. Hunter, Esq , chairman of tba oom
mltteo oa Resolutions, tbea read the following
as the report af tk, eommltto:
SpteXw-. That the present deplorable civil
war hae been toroed opoa Ue eountry by the
dieunletiitteof tbo Southern8tatee, now la re
mit agaloet tbe Conatitutlootl Gorernment,
and la arma arouna tne tpttOL -Re
14. That in tble national emergsney,
baaittalnt all feelinf of mere paeeloo or resent
ment, wo wiK recollect only our duty to the
whole country; thet this war to not wagea npoa
our part lo any spirit of oppression, aor for any
ear-owe of eoooueet or sobjor a tioa, aor for the
purpose of overthrowing or interfering With the
righto or established Institutions of the States,
bat to defend aad malatala the supremacy
tee Constitution, end to preserve the Union,
with all tbe dignity, equality aod rlghte of the
eereral Btatee unimpaired! ana tnai as soon
tboee objects arc accomplished, tho war ought
to cease.
' Refimi, Ia tbe language of the Ben. Joeeph
Bolt, that wa are "for tble Unloo without ceo
ditieas, ana and Indivisible, now and forerorj
for lie pveeerratloa at aay and erery cost of
blood end treasure, against all Its aasallaata,
aad agaloet any and erery compromise that
may be propoced to be made under the guns of
the rcbde."
The resolutions were adopted, with but few
Toting against them. Bon. J. A. Bingham
ada aa effort to offer an additional resolution
before the rota was taken, but ba was -added
out of order and was not allowed even lo read
It.. .". t c. : ' ; 1-
Tb committee to eelret a State Central
Committee, reported the following names: ,i.
Birr. . ,,T-:u -j .
1 JB Warren, . 12 JHSmUb, , ,
S Peter Zinn ' 13 Ittae Gats, ( , , ,
S Israel Williams. 14-C C Wick,, i,.-
4 T E Cunnlogham, 15 Levi 8rcen,v,
60 Wartera.
IS-Geo Benedict, . ,c
6 C Baird,
7- W B Falrchild.
8- 0 F Stayman,
9 Jobo Bertram,.
17- JCDooglaa,
18- AlphoaeoHart,
19- Peter tiitchoock, ,
50 Geo F Brawa, -:,
51- S B Sbotwali ,
10- S M Peon,
11- FF RempeL.
The oommitleo aleo reeommended the ap
polntmeot ef ai Executive Committee.
The Con vcd tioa then proceeded to make .
Hon. David Tod was nominated by acclamation.
tion. . . .;, .
: - M Jfe0-f. teT. J-BM.
BenJ.f . Btaatoaw. ..M7 iltl.
Ben. Eegleetea IOC . . ,.,luT ,
B. B.Otry 119 '70
. Jaa. I. rkiatiia Bt WltbdfwWB. -
. H. B. Ban-jr .......... Bt i J i-de -
H. at. Btokee...... B) , Be ,.
ae. E. Wllllaat do ,
Mr. Stanton waa declared tbe ooiniaee( .. i
- 0. TornwyDoreey. ......2l ,'
-. EeaJ.Bwe-e- ...- IT -
. In B- Wrlght..- te
Mr. Dortey was declartd nominated.
B. 0. Whitan i 04;'
Joetah Boott ...................... ,....C0S
- Braeea MetBk. II ,
Judge Scott wu declared te be the aomloeo.
. J. H.EIley....
W. B. tkr-U........'..t.k.... M
: Capt. Riley was declare, nominated
.9 .
" I
B. Each flewea ... 107'
E. at stkeeet. .--'. .......a... CC i
B E. Ilarr i .......... ...vs.... d7 ,
n-Tayter.... .T...... M
. Thea. 0. Jototi..... -,... ...t.-......... M
. Thee. C herer.. .-.. i. .......... BB
'at A. Etrby.,......f.. ..,.,.' d,
Bafara u tho rote Waa
aoaagb bad been made la favor of Mr. Coeaa
te give blm 239 rotee, aod consequently
aomlnatloa. - ' .
. UtMttht. MJwOot.
, Torfwatt...Mw.w-.....toe . an
rlaekle .Mi.f..""'.. VU ' , I H .
viooe.t ut r. ... n
turtle...... UO , C4
. B-gHab..M.M-w.....M C
Aadifeiai " ('nnriiir i - W P ''
1 Coaforee-.- w-tt it.
' Mr. Torrcaoa waa declared the nomlnaa. '
Gen. Carey fweeented the foilowlog resole
' Wnatxa, The Federal CootUtution
adopted en the 17th day of September, 1787,
aad tbe Farewell Addreee or weeoiagtoa
I tm.A i th IT J, daw at Reneaeaban.
17.C ahp, wuiui, ia tho araeeMjuiietneoof
ia! aB-irSa it M Pgal EM axyod-snt
the peoDlo to consider tht prluolelet whicn un
derlie our Federal Uuioni therefore, ,
kmlwi. Thai thic Coareuuoa rcpointnui
that la every etiunty of our State! t 1 -n day
of eeptember, 1861, bo obserred br onr uitiaene
la aaaat Htiur mattimbled. ana tu-t too vuwu
Central Executive Committee ie hereby Inetruot
04 ta leeue each aaU ea wtu aaoao ue-e
eadation to be generally known.
TbtCeaweBtlpu tbeo adjournBo, 111 )
Mr. Jewett's Position.
Tbela'uwr of acceptance of Mr vJ"?"
tab Demoora'tiC Union nomination for Governor
of Ohio, Is as distasteful to the rebels of the
Sautlu an It k to (&- lf-ctled enaooadiUoBai
Uoloa men" of tbe North. They bolb nisiike
It, althoagb M b Uuloa alt over and against the
rebele all thd . JThB F WtuM wrs-rar,
of a lata' data, a rabid accession paper, thus
speaks of tir- v
vnriabl It would be BJ Well for Mr. .CWCtt
to wall unUl we express a oeeire roc a mmy-
Krn. ha Talnataera nis uetermioation
that ha baa aone to make." Probably be had
beuer wait until we esk for termsLbetorc be
profesaet that he bae'nool o pVet.' lit the
Northern people enppoee we are fighting ft
oompromlseortermctbeyhad ee well get rid
of that little delusion at once, . We are flght
tne for Indanandencei Bnd a separata htunall-
ty" If ice utrt mlfywid U UdoU ear tmn ttrmt
fir mfmriUr Unun with ti Nttk, wvxml4Hot
eatl antra fAterspesaf." . . .
Correspondence Between Governor
Correspondence Between Governor Magoffin and President Lincoln.
[No. 1.]
Frankfort, August 19, 1861.
T AitBxUmi,AbrUm Liaeeia, Prttidtht
I bava the honor herebv to acorodlt to job
Meeara. W. A. Dodly, F. K. Hunt, aa Commit
aioaara an behalf of the Slate of Kentucky. Tbe
mlaaloo of these fentlemen II explained in i
eommnoicatioa Iranemltted through their handi
I take pleaaurc in oommandlng them- to your
oonaideratiea ae aentleman wbc well understand
tbe eooaitloa or public affaire in tnie Biate, ana
will preeent to you fully the urgent Beoeseltlet
or tbe step 1 bare argeovi , , ... '
oDcaient oerran-,'
[No. 2.]
Frankfort, August 19, 1861.
Te PU ExulUmef, AereAem Lfacole, Preit-ent
Sib i From ' tbe commencement of the on
happy hostilities now pending In tbie country,
tne people or n.entnoxy neve laaicaiea an earn'
ait desire and purpose, as far as lay In their
power, while malntalaiogtBelr original political
status, to do nothing by which lo Involve them
selves in the war; up to this time they hare sue
eeeded la securing ta tbcmaelreclabd Jo tbo
8tate peace aad tranquillity aa tbe fruits of the
. i i . . . i
policy tney aoeptea. my single oDjeot now it
to promote the continuance of three bleceings
tetbopeopUet this State .. n -
Until within a brief period . tba people of
Kentucky ware quiet ana -reuquil, free .ton
domeetio strile ana andiaiuiDeaby intotiiaicom-
motion. ' They bare ret-rted no law, rebelled
araintt no aotbority, euetgwd La ao revolution,
but oonstanUy prool aimed their flroi da term I a a-
tioa to pursue their peaoe avooauone, earnestly
hoping that her own soil would ba I pared the
pretence of armed troops, and that the eccne of
con-iot would be kept removed beyond tbe bor
der of their State.' By -hue avoiding all occa
sloos for the introduction 01 Mdice or armed
soldiers, and offering no provocation for the prea
enoc of military force, the people of Kentucky
hare alocerely striven to preserve in their State
domeetio peaoe and avert tne calamities or sa
gnlaary aogaiementa.
Recently a large body of soldiers bava been
enlisted la the United states army and collect
ed la military eaavpe ia the centre1 portion of
Kentucky. Tble xeoremcnt wae preceded Dy
tbe active orgauixatloa of oompanlee, regimente,
etc . eonsistisE ox mea sworn into tne -Ditto
Statee cerrioc ander cfBcers holding commiS'
eione from yourself. Ordnance, arma, munitions
and supplies of war arc being transported into
the State and plaoad ia large quantities In these
camps. Ia a wem, aa army le now Being organ
ised and Quartered within the 8tata,aod suppli
ed with all the appliances of war, without the
eooeeator adrtoeef tba aathoritiee of the Stated
aad without eo-aultation with those most prom
inently known and recognised aa loyal ciuxaus,
This morement now Imperils that peace aod
tranquillity which, from the beginning of oor
pending difficultiec, bare been tba paramount
desire of tbie people, and which, up to thia time,
Ibey bare ao secured to toe state.
Within Kentucky there bu been, and is lite
It to be, no occasion for the pretence of mllita
ry force. The people are quiet and tranquil,
feeling no apprehension of aay occeefoa arising
to Invoke Brotectien from tbe Federal arm.
They hare aeked that their territory be left free
from military occupation, and tbe present tran
quillity of their communication left unlnraded
by soldiers. Tbsy da not desire that Kentucky
shall bo required to supply tbe battle field .for
tba oootendiog armies, or become the t-eater of
the war. i saivu ;
New. therefore, ee Governor of the State, or
Kentucky, and In tbe name of tbe people I hare
the honor to represent, aod with tba single end
ear neat desire to arerl from their peaceful
homes the borrorc of war, I urge the -removal
from tba limits of Kentucky of the . military
force now organised and In camp within the
States ' B each action aa to hereby urged be
promptly taken, I firmly believe the peace of
the people of Kentuoky will be preaerved, and
tile horrors of a bloody-war will bo averted
from a people now peaeefol aad araaqull .'
I am, Very respectfully, ob'l s-rv't,' r
[No. 3.]
WASHINGTON, D. C., August 21, 1861.
Te Hi ExetlUntf, B. Mst$, - Qntrtur tf
ts SUU tf Antuekf.' t r'r'J !Jii
Sib Tour latter, of tbo 19th instant. In
which yea "urge the remoralfrom. tbe limits
of Kentucky of the military foroo now organ
Iced sad in oamp within said State,'! Is receiv
ed. I Buy not poeress Toll and precisely accurate
knowledge opoa this subject, but I believe it is
true that therw Ir B milttar foroC In oamp
ithia Keotaokyi .acting by authority or tbe
United States, which force Is not very large,
ana ta not bow actng Mgaventea. '
I alea believe tbat come arms bare been far.
Biebad to Ibis loroc by the United Statee.
I alea bellere tble force oonslats e xcluslrely
af Kentncklans, baring thsir camp in tbe im
ediate vicinity or tneir own comet, and net
tetelitng er mtutclsg any of the good people of
la ail 1 navaaooe ia we premises, i bare
acted upon tbe urgent solloltaiioo ol many Ken
lacklaae, and In aeoordaaee with what I believ
ed, and still believe, lo bo Iha wish el ma-
jorityof -ell the Uakw-lorlog people of Ken
tucky. - f r - , . , : .r, . -
While I bars ooorened on tbie sub ect with
many eminent mea of Kentucky, Including a
surge majority of her members ol Coogreis, I
do aot remember that any one af them, or any
auer pereoa except your Excellency and tbe
bearers of your Excellency's letter, has urged
mo to remove the military lorce from Kea tacky,
or te disband it. Oao other very worthy citisen
or Aeataoty did aoiieil me to nave tbe aug
mooting of the force suspended for a time. ' ,
Taking all the meaoe within my reach to
form a Judgment. I do net believw It Is tho oooa
lar wish of Kentockv that this force thall be
removed beyond her llmltst and. with this im
pression, 1 mast taspeclfally decline so to re-
aaoveit. ...... .
I moot cordially sympathlss with your Excel
lency la the wlah to preserve tbe peaoe of my
awa aatire State, Kentucky! but It Is with re
gret I search, and eaa net tod. In yoar not vary
short letter, any declaration or Intimation, that
you entertain any deeire lor tbe preservation
tne reaerai Union.
Tour obedtebt servant.
i i - . .
. Our adrloes irota West era Virginia Inlorm
as that acme of too United Statee Quartermas
ters are paying off the soldiers with rVlwity
erery, fioodlag tba country wlih that eurreooy,
which le at a large dlaooout. This is sn sojus
lifiablc proeeedlag, which ao officer poasessed
patriotism or Integrity weald ba guilty of. Tbe
Goreromeol pays the disbursing officer in"' rold,
aad acne bat the maaaest of maokiod; -would
take advaata(e of hie fositloa to Bjke proftt
ans aa aae eeuueew- vm. veat.
[From the Cincinnati Enquire, Sept. 3.]
Battle Mear Gauley Bridge-General
Floyd Repulsed.
Br a tnesseczer direct from the cmt we
learn that en Suadar laet.General Cox, bearing
that a portion of the enemy were encamped
about twelve miles back of Gauley Bridge,' dis-
e-itaaeeV aho- lwemh Okie ana Beoona B.sn
tuoky Regimente to look after them. Our in-
rorm&nt itiiea to impart too name or tne oom-
mtnoartt tntttxpeatuon; ine secession ioroet
were discovered to be mora formidable in num
ber thea was supposed, and they wett under tba
Personal command ol r loyd. Their eoouts gave
notice of our approach, and our troops bad bare-
If time' to eel into position before the attack
commenced on the part of Floyd, who bad bt
least iwUU men , under, his oommana,, witn
eighteen canaon.' Our force bumberedrlers
than 2000 men. with a larie, disproportion. In
tank. there belnr' bn)r 'tiX CO ihtsit el-hteen.
The battle was short 'and rweet, hot. while It
lasted, but the rebele soon Bare way, leaving
280 nrlaonera In our hands, two cannon. KU- a
larra oaantltv or arms ana ammunition. vur
Informant was unable to ; furnish iis with the
number bf killed and wounded, which upon tho
part of the enemy waa greater than ours. ', ,
I?lO0lAXXXAtiO3l. !
rT - . . rr -ex a UBV vrravm), VVbUEeuti v.r
rhna'aritltriED vorEBS ot-iub
' JL Chlrd Wtrd In tne oltr of Oolnmbni ire boVeby nov
Hgtd that an tleation or eae Tr-ttte,o aetata memoer.
of the Council of tatd tflft to enppl a veeaney vaattd
by tbe reilgnatton M Da. A. 0. Biali, let Iru.!-. will
to Bote at ut Udiieouiaioi boi, in ua nravuo
atwal phut of boidlng eleotione In Mdd Ward, on Moa-
day tbe Wtb day of Jleplembtr, A. P.lb.1.: The poll,
will be opened and oloted on that day at jUe Uiaet end
LgUbourt. H ;.x,.'..il..
artrpl-lde ' . . y u. . 1
Sheriffs Sale.
.r.ir i
rWray Thomaa
Superior Court.
Edward i. Brown
to at directed, from the Superior Court of frank
lie es-nty, Ohio. I will oiler for tale tt tht door of the
,0-rtM-oee, lathe eltfoi Columbae, Ohio, - j ' ;
!t j j Oa Saturday, Ootober 5th, 1861, 1 '
at est o'clock, t. M., tbe following premteee, iltnatt ib
the eoaaty ef franklin, aod Butt of Ohio, aad boaod
ed aa fallow!, to Witi .. . ' . r --m 7"
That tract or parcel of land lyln-eeetof tht city of CO
loabOw, being a etbdlvlilon of half teclion No. 23, townr
ebtn Me. . rnee No.. St. Befoiee land,, and detcrrbeA
on a certain plat reworded la tbe office of tbe Bwerder
tn tbd for laid Franklin oouoly, In Book Mo. II. paire
ti (reference thereto being hereby made), at lot No, fed,
oonlttBiog eleven aeret ana tovenly-oevea onebnpd
redthe of aa acre (11 77-100), tad which wtaeonTvyed to
hiall At Davit by John Orolahiwn, end by aaid Byall
Davie and wit to adward A.Brown, by deed dated October
7ib, A. S. loM. tod recorded In Book Ho. 01, pige 17Hj
la the aeotMere eeaeo in.aaia rraainn oautty; tu
above preaiieet hereby ae aforesaid cooveyed, being eab
Jeot, in the banda of the eald Kdward A. Brown, to tht
tlala ef M mother, Carolina Brown, for tne charge and
expense of btr real ov able ead eoaforttblt tapport and
oulntenanoe during her aataral life, u l l :
" Aleo, the following deecribed real ettatt, situate la the
eensiy of Pranklrn, and State of Ohio, to wit; Tht
weat half of lot Mo. tt). In tbo tnbdtvalon of half tM
tlaa No. 83. townahlp No. 6, range Mo. 8, at made end
dewribed In a certain plat recorded la tbo Beoerder't
office of Frenklle eounty, in soot no. m. pege u (Be
fngee lao4)t tbe Whole of laid lot containing eleven
aod ttventy-thret handredtheof aaaere (1173 100), aod
h n. the auna lend tnaL waa convevca te tnt eald mail
at Davit b Jobs Ortlgbton, and by eald 6 rail as Davie
ted wife to Oonetantine Johneoa, by deed dated Oetoher
7ih, A D. IBM. and recorded In Book Ho. 01, page 175
In tht Becoraer'e omoo or eaio. rcancun conniy. . i
Appralied at Lot No. 88 soou per acre
vretinaiioii40to.xo,ai aw wi "
v,;..; v. . - o. w. Hoer man, ea-ntr. 1
- . .- i.. By En, Dane, Deputy;
..O.BiaY, Atl'y. - . . j -ii.nl .-. t
Trlnter. feet, 810 DO. ', - i ., , ,.,
tepttd' - ' -' -"
Superior Court of Franklin" Coun-
t ty, uruo
Vrancli at. Story, by hit next friend,'
lie next friend, V k
T'"'; ' .' jlemparUtlo
i, respondents. J "
, .Alary Story, peutioae
Joeeph Story At othen.
A tht eald Court to tie directed,! will offer lor tale at
public eaetloa tt tbt door of the Court Bonee, ta the
city of wOlBBbua, oa . v..." '
Saturday, the S8th day of Sept. A. D. 1861,'
between tht boon of IS o'clock M. tnd S o'olock P. M
tbt following deaeribed veal eotate, eitaate la Pleteant
towntuip, r ran Kiln county, uaio. aae no on on ana ue.
eoribedte fol lowe: ., , . ...-v
. Part ef tarvev He. S809. of tht TrrflnU Military gut
vejt. beginning at a t'akt in the toathweet corner ef the
tract ef land, eeataining one hundred aoree, conveyed to
.oeien Bivane oy 4oeepn story oy aeea oetring aate may
7, ltSHS; thence eon in ovx polet to a elate ana lour iwul
hlckoriee and eua; thence eael 184 polet to a elakt la I
prairie; thence north 67X polet to a ttake on the weal
tide ol aa elm tatiked at corner In the lint of the Klver'i
lot! theaea west 134 polet to the beginning, containing
fifty-two tad a half acre,, store er lew; tubeet to- a
dower oetate btretolort tet oS tnd aetifned to alary
lory, widow of eald Marmadaka ttory In laid prtaltea,
detcribed aa follow- 17 07-lue terteol tatd l.nd,ono
ed aa follow,: Beslanlng at a atakt from which a black
wtlntl 19 Incbee la diameter heart a. H oeg. a. .
Ilnloi thence S. 1 dee. W.B polet tnd 80 llnkt to
ttattt thetee a. 69 deg. B. lit poire to a ttakt In the
wett ilnt of Ytoman. lead; thehce N. S3 pole, and SO
llnkt to t tt.kt it the weit tide of tn tlm narked tt a
corner; tbenee N, 89 deg. west 124 polet to tbt begin-
Appraised at 9 II 00 per acre.
kub w.
BUrrHAM, Sheriff.
Prtoler 's fees 18 00.
Oysters! Oysters
XX. bt to dally reoeipt, h Axpreae, tf
Pr.-B Ball law rt tnd Pair Havre.. ' ' J -' '
Call at Wagner', Oyoieraae. rH Mptt, Ha. 81 ,
State treat. ,
-i: ' ".IT. .':!;
HSW BITLBe Bala at etaa, Me. Btt South
llleh areet, have Jua t opened acwetylet af Cloth Oia-
CLaaa. n-tqoita, and b-ceuae, aadt ia tka aeweet aad
noet etyliih auuuiac. alto, .bapera fiartu
Hiack Ntihe, very heavy, dei.a4 tapreaely (ei
hlantlllaeand Baaqalnei ' , .. i . ftprlU..
The TratB 1st at NntthelU2
Tht nany klnda of common Btltratue foopd le wtrktU
Sis weak, lapete aad unhealthy, and defraud tht pur
chaser ef h,taoef,TyU'e Sure BletetU It enUrely
free from all thott objections'.. Jut great tales prove Its
popularity, Jepot, 341 Waahlbgtea street Hew lork.
oldlgi-ttrS'tvtiwhtrt.i..-'-i ' - '
x-Txcts or -BBS-trta-triiBi avoided.
Too aueh eating aod drlaklng, atw bablU and aodet
tt lift, often product Irregalatlllt, Ut th".ofeli tnd
general health of the eytteea.- But Btnnoatra'i Pius
will econ cure, (he etomacb will regain Ite ttreoglh, an
S healthy acUta at tbe-ayetem will be reetored.' We
Kwici.ra are eqtul In aaefulseu to tbe ' ' i;-
BRAltDUETII'9 PILtSy i ':.'
Every Btu ef the' fEl' -OUATEl had a box of
and au AtLOOCK'8 P0B0UB PLA8TEK put lnclr
koaptack free of expenb.' And ta (hit fact Bay be at-
trlbated tht abtenoc ef any w TBTB EBQII1ENT from
thtaotptiBi,' - iv1:?,. 1--i1 :: i'.vv.
BTEET 80Lt-T.SE tb,oaUhTe,a btx et. traadrem's
Plllt, a box ef BalrC,' aad a piece ef Poroat fleeter
They are BTEE take oteful, of ton llrV-mtlug.,?,'-,"
Bold by Jobs E. Oooi, DrugfUt, Ooiumbat, tad by
en -eepin-imw qwi.i wwnw - - ...
tutl7-dla' ' ! '-lr
norrATs liib pilm. ""
la all oaeee of ooellveneee-.ayrpeptla.'klUtoni and1 -Vtl.
rfeetions, piles, AtBi-aJltaa, ; fevers and Hate, ofeea
aabj bead what. tad all iwaeral o-vaagetawnts r ntaitu
thaaa PUU aava brvarlably proved s enrtain and' apttdy
remedy. A tingle trial fill pbet tbt IUa PUle beyopd
tat rate eroompcunoa u tpp eewaaueB ot every pa--eat.
Dr.MoE-t't Phaelx Bltarrs will be roaad eqmally tf
taeAoaa Is allctaee of aervoes deWllty, tytpepela; head,
ache, tbt atekneea Incident te feaalM In telloale health.
tad every kind ef weakneet or tht dlgoeUve ergtnt.
Per tale ky Br- IT, B. KOPPAT, EU, Broadway, tt. T.
aad by all DrB.f-4. -r- BayO-jAwly '
ThcfoiiorBf u sn szizaos jrom a
Utter writttaby tbe Eer . I.i KclaM, peeled at' aVs
r-rreol.t-e-t Baptiet Cbwreh, Brooklyn, PJ, T.)t
theeur-al aod Hoewenrer," Olnelnnatl, 0. , and tpeakt
rolnaee la favor ef that world-renew-ed BtdletBe, ataa.
"Wee, aa tdvertanta-t bt roar eoiennt at Mat
Wiweuow'e Soenne Srmur.. Horn we never eald a word
In favor of t patent aedieiwt 3fort ut. oar life, aat we
Icel enwipelled tseay te gout rMtdert that fhleaiae burn
bur WE BAVI TKlat IT. U lw M TW Bt' 14. . tl
OLaUia, It taprouaklf enaef the aioet earweewinl eeedl-f
anet 01 Bio aay. -eoauae U m one el tbe twaa.- ana -
ef year readeri who have baUceeaa'l-o betwr tn.a
IS-meBBpplr.' ee-7:ydaw
Kvi29 South High E:reet; Colmbui,
- now orriEino i 'f
1. S0O0 varde TraveUa Dr.ee Oooflj at 8X, value
OyartU Ira..llnt Biwee ftlie atMMxabtt .
xuuu y-iuo -of M.fe Hmiiw at nx, moo X3 oenu.
iuiw Ttraa vrenon urs-sdleeat UK, vawesw otntt
it UK, valoe 80 cents..
ttlti.valaeUeenla. it
e at S7K, valet BO teati.j
Silk al Bt 00. valuta 1SB.
xtMQ y-rw. , uiiuoiona lawse i
iuuu varot rouiare vtea tuu
1S00 urde ttavwrrlaiB. Blaek Bilk
Bobee of Organdie Borage, and Eng llib Benge, at one.
ail ioeir mmtssis.
J i'.I I jI i-(il irM c
Elegant Lace luanmias.
j. r. r...... , , .Ui
3ST6. 29 South High St!
XT AYE latt -pne' aa lavolet -ot Ttry Targa aad
XX nanaaome . , . . .. . .. , i -jj -.
w r 'i f iirwTTT.f.li "Aivrh pniNTKSL. !
Jaua,iAi iu.a ti A xuaraaaA er m r -y I
Wide lEN-k-LACEs for Shawls.
Yayy.Pp FrWh JTloanciiiejLacsa. A
Real rhreff;?rih;'Ch-DUUi'ii Geneve
.i'jfl 1e
Valencfenieii'tflirit it Gaze, Bnuieli
a and Thread - Laeei m.& Couari, t
wiiKtVH t.nx.r:l Wa a- r.nirFfl. ' , -1
r : m . .ch..
, on-B.i.' MW 'e-i.n ' in new outpee,
!h PAPETc COLLARS' &. CUFFS,.,, .... j"
.t,.t T-;.r. i .v for traraling,
Vraivalinsr Dress Goods.
,u .11.-.
BItKS,' pOlIr BB CHBTREB, ; . , ;'; , .
Tat bttt aad Boat faahloaable tfylee tn tbe efty, , I
. . .-'ti... bain bon.i :
,'.,,-' Vert-.-" t-w. r, Btt,i
j-'frlcij eMI-ir.".
X .:8B South High Btrttt.
,1 .... ii I il
TS1. ,1
U.13 .
t,tiT U- .T.SW-.ei.-r
.,,'..1 I
I .ft l'iloPwrtr?rtro''' .
t .
k I'
.TtunTa J
n u
4n nM..i'i t.-tt .nee.
Foreign, and JJoinestic laquors.
has BEMOvTirtrra btobe ibok , .
,....!' i..u.!'.-.--"l i ,u.--e - -.
tW'fg. :-' '
.r-.ua .f-.-n-eiI,'-.rr.e.itvi3 a-rtiv -
.:. -jar ln?..in'J-".e.:. vK r! ie-..t. -a.
-aetdlditaad rApjBfry'doTtrpled'b? WM MeDONALD
:u tn eatleoa .i"t V-.' I-1 - " " -
r" Ttk ii n daily'rece'lpt of
MtTrPAeSK coops
J;.a null e-r,o ll- - -.a-yj " ' J " '
M eghk bt will tell i ' '; 1
Cbenp for Cash or Conaitry Proelwoo
... I .
jrjf Qoodi delivered to City trade free ef ehtrge.QI
.'' ' (tCOOBiSOR 10 atcKIK it EESTUATJXj '
ITo., WGagh Street,
. t 1 i -trt 'Sr- I." -1 -' n i" '' f "
.,ii'l rj .-. r,
Fofeign and 'Domestic Fruits,
F L 0 R.8 A ft V 0 R 8,, ETC
,w!..-:v:.;J.c;''-'.N.,. .
Steam Between. Ireland and America
! ' Ttie folloeing new and Bagnlficent Bnt-cluipalilll
WBeet Bteamuipt eonpoec uie apg.e uoe;
ADBlAtIO, S.888 ten bartheo. , Capt, J. ktacr
irormerly of the Colllnt Line )
One of the above tblpi will teart Hew Terk er Boelon
klteraatelp everyt .aeedea fofiuttbtj for tAalaey. car
rying to govenMatat Aaaiie,. toeonrng at bu eanna,
. Tbe Blw-ntra of tuia lie mve oeee 000-1 rwoiwu wiin
the greatest oare, ander the tupervltloa of the govern
BCBt, havewater-tlght'eoBparimentt, and art aacxoel
led leaoeairort, eaf.ty aad tpeed-by eay tteajtert afloat.
They are commanded by abl -sd ekperieaeed offloert,
and every eiertlon will be made to promote the ooafort
pfpaeeengera. ....v-u..
Aa.txper-mceu aergeee etnunwii w ww- wp.
Plrtt-elatEi Eer Jottotijq 9IWw or Liverpool 1100
Pirtt-elaj,. ,,r V l H -obo.; ' ;K
Ihlrd-eltae,! Y hf.J ' T.iJ 'l to Oalway ertlvtrpool.
j or any town Ift Ireland, on a Railway, ... Bp
I Third-claw paaaengert tn liberally supplied with pro
titioat of the beat quality, cooked and served by toe eer-tanUoUliOC-mp-oy.
- v - ... v
ne to trad for their frleodi from Iht Old
eountry can obtain ticket! from any town oa a railway, la
trelaadrer from tbe principal eittei of England'and beot
land, at very low ratettv o u . : 1
. Pateeogeri for Mew Tort, arriving by the Bottoa
teamen, will be forwarded to Hew Tork free of charge.
I.rBBtm.e.rf.r v:
At the offlot of tht Company, on tbe wharf, foot of
Oanal ttreet, new lorr
HOWLAUD O; lflPIMrT At I. Agents.
I eprlll9:d6m
Ail ili) '
mnAonwNutv mum
! BA-QTafcBOK;"
j 10. 29 SOUTH E-QB STR-XT,
ItOOannriaoer PUln. Black Illki at $1 00 valut
. tl 85 pet yard. :
2,500 yards TmvtllBf Dnts aad Hantle
! 18 1E otntt valut SO cents peryari.
Oeods at
3,000 yards While BrUUeotei at 19 1-E
lvalue POeenUperjtrd. ' " v'1
8000 Birds Pine aadEtaieaUt 1
A.. w.ln.. TVUMiM
MOZAMMftniS, BJ50BtirES, ' l5"
TUIOLIBH EAi,Ui,AJH-;-w-.. ,t,,
1 a
t a.' h
1 :vr-'v'i 1
' -liii
Kew' Td .laiUioeisiUei lrte Gtood
In. tht moet deelrable atylee and at rery Jewel prioet.
-AT-CJ -C? JL Xb Ta a t
TJf all materlale, eoadela tht Boststyllah Banner aftee
tht btteet Peris Paeawne ne io elegant stylM la
i 'IVf 1-AlN A. EOIT
stay JP ,',.Soo o. 89 loath Big. 'tlrewt. '
Skge -4a"44t'tW Staff
e SUt.
t White Cheeked era
For Bait bg,,
1 vtf '
.1 ,-ev. 1 V i w.o.
lilt A BOM.
IIIBERItJA, ,., 4,400 tone burthen, C-Pt. If. Pmoweav
OOUJMUlA, 4.4H0 , k.LtiToB.,
AaLI4v--"1 'feiiO1 I' f' BicBoitoti
14 Ml ii in luuiirt a viia
An JLffectlTd, 8af and XoonomloaJ
To lte-oHlnal oolorwiBioat dyeing, and arevetiisg
Ualrtrtta turning gray
Aodourlngrt, when there IS the leaat partlole of jrlUM
OT rtcupwrau.w .-.is j i .
AndillOBtaneonttiTectlont of tht Boaip.
lapertlng to It aa aneqtled glott tndbrtlllanoy, atakiog
toft I
and allay in lie euiura, eno -- - np
readily. ; T . ,- " t:' rlr. .'.
the i rest "celebrity end lno rearing demand for tble aa
eqwl-i preparation, canvtnoet the proprietor tnatooa
-rial la only terieaerpetea-wy a a-wnM i.uno 91 iu
tupeeiorsual. tletaver toy ttber preparaUon b) ate. It
tleaneei tbt head and eaalp front dandruff and ether
eutaneootdleettit, aaaabig the hair to grow icx.riaatly
giving It t rich, eof L gloeey tnd fiexlole tpptarano-, aad
alto, wfaertUie kair it looeenlngand thinning, U Will gtvt
ttreag k end vigor to the r obj ead reetere the growth te
aoet per waicn Btvt becoBt bald, eauetn Hie pteia a
reenooreiintoi nair. . rlMev'
Then art bund rede of lad lee tnd gentlemen la Hew
Tork who have had ihelr bair reatored bv the net of thle
iBVlgeratar, when all other preparttloni hart failed. I.
at. net av ait potaeaaioa wt-ni Uinuatraote tewti lying
to the above faote, from iMneoaa of the hl.hMt r-dw-ni..
blllty. ' It will effectually prevent the aai, from turning
until tbt Itteet period of lite; and in oeact wbere'the bair
baa already ebangod iu color, the ate ef the Invlgeeator
wuiwita oenainiy rawreuwii to ia anginal hue, giv
ing It t dark, glotty tppearanoe. At a perfume log the
toilet tnd t Hair Batlorativt It It Darllcubrl
Bended, having tn agreeable fragr-noo; tad bee ai-ai ta.
tilitlet it afford. In drealng tht hair, which, wbea aeoitt
with tht Invigorator, can bt dreawd lo tay retailed
form to 11 to pretervt lit place, whether plakior ta taru)
lenee tba great oemana tor 11 ny tne lameo aa a tta-dard
Dilet article which none ought to ba wUhout.tt the erioa
placet tt within tht reach of all. being ..
Only Twentj-FiT Centi
per bottle, to be bad at all retpeotable Prtgglsh) end
. renwaera. . i , ...
L; MTLLIE would call tht tttaatwaof Parents and
Auardlant lo the aaa of hie IoTlgorator, to tteit where
the children'! half inclloet to bo week. Tbe eae ef It
lay a tht foundation for apoeot Aed of kairt at it re
Bovet any unpurltiee that aay have btc-BO connected
with tht tcalp, tbt re morel of whiuh- auiBerp both
for the health of tbe child, and tbe future ppeeraaea of
IW Bair. .. . V
Canon. None genauee wlthoet the fae-,lnlle BOTJIg
lllLLEE being on the eater wrapper! tat, I. -MIL.
LBB'8. HAIE INTIOOEAIOB, a. ., biowa la tbt
Wholetalt, Depot, 18 ey street) and told by all the
principal kferchaota tnd Druggieta throughout the World
IJ .1 Jl .nlU MM um h.Ua.Mlll. -
I alto deeire to' prweent to tht American Publlt my
whk'n, after yeara ef sdentlne experit-Mtinc, t ihavt
brought to perfection. - it eyat Black or Brown Inetantly
withoattnjury to tne uair or B.to. wirraoted tht nett
article of tho kind hltanoel
Depot, ' 66 "Dey ' St?; New' York.
saaisfddtWap ..AvJ:il1.lW:
ITIaaafactwrere of all klnde Ot 'Por
table anal Mtationary a team -Eu-:
(taee, law Milla, airlat Blllla, ;
' AC, AC.
LASIi BODLTi Btatml B. et I. SLAXD YBtalmt
et CO- Btalmtllll " '
'Our Portable loglne aad Saw Kill
Wu awarded tht Brit premium of B50 at the Indiana
State Pair for lu60 over Lane A Bodley 't on account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of foot
" snd supsrlor character of lumber cawed.
Our Stationary Engine wu awarded at the tame Pali
tht firwt premium of $iUO. . i t
Our Portable Engine wu awarded the firtt premium ol
$100 at the Pair at Metaphta. Tenn., over Blandy't Da
vtll't, Oolumbut Machine Oo ., and Bradford A Oo't
by I committee of practical Railroad Engineer. ,
Por price and tenniiddreaa
decS-dfcwlyeolt. . Hewtrk.Ohlo
j . 1 -.. veit"t l t-t
! j
For an Inch of Time!
Wae once Tne exclamation of
a dying Queen. . That lnh of time cm be proenr.
ed tt a much cheeper rate, and nany long years i ,,'-,.,. '
enjoyed by consulting tt. HBBETWEATBEB, who ,
It caring tnt moat ebittatte and loog-tlandlng dletuet
I , rMte iVeiubbam Thlaarek ef
' Hear what the Philadelphia eorreepondent tart In tht
i "Aa English geatleaeaa, formerly connected with the
Brltlih Army, and Who etylet hiaeelf the 'Indian
Botanic Phyalclao,' bu of bu gained an txltntlvt npc
Ittloa ben by bit tklll In eurlng aU Banner of com
plalott. Boat of Wt pttlentt I bare eoevened wltlt,
aod they pronounoe hit remedies tnd mode of tMalroeni
u very topertor. Some btvt BeeB reatored at If by
algle. Tbt medicine be a eae le dletllled by kimeelf
from varloaa btrht potteeelog rare euratlve avoperttet. t
.WKM. -nilow tn tna arm he devoted kit leki-re BOf I
-i.ni. fa. . ihnron.h elude of Iht effeett produced bf
certain medicinal roolt and herb, on til Banter Of die
attei, II eeeme be hae found a eaie aad tpeedy ramea.
dy for all the tilt that fleab It heir to.' Hit preetloe is
already txtenelve and la dally loonutng.. I tbAooaj.
plalntt to which Ptmalet art tuhjeoted, he boa no iual,
tea large number hen have teetlfied that they owe sol
oely their preeent good health, but theU liretK.Ja,ihf
tklll of thle Indian Botanic Phyelolao." t .. .w ci
Office 37 East State Street, Colomb-e. ? wi
:. ,v ,- 1 1 .
Tka Be-t Artificial Mela lo ,IJw
. Usnan Elgat jwaEJUareintadl
' ! " n JOSEPH S. PEULET,; " w
ment oT tht oet Improved klndt of npwUcUa.
All hit ttkMeee, whether for neif of fr 'nli t,JT re j,
ground la concave con-rex form wllk the S,',',f,!frV
to u te en It the Byte or til oeeet. curing Wefcaeee.
Ditaloeia er Intttainatlea of tlw e,AA b-"ln
ttreneth fnf loci readlnt or fine eewlnt- -
Offlot, 11 Bert smm aujat, at li f w ewter s
11..1. ai . . .jb
t aaa--ly' .Z. - t a? twamuat
saasio onus, -k-o-i varr ayw
f ..hi ..i. i-
-. " eg
nuiAit tLOl'HS. Ateo, other Baket of Sprlng
OtoakClotluh laaii aeelrtble BUttaree moainre, !'
maan4BMewtaBwteb. aVI ek OM.
apni . He. BIBoettiHIhitrea .

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