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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 06, 1861, Image 3

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Mall tor' New York City, BolloR, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, rteubenv IHk way Cleveland, Zaneivllle,
newark, uranviue, wa-ningtoa city, jwiumorw,
delphle Mid New Orleans, clot daily (IJuaday oep.
A through nail for New Tor and .0lerelan4 lo
felly (BundiiM excepted) al S o'clock p. m, - '
0.0.0.H. R. WuMtlcUtt.biy(BarhrM'
oepted) at I o'clock p. at., . '. . . j '
Central Oblo War ball clotfi 4al1j (Bandars excepted)
in ..ii. . ' --
OlnclaaeU Wa IJeJttji flaltT fj-unrleyl exeeptodjsi
OUMt. una ewe, Delawen, Marion an Worthtar
toa Mali oloeoe dally (Sendaya emeptad) at 8 'leek
p. nail, ,ti-"n ,i .'1 LI J A , ' l .' u, li t '.il . l-li : pi' -.
Malta for Xente, Springe-Id, etav Calais CioeU.
natlHLadianapolla, awelevilJ,. It. teals, and Detroit,
do daily (Buodayi excepted) at 8 o'clock p. . . -
A Uunofk malt to Aeata, BBgAel and GUtqtnaati
loaee daily (Sunday xoepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
Urban, Plqua, Tiffin aod Unloa Oily mall oloaat dallf
. (Bandar! exoeptad) at 8 o'olook p. m.
Laucaiter, Logan, NalMOTilla, Circlevtlle, Ohllllootbe.
Portaeaooth, Washington 0. H Athene, Marietta and
HllUborouih mall close dally (Sunday excepted) at 8
o'olocw.p.'avi - . .uiviv. ... , it
Baa War Mall by National Baa to UnnrUla oloaaa
dallylanayaaaeapted)avllo'clookai.' i ....' -
HatMabaifb Mall cloaat dally (aoadayi aawpM) alS
'kMka.au: ' : v. - .
fciu Tanwa Mall, by way f'Waatrrillsa floabaiy,
eloaa dally (aaadaya axon tad) at 8 a'alaok p. at. i
Snkkn Mall aloaai ally(8andaya aaeeptad)at o'oloek
' p. m. -'.f J- , ' nA.r.l OJ 1 '
LMaMM Way Hall oloaat dally (8andaa xaptd) at
'olok.'a ' ' v x '' "'' ''
Malla from Maw York, Boaton, Philadelphia, Bnffalo,
Albaiu. Plttaharvh. OUraland. -Daytoa, Tolado, Xania,
Datroll, BprlniAald, ClnalonaU, ObIIIIooUm, ttt. Loula,
and all (outliarB oltlaa, arlva batwaan Um honri ol 8
o'olook p a. and 4 o'olook a. m.
Mali (roat iDdiauapoUa, OUoafO and Dttbaqaa arrira
at 3:40 a, . . i. .
Mail tmm WaabintioB City, Baltlmota,. Wbatllna,
CanaavlUa, Howark, kuabenvllta. Ml. Varaou, and tba
0. O, JU &. Wa Mall, arriTa at 19 o'clock m.
Wy Hail from OloolnnaU arriTM at 1 o'clock p. at.
Laacaaui Hallarilna at8 o'olook p. at.
Baat Way Mail war tka MaUasal Jtoad anrlTet at 11
Vlooka. a. . r-rr. .
Ht. 'arnoa Way Hall arrtma at ll:N a. a. ' r.r
Mall traa Dahlia arrrfta at 1 o'oloek m. " ' '
Crbaoa Way Mall arrlTaa at a'olock p. aj. i '
HartUMtgh MaH antral at 11 'atoak a. m. i ' '
Laooaaiar Way Mail arrlTM at It a'oloek m. -' '
Offloa deHrary opan avary day (aacopt Sunday) from
7 'clock a. m lot! o'oloek p. m. Open oo Bnndayi
from lit ta 8 o'olook 1ft tba. atorninf , and frua 8 to 8
' '' ' ' '
Rail Road Time Table.
..... .. v, -.u .teaTM.'-
OlaolnnaU aocommodatloa. 5.00 A. M.
" BipMaa...ll:40 A. M.'
Mall and Aeaomanxlatton.. 9:10 P. M.
Might Sxureai Tla Day tia. 1S;00 midnight
0:10 P. M.
WO A. M.
8 00 r. M,
3:20 A. H.
. .j;v,yJn. W. Boaaarf , Agaot. .
Right Bipreaa... ....
Maw JTork Bipraaa
0.0. A0, WayXxprtii.
t.. j, '.:i"r '
OamaiiOai K.. E.,
.'.ftitO A. M.'-
"I1:1SP. M.
210 P.M. , 7:50P, H.
... Juiaa PamaKXt, Agaat. .
Ma.'B SxpVaaiM..'
S:l A.'M. - 11:9I A. M.
no. do
&15 P. H. . 11:48 A. M
7TrVJ. Tux, Agaat.
Pi i weuaea. Ooumrm at CureimnTi . R. '
Mall train 3 3 A. M.
Bxpraas T)-ala 1 1:23 A H.
3oa. BonM
Ootrtktoi 8t IenuRoroLU, B. R. " '
(jCoLcaioi Piaca fc iHoiaMa 1. K.)
Me. 1 Kxprtaa 8:30 A. H.
Me.S ' ............l:0OP.M.
. B:4I M
a. Agent '
9:00 P. U
7:80 P. M.
10 4U A. M.
' ' "W.: Rhith. Agent.
The Adams Express Company places ns dally
under obligations to it for the very latest papers
(rum tbe eastern cities. ,l ...
The American Express Company baa onf
thanks for ita daily favore in. Uie shape of the
rery latest eastern papers
D A gentleman who lost bis wallet, con
taining money and valuable 'papet 1 the
orowd, at r the Convenlioo yesterday, would be
(lad to recover the papers, if nothing more.
Aoy person leaving tbem-al Ibis office, or giv
ing information that may lead to their recovery,
will be liberally rewarded for bie trouble.
. . r- r j
Tan Cocktt Fna Tbe Fair waa largely
attended yeeterday, and everybody waa delight
ed whh the exhibition and arrangements.
The diiplay of horaea and cattle waa larger
and finer than at any previous Fair. Tbe horses
particularly attraoted our attention. Among
ao many fine ones It would be invidious to at
tempt a distioction, and our space does not per
mlt us to mention all.
Tbe ladies were highly pleased with the
beautiful appearance of Floral Hall. ;l Is in
deed neatly and tastefully arranged.
The exhibition of batter, bread, honey, cann
ed fruit, etc V wte. highly creditable, aad the
committees iao ao iittie perplexity m oeoming
upon (he awafds
Tbe tabh-e in tbe. Dining Hall wore laden
with tbe flaesf prod sole and laxartea of tbe sea
S B.
U annum, iine of the oiorks, farniahed ns
with a full' !at,',oHKe..'4ntrlee,' nearly all of
which waa tmblinbed in the Srarmaa of Wed
needay morniBg :: The total number .of entries
np to thtl time is 9R4. ,Th Jlst of premiums
awarded! will ba pablisbee, hereafter.-
The trotting otait borsaij ftrpund )he, ring
takee Blace' mt tea o'clock thla forenoon ; The
ladies ride In the afternoon. u '
'I'r if i m f I
D" A man flamed C, Bi PiasdJia waa arrested
at Cleveland on Wednesdat - evening, on -
warrant issued by United "States Commiaeloher
B. WBlrrh FaIiokb it charged with carrying
letters and contraband goods to Memphis.
, 1 1 r ""
Camp Wadb. Tbla is the name of. the camp
near Wprthlflgton, where the Forty-ninth Reg
leant, Col . WoaTUNaTOM ,7 Lleat.-Col Wai-
ovtt eommandlD 4. hss.T ItB rendezvous. It la
faatflll.tpg'Wp.-' i:'-.;is. v....i '
VCT Captain Btotm left tbe eity yesterday or
Weatern Virginia, with a wmpany' frbiri-Alien
eonntyfor the) eeond. Virginia Cavalry
ST Aeeordlog to i'jaotlce ,,lsoel trom' Ihel
mosterbig effioeof the Western Department at
Clnclnoatl.lio wot'e companies or ragimeota.
save than wow In proceiis' of formatlon. wllbel
aocerrted far General Fbemowt s oommandv m.
. .. . . . 1 ! -:J
fT Thf September trm ojT,rtj! fyotirt, of.fiW
mow Pleas tor Delaware eouaty oommencw on
XT itlMMXXlf&hwftl -iaai
eveotag, a large crowd "from tb 'Btept of the
Capitol on hla great original truths 8nd being
tK avaataaf 'htaW! 'yihfllUrinVat--Ind aattrtatl
. "T ' -.,---,--. -
that eve lived, he reaHaea full well ,the great
sabds7'tha(UAa f iat. agatoaVi'lilin,'.' and Hn
teada ahortly agcln." totrrcareerate; himself rot
tbe space of opa month, or for lifel ::, Ue leavea
thU nornlnj; fprptlibpp1ui,! wherthe UMciv
ore this Evening, en tbe 9th t Laneaster, aad
Oft the 13th t' tUviUit'Fatewell,:J.
Strike like a Vert In the cause of Trtith, Justice
and BuBtafiityi a t" !T j-e. t
I 4 i .reii' '' j."''. v" V
, CT The fhirty-fif lb Begimant la camp near
Hamiltol. It to M transferred to Camp Dennl
soei tuia weKi -t -r !-t..wv.j
ET There are at Camp Dennleon three regi
MfttJ of WBatrjfwB8ywt.(
,1 ' ,4 -V .'te-
fj" One hundred apd jwept monpted men
frosB FarmlDitonTrumballeoontyfeommand.
s4brCat.CaLbruCurivedial Cleveland
Wsdeesday .evwlng, and west Into Camp Wade.
J PioirocEiTB. W heal ot mnj me balnf
bad tbalr pockatB plo'x4 jMterdty darlog tb
tkmpedB from lb Tbcatr. It was so doubt
premeditated by plokpoekeU for the porpoe of
carrying on their baaioeat uocetaruJlj, wnion
they did. ,; ' ;
. . ! ap f '
ST The number of troopa at Camp Demtiaon
1 2,500 f'Cl, L. A-Hamii U new tha officer
pommaodlog at the camp,
1! I
ZT Mr? Maion ,"of thla cltj , baa aa exdelUnt
eating-hoaie ; on, h CouBly Fair Grwride,
which la a great oonTenieDoe to Tialtora.
- n - 1 1 ;
J tTCoV Shmwih'8 Regiment of Attllliry
baa been disbanded brt Oor. Denkiioh, who, It
W n(d bad authority bo to tto Irom the War
$c$arlment at W'aablngtpl,''i' ".. -
l. ; a
tTThe Cleeland flareM of Wednejday
trenlDg aayai..-i , -V;, i!- .i i
Three yoang 'women were thla motnlog dla-'
ooTered lo IDA 4iat regiaenh aitirea ae mataa,
hating enlleted In the regiment vTbe erect
oaoaed quite a eeneatio among tbe aoldiers. ,
ST Capt. 1. W, Faai'e oompany froaa Petry
county, and Capt. Bowta'a eomp'any from Hock
ing,' both of the Thirty-Bret Regiment, left
Camp Chase yesterday afternoon for Galllpolia.
u - . ' ..i.i " i H'.7I
L bee of the hamaaitarlan Bovements of our
time, although little known ae such, can hardly
be orer estl mated In ito UBportanoe upon the
well-being of our widely aeattciwd eommunltlea.
Tbe population of the American Btatee la In
maoy sections ao sparse, that skillful pbyslclana
are baidiy aTallable to them. Vast numbers of
our people are obliged to employ, In (lokoeM,
auch medical relief ae they can bear of from
each other, or, Indeed, any they can. get from
any quarter. Uenoeexleea tbe great consump
tion of ratent Meaicinee among us, .greater ny
far than in any of tbe old oonotriea, where skill
ful chTslciana are accessible to all olsssee. Un
principled men hare long availed tbemeslvee of
hie necessity, to palm off tbetr wortniesa Ma
trons, nntil tbe word bae became aynonjinous
with Impoettion and oheat. One of oar leading
ohemiste in tbe Eaet, Dr. Ayer, la pursuing
course which deleato tbla iniquity. lie bringe
pot only bie own, but tbe best skill of our timee
to bear, lor tne proaaouoa ot toe oeei remeatee
wbioh can be made. Tbeee are supplied to t b
world, In a convenient form, at low prices, and
tbe people will no more boy poos aedloineo la
Bleed of good at tbe aame coat, than tbey will
bran instead of flour. Tbe inevitable eonsKjueace
of ibis is, that tbe vile oom pound that flood our
oouotry are discarded for tboee which honestly
accomplish tbe end la view which cure. Da
we oyer-estlmato It Importance, in. believing
that the proepect ot supplanting the By arord
raadtdnaa. witn those Vt actual worth and vi
tue, Is fraught with Immense consequences lor
Boodi to tbe maasea l
01 our people. uimm i
Chronicle, Peru, It).
leept.i oawiw.
A Jott JoDonrJiT-Publie opinion is ft bar
before which few care about appearing without
their acts will atand the severest scrutinising;
some aay that its verdlcte are harsh, but never
theless tbey are generally Just and correct.
"Kennedy's Medical Discovery" bae now been
on trial for some twelve years, and during that
period thousands, of witnesees ' have arisen to
speak in ita favor. One testifies that he was
cured of Scrofula after Buffering six teersi an
other that be found immediate re'lef after suf
fering with Bait-Rheum for twenty years, and
It ie such evidence a this that has oaused the
public to render the following verdict: Guilty
of exterminating ana anniniiaung irom tne eye
tern every humor with which it oomes la eon
toot, and we recommend ir to the consideration
of tbe afflicted. ..J .
The Public .Works of Ohio.
Ornoa or vba Launs or rma Public Wous, (
OoLoasoa, Jaoa 11, 1881.
rpHB ondenlimed haying beooma the Laawaa of th
1 Pnbllo Warka of Ohio, andar the aet of May 8, 18)11
and harlog antarad Into the poaMaalon of aaid Works,
hereby ! aotloa teat 10 operatic nnaer ia leae.
and dktchargloi their dntlaa ooder tha aaaaa, tha boat
eaa will ba traoaaotad with tba poblto throogh aienta
appotuled by tha Leeeeee, under aooh rulea, regalatlona,
reetriotlona and llmltaUoo, shall ba praasrlbad for
their roteroment. v
Thoea Areata lor in pratnt, win eoniut or aw u an
tral ageau a xreaaureraoa aeoratary, lor in ventral
Offloe of tha Leiee at Oolnmbo: and tha ntoaiaary
nambar of eaperiatandanta of atapalr and Oalwoior of
Toll oo th OTral Work tmbraaad la m leae. 1
Tha General Agent shall ba tbe principal exaeatlr
officer of the ttmct, acd shall JaaTe enarye ol um gen
eral bueloea omoe atOoluabo. lie ahall ban nper
Tlelon oyer th aaaiDsas of tha I mm wlUi thvanblie.
and a aoh agent (ball ezacate all oantratta, axotpt
thoee for labor and material! coaaeowa wiu to ordina
ry rapalra of the aereral Work, and be shall audit and
Mttie ail aceonnta.
Th dailea of tb Treatunr and Baentary ahall be
anoh aa an oinally dlachargad by atmllar officer In other
uea. I
Tba InvoTinteiidats of Bepalrs shall, oa their re
peotlr dttlelon, hare power ko mploy and ditcharg
all inbordloatea and laborar. aad to parehai all tool
and material! neoeeaery in the ordinary repair of loob
dirlalon, and tha aam anaii b ander usair ipeclal ai
notion and managtaaai. I
TheColleoloraof Toll. Water Rent aad Finee, are
Inreated with all tha anthorlly and power, proywed in
the lawa or -the state and th legolauon ol to Hoard
of Pablio Worka. aaada for that parpoe. whaa each Col
lectors acted aader appointaaaat aad aUwtly f roea tbe
Mo Indlrldaal meeiber or me tali ahall hare th
right to tranaast bMinaaa In th bm of lb Lea,
with any periaa or ponon, la aay other manner than
throogh tha appointed ageale, aaleao apaalally authoria-
ed by iha luei ao to ao; nor aoatt aoy on w wa ap
pointed aaent nara aamonty to tranaaei any aueii
in tba name of tha Leeeeei. aaoept la the Darticwlar
braaoh of tha bniinea confided to bin, aad (abject I
the reitrlctioni and limitation or hi agency
ie nniKUVDi WU IM.ll.UVU. vt W. .IN. -
Mo authority to borrow money aa tha credit of the
Leweci, ahall arer exiitln any Leeeee, agent r other
employee of th Lehui, aolea th (aa aaall be eoo-
ferred by a noanimooa vol ot ina Maaaea,ai a regular
meeting, kud tba amooat o aatooriaed ta to borrewed
aueclBtd In um order ana entered Laeioanai.
Oco. W. Maarrtxiv I tha Oeaeial Agent of the
LeeeMl, Baajaaut JE. Bum, Treaiarer, and Jaa
JoTca, Seoretary. . . r .
Tha Suoerlntendenta of Btvalrs are :
On theM. at. Canal and W. R t M. Boad Joaara
Ooora, taoaaa fiaowa, Wa. J. Jaoko and Aaaaa t
Baoxo - ,
On tb Ohio, walhondlof and Hooking Canal and the
Maeklnguat Inproroment Eeaaax II, Mtwaa, taieaua
Miiua, Daaau HeOABtarr. Briytwraa HaoautT and
ThS Oolleotor on the Canali, Hoiklnnm Imoroy-
,santand Haamoe Koad, ar th luia that war in th
Mirloe of the hi at at tb tlata et tb zeeatwa ot tb
Leaaej but all th aloreaaiit aganu held thtlr appoint
ment at ue pleasure anoj epuoa oi tee bue.
I ,.- --'i I. AMI JAKV1H,
i. -, ;:-, -it- ii :ObKPH OOOPIB.-
',h "V i J' WM. J. JA0K8ON,
:1 s.H WJ ARMObl) MB1)BBB.T,
Leneea of th Pablio Works.
, J4-d3tv3
Sheriff's 'Sale -
John Kennedy.
Kennedy, )
v. i
Boath t al.)
v. Common Pleas,
I ABM Boath
T vlrta of an order of tale te at directed, from the
Court of Ooaiiaoa Flea or Vranklln conntr. Ohio,
111 offer for aal at tha door of tb Court Hooae, la
the elby ot Oelumbua, on
Monday, tWl6th day of Sept., A. D. 18G1,
at on o'oloek 1. H.. the followlnf denrlbed real
eitate, iltoate In th ooonte of Pranklln. State of
OhloaadeHyef Ooloeioni, towli: Theeaat ooe-balf of
in following premt.ee. seaaneaelag one BaaSraa an
eighty-four feet (184) weat af tb awitaeaet orar f al
lot cumoer (j turty-nra, aad betas apart of M oat-
lot, at a atak. thesoa north one hundnd and clean.
even and a half feet IVStX) a a itaka, theoca wet
nfty eeyen feet (57) te a eUke, thenoe cut fifty eeo
feet at) th place of aeelBalaa. all of which llnea
aodoonier, oowerer,aiaat ba uadeiaoeed av carfpoadv
,n with ujo,, bt tb etrl aad alleye of tb etty of
Ooluabo af jraaaid. balae tb Met one-hall ot tha above
deecrlbed premliee, and th ettne ooavayed to th aaid
Jamee Booth by (aid John Kennedy and wife by deed
or ren lata aereiu- ) i--" -
AOnraiaadat BH70.
Printer'feS.TJ f.iW. HTJPTMAH, Bh.-lg,
aegio-td. ,i Bjmu yarie, aiapmy.
HMatgartl).lPliillipV Eitat. '
l Iha underalined has beta doly appcleted by Ike
rrabeta Ooart ot franklin eoonty, Oblo, AdatlatatratrU
ol iha eotate of MargaretP. Phtlllp, tat of eetd. ooanty
eeoeaeed. - ",".,., .... , ..
Dated Jon 8, 1681. 1 ' , AX MAIUS. ,
4e7:dllwair-- ;
a... 1. 1 ihJiiim i -
vi K
ft Pa lb lBSTAJri HUH
"IJJ I N r.vi ad P1RM AITT OTJK1 of It
i i.ja' j
tBtrfestng eaapltlat Bee ,
na.i--J ...- ft'iiDTIl
I ' ... .to .V .
ICaJeby j. i- IBYMOtii i CO., 107 Raaaasi BA,'.
U.yii : rnos ear" oi sentfrewof .
More Confiscation Seizures.
PhiiamitbU, Bept. -Ooe bark and foof
sohoooere were eened by the Uolted' States
Marshal to-dey nnder tb oonflscaqon act, A t ;
Another Conspirator Arrested.
Bnama. flanl. 4 Jaa. LcRulre. naillog frord
TT.nr.. N. 8.. waa arrested in this eitv to-dn
on a charge of conspiracy against the Govern
ment,. He b8 been eommitiea ior iriai
next term or Ue u. b.jjisuici wk.wu
waa refneed. LegUre waa bound for Memphis,
and a uniform waa found In hie trunk and other
suspicious otroumstanoee led to hie r'"
Another Conspirator Arrested. More Seizures in New York.
Niw Yoai Sent.' 4-Eibt rnord veegele
were aelsed by Government effloerar(M ,.
Four oompaaiea of sharp-ehootefg InolodiDg
the MaeeacbusetU and Mlohigan eorpe, left here
for tbe Bomb to day . " T ' J A f . &
A dianatch from SoetcraM eneaks very en
couraglugly of effewe In Weetetn Virginia U:
It le reportea me reoeis are coucenwauun mi
ilij.i.i,wrk.lH ti.M. .(i-i:.i"t 'IUJ
A Mississippi Rebel Arrested.
RiaiTnn. 3ntaeibrt 4.aIamea. Cbsnin,- of
Viokeburg, reported to be ft Captain In the rebel
army, was arrested at the reaidenov of hie fath
er Inlaw In this) Tillage to-day r by, United
Ststea Marshal Burke, ot Albany, by virtue of
a warrant of tbe Secretary of Suite. He Is te
go toFort Latayette,. r .'; '' i i'
From Richmond and Charleston.
BaltihobB, September 4. A oopy of the
Riohmoad DiSDktch of Tuesday , received by a
flat of truoe at Old Point, coatalne the follow-
inc Items of news: . ! .! i J A
A dlanatch from Charleston, dated Sunday
night, sajs a brig, laden with Coffee, fan tbe
blockade on Sunday morning f else yeeMl with
frnit. ;
Tbe shin Gondar, from Liverpool, arrived at
Beaufort last week.' Tbeebip Alliance, which
arrived at Beaufort laet week, ie spoken of by
the Examiner aa laden, with arms, ammunition,
thread, quickallrer, etc
The Dispatch ears: "We may la a few daye
expect Beauregard's and Johnston's report of
the battle of Manaraae." ;!', ( i I !
. Tbe Peteieburg EipreflS of Monday gives an
account of tbe taking of Fort Uauerae, and
aaya a portion of tbe wounded left on a steam
boat. It gives the number or Killed ana wouna-
ed at about eighty, and says that loose who ee
caped irom tbe lort contended that tbe magasine
exploded, bat the Expresl doubt the story, and
adds i "Our latest advices Irom North Carolina
are up to eight o'clock laet night. At that hour
it waa koown In Geldaboro', that a formidable
Yankee fleet was in sight of tort Macon, which
commands tbe entrance ot Beaufort harbor, and
la sookaa of aa the moat formidable fortification
on tbe coast of North Carolina. An attack was
expected on Monday morning. Tbe garrison is
well prepared lor tbe assault, and will resist, to
the laet." . .
Tbe excitement throughout North Carolina
and Eastern Virginia is intense. It wasrumor-
ed that Washington, N. C , had been destroyed
b the Yankees. : ' : ' ' '
No mention is made In tbe 'dispatch of the
illneee of Jeff. Davis, but It contains a procla-
nation of the Preeident. callioa ConRieea, to
gether on tbe Sa Instant, on acoount ot its laii
ure to deliver to the President for hie eigne
tare tbe bill containing the military appoint
ments, i- . - - -
Illinois State Fair.
- CanoAOO. 8eot. 4. Extensive pveparationa
are already made and work actively going on
for the State Fair, commencing Monday uext.
Thus far tbe number of entries are unprece
dented in the hiatorv of the society
In addition to tbe usual variety ot stock, toe
nnmerone collection of the museum of tbe State
Natural Hiatorv Society, consisting of geologl
cal epecimeos, coal formations, and fifteen hun
dred varieties of native plants, win oe tor me
firat iim oMn ta the tmblio. .Present, indiea
tiona are that this win do ice jposi euccessiui
S . . r..t
Fair ever held la tbe northweet,
Gun-Boats Fired on from
Caiso. Seotember 4 Tbe gun-boats Tyler
and Lrxington baa aa engagement oa hick
man, Kentucky, with tbe rebel gun-boat Yan
kae. this afternoon.-;: ) V" 'e: ' ,
Two baUeriea on abore, aupported by aoont
fifteen hundred rebels, also fired upon our boats
Nona of tha shots took effect.' '
Tbe Tvler and Lexiogtoo fired about 3D
shots, with what effect Is not yet known. . Tbey
returned to Cairo tbie . evening. - On the way
up. tbey were fired on with small arms at Co
lumbus ana UbaiK Blum, nemucay.
Col. Hicks, of the 4Uih Illinois Kegiment,
ho waa sent to exebance prisoners, returned
last night from Charleston. Tbe rebels had
but three Federal Prisoners.
It is reported Ibat tbe rebels are filling back
from Sykestown to New Madrid.
Ueneral urant toox oommana 01 mis poet u-
day. - '- J
From Fortress Monroe.
FnaTHsa Mowaoa. Sent'. 3.Tbe Confeder
ate slaves at Old Point now number 1800, -in
cluding women and chil Jren. .-ulr-.-V e.aT
A nag or truce nas just come in irom nor
folk, with the crews of the barks Rowena and
Glen, schooner Mary Alloe and. brig Joseph, all
oaptured by tbe privateer Dixie-i with the ex
eantiab of the oeeph. which was taken by the
privateef" Savannah. The captain' and mates
of the Glen are retained aa prisoners at :iuon
mond. e:-.o hi : ' t .
Ths captaih of tbe Mary' Alice la almost ai
reot from Charleaton. lie report mat tne
force there doea not exceed 4000 men, and. that
. .
tbey apprehend 88 BtUCK from the recent naval
expedition. . 1J .: y ".i ', , .''I, ,
-. Col. Corcoran waa lately pat la irons several
bonra, for refusing to answer nia name at roil
oall. - - -. .''..;'.,''.,.'.'.,,, -i . .. . .,
FoKTaass HoNsoB, September 4 A flag of
trues from : Norfolk eame in wis morning.
Tbey state tbe North Carolina Confederates are
terribly exaaperatea to. consequence oi toe i
int rialorv. . a -e. : '! 'V ' ' " '." -
- - . . .... . .
i The-float ns?' baueryv aaia to nave neeo
towed to Seweli't Point, exUta ouly In Imagina:
lion. ; - ' "' .'-"r
Skirmish with the Rebels in Missouri.
. J l" - IIUTl. ' .
HanmibalI ko Sept. 4. Corporaj"'!,
the Third lows Regiment, while out oa a aoont
with Bra men near h.irxivuie last oweea, waa
anrrdnnded In a farm house while at dinner i
twenty-five eeoeaeioniata, who demaodea. tne
aarreader of hie party. This was relused and
the seceuIOBlsts made aa muck, upon tnem.
The fight wae severe, but tbe Federal troops
maintained their position la the bouse, driving
tha aaaailanta from the around, with a lose
seven killed and five wounded. Corporal Dlx,
the Federal aide, waa killed, JN one or the. pin..
era were hurt, -j.i, u :
I :i
From Missouri.
and anlt arrived at, seven o'clock,' and -took
tnnmi at tha Planters' House. A military. es
eortbad been provided by order of usoeraj
Fremont, to attend the Priuce from the depot
his quarters on arrival ot tbe regular train,
H-.'Jh. whion waitea at tne teres uutu uioe
o'olook. wbea 11 was ascertained .that he
quietly entered the city two hours before..,
'i nraa rnnawav siares. nuiui.a. iw uti
since by a part; of Federal troopa at Merajnec
rtda. hara bean broosht to the city, and-
be delivered to their ownera oa sufficient poof
of their loyalty to tne uovernmeni. ,, ... . , ,. ,
" . . . w wwr n . i j l.
It ia reported tnat Jonn w n-eiu, ihuiiwoi
uongreee, la raising a regtweue vi mw
ki. AittwiM tnr acrvice in the rebel armv.
A military commission, toaaeemma anna
Louis araeoaUbaa been instituted for the. trial
ranmrdla to the raise and artiolet of war)
all prltonera brought before it. ? -1
Capture by Our
Nw YoBwi'Seot. 4. f he schooner Mi
dtelon. with a carro of naval Stores, ' Irbdi
CbarlestoB fort-Liverpool, was seised; bf
frigate Roanoke, while trying to rup toe mock.-,
ade. ' A prise erew waft pet aboard, aad aha
here this foreaooo. i Sbr-wa ongiotilly
Intended for a rebel privateer. A ' ...
Kentucky Legislature.
' FkiUKf -
I been selected 16.011 contested seats la the
ateC Tbe temporary Speaker then resigned.
Tbe Senate win oe rsguiany organuta
morrow, V , ' ' .
Kentucky Legislature. New York Democratic Convention.
8TBAC0SB, 8pt. 4. The Convention was per
manen.lr organised by tbe eleotiod el Herman
J RgdBeld, of ,N. Y j'8 President and a num
ner or v loe rsaeiaeniM .. r-"
i a ki.i,,tin nir.rod that sereateen rep.
rssed'tatlvee oteaoh organlstiion, namely, Tarn-
many and Metart, ofNew York be entitled
Id seau on this floor,the object behig to re.
uoJtenhe Demooracy,againet the Republioaa
partyV". v X z? .
'Mi.ni.4in mmiA ha recoenlzed a true
Democrat in every man who wae IfiTavor of,
.iiri, h ..p. within the 'limiTB ol the
Coutltntion, and of offering1 tba most" libera
terms ol peace. He offered an amendment to
the resolution, admitting the entire Tamman
aqd Moiart delegations, and allowing tbem td
caet a full voief
Mr. Lord moved an Bmendmeotwh, was
pasaed, allowing the' two delegaJiqmA paefc.84
TTha Praal Jerik anhottnokot that) oelega-
tlon are admitted to the floor, with leave to oast
eeyenteen votea ecb .The Jam many delaga
V0n(tben wlihart-w, ior """ "
mittee on resolutions was appotpv --.
MrV'Redfield. iri 'bHj' Bpeech ;orl taking tbi
rat,V, 'said that V 'believed the country woaia
ever be relieved Irom its present uiunuun,
biit.,by firmly maintalninr tb.rlar ergiril
autionef tbe Democratio party. '-The' party in
power under the name of tbe Republican, alter
voting down every' measure of compromise,
ini-lnrtir, that- anhmHtfeff bV their OWU :DrlI
friends, as If intending to sUll further exasper
ate toe South, la violation o goocr iuuK again
returned to the policy of proscription; '. We
have, tberefore,'a8 la, j844kthebu!e,:to. fight
over agaln,; For this. Burpoee, and Ao rector
the great-and wise measure, the" ibdeprnaear
treasury plan, tt"1)eccmes'., necessary tpatithe
Democratic party should preserve. Ita Uidepaod-
snt orgaoization to ineure tbe more speeey-ooif-elusion
of.thia uenatoral war." He furthSr BTB
civil wsrwill never preserve, but forever deetroy
tbe Union of these states.
The deoieloa admitting tbe Mozirt sod Tam
many delegate, oaasea mach excitement. There
will probably bn tffort made to reconsider the
aoiioa of the Coqventlon to-morrow.r.i. ' -
Stacob, Sept.' Sir-Immediately aftor tbe
Caniauuat aaaaaatilad to dav.'S motion t r
coDStdeethe vote off the reolntion; admitting
toe Muzut sod Tammany delegations! yester
day, wee made. . A warm aod spirited debate
ensued, wbea the ' airoeeiaea trmr;ne fiew
York delegates ban ho right Id apeak, or vote
on tha oneation... . . , - . n.. .r -i, - ti
An appeal from tbla decision was taken, ana
After a long debate the Convention refused
tb lay the subject on tbe table, by a vote of 91
to 110... . ..-as- ' ."" 'J ' '
Tbe Convention then refaed to hear Mr. Mo
Maeters, of the Freeman's- Journal, speak, and.
ordered thd brevlout auestiorw.b - m i.-1-..-H
A veiv stormy debate eoeoed.' -.The Convew
lion than Ordered tbe main question and tbe vote
was then on the substitute Offered yesterday, ad
mitting both delegations JromNewYork. and
It was ioit-tea 85, naja 120.. ..-j i.t -. .-
' Tha ariainal Moonlio tho Convention admit
ting the Tammany defegatet was th ed adopted
without caning toe yeie ana nays.,,, ,Mu una
Upon the. aououuoement of.. the reeult, Mr
Genet, on the part of the- Mosart dtlegatiooi
rote and entered a protest agstnot the' rejection
of the reoresentatlves of 33.000. D.mocratW
voters in the etty OL daw- xora te aeicga
it". . .... -Wv m, j i
lion then withdrew. ' ' '-. ,
Arrival of Ex-Minister Wright
InniAiiAronis.' Sept.' 4 -Ex-Goy.. Wright,
Minister to Berlin, will arrive borne on Satur
day. Arrangements have been made by tbe
citizens of this city, to klve hi m a handsome re:
eeptlon. Tbe gallant Col, Pumont Win mane
the reception tpeeeh.
Senator Wilson's Brigade.
BfiftTrtM. Sent. 4 SeDator Wilion meets .ith
great encouragement ia tbe formation of bis
brigade; over thirty companies nave aireaoj
teudered their services! twenty eiliht have .been
ccentrd: sixteen" are csmDOSed Of returned
three moothaV. volunteers. It is believed, the
hnl. heisadaMti ha faenad in a fortnight. " '
r "
m . - : ii. .' .' I' 1
Oswkoo, Sept. 4. Hoa. Daniel S Dickinson
addresied a larae meeting: to-day,- wltb a- stir
ring Union speech,- .; v; ..i..V
News from the South, via Louisville.
Looiivills. Seotember 4 The Ap
neal of Seotember 3 reports the receipt of one
r . . r. ... . , . ... , .
hundred and thirty Dales or eottou,anu eaies yt
lull,; ...v., ''" 'rfi-v ' ' 'A '
A teles-ram from Columbus, Ky to tbe An
neal, eav a three United States auuboate and one
transport arrived opposuo voiumons wun- targe
numbers of men, it was inougnt tneir purpwe
wae to seize Columbus or, atucav.toneraL l"jl-
A meetlne of native Kentnckians al mempbis
oo tbe 3d, resolved to pledge themselves to fen
der their native State and her sons an tne aio
within their power, whenever her . freemen
shall inaugurate a atrnggle for tbe eeserrioa of
ber liberties against tyranny, r eaerai power sou
tbe despotism of the abolitionized North.' - --.o
,, A Richmond letter to the .Memphis Appeal
report the arrival of two cavalry bnpanle
from Georgia, said to be tbo finest, and moat ef
ficient trooos. with tbe beat horses, ever seen.
The Charleston Mercury of Satardayi en
nounoes the arrival at that port of the armed
privateer Gordon from a ail weeks ernise
She bad captured fouf.prliea" , ,,
General A. Sidney Johnston passed, thiopgn
Memphis oa hie way to Richmond.: ,bv(i1m h
It is reportea tnat tne rresioent ns .tele
graphed to Union members of the Kentucky
Legislature repudiating iiemontepsiicj ro-
eard to slaves.
A IyaBOVIIeeiegrni n-wj nja uw ia uu
truth wtialevef in tke reported" death of Jeff.
Davie. "" ' ' ' :""' ' " i" ".' ;" .
Dispatches from Washington.
WA.H.oK,8ept..4 ;TT.bo Wenmohd paper.
Mnnaon klili and aeoiare the-an oaward move
mem will soon be made, it is; reported mat
Mr. Ely.'M...C...fr6m. .RiwbeaifeNejroik,
will soon be released-. . : id n. -v m
Oow. Gamble, el Missouri, has arrived nere -
1 Tbe following order has been issued by LlebC.
Gen. Scott: . J j. c m i.i ,11 ... in " .
'The General-ia-Uiiel is happy to announoe
tbat tbe Treasury Department, to meet futnre
naimenta to the itoods. Is. hboof td suddIt. be
sides cola as heretofore, Treaeuty No'tee in 6's,
10's and SU'a, aa good aa gold, at alt oanxs ana
Government , onoea : throegbout 3 the . vpited
States, aod maat.eonvenieaa: for the transmis
sion by mail from officers and men to their lam-
HleS at nome. uooa nneoanue, imtioro, ruuo
and brothera serving under ths Stan and Stripes
ill thus soon bave ready i safe' means or re
lievlng an immense amount 01 iiuiu8,wun.u
eonld not be reached by ooln.t' r J
tlon nnn&rmatorr of the reported death of Jeff.
"l" mwoumvw F" ":
Paris. Intelligence received in srmy circles
readers roch ad event' merely probable.
Commodore Stiincosm has. made an oiuoiai
renort of the Halter as affair. It contains noth-
Inir arliliiinnal of .intereaU: a i .,K.Aiia.oO v MoX
The Naval Retiring Board mVete at Brook1
Ivnflavy xaraootneioia.,, . ,.,
Tho Treaeufy Department Bat laaueo, pjtopo
sals for tbe construction of fire,, stearo . sprew
revenue veesele. ... .!"
Gov. Gsmble, of Missouri, nsa an interview
(if, tha PrMldsnt to daV. .."titll nu
It la believed tbat paesea to cross tne roto
mio will hereaiter be withheld from newspaper
- - a '
[Times Correspondence.]
rived (Sen.
The tng-boal R. B. FiW,'atVfvo t
Nvy Yard thia P. M., Uer .ctpUld.flrtt
aaoond, mates, boatswaia and ,oarpenteri.weee
imaMdiateiy arraeted by oroat ot the avy ie
psrtment, en pat ia double lronaV". ' -
harte against them has not trapiDirea,
bat It It believed their arrest has grow eut
their reckieea eondaet froaa- the time the boat
lei I Boetoer.
:Sde.bIw WnblVhloF .MnatyrA
nornlng ner BWleJ VXtdea RoM. An lour
before dailiabt-the tehees tavonsiderabe
W.V.M.MB, " 1 - ... J
from Maueeo'e Hilt drove i ewr-ekete from
the Cross Roads and took aotetXtaibijoT (be taint:
J , i.. r .w. qi.,- ikuinkdJ
rour compauiCTi w. ., wwummuwu
. 1 J - lk. mKIa U I.
agtio hold the MsttWOOarrr
a lots et two aiucu, .,o .uujy
of ths rebels' and took ffpiUeueity, .ai i'a
Jney (late that no town I'K'aaa.j rec
ceived ot tne aeavn iuw,MTi,t v
At Ave thia atternoou, our it?es were In
seesioaof the Cf oa Roads. ,w-i.s.mh
i i'i'hia afteroooo Prof. Lowe made another
near Fort Corooran, aooompanled
Generala MoDawell snd Porter, and Mr,
trader. Tbet asceoded About elghl bundred
l-tti aad bati a fipe view of tbe rebel campr ,in
yVtistttpy ftiwSsiotjbif V deket of tbe 1pm
nmiaWitJtUVSaBBsavj awv icuw uivewyi w.m .
Lk i st .u,. k atiiaa.KAi nW.H aiL ratrwr ma
an hour. B.aa ;, 4as.fcw''?f
Thia mornlnr. k gUtiofiment of men from two
mpauies (bf the M" Terk TM Zinavee, nn-
ir tha dimnLlon ol Gen. Sickles, captured four
toWneBt'sver lomiataitss six aalletVfcelaw
tke East Branch-. -
Wan Dftebeirten of Buflale, has fceen, stpf
pointed Aid 'W'Oerj'. Fremont,' with a commis-
n of Ma otto tue regular army, lie win act
Iter of the Haaeratown Mail aaa prisoner.
Ak ha naaaaii thinuffh the DlaOO. tbO BOBUlatiOO
...i Amla,rlrA aliliri(A of aymnalhv with
Cotton Factory Burned.
Etocksbipos, .MvSet.,4.rTb cotton
fafctory tn Great Birflrigtonelrmglbg lo Oihey
Gtff, was consumed By fire tbilTOreooon.
Cotton Factory Burned. From Missouri.
Seina. anedal disoetch' ! 'he
Tribune from ftoiocy on, tbe ith,sys,Geoerali
Pdpe arrived last bignv end reaves uis aveaias;
to) take ths field In Missouri.-... .
jTbe rebele bave torb bp ha railroad (rack
aad oat dojro tbo telegraph poles belweeo
Hiinnewelljtnd She,lblns, , . Martin Grsen .WM
between those places yesterday'wllh V fgirce,pf
1,000 welL armed men, and bad twotpieoM of ar
tjlery.. -77 ,-.' t(t
1 jGeneral Hurlbut is reported weit of Shelbera
witbr twelTt or tifteea thousand Iowa aod Jltt
nois troops.
.', I am authorized to say that the reports that
General Fremont had disapproved and counter
manded General Pepcl orders "'regarding tbe
miliar adanted In Northern Missouri, end partio -
f3 -7' - ,-r j T ..ifc..'.:,L.M 4-
Biayij W1LB trgare, to leyma; tuuwigu.iy..Jr.
Morion county and Palmjra, are without Ibe
slightest!: fbusdatioa in truth. General Pope
will proceed fmmediatdy Wilff shoH force'sB
wjlj Uiire.the complete execiMjon of isoocy. i
Cotton Factory Burned. From Missouri. COMMERCIAL MATTERS.
Cincinnati Market.
OUR There wi a b
better fueling in the market to-
tear, though .without noeh loeieaue la the BueMiaee
Son. Pilcef remain a they have been quoted fur
everel dava uait. .... . .... - . n .. 1 1
u WHEAT aold more readily to-dy.aod;tlie beetqoal.
Uie can be quoted at rather better Biuret., wa exteua
Ui outer raiif of pricta for ledaoe whit t 734fic.
ItarrDi the lower ranie a beroi etated.
COttN We l.areee laet qooted-rH8o but It 1 easier
bouebi lhaaeoldet uialBaaiav
O.iT Held mostly at. k3o, bat thiy will not btiog
over S9o in naik. . - ."tT'T
KYB-IaUt40e. ' MUtLSJ
Cleveland Market.
. PLOTJB-Eelei of 100 barrel! doable extra at 84 M
WHX Af Market firmer, baleothice of crmarqnence
doing. . 1 Stle S UoO Metieli lei aBoaa, at T5o aad I ar'
00 trark at4o. , i..-7al ,y.r 1...... fl
., COKS-Qu.etait?o. -
.On I'd b.le of 1 car on track at 52e., . -
BUTTAH Selei f 108 kege good talit.st 9ta C
., BIOHWISEd-Balee bfiUbbieat 13.-.
, . i i :, , -ji. i . .T'ji Ltader.
tiAU (Vrw.; Z
L ,l!W atri
cension by
I . : - I
i eenatlil lwa. e;araaiiijr.i
Xti SammaUon and pain, and beal Uie wuxat barn.
ecaid, broue, cut or (reek wound ol aoy kind, .lAevewta
swelling and paid from be itiuga, mi equito bites, aod
uoiaonoua plauta, eeuralgia, rneamatiaai, age tn the
breael, ealt rheum, etc. W hen taken internally, II will
positively care cronp ia child row. and givea immediate
reiieiaauuy went race oi ton eirrioie eompuiiaii suo
remer hotreeneee and aore throat. Price, S3 ceate
bottle. Should be in eve ijbouje. Por aale by Drag.
giliaanaatareaeepere.- - iavin muno, - -Boie
Proprietor, N i I Spruce it.,Jlew York ,.
ecttdftwlyle -. . -. ' ..,;.-,.,
No real Juitlce can be dona th ahoy preparaliaae
bat by procuring and reading deeciiptiva paatpalelM
bo found Witk all dealera, or will be cent by f roprietor
On demaDd. lormulae and Trial Bottles lent to Phvii
ciana, who will Snd developmenta tn 00(0 worthy theii
acceutanee and approvali .' - w -J J J vx. t
. Oorreevondebce aollcited from all whnee necetiitle 01
ourleelty prpmpa to a tria( of th abnv reliable Hem
dice, v, H' t'. t v . ; ; .f ,
for eale by the niuai wooieeal and retail dealer
everywhere. 1 J : I
Jf OJIN L. HtJNNE WEILIj, Proprleto,
Xo. t Commerelal Wharf, Boston, Mass.
i Roberta A Bamael. N. B. Marole, J. B. Cook. J. U
Denig, 0. Denlg A eon, A. J. acbjieller ft Boa. AgenW
fcrr Oolumboa. Ohio. . . . ... ,.,-. autl-diy
Khaomatum, Qont - and Neuralgia,
" AND A SUU ODBA FO , n "- it .",
rAU "Mercurial Diaea&iea..:
It t a oonrenlentty srrantad Bead. ntalnlowa awdV
lea ted eeropoud, to be wont aroaodth WaMwtUieaL
iujury to th moat delicate peraona; no, change in babiu
S living ia requirea, ana ii entirely removee ine uie
too from eh yetem, wltboat, jrwaudoB tb tpjarioos
Beets eireing from Die at of powerful Internal medi
toiseet watch weaken aad deetroy tb eonetitutlon, and
give temporary relief only. By this treatment. he Bied
kinal aeuaei ileeenealned ra-the Wand cum Iu uunuwt
with th blood end reach tbe Slaeaaa, Uuoogk the pores
of thaal&,e(cliag io every uwtance), perfect core,
and requiring the parte allllcud to a healthy condition.
Tha Band la alaaa eaaataowerfal AJtTt-klwsaiaa aaent.
and will entirely relieve taaawataaa mat ia farewoeotM
eSaotaof Mercunr. Moderate-raeee are ourrd In a few
daye, aod we are oonelaotip receiving teetlmoalalaof It
etoaoy in aexravaiea oaeeaei toag euaatag. -.- v
v faica 8.vu, to be had ol iiraggiita generally, or can
a eentby mail or upreaa, with lull direction for aaa,
7? Kffl
" G. SMITH dr. CO.,' Sole Proprietors.
N, B. Deioriptlve Circulars Seat Prtej
A. J. SeHUILLCB A 80S. Drdouuti, ieiUTe, No.
277 8. Sigh St., bet, Irieadand Mound. Cohimba,
. .jrj Agents Wanted Everyrrnere. '
di28-lylortatplAw'2" ' '" 'i oJ ".
1Z W. A.' Batoheior'i Hair Dyol .-
Thu nlandld Hair Dye has no canal lnjtantaneoui
effeot Beautlfal Blatk'tV iktuaU irown-l-n aUinlng
lb skin or Injuring fa Hair - reeaeeneaoaeaiiawr an
effect kfBwt Dyeev and' fcrigoratee Oa lair tar life
nohvdae. aallgDe4 "W.IA. Batch lor."
Sold eveywhe. 01 1 Y 1 V. -r.tT.'t.t t.airiri.
' ,el rn"iXAB. BATOHXIIKVToprleBor, Ji
t,n..f. C . 1. v, Bl Vak. iHlttilljrf mji
( .., . ,. , , . , . ,,B : .
l. a :-!..,;. Ve. i . . 'i!'.ila".lu
WE r A, aatcneioi;'g, aair iryei f
. All athera are mora . baltaaoca, aad, aheatf bearotdad
lfyouwiahtoeicapexidioal,, j n ip f
rt...T. wrv nn enony mil ti . ..
kMndful and Natural Browa or Blacit,Ladtbsait tajaay
TXalrwBkln. ,.i , ., r,ry .t
yjrTIBlt 'MKBALh AWT) DIPIrOIIA8 have bee
awarded to Wat. Ar Batchelor lino 1830, and over 80,00
apedltaMea have eewn saanVts the San? -of bl patron
f hlafamoudrei " '-'jil I
Wat. A.BATCHILOR'S HAUJIH prodaoaael
or not to b Atttagllahad feaea Satnr, sad a Wwrraotad
not to injur In tb nut, however atng It may b eonUn
ed, snd ha, UI effect! ef Ba DyH rerdedle; ths
fold la all ekia ant town T Jthe Obaad iaree.'.
Drogglita and yaocy Goodl Dealers." ;"
'TJjTne flenutn baa th nam and addreei upon a
bbtta engraving oa four aide of aaah-aws. t .WUX1AS1
A-JtawiMiM!, aoureaa i 1 1
I.n OHAAWtS BATUHWa, Aopttetor,
t e' k-n. ii
81 Barolai atroet. Mew Voih.
..' ir,, i i ita
. . , I.. fcl, .t,
alee.'-' q-iiii,ii.iii.,)
ldBrlewirkifwiJkie i .-.
5U Barnl WkM Wheat PtaSW "' - -a
Hid n a Bait IBxora).' il i "'I .-"V f
"n" iter and Co aal by -;
;iMIi"'i..BJl 11. JtHOI laAUA,
n jTt,r ,!,.'( ICS touih High Street,
iitM cr.r loawrv n Tll NATDRB. TRBA
TdR.1T aBO kVaOltiabOUBJt 08 8PBBAtOBHBA
a.Mamluu ueotuv. nervwueuwM.ue.
rolnutaieaaaiaaietm auaV InpoteBey, reelUo
SeUlae, AVi By llabUI. Oalverwell, At. O.
Z. n 7 r,, 1a"i'r.
pain, ea receipt vt i rt - - - -- -
tfi.iNB. I Uowarv. Hew Vork Pot Offloe Boa.
Uxpwttkeed Unra' d"Ma1r nrMeW
:b sreatly facliiute uie prism "", ,"V1
suing the gnat reduoiaf aw ianaueer-wu.
ALL PAIN and apaamodio aoaiiwi m
bep4 wbn W ' Wtlieri'H wlH ftre t
IVa . ... fi Si3i iu ojlo J "J yd . !
.. . . . t ( i I ii l2juL.toiu-l UtwtltWI
RXuE? and He 41TH To tod tv,-ii a
u . i . .... ,., M,i. .lnto tut aver ten yaaia.
OAN'Ayru-riiiaytti ad xaotirW.y
w oat, we hr.,nv tmtu aw u aay m m ' ""nf VEST
alqe-NBValt HAS II lAUJtO. W A .IlMUJlaT,
ABCJ, 10 BUT-A- UU Set, we "J
r k4 w Ho. a belMM ! ""VS!
nuj it . t l. il aradalioblM With it
operatlosaiHMl speak b tra f oota"0
mogiial4-t aod weotcai yirioee, , w t
matte " WUAT WB bat B.MOVV':" after tea year' eetaa-1
SJno7. Amu Lit (! OUR KBPUIAT10SI 0E till,
n i u7dn wuif ura uKBI riunLABJl. .In
Slfcoet every Inttanoe whore the Infant la (offering- from
Vain and einauitioo. rellrt will be found Iu Blteed or
twenty minu lee alter the iy rup t aanuniitereo.
thl yalnahl preVrtion I llie preeeriptlon of on of
SewBalao.ndbwa aaad Wtth BBVBtt I All,
IN BUCOBita ler t ' ' " ' ' "1-" :'
l"i...'HettJftAIJD9 orCMEIuKU "
Iteotoaly relleree lb child from pel a, ewt rartgwi
atae the atomach and bowele, oorrecta acidity, and (rryei
tope and energy te tb whol ijeteen. It wlllalaioat la
tantly relier -" - " ' -" 11
1. - " r ft arrXT it MAT WA
and erereoaieeonraapioaa, walck, if not ipeedlly rmaa-
dled, end in death. We belle rt th BSflT aod 8DB
BtT KBMKDY IS TUB WOHI.P, In all caae of Of
it arise! from teething, or Irom any other caaac. ''We
would ui te yeri metherwholmea ehllfl eaffering froea
any of the tniernlng oomplalnti 1)0 HOT LEI- xOUB
.Za hMMin tMM end oriT anHerina child, and the ra-
llafthatwIllheBDKB yee. ABdOLOrBLY BPBB-to
lollowthenarof thl medleta-, tf thnely nee.- Pair dl
nHaoaafor ruin will , teoonrpaiiy " each . kotlkk - Bene
genalMMuleee Um lac-alaii of OUWW. PKft&UIB,
New kerb, i oa, lUe.eolel'ie wrapper. m,., (i, ,.-,1 .te
I Bold by all PruggiiU throughout th worhltoO .iv'sn.
Irl otpattMMowr H CeMlaBSjtewoat.1..
pctCT dfcwly. f . ' '"
I .Maeeaaaaaaaa.
Master- Commissioner's Sate
ywatersj-k fc0 C3
Wat. R. Darnell ef l.) . , (.'.' , '
ta ma directed, from atiet BuDerlor Court of Pottle-
lio Ooantyv- Ohe 1 will oser ler eale, al tb door of
Ui Court-lfouu, ip tne city.oi uoiumoai, oa , ...-
Mond"iy.Oct.7th, 1861,
r I
aitheia ki taw county of Pranklln aad 8mi t Oblo, to
all: Tire 8uut halt of the a . JC. quarierot aecuoam,
tevothipll,' iaoKe31, Uulud 8ute miliary lands, con
Uklng eighty ecree. '
Apprateed at 85 OOperjere. --
:u, w. vuiien.i ruenu,
- and Muter Cooqilulonar.
Order to sell the above described Ltod in parte.
On Btotlon to lb Coort by 8. Ttylor, attorney for de
fendanta, it ie ordered thit the order of eale, breto' re
ade in the atiov Lamed actios, ne ana ine same ia ncre-
Tht oiienn i oravrea .o ecu eaii iana in me iuhuw
Ing toinner: let To offer for eele and aril thirty acrea
oa of eeld tract of land oelonalng to William R D-r-sell,
being the North part of a.ld tract; and if aaid 30
gem do not tiring a luffldrnt amount to pay th lame,
then that he oner tor eale tne 3U acre! lmmtoiaie-y aa
J taint the firmer on tbe Snath; and If a luBicleol
anmunt ol money not reccirea irom ine eame u eaiie
ly aaid order, then that th: laid Sheriff cell th balaure
of aaid land, aa directed by Ibe former order ot thii
Court.'-' - '' ' 1.
I trrrrRaK tt. fuffvia, rnenn,
1 J?'; i end idJterConani.ioner.
I Printer! fee 83 CO.,,. ;. . y v -i"
e.a.llt.t , : -
The Court ' of - Corfimon Pleas, '
Franklia bounty,', Ohio.. .
I Joseph ffenry Bnrkenrlilge, " 1
By hi flaardiaa, Moah I. Britloa, . I gile j p.fimon.
Oeorge Waihingioa Shram et al. j. -
, Ibe aaid Ooart I directed, I will offer for ale
ai pubilo auction at Uie. doer of the Court Uoom la
Bieciiy of Columbus, oa ,, . - c , ..-.
Saturday, the 14th day of September, 1861,
between the hoar of 13 o'clock m., aqd 2 - clock .p,
a., tbe following deacribfd real eitate, illume In the
ceniy of IraukLta. aad dmt of Ohiot i -
Beglunlne al the N. W, corner of aaid tract of 135
acrea and 43 H polee, in th peHtio aed writ of parti
tion deecribed, and loaning theacwwUh be aortk Hoa
of laid tract N. M.dag. 30 aiin. K. ltt polee to a peat
in lbs center of the md, M- K corner lo said tract;
thencewith the road. 37 dee;. 30mio. B. polee ma
pott in the road; thence 6. 61 deg 30 din. K. iH 3j-IOO
pule to a poet tn th we-1 Ho ofeain 135 acrea and 3
poles; theuce N, Si W. pole lathe beginning. con.
lalnlg 311 acrea. Babjeot to the dower enate of JCliaa
beth A. Dejmule on )3 acreeof laid tracl. v
Appraiaed at 3U hi ItMt er a:re.
... Bt. W. HtJFPMAIf, Sheriff.
Prinlrr' Heee, 88 00. .
sugS-ltdwtd. .t-. TH. '' r- . t-. r
;i f SheriirV Salo.
luaef Tockertnd wlfr
" JlluL. Hughes. ,r..r.t
I) in me directed from I he Court of Comatoa Pleaa of
Pranklln county, O., I will offer for aale, at the door ol
iha Court Hou,e, in th eity of Oolnmbo. on
Monday, September 30th, 1861,
At on o'clock. P. If .. the-- felloWlne deacrlbed real ta
ut, stloaie la th county ot franklin, and Butt
Ohio,' t. wit: ' .
Lot No. SO, In John and Henry Millar' AddiUod
the Oily of Columbus.
r.Appraited at 'iOO. '' ,r ", 1 1
i. fl.W.HUHAr,;fherlir,
' Printer' leei, 1.50. , ' By Ed. Darn, Pepaty,
angStl--- r-1 '
Master .CominissiQnef's ' fialo.
4trabsaIeiwd).'U? wejyV:
I . i!.'.aaperlot,rjai4,n,,u-j,.'-i
John 11. Tarney. i
I to e directed, from the Superior Ooart
Franklin eevrrry, Orrroy-t- wtir offer tor sale at th door
of th Court llouso, la. the eftyaf aojanbaa en
Saturday, tbe 2lt day re, Sept , A- D, 18.61
at onW,eloek. P. M.. the followine dewirtbtd reJ eetat.
altuate In the scanty of Pranklla and BUN ar uue.
wit:, LoUWoa twraly-tlrreaaed twenty four (33 and
In Baker a klitrhell'a aaodlvteloa of oat ton 5oe T
8. ot the oily of Oolaaebu- aa- pee- raoerdod plat la
Reoerder e eaice t Veanklin eoanty,,Vttle, "r
Appraiacdat-botNo- VI, 00. i- uoom. - '
l - ue, gjifll iiw. t .-1 --rr
M 0. W. HCHMAN, Sheriff
j and JUatter C ommiattopcr.
aglWltA"w'uT, vt ,.t? '
Pgiatkr RHViV't lJ.-u Mtii.
Rrt'eriff 's Salaoo m-'i
t,ii l. I r.-t.f y.'d
9eorge L. Conreri,! i i.i,r:i-t' t ' ''
I ya. a eJ pujiyiiut vo.. .- -.
Hairy i. Bice et al. ) , ,i yy-, e f Tr.
me directed
1 from th Bapeiwwyawr r rrana-
liu county, Ohio, I will eflerfee tan A iae-awor
th Court HoamthcitffCtamaetaiaaaWeetyi
a1 ' -
Satdrday, the 7th day of September; XD, Ifvli
tatwten the boon of 19 o'clock, M., and BVsloebiP.
at., the following deecrthed real vital, to wu: l ,
Lot No. eight (8), In William Phelan' additlbn lo
elly ' Columbua. la Franklin county, Ohio, a pr-
evdea plat inereer ia necoruer I omce.
Jlyf7IMa4tw: Ti-fnlllo oounty.Olilo.
j Priuter'a fee, 93,50. ';)) ifl,
Master Clommfseioner'B"1 8ali.i
wv. nfri " s; --ta
1 v. . r srnpewr wonri. . ...
Amos M Httt aV I ., , , "
to me directed, from the Superior Court of, Jfrawt"
lie Chanty, Ohio, I will fier for eale. at. the doer
the Court ktouae, la tb. oily -of Oolambu, en V I.
Hty 6B ColUmbua, , 4,t
- ABiraliedaltl.S503-;i."i' i fStJ.A t..rf
J' , - -'.f J , -- ..-a
SaWoar.the 6th. dayM.TAiWBvftrr
ll fr.Vt r V. W VroTftaW,h.rfti,,i),
' I .. .... 1, .. .
. 1
a.vJ W-alalaa IHW.' 'P' . " V - '
rj -hl. iv, -"YTT'e
'TI. ' nwwiVl -J, rh .. f tklVtal'ltJiri
l 7xf-. gWi ... a,
! SB 8 I
" wbalawaia aad MeteUa Jftaalar l
aVwiaritif han all Ine.T:
riana BHAN a at - -
Oct. a ly
' r"
J .
J1 iartd- -111 bappea, are. ea-fW -.
'ik I ui-. uo. Afuinbte la aaw eeaw eheaw and ooa
Hlcgd Rigkt .tat llie JEpotL;
Inetaat UeUofl ,
Bto yowr Congta
... M ' j a i
' btrengtheai f ear TolceJ
1 f
,. " 4 fl. ii'ia-t
,.i.v Mnwwwj,,,,
I t. tASIIf AM DW.MHTID WITH 1 ') .1 .-
8FALDING'S throat confections.
I .V JO 0 Wj i .
They relieve a Congh instantly. ,.
Tbey clear tbe Throat.
Tbey give strength and volnme to tbe voice.
Tbey impart a flellclo'ns aroma to the breath.
The are delightful to the taste.
Tbey are -made of simple herbs and cannot
.harm any one.
adrlie every on who hu a Coogh or a hmky Tole
or a Bad Breath, or any dlmcalv of th Throat, to gel
apekg9fr Thro OoehcUoni; they will rallere
pou lneUntly, and you will agre wtth m that "they
ill And theee very aiefo I '
Lapd pleaaut while trayallng
- - .. Onnerft asp
or stttndlof poblle aaeet-
ian for itllltog your Coogh or allaying your thlnt If
yon try we naokarT. I a f la aying that you will
ever afterward eomlder them indlepenaabte.
Tea will Snd tkn at tc DniggleU aad Dealer, la
Medicine. ' ' - -
J ! j pure! - ' -
yij ilgnator Is en each package. All -other are
oen terfelt. '
k pack age will be emit by nail, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Oenti. ; '
- iddre - '' ' ' ' -" -
Henry C. Spalding, ;
B; the use ol tbeee Pill tb period Ie attack of Aev-
o or Sb-i BtodocM aiay he prevented; and If taken
al the commencement ol an attack immediate relief from
pain and ilcksee will baohudoed. .
They aeldoia tail In removing the A'auwa and
cA to which feanle an eo aubjeeu
: Tbey act gently apoa th bowele restoring Cbetle
" for LUtroiy Mm, Sudani. Delicate remal
ant all parson, otttdentmy obttt, they ar rain
a a LamaHv. Improving th opjutiU, giving lone
tgor to tbe dlreetlv rgao, and reetoring th natur
alaiticity and atrength of tba whole system.
THB CBPHALIO PILLS ire tba reeult of long Inree
tigaUos sad carefully aondnoted ezpeiimenta, having
ben ta a many yean, during which tune they hat
re vented and relieved a raat amount of pain and luffer
gog from Headacb, whether originating in the aerwow
system or from a deranged itata of th ttomatA.
They an ntlrely vegetable In their eompoiltion, an
map be taken: at alltUnea with perteet aafety without
making any change of diet, and th niemce of any
dinnvretabU kuU rtUr$ B eay lo tdmMt r (A
cAIWren. . ,. .'. U .
Tnigenuln have Svoiignataiei of Henry 0 Spalding
oatachBoz. ,-.:-j .' i "
Bold by Drogglat aod all ether Dealer ta Medicine.
A Box will be east by nail, prepaid, oa receipt or th
3 Prloo, QO OontSi .
ill order ehoold b addreeeeoTto
j, 48 Cedar Street, New Vara. .
. Irom th I iamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
Oenhalla Pifla aeeemnltih the Meet for which they
were mads, via. Can of headache la all Ita form.
liey 1
Ilea tb examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
bar been tee ted la more than t thousand ease
With enUre
1 from the Democrat, Bt, Cloud, Minn. ..'
- li you are, or bare been, troubled with th headache
and for a box, (Cephalio PlUe,) o that you may have
them la eaa of aa attack.
" Irom the Adrertieer, Prorldanee, B. I.
' Tke Cepball Pill are aaid to ba a remarkably effective
naiedy for th headache, and oae ef Uie very bait for 1
that very inqaeni eompraini.wnioa naa ever men aia
oevered. . .."" ' ":--? ' ,
Iron th Weetern R. B. flaetia, Chicago, IU. , -''
Wb heartily endora Mr. Speuldlng, and hi unrivaled
Oepbalis Pills. .-.iif t " - : y
Pro Kanawha T alley Bur, Kaaewba, Ta. .
Wt at nn that person ro Bering with tb beadaebe '
who try Una, will Uct to tbmt
I -
Iron th Sow liter Patb finder, (few Orleans, La.
Try them I yoa tbat an afflicted, aad we an ran that
yoon teelimony oaa oeaaaea ra tne aireaay euro era ue ,
iiit tbat ba received eeoetlk, tbat a other aaedwia aaa
iradao. .n..;''i- .-i;'.
i Prom thegt. toub Deawerat.-
r Tht Immenee demaad lor the nticl vOephalle Pill
la veaidl looreaatn. ...
I '' Iron the Oastlt, Davenport,
Mri Boaldlng woaM aot oaet hi naate with ar
tiele e did oot tmxe lo ooaaeae real merit.
aale tjotlle erf .- SPALDiNd'S PHIPABBB
B wiUeavf tsa tlaaaateeaMaiiaallyA(
l .... . . r.t r,, mt nrtem nnn ,,r Tin .
l aweuaii
l rTTP'-A Stitcb W Tiaa Steal uti."JTl .
f TwUrlll Wfrf I
Vera waff.. Trepairln, aWtars, ToyOroct.ry
i a.. I .1 . . K y -
1 i IfiLltlNll'IPailFAUDflLUll "
I I I ' ' . I.. a. 1 bA,.aa-aue,lae anksh
.fCrj III raCD mmjltll B,aiejiy. -wnbib srw nvawwaaww v.-m
. . . . ia I.U.Iaawa aauW. avnrl ansa atSs. SBArk "
fAl Qai ww. Miuena aw - - - - r ;
li-A Brash' aeeompanw ct battM. ,
.a Pl
UBNRT 0. SP tLDlSO, , o
. ( lBo. H, Cedar Street, How Tort.
, Ae atrial anprtnelpted peraom an attempting t
pelm evl on the aaeaipeauoe pwoiio, imtuuen or
tHBr'ABKD ULUS, I waa Id eaa l Mo all paradns hi u.
amla eerore parofea-og. ana eee mar tne inn nana,
I k a the oataide wnppert all e the re an ewtedliug eea
I atrial la. aov

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