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&)t (Dljio Statesman
KAXTPsmn muss, rnbiisu.ta.
EO. W.MAWtHiWHI, yvtr
Democratic Union Nominations.
n ...r - wvn uu. -...YyT.
KTH1 tx
. r.
. i U A Jolin' Gv Marshall.
; -i
Ot ltrowH.
--. ittf Ha
BUl'BSlta JUDOS. hN aw
- r.. . r
. ,i.Ii'' J '
THOMAS JJ. " "V.'l
... ' '.' Of Montgomtry. i .. ).ni
"- fKBABOKKKOV iTATJJ,,. ."' i,
riEOHGB w. iioM n , 1
' ,. ' 7 14 '" ;t
.".., '..a BOARD Of PUBLIC WOBKi.
jabez "w. rum,. vl i
::z" cho9.,
. ! ' (ntlintT.lt, MCXAWAT 1XB M4BU0H) , y,,
J. v . Of Ptel-twsw..
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..71 I " .""'
1 frKI.lH AHDlfcKiiY)
-Al'Ors rtJS PEBKU.I.)
Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY
1 iirnceiirrATivn,
. A I,
. i ' JOHN G. THOMSON. '
JCOOROXRi r,rt,;i
C0MM1?0NM,' llfW,J'
'.. V.,' .', . " . ' JACOB 8LYGH."-1 '1V,,''5'
- -EUAS GATiR;rt'"'i' ;
INFItMAIir DI1SPT0,(V, i t ! ,
For the Campaign.
W wilt rurttih 4e .flilhrent Uinef of lh Ohio BUtet
man, doigtb C4Bplfn,u follows:
To DaHy ItiUnakn, per month, t 50 nU.
The fri-Wwkly Btalenanr.f cr inonlh, t..... 25 " ,
..iuiw of th br'ite 1H keftnbrjf d f.M
1 more moDtbt, In elnhi or' ilngle cople, at the abow
MH.-i; ,;'.'( i-i- :iJ "'fi
The Weekly Ohio Slatefimin will be faniahed u fol-
t I
Inelnbsef 5eoplei,for two month $1.00
Inelnbiof n eop.,for two monthU.. ..... 2.00
In clnbi of SO copies, for two monthsi....-... 3 60
Inelnbiof 40 copier, for two onth-'4';',Ct 7,00
Tha two Bombs' Clobe will cover the period of the
Campaign, and thus piece enr MAMMOTH WBBKIT
In the hinds f all who wast It, as a Oantpalgn paper,
on very ressonsbfe terms.
lt the friend! of the good cause the true Union
men of Ohio go to work, and spread he ' ' ' lr
ell over the Bute. . Wo expect to make' It an efficient aid
a the good work of the redemption of the State of Ohio.
Ut it tie well circulated. . fT'i'TAJl
AngnstlO, 1801. ....
Business Notice.
. . -1 - -'r.-lr- TV' ft ,''
' The ' recent order from the Poatoilice Depart
ment canceling ihe postage stamps of the eld
Issue will render JLtiinpossible for'suich stamps
to be hereafter received at tliis office, 'tri pay
ment of dues. "
AugnataiSoiJnJI Vi'Ul
Something to Explain.
The New York papers among others'" publish
the following letter, which is exciting some
comment In this quarter. Jt may be all right,
bat there are somewipressioos iB it that partake
inn mneh ef tha reoeral diaeoeit'ion to make, it
"pay." v .7 a V Tf 'A
COLUMBUS, Feb. 12, 1861.
A. Hitchoocx r.r rYtmr ot Jhe Jitlof
February ie receivea. uur legislature is now
in session. and of eonrse l am much engaged
la dancing attendance to them I have at
preaeat only a few etd Irees that afr lor sale,' I
cannot at any rate eeu any udui mcj nujuuru
I am sonwwbat expectiDC them to-make an ap
propriatioo to purchase some new arms; am not
at present preparea 10 eeu. or purouue cnucr.
Will advise yon whea anything turns up.
Please send me the amount of that balance
which I have not drawn' for.- I have mislaid
tha memorandum. . J nope yon are making this
southern trouoie pv. ' ' ' ' " TH
If the fuss blows over. I shall have more
stuff to sell; and If not,, we shall wnt to? pur
chase. t . - . .., 1 1, ..,4ivii.. ! -1 hsr
, It may be that Quartermaster-General Woo
waa authorized to eell a "few old traps" to this
Mr. HiTCHOocr but Itjie wal.we cannot see
why be could not as , well sail .them , while the
Legialatore waa in session, ai afterwards ' He
certainly heed not be ''aancingabhtft the Xtg-
As to the "amfiu'nt of that1 biiance," which
it appears ha had hot draVnyJ Mr. tliTCHcbcx
ought to have sent it, especially as.iba Vmeino
randum" was "mlalaidJ We were not aware
that ear State officials did their business in, (hat
way. We were green enough 'e tblnk! that
when a State officer sold any old or newtraps
that belolgod to the Slate, in account waft ren
dered and the money eertfied into the State
Treasury., This may be to in (his case: bat,U
so. theptspes oiSoerWuliAy oegTiil Ut4
what the balance js ,tbat Iri, HiTCHcoc; tad
not sent to Mr. Wood!
Bat Mr. Wdofi fojsV"! tope you are making
theM'ffetita troeoIeajl This is in very
had uste. comine from a State officer. It looks
as though "How will i,t p'a7tT".,was uppermost
in the minds of these men who are eo active
and blatant on the wubject of'thr mr; TheTr
patrlotifm'goes'to the bdttom of their! pockets
and no further.. m or uni-tn. t-mi"
A "Union" Movement over the Left.
piTrutLrSj Surveyor of fhe Port at Boston,
bae given, nonce w tne vemocraieeropipyeii in
his office, that they will. all be removed. ... Re
publicans of the Lincoln school will be put in
their places of coarse. These are the kind of
Union," movement ! the " AdminittraUori ire
A "Union" Movement over the Left. The New No-Party Party Pledged to
A "Union" Movement over the Left. The New No-Party Party Pledged to Defend and Maintain Slavery.
- v,, , As .
' tVe ae told'jTn - tlie 5rwolutvou8 otpla Jorm
ad,Dtidf the No-Dart COuVenuon, nem H
tKjfeityfn Ja ! t V, that ','thlt -,ww .was
a"'wic(il))K& ow pari fir'totyMpwe'' of
oerthtowing or Interfering with ihe rlghta lorl
Miaaliahad liiatltfrtlWirt3rttiyT!UlM, tul i
defend and maintain the tusremM of Ae
CoDBtitution ana to preserre use -vjuiuu,
all the dignity, equality and rights of the iere-
ral Sute uaimp4rer,l--r'" ,
.,c ii en. a,HAH.tkA iifiardlf be
A4AaaA.i u atriintTAr air? pRfat'efv Is one en
the wtbfiiBef;!Btttw'-4' 8ouern
5utea. djng i' .tie,' ae-phrty platform,
thftt MpouVat1icetiufloO4i not only hot, to be
interfered lftVb6i'Jf ;t0 4efeDieA.,'and
riiialntained','6n 'tn principle of defending ,nd
maintaining State,. eauality and State'" rights.
.Ilia to be n-eeerved ae " State institution,
whole'and tmimpitrtd. ni ... ih
' The forf going aeotlnieoi iudieatee not only a
atronff BTmoatheti bei ao'eMally etrong coiii-
promieing tendency.1 " Itlr uohed In
ftua'ce of ad' eminent.' Southern JSenator, one of
the most diatioEaisbed end indefatigable' com
prouiaora of ihe day.' fie embodied 'it In the
reeolntioni offered by hiin nlthe 'Pnited 'States
Senate at the recent eeaaioa of uwgrestj witn
a flow no donbt Ao prepaie tbt way for i com
promise or adjustment of onr national diflicul
tirt,ybeii the Vimejshou'ld b'e'.ripe for auch en
tdatcni'.irbe CoBTentlon that incorporated
the same sentiment ba all Its breadth' and eig-
nlfleance' Into elr'' platlifrfj ,VT i",'gntiEed
their wHI'iDgneaa'And readineastO' compromise
uppn' tie, iagis f defending and maintaining
slafrery as a Btate institution. , This is the gen
eVal' statement; ,Hh(i SeU.ls would, ,of . course
nave W do acme4 pj iuhi Irani
- How lheMrtejrsiMe8k'1n"tl. Ite Repub-
plcbaW ticke piaoea npoau, is ueir oumuooo
sot oarWi If they can "eo It," silently, inoodi
ly. M the 'etrnsefof this ; c'ty, doeswe hare
not the lilntes't,.objectioa. .WhaUTer their
motives aaay be, painono or ocnerwiee, it may
La the east be ell tbe better for the conntry and
"' It Is a great point gained to that cause, when
we can ear, distinctly1!)! without fear of con
tradiction; to' Union' men "of the ' Sou, that
'Black RepuMicatuim7T they call it, is po
litically dead and buried in Ohio end that in a
convention of delegates from nearly or quite
every county la. the State, beld at the Capital
on the 5th7 of September! 18611 representing
the main body of the Republican party and frag
ments.' of other pertlee,.ii waa unanimously re
solved that Mile war was not made to overthrow
or interfere with' slavery i but that "one of its
objects U to efepd and maintain, slavery as a
State institntioo- anlmpaired, and of course to
defend and maintain the fugitive Slave 'law i,'
Thus, the field it beginning to be cleared for
thi'iUniop jDeniooraoy of Ohio and the North
to eo-e perate actively and effectively with the
loyal Union men of the 'South in saving the
ynlon:;,7 nereis. ,0ns oanger ra ooguaruea
ag'aipat, apd4haiisr that tha late Republican
politioians, In thaif new born zeal for1 compro
mise1, by offering to defend ana maintain slavery,
inajr; like all new convene, b inclined to ge tee
fart and bs too leaieat toward the rebels in arms
against ihe : Governments They need ' watch
Party Organizations and their Destruction.
k.s-'. -v- - ' atructioBi. . ' , t,
, '1 j il!..' re .. u,4,j ) 'l.'-; ;
We take tha following from the Cincinnati
Prris of the 7th' inst' :' .' ," .. . , ..1 '; , ,-
In; the abstreat, ere have no respect for par
ties against-party -. They are, iier all, only
parties; and equally subject eeme think much
more so to all the diseases by which other par
ties are made offensive -and disreputable.1 In
general, existing parties are capable of per
forming all the public service that is required
of any; and Jf there .happens to be, through
some extraordinary effort of creation and Provl
deaoe, a data of peculiarly honest and patriotic
men, aroused to unwonted energy by some great
publkj emergency, whose disinterested seal does
not reauire to be stimulated by hopes of office
to keep it in actirity, the best tiling, In general,,
that it can no IS to carry its poriiying ana eie-
vetinc inuaencee into iready-exiatlnfr oreani-
XAtions, to Improve their characters, give dig
nity to thew debberatlonst and mx the seal of
high moral auvnonty to ineir aow.-u-y t ' -
t .M we aeek to apply tbeee remarks to the
present condition of party affaire in Ohio, we
do ao upon the hypothesis that the Republican
party la in existence, intending to preserve Its
organization, and carry on its operations as
heretotore. IX it retires from the political field
to give place to the new organization, there are
then onlv two Dartlee; for a partv that retires.' at
loch a tune as this or inaesa at any time vir
tually pronounces judgment againsr .welly ami
must be looked npon as oeserveaiy, ana nerma'
, Far tht Betullican part to ditbmd oa oiee
piiee t an erraaxeiioil vpan a new eeeis, iot((
not, in our etno. xncrtmu the tlitnctt tf btahna
l iJetnaeriUtc jrarty Ine Vilng to aeetmpiUh
d-Trrtiekt on the contrary, by all the ordi
nary rules ot eompatation, K will diminish
them. ' Jt.la a retreat in the face of the enemy
a confession al numerical, and an evidence
of moral weakness, on the part of the; 'Repot
Ucan party, wbj oh cannot but detract from its
farce ia any coalition, into which ita elements
msy enter. ...v f.tn 1 ic
rTiM new party avite saateriai . so far as tms
is visible in the .raport 01 the prooeediqgs ot
the Convention at Coinmbae bears the appear
ance of a third party rlta Jendcrsbipls made
no of men who have been left oat by the parties
to which thev belonced; and who, in a state of
retlracy, nave been permittea to grow wise at
once, and Impatient to render their wisdom
available to aaankmd. To say that it is 'anv
better than any other partv, any more likely to
be governed py high ana auinterested motives
or to display a lofhier and snore refined patriot
ism, is to say thai lor woicd mere is out tune
warrant tajchig into consideration the men wbo
seem to be chosen to guide its destiny. ,
' The platiorm of the party seems well con
trived to answer the Harness far which Diet
forma are need. It is ia the popular vein now,
and probably win eonttnae te be eo to the day
of eleotion and what more need be desired T v .
I All manner cf means have been adopted to
destroy, the- old ' N&onaf Tcmocr&tio party.
Means hiv been adopted to defeat it terapara-
rily, but none hate moceeded ia destroying Ita
vitality or obliterating Its existence., Wen, whs)
have been fedand fostered intogrcaloe9,'have,
after partaking 6Mts support', lurned their
backs upon thjt) gforious 9)d jpar,ty andeoome
its bittereatfevUefo and worst enemies-1 men,
who have been kept fn office until they have run
tbrir political "rwee, baV tbrOwli. themBelves
law law cmurauv ui suw cueuiiv -v. .u w
mocracy td endavor to getji ifter lease 6'n offi
uial poeillou, by the votes of those they have
for years bitterly eondemned and; denounced: 'j;
j Look over the list, of, the men -wbor. figure
promioently In' their teovemeat), and yon will
fltd nearly ell pf Abose who have bea fed and
pampered'at the official erlband kept id posi;
tlon by thV generous support of the bard fitted
working men of the old Ttiioo Democracy of the;
country.-r-Tbey. goweraea oy ao principle bat
self aggrandizement and pecuaUjy reward, now
imaeiue that something, more1 popular Is' to be
sought," by which tbey ah prolong their official
care. --rr;1; ..
Tbey seen to think that, becaese tbey have
beeo JtcJlTn poaldonTiy jfhe Democracy, .they
have become the owners ef the party, and that '
they have only te blow their born of treachery
and lr ideUti i be good people who have
supgjrted them t(oe they1' professed to be
Democrats will; follow. What a mistake!
They hava, had influence and position esly be
cause the masses of the part thought they were
itb tktm, and honest in aupporku principle, and
for no" other reaaon. They will learn their utter
taig'ftifcl ?when they uadertaka io rely
racy have given them heir strength not . hey
the democracy. 1 nis uiey wui learn sooner
than they desi
ft Ci 'i
[Telegraphic Correspondence of Daily Commercial.]
From Washington.
'.From the best judgment I can, form, after
careful. Inquiry and investigation, I am satis
fled that a general conflict between the oppos
ing forces in this viol nity Is not impending at
present. all new xort sensation reports to us
contrarv notwithstanding. The ouly possible
point of contact apparent now, would result
from an attempt to dislodge tnem irom raun
ton's Hill, but I do not think this is regarded
as a military necessity, of will be immediately
unurriaaen. , .--
Gen. Rosecrans's Army.
CAMP SMITH, VA., Sept. 8.
Gen. Roseorane left camp yesterday, and
sweDt over toe mountains in loroe. -
The rebels are reported strong a few miles
Our pickets were fired at four miles beyond
us this mornlne
The fight will come off soon. The Inhabit
W. D. B.
From Frankfort.
Eds. Com A committee eompoeed of John
son. Reed and T. F. Marshall, ol the Senate,
wars dianatched to Southern Kentucky to-day
at three o'clock, to obtain facts in regard to the
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
Probable Battle in Western Virginia.,
By the follow ine dispatch, from our special
correspondent in Western Virginia, it will be
seen that Gen. Roeeorans has advanced through
Sutton to Camp Smith, which is situated near
8omerville, on Gauley river, forming a con
junction in part with Gen. Cox's Brigade, lo
cated below. A peine is imminent ana is uac
ly to take ple to-day. ;
Gen. Roeecrans's force is about 17,000, and
that of Lee's eetimated at 20,000. ,
The regiments constituting Gen.' Reynold's
Brieade. are the Third. Fourth and Sixth Ohio,
and two Indiana Regiments. The other Ohio
Regiment are with Roeecrans.
Generals Floyd and Wise are in front of Geo,
Cox 8000 strong, estimated; - '
CAMP SMITH, Sunday, Sept. 8, 1861.
To the Editor of tht Enquirtr: .
General Roeecrans and Staff with bis entire
command, excepting General Reynolds's Brig.
ade, arrived here last. night from Sutton, and
will to day move a column on- the encamped
ecernr. UDder Uentral Lee. uur pickets yes
terday and to-day have' driven in those of the
foe. A battle ia expected immediately. , ,
J. H. G.
Reported Fight at Shelbina.
We learn from a gentleman wbo arrived this
morning from JNorth Missouri, thai a ngst wot
nlace at Sbelblna. in Shelbv county, on the line
of the Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad, be
tween the Second Kansas Kegiment and 20UU
men under command pf Mania Green. 1 The
Kansas Regiment left this .city several days
ago. to return home to be mustered out of ser
vice. Tbey stopped at bbelbioa . in order to
take charge of a train of cars for St. Joseph,
and soon after, the town was surrounded by
Green's men, and a severe fight ensued. The
pews was being sent by telegraph to a station
this side of Shelblna, and the above details
bad been given, when the telegraph wire was
cut and no farther news coaia oe ootainea.
P. 8. Since the above was written we learn
that the Kansas troops were compelled to sur
St. Louis Republican.
Mr. Cameron.
" ' After all the charges of corruption, stealing,
favoritism and outrages, made by tht Republi
can Drees on Secretary Cahxron, tbey have eon
eluded to drop the matter, as old Ask sustains
him.', The bint sent to them by telegraph, that
all papers that attacked him were considered
in the interests of the rebels, has spiked their
batteries. , '"" " .,.','. ,
The' Republicans think there should be no
party contest this fail. , 1 ben why have one?
There is already an excellent Union ticket in
the field, and a aoond Union piattorm. Why,
then, nominate, another tiket, if no contest is
desired? . There is not a better Union man in
Ohio than Hugh J. Jewett, of Muskingum
county. No man will make a better Governor.
All true union men win vote tor mm. ivor-
Columbiana County.
r' The Vuion Democracy of Columbiana county
have nominated the following ticketi 1
-For Representative, Wm. Phelps, of Salem
towMbint Sheriff, Peter Bosweil, of Perry:
Treasurer, Joseph H. Qoin, of Madison; Com
mlsstoneri John Armstrong, of Centre; Infirm
ary Director, iobn nemming, of wayae.
'The Pofrist says of the Convention: .'.'.',
t The Convention on last, Saturday afternoon
was one of the latgeatand most enthusiastic we
have ever attended., The people were here, in
the exercise of their sovereign .right, to inquire
if something could not be done to remedy the
present evils ana avert wreaiening calamines
ol the future, ineywere wining to 00 any
thine to Drosecnte the war vigorously, and ter
minate it speedily and honorably, but ae .they
could get nothing lair from the Kepooncans
thev were driven into the nomination of s
straight Democratic ticket. The proceedings
were harmonious and unanimous. Everybody
was satisfied and well pleased with the result.
Our friends went home with the determination
to set to work and retrieve the fallen fortunes
of the good old party of their early lovs.; -.
Who Fight Our Battles.
v The Indianapolis SttU Sentintl is told by a
geetlemaa, ab onieer in one 01 ins inuiana regi
meotSr-tbat an officer detailed by the War De
partment, under the direction of the Commander-in-Chief,
to master into the service volun
teers in Indiana, gives it as his opinion; based
noon the moot favorable opportunities of ascer
taining the actual facts, that three-fourths of
the men who have already volunteered for the
war from that State are Democrats. This is
the, vVrv hi eh est authority for making Ibis state
menl! 1 That proportion holds good In most of
the States, abd yet stay-at-home. Republicans
denounce femocrais as irauore, ana tivinoe a
disposition to make war upon them. pin. E-
The Pxorti's CoiiVMTiJii-The mea wno
are dias'atiefied with either of the pressnt polit
ical ftrganlzttlons and want to organize another.
hold a preilmltiary meeting at the Old Court
Mouse tun evening to elect delegates to a "feo
ple's Convention ", We doubt not that patriotic
citizens will ne present, but the movement looks
to us Very muob like an attempt lo climb iuto
the heaven or orace some other than the ortho-
Buffalo Courier.
. There are several gentlemen in other locali
ties, tryiog this same experiment. Tbey are
kiteneely for the Uoloo to so much to that
they must join the Republican party to satisfy
even themselves ol their change.
Judge Rufus P. Spalding.
ht4.nr .le4 us bear from Jedge Rufos P, Spald
ing, a delegate 'rota Ohio to the Black Reptib-
..a' . .4t .: 4- 1DCC 1 men
lloan Wallonai tjeavewHone U4 mu 40m,
He made a epeecb ia the invention of 1856,
which nominated Fremont, in which be ssid: -
in the ease ef the alternative rjetogpreeeot.
i. of tha continuance of slavery or a dissolu
tion of tht Union, I AM FOR DISSOLUTION;
end I earo.aot Bow quick it ;0daMa.1'r -M". r, i
Brown County.
The Union Democracv of Brown feouiity have
nominated tha following excellent tjckstl ,.
Representative, Pr. E. B. Fee;, Treasurer,
J.P.Loulsoi Commissioner, James Campbell;
Infirmary Director, John G. Brose.
-De. f aa.waa a esembet of the Iiegttiawre
some ten years since, and was an able member,
He is; a reliable. Union Democrat. ;Com-
mon neat Juage or tne juuicin. uim v
poeed of tha counties of Brown, Clermont and
Adams,. T. Q. Ashsosn was nominated. Mr.
Ashborn is an able lawyer, and will make an
excellent judge.
I 1
Coshocton and Tuscarawas.
The Union. Demooracv of Coshocton and
Tuscarawas have nominated Dr. J. N.. Pil
lows for the State Senate. - Tbia i a good
nomination. Dr. Fillows waa an able and
valuable member of the late House of Repre
sentatives. "
The Tuscarawas Democrat says:
Dr. J. N. Fellows, of Coshocton, was nomi
nated by acclamation, He was sn efficient and
active member of the House last winter from
P.nhiutnn. anil w.a Amnnfr the most ardent
and patriotic members in favor of maintaining
the Union, the Constitution, and the supremacy
ot the laws. - We hope to see the true Union
Democracy of the district rally in their strength
for Dr. Fellows. .
The Senatorial Convention re-anirmed the
platform of the Union Demooracy of Totca
rawas county, and passed some additional Im
portant resolutions. 1 ' : "
Dr. Fellows in a short speecn acoeptea tne
nomination, declared himsslt for a vigorous
navtBAAnliAn tf (.K at vas nniil rehetlilon II craah-
ptVOlAimiVU wa wuw n m
ed oat, and emphatically pledged himself to
the retrenchment platiorm of the Tuscarawas
Union Democracy. .
Hurra for Fellows and the whole Union Dem
ocratic ticket! - '
Judicial Convention.
the Judicial Convention held here on the 29 lb
iost. but as the result has already been an
nounced, we consider H unnecessary, at this
late date, to publish them ia externa, i The fol
lowing resolution wae uanimoujly adopted:
Soutkrn Ohio Argui.
Ketolttd. That the Democracy or' Adams, 1
Clermont and Brown counties, in Convention
assembled, do hereby unqualifiedly approve and
indorse the platform of principlee adopted, and
the nominations made bv the late Democratic
8tate Convention; and that we hail with joy
the recent nomination of our fellow citizen,
Gen. John G. Marshall, as our candidate for
Lieutenant Governor, and that we pledge to the
Democratic ticket, State, district and county,
our undivided supports
Prince Napoleon.
This distingaisbed visitor and suite ar
rived at St. Louis, Sept 5, and took, lodgings
at the Planters' House. - ' ' ' ' 1 v ' " ' 1 v1
The Republican gives the following:
''Tbe Prince is accompanied by M. Mercler,
French JVlinister at Washington, M. Ferri Pi
sana and M. Ragoo, Colonels ol the Empire and
Aid-de-Uamp, uaptain uonnis, formerly Uov-
ernor of Guadaloupe and now of the French Na
vy, and M. Maurice Band,' son of Madame
George Sand. , 1 r- - .i
it is understood mat nia stay in this otty win
be but for a day or two, and that he will proceed
from here directly back to the East. ...
The iollowing brief sketch of the rrince will
be found interesting at this time: " '
'Napoleon Joseph Charles raui Uanaparte,
is the seoond son of Jerome Napoleon, ex King
of Westphalia. He waa born at Trieste, on the
9th of September, lozz. ' He commenced bis
military edaoation at the College of Looiibourg,
Wurtemburg, In 1BJD. tie was oDUged to leave
at the conclusion of his education, lor refusing
to enroll himself as a soldier for any country
bnt France. . After spending several years in
travel, he received permission from M. Guizot
to visit France, under the title of Count de
Moulort, but bis ultra opinions soon brought
him nnder the suspicion of government, and be
wat obliged to leave again. In 1847 he was
permitted to return witn nis tamer, and after
the downfall of tha Louis Phillippe dynasty,
rapidly rose into favor. Ia 1841) he was ap
pointed Ambassaaor to tne uoart ot Madrid,
bat bis letters of authority were soon after re
voked, In consequence of disobedienoe of in
structions. In 1852, he retired to private life. This re
tirement, however, was not-of very long dura
tion: for, at the end of tbe same year, on the
restoration of the Empire, Prince Napoleon, in
virtue of hit relationship to tbe Emperor, and
bv a degree of the Senatua Consaltum of the
23d of December, took the style and title of a
French Prince, being, alter bis father, Jerome,
the next heir to the throne of France; and by
right as tucb, be took his place in the Senate
and Council of State.
"In 1858, he was placed at Ihe head of the
newly created ministry of Algeria, and the col
onies. : ' . '. '
"On the 30th of January of the same year, he
married the Princtss Clotilde Maria Therese de
Savoy, daughter ot Viotor Emanuel, King of
oarainia. j .
, "By the death of Prince Jerome, Prince Na
poleon stands next after the young Prinee Impe
rial, heir to the throne of the Napoleons, and
takes rank as a Marshal of France."
The Prince arrived at New York on the yacht
Jerome Napoleon, a few weeks ago. He waa
accompanied by bis Princess, Madam Clptilde,
daughter of Victor Emanuel, King of Italy. 1
She remains in New York, attended by a por
tion of tbe strife, during the W estern tour of
the Prince.
. The Princess Is said to be a very prepossess
ing lady, of Italian complexion and features, of
middle height, and most unassuming manners.
She is only seventeen. The New Yoik l'oit
eays: , . .. -. .,
"If we should see tbe Princess in our streets
we should call her a pretty little rslugee from
some metropolitan boarding school, tier Dg
ure is petite, very graceful, and clothed .in the
ordinary gray traveling habit of the lady-like
voyageuse. The rrinoess 1 inrst maid 01 boo
or, tbe Duchess d'Abrantes, is quite young
apparently not more than eighteen and very
pretty." . t
Old Wayne.
Tbe Union Democracy of Wayne county have
nominated the following strong ticket: ,
Representative', John Ault; Treasurer, M.
W. Pinkerton; Prosecuting Attorney, George
Kex; Commissioner, valentine Ault;, infirmary
Director, Aaron rranics. -The
Democrtt says: . , ; t '
Tha ticket which was nominated 00 last Sat
urday gives universal satisfaction, and will re
ceive the enthusiastic support or tbe entire De
mocracy of Wayne. Tbe nominees are all ex
cellent men, well qualified to discharge the du
ties ot tbe offices to which tbe Democratic party
desires to elevate them; end we are convinced
they will fill their respective positions with
credit to themselves ana to the eotire settaiac
tlon of their constituent. 1 - 1 r -
Be 0 good cheer, Democrats of Wayne!
Ifiverytbing promises the success or your ticket
The large vote polled at the late Democratic
primary eleotions is evidence that tbe good, old,
bard-fisted and brave-hearted Democratic farm
ere of Wayne fully appreciate the importance
of ihe approaching contest. ' Tbe people are
aroused, and will certainly carry off the palm of
Victory. now can It be otherwise 7 With tbe
patriotic platform of tbe Ohio Democracy back'
ed bv such a ticket as is presented this week
for your support, we are certain of success, If
we are at all vigilant In tbe discharge of oar
duties as Democrats and patriots. Let the De
mocracy arouse, then, organize and resolve npon
a determined fight. ; If we do success will crewn
our efforts, and we will wipe out tbe corrupted
Black Republican party, which la desecrating
patriotism lo attempting to secure the spoils ol
office by essoining to have mooopollxtd all tbe
patriotism 10 tne U04. t t .i j tci
! Xocsatrvg CoNTRAC-re. The Philadelphia In
quirer says that tbe contractors who luroisbed
blankets lo the Government for tbe Philadel
phia soldiers have realized the handeeme little
profit of two hundred thousand dollars! v
It is regarded as exceedingly dangerous to aay
anything against such swindling as it perpe
trated by these outrageous contractors. ' r-"'
t ACELTiioSS & Co ,
-l:- ' .--.4, ,..ajrWa.ea- e-w -
Conumssion Mer
u ...t v M i .- a t ';'J,'r' '"'
', .,..-,. 1 t. ! i'jivr in'C-i'rfo c j
'' -' ! - Ae'.'fcC.1 A1.80,' ,; I i'-l
. r. ;i . . . ..." !..
Old" Rye, Monoagahela & 1 Bo'urbpn
...f!V:- ii ! ,
J'' '
, 1 cozimiva, ohio. r'"
stasdiyis -. ;; ' "' u";;'1 ,!;' ;
' - -4- ' ' -'
jtrTtrajwActi a s.awyei .,,
'. i t.'ir. stAvea'a Orrica, Cotrjmos,0.j I
' ' Beptember , 18U1, 1
nn.,.,4 1... .i h. ih rk of Oolnmbns are hereby no-
tin44 .K... .UMinn of one Trustee, eowtasamember
.i.. r,nKn ,.1 mA nitv. u sennur a Tacaocr caused
by the resignation ot Dr. A. O. Blair, late Tmjtee. will
bet held at the United Btates Hotel, In Mid Ward, ihe
naual plaoe of aoiemg eiecnone m "
day the ltith day ot Beptember, A. D. 1B61. : Ihe polls
will be opened and closed oa that day at tbe nsoal. and
..galhours. , , r ,,, WR4Y lnoM,.(M,.,,
sep3-td.-. '' : ''' '
Oysters! Oysters 1 1
JJL be in aaujr receipr, dj wpreii, 01 .s..
w.i. iT.vui I .n , ' I V
TOUl B.i.mn. 4U4 wvv...
Gall at Wagner's oyster ana rraii vepot, no. vi can
Btate street. . ., ; , .-, j, - - c-; , . ; ,.. i
aagMtf. ".. r . ..': ,r f 1 '
Sheriff's 'Salo.'
( 1
. 1 i
John Kennedy,
,edy, y
1 et si.)
Common Pleas.
James South
T V virtue of an order of sale to me directed, from the
XJ Court of Common Fleas of franklin eonntr, Onto,
will offer for sale at tbe door of the Oonrt Bouse, In
the city ot OoliuaMt, oa - . ,, :: .. . 1
Monday, the 16th day of Sept.. A. D. 1861,
ai ana o'clock P. M.. tht follewlsr ' deeoribrA real
estate, situate In the county of franklin. Slate of
Ohio and city of Oolnmbus. to wit: Tbe eaat one-half of
tbe following premises, commencing one nnnurea ana
eighty-four feet (184) west of the southeast oomer of out-
lot number (M) inirty-nre, ana seine; a part 01 saia oui
lot. at a stake, thenoa north one hundred and elahir
seven and a half feet (187)0 to a stake, thence west
fiftf-seven feet (37) to a stake, thence east flttr seieo
feet (7) the piece of beginning, all of whtoh lines
andcorners, coeever, moot be understood as eorieepend
log with those of the street and alleys of the city of
Columbus af unsaid, being the east one-half of the above
described premises, and the same conveyed to the said
James South by said John Kennedy ane) wife by deed
ef even date nerewtto.. r . ,, , ,, . .. ,
Appraised at t275. ' '
Printer's fees f5.2S fl.iW. HUrTMArT, Bheritt,
augltwtd ) - ByBd. Davm, Deputy.
I, i,l ,. ' . - ,- -i
' ' Master .Conamssioner's Sale.
Joseph P., By waters - . .(
vi4 . Superior Court., , ,,
Wm. B. Darnell etaf. 1 '
te me directed, from the Superior Court of Frank
lin County. Ohio, I will offer for sale, at the door of
the court-pouse, in the city 01 uoiumoos, on
Monday, Oct, 7th, 1861, 1 ;
atone o'clock P.M., the followlngdescrlbed real estate
situate In the county of Franklin and Stale of Ohio, to
wiU The Bourn naif or tne a 4 1. eaartoT or section u,
township 11, range SI, United States Military lands, con
taining eighty acres. ' ' '
Appraised at sju uu per acre
iCT'i'.D" 1.
, , W. ITUTFMAJf, BhelitT,
- ni Hester Commissioner.
Order to sell the above described Land in parts,
On motion to the Court by 8. Taylor, attorney for de
fendanta, It is ordered that the order of male, heretofore
made In the above named acUon, be and the same it hsre
by chane ed ae followi: - :
The sheriff la ordered to sell said land lo the follow
Ing manner: 1st. To offer for sale and eell thirty acres
off of said tract of land beloaatng se William . Dar
nell, being the North part ef said tract; and if said 30
acres do not bring a sufficient amount to pay the same,
then that be offer for sale the 30 acres immediately ad
joining the former on the South; and If a safkoisnt
amount 01 money is not reoeiveu irom we same 10 paiu
fy ssid order, then that the eald Sheriff eell the balance
of said land, as directed by the former order of this
0E0BQB W. TJDPFMAH, Bherllt,
and Muter 6ommitiioneT,
Printer's fee 83 00. - - .
sep:idlttt , , ' '
. HOW TO, VET, A IlUaasAND. . ;
Become a good cook. Vse Jamas Pyle's Dietetic Bal-
eratus for ralalng purposes, and tbs thing is done. .Too
will then And ao difficulty la the matrimonial, IIds.
Sensible men are 'fond of good living. , Nothing set
Pyle's Dletetlo will answer., Depot, 342. Washington
street, New Tork.- Sold by grocers erery where.
Just Fnblished In a Sealed envelope; Price 6 ets.:
Weakness, lnrolunkwy Bmlasions, Seznal Debility, and
Impediments to Marriage geBerallly.Merveusuese, Con
sumption, Epilepsy and FUe,Mmlal and Physical In
capacity, resulting from Belf-abuse, As. - By Bobert J.
Onlverwell, at. D., author of the Oreea Book, Ae.
A Boon to Thoaaanae of Snfferers,
Bent under seal, In a plain envelope, to otj address,
poet paid, oa reselpt of two stamps, by Jr. OUA8.
J. 0 KLINB, 1ST Bowery, Mew fork, Poet' Office Bos
NotAtW. . .. 4. eep7:3mdAw
. xmcTS oy dBiouLiinrEi AVOiDiD.
Too much eating and drinking, new faabltl and atodes
of life, often produce Irregularities In the bowels and
general health of tbe system. But BRAtnaava's Pills
will sooa cure, the stomach will regain its strength, and
a healthy action ef tb system will ba restored, , No
MiDiciiru are equal ia asefuloett to the ' n " " ' -"
5i" BBiSDttETn'i piiiii,')'i' "l
Every man of tbe VIBE ZOUAVBB bad a box of
and an ALLOOCK'S rOROUB PLASTER put In their
knapsack free of expanse. " And U this fart amy' te kt
tribulcd the abseooe of any of TDIS BEOXMEN1 from
the hospital. ' - -, -'q;;.
BTEBT SOLDIER should harp It bo ef Brandreth'l
Pllli, a box of Sal re, and a piece ot Porous1 Piaster.
They are BORE to be esefut, often ftlwlng;''1'.
Bold by Jons B, Cpda, )roalst.CirlfTmts, and py
allnitMtabasdealenia aeeda-laea. r4J i)rr, ,u.
, .-1 -n .in ;1 :l
mop FAT'S 1.IFE PIE.M.;1,
la all eases of oostlrenossi dyspepsia, Mllloaa eei Bvet
affections, plies, rheuasllsas, ttvtrs sad agaee, Sbett
aals head aches, tad alt general serangeihepts of ieslt.
thees Fills ban Invarlablr proved a etatala- and speedy
remedy. A tingle trial will place me trfa Pills teyeed
the reach tfoompetltloo la tht esUmatlon tf every pa-m-4
n h rn tr.f . 1 ' ' ' i' '' -' '
1 Dr. Moffat's Piiceula Bitten will te-foand equally et
acadoos In aUcajat of aervoos debility, Arspepaia, head
achs, tbe sickDees lncesleni to fuut t la daKmte haaRb,
and every kind ef weaknees of tht dlgettlvt trganS.
for sale by Dr,W.B. MOFFAT, feV Broadway, N. y.
andbyallnurrlrtsj A, h jaair-dwlj '
The followifit; it aa ertTacl;.from a
letur written by tU lUv.' J 1-fclm; pewter et the
Plsrrapolnt gtreet Baptist Ohaattd Bretkltii, Mr I,o
the "Journal and Mosoeneiertn Olaetonalt, O". , and speaks
to tames ia favor ef that world-renowned medicine, lite,'.
Window's 800TH1M Svaor roa'Caoaaws Santnesi
."Weeeeaa advertlament -4a year eotuamt of Mtf
WiMLow'sBoorrimeeraon' Now we at mi eald a word
la' favor of a patent medicine before in ear life, bet wt
feel compelled to aay to year readers that this la no -fcma
buir ws inTii( rr, ano stow it to ta au. it,
OLAiae, tt taprotmMy ooeof flia aoet tnrvemrul audi
etnesoftheday, because H M Ont of Die beat. And itibse
ftf mimw nation Who have lmbiaa eanH ila V'l. !
lay Ine sappl'" ' ' " CKii7:ljW.e
BAIU find
. 29 South Hirh f twot, Cplumuas,
S0OO yards TraveUa Jreat V
;ioyU. at B. -value
1 lDWaanU. . '
U50 yards f raveling Dress Goods at 12tf, va'ne SO ctfcj,,
luuu yards French Organdies at VtX. value SO eents
SOIIn yerda Fast Oelond tawns al Hi, Tllue 14 eents A '
1IMKI Vanla Waulkra n. auk.. .a 17 u. an 44.ia.
1500 yarjla 8uiet plait Black Bilk at el OB. walueeltS.11
Bobes of" Organdie Borage, and Bngllsh Borage, at one
nau aneir iu. .......
w.' -!?ws.sa!r tuv fc sjoh
,S; VVrt & OiMBouthggb Street. ,
Elegant laco Ilantillas,
I, i .
HAVB Inst opeped an ilnyelct . ef very , large and
htndiomt " .1
WnEmiialcE3 vF0R Sitawls.
Very Decj rebehFlonnclcg Laces., i
Real Thread, Frenoh.Caantllla Jt Genevete
Valenciennee, Point da Gaze, Brusieli
- and Tareaa Laoes ana Coiiari
.. i,. . ,.V( .u- ia Mwsunea,
t .i-rAr&a uuibAKO ivrre, , r
For traveling.
pricks ,Tjyxratj1;jr.Y ixw, ,
.' ' ,.c,,. , '' "".'' 1 , -' ' i
Traveling. Press I Goods:
,, BILKS, 0II DB flHBVBBS. 1U 'i j .
The. best and most fashionable styles In the etty, j ' '
r 1-1 ii"'-".' BATH As 801T, ,
IjeSl i-ir.il i-.v: ' i.-,:j.. tenth High Streets. -
are nw-v ra 4Ti r r Ann - a. mi w. w.' re
REM oval: i I
It.. .4 4 4. . i Jf. ,
.t .I.
IT i-l :'m .-r.-.t i.. .. -Ui I ' '
.! -i ...... ,-. . rrottuce, t
.-; I.--'-) Provisions,
foreign and t)ojnestio Liquors; j
- -Fruits, cto. eta.f:;X J
. - .v.r - ",",.."'.;,,.', v- ,W ..:., J
NO. '34 N 6 kV H.H I G HB TRE E t ,
.1 i : 1
No.tl06,'outh fiigh "Street
. . - m l i. ' . . '
The od Stand rtoenlly occupied by.WM. JMcDONALD
' -i4I , . ; ; . .
. iM.. ,..".,11.. . I
, - , , ' 41. Ul ID U4M IJ fWIJ. Wl j.fl
, 4, -J - 4
..4.1.1. & ,(4 14
i f 4 O.-.l
TTDICU win nn ( ,r
Cheap tor Caen mr Conatry Fraaaoej.
TJjGx!s delivered to City trade fret'of chafgS.Ctl
ly ' " i. ! ii.---
No. 106, South High Street,!
..Ui . ! . ii'" ;:' i,t. .. -. J
- OoZLa'Dla:33T7f '
,. .,.-4, rIALIRW.,,.. .....
' PoyiV-ONs y'J:
viForeigi( and Domestic Fruits,
JlylJ. ... . , . . . 4 . i .- (
Steam Between Ireland and America
. . - , -i
- . ' -:- '
The following new and Dagnifloeot flret-classpaddU
Wheel Steamships tompoee the above llns: . . -ADRIATIC,
- 5JM tons burthen, - Cpt,J. Man"1
" - (Formerly of the Collins' tint ) , "!",'
BIBEBNIA, 4,400 tons burthen, Oapt. N. PaoWn.
COLUMBIA, . t,4l ',...:' ' ilmii.
At.UI.Ii. ,.- ,, 4.40U " , K'. Naiaouok
PAOlflO, ' 2,000 M , . ....I.aana.-.'x
P1UB0B AtBEKP. (Screw.) . .. .. m;
S,300 "v. - ' ' ;,Wma. :
Ont of tbe above ships Will leave Naw l'ork or Boston
alternately every Taenia? fortnight, for Oalway, oar
rylnt the government mails, touching at St.. Johns,
N, F. . ...! . .' - V. i. ,
Tht Steamers ef this tine hlvt been constructed with
fhe greateet care, under tbe supervision of Ihe govern
ment, bare water-tight eompartments, tad are uneieel
led forcomfort, safety and speed by any steameie afloat.
They art eoanaaaded by able and eaperieneed olftcers,
and every eaatian will be made to preaaote tha comfort
of passengers. ,
An.eiperlenced Suigetn attached to each ship.
First-class M. V.ot Beetoa, te Qalwajr or Liverpool lo0
Beemolast, t .vl Vl.-', t i .--ill 75
Ptrst-elase, " " toBt John's 35
TUrd-claaa 1 1 i ' to Oalway of Liverpool,
. 1 ev aay townl m Irelarcf, tan a Ballwa, a- - - ae)
Thlrd-elaaa paeeengers are liberally supplied wllh pre
visions of the beet quality, cooked and served by the ser
vant of Um Oompany. .,t,rr-. , u j
Parties wishing to send for their friends frost Uie old
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, In
Iraland1r from the principal cities of England sad toot
land, at very low rates.
Passengers for New Tork, "arriving by 'tbs Boston
Steamers, will be forwarded to New Xorfc fret of taaqt.
For passage or further Information, apply to
Wm It. WI0KHAM... i
Attheoffloeof Ihe Company, on tht wharf, loot tf
Oaaal street, New York. .
aprlllftdCm. - ., , i , .,:w la's?
. 4 ,.r. T ,v'-
H0. 89 B0TJTH KOH aTMlT, f '
AHia NO'W''oi'PJ!BIN-'
ltOOO yards Super Plata Black Silks at ft OO-velue
II BS ptr yard. ..... . I - in ' ' -
SsSOO yards Traveling Dress and Mantle Goods it
18 lt eentavalee tO cents per yard r f '
B,000 yards White Brtlliaates at 19 10 eentt ,
value 80 cents per ard. '
StOOO yards Pint and Domes lis eiaghsiat greatly aa
dor value. TI lk:'1M ; .t. -. w
" ".I'KTOtUH BAaiasi. UVEIXAaV v. I
( lAHD ALt;OTIlSK ,1 1, '
Kavr im4 At'autlivkitaAia.a Iiwt Good
la tht nort iesfrsble stylet tod1 it Very lowers p'riost,
I lai j "2Xj'x-jL ai,..
0f til ms'teVlal's, made In the most stylUh manner tftw
tht Uttat Bmt ' PatMlJht fhe most elegant styles lo
tht eity. ' '' ' 1 ' ' -l, . sJ'jlJ ' vs.
'may 30;
- v
, Ne. fit South High street.
a 'a .t t
.4, 8,11-1, whim tad Uel n
y, lutt Vlttefced ev superior qntnty. ret sale IJ '
, '(V. P , W 4V4U41 m BOH..
BaUMit;.' ;! C'.e .n .Mt.ttetataEltk''
An Effeotlve, Safe and Economical
.Compound,-. ..,.,..
To Be brigtnal color without dyeing, and preventing
Aadeurtng It, whea there Is tht least particle of vitall
or reoupenuive eucrKj ,w44ui,iua. - .
' ' ' Ant4ahcutaneouaaffcctlons of the BCalp.
Imparling to It anSmeqaled gloss and brilliancy, making
aoft and silky in its texture, and causing It to cur'
raUtya ., . , y k.,--, ... ,
-The greet celebrity tnd Inoreaalng demand for tliia un-
tqaalct preparation, eoavincet tne proprietor uuu one
trial It only neoeaaary to satisfy t disowning public of Its
sunerloraualltles over any other preparation In use. It
tteaaset tbe head tnd soalp from dandruff and other
cutaneous diseases, oauslng ths bair to grow luxuriantly
glvisa) it t rich, toft, glossy and flexible appearance, and
alto, where the hair It loosening and thinning, It will give
sire u gin ana vigor to the roots ana restore t.ie growtn to
hoes parte which have become bald, causing IHu jtelcl a
rash covering of hair.
- There trt hundreds of ladies and gentlemen In New
Tork who hare had their hair reatored by the nse of this
Invigorator. when all other preparations have failed, h.
M. has In bis possession letters Innumerable testifying
to Hie above facte, from persons ot the highest reilsecta
billtv. It will effectually prevent the haii-f rom turning
until tht latest period of life; and Incases where' Ihe bair
baa already changed Ita color, the nse of the Invigorator
will with certainty restore It to It to Its original hue, giv
ing It a dark, glossy appearance. Ae a perfume for the
toilet and a Ualr BeetoratlTe II la particularly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and the great fa
cilities II affords la dressing the hair, which, when molat
with the Invigorator, can be dressed In any required
fans to ae to preserve itt plaoe, whether plainer In curia;
hence tbe great demand for it by the ladiee as a standard
toilet article which none ought to be withont.aa the price
places It within the reach of til, being -
' Only Twenty-Five Cents
per bottle, to be bad at all respectable Druggists tnd
L.MILLKB would call the attention of Parents tnd
Guardians to the use of bis Invigorator, In eases where
the ehlldieo's hair inclines to be weak. Tht oat of It
says the fctndatlon for a pood tend of hair, at It re
moves any Impurities that may have become connected
with the scalp, the removal of which la necessary both
for the health of the child, tnd the future ppearanct of
ltpllatri,-....vs.r -i. ..4.. .-t-,-".'-."-' -
Oatmot. None genuine without the (ac-tlmlla LOTTI8
MILXBB being oa tht outer wrapptr; also. It. MIL
LEit'tf BAIU INVIOORATOH, N. V., blown In tilt
gleet -
Wholetalt Depot, US Dey street, tnd sold by all tht
principal Merchants tod Druggists throughout tht world
Liberal discount to pnrchtosrt by the quantity. 4 .
I also desire to present to tht American Public my
which, after yean of sctentLto experimenting, I hare
brought to perfection. - It djes Black or Brown instantly
wlthoutlnjury to the Hair or Skin; warranted the best
article of the kind in existence. . . ,
DepoipSG ::Dejf ; St., New York.
nannfaetnrera; wf all klndt af Pat
table and Mtatlanary Stenm E11--.
ariateeytiaw jniUe, sjrltt Pill it,
tl . ,, ' eVc.f Ac.
LANS A BQDLSi Boatmi B. et t.'BLAlTDYBoatenJ
' S CO. BtaUnttllt
Onr Portable Eogtne and Saw Kill
Wat awarded tht Ont premium of $50 tt tht Indiana
State fair for 1M50 over Lent A Bodley't on account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
'' and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine waa awarded at the same Fall
tbe first premium of $O0.
Onr Portable Engine was awarded the first premlu.a ol
100 at the Fair at Memphis. Tenn., orer Blandy's On
rail's, Oolnmbua Machine Go's., and Bradford A Go's,
try a committee of practical Railroad Engineers.
for price and terms address ...
WIl4l4a.n4J w Ai. n h iv, xreasuixr,
Newark, Ohio
, For an Inch of Time!
Wam os3E Tne exclamation of
t dying Queen. That Inch of time can be procur
ed at a much cheaper rate, and many long years of
enjoyed by consulting Dr. MERRY WE ATHER, who
la curing the most obitlnate and loDg-stamllng diseaiea
Fsirtw ra tmbharn Xltlns-al
Heerwhat tht Phriadelphla corfeipondent aays In the
'Commonwealth," Wilmington, Pclawaie, trtkeCAprU,
"An English gentleman, formerly connected with the
Brltlih Army, tnd who stylos himself the 'Indian
Botanic I'hjiictaa ,' has of late gained an extensive repu
tation here by bis skill In coring all manner or com
plaints., Some of hit patients f have conversed wlllu
and tbey pronounce hit remedies tnd mode of treatment
aa very superior. Some have been reatored te if by
magto. The medicine be uses It distilled by himself
from various herbs poeteaeing rare curative properlira.
"While sellnt ia Ine armv he devoted hie teteuta mtl
ments to t thorough Study of the streets produced f
certain medicinal roote tnd kerbs oa all manner of die
eases. It setme be hse found a sure and epeedy reme
dy for all tht Hilt that flesh it belr to.' Hie practice ie
already ax te Ultra end ia dallt increasing. In the com
plaints to which Females are subjected, he haa no equal,
at t largt number here hare testified that they ewe not
only their present good health, bat their lives, to the
Skill of this Indian Botute Physician. V r ' .4
Office 37 East State Street, Columbus, .,, ,
sugl7-d3m ; . ! . t .-.
( .4.1.1
.1--, tA l-l t'
iTIta Beet Artificial Help to.tlio
- - unman cigui ever invcnitt.
it . JnauPT? a 1 ditdt'pv
t 1 t WW MWtteaaTA ttkea fer( tat awdMLafAttaaMl aw, f , y . j,
aent of the most Improved kinds of Bpecteeiee.
All hit Classes, whether for near or far-slghtedL.arp
round la conotvt convex form with (he greatrat cure,
so at to suit Ihe Eyes of til osses, curing Weaknenet ,
Dullness er Inflammation of the Byes, and,imnarilag;
ttrengte, fhrlcr.g reeding orline sewing. :. V .
Office, 13 Bast State street, at Beltrcr A Webster's
Muaio storec ? nri r,
CLOAK, CITIT8. Also, ether mikes 4t" Spring
Oivtk Cloths, In all desirable mtxluies Bindings. Tea
sets and Buttons tt natob. BAIN A BOlf,-
aprllS No. South High sues

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