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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 10, 1861, Image 3

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: : AlIIVaL A B?ATliaB OF MAILS. ,.'
C '.? '1 J .' -A. .. , .
..'"'''-..'.".' DPATUM. y:.- 4
Mailt for New York City. Boitoo, Albany luffnla,
Pittsliorgb, rleubenvllla war. Cleveland, Eantivilie,
' Newark, Uranvllle, WathiDgtun City, Baltimore, Phila
delphia ana New Orlcani, clote daily (Hundayi except
eU) at b o'clock p. m. ' . ' '
A through mail for New York and Cleveland elMes
dally (Sundayi excepted) at 9 o'clock p. m. -
0. 0. at 0. tt. K. Way Mall closes daily (Sundayi ex
cepted) at S o'clock p. m.
Central Ohio Way Mail cloiei dally (Snndayi excepted)
at 10 o'clock a. rn. t ' - - v . .
Olnolnnatl Way Mall elotet daily (BunoayianttiiMj M
o clock a- m. . ' ' - .
Chicago. Dnlmnue. DehiwaiW, Marion And Worthing.
ton. Malls olotei dally (Saudayt axeepted) at? o'clock
P'Ma,lafoXenla8prln(lleld, Dayton, ToMo.Ouictn-
nati, indlanapolti, .Louiavine, ot- uiuu, sou veiroic,
A through mall to Xenla, Bprlng&eld and Cincinnati
eloaea dally (Bundaye excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
Urbane, Piqna, Tiffin and Union City mall cloiei daily
(Sunday! excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
. Lancaster, Logan, Nelsonvllle, Glrclovllle, Chlllicothe,
Portimoulb, Washington 0. H., Athens, Marietta and
Uillthoronib mills oloee dally (Bundayi excepted) at 8
clock p.m. . .
San Way Mall by National Road to Zaneavlll elofet
dally (Sunday! excepted) at 12 o'clock n. , .
Ilarrisburgh Mall eloaea dally (dundayi excepted) at t
o'olock p. sn.
Mt. Yernon Hall, by way of Weaterrllleand Banbury,
cloeee dally (Sundayi txoepted) at 3 o'clock p.m.
Doblln Mall cloaei dally(Bundayi txceptedjat V o'clock
P :.
Lancaster Way Mall cloaei daily (Bundayi excepted) at
o'clock p. m. .. ..,- -.. ' ...-
' Ai.ltlTAL4.- -''
Mailt from New York, Botton, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Plltaburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Bprlngneld, Cincinnati, Cbllllootbt, VI. Louis,
ana an southern cities, arrive, between, in noun 01
o'clock n- m. and 4 o'clock a. n-l .
mails irom Indianapolis, Chicago and Dubuque arrive
at 3:40 1
Malla from Waahlniton City. Baltimore; Wneellne,
Zaneeville, Newark, BteubenviUe, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. O.B. R. Way Mall, arrive at 13 o'clock m. .
Way aUII frcm Cincinnati arrives at 9 o'clock, p. m
Laacaater Mail arrive at 9 o clock p.m.
aet Way Mall over tha National Boad arrive at II
v -ciuck a. m. t
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrive at 11 :00 a. tai
Mall from Dublin arrlvea at 19 o'clock m. , j . '
Urban a Way Mall arrive at 0 o'clock p.m." .
Urrlibuh Mall arrives at 11 o'clock a. m.
Lancaiter Way Mall arrives at 13 o'clock m.
Office delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
7 o'clock a. m. to a o'clock p. m. Open on Bundaye
irom i ft to u o'ciock in tne morning, ana irom a to u
Rail Road Time Table.
tiTTLi Muwi k OoLvaact Xmi R. R, ' ' ' 1
.'. teavei. ' Arrives
OlncinnaU Accommodation. 5:00 A. M. 9:10 P. M.
Kinreaa ..11:40 A. M. 11:113 A. M
Mall and Accommodation.. 9:10 P.' M. "I 1:00 P. M,
NlgbtKxpreae via Bayton;13:P0 midnight. 3:120 A. Al.
' Jko. W. BoirntTY, Agent.
OOLCMIDI k Clxvvxahd B. R. '" "
Nliht BxpreM 3:40 A.M.. 11:15 P. M.
New TorkKxprei 11:10 A.M. ' 10:50 A. M.
0.0. 0. Way JCxpreie..,. 3:40 P.M. 7:50 P. M.
Jiwa Pattxmoji, Agent.
Ooitrii. Ohio It. ii.- ,.
No. 3 T.xnnm... 3:3. A. M. 11 85 A. M.
No-. 5 do ....r.-.wC:li P. M. 11:45 A. M.
VfiJ. rI. AfenU
Pimirxen, OoLcraret OrwonmtTi H7RV
Mall Train 330A.M. 11:55 A.M.
lxpresa Train 1 1:25 A.M. 8:45 P. H.
Joe. Ronmow, Agent.
Ooldiiboi ec Ihdukofouii, R. R.
No. I Erpreai. :30 A. M. 2:00 P, M
No.S " 3:00 P.M.- 7:110 P. M.
Accommodation " . 10:50 A. M.
0. W. Smith, Agent.
The Adams Express Company place, u. daily
under obligation, to it for the very latest paper.
Irom the eastern cities. - i
The . American Express Company bae our
thank, for it. daily favors in the shape of tha
very latest eastern paper.. ' "
Old Orders Redeemed. '
TOTICF. ii hereby erven Ibat I will bay on nrs-
IN aenUtion. all theoutitaadinir order! Iiiued airainat
the County Treaiury, Indorted, "Not paid (or want of
fundi." JOHN U. TUOMfbUN,
Ireainrer Franklin Co
Codncil Prociioinoi. At the meeting of
the City Council last evening, Mr. Doctr pre
sented the petition of John Ream and other.,
for grading and paving Straight Alley between
Spring and North etreat. Referred to the com
mittee of the First Ward. '
Mr. Wilson presented the petition of Mr. S.
Hunter and others, living la the vieinlty of, the
State Arsenal, who feel that their live, and
property are In danger by powder being stored
there, praying the Council to take measures for
their safety. During the discussion In referring
this petition, President Donaldson stated that
QuartermsBtcr-General Wood informed blm
that there was no powder stored at or in the
vicinity of the Ardeiial. The petition was then
relerred to Messrs. Wilson, Biirn.H and Dburr
ai a special committee. ;
Toe ordinance to construct a sewer on Fourth
.'.rcet from Rich to Town Street," was taken
from the table and passed., - -j , .s . . .
Mr. Smith introduced an ordinance' 16 grade
aud pire tho west side of Cleveland avenoe
from liroad to Spring .Btrret which WIS read
the first time. ' ' '
Mr. Stavrino offered a resolution, which was
adopted, requiring the owners .ot property 00
Strawberry alley between Fifth and . Sixth
street, to grado and pave the lame by the 20th
of October next, y.,'
The ordinance to. giade and pave tb. alley
running from the east end of Long street, from
Seventh street to Clovelaod avenuo, wa. taken
from tha table and passed. . .' .'. J ,t
A resolution wa. adopted authorizing John
Durrir to dig a well on the northwest coner
of Third and Long itroets. ';' ."' ','!. ' ' ';.
SflTflral rasolntion. relating to grading and
navine were adopted, and Counoll adjonrnedn
" : , 1 : i
Pic.awat County FAi.-vJhwTliokawy
untj FalriUle-beldiirClrclevilleoa'tUe
25th, 26ih and ?7tb of September, 18W. ;TD.e;
liet of proposed premiums, a 'pamphlet oopy of
which has been forwarded n. by tha President
and Secretary, is large and liberal".1, phr Heir..
away neighbors alwayB hay. 'good! fair, and
wa have no doubt' but their Approaching one
will be equal to any that has preceded 1.
W thank President Oaioo: and Secretary
Nile for the com pllm eft tary ticket aecompa'
nvlno- tha rremlnm list, and- will be glad to
avail ourselves of tbe benefit p( it,'t If posst
Lie. --V - ' '." avf ''
" - 1 .' . i. ' t . ' j -Ji" f.g-.
Briaiino or or Camm. Tbe ZanesvUle
Courier rtgrttt to learn that Cam) Goddard h
to be immediately discontinued, and- that the
troopi there are to be. removed to Cainp Denbl-
son. AH the tamps In' the State, with tbe ex
oeption of Camp. Chase and Dennieon, itaays,
are to- be . broken up this week.' The Coorirr
ii chagrined that Camp Goddard Is not made a
" . "' :"! '. '., ! :.- . ,1-' ;
permanent camp. - ., -it: , . . ,i r
la another article it nblVcw t! faot that Col,
Ward left Zinesville, F.iday morning,', for
Camp Chase, with a portion of th.',1.7th Regi;i
ment, and that iU regiment is to be filled ap
hero. It then add that " for fear Colnmbus
should be attacked and bombarded, Ca'hjp Chase
.ill ha made a permanent camp." It I the
ol an attack and.bombardmentbpon
ZtneavUl. that makes thedifHerwo anxioneto
retain camp'W We vldlblty iit-rntnaa.TT 1 r
ftCT Tha Py County pitmralil'iViitn
tats, that In Balllck townahllalthftt tounty
there art but thiea young pien lafibelwaaitlM
ages ot 18 and 28, the rest havinf on to ' the
Bu.glais Aoe-r We learn from the Jtur
el that on.Wadne.4ay ulghl lest, , ..veral
hna in Bnnhi.e. n.iaware conotT.wer.
tered bj burglare. On Thnnday night, party
In .11 about forty, dollar., Oa Friday n!ghi,
anomer, or iae Mine parij, enieruB uuuiee
Lewi. Center, and carried off frora three to
fife hundred dollar., - "m m ' , A 4
. ' n,
o.e, f Kt.x. r.., Rn..!
t n i i-m '
or Tin Pio-Faitt Fatt. Geo. fy Brown,
irnmnmi, inairman; jm. i.Bmiin4ot i;otum
bus, Secretary.' ' Exeouttre' committee Isaao
i hi., n -- r , mi. T. u
ueu- ' "u ' "(
Smith,' Thoa. Sparrow, John
w u
am. I a,
itt Thnu ...a in nnt w alncla man on
il J -.i-X , . : t' -- tuL ..H.
. " T , "". r" "TT
wn ior mo eauiiarj arrauBciuou u . v.
fioer in command. Col; L. A. iiarrii.' inere
are about 5,000 men now In the camp.
' . tt u i i. 1 1 ii m e in 1 1 i
.i rt
O" A fine company from Logan county, un
der the command of Captain John Haiku, ar-1
rived at Camp Ooddard,
near' Zmesvllle, on
Tbnriday last.- 1 ' ' " " -f
ID The American Board of Commissioner.
for Foreign Mission, hold it. next annn.l meet-
. . . . . , . i
ing Cleveland, beginning Oot. lit. - . v ;
r . .. .
D Prince NaroLioii and .uite arrived safe
at Cleveland on Saturday evenicg from their
Western tour, and Immediately took the car.
for Niagara Falls..' , , , , . , , , ,
ST pl. p. H. PAtsHAiLtook a fioa eompa-
ny from Warren county, 00 Thursday last, to
the camp near Hamilton, Batler county.'""
1 - aafj - 1 . , ;l
KT It seem, that Jom A Coawm ha.s not
been appointed Colonel of th. 54 or of
other regiment. . Thera Is no-regiment num.
bered 54. ' Judge CoaWm 1. authorized to raiae
five companies of infantry, to be attaohed to
such regiment a. the Governor may direct.
1 1 1 1 11 1 1 . ; (- ,
! DT The Cleveland Leader .Utes that yes
terdav moraine officer. Ivi.' and Rum.on,
of- that oitr, detained for examination
....-1. u.it . - la. u K n.L.na. ..lilii
, , , , .Z; ; 7,
contained much valuable clothing, and a dia
mond necklace worth several hundred dollar.,',
r ' 1 ' :' ' t
UTTba examination of W.iluam IIuttom be
fore U."9. Commissioner Haluoav, at Cincin
nati, on Saturday, on a charge of treason in
State, contrary to the prohibition of the Gov-
eminent In that behalf, resulted In the prison
er's being committed to jail for further trial.
National Variitih At tha old theatre, on
State street. Go and enjoy the amnslng rarle-
jties and pleasing novelties offered nightly.
Tha managers understand how to oater to the
publie taste, by varying their entertainments,
and Introducing new andpopolar performances
from time to tide; ' " " ' -
jt.il , ,. ' ' ) 1 i I 11 'rir!
iCantALLT Skntincjd. The Cleveland Her
Id, speaking of tha resolution adopted by the
Nonparty Convention in this city last week,
The platform Is the best aver laid down. Tbe
man who cannot stand on 11,; cannot , stana on
the Constitution. Tbe man who-.wlll not stand
It, 1. either a traitor to hie country, or ao
devoted to mere party that ne can see no good
outside party lines. The first merits death; tbe
aeoind exoite. pity. . ..
Wo fear there are np North several member.
tha lata Republican party who, according to
tha HerM't rule, will deserve the halter.
Don't be too cruel, Mr. Herald, toward an) of
your old Abolition assooiatefl who may eappes
bolt. 4
I I MM , I
07 A new camp, to be called Camp Melg.
about to be located near New 'Philadelphia,
Toscarawai county. T 'l V .'i.V 0)
A Catholio Missionary and TaavrLia.
Rev. Wilson, of the Catholio Church, former
ly of Zineeviile, ha. just returned to New York
from' a five years' European and ;Asiatic tonr
From a letter In the Zaneeville City Timet, we
take the following relating to the Rev. Wilson'.
travels and labor.: ' " '' '' !!t ' "7
This trulv zealous mlsslonarf visited not Only
Roma and ttreece, but likewise alt tba InteraaU
Ing place. In Jerusalem and tha Holy Land.--
He celebrated mass in tne cnurcn at tne nory
Sepulchre, and offered np prayers on tbe Mount
Olivrs, journeyed four hundred miles until
penetrated Egypt, and reviewed its alpine
pyrimida. He dwelt for three days and nights
the house of the Blessed Virgin Mary. "Af
ter her successful flight from the croeUVes of
Herod we are informed that ehe stent seven
years in this lonely abode in iba wilderness of
Egypt. He ha. eeveral boxes 'of rclioS from
Judea, and a number of truck, filled with tbe
poatnmr-s of onr otien'al brethren V- J "
Ilfs uumeroua Iticnda and former' parishion
ers of Zinesville will, uo doubt, rejoice to near
of bis safe airlval to the land of h'. nativity. '
Goou and Bad Tidinob. Atj Editor i. often
called npon to indite article that be knows will
cans, sorrow In many hearts; for initance, some
railroad or steamboat disaster is to be announo
ed, a fatal accident ls tobe recorded; then It
heart aad a. he think, of the tear, that will
shed as the paragradh he ii inditing will, be
perused. But jhen ha get! aa item -that Will
send joy tojrvery heart, the . pen, glidee briskly
over the paper. " These' are our feeling, a. we
write "Kennedy Medical Dlauoveryj" it is life
the dead, and health tq those who. are, sick.
All kinds of hnmor'ir.e.cured through Ibl ioaglc
InQoeno. front the illghtelt pimple to theee
tfrest ease OC scrofula. The price la reason
able; it can ,ba abulned everywhere, and
there is no oocaslon for the afflicted to remaib
fiBE AT CKUlfi;
, DR. LE LAND'S 11
ii the onlV: known remidy Vor
! 'ii in,.; r ,r
Ui8umatiint--Qout -uuU.5earalgia,
! and a jftmi ctmg f oa .f j.
'All " Mercurial Diseases.
It is a eonVenlently arraored Band, eontalnlna a med-
looted eomponnd, to be Worn a round the Welat, without
Injury to tha meat delicate Mutant; no ehantt I baMte
f Uvlne la naulred. an It entirely remorea the dla
nan from the tntemi wltboat rodueln- tha talarloni
egeeti arialng from me ate or powenai internal medl
ainea, which weaken and deatruy the eonatllaHon, and
five teaporary relief only. By toll treatment, the eaed
!tnal propertlei eonuined in the Band oomo la a laet
With the blood and reach the dltaate, throoah the pent
tbe ikla, effecting In eeerw Initanea a perteot on re,
and reetoring the parti afilleM to a healthy condition.
Ihli Band la alto a moatpowcrfal Aim-Hxaoiiaua, awaaa
and will enUrely relieve theijeten from thepermofotte
effeotiof Mercury. Moderate eaaea art cured in a few
daya, and we are oonitantl twtlvlng teltlnMnlalaof Its
tllioacy In airmvatad eaaea of lone Handing. .
A'aiua B,uO, to be had f DraggleBi eenerally, or can
tent by tnati of exprtaa, with tall dlreotleae , for wee,
any part j U oomatry direct fnaa tb Brtaelpal
lfflot,v ,-uil i-i. x' -i , I a. 1j. .". -''
"A1 oJ 409 . jaOADWAY, rw To.: t ,
ln G. SMITH 4. CO., Bole Proprietors. '
ft, B. Petei Ipwvt Olrenlatt Bent Fret, -
A. J. HGflTJJLtlR.! BON, Dacootm," XoWTt, N.
7T B. Hhjh Bt., bet. friend ana Hound, Oolumbtl, 0.
tjT Aata,Wanttatl Everrwbera. ' v
ah98-lylatTjt.dw- r . ,vi
mimrll,ill Onrteeaevu to b9S oewt.Aaibrt''
T V typel at at. WIT1 Cheap Ambrotyua uma,
Hlghaueat. t dooyi for tae Amerloaa aiotel, Co-
From Missouri.
woun(1(i( B u,e hoipital in tbi. placet were die
la charred to-day, and will leave for home ae aoon
SweiEt, Mo., feept i-rWe reIDdbted
"'-Pi.?!?!? h.A t..it. ' 1 , i'L
a. the ambnlaooc firom uoiia arrire iere. The
remainder or me wonoaea in ine noipiuti are
doinK ah me reoei wounaea nave been
not w seuweruwi. a tew mini ueivir we Ar-
I karjnae lino. -One of their .nrtrcon. Inform!
me tbat the typboia fever ha. broken out in
Belf hoepttal, and their, death, amount to fif-
teen or iweniy per aay. - ... . .. iii ,
G4. MnTnllniih la momim! t l.a at Man(
T , rr . . . r:
Vernon, recruitioir and organUlnir for a bold
ana viKOroni eaurt Aortnward
x here are various rumor, about Price and
Rains havuff taken Fort Soott. defeated Col
Montgomery, and captured all hie .tores, arms,
e,0' tken ""'T command, himself
among tne rest, as prisoners, but they need con-
Governor Jackson, with hi. body euard. ar
rived here to-day but hi. future movement.
are unknown. " w " ' 1 - ' " ' -
St. Louis, Sept. 8 Mr. Morphv, a member
nf tha firm nf Tnrharl Ar. Cn .1. T.lnn alr
Camden cenntv; now in this citv. received ad!
vice, last night that hi. .tore was robbed on
Thursday by a band of 150 secessionists. head-
ed bv a preacher named Johnson, of Lane's
aqa property to we .mount 01 fuv,uyp
carried carried ou.
Colonel McClune, another member of irie
firm, I. at Jefferson City, in command of a rec-
,ment of Unlttd 0..' TnB flrm
own two steamer, running on the Osace River.
one of which the robber, seized, but as the river
ISZ!01. "W0'?, h
Tha PnarmnarAi at daaatAt Br P.Iai AAnn(
reDOtt. thl when ha Ieft ,hlt ti,.e. neg hA
just reaahed there of a fight between General
Lane'e Kansas brigade and a body of rebel, un-
iuor xciicrai Avniun, iu wuiuu iu niii.L'r wbb
completely defeated, with a heavy loss, and
'"SSwJ Oscl.. cdlurl
the report
JirriRSotf Citt, Sept. o. Some sick soldier.
of Colonel Marshall'. Illinois cavalrv reeiment.
just returned from Lexington, report that the
notoriou. Captain Alagouin, - recently taken
prisoner at Georgetown, ha. been tried and
aentenoed to be huuir.. t .
A nre occurred in Lexington Wedneeday last,
wnloh destroyed ten or twelve business nooses
No particular.. , One of thef flrm of Torbert &
of Linn CreekJ ha. reached he
here and lava
only eoout o,uuu wortn 01 property was taken
from their house, by the secessionists.
From Washington.
Washinoton,, Sept.. 8. The following are
the result. 01 carelul and extended observation
covered commanding) tha Leeibura turnpike,
about seven mile, fiom the Chain Bridge. Tho
felling of wood, by the Confederate, exposed
this battery to the view of our troops. Owing
the distance no demonstration, were discern
ible, nor any large body of troops. ' Men were
employed on tba fortification, to-day.
At day-break tbi. morning our picket, ad-,
vanoed one mile further, into Virginia 1. the
Coofederatea retreated before them from tbe
direction'of Arlington. '
Last Wednesday tne umiederates Died from
an eminence at Great Falls, at a body of our
troops on tbe Maryland side, and wounded four
men. . Tbev attempted to ford tha river, con-
structinr temporary bridges with plank, when
they were repulsed by tba sharp-shooter, of tbe
Pennsylvania "tb, and a number of them killed.
Tho Confederates then retreated from view,
carrying wltb them their battery.
: Yesterday Gen, McClellen modd a balloon
asoenslon with Prof' Lowe, and occupied two
hours in reooonoissenoe. '--r
Gen. McClellan'a order for tbe observance of
tbe Sabbath was everywhere received with glad
neea. : J it.. ! ' .. 1 j i ... i
The Preeident ha pardoned A. J. Clark, who
ha. served two year. In tbe Wisconsin Peniten
tiary, having been, oonvioed of forging land
warrant.- W y-i.C'3 : 1
1 No passes whatever were issued, to-day to
cross tbe Potomac. .
Tbe Vermont soldier ordered to be shot to
morrow, for- the orime of aleapiog on hi. poet,
ni k. .:..a . . , i . . wv "
,i w vyi.vvvu. - t. ,i i . .
The Time, correspondent lays, General Fre
mont', proclamation, declaring the slaves of
rebels to ba freemen, was made solely on bla
Own responsibility; without any previous advice
from the authorities cere, or consultation with
tbem open tbe subject. ' It struck the entire
Cabinet and President with utter amazement.
Tbe matter was folly discussed, when it was
unanimously determined that the proclamation
wa. just the right Iblng, made at just the right
time, exactly In the right manner, and by tbe
right man.
From Washington. From the South via Louisville.
LooiiviLLC Sept. 8. The Charleston Mer
cury of tbe 6th says that Capt. Coxetta of tbe
brie Jeff. Davis, bad arrived there, and was pre
setted with a watch, etc The Captain says for
two weeks be was ciuiaing for the yacht Re
becca, Captain J. G. Bennett, Jr., without eiiq-
t .,. .. ....... . . .
The Charleston Courier of the 5th ears that
whole coast of St. Augustine it blocked -It
reports that vessels loaded with coffee and
fruits run the blockade ca the S'jth nit., under a
heavy lire from tbe fleet.
Tha Florida people think their batteries will
effectually protect-tbem against Federal inva
sion. '.. ... A , ." T" . . , ; i . .
The planter, bav. unanimously resolved not
ship lea island cotton either North or South,
entire crop being pledged to the Confederacy-'
,. -.."' i- .
The Nashville Uoion and American, of the
Gth, .ays that 3500 Federal troops occupied Pa
ducah on Friday, taking possession of the tele
graph, Marina Hospital and. tho Branch Bonk
Loulevuie, tne coin irom wmcn naa neon re
moved before their arrival. ' '' '
The editor thinks the movement; indicative
an attempt to invade Tennessee from , that
direction. : ' ' - -Jl .rjr.n...i. -
The Charleston Mercury's Go!dsborb '
C, correspondent of the 8th says!! all U ' qutet.
signs and no expectations of aai attack, ana
there is no indication of any movement to beat
the invaders from their present position.' '
The Fredericksburg, Vs., Recorder of the
J My. tba mast of a schooner is sticking out
the water near tha Maryland shore, sunk by
tbe Confederate batteries. , .
Richmond advices of the 4th say, urgent re-
qneita bava beea made ta place Captain Bragg
command or the tflreatened district or norm
Carolina. -, , , .' '
Paseengers, from Maoasaaa on the 5ih, eay
the poofederates killed 30U, Federals, losing 30,
a sharp skirmish on tbe 4th, taking aosaee
eion of' an 'important bill near Arlington
Hights.' , :v. i .' ;:.;'. .
A special .to tba Enoxville Regliter from
Lynchburg oa i tha -5tb aay s t "Our force.' are
pushing forward toward Washington. Hall's
Hill, which the Confederate, took yesterday,
after a eharp fight, brings na. three miles nearer
Washington than heretofore,' and our poets and
camp are now in full tight of the camp, court
and Capitol of the Linooln Government." ' '
The Clarksvllla Jefforeoblan says the cars
southward, bava been crowded for the past ten
day. with Southerner., who bad been residing
North, who werer compelled to flee- to avoid
being pressed into the Federal- service. Q trite
number of them are from Missouri, .' "
1 A special Richmond dispatch of the Slh says
that General Sidney Johnson, Senior Gineral m
tbe Confederate krmy, arrived there and will be
assigned to doty at Manassas. ... ' ','. . ',v
Tba Ricbmood Diipatcb learns that General
Lee was at Valley Mountain on the 37th all.,
waiting for fair weather and good roads to com
mence operations.1,. , .V ' - -', roaai
Tbe Federals were strongly posted at Sul
baker's, abeat twelve' miles distant, and be
tween there and Huttonsvllle.
Louisville Is full of contradictory and unreli
auiw ruuium, ununa; wonjD iiloii- mil a1 on-
patch from.Jelf .Daria toa friend was exhibited
Jonnton, cnairman ol tne Benate committee,
visit the Federal and Confederate military
authorities In Western Kentucky; ikying, 'that
(Davis) approved .of the Confederate ocou.
pation af . Hickman and Columbus,
Soma txoltement wa created by Reeoeao.'.
brigade being drawn up In Hneyon tba Indiana
shore,. to woelva Colonel WM taker, which rave
list to reporta that the brigade wasoa tta marttl
Mnldrooghi Hill, and various other place
I There la an immense stampede of Jewi south
hrard, who have been eugaged la running goodi
into me soutbera Uonfedetscy, caused Dy a re
I port tnat the traini on the Louisville and Naea
jlWW railroad: woold probably be etopped
News from the North Carolina Coast.
' wuiiwi, do(j. 1. uuuiiuuuuiw
Btrlngbam has arrived. The George Peabody
arrived last night from Hatteras Inlet, briDglng
anlimberof iSeitlve families from Tar River.
be lortifloaiiona at Ocracock .JDlot bare
beea ftbandont'd, and' probably those at Oregon
.u.pv, some torty mues tuis erne 01 v.pe u
"m , ,-..-.,'.,.. ... r.-l
u BiKua ui loriiuuaiiuuif -cuum u ovou iruuj
me uape. The light boue was still dark as
vue ionicoeratc. bad stolen too lenses, ills
suppoecd that the secessionists will make a
itaud at Fort Macon. This i. a strong case
mated work, guardiDg the approaches to Mean
fort. . . - .1 . , .
Refucees from Norlli Carolina report that
the lower counties ot that Slato are ready to
noist the Union Hag when assured of support by
the Government. A perfect reign of terror
perfect reign oi terror
exists in a portion ot the State, and troop, were
retuming from Virginia.," . '
a prominent clergyman Horn Hatteras inlet
says : bbould trie edcral ioraes irivadO tile
wmiu iiiiiu near leuuiori. iuct wuutu imuiu
diatelv bo ininorl hv 2.000 North Carolina
Unionists "
"v W.UWU Ul .11 C ICMWUI ttf Hl . V u "
wrecks between Cape. Hatteras and Ilonry.
1 Col. Weber return, to Old Point, and Col.
Hawkins' force will bo greatly strengthened at
- i
Gov. Wright at Home.
Wrlgbl, Ex-Minister to Berlin, arrived at home
On Saturday.. He was greeted at the depot by
larso crowd of citizens, and escorted to th.
,... lr , . , ' , ,
wiato iiuuea rquars, wnore ne wna weuxiraeu in
. patriotio speech bv Gcu. Dumoiit.
Mr. Wriebt, in response, eaid he did not
eome home to talk about parties or political
piauorms. worn tne instiiutioni or Ins coua
try woro arsailed be had nothing to do with
them.. The Constitution mutt be preserved,
and this ttreat rebellion put down. Mo would
lustaio Mr. Lincoln and the Administration In
every tflAirt to sustain the Government. He
wonld never agree to a disunion of this country;
we must be one peoplo. He was for tbls coun
try first, last, and all the time, and for the nro .
annnllnn nf ih .r tn . ...ll r.rmln..ln
and for such purpose would put forth evry ex
Railroad Accident.
1 Baltimo.k, Sept. 9. Yesterday afternoon,
two or three rear car. of a train containing a
detachment' of Ira Harris's cavalry of New
York, nnder Col. Kilpatrick, were thrown from
the track, of the Northern Central Railroad,
near lockneysvlllo, through the criminal care-
leisneBs oi tne engineer, rour soiuiera were
instantly killed and several wounded; three
mortally. The engineer, on seetng the result of
nil recklessness, detached nia locomotive and
hastened to tbe city, where he wss arrested
He wss fired upon by eome of the soldiers, but
they failed to detain him. , ' .
Another Traitor Arrested.
Alsanv, Sept. 9. G. S. Bawnc, of Key Weet,
Florida, wai arrested at Coopertown last eve
ning on a charge of treason. A large number
of letter, were fouud on him from the South,
and papers of an important character. After
the arrest en effort was made lo rescue tbe,
prisouer by bis frlcn'e; the reeolute behavior of
the officers prevented the. arcumplisliment of
their purpose. The olncers will take their pris
oner to Fort Lafayette. . -
Arrival of the Africa.
St. Jonas, N. F., Sept. 9.The steamship
Airica, irom juiverpooi, August ai, via yucena
town, 1st Inst., arrived off Ctpe Racetbie morn
ing. Sbe wae boarded by tbe News Yacht of
tbe Associated Press, iler dates are six days
Liverpool, Aug. 31. Breadstuff! quiet but
firm. Provisions tending downwards. Consols
3233;. .- . . :-i :-m
The Harriet Lane at Philadelphia.
pHiLAOELroiA, Sesl,. 9. The steamer Har
riet Lane, commander Faunoe, arrived at the
Navy Yard yesterday a fternoon: She will un
dergo repairs. , ' ,
Gov. Curtin Gone to Washington.
Hauiibiioro, Sept. 9. Governor Curtin and
staff left lo day to visit tho companies of tbe
Pennsylvania Keserves at Washington, to pre
sent the flag, ordered by an act of the Legitla
ture. . ,. . .ii .. .. -i ,.i .
Retrogade Rebel Movement.
FoiTar.se Monro. Sept. 8. Viiitor s to-day
bring tne cheering intelligence from Washing
ton ol a retrofiade movement ol ueauregard.
It is well understood that he mutt capture
waenington or nis army win suntr disruption
by tha withdrawal of his troops to tbe invad
ed Confederate States.
We have no authentic information of Jeff.
Davia'a death. . . ,.
Friendly Feelings of the Russian
Washinqtom, Sept. 8. Tbo Russlun Minis
tor had an audience with tbe President on Sat
nrday, and read him a lottor from his govern
ment on American aUairs, reerettius tuo present
dinicaltiei, and eayiee; the Emperor is auimat-
ea Dy tne most trtenriiy Tceiings towarj the
American Union... lno letter la aiened by
Thirty Soldiers to be Shot.
Naw York, September 8. The Tribune's
special says the oourt martial at Alexandria has
sentenced thirty soldier, to bo shot, for various
ottenaes. .. . . -, . . , i -, - v , .
Libel Suit.
Albanv, September 8 The' libel suit of
Little iohu against Horace Ureely, is set for trial
at Pulaski, this week, ' Rich developments are
expected. .....
: Sherif rs Salt.
Wray Thomaa
' . I Bu
et al ) 1 v
Buperlor Court,
Cdward A.Brown
to me directed, from the Superior Oourt of Prank
lia county, Ohio. I will Oder for tale at the door of the
Court lluoae, In the city of Oolumliua. Ohio,
On Saturday, October 5th; lSGl,'
atone o'clock, P. M , the following prcmlica, liluate in
the county of traejlin, and Dlatt of Ohio, and bound
ed ai follow!, to wit: ...
that tract or parcel of land lyingeaitof the city of Co-
lumbal, being a lubdlvlalon of htlf lecllon No. S3, town
ihip No. 5, range No. iti. Refugee landi, and deaorild
on a certain pint recorded In "le oQlce of the, Ktcorder
In and for laid Franklin county, in Book No. 31, page
65 (reference thereto being heieuy made), at lot No. Ml,
containing eleven acm and aeventy-tevea ont-nana-reditu
of an acre (II 77-lvtl), and which wu conveyed to
yall It Davia by, John Oielghion, and by tald Byall k
Davliandwl'e to adward A.brewn, by deed dated October
7th, A. D. 1H5U, and recorded in Book No. (il, page 178,
tn the Becorder'i office In tald Franklin county; the
above cramlaea hereby at aforenaid conveyed, being aub-
jeot, In the kanda of the tald Kdwaid A. Brown, to the
olatm or hi! mother, oaroiine Brown, ior ni enarge ana
expenie of her retioeahle and comforlnbie iu,port aad
maintetiancednrlng her natural life, ' ' -'
' Alio, the following deacrlned real emit, innitt in tne
eouniv of Franklla. and State of Ohio, to wit; The
weit half ot lot No. Sd, In the lubdirlaion of half teo
tioa No. S.I. townihin No. 5. range No. Si, ai made and
deacrlbed In a certain plat recorded, to Ihe Becorder'i
office of Franklin county, In Dok No, HI, pagt 03 (Ke
tone lands!: the whole of laid lot containing eleven
And aeventj-thrce hundredth! of an acre (It 73 100), and
King the tame land that wai conveyed to tne taia itja'l
at Davtitiv John Oreiithton, and hy laid Byall It D.vli
led wire to Onnitantina Johnson, by deed dated October
7fh. A. D. 1850. and recorded In Boot Ne. Bl, pave 173.
tn the Becorder'a office of uld Franklin county.
Appraised at Lot No. 89 ...... 00 per acre.
i i vrettnairoi bmrfti. Tn.atvoo ui
'1 ei ... .. ..., 0.-W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
,. i .i -v i . " ; By Km. Dartt, Jieputy.'
o.nAT, Ativ."""- w
Jtlntertftee.tlO Wh " .
.' ie)4id ; : : 'j-
i I.,,
Wliftleaafw aud keta.il Dealer 1st -
i No,' C3 Vlfth Strrt, -
KP vonaiamtiT on nua rati taw, wet
: , r ' ' rrtna BitAH aa at ' . . ,v..
Xjba.jpoxtox Oi4sa,xo.
mtrANTHD-lO.OUO Ouslomere to bay u.tent
W tvoet at at. WITT'S Cheap AJTbrotypl Room, No.
Bl nigh strati, voiumcnt, vnio.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Sept. 7.
t'oait,mrtlitenerallrwiihooi any decided change State
!".0.': ! very eearoer aad wanted for export, .alea of
I LOra-to rellr are UniHed, and tb
ie.uubbla at 40 for eupeibne auiet .4 B5A BJfor
extra auiei 4 MK$4 40for lupernne weatern .4 CC
17 ? "mo" meaiaat am weewmi
I Oamaiw, flunr iixn ia little kki tWsir ) r4Mr
bl)'- t $4 3.I&4 4U for luperflne, and $4 7(k0 m for
: f I
uWI-ulet,witU sa
lea of SO barren at ie,'
i iue. unit
WHEAT Dull and umalf aa Arm. ..hlonera are
dlipoaed to hold en", ai larger receipt! an anticipated
uunnr next week. Ha ea or 111 uou biliue II Hllwantea
club at $1 03X. OH: 1.700 baebeai red atete at 1 BW
1 IS, lb ooe bn.beli winter red weatern at 91 1JX
i ii; j.utR) bnaheli white weolern at .1 SIX91 SO; and
i,ju noatieli white Kentucky at f I wsi m.
KVE Hlealv at tMHRXv . W.tpm Hll arA RKr.
ttrnorui liver.. t s i , . . 1 , . V A
IIAHLET-Sull and nominal.
OOHN There ii I en dolne. and the maiket la a ahade
t0rairni.i.n.-. 111,.. n.im. .m
pint western, and judaic for wim nib,
OATi-yulet and iteadyat Wiasiillo for ferCanado,
inZu l. wmi.
however, wlihoSt decided change; aato. of 875 barreiTai
iistii xj lor. men: il l uu for tb n meia: av 7mu
100 for prime.
BKKP Bullj aalei of 125 barrel! at l4 50 for
HIT TPtlVwl m...' onM 'l . t Ii I . 'Jl fn.avlr.
bkkb iiAMH-Qaietat $12 sixsis.
.UT MEATS in moderate reqaett; lalea of 130
C.5" KmY, , ' uWe' ,,nJ 5Wu for
UAOOM Oulet. and wa hoar of no aatrn.
I AMDHe TV: nrlnaa are iliirtitllr In favor of hutari'
lalea S'.IO bareli at 8f'J'ic.
BUTT KK steady, and Klllng at IQMHo for Ohio,
OI1KKHK Ileavv. at r,TSlr In rumlllv.
BUQAIl Baw, In fair demaml, and market rulee very
"". Miahead. Cala. fX X7?c,
i'"i . iivnoiia ai no
MOr.ASHK llm... alih .l,n.."..1 r 01
hbds Cuba Muscovado at 27c; 30 bhdl Porio Hico at ifi
anu i.n nBdiBarkadoeaatSSo; now Hal. Higher.
Cleveland Market.
ruOnlt There Is only a light bmlneii dolnr. and
lalei are confined almoat entirely to the better gradei.
Pricea range from B4(tU SO for extra! to eholee double
exuai from red wheat, and 84 7535 ii for whit do.
a tale of euverSnt ii reported thli afternoon at .3 00.
WHEAT Hal advanced, .alee to-dav are onlv to a
mnoerate amount, ai Kiuowi: 7 carl red on track at BOe;
' re wntte at hoc, auu 1 car
corn Pain loco euiheii afloat at 3lo
OATS Qeiet, with aalaof I car on track at S3c. 1 -HtdUWINKo
galea of 3.1 bbliallSXo. -
HH .08 Timothy ii lover; aalei 25U bu.heli at $1 00.
008 Are dull, and eelline- In Unlit lota at Km
Bk-e. . . i . - 7
BUTTER Benalni Inaetiva at ft-aa f, eflnmAn to
choice. Good firkin hotter lelli at So to a limited
FHUITB Pried annlai are oulet anil hild flmlrtt
ic in aome loatanoea no den are out or marvel. Peal
ed peachei are quiet at 13c; unpeeled at exS7c.
unnu inaotive aioo. ' I
PORK-No demand. Nominal at BH, '
, Ltdr.
Cincinnati Market.
There il a belter feelinir in the Grocer market In Ru
gari. In ivmnathy with the movement! of tha trade In
New York, aad holder! are dlipoaed to hold for higher
upnrea. ineaaieaoi etapie to aay-were llgnt.
FLOUR Hemaiai iteady at it hai been quoted for
teverai dayi
WHEAT Operation! are lUll Interfiled with bv tot
delay In freight faeillUee, Boat ot the ehippen being
compelled lo decline boxing-unlit they can have their
purcnaics go lorward. Aitnougn buiinen li a little
more quiot, there Ii no decline In pricet of prime, but
the inrerior graieaara neavy. ,, - ,
COKN Will not bring over no. 1
OaTd Are lower, aalei having been made at-2lo.
Ill K and BARLKx Aemaln dull and neglected.
WHISKY Wan agiln advanced to day, aid is tromnt-
taien at
-. - . Ownnerclaf.
Bammatlon and pain, and heala the wont burn,
ecald, brulae, cat r rreab wound of any kind, praventa
welling and pain from bee itingi, moiqulto bitet, and
poiionoui planu, neuralgia, rneunatiam, ague in the
breast, inlt rheum, etc When taken Internally, It will
poii lively enrt croup In children, and givet Immediate
relief la the woratcaat of thli terrible complaint; also,
removes hotnenesa and sort throat. Price, SS center
bottle. Shonld be in eve i) house. For sale by Drug.
gl,U and Storekeeper!. IRVIN STONB,
eoie rropnetor, n i , iupruceit.,New lori .
ooMdtwIyis, i . , ) . .
No real justice can be done the above preparation!
bat by procuring and reading descriptive pamphlets A
be ronnd with an aeaiera, or win do eeni ny rropnelor
on demand. Formulae and Trial Bottlea tent to Phytl
dans, who will and development! In both worthy their
acceptance and approval. -
Correspondence solicited from all whose neceeeitlet or
chriosity prompt! to a trial of the above reliable Beat
diet. - '
For sale by the usual wholesale and retail dealer
everywhere. i i '
So. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Xats. ,
Roberta Ac Bamnel, N. B. Marpfe, J. R. Oook, J. at
Denig, U. Denig Bom, A. J. Schueller A Bon, Agent!
(or Columbus, Ohio. - - myl-dly
distressing complaint nta
i . -1 . i KN DT I V
Hade M O, B. BKYUODB 00., 107 Naiaaa St.. N
Trice .1 per box; tent frte by poet.
at all paoaoiiri . .
, - - , , ' i .
Tho Public Works of Ohio.
Orrira or nit Lrasm or tbi PotLio Woiki, I ..
OoLOMtoa, June 13, IrJOl. i
rpUB undersigned having become the Lessees of the
1 Pobllo Workt of Ohio, under tba act of May 8, 18.1
and having entered' intt tha possession of laid Workt,
hereby give notice that In operating nnder laid lease,
and discharging their duties nnder the same, tha busi
ness will be transacted with the pnblie through agent!
appointed by the Lessees, under inch rules, regulations,
restrictions and limitations, at shall bt prescribed for
their government.
Those Agents for tht present, will consist of one Gen
eral Agent, a Treaiurerand Secretary, for the Central
Otlice ot the Lessees at Columbus; and the necessary
number of Superintendent! of Repairs and Colleoion of
Toll! on the teverai Workt embraced In the lease.
The General Agent lhall be the principal executive
officer of the Lessees, and shall have charge of tht gen
eral business office at Oolumbui. lie shall have super
vision over the business of tht Lessee! with Ihe public,
and at such agent shall execute all etatractt, except
those for labor and materials connected with the ordina
ry repair! of the teverai Works, and he lhall audit and
settle all account. . in..,,,,,,.), , -j ,
Tht duliet of tht Treasurer aad Bee re tary shall be
such as ero usually discharged by, similar ofllcen in other
easel.' " ...
Tht .uptrlnttadentt of Repairs than, an their re
spective dlslsioni, have power to employ and discharge
all subordinates and laborers, and to purchase all tools
and materials necessary in Ihe ordinary repair ot such
division, tnd Ihe same snail bt under their epeeial di
rection and management, . . . ,.
The Collector! of Tolls, Water Renta and Fines, ar
Invested with all Ihe authority anil power, provided I
the lawt. tf tht State and tha regulation! of tha Boar
Fublio Worki. made for that purpose, when such Co
lectori acted nnder appointment and authority from th
State. ....,!.
No Individual member of tht Leascea ahall hava the
right to transact business in the name of tha Leasees,
with any person or persons, tn any other manner than
through the tpptltted agents, unlaws specially authoiev
ed by the Lessees so to do; nor shall any one of the ap
pointed agentt have authority to transact any buiinen'
in tne same ot me lessees, except in tne particular
branch ot the bnsinest oonfided lo him, and tuhject to
the restriction! and limluttlout of hit agency. -
No authority to borrow money on the credit of tie
Lessees, shall ever exist In any Lessee, agent or other
employee of tht Lessees, unless the tame shall be con
ferred by a unanlmout vols of tht Lessees, at a regular
meeting, tod Ihe amount tt authorised lo be borrowed
specified In tbo order and entered oa the Journal, )
Qxo. W. Minypksinv la tht Oeneial Agent of the
Lessees, Bijmi ;JS. Baira, Treasurer, aad Jon
Jovct, Secretary.
The Superintendent! ef Rtpalre art V ,
On the M. as st. Canal and W..K At at. Eoad Josatu
Coonra.TnoaU! Baowit, WM. J. Jacimx and AnraaL.
Bacsxot. t t ,.(-, t. ..,
On the Ohio, Walhondlng and Hooking Can It aad tha
Muskingum Improvement Be Mar H, Noaan, I now a
liiLLaaj utymis mousa-vm,, eTLvatTxn, ttasaux aad
KdWa Bau. - i i n .
The Collectors on tha Canals, M nek In rum latprtTt-
ment and Maumea Bowl, at toe teava that were La the
service of the state at tha lima ol tho execution of the
Lease) but all toe aforesaid agentt hold their appoint
menta at the pleasure and option of the Leasees. . , ,
,1 -.1 ' MNT JAKVIB, - .l (
.'I- ,,(. .A' JOSBPH COOPER,
...-,: a , ..I, v-Wat. J. JAOKoON, ',
. . !1 .f',i" "'i-i THOMAS BROWN, i
,... Leutee of tht Public Work. .
O NKW BITLEB Usalial eV Van, No. BHSonth
S lah street, kavt lot t opened new styles of Cloth Ch
orLAis, Basaoiait and Baotiae, awle In tht ntweat tnd
moatt atvllaa manner.. Also. HsjperS) a I sal
Hack ailka, very haavy, tslned expreatly for
manunai aoa naiquuin. iwi
An evptrlenotd Nilrat and, Feaialt nyatetaa, prttinti
to tbe attention of aotbtre. bar " "'
Which Rtathv raetlttatai tbeproeeee of wMthrnt, by aofl
enlng the gnna, reducing all. Inflammation wll I, allay
A.UL PAIN and ipaamodio action, and la
i. I
mjuirroiiiio DI. Atf; Tpp uowb m
Depend npon lt,mothen, It Wilt trie rattta-yourielvei
and - - . '" .' . ,i -
KxuEr in jftsuTd to jovt iirijni.
We have put up and aold thli article twi over lea yeara,
anauan bax, im uumhiuk au iH.uxu.oiic,
What we have never been able to aay of aay other medl-
AMvn, Tu.jkwwmvX A GUJaa, wnea umaiy aaee.- Met
er did we know an loatanct of dmallifaenoa bv ant
Who need U. On Umwntrary, all aredeUthtod with Ita
operation!, and apeak la tenia of tommaudaUoa of lit
magical eoecti and medical virtue. W apeak m thli
mauer "WUAT vi it 1)0 KNOW artet un yean' ax
rlenoe, AND WJtpnB OUR HiPUTATlOM J OB till
almoet every Inilanct where the iniant It auffering rroai
pain and exhauitlon, relief will be found In fifteen or
twenty minutee after theRyrup aummlitered
Thli valuable preparation la the praecnptlon of one of
New Kngland. and bat been and witAKBVBB lAIL-
ItnotonlyrelleniUM child froai pain, M kavbrov
atet Uit atonack tad koweav oorreote acldltf , and line
tone and energy to the whole ayiteoi. . It will aimoet ltd
euwiiy relieve
and overcome convumona, whloh, If wottpttdlly rttat
men, end in deatn. we believe It toe uaur and SIJH
KST RBHKDY IM THH WOULD. In all eaaea of Df
It arlaei from teething, or from any other eauat. Wa
would aay to every mother who hat a child euBermg front
any of the foreiolm tomplalutt DO NOT LBZ l'OIIB
stand between von and your aafferlng child, and the re
lief that will be SUKB yes, ABBOLUTBLY BUBB to
follow tht ate or thiimedlclne, If timely osm. Fall
reolloni for mint will aeeomnanv each bottle. None
genuine unless tht rae-tualit or uuavnB ranaiHB,
New rort, u on tht outaidi wrapper.
Bold by all Druggist! throughout the world,
Principal Office, 13 Cestar BtraelM.V.
eB7.4w.wiy. ' , '. , .. . -,
Master Commissioner's Sale. -
John L
am "' i ' ".'" "' .. ."
Superior Coart. , . -etaT.y
" '
Amos M. Ball
to me directed, from the Superior Oonrt of Frank
Un County, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at tht door of
tht Court House, in tht city tf Oolnmbot, on
Saturday, the 5th day of Oct., A. D.18C1,
1 o'clock, P. If., tot following desmibed real estate,
tlluate In the oounry of Frank lis, and Bute of Ohio, to
wit I Let number 13, of John Horriton's tatdlvliien tf
lots S. 0. 7. 8 and 33 of John Morrison's addition to tht
of Columbus. "
Appraised at Sl.SHl.
Printer! fees s.O0. . .
v.- , W. HUFFMAN, Shirl.
- ilasadalaeretOommlsslonsr.
H. O.Noble, Atty. ,i. . . ' .,
aug31-td. ,.
Master' Commissioner's Bale.
Beuben Neiswinden "'
va. Superior Oourt.
jnn u. Turnsy. i
to mt directed, fross tht Bapttlot , Ooait of
Franklin county, Ohio, I wilt offer for sale at the dooc
the Oonrt House, la tht sit of Ooisxabss, on i
Satnrday, the 31st day of Sept , A". D. 1861,
at one o'clock, P. II ., tht following described real estate,
situate la the county of Franklin and Btate of Ohio, to
wu: LoU Boa. twenty-thrae and twenty bar (S3 and ai).
In Baker A Mitchell's subdrrietea of tat-lost Not. 7 tM
of the city of Colnmbas, at per recorded plat in tht
iteeorder't ernes or Fran Iba county, Ohio; ' . i
Appraised etLet Ne. 53, aa 00,
. " " 24, 300 00.
' fl. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff
i . and Matter Commissioner,
'Plater's feel G,l. - J. ' i t7 -
Sheriff's Sale.
James Tuckir and wife)
- -vs. '
Glial L. Hughes.
Oosnmln Pkaa.
to mt directed from the Oonrt ot Oasasnon Fleas of
Franklla county, 0., I will offer for sale, at tba door of
tne tionrt uouat, la ins city or, ijoinmwii, aa
Monday, Beptember 30ih, 1861, 'y J.
At one o'clock. P. al., tba following described real es
tate, situate in tht county ot Franklin, and Statt of
Ohio, to wit: , . ........
Lot No. M, la John and Henry Millar's Addition ta
the Oity ew Columbus..-.
Appraised at m.
a. W. BdFFMAH, Sheriff,
Printer's lees, B4.50. By Bn. Davit, Dspoty.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Sale of Real Ketate bf orderr ofOcrart
W. U. Finch;
Superior Oonrt of franklin County.
John Brown tt
TN pursuaooa of an order of tht Superior Oourt of
Franklin county. Ohio, made at tht Mar term thereof.
D. Ie6l. in the above entitled action, there will tat
offered for tile, at public aoctlon, to tht highest bidder,
. - '
Saturday, tba 5th day of Oot,, A. IX 1861,
the hour of 10 o'clock A.M., at tha door of tht Oonrt
House, in Ihe city of Oolumbui, In said Franklin county,
the following real estate, ts wit:
la-lot number 9 of Robert Nell's addition to tht city
Oolumbui, being the north east corner of Lookwin
turnpike and Johnstown plank road. ,
Appraised at a i,jou.ou.
Terms of salt, cash. ' '
Special Muter Commissioner.
R. At D. Chittenden, Attyt. - -Printer's
tens, 5.Ko.
Aug sa, Ibbl-wtw. ' '
Superior Court of Franklin Coun-
ty, Ohio.
Francis M. Story, by his next friend,
Mary story, petitioner,
(ale in partition.
Joseph Story A others, respondent!. J ,
the tald Oonrt to me directed, I will offer for salt at
pnblio auction at the door of the Oonrt House, In tht
city ot voiumDuo, on . , . ... , ,.
Saturday, the 28th day of Sept. A. D. 1861,
bet wees fhehonri of IS o'clock U . and .o'clock P. M.,
tho following described real estate, situate In Pleasant
township, Franklin county, Ohio, tnd bounded and de
scribed as follows:
Part of survey No. 3809. of tht Virginia Military Bur-
vewt, beginning at a atakt In the southwest cornet of the
traot of rand, con sain ing ont hnadrtd scree, oonveyea to
Joalah Bivant bv Joseph Blow bv deed bearing date May
7,lB3t); thencs south tiT poles to a stake and four small
hickories and elm; ttienoe tail net poise to a itaat u a
nrairle: thence north eii'i nodes to a a take oa the weet
lido of an elm marked aa corner in Ihe line of the Hirer 'i
rot: thence west fit poles at the beginning, oootainlag
Arty-two and a half acres, mora or less; lubieet to a
dower estate heretofore set ol and aatlgssd ts Mary
Story, widow of said Marmaduka Story in aald premises,
described si follows: 17 67-to aeret of said land, bound
ed at follows: Beginning at a stake from which, a blank
wmlnnt 13 Inchea In diameter heart N. ASK dea. B. 16
links: thence 8. 3 deg. W.SI pole! and !N llnka to a
ilaket thence a. 88 deg. 1. ISA poles to a stake la the
west line of Yeoman t uou; tnenca n. n pole! ana xu
link! to a itakt la tha west side of sm ttsa starved U a
comer; thence N. 88 deg. weit 124 poles to tha begin
ning. - ;
Appraised at uu per acra. .
'i OBORUB W. iiCFIM AN, Sheriff.,
Printer's feet Vi 00,
aug'.Mtd ., , -. .,..
-1 1 i a ii i iii
s e. m.'Wiiiiaiis"& oo;.n?
Front Street, Betweea BtaU and Tows.
X SHOP laitlll running, and altaoagh
isie vreaeure oi isui yeara nsssei mmiij
sun her rnnnln Mam. she la Bttll tnrar
bg out those splendid PR TON 8, BOOKAWATS, and
BV.I8 and HACKS. Twensv years iteady manofao
turing hit given cur- work a wlde-aperad reputaUoa
ehnsuh the South and Weet.
W therefore deem It unnecessary to say any ming more
hi segsrdlt Ike wailty.at war work. Wt sjraajtAirr
VmlCLt. p a can piiviw,iwviws iroas
IUS H tir.
Dealers caa bt tarnished srtrll any snarit of wwrlt at
ahort aotles, and at priest lower than essa be bmsght any
where In tht west. Beessra nana amgjtet sm rn tx
ohanre for new worki ' - '
Tl VRenalrlnt dent nestry ana it hsrt aotiet. -' Tat
lory oa Front, between Btatt and Town streets, Colum
bus, Ohio. - - - .
jjj"Alf eosiestleatront wfllrswprotansttnroB,
..Aug. at wiy. - ' mt m. vibuiaia vu
. ! r.-n..i rt' n.:n:l.r r-.H...
r jiiatsKiaawt sv a Atiuupt .batata, f A
Xv the undereisned hat been duly appointed by the
Probate Court tf Franklla ooanly, Ohio, Admin istratrts
of tht estate ef argMl y , rhllilpt, utt of tald county
'TatldJsrie 1, 1891.- "-",1'VtilT MATIIBB.', ;
e7:dltw3w , . . t
! raif ouf h
Parlff ran Breatbl
,1.1. .raJKiiieai y r a'aieTt'
" - . . . , . " 1 -i . .
' ' " ' r . r
' ( A 1
They relieve a Couth Instantly.
They clear tbe Throat. . .
They give strength aud vol n me to the voice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to tbe breath.
They are delightful to tbe taste.
Tbey are mado of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one. :..-.,
I advise every Out who hat a Cough or a husky Volet
or a Bad Breath, or any difflcnlty of tht Throat, to set,
pacsige of mj Throat Confections; they will relieve
yoa Instantly, and you wilt agree with ne that Mhey
right to the spot." Ton will find them very nsefu I
and pleasant while traveling or attending pobllo meet. '
snp for tlllllng your Cough or allaying your thirst 1 1
you try one package, I am safe In laying that you will
ever afterwards consider them IndispeassWt. . , j - 'V
Ton will find them at tte Druggist! tnd Dealer! In
Medicine!. " . -i"
I w
Uj signature ii en each package. All othert are
counterfeit. . . . 1 - 1
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of
ThlrtrCtnti. ' ' " '
Address, '
Henry O. Spalding,
If 0. fS OBDAB IXB1BX. '
cure o " :
By the use of these Fille tha ptriodlo attackt of Ifm--
out or Act OiittowAt may be prevented; and If taken
a the commenoeaent of an attack Immediate relief from
pain sad aicknesa will bt obtained.
Tbtr MUom fall Ip removing tht Jlmuta and . j
doat It which ferns lee are to tnbjtot.
' Tbey set gently npsa tht bowelt removing Owtts
For UUrmy Mm, Studtntt, DiUoatt Female
and all persons of udmtary kabitl, they art valna
aa a lassaWsm, Improvlsg the apptdU, giving tons
mir to tht digestive organs, and restoring the tutor
elasticity and strength of the whole system.
THI CBPH ALIO PILLS en tht result of toog laves -
tigatloa aad carefully conducted experiments, havitg
a hi ass nsaay years, during which rims tbey hate
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
lag from Hesjdaebe, whether originating ta Ihe sisrsm
syitsta or from a deranged state of tht atomocA.
They are enttrtly vegetable In their oomposition, an
sasj bt taken at all tlmea with perfect safety without
saklng aay ekange of diet, and tU nbttrutrofany
dUagrttabU tail rtndtrt if wy to svimf nit r fAevn
Thi genuine have Ire slgnaluiesof Benry 0 Spaldltg
oaeaohBox. .'. "... '.
Bold hy Druggtsti and all other Sealers la Midleaatt.
A Boi will bt tent by null, prepaid, on receipt af tht
I Prloo, QO Ooxits.
All ordeif absald at aaJrsesel to
41 Cedar "treet, Naw Vera.
Fran tht Bzamlner, Norfolk, Va.
Cephalic Pllli accomplish tht object for which they
were made, via.: Curt of headache la all ita forma.
! From tht Kzamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
They have been tatted In more than a thousand rases -
wkh entire i
; From tht Democrat, 8t. Cloud, Minn .
If yon art. or havt been, troubled with Die headache
tend fur a box, (Oepballo Fills,) to that yoa "may havt
then la east of an attack. . t
' From tht Advertiser, Frovldenoe, B. I.
The Oepballo Pills are said to be a remarkably effective
remedy for tha headache, and one of tht very best for
that very frequent oomnUSut.whlch hat aver bsea das
covered. i .. i , v, i, Mr
i From tht Western B. B. Uaattta, Chicago, III.
Wt heartily endorse Mr. Bnanldlnt. and his unrl.alsd
Cephalic Plfls. '
I Fro Kanawha Valley Itar, Kanawha, Ve. : .
Wt art tare that persons lufferint with, the hssJaal a . '
who try them, will stick to them, ; . -
From the Southern Path Finder, New Orleans, LA. .'.
Try theml yon that art afflicted, and ere art sure that
yoa r testimony can be added la the already numerous
lial that hat received bene Utt tint no other asedk-int can
proaaot. . n . ..... , , .. .-, . -v . i
, Frost tht 81. Load Deaooral. ;,' ;v
Tht Immense demand for the artloki .Osphalle Pllas
It rapidly looraairig. .. t -
" j , From th. Osteite, Pares port. loam.
Mr. loaldtng woU sot oonnsnt kit aasae srtu
ticks he did aos know is ooseees real merit.
aa ar -
tsistaat Uollef !
. - at-.liiar. v' ;
skj vw a ai
i ffeav '
UT-A siagls- kottM ef ' IFALInraB PBIPABBb .
tt LL a will save IsaUmealU oust anasallVJ( , h.,a
. I.-, -l twi
,1 ..'' ' t.l , , t V itt
-'1'''.: ,i-i
Alaooldtnat trill happen, even in weft ssatfcated farm if f
11 lee, It la very desirable to bs sorts obsup aoalssa. , I i
vtnkmt way for vspsirlnf furniture, Toys, Almetvry
'i"" '' SPAtt) ISO'S PRIPABjm OLOB , J,
ts all sack aussigetmln. and as haaa.be Id saa aATota
to btwlthsat Ii. , It U always ready, and upta thtiUek
Ing point. -.
TTSF.PTJL IN ktXkt HOCTB." . ) - i. .
M. B. A Bras teoompantst each bottle, " f
. AAdreas.
Mo. Id, Otdar (treet. New Tork.
OAUTION -vs. evt-'J . Ot
. iaeertaia anprtnolpled persons an sAtempUac Vt
alia effsa tht annspottiog publia, hnltaUont of en 8
PKBPABBD OLtJaLIwoaldeautieaall iMnsoaett. l
amiss befor purrhKrfnt, aad est that II
tlw full navs. -w.-. j -
H r.PALfilNti . PKBPABKDtlLUB.-i I.' .
Mtatbe. tattUt wrapptiisll ethsn art twladliug eea-

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