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EDNESPA Y JWSf f f. U. 18C1-
Democratic Union Nominations.
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Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY
Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY TICKET.
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I MV.WJ(WWm 5-1. in -MO
THE OHIO STATESMAN For the Campaign.
We will fonitoh the diSWeet totnei of tht Ohio I Utes
Th Dtlhtaieniian, pr iontb, St. WMnts.
ThTii-Weikb; 8f"f .""?til"S 7 T
lither of tha iw9 win b ttroleba fortne or
mora monlh,iin clubs ' or itolo eoplee, t tt aboro
"The WiJjJnJ etemVwiiiJ'Atalied ai fol-
Intra- - -
Is clubs of )1 cof la, for tws moolhr
la claM d Sto copaas. tor twe SMalba
la tlobi of ((optee, for two noath.'
The lwoBonUl, Clubs irU.coTer ths period of the
Campaign, and thus flat oat MAMMOTH WMKLJ
to tbo hands f all who want It, ai a CampaigB papar,
o wry renonable tarnia. .IT(.-. -t r
1st tha friends of the good eaoss fn tret Onion
men of Ohjo go to work, and spread ths
all orer th BUU W pot to awJIt II an sfflctent aid
a U coos wortof the ttdsaptloa of ths taU of Ohio.
Lctltbtvdl eliculated- , r, ., .... i t
, .sljin-'itsi . ;
THE OHIO STATESMAN For the Campaign. Business Notice.
Tho ttecenUiider itom the Poaiofi! .Depart'
.ni raivfTinr'iba nostaee aUmpaprtbe old
' -D -, r . , 7 t. (Ill
laene wiU reUv A ufoa itle for, e?ct stamps
to be hereafter receire at thil office, In pay
meotofduee." "JvaXtitUv
August 24, 1861.
August 24, 1861. The True and Only Union Party.
There to bat oa Untoai party la aba cnatfy
and that il a;14 noc,ff0.l, of
daa of JxrrcasoM. HamioN and Jacuo
Tbl i the part that batflalway defend
eJ - and liilnUlnaC CiirUn ,bn (fid
IndlvWble, ..Jtand mlj,, to-day npon tba
aina.Ald Union plaUorn thai ii did aixty, fifty
and-tMrty y agtfa;u.' '"" -
Tbro!!d'Obto no trtber UnronptVty betlda
the Deinocratlo, IU opponent mmeive peing
judge. Tbey nay tbey have Ignored party, and
cut loot from tJportjr kief. j Tbto being so,
there remain but the one toe oia fnoavm
. - " - "
ooratio party. fil -
Tb BepubCwoTolpbJo bav a a pariyIn
thl trisgAol w ow.rj'SiiJ,daartd
botk the Uaioa and (UMmmiatraUna of their
choice. Tbey bay don tWi tfoafl y dbH
Inr tblr 'orgarfsaUOn-.'-IT may n.a we
true! it wUln goo to j countrj; tut, J.'r.r
aeo'u no oredlt Jipon baormo.conria or tha
manhood ftM hib Republican ,laer and
managers. . -
Tbo Zmocrcy of Ohio, tm taitbeli M
Onion crwtd, lyt,tp pfmttfi ihT ptgamxaBon,
thai throoEh It tbey may work a man for
tha jone (real ead-a-tba malntananea -erf tb
Union, and for tha tppWI of tha AWlolr
tion in every Just and coMtltntlonal muro for
putting down the rabeJUonand earing the Union
ona and Udl vlklbl-: - ,, ") ,r J 1 5
Opposed to tW Democracy in Ohio la a party
a Duioa " party t U It not fjwtyilt,
refuses to be called that. What la It then J II
1 a neodesorlpt', ai'anomaly.'a'tiuBS astarM in
poUtidHX aWltIhn-aTgajlif wfcj
)oterfbitroien-&wnWlUcaos for .tb ala
of offloo.2 eflMibaU'tlcW Cnfea'Uekot
and tbelr platfoMn J7oio pUtfonaBot there
wa w. e4 fof iob.lokt, unless to gW
certain men Tbora wa a Demooratlo
tickat el taffy ll tb Md-.TwMpeaed af at goad
and Un Unfta ttea'l'f bMtT. T,Tbera
wa pimecMaUTJnt inimnnlrm plttfnrm. tnai..
muob a Ik Tltal, f rganjaing tliolpU b
Democratic Vey--tie Ver thlnf torbloblt
t... i.. j..n,Lf fnWanVear with Servll-
H vwu i-.u. j .t , r
Ity Wor-'!'
UnlanThers 1. theai Wfo pwr-s
tri aVtfi eotKrotli ana snlmitUgJbrinoIpU,
all that bantu iwloousessafciva naen xtmwum,
and tbtTtttwrT to' oVgaals7 att flfpcOtlcfl, oaH
11 party or no party, ox what yon will, sliow
thai ti 'of, gofu. amo wJlfbOi.fHb!
vord t u'.uu 6a their lip, ear low for It main
tenance lit tpo'- - V -'
Will be Done with Emancipated
) U - 8i01t Iter V i icp uu-u - y
Tillages ulll b filled with r!;!
Ins from the Chlosso TTinutt nnt
P.w.,..r.. W Wa IribliM with
oouutrj. Pt the sholltionlfits, tt to WW,
aellghfmuas ft dtoUre the of
iWtO Wtala Ubt M to K Proptlftj ui
Uefld feiults.W hsvltappartsd the M
of Cotigrwe declaring propertt wf
hdsUlIty gsUirt ihe Oovroment gubjeot of Up
tare, snd ptotldlDj kgid maohlnen for Jlgterr
mining whether it 'U properly osptared,. nd
whether the owne' oonsetited, to It Jpsur
Wek.Tfl done thle for two ro-
oof : first, bt osnse negro who it wmfd pr,i
sny ininner tued ly bUj proprietor psjjry os
rhi h.iHnrtVniit lo b subiect ospture el
well as t IrtHe tonf wfl, eecoDdIy,leosuBf tht
at seem4 toell gaerded tbtt iDjoetlce could
feet be aeae vnaer n to loyu nsewn; out u;
rel Fremont'e Droclsmttloa ooastltDtes ths hei
n MMlMh tudw' oT the1 Wrwjmitehces
wMol wotitlo- hlm to fteedomr.' There U
sMthbd r Iwrestlfstlott taitltotea. He prao
lioslly 'tayt'to'ihr UsTet, rlf jotrr master
in ed Mtet the Gorernment, )on can be
NotrJ CoefreM baa pafeed ppbo'tfila
by KdeiBtiefWatUn, acd has made prorlnopf
hk)h'GeaerH'remonl does, not obserre
Tbto Ii wTODg:'!j Wo one, tthet general or da
sen, hat rlglit io dteregard the eipresedd wllj
of the ttpreeentattTo of ""the people. ' ir be
frhm adt U s ilttple nolllty; ' Tbls, prooli.
nation theni te mere eqllecdon of words so
lei si it eoncerne the eratee; ,It glree no, free
osi 'The relation' tetween them and, their
aetsMM xliU Iqirtbe eamel aod would be en
lotted tjr ferery eomri North yf South, In th4
loyel euted,' or where the elyil- aathonty has
frvedo'm o act.'' But 41 U not itt thli reaped
loiia that w diiiefee wfth it.' Hits Is a Urge
efr 'population 'deerared to he tree, wimoot
iny kf the -prndenV regnlatlonl tor; fbeicata
whfeh sewpjile G.nersl uanera acra on
AfnfnhiMtl."-What li t M dOfae WILD
ibettt TTAel icrivVy tfe vlttf ikemdvH f
1 aese tr imponanv qaesuoDs wmcu iuii us
saaweres torn manner, eon wuku
aral Fremont in his nroclsmation KlVel BO ad'
pj v Ar h trf remilo in Missouri T ' If the
o win iner eoininne uc, or, luuecu, m
S . T nn Tl IndtuT . W OI
awt wiint them bins Tel they mart be dftppt
ed of 1n vnrfway'. Howt bll theTfortdJn
tobsndiAi to plnnder 'nd nrordert . Tbey can
not' tako ear of themiIvea,Jn a legtumaie
anber. YetJ If fris "proolamatlon is carrien
hat nraftlm. larlre numbers or neeroes, eaaaen-
ry freed.' withont any mesns of subsistence, and
without ant 1eer to :ontrol tbemi will swarm
tW'tbe Bta Ikwless gangs, and wtlt add
another temen
r of Miebrfler to,tnoe aireaay
ItUux &ti J-
isNoatatCaoonA-Th newt front Nortb
Canllaala aauioaraktnr' W are HWe PTatl
fled to heat erf Indieatioaat returning Union
Mttaaatln tb old North bum than we eouio
ata baarxaf tbnndred vlolories-of the' arm
iaa li oawvaiea eonld reacb any of onr old
Wand there, w would mako It ring witn in
Uatitna to noma bark and toko hold with os
of ihavork t( atorlDg 10 union JKni(
tf Cmmmr T,',v '"; '';u
jVf bop news' b'f ,ne Increase of 'the Un
ion, too'tiinent ta" Void North, feteje"ji oorrtotj
aod w bop U may increaso, and that tba ' peo
pi will rally to tbo ioppott f the flag of our
tommon nnti. -'Tb caaies bf onr .trouble
in the' U'orth 'are fsit passing away - The prin
ciple of tb Chicago platform are repudiated
aodthoeawb promulgated and, tnsttfned It
irebwmii(pJron'to tht people. Pnbllp ten
jlmapi la fast'fatbermg aboat tbo old national
princlpletof th Union Democracy The po
pl will, in tb end, euitain them, and : though
we ahaU. kialwajs, bate opposition, no party
VVpppoWnawUb any man who wa a enp
ptrterof Lbwolb ar th prlnolplea upon which
btwMelected.f''""' . . ,."..,
'WJwer informed by gentleman , high n
the oaafidence of tb new party, "that half the
Republican! in the Weetert Reserve were Dow
orry they toted for LtNcbtK.' Tbbi Ii a good
R. P. Spalding—Emasculated Republicans.
-.J - IICtMMa- ' ',''.. r
V'.r.vTl. -..a. i.
A il...-.
This gentleman U a candidate for the State
SenaU on the New Republican Union party,
ticket. lis I a Tory proper candidate. ":,V
nggeit tb following a bi platform v u
CLEVELAND, O., June 29, 1859.
Qt.VTi Wmton. bet
Iseve to oaK you attohtton to in "editorial" in
your paper (weekly) or th xotn met. under
tb fttU or heading of J'lalge wan of Ohio,4
and in doth e to say that th writer i deceir-
a If k toppon that Judge ewsn wa let! oir
tb tieket a eeoouii of ni resiaenc in vomrn
baa; He wsa dropped for tb reason that be, a
a Jadlctal Offioer, reeognlaed tbe Fugitive Slave
aaaotaieot -of IBS of btndlog force in Ohio;
and tba-other two Jtdge who wsr with blm in
opiatoo, Vlll a dropped u the same way a
aoon aa tney ar Teaooea uwi oruer w nm.
W:d eet raeornlzemen to b Republican
bar' ta Uhla, wh writ, for a moment, tustaln
that nUwiUsi enactment, j They were not to
reeos-alsed at rhUadalpbla U l8&o. a "- V
1 knowthtra ar poUtMaM to out rink who
aim to emasculate tb KepuDUoan organiciiion
with avrsw taktir tadiTtdnti arrrandlxement.
Let them beware; and let a bewar of them.
Tab from tb Rspubuean party 1U Anti-sla-verv
element, and yon loaf e It a life! eorpse,
: If it war netaible to accomplish any victory
by any inch ."jetting down ttairg," I thould
greatly prefer defeat, tad thousands and tone
Of ttaoaianrtsi who like yon end I, cam from
tha line of tb old Democratic party, would bow
their head wltb ibami If . they faund tbey bad
aided In restoring.. old. Whig dyaaaty at the
spent of frdonwiJ.;--''!l .J
' I Pray yon toraMlih tbi tommnnioatlon in
I I am alncsraly frUnd. .
W ihonld lik to know whether the Judge
think tb "Epubueaa rgwuaauon" "emu
ialated," and whether it baa be done for the
Individual aggrandizement" W any or tne -oia
Whit drnattyT' ' And wblttuw tb Kepabllcaa1
party iiaTif elect corps"" inc'e the " Aotf lai
Very alsmeut B taken front it? GraLDtno
would make a ptopet candidal for Uat branch
T if,a nart. -"Mv--"
" '
The War Department.
8ttory Cameeea aad blabUieorp af
ttttajto, ar twltber alarmed nor distressed It
tb newspaper attack! opou' tb bead of tbe
Dcprtmeot.,Tbir object la to attend to their
botsaloaa lab, and lot tb buUtloat f di
arjoointoa politician and would be-eon tractors
aak ear of tbmlve-FA. FrJi.T
i W have learned from a private but very re-
Oabl aource, that tji attack mad upon blm
ar mad mostly ny parue woo ar wjJBf
-y-r.Amm h.a DnAtnnnt SeorfltATV aaaaea
wUl prevaat tbwm from aWog jo if it can be
one. Zeawww vty,'jt.t :
ether rgaM an tba lets RW1cin yary,-win
nleas tsJM npiic. Jt -W eauor m ua pa
per "bav been trying to pljiriderft ,a)f f
aartmeoUTi awmaW aaa say sa, or aeaeat th
sbarg or oiii;;ASf,
Large Meeting at Delaware.
Warlofrmd thai the Union Democratic
- -
iniawaawa niu.m.n g avar ueiu iui
, , j. .
Ibattown t o' people war auaresiea oy uov,
ty i r Mn ft aor)
-TnJpl wRf-fl.-'cd-fcalbtoib'ttbl
e'J KaUenel Ijaloo ioitl
.;,,iV..fVWrft,d rtv
!7 fi ;:.atW
The Lincoln Treason Case—Habeas
Corpus for his Discharge before
Judge Leavitt.
f a fe day tine a w.'t (.-Ci-uis eerpa was
mod t y Juf'ge L ariU for the discharge of
t homa i B. Moco! ii who w ""'loamltted to jail
k ahaloiiuulssiuuer format eason.A Tbo bear
ing oame up before the Dlatrictladrfe yesterday
Commissioner' were presented to. theCpurt
har HA IViitrlct ACIurnnytreid ubaf IpUofiog
leterjwh qB
this ctVlIbd
i-sKumiat QaAugiiinnriSCr
Mr. Taomas B. Liseefs: , ) fy. TV
i Pass aaJVfjurat)f tho ib A 4gi
laf4flfilt the people of lottlsvllli
alone, and It yon can gt permit to ship a
ni7i7atA(l. an tliat thora U1 be D0 rltki I wll
send the money and will buy from oqe hundred
to "one hundred thousand ,P0UuJtt,jYau.aJ
aoinx about the prices, . l-eoala ewn yoa lrt
a iew days one thousand dollar! to try it with
The other, -at tjcU. yo weak, ok yoa arOliproeurd
at j0ave,4ta.eAaa diOfmoi t ,J
wlah to keep np tbaeorreepoti deuce with Msjot
Gorgos in order IftmijlsrBlatviaow thai aontun
I'., VhatJkiud of, money , must -yon ata 40
buy with? - BUI. Nfteiiyille vf Kentucky funds
tod X pan furnish ,the,n.J o, .uyv tSo.OQO
worih. if ou can eet ft delivered wlthowkmiek
' l
,;;f baicoUsssLoB, eaoh aid argtred the caee fH
and senatJeagthwben tha Ceert lotrulrwlf
tbo OiaUiot Attorney 'rbethsV 'kV could taU
officially of mora atisfsotory1tidencfe :of th
OTert MthlAeosllrteairaeon.',?, f ,
.Tha Katrint, Ataftfhfl rani led that he'e'ZDeCti
ed sahareaMr.BUu.ef Baltimore, and a MrJ
Stokes; troaxLouJeville, to make Out i stronges
The Coort did dot think tbo Tsgn ettdeoc
before tha Court war tufflcient to ptoe ta
orert act, but be would take the - paper! nd
rsedaebisdeoiakw on rnosdaylTiiijaj
Expenses of Recruiting.
) Tbe lbllolng army orfler;"g;lf ee IriforiSallon
icUor too expense properly mprreu iu ih
as of reorniilngTolanteer ! ' V ;,M
G&fit,0r9jf9, n;. : ,v.d t,r,i
-"It Is annbODced that aairopcjatioB or oolJeot-
ng, drilling, and organjling voluisors, oudar
acta BuiuurisiuK uv i imucui v v.pa
vice of 600,000 men, i intended tor th pay-
ment of aU expense .that may hereafter be I
curred'fbercfof, Bj eltaa l,pr thswlwhun
mentof individuals of euch' amount a ,h
been Already-Justly and; VctnaVj','xp0fie4. by,
tbtm ' In "laiirlng .trP that bave .been, or a j
brmAirtwed -Into, tbf lerYIcn f-th ,Wated
StateiReimbonemen't Of expene,for orgsa-j
tzitions'taUedi Or'aHempted to .be, ra.iied,out
not aoraail mnsterfed iato the United plates
Semce, Tf out ve iub. .. . amrs il'-TW
'"Claim of State for expenditures J)orio(ote
mad by them' in raising ypQptc4rar pro
vided fof 'by eparatt ana , dtetinct apprpnria
tions,'and wilF not be paid from ths one sow
raforrvrt '"'Rllla liinit. ifl 'all cases.,' eoscifv
the date -of expenditure, particular '.Items, and
amount, and tha company or regiment for which
tbe'fcxpense wat incurred. . -aey mUat be
edmpanled by the receipt of the.' party to whom
the' payment wag made, and blh certificate
of tbe officer incurring tb e'lpcnee, that it wa
neceteary for the public service, Tor troop rais
ed for' the United States, andthat (be amount
charged wat accurate and joit. Among the ex
penses 'prpperly Chargeable agtlnst fhiiappro;
prlation may he enomeratcfl:" ."' ., . , ) i0.,i
'Tfraf, 'RenfW'rendeiroat or" (pflice foy.r:
' fifesai.l'Cbmmota'tlon 'of fuel and qparteri
for offlcer already, mustered Inloservjcs, when
detached pn'recrulting duty.' k '-',.!, l i im
0 Third. ' Subsistence of roTunteors.prior. to
thair nitinter into service.' After such, muster,
ubiiatenc Will be provided by the Subsistence
Department. If posilble, subsistence will be
Issued In kind, kt recognized .by the regular
tervice,'ort if other article Ire substituted, th
cost of tha wbola must nut exceed tbe regular
supplies and will be payed for " rates not ex
eeeding the current prices at the' place of pur.
chase. If lubsistence cannot bl , furnished In
kind, and board be necessary, It will be furnish,
ed at a rate not to exceed forty ceota per diem.
Fourth., Necessary transportation oi , volun
teers prior to completion of company organiza
tion tnd muster into service , at a company.
After completion.' of such organization . and
muster, transportation will be paid by the Uoar
termaeter'a Department.. Transportation will
be eaid at the rate of two cent per mile for
railroad traveli and at the current ratei fof
ttaire and steamboat fare. '' t"
- Fifth. Rebl of ground arid buildings for
camping' pnrpoSel, or cost oi, erection oi quar
ter!; of cooking ttoves, when absolutely neces
sary j of clerk ana omce nire, wnen euinornea
by tbe Adjutant-Gtneral; aU expense incident
al to oampa of rendezvous., , .--
Sixths Knives abd forks, tin enps and tin
plate for volunteer. , ,, ;., . ,., .
Seventh. Necessary medicine and . medical i
attendance prior to organization of regiments
or the mastering in of regimen-iel surgeon. ,
' Eyhin. Actual rauroaa, (tag or ateamnoa
fare, nectiiarlly Incurred by autborized agents
In raising or recruiting volunteer.'. ,.' . ,n .
Aism.. Advertising uwoejs recruiting wui
be authorized to advertise for recruits in, aot to
exceed two newspaper for cb rendezvoui , un
der hit charg. .. ' ', ,'. t- v.,s-,
' Ttnlh. ' Fuel aod straw, previous to company
organizations, according to .tb aiWaiioe . 1 or
the regular army,,, .. ,,i ,
Elttmth. ' AU other expenses allowed for -crultlne
In tbe reeolar seriice, not herein jnen
tIoned."abd Incurred for volunteers nrevioo
to . tbelr mnitef Intd th UnUed ,Sttes, ter,j
L. THOMAS, Adj. Gen.
Official:THOS. RUGGLS, Ass't Adj. Gen.
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
FRANKFORT, Monday, Sept. 9.
Governor Magoffin bat' lust received a dis
patch . brom Oenatal Folkf fct'Columbtli He
relates io wnnaraw vxmieaeraie uoops irom
that place anlaw tb United State withdraw
bar troona irom Kentuek. Gaarantee to up-
pert Jer neatratuy, wbiob no win fraaraniee on
th part o6thC. 8.--A.1 1' -..'i--.i "''-.
Joseph Holt.
-ilaal U'-
A eenertl 4eir It cxprened In tyaablndtoA
that Mr. Holt will Immediately returri and place
biniatr tt tb bead of ft, union movement,
with theeAmmleeiorttf Major Oeoeral.tnr any
lommUnIon that may s,It iay tin
i -d ,v !'.( rtuj if-.-n' K T?ut i
"Mr. TIdlf lJ6t $ mVptary mannot! an
able tatoanuB, aid would b of .iofloito sarvin
(ntbeCabineba Why tobiabtliKrlwdtotplae
In theCaMnetT:-eitDB because b' W a Pemo
niaihinert srith io much (trictaet 4a ths m
Haaliaaa.y'i:w dMH.i il M lt'.5 UtvOl Vli
tsri7nsij,r fi't f "j, ni-'-irvi,',-? I!
Joseph Holt. Private Wm. Scott to be Shot for
Sleeping at his Post.
! -brlval to ahot
day.'bavlng been lowid" gulltj At. lleeplpg- on
bi post; it vyiniam Scott,' or bompai
TBira negiment oi, t ermoai vuiuuwb
Tf i ...TiTrlnflr'.-fir
i nf louowmg i au vuiuii o
WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 1861.
wn"iH(iade.aeilown';T W pifliatf
li . Atm-teaaral eoart aaartiai, wnie eea-
taienV a ah sasap f Brtgadler-Oeaeral Smttbt
brigade, puvwaaot to Speeiab Or 2fVUlVlrf
Septembar 3, tl, from tbe bartqaamfrvf tb
treayot lawrosomaaj ;ao oi wim sofc
firde. Third ermoaS" Volantr,1 pretidefit,
m aarigd bod tried prtvaarWiUUm-Boe,
Of t0Jpaay a a oua v evarana mb ap
a tha followina' charse and SDeol6ea1eT':bJ
TCtwyiolatb1nof tb. Jurty-lltrrieTe
af avin atsir .neTissnon lavci s nsw
' 1 V . J..
! .,.ia-IathI,-w)aHin vriwtot?ll
l;aaaaMcfc.osaDsnrK,Tkrd yarosost rtan
i.. h.i. n.ular1f "eWtfla-swtesr.dlt m
T4 - i - j a-armaw aaytiUM .Biam-t"" owav Miawn
a j a m ,,aa 'jaa imm .lit 11 w jiuiint low.
a ..a I a ..u..ka ll.t rlaainf Anvaall
lwhil riakatsardnfaTCpLToo.apStifnimMW
, ' t " IN,.. .
cbarge, frHot gnUtf.'i.
-ij.-V,' w . rm-t jwAAaraaatardel
aba rfcnaJtkreoM find tbd ata
ed as follows: Of lbs stMifi.'w Bullet of
the c' arcs, gnlHy. -jnteaoe Aw e- court,
tmn .hlrrii n? il a mr nhere.OOnourrlt U WelD,
do sent no. Him. rlT'l WUllaO' of
fao, or vi, oi
fntefyto be
regolcK ease
Cob pant X, TMrd t eim At tolfntof
shot e-:-4ihf K . S
II. Tha mnnMulinfl Irf the fotVH'
I hare i beeii ill
have been laid before the MtJor-GenerM ooni
ini1lii-r( rnriUaui Jtlli tUS ilxlT-UHf art!
rSoott, Company K, Third Regiment oi ver-
moaUolnntaU aoeofdingty-b (hot to
death on JWondy.4hVth daj SepPstabei,
18hJfuch honHknOlac a lb brigade
commander may determine. , ....
Wrtuswer Asst Ad) flffl. Tf r-l
LjiiciiaMB J,-Iawun Aid-d Camp!
WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 1861. General Beauregard's Report of the
WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 1861. General Beauregard's Report of the Skirmish on Bull Run, Preliminary
WASHINGTON, Sept. 4, 1861. General Beauregard's Report of the Skirmish on Bull Run, Preliminary to the Battle of Manassas.
Thl report Jtjrery elaborate, , ft, would oo
ctip about three columni in our paper. Most
of it if aeewptad 'with details and personal mat
ter, not of general Interest to our reader.-
Wtmsksa fewcxtraou. insiuuowiag pas
sae occur jn t affar ibjpfjllfflioarfqi: , n 1
nmortuntlu iafarmui f Hu dtltTminutio
th sm Ho. adTanqe on MaaasBastmydaactd
erlgadea, aa tha night of ta ICtbtf t)Iy.wer
made aware from these' headquarters;; df h
tmpendlng mbrement, and in exact acoord&noe
with my instructions, a copy of which is ap
pended, marked "A," Helr withdrawal , within
the line Of Bull RqhVai ffected;,fwita. com
cleM tncaei daring the day and night of tb
17U Ult.iia laeaci ana mpraximiiy w e large
ly anperior foree, despite a eWjlahVrWj jrell
executed effort'' to " cut off, tbo 'reire,Viof n-i
hlit'i brlgade-rEr.t at Oermaatowa, aad sub
sequently at Centreille, wheno he 'withdrew
by my direction, f(r midnight,withoat eollli
ion. 1 thou eh eoveloDsd on three lide br their
ltnrt "Thts movement Af tht tnUndtd tfett
diettais tht as to any alter lor purpose ,
and led him to anticipate an unrestatea passage
TJ-II Dun . .il. 'i '1
iCf tb topographical feature of the" country
fliu "cqapled, It mast luffloo to .4y thai Bull
Rnn-.1l sLamail atreairi.ruociac. id lhi ieeality.
aeairly rlraas We soJKsstf toMM 'ooftfluenc
wltn i th - uecoquen ri verr aooni twelve mnee
from tha Potomao; and: dratntnw a considerable
cop of country' fronv iU lource In Buji Kun
Mountain. i a inori oistance oi me roioma at
Ocooquan, , At. this season habitually low and
lnggisuJta, however, rapidly atd frequently
swoileobitbe (ummarraina until unfordable
To n.,fo tb most part are rocky ana
steep, bmy. abound In long used ford. The
country ed either side much broken, and thickly
wooded, becomes gently rolling and oped as- it
recedes from tb stream, i On tb northern tide,
the ground ii macb'tbaJklghast and-commands
tbe otntr Mnt: completely j ltoan ir vert ana
inttrstettbe country
suntrt In almoaterery direction.
Finally, at Mitobelri Ford, the stream i about
equi alstant between uentrevuie ana Manassas,
torn etx mil atart. - r r :.r o , ;
Aa artrt of tbfbistdxl of tbi enf asreffiftit,
I iesireto place W record, that On'the 18ttt of
July nor on yerq or inmionment nor one rine
pit aheltered the men 'at Blackburn' Ford
who, offlorf and" fnn7Itb rare xcptioDs
tere on -that day for the first time under fife,
and who, taking tnd maintaining vary position
ordered, cannot be too much commended for
It is proper bar to ftt,tba f bil tonj tb
onuet it oaa Deen aeterminea, on we ppproscn
of tbe eemy In forc,) ftjl back tnd fight
him at Bull Rao, yet tbo position ocoupied
by Gen. Ewell's Brigade, If necessary, could
hav been maintained against superior force
Thl wat especially the case with the Filth Ala
bama Volunteers, Col. Rod, which that excel
lent officer baa' made oapable of a resolute pro
tracted defene against heavy odds. " 1
Accordingly, on tbe morning of the 17th olt.,
when th enemy appeared before the poaition,
tkev were checked and held at'bay, wltb tome
coufesied lot, in a iktrmiih on th advaace of
th worki, In which Major .Morgan and Capt.
Shelly, Filth Regimeat Alabama ' Volunteer,
acted with intolUgent gallantry, and the post
was only abandoned under general, but specific,
imperative orders, la exmtormity with a long
oonoeived, established plan of action and battle.
The rendition of this report, it i proper to (ay
in conclusion, baa been unavoidably delayed by
the constantly engrossing administrative duties
of tbe commander df n arnfy corps composed
wholly of volunteers duties vitally essential
to it well-being and future efficiency, and
which I could not set aside or postpone on any
account, -t ' ' , ; ; muui '- 1
Putnam County.
The Republican of Patoam county, being
some fir hundred in the thort row on election
day, concluded to rub out and take tbe chance
for a new start, and liad , v"UnUa'eetiog'' a
few days aince which wa a new 'hlne'for1
item. Tbey oatled a meeting,' 'i'teaUea fur
Colonel NomtoN of the 2Ut Regiment tp . make
a speech. The Kalida Ser.tintl gives' tb fol
j. ' ,rt, -tl.).l 1 V t... -a 1-1 (tjaoiUi ..;.. n.mi -.-tOWUg-,,,
-t i,,)f vii t,. ti.i( ul
I '"After lb Convention' had' ien ftrganfeed,;
Colonel Norton, of the Slat Regiment, v in
vited to address the people, The Colonel came
forward and delivered, an excellent,' patrtotio
speech. Tbe Colonel Lnforeacd tba audience
that he wa a Union man cheeraj; that he al
ways expected to remain aucb Jlere the R j
publicaa portion of th audienoc bacam highly
tickled. That he had been raised a Democrat;'
some uneasineat manifested on the Republican
side .That b wa now a Democrat and., ex.
pected to die one that the Democratio party
bad alwaya been a Union party, tnd wat to day,
as in limes pasi, nooiy battling lor tbe start tnd
trip;; AI this point in th Colonel' speech,
many face' baiim-ex oeedlnglyi grave and
)engihy. Bat tbe Colonel went on and made
an eloquent era pivioua epecon,' urging tbe
opie io eitta oy weir country, ngbt r wrong,
r. Price of the 21st next took th stand, tnd
we regret, that paoe prvnta eu giving bi, eb
cquent ipeeoh. He spoke much to tbe same
nsct aa tbe Colonel, and both speeches were
aicniatea so no goou,.- k , , ,
a . a . .a a as.
Tbii meebb wad evidently rather, uncomforta-
le to the getter up of tbe' affair. of.i.
County Convention.
i The Union, County Convention met st Mil
ler't Hall, last Saturday, and appointed 18 del
egatea'to the .Ooltmbo Convention ;yf tfajs
numoer ar nominal Aiemocrats, ana one of
them eejs b did "0' 'authorite ; tb use of bis
nam. This gives the Democrats one vote to
th Republican! five.- 8ix being th number to
whiob tbl eoaaty lrntitld la tb Slat Cony
renUstt. Hardly ; Deawerati' oBgh topjak
the thiol took yeapeotabl. To Datnoer ata in
thls .Uuiou mover, in Richland , county,, r
scarce, and bard to find. . Thu fr h ptmo-
Srat In thl county hav put more men lot the
eld. and done more loinpport the AdminisUa-
tlon In pnttlog down tbe rebellion tba tbe Re
sabllcani tav. Henc it wobd b felly tor
Democrat to leavebtoown tarty tola anetber
pnrpo.of rngtat nojion Party."
TheDemoiratlo party bow;d. alwaya has
been, a Union Party.' It could not b anything
else. With Gen. Jacksoan aawpTb Un
ion, it muat andibaHMWyf.
DfiBseraf , , " J'' ,,n7 iiu
Military Appointments.
IHI.krf.nt.ln Wm IB V'illcT.
and Wm. A. Stokea, W feonylva-
itan-' FbIIo tUcmmlaakibarl 'ta tltu .vol.
flsaton, dlrMd.i Tl" lt tkS 31
"Tbe Presldnit bit madstTie fbHowlhgTornitdrf
ry appointments r CbtrWdM jnarltoti M in
diana; WHIi-Gormanof Mlnbosouj and Dan
iel Butterflelda to be bilgadiav-f enaraUirJoha
Claal. of MaaAaehuActUNiJaacpiaKtaef, af
4 Indiana, Jama -M, ftandee-aoar of Caiiforcla;
4Joaiah MlU(lif to Diatrlot' iCbtuiiabIa;
Alexandar M. .Uoydrff, rennsjivaotas Btnjvej
Gamare, of Cliloruil Judsp JiLJsuerraao, of
New York j Renjamio . P- .Vylkerrof rlndiana;
James F, Frederick, If NYorki-bd B. T.
a.rSebcnakai-of Ohi,'Mlroattnlaarl'f
nrritne me the wiiflnter, -w i trnne r ii a of
f Captain'. ..Wm. M-.Tllcy; ti U, an .AddUionai
ijgR.ldobn&a bn appofrlM fke
rrident a member of tbe Board or,; -m otw !-nir
Defiance County.
The D locra y of J'iflai k oou .ty bav 1 1.
Inatod th fclloy .ng f ltv, ( )
For Comty i .dltn -Jo? 1 C T rro" jnltai
county 1 TMBurerJbho in berlnum
itornev Thoma McBrld.
aTus Diiiattj
- Commissioner Samuel S
SStiv'JLOL,. determ(nd
and respectable a Convention a th Democratic
Comity Convention, never before assembled in
Defiance county. Il looked ar if the people
had jopme lr :irguU matters fdr.tbAslf e.
Tla'tgld rnektu oli Mid olaeMuaty.
were therein onmbara. All were animated
with - v tm toirit fetthaeonitry and fbrtl
party of the eotinlry-iHhe Demaoratld.partyi I
.'lib .llcgel seieatsa laworiaaac.-snaiancpc
of yry-tas-payeri of iwhatovlsn party? ai
noaad of doomL Banabtoaaaiaxnaitoted.mB
mn In whose hand jhi!liHrelt Dlrtae cost
ly, and pi the,peopl,pao baaieiyieDtraeaad
- tiaijilairoi I
u(X ,-r!.r:aU .xi'ijj,y'ioU oil no UJA
A1 new WitcWifiTlAi'rorFit?B
. bran opnl at Mo. 1 0WYNN1 BLOCK.AU Pr
soasaaalrlotoalaia,Wllldawoll to.oall ie sbialk
lnfoiMUoa lornlufi)goi"Ur.v: !' t o:i
1 ,i:
aa-jf-T11;1! li 1 I. u. . 1 1' in1 " '! n. r'U
oa tltd In the rrobai Court1 of Irasklin on
ty, Ohio, and 1U b heard for aettlaBttnt on WJUJMJIBt
BAY. tha tlh av of OOtOBK ft. A. D. 1881. to Witt
Tha anal aaoaast ef Moaw ruv, gaardlan of A
sxanSar aaawav) too pnal aevoanl ef Moaw ratoari
guardian of Maigarei Plldina, Oao. 8. X)Hiiu aadtoli
mob Sllaino! t. final aooonnt of Joha Belpoam
artattnlaSiaior af Haatr Kraaar. atotaaadi the fint ao
oaat of taaaal Itiarp, aaardlui at MaraaaU Barsoar)
JvhaUt. Humour and Ida Allan ecanaoar, UO flaal
acoonni or dmoa tae
m VaaVJITTi lUIIllllllHMVr Wl IUD7 fT
tht Brat acoaanl of Daniel ewlekardl
rawlama'awuu the eeoo aoaoti.t of
aacutor 4 Anlraa
Janeirarfc. aaardia
icsrrfc,gsardiaat Wallaoi B. Hoorai b
lt..a W.lt.a. KI U Aaa tka
aooonnt of Jam e Pari
irk. ruaruiAn or Amanda L. Bti
Um aacoad aooonnt of Jamea FarS. gnardlao.of lutntMl
Poat: tbo Coat aasoojUof KaaA 1. Jtrtlloaadalofenrw
tor of Bnaan Dolto. daeaaaid: and ih MaUacosont'of
John Cox, gntrdlAn of .Jhn, Kile. . '. - -'iti
i seplMlt" It. -;.." f .i.i -Probate taigt.
Old Ordera netf&'emea. !
Ill -l.J "..l.'.'.v. Y- .ta ... ' ..ivw. . T
ATOTICB tihoTabvclvsa'ftliak I wlllaay oa pro
X" aentatloo. aU tho oautandiag ordan laMtdaauut
rho County Treatnry,' Indorsed. "Not paid far want of
ftua.,i'',i".- JOHn O. THOMPSON. I
"i.Treataraff franklin Co.
riT.TT n,T l-1 t'j rt V t, ...
l-PCI'li AiT: ,' '. T I. Ill..a- I u
J II . . .. . ..I : . . .. 1 I -! .'I .i
-xU.d .villi li ,uli iih."i a V. .O wr . ... i
-r-.iii!v , . . . i... .i ! 7TJ- 'i. " ' :.. ...mj ,i.n,i
; L ACELLE, rtOS9 & Co,1,,
...li liiii; JiMn ail ! cfl if-.irtw i nmji.-1--'
vuiuiauaaivu. ;a,ixv uiiuiAKkJi
L If. I ii bits .auitiiqirw.r. nui. ';i.i- r n -
-' ;u.''lMpbBfKB8'Alt:DAtIB8 iHT'"',''!
(:a. r..d, -iu i ).n-i -.7 jf.-.f i' i
-1 fwtot h u unr: . io rtfft tTrili: j s.if v J
0i Ac. AtSO,
.me I v i
Old llyeMorngahla courion
..1.1 (I ' i iU Jf e? ii-li'
, . JrV H 1 3 K Y. . ?
;r iu...: ' ' i i '.-u-.f. vma
f-....f r. ' - - .1
.1 T'Cl.
c-- t-:'!M '-'I ' W.Tot's Ov?ici,' Ooiori.f);f ','
'. . r.,.-i..'l .n -'"1 September 1,1801. -
Third Ward In tha eitr of Oolumbna are hereby no
tilled that an election of one Truitoe, to act aa a member
of tl.e Oonncil of oald city, to supply a vacancy earned
by the resignation ot Dr. A. 0. Blair, late Troilee. will
be held at tbe United Blatea Hotel, In aald Ward, the
aenal place of holding eleotlona ta raid Ward, on Mon
day the loth day of Beptemher, A. D. 1681. Tha polls
will be opened and closed on that day at Iha aioal an 4
legal noun. . T"
. ' - sin xmjaiap, mayor
aep3-td.'-....": ' . .-.. . .- .-'t -
Become a good soak;. ,Uie Jamei Pjle'j Dletetle lal-
ratus for lalain parp eiaa, end the thing avdona. ,Iaa
WlU than Aod aalmcuUy. la ,tte an(ruaalat"1lne.
teaattih) man are 'fond M foo' Uvlhg! ' rfbthlng but
Ple'e Vlttetie'-wtli' aniwer.' Depot,' 315 WaihiDijtoh
Streef, New Tok.". )jd)il t'grocext STeiwh, i',,,'-,.
.i a r ' a 1 -vr'tr 'r r t-v
Jnet rabllibeliaa Baale Bhrhlops; PrWti.l
Weakneaa, Involuntary Kariaalara Bmal Bwhllltyraad
Impedimeste to Marriage enarallly.JleTVoaaDeea, Con
eamption, Xpllepay aod Ilia. Meatal and Phyeleal In?
eapacily, reralting bom Belf-abote, to. -By BobattiaS,
vuiverweu, , A., autoor wine urten bwi,ji
. Jlaotx ta. Tttettaavad f BMtercraf A
ml WnSer el,-tira plxln'VnreTope, ts sny afldreis,
oat paid, oil; rewetpfot Wo atanps.'br Ds. OUA1.
. 0. KLINB. I U KowarV. a York. Sot Office Box
Ko 4JU. ifUH I r A O a" aep?:3odexw
xrhen 6T!rBRiauiiRrriii AVbifito.''
Too awoh eatldaT anil drinhln."ew ieMts and modee
If 11e, often product Irreejnlarltlei Is the' bowels and
general health of th system!" Bu) BaasDasra's liui
will soaautH lbe4omath will regain Itsttrtngur, and
I healthy acpof.tk yaUMe, WU1 yvatore, ,to
MaawaVay araeaotlkn eifalaaii te tW t, J !")!
I Ivery ajan'of ihs IIBI lOUATIl'lat .a tos of
and an ALLCOCKiAtOkOtTHXAtTKB pat In their
mapasok fre at J0ea)a &.tn fb thw lac saay U at-
trlbaUd the abfcnao onyof HI BQTjKBBf from
thehoeijUal. ' T.-, "rtv" " "
BpLpigK.hqiMUTSkMo Bmatrath'f
riut, box, e( Balr. aad aotPoroa-Biatter.
They em lUKBUbe eNSfhl, fle TTfth vJ '
Bold by Jtmif v,Oo,oki,prgUL.)CptamDiia, apdhy
.... titen fi.
allreapsetabla dealers ta aaadieian-j tv- -oa -wju
i BUgTT-lBV,, fM.iMWy7aill aa ifaaaa H a-
.. 1 it. . ana iH'aira edi tn l io ai aoiioaj a t
J I'l JUVJ t.H "i la;i'
aanwawai I ,aa aavw.v.ai. ,!tfit.
ta all eates of eoMvaneadyfpcf iA. UUiosk. tnd VvV
affeoUona. pi lea. rtiaasillawn at vera and irw'iwl
aalt kaat aehst, at all MTil wsraapmeiiB) , ot hmlth'
maat ruiJ bars InTUlaliy prorea s oariaia aJiapa
remedy. aimgkt arUiU pUOBitha UM PUkf Myawd
tha reach efeotapetiUoa ta hewBBBleJf trtryp-
. . .t ., i a. .- e ..i.,t - rf f.'a w .
' Dr. Monet! rndnU BJlttre am be luund Squall si
toeoWoi ta all cat of perron debl my, ijjipepalv head
achiwMM aeys,tnfWent awaiauMBM taaii.
and every kind ef waaxaaae or mm tuganrrw rgana,
for eato ay Brl ay. .!IOTIiI3,''Bhy, B . T.
Tba-foilowlRi 4b a witract Ina-
lttorwrittar tlis!Mi ef the
Vlarptpotat-atieat BaptAyt,Ohwkei BayfUya W, f4o
tho'JoMBal as ataaawilaMOVOe.a epaaw
tbkaM ta favvf of tbat vS-rabownM aMIclpe, Hit.
W Ofaunra bootbim lor roa ymrnmimrvutm , ,0
TTt m IB rimoial m fiat stlaas tfllai
yufavow'aBoeTBiB"lTKis How w saw i -aalda word
IB Tor o, apami awiwiiia o- ioro in pur l,Jfnw
feeteawnelied tffeay to yaur rf Tr t kif t: '
wrn a. tb aaim. it, aa www- rr" to
rl A.alJUyTVa.(yaf(! ,t
dnac 0fSl! 4 nan II Isa ot ' eb A.' An
irfytaviJaaawlwoaTy bet-c'a'i d t - '-r t
lay la a awppkyi aw at e-'f t"-'
i iTT-nryrTr!Triiri
(iDIOTEl AND S. Jilt N'
lV)rula,o r freth woond of any kind, r-nrvtnts
JawiiawaiaaayaiMNi .uiifct, a....!'
- 4 oolaotiuul lJUjila. anr.Ula. rl,..,n..n.m. m.1. thai
namaiauoa and pain, an haals wa warn barn,
KHonuus piauta, Bvaralula, rlioumall.ia, afuo la tht
iui,altrhaaia,ot. aVhratake SiUirtilr, It will
poaiur. e- ra erou moMlilran.a id S'vas Samadlal
rallaf id th worai viwS'at tola Mrtikla oamplatnti alaW
nmowal boaraanaai and tor throat, Prloo, t& Malap
bottla. hoold ba In a TO ivhoaaa. For aala ba UaacA.
lataanSturi(.,iia.--- -laviM hton.
kk.tmbroa thfTrtorl pKVhrrt4ii
(lad vamdma daavlpUvaaipliUti4 1
all daaleri, or will ba oant by Proprlalor
r forsaljasthe
Dat praonri
ba ronna wiia a
an demand. Vormulas and" Trial Bottlaa Knl
Jteoaptanctand approval
oiaaa, whanWlll DnddavjlpBiAisb3wrt
tnaaboswrUrHifWalf taaaMltlas 4r
cortoiiti uruaipta to a trial of th abort nilabla JUm
diet. - ' " -
Mot. -la-mlha Battlbl ialftatkaWr
Tt: Commerilai Tharf, Bostot.'HaaB.
.aAaaAtaaaWA.-aT. B. afarsla. J. B. Cook. I.
Danlf, a. Deals Bona. A, Jfobwte, Boo, AjenU
f9t Qylunibui.Ohkit; t.aitum tmivt J'"
.1. ,-J ll'-A
.Oysters j, Oysftral!
TTAI JC-r ItECTPfTBIl, rArTtl'tf il.4i
.TsnvjflTr t in a. rvni Aiirasl
tram Banimaraaad fall llaTab.-;' iH ll V litoil!
Cell at Wagner's dyaurand Fruit Depot, No;4 Iat
""ifl-TV.oO ntoX llia!"! ,wr j
Kdl" 29 86ati TBtiiii1 Btreet, Columbus!
.ti'UA-i tta5;i.- t.'.i -1 . l
AM" liyw VIIUUU) '
4000 Tird XiavoUn D
treat Goods atex,y1tae
. WKOtBUt rf,,-V I
S500 yarda f raveling Sreis 0
wuo jtrde Engltift Anwageaea liM.nmuniUii
10U0 lanle Italian Ornadiet at UK1 naaa tSeaatl.
IOQd yarde Vaat Ooloraii Uwn, M IU, Talaa IS oenm.
raids faslard Draaa Bilkeat 37 JaVvalua M eeata
1300 nrds Banar Plain Blaok Bilk at 1 10. vales Oi ISt
aobtt or urganaie uerage, and aogllin neragt, at oai
Mlr.thjvalMjr, ua.!-f aisJ-ii .rj"'i ,
air m Dun.vai
i&ii .1 fnB If jVi' 1 W&alth iiilbSaa.
Eleanflkco Llantillas,
L f . ' . .ffl'l,, ,1.T L.Jl ..I -V
P ftt jl'TT&'''jFin'Krn
... Hafl..g, fw,..W ,PJW (
P - aam. aaawa ' ' W ' " - . I
TTATl ui-awSsM ' aai harer..er era ' Ufgv land
kLL aaadaaansM iii w -l .' ,
iiACIS MAWTlVI-'AqJtWy roinTcs.
Very Deep Freoob JTpuncieg tee .--i .r .
Real Thread, French.-ChantlHa.t Genevas !
tout j i.i xF&TV'CV Ti " ' 1
. -r t;v.im.8t a V- .aa.ie'i mi u :
vaionciennet, Point de Cfat9 Brruieii
ana.lnrpaa .lRCe&r,,ad,.WUr-,.
uLnu a Miqi va.vi oc o,
u . . . . 1. 1 a. n. , , . . a w M vi.i'i f .M..1 .a
u 1 oiH to Jua. sf a Jv . v'-t fn nar RharloA.
it CUFFSvrff
For trayeltHii'.
Traveling- presapo4!Sfu,
iioUuBiQirxr, poplins, bhuphkrcb obxokv
ij-AItK. POU. J)l OHBTBBBy avt ix-. avirvA
-uaci lBA-TltLAB. BHOOEB TAlaTtCtAt'an'. Ac.
Thl beet and nbit faAIonable sty lei In thl eityvi l
t,' niljn Jlii 1 -1 u " BAIN fc BOIt, '" "
JtSl :i, Iti.n. ...liSlaoulhBlgbBnwJ.N
v T : '
RElOi v A i: : :
n-.AV-JlA'n' alat,i,e.H.t- ' '
vfrocene3t i.n,.3i.i m i.v..-utriwvi.-":
IJllllU ,-lJ. .4,'' -H-fJtai -rllil.l k i i
.. ail .1-Producer ,iv-
I ? C 2 -'ft 6.',
' , ;Vi;' I Provisions.
" F6reigh and Domestic Liquors, -
..( Ffuit, etcetc, Xl!., v, .
r.iU' l7wW IVUn " " J' ". y m '. y
(U-. Mt.S! ViftWulJiiV f3. i'vr t-i '
r,'MrlO0, -South-High,Street; . :
tt'tij-y .. r'-'r.i:. i;r i.i.' ,....n... r a t i
Theolditml recently1 occupied iyJfr'M. McDOIfAtD
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Io I'.-.'- W. ,. j.n. ..Mint nf '
! -r.i lea V".' ' ; ' "'' '"' "
Which ht will fell vJy ,t.vt a
iaatsp fr Taiaii - Cattntrr Prdnce.
l.-.U.'li.i.HAl. ' .11' , .
1 . M-M'I-U.' ' ''I' J"' '."!" ""! 1 " ' '
fc?" Ooodi dellveTed to City trads free of cbarge "fJ
a llt-u B IkMUfll
.KmjdlisRVb'Mckif tlriaTttAtx'1"
Alibi U'lA.IHVI.I J , ., I. -"V ' '"' "f -'
No. 10G, South IDgh Street.
GROCERIES, produce
. II O V 1 81 ON S5"WlX
an'i' Domesrui::1,
iv ti;.'.
.1 n. ' In
! 11 i .flan
: t lt
-1 iat aiU
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J', I .nv.lr,;.?; UWT
itOOQ yaals Baoer Plata Blaok BTBc at fl 00dralB
?tVHV' ' l rt rxtlrl
BiSOO yard Trareling Dnat sad Mantli Ooodi at
IS 1-t enlB-val 0 etnts pay arr.if oo ev
$,000 yards While BrlHlantes 'S-,l--eW!"
' ' r r-, a-agi ts,nnn$
1000 yards Tin and DoBteafle Jhrgtimeii lfrR.M
ervahN. f; m-v ;'..... V'Lmai' Jtr.
t: t.JUL,BOv. i.ul (ask
-fjtmitjfmA-a) $wa; mmk '
ttici. D Al.eCfttti'l rilA'"wi'ta'.i
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Of alt aurtarlaai, at b stoat srytlelf auuiiMf af ie
tf hvtett vrfayfaihicaaa.-B-alogsni style la
tto Aty.jtftbinl'wT r'vl w,.,.
r".. waAif aviv ,
xaeyJO. r",A'iA.' Sot th High fweel.
i pi ff arfH iCfc-.-..--l
TT . : J- -..4--s. f A.lf
r -4"t'i'itti a4 ne-a
IU iAiHieaf tatosnii-r. . ?'f aalskf
. ..I. MAlKf At Silat.
avh. iZ'i.-sc d AHetoae.BailT-Vi
La m-... ,vumPou.Ila., w
.iw.v..,ur ani
An ZfleotlTO. "Sals and EoonomlcaJ
v Componndfc
oolorWuloA dyolng, so
il lirAfiAfilfntf
uaireroni irntusgrai.
IlalMrokiluroius(ra.IXl a
mllthf ttvwbaa tbnwia tbo hart BarMoJsorrlBiS
or rooaperaUM anergy uauinioc.
I f 'UndiflirotaTiioniairectW. of the Boilbt "
Nf3 TUP. ff AI
WarfmrfrnfMlloeVanaorhlhto. maklna
'" fAr"ai-,
lilkj .lB.lta laatnro,and oanalus II to our!
rdily, . i., . v.' - v n . ir..i
loa stastanrity am taeraaaiag sanand Tdr Oils no
aqnuled preparation, ooavtnm the propriety n. iat eua
trial la only nooeaaary to itlf a diacernlng publle of lie
to parlor qaaltUae over any-other preparation In uto. It
laanaas habeii,SDMb from ataadmaT ,ad -othr
oaUneone diieaaea, oaulDg the hair to grow luxuriant!
giving a rtea, aon, gkoaar ad flvalble appearuee, and
alio, where toe hair it looienlng and thinning, it wlU aire
ft. gloear and flvalble
r ii looaenlnaandthlnnii
strength and vigor to the roots and reatnre i.'ie growth to
noaa pane wmon nave Beeoote bald,' eaoiink It to yield a
raehoewriogethair. - ,.-SWTr.
There are nnndredi of Udles and geatlemea'aaftew
Tork who hava had Ihelr hair reitored by the net of tbla
Invlgorator, when all other preparation! have failed, L.
Mjke to bVoeafeV)ii letter! Itannmeralile leitirylnr
WrVu, above aaMa,.lroa ptraoaa e Ua Uglier! redimu
UlUia. ikwllleflaotaally prevent the heir from turning
BOtUthalataet period of life; and lacaeee wbere'th bait
baa already ehaaged Maaotor, th aa of the IoTlaorator
will with certainty reatoae It to It to IU original hue, giv
ing II a del h. floaty appaaraima. Ai perfnme for the
tofietanda Hair BeetoraUv It U partaroUrly sooam
m ended, hiring an agreeable fragrance; end the greet ta
ut II Uei it afford In di est log tb hair, wblob, whan motel
with the Invlgorator, oaa ba dreawd la ear nqalred
form io si topreaerve IUplaoo,wUuwpllnorlooarli;
bene the great demand for It by tha lad
:1 which nona ought to bo wiib ont.ee tba nrioa
iee Be a
toilet irtio
place It within, tha
a.tharoachofaU.boiBi ,r,u,
oOnlj1 Twemty-Rvo Canti'"l.,
per bo ttit, to be had at. aU reapsotahla Dragguda and
" 1 '" ' Perfamera. . ., y
. I MILL II waald aU the attenMon of Parenlt and
Onardlani ta Shaaaeof hie Invlgorator, In caaee where
theohlWrea'eaatrlaclliirvU ba-weak, -The nee of It
laya the foandaHoa for acoexf Aeoa Har, u It re
uvea an iaapBrltMa that snay bav beoome eonoaeted
with the tcalp, the removal of arkleb Is Beeeiearr both
for the health efihaddloVand the fatare:appearaneaof
! Halri, j,,- ..awa nam i.r.-waaii
-- Cauviaa. Huao geuabie wltbdut fh fW rltBIIe I)fns
ktlLLBa being o the water wrspMrf Ska, HIL
lB'.f4B.litIlaOBAXOg, M.,rbiaWS fc the
ohepat,TTDey etreet, "and sold by aU ths
prlnolpal aUwkanti and Arngglate rhronghont the world
TiliO deefra prateaA Uhe Amertran fubllo my
bdLiQllltt-IIAiR DYE,
uuaiawr ynwi m aoiimnns experimenting, I hava
broagat to perftofanu . It djet Vlaok or-etroamhutaDtly
wtthaatlnjary loth Halt or Bkln warranted the beet
article of tha kind If sxialuce. , . ,
PBlria; oy Lxio ceMts.
'' V j NBWABK OniO,
nannfacturer al all klnel af - Por
1 table and Stationary Hteam F.u
, glnea, saw mill, liriat Mill, )
iXf ki;'Jnxe i-i .. !. V -V
LliiSA BODLSi Btatml B. at M. BLAHS) TBeatml
J. ct J. 'B.-DVtALl Btdmtll COLUlfBDS
C tt 00. Btatmltni '-" '
.. Onr Fortabl login tnd Saw Mill -'
Wei awarded th tint premium of M at the Indian
Stat lair for 1990 oyer Lao aBodley's oa account ot
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
aod superior character of lumber tawetl. ' "
Our Stationary Bngios was awarded at the m Fair
the Brit premium of 200.
Our Portable ksgin was swarded the Brit premium oi
100 at tha fair at Memphla, Tenn., over Blandy'i Dm
vall'l, Oolombui Machine Oo I., and Bradford Oo'i,
by a committee of practical Railroad Bngiueen, . ,
lor prk and term! addreat
v ,1 i . ,r WlliLABD WABBBB, Treainrer,' 1 '
decS-dAwlyeoiSvi.ei n'i 'Newark, Ohio
For an Inch of .Time! . ,'
a dying Queen. Tba inch of lima cm be procur
ed at a much cheaper xeto, and many loog yean, of
HEALTH .ANU.ilArrlWJt.3a y
enjoyed byooninltlng Dr. MBRRYWIATHIB, who
a coring the moit obitlnat and losf-itandlng dlieaiee
PBR, BTOMAgB BUJSUW4ilBl yjoiiAtao
.rnorioKB vi ms jsi nn v ieia t.
Fctar4ltibbxt. XkUagil
Itaai whai the Fhlladelnhla MrravBOBdeat eays la Ue
Oommonweallb," WUBUifion, aieiawaie, vmaxarii
"Aa Ingllih gentleman, formerly connected with the
rltua Army, ana wao iiyie dubmu ma imi
tan o Ptuitcttn.' baa of lata caloa an ezienaira rapu
tlon here by his IklU .in curing all manner of com
plaint.' Boko of hi patlenu I bav eonrenea wno,
and lhy pwooasce hli remedie and mode of treatment
. . MM Mnarin. Him. haaa naan tvatored 1 1 If by
aagi. -Wh aedlero br uies is aimiieo ny uwnaau
rom varlooi herb poeaaaaiag rare euratlr propertle.
I While acting In tn army hdrotod hi Ulaara ina-.
aesti to thorough iwdy or tneeneoi iiruuuw 1
eertalu roediclnal rooti anl herb on eU mtnner of dla
ut. II aeeme he hu found a inra.aQd ipeedy rem
dy for all th 'llli that fleeh U helf to.' Hlipractk a
already extontlv and I dally Increaifrig. Jn the ooaf
elatnii to whioh femalee ar lubjected, ba niA no equal,
La larw number here hav teatified that they .w not '
nly their praatnt good health, but tbrtUlif fcjojhe
xillof this Indiaa Botanic PhyiUjUp.!;", 0oj -
nffloa 37 East Stat Street. Colnmbuavf
tf.aat iat . J
Help to tha
.navaauaaa i".
IV BotrtW Btoet Improved kinds of Spectacle.
All hi 9laY wtMlbat for. near or far-rightody-wss
ground 1a concauuoaBVUt foxavartlA ibasu'leet SB,iai
a to suit th Bye d afl caaaa. oaring weaiA
DiaiDeas or Innammatioa Of tha Xree, and imparllpj i,
Strangi fn aa ringaeninV JTT . ,
l0tteeiA.E3t ,lt v.iit, bttOT'
HtlPt.i k-kS-Tf 6'': tfATEIi.k'BOOf ';
Aa CTAK ClTffS. Alio, othev Bukasof BprtDf"
Oloax t ,,j.4iaa,delrW tolxtaroa-giodlfwa, Tea
Ml and Bauoa I Saatoh.
. Booth Hlfhitrt
,,!,f. .,,.. jivS '' "ir' "';'
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.,'. .'1... v . a :r s I J--i. '-''7
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