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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 11, 1861, Image 3

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Ataivsi. tVUirnUtiiCI4ia )
u.lt. .J fnt (lit. UnOUm. Albarfy.' Butfele,
Pittsburgh. SUmbejuvllls way, 5 IwelaaA.irnesTllle,1
Nswark, tfranllls, Washington Oil "T1"' '"'T'
delphla and New Orleans, close doily SBdeyt sxoept
edl at 8 o'clock v. mi " 11 1 "" .
through" sljlforNew York aa OlovalbBd elost
dally (Bundayl exoepuai as w osioue p s.,i
TStoV H. War Mall oleosa itelly Bufldayte
ccpted) at 8 o'clock p. m.t- 1 ' "-i """
Wfcral Ohio Way MellcloeesaaHy (SBBdays tctpte)
Ahinow Dubaaae. muwrMtion Worthinir.
ton tuiie eie daily ouauajt rff U tTT.f
p.m. '!'--'.'" ' : V 'jLjociiivni1.Imcnt
y. rMTm L nfUIDIML vuwui luicuuivinnFi
D.II, iDeiaufollo, luifUio, u uwana
' . . . i 7 1 1 1 a. T.nnl. .nit TklH.lt
iiihrTSunaiow)opted)t ro'clockp. m;
a thnwih mil to IflSrr
eloMt dolly (Sunday. OMepted) 10 o'oioek ,tv
undayTo.ptod) at s o'clock p. m.
. Tiffin tod Un
Lc,ter. loan, MelonTlll, Olrclttrllo, Oblllleotho,
rorlamootti, Waohtogtoa 0. . Allioni, Marietta an
V, ZZUL ZZTrZ. jLi.TsuiT'.lMotaS T5
Mr. Tnaoa Mall. b war ol WeiUrrUlo and Sanbory,
cloooi dMiy (iandaya oxooptoa) am o'oioct p. m. '
Vabltn Mall ikmi aaiiyiBuooayi uaopnja;at o ciucm
ir MaiicioeiiWtBundatiexceptoljktf'
Laneatter Way
4-. ..-. abbivau; - - ; '; - .' .
Mali! from Now York, Boiton, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, fUUbnnh, Olwland,, Dayton, Toledo, XenU,
Botrolt, Bprlngueld, Cincinnati, CblUlooUio, Bt. Lonli,
and all Boathom dtlea. arrlT hotweon the boliro
t. m:
o'clock p. . and 4 o'clock a. m:''- J'
Maili froa lndlanapouVphlcago itiJ Vatwtoe arrlT
ZaowTllU, Newark, BtfubenvllU, M. WomoB. a Mm
a.n. TiLwuHiJL arrlva at 19 o'clock m. '
Way Mali from Cincinnati arrlToa at S o'clock p. air
Lanoaater Mall arrlToa at 9 o'clock '' l 'V"t- ;
ait Wat Mail orer the National Boad rrrrw at II
o'clock a. B. ' ' 'J -.r K
Mt. Toraon Way Mail arrWet at 11:00 a. a. .
BUinviDiiiiinniviHww. ..... y .
Urbana Way Mail arrlroa at S o'clock p. BJ
Office doUrary open trery day (except Banday) from
7 o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock t. Op Bundayt
from to 9 o'clock In. tp mcrnuff ana iro o
Rail Road Time Table.
TaTTu itixtn ic aoMtwwof ixii.B.!.,I,j , i ,,J
vmcinnau hcoudhhwuwb. w.w - -" .
KnreM ..11:40 A.M. , 11:03 A.M.
Mall and AceonmodaUoo.. 11:10 V- . 8:00 P. M,
Nliht KzBreea la Daiton.ltOO mlinlfht. 1:90 A. M
Jae. W, JonTt,,Aent;'.
NKht Sxpren ..i.'.tM A. 11:P. M.
N TrkKinreae 11:10 A.M. 10:50 A. M
O.O.atO.Wu IxDitM. ... S:30 P. HV ' 7:S0 P. M
Jam a. faimiox, Agnt J
0Drnuf.OBio B. B,
Wa . 9 Itiiijiaik .
Jj.j,"A; MJrJ ' uM'i. u.
Me. .,.. IVP. M. 11:45 A. B
,' - i-ii, - .. . 'lt4,Nau," Agent. '
PrrnitiMH, OoMJmoe k Cmcunu.Ti B.B,
Mall Train 3 30 A.. lltM-A.M.
BxpreM Traln..w..,.., ........ .U:S5 A. M. 8:45 P. M
' Joe. BonxaoM,' 4(4t.'.'
OoOMaoe IkdukoVolu, B. B.! r ' '
(OoLOKna Pno k iiduii B. B:y,""
No.l Kmreie... 30 A. M. :00 P. M
No.S " J 00 P, M. 7:90 P.M.
Accommodation .-..... ' 10:50 A. M.
' ' ' O.rT. Smitb, Aftat.
The Adams Express Company places ns daily
uDJer obligations to it for the very latest papers
Irom toe eastern cities. - .,.,( ..
The American Expreer Company has ar
thanks for its daily farora In the sbape of the
eery latest eastern papers. - , . :
To all Intbustio in a Gooo Cxuii We I
learn that the sick yolnnteers id onr hoapitels I
greatly in need of suoh comforts as can be
easily supplied by the benevolsnt.of our city.'
The ladies would confer a great benefit by
providing shirts either old or new also jellies I
or any delicacies acceptable to the sick.
All persons disposed to respond to this call,
will please dp so immediately, and send the ar
ticles to the residence of Mrs. W, L. MoMillen.
Sec'y Relief Association.
By order of the President. -...
Tfir SooTHtan Risiixion. This is a aerial
history of the Great Rebellion, la weekly am
bers ot 33 pages each, iBsued trery Wednesday,
at ten cents each.' It Is divided into chapters of
moderate length, with running titles and a
marginal Index of subjects. The object is to
give a, thorough sod accurate history of the
stirring evente of oar time, whioh shall be wor
thy ol preservation. Address Friduica? Gr,a
baid, General vAgent, Nassau street, Post Box
4001, New York.,- , o ; f.., . j
''! i . v 4 - j
A RorruriLT Asiaolt. On Sunday nldit
last, Mr. 'Wilson Wouthinotok, 1 of Pleasant
Valley, wa driving a lot of cattle into Fask
lintoo, and not, knowing , the precise' place
where they were of be delivered, he made en
quiry of two men whom be met1 ,i The men
offered to. accompany him and' show him, the
place.' jThey had not gone far, when one of the
men,made a violent; aault upon Mr.' Wostb
inoton, stabbing b'.rd Several times, and knock,
log him off his horseT At this orlUoal moment,
the appearance of a third party, a yoong, man,
caused the1 assailants to take to their heels, i
The young man ssiisted Mf rWosTHiNOTON to
remount his lorse. and he rode Into the city.
He was taken to the Buckeye Hotel, where
every needed, atteotien waft, paid, him. The
next day he Ws so far recovered as to be Able
to return home.- .-,., , ..'. ' jT-m,, ,
Yeeterflay Marshtl X0Pucceeded In
arresting OtieoJJ,;the-'rufliaria by the name .of
Edwud tuKtu, U$ fit at pt at the stone
qnarry Seeing; ' the ' Marshal Sftproach, and
gueesing his errand, FtrVw made tor the woods;
but the Kti'pflLWfcwWffl'Ifo
retreat end made him his prisoner! -v.i'Wa ','m
He, Isw ureiieot 't$wViw&iriiiii
SnrBtNt, who stoutly denied having; taken any
part ln.thaaeaault, and agreed to'glve! teatlnoc
ny agiSnti rttHBlltea tfo$ffli$a
up, to be forthcoming u a witness.; uj 'f'jaau'.
HTCoi. Loam HDtws h besljtbg'ul
geroosly 111 for some time1 past of typbold frver
at his reeldenea In Ganbiertnii.pooniyQ Be
haa beeidonrloMtor. l6ma)Iyi, Sod (dlljrjbt
nopes are entertained of hie reoevery. . tnw.. J
n -r -i -as iw ,.
rcapi;..D..Ki.fr wuiuftKWtt.w
Monday'6t;witli..ItJ merj'ffre AMmbBla
and Iak eounueebeinc r4 f Company w,
Flrsteslmen pito,' AtneafiJJeJt
lerdarfot-Camrr Dermlsoaft" 'itia at tei.i'
M. cartttrof ftta;WVi'iyUl..te ly
adrertisemedt Irr thir paper, ixaeepsned -re'
oruiting offioe la Av.hHFjm BIoclfJBtta
wants a. feir more reerutti for three yean er for'
tbo w, to vi erat .CoBpany A of, the Reaem
MilitUJ "The .ta"pUm'U:Bhexpe'rIendwvand
popnlal joffloer, haying served ut the ! Mexican
war, ai'XtpUla flf (imt6iiyJjinrihOMo
Regifnjnin 9 fHf choice .cooldbf jiadf, of
wmmaiidlfloflkes thWpUlaiiV
company than Cpmfi&aX.f;irbg,'ow It tl.
time for the h& members of t!mt'ewripi'ri'wrin
01 others who.wanjs, erVk9ftlB od ajrjck
company, W Wp inte Nov QwnaJQiokaii
2d LUutenao, Coopaoy C, 8 5il Rgl
"" wiui . w
ares, of this city, were mastered into the ser
are vice yesterday, and proceeded to Camp Wade,
ntments were mads by Governor Dbiniioh
ftlotuj McCTtnaban, Cambridge,' CspUin Coin.
mot A. 15th Kesiment.
7 Joshua R. Brown. Cambridge, lit. Lleuteft-
ant company a, iutn gegimentv
Mioneei mi ktb. uoioaet outa itecimentt t
Job O. Parol, Paineeville. Assistant Sur
rcr, 20lh RmIibmU lrrrm V
Andrew R.Z. Dewto&'&btalnf ;Thos'E
Douglas, st Lieutenant; and Harry B. Fait, 2d
i-K utenant, vampanj fl, lath Heglment,'-
. Hiram Miller. Mantfitld. Cantaln.' 13th ReM
. , K , Tm'i'W
Jeremiah- Mr Donh. lit Lieultaeht. 15D5 sTes
uaeot. 'fim
James a Crsviitoa. Hill Onto, lit . LUatta
: Aoiawni uia Kegimeni.
rick W.KeU.Irt IiieaUnant: and Benjamin F.
Andrew Grdiuw. Jr..BellafoaUlne..CDUin,
42d Reelment. " i.
- Albhu Moore. Canute, Robert Yenrti Firat
d Samnel 'Bmltb Seeond
Lleotenani, Companj, Jl, t XnjHfo ,Regl;
i meot
I at nil
rarenau, oilmmmb, wp"i.
C. Thomaa, Hamilton,. First Lieutenant; Tnot.
'" narwiaaie, y anoaua, rrei vientenam, aou
1 neo. luatnere, uermantown, eeoona MuieaT
ui Qompany H, 85th Kwrtmetlt.' i i
' Matthlaa Bartleson, Captain; Alfred K.Rob-
Ner PhlUdelphla, Seoond Lleol., of Company
51lt Regiment. " ' ""'" ''- x
Q Cnlg a,,,, ef Watren, CapUlflJ John
. ... Bu,M,-h ' j..... i iintA5ri.. John
A1! MUmlaDUrg, Clr Lilentenant; JOOn
oailaber, of Warren, Beoona Uenumani,
2d Reglmebt." s: i...w
W Keglment.i iiru'iMniii.a,.,,, .. .,.";,'"
i i
j -n file
I -ir' rt
Thi Rim. With Infinite pleatore, and' we
woald fain hope, vita tome little gratitude, we
tat at onr window last eyentog,; and. witnessed
tk. fit k.l.f ' knl null alnoma
' ' We thonghl bow regeUtion would be
retiewed.now bird and beait WOuld . Dgr sneered.
ui wvunuuivi ;. f"" 'm .7
i do iodo naa we ruen wiinoai zm inac a
, ... r-i- rzz 1 i
dfoftib appeared Imminent- :Bat U tbewer
last efenins: earens relief, and seemed to re-
"lo'io7,,If,iPwMt owweni of faith inihebonnrf of
Provldenee. The antnmnal equinox la near at
hand, wben, in theTUaalfXttree of tblnga, there
111 be eo alitltidant lopply from the water works
RDQT0'n t--- ' Ja:l 'J ia ,,t'5 K Ttlli
.'ft 1 1 '
y Ha!, BlltIe county;
wcreaslng rery fast. Tne'Colonel expects to
nare nis regiment, iuu ja , tmrty. aays,.at jur-
tnest,'; Col. Rtar is an excellent omeer, and
will make a good comnindr': for; the Plflieth
Regiment. .vi.t-ft
ST Cspt.. Stinibiht,' for sometime paet
UoU4l,Suui .mastering offlo'er for tbe Ohio
troops arthls point, has. been ordered M repair
to Waehlngtoo forthwith.1
v I i
OT Gioaei Stcizib has erected a fine three
story brick loose on v the corner of Fowrth and
Mound sfreeU, almVaTxty feet; ont, for store
rooms. The brick work was executed by
StiiDii and KaMnitxa.
87 Col. CaaaiitoTofi's Regiment was increae-
ed yesterday by the addltipo of 24 men. Irom
Kipn of.ii
it, n i
I In
i.) .,i.,i
O" Fifty-eight men of the Coldstream Zou-
near Worthington. " " ;":'V";-
ST CBxiLir WaoNia has an over-Stock of
fruit, peaobes, plums, apples, pears, etc. Now
is the time to call on him and get a supply.
, , ,
Information Wantid. Mrs. Jani Stomr,
of Cambridge, left home on the 29th of July
last, to go to her daughter's, inr the neighbor
hood of Celina, Meroer county, Oj Since that
time ber husband hae not beard of her. She
was to have returaetr within fcnr week i (Any
information of her whereaboote' will be iBank
folly received by her husband, JosirR Stones,
Cambridge; Ohio.'' 1 ' -V '
m i -
P Asiahim KuoAi lormerlv editor- of the
Shelby County Democrei, arrived at Cininnatl
on Monday evtning, with a fine company for
the regiment now being raised by CollW. B
HiuilT. fn Han. Pimnuii. ! it'
D" There are in the Orphan Asylum at Cin
cinnati, for the defense of the eityf twelve 32
and eight SI pounders, with carriages and
breastwork frames .complete, and.tweilnndred
rbnnds of ammunition for each, ot these guns.
and k battery of sit rifled pieces, complete In
eVfry 4eteiLei-v it,.: .
; . . .j i m .... . .
J p",,Ci4v GisJon'a Regiment,'the',For'ty-nDtli,
arrived at CsmpBennlsoe; last night. "'fj'
A lot of land, of about. 7ft acres, near
CummlhSTllle; he vicinity Jof Cincinnati,
has been selected for the camp of Col. Kin.
nut's new reclmeoL, '.It la to' be '. called' Camn
(jOiUtT.' ' ' i1 "l v T( ei (...., . ,
i f -i j v !. "'- u-i.l'i H . .: n-j .:
, ST There are C70 army wagons on tie Or
phsrAAsylBm lot,, CiQclnnatl,.V. " :
" IT The Revenne orBoere at Cincinnati, on
Monday, seised, en a steamer at the landing,
forty-five bunOlti et nlti reams of.'.printlng
aaper, narked for Wurra' N SHnaiACwafw
it efiloe , Jlulsvllle, vKyt,J and rtut from
Wheeling, Va. The-paperi held subject to
further ordere from Wsshington."",,';;;; ., .
SB If- .' . i ill ' i i umi i ! i, i yf,
ttkum, Between ' Ireland And Imerlca
I . - . isoiBT'r
I i 1 i II i i if-;t n 4
Urhe followinc new and niagnlBent flnt-cIaapaddM '
wleel Bteeaiiktpe ooaipoet the abort line: ;
APBIAIXO, 4,888 tons earthen.1 h Capt, 'X, Bxoa .
Ji JPormerlyofaaOolllMl.lne.)
PRINOB AJjmBTBorew.) " , ,
'.One of the above ehlpawlil bare New Tork er Botton
alteraatoly eirery faoaday fortnlnst, tor Oalway, oar
jine Of rrrenuaeo aall Wul( a at. JefciM,
The' Iteaiirs cl'TlM hl'rewetraotej with
the greateeteare, nndec the eevervWoaof the forern-oeawhavowatar-tlfh
eeeapartatemla, aad are aarah
lea lorooauon, miij ana epew oy any etoaweti afloat.
The are aommaaded by able and exDorteoceii ,iim
and every MorUoa Will he awde te promote the comfort
of paeeeagera, .wrriltv-n'' t-i
Aexpwieoeed (argeea attacked to each iMpi.
' ! UAtT. Of FAWSAOK. '
I lnt-cTut B. I.er Boiloa tS Oalway orUrrrpsoI tT(W
Beoosa-oiaai, ," 't 'l.w n J tjn
yiwe eiaee, a ( eeai-oan-a ". y 33
Ihlrt-elaae, " c ' eetranray ortlTerpool.
..' oraf nwofa' Iilaad,BBeilway, - X
' third e low peaenera at UMiaity taoplM with era-1
rlelont of the heal enellty, etoked aad temd hy tfaeeai-1
Mi MIKTrrtlw TIt7KBTaT.r' r
PTHe Wliinf to tend for their Monde treat the eld
emntrr-vea-'efcMii ttite fiata auy ewu eve leltmyi St
Ireland, from tke pnaolpot Sttiea of Bogiand tad Met
iaadiaeeeeyWeewM" u -. i,m .r.u.ji Hj,r
t Z.'""i fw-TiSv. anMuf by tfae-Baeeoa
teaaiore, wU iwfntwartrt to Mew lork free of charge.
ot inange nt fmrUwt iufonPtlcn, apply to i,
,m 1 1 in 1 tw. U U I.WflW
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to the Post.]
; WaJHmoTOM. 8eptmber I. The Sani
Commission Jim' otrongty urged upon the War
Department an lnoreaae of the hospital aceoar
saodaUon to the extent of 15,001) beds' fitted
The defalcatfoos of purser Gallagher amount
to over 1130,000, only $30,004) of wliloh is llke-
to. bo recovered . .v . , ,v"'
[Special to the Commercial.]
"There was heavy 'esnnonadiDf this morning
(I the Ticinity of our lines, and it was rumored
that the contest had commenced, but there Is
nothing reliable. '. j.. ; :
" At the fJamrf of Colonel Youna's Kecimetit
01 jLeotuoay (Javairy, on brmday at noon, a sm
dler - named Ileudertoa shot anothaw soldier,
Walter, while Darferminw dot as a auard.
Sergeant Joseph H. Brjeon was, the oflicerof
sm say, ana owing to bis pr 000000 ot mina ana
deottlen, discipline was secured to the camp, r
' The War Denartmenk haa loaned an Order
that volunteer ' oaralry regiments of twelve
nanies ahall have three Mslore, and ree
Iments of , from eleht to ted eomoanlee shall
have two MalorS. instead of' one. as hereto-
far ... .
The Postmaster General, has directed the
mair facilities to be restored to Padncata, Ken.
lucky, that towa bow beinit iavthe 'pos-
UMi.' I,r II.. -.1 1 l..u akJ V . Kn 1 1-
there no longer tampered with by secession,
Ists.' 1 .iJisu.ve' -ir
ComnaajMler Jloan has written a letter-to the
Secretary f the New: dated United States
steamer Pawnee, Hatteras Inlet, Sept. 5th, of
wpiou tneoliowing ie an exlraot: t, r
"From the best Information I can obtain, ion
regiments have been recalled from Virginia to
defend this State. 1, The secessionists residing
near the water are destroying their, residence
ana seeking shelter in tbe interior.' r i ne poor
er eiaeses remain, waiting for protection to enow
tneir union eenuments." .
1 The Confederate fortificatlans on Munson's
Hill, three-fourths of - a mile from Bailey's
Cross Roads, have every Indication of being
completed.' ' No guns 'were ' observed mounted
on the fortifioatlooe, but a masked battery- is
ereoted, eoneealed by a grove near. JBsiley's
(Srees Roads, about 100 yards this side of the
eartnworxfljf; yy r0 . :,r,. f.
r. Oq Sunday everything In the Vlclnit Wal
quiet, but this morning ths Confederates .open-
ea tneir conoeaiea batteries, throwing sneu into
the' encampment ot onr pickets at Bailey's
Cross Roads. .Two of the shells fell short,
and the third passed half a mite beyond them.
In retaliation foe, which .onr sharpshooters ad
vanced on their plckett and killed two of their
number. ,) t- it 1
[Times Dispatch.]
Waihinotom. Sent. 10. ft ia renortit ttiat
tares numbers ef rebels are encamped Id the
vkrinity of Leesbnrg,7 0 -f .r;::vir -.
1 'ueneral iJsnks's oolumn bas moved down
the Potomso, to which point is not known. ""
IDS government win softly nut auoat. two
ore expeditions, destined to land udoU the
coast of the rebel States.. Their exact desti
nation is not publicly kuown.
Colonel John Fitzroy De Conrcey, an English
officer of much distioction, has -tendered hie
services to the Government end the offer has
been accepted. Colonel De Conrcey command
ed a LjOrkien regiment during the Crimean
war. 1 . .' c rfijfiii'.vjy;.'
Of the sum lost by Paymaster Gallagher, the
Treasury has already reoelved $25,000 from
HaydownS, the gambler, t On one ocoasion h(
arew f iu,uuu in aouDio eagles ana proceeded
with it to Haydowns and deliberately com
menced fmblin it away. He drew from, the
Treasury $64,0QO daring Aogust.t ' j fjj
From the South via Louisville.
1 LooisviLLi, Sept. 9. Richmond dispatches to
Ins eontnern Dress report tne arrival on the 5th
of, A. D, Johnson, tie ranks next to Adj Gen.
Cooper.1 'til 1 1 .'i j n'iit till .
Ths rank; of . Major Generals of the Con
federate army was fixed by a late set of Con
Parties engaged In counterfeiting Confederate
treasury notes nave been arret tea.
Col. Wheat, C S. A., haa recovered from
his wounds received at" Manassas.
vice President Stephens will spend the fall in
.The Memphis Avalanche of the 8th instant.
announces that the steamer. Hartford City bas
been captured by federal gunboats, and the en
tire crew taken prisoners, - -.
From Missouri and Arkansas.
Roll a, Sept. 9. Eight prisoners were sent
to St. Louis this mornlog. They were captured
in a skirmish between the Home Guards and
the rebele at 'Douglas Prairie, in Gasoonads
oounty. Two of the rebels were killed, and in
another skirmish, the same day, ten more of ths
rebele were killed, and tbuty-two horses cap
tured. ' ' ' a - - . .
. At another place near Cuba, two scouts were
taken with Provost Marshal McKlu try's passes
in their pockets.
Advices from Bprmgneld to rridav morning.
are to the effect that no battle had been fought
between Montgomery and Rains.
Un to Tneeday last jncbuiiocn was reported
to be at Fort Smith, and. bis troops, were en
route for Fort Walker, la Arkaaaae.' 1 Nothlug
definite was known of his future movements,
but it was supposed bis fore would remain near
the line, ready to act in concert with the Mis-.
sourl troops as occasion might require -
uen. rrloe nasgone to reinforce Ueo. Kains;
their united forces were about 7,000, f,-
When last heard from Price was about 15
miles from Fort Scott,- Kaneaa, and a battle
was expected to take place on Tuesday of last
week, .ji u ,. 1 ,.., -. ..;... .... ,;. 1,
Clalb Jackeoa left Soriocfield on Sunday
night to join the 8tate forces. .'i"v.
' Gen. Fremont's proclamation reached Spring
field on Wednesday last, , and created consider
able senSAtiOd.f " . vi . ;.i .....r?i:. 1.
From Missouri and Arkansas. Attractions at the State Fair.
Datton, Sent. 9, We have reliable Informa
tion that Hon. Joseph Holt, Gen.Rab't Ander
son and Hon. Andrew Johnson will visit Dayton
daring the Stats Falrr-:ji a it u i ,t .
, Tne rusn of exuioitors at tne Secretary's- Of
fice on the Fair Grounds, was Immense. . , 'V .
, The Fair will be equal, if not the largest, ever
held In Ohio., ' ; '; " .-'..
The gates wlU be thrown open to visitors to
morrow s . I's-. . . n . .
All the railroads - will carry passengers . at
nair fare:; yroe city ,, sireaay erowaeawitn
Tne entries exceed in-number those of aay
prevwuBPair.' 4 '" m t r-w : -.-
General Mitchell will deliver a war speech on
the Fair Grounds on Thursday .V ;', Pci'! ''L,'v-
Exciting Rumors in Louisville.
Loutsvillb, Sept. 9 -;en. "Anderson arrived
here from Frankfort this evening.
itnmors are afloat tnat Muldranen'a 11111. 45
miles south of here, will be oooupled to-night
by DOrtioao of the Stats Guard, and that ems
company is already there,' and that Zollloofferi
witn a urgs lorce, nas maronea tnrouga, unm
berland Gap Into Kentucky r . These rumors are
very prevalent, bet not generally credited.
From Columbus, Ky., and Cairo.
reported at
Columbus, Kyi, nndef Polk, Is Increased te 13
regiments ol Infantry, with six field batteries, a
Siget battery, tnd three battalions of OBvalryt
Ha haa a mioboat and three steamers. .
f Jeff. Thompson's fores remains at Belmont!
Mo. opposite coinmons. 1 t.'i ,okh'j
Commodore Rodeers seized" ths7 wtearters
John Gaulv Joho, Bell and Jsffemmjat t aducah
yesterday. f;. .r.' . ! ':-jr"i.
The rebel gunboat Yankee eame within three
miles of Cairo yesterday, but retired Without
NiVYoaa.Sept.SThe'.Maralial.hae u
straoted trensfer agents of the New York Cen
tral Railroad oUhls city hot to; transfer any
mors stock stauill&i la the nams of Southern
owners, nor So fay aay dividends to suoh holders.
'The Poet'SMeMfal esva that four rebel reel
Bents are encamped on the ereek near- the
Potomac. uTha rebelr arsj eerrev'tg anothsf
, Two new fortl,ftoaUons are b!ng greeted at
Aiaiuaatrra, - - ij...'l i-iso iar U .-ifts vr
The Government's Attorney d Marylaad Is
sccoaed of btD2 a rcSol sympathizer, he bss
taken no su-,,to,coolWAte ths property of
uaryiaaoers anewa te M w tne rebel army. -,
Majes- AleJtSBdea has eeoftrfcona-JortJtff
Atenry-y 1 . , n,mi.. ,- t ,
are rl;-y :bcfute
tae wearier ei ee.
About the Confederates Occupying
Confederate Soil.
FsArtxrai-r. Kv-.Sept. dispatch from
Gen. PblJc to Governor Magoffin was laid before
tha r.iutn thia avanina. The suhetawea
J of H wu that he had oooupled Columbus -and
Ulckmfen ea aooount 01 rename iniormetioa
that the Federal foeeea were about to ooeupy
said pointer that he. considered the safety- of
western Tennenaa and Ol tns iooieoerate
army in ths vicinity of Hickman and Columbus
aemansed tneir occupation ny tne iuu.cueraw
forces y tnat as eotioboraiioa 01 saia luiurma
tioa the Federal troone had. been drawn U in
line orij the river opposite Columbus prior to
its oooariatlon bv the (Jonrederate wrcee, caua-
ug many of the citizens of Columbus to flee
from their homes foe feer of the J entrance of
the Federal ttoorja. '.,' Gen. Polk proposes sub
stantially that ths Federal and Confederate
forces Shall be simultaneously withdrawn from
Keutaeky, and enter into reciprocal .stipulation
to respect the neutrality or tnat etateof t- i-, x
Cannonading at Edward's Ferry.
I Montoomibv Co.. Md.. Sent 9. The rebels
kept up an almost daily firing on our men at
tne ferries, and at times mans aemonsirawoni
as if thev Intend to arose.? a .- 1.1 i
" Yesterday there was. heavy canooaadlng at
Edward's Ferry. This may be their plan sf
arawing attention from tneir works, wnicn are
said to be In progress on) the ferry road leading
to Lsesburg. ." '.-.1
Gen Banks' Division Is. reedy at all times to
move at a moment's aotioe.- t,f .1 , -, .' - r
Fire in New York.
c Nttf", YotW' September . IO-TfW?aarble
anuoiog, wo. 45, Murray street, wee oarnea
isst nignt. ; iioss on building estimated ai yw,:
viueweiu .-,.,d a.. v" tri'h
1 The flames loommunioated ito the sdiolniof
building No. 47, the whole upper-portion of
waiou is on nro as we go to- Dress, ine iot
on this building will no doubt .reach orer $40,-
No. 43 wal oartlf damared bv fire and water:
the balldinge Not. 45 and 47, Warren street,
ware also damaged and in great danger of de
structton., , : , , ,
The Mozart Ueneral committee held a meet
ing last evening at which the (report of their
delegates, to , the . Syracuse Convention, was
adopted, and alto a series of resolntioas by
Major Woods, the most significant and import
ant of which declares unreservedly -for the
maintenance of the Government without resoeot
of party, and for the suppression of all treason
either South or North. , -" " '
Arrival of the Africa.
StI Johns. N. F.. Sect. 9. The etesmer Af-
rloa, with Liverpool advloes to the 31st ult., via
uaeenstown, on tne ,1st tost,, passed Cape Race
this morning.
1 be Lioadoa- Globe announces that the armv
in Canada Is about to be reinforced by '22,500
men during the mDhth'." '.. . " ;'.'" ,
! 4 he l imes editorially calls on the Govern
ment to strain every nerve to develope the cul
tivation cf cotton in India and elsewhere;1 It
stys it believes that there will be no . lack of
will to assist ths enterprise on the nart of the
Government, if the merchants and manufactu
rers will point out the way., The Government
will waive all scruples when' the prosperity of
ths country and the existence of millions are at
Stake'''"! i-1''" .' if-:: !..'n. - I i.t
The Dally News. In ad article An the fuo-ltiva
slaves, concludes that the Federal cause is
henceforth to be clearly identified with almvar.
wueeu victoria oau leitireiano for nalmoral.
West' India advices had been received via
England, stating the. ths privateer Sumpter
bad taken aad sunk forty vessels, eausing great
r ... 1 r. . . . . . '
oxuitomaai euvre.
I . Paris Bourse flat; Rentes 68f 85c.
: a pampnier on Home, issued, in Paris, as
serts that if toe Papal Government persists in
refusing the guarantee offered for the inde
pendence of the Holy See, the people of Rome
must oe appeaieo to; ana 11 toey elect Victor
Emanuel King, the French troops, on the fol
lowing day, will be relieved by the Italian
LlvitroOL, Aug. 31. Cotton.--The Brokers.
Circular reports sales of Cotton for the week.
1 Cr Ann a. , mi 1.1.
iifUUuu oaiee.. ine marxei nas Deen active
at an advance at l-16gd; sales to speculators
50,000, and exporters ltf.OOO bales; sales bu
Friday, 15,000 bales, uoluding 7,000 to specu
lators and exporters; market eloeing buoyant at
we advance. , -,.,,
The following are the authorized aubtnUnna:
Orleans lair, 9; do middling, 9d; fair Mobile,
9d; do middling, 8d; fair Uplands, 9,; do
miaaung, vyA. 1 ne total stock in port estima
ted at Bdf.wo bales, Including 558,000 Amerl
can. V " - '
Manchester advioes favorable, market for
both goods and yarns being firm, thoueh rather
quiet, ' - ' : .
BaiAimjrrs Market generally quiet and
steady. Messrs. Richardson, Spence & Co.,
oigiana, Atnvs ana otners report in oonseauenca
of the continued favorable weather for the crops,
flour is flat at 2427s. Wheat steady at 9j 2d
s 4d for red Bouthern; lis 6d for white
Western 1 lis 9dai3a 6d for whits Southern.
Com firm, at a trifling advance on all sorts:
sales of mixed and yellow at29j 6d30g; white
3is34s. , .... .
faovMiONS various circulars reoort beaf
dull, with a decline on the lower qualities. Pork
active at an advance of 2s 6d: bacon etill de
clining; lard steady at 46s49i; tallow firm at
a trifling advance on all qualities; rice qaiet at
30s. The Brokers' Circular reports linseed oil
firm at 33; rosin common buoyant at a llfllno-
advance, and selling at 9 Id, ' , ' ; ;,
.London, Aug.31. Breadetaffteuadvi wheat
5659j flour 24j 6d2s 6; tea common
Congo iuiid i coffee tending upwards;
rice active; spirits turpentine excited, with a
large advance; salee having been made at 60a;
tallow firm at 47s tid; linseed cake buoyant and
advanced 2i 6d5; lineeed oil scarce, and
held at 33s. -''.'".' ......
Consols closed on Friday' at . 9292 for
money, ine bank rate oi susoouni haa bean
reduced to 4 per cent. The weekly return of
the Bank of : England shows an increase of
13.000 Id, specie.,. Of Amerioaa stocks, no
sake are reported on Friday. -., u
Ths Africa, bringing 25.000 In abecle.vla
Halifax, arrived at this port yesterday. ,
8alee of ootton yesterday (Saturday) 10.000
bales; market dosing firm at Friday's rates. ;
ureaasiuni market nrm. rrovisions dull. ;,
London, Saturday evening.-. oCoaaola elated
to-day at 92tJ(392 formoneyJ
: Tha latest sales of American stocks are
Erie shares 2323 discount; Illinois Cen
tral shares 39)$38$ discount. ,. . . , .
trifling advance, mainly on inferior grades.'
Sales of ths week, 18,000 balee-treS ordinaire,
119 franos; bas, 115 francs. Stock In port.
248.000 bales.
THE LATEST, VIA QUEENSTOWN. The New York Union Convention.
SraACOSE. Sept. 10. The People's Union
Convention wbioh essembled here to-day was
quite fully attended-, Hon. Thos. G. Alvord,
of. Onondaga, was chosen temporary chairman.
In the course of bis remarks he said: "What do
ws care whether the Republican or Democratic
party trlumpbv If ths sountry sink 1 beneath
tneir leet when viotory is proclaimed - to them'
Onr country Is above and greater than any nattv
tremendous applause. Can we noti lay sown
all petty party attifss and diffiosiUes asd differ
ences, and give alt our efforts to our oauntry, Is
in is its nour ot neea t a am unaisguisedly sad
fearlessly In favor of the vigorous and meat af-
Aolent prosecution of .the War, until, those who
have gone from us are Drought back into the
Union load applaaee- - j . i-
I amroretanding off from tho-pTty--pIat-fdrm,
on which I bars stood forhlrty years,
sad for stepping npoa ths broad , acres of my
country, giving my voles and efiortaj for sua-r
tainlng and supporting her spplaueei I am
for sustaining the Administration- of the Gov
ernment,,, by those who bow bavs that duty, to
perform, just so long as It Is unoeasiosj and an
firing In its devotion to the oountry (great ap
planter. " I em gjvi,ng-lcr thr Government the
greatest possible latitude that should be' given
bv a free people la such a crltis as now.' exiau
(spplaass) i When the oonfllot is over, and not
untit - then, when we are again--ta a- peaceful
state. We may' review- their 'eOuduot and give
tasra mesa ot praise ror wuat tney nave done
I am foraaeompremlsiBg hostility, aot- aale-ta
these tho have btymets aul toifls kuvis- in
their hands, at the South.lmt also in thuia mhn
are nons ths less secessloulste, by their ad and
CoriTentlon tlalngj... to,,. ti, 1,
Tht Oialr eontlnuM Io..ipoase,t-U)e
autjra of . the bet Democratia .Ceuveatiou,
ast meeting of that party, and hs hoped to
ajSPtjoiiecxpMwKircai weww . iosoMr.
God tte last aae they. would s ves. hold, under
their rsresent organbation (snolause). wtucn re
fleets apod she management thus far of the
war. fTalkicg ef Tiolatione af tta Coostttution,
the ovSrridicg of ths habeaif corpus :and the
ngutaur a ffrov prvwia was imumaui j
that 14 ths President had done leas than ha has
dons, and-would te God be had donee mere he
would be more entitled so Imseaohmeni tbaa he
is now for auy violation er tbe tonttituuoa ao
laws. ((Prolonged applause.)
Ws havs to get together oat kouaehold pout-
i . . j 1. ..1 . .1 . ,
icai etKii. auu ooaiBut uoern to we lunsrai
pyre as an bfferlsg-to swr beloved -eMBtryaad
Hie jetult will be 4 fotr, united and unanimous
eisretalon from the people or the State of Mew
York lb tte .South, that If they have relied
upon oar ayupathiesa tney nejajeiiej npoa
broken. rejed. (ApplanasJ !
The Richmond Whig on the Capture
of Fort Hatteras.
Bai-ridoat, Sept. lAi eopy of the Rich-
mond Whig received here has e moat sarcaatio
article oa the capture of the Hatteras forts, cen
suring by Implication the Confederate -authorl
uee.aod which oommencee in this style:
Let us imitate ths Chinese) by ell means; the
port his 6a taken; many hundreds of men
bevo, surrendered; valuable officers have be
come prisoners;' a large amount of powder ear
tured; the most Impertsnt point of our eoast fpr
privateering purposes is in tne nanas ot tne en
emy, And the gallant North State le now liable
to invasion. h .,1 - ' r
Still It is a small matter; It will take 90,000
men to reualo'the fort: but-that is nothing:
what do we want sf it; it was built for fun
evidently bad ws been in earnest, some notice
would have been taken of the warning given by
Northern papers 1 it woald be the height of fol
ly' and treason to accuse any member of ths
vaDinet or negligence In too premises, we
who live at the seat of Government know toe
well the superhuman energy, sleepless vigilance
and miraculous promptitude of every depart
ment, to 'entertain tor a moment a shadow of
suspicion of any shortcoming on the part of anH
one, near or remotely coop acted with the Ad
ministration. -uotier cannot leave as. many
men as he pleases in the fort of North Caro
lina, i Of course ws will - whin them, for have
not we tne greatest number ot unarmed militiaT
' uen. uix has rorhiadta ths Mayor to continue
the payment of the old police. end-Mavor
lVown, while protesting agslnat the military
....I.- !,- - . . . . 1 IA.J I I
uiu,n, ,au . iBienore, uaa tigniuau nit cum
pnance. v n tiirii 1
f 'I J 1 1 1 j
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Sept. 9.
PtOCB The market oncnd'emii. HK f.i mmn.
demand, bat with large reoolpta tloeed doll and deolln-
ln. Haiti of 1,750 bbll At S4 tOtat 4t for nnerflne
uu; at 6594 85 for extra lUte; S4 434 45 for ea.
perBnt weetera; S4 e5t 85 for eonmoa te madiom
extra we, tern; (5 90i)7 10 for ihlpplnr brand, extra
round hoop Ohio; and 5 SOShS 95 for trade brande de.
Ia Canadian Hour there It no thun: ! of MOhhi,
at S4 4AK4 50 for tuperflat, and ft 70Sa 50 ror com
moa to choice extra, -" - - - - - .
Bin FLOUR Quiet at 3033 75.
OORMf MBAL OoaHnnee aula,, with MUrbl
ehaage ia prfctaw .....- ."! .. , i-- --
WUISklf Bather aliiar. mih aUa .M',o k.n.1. .t
livaiexo. . '
wmtAT-Opened lc better with a good export de
and. Sales af 10 000 bnakela rjkic, morinr u avia
1 03; 4,500 buihela Milwaukee club at SI CM! 09:
i.ewibuhels Inferior do at a 1 OS! 961 hnahala aarth.
weetern club at SI 05S1 Od; 13,100 buaheli amber Iowa
a, ai 1IVI.11 KiL. o nnn -. - ... A. .
59,000 buihels winter red weetern at SI l&SU 17; 6,000
kuahelt white Indiana at It 19 : 3,500 buihels white
Michlgaw at 1 97tSl 98; 4,500 baihels white KentuoVy
at It 9501 99. '
BKE-Very firm; tales of 3,400 buihels Canape, to
arriTe, at S7o. ' . - .. Z. ..
BABLBY Dull and nominal nt 9 ana hn.h.l. .
40c. Barley Malt Quoted at 70c.
COBB A trifle lower, with a raoif hnlneie dnln. fa.
export and homo consumption; aalesof 193,000 buintls
at nwiio lor eommoa mixed western; 46X9480 for
good and prime ihipplng western, 50o for western yellow
and 55c for white western.
' OATS In moianla nnnal . 07. . r..A. m.j
3334o for weitera and state. '
, f """--""her eaaler, and the inquiry Is fair; sales of
uarioie a, via umi uu ror mess; flu uu for
BiKF In moderate demand, and tha narVat nantlti
nis steady; sales of 300barreUat tmi 50 for country
prime; 1 5 5 50 for country men; 11 90 for re
packed meet; and SU 75iS 50 for extra mess. The
Oorernment contract for 3,469 barrels of extra men, de
Hrerable from the 10th to the 94th te.it., hai been award-
uwaiia bix jrnmt meat beef dull and nom
BIBP HAMS Dull and aornmal. i
VUX MSATB Inaotlea arllk laa r.t in nm.,mm
at 4H4Xo for shoulders, and StBSXo for hams.
LAUD Continues in moderate demand, without
Chan re; sales 600 barrel! at Bv&QtSn.
BCITBB Belling at 8llo (or Ohio, and 103 HXc
WS gjtSBirja , . . ,
OBBIBE Bteady at 5 7c. "
COfKSH Quiet: ealea of 800 aaaa Bin at laAir..
BOflAB f lrm; sales of 1,645 hbds Cuba at 77Vo;
l. h" Havana at BHo; and 39 hhdi Melado at So.
MOLASSES In moderate demand, at very fall price;
sales of 15 hhds Barbadeos at 30o 94 hhds Porto Blco at
at 34c; and 58 hhds Cuba Muscovado, for dlitllllng, at
Cleveland Market.
PtOUB No sales reporteJ, Prices unchanged.
WHEAT The market Is antet with o rood dense of
flnnnesontht part of holder. - Bales are three oars
red on track at 800, and 9,900 basheit red on beard
at87o. . , ' ...
COBN-Qalttat3h - . i , - ' i- . -OATS
Bale one car on track at 92o. 'i 1 .
HI8HWINEB Bale 90 bbll at 15K0. -
CHEESE Dull and nominal at 56o for choice
Cincinnati Market.
There Is still rather A quiet feellnr. In the product
market. . ;)....-.
FLOUR The demand for flour remain! moderate, and
at Ult quotation S3 75 for superfine to $4 for extras
it is easier to buy tnan to sell. i i .
. nsr-Holds the same prkws which II did en Sat.
nrday, but It ia not actlTe; the low grades are particu
larly dull. While is quoted at 75(i83efor Inferior te
prime; redat67A75o.
The reoeipto ef wheat for the week were 108,409 hush
ele airalnit 41,391 kaihals MM week last season.-. The
shipments were 71,859 buihels agalnit 10.654 same time
but year.
OOBN-Is hard te boy at97oJ
. '
; OATS Will not bring over 9lo.
i was sow u low as 37o.
BARLBT Contlauee without any market. - . i
WHISBX It kept at Ho, but with a dull market, f
Z . - - (7(mmrlil.
7. Dli. iiELAND'S -
Bheomatiam, ' flout and lrfearftlgia,
I;,, AM A gCBB CDBB tOB , :1 tu, - ,
AllMercnrial Diseases. '
- ..S ,. Ill ,t ...... .'J '.' I .,,.vt (,-,
'-''- o " " r . ,
l It is a conveniently arranced Band, eon tain tnx a med-
icated compound, to be worn a round the Waist, witboat
Injury to the most to lice to pereoaei naeagq la habits
of, Irrlnf is raajuJrtd,end It aatirely resnovea the die
east from the system, without producing the .Injurious
n ecu arming mm sue nse oi powenos iBisnai ate at
cinee, -which woahoa aad destroy the eoneUtaUon, and
give temporary relief only. By toll treatment, the mod
kIbaI properties contained In the Bead aotMla toafaet
with the Uaod ant reach the tataaa. throngh tAeporw
oi toe tkinj, eueetiag la wary metsao a Borfeot on re
and reitorloathenarts afflicted to a healthy condition.
This Band ta also a mottpowerful Awrr-Maaooaui, asset,
and will anUrely relieva the aratess tram, the fnmoiom
effects of Mercury. - Moderate eases are cured in a few
days, and wa art oOBelaatry reooMnf ImM menials at Mt
amcao la aawaxaaed aaase of Ions: standinr.
Plica e9,00, to be had of Dmggiata generally, er eea
bt tent by Bull or tap lies, wtth fall direottoae for oae,
to any pert of the oountry direct from the Principal
; IroC 409 oiDWf Trirstr tjf.rjc
u. o mi i n or. w., eois rroprietore.
S. BDeeerlpUTeClrealsrs Sent Pres.
A. i. SCBUBLXiBB h BOH, Dtceotrrs, AaaKTs,Ne.
in b. uign Bt.,pst.Bnena asa,aioana, uoiumous, u.
IP Ashte.'tt aUiJei ETrttwhere
: mhScVlylsoilatpJkw, ,,g i t Sa .."
.-- 'Wholesstla aad MettUl Jesaoi let1;
Heuw imeaatsuaur hand all the Wa-
( .n n.rtia BttiANUS OS vl. ,..-,).,
'ott. n-ifd'-fO"t,'i evjsJ
vrANT!D lO.l'-O Cuitnmers to buy 15
t U M7WIII"8 Cbii AVbroryp,- B.W-, Be.
81 lrhstr.t.0olamimaOhlB.-;-J:;i;,-V -.-".
1' k S li),C3 Ooiteasees to buy 9A eeot Ambre
tnwe at! sf WITf'S Cbaaw Ambntyps Booms,
High ttnettt dtorlMartbef the Amerioaa Motel, Co
IBBiMaOble 4 &ui
iei van
fi tJii -:': -iM t.l
SZ VII IK.-- fit 1 1
iaortaicad' lrarSB' bad' bWbW tbytUaa, prtsvels
f,i to the sties Uoa or Basvaera, aer .'V
Which neatly facilitatet the proeees of teething, hy toft-
tnlng ths gums; rtdoomf bit biSamminrm ,BMtms
In lnu j ' - ulln. anil la
aaiMf au.i . I W7mfTir. OT r, A A C
Depend upon it, mothers, it will glvt rttt to yoarsslvtt
AM... I :y Ol Lwij. mvi Maen.rT4 7i
" Wa k,uii itud mJii ihli arttrle fir otn- ten years.
and CAB uAiV IB OONktDKBCB AMD TB01H, of It,
what w hers never been abls to say of any other rnedl
ANCB, -0 EH EOT A CURS, when timeiy osra. ier
er did ws know an iatUoca of oissatlifsetlon or any one
wkoBsedil, On the eenUrary, all are delighted with its
oaarattoncand speak la terms of eommeBdatioa of Its
magteal eSeats and medical virtues. W tpeeJiJii this
matterVWHAT WS DO KNOW;" arwr en years- wiyv
almost irenr InsUnet whert the Infant Is suffering from
pain and eihaaatioB, relief will he found In it teen oi
tianhfnlintaa attar IhagrrUB IS administered, i '
. This Tamable preparation Is Uia preeonpnon er one oi
Mew England, and has been seed with BBTBBr f AIL
ING ByCOKriS in -- -' hJii
, l liuussnill aijaacia.
Ttnntaalw niiana Iks ahlkl I real Beta, bat lovlxor.
a tee the stomach and Wweloveornolt acidity, and giret
tons and merer to the waste Item. ; At WU1 aiatust isl
stuUr relieve - )- . j . r. m -, err , e-i w
and oibreome eonvBisions, whioh, h? Sot seodlry reatat
died, end in oeattr.1 we believe it tae bsuix oaa iu
IHT RSMIDV IN THB WOBLB-.iB all eases. of DYS.
It ariess from teething, or from any other eaase. Wt
weald say to every mother who hae a child snffeiinr. from
an of the foreroinr aemnatlnte DO MOT LB YOUS
atmtwl Katvan Ma and ,oa anffarlna- child, and the re.
Ilef that will beBUBB-yes,- ABBOLUTMLt stiaa. to
lollow the SM of Uiii medktee, fct Umaty oaeeV Fall AV
recUoaifor urine will aoeeaipeay eaen bottis. nope
genuiae unless the aw-similt or uuaiioa riuiga
Niw Tork, to-ew the ealelaa wrappax. , .
a. i.l w -ii HmMi, ,k.Iun( tha arnrfn.
PrlaclsaUOffloes 13 Cedar Btreet Pf.T.
oot97-dkwly,r.,.-o,., m f., oi f- .V. .,
Master' Commissioner's"' Sale.
j jhBb.aiiv-i, ,
vt i .SnEtzioc Court.
Amot M. Hail at at.) , .... r .
to me directed, from the Superior Court of Frank
lin Oounty, Ohio, I will ccTer foe salt at the door of
the Court Bouse, in the city of Columbus, on
Saturday, tbl 6th day of OcWA.lMSfl, )
at 1 o'clock, P. M.r the following described real oetatc,
ituste In ths oounty of Praakltn, and Btata of Ohio, to
wit : Lot number 13, of John Morrison's aobdlTlaloa of
lots 5, 8, 7, 8 sod 35 of John Morrises'! additioB to tbt
city of OetaatbBS. . atnf
Appraised at f I, MO. ,
Pilatert feet $4.00. 9 ' - k " -su
I I and Matter Comnlsslontr..
H.O. Noble. Atty.
""Master foiamissiotier's Sale,,";
Bctben NiUwanden
ti. Bupertot uonrt. .
Jdhn B. Turney. ) .' i . . ' -
XJ to ms directed, frost the Superior Court
Franklin county, Ohio, I will offer for salt at tha S
af the Court House, in tit city of Columbus, ob-h-
Saturday, tbs 21st day of Sspt, AP18C1,Y
at one o'clock, P.M., the tollowtnr described real eetatr
niaats in tne oounty or rraniita ana law or ubm. to
wit: i LoU Bos. twenty three and tweotrfoeur (93 and 94),
In Baker fc Mitchell's subdivisioo ot out-lots-Bos. 7 aad
8, of ths city of Columbaa, as per recorded plat ia the
Jiecorder's office or franklin county, uoio.,. f
AppralMd It-Lot No. 53, S695 00. ' . 1
.. .. a,, a.iw ou. . "
' ' - O. W. HUFftfAN, Sheriff
i - And Matter Conunieiloner,
Pnntsr't feet tC60. - . . ..
Sheriff's Sale. ,
James Tucksr and wife
Bliss L. Hnghet
Common Pleat.
to mt directed from the Court of Common PleaatoT
Franklin county, O., I will offer for tale, at tab door of
the uourt noun, in tne city oi uoiumtut, an
Monday, September 30th, 1861," ....'.1
At ont o'clock. P. M.. tbe tollowlar. doteribed real es
tate, sltuste in the county of Franklin, and State of
Okio, to wit: ' ' " -.
Lot No, 90, in Joha tnd penry Ufller't Addition to
the City of Oolumbui,- ' . ... i.
Apprauea at svuu. ........
- a. w. HurrvAW, sberig, 7
Printer'! lies, tf.50. By En. Davit, Deputy.
aug94td -J ' - - , 1 - ,..'.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Sal of Real Rotate by ordor'of (ivurt.
W.t.Iinch ' l'f ' ' " ' - .....
vs. r V Superior Court of Praaklla County.
John Browattal-J "'' ' ..-.
H punuaaoe of an order of ths Superior Court of
, Franklincounty.0blo.made at the May term thereof.
A.D. 1661. In the abore entitled tettoa, there will U
offered for tale, at public auction, to the highest bidder,
oa . - - h r t, ,
Saturday, the Sth day of Oct, A. D, 1861, ,
st ths hour of 10 o'oioek A.M., at tbs door ot tbe Court
House, In ths city of Oolumbui, in said FraokUa oounty,
tha followlnr real estate, ta wit: i -
In. lot number 99 of Robert Nell's addition to tbs slty
of Columbus, being the aorth-eait corner of Loekwro
turoptst aaajennitown pianx roan.
Appraised at s i,Jos.eo.
Cermiof sals, cash. : '
JWAuaa, infiai,
Special Muter Commlmloner.
. fc H. Ohlttendea, AMySr H- i- -1 i
Printer's fess, S5.95.-. . (
Aug. 98, 1801-w4w. UJ
Sypenor Court; of IVinkfin Coun
.:: IY,' vawv f !v.h .
J ATll. - -. .
Prancli M. Story, by his next friend, 1
awry0..,p.Hu,. Vlaltla ptrtitloD.
Joseph Btory k othersr te spec dents. J. -
X the eaM Ooart to ks ilaaetsd. I will affef for sale at
publls auotlon at the doow ol the Ooart Haass, Is the
llty ol Oolumbus, sn v . I-; t.
Saturday, the 28th day of , Sept. A. D. 1861,
between tbe hours of IS o'clock M. aad S o'clock P. M
the kllowing described real estata, sitoals ia rioasaut
townskla, rraaklia count, uaio, toa oouutica ana as
scnDcuaa ioiiowi; ' , . , - -
Part of survey No. o, or tbt Virginia ailliary su
vsys, beginning at a ttakt la ths southwest corner of ths
tract ot land, containing ont hundred scree, oonroyed to
Jootan Birans by Joerpa siory ny oeeo. ueanaej eaaa mmj
7. IBM: thence south 67 W poles to a itaks and four small
bMkories and suai tneaee easi m bbww so a man sua
prairie; thence north 67 X boles to e atako oa Us weel
side of an slm marked as eoroor m lbs Urn af mabUear's
lot; thence west 19t poles ta tbt bseinalag estnalaiag
Bfty-two sod B half acres, more tr lees; saWast to a
dower eauts heretofore eet off sad- oaslgtoA taMary
Bttry, widow of salt Marsaadaks'Stsry to) asM premleea,
described as follows: 17 67-100 seres el said load, bound
ad aa follows: Bssinnlnr. Bt B Make froaB which a black
walnut 13 inches In dlamslit bsass K. si aac. E. IS
links; thsnos s. 3 teg. w.m poles sua sm nuts so a
stake: thSBCt B. eaaea. sir sua aaa saa wee ai
west Uns of Tsomsn't land: thence N. 99 aaess sad
llnki to a stake Is the west side ot aabba aaarked ass
eemeri tbenoe N. 88 deg. west 12 coins to the begin,
alnir. " T "I- - , . . .v t.
-. Appraista at S a wi per acre. - '
i OBOKG1B W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
Prinfefl feet 18 UO.
ans90ld v
Front gtreet Bttweea.,2ts.U aa4 Town.
THE Oi0 CTAftlll Ae -yC-kiiOP
lasUll running, aad tlthoagh (Y ZZjTl
tne prssaura ot is is yesia os ssi nean in;y i i
epoa bar running gears, shs still turn- '
ant thnaa ml.mlld PH.STON8- BOCKAWATS, Slid
IIHIS and BACKS. Twenty yesneteady maaalas-
reaog has given ouf work awhte toimd iwsalssa
through lbs Boufh and West. . .en-i ,-, ..
We therefore deem H enweceessry to say any thing matt
M regard to OH rprsltty sf sal woik, Wisiiiim
sj i ijj a aw
Deaiem taa' bt fcnhdf wth'abBBBhwaaoS work at
thart Bolioe, and st prices towwthaa ten serbewaht way
where in the West. Seoect kamA Sataiat abea ie
bharirerorBewwork.k -.i ai i te.wd-i-i
Tl r-Repairinr Setts Beany-sad at short aottoo. . Fae
roryoa Front, betweea aeats aad Towa itseete,Xllssw
buaunio. " T- M ' a ' cl
IIPAII oommuBioaHtaS wilrraserre proaaat alien Mem
Aug. II Wly ' 8. BWAVAUOAslBa 4)0. r
N "IZU.' "r JV. 17.
ITJU,. 0n,rt 0f IrankliS county, Ohi.i 1 !--,, W-ats
1 rt Court of FrankliS county, Ohi.j, J
of ths estate
it afMAiiaistP. Jhllliyi, lau ot ,t4 connl.
m7, Heel. "lirT JWWT MTwi',)l
Itetod Jam
Heilet!" ' ieayt
yr Vwnth
Parlfy ya Breath! '
Itreasrtlte'rl faWlr Votes. . .,
itJtaiLai m3 rJLm ,i.i,Tv
h,ia.U,irw UUX JU.fi ,li.L Oil .i'.
d'ooeRYBTirr X Z "Ki V
'ff sii rl Mt-w-i hj.Bj..
eai .'II
m ftfinr, pnw Punr TT. nPRAwrna ,
'J lot
-.11 ui
GOOD F01ifi9N51JMITiyF'.S:
t ahenxifaBsltl OABBTr o V; h
hue te(
red t.ti
drdipma's. .thrx)at ..confections .
V t-a. J . . , ,
j i.jj.n ,i v. v If I I ' Vi
Wreveatough instantly'. --; ' '
They jslear the Throat, i 1 . I -"! i i i . ,
They jgive strength and volume o ths voice.
Tawy Impart a delicious aroma to tbe breatb.
i -. i - i
They are delightful to the tuts.
: 1.
Theyl are ffltdeofVinipU'Vei
herbs and cannot
I S l,n ie i -. 1
I adViM cvsry ons who &u a Oough ot S hasty Voice
or a Bad Breath, or any dtmoalty e the Threat, to get
apatkagtof ny Throat OonfrctJoBsr-tney will rsllsvt
rpu"lBstaotly, and yoa will agree with mt that "they
St r4ht It the spot.'' Tou will Aad then wry asefu l' '
aad plitssnr Whflt trevelhig or attsadiag rabUe meet
Ingg fir ittlltngyour Ooagh or allaying your thirst 1 1
yea try tot package, I am safe ta saying that yo will ' .'
svettttiiwetSi eoaalder them ldlspensahls.
' To) will taS them af tit Ih-agtlsai tnd Dealer, In
W -.a, - .ki.,.. PJUCi .. ,..
i,J -voir e , , , v . . ,
Myi slgnatnrt Is en each package. AM others are
ccuhBAaV.,3'-. . JH ,J f ?., t : .,w"f
A package will bt Mot by mall, prepaid, oa receipt o '
Thirty o.nuj0, .t-wziri 'i jr;:-j
Henry O, Spalding, w
t; a 4t'5EDAB"TBBir,
. it- -t t-T NEW YORK. -
By ths ast of these Pllll the pettodio sttaeas of Jf
tows er Sick StadaeJU may bs prevented; tad if taken
at tbt commenninasnt at aasttack Immadlatf reUef fma
pall and sickneM will keihtrised- . -
They ssldoa fall la removing she Xauna snd
oobs to whioh famaltt ars as tubject.
' Thar set geatly spta tbt boweki tsmoving Oo$H.
tor JMtrarf Mm, Buimtt, Delloate
end all parsons of esdenfofy XabiU, they ars valoa -
at a taSMWeo. lmprorlng tbt appsfOo, giving foos
9tQr to the digestive organs, aad restoring, ths aatui
elasticity tad sfjasgth of tbe whole system.
THB CEPHALIC PILLS srs ths result of long lavas
fjgitloa and carefulty eooduelsd STperlaMnta, having
btaa'la ast many years, daring which flaw they have
BTWrenied and rslleved a vast eatsmat ef pais aad laffar
lug from Headache, whether trlgtBatisg a theereot
rstoea sr from a deranged itate of the etewtaoA.
, They srs tnuntiy vagalshle la their wminsltlna. aa
may bt takta at all Hatt with perfect tafety wtthoal
Buklcg aay change of diet, emd I As aoeawot t any
aUscKiraa!. tatU rsmiers aosy to mdm4nU er Mem
eMirea. . i (.-;'-. 1 1 . , j
Thtgenains have ivt algnatsiet of Henry 0 Spelling
onrachBor. v ' -'-.'
Sold by Drugisti and alt other Dealeri la MedMaee. .
i Box will be esat by bmU, prepaid, ea receipt ef the
Iiloo- DO Oonto. ,
trden should be sdoreseed te . . ,
4a ieda atreet, Mew irorw..
I - From the Xxamlaer, Norfolk, Ta,, ' '.
aephalle PUIS Boooapllah the object for which they
were mads, vla.1 Cars of kaedache U all 1M forms. .
j . ' . .....
.. I Frost the iTtmiBtr, Jforfblk, Ta.
tbey hare seen tested la store tbaa a thoaaud oseas
with enure
f net the Detaeorai, Bt. Oloed. Minn.
AVa jubi atrve uc uatwvy smamygaa Bvwutwrti w tesw, ibjsj saWjeEXBsWaM :
lead fur a box, (Cephalic PUmJ ta that yoa may hart
tbem Is cast sf aa attack.
the Advertiser, Prwrtdenos, g. I. ,., ,..
beOchsllo Pills ars arid tt be e reeaarkablT eewattea
remedy tot tbe hesdschs, aad ooeof the eery beet for-'
that very frequent oomplsat.whh has ever beea die
oo vsred. .
i From fWWettora Bi B. SsMtA. 'Chlearo. III. i I
tlstlc riS Ui ulliedln'(, and his asriraled '
Pro Kanawha TaUeyBw.Kaaasrha.Ta. .-.
s ait sure that perepns suffering- with the beadacb - -1
Who try tbem, will stick to them, .
from the Boathsra Path Fmder, WsvOrisawS, Li.
trytheal yoa that are sfflictMt. snd ws sre sum (hat i ,
roar tostkooayoaa be added to lbs already aumetvae
list that baereosrred keueais laaleeIA. saadictne oaa : . :
J y rX t
iluna. ' '
.a. , ni l
roea. tbelL,LoaUramorst ....
tausshss demand for fts ortJchr .OeobaHa em. !. 1
rapidly inn reeling.
! Pram she aeatto.JafWnport. le
Mr. Snaiains woald Bol eonnsat hta Beea
Hole he Sd not Ameta to s
real merit, ,
j blub wijiva tlmmiitotoataBBBAUyjl y
SjrIfl f RCTARED GLUE s ; . '
boomdbtk t w -. Vw .
.AsBcndsab) WIT! Iwtr, ejrvft ta wairrer kited ha
lues, u very aaairauie bstw some eaeap aae eoa
vealeat way for rsaalrtag lsrsdtara, toss, Osoessiy V
kei "ii-""-1 . -..;
meWatteasb amiifilil, sal beweeheM sae afford
tokewlthoat It. Il Malwaye seadgsaad apes ths sOck
taanoeaa,., V -"Tt .... . i
i .....aMnl ,M Mramw mwk ,..
-"."naiva-u, bvubb. t -
S. A Brash ecrompen'e. a0'"
"Tj!v' r.ffHT o. BPtistM,-
,w t-ia ,
,,-Bs, 4, CoUr Street, Bew Tert.
l.0- "jisS.Wed"!! '
m eertala anprlscipled
sweewb n aetsMpURf A !
r-.t es-oa the aaemseeting ftilia, hwitaOoae
of at i
r.irassu eui.i, woaraooaiMa an pvTvoMee.
ammo before ew r, f, 4d eee l.t f.,u n,, .1 a
i . , .... a . ... , -
ertelle, . .
Arm, sail Z7
Bur ivi f
0 w

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