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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 12, 1861, Image 3

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ti'ilxilLl Jii .11 .X ill
TliaRty4Y MORNINGssyT 13, 186U
'3 DiriHTURM
at , ... t
Milli tor' Kcw York Olty. lloltoh, Albany,
Plttal.uruh. eleubenvllle way.' Cleveland, itaneeviue,
m...i. riti,iiia. Wuhlnitoa Olty, Daltlmore, Phila
delphia end Now Orleanl,,cloio,di;y (Jiunday. PW
edjato o'clock P:-a-,l.Um UAu,AlaI
a uirouga nun " tt "7" " . .
latly (Bumlivv.excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m. , i
dally (SumliVT'cxcepted)
(J.O.etU. B. IUW
. .ft i . .k. .1
, R. H-.Way AHlJloie; puyr yunuijoi-
CeStf Ohio WW GallcWdalday. .Wpttd)
. M.- '.. iii HI 1,1,1 ' , ,-
(ihiM.. Duhuaue. Dataware Marlon and Worthing-
elell. cioeea 'UHiiy . iiw&
. . i ... "- I I tin .ffl i i.
vi.n.a,T.nU. flurlBKnehl, Dayton, Toledo. Olncin.
natl, Indlanapolla, Louisville, St. Louli, and Detroit,
cloee. dally (Sunday, axcapttd) at 8 o'olook p. a.r
A through mall to Xeula, bpringtteld and Cincinnati
eloaea dally i Bunuaye oxucpwu; v uiuv . m.
Urbana, Pique, llllln and Unloa Oily null eloies dally
Lanouter. Lomtn.Nelionvllle, Ctrcleville, ChilllebthS,
Fortamoulh, Wuhlngtob 0. H , Athena, Marietta and
Uilliboronih niall. clot, dally tBundaye, excepted at
Hut Way Mall by National Road to Zaneatllle oloaea
dally (Bondayi axcepteu) atix ouiocam ,,,..,. ...
Harrlibnrgb Mall oloaea dally (duudayi aicepUJ) at
o'olook n. lu. 1 1 ' - ' "
alt. Vernon Mall, by way of Weiterrllle and Buobury,
rlnitfifoll rBundava exoeoted) at It o'olook D. ai.
fiublia Mall elotea dally(guDdaye excepted )at 8 o'clock
P Lancaater Way Mall clotea dally (Bandayl eioeptid) at
ooloclp. m. " -
Malli from New Turk. Beaton Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, PltUburob, Olareland, Dayton, Toledo, ienla,
Detroit. BDrlnaAald.OUMiDiiati, UMIIIcouio, Bt. l.oun,
and all Boathero alliea, arrive betweea the bourao(
aVIiwIt m. am. tutii 1 at'olonk n. 1 i f ' .' V a-
Mailetroaladlropolavtibitam andDuboqua airly
Mill, froaa. WaablnaioB. Olty. Baltimore, Wheelloi,
Zaoeartlla, Newark. Bieubenville, alt. Vernon, and tUe
0. 0. K, B. Way Mall, arrive at liloclockm. . ,
Wa Mall froaa. Cincinnati arrtvea at 9 'lock p. n
lancaiter Mail arrivea at V o'clock p.
Kaat Way Mail over the National J
Koad arrivea at 1
o 'clock a.
Mt. Tarnon Way Mall arrleea at 11:00 . m.
Mall from Dublin arrivea at 18 o'clock m.
Urbana Way Mall arrivea at 9 o'clock p.m.
Harrlibatgh Mail arrivea at 11 o'clock a. m.
Lannular Wif Mill arrivea at 18 o'olook m
Office delivery open every day (except Sunday) from.
7 o'clock a. m. to k o'olock p n. Open on Bundaya
from 1H to 8 o'clock in' the moraine-, and from S to
Rail Road Time Table.
Littli Hum k. Ooldmidb k XlWli B. H.'
, , Leavea.
Cincinnati Accommodation. 5r00 A. M;'
Kxpreaa 11:40 A.M.
Mail and Aooommodatlon. . 8:10 P. M. '
91 P. M.
11:03 A. M
8:00 P. M,
Night Ixpreea via Dayton. 13:00 midnight.
1:80 A. U
' Jko. W. DotrraTT, Agent.
Ooinmoi k Oliviumd. A. '
Night rprea....w.w.....3:40 A. M.
New York JCipreeew......ll:ll A.M.
0.0. 0. Way Kxpreaa.... ItdO P.al,
-11:15 P. M.
, 10. Ml A. M.
, 7:50 t. M.
' 'I ' t '!
. , OnmuLOHio K. K.
No. 3 Bxpreaa...v..:k.J.3 M A. M. . , 11 2i A. U,
No. S . do 2:1. Jf. Mn . U:4S A.j-M.
' "' " ' ,'. rtUn Aganl,
PiTTiauaaH. OufcoMioa k CiKCtnaiT? S. B. " V !
MallTraia 3 30 A.M. 115 A. M.
Kipreea Train 11:85 A.M.... 8:i5P.M
,i . hi imi Jos. Hoeimof, Agent. "
'i 1 ' . ':' .... n.,
Ooldhbci At iHDuaoroui tl. R. ..-v- j . :f
(OoLOHaua Pioa ai iHOUNa R. R.)
No. 1 Kxpreaa. .....tji.'.y A. M. 1 t OO P. M
No. 8 ............ 3 00 P. M. , 7:80 P.M.
Accommodation '" " 1 1 10:50 A. M.
C. W. SMITH, Agent.
The Adams Express Company places ua daily
under obligations to It for the very latest papers
Iron tbeeaerero eltiee. 'v .'. '-
The American Expre Company baa our
thanks for Its daily favors in the shape of the
very latest eastern papers- " '. ' '
ZT Oenerst Mitchcli, and dovernof Dinni-
son started for VVaehington on. Tuesday night.
It is said tnat the 66jcbf of their Visit is i make
such an arrangement w'ltkli'ii War Department
that troops". ratostered'ltrtoR'eUhlted States
service shall be sent into camp at once, and to
negotiate for other alterations as to the terms of
enlistment Thpy will be back on Saturday.
The RicauiTtso Stavicc It Is staled that
Adjutant General 'Bucxinouam will' in a fow
days Issue an order annonncing a plan for the
encouragement of recruiting In our State, which
will afford cUIietia an authorized opportunity .to
promote that service, A committee of promi
nent citizens will be appointed in . each Con
gressional District, y. .These committees will ap
point Camp committees, who will receive re
cruits. All recruits will bs muatercdin as soon
as enrolled, end will 'bo clothed.4 When fifty
are mustered; they wiU be asaigned to s regi
ment, ao '-officers) rota among' tl)Suwill be
detailed to rtintli the company to the minimum
number. The committee will report regularly
to the Adjutant peiKfral.lTbiB plan i enable
tbe authorities -to aacertain bow-many regi
ments can be Immediately filled up W bur State,
We Unit ll.wtli.eicitoau active rintereet In all
pM u;8&kt;y,y',,rvrn;,. v
DOoe hucdred recruits' from Uibaua and
Wilmington, and t e hundred from Steuben,
vllle, for'She;'.,tlAis;'';HcctiDeot,l'srrWl'il)p;
TuesdayVat Camp Chase.' ,: "
y, , yr . , i ,"
Col. Rrws" RsoiMiar. This Regiment,
tbe Kiltietn Ohio, under the ooioinand of Cul.
M. C. Rtan) of Hamilton is advancing ,rnpld
ly to a'l'uliii organiaatioB, . Thsy went into
camp yeiterday1b,,Ta'CllVni)a(l.l?a9u(rcr says
that "the ieglmeW will -be composed of Irish
men and their sons'. i lTne- Siiry-DintU . New
York hia already 8h6wn what the country may
expect from tbe Irish boys when they bavo bay
onets In thtti.haoJi and an incmy before tliem.
All sons of te Green Isle1 who want to ss so-
i hv, uu v imrdp-a Mwaii au WV UUW1 J
aaopiea country, wii qMtone stana
ard of thrhiftleth."
' J'" ' -''-" .Li-ilSii-
Bound OvM.rrrEowaan ft.NJia.uTs ViAm
lnationbeforls Meyor THOsris jesterday for bis
assanlt on Mr. Woaniiavo,siear Fraekllnton,
on SnndayIgnt,';.Tl'siau'U was'.'th'.aV'lio' was
bound over to the Court of Common Fleas, to
answer tbe charge of an assault with,' Intent lo
murder. Ills oTnpanion at the ttm the SManlt
was made, was recognized to appear in court as
a witness for ths State, ,
.,t. '(
t4 ei'i't
HT ths BSTfl f Canio Wide," ear Worth--lngtoo,
has been changed to'tha, of Camp Lyon.'
Ta RHki6w ,RtCBD.i-i-Tbls History of
ths Great Sseesien Rebellion agaiaet ths Gov
ernmext of the tjultej Stale's, puMIaliedJln
weekly nnnibert nfl6ilthjy parts', by Ot -P.
Pptn am, 63 JBroadwajV New York, and sold
by bookssllerd'a'nd .Bewate'nEenoranY 'has a
ready reaehed ths XXIId nntaber of Its weekly
Issues, snd Is His most 'compleUt IfctulaU "and
reliable wArk Of the kind SOW In fotmu hf nnb-
llcatlon. t should bs .In- tie. pMssealoa of
svery perepoj tQ ramiyt for Ifirptmstloo, (efeJ
euce end iHtsre nee. a" u.'n,
ST Ths Forti-nlntb Re'ilmebU which arrived
on Taesday.lneTCssed the' number Of troops- kt
laavp lsutuatji. aTe.invuiaBUi
tT OoS) htpdred sad ssveotj Jrsopsiros,;
Bldney pa(ssd, h'ctlg Cjeof nnjtiljtf Ju Hdsy
M NUtS lor k..ij001M U ,1HmI.iii finl a.ifw.
mi " " m im H .taikU,.
P Wat: B. JonwrTBw; vjnexf ttfTropTtt'tors
of the Cincinnati 5flr,'t4 .fliveiJ', UisTsp.'
nolntassnt 1 of' rHyssisteK" with ' ths rank of
MiLiTisy AeroiNTMMTsThf Governor has
made tlis foUowlng appaintmenw in addiuoq (9
those lis noticed Vesterdavi i til i-'
Lieutenant Colonel Thoe. K. Smith, CfncA.
nam, 64th Regiment. , i( t rr ' r'-'k
SurgeonE X. K Wade, Cincinnati; 0. Fsr-
ris, Upper Sandusky; John T. Kyle, Xeniai A.
C. Swartzweeder, fronton; B. B. Braahear,New
rnuaooipniai c. L. Uill, Oxlordi J, o. Crane,
Aabland; h. U. Myer, Cleveland; ; J, A. Gordon,
iuanmowt Jl.W,15arr,Columbmi H.. Worth..
Gilboat Alex. AkBride, Berla; Joel Fomeraine,
iBalat.n, a.HMA..n r urn, rtKtM.n
n T1 r . V . .... a 1 .
ueg, c, oioat, ,iyris; j, n. wnuiora, Viruit
Chanlaln Wm. H. Nlckerson. Plvmoulh
Captains Jai. C, Cummins, New. .Concord
Wm. Irvine;....! - u.. ,r.
, first Uentenante Cyrus Keasoner new uon
ootd; Ransome F.': Oaborne!" James Watson!
London : J. II. Svolier. Cleveland.
Second Lieuteuanta Bamuel T. Btorer, New
Concord; Aljphonso T. Uraoober; Norman V,
Baldwin Cleveland; Ebeo P. Sturgla, Jr.', Mans-
Held. .,- ;., ,t.a
Of Tbe. Thirty sixth Regimeut fas ; latoly
moved from Camp Goddard, near Zanesvllle,
Into, Western Virginia, under' the command of
Lieut. Si.iMaiia, of Fort Pickens fame. 1 ' .' ',;,
D" Four companies from Madiaoa county-
three of Infantry And oua pf cvlrj jeitdrday
took up tbjoir quarters at Jtmp Cbaie. , Tin
cavalry . oompany la under the command of
Captaia Foyin, of West Caoaao, Madiioo
O TLe inuob needed and refraining rain, of
which we received the first Installment on Tues
day evening, continued to desoend gently and
atjntervala all day yesterday,, Let us be grate.
ful to Him who glveth the, ','lattcr" ai .well as
the early" rain! " ' ,
' " '.., ,- . ' , '
ST The Government loan taken. ,in Cjncln-
natlexoeeds $100,000,... , , , . -.. i
' ' "' " " ' '
GioD and BiD Tinmaa. An Editor is often
called upon to indite articles that he knows will
came sorrow In many hearts; for, instance, some
railroad or steamboat disaster Is to be announe
ed, a fatal accident Is to be recorded; then Is
his heart sad as be thinks of the tears that will
be eked as the paragradb be Is Indltfrg will be
perused. But when be gets an' item that will
send joy to every heart, the - pen . glides briekly
over the paper. These are onr feelings as we
write 'Kennedy's, Medical Discovery ;" It Is life
to the dead, knd health to those who are sick.
All kinds of humor are cured through its magic
nflaenca "frdm' the slightest'.' pimple to. the se
verest case of scrofula .-The prioe is reason
able; it can be obtained"' everywhere, and
there. U no occasion for the afilictedirO remain
Steam Between Ireland and America
The follow tn new and manUUent Int-eUaapaddU
wheel gtaaauhips ooaipoaa tbe above line:' " .
ADRIATIC, 5,888 tons bmrtben,. CapLI.Uaoa
(Formerly of the Coljina line.). -. ..
HTBERNIA, . ' 4,400 tone borthen, Oapt.N, Faowas.
COLUMBIA, d,0 ' v " k. LllTOB.
AN0LI4. . h i. .480r.i' i.V" - Nioaouok
PAOIIIO,-' S.StlO -t' I. 8mi.
PBISCal ALBERT, (Screw.) i -iSi . . . :
One of tba above ihlpa will leave New York or Boiton
alternately every Tueadiy fortnight, forflalway, ear-
ryins ths government malli, touching at 0t. Johns,
She Steamer! or tfart line have been eonatrncted with
tbe greetaet OMre, anaer tbe aaperrieloB ef tbe govern
ment, save water-tight compartments, and are unexcel
led foroamjart. safety and epetd by an ateanMra afloal.
They are eon minded byabl and experieaoed office ra,
and evtry exertion will be made to promote the comfort
; paiaengera.
An;experieneed Sargean attached to eaea abip.X
Pint elui N . Y . or Boaton to Oalway or Liverpool t lHI
Second'Claaa, " " . ' " v 75
flrat-clata. m i. itoBt-Jobn'i V 3i
TbiM-claaa, " " to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town In Irelaad, an a Hallway, y w 30
Third-elate paaaenaera are libarallv aunnlled with cro
vlaiona of the beat quality, cooked and served by tneeer-
vanta ot me company. ,
l . Trim Tirif pt .
Parllei wiahlna; to aeod for their frieade fnom' lla eld
country eaa eouin tuaeuirom any (owe, en a railway, la
Ireland, or from tba principal cities of Xngland and Beot
land, at vary low ratea.
Paateniera for new Tork, anrmns rv tbe Boiton
teamen, will be forwarded to Mew Tork free of charge.
tut paaaage or runner iniormation, ana ly to -. - .
. ... - War.M. WiOKHAM.' "
At the oSioe of iha Coaroanr. en the wharf, foet of
uanaiatreai, new torx. - :-..
1IOWLAND k AbPINwALL. A rente '
"it. , : .. a'.'l ri J
for all Throat and Lane Complaints, llncladnr, with
moat perfect reaulta, tVuoorwu Oouvit, OiiaaaK) aa
Ooamow Ooeaas, Baoscnua. awe lmiT Oovruirra,
alwaye forerun nera of Oenaamptlon. Aa a Bootbim
Svaurit baa no aaperlor.- Vreee) trom all Opiate or
Kmetlo a rope rt lee, aaay a weed by aaoal eelicateceaetle
tutiona.laad with perfeot moflcleoce.'- t
' I -'.-. . 1 1 'ir ii i-.'.'ii t, "3 vr. ' i
W I ... nPTTlfJ A TI?T ,
."1, VlWUlUtUlJJl
Tlfa OaXATtsi KaTDSaL Onara aver AffereA to aha
world, ooaUlnlng not a particle ef Opium, nor any aub
etono but Ita trlotly vegetable aad medtoel properties,
sure Remedy for MaoaaMU, BinrrjMATiul, Oodt,
Toots m Kaa Acaa, OaTaajua, koai oa 11 it Fxvn,
snd all minor Nervous Complaint!. ,
fna Loaa o Buxy, and Headache In an ita varieties,
haa so equal, and to wbiab meet sndouMed teaunonl.
are offered. .-,.,,.
foa sxuMDat Tajaftns It a a a oat Mrfcct remedy
f ok Bo wax Ooaniauna, after rem oriel tbe pela M sets
a phytic, a moat Important contrast with the eooaUpa
toryeSeeta ot Optanawt
Jo ptyilclana, Vormalas and Trial Bottles wlU be aeat,
and to Dealer or Invalid a deaoriptlye paunhlat without
"pMtetamp." ' ,
rrapaani uuuer ua aperiai anpervuion ot ' ' i
H'M s, '' ctitxivT and rHAaaucsy'risT, .
So 8 Commercial Whsrf, Boston,' Hals-
lt.,'j .
Jowbem pleaae dlreot all oommanlcatlona, . , i
Frlaei Large Cough Remedy, SO centa per bottle.
i j Bmall " . BS .
.i Tola Anodyne, '60 .
tor eale tejtbe uiuxl wholeeals and retail dealers,
everywhere. ...'.. '? . A 'i-'. ' .
JOUS R. COOK, tlvtaA . J. H. 1IKN1U,' ''
;iO. DUNN!.. SONS, ,). A. J. SCTTUSLLSlt St SOW,
eiajrajvuiy n. t i:ivi Sntl ror uoiumbne, Uhlo.
Joseph'?- Bywaters .. ' ' " " '
,.J VI.
.i eapaner OearU ,J i
Wm. B. Darnell
te ms directed, from the Supertcr Oeart of Break
lin County, Ohio, I will offer for eale, at tbe door of
mm vpura-aowee, in we city ex uoiumusi, onr t ' 1
Mnnil,.. fnt 7(t,rtBRl'0
one'o'jlock P. U., the following deaoribed real eatata
ltuiteln the county of Franklin and State of Ohio, to
Wit: Tba Booth ball of the N. ' soarter of aeettoa ,
towniblf IL range 21, United states JMUltarjr lanSa, eon
talnlng eighty acres. , ,n
AppraimdatM OSpeVieTe. , "
A : , kyw. HTJFVMAH, Bherlff, .
iJUj . . and aUatev Ceomiaeioae. ,
Ordcr to sell the above described Land It) parts',
On rnolloa to the Oosrt by I. Taylor, attorney for So
randante. ie ordered that the order of ealvhereeorere
made ia the above named action be and the same la here.
chaneed ee follawh-,- : ,i j v.. '
Tuo bherlff U enlereiw aaU aald land ia the follow
lug Dimmer: lea. te effer far Sam and tell thirty aorea
off Of laid tract of land baloulna U William K. Dar.
awle,e4e; Uve Horth aM f raid treori aad II said 10
aoraeennoipringaaaujcient ameoat te pay the aame,
men inaine oiur lor eale the SU acrea UamedUtely ad
iolulna the former on. the tooth, and If a anfflotent
aotouuioi money , n raroived from the aame to aatia
lata oruer. inei
Printer'! fee CO.
mio oraerinen inf ui nu Bherlff eeli lb balance
. '':'.'"'' Master Oomn:ia.loner.
Steam Between Ireland and America TELEGRAPHIC.
Railroad Accident.
Rilav Horjjs, fept. 10. The six o'clock
marnlns? train from Washington, odllldel wtth
cattle on the ' traek, at Elk; Bridge, ten miles
soutb or Uaitimorei ;ne engine, Under, mail
and baggage cars were smashed, passenger car
inj area ana lue rails torn np, -'. , . t " ''.vr.
Tbe bsgaaee master,, eneueer and fireman
were sllghily Injured, bot fortunatolr no lives
lost, r, , , " .'r - t -K-.f
The Sumter Short of Coal.
'Yoik. Seotember 10. An arrival from
Barbadoea reports tbe arrival at Sanevsns,
August 20tb, of ths privateer Sumter, short of
eoai; but toe government authorities of mat
piaoe reiusea ner permission to oDtam s supply
aiinatpiaco.;,.; ; ,
Syracuse Convention.
r Sept. 10.
addressed the Convention, reminding them of
the importance of tbe objects or tbe conven
tion. . The object was not to destroy old par
ties or build np new, but to nominate a ticket to
unite every 1 loyal cltisen; for himself be spat
npon parly piauorms; was sick, ot party (Jon
ventions immense applause.' ' -1 'i
William 11. JVlurpny, of Albaav; a reputed
"peace man," was not allowed to speak, bam'l
J. Holly, of Osweco, telling him It he attempt
ed to disturb the meeting: or utter traitorous
doctrines, he should receive severe punishment
at nis nanas. --
Tbe committee on Credentials made a report
declaring tbe delegates from Albany county be
rejected and denied seats on tbe tioor. 1 no re
port was unanimous!? adopted.'" " ' ' ' 1
The Chairman, read a letter from Leslie
Combs, ot Ky., its follows: n . , I ! c - i H
FRANKFORT, Ky., Sept. 4, 1861.
To Boswcu. Gkavks: t : ,.,,
Dear Sir Yours of tbe 30th and enclosure,
are received. These peace meetines with us.
and! I presume everywhere,, are mere soft words
for treason, and wo shall so treat tbsm, I am
gratified to find you still at jon'r post, and have
not caueht the Bull Run nanio. which has done
some misohlef In Kentuoky. . I am on guard all
the time and ready for action; If the rebels
dare! make a war upon us, we. wjll sweep, tbem
clear, and that rapidly ' We ' erVwids awake,
and defy their malioe as much as ws acorn their
mustering. "Tbe Union, tbe Constitution and
the enforcement of the Laws" must be .kept
loll everywhere, and all mere party platlorms
AnaNOON! A question arose rcearding the
admissibility of delegates chossnr to represent
constituencies in this, and also In the Republi
can Convention . The whole report of the com
mittee on credentials was adopted, which admit
ted them, v ir n vr: A::ii,n
Tbe committee on Permanent Organization
reported for President,' Hon'.-Tb6. S. Alvord
ana twp vice rrestaents.irom eacu aistnct. , i
iuTis. Everything Is ensettied, but tbero Is
bnt little doubt that tbe two Conventions, this
, dnnht that Ih two r.nnnt.nna. thla
and the Republican, wilt co-operate to-morrow,
and act in harmony. ' 1 ' -
O. T. HurlburrJ. of 3t. Lawrence, will proba
bly be the temporary chairman of tbe Republi
Convention, and Simeon Draper Is talked
for permanent, President. . . ..
A Rood leeilce: prevails emona the Reottblle
canoeiegates. , ..
titaiueyu ia uut uere at prcaeut.
STRACcra.'Sept.' fl!The People's Conven
tion met this morning, but transacted no bual
ness of importance, and took a recess at 1 1 to
1.30 P.M. j f if a jr r; srn
Tha fi.enubUca4 Qonv entioa is largely attend
ed. It was called to order bv Simeon Draner.
'Hon, E. G. Lapbam, of Ontario, temporary
chairman, made brief speech in favor of no
peace or ..compromise witb-rebels, and Union
wtin an mqavjvitjine;. i0 aupporv jne govern?
..The usual committees were formed',' arid the
Convention took a recess till 4 o'clock. - "
Revolt of a Mississippi Regiment.
Baltimori, Sept,' 10. -A letter In ths Bald
more, American, from a citizen of Leesburg,
says tnat wnoie Mississippi regiment station
here revolted on Saturday, broke tbeir mus
kets to pieces, and started borne.
(en. Beni. C. Howard was nominated for
Governor, tbis morning, by the' secession peace
Greeley's Libel Suit.
Pulaski, N. Y., September 10. The suit for
libel brought by Hen. DJQ. Llttlejofan against
Horace ureeiev, was called up tnis alternoon,
before Jodce Bacon; r There is an immense
attendance of witnesses on botk" sides; but tbe
greatest number on the part of tbe defendant.
The Bberift is niter Geo. Law witb an attach.
ment.' . It seems that tbe LeztsUture of winter
belore last is to be thoroughly overhauled. -Tbe
counsel for the plaintiff are D. II. Marsh, J. II.
Churchill, Henry A.. Foster, and Mr. Sedg
wick. ; Tbe defendant has retained Grant and
Allen, of Oswego O. T. Williams, of New
York, and Mr. Porter, or Albany, . ' '
News from the South, via Louisville.
LouiaviLti, Sept. 10. The 1st movements
tbe Federals in Kentucky creates considera
ble excitement.. South Tennessee papers de
mand prompt action. They say Kentuoky neu.
trality -baa been abandoned,' and calls tier an
earnest etrort to sustain what they call tbe true
people of Kentucky. . . , .',.1
Major General Polk has iesned general ot
ders lor all oflloers and soldiers of bis Depart
ment on furlough to report without delay
The Richmond papers of the tb contain
what purports to be a reliable estimate of the
Federal forces In, and' around Waihlnnon.
The totalis put down .at 112,000. :, "
.Tbe Atlanta, ua Confederaov, ef the 6 tin
aavs there is little doubt that tbe Confedefate
Government Is In late receipt of dispatches from
tneir uommissioners . in Europe, tbe . tenor of
Which Is that France, England, and Europe
generally, Is greatly agitated' on the American
question, snd that a recognition of this Confed
eracy by tne rowers ot. Europe will be shortly
accomplished. ; - .. - ..i.-.-.w ..
The southern papers complain or the fact
that millions sre sent North by banks and cap
italists of the Soutb, for tbe purpose of buying
bonde of the Confederate States at a dears-
olated value, and say this if equivalent, to giv
money to ,. mo k enemy., to ; prosecute, tbe
war. . i ,, i l. M. . i ., ..i
(The .Savannah News ol the SthI save that
'whole coast of Florida-Is oloselv block
aded. ' . ,: t .. , i Jf ' vl'',ll.l.'ui'
A stampede of families took plaos about the
under epprehension of a' bombardment of
town by tbe Federal fleet which is now
blockading that port
In an article on the saptnre of Fort Ilatteras,
Memphis Appeal, of tbe 7 to, snakes a loud
complaint of the inefficiency ;of the Military
uoara, aua expresses tear mat me military lead,
are too much engrossed, in tbe proseoutien
tbe war in Virginia to accord a necessary de
gree of attention to tbe sea const and the Mis
sissippi Valley. '
The eoaat guards ars increasing along the
Georgia, South Carolina and Florid coast,,' '. ';
Tbe New Orleans. Crescent of the 7th, eon
demns the Military Board of Mississippi for in
activity In not adding to her coast defense.
A dispatch to trio Nashville Gazette, says
Parson Brownlow and son bats been arrested at
uy ucu, aavuamuuoca t .I'kffivi'.
A nasnvuie eenueman iniorma us tneestea-r
elble eharge Is for circulating Helper's boolp, ".
A Richmond dispatch to tbe Knoxville Reg
kter of the 5th, states that the Quartermaster's
Department at Richmond has been verv active
late.: Large contracts have been bade late'
for camp and field equipage to tbe amount of
180.000 rets.-I'V;.,' VK, .' AlZl
Gen. Polk has issned ths following; proclams.
tion t ' .t"t-initt" I v ,J
The Federal Government havlce. In denahcef
the wishes of tba people of Kentucky, dis
regarded, their neutrality by establishing oamp
depots of srmles, and by organizing military
compjnies within, tbeir, territory, and by can.
atructlng military works on the Missouri Shore.
immediately opposite end 'commanding Colum
dus, wvtaentiv inienatnA to cover the lahdlno-
troops for the seizure of that town, it has
become a military necessity far the defense of
.territory- oi . saw uoniedentts States, tbit
toijieaerate forces occupy Colnmbns In ad-
vance. ' -
Tbe' Major" General commandtrisr las there.
fore not tell kfniaelfal libertv to rlaV the
idimpprtapt a, position, but nas1 doolded to
occupy' ft. Id pursuance of this dectslen he has
thrown a lufflofent fores Into the town, snd oi
dared them to fortify it. It Is rratifjlnf to
' '
know that the presence of his troops is acoepta.
bid to the neorjls of Columbus, and on this oo
cawontbey assuro them that every precau-
I will be taken to insure toeir quiea. ana me
tectlen of tbeir property win personal and
boral rights. ,
iatait at Colnmbns. Sent. 4, .
e Jvobic. Saint. 10. CD. Welctu of tbe
Bclioner Mary Alice, lately returned from Rich
moid lays he aw man? Federal prisoners
mere, nut orders irom me uoniuerava marauai
prevented his conversing with them. He- gives
a statement ofi s. privateer fitting out and al
ready gone front Charleston. He says all tbe
Conledprat 8tata erlvateersmen belone to
Charleston, and are natives of New York, and
Livtrpobi- v.: v
The States Fair.
Uyton, Sent. 10. The State Fair opened
to-day. The total number of entries up to tbis
evcaing are HUUU, wMca comperes favorably
with those of previous years. Among tbe cel
ebrated bloodod stock' is Tom Rolle. sod of Poc
ahontas, Wishtetxaa Chief; ', Keene , Morgan,
Urit, owned by Mr. Woodmansee, Joe Uodwin,
and Jack. Resetter, owned by Mr. K.'Nevlns,
and St. Lawrenee, Alice, and Etbilinda,' owned
by Mr. Jcnnlnest also. Karey's line blooded
stock and little ponies, " Thus far the Fair is a
success. " A gentle rain Is' falling, and with a
The States Fair. Kentucky States Rights Convention.
FkAHtroKT, Ky Sept. lOr-Ssventy oounties
are repreeented in tbe Btates Klgnts uonveD
tiont They occupy-the hall , of tbe House of
Representattvea.: The'. Sena to has adjourned
till to-morrow.,! Resolutions are now twine: act
eu upon, the substance ot wbiCn cannot 'be, 0D-
tatn till hiLmh..n ' -t '
There was1 nothini done bv the LeeUlature
tO-Uky. i,- k; rn.:l 1 .
A Skirmish.
PootVBSVlill: 'Mo.i Seat.' lO.-JV'aabArda'v' in
picKei guar a at Goumd's ferry discovered the
reoois oaa ereeieo-s battery., word was sent
to Geo. fctone, whd coon forwArdcd puna. The
rebels diecUarKed two shells luett'aotuallv. One
gnus responded, causing the rebels to leave!
I be Medical Inspector says our 'nrmy.ia '
louruiuarnj ueaitny,coneiaeriug. lue onaogo or
climate, etc., there being but . lew serious cases
in tus uospitais., ' u-.n-. i. nfi hi "
. j . .. ... . , tv.Mf
Later from Europe.
I JMbNTsiAL, Sept, 10. The North Briton has
arnvea j ner eavice anticipated.
Lord Palmergton has been Installed Warden
ot Unquo ports.. ,,Ia,bla speech ba eulogised
tbe stroog defensive measures of England, and
said that perfect defense was tbe only stable
foundation for friendly relations witb foreign
."oaiiuueawmeoattieot uuuiiunl
prf,;r.7,TiLi "v: - 7 ""
a evidence oi men personally brave, but im-
;-fr.7" u " .V"" v.r5"u' T 1
tu" nan Bnotirer equenai On lUO loan
ua expenses oi toe reaeral Uojernoient,
conouiaes wuu tns DeUet that tbe., snbjugstlon
of tbe South is a hopeless taekv kjU ' v" "
Tmhck.a-The Pays newlpaperdeuifesilne rij
port that the government had notified faraien
-, . i , ; . - ... .?
uiuunouii taet .sranoa womcf maintam tne
eocupatienor Homes' ' e , -
Russell's latest letter td tfii.Times says' he
snq In America is last narrowing: down be
tween elavery and abolition. "
He thinks the President will soon declare ll
tbe, slaves within the limits of the United
states army free. The Times editorially ad
Vises COmnromidO between. the Northern! Hnntl,
It is stated that reading Liverpool houses have
purchased 15,000 nales of 6tfon for shlbment
cart Ausseii, in a man lies to on Spanish ewu
pation of St. Domingo, says American forbear
anoe cannot ne calculated on as permanent.
ine inaian uovernmont .continue to report
irum an, parte oi tbe country relative to the
cotton .produoinp- capabilities of India, which
are represented to- be eonal td all wantn nf
steady demand, and gooa.roada are estabUabed
From Washington.
tVaitirOTOIiSe'tlt.' 10.' At thaaVtrm! j, nL'.'
tue ouaui, nriaaTSi SWO nrisooera. onaot UiArn-a
captain In Htuart's Virginia Regiment, were
Uken prisoners by our fprcrs They refused tt
give tbeir names.''.
W prlvatesof the New York Do Kalb Reir-
ihvent fell into, tbe hands of tbe Confederate
pickets this morning, near Hunter's Chapel; to
the right of Ball's Cross Roads. "
A laree force of Conlednntpa. Within 'tha
last three days,) have enaamped near Falls
Church.' . . i a i . , l
Great aotivitv prevails In all deriartmant tt
toe navy yara. i.oo men wer emnloved. and
many of tbem nicbt and dev.. Slwi. hu and
all kinds of ammunition continue -to be' for
warded tO'VariOUS DOintS In immense nnantitlaa.
The manufacture of .Dahlercn. rified cannon
progresses without Intermission,' , The howitzer
drill ia conducted under exDerienoad nffioara.
and Ibe seamen there have acquired great pro
ficicncv?,,lil-- ' ,llim ''j 't w.4 A.
From Cairo.
Cairo, Sept. The ennboats Cones-
toga andr Lexingtob,' 'reconnoitering down, tbe I
1iaatoatnn, .inn. , r . . n . . t t
terr of sixteen guns at Lucas ; Bendon the
luisaouri suore, ana two reoei guuboate.l ,1 bey
silenced the shore batteries anoV disable a
rebel boat The Yankees wdiild have captored
her had l she'not been suppqrteil; near wlum-"
bOS. .'...! .tlrJwin wv:vi it
One of the Coneetoedlt men was sliehtlv in
jured.! The loss of the rebels il not known.
Twenty ot our sooute to-day were driven in to
Col. Ogleby's earn p by 200 rebels.''-'1 .
There ore .no less than 15,000 rebels in camp
Columbtts, oTheyrwerot largely reinforced
yestffday.c.ta- a-u:
Kentucky Legislature.
FsAtKrOAT. Kv.'. Sect. llThW tfonaa ahie
ih'brblngii adopted resolution-directing-the
Governor to issud a Oroclamattnn'ordnrlnir tha
Confederate troops to evacuate -Kentucky soiL
i,oe vote swoa ii sgainsa no, -i o. - i
The Houee refused to suspend tba rnlea to al.
low another resolution ordering-, the proclama-J
tion to be jasued to both Federals snd CenfedeI-
rates. --
:-ct i.t.;l.
-:i tali
From Fortress Monroe.
Foitrcis Monios. Sent, . 10. The
R. Spauldlng left to-night for Hatteras Inlet
witn rq-iniorcieqts.', Tbe steamer' Balti mors
also 'on tbs wsy with naval stores. " Ji
Tbe sloop of war Jamestown baa arrived from
ths blockade off Florida, but brings no news ef
importance. ,i e. 44 , .ih tAa 1
New York Market.
YORK, Sept. 10.
eoUUar export and borne eoainmptloa; aalea of 1(1,400
bela at, t 4094 41 for auperflne atate; 4 KM 75
PC txtra etate; S4 40(3)4 3 for luperHne weitorn V
SjS4 96- for eomncnr'tn npitltim 4.vtra""w.Bt.rn
Ua(9)5 10 far ahientoS Bvanda exfrn eomut ftnnnP
...... J AC n.Ll. .... r . . - n 1 . .
vhh., va3,u , ,ur irauo oranaa no. vatmaian
nour atafdy wtth a moderate koalnees Soinseelee r
oo ia i si wai4 au ror luperbaa, and 94 71K411.LU
common to ehoioe extra. ' .
'OORS I MEAL-Oontinnea auiaL 'Will jS JLSiJi.S
Chang, id price.. ,
wiiiniii saici ot Kio tbii at reaisvo.
triUAI la battef witb a fair demand for ,r.,ri
chiefly for Franoa; at tha eloia holder, war a Utile
moredlspeetdtorealtte; ralei of 9,400 bnabola' Chicago
pring at si w; i,vuu duxmii noHnwaaterS olub at
053)1 09; 98,500 buahela Mllwanatatahil at SI OS
t 09; 17 ,SO0 bathe li amber Java a. SI lOAi n-
4,fS0bnibela winter red weaternal 91 IStftt 17if 4B0O
bnthali white Kentucky at -91 ejil xtt) 7ue mnela
wnita Mlcnigan at f t tafil iMMwt mi'l-uuV -jifiuv.
nix-virn; aalea fit ioo aaaaale Oaaada, eert'ta-r
rerlor, at oc; Ui rvtaalnUet onprtvate erae--
nanbHii vuu ene Bominai. - M alaa v-jI
uuttnuaaaMvanoaa cpeeuentivitb a a-aod de-
mand ror export ana nome coninmptioni ealee of 19 SOU
buihell at 4la)4Bo.for infaiioa at eoewoa iialaed ajoat-
ern; iawxo ror aooa ana nrune ainmn wmm . . j .
OAT8 In moderate . requtat at S7ia,i!l)a for Catiadat
FOBK Pull, hot without matertaf channe in nrlcaa
taot 6JJ barreli at' 113 "iH OU Jorjua-- ju..nil
forpril ix-w -rrrtTiK-inniir
HiSjIi ,..-i....oL'tJ A.Jltfcu
relief 55 SOfor.e..; 91 1 'lor icpacJccdaeall I
skew ii ah a waiei ana
uacuaogaa,,,, ,,rr: -
BEATS -Uoutinue I
aiaaay, who, aalea.. b .0.Uie.
paokages at fk$4 Ko for ahoulderi, andau,
home. I .. JEJftA'I AiU'A itx AU..
heme. i r7tTI JTTSlf.a'I
.BAOQlMQnleland namiaali llaM U U re e-e el
HrLv. taW.ya'.a ... rtii'
'TltTffE'R Ta t.1 AAn.'i.l'.l 7,ain fn. itiu ..rl?, 1
14 for. tote. I
(tOaAR Rw la good demand to-day, chiefly epeoale-
nTii'rr ' r. -ji; , iaw:'a
tl,'al)atfcarktahaaiJmi(Ti alsof7 hh4a
0 t 78, tnclnUiof fcir r-flnarv at T)tro;
isou xitxH ilwvana. oart ai 7Veo. and tba raucaiU'
enint vntatcmnJ iliji, fit 1. 1 i l I
UuAaetb-OftntlriaM la fair aanaatand iri-rftl'
tend upward: aalea of inff hhili fl.rtn'lo.-. iA ?14Wci
W khda Forio Blao at Si r lie i kaA a Lhj Cwli
ooamao ai a4C. j . , aj
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, Sept. 10.
M soio to at U Wi 1 j 4, ff 7 '
WHKAT-Oiilet and unchahtedi aalti of t carl ted at
dii rra uouDisi rxirv sh m-m w n
BUepn track, and 1 earwblta atac.
06HN-aalaaf can aa vara-at -Mm 40Stttaa)iIS
. c. :..,. ,.i il'..
""f If r. ' t f a i i icj
uats lata aasear raaauairaks tjwu
iiivnninaa eaja av nuia u iao. H
Cincinnati Market.
OtQOBIia-Ihe eeune..( tha.Now, York aurar
lunravi iu, Mmx a aiiaaaraBa uwa un nwm mmiw
andrtaultedintba eatabliahaunt oC o to Ko II
within tba week. The aalea ot staples from flnt bandi
ara AM laira. not the are naylni waif, sad a qalet cond-
denae ex lata that ike etoek an band will And a aaarkel. at
the lull or currant urieea. -Then war aalea or auxar to.
darJin lota aawnntinr ta 85 bkdi. at BM9oitoa aom-
en to fully fair; and ot molaatea. amounliag ta SOS
hblij at 33o, a amall part In Ojrpreaa aoo(iera HolaaM
la aanarally held at 3k37o. and theae urloea ara obtain
ed is amall lota. Ooffe baa baea uoiat duriss tba weax
Aa atmarked a week ago, buy era feel that then la not
muob u be aalnad by takln( atoeka freely at praaaot hlah
priora. iney conaequantiy only laae hub aa tney re
quire it, aid by ao dotnxreUara tba aaarket of the atlm-
alas wblob would be (Ivan to It In its preaeat strength.
It they were ta make their ordara for large antoat.ta. '
ILOUK The trade in flour tnioacboul the week haa
beet, narvalaea. The quotations nay be given luit aa
mey were iiat xneaaayff ousm ior..iupernne
3 fXB lot extra.- x.iU.f..-
WHKAT The aualitr of the wheat which la beinc
marketed here continue! to attract ooaalderable aitentlpn
front abroad, affording a buaineaa In advance of tbe prea
ant facilities of the railroads for tranaportlng Itj The
grain being shipped goea to Interior and Veatern Mew
Tork.Vor them Ohio au4,Weetera PenniyWanla.i Tbe
prjcfa havd rules quite ataedily during the Week, vibrat
ing iwlUY the eunnlv from 78o-to 75o for erlme red.
S34B85o for prime white. The. variationa ia the range
nave been greater eu the ISfetiSr gradei, rdoutog: ilowi
to blaa.'W, for r-A .nrf Ii 4ar vttlt. - - -
1 COKN llu h.il . n.rkrt for uM dmva. anrf
settled S7o; hut Ught reoaipta hoW ike S aailer to
sell than to bnv at that eurer.T,T r
- UATB aave dropped during the week to Vic; pot the
pnee nae pronaoiy auected the receipu and will uoubt
leaa re-act. -
BABLK1T Is venr eenarallr tiacleetad: vet ta, rhe
brewera, and only nominal quouiioni eaa he given. .. r
' HlfB-Ii hard te aall 37e U the. beet that buyere ara
offerin.r It ia held at 40o. - ' Tl f. Z. I !
' WHISKY Advanced on Thnrlday a iia, on Friday
iioiaer sou on Baiaruar oi tut te-day ItiUS arop
ped bark to 13X with a dull market.
.'lAiani I ivonmttcuu. a
1 1
' Jwli.T
' , .. a.'
zxm .a.it
neoK'AND job J '
.r.t,i(;Uili .
f f S7 t. -a n A I". rrvi-'i?
W1 J-eap.Vl ,'t;t ,SrJ?t
tW'Af HV&Kh ,Nt
,iA ,rnfi;ih?s.t rif Is eulSt it
- la fully prepared to execute in tbe
. WAa T v T , u n n i a. D,.u , u u p D
tfta 5.1c D
ANn iJf
ui a
m xt sir i n o
I a
ttvivr ra
1 tliW b- "AT V A
,ii hA:'..M , rfl a?v
1 NOTES,'' ' llG
i t LITTER HEADS, -.its
DRAFTS, i S'J tTiaUSlsffjARBS,
-A I
.jtLi.- a
33 f ttvJ A.
i . 'iivrioprv
' w 6 "Ub4 every oWt$
" tf-T..- . v " a.,.. 1,..' 4'u
'' i rj -. o ,
Equal to any Eit'ahllihment (h ths'itate'and doon
i v . . . r - - - aj .-.a a -a.' ti
t, rt-4
Urmt which will oompare favorably with (he ,
11 A
j ..aaill tut ti'-A. B.-t.1r-i in,
i ay-f'J kiwi r tnri w u, j, 9 t-.':
I j. leadlDf Eaetern Printiof Houee.. ..beat cit
.... u irui i..wa.aiJou'
: .a it : ..:t'W vua'.1! eravia iiiofaui art .
).l, J
t. w tut .. iwm r.j teVf a, atj.
kv-'l . i "tiivt MrtiHv H e
-X-!B.n.A' s l .i't i!a.' c,
v,a.j i jt?uSr liemae tq.. r; l :i:trf rva
m a
tayip-g , Arorf V aollity" to aid TJsj
11 JftqA. lu tliizl
r"t e"?'e.arri
! H I G h ir I L iVifflt aYe-d
S o.
sJS ME Mtrca rX)I
'' I Jit
our lorvic. fwall"who mkr'deilrt UiatHlaia
k. t. 1
a'aiiamio mm
xnr.iMA v aiir j i v .i
bavs oirbWeet itlfWliialliihmiill 'i
slf l'l TitfliW J:iT fdt
SJ .
KAtAAiT -Iba Hti tit IfcaA I1H
--l0BV'r'we-roo'pe!lnVl " S
lltiU t ii.ii'iKl aiJ :
(t at "real l UiW baa u At at I a
t!'Jf.;iC ll t'K1- IJ:-r rj.ju trnt-tt
ewl .. TBTE.HOgt-.,, 4 ,
aeat ,.l . 1 vr 4 o i to .s)-i.,.
vfv ei --(i ... ,( ,
11 1 t vn. ).-.. j nil rtj L r.
. . ? i . lahr, Ii .1
our . ,xiBXiaaMEyy t
,UUaJ . ,,,..,i.,(.tj Sib.
' Ilto beadrnfttvU
1 "W ,,
w airiVi( nwhtiwi-j x.i v-
.iliH . cJK .'l-J ( fnli.neertt ta
wjiiv LailM J b-K.va: i.lr) n eta efi.M
aa Haa au IuwB.tww Hon 1 aa ,,. aaabo-
H;vni tw jua mir.i;
AtJi'i m tu.i4,tf j rtt4 yon:) g
s .
:. T" " v
1 joir
,miT uaa-w'H
tie iK-tan tfairt
tmh-:.lsfui'JtuM Ian Kocxtv
WBtw latn.etii'tat'ii
mnil SaYlVSi SJfs:r -aifc-e iuiw fc!
ay, - .,,
lu r u. V i Jwaaraaa emit A
LuK.i-.iaii jMieewej at.'
tfiBC:r r
ik,-.iHlifjJSi )!; '
i tir u-aW'rryawsxa
i li-V t M ,..i'J idi 10 , tu.O .Ibe.
experienced Nnrae and, Samele .JbyalcUn, preaonb
whlab rraatl SaeUMates Saanoeoaaof teatbtx
nine; the gumi, rednclng all inflammation wll I allai
. I I . U i I U J j, 1 i.
PeMna bbos It, bk tbem, it wUt five ml tt Mrwtval
ana i , j .'i:rAi i,l t.')w':u", J i) I.u.v. .
U.'. , . " . ..... . I
We have
anil fllW I
uarr um up nno iwia riui eruciu ror ever ten yeare.
AN BAY. IN OONHBltW;jt AJMO TllOTtt,ofi?
whalTwa have &
ever lxea able to aay any other auxiW
ANOH, TO V.rtlCT A 0UBK, whan' timely natd. Dev.
ar did'ws know an initance of diaaaUafaatlon hi anr una
who uaed It. On. tbe eontrarr. all ara dellzhted with iu
eperatloni, and ieax In terms of oommenniaUoa of ita
Bugkal etlecu aod medical virtues. We apeak ia tbte.
"ir'in(ir t is uu nnuw ; -aner tan yeara axue.
uaoet every iniunce wnere tne inrant is tufferlng from
muauu axuauauon, reiieiwiii lie lovne in Piteen or
weqiy minuiei aner tnenyrus ta admin literad.'
Toil valuable nreuaratiow la 11m nreamtntlnn nt nn nf
the molt AtXtltklKNOIIbeua BttlLLrtb MUHHB8 is
few Indiana, anniuui uno naeo, with MbVAlt JTAlaV
inu nuuuaiHB in . . . i
i- . 'A'AIOUSANIill US' (lANP.ei..
It not only relieve, tbe child from ualn but aaviirna.
atea tba itomaob and toweli, correota acidity, and riref
tone and eneriry to tbe whole ayabm. It will aunoat inl
a... n l : -
OSCPilO in the bowels, ahd wind couo
and sveroome eonvnlnoni, which, ff not speedily reme
died; end in death. We believe II the BKbT and BOB
KST RKMKDY IN TBS WOBLB, la all caae. of DY
it arlaea from teething, or. from any. other oauae. W
would lay to every molhefwhohaaa child rafferlng from
MV.f IfaeteewaotBBawemurinta DO NOT LKT Vmia
tend between yea Bnd your anfferina child, and tha m.
lief that will be UlUt-yaa. ABKOLOratbY SURI-to
follow the um of tbis meaiclne. If timelv Bead.. Vali Ai.
recueni ror asing win accompany earn bottle. Nope
raiainc unicia me mc-Home oi uuuil c f akMLUIn.
p.. juh, i. un tiro uuwiuv wrapper. .
, Void by all Druggists throughout tbe world. '
PrfncipalOffJoelf ia Cedar CtreetA.Y.
Commissioner's al&
Soperier Oosrt. m'.-'jhA r..
r Virtuk r an oatoEit or a'Aist
U tame directed, from the Superior Court ot frank
lin County, Ohio. I will oiler for aala. at aha Aoor of
lb. ttiurt Houee, In tbe city of Columbui, on
Saturday, tbe atb day of Oot-7A. D.I8C1,
at 1 ockx, M-, the following deacribad eta aetata,
aituate In the eounty of Franklin, and State ot Ohio, to
witt Lot number 13, of John Moniaon'a aubdiviiion of
loUf i 0, 7, 8 and 35 ot John Morriion'l addition ta the
etty of Columbus, -
Appralied at 91,350. rvr-t rf rfXT1-
Priatcr s fee. 94.00. ti4l.7U
II. 0. 1
KB. W. HUFFMAN, sheriff
. r and Maatar GommlulonMrJ "
NohIe.AttBtf.Uia.Jii-i.iil u u
auKtl-td. wl ..'1.1-1 t-i-uI-,
i : ... . , 4
The Court of Commou Pleas,"
I Franklin flmintv Oihn
-rJeaeph Henry Breckenrtdge, " V . i-it t vr-L. .
87 kf ""g:. u BaletiUV
George Waahlngton Shrumetali-' .-; .' .'
X the laid Oonrl Is me directed, I will offer for tale
i puauc auction, ar tne- aoor or tne Court Home in
tha cily o' Columbui, on - - - - .
Saturday, the 14th flay o?- ep mber 1 8C1 ,
betweta the honrl of W o'clock a.', and? o'clock p!
m., the'followlng deiertbed realeatate, altnate in the
county of Franklia, aad Stale ef Ohio: t , ,,
: Beginning at tha N. W. corner of aald tract of 13S
aorea and t polei, in the peUtioB and writ of parti
Uud deacribed, and running thence with tbe north line
of laid tract N. fii.'deg. 30 min. E. 140 X polea to a poit
In the center of tbe roadr N. B. eorner te said tract;
thence with the road S. 37 deg. 30 min. X. 4'2i polea to a
poittathe road; thence 8. C4 deg. 30 min. B. 154 33-100
polea to a poet ia Ibe weat line of aald 1 35 acre, and 43 U
polei thence N. 23 W. 41 polea to the beginning, eon
lalnlog 38 acrea. i Suhjeet to the dower eiute of Eliza
beth A. fiaymede en 11 eereaof said tract. , - -..u ... i
Aporaiaed at 30 bt-iee par aere. - - i. v
j .!, ' 810. W HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
Prldter'a fkaa. BO nn
BBsllltdwtd. - . . '
1 1; i-
Sheriff. Bale.'
James lacker eon6)r r.- , r rvntt a f T r
. ' ! vs'-., e- i 'Common Plea. ' "-T-j-Wi
Ellas L. Hughe. n .... .
JLJ ti me directed from the Court ef Common- Pleea.of
xranrain county, v., i win offer tor eale, at the door of
m ceun uouie, in tne city ot colnmeus, on
I Monday, SejHember''30th, I8CI,''"I A
AS enb VSIOoh-, P;H.;lb followlai OeMrlbed itafeS
eite, ailaeU uu the . ooiiD ty a VrBBklio, aad Stats ef
Obio, towiU uV .t,a . r:t" .-..'i , ,
a.ot Mo, Mo. ia Joha earn Honrr Af U er's Addltloa to
tbs CHy of ColuabBSavn, -it) t :.,. ....
Apnraiied at iUUflt,-'
I r,Ti It -. Vfi HUrrHAN, Sheriff,
rnnter i J'.J'iL-.,,ZJ5,: 'vis, Deputj.
- . At . pa ..
Master Commissioner's Sale.' -
a i . i 1 ' , v. . .'
SeJatof Real Estate) by ordepCCourt.
W.W.Finch. a
i vi. IntierloT Court of Franklin Countv.
John Brown at ai.))
TN panuance of an order of the Superior. Court of
x vrantim county, unio, made at tne May term thereor,
leei. In tbe above entitled acOoa, there will be
aneceu tor aaie, at puouc auction, to tne b'gheat bidder,
Safcrdayr' tie 6th day of 06T? A. D. 1861,
the liour of 10 o'clock A.M., at the 4odr ef roe Court
Houaa, in the etty of Columbui, in aai I'ranUm county,
the following real eeUte, to wltf '
f Inlet a amber a ef Robert Nell's addltlea 4o the city
OolBmbua, being tbe north-eaat corner ot Lookwio
turnpike and Johmtown plank road. ' " 1
s. aJh.
TermaotBala.eatE . !
.Special Alaater Oemmiulener.
ChlttendaiftAMyea- -
rnntere wee, .r y.
Aug! 28, lel-tw7t,,1(:i." ,
Ht T i.t i
iA it) '. t-
uptrior (jo'urt of .IrankKn Coun-
! it na.i ty, Ohio. 1 4..VV, vn .
Fntncii M.'Stonf. by hi. next frlen J, I
J -w , ,..-tJ t Vi.-
Slary Story, petitioner,
j-Sale in partition.
Josephfitory Ac others, reapondenti. J v- -
In rcRsrANOB or an oitAEja or
the aid Court to me directed,! will offer lor. aala at
pablie uition at the door or the Court Home, in the
city of Columbui, on , ";J.ir .. . v
Saturday, the S8tb day of Sept. A. D. mi, -
belweeA the hour, of 13 o'clock M. and S o'clock P. M.,
the following deacribed real estate, titoate in Pleaaant
toeniihbp, Franklin county, Ohio, anf bounded and de
anibedaatollowi: " ';. - '
fart ef aurvey No. . or tne Virginia unitary Bor
veya, beginning at a atake in the aouthweit eorner of the
traot ef ' land, containing one hundred acre., conveyed to
Joeiah Bivaui by Joeepb Story by deed bearing date May
7. 1836a tbanoe aouth t7V polea to a atake andfourimall
blekoriea and elm; thence eaat 134 pole, to a Make In a
Beatitei tnenee aertq 'k poles to a atake en tne weal
tide of An elm marked aa corner In the line of the Elver's
lot: thence weat 14 nolea to tha bes-lnnlne. containing
Sfty-twS and a half acrea, more or leaa; eub)ect to a
S.BBB sitate neretoiore act off and aealgned to Mary
Story, widow of aald Marraaduke Story in aaid Dremiiea.
deacribed aa followi: 17 67-IU0 acre, of aaid land, bound-
ad aa roliowi: Beginnms at a nake rrem wblch a black
walnut 13 lnohea in diameter bear. N. 45 4 deg. E. 10
Hnkr Skene. S.'S degjt W.,11 pelc. and SO links I a
lata; anence b. bs ueg. ... lzt polea to a lUka in tne
weat III Bf Teeman'e feed tliaooS N. 9i pttM and SO
llnkitoB.btkeHithe weiteVtarf an aha marteS a. a
earner; hoae N. SS deg; weet 14 polee tbe begta-
ning. I
.ApprilaH at IS OS nerfcsm 'Mwlto.ntmi'
fT' OEOltaB W. HtTFIMAN, 8hirIS"
fee. So 00 , a. mi r
v" - J i AJt . . lit I"
... .a .!;' - fA A V'u' J ''ii 1 u'i'.'J
rJ lw
j ajiiR a uu. rial
i a.: v frnmnifflr Fia
jBaeBBeulbetJItll(tAil.-Jt,l, t.OM !tlt.
Tirvtrtneef aerder of sale te mt dkeetoe, faea-tke
L vonrtot uommon rieai oi xrauk.no, onuutr.Uhw,
I win or for eale et the doerol Ihj.Oojji, ,Houae,ai
. AtonAy, tbe I6tb dayef Sept. v A. D. 18GI,
SS one .'clock P, M , efolloWin deacribel real
eatater-Sltnate Iff the countv of Vrmnklln. Slate of
Ohloandltyor Columbui, tn wit; Th. eaat, one-half of :
ta .allowing premiie.,. commencing: one. Hundred and
einty-ior mt I,!'"; wet or tne aoutheaat eorner or out
lot nnmSer (3rl thirty fivel and beiog a part of aaid aut
lot, al a Ktake, thence ilorth ona hundred and elithiy-
eves an a half feet 07) to a itke."hfnr Welt
flity-iovea pat.,T) e-a wrl metre awtt ufriavw
fee (7jthe pllnS'-of brcintlhur. all of whl.-h Itn
.ndvrBt wtTeT,-inrt ha aodvrihtnd ftk cunettoinh
logwi'ti'tBeeB-eStBe SbreeBj bnS bllv ef the ttty of
Ccin.i.aj atoreaald, being tbe-eaat eBe-hatt-ef tha abirve
oeaorMja premtaaa, Snd theeame convened to the aald
Jame. South by aaid John Remedy ana! Wilt by deed
et even date herewith, . ...
AnpraiMd at Si.'7S.
O-tW. BTJFFMAir, Sheriff,
By Id. Davie, Deputy.
77" rT-7r-l
l va,
I M. liall etal.
kylo'lliglitty Spot -.:
Instnait Uellet'l'' ) 'kte)s yeur Cew(h
Sfrenrttaen j mr Volcel
' rrr;p naiti i laz iiKi ? f
ood for Lecturers,
v, good for "public speakers!,
f i (A-.
QfeNTtEafEM 0ARIT '""'.
'In'fji "' ''l.-'t ; - .v.-", t i ,,!
Tsc relieve a Congh Instantly.' r r
Thoy clear the Throat. , - - i
Thoy give streoeth and volume ta th miia.
They impart a doHcious aroma to tbe breatb.
The are delightful to the taste.
Jhay are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm anyone. ?-?,:;",, 3 7
ajlvlte every one wbo bai a dough or a huaky Voice
er a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the' Throat, to jet
a package of my Throat Confection.; they will relieve
you Initantly, and you will agree with ma that 'laey t
t rlfht to the ipot." You will find tbem v.ry uacfo I
and bleaaanl wbil. travellag- or attending pnljllc meet
ings for itllllni yoni Cough or allaying yonr thirst I I
yen try ens pact age, I am safe ia saying that you will''
m afterwarda conalder them lndiapenaahle.
Ton will find them at tte Draggtats and Pialanie
Hadltlne.. -
' WENfyHE CENTS.1"" ' ' "' '
My lignstnrs Utm "each package. All older, are
counterfeit. i,,u ,w . .
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of
ThlrttOeoia, ,.t i . -. ,. .
Adsreasiri ; , - - ... , . ,
Henry C. Spalding, '
J) r ' f I u ) ; new .YoakJ
wr CURE t?
By fie nee of thee. Fills th. periodic attacki at tim
eout er aid BtadodKt may be prevented; and If Uken
at tbe cOBuMneement of an attack immediate relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained. -I
They seldom fail In removing the Sautta lnl '
ocA. to which female, are oo .object.
They act gently npon tbe boweli removing OhHi
new. j
For: Ultrarj Jfim, BudttJt, Delicti Femala
andanaeraooa of aedVmfcjry kabUt, they are valna
aa w-SoenMee, im proving tbe pptHU, giving tone
wiaw te tbe digeativa orgass, and reatorlDg the oatur -
elaiHoity and itrengtb ot the whole ay item.
THE CEPHALIC PILLS are the remit of long lnvea
tigatlon and carefully oondncted experimanta, bavli g
been la uaa many years, during which Urn. they hate
prevented and relieved a vast am sent of pain and luffer
ing from Headache, whether arlginatlng n the naraor.
ayitent or from a deranged itate of tfaw ttomach.
They are entirely vegetable la tbeir oompoeition, an '
may be taken at all times with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, . and Me ooaawot , ,
dUaritmblt tattt rmdtrttt taty to mfmtnii er f htm
The genuine have Sw itrnatuiei of Henry 0 Spalding '
on each Box. ,,i",'vi t ,' ,
Sold by Drngftite and all other Sealers in Afadlelnee.
A Box will be tent by mail, prepaid, oa receipt of the
All erdera ahoald be addreased to - , i .. -
aAel-l "" wr HI-ALAiSniU, -
ts vsaar Btrest, New Vrav.
From the Rxaaetaer, Norfolk, Ta.. - r ;
Oepballe PUls ascomollah the obieoS tor whUK mw.
were made, vie.) Cure of beadaehi in ail Im forau.
I J I . . t . .
M Front tbe Examiner, Horfolk, Ta. "'
They have been tested In more than a thomanit .
With entire success.
j From the Democrat, St. CIon4, Minn. ' '"-'' '"
If yon are, or have been, troubled with tha headache '
tend tur a box, (Cephalle Pllla,) so that yoa may haaa ' .
them In caae of an attack.
- (From the Advertiser, Providence, B. I.
' tie Cephalle PUIS are aaid to be a remarthM .fr. 1 .
remedy for the iMadaeba, aad one of the very beet for
that very frequent eamplaank-wbiob baa ara. k. au.
1 Frem the Weitera R. R. Oaiitte, Chicago; III. J V';'.i t
WeheartUv .ndoraaMr. 8iauIi1Ib. uut i,u ' .
Oephaltann. , . ,.-
tt Kaaawba TaUey Blar, awks, Ta.' ".'-V
We are anre that Dereona auffarina with ih. htaJ,.!'-- u
Who trytnem, will etick tt tbem. --
From, tbe Southern Path Finder, NewOrieene, La.
Try them I yon that are afflicted, and we era n it,.,
mojr testbnonyean be added to the already anmeront
Uatthab haa received benefits that no other mediria aa -
produce. 1,1
Fram tbt BK boat! Btnvwrat.
Theimmenaa demand for the artlole .Oepkall. Pills
U rapidly iauwaaingf n fl'.tg-jg j ,ni''! ' '. '' '
From the, Oaaeite, Davenport. Iowa,, . , , . . , ,
' Mr. Saaldkig would not connect hla uu ma. ...
tkaa ka Aid not t. BDeaua real merit. . . . , , ,
i jbdi
insle bottle af KPALbrN.i'a
S will lave ten Umeeltaooet annually. -
JMi l a, it 1 b -
j I . - .
71 iAvr-SkBfifitwOT
' j "ABvrte- ofTisnj tfa. Hurs.CB " V
" WaccSJenbi will happen, even ia well regalaied am -Tiles,
It a) very oevlrable to have aonu abaap and eon
venient Trajj foreBeJBf; FnraiUue, lojra, Craakery
WAtf'aS r1tPAbBWlj
meet, alleewh emeryenotee, and ao hosaebuld eaa afford
i(Haiwaa, raany, and p ta tbe atlok
IUX W""f
14 ,r J ii
-fatfawek ecaeaapeale. lob BattH.
e..S. tMar Street, tiew Tork.
.., OAUVIOE .'a..
"wr'B w'vp"noiyw pvremia re attamptlba
film oil r till emuniwetli.g publio, imitaliona of aa
ItSPARHD ULUt I would antin. .11 .1
amlal before purrhulng; and an that tbe full nam
oa Ui. ouUtde wrapper; aU etbers are twlBdUugaBB

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