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UEU. W. MANlfBrKWMy. eior.
Democratic Union Nominations.
... .i. tpsiJiia of 8iats .v:
lEIiBT Of . of t
w i lli n iy abstki
i"iUAoi rvtytf work's,
ill' A .
Menu wypTtn
,7i.a w.Tr-T-su.
ai Cttsms PfSBttttaSM
HT0-.IJ 'ill. If .1
.fcilVi'MfiT e
a MconniiiiiTAi .
. .NATHAN COLE.., ,c
HSM ism
r ill lit Wod
t jacob slygh:;
' We will fnrnfch 4ie fllffeirat tamti I the Ohio 8ttet-
Th. Tl.iW 8tstMmui. cer month, it, iOcentf.
The fr-petiff qttteswn jBlb,V-ttfi J :'
lither of the tbore iiiaei will be fuxokbejl laf one or
more 'atontbf. In InJ r ingle copie.t, the bore
te.. t, ,. .;;n,.i U. ''" ;
The Weekly Ohio. SUleimtn will fee urnuhed M lr
lowi: -.ir,. a t-i ;i :.,-i4r- -I .''-
Inclnbeot S oopiei,for twomonthi..-.. ' tl-W
la clube of 11 coylee, for two rronlhi- 2-0
Inclnbeof !0 coptei-fat two tnODtke.. & 3 80
In clahe of 40 copiel, tat two . monthl- "-?:"
. The two monthe' Olobe will eorer tXe perie4 of the
Ctmpklm-vod Une pitce.SMI NAWMOTH
in the hu.de of U who tut it. .t'eiapawn tper,
on w leeeooeble teime. ui a .' :,,'--.-.iiiu..!a
Ut the fiiende of the (oed cue the ttno Union
men otOhio go to woriu o4 eprad the i uiLtl t.L
til oei the Blti 4W epft to nun It lfficient i
u the good of; Ri YVmj,tlon or tw jtiie oi imi
Let it he well. cfrcHliied, 1'. ' , I .
AugaitlO, 1801.
TICKET. THE OHIO STATESMAN For the Campaign. Business Notice.
The" reoeiil ordejp from the f OBtofflea
meat canceling, .t noatage atamps of the old
-. v ..- . , ; 1'-' - ' i
ieM will rendei It impoeeibleUor anou stanipS
to be hereafter -teceited at this otocf , hi pay
UlCUfa u uuca. . j -.. Mi.'
AngnBtg4,iggga-;r;t gaaras
TICKET. THE OHIO STATESMAN For the Campaign. Business Notice. A Weak Device.
'Thi oraans of tieNii P?ty PW, adop
ted a flyBtm''af!BpeeentatioB'Woh,r ir
persiiiett ao.bh nuiruF uvu, - ,
this new concern more noted for us lying pro
pensities than.ahj btbsr.' parfy wh'ih,has here
tofore existed. .
A few da js'agothVJrfufffai Ij'A Mr.
Jiwrrr bad baea bare in oonsBltatioa with bis
friends abbnf Withdrawnarid on' yestlerday
renins the Se HuUm aasartad without
equivocatior!', "ibai 'Mr. Jiwit. Viflaot rim,
ani lhatrtn "a da e a &n- Firfflf wiU
issue Ma' Card withdrawing frpnt '.'llja PtlmofraUc
tioket.'-' 3.::Ta "fnv a i
There Ja no foundation . lur those teriei
whateyer ; and the, jartie8ubllhih 'iftein
know that they are saannfsctwriog laiseoooOB
Mr. liwtTT'.and'GeB. Fitch were both in
this eity laat isigbt, and'no audi Idea hal been
enterUIni J Sy eUneTJortbem." TFey will not
only stand a pofltB.quz. onlnloiy will, with
their colleagues, bealecUd'tyidm'pliantly1.'"
Mr. Ted's Letter.
We publish this morning lirTotf'iietiei
accepting the nomination.. .Will por je.igbbo'r
of the Jorfl jk .pobliah, MrjJawtTr's
The Lawrence Co. Clipper.
The'laeT nunaber of the Lawrence County
dieeer) ipeekiog oj BJrV- Mariii.!, 'eVglMi
candidate for Lieut. Gorernor,. fays, v '
Menypenny.'cf Ihe- Siekiman, heralds him
as a lire-long imacuW rJaOBUOws better.
The editos.ajthet igeorantly or wilfully
and we believe the tatter 4iee. - We distinctly
ialdr 'Iw a. rx il If; .'xie.A k a
Mr MarsJiall'wsa fcirlyB i old line Whig.
but did oot take an active pert In politics un-J
vtirrnrTOe ana supremacy oi Aooutiooism in
tha Republican. purtj. Ia the. last akTMs he
took an actlre prt,,nd made many rey able
speeches on the side of trie Democracy. He Is
a geod Jawyef, ; ootid nlua Defccal,'' aa
honest man, and will enake-an excellenJ pteeid
ing .elHcer of .the &ppiieQ .ii . ' '
The Clifur ia eertaiBlf kyiaghoijr mean It
ean be) and Is making eicellept progress In its
. , . T ' "
Sustaining Administrations.
Tbe Fusion Conveatlpo iuttaio(d the hi action
al Administration b'y'sayuig nothing about it,
and the 8tata Administration' bv klckinv out all
the State plEcers they could. , One of thadsla j
gates aid tbjy would serve' Auditor' Tathk
$Le"JL.lbrMlan the aa way U they conld
ftsRh tbtjnr.' ' TWs" is attaining 'ygu Jrknft
- . rUm In. wH'ijVtOFS
The Two Parties and the Two
b Oi a S:ti a i d Lunti offloerK ttk
tich the DeoDit select GoTernoh Ueuwn-
State, a Comptroller of the Treawp, Rodge
of the Supreme Court, and a ",,lff lh
Board of Pnblio Works, making in a
3iat Affiaerar. BesitU thte, at theeame Mae.
thes Jo boUhnoh f,4blIglmi to,r
' '6f.V)W Mj!na( W' w. IW
oocuia erery (wo jears, i which the rUiwrftatf
tlal chair and nearly all the 8Ut -offleVe
IWatJ'icnfbeTi ot.'th Ltgislaiurd' .ifcotan
fir. itblil'jir'b'wi claimt n'po (he
WV.eV ol the peoples. But at thU.erltleal
hMotare of iMn, when our National Unloose
threaferi'ei wltW i3lsmemb(ineni, ahd 6iir jOffB
'Siiie"Ul luVatiton by a doaeetie loe;, whaij the
flwer4:bnr opulatloe) Is turned into an armed
soldiery, mti'o) Strr pctiple are1 tolJJbnrdoiiea far
fijaoy . jeVgW cpm? .'.wUli Wj wbllo
aii.weVeuf'uiwt.wheB our Udustrj ia para
trtred afld tadeaad bitaeet,MeptIailie mea-
MMri and sale 6r otir war . mtmtL we ai
'&( S&LdW)tf-tf ' Vch! a time, a.;, this,
aVer maa In Ohio should be awake to What the
While 'weliaWftbd his own Interest alike "de
marid, to see to HMthat men are, put U office,
who jtiJ aawljjiateV thii WtMwl
ry, taonomcaUyvnd with an eye single to the
best'MBtereete'bf' tbeStatf-BeO, bo U,
wndse fttltTincewiiili' pdtent1 for an Immediate
tod aff-ciual oruthint: oufcolthe rebellloB,lM
be as pwrerfal In briogidtj ebent te-nntoo of
atf thtates-nd Territories ttnaer tnevou
sHtulionaadJlagofottr pouBty. ,,,,,,
'"tl '1 . Q.t liokata nrmanUd tathc
,Si.M?",'1 v w r -
beopleof Ohiox XlneM tbe ticket tow
eboserraiive Democratlq TnUm partyp-a'fjw
which nas ' new jfji'twed'iB Us devotlonjo, ihe
UntoB4J)U has hitherto been She duel tnUrn
meht? 'nriaera Prbr Ideoce Its malnUoance-4
abandoaed.its rgaBitlB..and .deserted the
Feoeral GoterBmehs, Wit lia stood by U a
sliif and impct'etrable phalahV,nd obheld the
bovernment f.jft." dBgwif pTertrow,-
Thiaiame old Deioiocratio patty eUnda to iaj
Intega'rd to. the Uolon :and the GwrernmeBt,
where It las stood tot 'more ' than"three score
Itv&fyti ndidates ca.ih'e. State ticket,
whoa's eaMoitv and intccrity an uaoeaUcnod,
Ms'obW Bedeesiryt taylhat they are dee.ded
Theother tiekeVis.thatVp, partj.which was
oat a week old yeeteraay, ano ean gire ov
guarantee In He pass history fot lte' future ton
duct. ' It Is 'atJ&yty1 m&4(;np' ih'he miia of
Oeptjblipuns "'w)". owpok ,Ah.eiV lorganlaation
and thus deserted the AdrainUWatioa tbey bad
placed in power? a"t aolie
Stroog jjarlj tojMj. W I
"HoitieDl wien It needed
ltd' support.' ; Beside
RepublicanaktiiesrMkaof is new party are
filled Whb Difnulod Abolitionists and 'B few
Deinpcrats who Iert their jparty at V'ma when
ed"fostheeopport of the Federal: Government
and til nrrtervatfen' Oflb S Cnloa.' ' The ticket
6fbe 'new;'orgainizattoa is it mongrel one cor
! Kl.JUi . i . i - . .. : . .i.i
responding to tbecurctr oibo party wuicn
put it in nomiBtWn
Snch arefbetwo parties and the tw6 tickets
now presented, in Ohi&VTbe honest Union
loriog tnass of fbe Jpebpla will; tuty. decide
fhiphthey.shpuld aoppottt t; !
' ' II." 1 '"! '
. 07 The ReDublioane, by their action at Co
lumbus, have aokaew lodged to the world that
their party is corrupt, disnonest, ana wnouy in
capable of administering the affeire of the State
ana National uorerumenis. roar .venueon .
If he had the spirit of a chicken he would re
sign at once, and pas tbe remainder of bis nay
in a nunnery ! Mt. Fcrno Bnntr..- '
-sGorerDar'. Dinmmw will not resign; his
Mends say that this Is the 'lank office be icrer
expects to now, ana ne musi etayngu. .
.The mean set thing was a lot of Democrats
"riuifloe" into tbeConTcntion, for the purpose!
as one, or tnem eam, " oi cleaning out toe
Spue Hoiwe raU,!' and now openly boasting of
thair aeaeeS..:iv:-i : "
J 1. I
To Union Men.
Alter puiung wrw in Mauuvroas asper
and alons agabit-the Unioo Of. Statearlt-sayer
pr TH
j.Tbe Ohio State Journal, as tbe central organ
of the great Union movement in Ohio, baying
entered upon tbe campaign wiia toe determines
purpose of applying its utmost energies to tbe
maintoinance of .the Union Platform, ia offered
to the batronace of. Union' men, with confidence
in their liberality, j' 'V i ,,: .
We clip the bovs from the Slate Jonrnal,
and. ihohffh there la some question about It be
ing' the "central, Orkirn', yet' .we''. Waive' ttat
point. Jquf nalJijiQ doubt Jryjiyto .ba
good Union paper, but its newelothas fit ewraJ
bi&ZJI&lwgl&neejhiJaVrlltl'tiiXlQxUl tBs
following. Jljtadidatee Y'jqlpM4.' .aa1. mud that
that paper has greatisM for the Union..' Bpeal
Ing of the Unlon-JIt laid : 1
It is b faeMreseneeus Union Wbleh has gone to
the country to be passed on; and which, fallicr
to further gubaerye the ends ot its creation, is
about to be cast said lilt tboetedy wbiob an
immortal seal bat wova oat and thrown off, to
seek a new knd more lasting tenement. The
Democratic Idea in America ha outlived the
America Union. That Is all. The life, vital
ity, tba sonl of this idea, Is about to burst from
its chrysalis shettrarrd taking on a new form
InnAalina Snena M OkfM V ViStf I Ji ValhfMjl tt at Mtlntk
trai aaaj k bviu v awiara v a,wu w viv va svBtvaB
-wIH"rud that career of cower In civllizine
and Tflnii3t I crude" world, Which" we believe is
aasuny nnaer neavsn roiuwno una an
or do aw aabol and ietet lean ofmbecititw over
brtakino bp ot am unnaturol etmptct, but
reaoon, jiutice and humanity will gladly accept
a ant of thooo CMetXtg SVMences Wat rron
denes is loorxln good to im creaiureo of mt eartn
lAfbttyBffie proceot of mflttt.
What iincp.ritv can there be in the new wo-
lesaions 01 any paper iot me union teat win
put-forth such sentiments as theseT
Further tays.he;4aBiiTAi. ftaf" t tbesew
AVfftW-Vtillysij'of AmCTici? patAotismT'dls'
covers bwt little gold J :Ta antboeiaam of tbe
msKea for the Union bat been apotheosized byl
poaucianuM. weir own semaa aggronaizement.
Asa btenr moat Uelr raUinna r. MM Ms aa-
thinMna had bteum to staf it with a esrUl de
gree ifoaoeednen:: the truth has reached
pdjAilartcart, and Intelligence the popular
mind.aud the uaosea see that tbe Batural giant
strength ol physical America,' and tbe measure
or'frtMdm enjoyed ry onr. people unaer be
Constitution, properly directed, have made ae
what we are in spite of tbe Union. It ie free
labor wod' freetbog1it that have made the
American union illustrious, ana npf fne union
which has developed thoee features .of Democ
racy Aad new that this free tabor and this
rcsilewsi tbrobblog free thought Brtf Oatrammel
ed by the t Union, the , embarrassment will be
remortid Tbe young giants reluse to be maa
aoUd . - -
TuVedftbVni pTon6ijaob'd.thVgnuslani
tbe masaes.'"' If that were tbe true criteri
ll'j.oufd". certainly be 'factitious, But Jt
oot true. Tbe Jove lor oar Uaioa with tbe
"mWrsls gebn'ne and unfaltering aof fadit
tlons 6ut it is tioa? Being apoiheosired by foil .
tioians for their own' selfiah aggrandisement."
"is is not whit tne journal is trying to do
ymrtwcW.B nn jmfmtM ri
UMioN7g Separate peao4l eaW
to. ; is p-f fersbU i J UnioB whlcl la dissatis
fy lory to ooa and whlu't j uUi Jn the progresi
ofthao'her . l r
(These are rlW-Jspeclrn of Union sentl
BMuVWbe f ut turth by Ve cintril oroan"
of the -great Unloa movement.; I
- ouiuw uiuwi vtwwnie em vui "l
ore .dancing tf soxajmuaif as inis ron iu
cLtral ofca'H Tfhatetpeyi"ji9'W
a . k i . M ' A
new, these are their genuine sentiments, spoken
fresa tha henrtr mz-fm-'' , -One
To Union Men. Douglas—The Conspiracy.
Rererend W. R. Cartir hu been task
log a speech in Cincinnati ia which ha said
that ru thvprWate papers of Mr.-Dotjoila' would
b found thaevidenoe of a written conspiracy
with the Barnes of tha parties, to orertbrow the
Government. 4 "1
The nilaoK ftisffths editor of!
which is one LMa Doootaa's bast friends
says he has no douhvpf , tfte. fact, aud sustains
it by prodnolnc th following "Tertwrom Mr.
Dooolas to him," which jshowt ah designs of
traitors at bona. Read b' xa
Tbe fct eao no lege.e4oiei, war many
or fbe Ktpuuun ostiators desire war and via
UNION,- BBder Breteit of satlni .the Union
They wlah to get fi4f the Soathem Benators,
in order to have a majority in the Senate to
connrm tbe. f poMumsnttj and many or tnem
think they can hold a permanent Republican as
cendency la tbe Ifortbern States, but not in the
sstsls Union.-lot rstsa aascis, therefore,
they erRsiestfwel tkt Union;: U it ean
do none wimoui maang wem.respqwwe oe
fore the people.; B tun 'i"-t
This letter waa;;;rljteoia tKe;,enate
chamber by Mr. DoMt.asl; We bona to seefthis
at the head of tbe papers which now take so
much pleasure la qa'otlog frbi I MfVDorotAS.
Ted at Wooster.
During the last Presidential ampaigo Ton
made a apeech at 'Vooster Th i Cleveland
Herald, a Republican paper, reported his Speech
to show tho RepiiblicADS it the. jtesecvit what
Tod thought of, them; Read it:' FT'
My friends and fellow Democraan We ean
hare no democrats, or rery lew, on me west
ern Reserve, and I will tell you the reason. Go
to any table there, public or private, I care not
which, end yo have set Before yon what do
you suppose?. ,Apj thing for a Christian maa to
sit down to? Asjthing from which you, my
fellow Democratic friends; conld any the .crav
ings of hunger? ,Not a bit of lttNptbiDg of
ins una. - .,,., . ..
. Bat after a long pharlsaio grace, yon look at
the feast and yon find perhaps J had, fetter
read the bill pt fare ". . ,); v.ri) ji'j.it.
fickled cucumbers, yellow, J0jJ)jq i
ickled beans, short., -j i. T , ..CAlKUt
''Sage cheese, in small cube. jr
' A plate of leatber-eQlored butter., .v,
Flour biscuits as big as boll's eye watch,
Bad red with aaleratus. , -, j. ,,. .
Three small slices of bread.... , ,t i H-.i-.-i..:
' Grace said and we alt down to meat. To meat
did I sayTri To a dry, purltaoio, fast-day .re
freshment, such aej they offer you . upon the
Western Reserve, ", ,'. . n t.i I i--Ms
' Do too think yon can raise Democrats npoa
snob thia dlett . 1 tall yon bo. A Democrat oa
the Western Reserve would starve, r He .wants
ssmething f ubstantbu for hie stomach not new
pickles and soar biscuit. on ean raise Demo
orata oa bo suob isre-. ...;- , w,;i(M !t
How, Jo aao. aspect to be elected - GoTaraet
by men who here baea raised lad Ted on pickled
yellow cucumbers, plekled beans, sige cheese,
leather colored butter and; ball 'a aye biacuila,
la more than we can tell." We should think
that met raited on this kind bf iiet were scarce
of blood at least Democratic blood!,!, Can
they be good Union men? . v.- m v '
ST Let tha people of Illinois remember that,
after tbe death of tbe Illustrious Doaglat, the
flrst man who disobeyed his injunction "to
abandon party Issnes," was the Republican
Gorernor of this 8tate, who appointed Mr.
Browning to the Senate. Tbns the death ol
tbe greatest statesman of the Democracy, and
of Illinois, was regarded at a mere opportunity
to strongmen tne organization or tne Kepuoii
ean party. VMcago jvnet., . j, . -,
,' , Ifat only this, but Mb Limooui and his Cabi
net bare carried oa the most unrelenting parti
aaa warfare, and removed every Democrat with
In their grasp,1 rea "old gray haired Demo
crats, whose sons were ia the army fighting for
tha CoostitotloB and tbe Union, were turned out
of offioea whereby they obtained subsistence
while their eons were fighting par Mules-
[Telegraphic Correspondence of Daily Commercial.]
From Washington.
The whole country appears to be alarmed
about tbe safety of Washington; except Wash
ingtonitaeir: ... ,.
The four hours heavy cannonading across thi
Potontao. this afternoon, caused ptf trepidation
but great curiosity to learn mtm 4i Je bad th
Geft. MoCleliaa to-day ordered: tUe. restors'
tion of fire fugitive slaves harbored by bo reg
lent of 8lokiea' Brigade. X" ; k ' . ,
The rebel arm is continually Bblftloflr Doil.
tlona, especially of advanced poBts. ' The reason
lfobvtoaa.' v" ''"' .:Y ',. 1.
-11 u aof irae tnai oeauregara s army, boios
Bailey's and Ball's Croat Roads.' ' Jur. troops
The near Washington—List
of our Killed and Wounded.
A xeoooaoisasce In fore was mide to-day. by
part of bu mea, with a battery atLewlos-
vilfa, sraeB tbey were Ore Bpoa By a battery of
lheeasm., t".-"''- '" - '-
There was a sbarp cannonading rot about an
boar, when the eaeay battery was silenced.
Ssrca -were killed and Bight wounded on our
side.. Of Comet. MeKeoitn-e lodiana Keei
meat fiergSant Sam. Goodie, Privates Oliver
Hobble ad W; H. Wood killed.' ""
Lleat. Haacnck, mlesinr: maneBM to be kill
d,- and Asbttry InsloW ami John Hamilton,
wouaded.,. r. mu.i 'iW"-jj
Dr. George . Blaokrasa.'or ClrJcInnarl, wu
oa the field, aad reodered -efficient serYfcb to the
woonfled. -1 :i,-Jr!i tn i' ''
Oar soldiers foarbl BdmlrabTy, 40 J rectivefl
the eosamnaalieae Wsoeral Hcdellan: 1
W. M. D.
Another Account of the Firing Opposite
Washington Yesterday.
Heavy eanDsaading was aaard this aiterBOta
for Bbont Bau an Door near iewunu( lour
milas back of the CaaiBi rldg Tbe eause,
. near ee ret aVMrtaiawd. wes t rerxmnels-
saacB made la totoe by too yeraaoas aaa maiae
with battery., .Thay aoddaaly eama apaa
large body of tba enemy, when -akirmisb
enSBsd. .ptsulUsi la. .Urea killed ana few
wouaded aa oar aid. . Oar fbrea thaa fell aaek
their noaltloo aear th brtdae, whioa aaaed
tho matter., AM Waabioatea waa la a far meet
usual, aad theugbt tbe general engagement
had commenced kf f:'3 e .". '-.
CT Th friends af attaBclpadon of slaves by
Government darlof tbe war aasume that
slaves, alter emaaclpauoti.-wll! remain fa
Booth, haeausa the ' South ' needs labor.
Hence, the aay, large numbers af aegroe will
irrapt int tba northers Btdta to compete
with tha white' worklng-ssea already tbete. ' A
mesneat's reflection will teaca now aasoon it
this Ueory. If tbe slaves are manclpated,lt
will be aa aa act er war, ana tnererorw against
will af their maaterw, who will not recognise
their fraadonr. bat wilt kee them in 'servitude
thereaa. Is not this 00 ' IHl M, lh begro
mutt el iBar-raBr1 urine norm er joao ois use
oea tj Those will be bit Ifctoai're. Henoe
KiHOflismiioeM aa aa set ofwar, Baeaes It) over-
ruantng ot the North with large bands of freed
nrfreea who will aompete with whit mea In
Ulirr (if Uy 0 be tadeeed 10 labor), Orwbd
ntlaur Jaihh wark-houaet and alBebOSes,'
be awpaetted bf tte pubU-."- lata W ae
aMMt hw ft ean
Chicago Times.
The War for the Union—Facts and
. Mdbroe oouulf hat furnlrhed 711 ti, ee j ars'
men. ' In addition to this liie bis Ihe faV. wlcg
offloerajn the services Lraufr.-C0K.5V: 1 Rich
ardsoaj AdiuUnt,' -t 1 aokeon ; Sergeant,
Fisher. Ciaaon and S
Fisher. Ciaaon and SnaBKler. , First Lleuten
ahta- iaa. tinhh.esd. Witlok antllljbck.
Second' LiedttniBBiL jBinolaHr', J Merryman,
James, Patton, Birraokman, Brown and Ball
Total, (InolBdlngfcar Uentenmrta aot appoint
ed), 27-. A,liUle.aJ(3Blation,,wUl ahorthal
Monroe has sent her OroDortion of 13,000 rneci
one man to every 37 of the total population of
the county, orone ewery, Pi ,me vqwrs--r
Thls is not all." 'There ar Uo orthred bompi
aiea in-proKwweof being raised, one of which is
aearly full Capt-BoHar'i company. !
There waaboatftwo dtMn'copBties in this
State that claim td"be khead In volunteering;
if they aaa beat, MonroBf leLtljfia gbp.the
ugurea aa we uare uuuo
Three chewaipr 'Mttlo,JJouroa,..-We reooj
loot a fey years since1 she .ga.re J760 .Demo
cratic majority, and the Republicans said "they
were Toting for Jacksoa yet."
. These 'are aba kind Qf nan who Some of okr
Democratic friends say are not good Union men
ennneh for thenf to' vote wlthi ' They therefore
loin with Oorrffa knd fftjafBajBea
are 'bettes' patriots' thaa the DemBoaBejw .That
Is boI the reef reason.4' It fs'tbb shaUbw i 'f ' ij
Cool Without Ice.
The XesaWirsM of Harrlsoa Vrannty, hsylDg
about fi.v hundred majority, have nominated a
fuH RelubUean couJtlcket'iiT,;;;.,'
,.The Cadis RtfuiUon la anstoat to have the
ticket elected, as tbe existence of the paper de
pends on the election of that ticket; but It sup
ports tb FuaJarV'Sfati t'ickcL'ru.x V'a '
Read what the lrfpaiKean'siryei'' ' ' 1,0,'" M
The gentlemen who compose the ticket put
in nomination by the x Republican Convention
which convened on the 19th of August; will all,
no doubt, heartily support tbe Union State tick
st, and they should, iaotarn, receive tbe sup
port of wvry Union maB !in the county j1,' We
truet; that ierery mft wp,o, h htrstoforb acUd
with the Republican party in this county, sad
all othert teha have 'recently come into fhf Union
wioeiwunl will fed it their duly la give fun fStoti
and county ticktte a united and heartr ouvfort.
Let us prove our'devotioh to the Union by sup
porting uhcondltionai Union men for every
office. - ' : -' ' n
Now all,, you Democrats "who hare recently
come Into the Union movement,", step up and
help the Cadiz Republican out of its trouble.
"Wont you walk, Into my parlor? said tbe spider
to the Brt'jr s f A f-a fSi. rw f
David Tod's of the Nomination
for Governor.
COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 6, 1861.
HoADaVib Ton IWwr Sir! 1 have the honor
to.- tnforn yoa that job- were aranimouuly and
moat enthusiaatically nominated as a candidate
for Governor, at the People'e-Uaioo Convention,
held IB this city yesterday, and It Is to be hoped
tnet you wilt opeeatiy sigutty your acceptance or
tbe position In sucn manner aa may be consonant
with your judgment. - iy ..
With sentiments of high regard, &c
THOMAS President.
J. M. COFFINBERRY, Secretary.
In responding to my nomination by your rep
resentatives in Convention at Columbus on tbe
6th inst., intelligence of wbioh hss this day been
offiolally communicated to me, and io the ac
ceptance of tbe tame, it is meet that I should
express to yon my tense of the obligation which
this high honor confers. . Language fails me
in this attempt, as I can conceive of no more
distinguished mark of your confidence at this
critical juncture, through so intelligent and
patriotlo a Convention of representatives as
sembled from . all . political parties; - at well
aa of the highest interests and most im
portant concerns involved In what may with
truth be termed a struggle for our national ex
!j Believe me when I assure you I folly appreci
ate the vast responsibility attached to the posi
tion af Chief Magistrate oi our Slate at this
critical period in its affaire, and am duly sensl-'
ble of my own demerits, and were it not that I
rely upon your generous fotbearance I should
hesitate to accept what your distinguished im-,
partiality with such unparalleled unanimity has
assignea me. " J
Without going into a dlecuation of the cir
enmstances and events which . have brought
aooui tne present alarming ami untmppy condi
tion of our national affair, as these mutt now
be apparent to all. I. Will content myself bv
saying that the issue presented to us as a people
in me sanguinary struggle lorcea- upon us by
tbe ambitious and designing leaders of tbe
Southern rebellion, is, that of man's capacity
for ssli-gevernment.1 Tbe whole question to be
tried 'and settled settled m sncb a Way that
nothing- in human power' can ever dlstuib or
change.it again, !, tueu, "Wbeibsr mao.'is
capable of governing himself. ' Should jl flot
Cs ehowa wben every resource aVid cactifici has
been made and I would exhaust. every means
In our power first ere yielding then la order
that we might bare our rights protected and our
liberties preserved in some degree approaching
tbe perfection of our hitherto supposed Impreg
nable system oi free government, I Would eon-
tent to be taken under the protection of our
once ao. called Mather Conntrv. or nf an Mh or
power capable of maintaining fot .us the rospeut
01 ue nauoni 01 tne giooe.:ncnv ".. a-.i . r
, That we shall eventually succeed In settling
thlt question to the satisfaction of all tbe world
beyond, the hitherto expressed doubts and sus
picions of foreign potentates, statesmen and
presses, I bare not tbe remotest, doubt; but that
we eball be required to exercise all of those
higher attributes, bf which -man it capable-
patient and pereeyerihg purpose, inflexible will,
ansbeken fortitude-end unshrinking courage,
the already written experience of the past few
months have indicated. - , And it is thaaouree of
tbe heartiest congratulation that we can al
Ieady point to the bravo deeds, and daring and
lorioua actions of pur. noble volunteers thus
early, and feel within our hearts that tbe num
ber of these Invincible soldiers are only to be
Increased and their welfare and comfort consid
ered aad- oared for to the utmost of our re
sources, to bare abundant evidence of the suc
oess which, though it may be temporarily in
ter ranted, must eventually perch opto oar ban-1
Bert. . vi s ir 1 t
It it tbe duty of every man who can bear arms I
at tblt janeture, Imperative heceasity alone pre-1
renting woen nia e a arts snouia oe given In
another dtreetioa towards strengthening tbe
oauea and aiding tbe Government to rally to
tha standard of bit country, and be contented
among th aeroe of th greatest at It will be
the - raoM 'exwaoramary revolution since tne
world began. The atrnggle of otir aneettort
wat for seu-governmaut, oar tttuggie Is to
main tain It, and under tbe blessings of the same
God. who smiled upon Washington and his
barefooted and half jtarttd ..comrades, ids will
....... . .... ; 1 - T J T -!
Thoaa who cannot aid the causetio) tbe leld 1'
may yet do much while putwulng their ordinary
avocations; the sinews of war sre needed, and
these tbey may belp to'contribute, arwj man
as far as his meant, will warrant, and there
should scarcely be a limit to thie when H is
considered that if oar GoTernmeoi Is1 destroyed,
property will bare lost whatever value, Its Ute
iastitutions and enlightened laws conferred. Ia
this iew,tB National Loan, bated upon such
security tt underlies the existence of tha Fed.
oral GovernavBI and tha tshie f 40 firoperty,
and to which Be other epediet of BecVrity eaa at
all approximate in value.' should be aa-liberally
subscribed to aa so much.'of a Ua Of -life, for
what is lifajwertb withoa t liberty 1 , Aad is aot
liberty to be 1 purchased an Btcor ed at every
cost? The character of tbe Nalloaal Loan is
such that nearly all classes' may perticiptte In
subscription, and it is belter- that, tea nen
should subscribe to a xi.ow or iu notes, xnan
tk&atrui honor and orotU'sbonld fall Id oae," "
Oar system ol taxation my .rrjrirtlrer revlstoh';
ir noiV oneratcs some eseacs wjio snouia oe
lonnd. while others suffer whose - burthens
should be lightened.. Equality, tbat.Jlke the
dsws of heaven', each' may bear, la proportion,
jost share, is what U rtquired,sahd' what It
should be our aim to secure. MNr '"
Th anprapirtd state id which rne'opetiltf of
war foaadar wksta GdrtrnmenT, baturally
reatad 'KiaBy 'obstacles, no little confusion,
much dek- rJ tus y try S i pecullbily
annoying 1 .ileui !cs I botU uei -ecutive and
the people. 5 1 am hapryto t illarrvthatXthiise
obstaoles a now maiii'.'y removed K .1 I
It shall te ray aim tolva iha0tluit sup?
port to the f'.iionil iQovernment, conceiving.
tbe doctrine pt n session to bntlreJxdestruc.l,
tlve of our aaliuAbl existence, without which ItTi
wiflpo Impossible to govern ourselves, regard
tag lipri: fnaltoipaot o the Federal Union
iioduiiiitftu4.buT people, and adhering
to the never to ha hV.n hallwf that thev the
the States, ar then representatives, fairly sleeted
aqa afliegatco suu assembled, m mauoaai uon
vention, have alone the right, after the most libr
eral and enlarged debate, to determine its fu
ture destiny." Believing that the masses of the
South still love the Union and would, were they
left untrammeled and unforced,' declare to-morrow
their will for Its continuance, I utterly re
pudiate the monstrons'tod wicked plea and pe
tition of the ring leaders of thlt conspiracy, and
would argue for war eternally, until they were
brought to cbndigd punishment, and ' their, ml
guided followers restored to reason and brought
Deck 'to a recognition of the true' purposes and
intentions of the Federal Government, from
which, by artful, canning and gross 'misrepre
sentations, they have been misled and blinded,
I pray tbe time may not be long In Its approach
when our deceived Southern brethren shall be
restored to their allegiance, and tbe more efl'ect
trally the war is proeeouted to this end the speed
ier the hour will come, when we shall behold
the Union as it waa as It waa Intended to ba
se it mu?t and shall be not a pillar withdrawn
from its magnificent temple, qot a ttar erased
from its glorious constellation.'': '
I recognize tha .full spirit and indorse in
every word, sentence, and as a . whole, the plstt
form, simple, pure and honest as it is, upon
which I am placed, and with the best energies
with wbien I am endowed, and am cspablei
shall aim to carry out its just and righteous print
oiples, and that our brethren at the South mejt
see in it and in this my indorsement having
Hitherto been counted, among those, who were
their warmest and most devoted-friends th
sincerity and truthfulness of our purpose in our
war for the Union for. thi take of tho Union, 1
shall go forward if elected, of which loan have
no manner of doubt-rand elected by such an
unparalelled majority,' as shall convince tbe
World how Ohio can aot when tbe Union Is in
danger and its existence threatened burying
all party passion knd prejudices, yielding up all
political predilections, believing in tbe dying
words of the great Illinois Statesman, tba
"Whoever is not prepared to sacrifice party orl
ganizations and plattorms on tbe altar of his
country, does not deserve the support of honest
people. - I shall go forth to the discharge at
my responsible duties strengthened by tbe jus-j
tioe of our cause, and relying upon tbe charity
of all good people who, aware of the infirmities
to which all mea are subject, will not expect
too much from any one, or snch a thing as per
fection t and with a single purpose to maintain
the honor, dignity, repotatlon, aud if please
Heaven, to add to these, ao that Ohio may rank,
second to none In her loyalty, her liberality, her,
courage and undying devotion - to the Govern-;
mentot our fathers the Union, one and insep-
Cleveland, Sept. 9, 1861.
xaox., ;,, . v-v- ' ' 1001.
United States Express Co., Prop're.
Via New York & Erie Bailroad,
And all other Roads Leading Wefit
, " and Southwest.
-, 1 t . u. 1
Chartered Care over moet Boedt on Pati-Dger Tralat.
H. BOfXT, Ag't.
351 Broadway, N. T
I. KNI6BT, Ag't,
2i State Bt., Boeton.
H. PERRY, Superintendent. Baffalo. '
II. FITCH A: SON, Agents,
. 8T TVeet Broad Street,
. 'OI,UITlBtJS,oniO.
i Uonry Tg 0013.101,
j . (Late of Pbalon'i Eilabliibment, N. T.,) '
raihloneble Shaving, Hair Cuttiog, BbampooniDg,
purling and Dreuing Baloou,
j South ITijtVi St., over Bain's Store,
Where eeturacllon will be given in all the virions
tranche,. ... .. .
- Ledlet' and Ohlldren'i Hair Drmiiog il.ine In Ike beat
Stele. .... .-
I Ul.l3.lllf .
During; tho -Wetirl
, J : . . . I -
J hn nntatia.-! tkt Ma. 1 flVvrdHM ur irtr a ii
onidetlriDgtoeDlltteWUl do wall to call and uLuin
Infinaiallnn kafnaa oll.tl.. .1 V. V .
auevaaasaaivaa utiuie cuilttlU CIBCWHBrp,
-'- . v m. o tti-LBY. ;;
iepll-d3t. . f. .Iceroltlngpltcer
ATOTICE aenhvetvea-'ibtk 1 whi m on .n
X.1 testation. alliheootetaadiBw onleta luued anln.t
Uit County Tatatari, lodorerdr t'Not Tld fot want of
ranes.'-: L'iu .1.'- . TBOHPBON, '-
,- . . Trtasnrar rranklin Co.
sepio-fitV)rt.'j (l;t--jii !. T.ij 'irJ
.,1 !t--...lf
1 1
.. 14 eixl bil
nt,t m nind rt i-jf ,'Kt 'i
I f't'f'V I Cii . TO e ii)t
t .rns3in.t'rr J..WI1J' 'J Vf.T m si It II
: u pntTrrriir swn iTftTTf?vH ont t
:r.s D.--i:'if ewilba m .e-t.a-r
u.i nit ... . . , .-va, . i t-etf't a .. u.a,i in
w-i.rjrv V J t"- ' I ' '"' w ' i 'j
tt. .1H al - VlvU;' W 11
. ae Also; : '
1 i.ii iinan rri(ii
Old Rye, llowtig&K&li&UTVon
j (.. W H 1 8 KY '
.jmW1-.'V .'i r ,,:
r l k ,r f i
ji i e ! , f e.
Haroii's Orrtos, Cefcf)sns, 0,V
Ttrtu.rt tl ': . :! I Beptember S, 1001. J
Third Ward In tkeeMjrof- 0lnbaa eM berebyno
tiBed that an elecdod of one Trustee, to act as a member
of lb Cornell vt-aaM Ott. t aHltieiamMui
by the reaigeaUon o( lr. A. 9. Blalaj latw.Vratteev WW
ba htkl at, ue tliiiM Btalae-BoMls ia: i4 svard. Ue
neuai piaoeei oeming reeiaat.lt taid Wa,dt B.Me
ttgallioBrs.- -"-"'"WrTiev.wHr
I . . to'lVWSCUVilKkH Mayor.
Wt'-lt (,.T .W ,tnm.-l!IHnI ,'vri('I V, or-
I r.. .,. ....,, .m. f.,,.;L -j T..K ,.,
ai'.--JSJriVa AiiV'-ir'l lr- '' "
7XPf I LA1VT,, )4lWArF.ItPKOOr
JLV WAltiOLOl'llB.-t Aato,.otuee makes of Bprlug
kvak CloUivtnaU eteeiraklf enlBtaaee BladlKTa. law
eels and Buttons to match. bain aii. 11 of
apriU He.B9Bothlllgh,ue T
r'Wesr 'ha' advertlsaient m your eolaanae cfMnc
WVmixrw's Boothiwo Brarr, How wsaever aaida word
ifarof of k patent meriicUe before In pur lite, bat we
Ml eoitSellodio-tiy to your rderk that fhlt le d bma '
lmtrBa-ipira r, ai r o au rr
euiuta. .,lt tsewokabky ooeoftke awe) aeeeterol ed.
dace of abe daa, beoaaw It Is one of the best. And Uioee
voae osatlnrs whe IxeVB kmbisS eaa't do better thaa-.
-BafliDatlon and pain, and heiili tlie worst burn,
war BtoOt fireteuts
ewelllng aud pun from bee etlnge, noequito bllee, and
Couonoit BJiwia,
nut. UI rtieuti
IIUUl VVW .ilUB.f WW,.." "1W
naelgta, rheums tin, agae In the
. . 1 Vbeb Ukea-lntarnallr, It will
oai' l(j Shfldven, aal atrSe immediate.
poeiUvetr erne oi
rellefiathe'wontmMi ot Uile terrible complaint; alee.
remove! noaneneae ana sore Uiront, Prloe, n MBM.
u. - Tor eiile by Drug
r"Taoi, PiopTtotseVit 4-1
But by procnrlngand nadlng dncrlptlre pmphleU, '
be found with all dealers, or will be tent by Proprietor
on demand.,- FormnU an Triet Bottles eeot to Phyel'
elane, who- Will find developments labqth woithy their
ooepUnoee(S)roTal.-,fi tSIQiiAti J a
' Oorreipondenoe eoliolted from an whoae neceeeltles of
enrioeity prompts to a trial of the above reliable Heme!
dies. -i 11 1 -"
tor lair ly lite niaal wholeeale and retell dealer I
ervenrwaeeneiuik Kellxn.a h ... ,
,.Jla.J. ffOBUBsrsUl Wharf, Boston, Haas.
JUbertk8amne,N,.B. Marple,. B. Cook, 1. M,
Aenlg, 0. Benjs ?opi, A. I
, ecnujsiujr soo,
lor vuiuiDuwi vmw. -. .
Oysters! Oysters!!
,0.t ..jCLyJGrNJEXE.
betowalljrewlpt,be xpre, of . 1
uy i '. - ; I ; ' I
VrMn Baltimore" and Fair Haven. " '"
Call at Wagner's Oyelarand fruit Depot, No. 21 East
if -.TJil.i.C'UfM S ohn Uoli-r 1
V'?"i lolaJnollwal' I H'""
hi w so w: J
J SOOO yarde Tiavelln tlreii Ooode at 8X valat
a RW NOW nVFRKIHO. . . - . . . 1
seats, .-a . ,...- :X"
2500 yards TraTellngDres, floods Jat12V. value 39 etsi
1000 yards Treuch Orgniillo, at value 3 cent.
3Ufln yards Fast Colored Lawns at 10. value li oenla..
luuo yards romara vres, snici t J, vame au ceois, i
15(10 vardt Bo per PUIn BUok Bilk at SI HI. value St 35
Robes of Orgondle Benge, and Bnglish Berage, at oas
. " Wt 1 T4T A. AIT
DA 1 tl SB. DVtt . ,
SO Booth High BtreeK ,
". .11
DEALER tlV .'.,':,,,
irr,f-.T .Tnt " .ex'i''1
,l-i"i i. v.. .''
;'f!fpr'eign ana'Jomei
si. "'"") : H"AB EEMOTBT) T?TB ITOR fROii ;
poiiXih StRBETr
no 1-i i ' ."u,
:tni- Ui.
. ir.it. )'.'
ii -.TO
. n.-'i
No. 106, -South Hightreetr;
r -Fill'. . W ., . ...' - .).
fhe plj itan d recenlly occupied kj4Vil- McDONALD
. fill ll'f Jj"J.t'
1. , . ; j : ' -i-' '
ne is In dally receipt of
rr- f .f e I; .1; . I ) tt v.l r.J.
"-ri.: 1
,,. irhlcl he will sell , , , .
Cheap for Cash r Coantry Prednce
'tirwl to"
JEF floods dellv
pity trtiejfreeof ctury.JJ
- ...... ,(.'' : v ; ,.. . I
, u ... -. ' - ....
Np'-106, - 3outh; !lligh Street,.
, f OoXaTJIVI33XJef
J, , . , . ,. SBALKR IN
V-;p)6V.i'S'ionsi ' '
'.Foreign : antV .Dorheetic " Fruiy,
'T-' T ' ii-1 '-FT -; " '
' Become a good cook. Ue James Pyle's Dietetic Sal1
erttnt for ruftlog pu'rpoeet, and the tlilog It done.. ,.Ycui
wlU .nin, Sad ao difficulty ,lo the matiimoaial line
BenslUa saea-Af :foo4 ot good livlag. I Nothing bat
Deaaiuei bu An -loaa oi g
tyle's Dietetic will answer.
Ltreet,NerTotfc.'. Bold by gi
j i; t. mi. i .' i:i 1 xi r i' m-
Depot, 313 Washington
grooert everywhere
' JuttPubUtWlaa'BealedXnvelo'ps; Prlcetcts.l
Weakness, Involuntary Bmlssione, Sexual Debility, and
Impediments to aiainago generauiy, Aervousneee, Vow
Sumntion. Enilepsv and Pits, Mental and Pbyeieal In
eapacilyt reenlUng from BeH-aba, AVs. .By Robert J,
CulvenreH, M.B', author Sf thtttreea Book, See. -
A Beenta Tboaaands al Safrerere,
Benl wader seal, ml plain envelope, to ny address,
Boat paid, on receipt of two a tarn pa, by Dr. OUA8.
J. 0. KLINB, 137 Bowery, Hew York, Post Office Box
! jxisoxf or iSREsniixixiEi ayoiozd.
I Too atnch sating and drinking, new habits and ssodee
of life, often prodaoe lrreguUillie is the bowels and
general health of the tyttem. ' But BaaRbaara's Pitxt
wilt toon edre.'the stomach will regain IU, strength, ahd
a healthy action of tbe system will be restored, fie
kf rDinxu are equal In nsefalaees tothe , ' ,7''"
'Every man of tbs IIRB I0TJATI8 had a boa1 bf
and an ALLOOCK'S POROUS PLABIIB pat la their
knapsack free ot sxpenss. And to thlt fact may be at
tributed the absence of any of THIS BIOIMIHT from
Ue hospital. . ... ii . 1 . . a -
EVERY BOLPIItt tUonllhiTt'aboxof Braadrsth't
Pills, a box' of Balvs, and a piece of Porous Flutar.
r'flTT n V i. n..r.. ... 11.. 1
Bold by jobs B. Cook, Druggist, Columbus, and by
ail respectable dealers u atedlclnes. f,.-rft a ifa
aaglT-elai .I'.'t
: weo
' 1 ' I 1 . ' ' I '. .1 !
la all oases of oottjTentaB,ilypeptU1Wll!u)i an'd Urer
arse ti cms, piles, roeeuaauua, fsvers.sa4.sassi,abia
nats head aches, ud all geatral deiaceeawW of bealtk
these Pin, have lnrartahly provwl a cernUn and speedy
remedy. A singls trial jill place lbs Lift fills beyood
the reach orcMtpetltioa In the eetlautloa of every pa-
hDt, . " -' . ... .
Dr. Voffat's Phoenli Bitten will be found equally af
BeaelottS lb an cases of Beryous J iMllty, dyspepsia, head
ache, the slckpest bicjdent tsremlles In delieats health,
aad every kin t weataeee f .lhe1 Oigetava eigeats.
far Wl) M Bwfy. : IHnrfAt, WW. Broad, , T J
aaa by arfbj,' , ZX.MAv J9
i Tie following ? en extract frbai '; ft
letter wrlttea by the Hew. J.: I. Bokne, patter at the
PierrepolBt-Btreat Baptist Cherch, Sreoklya, V. T.,U
lay tea soppey. tc7:ldAf
An Effeotlve, safe and Economical
" CompoundV r"
ft lie oVlgWl eolor wilhtaf dyeing, andlirsveuting
V ' Ilair from turning gray.
Andeurlng It, when there Is the leut partlole of titan
. -f ot reoaperaiivs energy remaining., r I I V
Andalleataneousalfeatlons of the Scalp.
t -a ins npariTis-vrnti trnv. ii A'irt ' f "
. I M W VJIr UJUAV ........
Imparting to It ao aaeqaled gloesandbrlllianoy, making
It aott and silky - b Its taxtara. aad ; otuauia It.lp cut)
readily.--"-''-' ' '
fh great loelebrlty and inoreaelag emat fot tali on
equaled preparation, eonvtnoet the proprietor that one
trial la only necessary (o satisfy a d lice ruing publie of IM
topetlotqaalitlas ever any otlierprerwraUoa In use. It
cleanses the head and scalp from dandruff and other
ontaneoai diseaeee, causing the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rleh, ton, glosayand flexible appearanoevaa
aiao, where the hair is loosening and thinning, It will give
strength and vigor to the rook, and restore Cie growth o
heee parte wtileh have become bald, causing It to ileU .'a
reshoovertng of hair. - - .'i''
There are hundreds ot ladles and gentlemea In New
Tork who have had their half re eto rat by the tun of thlt
Invlgonitor, when all other preparations have failed. L.
Hi-baa In hlepeeaeerieu letters Innumerable testifying
to too above facls, from penone or the highest reiuiKta
blllty. - It will ellectaally prevent the heir rroin taming
bbUI the mteat period M life; and In cases where the hair
has already ehangod Itteoler, the tue of the Invigorator
will with om tainty restore it to It to Its original hue, giv
ing It a dark, floaty appearance. As a perfume for the
toilet and a llalr BeatotaUve It le particularly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragrance! and the great la
ellitlee It adonis la dressing the hair, which, wben moist
with the IavlgoratOK, ean bo dreeeed la any required
tons so as to preserve Ue place, wlMtlMp!eln(or In earls:
hence tho great demand for it by the ladlee ae a standard
toilet article which none ought to be withoat,as the pries
plKM It within the reach oi all, btng ;- '
,. .'. Only Twenty-Five (Jenta'14! '!
per bottle, to be had at all respectable DrugjUts and
. , - i - .t v r Perfassori.
L. MILLBB would call the attention of Parents and
aardians to the ase of hit Invigorator, In cases where
the children's hair Inclines to be weak, Tho ue of it
lays the foandatioa for a food head of Hair, aa lt re
mote, any Impurities that may have become oenneoted
with tbe ecalp, Die rf moral of which It necessary both
for toe bealtbt lhshil4, aa4 Ue fHtarejtpjaxince of
0t)rw.-rToae genuine without the' felallt fcotTIB
HII.LBB beihg on the outer wrepper; alto. L. MIL
LBtt'B ilAItk IMIiaOBATOR, N. T., blown In the
glut. k- - t rr ' ) -
Wholesale Depot, M Bey Street, and sold by ell .the
principal Merchants and Droggleta throughout the world
liberal tfiseoant tp pniphaeers by the quantity.
I also desire to present to tha American Public my
mrw 1 ahd' j;- ntraoTXD ufitANiAnsog
hloh. aftar rears si trleiiflfl,peHi(rtlfif;i have
brought to perfection. It dyee Black or Brown Instantly
wlthonttnjury to the flair-, akin; warranted the beet
article of Ihe kind IB sxleeanao.i
Depot,' ' 5fj tfev '; $C. New York.
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, J3Ai3sr-fc e6Sr,:
A.HTffl. ! NOW bFHlRINei
f,000 yardt Buoer PUIn Black Bilks at f 1 00valus
tt 25 per yard.
9,500 yards Traveling Dress aa Mantis lOosdl at
19 19 cents vales 0 cents per yard. (
3,000' yards Whits Brllllanles at 12 1-2 cents
value SO cents per jard. 1 ,
8,000 yards fine end Domectte Olngbaat greatly na
der value-.
New and !FaBhiona'ble-Xreiw Good
la the ssost desirable styles and at very lowers prices-1
Ot all materfelt, made la the most styliak manner after
the lateit Ptrti Fethlont Ins ssost elegant stylst n
the city.
may 30 . He. 29 Bonth nigh street .
For an Inch of Timet,
a dying Queen. That inch of time eaq be proour
tdat a maeh cheaper rale, and many long yean1 of. '
v iiealtii;and. happinesb
enjoyed byeoaialtlng Dr. MIRRTWIATHf R.'wHt)
ennng tne mott ebitlnats and long-it ending dlseafpl
v. uiv iiunoo, niinr, iiivbiv. aiunaio. oiiau.
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K-B.. mmd Will...1
near what tha Philadelphia eomeoondent save In Ihe
"Commonwealth," Wilmington. Delaware, tllh of April,
call: . . -lr-v 1 -- -
I "An Ingllsh gentleman, formerly eoanocted with the
British Army, and who style, hUoeelf the 'Indian
Botanlo Phyalclaa,' kat of late gained eneilentlTtrepu
laUon here by bit skill In carina all auw of earn
plalntt. Some of hit patienta I Bars converted with,
and they prononnat hit remedies and mode of treataMat
ae very euperlor. Soma hare been sectored ae If by 1
agio. Tho medicine he ce is dietHM by ktmeelf
nvrnvarioas herbs poseeaslng rare oarallr pioMitteejiS
1 ''tt fill, mtin. In th. . . 1.. ... 1 bi. 1. 1...
ente to a Ihoroush stadv of thaaffMia nnulnoad ka
certain medicinal root) and herbs oa all manner of dis
omies, at aeeme Be Baa round a euro and ereedr rema-
for all th 'Hit thlt fleah ia heir to nia nraellna i.
ready extensive and It dall Inereailn. In tha com
plain la lo which Venules are SRbJeoted, he baa ao equal,
aaa large n amber here hare teatifled that thev owa not
only their preeent rood health, bat MMlrltMM tit-th
skill of this Indian Bolaaie PkTftctatr."
Office 37 East Stat Street; Columbni.
BOgnHlJa. CIrfJ '.' ()(t
...'j ,'.i iimi l.J' 'f AfWVI
1 auVzi'J f
- k
Tt S TTVT sera"TVrj
ko. 29 South :'aa3"is8I
IIdionacT0, otoim rrint.
Real Thraad, Frehob, Chan'.nia sVG(rX
yalenciiaes, Point de i Gaze, rriiiol
i and Thread laces and, Collar, y-r
j LINEN C0LLAR3 A CUFFS,' ' r ,1r'
i ,,. , , Ia BSw" Btit W",'
j , , j?ArEi COLLARS St CUFFS,
,1 .'!' ' For travel iii a 1
Tf avcllsj iDrcr 3Cb.o3a.
! ar1l.irh., ;ir; n rrfrsrvRits" awl .
I SB. . a B A tVAIuakU aW.bflSi Baa SlWwtlJttSl
I A Oft aatjsya ejajej satwavwu tvu-rw av,vw pa svaq vrJ JVJ
I AT Vkiiy ixiw raidcs
JeSt Maouth High Street.
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