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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 13, 1861, Image 3

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Malls lot Me York Cltf,
Pittsburgh. lUubenviUe way, Cleveland, Zantsyt is,
Newark, tJrenTllle, Washington Oily, Baiumore, nu
delpbla and New Orleans, elote dally (Bundays yaoept-
A through iall for He Vert-shd Cleveland Slots
dllT(Hundyrcept)rto,t()el... -(
0. 0. At 0. B. B. Way MnttcKieee iwiy iamiayta.
it lOo'elock a. ih.1- '-'- ' ' ,.iiiu..i
Cincinnati W Mstltwee dally (Baadtjrg eiotpfcd ft
Onlaege. Dubdqe;Itww,liArioo end Worthing
too UMM tlossw dally. (skMilsa-s atoeptedj At it (.'clock
D. .'" " fi .. 'I' -t i ''I . i, , . .
Mailt for Xenla, Springfield, Dayton, Toledo, Oltvela-
Dltl, ItvdlanapOUe, Mtwiini oa. aavuu, ami vc.ruil,
cIomi dally (Sundays exoepted) at 8 o'clock p. m. "
A through null to Xenla, Springfield tad Cincinnati
.d.n (Huniliivi excenled) at IU o'clock a. m
Urbana, Plqoa, Tiffin and Union City mall oIoki dally
(Bandars exoepted) at 8 o'olook p. m. r .r. . ..
Lancaster, Logan, NelstraTiitwi OiroievIHe, Ohllllcothe,
Portsmouth, Washington 0. II., Athena, Marietta and
UllUaaronth mailt oloat daily (Bumiejs exoeptad) at ,J
clock p. at. . . .-i . . . .
aH Way Mall by National load to ZananUlt oIomi
lUrrtHmrfh Mailoloaet daily (dwulayf taotptcd) at 8
o'olottp.ai. v-
alt. Tenoa Mall, by way of Wtt terrO 1 ana Suobory,
xlnui Aalla tinnfmvm AUafltMll at B tt'elOOk. Da Bk
Dublla Mail c.oat tUliyitandayt exo4ted)at 8 o'clock.
" UiWuirr Way Mall oloaM dally (Bundaya taatptet) at
i i
Mailt (roni M York, Boaton, Pbiladelpbla,
Alh.n.. Piiiaixiivh. CUweiand. Dayton. ToiadQ, ieula
ut. ClnelnnatL Cbilltcttb. St. I.aulf.
and all oatuna clUaa, arrWt Ulwen tbt boart of l
o'clock p. m. tod 4 o clock a. m.
Malla from IndlaoapoUa, Oblcago and Pnbnqnt trnra
Mailt fcoa WaabinftoB City, Saltbnora, Wbeellnr,
Zanearllla, Nawaik, 8taabanTlU, Ut. Yamon, aotj Uit
0.0... WayMaU,arrlTaat wociocain. ,
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrtvoa at 3 o'clock p.m.
Laocaater Mall arrlTe at 0 o'olook p.m. ' 1
KaitWay Mall tr Uw National Koad tntratttll
O'clock a. .! - : a. ,!" i a!:
Mt. Ttrnon Way Mail arriTM at 11:00a. mr
Mall from Dablln arrlTat at W o'olook wx.. - I I ,. n-,
Drbana Way Mall arrlrea at to'olock p. m.u
Barrlabnigh Mail arrlret at 11 o'clock a. m.
Lancuier Way Mall arrtrei at 13 o'clock m.
nffiM u Uvr Mia ara r An (eaoent Bnndayj iron
7 o'clock a, ta. to B oVilack p. a Opa om Bandaya
from 7 to 8 o'olotk lm train, ana jrooi own
Rail Time Table.
LiTTLt MtAin tk OawBioifc Xama Et B.
ji taarat.' '"ArriTet
OlnclatuU AoMaaatdatbM. B.Ott A. M. .
". lapraaM.Aaaa.Us40 A.M.; 11:10 A. V.
Mall and AoooodaU-.. ft 10 Pa M. 8:09 P. K,
Nlbt Ixpraaa yla Day lo.18:08 mldnigbt. . 8:20 A. M.
. r 1 1m. W DomtJiTT, Agent.
CoLOXaci Cixrauan B. B. .
Klabt laprcoa. ,....S:40 A. ta . 1'
New YorkKxpraat U:10A.M. 10:50 A.M.
0.0.0. Wayxprea....8:30 P.M. 7:50 P. M.
i Jaji pATmioil, Agent. ;
CawTtaaOaio B.B. . .
No. 3 Bapratt.......a.30 A. M. ;. 11:25 A. M.
No.S do .,.JlS 11. A.
W. i.Itu, AganU
Prrruotap, Coicinct k CfucuntATi B. B.
Hall Train , ... 3.30 A. H. . A. U.
i ' Jot. Bobimon, Agant, .
OoLDMaat Ac Ibouwomlu, B. B.
(OoLuntoa fitoa dv Ijoujia B. .) . .
Mo. 1 InrM.,'... 6:30 A. M. 8 00 P, M
K: - .:..v p. .I..- j-.
' ' 10.50 A. M.
C. W. SMITH, Agent.
Tbt Adami Expreei Compsny places lis daily
under obligation! to it for (bo Tory latest papers
from tbe eaatern citiesa -
The American Ekpress Company bas our
i banks for its dally favors In the shape of tbs
err latest eastern papers.
Catalst. Ws receired a call yesterday from
Capt. Jab. 8. MoCoixouob, of Cincinnati, who
is authorized to raise company tor the Third
Regiment, 0. V. Cavalry, Col. John Kimmitt
The men will be mastered into the service
immediately, armed and equipped, and seot
into camp for thorough drilling. Capt. Mc-
f!m mnoH hears a recommendation from the
Hon.-J. A. GuaLiv, of Cincinnati, and will
nroceed to recruit bis company in this county.
and elsewhere in the Bute. Men desiring to
enliat in a eood caralrr rrldnient, will find this
an eligible opportunity.
McacANTiLi KNTssraiu. The large four
story brick building recently erected by Mesers
HcAOLtr & Emmy, on High street, near the
North-east earner of High and Friend streets,
is a floe monument of taste and enterprise.
The large store room on the first floor, which
Meier lIiiOLir, EarRLv eV. Richasds intend,
ou and aW.Uc firat of Crtobcr neit,"tn suite
the depot of an ezteoilv-e and first rate dry
goods establiehmeat, is one hundred feet in
Imeth bv forty-five In'-widtbv Counttre and
shelves are now being put up on the sides, and
it will have a double row of counters running
. IsngtbwUe through the middle of the room
It will be fialahed in a neat and substantial
style, and will,' when filled with the large stock
of fall,! and winter goods with which Messrs
HttDLiT A Co. design to replenith it. become
an atwaouve piaca oi reoor.. ,,j L0'. . ,v. i
u . ;
Gisat Wistish Dibtcb. Oar merchants
and bait n to men sre referred to the card in
another part', of this 'paper,' headed "Great
Western pispatch." ;This Is the "Fast Freight
Line," of which the United States Express
Company are ; proprietors, and, which,' ostng
oharlered ears en passenger trains on railroads,
effects, latinos incredible short, space of time,
the sefelnd speedYtrsnsportation of goods
from one part of the country to another' The
names of Ibe, Igenis for tWs Hue Boston,
New York and BarT-.lo will her seen by refer
ring to" the sJvOTtitsuaent.",. The agents la this
"elty 'imMtmtt&iJnat et.Spw, No..; ,87,West
Broad strut, Rentlesseii who are well known to
the matchanU.aod,btulnMl' hisn'of this ptrt of
the eowntrt, snd who have seetred a remitstlon
-for ebUltyprosaptUud). aadtntegrltya wjiicl)
needs Ino'DnfflDlt.' "'","" "
uua HW Auauu(,a. ,., , ( 4 a)-, .Lin .,,
Messrs. Fitch k. Sow, Is may not be amiss t
' add, afsj eogagtd, in tte'prodocjf, .VasUi'.iB.il
bar aYwsys on hind the best brsods of flour the
country affords.. 1 ante wDOoaii ior us Btca
the market," ate pretr '.sdrW fln'ftprHiefr
' mmmmmmmmnmti li ,-Ol
, Taa i N Atrnwat Virrns.-Theeo amsie-
mectsAi taa thesitet are produee'd'Iu fine style,
sod attra'ctet'e"evenlc' ,rBit "Qjences o
the refined and totelllKent. i Borne ot uo per
' formtnoee elkU'es treat idmbatlort M to ever
" given to tha moel popular theatrical sotertala
ments.4 flood ''order aad. qiilet'are malnUtned,
aol as;'jflsjca6f hmntrhent the Theater 'U
now wtll worth visiting la aba eveoias;'ia
''-. r m ' ill if ,tlb J
Gaoctkiks.'-'ABiong -.tha grocery
meats la ur city,! we ,wmild iwcetnnend tw oar
oltiseol thMof Me. J. M, & T Keener', on
, tbs SouiBeM. cotter Wllxba and Tront streets,
They iave on hand a eboiea supply at family
. J ' 'a ' in i-J V-ji' a. .1-
groceneia aait wu, wv.awuuh, jiHjmiuvuaaig
. and 1D8.Bn """w,7l,wT;"
Wt ealLattaatMa so ins oara oi uinar
' ta sno.cfi.llirhnTriiirlfiif
lobabla hair aVeeirlag and ebWDg..aioia -aa
' irihstFsWeTT?lIWjCT?'?
gentlemen smtt ehlldre swa.ba.aeeosAlAieii
la tha besV'Ua' mosl' fashlonabU stylo of the
barber and balr-dresser, by ao obliging and sc-
. jompllshfa MtlBi
Col. Ca!noto' Ricunxirr.-The following
officers k&v been'appoluted fa the Eighteenth
Regiment, U B.-Infantry, eacaniped at Camr)
Thomasi.y , ,, ,.
r.nlnnl-lf fVrrlrtOtnflJ :
Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Shepherd.
Majors Edmund Underwood and Frederick
Town8enev .', (r ;T'
. Aeting ReRlaental Adjutant
ant CharleS L Kaeaaa. .
Regimeixtal Quartermuter-SsooniTJenten-
ant James eirnoos. i: u
Cptalns--HenryDouglas, Alexander Cham
bers, William S Throtton. Henrv & Mxiner
Charles E Dennitoo, Henry Belknap, Alvah H
oowauut iwoeee JH urangen Jaoob to. tuyeter,
David L Wood, Patrick H Breslln, Lyman M
Klllog, George W Smith, A li Tbompsoa and
Jacob WeidonKopf.
. First Lieutenant James W Forsyth", Wm B
Hughes, Franois J Ctilley, Robert B Hull.Wm
J r'etterman. Charles L Kneaas, Andrew D
Csb, A B Dentun, Wm II II Taylor, N C
Kinney, Richard L Morris, Joseph L Froctor,
Anson Mina. Andrew uurt. 1 nomas a nut-
rows. Svmraes Gardner. Claudias Schmidt, Mor
gan L Ogden. Wm W Stevenson, Thomas T
Brand, James P W Neice, Herman O Radcllff
and Robert Sutherland. . ,.
Seoond Lieutenants James Simons, Jamea
Powell end Wm P M Cleery.
' .The First , Battalion is organised by the ap
poihtment of the following staff: ' V "
First Lieutenant Richmond L Morris Adju
tant. . , , -- ;
Sergeant Fitderlck Fhlstprf'r, Sergeant Ma
: Ssrgeant Frederiok H Brown, Quartermaster
, Rtroaf or, VHt Boasb or Mcwcat Examin
iss. Tliefollowiog;is the report of the Mili
tary Botrd of , Mediol Examiners pressnted to
OonDiNNisoif on the 11th Inst.: ' '
T Uii ExtelUncv. On. Dmnim :
Tbe following gentlemen having been duly
examined by ns on tbe 6th Inst., are hereby ap
proved as Surgeons and Surgeons' Mates In the
u. a, volunteer service:.
I'l l. .. .,. SOtOXONB. :1
' W N King, Fredertcitowa.'
F Hurxthal, Massillon.
i Alonzo H Phelps, Pike ton. 1
,! , HOMaok, Mansfield.':
! A H Stephens, Camden-. . 1
"' 8 F Forbes, Toledo , .
; 0 . Jay T King, Plymouth.
7 ' j L A Hamilton, Chardon. '
, C B Brent. Cincinnati. ""
j W M Cake, Fottoria. .,'
. M T Carey, Cincinnati., i r -,
, ! Thos Mci adden, Westerville. , . ,
, WLSchenok, Franklin. .. . '
Samuel Hart, Marietta - "
, W r Johnson, Athens- ,": '.'
, i M C Wood worth, Warren., .
; 'JT Reed, Fairfield.
H K Steele, Hamilton. -
.Allen Jones, Farmiogtoa. ' '
.' J R Brelsford, Bellbrook.
. Jaoob Bradley, St. Marys. "
' J J P Haggett, Eaton. , .
Geo W Marris, Columbus.
F B Mustey, Portsmouth, , .
, W B Reiner, Cleveland. , , , .
1 JW Warfleld.BarneevUIe, .
1.. a . !
I T Bond, Mecbanlosbnrg
a Bocbannoni Welleevlile. ' '.
euaoiONs' matxs , u
G C Norton, Decatur. , ,. ., ,
MT Johnson, New Vienna.
M C Cnykendall, Bncyras. " " '
Job j Hill, Seneoarille. ' '
B M Failsr, Bneyrus.
James Haller, Franklin.'
i W 8 Moore, Felioity. , u ,. , ,
t H B Johnson, Rlobfield. .-,', -. -iW
C Payne, Elmore.
i A L Vail, Cincinnati.. ,
C Soelhelm, Cincinnati ,' .
JCKalb.Rosedale. -
II R Spooner, Republio. V
t fit
Jonn Cannan, Camden.
M Hose. Cambrldtre.
S S jOurrowt, Genera.
. M Htgan, Port Washington.
John H Rodgers, Springfield.
Jacob Laisy, Cleveland , ;
S L Harper, Cincinnati . i a
J P Bing, Pomeroy.
J W Harmon, Chagrin Fall.
S F Selby, Colamar.
M H Haynee, Seven Mile.
BF Berkley, Regner'e Mill.
W W Mills, Galiipolis.
' Respectfully,
Board of Med. Examiners.
Sept. 11. 1861.
Muitarv ArroiNTMXNTs. The following ap
pointments bare been made by the Governor,
in addition to those already published: " '
CelowZ Peter Kinney. Portsmouth, CGih
Regiment. '
atietifesanf-Coonet Manning Force, 20th
Regiment; Geo. H. Safl'jrd, Norwalk, 54th
Regiment., ', : j: .; j'.- jt; -:, t
Surgtom Clark' McDermot, Dayton, 43d
Regiment; James D. Robinson, Wooeter, 4Gth
Regiment. '
MajoTiJoko C tee, Tiffin, 51th Regiment;
J. N.MoElroy, 20th Regiment.
AdjutanttGWrnn Telford, Trey, 44tb Reg.
iment; Daniel T. De Wolf, Tiffin, 54th Regi
ment Bond, 20th Regiment.
Quarter suiters N. H. Van' Vorhee,' 18;h
Regiment; Robert C. Pennington, 54th Regi
ment; John C, 'rankenberret,E)ldner, 1st Reg
leBr.':.:kJ;;'.''''rJl . '".' ; ":-..i'' . v ..
i ' Ciatam Gajloril Hawkins, Cleveland.
- CsafaiasJohn A. Bennett, Company B, 1st
Regiment; Jas. R. Inskeep, Company K, 24th
Regiment: Geo. W; Culver, Timoctee. Compa
ny D, i'Jih Regiment; Wm. Callihan, FoetorU,
Company E, 44h Regiment; Luther M. Strong,
Company C, 4'Jth Regiment; Orin B. Hays,
rosioria, company a, via uegiment; Jas.n.
Stlnchoomb, Lancaster, Company B, 17th Regi
ment t Joseph Haines, of Logan. " f ' -
.firn LUuttnantt Andrew f. Garrison. Com
pany K, 24th Regiment;. Jacob Humphrey, Lo
an, jacoo m osier, company u, sum itegtment;
on aa Foster, Company E, 49h Reeitaedt:
Daniel Harisburgh, Coppany G, 49th Regiment;
niram iiaues, ivuauauj;. u, atu negimtni,
Aaron P. Ashbrook Company B, 17th Regi
ment. " k.Y.,'..-v;::'1: , .
laceoni Ariewananie juua ursea, tompauy
D. 49th Regiment! Wm. Martin, Company E,
4Utb Regiment; baatual HoU. Harper, lompa
ny G, 49th Regiment; John L. Hollopetar,
Company II, 4tlth Regiment; Owen W. Brown,
Uompeny B, titn Kegiment, Joi.n li. root, oi
Logan. a'TBO'l -Cii.'ii '
. f, :e ... . -r ,.' t, n . 'Mi
! Irtj On Wednesday, Capt. Gisixr arrived at
Camp Lyon, near Worthipgtpn, f Ub a compa
ny from Lsaoastsr, and Capt. J. C. Far arrived
afCamp Chase with' a company from Sidney.
n I ,r- a -:;;.- .: .i-:t-.
1 ,. J- Wi II A i V .1
,tjit Colonel Ajxsw passed through this city
yesterday, with ooe bondred men, on their way
toansfieTdff J5V lie Frcep Regiiiot.y
J,iCOLtJMDtTS' "?i3
,i .rsd f W
Tha Beet Artificial' Harp to tbe
; , Uimas Mlg-bt aver lavtaatedl. . . ..
joszfh t:mmt
rut -f'Jy
r itAcTicAL. . ititsms io'.orf ician,
of Bpectacleti.
Jv.m4)t of tha mont' tmproied kinds'
Alicia Qlaaaaa, wbatber for near or far-algbtad, art
tiamil In rmirrrn enntas form Wltlt tn treateal oar.
aa aa to in it tha Bye! of all cases, curing Waaknaaa,
Dlttlne or ThOanmatlon of the Byea, and bapsrtlnf
llfHth for fang rullngrn aWWIrg. ' ' ' '
tntoa. 13 Baet Btatt street, at Brltser WJWrbater'S
Wn,lBtr.J " ' . .- t.
noriHIJy ", a '
'J '!) 1-li n';ro IS
i-4, 54t ft-4, "Whlta aaat Heal stm
t Wbltt C hacked or Wpartor naallty. For sale by
sahM kMe.WKmtiB(A
More About the Pirate Sumter.
New - tso
brig Uoaan ira, ft fuuuuton, oermuaa, peps.
2d, states that the pirate Sumter oaptared fonr
American snipe tuny laaeo, previous to tns iota
ult., wbioh hd quitted Trinidad for Northern
Statea;vr f u.ij '. ' ' .'"-' 's'
The above Is from this evening's Expreee,
and is doubtful, as oor advlocs from Trinidad,
published yesterday, reported the pirate at Trin
idad on tne vutn, no mention neing maue oi sucn
important captures, t,., , ' m.,'- .
Tha Commercial's ditnatoh states that i
rebel prisoner affirms that the rebel force with
In a radios of twenty miles of Manassas is 170,
rm ....... .
Beauregard Is reported to be concentrating
his forces between Fairfax Court Home and
Leeeburg. " V"
. Captain Dore. of tbe Paoaboatu, bas been
arrested for1 visiting the rebels on . the Virginia
snore-.-' f 1 1 ., 'u '. i
. , t
Seizure of the Property of Rebels.
Palmer, of Stonineton. has this day seized in
hie District, the bark Cavillo, from New York,
Cent. Washington' The schooner R. Fowler,
of Mystic, Capt. Eldridge, was also seized on
tbe 9th lost. - Both .vessels were laken under
tne confiscation act. ' . . -':
Seizure of the Property of Rebels. Marshal Kane to be Removed to Fort
Baltimosi. Sent. 11. Orders have been re
ceived to renrove Marshal Kane to Fort Lafay
ette. :a t . i i : i ,
The anDolntment of Gen. Reynolds . to the
Chief command at Hatteras Inlet gives entire
satisfaction at Old Point.. :
Vigorous measures are being taken to fit lout
expeditions iron. ,Olt foint to tbe Bouinern
ports, under Gen. Wool's command.
a ne army nere is attaining a gooa aegree oi
discipline, and the troops ere impatient to meet
tneenemytj.i . r , . .
Arrest of a Secessionist—An Exciting
Bdrlinoton, N. J.. Sent. 11. Col. Jas. W.
Wall, ot this city, wss arrested this P. M., by
the U. S. Marshal, and taken towards New
York. ;!:.
Tbe arrest of Col. Wall has produced a most
Intense feeling of excitement among the people,
rs he has been a leading man among them for
many years.
h afc aaawaaaaaw ,
Portsmouth, N. II.. Sept. 11. Tbe gunboat
Keareage was launched at the Navy Yard to
day, and hae been plaoed on the floating dry
dock to be coppered. .
Seizure of Rebel Property and Persons.
loni. ,
Niw Yoie, Sept. 11 Three race horses,
(our baggies, etc, were seized in Philadelphia
yesterday, owned by rebels. '
J. W. Anderson, the traitor from Providence,
was sent to Fort Lafayette.
The PoBt'e dispatch says tbat Howard, tbe
nominee for Governor of Maryland, is the offi
cial reporter of the Supreme Court, and is a
rank secessionist.
It is expeoted that' tbe Maryland Legis
lature will pass a secession ordinance- next
week. .. vr.y.
Gen. Butler le said to be making arrangements
for another expedition.' - 1 ' '
A cavalry regiment is onsrea trom lows, eacn
member volunteering to find his horse end equip
ments. ' - - i - ; "' ; , '-. '
From Missouri.
JirrissoN Cmr, Sept. 11. A gentleman from
Georgetown, rettis county, reports tbat uen
Price's army was encamped, on Saturday night
last, on the werrensonrg roaa.i near tvunton,
in Henrv county, destined, it was thongbt, for
Anotner messenger from i.ediaim brings in
formation tbat Dr. Jennisoo, "the Kansas Jay-
Hawker; with a small force from that State,
bad fallen noon a party of 500 rebels, under
tbe notorious Vr. Staples, ana completely rout
ed them, end killed tbetr leader.
If this is true the most difficult part of restor
ing peace In Pettis and tbe adjoining conntiee
has been accomplished. This man Staples and
Capt. Magoffin, captured some days since, have
been the principal instigators of secessionism in
these counties. .''.".
The eame messenger states that Col. Mar
shal, of the Illinois oavalry, had surrounded
COO rebels under Capt. Shelby, a short distance
below Lexington, and taken tbe whole force
prisoners. Shelby had two cannon. This lat
ter report needs confirmation; but it has been
known for several days tbat Sbelby 's band had
taken a position at tha plaoe Indicated after
abandoning the siege of Lexington.
Mexico, Mo., Sept. 9. -Another fiendish at
tempt to destroy the lives of our soldiers wae
made a day or two since on the North Missouri
Railroad. The timbers oi a bridge just this
side of Sturgeon, were partially burned. In ex
pectation thai a train, laden with troops, would
be precipitated Into the creek below. . But the
design of tbe villains being known, the train
atopped here, and tbe troops are now encamped
at this place, where they will remain until tbe
bridge is repaired. . - ' . , j -. r
Hamhisal, Mo., Sept 11. -General Pope's
command marched after tbe rebels nnder Green,
Sunday night, and at daylight Monday, reached
their' camp; bat Green baring received notice
of the approach of our troops, had fled, and hie
foroes scattered in every direct ibn, leaving
much baggage, provisions and forsge, end tha
publio property captured at Shelbioa. Green's
force numbered about three thousand, and Gen
eral Pope's troops having made a forced march
or twenty-tbree miles, tney were una&ie to pur?
sue him.
At the latest accounts' it was understood that
the bnlk of Green's band had crossed the North
Missouri Railroad, and were making for tha
woods in Chariton county. Gen. Pope followed
in pursuit, with the 16th Illinois and 3d IoWa
regiments, after giving them a few hours rest,
but as Green'e foroes are mounted there is but
little prospect of overtaking them. ; "
' 1st, Louis, sept- ii. wita a viewoi promot
ne health and oomfort to tha troops la and near
St. Louis, Gen. Fremont has appointed a Sani
tary Committee of five gentlemen, who shall
serve voluntarily, and be removable at pleasure.
The general object of this commission shall be
to carry oot sucn sanitary regulations ana r-
torms as tne wen neina oi me soiaieri uemauu.
It shall have authority, nnder the dlrfjetlon of
tbe Medloal Direotor, to select, at np ana iur
nieh suitable buildings, for army and brigade
hospitals, In such places and In such manner as
circumstances reauirei attend to tbe selection
of women as nurses, nnder authority of Miss
Dixt oo ooerate with the surgeons In the Vari
ous hospitals, In providing male nurses, consult
witn tbe Uommandins ana itegimentai oinoers.
with regard to sanitary and general condition of
tba troupe, ana aia mem in providing proper
means for tbe preservation or tne neaitn ana
preventing stckness. by wholesome, well-cook
ed food, and to obtain from the community at
large such additional meant of Increasing the
comfort and promoting tbe moral, and social
welfare oi men in caap ana nospiiai as avay a
needed, and cannot be famished by tbe bovern
mant roffnlat on.-' TbiS Committee IS BOt 10
tended to interlere with the Medical Staff, or
other officers of the army, bnt to co-operate
with them and aid' them in tba qisobsrge ot
their present arduous amies.
in Western Virginia between.
Rosecrans and Floyd—Floyd's Army
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Washinotoii. Sont. 11. The Government ra
ceived a dispatch to night from Gen. Rceeerans.
that be bad routed Gen.. Floyd's command, and
that the, latter was driven to Bis earthworks
Gen. Roeecrsas will give battle to Floyd again
bu-niurru w .
ne lOHOWing memuera Vl uiv muiaun a-tiu
were siigbtiy wounaea in mo auair at urwia
vUlei John Hamilton and Asbury Inslow.
Skirmish on the Potomac.
Plrasant Hiu, Md.j Sept.. was
beard last Bnnday fa the dlreetloid df Conrad's
Ferry.. Our pickets discovered rebel patatxy
enoamoed about two aiilte from the river, aad
Captaia ToropRins, or tbe Rhode island nat
tery, threw about twenty shells in the vicinity
of the encampment. -:
Every reparation t fa been madi ta give the
Mbnila a'warm reoetition. should thev make the
attempt (0 cross between Great Falls and Point
oi Rooks, with a view of marching on Balti
more simultaneously with their threatened at
.eQBOQ Washington.
Fortress Monroe to be Reinforced—
Disposition of Contrabands.
FokTtxss Monroi, Sept. 11-In view of the
Increasing imporUncc of Fortress Monroe, as a
basis of offensive operations against the Con
federates, there is to be a large increase in the
military and naral forces. - ;
There was heavy firing this morning aa Sew
ell's Point. Tha Confederates are trying the
range of their guns. - -
A deserter states tbat the Confederate force
there numbered about 2,uUU men- -
. Quartermaster Tallmadee is making arrange
ments to quarter contraband slaves at Old
Point, In comfortable wooden barracks outside
the, fortress.
The State Fair.
Davtom. Sentember 11. Notwithstanding tbe
almost incessant rain of to day, there were four
thnnaainii ttnkata anld at the State Fair. ' The
sky has cleared up this evening, arid inire is
every indication ot a lair w morrow. iuu
MiiDhhrAd hnraes. lacks and males only were
exhibited to day. Patties are banting up wild
hnrtM inr Rarev. who will give a lecture to
morrow or next aay, ana give su eimwun u
.:. .i.iii .:: i . .' " J. .
Syracuse Convention.
SraAoina. Sent. 11 A delegation from the
German Republican Convention, held yesterday,
. . . . . iL.!. .L.!.n.i..iikailtlJ
was introanceu, ana .uvir vuiiiwru .uuuilicu
tne resolutions aaoptea oj tu uuuj. , , . -.The
resolutions speak ofihe Germane hold
ing a separate Convention as oniya means ot
obtaining an expression, and the sentrments of
the German population; tbat without, tbe aid of
tne tierman itepubiioans, toe piy.u, uuoi.j
would never bare been aucceesful. Look at ths
disaster at Bull Ran; who was it tbat .kept to
gether and protected In their retreat purging
armvt Had thev not heard tbe name of Ieu-
ker's brigade? , Who was It tbat passed a weary
night in suBpenso on the damp sands at Hatter
as Point? Was it not Weber witb his gallant
forces? Look, too, at the muster rolls tbrougn
out the country, and yon will find registered
wbole regiments and brigades ot uerman citi
zens. Are we not au ever reauy to sacrmce u
that we hold dear our little property and our
lives to save the honor and existence of our
adopted fatherland? I Loud applause. 1' "",,
The resolutions refer to tbe prejudice against
Germans, and tbe war waged against them by
Let us be friends and equals, not. Only Id time I
of war and death, but also in peaoe Ait .us
share your honors, rights and privllegee. '
-A resointlon was passed receiving the sbove
resolutions, and thanking tbe gentlemen for the
manner in which they had been presented, and
inviting tbem to seats on the floor.
Tbe ticket of tbe People's Union Convention
was then read and received witb mingled ap
plause and hisses.
A motion was made to ratify tbe People's
Convention ticket, with the exception of Canal
Commissioners. . . ' , -
An amendment, substituting the name ot
Andros Willman for State Treasurer, was lost
83 to 104. He wss put np as make peace
with the German element. ,
The motion to indorse the ticket as amended
by the substitution of Brace for Talmadge, wae
tben earned, uniy a lew voices answered in
tbe netttive. The Convention then rose and
cheered loudly for the ticket. '-,..'. ,. i
. An address ana resolutions were teen aaopi
ed. One of the resolutions says that national
peace, purchased by national dishonor. Is wrae
tban war. . '- '
Tbe thanks of the Convention were presented
to H. Van Wlckle, President, and tbe other
officers. .
Tbe following is tbe ticket agreed upon by
the 'People's Union Convention, which, is the
same as adonted bv the Republican Convention
except Talmadgo for Canal Commissioner: For
Attorney General, Daniel S. Dickinson; Secre
tary oi State, Horatio Ballard; Comptroller,
Lucius RobinSob Treasurer, William B. Lewis;
Canal Commissioner, long term, F. A. Alber-
ger; short term, Frederick A. Talmadge of N
Y-: State orison Inspector. Abram B. Tappan:
State Engineer and Surveyor, William B. Tay-
Both Conventions adjourned im die, ... ,
Reported Wreck of the Privateer
Ntw York, Sept, 12. Capt. Atkinson, of the
Bark Venus, from Curacoa, reports tbat tbe
Venezuelan consul at Curacoa bad received ad
Vices from Caraccas, Venezuela, of Aug. 22J,
that the Privateer Sumpter bad gone ashore on
the island of Trinidad about tbe 20th, and was
a total wreck, Report donbtful.
Maine Election.
Portland. Me., Sept. 12. One hundred and
ninety-five towns, casting two-tbirds or tbe ag
gregate vot of the State, gave Wasbburne
(Kep; 3H,bba; Jameson (union isem.; jo.ko;
Dana (Peace Dem ) 12,110. Majority for
Waebburne, 12,347, against 11, 972 in the same
time last year. . . .
Anniversary Celebration in Baltimore.
Baltihori. Sept. 12. The 12th of Septem
ber, the anniversary of the battle of Btltimore.
is being celebrated here to-day by the loyal cit
izens. Gen. Dlx issued orders for firing salutes
and dress parades, in honor of the day, at the
various camps.
Tbe New xorfc titn Kegiment (&ouaves; nave
grand drees parade from itbeir fortified camp
on Federal Hill, passing through the city and
around the different monuments.- ine Associa
tion of Old Defsnders make their nsual parade,
with their old Hag, wnicn tney nave not ac-
serted. - . - ' '
From Washington.
(Tribune's Correspondence.)
Washington, Sept. 11. Adjutant-General
Thomas has decided that under ao circumstances
whatever will soldiers be discharged from the
army on the allegation that the; were minors
when they enlisted.. - - ' .
Mr. berrii ' was unconaitiooaiiy aiecnargea
from bit arrest at Fort Lafayette. He is an
agent of the Bank ot England, and held abund
ant prooi ot Die reopoutauuiiy buu luyauy at
the time he was denounced to tha polioe.q Mr.
Serrill bad a lbak Interview this eveqiDjwfth
the President.- 1 be aisolosures antf sugges
tions he made were of such importance that the
Secretary of State was sent for to receive
tbem. ' , -,.
Of the sixty-two prisoners confined at Fort
Lkfayette, every one but three have been found
guilty of the treason: for which they were ar
rested. ' - -i i '..
Cant. Pave, of the Focabomas, is under ar
rest on a charge of treasonable Intercourse. ''
Col. Kankln, a member oi tne iaaaaiaD far-
liament, was here a few days since and obtain
ed power to raise a regiment of 1,600 Lancers,
and to arm and equip them like the 16th Eng
lish Lancers, with sabres, catmnee, postol and
a lance, the shaft oi which It to be si need feel
Ions, and the blade fourteen inches, i be ren
detrons will be Detroit. I bey will be In tbe
Held by December, and be commanded by ex.
neriencea cnloers.
WASBmoTON, Sept. 12 A larga parly start
ed out at seven o'clock this morning from Chain
RrMire. under Col. Stevens of tbe Mew York
Highlanders. As our stirmisners aavancea. the
snenv'i oickete retreated beyond Lewisville.
about seven miles from Chain Bridge.
Our troops bavins accomplished their errand
connected witn tne reconnoitaanca ot uo ooan
trv. eommenced to retraoc their steps, when
large force of rebels, consisting of two regi
ments of Infantry, and Col. Stewart's regiment
of.Vlrainla cavalry, and a battery of. tout
nieces, were seen approaching. . The rebel be
tery openea witn tnsu, wdiub was repuea to
from Griffin's battery. . Several roaods were
fired, when oor troops ceased firing tot twenty
minutes to give the rebels an opportunity of
meeting them oa the open field, the rebels be
ing la tbe woods. Our foroes, en resumiag tbe
action, began with 33 pounder, a shell from
which soon silenced the rebel battery,.. They
are anna seen flviua.a number rteliiie, ftora
their eaddles. There arc three killed bclong
Ine to the 19th Iddiasa Regiment. Lieutenant
Hancock is supposed to be killed. Thfre were
twa killed of the 31, Vermont Regiment and
foul1 wounded. , , -
Ia future single rate of postage on pre-paid
letters posted la the United States and address
ed to Prussia, Austria, Bavaria, Eaxoay, MTarlv
amhnra. MachlaaborE. Streltta, Oldeuburc.
Luxemburg, Brunswick, Lubre, - Hsmbm-fr er
Bremen, and forwarded' ta tha Prtisilat closed
mall, will be reduced to 28 cents. Ail anpald
ittra. til whataf er Dsrt of Germany they ay
be addreased. and alt pre-paid letters kddreSeed
to any other German State than those above
mentioned, Will continue to dc vnargca at tne
txlstips; rate of. w ocnts.
jrh& morning flrinst h&iieen resumed, aa If
InfiljoIdtreoUoaortheChafnBrldgs. Tbaooli
oaiioil'af It is not et fnown.J Gen,. MoClelfcn'e
dispetca to .the Secretary ofWarii Try.brieJ,
b merely says tbt Oca. wertt. ytnaoa a reooo
nolaaance with, tmo 'thousand men tOwLewlos
viHe, and remained -4herei sevesaUaaara and
oofapleted their examluation of the ground.
vvnep urn worn waraewpintea.ann .iae,coav
msjnd bad Started back the enemy opened fire
wiib shell, by whieb twa men -ware .killed, and
three wonnded.'HMffiir's battetfr be stye,
silenced that of the enemy, and our men eame
bick,io'-perfect! order. And .'excellent, spirits.
The Ben behaved moat' Admirably undej the
fire, ire" concludes' by remarking we shall
NEW YORK, Sept. 11.
- quits a geed
rxpoiu ali a fain laeutrv M, bona tnanmptl
lion, At
tha Intlde
jtaa oloaa Ujera waia no aallert of extra atata at tl
dtatiODi. fo-day'e aalea aaiount to 115 SOS barrel, at
i 6(K4aA for anper&aa Mate; t SOSaH 7 (ciealrm
Ute: B4 40A4 45 fot- anptrnnaiaaatara t tUa
i B5 for oomBOn to medium extra western; SjS UK
S 10 for ahipplas brands etra round hoop Ohio;
and tS 0tt5 for trade brands do. Canadian flour
quia t aad Heady with salsa of 800 kbit at 44 50
for- luperflae, aad t 706 50 for common to choice
Mtra. ,.... t j. i -...
WHISKY TlrsM, with tales of 850 bant is at jua,
WHEAT A shade better, with a good export demand
A large portion of eke) tales Boused, ware to arrive
Bales of SM.600 bashels Ohlcago sprint at VCiiH 06;
W.ftoo ptuhals ttatiaa spring at $1 0491 08X1 Mjm
nnaneis utiwanaea ciuo ai wi vi,aiw ouiuei.
Baaonnd do. In stors. al tutaims. o.ow notnais norm
western clnb at tl 07 1 10.3U0 baehela aaaber Iowa at
I 11X31 11; 89,300 bashels winter rd western at (1 IS
aH lb; 14,500 ktuhala red atatt at 1 19; 1 800
buih.l. vrrv ehoiea amber Uicbiiran at Si S3; 17.000
bnrfiali wblta-veiure'at CI33S1 33K IV.fof btsbais
while XeatHtvv -at 1 t MSI ?, was
Alichlianatai 28(31 30.
HVE-Outttan ttnn. at 83e farttate and acstsra, aad
C8o for North Blvar.i f j. . I J. i
fsanbsxAiDii ana nominal.
GORN-aVahAda Sraier and aloatd auiet at abaat yea.
terdejt flgaras, sties f 127,000 ueibols st 47Mc for
inrerlor to common mnea wetiern; iwsiuc tor gooa
to prime Ulppini weiiarPrandMe for wealera yellow.
VUAXB in moderate request at ingiow.
PORK Doll, hear and lower, but the market for
prime is without qaetable ebanee; salea oi 1,35s barrel,
at c is w for aesti and vxaiv lor pnaje,- ,i
iiaar rrlmt an el and steady: wa nava tnly ssiea al
10i barrels. Prima mess bsef Inactive.
, BKE HAMS loaetiea. ... --. -
OUt M BATB Oaiel. and pricsd aotaiaaKat 4U9
4efor ilioulders, and 56ic for hams. , .
LARS StnAvi'Srfttt Mln af 4u0 DMIraaeSlf 8U(B
BOTTlB-i.in f,(r demand, at 7 10c for Ohlbftnd 11
Ho for state. , .... ,.
OUISHK-8teadyst5Ton,l " ''I'l
STOOKft Dull and rather caller. Wonev plenty at
45oncall. Bterllna aiobange firm, at 107X1W
best banker's Will. Ckleago, Bttiliogton and Vulncy
iX;OleTeIand and Toledo. 30X. Galena aad Chicago
67V; Illlnoie Oentrat BrrlpSIV; Mich Iran Bontharn,
naranteed3l; Heading 36; Paciao Mall. 80; Delaware
and Hndaoa 85Xf Illinois Central Bonds Mi Bew York
's 101X; Ireaanry 10', 100X; Cleveland, Columbia,
and Cincinnati, OS) Hlohtna Bonthera, 14X, Harlan.
lOC; New York Central 73)t": Galena and Chicago Ud
tonds, (W; rl X: rewary og,-,,i ,;;tf
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, Sept. 11.
FI.OTTlt-0a1etanaila5.''" .7-' f
WUB AT Sales 5.000 bmhels red free on board at fcde.
2 oars white at 95s; ldtaCttOevj iVf.-. -1 --'i
COBN Salea 3.000 bmhels fret on board at Jlc.ana
1,000 bntbela afloat at 31a, " '- '--.) t.;-..1.- . li.n -
WAxe Bales or ,uuo tmibeit oa uakavKr, ana i
car at stmt. .. .- , . . .
HiaHWIrTES-SalesofMjlsat 15c. '
Cincinnati Market.
was resorted to-day salea of 95
hogsheads sugar atexwBOo, and af 13 J sacks of coffee at
440 to wxc.
JfLOURrhe market remains as it has been for tome
days past.' Tha trade la United to aa actual demand,
and for the present run, mostly on tht high grades.
whbat was lest aotiva to-day. uougu aol quo raoiy
lower. Tns amount of pnmt ooertd was comparatively
light, and buyers make tht distinction In oualitiet aatber
more arbitrary. .; " ' ' . ' ' .. "
CORN Though tttU'ln light receipt, wilt not bring
overac. ,
RTB Is o noted nominally at 40o. bnt buyers sre not
Qfferiog ovar3Bo.
barley less tail as tnr ivt': 1 vV
WHISKY I, not in Urge request at 13Xe.
If ram .i !tif? crc(
The Court 'of Common 'Pleas
Franklin County, Ohio.
Joseph Henry Bncktnrldtw,
Irtctenridtw, ' - 1 1. 1 . .
oahy.BriUon,... 1,,,
BJ Bit ttnardian, nosh
George Washington Bhrum at al. ' "i . .
tht said Court to me directed, I will offer for tale
at publlo auction, at the door of tba Court House is
the city of Columbus, on 1 r'
' Saturday, the 14th day of September, ISC V
between the hours of 13 o'clock m., and 9 s'clock T.
m., the following described real estate, situate In the
county of franklin, and State of Ohio:
Beginning at tbt N. W. corner of aald tract of 135
sores and 43X poles, in tht petition and writ of parti
tion described, and running tbenct with tbt north line
of said tract N. 64Meg. 30 min. B. lttitf poles to a pott
in thf center of the road, N. B. corner to said traot;
tbeacewlthtberoadB. 37deg.30mri. M. 4? K Doles to t
pottM tbe road; tbenct 8. 64 def SO min. B. 154 3-IOO
polls to a post In the weit line of salo 1 35 aorta and 43 X
poles; thence ft, 95 W. 41 J poles to tht begianiag, eotv
lainlof 39 acres. Subject to the dower estate ot B Htf
beth A. Daymnrle on naeretof said trtrt.'- '-.- ''"
Appraised at BS 100 per acre- ''-- '
QKO. W. HTJTFMtN, Bheritr.'
Printer's fcet,t(i00.i. -J -a irf . r
aa3-.ltdwti -w.r. ui,-:'-li f f
Mastei'Cbnimissioner'sSale.. .
Joseph P. Bywateft
ywsfefs c
M 1 8ai.tr Oaurt. ,,,, I .,
lellttal.)'" u .-JJ'-.
Wm. B. Darnell
to ma di rooted, from tht Bootrior Oeart of frank
lin County. Ohio, I will offer for sale, at the door of
tht uourt-House, in the city or Columbus, on
l .'.'l-.jvit.. rt., IAS. loct
- - - - - .i. wuu.j , waa .aa . ju a , -
at oot o'clock P. M., tht following described reel ettatt
situate In the connt of Vranklia and Blnta of Ohio, to
wiu The BoatD tuir of ua u . av quarter or section ,
townthip 11, ranger i, unttea states Military lands, eon
talnlog eighty acres. .. ..-.ra,,.
Appraised at ra w per sert. .
U. n.aurraisn, suetm,
and Mas tar Commissioner.
Order to; llell lhsjabbkf described Ltnd in parts.
On motion to tht Court by B. Taylor, attorney for de
fendanta, It it ordered that tht order of sale, heretofore
made la tht above named action, be and tht same la here
by changed aa leuewi: , i J-'-i -'I '
xne anerm bs oruerea to sen saia iana m me ronow
lh( aaannerr. lsk TmrHay for Sara and sell thirty seres
oft of said tract of land belonging ta William H. Dsr
nell. being the North part of aald taaet; and If said 30
aorta do not bring a aunicienr amonol to pay ana same,
then that he offer for salt tht M acres lauaetliately ad-
Joining the formar oa tha South; and If a anlUolent
aaaounl of money ta not received from tnt same to satis
fy ssiderdui to en thattat aald BharUY-aaU 'the kaaanae
of said, laad sa direotsd. by. the. forme order of this
Jt-rt... .j, , .. .
i " GBOBQa W. HUrFBiA!t, Bhtrln",
'tuJ a trand Master Ooaaialsaloanrrr
Frintert'ee ft WI,;H a ,t,l li
"?,"r.vJ-i aaiatlaM list lt ,ia l .
Suberioi Coort'iif Franklin' Conn-
T.e uu- W s- b r't 'VI ; i'! 10 .sa.-.-eueiu 1
1 YJiawisaJI VJ i-rroaslrra V n-.'ar,
Francis tt. Btb ry. by aat-ba-t Mtnea lit I i- J R 7
i AlMyatory.peaueaaf., Jol,,!, u , ,WBkn.
Josrth Story k others, Hpbnd-ehfV.'f '"S '
JL tht laid Court to at directed, I will offer tor aala at
publlo austlon at tht door ot tht Coon tlonse, In tht
eit ei t)oiaiavis, aa ... i .
Saturday, toe -9tn aay er aept. a. v. iodj,
between the bears of V3 o'ataek M. aa StAiltok tAU
tht fclioKina' described, real state, -annate It ritasaat
townthip, i rankiui county, uiue, ana Bounded and dt
Part af aarrar Bot tSOO. bf heTTlrctiiia Military Bnr-
veys, tag inning at a ewfce la tbt Soalinrtat earner of tha
tract oi lano. oonwuaHDB we ttHRa euias, oonTaTca tu
Aotlah Blvsnt by Joseph ttory by deed beariag date May
7, IbJO; thenoa south t7j poles to a ttaka and four small
biskorler and etatt thence tast 124 tors tt a ttatrt- la
prairie? tbtaot north t7X bole' to a awaka on tha-wawt
side of an elm marked aa corner la tit Hat of tat Kfm't
lot; thsnrt west U twlet to tht -r1tratrig Mtatatna;
flfty-tweand a half kret, saora at- rest; sobiset to
dower e-,t heretofore wet eft wet atsimad UMary
Btorv, WMs or said Kaffnaduke Btotyia said psasaaea,
described aa follower IT S1U0 scree ef taid lead, beuad
td as follows! Beginning al Satakw freta whfeb a black
waleut 13 Inches In dlatmter tear Kf U4 aaf. B. IS
llnkl) Httnc B. S g. W.Si poire end W-Stt, at
SUtet thenre 8.' 88 de?. B. 14 por-a to a ttaaw ht tht
west Bafof Yeonva's land, tlMntea If, PJ pohee aad
links to a sttawla tn wait side ar an era saerwen aa a
earner; thence N, IW rieg. west 1?4 poles to the begin
alt -'" . . -
Appraised at 15 06 peranrt.
I OHOHOa W. DUriMAW, Iharlff.
Mrrter'afeetlS tJu.f..lVl ,Ud feO fU
p,wif rt.'ts.tatn ,ri.ti (4,
, t I i i i um w. m. 1 airs l '
'VV.'rsrsi! 1 tr'R it C BT f tffffJf TltA'sf
lH tad nndertlpnedbtit. been'' dnly appointed by the
ProUtt Court ot franklin eounty, Ohio, Administratrix
Ot tht estate 01 Wai-gam v. runups, saw a am wmfi
D!IvdjaneS,lcXll. Ultt MATT1BR.
i t fc.
An experienced Nnrstaad yaaaala Phyttctan, prassnts
to tbt atteatloa of mothers, bar
whkh eMails- taailitatea tat anetts of tea thine, by soft-
enlag the ruma, reducinf all Inflammation will allay
ALlPA4MandsiasmotUiacUon,aoais ......
Depend on ii. mothers. It will dn rest to yoamlvat
ana . . i n
Ws havs put n d and aold this article for over ten yean,
what we have nenair bean abla to aav of any other medl-
ANCB, TO krriaCT A CUBI, when timely oaed. Nev
er did we know aa Instance of dlaaatlsfaarioa by toy ont
who nsed it,: Oo the contrary, alt are delighted with Its
operatlona, aad speak In terms of eommendation of its
magioal eflecie and medical virtues. Wt speak la this
matter "WHAT WS DO KWOW:" after tan years' srpe-
almost every instance where tbt infant it taferlng from
paia and axnanstion, relief wtll be foaad ba SI been or
twenty mlnutee after taeSyrap Is admiatatarad.
This valnabla pnparatioa la tbt pnaavipUon of ooe of
tha most BXtaklaNOltDand BhMLLTUL MCBSIB ia
New Bn.land, aad baa bea ased with M BVBB J AIL
IN glfCOKMS in ......
; 'AilOUflANDS OF CASES). - -Itnotonly
railevea tha ehtld from pain, but lavlcoe.
atet the stomach and bowels, corrects acidity, and (ivat
tons and energy to tbe whole system. . It will tiaott ln
staatly relltve i . . ; -. .
okipiio nr thx bowxis, aid wind couc
and1 overcome convamona, which, If sot speedily rant'
died, end in death. We believe It the BEST and BUB
It arises from teething, or rom any other oaaaa. Wa
woald say to every mother who baaa child enBerlnt from
any of tha foregoing complaints DO NOT LET YOTJB
stand between ywa aad your suffering child, and tha re
lief that will bt BUBByoa, ABSOLUTELY SURE to
follow the tut of thl medicine. If timely nsed. fall di
rections for olng will accompany earh bottle. Nona
Einnine oslen tfat fac-timile of CURTIS fc PERKINS,
ew York, It on tbt outside wrapper.
Bold by all Druggists throughout tbe world. ' '
Principal Office, 13 Cetlar Street N.V.
i-ottOT-dAswly., y. .
nannfacttirere af all kiatle af Per
. table and Ntatlwntvry a team En
- , fjlnee, Maw Itltlle, Vrtet mills,
j 1 . . Ac a, cVe, ,
LAMS BOD LEI Btatm! U. A i. Btaimt
I t 00. Btatmllllt 4
i Oar Portable Engine and Saw Kill
Wss awarded tht first premium of B50 at tbt Indiana
Btatt Talr for 1?60 over Lane AtBodley't on account oi
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
, " 'and superior character of lumber sawed.
Onr Btatlonary Engine was awarded at the same Bali
the first premium of 200.
Our Portable Engine was awarded the first premium oi
100 at tha fair at Memphis, Ttnn., over Blandy'a Da
van's, Columbus machine oo's., and Bradrord a Cot.
by a committee of practical Bauroad Engineers. ,
ror price ana terms saaress
dec5-dfcwlyeoli. Newark, Ohio
Eheumatim, Gout and Ksuralgia,
All ' Mercurial Diseases.
It is a conveniently arranged Band, containing a med
icated compound, to be worn a round tht Waist, without
Injury to tht most delicate persons; no change In habits
of living is required, and tt entirely removes tha dia
from tbt system, wilnont producing tot injurious
enocts arising rrotn ut tut or powerful internal meai-
cuts, wnton weaken and deatroy toa eonautauon, ana
givt temporary relief only. By this treatment, tht med
icinal properties contained in tne nana eotne ut son tact
witn tne siooa ana reach tne aissass, tnroaga tntporas
of tbe skin, effecting in every Instance a perfect curt,
and muring the parts affile ted to a healthy oo edition.
This Band ia also a mostpowerful Ajm-siaaccxul. agent,
and wtll entirely relieve the system from the surmoioiM
effects of Mercury. Mod era ta esses an eared In a few
days, and wa are constantly receiving testimonials of Its
ttsoaey tn aggravated oaaaa of long standing.
Fkica 2,uO, to ba bad of Druggiata generally, or can
patent by mail or express, with rail directions for use.
to any part or tne country aireoi iron ut rnneiptu
Offics, .
jfo. 409 BROADWAY, Hew York.
G. SMITH dr. CO., Sole Proprietors.
N. I. DesortpUvsClionlart Beat tree.
A. I. B6HTJXLLBB at BOH. Dtuswtm. AatXTt. No.
277 B. lligh St., bet, friend and Mound, Columbus, 0.
TO Agents Wanted. Every where.
mh9B.lylaorlttp.dfcw ... - -
Steam Between Ireland and .America
The fnllnwlne new and magnificent Brtt-clastpaddU
wheel Btesmships com post ths abort line:
ADRIATIC, S,8M tta barthta, . Capt, J. Mans
i.. (formerly of tht CoUlni LUtt.)
HIBKRNTA, 4,400 tons burthen, Oapt. H. Ptowaa.
COLUMBIA, 4,400 " " . j K.ttlTca.
ANQLIA. 4,400 " ' Mictmuoa
PAOirlO, - ,t0 " ' " - " ' I. Bauia.
..... ajmi J.WALKISla
One of the above thlpe Will Isart New York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Oalway, ear
ing tne government main, touenms; at bi. jouna,
Steamers of this line Have been constracted with
tht areatsat oara. aada the aop rvialsa of tbt govaro-
ment, aave amiui tagat oosopwuBvaia,- ni uwwr
led fertoaerart, safety aad tpaea by any aisa rears anoat.
They are ooauuuidcd by able aad axparisncad oOioers,
and artsy enrtioa will bt mads to promote taa aoaafort
of passsagara. , v
Aaiexportenetd turgten aiwcueu w w tuy . .
i -' ! HATES or FASSAOE. ,
Tlnt-chut N, Y.or Bottosi to Oalway or Liverpool tlOO
Becoad-elass, '
Unfrolae JT7 - toBt Joba't
Thirl alsae. " " to ftalway or Livarpoo
I or aay towa la Ireland, oa t Ballway. - - -
Thlrd-olaaa passengers are liberally supplied with pro
Vfsbrs of the best tUAlity, oookod and ttrvtd by tht ser
vants of tha Company. - .
"" I - seatTIlRV TICKETS). -
. Varuet wishing to send for their frieadt from tht
coaatry saa tutsia tiekea frean any town oa a railway,
Iralasd, ar from the principal clUetof England and beot
UaaA. t rw low ratea. -'
Paaaatutra for New Tort, arrrviea by the Boston
ttecaers, will be forwarded ta New Vurk fret of charge.
, - for passage or ia -met- nrormairon, apo ly ao -
At the office of the Ootapany. on the wharf, Atot
Canal street, wow Tor. -
aprtllfl.iKiea. , v'
rrrirE c4vpaij.thf.k8iiii iikbeto-
r JL fere txiatlng between tht tmdarslgned, aadaf
nnatsuaeot aitBsxitwitw iovrpun,iawir
ed by mutual consent on tht Srtt Cay of April, It'.
Tbt bttslaaat of tha lata Bras will be settled by B.
Aajtmotra, who oontlnuet tbt business at ths old stand.
iSa aVa AnnainvAiwi
ayl8-43w. l-IHOtirBON. -
"They go Rigbt to the Spot
Itietaatt Keltaff v Steeiyear CancY
Pnrlfr rwr Btreata! 1
atreartheti yawr
. . j . . . '- ,-'-'
' GINTLmSt GABBY ' ' "' ;
They relieve a Cough Instantly. ; ; i "
They clear the Throat. '
They give strength and volume to tbe voice.
They impart delicious aroma to ths breath.
They are delightful to the taete.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm anyone.
EI advise every snt who bat a Cough or a hnsky Vtlot '
or s Bad Breath, or any difficulty of tht Throat, to ge t
a package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve
yon Instantly, and yon will arret with ma that "tbty
go right to tht spot." Toa will find them vtry atefo I
and pleasant while traveling or attending public meet
Ingt for stilling your Ooagh or allaying poor thirst. 1
you try oat package, I am safe In aayiog that yon will
aver afterwards consider them Indispensable.
Yoa will find them at tht Druggists and Dealers In
My signature It tn etch package. All others are
counterfeit. .
A package will bt tent by mail, prepaid, on receipt ol
Henry C. Spalding,
By tha oat of thett Pills tht perlodlo attacks of Km
tows or Sick EtadacM nay bt y raven ted; and If taken
at tht eewunencement of an attack Immediate relief from
paia and sickness wilt be obtained.
They seldom fall In retnoTtag the Xmma tnd
ocAs to which femtltt art to tahject.
They act gently npoa tht bowels removing Oottt
for Ut&rcuy Mm, Student, Delloate female
and all persona of Stttanfary HeMU, they art value
tt a lamatttt. Improving the apptttU, giving (ma
eapsv to tbe digestive organs, and restoring tht natut
slasUoity and strength of tht wholt system.
TUB CBPHAIIOPIXLStrt tbt result of long Invet
ligation and etrtfnlly conducted experiments, bavtng
bteala ate many years, dtubtf which time they hate
prevented and relieved a vast aanount of pain tad toffat
teg from Header he, whether originating m tbeftewwokt
systtm er from a deranged state of tht ttoinatA.
They are tntirtly vagatable la their torn position, an
may be taken at all times with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, and I k abttne of mm
OtevrrMabU tkutt rmAert at ay to admMt er Ihtm
Tht genuine havt Bvt algnatutss of Henry 0 Spalding
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers In ktedldnet
A Box will bt sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of tha
Prloo, BO OeratftB.
All orders sboaldbt addreosedto
tBOeaar Street, New fark."
from tha Bxaminsr, Norfolk, Vs. ,
Otphallo Plllt txsMsnpllab the object for which they
were made, via.: Oara of headache ia all la forma.
! from the Ixasalner, Horfolk, Ta.
They have been tasted ia more tban a thousand eases
witb enure i
scrota tht Dssnoeral, 81. Cloud, Minn. '' ' '
' If yoB are, er havt been, troubled with the beadacht ' '
sand fur a bos, (Oephalie Pills,) to tbat yoa stay have ,
tbem la ease of aa attack.
Irm the Advtrtisar, Providence, B. I.
Tht Oephalie Pills are said to bt a reraarkabty effective
remedy for the aeadaoha, aad one of the vety ktsl for
that vary frequent complain ..which hag ever beta dis-
from tht Western B. B. Oaaatte, Chicago, III.
Wt heartily tndortt Mr. Bpaoldlng, and ale unrivaled '
Oephalie Plllt.
fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Ts. , , ' , ; .
Wt ate sort that persons suffering with tht hteAecsi, nr. -who
try them, will aUek to Uvea.
treat tht Southern Pathfinder, Bew Orleans, La.
Trv them I yoa that are antleteA, and wt art tare that
Cur atsthatsnytsn le-eddsc to tha ab-aady earner as '
t that baa received benefits tbat at other medicine can
product. '
from tbeBt Laals Damscrat '
Tbt Immense demand for tbe article .Oephalie file,
It rapidly ;yiatvlns., ,. ;J. . .. ,,.t,u .U;
from tht Sasette, Daveoport., Iowa.
Mr. Bpaldmg woald not eottntet bis natwe with ta ar
tklt ha did aerssaosssersWaaflU ; ,
iOA angle bottle ef BPALDOfa'S PBBPABID ,
wL.ua wm save tan umea its ooet annually. .j, ,
,ii - f i t, ,' ,, aemsssaaaai ' ' '
! I
" 1 - . lava tub naoBsi
i ! JO'A BTrrrcsi a Tiara aUvas Kma.'yfl
Aa accidnia will bappsn, even bt well ngahtted fast v
Hits, It it very ssalrabla to bare some cheap and ton ,
vtnielil way for repairing f urn I tort, .Toa, Orootary k
' f ' iTAtniO'BPBBPABB1Ottni '
starts all swob sssergenelea, and no bswashold eta affata. .
to ka without li. II a alwaya ready, aad up to the stink , '
''"''''UBBFTJl, 15 BTBBT BOUBB,' ';;
It. B A Irtah sMnsaapaalea tack bottle. ,
HanRT o. aPAiDina, "
. Be. td. Cedar Street. Maw foes.
.VCAUTlOil ..... .-..it,.
ertaln anprlnelplrd person, are alteotptl
off rm me wnsampewtiDg puoiio, imitations
raaraacu ut-i's, i wouio taattoo an parsnpi
tauat bctort pownsmrit;, ana set mat therttll nana
H M the oattida wrapper! all etbavt are ewtsilling eta
ttrfeita. aa

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