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Democratic Union Nominations.
,j . .Jf-fOaflOtlWOfc, r )
' Huerh. J. Jewett,
Of JHMUtB;au.
John G.1 Marshall.
.. ., . Of BNWBi
uionii j. . iniTH,
0 ttamilUn. ;" ; , " 'T
ucixtAi or mil,"' 1
, .; Of Sentet.
' ' " ' .;.) 1
WAYNB BBllWOl"' . "j
, , 0 ficUmy.
. . , , Of Cay eltye. s
; 1
(ntAttua, hckawav ad auauoa) "
hen by n. hk9ges, '
itax'iTbxnatob, " ' ' 1 '
(r BAinaut as fiftAWAt )
avgtsttj febuixl, -'
0 Pkiwif. . ,.-
AU01T0B, '
' niuniii ' '
. bioordeb, , .
OOeoHtB,' ' '
For the Campaign.
Wt will furnlih tbi dlfferest taaa of th Ohto Btattt-
man, dulsctl Capaign,a follow:
Th Daily f tatanun, pr month, at.
Ttit frr-Wtelly ttaltemaa, par aoata, a.
.. nets to,
Bilber of lb abort larue will b furaWbd for ont er
mar mnnthl. In club OT lloi It OOplC, at lb abort
Th Weekly Ohio BUteimae will bo furnlahed u hi
lo club of 5eople,fotTtnUi."'
IaehibioMeopli.ibttwoBosUit.. 3.M
In Mnh. of 00 ecrolM. for two WtlUl.. " ?.0
TU twoaoaUuf Ctebi wlU tm tbtputot ( lb
Campkln.ud Uf plM U HAMHOXS WIIUI
In too hudi of all wbo wmnt it, M Caapla Vtt
cn nn ittoonablo tana.
Lot IL fritad of Uo good ooum- ti W Oniaa
fsenofOblo fotowork.oadioModtbo
til oTot Um ttato Wo txpeet to miko It on tfBedent (Id
s tho food wort of too redimptkm of Iho Stat of OWo.
Lot It bt wall clreoUted
Business Notice.
Tbt tcceot ocdwr from th PottoffiM Dtpwt
nent canctllm tU poUg tai ol U ol4
iMUt will rtcdoT U ImpotiiWa for uob lUflipt
to bertafter reiTd at tbli Bffioe,ia paT
mm of duM. : '. C -" ' ?
a ngoit 24,i8ci: ; ; , 4
Important Correspondence—The
Important Correspondence—The White Feather Exhibited.
Tbt retdtf wlU lad lwhrw In tbU ptptr,
oor rtopoadtnce bttweto tbt DtmoaaUo Union
SUM ExtratiT Coamltu ud tbt Sua Ez
tcntlT . CommUtet of lit No Put; pwty,
which itjlet lUelf tho "Union" FmI?. It U1
tttraot tho tttmUon cf tbt ptoplt, ud will not
b dlfloalt to BDdmtud M fktbom by tbt la
' ulllftot Toteri of th8tt. Tbi rtpl; of Uw
No Party party, rcprwMfitlnf M,To tad bU
moBjrtl ticket, wu roeeirtd lt Jul crenlos,
and henM did not oomt into oar powtwion
til 1U kit sight, lu mloal, qnlbblotand
daub It dealing will not do tb new orgaBlnNoa
or lu oaadldAtM any good. m"v .-.
Wo tball diiteot it' to morrow,' ud ibow
whtrtln H k UabU to the erlUolim and ooa
ttmpt of tht boottt votert of the Slate of all
partita, who look for and expect In IbU owtia
gency Baahood WDongk U tba, wandidatai for
OoTtmor to go before the people in fair dltcut
lioo, to lay btfore them the policy by which the
State iboold be gOTeraed and Ha affalra adala
iitertd, eo u to make the oretetary betry
' weight on the tax-payer of the 8 tat. la the prat
ent national emergency, at light at poatlWe,
and render the atowt rigid aocoaotabtllty to the
people for tho expenditure' of the money thae
ntceaiarily draws from then.
Bat we mutt forbear nntU to morrow to baa
die and oxpoat, ss we think It deterred, tho
eraetre and deotptlr reply of the "Union" no
party Committee to the letter of tho Union
Demooratle Committee., , . -., . . - .-
We are arprUed that the Chairman of lb
Committee could be udaeed to aend loch a
document to oar Committee, knowtng M weald
go to the world. , 1 n :j.-; .-
Not Correct.
Th Cincinnati Owmmt titf y. ,
Tht Lloooln Elaotoral ticket received la Ohio,
231.610 vote, te 193.637 Ur all other.
The Lincoln rote la Okie we 9131 ,610. Bat
tb rote "for alt the othraHwa 910,866, u
fallow i LVwola,' 187,331 Batt, 1J.19J
BaaoanniM, 11.405i fimnt, 136, Keret Id
od th CmmtrtUTt flgorea...
A Union Candidate!
Mr. 8rawrow,ib futlcn casddat for litn
ttnaot Gortrnor, aaidi ," ''
H tbcythall maintain thtlr potltlon, and If
public opmloa Id tbt ttctdiog State tball aa
I tin tbt auiharlUet that fur a rar Of two to
beat, tote to tbo that Btthlri bat a war mt
abafalloa and eoeoaatt aa bring thtm back,
t for one, am dttpottd to roogv.i tbat Jcda.
pendooe, .
I that regarded ooand Unloa tentfamtT
The Democratic Party
Party Movement.
ltbatl M
thodntTof PtuiooraU aa paUloU to ditaolye,
er which I th earn thing, to $pni Aetf or-
Miadoniotha Vim beict;. No grtr
hambof we rer etUmpted to b pafgi wu
. . j -
pon InUlllgent men. It le worie Wias a nwr
humbug t It la a deluiioo fraught with the dlrett
- ..i-f'w
Why thouli, rVoitxsraU iol..o Mpna
t..i. n,o.i.tim? To lora. it iaeaMi, anew
People' or Union party.' o in """Tr""
nartt la. M It 'Bam' 'fmpHM POplTi
It la of.acd from'th people, and U,
and always ha been tho champion of popular
righted la leading Idea' 1 the great Jeff.
tonlao principle teat gorenuntuw ,..-
their Jiut power from the cpwent or th goi-
Th Dtmocratlo' party ii, It alwaj ha
been, a Unlpn party, and the only party that hu
etood. Irmly and unflinchingly by the Unloa,
alike la proeperity and adreralty j For thia very
thins: lua than a rear aeo. Demftcrata war re
aroachtd ul"Uoioa kren.n and rldlouled a
"tuDDl too la of tho alare power," by the very
men who' now, will boney on thtlr Hp (w do
not any what la In thefrheeru), org Democrat
to go with them into a new fangled party, for
th Burpote ol sawing the Unloa ana tne ueu
tutlon of tlarery along with It. - Caft any honeat
and true-hearted Democrat' coaient to sol! out
hla party and bis principle to moh a conoern at
tblat 1 " ; 1 - r"' " '' ' 1 ' n
We do not ek to rerlr e old party anlmoel
tltti but It 1 a duty wo owe the Qorernmrat
and tht Union to warn Demoerats and all tea
loyal Union men to beware of th flatter! and
Intrlme of old political back wbo bar been
training, lor Ire, ta and twenty year, lu the
Abolltlos and Bepublioao rank. ' . " "
If thttt man ar atneer In tbelr profemiom
of attachment to ta Union, the ioniiuntioD
and the Gererament, why do they, in Able fear
ful boar of peril, oetrnoe!y srg Democrat
to abandon their old party and thtlr old politi
cal attooiatea, and nnit, heart and toul, with
their lataoppononta and defamen, la s oew or
ganlxttlont They know' that the Democratic
party bj a unit for th lupport of tbe uortrn
moot and the maintenance of the Unloa, and
that Democrat bare been flrit andforemcet
among all loyal men In thtlr effort to lecurc
this great object. . If thia la tbe lole aim, there
la so danger of dlaeord. ., They know that Dem
ocratt hare Collated mors readily and more gen
orally In th Union army than tbelr political op
ponent, and that fb chief oppotiuon to toe
mtauree and ooares of tho preterit Admini
tratlou bai com from tbelr own party org&nt.
It la, ibtrtfor',both abiord'and lll-Umed toaak
Demoorata to change their political atatua, In
order to scours thtlr IdtlUy to the Government,
or their oo-ODeratlon In effort to Bare tbe
Unios. : ' . ".'
Bat It is alleged by th leader in th it no-party
mortal eat, a It called, that it wai originated,
not only to unite all loyal meo, but to arpld
party itrlf. 71 thf men matt hare known,
wham lbv aUsned to sohame, that ll wa tbt
Tory thing that weald kindle party ttrlfe afreth,
and thlimut bars bees tbelr design., It It
aid that orders were sent from politician in
vTathingtoo City to Republican leader is Ohio
to disband their www political; organlaatioa and
Inaugurate the atw' movement!' S this u It
may, ll Is clear that tboaa who. concocted th
tcneme, know fall well that tho great body M
tho Dtmocratlo mse coold nw mors be e
duetd Into an abandonment of 4hclr party for
tho sak of uniting In a bow On WIA tbelr old
political eppcntnU.tb an they eould be allured
Into th ranks of Northern dliunlonUte
SoatherB Btmrnoskts. Bat some so-called
Democrat, as defldent la ; pluck as weak In
DriirdDle. tbev could sounl upon: With th aid
of the, and by raiting lie bus-end cry of sr
emloniat aol traitors sgalnst all who would
sot follow their lead, they hoped to break down
th Draocratio party, which the ilgm of tie
time clearly showed wai Cut rialng Into power
and luflatnee, and la a fair way to pat forth
ooo more It former strength end again avt
th Union." 1 ' ' tv ?' ry: ' .: :''.'
To prevent this glorious ; and JUlomphant
acnltremont, which woald doom many a plotter
against tb Democratic party and the Unlm,
Who now rejoice In "a at office, to the', ihadt
Of private life sad a Barrow income, that old
Uaion party must first of all things be brokts
dowa. That party aanlbllatd,'Bi torn bar
exprttted it, btrond the , hope of reearrectlon,
and ths old Abolition sad ' Republican leaden
recur sf ths control of public sentiment asdJ
political action La tho North, ths war agalnat
elavsry can b prcetcnted, rlgorouily under the
Drstsntrbf B War for ths Unloa, till trot let
th curtain drop over tas rsmaindtr of tb pr
gramme, which, we tnuf, the Democratic mart-
tt, la etanoUoa with all ether truly loyal mta
whs ilacersly lovs th old Colon,"' wUl,' by
forming wn o!ld phalanx for its pmervatleo
prpveni from svsr being carried Into effect!
Battle in Western Virginia—Victory
of the Ohio Troops.
Tb talegraphlo reports glvs aa fccconnl of a
bai tit fought oa Canity river, near Summer-
vin, between th Confederate forces. 6.0Q0
ttrotfr, sommaadad by Oaa. i torn, and sur
force, under Gen. Roxcaaws.r from thsnss
gtr account, It would appear that nearly tbe
who! of th Natioael forced Wen from Ohio,
Col. Lows, Lmi and Roar. L. McCoox
Col. Lpws, of th 11th, was' shot la th fore
bead, while at ths head of his regiment, snd
kill td, and CoL LVtXB WM funded In tbt leg
Amsaavth Castaiat SMsaraMy baatloned m
Captain Bcattixixa,' of thl city 'r'": .-
Ws regret tb death of ths gallabt Colonel
Lows. It Is not long tlnot tht Cincinnati Com-
mtrciel and other papers wars pubTlahlng irf
Holes ebarglng him . with , cowardlc. Ws
dhoald think thty would be ashamed of them-
elret bow, as they iboold bars been at tht
It wa undoubtedly a hard fight-. Oar phlo
boyf behaved nobly, vWs' shall bar farther
sows seoav Tbe 1st oa ths rebel eld is sot
Boown. j : 1 .
Sensible Talk.
The Beaton Herald, s itronc war paper, and
kMepnat la politic, baa little setieuee
wits tbe cry Set Bp oy tns ftrpaouoani 01 -do
party.'.' - In referring ts the Dtmocratlo 8tats
CoartnUoa to M held at weroooicr, Hate on
lbs 18ia loot., the fltrtU ayt , - 1 '
'Now I tb Um to be up and doing. Pay
so attention to tb cry which la being raised
about 'no party,' which almply mean that th
Democratic party Should eurrender their party
and principles to those wbo have been tbelr de
Mrs Id td eoemlee elate the foucdatton of tb
Government, if tbe country It to be restored
to peace aad Uaaqnlliiy, It w ill be done tbrecgh
lb ballot box. It it tbe duty of tbe narlv 10
vol a well ai light for their liberrte.: Let
tbot wbo talk l glibly about 'oe p-irty,' aboW
their elaettlt by-torowiag aside theic pertr
preiadlees, and aelt with tho wbo btre al-
waya beta loyal to the Cooatiiutioo, and wbo
bare not atffagtd fa a arfe apos the-Soutb
Or her Institution. Let evert town "be rtprt
etittd t th Conveetloo, so that ths voice of
tho people may be heard and made known."
That 1 Boosible, patrlotlo talk!
Union Democratic State Executive
Union Democratic State Executive committee to the Union State Executive
COLUMBUS, OHIO, Sept. 12, 1861.
ExtCHiivt Ctatmufot; -r - - -
Bia In rtarvrtTi aUt of ' affair Inftuf
eotnt? y, the Union psraocratio State Exeoelr
Committee, -with ths approbation of 'tbe' candl
dates of the party, bad determined sot to di
tato tb budiio auiet or oirert lua nubuo atten
tion, by Introducing or mauguratibg-Sd '-aoti-i
poiittca caaraat. f jutuouaa sor ivommitt
haa been organized for tereral weeat, and oar
andidate for tb same time have been before
the people, wo nor they bay made any more
ment looking to an active or betted saarata,
but hare been content to let tbe merits of the
adlaate, and of the principle they advocate,
go before tbe people and be judged or by tbtrn.
wiia tucn iiaau aa tacr sow Bars, c misni a
rlre through tbe -ordlaarr and ander preecnt
clroamataooee, muoh mere proper medium the
pre. We notice, however, that you and the
candidate ol the party you represent aer da
termined to puraue a oinareat eouraeaca Bar
already announced mate meeting eA different
poInU In the Slate We have no diepoaitton to
complain of thl deolaloa w year pert, " But
that tbe people, at a litU trouble, expen
ioaaof time as potibl, auy, bar ver
pertunlty of bearing the merits of tho qutttion
fully and fairly diacattd,we propeee a eonftr.
too to tbe end that Joint meetings may. be
agreed upon, to be addreated by the two candi
date for the office of jGovernor, tub tot to eaoa
rules and regulation aa youc Committee Bad
oura may prcaonbe, , u pieaatd to giro a
S. R. HOSMER, Chairman pro tem.
Union Democratic State Exec. Committee.
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary.
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 13, 1861.
Hmtr, jrre e
thmerti Blatt Cmmitttt; Anot Liymtn,
.ni.A - ;.;'JM;j:;vfcV.
J Gimt We acknowledge th receipt of your
communication to the Union State Kxeoutiye
uvmiuiiivo, uacu uu uiv im uuei. . T-t
Very early la tbe moraine of that day.- the
Committee we repretent bad announced. In the
Ohio Slat Jturnft, a trrics of meetiaga in
South eastern Ohio, which Mr. Tod and others
bad been pertonaur tuliclted to addreta, by .Un
ion men from the IooilUle in which 4h meeV
log are to be hold., , We pieaume your commit,
tee had knowledge of tbe publication of tbete
meeting-, prior to the wilting of your - letter;
aad that you did not expect ut to require Mr.
Tod to dia&ppolnt tbe people to whom washed
prorbite'd bit attendance, by the acceptance of
jour invitation, or that we ahould change the
arrangements for tbot mtating.
I be caudidatea of tbe Union fjonvenllon bad
been in nomination one week before your com
munication wu written. 114 you detired a
ditcuasloa between Meatr. Tod and Jewttt,
tertn daje' time wa afforded yoa to appclat
ut or your witbes, before we announced tbe
mectlngi alluded to. .
we iio not desire "to d;etuib tbe noblio
qoiet," nor "to dlrert tbe public attention" by
wbat jou cnaraoteiue, and teem, while yet la
viuog It, ilngularlv to dejireoala at a "heated
wa (wwaww aatwiav .1 T- 1
! But tills we have to layt our platform it be
fore the people our candidate for Governor hu
bv no mean lencred it. 1 It cbarae th aole
just reapontibility of h tht present deplorable
elvil war DDOn tbe rebel! ot tbe so called te
ceded Stales. It propoaee thoroughly . and at
all btxatdt and sacrifice to tupprew thit .moat
wicked rebellion, and It repudiates any and ere
ry suggestion or compromise "to be mad un
der tbe gone ol tbe rebels." . r i mirpt
,'AU this la very slain, and we tbinlt very
eemprehenilv. It It aUb entirely afflimativ
ana .unequivocal. , x our oommuuicauta lodi
ote no utus. Should yoa Aowertr. stilt ee
aire to combat frankly and pointedly any of the
proportion of th Unloa platform, ths com
mute wbicn we nave tbe bouor to repreaut,
may yet lake your proposal of a conlerenoe, for
tb arrangement of a discussion, between gen
tiemen to do agreed upon, into caneidtratioa.
Otherwise, it appear to a at preteut, that tuob
a conrtxtuct would oe uteieea. ,
It It dot to Mr. Tod to ay. that ws retura
thl reply without baring had any opportunity
01 consulting witn sun.. ,t j,0., , i, vi!
!'.'." " ResDectfullT. .i
JAMES H. SMITH, Chairman, etc.
B. F. MARTIN, Sec'y.
The Battle of Cross Lanes.
.: a Very
grapoio letta aeecripuv 01 tat natue at Urott
Lane. Ws infer ii is from tits pea of oar
rriead, v. c. tsmejiey, woo le a member or the
Lake eouniy Company, D, 7th Rrriment.
-' We were exceedingly glad to etc tbe name of
nr. Small ey amoDg tbote w printed as beicc
in the camp st Charleston. Mr. 8. went Into
tbeaervios from a motive m pars a ever ap
toated any painott ne la a young - man f floe
ablktiet, ef ouwarving iniegrity BBS tra cour
age. We hope be will gw th rough ths war un
scathed and retura te his Meads to reap the
reward that ahau be due every en of that noble
band wno aa pertuta an urs in patting down
thl great rebelUoa. . Ths manner of Captain
Dyer' death Mr. B. gives as followei '.-i"-"Pare
tiring vat sUuatloo,Col.Tjler ordered
a retreat to bill la our rsetv To reach thl w
had to pets throaxb a cara-Bald and two Urge
meadow tbat had lately seta enbwa.i' We bad
Juat ea tared th sera whoa Cept. Dyer, turning
to give ths order Soable-rraiok,' Wu track In
the aids by s masket ball aad feti; SXclalming
Ub,myuodr.. u was afterward' beard to
ear, 0b, my wife and anildroal H probably
diedlaefiwmlnutet."j.J:.-:i. i-a
r Mr. S. givss a lull acsoant of th retreat and
ths tetribi aaarcB te Cbarlawton. ' HS gives a
raw itema wa Bavs sat Delore eeeoc .'- "
' The rebels sagaged is ths battls r'srln9
pally Miastasippiana and Georwiarta. Tb letter
hurrahed for Girarg la daring thetght TbSpeo-
ple hers say were were 010 Ttxaui and Laul
anianein WlaVeforoa.! r.r-.. wvi.iw ;
, Every maa sf tbe enemy had a' pi tie of white
paper oa ibis ne or teat tieert to aitttngaith
them from oar mes, for thtlr aalform wa Very
1mllar.'r:ci "ti'-t lJ f'.'aw .'ai vii-J8-
Tbtir artilltry wu not to tbe aotloa, tut after
it waa over they bronghl tw piece oa the field
and fired three or four rounds by way or rejols
Inr alow? retreat, ' " . .1 .--oa.lJ a: .
Maay ef ur maa had tbsir slothing tors By
balleea, Ord. Shtpberd'S eap woe knocked from
hit bead by a bait, V Maj. CaaeasBt waa for sems
ti m ths target f or tb ttrW ef tbe eoemy, but wa
antcmebed.r io i er . .na,.a.v
What wUl b dob -with the Tib. if aaoWtald.
MAv think It will bt teat t Camp Chasw. Co
lumbus, to rscratt snd rearranla.' It Weemf as
if com oeh mora vrould t aeotwaary, a WS
bars ot four Captains remalBUif svt of iea.-t
Cap. Dyer Co. D, ud Ctpt.'Shatte.Co. K,'
were killed ra tb battle; Capt Spfagab.Co. B,
and Capt. HburUirT, U. V, ar pneaer Capt,
Clayton, Co. F, baa resigned; Capt; Stymour,
UO. u, 11 aica at Borneo a ma teave onty intt
Co. At Stsrliar, Co, Si Aaper.Cs. H.aadStef.
llnr. Co.L-' JW 11 J,J i'-'?- i '
Ths met bssrd of Bmalley bf bad tsianteer
I to gs oat on lomrt; to attack a rebel lorcw
oa Elk rivsr.'" - i'.of;a )!.
ttTAl ccrtala Rtpnblloaa piper la th Stat
of UUaoi dally publUh declaration' iet tns
war aboald bs for ths sbolitiosi ef aUveryt bw
reepeotlully uggett tbat a KepuMioaa BBM
Convention (bail meet and eatnoritetireiy de-
aounoethis attempt to turn . ths' oppression', of ,
rebellion to tne maintenance or spoiiucai lasua.
We are induced to tblt beoau Ws are really
dtsirow thu tb dtvltiaM and titftatlonf which
blatant abolltloa seeks ts saw emoctf ths peopl
may b arolded. The Demooraov evarvwhava
declare for the Union and Constitution. imrl
and pure. The Republican, by a similar, dec
larauoB.wiu leach to inoendiary papera rarer
red to haw thoroughly disgusting tity are to. a
paulotio people, Uitry 2Wt. ,
VlT Id the District Court leiterdax "mor'tilna
Judge Leavltt decided tbe collision oaa of abe
Goods FritodtandSenib, Bend,' . Tbe Judce
commented with tome evcriu oa th oulDabill.
ty of pilot IJatrUon, sud tb mat of .ene ,of
the (tesmer. ir being pa 40 . ouinoiu oeea
of tbe iteamar wto the et4Jeut. oooorredt
Tbe ileclsiuu mil that, tttlit aooidtut was oc
eaIonc3 by jnutual fault, tbe damage ,hoald
be born mutually by tb peUi, (fch par-
-ty pay hit pwn cot( , T. dmges:-ustlntd
will naiaiweea Df ,.wisuit(-w.a;f
Ton's istter, sy' "IfT Is' th' vole of a Uu
Ohio State Fair.
Eonoa Om; BvAixiMaa
Exhibition of ths Ohio Stat Fair, now being
held st ihfflr Tabr OroTnulilflaMniSty
nave averv reason to oeiie """
visitors will bs qoJW Mlargss'form yearsi
TtlenHlessxeeeMlafiearA isrCintl
VjPower Hall 1 quite crowded with improred
faille, and is fact erery depvtmDt u tilled with
the, tRQdttQl of r, .vigorous sad.srituprlelbg
rellow-oitizen. ...f loral iiau nas oeea tasteiui
It deeoruuul bv our ladies, and it filled with
btautllul flower by Hearer and other florist.
' Artist Hall. attract ctowde mi vUutort, and
haa a eollaotlon of life-Ilk cbotof raoh. Dalot-
Inga aad landaoapss by som 01 our dmi anitM.i
, Domeetie Iiau oontaine a greater ana oetter
variety of woollen, flax and tot ton goods, wont
ed work, embroideries shall . work, stockings,
quilta, tc, than usual.'and It appear to u tbat
th ladiee are making extraordinary progress In
everything they manufacture. , T . r
'. Agriooiurai ImalamenU, snoa a thrashing
machine, reaper, mower,, drill, etc etc.,
are exhibited of ovary kind yet Invented, with
great improvement. Jn thl department farm
era will find, any labor-taring machine which
UttTdeairsJ i "..- " ' " ' " "
,Th exhibition rof ttock rqoalt that of laii
(ear in variety and, quality. .Mr. Rarer, the
one tamer, baa some fine horses, which he
Imported from England, ' end . cattle, tbeep,
mule, Juki, hog, etc.; of the beat breed! ar
txblblted..i;Tbt elallears well fiUed with atock
tqoal to any in tbe Union-. '' ' . " ; t
.A great many uttie arucie or utuity ar on
exhibition, wormy of attention, which we have
not time at present to enumerate. Among
others the following:, ., , ,.-.
, In tbe implement department we noticed a
new and valuable wagon brake of Ingenious
thpogh limple Cbudtiuoiiou, which, hu only to
bt seen to convince any one the least skilled of
Jt. great superiority. It fa self-acting, being
operated by the bone without, any manual la
bor. ' Tblt brake it applied to the wheels by
means of an iron rod connected with tbe Ions
tongue Is near the and, at which point a Chain
or ttrap Is attached paning up over s pully in
ths cud of ths tongue. To this chain or strap
the tongue chain 1 or crck yoke It attached, and
when tbe bories hold back it draw tb rod for
ward and applies the brake, 4--;v, ' 1
It 1 deposited by J. G. Wolf, of Morristown,
Shelby county, Indiana,7 who also has Fich's
Hand Cultivator Metal garden and field
Implement,'. It la easily propelled, thoroughly
pulverizes and cleans ths ground, it simple to
us and not liable to derangement. It bat
taken premium wherever exhibited, and merf
witn tbe most neroio uceets wbererer intro
duced. 'Jt.'
v ; : . 11.
. ..SIOOtlBMT.-rV, ,,,v.
The train brought a large coocouree to tbe
city thl morning j but It rained to iteadliy all
day that many person hav remained in-door.
Tbe attendance, howerer, was respectable. To
morrow and next day we shall doubtless barf a
large crowd, a Geueral Mitchell will deliver
tb annual address, .-and on Friday, Senator
Andrew Johnson I expected to be present, when
we (hall har from him... VtO
Tbe Newport brait band furnishes excellent
H. D. S.
Ashland County.
"L J 1 f ! mnm 11 n f! T 'V I
1. Tb Uoloo Democracy bt -Ashland tcpanty
have placed la nomination th following strong
ticket - i v vn .) I It j V J V - M 1
. State RepreieBtatlve,, John -Taylor; County
Commiasioner, lohn Berry; ' County Recorder,
Ueorge Johnson; luttrmary uirector, D. X.,
Hall County Ssrveyor, E, L. Chandler; Coun
ty Coroner, 8. P. Crotier. -J ' -"-'
,-Tbe AWasd rmay"oflts' tr:-- fT
. ' W place at the head of our column tbl
week tbe name of tbs Union' Demoorat of
Ashland county for Stats Representative and
th different county officers. a Tb ttoket i a
good a one a bs rer.been. presented Jo the
peopl pf .Ashland county for ihelt spppbrW
All are, honest and tiuetwortby, and all are
abundantly able ts fulfill th dutiee of tbs' fo
Itiouifof which they' bars been nominated1,
wbilo tns patriotiim -and , loyalty ot - non ql
tbm San b queetioned. ''The'' ticket will re
ceive tbe unanimous uppbrt of tb Democracy
of the county, and will betrlumphantly ejected
[From the Cincinnati Enquirer.]
FRANKFORT, Ky., Wednesday, Sept. 11.
The Peace Convention broke up last night In
a panic. Mr. Ed. Marshall, the delegate from
uJiiorni, arose to mate . some remarks, snd
opposition wu manifasted In tbe crowd to bis
speaking, wh(c being naturally of a nutrhaclou
diapoaUtoa and elightly '"enthused, V tbe gentle-
tan maue sum oeruoDBiranoug tuyara arawipg
a revolver, accompanied with the remark tbat
he had addressed other audiences and better
saw than that; knew hi friends from hi ene
mies, and wu not to be put dowo;.,Tbe crowd,
observant of th aforesaid' pialollc damonstra
tlota, mad immediate tracks for' the door, and
rushed oat pell mall, belter tkelter, overturning
chain and tablet to their root.,. It was a com
plete cuti rtuu panic, ana tne convention-.
feat went all to fktu. ' .n
i'Tbe -recent, veoupatlon of Kentncky aoll by
th Confederate troops has' thoroughly aroused
the war spirit In Kentucky, and I predict tbat
the Invader will be speedily driven from the
land. Roused by lbs Insult, thousands of her
brave sons will rush 10 tb battld field with an
unconquerable determination to drive, tbe In
vaders from the toil or DtrUh In the attemnt.
We Can but expect war in ear State now to tb
Bitter end. it will bp doubt be sanguinary and
terrible ia th extreme, But 1 fear there: m be
remedy for it but ts fight II OuU( 1 wum r nn
' It has rained almost inomwantiy afooo three
o'clock tbla morning., lb urmr fear serl
sob Injury to their crop of corn arom tb resent
beaw rain, which, bsve ' a tendencv to retard
their maturing, thus rendering them liable to
tbe rami effect or early trost. 7 . , t
I tend yoa tbs following proceeding of tbi
House aad Bebatet' nthJ.i
"lath Senate -nothing wa done of Import.
nce,ocpf tbspaatiBgsr tbe following Joint
resolution, -wUioU-bad -already- pawed the
Houte: .fn"s-i .n.
" JUtld, That His Excellency Gov. Msgof-
fit) be and he 1 hereby ;intrucied to inform
tho' whom It may concern, tbat Kentucky ex
pacts from Ttnnesse or th Confederate tbe
wkhdrawal of their troop (root KeaUoky eojl
" Passed by a vote of twenty-! rd sye to eight
ova. -!., v .1 . -r-. ir fr T t 'T 1 rr t
1 And ti offaflog of th- following rraolalloh
bv Mr. Clscell, waioo. vu rejected 1 .
&teled. Thai ths Governor be requested to
arcs upon tbs Federal and 1 Confederate an
thoritle , the , Immediate r snd , unconditional
withdrawal of all troops placed by said parties
Sn Kentucky soil beyond tb limit of tbi
Stat, snd urge upon them hereafter to observe
me new wai pemuoa woicb ivonHioajr vj otv
Ltglslatur, has twlos Assumed.
Consul to St. Johns.
1 Jamu Q. HowalB,",Esfi.rR;w 'clty. ta
been antolated conaal 10 Joans.nsw uruns
wick. Mr. Howabs If a' youig 'gentlemas of
highly retpeetable ability, and we bavs rw drabt
Will diecbargo bis duties Ullbiaiiy. i i-j.u -
"I r t ml " ' ' :l '''''
wt Sctps t. SfALDiao. Now let a hear
from Judge Rufu P. Spalding, a delegate from
Ohio to tbe ttlaok Kepubiicaa UMiOBM Vportn
tiont of 1856 and lf360. H mod ' ipeeclt .In
th Convention of 11356, which nominated Fre
mont. In which he id: i "f lA . jJ f
.- "In the ease of tbe alterhatlrebelng present
ed of the eoatleatacf of Blarer or a dissaru-
lion or the union, 1 An run ii3ui.u.
TlN; a4 1 oar not bow quick i,Pffl ".i0'
, kr Tht fasten ttoket will not HSi IVorl Abe
atrencth of the Renublioaa tarty la-old Merccr-
- ' n. - - ' .... - ..
Mr Tod baa enemies in bl a-pMy ar,aua
Wf. Doney haa always been'vevT wapotmiaf
with many Democrat a Well a tb 'entire RV-
pttbUoan party. Tod and Dorsef will rail far
behind tb ludoraer ' of tb Help book, Mr.
otantaa od 4hw-ther Rapubllcaas 'a- the
ticket. A for tb Democracy of the aeuaty,
they will voi for Jwt wed tb Nlase. af
the Demooradc ticket, to a m0. -. Fstloa saa
aot create oonfusloa la the rank of ths gallant
Unloa Democracy of Mercer county. Ccfle
Our Quartermaster General.
A firm In Ne r Yo; k, th. t has been ile&IIn'f
largely with the .ebels wa m,ef dxtl j. tl t
day, and a letter. liona Vood,.oor"'Uuarr
m aster General, of a -rerr ourlou character,
ibund..Thaletter aaks fot balana duvhiav
and promts, if "th thing blow over," to nave
seme morf ffliff "(for the firnj. r .
t Tb iyegfeltttire, lasf WbH, ptd 'o
lutton,iklng ths Qorerabr to remove thl lump
of humanity from tbe Department, and appoint
a competent Person in hit ttead, but ll bat not
beta dwe.'UTbSpeoplS wlllthipk ltratbrhvd
that their "stuff ibould go to equip the rebels,'
and tbat, too, thrergh Stat authority. Let tbe
j .; 1 1 ' "i'! Man'i.iii'iMi 1. fin 1 1 ,,,'h
I AriAiu in 1owa-A porrsspondent 1 writing
from Fort Dodge Iowa, tajit 4'Ipwa haa a
bountiful crop ,tbia year. At leait 45,000,000
bushels of wheat to spare,' for exportation, but
with, tbe Mississippi closed axalnst us, low
price must rule. . .Wheat bu been told at low
u twenty-fir cent a bushel; corn and oat ten
to fifteen Pent. -..New potatoes were sold a few
day tine for forty cents a bushel. It cost us
on bushel of wheat nd one end a half bushels
of corn to pay for a buabel of potatoes, ' Four
bushels of wheal or 100. pounds of good flour
will par for a day's labor. Egg five, cents a
doien. butter tlx to eight cente per pound, and
other matter tbe same in proportion, for price
of domeitlo prodpoe. ' Groceries, from present
prospect, mutt be very high. , There will be a
large quantity of sorghum made this In fact,
for two year put, but very Utile molasses bat
been brought into tb State. We have already
eprvlled eighty men in the cavalry company
now raising at thia point, The men go Into
a regiment ranea lor ioi, narian t commauu 01
'; ' ; "
The Republican Convention.
Th New York OrnimerrieZ Advtrtiier calli
ths People' Convention an irresponsible con
cern, and ssysr-'" '' '''" ' ' - ' "' '
"W earnestly bope tbat tbe nepuDiican uon
vestton will pursue the even tenor of It way
without regard to tbe irresponsible rival conven
tion which .to all appearance I to be tb mouth-
Slece of soma whose deeire for offlo ha always
ten greater than the people's desire to confer
oflice upon tbem. '.' Let tbe regular convention
maks im ownnominationi, and not go out ol
the way either, to : have name off th ticket
or 'put on on, merely because the Irregular
convention may have made thB Sme selection,"
It strike us this i rather severe on tbe mn
who hare taken hold of thit "irresponsible"
movement for tbe sake 6f fegalalog tbe promi
nence tbev have lost in other political organiza
tion.' ! All Ihe old "party rmasbira" have made
haste to jump on to this new .fashioned "go
carl" with the hope of riding safely Into place
and power. Ovjjuio uiancr.,
; v..r
4-11 an - rin. unnnnnw
JntreolreanO for tale low rorottn, v "
A ;-,; I.A0BbI.a BOSS St 00.,
' it. Boum Bifa iuci, uoinmoni.
xbox. .'';mi '') 1001.
1 .)
1 'I r
Halted State Express Co. Frop'ra.
' 1:1
Hast freight line,
i Via Hew Torkft Eri Bailxoad, i
And all other Roads Leading West
t,,:; and Pputhest.'.p;':;,;;
Js"i t 19 ,)''''' ii I l,rt 1 . -I ,,,
Ctarteft'a rr bydr rpoit koads f aiiscgcr Xnlsa
if. H. H0V8T. Av't.' ' I A. ti EWI9HT. Art
-! j SSI Broadway, N. T. , ,23 But B t, Boatoou
Wafi S. PIBRY, Euferlatendent, Buffalo.' v
, M. riTCH 4e Sols'; Agents, V '..
87 Weat Braad Street,'.,
! :trr-M..M "JUAJtjiiinsjat tsaaiw
I fV.J J jj'VV ,aii '" I !.!' . .1 .'4
I'j (UUof rbaloB'sXitabUiluatst,K.T.,)
AT i fashionable Sharing, Hair Cutting , BhampooDlng,
uuriing aoa u renin j eaioon,
.. ' . . , t . . i
South. High. St., oveiv Bain's Store,
rtr MlUfactlon will be given Id all th varloni
ladle' and Obildrea't Hair Droning done to tb best
sty. ! , !...,.! . ... . ..
stpujif...',., ; ,. j .,. . .. y;
XTOTICE it benbir ilrtn Ihit'l will bw on or.
X MnUtloD, all lhouttaudin order, lnued anlnit
th. County Trratnry, tndorid, "Not paid for want of
IUCQI. -1 . s JDlin U, XrtUMfSUW,
xi - 1 ' .''.ri'. , Treaianr franklin Co.
ifpio-dttttitJ.:.. .10 tu .. ,... j-. y.,
ri j , . '.11 tf,i -i i
donimission. Blercliajits,
ifisir?onn a pihirc
p ' s ,
! iVt M a a) V C f ,yTfH i
'(tiT.. Trff-T n n.f rn"j-
.- (i.. ,J e '1 kftlV m ,iA.17i'y . tfl t
,7fju'TO..irriir .KATti'wao'i
uKfidlvU HAJIOdi. J
1 Proolaxnation.:f
X Third Ward In tbe pity or Colutubni Ar psrtby no
lined thitau election of on Truitel. to act as a antmbw
of tht Council of laid c)tj, tq lupply a raoancy earned
by tb reilioatlon of Dr. A, 0. Blair. lata Truatee, will
b held at th United 8(atn Sotal.ln tald Wardlb
anal Diane of holdlnr lleottonsia tald Ward, n Hon-
14T th 10 th day or (September, A,P. JW1.. The poll.
win p opened ana ciotea n toat tuy at m siiui. aav
ltn.lh.Dnn. " ' ' " -" " "' '' ' ' '
'1 cl itt
;i I !!..-' ;l ' i'J ft-
it 0
,i' in wu xo'liiM m. Mn
The Best Artlflelal: Half" to tne
; .Human BlstoMver jlar.aUd. ,,
1 1 " JOSIPff jrPEbllET7iT
Ijpntorb jki Inprotvd ldi 'o SPeeMi,4
All hla OkuMB. wtwUNT for-' BMf or fr.,lhrti ,Mi
BrjaoS t ooiieaTt eonrex form otitki IM frm Kit ,?
o aa. javjaiAJua 7 bash en, xirina ,,
PtsatcMtM r InrUaBiatlna,4if lb amUmpirUug
Itrcngtk for long mdtng or flnt MWIng. - '
Offimc U lHt stat ttr, M SltMi'ft Wrtirtrt
I,awaaljr1 , '.'3f J t j'McCl .nlnmio.
,, - .......i.' . . ,i ri .i. l ... 1,.
X CM) AA CLOTHS. Altt, othr aikM of r rl-
u Km uioui. ia BU owiraoi tautnn blndlnn. la.
Ml aad BnttoM It Batch. BAM it SOK,
ftl WO.WBoBUlHith
Tiyv -niy- ' .1L'"'
'ptr-K f 'V '..vwi-, rrsBO
jmvt vnTnnvr,rf. V A T VI
--if iAvifWAv rv ti'psjlNV.
IlF.!?tTll A WD fKEVr-WTB
11 ' PuiutioU aiul iiaiii. and hwla IU wont barn,
welling and psiai Bh)! w atbig, moqtlo bit), and
. vnti
"" puau, aauraira,, menuiitaaan ia m
braMt, wit rlWBHBiot- -wlittttAaoB inuraally, It Will
poitlTly our oroup in children, nd giro Immadlit
wlUfUttha. won . el tbjBtairib mpl,iotl aha,
remOTot boantnien ud aora UiroU Vriw, mUf
bottlt. BhonUI IfcBtvyB" for ty prug.
gjtUandgtorekeep.- IBVIN BIONB,
Ho real Jottlc oaa b dona th abov preparations
but by procuring and reading deMrlptlropu-ipbleua
be CqaaS With Q 4lkltBa, r will bt seal bj Vrapriatof
on damand. Vnnala and XrtaL Bottle nut tn Jknt
luii, whe Will Aad derelopnentt lu botlr worthy their
aooeptane and approral. ...
Qorreiponoeneo aououea irom an wno nsceultlet or
enrloittf prMnpts tea-trial of tin Abort r liable Hn
fo'iafl ty'lh'ojflwlioiIte' and Vital i'd.ale'r w
rtrjrwBrer, b-w,,-.-..! tw--' t .,'.. -JOHN
flijriWflwVfai.I fraprltt 1
I Bo, 9 jPomniarplal Wharf, Bostcp, Vass.. . i
Berat Baaaooi w,BaIapl, Bi ejook, j,-
Blf,. BaMra.Baa,ai.J.SbBllraBoB, Anuts
lor Oolumbua, Ohio.
Oysters l, Oysters 1 1
XJk.bvU)daujrrecipi,ur jupiM,.oi b ...,4 -,
!f&SH tAH & ZEd 0TSTEE3,
rrcm BaltlmnratMSf sir Hatenvl "rf .- .'-i n '. '
. Call at WagMiVti-Uerand emit Ppot, Hoi Bl Bait
State atrw. 1 sinu ) tmUmntr. i '("a .ti.'i J ; "
ui3ut..'S .irfoift.- (Mll it1. .-4 ,' 1
No. 29 Soutt' Eigt ' Street, Columbus.'
KW HOW OrKKItlM 'Wi.ir.
. 8000 iartt TiaUaj iBral! Ooeda at St rain
2500 yerda TraraUnf Dosbb Ooed atlSX. tb)m 59 et.
SuWyardiKnglla IMMeBtl.M,valawiaitv: "
1000 jmtOt f raaeB Orfaadta Bt lX,irln 80 eaU,"
BOOn .trdl fait Colored Lawna at 10, ralu IS eenl.
kwu mu a-aaiaan maa bum bi k. raiua ou oani.
boo rardi Super Plain BUok Bilk at S I CO. rain SI
Xotn T .Orgaaaie Brag, and BnglUh Bsrage, at or.
half their ralu.
i n
;r E TAOy A L
; .it
j.. tt.h 4,1 DEALER ITS ' '.;
: ! .orr.o.yi Rjp'Tjir. ProTiaions,
' Fcrreigii tnd" fiomestio yAqaorn'
. ' ......... TTMilf-a otrt fy--i . . , i
r.H.rrK..i 'i-vv'.". i y-. u -f -i'
1UB MUOm 'Sill MOJtB ffioHi
j-f .-- . .B-' ,r -T.-l ' T . - . !' .
j it -t ..' .i t r i i . y Mi "i r r. w ' i
jA ,4
Nd:"106fJnth.:High Street,
IbseM tand teeently woaplod brwTVliv JSeDONAtD
ai nettla'diily roetVcT'" ' '""
nilUi ,J t .-1 r 74 yc r, s-iirci. 'a i?.
bo xijvrr-K- Which btwlll Mil i-.- Ans . . ; :io
' rt?r.'i-:ir '" mf .''"""r f:
Cbap for Cata ar Canntry l?reace.
Good dftltverod w 01 ty trade fret ot chargi.ll
,iyi " 1 -
vJt I
'ifc.1l i-l I a-jt.-t .w t.tn' .' -J . f.
'7ioT&ti'' &$ Street
':i . Ipr Wis ions 'v
iF6Mgn'J KM 'tinestiiJ'.Froits,. ;..
i' i'! CO 'yWMVXiXn W ti s,' E T c,
' I .lU-.',' J it LUiZ'il.i li'.i'-f "' ii ' " 1
; ut a nu.'-i ll. ,,....- ' '"i..
V sroRACEV&cpMMissio; ;
iw. f mt oHl t Til nt. 4 a ! . jfi t i - 1 1 -
t trViivftiTi v l vr,Ai,'rn.iii '
ll ilioeferbnyiartioap ilrpenni of Baleratu'i, UifoWp
aVlxlUmajaey'Ihof wbo WrontM J rl'l filtlir,
gel a pur tnd wholciom article at halt Ita rala and
doabl their tUyi. Depot, bWaJhlngton' ltret,
NekXtflUigoWliiygrBotrstyTywbertS;. ,i .
f HO.'IOSt.'QWfilBfOBID.
a SJnitfnWbb41P4oJi;nTlop tilcosoti.t
Wtaltnt, Inrolnntary BmlMtont, Boxnal Debility, and
IinMdimeot to UatrtagejKnenlll'-, blarronineit, Con
Buaptlon.Xfilepv aui fit, Httal !aorPbyiloal Ia
oapaetty, multln from Belf-abnM, to. By Bobirt J.
CulT-.!, M, B,aoor of thvOaea Boo-, o. r ',
A Doam ta TnaneaadB at Sniterer
Seat under teal, in a plala tarelope, to any addreai,
ot paid, on receipt of two itamp, br Dr.VUUAB.
.T0 KL1HB 1B7 Bower, tUv lork, Pot OffioBoi
Nj iMi. .. - aep7;3mdfcwv
, 1 4 mi . HBtl .1 UX.M.I- .'.
Too mneh tatinf and drink log, aw bablt and, mtdes
of life, often prpduo lrrrgalarltlsi In tht boweliand
ftteral health of tb lyitemBut, tLAJtsasra's Pan
Will ioon cart, thtoBUblll regain Its ttraafta, and
tlthy action of tbtihtf will b restortd. .B
Hidicinis art qnal LugMfubKM to tbt '
Irory maa of th IIBB ZOUAVBS had a bos of
an an ALLOOOK'B POROUS PLASTER pdt tn their
kpapaack free of expect. And io tblt fact may b at-1
iributcd th abaenc of any of THIS BIOIMENT from
lAahnantlal. ' ' " ' 'I
r ItEAXiOIDUtt sboail hTe box of Brandre'lb
PlUa.'-a tea) at Salt, and t alec ef Porto Platter,
They an BUB1 ts bt naefuLoftta llfttarlaf.
.. Bold by John E. Coof, Srngglit, Colamba, and by
lallreieotbldealiriIn medlclnei. .''1". - ' -
r..anl7Him ;!iu-.t. ...
i a vawarwB, vi wn rwv--f y wfrfw mmy bmibim aewam aai
afrktlons, pilot, ibewmatlsra, hreri aaS ftTtet, obt!
Sab) bead ache, tad all general dtrsugeaMnta of healta
tta Pilli bar Inrerlably-proTed a certain and ipeod
remedyV - A Untie trial will place tbt Lift nil beyond
thp vJifcimiiyilon In it tttlBtaUpa of trety ,p
't'ePt. ,,,. s,,, ..,-r .( 11 w...-4 yAj.J r'-'1. T.'J
I br.at'i Pbowbs Blttot wlU bt found tqnally tf
tcMnjiaaUcatos of Aawvtos denUtr, yppl head
tcke. wfknB BteMtav te fvaulet fa SeUeat health,
alt I llll llf nilHlaBtl Amm-rU taJlllAwaa JJ HtMf
anl ireri Vlitf of Wcfili Wof ft tolM triUl.
-for taltbfPf, W.lOE?AT.J, BNBdwaf,. V
snlbyallPrngglit. .v-.rvaBySBatwl'
.r . ,,f("7 ff.r't i .1 ... f ' "'
;Th following' U a extract from
Batter written by tbBw-S Jioima, pastor at thl
PlirrepolnMltnet BaptlM Cburaa, Brooklyn, B. T.,t
th Joaraal aad Moewngtr," Olaefnaatl, 0., tnd spaki
rbiam IS farot lf tha,t woil4-reocwnd awdldne, Mai,
Vf Bnurir 'a Barntuw iiacr roa CaaMtta lBBttnM.-r
' 1 tWiwa BtieiWiait 'Bi tvn tuiBiuiu eftlwr
Wrmv'i 9Mrtum wr.ao ire WWIMOI Word
la fare jot a iatant bicuioId bafor In vr ill, but
feel com pel ltd w "T to yuur readers tbat thl la b. hum -bur
wa suvbt .. i) it, a a ow rr WO BB ALA IT
alias.' ll la proualy eweof moat twoful B4i
eineeof theoay. beoauM U U 4M 4 UM bett. Andtbott
tf year reader whe hart babtei taa't d bettor than
laylnapapply.". , eeWilydfcf
Art- ElTeotlTO,- fiifo ud r ZoonomtflM "
t. , , , Compouna.TT -v'N-iv.
;'irOR "RESTORING -GR Ay haIbU v
f o IU original eolor without djelng, and preventing
,jw ., -Auuruon wrumji graj -wm
V . ' . A, . ... ..... 1
And raring ft, whin trart is tu wast paruoi or iu r i
, .or rct4eraur energy nanainmi. - ...
T.AAdtJIMUiMtffon f tkoBoal., Jli
Impartlnr to R So Daaal4 gioaaandbrUHAno, UaAii
It aoft and lilkj In Its tutnr, and oauiiog It to oui
readily i ... i '! h i " - ,' ' '
Tn gnat oalebrlty and tnoreaaing aauaoa lor tni
qaaltd preparation,, ooorloces the prprl(r that oat ,
trial la only neoeeeary to aatlify a dlsmlng publla of It
a parlor qualltie srr any otbar preparation ia It
lean the bead and aoalp from dandreff and other .
ouUneoM diMu, )Bilnjt tb hair to grow lnrarlantly " J
giving It a rloo, aoft, gloaay aad Snibl appaarano, an
lo, whan tu hair Is looeening and thinning, It will arts ,
itrengtli and rigor to th root, and rotor th growd
in growutit) .a.
hot part which hat become bald, earning It to yield a
reih oorerlnf of hair.
- Thrt bib kandnd ladle aad geatUoMB' ra -slw
tmk who bar bad Iheir hair raatorad by tb a Of this ...
Invlgorator. whan all other preparation, ban tailed. L. , ,
H, ha In bllpoaraalon letUr lnniunrabU UeUfyuig. ,
to Ui sbor fact, from penon ot Om higheal redMota , ,
billtjr. It will eOeotoally prtrent tu hair boa turning . '
Butil th latett period of life; and lnoawwlMr'lh hair,
ha already ohangod lUoolor, tho um of th InTlgorator
Will with certainty rwtor H to it to It original bue, glv '
leg It a dark, gloaiy appearance. A a perfuut foe th ' '
tnDet nd a Hair Het to retire It U particalarlj rctn
ended, baring aa agreeable fragrance: and the treat ta ' '
aiiues H afford, la dreatlng th hair, which, whan molat
with the Inrlrorator, saa b dremed la any required '
torn SB aa toprawrv It plaet, whetherplAlnlbrln cork;
by th ltdlef u a
bono th gnat damand for It by th Itaiet aa a atandard
toilet artlele which nonaonght to b withont.a th prlct
place it within tht reach of all, being
Only Twenty-Five Cents ? -
pertMttlB, to be bad at ail tmtpestable Drnggtatl and '
' Perfnr.
L."MTXtM would call th attrition of Pareok) and '. .,
Snardlant to the a of bli Inrlgorator, in wheee , .
tb children' bait Incline! to b weak. Th a of t . . .
lay th foondatloo foraroodAeaol of kair, a U a-,,
more any ImpnrlU that may bar become connected
wlth-ahw Blp,thw lemural of wtrfert- t teccaaary both
for) the health of tht child, and th future ppearanee at
naaalr.l j t ; : i U . ? . 't
O.tiTmx. None genarns without th (ao -flmlli 10TJIB . .
HILLIR being n th eeter wrapper; alio, li. MIL. '
LSU'B I1A1B 1HTIO0BATQB, . I.,' blown in tbt
flat. 1
Whelenl Depot, 58 Df itrMt, Bod loU bf III Ih'
frlnclpal Uerchaotaand Bmggiila Uirooghonli world
. liberal dltoonnt to purchaMr by tb quantity,
.. t alio' deriret prates! to th Amertean Pnbllc my "7 ' '
"Twil?D-i- nt?8?yP'-- rawAirAiioui
wbjeb. attar years of sdinttfle tzperimentlng, I bar
brought to prfeotloB( It dye Black el Brown Inataotly
withoutlnjury to the Hair or Bain-, warranted the beat
article ef th kind In oxietanet, - """
Depot, - 66 Dey ?i Stj ' New ToifW 11
M(fi8:daswly. ,
lrDl)0 yardi Bapar Plala Black BITka at tl 00 rala
;tll pryri. . . j ) .' ' f f :
tfAOO yards Traveling Inn and Mantl Ooodi at
B 12 etatt valat 90 cent per yard.-' ' '
3,bOO yard! Wbltt BrllllaatM at 12 19 cent
.iValMSOcenUparjard. f , ,., , , R (
8000 yardif in and Comeelio Glnghami greatly nn
ler valne. i
. ..... '-ALSO-
irozAiraiQTrRf. salzoehtts. ; "
iawhb, CAUC0E5, wrinrs,
I 'T thin ALL OTHER r I 1 I .'
New and S1aanimble) Pre GKxxl , .)
In tht moat desirable ityle and at very lowan price. '
Of all matirlali, madt In th aottyUb manotr aftei
lb latest Parli Feiiilcn lh taott tlegant styltt o
in city. , ." ... " I t
'.. , . .."',.'. , , BAIM ts BOW, ,
'ay3u'J' ''" ' Ne. 29 South nigh street.'
I 11 -
-I . , 'itvdi lu : i .ii '
I J i ..i -I - i:
j Tor an Inch of Time! ,
a dying Qaeta. Tbat Inch of tlmeeaa baprocp '
d It atauoh ohaaper rale, and many long ytan of -
tnjoytd by coniBltlBf- Br. at BRBTWB ATHBrT bbo"1 '
1 ourlng th moot obitinato and long-atandlng dlaniet lv
I i ract arc Btakbarat TBiIbibsI
Hear what ths Philadelphia oorrepoadent ay ia the , J
MOnmmonwealtb," Wilmington, Dalawaia, Sih of April,
"An Kngllih gentleman, formerly connected with th
Brttlth Army, and wbo 'Ityle blmMlf- tb 'Indian
Botanlo Pbyiiclaa.' ha of lata gained aa itenalr repu'i
tttlonbereby hii iklll ia caring all manner of own,
plaloti. . 8om of hit patltnta f hart oooTrtd wltb.t
and thty pronounce hla rtmedle and mod of trtatmeol er
at vtry ioprior. Boa aaw Sua ratoiiS a if by
magi.,. To modlolB h awa dUtllled by blmalfVy
from rarloui herb poMWaing rare turatlr proptrti.
. T While acttof tn to army he darottd big rtaotr a
ment to a thorough study of th eBeot produoed by-
oertain medicinal root and herb on ill manner of dla
ae. It em be hit found a iort and spdy reme
dy for all th Mill that fleih Ii betr to-' Hla prectio it
alrvady eiteaetre and 1 dally ineraaifng. Io tb oom
plaint to whieh f mal art uhj acted, b hu ao qual, .
ata larg number brt bar teetlfled thai they ewe aot '
only their-preeenl good beeltb.igttneti lire) to tht -iklll
of till Indian Botaait Phyalilaa.i';
: Offloe 37 Eaat Stat 8tret,oltimbnim
" , t. , r,i-K i v-jovoO awri t..a.xi ;ai
- is
iTo. 29 South tHiffKBt
H ATI' foil epeoed 'aa Inrolos of very Urvt ind'1
bandKmt "
Vpry DeprrsBchfluncInglOBSa; .
JUal Thread, Fyenoli, ChaBtUUAPeciiffiL
VbImaImim.. T).t.4 A . A.m. T, w . . a T . I
: and Thread laoes and .Collars, (I
.' . , , In new Sbapen. '
1 1 ,ASArKJ6LLARa.A.CUF3. " ,
' - r niHw yrFBtrralltTB;. A
Traveliz? Dress 1 Ccods.
BOWltltttJrrijB, WPWB,' PHif.i
J lltA.B, A-Uli, U uumim.,
i Th beat and moot tuhloaablt Ityle la the city,, .
St, ft Balh BUfb Strait,

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