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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 14, 1861, Image 3

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Malls for New Tori City.. Jlottoa, Albany, BuBale,
Pittsburgh, eteobentllle way. Otavelend, Zmmotiu,
Mtwark,8revllle, WeshlngtoaOlty, B"Of. fhlle.
dolphla and New Orleans, olom dally (Biindays sxoept
td) et 9 o'clock Pi ns.
A through wU fot New Tork and ClsvtUnd flow
dally (Sundayt excepted) t fotoea .
0. o.oTb. &. tu kuileiotti dtily (BumUyttX-
OtpakUatao'tloeke,, i ;
Central 0U Wtr AUll closes dally (Bundayt excepted)
OlnolnnU Way Mail cloetl dell (Sundays excepted) at
olooK A aw
cikiMr,. rjuhaaue. Delaware, Marlon and Worthing
tea Mailt cloeet daily (Sundays excepted) it (o'clock
HUf ft,r tenia, Bprtngfleld, Dayton, Toledo, Olnehf
nau, Indlanapolia, j,ouitviiie, at. vuia, ana jmroii,
closet dally (Sundays txoepled) at 8 o'olook p. m.
A through mail to Xtnla, Springfield and OiMioaatl
closet dally (Bemdtyt excepted) at ju o'clock a. n.
Urbane, Plqua, l'lffla and Union City nail closet dally
(Banders nmM at a eeioot p. m.
- . . hi.ij 111. 1 I II I .. M t- ,1 , - .L -
looasior, a-otao, ,auKju,.i.c, yircra.uia, vaiiinvHi
Portsmouth, Washington . 0. II., Athant, Marietta and
Hillsboroeih valla oloat dally (Bundayt txcepted) at 8
clock p.m.
Boot Way Kail by Rational Boad to ZanerrllU eloM
ally (Baodaya oxMpiod) at w o oioci m.
' Harrlibnrik Mail olotH dally (dondayi tioeptad) at
o'olook p. tu- .
Mt. Tornoa Mall, by way of WUrrlll and Bnnbary,
alaoM dall (imiliii axcaotodl at 8 o'olook D. m.
Dublin atali aloaoa dally (gundayi oepted)at 8 o'clock
p. a.
LaneuUt Way Mall ejoaci dallyBandiyi ncopttl) at
MaUa from Ktw Tork. Boaton, Phlladclubla, Buffalo.
Albany, PUUbarih, Olrreland, fiaytoa, Tolodo, Xonla,
Datrolt, Bprlnrneld, Cincinnati, OhllliooUia, BU Lonia.
and all Boatbtrn dtla, rrlT bttwowi tb koartoK
o'olockp-. and 4 o'clock a. n.
Mailt bom IndlanapoUa, ObleafO and Sabmqoa arrln
Mailt from ITunlniton City, Balttmu wnttuoi,
ZaMorllto, Newark, BUnbenTllle, Mt. Vernon, aal tbt
0. O.R.B. Way Mail, arrtrt aim Cflootm.
Way Mall tnaa oiacUaail arrtrei at S o'clock p
iABmatnataUarrlTeaatS o'clock D. m.
aet Way MaU oear tbt Natlonat V-(t trrlret at II
o'ciooK a. at. .'i . . - ...
Mt. Ttrnon Way Mall arrtret at 11 :00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrtret at 11 o'clock m.
TJrbaaa Way Mall arrlTetal o'clock p,m. -v
Harrtebaiah Mall arrlTee at 11 o'olock a. m.
I.aTwwsicr h Mall arrimi at IB a'oloek m.
Offloa dallTarr ooen artre dar (txeant Sunday) from
7 o'clock a. m. to o'clock p. m.- Open on Bondaya
from 7X to B eloob la tbt aoorainf, tod from a to 8
clock la Bat aTtnlnaV'---
Rail Road Time Table.
Lima Muvi OoLbaioi Jnu B B,
leaTtt. " ArrlTtt
Cincinnati accommodation. 5:00 A. M. ' B:10 P. M.
Bipreee........ .11:40 A. M. 11:UJ A.M.
Mail and Aeoommodatton.'. fcP. M. ' 8:00 1. M,
Mlcntcxpreea Tla Caytoa. 12.00 mldnlgnt.' ISO A. M.
. - Jno. W. Ponian, Agent.
Ooumtoi It (juraLam : i
Mlfht Bxpmt. .....;..S:0 A. M. 11:15 P. M.
New York Bzpreet ,.11:10 A. M. . 10-50 A. M.
O.O.fcO. Way Bipreai.... 8:30 P.M. 7:10 P. M.
' T.rr- j.. Javm) Parmtoa, Agent,
OomaiiOaitB' .il'-f... ,
Ho. IBiprtm.. i S:3B A. Mr . 11:85 A. U.
Mt. 5 4 :U P. M 11:1S A. M.
' , W. Pen, Agent
Pmotntaa, Cotuntoe k. OmounuTi B. B. W
MallTraln... ....... 3 JO A.M. 11A.M.
Bxpreee Train,. v. 11:85 A.M. :P.M
Jot. Bommoif, Agent.
CoLcatot dt InDu.xoroi.li, B. R.
No. 1 Xxsrcee... 0:30 A. M. , . 8:00 P, M
Ho. 8 " 8:00 P.M. 7:80 P.M.
Accommodation 10:30 A. M.
C. W. SMITH, Agent.
l, at.... r. , .
The Adam EzproaB Company places as daily
uuder obligatloM to it for the rery latest paperi
Irom theeaatern cinea.- , .- . . n , ,
The American Express Company has our
thanks for its daily iarors in the shape of the
rery latest eastern papers.
Attention, Campaar
At ; Resorrei
The members of the abort company will
meet at their Arm vy promptly at half-past
eight o'clock, to be paid off.
It. By order of Commandant.
Lictousom rii Hour Lars Rxsbmko. Rev.
D. A. Randall will resume his series of lectures,
to-morrow (Sunday) evening at the First Bap
tist Church, corner of Rich and Third streets.
3ubJect-rM9amaria and Sea ol Gallllee." This
lecture will comprise an account of his journey
Irom Jeruialem to Snecbem, Mount Gerlzlm,
Jacob's Wsll tad Other poiutscf interest in Sa
maria. ' i., I I L A ,. v-; " . .
OJ Rev. G. W. Moots will preaoh at Wes
ley Chapel on next Sabbath at ,11 A. M. and
LOCAL MATTERS. Probate Court.
Items of bntinett transacted in the Probate
Court of Franklin county during the week end
ing Friday noon, September 13, 18G1; ' '
Tn marriage lidenaes were issued.
John 9, Breckeoildga was appointed Admin
iterator on tt)t estate of William Breckenridge,
late ot. JaokaoB township,, deceased. Bond
gtfm 'm4,2?nu:';:: :, .
Jonathta ptonAdminlstrator with- the
will annexed on the -estate of Samuel It Co
vert, decaased.'fiUd his final acoount. ' Said es
tate being Insolvent, the Court declared a divi
dend of sixty pet oenV. to general aeditors.
An odet of salt was granUd to Henry. Rid
toour to UU'real estate of Henry Aachey.'de
otased, being a faro of, fifty tores, situate in
Mfflin townshipv; 'X.: . "
John Coi, Administrator of tht eetatt of 8oi-
omoo Sbadlo, deceased, reported tbt salt of .100
aorta ofJaslW ' Salt confirmed. end
deed oraerea, . '"nwra ,.
Daniel Dougherty was appointed Gaardlan of
Daniel Doflffhartv. Jr. ' ?' '" ' . .1
Emma Brown, Guardian: .of Pivii .Cutler,
I following perscBt - took oat tktlti fiaal
lOjfmaturaiUatioiXJ'oha Ebcit,a batlve
of Bavaria,' and James Kelley and Thomas
Whalen,bothBativeei Iceland, - i
Tit Ioliwlhgm1ne wltti
out tht mi& of parents or guardians, wtr't
dlsohargtd from tht terrlce on wrluTof asieas
Allan A.Glbso'n. of Knot oountti Cor
nelius Peeter, of, Miami; Mlohael McDoaald,
of Perry Patrick DiUea, of MlamJ; Abel Bee
lty, of K volunteers at Camp Chast. and
Philander C. Brittoo, of Franklin ooonty, a vol
nnUerth aig'hesenA'.CCpi;;
Regiment 01 w, D, iniantrye,' oJe 'jcvi ,,
Cistbsb -During this week wotkiaetf liare
been employed la. figging ft pnblto cistern on
the southwest 'rntor of Long . ' and". Seventh
streets JAftet digging doVli some fifteen feet,
a veln ef. water was struck, and further opera
tions bad at be suspended.' . Yesterday, one of
tht stea4 Art .engines Was employed In pump
ing out tht water. ''Tatt wat accomplished! bat
as tooa as thepumpTng wased, the water eame
pourtog to. jjMk. ff V1".,1??
abled to Xwmmeneralluig wp.the well they
had dug, and thai crospecf U. that 'ft cistern
will have a tousUnl sapely tletfta'eigbilliAaa-to
i Ht ' i t lie
-. D Capt. Puthasi arrlred at Camp Chase yes
terday, with 75 men for the Thirty-fust Rsgi
tot. They tame &vb Llokipg county.
t.ETReT.8ai Bora U$ beta rtttUdia
ClooIonaU. oa th ehtrga of publishing ad
uraalAtloff a treuooabla paper, oalled tbt
Btur tf Rt Union." B1b obbb will be heard
befprtU. S. Conimliiionsr IlAixiDiT, on Moa
day next,
ta aa
or GiaNd Lodob op F. and A. Mammi op
thb Stati or Ohio. Horaoe M. 8tokeg Eiq.
Grand Matter of the Graad Lodge of Free tod
Accepted Maeoai of the State of Ohio, died at
hiB reeldeooe In Lebanon, Warren oonntyi on
Thnriday lait., Mr, Stoijh wae elected to hie
high position among Maaooe, la the year 1857,
hat been four timet re-eleoted, and nae ao-
oordinely held the Boeltlon for newly fire
Deputy Oraud, Matter, Gaoaat Rtx, of Wool
tor, Ohio, will, of tonne, fill the pott of Grand
Matter for tbt nnexpired term. .. .
fcT Capt. William Ambbobi, formerlnof thle
oity, hat arrived at Camp Cbate with a eompa
ny of eighty men, raiaed in Roes county. ' ,( ,
MiLiTaar ArroiimtBNTB Cobbiotknb.
Owing to errort in the copy from which wt
printed, the follow log correctlent should be made
In the Hat of military appointment!, publlthed
in the Statesman yesterday morning. Lienten
ant-Colonel Stafford, of Newark, Major Let,
Quarter-Master Pennington and Adjutant De
Wolf, art assigned to the 65th Regiment. Jno.
C. Frankenberger Is assigned Quarter-Master of
tbo ltt' Regiment of Caralry; and John A.
Bennett It First Lieutenant of Company B, 1st
Artillery.' .- ., , . , .,.
O Capt, Hibam Mu.ua. of Mansfisld, on
Thursday reported at headquarters a company of
one hundred and one good men for the 15th
Regiment at Camp Bartley, Mantleld, and his
company has been assigned aa Company A the
post of honor in tbo Regiment. Captain M.
served two enlistments In tbt Mexican war,
and as Captain of Company H, 15th Regiment,
0. V. M., In Western Virginia. ." ,
There are six companies of tht 15th now
tno'amped at Camp Bartley, and the remain
ing four companies will be in camp this eras
ing. . t :'. .' i i t... , ..
' I nfcwi i T ...
ST W. D. Howills, lata of tht Journal
office, hat bttn transferred from the Consulship
at Rome to that of Venice. 1
S7 Thomas B. Lihoolb, whoso arreet in Cin
cinnati, on a chargt of treason, wt noticed some
time since, was brought before Judge LiATrrr
on a writ of aafrtee eorut, and required to girt
bail with inffloient security in tht torn of $6,000,
for his appearance at the next term of the U. 8,
Cironlt Court.
DVTht Aquednot at Yellow Bud, on tht
Ohio Canal South of Clrclerille, hat been rt-
built, and tht water was let into tht eighteen
milt lerel on Thursday night, so that narlga
tion was resumed on that portion of tht Ohio
Canal, which is now In good navigable order
throughout tbt wholt length.
OT There are three thousand men at Camp
Chase, lnolud ing nint hundred cavalry.
ETA secession prisoner from. Virginia, by
tht name of Davis Bisczll, confined for tomt
timt past at Camp Chast, hat beta sent to Got.
Pnaroirr, of that State.
Buck. Messrs. Stilus & Co. art engaged
In the mannfactore of brick of tht. various
kinds nseded for building and other purposes,
at their yard, near the County Infirmary. Or
ders may be left tt StiuiVb bakery, on tbt
Northeast corner of Monnd and Fourth streett.
OempW.Vtte fhsri. royt
jrianafacforere f sill klata f pr
table and Mtatiamary t)aeaaa En-
gtnea, Matr inula, Urlat 01 tile, i ' '
, . . cVCi aVCe -
. J. J. B. DVYALL Matt tit C01UU1DS
. MACEmSCO.Btatmllll SBJLD10SD ,
" 6 00. Malml lilt
. Our rortaUt loglat aad law Hill
Wm awarfed tke flrtt premlom of fN at tbt Indiana
Bmtt Pair tot IpW ovw lane Bodley'i on' account o(
Price, lightness, aimplioity, economy of fuel
' and superior character of lumber sawed.
0r Stationary iDflBt wet awarded at the aamt Pair
ttw Bret premlnm of tm
Onr Portable Bnglnt was awarded the Brit premium ot
100 at tht Pair at atamphlavTtan over Jlandy't Da
vall'a, Oolambot Uaonlna Oo'e.. and Bradford fc Ot't.
by a eommlttet at yjaotloal Ball read Bnglneera.
Porpriteanttemeaddreei ..... r
WiLLABD WABBB B, treatortr,
dtcJISEWlytoli. . Kewark.Onlo
Steam Between Ireland and America
. i.i j. (
' Tht following aew and magnificent flnt-claaipaddM
Wheal Btaamenlpi ooopoet tbt abovt llaai . .
APBIAIIO, 8,889 tone tmrlaen, , Capt, J. Macs
(Pomtrly of tht Oolllnt tint.) ' '
H3BBBNIA, 4,400 tontbnrthen, Capt. N. Paowts.
COLUMH1A, 4,400 " K.LttTCW. '
AKQLIA. 11 e,4W , - '-V :; MwaoMoa
PAOiriO, ,eo " l.Buia.
PRXNOB ALBIRt, (flenw.) : ' ......
j c l",', , "... J.WAUEB.
Oat of tbt abort Ihtpt Will taavt Waw Tork or Boatoa
almraaUly tvery Taeeday. (ortalght, tot Oalway, oar
rjlnit the gortnmtBt mailt, toocnlng .at It. Johns,
H. P. " ' " "-. .-. m
Tot S teamen ei sua not aava ooen etmetnoted wlta
tht grtattat care, ander tht anpttTWta ( tba pnn
Bwet,bavt wattr-tlght eoapartaMatt, and art aaeaotl
led toteomfort, mltly aad apttd by aoy tteaaMri afloat,
They art eommaoded by able and experienced neon,
aadtTtrytxtrtlOBWUl bt amde to promo Mlbteeealert
uptrrnetd Inrgoea attached te taoh"ahlp'. ''
Vlrtt-clM N. I. or Bottoa te Oalway or Uvtrpoel 1
Beoood-elatt."' -" ' 75
Vtrmlaaar " " tnlt Ma's 3$
Thlrt-olaea, - H " . . t Oalway tr Liverpool.
. or any town In Ireland, en a Railway, - - 30
Thlrd-elne aaatngert art Uoarally anpplltd with pro
rlilone of the belt qvaUty , eeoaad and Hired by theecr
vaattof theOempaay '. ' i . .-'y
- BBTunrr tickets. .
' . PxrtiM wlahlne to aead rbrihtlr (rieada (rem tbt old
eeaawy oaa ooula UckeU Irom aay town on a railway, la
Ireland, or fro Ux erlnotpateHMtet Bag'MUMU'
Paataasrt for Mow Tork, arrtrhifl by the Boetea
ateamara, win ee rorwatoea at atw a era nee ot oaaige
' ysr pajaam at nruer Inloraatioa, tpp ty to
3" i I . it ( ... v.Wm.lLwlZKaAB'.
TCrANTBD 10,000 Oattomtn It bay
09nt amMbltP
typea at M. WITT'S Oboaa Ambrolype atom. Mo,
Ih ttreet, Oolmbaa,QhW,
More about the Sumter.
: Nbw Yosb. Bent. 13. LeIUrs dated Cure
ooa. Asiust 93d, state that the Sumter was
eeen ofT.Torto Cabelio on the ltb, with a new
rxisi, supposed to be tht bark Theresa, from
Maraoelbofot New York, laden with ooffee
On August lo a steamer nylo' the American
ac paeted the (arbor, reporting- herself the
Kevstone State. The d Hot who went owl to
her reports that the wat a tew steamer, where.
as tne Kevstone state is nve rears oia. u is
surmised the vessel assumed this name for pe
collar reasons.' , , ,
The Rebels and the B. & O. Railroad.
Point op Rocii. Md.. Sent. 11. It it report
ed by Unionists from Martlnsburg on Saturday,
that tht rtbels bad taken op the entire track of
tba Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from there to
North Mountain, a dletaoee ol nine miles, and
transferred the rails to Winchester, lor tne ex
tension of the Alexandria. Hampshire and
Loudon road. The track tore up wat lattly re
laid br tht Company. ;
At Dnffltld't Station tbt rebels were taking
to pleoea eight new locomotives, to transport
went to Wincnester. ' . " r i
Kentucky Legislature.
Fbamkpobt. Sept. 12. The Senate passea a
oint reeolutioa from the Rouse yesterday,
dtreotlnc tne Uovernor to demana tne witn
drawal of Confederate troops from the State
b to 8. v
Senator Cisseli to day offered a joint resoln
tion reanestini the Goremor to urge apon the
Federal and Confederate authorities the imme
diate and unconditional withdrawal of all troops
placed br either party on the soil. This lies
over onadar.
Mr. Huston to-uar resorted a bin to punitn
rebellion in the State made tht apeclal order
for to-morrow. Tba bill makes it leiony tne
wselnz ot war against the United States, enlist
ing troops for the Southern Confederacy, or in
ducing anyone to do so, or Joining or parading
witn any company, witn intent to join tne con
federates. . Ths invasion of Kentucky by any
oitisen ae a Confederate soldier is punishable by
death. !
The act is to take effect in ten dsys, and will
not be applicable to those who return to their al
legiance within sixty days. '
Battle in Western Virginia on Tuesday
Afternoon—The Ohio Troops
Engaged—Col. Lowe, 12th Ohio,
Killed—Col. W. H. Lytle Wounded
While Leading a Charge—Captain
Stephen McGroarty Wounded.
Clabubobo. Va , Sent. 1 3 A battle took
place about three o'clock on Tuesday afternoon,
near Summerville, '
Gen. Roseorans, after makiDg a reconnole-
Banco, found Floyd's army, 6000 stronir, with
sixteen field pieoes, entrenched In a powerful
position on tne top oi a mountain, at uarrix
Ferrr. on the west side of Gaulsr Rirer. The
rear and extreme of both flanks were inaccessi
ble, and the front was masked by heary forests
and close jungle. .
Col. Mtle, Tentn umo Kegiment, or Ben-
ham's Brigade, waa in the advance, and drove
Btrons attachment ol tne enemy out or the
camp this side of the position, the eite of which
was unknown, onortir aiterwaras, nit scouts,
consisting of four companies, euddenly dieoov
tred themselves In the face of a parapet batte
ry and a long line of palisades for riflemen,
wben the battle opened fiercely.
The remainder of the 10th and 13th Ohio
were brought into aotloc suootesirely by Geo.
oral Uenham, ana tne ixtn unio aiterwerae Dy
Captain Horttulf, whoso object was aa armed
The enemy played open our force terrifically
with musketry, rifles, eannistet and shell, caus
ing soms casualties. - - i .
Colonel Lytle ltd several companies of his
Irish to charge the battery, when he was
brought down by a shot in the leg.
Colonel Smith's 13th Ohio engaged the en
emy on the left, and Colonel Lowe'a 13th Ohio
directly in front. Colonel Lowe fell dead at
the head of his regiment, early in the hottest
fire, by a ball in the forehead.
HeMullen'B howltsar battery and . Sayder'a
two field pieces in the meantime were cot into
the best position possible under the circumstan
ces, and soon silenced two of the rebel guns.
The fire Blackened at intervals, but grew
more furious at night approached, when tbt
German brigade waa led gallantly into action
by Colonel MoCook, under the direction ot Adjutant-General
Hartnff, but after a furious
fight of three hours, night compelled the recall
of the troops, and the men lay on their arms
within a short dlstanoe of the enemy, ready to
resume the contest next morning
Floyd fled during the night, sunk the boats in
the river, and destroyed the temporary bridge
which he made wben he first oeoapied tht posi
tion. Tbt turbulence and depth of the rirer, and
the exhaustion of our troops, msds it Impossi
ble to follow him. Hs left bis camp equipage,
waeons.hortet, large quantities of ammunition
and fifty bead of cattle. '
Oar lots it fifteen killed and about seventy
wounded generally flesh wounds, The rebel
loss was not ascertained, as they carried tbeir
dead and wounded away; but it is certainly
serious. .: , . . V . I
Captain 8tephen McGroarty, of Cincinnati,
Captain MoMullen and Lieutenant Snyder, of
Ohio, are among tne wounaea. dui not aanger
ously. . '. - . i j ..:
Tweotr-Bve or uoionet i tier s men, woo
were taken by Floyd at Cross Lanes, were re-
osptnred, and Floyd personal baggage, with
that of bis omcsrs, waa taken.
General Btnham's brigade, which sunered
most, was commanded by blm In personand
Colonel MoCook led bis brigade. . . ,
Generals Kooeorane and enbamt UloneI
MoCook. Colonel Lytle, Colonel Lowe, Captain
Hartanff, Captain Schneider, Captain McMul
lea. Major Burke, of the 10th Ohio, and other
offlcers, displayed ooneplcueua personal gallan-
Tne troops , were mostly, irom umo, ana
showed great bravery. ' '. - .
" 1,11
Rocxrpxs, Sept.' 11. About sixty seoessioa
delegates from Montgomery county held prima
ry meetings here to elect delegates to the Baltl.
more Convention to nominate State officers.
The . meeting waa secret. Resolutions of a
strong aeoesslon character wert patted.' It la
ststed that the eeeesslonists of this plact art
well armed and bare plenty of ammunition. -
FHiLADtLMiA," Sept. 11. The subscription
to the national loan amounted to $100,000 to
day. II I,' !.ni.', IJi, , . "-.
Lebanon, 0., Sept. 13. H. M. Stokes Grand
Master of the Masons in Ohio, died here to-day.
Fnneral, Saturday morning. , . , -
Manumission Under Fremont's Proclamation.
St. Loots, Sept. 13. Provost Mar thai Mo.
Kinstry will issue the following Proclamation
tomorrow!- , i , . "i
The Maior General commanding the West
ern Department having satisfsctory evidenoe
that Tbomu L. Snead, of the oity and county of
St. Louis and State of Missouri, bat been tak
ing aotlve part with the enemies of the United
Stales III we present uiurraouenary mevcaeeot
against its government and the military oom
miaaion. now In session at the arsenal in this
oity, having reported the faota to these head
quarters as the result of its deliberations, the
Major USnerai oommaaaioa; oat cacobwu, aira
ordered to be publlthed, the following deeds ot
manuaaisalon, Here follow two deeds, declar
ing by authority of the law and power invested
in the Commanding General, Frank Lewis and
tliram Reed, heretofore neia to service oi taoor
by aald Thomas L. Snead, to be free and for
ever diecbarged from the bonds of servitude!
giving them full right and authority to have,
use and control their own labor and servloe as
in tham nu aaam nronar. without anv account
ability whatever to aald Tbomu L. Snead.
or any one to claim by, through, or ander him.)
A party of saeoosioalsta went te the house oi
Judge Birch, a member of the State woven
tion, a isw days since, wita tne intention ei
killing him and his son. but they were fired up
on and repuUed.. . , ,rv ,, V,";.' , : .:
judge iron eame to Bt. Lonii. and to day
returned to bla home in Clinton county, with
arms asr ma union men or tnai Conner, -
The Itft ot Jadge Rtknd," late -af the- Bo
preme Court, Who te In the hands of Ore rtb
ais. nas oeen tureavoDta, u captain mascmn.
lately senteooed in Lexington to be hanged, is
Montgomery Blair. QaarteTaaslwOeoersi
Meigs, Commodore foote, Captain KeUy and
Lleotenaht Shirk, of the nary, hare arrlred
h 1 L t . " .-J
' Connexion' between the Pacific and Iron
Mountain Rallrouda, was completed to-day, by
order of Gee-Fremont, which will enable the
Government to transport troops ana army stores
from one section to another without rethlpment,
Troops can also tbe transferred from the rirer
without the delay of-marehlog through the
OUT - I ;
It'ls rebortad that Cantaln Boyd, tommand'
Ins; a aaaaasfon foraa in Buokhannon county,
marnhad Into St. Joaanh. on Saturday last, and
plundered the stores of soms $40,000, worth of
goods. . '
Ths latest advices from Paduoab state that
tne enemy would not attack tnai piaoe.
Tha oirnnlatlnn of tht DubnQUO Herald hat
been Interdioted In this county by oraer oi rro
root Marshal. Capt. Hazard of the U. S . Nary
use arnveu. ' ' 1 . . - .
News from the South, via Louisville.
LootsvaLi. Sect. 13 Several guns reoently
in possession or tna otate uuara, were taxeu
from the city yesterday, and nearly one hund
red more were found to-day under a hay-stack
In tha suburbs.
The steamer Treadwater Bell, old and of
little value, was seized by the Federal authori
ties at Smithland. She bad been conveying
provuione up the Tennessee rirer. ..
The Naeneille Union-and AmericanTcon
gratulatee the Confederate States upon the tie.
ration of Gen.1 Albert Sidney' Johnson to tbe
command or tbe Western Division or tne yon
federate army. : .' .- ' '. '
lbe Kiohmond Examiner of tbe tb eayt
since tbe battle or Cross Lanes, western Vir
ginia, Floyd has been waiting for supplies. On
Saturday, a train brought down 15 prisoners
taken straggling tbroogb tbe woods at toe die
perelon of Tyler's command.- Floyd, at last Be4
counts, was about a mile and a half beyond the
Gauley river. The enemy in full force wis at
Qauley Bridge.-Wise was strongly noited in
the vicinity of Gauley road, occupying Hawk's
nest, above tne Kanawha. The enemy bad
been onflanked by Gen. Chapman, who held
his position with 2000 militia. . -.7. t, wn.
Tbe same paper syB before manf boors the
Potomac will be effectually closed by powerful
battorlee. ; .. i, . .- .,. ..).,,.. ..,4t
The Chief of Ordnanoe In Viirlilai resoond.
ing to a call for all the field artillery, says .ten
batteries are nearly ready for Immediate dutv.
and eight or ten more oould be got ready short
Among the fifteen above mentioned orison ers
wsre Lieutenant W. H. Rev nor. of R, I . and
C. G. Murphy, of New York. iir -
The Examiner also says Jeff. Davis has so
far recovered from bis recent severe illness as
to take an airing en Saturday, in a carriage.
LomtviLLB, Sent. 13. A special to the Jonr.
nal, dated Washington, 11th, ssys: "McClellan
baa carried Hall's Hill, losing fifteen killed.
General .Banks 't command wat within a short
distance a general battle expected, to-mor
row." ;i . mi m
The ErsnsvlUe Journal savs tbe steamer Sua
Evans, under command of a gun souad from
that place, captured a boat with a thousand bar
rels of salt for the Confederacy. "; "
Douinern papers say that Captain w.. F.
Lynch, late of the United 8tates Narv.haa
been appointed Chief of the Burean of Detail
ana equipment In the Confederate army. " ' -Col.
Jones, of the 4th Alabama, died at Or
ange Court House on tbe 36tb ult. from wounds
received at Balis Run. i,
W. Boyd, late Clerk of the Federal War
Department, had arrived at Richmond with
full information respecting matters at Wash
ington. . . , . ,
Cattle Confiscated.
Boilinotow, Iowa, Sept. 12 Six secessionists
from Memphis, Mo., tome of whom are identi
fied aa having served under Mart. Green, were
arrested yesterday near Salem, Iowa. They
bad with them a drove of 180 oattle, said to be
tor Chicago men. '1 bey are beid at Mt. Pleae
ant. The oattle will be confiscated. ' -
mtm j r. , I
Another Prisoner in Fort Lafayette.
Niw Yobk, Sept; 13. M. C. Stanley was
sent to Fort Lafayette to-day, charged with en
ticing soldiers to deeert and enlitt in the rebel
tervice. : i-tn v'" " n..
Death of Ex-Gov. Briggs.
Stooebbiooi, Mass., Sept. 13. Ex-Governor
Ueorge N. Brlggs, who was wounded by tbe
accidental discharge ot a gun, died this morn
Examination of a Suspicious Character.
ParLADiLrniA, Sept. 13 W. H. Winder, a
brother ol the jebel General, is in custody,
charged with treasonable communication with
the enemy; he has another brother, a resident
of Washington, and the owner of the Winder
Building there, which it occupied by the Pension
Burean. Mr. W. H. Winder bat been tbt Phil
adelphia correspondent of the New York News.
All his papers bare been taken from him, and
are being examined by the authorities.:, , ;H ' .
General Rosecrans's Official Report
for the Battle of Carrix's Ferry.
WasHINOTON. BeoU 13. Tha followlnc' la
uenerai Kotecrans's report: ls ' i"
j. ", ww- Ctr Soort.Sept, U,f. M. ,,
Ct. E. D. TtvHd : , .r
We yesterday ' marobed 1716 -mileev and
reached : the enemy . entrenched position In
front of Carrix's erryfc driving his 'advanced
outposts and pickets before ns. We faced him
occupying a strongly entrenched position, cov
ered by a forest too dense to admit its being
seen at a distance of 300 yards. His force was
nve regiments neuoes tne one driven in.-" "
At three o'olock. we began a strong recob
nolssanoe, which proceeded to saob length - that
we were about to assault tbeir position oa flank
and front, when nlgbt coming on, and onr troops
being completely exhausted, I drew them out
of the woods and potted tbea is the trrda of
battle behind the ridget Immediately' In front
of the enemy's position, Whsre. they, retted on
meir aroia tiu mmtuag. .,,,,., ,
. Shortly afterward a runaway oontraband eame
in and reported that tbe enemy had crossed tbe
Gauley during the night by means of the ferry
and bridge, which tbey had completed. m Colonel
Ewlog wae ordered t take possession of tbe
camp, which he did tt about 7 o'olook, capturing
a tew prisoners, two stand of colors, a consid
erable quantity of arras, with Quarter-masters'
stores, mesa log and eamp- equipage.
' The enemy bare destroyed the bridge across
the Gauley, whloh here rushes throtgh a deep
gorge, and our troops being still much fatigued,
and having no material or Immediately re
placing the bridge, it wat thought pradsnt to
enoamp the troops and ocoupy the ferry and
oaptured camp, sending a few rifled oannon
shots after the enemy to produce 4 moral effect.
Our loea will probably amount to twenty killed
and wonuded. The enemy's loss hss not been
ascertained, but irom reports It must have been
From New York.
Sept. Africa, ar-
rived here last night, brought aa a PMsarigei
frlnOODe JOlnvillO. , .
The brie Montloello arrived at Alkanee. Do
mingo, August S2J, snd reports on her passage,
Auft-utt 11th, let. S3 dec. 33 min, looc. 87 dec.
49 min. she saw a brig chasing a ship, and go
nooer ner quarter, enortiy aiier sneeaw a nre
In the direction of the vessels, and at ten P. M.
eenld tee from aloft a blazaand sparks flying.
From Cairo.
CaiBb. to
the Tribune says the gan-boats did more execu
tion on Taeeday last than waa supposed w By a
naner recti ved front their camp, ttiev aoknowl-
edge that the Yankee wat disabledand bad 68
killed and a large number wounded.. The earns
paper delate tbat several hundred Llnoolnites
were saueou w w Know nav-vjnrytwe were
wounded.' V" ' " ' " r A " :'
Commodore O. U. xoOt has arrlred and hat
taksn oharce ol naval matters here. He takes
the piaoe of lmmodore Koegera, waokas baaa
oraerea to wasBiogwa r t n m
i l.SSJ i . ' . vr ,?
of Traitors at Baltimore—
Great Excitement.
StDt .13. The rrovostiUArahal
this morning, before the break of-oay, arrested
Mayor Brown, ttoswisape,fVoaneeB cut
Lawranca Saniraton. 8. T.vW allaoa. and.T. P.
gwtt, members etitUieriaaryuBOmsgiaiwtqrei
and F. K. Howard, editor ot the Juohangei aad
delivered them at rort woueory. All the ar
reeta have been made pursuant to orders direct
from tbe War department, ur oourse no oa
clal announcement of the Irrestt hsa yet been
made) bft it It believed thai aU the nanus glr-
u ... .. . . i , . 1 i. 4
The Bireater HenrV MarM. c5 Is last
ported! a'ao Henry M., Morflt and W.G. Har
riton, members of the State LegTatnre from
this clti. Tbsst ,wltb ths names tprerioosly
sent comtueie toe tut br tht ten delegates to
tbt Marti and Legislature from thi oity. - "
It it also reported that Benf. 0: Howard, lbe
peace oaodiuate for governor, baa juet been ar
rested. (There Js- aonsiderable. excitement en
The addiUonaV art- kavt be
madei Meesrs. Denn!son,J Qolnton, end
Lynch, members of the Legislators from Balti
mors ooueitvi Henrr M. Waifleld. Da J. Han.
ton. ThomaBand John O. Brant, membereof
tht Ltglelaturo from' BalU more i Cltr; also
Thomas I J. Hall, ir . editor of tbe Baltimore
South. I - ; -
The" Maryland Lsgtslatnrt was to bare met
on Tuesday, when it is supposed further leg
Islation hostile te the Government was intend
d- ... Ml hM- ' I WV i a'; If V
It U reported that other arietta will be made
Dispatches from Washington.
WAihinoton, Sept.' 13. General Scott baa
received a dispatch from Roseorans, giving a
few particulars of his action with Floyd, stating
that tbe enemy was driven from his entrench
meat, across "Oaaley river. - J; loyi's loss is te
rere, end onrs small.
It Is tbe general opinion bare that a general
engagement otnnot be mnch longer delayed.
Good military ciltloa, however, declare that
tbey expect no serious fighting for two or three
weeks. All was quiet at tbe Chain Bridge last
bight, and the rebels bsve not shown themselves
this morning.1,-, ", . . -.
The firing in the direction of the Chain
Bridge, this morning, was from attil)errvrae
tice. Two dead bodies ware Hoovered Irom tbe
Lswinsrllle field by a detachment of. tbe 19ib
Indiana regiment to-day. ? I ' i j ) - j
No further tidings have been bean
d ot i,ieut
Hancock! Who Is resorted killed: ;tbe body not
baring been found, the preiomption la that be
was taken prisoner. .r.i rr,: , ,
A men. supposed to -be ajpr. . was arrested
to day . in the - neighborhood of the Chain
Bridge. .
"Wasbiroton. Sept. 13 -The Postmaster
uenerai has directed, as an additional protec
tion to tba postal rerenaal the exolaslfe issue
of the stamped envelope containing the new im-
Krovementot tbe dissolving lines. This envs
pe cannot be manufaotured by the- ordinary
machinery, tnd it Is not, therefore,' liable, to
imitation by the insurgents.
Ths Government Is In receipt of valuable In
formation by the last stesmer, relating to tbe
present stock or cotton in tbe boglisb ware
houses, snd tbe prospect of a supply from other
sources than from the rebel States. This In
formation, leaves no room to doubt that the
Manchester Mills will be able to run on full
time for an entire year, even without touohing
a pound of the new crop.. . The information ob
tained from the Spinners' Association bss great
ly and agreeably surprised tbe manufacturers,
and led tbemrto soften down very much in their
demand for a speedy termination of tbe war.
n. H.oaniord, or &y.i nas been, appointed
fVi.nl tt. An ri,AA
Colonel Ward Lamon' has raised for his Vir
ginia brigade about 3500 man. Recruiting has
ceased in Northern Virginia eoasequeat apon
the retiring ot our troops to Maryland. Ha
will proceed at once to Illinois, under the au
thority efthe War Department, to complete tbe
brigade. ' '
He is suthorlted to muster In and draw sub
sistence for bis mea a4 fast at tbey .enlist
' Gen. Lander hat been assigned s command in
the army of tbe Potomac. He leaves for bis
command to morrow.
The Nttlonat Zdtong, German ; paper of
new ork, has been cut en Irom mall facili
ties. iHj .. 4Hi tsutJi ii-
[World's Special.]
W. H. Bird, lata olerk in the War Depart
ment, had arrived at Richmond aad offered to
supply the rebel government with informatloa
as te matters at Washington! but he was ar
rested as a spy. He has been suspected here of
having left bis post in the Wsr Department to
famish,- the't enemy with information of, our
movements,' i-j ' f 'V .( i . . .
"Ths Tribune's Washington correspondence
says' the Government thle evening received a
dispatch from Gorsrnor Morton, of Indiana,
saying that tbe Confederate troops in Kentucky
had ssiaed apon the banks la Bowling Green
and appropriated the money. j - .
' It it reported tbat Captain Bacbanan, for
merly Commandant of the Washington Nary
lard, but dismissed Irom tbe terrlce, baa en
tered tbe rebel nary.
pB. F. Corless, t printer of New York, was this
evening ordered to be sent to Fort Lafayette
for printing band bills for tbe rebels, .
. The Government bae been paying out more
than $3,000,000 per day lor sereral days, on
account of the war.. , , ; , : "
;, The Sixth Auditor has received answers to
clreulsrs ssnt to prominent Union mea in Mie
sojri, Kentucky and Maryland, tram which It
appears . tbal a rery largo number of lbe mall
contractors, in tboee States, are rebels. -..No
money will be paid these who are aMeloysl;" ' "
' Brigade Surgeon. Ranch, of Chicago.' hss
b,sen ordered on duty lo General Key at 'a Staff,
and Stuart, of Indiana, to Gen. PorterV -h -
. Tbe Times' coiteepondent sajs there it eon
tiderable feoltnf here among' leading: men,
oknssd by the action of McClellan In ordering
the return oX iualtlre slaves, or. rather, their
arrest in the oampi and imprisonment in jail to
await tne eiaim oi tneir matters
Good for the Old Bay State.
Boston. Sent. 13. MassachnssUs will soon
end to the field six more regiments of infantry,
one of caralry, and three additional batterlea
ot light artillery. Of the lnfntry two regi
ments are being raised by senator Wilson, who
a devoting bis whole energies tome work .
Arrest of Confederate Bank Note
Arrest of Confederate Bank Note Printers.
Ntw Yobk. Sent. 13. Theeolloe last nicht
Seised blank notes, tuit Sprinted, represenUng
nearly $200,000 on tke Pittsylvania Bank,
Chatham, Vs. William Corllso, a stationer, In
Nassau street, tbd . Benton at ritrler, copper
plate printers, are under arrest lor being en
gaged in tne printing. i luYi".-, nt
The Privateer Sumter.
Boston. Sent. 13. Cantata King, of tbe brig
Nortmsn, states tbat tba privateer Sumter ar
rived at Surinam. Aoeuat n, snd-wss-Bt anchor
pjlde or r ort Amsterdam, August SJv '
! - ' ' ' '' i mi " ' lit.il ir-1 X
Release of Mrs. Phillips.
Fost Mo n box. 8eot. 13.' A flag of truee has
gone to Norfolk to-day with Mrs. Phillips, of
Washington, who was retained for tome time
In her own bouse in thai eityi" . t.i a -
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, September 13, 1861.
qiBTTht following art tht ratal) quotations eorreoted hy
VTW., H. Meaweaax.i
wholesale and retail grocer, Ho.
10S South Uh Btreet.t,
Whtatl M.MUl
V O.Bugarf ..ix10s
Mania do....:......SlOe
Oats ata...... ...
Ooma oa.
MtlaatsS a.gal SOatSOa
Birun tgai........7590o
Butter a ,...
Lard a B,t4....
... I
Tea F t..,.SOo.,SOe.eloe
Tallow a
DrlaS Aimleaa ba.
.tdlMTtdde Tea.'...-. el 00
Bio Ooffee f.
pried reaohet. TMBI Java ..,.. BAtVi5e
aMtaMuaan.BivU'Wiu nice t a ......... . in
Potatoes, ntw t.wiOt Brooms a Aoe..ll 009173
BaU In eaok. ..,.. Hay f ton. t.ft 00
Bait a bbi. si eoDoap rooTi e e....
Beef U.iA. t OH rioar a bbU..ttS3(4e0
Hunt aa.ii.e.ie nauawatat a....S) vu
Shouldert ..... - Br Uya Iloeut bbl.. ft 00
Salt rots fwwfcM. aiwiuoiuaaaiee.Tailowa ,WH
Woodaetrd.... tf IOaa41ee.Oii. box.. 1UC
MaokerelHo-lhfbbl-1 to Oheeae ......, SlBlB.S
MacktrmHelqtbbl -at eujBaaMay per both 1100
Mackerel Po 1 klta.. ' ae ot w hiaky Mr. aaiu XMt w
White fish per h'f kM 0 5e Balalne, M S. Box.... . f
White rhvvqtM l Om., - .-. Uyert " ....3 rs
Oedflm a a,..,-,. tXel- Bultaa ft UK;
Herrlna wt sM.t3 uu vtaa-ss a...M...intu
OornMcalW em..3(rt0ePri.Dei a a lto
Una dot...t..W BclWool Xwiae.. .....10a w w.
Dried Beef..."V. ll3Mc
,lca-aits at tl so to for ner. ttov (
forwhlta; tsartaassuee 63k -U;p,
1 WSaat-tl aic.ijiw). , ,7ih ,4nj(j ,
. X"""""r"'J r.,V-A, l .T..;ii waa,. i l,V
v sn.ll aal tfcmtesy, j , ,' ,'
Baam-ealeaatt SIBi.;. r(
Bur ra lea at tl M per tT.
Warn fma-falt at it Mi n per Md.
tsgart, Teas and C9aeea4TaBdngetUl.
New York Cattle Market
I fea4
at cATTfce tr aai. Kutaa, roe
Aooordlatr to tht report .from, the several turket-
bIm In tkaikltw. lhM h.v. ha. n mnlMt (hl.MK.b77
I iwevt, . BhaeaaaS'"r, L
f . B'vaa. Gowe. Ttala. Lamba Saina. Tni.i
aroemiaf'i... 801 10 t 4 477
O'Bnaa'ai.l... 47
Ohaaberlla'l.'. ' '
OeU ba n, Her. 78
...4 .M.T
Total i.. S.891 83 ' 47413J5ff 'T078 -WI.7IJ
l l art week 4,430 ; kb 1 .4Wt j W.tae
Wk.Kly'r. 4,364 IX r iti 0,701 790 Ot,O0S
;asvaw raoa, Birnouort STAtst.its !:(,.
A. at. Allerton ac da.. Pmnrlatnra af tka WiahlBfftaii
Dnvt-yardi, StUit, itawtt the Oattle la ltaratt(ram
tba follow lag Btatee
All Connect icot
1.S48 New Jersey.
147 ireiae. ..
Indiana. .. . .
J,40 Canada..
, SSMleooorl.
' Bl
;i i, . I . tbs outs or tbs subkit. i .1 n: r-..
WUNtitir, Bent. ll.The beinllfnllv bl.afant aa.
tnma weather et Ittterdav hat aleaa nlaca in a hnn
raia storm to-lay, and this M hindered tht morning
trade materially, bat we found before noon that the num
ber of person! present who art always ready to take small
lota whenever tbe brokers art willing to tone to buyers,
tonsl. wat suflloieat to clean oat the market without an
material reduction from yesterday's rales, to that the
teal reduction Is about half a cent net a pound aa the
are rate, with a further loss to drovers of what a tqual
to 3iSXo. a pound lo the estimation of weight. Al
lhiii.h thM aM a ma1 ub, ll.hfc ihlnMin. n i
the average quality is deelaedly good tut thle eeasoq oi
the year, and aa will bt aeeo by tha reports of ratloae
arevas, giTea id aeiait anatr wo neea or tales ot bal-
loons, llliert art tomt reallv 'exotllent lota, tor la.
ttanoe, on from Illinois of 196 head that avsratet 7)f
ot. and 8 .(o. net per pound. Aaolhet lot of 30 Ken-
uoky Darhams, that avtraeed nearle BOO a baail. and
ihii w. a puuau apoa u, actual net weignu .
These and several other eases prove that tht mar-
aet, turner tna pretiurt or um Inmeaea supply, ha
aathrokeii down aa badly at we have fmooently repoit
td with a moon lest number lo market, W Ith tha earns
namber oeat week wt should expect a complete break
dawn. Some of tbe tptoulatora who went off last week
In a great hurry 4a ''get ahead of tba raoortiT and
eoaght stoek al prktt based upon laat week's qoeutlooa.
bavt bought wit psetty dearly. They hart oloeedout
at from Sto ahead aaevt cost to gl a head below, , Of
eoatse they wiu im aautiou asat wtek, and this aril
hare tome effect upon tht market, as It It trut that htn
all the Cattle, w nearly all, are for tale ta eeaaitaMea.
uat pneve naiuxanj rctxu qaioaer uao waea Lae re.
verse happens.- Upon the whole we muet eoogrMulatt
armors that to large supply at over MOO head, aad aa
Increase of 1300 head upon the previous week, while
" was as inorcast oi law maa anon tut vest before.
bat not broken down tht market lo a poaad. Beaatated
then Is to cocaelanfor a Bull Bun panto juit yet, for
almoet the entire another has been sold, and has gone tht
way of all flesh (of bullocks) that eomet to this imam,
moth meat market.' " , . , - ,
7Roe!pU this week, 1358; ' ' ' '
inert hat been a varv SeeUtd imaravemaat In lha
market this week, for both sheep and lambs, equal, ths
buyers sty, tt a teat a pound for tht meat.- The tellers
say not more than halt a eent, but acknowledge an ad
vance of 8&238a a htad. Tht proportion of lambs It
very Urge, and wben the quality it good, they tell qulok
at prioet equivalent to 3o per poand net. Oaarsfwool
lamb pelts are In great demand, and the prlot bat mate
rlslly advaaetd. Ulzad lota of sheen and limb naii
will average Cij this month. Thle la one eiutt of the
advanet on sheep. Sheep art -generally estimated at
one-half tha lire weight for tht weight of meat,
but they won't do that on tha hsmt weight. A lot of
Ohio sheep, which weighed 07 Bj , average . at Bofialo,
sold at S 37; oall them 4S, aet, aeon, when sold
here, and tbt price of tht meat woald bt lost 7g a.
slaking affal. r
A lot er Ohio sheep, fed lo (lew Jersey till In fond,
'air condition and eeti mated by tht teller at 113 a aver
age, lire weight, told at tt each. Al 7o per pound
oa half tht tttlmaled set weight, tht prlct would
Tht trade his been aaevtn. Thuradav which iaonnni
td a tood market dav, sheen Wtre la verv abort aannle
In Blx.h street, and sold atalmoel aoy prlot tht broken
atked, Tht lambs happened that day te bt all. or near
ly to, ta tnt nanat or mouraw, ana ht htld them high,
tnd tot what he asked. , . , . .
Oa Monday, most of tht stock la tht street happered
w a in uie uanua oi name ana, am at r? wt, aaa Uiey
eontrolled tht market. . -
To-day there wtre mora sheep and lambs, tod In mora
hands; but tht buyers said tht brokers wart all taucy .
They certainly did appear ta act at though they know
they oould sell all tbe stock at their twn priest. Tht
weamer was cool, and tht reports from Waahlagtoa Mar
ket favorable. Tbe deeline apoa beef it wat feared
would affect mutton, but up to the eloet of this report
(Wdnosday afternoon) It had not had any material ef-
lest, xne aioca at turty-tourtn strati, thouth on Wed
neadaydid not appear to bt selling as wall aa la Sixth
etreet on Tuetday. bot it might bt owing partly te tht
storm and partly to tht quality t tht lambs In particu
lar wtre quitt ordinary. Choice Iambi art In demand.
BectJpli this week. 7,078.
Xne tultewiua are tne auomnona at tooav. elran K
the BaperlntendentjMr Oranb ,, ,
Corn tad Hoge, f , Urt weight.. ....3X4o. . .
DUUllerv-red Hoes. a u ata uL'
and only about BSO in tht pent this morning unsold. , . .
xne Dreaa-oowa in wo ooa maraei la eramlav than
In tbt batf cattle market, tbe re aetata baina aio
ooHirie. ... - . - i . ., ...
AtiHtsent nrices. If Dtokert aauld ba nurd of atAv
there would be a greatdeal of trark nut un. Drovera are
all eonfldent that tht pretest rates will not eontlnut.
Xhtmajortiyaf the hoge arriving are light, while the
bast demand It for large fat hogs tbat will give a great
fleo. W. Daman eleea lha fnllnwlnffu lh. iik. ej
Hogs this week:
I Live. Dead welirht.
first quality, corn fed. lane sl..3li'(B4 ..i ea
Bteonl qutlity corn-fed 3S3f ' 4S
irgesiae,auu-red,rat,.....,i..3x3u -ms
Second ooailty Kill-fed, fat... .-. . 4 ' 4M
nil tlaeccnoloe etockaoat astauted:no aala.
Ordinary or eomaoa t lock not wanted; aoeale.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Sept. 12.
HOUR Relet tmltt Arm. with a nod exnort dananS
for low and medium grades. Aztra aMta quite soaroa,
a telling rreeiy, 10 em re, for export, at nrlcee within
tba ranee. To-oaj's sales amount to 14.800 bbuat Bt 40
0)4 St for tuptrdnt state; S4 0094 79 for extra do;
ae tuat eu tor tuparflnt wesiara; 14 east tt far com -
moa to medium extra wrtiein; S 0S 10 for chipping
brandt extra round hoop Ohio, and tl xQSt Si for trade
brands do; market aloslng trm. Canadian flour etea4y.
with t moderate demand: salee of COO bbla at tt 4034 SO
for taptrfioa, aad tt 4WS0 60 foreommoa to ehoioo ex
tra, nyt rioar nna at S3 30aS 75. ,
CORN S1IAL firm and In bettor reoneat: salee ariSO
belt, Including western, atB3 7SS8 to lor Jorsar, sad
91 Ot for Brandywlae.
WHISKY Without material ehanow: sales' of 300 khli
atlBKc. ,.
WUB AT The market it a shade firmer, with a brisk
export demand, chiefly for trance. A portioa af the
talet to-day were to trrlvt, Ulet rf U.tuo bu.helt ef
Ohlcaro sprint at BOoStl 08. 10,000 do Kaotne spring
attl OoVal OSKltlOSOdalillWaukaa slab attl QS
101 13,000 do ohoiot new No. 1 Ohlcaro tnrlna at B 1 1.0:
18 800 do amber toaa at l 1091 11; 1,500 re1 state at
tl 11:68.000 do mttr ted weoiarnatBl Udtl IS14.MO
do white Kentucky at tl tfrsl tt; (8.700 do white In
diana at tl S3aU 85; 6,000 da white Michigan at
18lK. s- r
EXK-In good request, and market flrmer, et S58c
for westtra and ttala, aco 0t70a lot, Borth Stiver,
aaubai yanane nominal. , ... ;
CORN la btiak aamand (or exnort' at full nrioet:
thtre It also a fair home treda inaatrv Balea of 164.000
bushel, tt 4flK9t8o for Inferior to oommon mixed west
trn; 4i0 Cor (ait te primt ahlnuag do: aad 5ii?o
for weslam Tel low. ' " ' -
OATS-.In fair reauttt atz7il29c for Panirfa. tnd Y
Bta for weettrn and SUtt. - - - -.
POBK Is flrmer. but without chin re. and tht mirkvt
for prims is dull and htavy; sales of 700 bbls tt Si J 79
14 SJ for mass, etosieg with aa stltsrl tt the taald
pnoe,ana ev (iiiu wiror primt. - " -BBBB
Uentlnaet quiet, aal the market a without
mattrial obante, with sales of tOO boa at $ 70 fot coun
try primt; t5(SS SO for do matt; tOatll at lor repack
ed mem; aad 1 18 75(all M fat extra mesa. . Crimekmett
btef and beef hamt Inaotiit.
OUT MB ATS Steady, with a (air demand: -tales of
874 paokagei at Xso forthoaldere,aad,&AWaeror
BACON Quitt: wt notice a tale ef 40 kkda of atlaa at
. BUUtBS Market tor raw it tun vary aative. and
priori hire tgaln adranoed; tha eana State eat mat have
been t.ttw abds of Cuba at 7aKo; a small total Petto
Btso at Sc; and 116 boxei Uavanna tt 7ij)e , Kenned
Sugars art alto In good demand, and tht market flrmer;
we qaott ground gianulatcd and crashed at WMS
lOXe. v
01. ABBES timer, with a modarata Inanlre: aalas
of OS bhdt Cuba trattovado at 37e 50 bhds Barbadoea at
S3o, now held at 35c; by auction SO hhdt do at Mx
uxt,eua. - -
HOPS Quiet and tteadv. at l&aaoa-for ISM. and 8BA
tec for 1861. Tht crop eomet forward very alowly, and
aaiy ta small yaiweta. . ... - ,. e-n-,.,
Cleveland Market
Cleveland Market CLEVELAND, Sept. 12.
TLO0tW8alet te a ooatiderablt amouat at J4
txtree, tod t)4 B54 CO for red doubts extree. .
I WME4T Salet oa 'change cart rea ei ev!, asy
eaiwhltatS8o. i.h.:.'M.;..m
OATS hi ale 1 ear tt Sc cn track. : .t
BOTTBBOaahaogedand dull atS3. '
f lnHWIN--ealMimalllotatUto.
Philadelphia Market.
Philadelphia Market. PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 12.
1 WHBAT (Julet; sales 5.000 buihtn reif tt f "lt
X li white 1
CORN Dall at 54e
'WHlgKTPBllatgaigKO.yl hv '
' Whelel ana JAetait. Uailarlni'
p eaietat't! em nana all th Vti
ritBt BtAA3at ft - M
Zxxxz03ctoc3. Cl&njra
Oct. So-lyd
.1 -. n,
laftaiai Uellell
v I our Oaue-ti
. W I - . I .
I P"r'Jr." Breath!
fitrenginen yenr Voice! 'i'-f
- i - t
T f!l
: ; I . i.- .
.. j n, j aSNTLBMSS CARRY ' " ' '
I .-.i-n. " ,.'T . -, r
They relieve a Cough Instantly.
They clear the Throat'." ' ' ': ' - ' - v "
They give streogth auJ volume to the voice.'
they Impart a dellclout aroma. to the breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
Tney nrs made of sunole herbs snd caunot
-harm any one. " ' "
CKadviie every ont who hu t Ooughora husky Voice
oreJBsd Brtath, or any difficulty ef tht Throat, te eel
a package of my Throat Oonfrctjoni; tbty will relieve
yoB Instantly, and yon will agree with me that 'they
go right to the spot." Ton will find them very nsefu I ,
an pleasant while travtllng or attending pabllt meet ' '
logt forstillingyourOooghorsJIaylDg your thirst It
yea Uy tnt package, lam safe In saying that you will
ever afterwards consider tham tnalepeamlile. . r, '.
Tow if 111 find them at tl-.t Druggists and Dealen in
Hedldnea. " . -
My signature Is cn each package. All others are
counterfeit. t ' - t ... . '
A package will bt seat, ty mall, prepaid, on receipt o
TalrtyOtntt. ... ...
Address, (- .
Heaxy C Spalding, 's
'; NO. S OEDAK Itlllt, ;'
' i " NEW YORK-
By tht ate of these Fills the period attack ef A-
swe or diet AadaeAe may bt proven tea; and If taken
at tht eommtnoement of an tttackimatadiate relief from
pain aad tlckaeat wlU tecbUloed. .
They seldom fall id removing tht Sautta aad ..
ooce to which frasles are to subjsot.
x They act gently upon tht bowe It removing OaH
aatt. 1
for ' Literary Mm, StudsnU, ' Pelioate renmie
and tnpertone of Hdsntary kabiit, they art value
at a ZaaoMee, hsprtTlng the oppdit, giving (one
rtfltr to th& dlfeeUra organs, and restoring the nator
ehtratity aad strength of tbt wholt system;
TBI CXPEAUO PILLS sre tht result of long Inve.
tlgatiea and earefolly conducted oxpertuentt, navlng
keen Ba ate many yean, during which time tbey hart -'
prevented and reliered a Test amount of pain and suffer
lag from Headaches whether originating in the sraoi
irttea or from a deiangsd etata of tht iComaa.
They art tnttrtly vegetshlt In. their aompotitioa, an
may be taken at all times, with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, trad tht otnnot of oy
diiaarfoM tcuU render It easy to mdninU tr then ,
Tbt genuine bavaflreelgnaUieeof Heory 0 Bpaldg j "
on each Box "- . , j,. i
Bold by Druggists end all Other Dealers la Medtdnet. ;
A Box will be tent by mall, prepaid, oa receipt of tht ' '
Prioo, aa Oonta.
All crdert should be Mdnaieu to'S ; i
48 Oedtur atraet, New Vara..
I From fit Ixamlner, Norfolk, Vt. , ,, ,
Cephalic Pills aooompllah tht object for whkih thiy
were made, via.t Cure of headache in ail its fvrae- -
' tbly
from the axamlneri Norfolk, Ta. 1
have lata tested in more than a thousand oases '
with tntlre
from tht Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn;
teadfur a
art, tr have been, troubled with the aeadMaa .:
' bmi ivnwvn ruia,j ru jou mae save .
themintateaf aa attack. . ;, , t ,.
m - '.v , , . 1 ft f 1 . . n . 1
1 eras w, aumum,rra,iunwa ai s.
I Tht Osphalle Pills art tald to be a remarkably effective
remedy tor tat -nsanantti ana one 01 tht very beet lot
that very freqaanl Ooenplamt.whloti hat ever beaa die- '
eovtmd. -
vA I f;-tn-, ji;.- a
0 from the Western R. ft. OaaaUa, Ohloago, III.
Ws heartily tndortt Mr. Bpaatdlnsi and hat anrttaM ,-
Oeplmllo Pills. 4. . ,j
fro Kanawha Talloy Star, Kanawha, Ta. MiL 1
Wt art sure Hurt portent toffwrlnr with the atadtekei ' '
who try them, will ttlck to them. :
f rim, tbt Boathen Path tinder, Wee Orleans, La; .' -k-
Try theml you that art afflicted, and wt art tare that
your testimony oen be added to tne already numerous
list that has reoaived benaOtt thatn? other medicine eta
prodtoe." -i" v M'U. k.j. fi .X
j from thtSt. LouU Democrat. , ,r ' i L'
Tht Immeast demand tor the attlclt ' .Cephalic Flllt
"m rapidly increaetngv - .
1 . r, yreas vm wit! vaTaapon. SOWB. , . 1
tl' '
Mr. Spalding wouflT not connect hit name with aa ar
dele be did aai tweet ta aotstai rtai merit, I a ., ;
XCTM etagtcf Bottle- af- BPALDntB't PBBPABBB t.A
.; 11,111 win tare osa nmea wtanm taaaally 11 4 .1 .m
1 9i a. ii a
spaldiNg.' prepared cltje :
riTriHB fitafoi
Tf7"A Bthdb a Turn Bavta slnra.'UTt r."v
' tiaeoMcata wUI BkpaeB.wvea at weU regakued (am. I
Dies, tt la rery aastrabla ttaavw-auma cheap and eoe ' ,
venleat aay An retatrmf Imtnitast, foyt, 0 roc rery,
aeett all taeh amsrsruetea. aad ae aeasebeM oaa affoid
to be without It. it U always taatly, and ap to theetick
Ing point. ...... ' - 'J
B.-A Brash aKempantte each botlle. '
' Addraa,
11- HBNKT 0. Sf ALOlVfl.
No. erj, Vedar Btreet, Mew fork.
.1 ti,
'"' OAtiriow -T-.:... ..j
certain aeprlaerplsd'peraona-are attemrHtnitit ..
? ih off on the ansuipeeting pariilo, hm tmlooe ef aa
BUtABHD eUiCB, I Weald eaattoa all pereaoetet .
amine before parcbaeiot, and see tbat the full a-one, v. ' 1
ItrtrALDlWU'S f HrABBLDtl,i3IJ . ,
II aa theoaUidt wrap pert all ethers are twiadiiug eat
tarltim, aoe
. a U

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