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UKU. W. WAWyi-EWWYt KoUtor.
Democratic Union Nominations.
' job uovbbnob, - " ".
(Hugh J. JTewGtt,
f LtKlTJJiirf NX HUVBIUiu,
Jblw, 3 Marshall.
J 4 A - .
I. JC . -
0 4vomrir.,
v,i t
kl.'. , ,1
ri 49CORGE WW. ,.. ,
" Of Hamilton-' - "
:'0t Stma.y.j.y-.
Officiate?. -'
A- -4 - T
J hit w. s-ITr-St.
Of CuysAec.
t itO COMMON FtlAB JnDGK.i ;.i
' (iiiiiui, ncxawtt m kadmok)
(nanus a ncxawai) r ': L , J
0 Pickiwy.
smairr, '' "V
t'l -77 AUDITOR,
-1 .
- , ... r, TW0M
' ' vJOHN G. THOMPSON. . f r
NATHAN COLE. ' if . . .
; ' ' , r ' comuinoiai . .:'
Democratic Union Mass Meetings.
The D.mocratio UnUnStU ExprctiTt Com
mit Ue hT Btile irrTTgmet)Ufof holdlog
Mum Mectiogi f fonoir. y'-'
At rnnZton coniti.en Taes-1
day, September 24;h, at 1 P. N-Bpeeker
Hon. Hugh J. Jewett and Hon: Wm.B. Wood.
Q--.,.mh O.-ih .t 1 P Af . Snntrrt-.
Hon. H J. Jewett, Hon. Wm. B. Woods And
t-w WW Va .
non. u. jnurna. w . Trf ,.K . , . , ;
At Woosrsa, Wsya tomvXj, on Tboredty,
September 26ih, at 1 F. M. Speakers Hon
H J. Jewett and Hon, Wm. B. Woods
At CLirtunn, Cuyahoga connty, on Friday
evening, September 2Tih. Speakers Hon. H.
J. Jewett and Hon. Wm. B. Woods.
At Touoo, Lucas county, on Saturday, Sep-t.mhe-
SSik. at 1 P. M. Sneakers Hon. H. J.
Jewett and Hon. Wm. B. Woofls." ' ; t
At JacxsoM C H , Jackson county, en Satur
day, September Slsl at 1 P. M- Speaker-
Hon. John G. Marshal! and others- . r f
O.bcr meetings wiU.be announced soon.
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary.
Mr. Tod's Letter.
We take the folio log extraordinary passage
from Mr. Ton's letter of acceptance, and cannot
but ssy it was high time be should become the
candidate of some other tbsn the old Union
Democratic party.- It Is a strange freak: ;
Mr. Tod has written a letter accepting the
Fusion nomination for Governor. T In 'it occurs
tbs following queer pttiaget ; : .. 1
"Without going into a discussion oi tbcir
ciimstance and event wbieh have brought
about the present alarming and unhappy condi
tion of our national tffairs, as these must now
be apparent to all, I wiU content myself by tav
iog ibat the issue presented to as as a people in
the sanguinary straggle forced npoa as by the
ambitious and designing leaders of the South
ern rebellion, is that or man's capacity for self
government. The whole question is to be tried
and settled settled in sucb a way that nothing
in buman power can ever disturb Of change it
again is, then, 'Whether man is capable of
governing himself. 1 Should it not be shown,
when every resource and sacrifice has been
made, and I would exhaust every means In oar
power first ere yielding, then, in order that we
might have oar rights protected and oar liber
ties preserved In some degree approaching the
perfection ot oar hitherto supposed impregnable
system of free government, ould CMMa( as
At facta tuubr IM erofecftM e oar ones st-asHee
MtUur Csaatry, or if any ttktr foxntr espsftls
aunUiniit ftr m Ui wttpta J the aoiiow e
MS ew6."i, . .. A'. :
In a cefttlTl eOTrtTRJirlcy Tilt". Tod would con"
tent too1 taken "under the disunion of the Srl(
ish Government from which' It cost our ton
fathers A seven years' bloody war to cut loose.
WerepuaiAtetheidea'. '"J".'r
Mr. Stanton, the Jasloa candidate for Llea
tenant Governor, said : -'
If they ibtll malnUln thtlrBoeitlonrabaTr
publio opinion in th steading States shall tos
taln ths anthorltlee there for a year or two to
come, to as to show that nothing bat a war of
subjugation And conquest can bring them back,
I, for one, am disposed . to recognise that inde
pendences t . r , ,
Democrats and true Union mea, real find re-
flect over each declarations. .
Ji t'
The Hon. J. 8cott Ilwrlson is very generally
talked of as a candidate for the office of County
Treasurer. 11 wouia be a popular nomination
Ciadawsfi GtntUer,
Ah ha! that aooounu fot the milk la the
cocosnat I We tuppost If Mr. Haaaisou It
tlected, h will b eaadid noagh to admit that
his nomination by tbe Democracy for Lleutea
ant Governor, has been of service to bim,at
leut as trading cspital! . .. , .. . . r , . , ,
Mass Meetings.
The reader is referred to the appointments
mads by the Democratic Union Eieoutlvs Com
mlttee, to be found elsewhere in tblt ptper
Olberi will spesdily follow.
of the
The Boston Put, a strong Jadvocate
vigorous proeeoation of th war, aye r- ' -
' The authoress ol Uncle Tom's Cabin, Mr
Stows, is urging upon the Government, in the
coIuidds of the Indtptndtnt, the emsncipatioo
of all the slaves, as ths only wsy to terminate
.k. 1, 1. ... nr.. c,. .-a l u .t.u
fanatlos that the nation It chiefly Indebted tot
this war. Petticoat government Is entirely too
costly, tt C.n r:U, and a lllUs toe bloody , t
The White Feather of the No Party
i v
In publlobitLj la Our ywt rdaj' le i toor
respoudQOK betircnJ thu Union mocraUo
SUU Excouiir CoaimluW ud tb bogui
"Union" Sttt Exeontlr CommlttM, In rI
tkalo V fllwiiMlutt-Al."lIgiU, poloU' la" Uo
StoM btweD Mr. Jiwrrr and Mr. Tan, M
ckndldktM tor GoTor'aor now beforo th bopIt,
w Mid wo obonld (ln refer to the otmIto
iniatilbblliyt aniwerfAa Jtte eomBiltUe
to tbt reamable and 'pwoprUtO now of tho
' la (be o'penlnf put l iheir not ar. com
mlttetitated oxdIIoIiW that it' kadaol baea
the lotenUoa of the Union DemOcratlo 'Exotm
tire CommlttM to ln-onrat an ctjTe . pollti
otl ourtai, and tbat in tblt policy they bad the
approbation of toe eadldAte. on tho '.Slate
ticket; bot In tIow jtff tho faot that'tho bogtw
Uolon" meq bad nropoaed a aetlea ot U
naetinget it waa eagceatad thai, ia order
hr a foil and free dli8lon of tb mre
qnertloni 'lnrolredi and to cat' tbo peoplf to aa
little axpMiM od trouble aa poeil.le, a eotuof
eooe be held tot Abe parpoee of arranging joint
meetlsn, to be Addreeaed by the two oandl
aaiet lor mo omoe o uoTarnor. , :.
If there aver wao a time wbea the people
Ohio would auemble In large maeee. to bear1 a
ditcnaaion between gentlenten on any topic, the
pretest U an oooaaioa which, would oall them
oat in Teat aumbera. :. There ie in the -jmbB
mind an ankioui earneetneaf to underetand the
length, breadth and depth, of tb great queetlon
f our Uulon'e peril, and bow, It poatibU. to
sato and preeem tt. .Erery nun "ye meet
uki tho qneetioa, vktn ana teheri U ttir nuUtr
to tndt And there I also an anx)oai doilre on
the pert of erery tu payer to know what meem
bare been. adopted and what Oth ere art propos
ed, for tho proper aid faithful expenditure C-f
the fabulou tnmi of money which mint be
drewn from the bArd aamlagi of tho pooptOi
and wblob they will cheerfully py, to npport
oar patrlotle rolanteer army, bat waio tney ao
not want to hare squandered on pal Aangers on
and jobber ia amy ooatlaoM and otkar plobder
ani spoil. --t.'f -
.. The people win( light Also on th measares
of Administrative, poljcy which ara to orern
in tho a&Alra of fur Etata, and ihejvowM get
tbat ia nt way to effeetnally'as By a dlseassioo
between tho osndldatH for Governor.
Instead of meeting th courteous note a th
Union Denweratle KxcentiT Commlttt In tb
spirit In which It was preptred, and which tbt
ocoulon demanded, tb "shodd7, obmstitte of
ths No Farty party lntiaat that th aote of aor
eoamltte wsw not repAredT lrfincrity,'And
that we really flli not deair any meeting or
discaision betf eoa )it, Jiwwrr and Mr. Ton-
They do tot aay (his in ao mwf words f bat
saoh Is the effect of their language. , . , .. .
W that the Union Democratic Exeonilr
Committee, since th bogus Unloniati have re
solred oa holding atootlnga, at rery aaxlowt
tbat Mr. Ton and Mr. "Jcwitt should go to
gather and speak at the same meetings during
th whole oearAM, end 4h hogna Union Cona-lmtrrat
1 "" eA was ue ia, aaa
"u-",y www;
Infait,ad M rort4 to mm
I - ""-
ganlxttlofl, gotten np fot plunder and spoil, and
their want of courage to go before th people) In
t fair and boosrabl dlsrwetiow. They taersfef
qaibbte end prevarlcAte and finally express th
opinio that '.'a confereac wouI4 be u-clets..!
It is era they y Aha novo sesassed A ait
without having had an opportunity of eontultlng
with Mr. Tod, and thus they seek to shield him
from the responsibility of the act; but if he do
not approv what his eommitte ban doao, he
win promptly set its action aside, tad hit silence
will be taken by th people aa acqulasceoc,,
.The note of our eoasautte wm WUrred to
th bogus Union" Committee in lees than ten
bourt after the earwal appeared, containing
tb torn five or six appointment for Mr Too,
all of which could avo neon withdrawn with.
oat iooonveoisnoe, er Joint faceting ealled at
the same placet, as might on a conference have
been Agreed npon. a
Bit thii bogus eonotrn, after calling these
mass meetings, informs our eommitte In tb
moat Innocent Itnguige that they did not desire
to disturb the public quiet, or divert th public
Attention, by getting np or assisting to get np a
heated canvass! What then was their object m
calling these mas meetings? ' t'l-n.1 r-N
Tbo platform of th 6th of Septesabar Con
vention eenttin tb CartTtoMW totokUbn, de-
ohuatory of th 'purpose of the war, In th ex
tot laoguAge of th Kentucky Senator j and in
leoond resolnuon t entimant i q to ted frasn
speech of Jo. Hocr, of Kentucky, opposed to
any and every suggestion of compromise "to
be made under the guns of tha rtbabw, These
two proposition are laid to aw wary plain and
comprehenair, and ao they are, tad tbey aotord
with th sentiment 6f every Democrat la Ohio.
But there ia not aa original thought or idea ia
both, and they ar clothed in th exact language
of Cju-txndx and Holt, thus disclosing the
ftct fliaitha Cammanm nf W k- ytj)
not the will er tb eapaolty to effer a tbooght
of Its own or clothe a borrowed Mania it own
language! i ' C'vir"t' '
, W are kiadly told by the committee that
Mr. Ton b not; Ignored thg pjatferm, and for
thl information we ought to b thatkfnl, since
It eould not be learned by tb wniniHafad by
studrlDgMri Ton't letter ,4 a iaonihJirpt
ara ws seiiaia that Mr. Cartrawntji or Mr.
Holt would 'aooepl "Mr. Tod's letter a an
oordance with their tentlmente, which the Con
vention bM borrowed. But f isld Ubf
shoddy" eommitte tb right to put ita own
eontuuetloa on th pUUom and on Ms. Ton'
letter, and. then we may learn something of
this new party and th faith U would establish.
Mr. Too oa the platform then ia to b taken
thus: I Am for rtjosoenttng too wee tor tho spe
etne purpoeei mentionea ny, jnt vBiTTBJjnin,
and onnnaad with Mr. Holt Sb am. m.i4iI..
"to be mad. nndar tho gnat of the robs.-J
should we fan, T-thn (at" Mr. Ton uyi In .
hie letter), in tetter tha w might- faav ur
rlgbu protected and our' BWtie prseerved, in
some degree approaching the perfection of our
hitherto supposed Impregnable tylmm of (rae
government, I wocu coksawt to bb tabu
ma thb ramoT3 oct owot .aiA
Morass Cotnrrar, oa awtotbm rswn oaratu
or aMTAimno fot tm tttd Bxancr or tbs ha-
ntna of rat L0st.',a Against the oonclisloh
towhlohMr.Toneoms we protest, and hold that
there Ie no eootlngtney in which we would eon
sent te be plsoed under th "proteotlon" of tb
British governmehft Ohio and th North wnt
esn take ear of themsolvea nader any eontin
genoy. In making thla declaration th com
mittee wye Mr .Ton stands on" their platform
If that be W we take Issue. If thai be the de
sign of the now party, it should ba repudiated
by evry man in" th o0mmunltyl
Mr Ton ssy farther In hi fetter that oar
' . .mm t mn - . ? fc. 1 , ' .
oomptclot Union V not ou'of fital, but".
people.1' Ia tbll dselaiatloa tb fwSraltt tb
sot ini Ur. Too of of tl t'atform, tod htnot
wt taki Lnue with aaysu;h fersi tlA&k-
. Mr. Ton i js hat t e f"clr"t;"--',-ia and
treat, whkii hare bro! ,tt t' t t1 present
alarming and uultsppy c jndv-ua f ear Nation
ti a.ff.';rs y ,t , ' '-jjcuot now bo tpjiMent to
all.U H He doe not say what they are, aad heooe
we cannot determine whether WA. agree with
hist or not; -If Mr. Too has "not obangetTnls
position slno'th'ajniaJBn of 18G0.1 h will
hold now," aaJild lhali, that th "Irrepressible
doctrines' of Linooui Sswasn Cwasn, to-
etc hare don their fuirshare ia bringing
about th presont 'nnbAppy and Alarming 000
dltlob of our Nattoaat aSalri;" and II h do,
w suppoes tb eommltt wlUagra that b la
still npoa their platform, ad then npoa oo
point wo shall oonoor. ,
L W hop Mr. Ton wlU set asidatbla deter.
minatlo o( th eommltu, alaos It, waa mad
wlUontxQnsaitotVn f Ith hist, sod that k mod
Mr. fswaiT will thsmaalva asraagw a rtoi
meeting In different parts of th Bute, At
trbjeh they vill appear and speak to lb people.
Neither Mr. Too nor Mr Jrim wanU to b
GoTsroor'krbbgfi any flness Of fals pretense,
and bene let them arracg and trsrel together
and Address the people from tb nam stand-
Can Mr. Too SAfely deolin ta do se? . Ia h
afraid to maintain hi relation W tb aw party
ia diecoasloa before th people t WIU h allow
this "shoddy committee to pot him in leading
strings? W shall .... ni lr'
Supporting the Government.
Who are th supportar f th Gorornment
la Ohley naderstaadlng by tb Government th
existing Administration T ' . . ',"
First, 1st us look At the case la regerd t oar
But Gorernateal. -Ta rseot Stat Admin
iatratlon wa plaeed la power by th dsfucot
Eepublloan party. To thai party, tho Gorarnor
and all our present State offiosrs tw their potir
tloo. Twe, some Of the late Rapoblioaa Or
gans, beforo tb demls of their party; abased
Gorernor JDinnwon without stinti but sUli (b
RepahUoa waa tb Administration fArty at re
gard to our State Geternment, if It had Any.
Bat (bat partt bat deserted Its post. In fhU r-
speot by owardly committing sulcid--. The
new aw-nartr nan neither todoreed aor is it
pledged WkoppOrtwr But Admlnlstratlotri
it leaders, Its papers and its' sctlr partisans
aN Just as lndifferrt toward the State Gortrn
menk.nd maaifent an little ooaoem for It
proper appot as airy other et of raen to be
found within oar boTdt''r .' , uo A 1
Beoond, w will now se how th eas tlaads
In Ohio in regard to tho npport of tho presont
AdmramtrsUott ot'th Federal OoTernmentj
Th Rspublloaa party in this State, now 4oaa?
M; wa. unit l ylaolag that AaawniaAratfoh
at tb bead of w National Affair. By that
aet, It pledged ftsell to lb support.' y But scarce-,
17 1A4 freeident 4-utoom tormed w 4iabUwt-
and had i too inaction with his log! advisor, 1
by the President. '.More than,; this, U
nroeeineM w leanng w A4auni.tration.ta -saet
w .w.ww
" '
begun t Uk aetivk meaeares for melnUtlnlDg '
the Government and crashing out tee rebellion,
when leading Republican jownel aaaallod th
member of th Cabin, bo k After another , Aad
daniaodad In lb most violent manner ,; their r-
that anoh and sucb measures should b adopted.
Thaw sjsanlte npon Individual membenof the
Cablbt,,an4 thj Ineiesact, grtwUnar at tho
Aljniniatratlon by thoa th country had a right
to rtftrd"M ftere y presss,; tended
moiw .th evil thlnAL nls combined tit anaka
public oonzuleoc la it capacity ana amdeney.
. Soch wu th hehavlor of loading Republican
organs In Ohlo'toward the Admlnlstratlons.To
erowt all, th party.ln.Uiia State, white Utterly
tcousiiigitepoiaioalopptoeotaaf not auppar ting
th Government, vdnnUrih gtvb np tbt ghost,
And lgnonvlnloufJy withdraw lno ntter utrkiess
and nonsntl -..fu . ' f (!"
A Convention mst at the Capital of oor Slate
and formed a now party It Adopted a pUtfprnj.
But that platform contain ao indorsement of
tho Federel Administration, tot a word of en-
couragstaeot totb President and hi Csbiatf,
nor even A tingle syllabi In favor of supporting
th government.. . The Administration ie, there
fore, left without party proper in Ohie.01 No
man in this State, beoaus he has Attached him'
self to a
am wssrtvi arwwwuww aa asamaw . u cju uiui
new party, .d, up of .AbolItlonUbi
RepubllcAns, and of others who. voted tgsinat
Lrwooui iaat tali, has aay bMinete te elalm that
th AdnunlitraUoa than hi democratic
.... a. 4. . i:.
ejgsroTin jmtnj rsepeots, nit Boauana Ja
much mor an ta goals tio to the Admlalstratloa
than "that nf Wi DemdorAl'whb sUadfastly A4-
ksrta to that ld Union . orgaoitatlon, which
nvr hAt beaa and Awt an b flatterod,
nrioeo r xtwn nato a reernoa or tnw uovero-1
L J'JU'V i. I
msnt atrftteCnlonr titt-
tf, Douglaa and Crittenden hsve laid that
ovyouniee eonid bare been settled peaceably .
Ben Wade Wa en of the Impracticable, who
would not listen to Anything In (be tbapt of
compromise or couoeasion, and If taere it any
oot man In the Republican party more guilty (ban
the rest for the present deplorable condition'' of
oo eoaatrr, that man Is Ben Wad, for it waa
b woo replied to Mr. Pouglae -that tbey the
Abolitiohists bad no oompromlser make with
alaveboldart. Is It right tbat a mst should be
sleeted te the Legislature from thla' .eounty.
who would wot for htm on tti plea that now bs
Is an uoenditlonal Union mtuT jf ,C'Irs-
siu waasne;-"" v :-t " -" -
- " "' '
Ohio State Fair.
3t J .r.SllajBam n.rj-'ht'..'lM Hsa-I II
'Vmmi W-i4,:-. -rH.1- 111. - . 1
"... i.i. aawuua: kum anoDia 1
i;.Ui.i.'iv..i ft.'' 1
rnanaA IntA aw ajtw nr. aa avmIa&aVa i n..l
broad aire war hJocked up at ta'tarlyhBor
with k nnewnin f wwltrreawei', rwepentAbf-'
looking ladle lad genflemsn, all going' io' tfi
fair grounds'-. ' A." BOj firm Stafrrir hav
w tcca such a largo nsawbaw of people
bled in irae day ,W learned at the ticket of.
r- , - . T vti mtmm f
pot tost npwAraa oi inirty uoneand tiCAMl
cofltlnt. niseaaar, to morrow wilt W anetber
lPreAn 'te 'TsM ;lt plear
rf fvl"' "W teg
Nln laid tb4nst,nd ihey wotfaar iav
MchaTul.tiO ,W:li b'Tiati'J JJ.j .aol I U '
TUlton at tit fair grounds to day, iavt been
highly gratiflrd, with fh xnlbittea 0 tb pr.
daetaea of our nobl State, and they had ret-
ton to br, at the quality ol naUote exhibit-
td waa never before exeelled, and thetw ws aa
nnuauAl vvlaty.Wevfeel BrandarHthaii owwr
of th tngenion n hiduMew dntsbs of
OhiO "'' (rrteiiJ't I,
w. ti ir'i .:: t : ..-.
rremiuma, oavesen awaroea y Judicious
tad Impartial rmmittaes,a list at whteh I bsv
not dm now te give yen, but If win he fbrth-
comlrjg tmSottlf.'"1'1 " -'l "
- When w left th frhoV ' geotlemsa ihy
tb nam of Carter, from Tsnnessw. was tA.
flreealBf t large aadlne Te-morrer, Senator
Andrlobneaoa Is te b preaent, and ia expected
to deliver a speeerv wbea tBe gratte Fair
llleloforX861.i -"" 4 ' ' - .......
A s-reat xnanv artldlet' oi walui SrarA
Tied, which I wilf rfr t In future le'tem.whea
I hav mora teUur. -Ir fa noweonoodett that
all of our people am (tbt et-jsged in thr trt oi
war. Dor nl ;oduS A at pear to be si acuive,
ludastrlott aad as inf. Vr
Ohio State Fair. H. D. S.
Pickaway Nominations.
Th Invlncll! Union DeawCracy, of f lok
way oanty have noinlnAtcd tb t follow In?
oalltot ticket, which Win b sleeted by a sweep
llctiraHantitlwA.'Itllliani DnerA'nditor.
William Bowman i Commslp3M Job HJUor-
rrosmtin Atmraey, iia. uonoj turvey
Th. Wttckmd satsj - .-r":r,i-;r.-r
-"'W do not bellev thai, a word ol ohiection
caA be urged against either tb qualifications or
th character of asinglsooeof oor candldrte.
Of oonrs all persons did tot get their .first
oboio in th nomuatloos-HWch never - was th
ease, and oonld not b ipsotedt bat every irae
Democrat who rooognUsi lh neosaslty or pro
priety of a party organisation,-! mrbmlt to
th deoislon of th tasja-tty, AM -iabor for th
saooeas of th tiokct.. All that la neoeasarjr to
secur Its hrinmpbant tlsctlon, It a fall vot bf
tn iJemooracy of tb ojunry. ..i(Jr. .
I Th Fnslonlati of flikaway har nomln ted
a ticket on which there Is only L one fitpuhtiea,
and h for Grrencr. It Is said tney put mm on
to hold tb .Inquest evr bit Aei collemgnee
after the election. ' Th Republicans claimed
tbat, as their party wasdstd, they .should htve
th Coroner. .a!c.. . ,.. s ts o;-am:C
Pickaway Nominations. Stark County.
, The Dsmooraoy of Stark county htvs oom
nated the following strong llckair 7 .
' Fot Reareatetlva,Samael Lahm aod He
r E. fintthi Treasurer. Godfrev . Benower:
Sheriff, Daniel "Sayler; Recorder, JsoobKep
Itnrcn Proseontlnir Attorner. GeorE VT. Raflj
Commissloaw, Andrw Btebl; Surveyor, J. G.
Williardi Coroaer, John Hbepiey? lonrtnsrv
Tb Ikmocru saysi - '
icOar eonntr ticket 1 eombned 6f f entletoen
pretty weU known over toe oounty., .'i &ey am
Demootau worthy of the hearty support of every
ma who desire to hav good 'and tru men
aUcutd.. AU mast admit tbat th tioket-1 a
nooalar one and only requires every Democrat
and eonierveur mAtt .to no hi duty to a is
OMotrr ana Jt wiu m a-iampnanuy eiectea
filM th Democracy 6f in county preDAre fox
th October election. Let everv man who
Wishes to preserve lb liberties of th oountrv.1
raur to ue snpporr ot Mnstuational iemo
ratio Union Stat and ooanty tickets, i?
m 1 . 1 mi
Guernsey Countv.
:Th Democratic Union Convention of Gnern-
)( ooanty stet nt Washington, on Monday,
SepiJ. Th following ticket was nominated:
For RepresentaUr'e, WmkBortonjTreasurer,
. K. Wiseri-Protwoallriw-AttornrrTrancia
Crelghtonj Com missioned petiry MoClearJj
Barveyor,. Robert .NcKalutnt.ReeorUor John
Wtlllamsj Infirmary Director, Lemon Fergu-
Jtaeolut'loM la favor7 3f Wtslnta 'ArJoV-
erbment agatost rebellion with an undivided
front, aql maintaining Jh Cnmocnttii orgtnl
ntion snd jt fiMjitw2XS'(l9ay
Th npmlOAtion, of 5 J. PO'Coaiio, t
Monroe oouutyioe, 6Utefoator, wsawnani-
. 1 .I, . j
"The oVinMpJrrtin7pCkI tissTf lt
rLli..il .V. 4.1..,t4 .4J n.J .1.1,..-. ' I-
wyaiwiiwi wi lawHuaM mm ih. wwaoti i
: Tht Drmooratle Union CDt, ; Col,vefltlod.j
w .. vv MUUivV4ij yu Aiy,ua.j. vrf.pw sVaVTejij
attended by ImtKraMlrota aJt JarU. f xhs
ooanty. A. better, mere nuajiatie and de-
tartniaed apirlt among delegates w never wlt
aeaaed at any previous Conrmtioa.u ft total
slander aad abas heaped npon Abe true Union
Uenuoraey of tnw country by Aoolitlon-Kepub-lioant
and their mltwrbfiW)U-,1s tntflng th
fCeot to area all good and true Unloh Demo-
orass to renewed energy and determination in
support of snetr tlssw-beoored party and th un
dying principle of patriotic And loyalty which
: Tb CoarrenUow aiWAoasiv adooted it elAU
wtwes well tor ni oonntry.rr w commend tb
raoteDona to the calm consideration of every
vote, and eepedally thot who are Inclined to
"ma alter Strang rods", m jteaxea, of thslr
rwnvuaix-... vj ion f-
- Th Democratic Union tioket Is made np of
goon ana true memrWMWtu-otsxMmrg tb an
ttet of thslr rerpectlv oftset, U etectsd, credit
ably to themtelvat and foe th general good- of
th people. .
MtCoixocn'a IsDUHS-From. aha Una. C.
VV. Adam, of this aonntv. who arrived at home
lev oars st oo frem ths nortbera part of .the
saw, we learn mat on Monday week thirteen
hnadred Indian WArriors Southern Allies j
oraeeed the Arkansas Rirer.Jiear Fort -Smiih,
gout for MoCulloch's oamp. These Indians
armed with rifle, butcher knife and toman
tawf, and had their fseos painted and aeemad
m .. " . .
0.?-"- KWftt?
ti .1 ,iiiiT
A True Democrat.
XAMtlU. Angntt atlst, 180, waniiot aatbor-
so appoint mm a delegate to represent that
party in thslr State Convention, -,t , ,-;'
B baa always been Union Democrat, and
tetanus to continue one.-. He would, sooner ha
nrwanen on uo rocks of Gibraltar than turn
raiser to hit country fof the ake ,of n. 'pal try
efttea wbick bit lilewte;offrdIlm
i Republican
It ho would Joia tbtr nw party -Zanstwitt.
-5f-f-Sl.ltJ4.4 3
tT Our nelrhbor. the Tiaau. ara ara'ana,al
aw, as uupvweu to xaaa ugm or tne present em
iceey of th Confederate armyTlW had sup
fxxasaf tbU th North hanTi alsaadw a.Wid
enoagh from underrating th flgbttng eapadty
i she rebel, to prealuda4h possnaUtyaacn
sn twror nereaiter. ThaprcanntptinvthAt sur-
vrsw noil Ban can nevar dlar Bat it wan kawa
fawihar Influano spoa. the or lb su people,
law-datermlnation ta fixed to Incur no risk,
wbAtever of another auoh disgrace, and there is
a dsalre to rate th power of the enemy at
4tl.. .L 4 -1.-4 ll ... J.
aw. ita luuen meaanr.T in fact
at aswepted thai tb rebela have an Immanaa
temy. ana an which will fight with spirit, with
oomrage nay, with absolst desperation. To
dlagnis thf fact, or to belittle it. 1 a shridtsh
fraicB ortbera aMahood.at thia day,
:rjlAAlni. What ia wanted is not th disnaraea-
- -4 . . . - - -o-
ww Mveswari, oni a mor complete
4Ui. ..i .4 . .... . r
ali4i4. 4.1 .. . 1 .1 li. "...l',.7I:
-Jir-. yLi mTvTj TTT-r'.
44w rrnw.
T!mmrrF l?srnAl?n'o- TCafnta 'a
- .....w w f 4.V1VW twiuwi
' 'UJsitf.mtii.Mii ..iti.iu
Wehy glaa ttial the ajdendgned'htt ft ii
Ohat. adailnlaliaaii ml tha a-uta ml
t era em, late ef trwre ttwathlp. la said ooanty, da,
esaaad.. Dated thla Idth dty of Beptamber. A. D7l8GL
sH-w. fl.Kliiliil BIJtAM BUOBAI: I
- Old Orders nsdesmdb r
aTVaTlwffTanBw a v -i
l vzin' ' s1- mat wm pay. oa pre,
r ' JT"-' aaing oraars latues sgamu
t Cewnly Iraatary, tadoned. RMot puid lr wasi of i
L, 4..-,. a vie raaart yraaaita uo
.1 - : .
A v
or U lloaaoU af mmim mttm mm I. ju-7.T.
l .jVJ
1 IOOlQ33iaUDri. 1 r
' ; I mavoa Orra fcexii.nio.j '
1 I,(3. . tpleaab.rB,lWl. -f--
" axaxvaMtay wya ltpimgBSJ BTwl BAwflBlJCy BBW w
of tU Oowoll of aid ally, to aapply vacancy ctu.rd
2 '"".'""t"" O. Blet, lata f mttas, mm
a held at the United liatee Boki.lB aaid Wanl. th
TtT.. '777. . """S eieetloo Ie taid Ward, on Boo,
ww tu. rvta ai
will a apaaad
i.gu wr. "
vl Silt
4- 4.iw,wa xtoiauta eaia t
at aalilin .wu. 1 .(. a .
LTfT '.. P. lUei. vA'he pailt
oa gnat aay at me a
t'.- 4ll
vr' wbai' ni0xtt8," Wrti.
I tnti fji J. ui m.i'j U nn:
44, a, . a 1 1 1
ivel-uka s.4"iT. .' 7'T-r' r?rV AJti
'stpltoi BOA MA StiatColuwdtaJ.
iifiiv Aiivijii hi n is.
1001. jiia.
IJsittesTi , ntatee- Eyprewe ; C),i JPjrOP'l
Ti Hew Ywk J4 Si'Eailroad.'1?1
jiV..itviI wol xiu'b j'.ur:TTn vJ Lou-
OtarMrst Cars over most Jtaattrpn PaiS6gIiilB.l'
' I .L:ui na n;:i43i.1'. U e.J .tJ.OA.-i v;iiitt t
t.f.. --w LtN-v. .if ai
r,. "V art a vsi, ex wort, Affm.
- 87-veet lirwaa Street,
GOLinnBrji.onio. 1
WWri J' li l h
kvlt KMIOHT,1 At
rWAti-tti ZlKBxV uperniUadat, iffaloi11"
TO?. .
j R'of:lyien4K
1 ratuionaoia BnaTing, nair viminc, BhampooBlar.
0rllarfrtiBalaan, -'",-i " - ry'
"South 3K;$"pVRBa;j Stoire,
whan latiaCaotlaa will U.glrea 4n all. Ik vsrloasl
braacbea. - , ' , . , , : , ..
. Ladl1 aad OhlUrea's Bale DiwMlna don in lha bait
mJ ae 1. 11-14 ttwtiavM'W" f '
J I -1
1 a" Ofcfbi
v.n ih In rat:-
11 ' I mrofts-t Jerm v cam ts o.'J ux. it 11 t.'.i. ...
IMP0BTEB9 etAPlDiiJ.'k&6 IN
" sr a 4 elfi!ni'l Viis Uvtn'i .i f
Old jlly: JQAoogaXt
! .j.lie n ''a arc.t; c-.'a JJ .al.jJ.i-'! -.; f-.t
BBHOtnnt and omdf, 221 eavri Blaii'iT.l
I 8-i." 1 1' ,'.!"!: ,i . ..f.X..... .4 ..
1 s
TiTTl? r.T.TlT.' A ilTvriw ',
- I ' ,' , " " 'frTZ.:
mi pa). ' e Ti v --1 ' -:p i'-.'-
fM,Jls,T .xi-uiirul .atet-tiriCt ,vfi.(i
i.vy-.iM- -r lf,i-vr;-y 7".
All Talercuxial Diseases.
It It1 a aatrmlantly arranged Bud.'eos'ralafng S and
ieatad aaatd. Saba warn a round th WaiaU wllhont
urytaSa aaaat atlicat pmoni; no chasr In hatill
t raquiraa, and it entirely wovei th di
as, Without producing th InJnrJou I
a sad deatroy th eoutltuUon, and I
of Onl. Uv thia tiaataaaat. tha ud- J
klnalpmiartlnoontalned In the Band come.ln.nmitarl I
of tlM akin, affecUo hi evanr Inlaao a perfect et
effaaU aitatna froat
ala, which- wwakaa
glva tanporary relief only. .By thl tmtxaaat, the awd-
and restoring the parts afflicted to a baalthy conditio.
Chi Bead la alao a xeaaxtMwarfkl
audwlU anUaaly seiava thaayalaat from ttefwwMoew
Haoaj of jt.rouiy. JUodarat. cam era eared iasfaw
daya. and w ara eotutantla aniiiii. i4iiii4m,i.i.ii.
eiSaaey to aairravated oaaa of long itanding.
ftiosS,eo. w a had of DragirKta generally, or can
amlhr xaaii or expnaa, with f.U diremlone forWM.
aajr .part of the eonkry dime from tb Principal
, - j fl:!,;.-rr jinn. -.ii i , .. .; a 4. .r-- . -
: jTo. 40t BROABWAT. lTew TorkV- 1 '
a.'SMITit CO., 8oIe Proprietor.,'
ClrcBlart tentlrco, . ... ,
E?';'!"1'1'" B0M' Daoeeirrs, AaiRTi.No
liL ' U rlBd and Uouod, Ooluaibut, 0.
,tt Agestte VAaWe4 Krerytwhere. . .
mhaa-lyiiorlar dw , ;.
8tea'm 3tween , Ireland and America
elai" I
the fallowing new and aaagullaent tnl-claUpadclU
Wheel Bteaxaahip ooaipeia tn abort Una: . .
ABBtiTio, -. See too. burtaaa, t Capt, J. M.o
' (formerly of th0ollln Ltoe.)
EIBBBNIA,' 4,M0 tons buTttjen. Capt. Hi Piowai."
Tx T
anoi.u. ..c :, ,
I iRW'ii
COLUMBIA, d,lO " " - k. Urrca.
f trri crl lam. !
Kl.fBcrew .)-,. a i .v i .t i - i w
1 rr.,.. i !r- .,: "- : ieLVsAa. ,
OA eg the abort thin will leave Haw T.i ar B044M.
alternately every Tueaday fortnight, for Galway. oar-
rying the aMaaraxwat aulls, Staaaiag at St.- Johns.
! e4J :. , .a.r?;.-- I
Tb ' ' ''i III. 1 him line a Sit 1 wall I eiikl
tgreataat ear, under th aaperv Uoa of taa
led for onaaCart. safety ead aaaad wy ef taaatarUaat
Tbey ara aiiiaiutil y -able and xparleneed wfllcert'.
.1 niexMraoeea Sarg.aUaha kaeaoA xUa.
Ptrtt-ehwsX. r.orBMteOalwyvldrrpl.riie
'.OOrtyjC .l4?JdtlJha'foCi3jMirrt:
' " " ' to U.laay or Liverpool. I
waay town la Ireland, oa a Beltway, - - - 30
Tmra-CM ptttaiMnwn Iftwtatly supplTM Wllfpto-'
Villon of th bat quality cooked gjanrtd by tht Mr-'
Parlies wlahlo ta aocd Sot abort. IriaodA Aoat
ury aaa obtain UckeU front aay tena. owe aaUway.ia
Irelaad,r treat th prlacsaaAvHa) ef Boglan astlrag.
land,atv.iylowi.toi),- M3l
PMtaogwi fer Kew, Tort, arriving by ta Jostwa
raatangar 1 or newrorx. .arrino
axaaara,wui aa jorwaruga Aew Xerk fra oXolw.
aw. wMn w. lurunr uuorroauon, apPIT to . .
, -i5(.j.:4iitw. . WTrtRnlaf t"
At th olBoe of th OomMlrr ir the whxiffoot of
raawUlttdoBi. Jexiooii.4 o esaMu r iu d
--' ii 1 ' rrv
t . V aaa -mtrn&L. V . AW,'" a V 1.1
I . AUUAsU lli U t
i t- al
. m ai.! 4 ' - .i i.
.4. .' fj m aa al ao4)d
uaiaKKxt over iavtnted.
ra rti toitlTT - rw-.mrn
. tnti oa,
.-tv 'i KiZT ,t ... --')
- - --- " .rr -
1. - n.'lim V-jV1 1 , '! !JT 4 til 1 H 4
Tf -.Tr' " ... t fT IvPr-
TT fS A W n.n,...a..a. - A
ground la eoocav convex form with th. rp. t4t n. r.. I
alt KMal Ba Iktw lava.. t A 1 err vf
Vuile Btw
. 1 1SBAxamfmit
riljn T -
aadlapcf., j.-.- .1
J T.I.Ui BhtM Btoir4"-rina
1;. --,'iBhlrUntaod koaoai Linen.
aev er.vi Baattlaw aaArtllww Jninhlt.' "
! . Idnea 0rf"nsd letif lawns:!
. I.lnca i'oc.et batHlk'fa.allttaaa.,
LiJee I.M,,adDlSrS
tk-T0) Oinlhtand t.un lm,'!Il"",3,'"'r
-a. Lma rwn. wh eol-irad txif.iers.'?. f, T"
I, a.lr 1 i- tr t. v in and Vagi? f
' w eaaT.4 - 410"
M I. . - i. 1
aa MlK.nd hmila tha Worat burn.
Kal(, bnlw, ent',or fretn wound of any kind, pnvtnta
swolllng and Mia from avettm, Btonojt Mtet. and
KiMoooi pitu, onrlct, .roaajnaUum, apu la. tb
tut, nil rfaeun.el.6 frhpa hiui. Iiun.il. It will
11 .1 .k p uiiiarn,ua 1ti imawuu
u. uriL mm. 01 mil Mrrini aonntainli iuk
JkWHltoiWMtt and mm U.rw.w-frlw, u eeaUl'
tlsUandBuoaaajaV X T JXwvin a-pniJa.
" 0l rrOBrl.Uir. H . .ISnrait. V v. .1-,
i , fSi A. 1 r i7 1 1 II
nimjuun m Dm aone ibe above breuarationa
it by prrtn(r and nadlnr ttriptlT. pamptalM4
1 fonnd with ail daaleri, or wm fce Mnt jiw frojirl.toi
M lonna vita au aeauri, or wm aa sent J Pnurltlot
fU aaaau. ,ul aad'Trlal Hottlea tual to Fluil
elans, whs via And develspeaaaU ia kqUt ,aaiiliji,ILlr
SoceptanM and approval.
' Oormpondanoe aollclted froarall whoa Daoenltlea or
p'?Et? SjrW (, r9WJ wnleola Haaw.
7 Woral kXifb aUlaiwfesaa sadrrAetlt lieltVt
, I l'ori Commerelal Wharf, Boston, Mass.
Ir BoMrtS BBiIi It. J MarBIS. B. Oook.J. at ,
pnlt, O.pantg At Qns,A; J.fl(iMlWfcB,AauUlFfnsf
pr ooiumuus, wmo. . , r.miun
aLsBauwraaipt.ar wxpren, af ; -
from Baltimore and Fair Havrn. . r ,,.-
u,.lialojii .aloodoH oll3j;1 lur .viaowoO
mm all l 1 1
tVW Sottt High !tteet;ColtoiiDTit';i
J500 yarda TraT.HnTireii'dodai fti5i2fttui BOat.
W0 yard Kngltih BeWge at value IB ceaUvr
1000 yards franco. Organdies at WX, value SO oenaj. u
SOOn yards' last Oolond Lawns at 10, value IS cent.
IOOO yard foulard Praia BUks at VHt valu 50 easts.
1600 varus Super Plain slack 811k at a 1 00. Value a 1 S3.
' I ni. m- ... .1
r, I BAllV HUH,.,
ita ..'o'ttinT t iJvolO rtt tenth Blgl Rtreth"
"w;Rsa, iiii'KJi -t
If L. Itl U V HL - v:r.
Jljpo,! W" .nmvasr-iH1) .0
-4M.! wv.jrroaace-i.K. ..
. j.-vu U-M n Jin Vt-tol.11 r A
Ttt i. j.r,J'i; I'Siihet" .X
ratu of tervvt-yQ el Jl iuium J iwvte "
lotf.jnlt '.Tat J TO a.t) lte t i -.w-i
. '; No. 406, fiontli-HighStTefet,
raml-'.-'l.-H t
;tl .d. t'S 01 '
danol timVtm mjl11r.miiJ-.rt i0 ri
I wmt. Wa T!to nn mjj .mliLa" Wm ln..r
Ch ejaVt Or Cksfc1 5r yfiffiiiuc.
i m i ii 'rjwwilg T aa.i'i.wj't-
111 1
. lei
B3 pfedi SelreTe'T8'Cl!y;"r-freo
N().'-106, atth ffigh'-'StrrietVe
H r--r-m r.ui. -,,i-f
-iwi vdj
jpTtoYirofis7: J"
L Oil JU.A Lf Li Q U OR 8, H t C
Jl12 .Jt 7v-.a. .s-WMbinU, Imk- .! r
11 .4 rnaVniVW a 4. r .nam
, r- -yiiia. n ija4a;s4j;-vj 'i
oSTerhiiyaVcheap wnnpound ol fatoratua. threw
csMjk.haaa. who arnhaaw lyla Dleletk,
a sfTOAthleeBMerfIo1 at half Its valu and
ithetr outlay. Depot, 35 Washington street,
York. Bold by gfoeen : ererywliere. J ' '
, w.-,
' '"
, Bpllaper ao fiat, Mental and Pnytioal I
1 JnrtPWUbrtaaldnlcVf Prioe"ets.i U
jw Bi-amaAiOKltUKA Or Seminal
tary imlatlont, Peiual Debility, and
laajiediaunt to Uarrlage generallly, aiervooaneaa, Con-
1 apiwtt am rira. xtaniai ana rnrMoai la.
eaweoK, mulUaif naot waif-ahtuaydt. iBy Atbtrt J.
.Te ameateaatswa'drinkhig, atw habits- and modes
T life, eftea preoxlet ArregulaliaSs it m towels snd
OarvorWelU tt. D author of the Green Book. As.
Betem tw VeWiaJide Of tatiererl.
tent ander seal, w a' plain nveloD. to anv ,,lr..1
vymm mpi, vn ovipi two eiamae; dt nr. VtiAB.
-0. KLIHt. m.Bowara. New Vark. Put n iu.
Mo t Jbe. C - i?X ..m. at7ilailA -
wB't rOBODB PLABTBB put ia.ueir
anspssca free ef expense. And te this faot may be at.
taasralUltivttt ayilejnw Jiik Wsaanaasnls Pius
wni eaia curt, th stomacb will egalA tts ilrttigth, an'd
heilthy acUon of ths sytteai WilCbt tatoii.''"Ke'
ajaoiciaa are equal la asefutaest la the w"l 1
iBHANDKEWrPIIJ,!.,, ,,r3,
fa&i'Cov'L' POBora pilasters.
xfvtryman or lh TIBI ZOUATBI bad a hex ef
SrlimhaJ th abteno ef any of THIS BqikIINT from
.k..ia 4 4 ''....
. --4 it1w-" vi-iij.)raria-e
arfwr-and a place of Porous Flatter.
xawyass Rutin to uterai, ofUn Iirs-savln.
'HoU y Ion B. Cook, Pragglit, Oolumbus, and by
rsspsotabl dtalen in mdlclnts. . '.',. :iy.l
SutlT-dlm . e-i; tlv aoo nMtuw
g!' '-'I 1 ' I dl ,il"j
rnoFrATa urn vis. ...,.....
U,e ef oosOvnsss, flrtpsprU, MIHotu sag Bri
WSvtMBA pus, 4-tal4nv hreri an ,mm, ,bs(.
unmviiT) n, 1. I
Bate head arhaa aad all nnaral '- - - - -4 4.-
1 a i. -. atrw-r---Ti--
awattAT BCa,St.At ......? J!r-tp -ol n sri
f''4tBn,win WrbflCd rusrtVfl
Soacloui ihwilAxaaaar-aarawaj AtMfltvl STtrMrra.
vnAVl tsgai avsj x inaaVAi SnnBBk-.SaA . nnai h aiTxaxxaWBB 'awAxnwWwAxk
twyall DrittH..'rxKm "-' 1 1
I ' nil 11 m HeeH
'btaygwl?, ,'
-Y 1 . . L - " - 1 -1 1 :"
TPIoTrf.M'rM-eaadallJ-Mttf.A -a, '
iLi-j-Bri.i 41 l4....l I. m. .j
. wr y- - , vi4cUMaMi.,Bnayxa
favor of ihwpi(aMxlW!ina. Kit.
WnaM'l I I 4.14 I ,M4 4.444 tl. U 44
.4v, vaiiawaa aaaiaiJ-M r"r
'pih p.iYri;';--ii. m voov Bnmm-na At Kb a
wiiuw a Bownm eraur. jwoa uavnr Mlda word
fav.vofKr.ntaiirmtxllainabi.inn.il lur .1,. IV,. -4
'"l" m t tnai inaian iM.ra
v,, 4 i r, ajc ay, n a all. r
ci.4i4. iflepi' . . tn wum aareaatfal modi-!
i-tii ear, ) i u it beat. Aad tiws
Je'ywr'".ulretewlS9at,it better tnaa I
'jayusrarpty.", jyiiydstf
PP.nF.i mii i pqq
i '. amna W 1 1 mwl -htnl Immi I th
I - . r - w- - ;
fuR K.nl(J VliU bUUItr AnUUAnUKU
1. ..... r.... . ji
" '. rfnTri wtAffi t A
To III orlctnal eolor without dyalnt, and prarantlnv
. llalrirom UtrnlaaeMvrr , -r-r-.zxim
Aaeuilni U. when there is the least particle f vltl( X
JJ IW1WIW. wmv.u iwiuw,. w . m
And all alanaeni affeotldni ef tha Boa. j'i i
ItSparttn to Han aaeqaM (toasanltrlUkBor, ankUM
It aoft aid silky In Its texture, and eauiloi It ia eui)
I celebrity and Inoreailng demand or this ma-
ladles and taaiiemea In
""Mameir Mir reaureany in
t'ha freat
aonaled preparation, ooovlnoes tha proprietor that oov
in m wi ooanan buiit a .unniini uudiio oi ita
lupariorqualltiea over any other praparatlon la a. It
altanae th head and aoalp from dandruff and ether .
euuseau dltiaws, eauiing the hair to (raw luxuriantly '
flying It a rich, aoft. gloaay and flexible appearance, an
aiao, wnere me natr la looaenlng ana tblnnlng, I
treogth and vigor to th root, and reetor lh
also, where the
traoath and vl
hme parti whl
gain oovarlng or hair.
It WlU
hav beoom bald, eauiing It to yield
aid S "
luvirorator, when all other preparaUont have (ailed. t..T
A. wmmm BIB DOiaeaaloa lultAVB InnnmaMh . mIIM..
toitha abovw rabtav rrom narann. at tha hir.h..i ..i....
MiX'.L Xf ""'sireetBally prevent the hair horn turning i.
unUI the Uteat period of life; and laeaaea where'the hair ,
onangwi iiaooior, tn nae or the Invlgorator -
wlllwithoertaloty reatoa II to It t ita original hue, 1V '
Ipg tt a dark, gloaty appearanoa. A a perfume for the " '
toUatand Uair BeatoraUv It Ie parUeularly racoa
vended, having aa atraeabl franaiwa; and the gnat te'c
elllUa U aflortU in drearing th hair, which, whaa molrt '
With tit, lavigomtor, can be draaaad la any required '
form as to preaarva It plaoa. whether plalnlorla owrla: ' '
henoe th great demand for It by th ladle as s standard' I
toilet article which none oaiht la ha wlthanau ih
place it within th raaoh of all, being :'-
Only Twenty-FiTw Cent I" : '.:
petbQtU, teb.badat all tetpeoUM Dragghts sad ;
I .hjf .Perfaw.er, ..... ..... . '
t-AflXLIB woSld call the- attention of Parents sod
Ouardlatis to th dm of hli Invlgorator, in 'eaaas whan ' .
the sblldren's hair Inclines to b weak.' Th as of U
lay the foundation for aoxxxi Ak1 of hair, aa It re-- "
mov-1 1 say haparlttes that awy hav beoom e eonneoted
with th aoalp, the aaateval of -waa.b t tMcetaary bolbil "
for the 4Uaa-rtHd,4 the Tutor "atiuearaiio ot
i;.-fanS reanlna'Mihna. tha, au.-k.114 vm4.
JfeH.B'!,?HT?,1,',1,,: wropparl aire, I. MIL. :
tUti ,.VT'lyr' l.ivbwa tu the
'P.5 7 tret, aaDMh, Sll tha t,
prlscipal Merchant, and Drnggiat throughout th world
UbaraJ dUaooajtUajohaw by wje quantity.
Ilalso deal t pwaanttotkeljaerlcaa Pnblle ay ' : ' '
TKW.' ixoxamona nrarmAaTMira
rllAiri ;nvPA
which, after'Teart ot sdantldo experimenting, I bar
broaght to perfection, , It dye. Bkukvr Jlrcwn Intently
WtthoatUJury to th Bale or Bkin: warranted tha fcat
friioi ox in iinn in eiiina,
PRICE.1 ONLY SO fcfcumt'. -
'"i""'""."'"'" w.rv.ww
avium xuuu nsui, . . '.- .
DO yards Buoer Plain Black BUks at 1 OO-vals
-ti 85 MryaraV-irT r:l'V !. . Tv
26o6 yards fraveling Hress and Mantle Good, at
via ! eenti-vals tO casta per yard. " '
3,000 yards Whits Brllliante , at 19 I -a cesU
2,vau 80 eente per jarf. , " ,. -
ttObO yards Tme snd Soraeatle Oinghaaii greatly aa
-eaivaio. v. --
1 , k.. -. a sn.. , .
CHAU?, JCinJLM .IlXXJ,. r .
ihS moat dealrabl. styiw add at very towns nrlee.: -
al. niaterl.li, mads la ths most stylah nanaer after
fhlTaieit Pari Ttihlooa-iha most elegant atria p
ety.- ' ' .;. ; ' -. . -'Jl
no. xvBoutnnitnetreet.
s"a' .tjiacS Mu a-iniif
'; j ; i .i '"I .t fjjii;a.K i'- "B . v,
.''"'.'if i i.:tT!i.'w
t (f V. :.
7 J J 4 k 1.
if ii I Vt"'
' C f. .-'.it rt'-. , . .ti'.T" " ""T
43 .
. V 1 .J
1 ; xr . j
A 1. ' 1
; Foran Incb of Time!
s dying Queen. . That inoh of time can be proeuf1
a.:.; i
, ii;"...
:'.tH Mi.
cd at a UkUah chaanar Mia. .n.1 iM. 444444 .
njoytd' ty"cotulUng' Dr. MBBRrWB AT&BH, who " '
U curing the moat obttlaaU and long-standing dlteatre 't
1 Fact are Btwbhrn Thlnaral
iIrhat the Philadelphia eorreepondentaays la lh.. llj
"OommOnWtallh.V Wlhn!ntnn. Tli.l.4r4,4 Oihnt Xn.ll . .
J6S9: 1 ! uJTir." ' rrt-r -:-
- MAn Ingllth gentltman, rbrDerly connected With the
Brltith lArmy, and Who llvlea .hhaatlf tha 'Indian
Boteoie Pbytlclan ,' ba of late gained aa extanitv pi illlt
latlon hSrtby hi ikilt In curing all mannar of cemjataoi;,"
plaint. I Boats of hie oatlenta I ha mnnml -lih.
and they proneaae his remedies and mode of treatment . 1
a vary amporlor. Bom hav .beaa-Mttiti at if bv -
start.') ths meilleln b pat H diatllled. by hlotteiti bli- a
froat Mroui herbs aoegeiiki rare auratlva.DroDaatlaa.
I' Whll aetlog Ip th army ba devoted hi (elaur ate- itf
w.ihviv.,. a.uuj ui i,n-i'., iriUUUVIA O
1 medicinal root and beTb on all manner of die-
eaart. st aeemt he has found a lur and speedy reme-
dy for all th Mil that teth It heir to." Bis practice is
already extenilr and Is daily loeteaslag. In th oom
bvkM4S whieh female are rablaotad. be haa no tonal.
aaa tart number her hav teetified that they ewe Dot'-"" J
eair their Dreamt aooA.aaaitfc.bat iliaii ll.aei lu I ha 1 11 '
ItkJIiaf this Indian Botanic Phvalaiax,." t t.,.i - .
'jPJ'ewtj Clojnbjiai. . in rji-t t
, .iui .ld ..uj fi K )1 a a
V rllo:arvri.il ao,'a hiaa'ooj . I
...i m.' m 1 t
nuxi 4a aaJl jat A
D-UN 3 aOXTiit m T1
HXYB'jatrspsnH A lavolc ef verr larr and Ti' "
hRUtfsMawlel I "" aaiiaaiial sBr-v-aawmwwms
yVlRfi French jCac53o for gnAWis. ua
yetyDewpFnneKflowjrd tsiz UTidTt
Real Thread, French, ChantUIa ft ,K'-V
1 . r c tf 1 - ,.. ... . ...
..l 5 V 4lJUL.CJ.iiV .l' l
VaJemcietneB, Point 69 Q&zo, Irusieli ,
iifijid Thread Lacoa ani.CoUrfra.r "Cl
... it,ra- V ma. - . . w- , ., .j-., .
'"TTMPir aw -aw a -.- . -rtnn- l 'ft
T -' v'uil VUliliAAO SH VUrfOa vr"'" ,
1 .-; a er era velLBir:t A
' -X'.-'C' jl 'j f ,. , . 4. A A-
a -auFfPoii. i enarajtB; ' ' '"' ' "
lhbaktiid moat faahlontUe (.ylw In tb ity .Haf
- 44M, . , HA. m 4 J4 . mmf 1 , 44 444V'i.'"l4 "
Ball A BOB, -a,aikBwetet.

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