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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 15, 1861, Image 3

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Plltabnnrh. Nteubsnvtlls wsv. Cleveland, Zanesvtlle,
flfwill, urauvilia, rraiuiOKiun ui-jr. iwuiw.i
dlphl4 and New Orleans, cIom dally (Bundayg except
ed) at 8 o'clock p. m. '.. " . ... ,
A through mall tor New Tort and Cleveland closes
u . I IT I . . . J b.ltlaM Uklla.
felly (HunoAys excepted) as a o eioes p. m. .
0. 0. It 0, R. K. Way Malt aloses dalljr (Sundays 8
aniaJl.iO a)AlAb n m ' ' 4 '
Central Ohio Wev Mall cIcisVs dally (Sunaajl excepted)
10 o'clock a. m. 'i - ,' . ..''.- v-r
OlnelnnaU War Mall oldiet' dally (Sundayi excepted) at
o clock e.'B.:n'" i 11-1 ' ,- - i,
Chicago. Dubuque) Tjeuware, mearloa. d Worthier
too Malls Oss dally (Bandars eacaptad) at 8 o'clock
PB. :L .at .1. :n . t. .j'
MalU forXlnU, BprUgnakl, Dsytea, TeWd, Olaoln-
Batl, Indianapolia, iouiitui, uu vsiroia
clotta dally (Baadayaaiaeptad) 8'oUok p. m. .
Alhronah mall to Xeoia, 8prlnfield andClnotnnaU
Clowe dally (Sundmye excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
Urbana, Piqoa, lifflo and Union City nail oUaea dally
(aaodayi azoepwa; no a :'" .
baneaeieri i.ogan,r.euwDTiiit)t viivihtiiioi voiiinuuM)
Portamoath, Waehlngton 0;'B'.VAtAei)l, Marietta and
Bllleboroaih mallf cloae dally (Bon daye axcaptad) at 8
clock ' . - -
Bait Way Mall by National Xntd to Zanerrlllt elom
daily (Banday asoepteaat la oewec m. ... . . .
Harrlabargh Mall aloaea dally (dnndayi excepted) atS
0 omwi p. an.
Mt. Ternoa MaH, by way of Westerrllle and Saabury,
eloeee dally ((ondan exoepted) at 8 o'clock p. b.
DoMIn Mall eloaei dally(8ondayi esepted)at 8 o'clock
Lancaster Way Mall elocei dally (Bundayi excepted) at
.... .. .
Malta from New York. Boeton. Philadelphia. Buffalo,
Albany, Pltteburgh, Cleveland, Daytoa, Toledo, Xania,
Detroit, Bprtnglleld, Olndnaail, ChUUootno, t. i.oaii
and all Boatoan dtleav anva between the hoaraof
a'Alaclr n. m. And 4 A'ataak a. mriv. : - i .h'.
Maili from Indlanapolia, Chicago aMSabatM arrive
MSiWaVaa...- V-. '- i . ; '
Malla froaa Waehlngton City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
ZanasTllle, Vewark, SieabeaTiUe, Mt. Vernon, and the
U. o. B. B. Way auu,amT0M we wwia.- ,
Way Mail from OlnslaoaU arrirei at 3 o'clock p.
luuulai Mall arrlTeaalB o'clock D. m. . . .
Hut Way Mall oyer the National Road ttrrlTetif II
o'eloeka.B.'-"- ' ' - ,
Mt.Ternofl WayMailaTrlTOTatTI:Ma.n. '.
MaU from Dnblln arrWM at 19 o'rioek a v i ' '( '
Urbana Way Mall arrirei at 9 o'olook p. b ; . i " '
Barrlibargh Mall arrlree at 11 o'oloek a. b. ' ( i ' '
Lancaster Way Mall arrives at 13 o'clock n. -.
Offlca deltvarr ooen avenr day (except Sand&y) from
7 o'oloek a. B. to 8 o'oloek p. m. Open om Bnndajra
(roB iyi to 8 o'ciocK la war norumgc aact non a to o
Rail Road Time Table.
Lirru Mum tc Ooiaaatis Br. Xxma B
. .. j Iioaves..
OlnelnnaU accoamodaUon. 9:00 A; M. '
" Biprees. 11:40 A. M..:
Mail and Asooanwdattoii. . 8)10 P. M. ,.
Might Kxpnas via Say toa .18:00 midnight.
DrlO P. M.
11:03 A. M.
8:08 P. M,
fcSOA. M,
.1- i'-y jm;yr. Hoaiatr, Agent.
Ooioaios It Ouvuun E. It.-'-' :' '"' ; ,l
Night xpreMw.....w...8:8 A. M.. 11HSP. M,
New York Kxpraee. 11:10 A. M. 10:50 A.M.
0.0. AO. WyxpieB... M P.kU .,. t.tH P. M.
T'T ' i1 ?'"0, Afaot, r
' '-
OBmtALOmoB; R.
No. 3 1 xprea.. ." 3:30 A. M. ; 11:25 A. M.
No. S do 8:15 .-t ..M.i.. llitf.A. U.
-.. t'?.- t w. jr.rn.1, AiBt.
PrrnauaeBjOoujliane ic OiicuuiiTi R. B.'. , . ' "''
Mall Train.. ...... ..u.. -8.M A. M. 115 A. M.
BxpreeeTratn 11:SSA.M. 65 P. M.
" I r,':n Jos.-Botiiiow, Ageal. .
CoLoaios As lanuxoKua, B.B. . . s '-;
(OoLoaioa Piqua St Irduma B. B.)
No. 1 IzpreB.. :30 A. M ' 8:00 P, M
No.B " ..... 300 P. M. , 7:20 P. M.
Accommodation u ' 10:40 A. M.
0. W. EkiTm, AgenU -
The Adams Ezpreee Company places aa daily
under obligations to it fortbe Tery latest papers
from the eastern cities, ."'.sVe-,'. ."i-.w.!. 1
i . . - .... ri
The American 'Exoress 3ompany has oar
thanks for ' Us daily favors In the shape of the
very latest eastern papers.
iiiii 1 "' a
LioTtrias oir PaitaTiMi. The Her.' D. A.
Randall wjf deliver the next of his series Of
lectures on the Holy Land, .in the, Baptist
Church, corner of Rich and Third streets, this
(Sunday) evening. ?i . ... o.i m - ".:
Eliction or Cotmcitauiv. The denizens of
the Third Ward will rcoolleot that to-mocrow
(Monday) Is the day appointed by the Mayor
for the election of a member of the City Coun
cil for tbelr Ward, to fill the vacancy occasion
ed by tbe resignation of Dr. Bilaia. The eleo
tion is to be held at the United States Hotel.
a -i- -BbT 1 . .it .
GoDir's Lady's BooKrTbe, Ootober number
can be had at KtrmiDT's, near 'the Postoffloe.
We are in earnest when we asy, VCall and get
a copy," tor these riasoos; ' '
It Is the besnnuaTraTed, mdaPplMaiug, In
structive aDd refined ladies' magazine published
on this continent or )a Europe. ,: This October
number is .) iisupHb' ene containing sixty six
engravings, sfxty articles, an J one hundred
ptges of readiog matter, The frontispiece,
Go it, Rolla," la e beautiful engraving, one-if
Godii's own Steel JiTalcrrr'But we cannot spec
ify the fashion; plates, the mueio and the other
numerous embellishments., 'It is enough to say1
they are in Godby'i best style. ; ' ' ;
Tbe reading matter too, Is excellent., Here
again are oar bid friends, Mr. and Mrs. Rashkb;
but, alas, chop fallen with their fallen fortunes.
Salu Urdumt. A:,,ts ....... ;
O" Talking ''with the', editor ttf afr evening
journal, Quilp llaquUed'i "''Wbat'si, the use of
your second editloo;'kcdmio aa. jt dpea, so toon
after the ra'alaMeaTjel' ' 'Use1,,, replied the
candid editor, "'why, to ooaUadiot the telegraph
dispatches Id' the ' first edlt!on!wK,'.QalIp Oared
Incontinently 'aad oonfesssd that lie' set it.
'. mil !i,w.J
t.1 i'
D" There. aVfnow.flHlt; Infantry 'reel;
tnents autboriied. ia thia Bute. Twsaty-ibree
of these we ta tfv 8erylce in Wwteiii lri
glnia aad InUlissouff. five" ready for marching
orders la camp, seveaeeewearly tul a oasap,
and Sixteen In process w wrjahjzatlpn ibr cainp,
There Is good reason te believe e4t anil be foil,
t least by Optoboi 'JuX
CT Samobc Tl'VM Wbfi Esrf., die BW
Orleans oa thai, 17th of August, av'eexigaaiive
fsrer. Mr. VB WwMlate'ifipibiiJ
and master mechanic of the Washtogttm FaBa
and Mississippi Railroad; and ia jaimer. years
popularly cimectjllt)i;Rl6 L1W4 rWatnJ Rail-
road, and wa the Aral engineer eo thajsroacW
He wu oooruigentlemW;.aA(
host of Wends, ! ' ' - .
' ST Suge'on.Ceeaaral .McMuaim: liM peeo
asnt to General RoirtrAit0 command It West
era Virginia' tcv look after the-Ohio soldiers
wounded In thUUtt)pV'Mo7. aUend, td'tbe
return of the perihlhentTt disabled or killed.
ar captain LfBooa repoetea. cioaiieu, taaas
Governor on Friday last, aid pn.cq'ijf;:
cent aventa In Western' Vlrrlnlat waa Uaoafer.
red from the Ttj-'thijtd 'io ."thaiThictvlxth
Regiment, artjrder'fotcyttvt .hirjwir to
yen. Koaioaawa.1"''. , aa
CT Twelve1 piisonera taken tSe jUteate
in Western Virginia are reported fin their way
to this city vUQadeylVldgea :i
IT In the alhc6"eTmyorT1iOBA3T'0Hrra.
Miixtm, Esq.,flaiae,d, lnPolKe WtjH j.
terdav mornUfi'aslajor.ta'r aad fined
mm ftvw or s(,JpeVMi,.? dinnll'M,P
ether dlaordsrly eeaaast. .... ..
S.a-taJIaiIJ .kt.
. ITThaAmerloanCesBbXthrWlBneTB,
ot rriaay, nine toos oi army eiouung or an
Milttait ArroirmiKirTB.-.Th following mill'
try ppoIntmnt bj tb Oorirnor kr bten
teportoa uaa ouf lut Iwroti'. -. r
' Colonel. Jonathan Cranor, 4th Rclmnt
Edward 81br, ClTlnd, 37th RgLGorg
Crook, U. o. A,, skin tugi.i mo. mtweon
Eaton. 43d Rasi. ( v.
.'. LUI. ColoneUr-U. Blair Wilson, 44 ih Regl
msnt P. W. Tjlor, London, 4tb Regi.
.; Af;'far-W1U E. Lkwronco, ltl Artillery,
wpmtnt.joti uaineik ueiioroniauie, Un
pany C, 17th Rogi i Tbomai R. SmiUy, OrM
Title, 54th Regt-i Henry D. KlnciborT. Totodo
Company A, J4(h Rogtt A. C. Caaamint, 15th
Reet.: Henry A. Alban. Findltr. ComnaB F.
2 lit Regit George M. Baiter 33d Ret.s
CUal. H. Wood, Caul Dover, Company B,61at
n-eet.i a. r. netkeil. IXawcomaratawn. Uam
penyC,51itRegt.il. S!,
Firit I(tiaatt.--Jaool. Homohrer. Ceek
pany C, 17th Regiment; Jason 8. Louie, S4tl
Msimenti EamuDd ward. Cleveland, uat-
klry: Andrew M. Buna. 15th Raeiatent: John
C. . Martin, Flndlay, Company F, 31st Regl-
menti Ben amid w. Goods. Clnelntiatt, Uoar-
termaster. 54th Reelmenti Samuel R. Reese,
32d Reslmantt John A. Delhi, Canal Dover,
Company B, 51st Regiment) Allen Gaaklll,
Fort Waehlneton. Comoany C, out Beelment
Btcona Lieutnunu Joaepa a. roeie, uav
Sany C, 17th Regiment; John Wlajret, bto
eglment George W; Cnmmlu, 15th Regl
ment; Alexander A. Monroe, Company F, Slat
Keeimenti John &. Van Uarter, JM Keflment:
Cbarlea B. tlarger, Canal Uorer, company 11,
61st Reaiment; Jamee Btonehocker, Canal
Wlneheater. Comnanv C. 51st Reslment: II.
U. tlokei, Company fei, dd tteglmeat.
ST The Circuit Conxt of the United State,
sitting at Cincinnati, Jndg Lhvitt presiding,
adjourned Friday last until Ootober 15.
" I - d i -1 null " 4 I")
O" Job Puoh, ad old and well kiown cltlten
of Cincinnati, died saeMenly on Friday morning.
D. Wm. A.' Hottok, leoently arrested , la
Cincinnati on charge of treason, ha glrea
bond and security in the sum of $3,600, for bit
appearanoe at the Ootober term of the U. 8.
cm Poor; f
i' ..i
ST Cspt. Thomas Aawotn hat reel ghed the
command of the Vedettes. . He has been an
efficient officer. ' I
-Ml )
AT Company A of the fieserve Militia, Caps.
C. Liixir, who were employed 4 some time
since in guarding bridges on the Cincinnati and
Marietta Railroad, near Athens, were pal4. off
yesterday, each man receiving $1 SO per day.:
tT Cspt. Hall has ouanged his recruiting
office to No. 17 West Broad street. n .k. r
Goon and Bab Tidihos. -Aa Editor Is often
called upon to Indite articles that be knows will
cause sorrow In many hearts ft Instance, some
railroad or steamboat disaster is to be announc
ed, a fatal acoident Is to be recorded; then Is
his heart' sad as ho thinks of the tears that will
shed as the paragradh he is Inditing will be
perused, i But when be gate an Item that wlA
send Joy to every heart, the Jerf. glides briskly
over the paper. These are oar feelings as wo
write Kennedy's Medical Discovery; It Is life
the dead, and, health to' those Who areglck.
All klnd of humor are cured through Ita magie
influence from the slightest pimple to the) se
verest case of scrofula.-"JThlprlcs 1b reason
able 'It jean be obtains everywhere, , and
there is to occasion for the afflioted to remain
' ...
A,;Batolwlor HBiire!,;
This splendid Hair Dye has no tqnal Imtaataneoneln
effect Bean tlfal Black os afcaral Brown. -uo stain lng
the sUa or Injuring lbs Hair- rtmeffleataeanear aa 1
esTeet of Bad Dyes, and lnvlgoratae the hair far life.
None are tannine' knlaa signed tn.
Boldeverywhors.,-' i y :y 7' Y 1 "7J ' . I
OHAB. BATCHlLOB, Proprietor, V '
JylS:wly 81 Barclay Street, New Torts,
Wm. A. BatcfceW't Hair tyet Ar
The OrigUal ani Best U the Worldl "
AH others are mere Itnttetlnn t, ar4 iiheall lis avoidad
you Wish to escape ridicule.
GRAY, BID OB BTJSTT HAIR Dyed lestaatly to
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
BalrorBkla. i v 1 s.h V ' ' , i i iK ( ' i ;
awarded to Wm . A . Batchelor since 1839, sod over 80,00
applications have been mads to the Hair of his patrons
mi unions ayai
WM. A. BATCBILOR'B BAIR STB arolucas a col
not to be distinguished from nature, and ia warranted
not to Injure la the least, however loaf tt may be eoaMaf
ad, and the 111 effects of Bad Pree remedied; the Hal'
Invigorated for life by this splendid Dys. . . , , . J
Sold la all cities an towns ( tha TJaUed State'
Aroggtats and fancy Oooda Dealers.
JXJThe Genuine hu the name and address upon a steel
plate engraving aa four sides of eaeb hoc, of WILLIAM
. BATUUAILUH, Address .
JyB-wlV Barclay straea. Hew lark, -i
i , i i i A
- Master Commissioner's Sale, '
v. ". J Superior Court.
Wm. B. Parnell et al.i
to ma directed, from Ike 8 vector Court ot frank
Ooantyt Onto, I will STer fo sale, at the door of
Coarf-Uoaee, in the eisyaf OolBmbus,oaj. -w.i
Won Jay0c7thk IBGl,
atone o'clock P.M.; tbsfoHeiirlng described real estate
aitusie id ua county ot rrauaun ana eww or unto, to
wit: The Booth helf ofUieN. B. aaarterof section t9.
township 11, range 81, Vnited BtatesMHltsry lands, eon'
talnlog eighty sere. ' ' v;, -
Appraiseaai fsu wperseie. .-..-- -
fl i 5 ' Master Commissioner ,
Order tasell tb above described Land in parts.
On motion to the Court byB. Taylor, attorney for de
fendants, It is ordered that lee order of sale.'heratoiore
saado laana anove named actloav SS and the sama m oera
ohangod as follow,:
Bueris is oroerea so seu saw tana ra ms follow
Ins manner! 1st. To offer far sale and sail thlrtv acres
ot said tract of land haloaatnf to William jL Dar
nell, being the North part of said tract) and If said 30
acres do not bring a snuieiaat amount to pay the name,
than that ha offsr for sale the 30 acres immediately ad-
ialslag the former on the Boa Ita; and if n (afficleat
amount 01 money is not raceivea irom ins ami to talis.
said order, then that the said Bherif tell tbe balanoe
ta!4 land, as directed by the former order of this
'r- aad Mastei Oommlaaionor.
Prlntar's fee 8 00. iu ,-nanw s .3 t. .v:
raaatts M. Blory, by his next friend. -If ? ' Vlt
i- -mwrnBiarf, patliwap,"
te;,.Bi',TI vs.
Sals In partition.
Joseph Btor at others. Ktoandenti.
TN' PCnBTJAlVCKV SS AM iiftfkfcia (IB-
fto said Coart to ma directed, I will offer for sale at
publte aaotion at the door of the Court House, In the
W ' y awwmev or r' S f r t. rr n 1 -
Saturday, the S8th day of Sept. A. D.I861,
between the noun of is o'olook M. and 4'oi.v P. v..
the followrog desoribaA seal aatata, altnaas In Pleasaat
Part of survey No, 3oW, or the Ylraiala MlUtarr an.
Vtya, becinniag at a stake la the southwest corses of the
tract of land, containing one hundred acres, eonvayed to
Jottah Blvans by Joseph Blory by dead bearing data May
ft 1830; Shsnoe south S7X poles to a stake and four small
hWketlee-andslmi thenos sasl 184 poles ton stake ia a
pralrte; tbeoos norm oJt poias to a siaka on the wast
side of an elm marked as corner tn the tine or tho Klvar's
lot; thanes wast MA posse ta-eylaatae oasitslaiag
flftyHwe and a half acrta, mora or lam; twbiee to a
down aetata heretofore set of and assigned to Mary
Story, widow ef said Marmaduka Blory la said premWea,
described as follow 17 67.108 acres of said land, bound
ed aa follows! Beginning at a silks from which a blark
walnat 12 Inches In diameter burs N. 45 dec. B. ID
links; thence B. dt. W, poleS sod 80 links to a
suke) hon4 B. B8 degj B , M Poles to a Stake In tbe
wen line of Yeoman's laud; thence K. 88 perse and 80
Hakwtaastake la the WestsMeof an elm Barked as a
eomwtbenoo JR.nf ..test 11 fot$ to e Mgin-
' Appraised at Bis ae eeraM.-"" " '" ' -:
: enohaB w. VVmW, IhsruT.
''SA.AhJtll DO. a " '
--vlia KjUi SIKrlt t .-1f
' " f!U
'fit WAfi,ii.iriift6
At fcJ.OAK CWTB3.. ,A!so, :i . makssol Spring
0 (oak Cloths, in all dMlraoav auis Bladlnrt, las-
stis aad nauoas te awtee. baim a boh,
aprua Ve.MgoataaTj(hgre
Winder Sent to Fort Lafayette.
Philadilthia, Bspt. 13-W. H. Winder, re
cently arreated for disloyalty to the Government,
was sent to Fort Lafavette this afternoon. Ills
correspondence seems to have been very expen
sive with Jeff. Davie, Ex-Vioe President Breok
Inrldfre, Hon. Mr. Burnett, and other prominent
secessionists. ama ine copies or bib own let
ters, and the original ef hie eorrespondenta, are
m tbe possession ei toe reoeraianinorities
- Tn hla lattara Winder nledreo hie warmest
avmoathlea with the rebels. He assurea Ms.
Breckinridge that hla course In the Senate is
approved of by large aumbsrs ot tbe best met
of toe ttortn, wno are waiting lor an opportu
nity to overthrow mob rule, and that many of
tbe borne guards, of whlob he was a member,
had Joined that organization only te disarm sns
oiolon. . A J t :. u V UfBA !
One of the Breckinridge letters U only ten
dsvs old. Tbe oorresnondenoe will pro Tory
vainaoie to tne uoveroment in aiscoveriDg tree
son in our midst. ;;.,,,
't: t -Bb I I I I BBB
Baltimom. Sent. 13. Tbe reported arrest of
Howard, Toandidate for Governor, ia untrue;
also that of Mr. Brune. The Sovlh publishes
an artiole. savioe. In aonseqnenoe of I ha arrest
of tbe editor, tne paper will suspend puuuoaiioa
for the preeenu ;', 'i.-v-' ',..' ' o.::-"l
1 It la understood that warrants have been is
sued for the arrest of all prominent secession
members ot tne legislature. "' .. .
i tavi a .i an , ,' i a 1 ,tx
FsiNKroat, 8ept. 13, Ths Governor yest
day vetoed the resolutions in refaranoe to tbe
Confederate troops, but both Houses to-day
assed them over hie veto. ' ' ' ' "
Fifth Thousand Dollars Subscribed
at Troy, New York.
Taor. N. Y.. Sent; 13. Over fifty thousand
dollars was subscribed in this city to-day for tbe
National Loan, on the opening of the books by
tne United o la let agent. . .ni:
Seizure of a Traitor's Property.
Sacbxtt's Habbobi - Sent.. ; 13. Collector
Ingleahert to-day seised 24 boxes, eontainrnr
articles of curiosity. artT Jio.t the property of
Commodore Tatnail. late of the United States
ntjI -..iL(.dik': tUll? ill
News from the South, via Louisville.
LooisviLLB.', Bentember 13. The Dyersbqrc
( I eon.) Keoorder advooateetbe election or uov.
aiuaoil0 VI dwini kiviium, W W . iw: i oi-
deacr of tbe Confederacy. t- -i
Tbe Cbarieston Meroury or tne wtn sayarour
men of the crew of tbe Jeff. Davis have been ar
retted, eharged with conspiracy to kill the cap
tain and strand the vessel."-' - - ;
In a strong artiole on Walker, tbe Confed
erate Secretary of War, tho Richmond Whig,
of the' 10th says, tbe conviction Is general
that he is nnsuited to tbe position , he .occu
pies. . i ... .. .
Accounts still arrive oi aamsge qone to tne
erops by heavy rains. '
The Montieelio (Ark.) Sage aays the cotton
in that vioinity haa taken a second growth, and
will be considerably damaged and In many ia-
sUnoea entirely destroyed. '
The Klcemond Wbig says tneiorwara tooaai
co crop la suffering from the same cause.
r The Knoivflle fVblg, of the 7th,wntalflr a
eard from Brownlow, wherein he states substsn
tially that be will not br a party to any mad
scheme of rebellion l that all who do must anf...
terrain; that he yields his extreme position
through necessity, and wnfeeeee that he has
not tne courage to meei unarmed eleven states
tally armed. . 3 ft "V l "1 8 9. 0"? i.
In bundles at the Courier opeqed M the de
pot this morning, copies of Hardee's, and other
military books, were iouna wita letters, in re
gard tO Smuggling. f! rwjrttUTM !
Eiohmoitd, Sept. 13. Toe GoTeroor-Genwil
ef Caba. in als ntoclamation eaysi In virtu
of the proclamation oi iter majesty, wueen,
I have determlnedfcUuder date of August 7th,
that all Teasels occupied In legitimate commerce
eroeeeding from aocuunwa UODledaraM states
shall be entered an4eetniraer- tb Conled
erate flag, and shall be dalyproteoted by the
authorities of the Island. Foreign Consols will
be notified that- wf hater ferae od on their part
wm be tolerated ,. . .. ......
f KBWBiM,'N.C.78opt. 8. A Yankee war
vessel anneared off Beaufort last night. When
the train left last night It was reported that
four war vessels were in tne no ana, ana others
ooming in; only one, however, is known to be
here. A number of detached companies have
already left tor Beaufort, and Gen; OeUln,has
left with tbe vtb regimens or norm Carolina
troops. Col. Campbell will leave this morning
for the same destination.: Ool. riaraea', regi
ment is already at Beaufort.. Gen. Galtln
thinks that Fort Macon cannot be taken. :
From New York.
Niw Yo, Sept. 13 Marshaf Jtane','1 of
Baltimore, and several other prisoners, were
today received at Fort Lafayette. Col. Fegram
and twenty-Ave more prisoners, were sent to
Governor's Island. '' avXi h mtnjit
. The bark-Alice Tinker, of Liverpool, ' was
seised by the surveyor's officers, on her arrival
last evening r. Pertkwe of her. are owned in
Aialncbioole tad Mobll.,
1 - - ri'..,.l I. . Y, . 1
, lopsguu iv me rvepj .. :i t. .1' -a '
The mule And horse contracts for the Navy
Will be Investigated by the Congressional Cq-
mittee. ; 11 IS gunorsa usi groan aranun ; nave
been dlicovered.' a ''& t-.n v
,-' Mr. Alvord, the Superintendent of the1 over
land mall fouterla here, and rsporls that
regular troops are on- tbelf way from Utah to
the OSS 1.1 t: ; a-." t-'" o.i- t )V
The eloon-of. war Jamestown arrived .from
blockade off Ferdaadlna on the 5th of August.
She captured a rebel eehooner andennk her. 1
The steamer Champion, from AsplnWall, 5th,
hu arrived, with over two hundred passengers
and $1,000,000 In treasoxe.'.. Mi.-.ji'o.
Tne Uommerciai Aeveruaev aas see reiiow.
tog paragraph j MWe learn that i rumor was
prevalent in Washington yesterday (hat Gen.
Fremont la tn be aupereeaed In hie ooeonuad,
aad that Qaartermaater-Oeaeral MelgB la te
take bis place. We hare also wbat.we deem,
ood nutnority tor Baying tnaianiarnaior, an.
ka manv others, in fotmded an fact, that Mr.
Blsjr, at whose earaeet reoommendation Gen.
Fremont was placed where he Is, aocompaned
Gen. Meigs la order in explain to Gem Fremont
the reasons and the neoesslty for this atop.
These reasons, we think, It will be' found are
that General Fremont exceeded hli nnthojrlty
by the proolamaUon he iaaaed, that being the
main reason, and that he hae In other respects
acted In Important matters not only without con
sulting the Government, but .In contravention
f lts ordera aud praotioeJV.i ,,- b'miw y m
Mew Y oar, Sept. . h.a grana stiute oi
ninety-seven guns Will be fired at A o'clock this
afternoon, in tbe park, in honor of the aeveoty
ene membere of the House "of Representatives
and the tweaty-oix Sewatore of the tegisUtnre
of Kentucky who toted for and passed a Joint
resolution, requesting the Governor id oaH. oui
the military to drive Leonda folk and hie
rebal followers from the State, at Snffato t
day-ir , r,., , li4 ..,,.,..,.v.i . ft
-The NeW York Daily lfew thla morning
in a lengthy eard bids farewell to tbe pubilo for
a timer" : .. '''' X' . w' '
HU.' . ,il0
Important from Cheat Mountain.
CLAansuae. VaiB'emV 1 3. Tlie tebeul com
menced to advanoej. yesterday moaning, on both,
pikes, toward Elk Water and Cheat Mountain
Summit. They aaooeedeo) ln surroaading the
fnrt on the summit, and cut the telegrapb Wire.
They continued to advance on Elk Water until
. . M . A - A 1 - F
Within two muse OI our troops, watm a lew
la from Loemte' battery uiseraen teem,
Skirmishing was kept np aU night.,. , r,7' '''V'' ,
i This morning, .two regiments wertjsehi. W
cut their wsy through t the eummlt, and euo-
Milarf. ah ratals ratraa Sin la oonfosiow,. -4
. . Two rebel officers spying aronna our camp ai
Elk Water, thla aveoing.were surprised by our
plokete and shot. . The body of one was brought
into camp, ana proven o oe vaa ex v.na
A. WMhington, of Mount yernon. 0-,fIJi
From Havana.
Kkw Tom. SsDt.14. The BteainshlB Co
lumbia arrived here this motnlbg. with uaran
oatnt oi tne iutn insw i nhn. ih b kiiimm
The British mail steamer flaletrt arrived from
Ski Thomas on the 7th,' ini had gone Into dock
fn tamiitra. I i
Two' Vetutdli arrlv,..i aTTT'.vu ntTrnm Naw
rorleaos'L after tin-uit tie Wocfcadn ther J.L-
. ;A.,Ej-lJ)h;li;U i' had arrived at HafaOa
from Nawbcrn, N. C, with rice and naval
atoraa. ....
Veasell under ths flag of the Confederate
itatea wara admitted Into the DOrt of Cuba,
discharge and receive cargoes nodes the same
privileges aa vssseis oi an oivitou nuwa,
without the recognition of their nationautyv
From Missouri.
4 St. Louis Sept. 13, A'olUzen; of Jackson
county I reports Prloe and ' Rains within forty
miles of Lexington on Tuesday, with 15,000 sen
ana eignteen nieces or ariiuery. mn aeeus
oonMrnaatiea. u O
Tom Harris captured a Government agent
named Smith, In Boone county, a few days
sloce, and took from him f lOU and a number
et hones. It was expected that Harris would
take possession of Columbia, Bopne county
where a bank la located.
IIonsbN. Mo.. Senf. 12 A gentleman from
Olaseow informs a-that Martin-ureene, at
the head of 3,600 mounted men', crormed .the
Missouri river at that place on Wednesday, and
mnwarf .k.. 1 Mi'fnnW Wiitaalail of the
steamer Sunshine, which waa lying at Glasgow,
aad need It for,transpoting his, men Md.hors.es
Vibt sue river. n ninira w r "i'
On board the Sunshine were some 400 stand
of arme. four or five aeeesslce prisoners, aad a
quad of 14 men." Green released the, prisoners
and took the aqnad prisoners. The Sunshine
was laaen wltn bacon, sngar.Jtna varioit tptr
things, all of which fell intt Green's haade,
aad went Into hie commissary -department, at
West Elv. la Marten eoantv "
Col. Moored with n pertloB ef of regiment of
w r . asviat- . t. m.
noma unarm. last eveniDg ieinn who iron
70 lo'lQO rebels. "Moor)alad,iOll man. - Hs
lmmediaulv aava battle.-roatina" the ' vebela;
who scattered n every dlrsotlonv . Twfl 'pf the
Home Guards were. killed It Is not known
bow manv of tbn rebels were killeavM it mm
dark Bt the Wme,'' J 10 IM,, "
' Tbe bridge- over Plfitie'rfvtr wllf be reoalt'ed
D7jat,irday.W t,. ni;nlrmiii in
Green diaavowa all ooaueotioa with the bridge
burning or firing (ntd trains. 0 "'
IkONTow Mo., Sept.- 13 A reliable Union
man, Jut from Greenville, reports that Hardee
haa returned to that plo with. 8,000. men, end
tbreatene to atarck ea una poms immediately
Jirvaasow Crrr, Sent. 13. The cofresDond
ent of the. Stl'Loms Democrat; furnished ihe lol-
lowug InWeUigeuceiAi i r iv.ir?.i - u i t n.ia,ii
- A meaeenget from Col. Mulligan, aw LxlO(f
ton, reports that Gen,. Prioe'e advance guard
reached Warrensburg on Tuesday, and, Claib.
Jacksod snade speooh. Price claime ee haver
16.000 men, and his main body iff approaching
Lexington , .. . , ... ,.a:r
Thla messenger brings aa-eHoial acoonnk ei
skirmish between the rebels and Gen; Lane's
forces, dated Fort Blendsoe; near' Fort Scott.
Sept. 4tb, the aubstaoce el. which M aa rollows:
He say Immediately after leaving Springfield,
be dispatched General Rains tw-elear the coun
ties, bordering on Kaneae of the marauding
bands, which bad been devesting that section of
the country; that be himself advanced to Geavft
Heine's assistance, and tbeir combined lorcee en
countered, at Big Drywood Oreek, the forces
under Lane, Montgomery and Jannison, and
after k brisk skirmish of an hour and & quarter,
the Federal troops retreated and were pursued
hie forces about three aiitce tie state hist
lose at three killed' and twentyisevei wounded,
and saya they burled three of Lane's meu.o, He
eoncludes by earing the. enemy have.twotinuwd
retreat Worth ward from fori neon, wnicb
post they hare' abandoned, add. -adds this xC-1
iievea me ox tne necessity oi pursuing we uuo
BAnaaa. tlaa aoli ot whlob A am anwiillne: to ts
vade, unless her citizens shall mvrokeJ m to dor1
oy committing reueweo outrages on toe po-
tie ot -taie ateAelttte. event, i .eaaii .not
only cross the border, bvt, will 'lay waste their
tarma and utterly destroy tbe cities ana towns of
that State. ,. k ..... 4
tllUe ooxresDondent ados, while. thie shows
that there has Been some akkmithint on the
border, it does not prove- that toe rebels Have
rained any: advantaeetfi but 'on the contrary. It
would appear that tney nave found a force, tool
strong lor them, given np their plans ot advano
log into Kansas, and turned Upon the weaker
force at Lexington. Their, design now is, evi
dently, first to take ' Xexlnietou and then brine
viain jeoi.son.oere ..-.Hi .,(:. si-.am tt vii
3 P. M-Ay metwenger haa just arrived from
Boonvilld with' dimatehee Elebt hundred se
cessionists bad attaoked the Federal, troops at
that Mint, and tha fiphtlner continued when the
mMario-ep laft. eao n.- uA lii is bos JrA J
From Washington.
WASHiROToir, Sept. 13. All quiet oa VSi PoV
tomao. Albert W. Archlbold, ot Fort Union,
New Mexico, Is appointed United State Mar
shal for that territory. .. Captain J,W. Hplmes,
the new secretaryrleft low there tOHtayvw , u
The Government is aboutlnveeti gating frtnOB
hw'Wamiaolvania nnntranra
uorernment, inspeetor has. wubia tan
days, condemned nearly &UO army wagona, and
notiBed manntaeturwrs to remove tnem."""
The telerram to the Postofflce Department,
from Bt. : Louis, says that na mail nave yat
pansed over the uanmoat andtst. Joseph ran
road, and that the prospeot of renewal of the
service on the route Is bad. '"r: t l' f :
The report otrculated .that Gen. Fremont is
be superseded, by MelgB, ia contradioted by
hlchaat anthwitTJ .-aaw. muU-1 ai s
Meiga'a'yisit M tbe .West U bn'bttsiiess cofll
neotea wiin nis aeparimsn. m i-.i ni
WalBiNOTOif, Sept. 13 The f resident aod
Saoretary bf State have been In receipt of a
namber of petitions from Hew xorkaod rbila
. . . . ... .1 . . .,r I.
oeipnia,. calling ior tne expulsion o rr, n. t:
KUSseil,Dia.Aiaee oorreepuauturua we (ruunu.1.
that ae in a atrblia aDomv.wbo oRomel xaot ee
wivniNW iu tuia vimiv v. vui .
jjicui. tt.ajiwu, mi, aiv.vwy li""u.ai
Quartormaster of the 38tn and.CAp4iiand.et
the let Kentucky, arrived Bere to-night from
Richmond, where they had beerJ held as 'pris
oners they made their escapBTrtr the 5th, of
Mae wvu.u, , , , , , , ,..
;The Times correspondent sxvs.we have ad
vices to-night that, tb rebel wera moving a
large body of men from FatrfaX'Court-taooee
Prino Salm-Salm, of. Jtusai. arrived In
Washington, i jleatonoe teudawed hit eervices
the Government, and they wwreMepted;
Ta Tribune" correspondent. a Vs. Secretart
Cameren took th rsepoMiUlity oi aending the
traitor Legialator of Btary laaa-ao pact 4.aiay-
te, -Ule action is universally approveat' . - ;
Tbe Herald's bonespondetee says, this ?. M,
enemy in pretty strong foroe witk Jnlaotry,
artUlery ano eavair
rv, appeared 1 front of the
Union akkets'. on the center1 and tisbf Wine of
rotces on tne Virginia auu oi ,10 roionao,
Xney made tbeir flrsK emcjoattfctim; an tne
read leading from Fall's Church t Bail's Cross
Roads, driving In. our pioketa wlib, heavy bod.
ef sklrmlshere 'aadi aaoatsy immediately
followed by planting a seotion of. artillery near
Mary Hall's house. From this poiut they di
rected -a sharp fire of grape, cauUterT aad
shrapnel on the Union pickets at Ball's Cress
Koads, directing tneir nre as every point aiong
road wherever they thought oar pickets were
established between Fall's Cross Roads, and
Charn 1 Brldire. The Union pickets retired
Order.. ! Intelligence waa, immediately ootn
mualcatsd to General McDowell at Arlington
After tne demonstration on our pickets near
Ball's Crew Roads, the reaels paid tterrreepeet
ttMereral plaoes to the right ot onr worts, near
Chain ?rtdeesrmdr.TTlIrect wait
Tfndebarg'a house two miles from tnsijnpa
camjrvwhsre we had ,n picket stationed; tjjej
tan na twla ahalla. dolns! no damawa.
after n body of one hundred cavalry an if,
IttfJtury appeared, when onr pickeror' rwTry
men retired to a notue one-eigotrr miw
distant, Where they were shortly' After relnforo-
eovwUB n Muery w aruitexytwonrnmn 01 in 1
fantry, eavklry aad artillovy, teeladieg Cnpanin
Mobbs and CapUtn S. Griffith's battetieSL artiloh
took nosltlon at most Important points; aWkl tint
: .1.. ..J uJiii K-UJlAJ
tnsj whole fotoa, and will ewel . any demoMtrtv I
tion Ana enemy ntay atas: mnie xsmtring n
nfishw intervenlnf' by," the Mmeoor troops gcit
fhto position, no progress ponld h made, either
ascertain tbe atrength.of tha.eaeaay-er the
Intentwai of kbit movemantj r Aitar slatk th
rebela burned' tb' howsertaid liarBfl of Mr.
Buil Hall.t Mm, Mary Ha.il, Mr. DeKay, Mr.
Samuel Borcn, iar.iauor ana ouera.
rrrrate James avowry, uimpaay at, tvanineky
envalrv. wld was on picket duty waea thee
my appreiQAr, bidjiiOsrsft shotBnderJila
Latest from Hattoras Inlet.
Fonw MonbO. eW.'n.tW'Bteftmflf,K
Spauldintrturnsd t!? iShfej
Tha sMufchanna ini rmalood
tliatei the formes haos.t.tluwl little Iniwry lq
tha eoU-lon with' the rub boat flsc. The
Spaoldlng brought th remnant oi CoL Webet'a
Asglmtui, aod Bvarly 1,000 tand of arms.
whloh.were eaptured from tbe Confederates, and
a dozen prisoners taken from lU prlxss made at
Hatterailulfet. J if fi I a . a t y -
Fouf fcsselji aj r,na Into th Inlet With tbe
English color! filing, under tbe supposition that
too piace sua oeioi.gea so tne tuntoaeraics, tne
Federal flag havlm; bco,- temporarily liuu!ed
dowail pilots were oltered tbe vessela, and every
faellliy fop getting lej tboy did, not discover
their mistake ttntTl toe) late. (Two of the yee-
seU. tbe Susan Jane - aad Harriet- Jiyaa, were
from the Brrtish Provincte4, and tad valuable
cargoes, consisting oimoieastsiOoeajUKjciowi
tCur Uoslbilnlaf ISdT maoTtell .U ih.
goes, abd tied thaaavBplknd by the tenfederatea
oerore urrenleriBg-
Ho latelllwenoe f , ImDortance, had: been rev
ceived iroo the Sound nor from ihasaaln land.
i-Gen.iRevnelds'wttl to tw-mortow, to aatame
v ' '
Ntw f oac lent, US-Ciw auirW-efa
million haa been subscribed t0-dhy te the Pop-
uiar Lan,aad: srobecrlptiofla, are .coming in
mar Lan,,8aa: 4ut)
, . ii r ' t h
e'PmijoBtraiA,fBePt, la. The N'atlonal Loan
subscription tarda nearly amounts to. 1200,000,
Aliit i
rthtnt -1 1 -
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Sept. 13.
prsttj gooS export Aomana, caiefljr for Vreaee; aieS of
U UUO karrsls at B4 4XS4 53 for suasrrlns cuts: B4 BOOk
i 80 for, extra do; 4 85 for choice; $4 404 55 for
supeflaS wssternj 84 75(314 85 for osmmen to medium
extra westtrn; 1095 80 for shipping brand, extra
roaaa aoop uato. taa na auatoae ar trasa nstniai aoi
aaaakat ofosing quits firm. Oanadlan Hour firm, with
an InessaasS kusintat doing! sales of 1208 bbls at 4 (
4 50 tot superttaa, aad 94 aXX0 58 (or common to Sheioe
eaira. f
BYB IlOUBaletanAsteadvat 183093 75.'
OOKN MEAXBIsaA. alaa ofJOO hbls BraadpWlao,
; taj iu. "
WBIrUUBiiBar.-ariih ulea-af ISO basrals at 18B
tfSiJJ CKl , 'lt,lM fit
Wxia AT Ths market has been eulto excited to-day.
and prices have adraaaed, fair twe ooota per bunhsl,
vllh a brltk export demanct.chlflforJratice. A large
Portloa Of the sales were to errlve. Bales of 58.000
busheU tholoa sprlnr at SI OSAt 06 1 ll.aoO baebels
nortawostemeinbatai sot m sue toshoat MUwankes
club at 1 0tKl 18; It 100 buabele inferter da at B1B
191; IjMHlbashsls red state at Bl 10; 110,000 bushels
winter red western at Bl 140B1 80: 1.400 bushels soA
Acntuoky at ft lacs) I iar e.oue bushels e western at
i 18 ; 4,uu nnsneis wntta Kentucky at Si stimi xv;
800 bushels whits Mlohlra. and Indiana at Bl S7istl 8.
and SSUO btaatofewhllo Canada at 1 3091 38, the mt
ter price for vervetiokwr .: ai j. t
POB S-t-Bather sure selire. with a moderate nhslnea:
sales of 944 bbls,at 1 1414 25 for mess; aad 8 6210
for prims. J,ri'.lu I r j .'Jultil -v '. .i ji '
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUE-TbsM WksA sllchtbr firmer feeling
market to day, and a llttlt nerving np in prltes weaob-'f
eervaa, nut no aavancs maae. eupernno u.aaotea at
S3 65 75; extra B3 toad) family at 4 2i. j . ,
WBBAT Tha prime grades are held at S3o per
bushel fclgbor, but the avurkat does notosnw freely to tho
advance, Tha lew grades remain dult t- - ii
VvoMMu nnnar wu am w nnm auan, o.
his is owing to light rtcelp tt, more than to an Incretsea
demand, i . -
. OATS-r-ArealsoeturerrBle Umore rssdlly psif thaaK
i)aiu.i wm rrpertea naava sois at vjo.7 vi 7
B7B-Bemalneatteo. "r ' J -
WHiBKT Is firmer, at 13X;.7-f.'flJ - 'rT t it
Cleveland Market
CLEVELAND, Sept. 13.
FLOCB Bales of 100 aanla saaA waaal Aau.ai
4 371, and SO barrels Indiana white wheat, doable sxtte
iisiwk WMimuMitnK.
TWHBAt Bales ot i 0U0 bushels and 4 .000 buahtls red
rrason soaraatsuci scavontraakatsaaae; acatawwts
at 70 and a cars eneico do at we.
:t COBN Sals 1 oar at 130, y TT
HIQHWINBS-Aales of 14 bblaat Uc; SO bbls at 15oV!
and J do at lowci " k
B008-8ales4 kbit fresh at 7o., t ry ....
BUtTBaVHSales 9 niklnsjpilmd al 404 4 do, eom-
UfMPfT1! t?5 bs.Tmtf at $ is-
e bad 11 .aiuvjiJi 'laAUjj
NaJkiu xatTKJt? i
en.'! U
ol! F
-;: ita
.oi'tJ era tlsvlnsai
(T3 If.STe 1
tm fcu 1
J HaMiirtnata4 Ks already ".trf-'a f.
Ja-o l. , .... ,
iwttvwsjive pinii.iTtta. ,"
ai)s tru zl
a ere-
Jd 1 Mc
11 flViJH
1 hi. ti
as rouy preparoa ra npcu.ui w a.ia tar
.nt t t.e 1s uey.nu iatiijiil, :l3pr
- .K j in ilhi 1 -tY'-f S;1c ':'"t.ai
- . . . . ., . iO.J
ir e.1l sjcl I h mkv. vs . nisoot, aifi 1o k-'hax iip
nUet w-0 aim im .uiui- k, ..aarti ,
vails'alw j ju-i.i . b ..iathx.v p v' fcMST.vj
vladJ ol j ( tci j;,y,t.-t.r. UarlOM wtil .jlal,
;clcl..;rrl , 09 a C3 jr?ICGTW f
,Jji.Jr.:-.tf P CIS
wa a wnm JtmsB
IslO.esj!-"1-"' .
t-BBAT BaiofirrB,
Laaah4v -)
.xmn a.J 1
ma l a ajva mat
(And every decnpUoA ar kr-i. .1
ae 11 v'S 1 ,.,,l(.,,niTr. f-vm.-:.,
4 A H )il1rl A IH t
IW'rWxtlVWxk anTaem Win W v7rTT VVaTI
awsJst-- J
liVtttMkaAl 1
lonarte any BsUblhimsiet'lnHne 'Hate,' and open
unias I
OAUIJ. lOJUivf Vila lti.L :
terms Which will 1
i 14 Uas
TiMJiiK as a irAszB araa
OS StII2Aa. SaHl vd asa la ii
,arKa ! yvavlUit Strieieiiq f,l
iad) rost i oi stalls ad o 9ioi 0U1
Ha Tina
rr' BblHt tew Udells
BU!t na rnvit boo m tcjlsost tlUS at lr
-Ufa edt si it Bo aa I Sail Vwixssio.'til 1
T nOBBPyto e a, c i
laioaa m 01 sitiitstiqs letjca to 1
tS rSShl
I t't ad- - -Brf y- f e,wlyaij
aairv,.,- . .sJvisAaj evi t:
ai-r wua
.i.a 1 ..
'O . J
m of .wnrk.ji ei anaett Ve uu m
trnHtm to la.,av nsswf mmJtndi t il af,
imm a.
aWiaW vW tta3 vol . Aju laatiaMS all
mmv tul'- najVul fllnijaaiien ova
ra Ujs fi,i.iit u.a I aa .esNS tor.
t4 vum els
ha tM mi enKuS la
-r an ows, tm Lir.s.ima ia boa .taC'uaO
e have
aK Vt
bvM -fJ a, tV aqai, aSvw Its bua Mt
SC law -tawn
SilHrv aaaa.;.ia -a . i...
JL tVT', II .III -t0
l ws poo CSs
ruiaTvitriua ;ejTir4M,.Tii"as
l. .I.a. aT. .. - ... , .1.
Tiaw auaani Jvl. (, " 5"- w,. arr
PBAaTSTir A fi ''1--r !) avafaawaj
w-rtoio, wmOLOW,
An aarerlsnoel nnras and female Physician, presents
. 1 totnoaiieniionoi mouiers, ner '
I . . 1 . ... .. 1 t .' :
HU LO.XlLi4rpi.('B
TkJti ULntt n a c
Which areatla facllirates She proosss of teething, bt sefb
tninc tho suma. raduclnc all Inflammation wll 1 1
ALA PAIS and spasmodic action, and hr
sMem hpoa mofhtra) ,1 1 jirtjf give rest, lp jroArselvot
aa ; ...."..tt-i.'.' .... t y tlt ... i -.-e;...
Wo bat ant no and 001 M artlcM r wrer n rears.
wua w navoueyos Doen'aoiO'io say or any twr meat
AVUW, TO BWaWT A CURB, whoa tHaely need. Mtv
erajdws knww to toatanoa odkatisSolon br say one
Whonssdlt. On tio eontnrv. all andeliihted witk Iti
operauons,aa. spsak ht tatma of eumaissiOalsun Of its
Bsgtoai eeoetj aad nan leal vlrttos We apeak lathis
matter "WHAT WB DO BMOW' after ton years' expe
almost every Instance where tbe in (sat Is sneering from
pain and) exhausUon. relief wilt bo found in &1 teen or
twenty mlnntee after thenyrap is admiulslored .
This valuable preparation is tbe pieserlntkm or one of
tha most IXPBKJENOBD aod UKltUUh NUA9IH la
New Angland, and has beep used with BBVBB JTAIL
WaBOWBrlfm'1' ''.'' r- - . .!
11 eat tnly relieve the child from nain. but Invlior.
atas the stonuch and bowels, oorrecta acidity, and givai
tone and energy to tbe whole mteaw It will almost In) ;
stantlr reUsve ,. . J,,.-''; . -.
eonvunaonc, which. If nMaweaoxlvnmia,
died; nt in death. We believe it the BBSS and BUB-
HT HCaMDY IN THB WOULD, in all coast IDttj
it arises from teething, or from anv other eanie. W.
would aay to ovary mother whs has a child suffering bom
any of the foregoing aomplalnte DO NOI LET YOUB
siana Between you ana your sunenng eniid, and the
list that will be 8BKB yes, AB80LDTBLT 8URB m
follow the ate of this medicine, If timely nsedV Full di
rections tot aetng will asoompany each bottlo. Rona
genuine tniem taa rao-srmut or aiuana at ynnKlHBj
Aflv sora,m myisomasvni)pn.'i.v .,.u r.
Bold, by all Druggists throughout the world. -'.-0
araaiiiitfaaa viiacvf js vvaar vsrews rs . X ,
I mwAwar'nTrrr.i -1
raann(mctirre f 'mil kinds ml Per
tstbl maet-BtmttWBsrTr Btranr-Kn
artnea, saw mtu, tBiui,,
BOJDLZ1 Btatvil B.A I. MUm TEtaUnl
ca iJUOmXX CO. Btatmltlt SBAPIOBD
TsJij Pc
ot CO. Btattnlllll
Portable nrte and hv aTlll :
Was awarded taa flat psoaUan f $i at the Indiana
ttatalalr for 1960 over Lane It Bod ley's on account ef
Prloe, lightness, simplicity economy- of fuel
and attperior character of - lumber aawed.; c
Onr emMonanrnnilhe was awarded at tha aaiaa Wtli
the Orst premium of fXO. Z '
Our Portable Bngina wa awxrdid the Brat nranlnn nl
100 at tho fair at Memphis. Tenn.. over Blandy's Dn
vall'a, Oosumbos Machine Oo's., and Bradford A Cc't.
by a eommlttee ef practical BallrosdBnglneeriv,
aw. uik auu wiua auuima -. , . . . i , .
: l i WILL ABD WABNlB. Treasurer.
aor pnos anu lanns aaureea
sAeeAemarlyeols. ,uaJ1... . HswaSswOhio
ni' Li. I . 1 . - - -r r- ? vrc t. .
.irrailasl " Hnmiri fT."..' i
. r.1 iim in 1 - r. . . . -
i'-q. 1 Wrai Thomas '
I -: j -u tj.-i ,
Superior Oi
etaI.V - V"
UK.Tft"! ,-W r."i.
'i 1"
-.:J VS.
Edward A. Brown
Court. .
JJ to mo directed, from tha Bnnerior Oonrs of Prank
Un. Conner, Ohio. I will otter tor sale at the doorqf the
wun ooaas.ju ue aty 01 uouusbaa, unio,; ,
-i-i i; a On atardaw, Ootober 5tb, 1661, . a
atone O'clock, P, M., the following premises, sltuste In
tbe county of franklin, and BMUe of Ohio, and bound
ed as follows, to wit:'-
That tract or rarest of land rvineeastof tb citv of Co-
lnmbaa, being a subdivision of half station No. 83, town
ship Mo. 4, range Mo. 8, Befogs suds, aod described
on b certain plat recorded In tho office of tbe Becorder.,
In and for said Franklin county, in Book Mo. 31. Das
65 (reference thereto being hereby made), as lot Nov 88,
containing eleven acres and seventy-seven OuS-bund-redths
of an acre (11 77-100), and whlob waa conveyed to
byall A Davis by John Orelghton, and by said Byall k
Davis and wl'e to kdward A.Brown, by deed dated October
7th, A. D. 1890. and recorded In Book No. 61, page 178,
in the Bacordsr's office in said franklin oountv: tbe
above a remises hereby aa aforesaid conveyed, betas sub
ject, in tha hands of ths said Edward A. Brown, to th
ale toe of ha. mother, Caroline Brown, for tho charge and
axpenai of hsr reasonable and oemfortabta support and
maintenance during her natural Ufa. ,
. Also, the following described real estate", sltuste In the
county of franklin, and Btat of Ohio,, t. wltr- Ths
wast half of lot No. 88, In tha subdivision of half sec
tion No. S3, township No. 5, range No. 88, as mad and
described? in a certain plat recorded in th Beoordsr's
office of fmuklia oounty, In Book Mo. 31, page 65 (Re
fugee land,) ! Ih whole of said lot containing eleven
and ttvaaty-thre hundred Us of an acre (11 73-100), and
being the sama land that was sonvtvsd. to tho mid ByaM
Is Davis by John Orelghton, and by said Byall St Davis
and wife to Constantino Johnson, by deed dated October
7 th, A. D. 1856. and recorded In Book Mo. 01, page 17,
In ths Beeordsr'a offiot of said franklin county. ,
Appraised at Lot No. S9. ........ ...,8i5(j OOper aora,
, 1 . . " I ' West half ot tot No. JS.atSW 00 1
. v. m,.i , .11 j
f a0iS0XH HOB JsB RIB.X'a Tf!
Q'tan -t 4a os ? ;ei4rt-i bns
filaster -Commiflsioner's-- Sale.-
johniUiiiCn z9hsS tz
. slaPnn''j :iif;j i
etal.J , .fc .r.ft ,-iflJf ..T,. ;t,' i
to ma directed, from tho Sapor ins Court T Vans.
tin CoUntviOhlo. I will oiler for sale, at tha door of
oourt House, in tns city 01 uoinmsnwton cw
T. .1- r.i ' . a .' T vt)l!' OJ
' Dararuay.tne otu uay 01 jci.,Am v.tuyj.,. 1
at 1 o'clock., P. M.. the followlns deacrftnd real
altuate In tha oonntv of franklin, and Btat of Ohio, to
WNHaMnbsr 13, or Jobn momsoni suomvuneei or
lots 9. b, 7. and 33 01 jonn morrison s soauiowaw ids
city of Oofumbas. -a iai,u(
..Appaateadat SI.8MI. -SKaix mi: a;
A I ,otv f and Mutor Commissioner.
laaaj3.1 "' '" ,B -
i , V a irf
r joiiimissionep b; caie.
Banban Nstawandan SXJa 03
t TV r
J aa.A frv
vm:. r1 4" tBuptrlcA OeaytOiM s 'fro vt J.
H. .Tansy. J--.L .a, i ,i.a v .v t-
to sea, smweasd.' traaa th -aooarioa- Cewrl of
franklin ooanty, Otd,' t will sfr tor sals at UM door
at Ih Court Hoot, ia tha city of Columbus, on '
Saturday, tha 2lst day of Sop,.; A. V. 18GI,
af SB 'slock, P.M., tha foUowiaf daeoribed realtate.
tttnat In th soantp of f ranwia and ami a,"
wit: ' Lots Not. twoBty-thrssaad Iwwstrfaar paaod 84),
In Bakot St tutchaU't ,abdlvisiea of ounoisnoe. i sou
6. of the city of Oolambus,. aa pee ssoorded plat in ths
Becordertomcaoi franklin oountyv0hln, , ,.
rtJSeS'-9!X nadil '
ui-Jo W. HUf f MAN, Bhm. j
t I ana sissier yoirBiiBionM.
.rtj Ms s'.s'fcos'S aaiJ hi
. aa ,0b ca-f, r.ar.. Ii.
M .. ...1.
UTtiajieamle Stt)4 Hetmll IMailew Im T
I tlS I ,a"b.n'r..j ii .a-
Ktm eeastawtir r hnmi sxil ttte tsv
rtH BaaA-SI A vB-j'lA .CtjJ;'
Oet Bt-iy ' .; "
f IN.a.r'" - ,rTS
V r f . ST T V I
"Tktf g9 " Riglit to the- Epot
Instant Hellef : Btea yewr Cewgai
j Put-lfr rv Breettkf .
Ktrenrtheai f war Velcet
T :l
1 1'.
u, UUUL rutl DINUr.Uo,
10 L.. I
i OBXtBBBIf 0BT V0B . '
They relieve a Cough Instantly.
Theyctear tbe Throat., .
They give strength and volume to the voice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to tbe breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and oannot -
lhflinreny one. , , .
lladvlft every one who hu a dough ora husky Vole
or Bad Breath, or any difficulty ot th Throat, to gal
a package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve
yon mttantly, and yon will agree with me that 'Ihey
go right to the spot." Ton will And them very tsefu I
and pleasant while traveling or attending publio meet'
Ings for ttilllng your Cough or allaying your thirst 1 1
you try one package, I am safe In saying that yog will
ever afterwards oontlder them Indispensable.
You wilt And them at tte Drngglstt and Dealers In
Medicines. ..
n)Pt I PBI0B
My signature it n each package. All others ars.
A package will be rent by mall, prepaid, on receipt ol
Thirty Cents. ' -
Address, ' ' ' - " " ;
i "; Henry C. Spalding,
.... NO.. 48 CXDAB ITBB BTt
?Z ; . . i ,;.KEW YORK.. -I
tflT , CURE Tf?
By the use of these Pills th periodic attacks of Set'
Sous or 9lci Beadac may be prevented; and If taken
at tha commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
paUand sickness will baostalnsd.
'They seldom fall In removing the Sauna and '
OoAs to which females are so subject.
rTbey act gently upon ths boweli removing Abatis
foi14terary ibn, JXudmtt, DeHcats female
and all persons of ascbtifory kabitt, they ars value
is a tornado, iaprevlng the appttU, giving Ions
ttr to ths dlirestirs organs, scd rtstoring ths aatur
elasticity and strength of th whole system.
THB CBPH ALIO PILLS sre the result of long Inves
ligation atd carefully conducted experiments, having
been la uss many years, during which time they hare
prevented and relieved a vast amount of psln and suffer
tng from Headache, whether originating tn thonsronwt
system or from a deranged state of the tfonKtcA.
They are entirely vegetable In their composition, an
nay bt taken at all times with perfect safety without .
making any change of diet, and t dbwmct ot any
ditagrttaltU tati rmntUri it fuy te mdminU or Usm
The genuine have five tlgnatnies of Bsary 0 Spalding
oa each Box.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers in Medicines.
A Box will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of the
Prioo, QO Ooxxts.
All orders should b addressed to
s , ! HEIfHV C. 8PA1.DINO,.
i 48 Cedar Street, New York.
f rom tho Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
Cephalic Pills accomplish the ottleot for which the
were mads, via.: Our of headache in all lie forma. .
' 7 "l rom Bxamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
They have been tatted In more than a thousand cases
witn enure
icj.k . fmm the Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn.
1f yon ar. or have been, troubled with the headache "'
lend fur a box, (Cephalic Pills,) so that yon may have ' '
them la east of aa attack.
J.'Prom the Advertiser, Providence, B. I. t . ...
The Oenhalle Pills ars said to be a remarkably effective
remedi lor tha headache, and one of tha vary bast lor
that very frequent oomplalnl. which Aaa evar bean die- i .
:e 'from the Western B. B. Osteite, Chicago, III.
' We heartily endorse Mr. goaulding, and his unrivaled
Cephalic fills. . ;. ... ,,. .
a are - nanawna vauey nur, svanawna, ve.- , .
Wa are rura that parsons tuSerint with the headache ,
who try them, will stick to them. .. r, . .
1 - ' -
from the Southern Path finder, Haw Orleans, La. .,
Trv Ihaml yon that ars afflioted. AnAwa ar sure that
yotor teetimonyoan b added to the alaaady numerous
Let that tuavreottvad ksnc&tslhatno ether medicin oaar
produce.,,, . " .
)rom thsBt. Louis Demoorat. ' ,. ...
The lmmenss demand tot the article .Cephalic Pins
is rapidly Inoreasing. . . ,
ynm ta Oasslte, tevenpoii.' iowa. & ft .1-' '
- Hss Bpaldtog woald not oonnact hit nam with aa ar .
Uolebs did aoi mow iesoeat real menu
Tfy-A Wngm bottle 'of IPAL9IMS1 PBBPABBD '
j mwm win save vou iiiuas iia ouai annually! .
. saw I - '
.an.i'-a. i'-'i-? r-T" ' ' !'!( I :
.1 .-.fi,
- BO0N0MYI . l . -a t : ' ' BIHPAf OBI
H7'A Bnrcn u Tnta lavas Nura.'crTr v i .-. -
"AS secklenti wilt bamwn, m ta well ran la tad (am 1 '
riles. It It very desirable to have some cheap and con
Ventenl way tor repairing yurntrara, Toys, Urookery
meefi all sock SBSigendes. and no household can afford
ton without H. It i el ways ready, end opto the stick ,
JUi.tJsBFTn. IB BTBBT H0TJ8B. ' v. .'
' ftVB..,Tr Brush aeoompania each botll. ,
' BIIfBT O. BPaLDINQ, i :' . -No.
48, Cedar StraH, Mew Tevk. X
a , ... ,
nxi this .. u. ..
AS ewrmla ucprtnelptaj persons art attempting
aim oar n ins nnsa.pMtiog poniio. iratutlons of B J
PKBPAMiU"Ji.ii s wooajaaaiwu ail perai
emias'be'ero porch.. inf, and sea that the fall i
Vw a. 'VaSraBF-
jv--iL-Brauitw jivaraaauuiusijiJ
on ths outside wrapper; all ethers ars swindling ooa
tsitsits, . : f no
I i

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