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M 4.
Tbe Adams Express Company places ua dally
under obligations to it for tbe Tery latest papers
Irom the eastern cities, j i. ) t
The Americas Express Company has our
thank for its daily favors la foe shape of the
very latest eastern papers. - '. '
Council PaoosiDiftas At a meetlog of tbe
City Council last evening,; Mr. Wilson, from
tbe committee to wnom was reierreu mo pw
tlon In respect .'to, powder; being kept In the
vicinity ot tbe AnentU, maue a vernal .report!
stating that tbe committee had made arrange
meat! with Governor Dinnison, that tbe Coun
ell ihould keep lour special policemen to be on
guard at the Arsenal, and that the State would
defray the . expense. "Mr, WiUoit also state
that the committee bad. appointed, the four
epeclal policemen) who were on guard two and
two alternately, lie also stated that Quarter
master General Wood had informed blm that
there was no powder kept at the Arsenalj but
be (Mr. Wilson) was satisfied from information
on which he confidently relied, that there were
now at least fifteen hundred pounds of powder
in tbe southeast corner of tbe building. ;
President Donaldson Mr. Bottles in , tbe
chair stated that be had voted at the last
meeting of the Coanoll 'for the ordinance to
construct the Fourth street sewer, under a mis
apprehension. He did not suppose that the city
wae to pay one half the cost of tbe sewer, ss
was now understood." . He,' therefore, moved a
reconsideration of (he vote by which the ordi
nance was pasted.' The Chair decided the mo
tlon out of or'der.-,',,r:;,l,;,;:;''l.' : ,,' T. '
Mr. Wilson offered a resolution, wbioh was
adopted, directing the City Civil Engineer to
prepare tbe necessary plat and estimate for con
struotlng a sewer on Fourth street from Cherry
allev to Rich street.' '"'" ' '
M. Doirrr Introduced an brdfnance, which was
read the first and second times, foe grading and
paving the gutters In Straight alley from Spring
to North street.,, . .. , 1.4 c u ...
Mr. Dodti offered a resolution authorising a
contract 'for the .construction ot ',a sewer on
Fourth street, from Town to Rich street.
Mr. Donaldson moved to lay tbe resolution
on the t&6le till the next meeting jif the Coun
clL ...;.',. yt,n .. 4;. .:
Mr. Doom In nswe tojt question, stated
met toe Vfouoou wumu uavo vi puj yuc-uau me
cost of the sewer, as it owned the property on
tbe west side of the street." ; ', V . ,
.The motion to lay on tbe table was with'
drawn, and the resolution was adopted. '.
- Mr. Smith offered resolution, which wis
adopted, authorixiog a contract with William
Nuon for grading and paving the alley from the
east end Of Long street, on Seventh street to
Cleveland avenue, on the following terms: ex
cavating and grading; 16 cents per cubic yard;
for paving, 34 cents per square yard; with John
Nacohton and John McNahii, sureties. . . , ;
The ordinance to grade and pave the west
eide of Cleveland avenue from Broad to Spring
street, was read the third time and passed.
President DoNALDsott for ' the second time
oalled thr.aUention of the Counoil and the Mar
shal to the ordinance, passed July 25, 1839. to
prevent sheep and bogs running at large.1'
A resolution was adopted autnorizlng a con
tract wlthtCHAED Davis for grading and pav
ing the west side of Cleveland avenue from
Broad to Spring street on the following terms
For excavating and grading, 20 cents per cubic
yard; for kerblng, 18 cents per foot; for paving
gutter, 34 cents per square yard; brick paving,
$7 25 per 1000, with Thomas Rowland and
Thomas Davis, as sureties.
Mr. Maxiie offered a resolution, which was
adopted, referring the sheep and swine ordinance
to tbe City Solicitor, to report whether It Is
now in fore.- Adjourned.
The County Convention ot tbe: No Iartt
. eleven o'clock, A. M., it was called to order by
Gea.HENav Wil;on, of this city, Saml. Gal
lowat was appointed Chairman r Urn , and
1 m rm 'It i . J : , - r i-
II. 1 wHITTKnilEN. DeOTcLELrT vfw Itwli J .
I ----T-''
A committee wW anrjQtn.eJ on CffAdniiLltU.
- 14- w f
on the Order of Business, and on Permanent Or
ganisation, consisting of one delegate from each
ward an j township," as follows: ' '
City. 1st Ward Henry Wilsonid Ward
A. B. Battles; ?! Ward-R. B. Warden; 4th
Ward-W. R. Rankin; 5th Ward-J. W. Mil-
ligan. -:':;-:rr.J-:-
TowNSHira. FrankliD Il.,Walcutt; Hamil
ton B. F. Reese; i "Jackson S. L. Holton;
Mlfflin-Dr'i W. Shepherd; Truro J. Enslpw;
Clinton C. Cooke; Prairie F. A, MoCormiok;
Madison Dri J. B. Potter; Bleo4on W. H.
Grlnnell; Perry James Thomas; Pleasant
W. W. Keyes; Sliaron J. M. Fereon: Nor
wich Wm( Robertij'.Wasbington rraacia
Keilly; Montgomery Elijah Glover and' B,
Gilmore; PlaiaL. W. Babbitt' and G. W,
Allen. ''.' 1
The last two townships seat eaoh two sets of
delegates, which accounts Jot each' having twy
members named In the committee.' 'The ques-
,lnn in arritnli ink fif Aeakmm .!
hould be entitled tat Iffthn T.An
.'T-Trjp: :T.".T;-T"'M,rwlfl
waa"referre4 to the -eoHmittee." Brown and
Jefferson townsnip were not represented., .
The eomnjlttee were .instraete dto report a
County Central Committee. io i ; n:
Tbe Convention. then adjourned till" naif-past
oneo'olock." i 'i ' .- -: t.; ..!,.
t-.ltt w:"!' .''','., .".'Viit. ..i
The Contention was calle4 to. order' at about
two o'clock, P. M. The committee ' appointed
In the forenoon, reported the names of delegates
from all tbe township's except ?roo and Jeffer
son. It rejected the set of delegates from Plain
township, consisting ot G W. AlUn,aad others,
and made a oompromW fcetteen he, two sets
from Montgomery township, rejecting Elijah
Glover and others 'XUrt -
The following Were reported for 'permanent
officers of the Convention 'Henry Wilson, Pres
ident, and H. T. Chittenden, Sewetary. 'a
The following were reported ;;; County
Central Committee ILwy Wilson, Columbus;
John Van Yorx.do.f Iflbry C.'Noble.ilb.i'A.
B. Buttles, io George Taylor, Sharon; Jona
than Bobo, Plain;, Joseph Helmlck, Pleasant,
The report of tbv'eommittee was adooted. ";
On motion, James L. Bates,, of Columbus,
was reoommendedae candidate for, Judge of!
the Court of Common Please, and R, B. War-
i '.''"ivkii'i' i
an,ei oiumqu,ior omi oenaior.:,.,. . n
The Convention fhen proceeded to vote 'for
tbe nomlnatloajof two candidates tt rtpfesent
thle ooMty In fee Bt&te LefilIatar..-Tht,fol-
Imtnr the result ot the balloti.
Dr. J. B. Potter "bij C.V.'Landon 132; Li W.I
fifty being the numbar required for a choice,
U sesri. Sanlm.'ot CbrurahusrinlTofter.' of
Vadlson township1, were declared duly srasnlB
,The following was the result ot the first bal
lot for Sheriff: ' ; -. i '.- ' .; j t . ,
Walsteln Failing' 8 John B. Coffroth 23;
Lafayette Lszelle 3 Joslah Barber 47 j John F.
Ilams 14, and several scattering. On tbe seo
ond ballot, Joslab. Barber, ot Columbus, was
dcolared tbe nominee for Sheriff, be having re
ceived 63 votes, Coffroth SI, and Ijams 7.
,' The ballot for Auditor resulted as follows i
Joseph Dowdall 3; Thomas Sparrow 9; Hen
ry EttabrookO; Warran W, Pollard, 10. AC
King 4; WiL. Hughes 3; Grafton Pearce It
George MoCormiok 9j W. Fallinir 6.! v
Henry Estabrook, of Columbus, having re
ceived jmt the number of votes neoessary to a
choice (49), was declared duly nominated ae
candidate for County Auditor. '
The first ballot for County Treasurer result
ed as follows: Wm. C. Enow 3; Ira M.Gorton
23; Amasa Jones 4; W. Filling 6; W. L
Hughes 9; Jonathan Bobo 40. , Oa the second
ballot Jonathan Bobo. of Plain township, was
declared duly nominated for County Treasurer,
be haying received 63 votes; Gorton 17; Hughes
9; Haines 6; and Failing 2.
On the first ballot for County Commissioner!
W. H. Grlnnell received 10 votes; Pat. Harrl
son 5; H.T.Henderson 16; B. F. Reese 11;
Martin Krum 15; J. W. MUl'.gau 6; Jonathan
Arnettl; Wash. Lakln 4; James Waloutt 6;
Wm. Roberts 4; Joseph Henderson 14. No
oboioe, and none on tbe second or third ballot.
A motion was then made to drop all the eandl
dates except tbe three highest, wbioh were the
two Hendersons and Mr. Krum. The President
pronounced the motion oarried,but said it did not
bind tbe Convention. On the fourth tallot, H.
T. Henderson bad 37 votes; Krum 28; Joseph
Henderson 33; and Reese' 3. . No choice. The
name of Mr. Reese was withdrawn. ' On the
fifth ballot, H. T. Henderson, of Pleasant town.
ship, was declared duly nominated for County
Commissioner, be having received SI votes; Jos.
Henderson 33; and Krum 19. ' ' v-
Frederic J.Fay, of Columbus, was declared
the nominee for Recorder without taking a bal.
lot - I ' - '
On tbe ballot for Infirmary Director, Martin
Krum, of Columbus, having reoeived 43 votes,
was declared duly nominated. "
Adam Stephens,' of Columbus, was nominated
for Coroner by acclamation. t.',. jw
On motion of Gen. Henry Wilson, the follow
ing resolution was adopted r -1.''.
Rimvtd, That- this Convention do re-assert
and abide by the platform adopted by the Union
State Convention jof the 5th of September. ,
After brief speeches by Messrs.' Rankin and
Warden, the Convention adjourned sine db. ; j
ID Officers Horr and Wakeman yesterday
afternoon arrested John Whit for stabbing Jo
tmt Mellon some weeks since.
Election,1 in the Third WAJiD.-;The, special
election! in the Third Ward yesterday, for mem.
ber of the City Council to fill a vacancy, resulted
ai follows: C. P.l. Bonn received 117 votes,
snd L. G. PaENTiss, 116. . ) .'u. , . ', .
xi - -.
. -
Caution to Bots .The police are on the look.
out for hoys who may be found stealing frail
from gardens and enclosure Jn the city.
Movements or Tboom. The'l'thirty-fourtb
Regiment, Col A. S. Piatt, has Jeft Camp
Dennison for tbe Big Kanawha.""- - "
Company C, Capt. Menken, aha Company A,
Capt. Kobinson, both of the First Regiment ot
Cavalry, hare left Camp Chase for Parksrsburg,
Ve... . -:.;;? '- . V
The Tbirty-Becond . Regiment, Col.. Tom
Ford, passed through tbe city, on Sunday nlgTit
for Parkertburg, Va.i tia Bellair. i i i
Imfrotid Dashes Churn, L. Coffield A
Co., of West Charleston, Ohio, exhibited at tbe
late State Fair at Dayton, a Churn, which tbe
farmers and their wives appeared to think the
best yet invented. It is the old dasher Churn,
and the Improvement consist in propelling the
handle-by meina of a rotary wheel on , top.
This' eavei an immense sight of labor and 4
large churning oinbe got ont In a few minutes'.
Tbe old faehloned Churn has always been
great favorite, and this simple Improvement i
bailed with great - delight by those who bate
tugged half an hour at a time at the handle he-
tore the bulter wtvli ttme. " Butter, In this
Churn, will come in about five minutes.
Tbe ' Proprietors ot this Churn, L. CorriEto
& CoWare ready to receive orders at 'West
Charleston, Miami county, Ohio.
SiLf-OrssATiNo Swings. Any persou that
can contribute tbe most tunooent amusement to
his home 'circle may be considered a jjublio ben
efactor.' 1 If parents desire to have thfeir children
Instructed, they must attend to their physioal
and moral training at home To make home
sweet home," f 'no plaoe like home" every at
tention sbould.be; paid to tanatural wants of
the little ones, and no pains should be spared to
develop and strengthen their physical and men
tal faculties. Children must have exercise, and
great many expedients have been resorted to
to provide them with that kind' of exercise at
borne which would be most beneficial,;, pleas
ant and economical, .The Swing haa alwsys
neen n.iavorue wun inuaren.-anev we are
glad to find that one has been invented at last
which is self-operating, cheap, durable, perfectly
safe and comes as noar a perpetual motion as
anything that we. expect to see.' Mr. Henry
avis, of, Portsmouth, OhfoV.a gentleman who
fully' appreciates- home comforts and has all
his Ufa filed to make his homo the most attrac
tive place to bis children, Is the Inventor of this
new Swing, and there was nothing exhibited at
our late State Fair that exoited more attention
Or received, more commendations. ' It is so
simply constructed and easily managed that a
child of four yeare can swing Itself from morn
till Bight without fatigue,' and the exerolse is
healthy abd agreeable Physician recommend
to diseased persons, who require moderate ont
door exerolse, and a gentleman present said
that hefwouIdirather' dispense with his horse
and buggy than to b 4cprldf thU Swing.
the ebalr attached to the BwIngwfU'holil two
persons, and a gentleman'aud Udy alt together
very comfortably. ' Those persons who are fond
of thsir'paper and cigar after dltm"er,ly getting
into wis owing win auu moon w ineir enjoy
ment, eapeolaliy in warm weather, as the tndn
latiog motion oj tbe Swing creates a r cool and
agreeable atmosphere.' Mr. B. Davis' is ready
to dispose of rlghta to those who wish to mana
factul'e these Swings, or he will fill nil orders
directed to hint at Portsmouth, Ohio ,
a'.'J ConaarSprins; Water !
fyl2 P0TT3 ' a: : cb:
M i(Ami f Brt And Onrnrxwttt'm 03UDr,
- - - ' rtakM Brm Work ot all BfMrtptios. ..
plectra iraib5'fcar- Gilding!
Rebel Steamers near Fortress Monroe
prospeot of a tight at Newport News yesterday
afternoon. 'The reoei steamer i oratown ran
down to within three miles, and opened fire On
tbe blockading fleet. A couple of shells from
tbe Sawyer gun on shore caused her to retire.
One of the Yorktown's crew, who escaped, says
she has been watching a chance to run the
blockade for some time. She mounts twelee
broadside and two olvot sans. .
; Tbe rebel steamer Curtis Peck aimeared this
morning above Newport News i also a steamer
irom JNorlolk, made a reconnoissance. - .
Polltloal srlsoners reoentlv arrested at Baltl
more, have been sent to Old Point, and' will bs
confined In the fortress. - . . i . . .
New York. Sevtember 15. The -United
States steamer- Sumpter, from -the-African
squadron, has arrived here. . Most pf tha ves
sels are homeward bound, f). ;r.J. '
BorvALo. Sent. 14. Over a Quarter of
million bas been subscribed to the popular loam.
subscriptions coming in rapidly. - - i .
Arrival of the Kangaroo.
''St. John. N. F.. Sent. 14. The Kanearbo
from Liverpool, on the 4th, via Queenstown, on
tne otb, arrived on Uape Kace this Y. 11.
Tbe dates are five days later than those by
tbe Africa. Tbe political news is unimportant
England was about to send three more regl
menta of troops to Canada. Spies. In the em
ploy of the Government, at Washington, we're
reported, to be on board all transatlantic stoain
are. . ' . . ", : .:
Another terrible railroad aocident bad occur
red near London, by wbich thirteen persons
were kiuea, aua nity wounoea. ; -
The sales of cotton Id the Liverpool market
for two days, Monday and Thursday, were 27,
000 bales, the market closing unchanged.
rroviaions quiet. Uonsuis x;$y.
LivEsrooL. Sent. 5 Breadetull'a firm. : Flour
advanced 6d9d. ' Wheat active with an im
provement, nioetlv on the lower Qualities: sales
at 9s 4d10s 9d for red western; lis 6d for
white western. Corn firm, and all Qualities
sugntly dearer; sales at W bdJUs tor mixed,
snd sifts lor white.
" Pa6viSioftg-Becf . del): botk auiet. but
Steady; baoon decliningj lard steady at 4649ij
tallow quiet at 46a46 6d; rice firmer; sugar
quiet, but steady; euflee firm.
London. Sept. 5. Breadstuffa steadv. and all
kinds slightly higher ; sugar steady; coffee
buoyant; tea active; rice firm; tallow quiet, but
steady. .:;; t'l f j; .
consols closed at yiW&vl'A. American se
curities steady ; Illinois Central shares 39
discount; Erie sharee 2323, ., i ,. -, ,,
Important from the West Indies.
New Tore. September 14. The ateamahin
Columbia arrived here this morning, with Ha
vana dates of tbe 10th Inst, . .
Tbe Brltiih mail steamer Solent arrived from
St., Thomas on the 7th, and had gone into dock
for repairs. Two vessels arrived at Havana
from New Orleans, after running the blockade
there. ' A British schooner bad arrived at Ha
vana from Newbern, North Carolina, with Tlce
tna naval stores. Vessels under tha ttaaof the
Confederate States were admitted Into tbe ports
Cuba td discbarge and receive cargoes under
the same privileges as vessels bf all civilized
nations, witnout tne recognition ot tneir nation
ality. r - .-j j f . f -v jr.. -y -
From New York.
New- Yore, Sent. 14. The Governor to-day
approved and confirmed the order of tha War
Department, authorizing Gen. Boroggs to raise
ana. oreanize a Drieade ot- lour reeiments.
Hon. Daniel Oilman will command the first
regiment. Aotive measures will 'at once be
taken to bring this body, to be called tbe Eagle
Brigade, into th field. - ' '
-Tha Fifth Rhode Island Battery ariived, and
lert lor Washington during tbe day. .
" General Butler and staff are at the Metro
politan HoteL-' .At t. . j. a'l'iJUJ W
The steamer Columbia wae eeized soon alter
ber arrival from Havana. " She is almost wholly
owned in Charleston. , -
deven thousand dollars In sold baS also been
seised, destined South. . . , -
One hundred guns are now being Bred In the
rarK in bonor ot toe late Legislative vote in
Kentucky. .'.'.''.
Gov. Magoffin's Proclamation.
, Frankvort. Sept. 14. Gov. MacolBn has is-
sued the following proclamation:
"la obedience to the subjoinea resolution,
adopted bt the General Assembly of tbe Com
monwealtb of Ksntuoky, the Government of the
Confederate States, the State of lennegBee.and
othera concerned, are hereby Informed that
Kentnokv expects the Confederate - or Tennes
see troops to be withdrawn-from her soli uncon
ditionally." . , - , ,
la tbe senate Mr. wnitauer mtroduoea a
resolution authorizing tha Military Board to
seize tbe State arms wherever found, and to em
ploy a sufficient police force to protect the rail
road.- . .. ,--:-, .... "
From Missouri.
St. Lotna. Sept. 14. Advises fiom North
western Missouri stated that, since the withdraw
al of Federal troops from Si. Joseph, the Se
cessionists - of that region are arming again;
Some two thousand are concentrated in Andrew
oouoty, under Major Potter, and about the same
number of. Unionists,' oompoied of Missourlaoa
and Iowans, under uoioneis uraner and And
rews, are stationed in the same region, and
Both are preparing for a battle, which is shortly
expeoted.. .' -n i.i- : -.'
Tom Harris, with 1.000 men, crossed the Mis
souri river at Arrow Rock, on .Tuesday last,
bound for Price's army. ..; '' . - v i
Six. hundred Beceasionists, nnder Colonel
Hull, were marohmg towards Glasgow, on Wed
nesday, to cross the river1 to join Martin Green.
, The rebel army at Dick . Creek, in Monroe
county, was broken tap by the Federals on Sunday-last,
and it is reported tbat 31)0 rebels were
captured. Another rebel oamp was broken up
8pencerburg, Pike county, on Monday, ami
16 prisoners taken. ' " " " " - 1 f -
Hannisal. Mo., Sept. 13.-.The following ap
pears In the Messenger of this morning:
All we oan hear confirms previous reports
that the secessionists still hate possession of St;
Joseph, and are doing pretty much as tbey please 1
tbat city. It la represented tbat tbey bava
control of the munioipil affairs of the corpora
tlon, preventing egress and Ingress of both
mails and travelers. Tbey have also levied
heaw contributions on several stores, taking
just what tbey wantc Tbe steamer Omaha has
been seised snd appropriated to their purposes,
and we learn that an effort was made to send
the mail out by a band car, but it was intercept
ed and taken back, henoe' a complete blockade
exists, which accounts for our getting no, mail
mar. .
The straight out Union men have crossed
the river to Elwood for safety, and took -the J
ferry boat With them. ,
"At Iatan and at Weston' it M said the rebels
permit no one to go into the town or out with
out passes. . .. ,., 4 ,.
M From all we csn learn the Union men and
their property In St. Joseph and surrounding
country are completely at tbe mercy of the reb
els, and demand the Immediate Interposition of
Federal arms to save them from annihilation."
jErrERBON Citt, Mo., Sept. 13. Aspeciai to
the St.' Louis Republican says :"
Tha steamsr Sioux City just arrived from
above, brings the Intelligence tbat the fight at
Boonvllle, yesterday morning, terminated in a
victory to th Home Guards, under Major Epp
steln, who held their antrenohments. The reb
els 1,000 strong were driven back, Snd were
In the neighborhood of Boonville when the
Sioux City passed- The Home Guards loetenb
killed and four wounded. Thr rebels' lost
tvelve killed and thirty wounded. ' Among tbe
rebels killed ware Colonel Brown and Captain
Brown.' ,u ' -
A small detachment of Federal troops on the
Sioux Cltvhtd an enesirement with Green's
force at Glasgow of half an hour's duration,
when a oattery of : three gubi opened .on: the
boat, and they retired .without Joss. iiL ,..
News from the South, via Louisville.
; Louisville, September 14.' A lot' of. medl
cine and soldier buUoos, mounting to $6,000,
ware aeiaed yesterday. H'lipy were being smug
gled Into the Southern Confederacy.
The Rlohfflond Eilmlner. of the"nth. ias
one hundred aBdUfty sit Yankee Br doners were
sont - tn Culls Plnckney South Carolina
Amona them. Col. Wlloox, Mioblnn lilt Col.
'Corcoran, New York 69bj Lieut. Col. Neff,
2d Kentucky; Major John W. Potter, 38th
New York; Rev. G. W. Dodge, Chaplain 11th
New Verkt Rer. H. Eddy, Chaplain 2d Con
necticut Surgeons Griswold, 3Bth N York;
Gray U. 8. A.; Stone, U. S. A. Connelly, 24
New York; Harris, 2d Rhode Island. Captains
-Donney, 11th New York; Fleh,"32d N.' York;
rarusb, im Kew Yortt Lrew,.za rermom;
Shurtliff. 7th Ohloi L. Gordon, 11th Massa-
ohnaetts: Whlttlnvham and Jepklns. Lieu ten
ants-Tov. 25th New York; Hamblln, Son of
the Auditor of that name, 38th New York;
Underbill, 11th New York; Worcester 81st
New York; Dempeey, 2d. New xors; rvucox,
7th Ohio; Gordon, 2d Dragoons U. S. A.; Ca
leff, 11th Massachusetts; Connelly, 69th New
York. 'o r
Capt. Rlcketts, United States Army, was to
have accompanied tha nartv. but is not suffi
ciently recovered from bis wounds to undertake
the Journey. . ... - ...rv.i,;; t &".nvi
Serious fear are entertained foi the crops of
the South. The rains of August, ara reported
as the heaviest-and the most' general-ever
known In the South, and have been very disas
trous.! - ' .. Vf i. "
The Savannah Rnubliean' dlalns a fair rice
crop, but admits the continuous rains hare dam
aged it somewhat,!,,., a i
Tha Baton Rouee Advocate save the cotton
crops in that vicinity are uteraiiy covered wna
the army worm, and that the fate of the crop
will be sealed In a few days, for the raid and
neavy atmosphere Is favorable to tne worm.
Governor Rector, of Arkansas, has sailed an
extra session of the Leglelatura for the 4th of
iiuvemoer." . l:- .'
H. Kellv. clsimlne to be a Baltimorcan.'waS
"rf"2?? W " nianaasas on vae otB. .-
a. i.Hiedsoe Assistant eoreiary or war or
Ilia f!nnfArlAa,Staaa hum ramttrnaA''
The Richmond shoe merchants umo the di-
cnarge. of all shoemakere from tne army, and
tneir employment at making shoes now being
maae or canvas. ' " " ' " .: ..
The Kichmona Whlcr. of the 10th. is verv
bitter Seainst soeoulatiott contractors lor winter
clothing aupplies for the army, aud urges tbe
impressment or cotton and woolen mills into tne
service.'1 to avoid eneculatlntr contracta. It
states positively ifrit the War Department has
detailed: from the army all operatives, to be
einpioymt in the elo'tt taotories. "" ?' '
Jeff ThompjOQ baa tsBucd a proclamation, In
wbich; as a retallatlve measure for Fremont'a
proclamation, he threatens for every Southern
soldier and citizen executed, to hane, draw and
quarter a minion of Abraham Lincoln,.,,' .,',.,. .
i ns Ubarlcston Uouricr says preparations ara
making in tbat city for manutacturing locomo
tives on a large scale;,;1 ' ' -Richmond.
Va.. Sept. 15 News has been re
oeived here that vessels under British register
had arrived at. New Orleans with assorted car
goes, includlbg 2000 muskets and one hundred
and twenty-five rifles.. n v . . ,
A dispatch from Wise's headquarters, nnder
date of the 5th instant,, says that bis force is
encamped at Hawk's Nest, on New river, and
at Doe wood Gap. The latter position bas been
rc-inforccd, 0 No important movements had tak;
en place.'. Vl , A M:,-j,m :i,aiA.o a.-v.a
siidell arrived bero-tovday. - It iv generally
conceded that be goes (oTrance 80ohs".J .
lbe iuchmonat-wmJiMir's bulletin board has.
the following;, post marked" Lewinsbure, and
written to the postmaster' at" Richmond: "Gen:
eral Floyd bad another engagement .with the'
.1 .A.. . I' . . .1 . 1 I'll'
euouij gu tug. lutu, 114.U ruuteu wm, avuujig
600, wounding 1000, and taking some prisoners.
After tha engagement, Floyd; heard that anothj
er Winn of the enemv had. crossed the river' a
few miles, above, In. order taeurrouad "him on
this side, and fell back. This is reliable, being
bronchi bv Sn officer who was in the eneaem ent .
Tbe Confederate loss was obe killed and eight
.Louisville, September 15. The North Geor
gia (newspaper) says On reliable authority we"
learn that two weeks before M.cC1ellan fas. ten
dered bis' commission, by Lwaoluabe, was trying
to secure a position in the Confederate armyJ u
- It is understood that a train 900th on the
Nashville road, yesterday, was detained at
Elizabethtown, the jail broken,, and sixty or
elgbty State arms put aboard and taken uooiu.
Siak Henry the eoiidootor, was forced to take
tbe arms, and. by a Certificate from the parties
engaged In tbe 1 affair1, la relieved freta. sll blam.
j-b't 1 1 ..1 .1 1 1 1- iti J
More Contrabands.
1 Fort Monroe. . Sent. , 1 5.-Fourteea contra
bands esoaped last night near- 8ewell's Point,
and came over to the fortress in tc esnoe j they
represent provisions very scarce in ranee Ann
county. There are some 500 rebels at S swell's
Point; the force there is constantly changing,
- The vessels composing the blockading fleet,
previous to the Hatteras expedition, ara. again
returniog to Old Point. The St. Lawrence has
been off Savannah, but brlnns no news',
We learn from a Frenchman, who deserted
from tbe.Yorklown that she is iron platod to
protect ber sides and Upper macbroerv,
; ' "
Dispatches from Washington.
Wasinoton, Sept. 14. There was heavy
firing at Chain Bridge this morning; supposed
to have been artillery practice...'. . 1 - .nt i
At ten o'clock this mornlns) the rebels mov
ed in loroe to uau's uross Koads,. burning, the
bouse there., nsed by pur pickets, who ell back,
unable to resist overwhelminr numbers. Four
our pickets were captured. -J There' were; a
few discbarges or musxetry on"eacn side, and
two of the Massachusetts Ninth were wounded.
The President transmitted a letter to Gen.
Fremont on tbe 12th Inst , on-the subject of
remont'B recent prooismaironi :ne sajs r :'
" Assuminir too, being On tne crouod. could
better judge of ,tbe necessities of you poaition
than I could at this distance, on seeing-your
proclamation of the 30 ih of August, I perceived
no general objection to It.- The particular ob
jection being the clause relative to tne oonUsca
tion of property and the liberation of the slaves,
objectionable lor its non-oonformlty to tha ant
of Congress passed on the 8th of last August;
1 wrote expressing tne wisn tbat tnat clause
should be" modified. . Your, answer sxpreeses
tbe preference that I maken . open, order for
this modification, which I cheerfully do. Ic Is
therefore ordered that thn said clause be modi
fied, held and. construed, to couform, with, and
not to transcend, tha -provision- oootainsd in
the act of Conereea entitled 'An act to confis'
cata Mopertv nsed for insurreotionarV Ourooses.1
and that said act be pubjbed at length with
this order. ,,.-.) .tmf . j , u- .
,1'lSigned UNCQLiiyj-;
A dlsoatoU' has . been received at tha Nav
Department from Commander 1 Ravan. ef the
etaamer Pawnee, at Hatteras Inlet, giving the
particulars of the oapture of the prize schooner
Susan Jane, with a valuable cargo., She enter
ed Hatteras Inlet, supposing it was still Jnjtbe
possession of tha Confederates... She has been
sent to Philadelphia, in charge of Lieut. Cros
by... This Is tbe third vessel captured sines the
taking of the forts there. , ,; , ,
Washington, tsept. io. inree spies were ar
rested to-day, having in possession accurate
topograpplcal and other: infotmstlon 'designed
lor the rebels.
F.; W. : Walker, the Washington correspond'
ent of tha New York Express, was dangerously
wounded to-day by a prisoner,' Who afterwards
escaped,' ,
[Special to the Herald.]
A balloon reconnottorins to-day ibow tbat a-
bod? of rebels, which advanoed last night, have
fallen back behind MussonV tlill, xnfl rhat the;
main body of the rebfel body had fallen Wct on
Manassass, and is now encamped there., .There
are various surmises as to their movements,
but tbe general belief is they intend giving bat
tle iett)wbere on our lines wltbiaiorlgueisj ,t
hours. ' .?! ilnll
A naVal officer from Fort Monroe ttititt at
tack Is expected od New port New Immediately
Several war vessels have gone to assist iu the
defense. .jTvuk liiuV
Com. Porter Is assigned to important duty on
toe river, -n. u mj
[Special to the Herald.] [Special to the Tribune.]
, Tho Potomac flotilla reports new batteries
five mile below Aquia Creek;' also,' a number
of soldiers at Matblas Point.1" The steamer
PehsacolA won t pass the point without a severo
SGen McClellan went up'thsitr-tot lirr, nd
The skirmish of pickets which took Place yes
terday near Ball's Cross Roads in Virginia, was
not a serious affair. -The accounts of Knave
been greatly exaggerated.' ' " J
ait. Dioxiea VBateraayarreatco... iwo renei
The mllitlibf CnVtftstrldt-ot 'tAa?W
preparing for aotive service,, -A foil regiment
Is now orgsnlsed afld will soon pe sworn In.;
The .Unttlmore 8.ototh.'' the. j'abld, toP8ioa
Journal, Srhesa' edl COS attested strdajr,
has stopped publication. '
Tba BaltlmoN Exchange, tha leading ieoes
slonj paper of that city, is mora violent than
ever toi morning, its principal saitor was ar
rested, fi'fl! ,J J ; .;' -4
Prpmibent oltisena of Baltimore, bow (0 this
olty, 'declare that the effects, of the arrests WM
be salutary. - - -
The secession fever in Baltimore and Mary
land Is likely to be 'icked by such summary
proceedings as those wbich the Government
fell compelled to adopt.. , r
i WisHiMoTON.' Sept. 11 The Postoffloe- De
partment bas answered all the letters asking
for information la regard, to the naw.xorx
t-venlcg Day lioox and aU otner paper exoiud
ed from tha maiU. .-. It aunaara from tha oorre
spondenoe' that taol only postmasters, but all
oiosr poem agencs-are prcrentea maoywiie
from aiding in their circulation. "
- No twi thstandine 4he ! explanation made by
the Spanish Minister to Mrr Howard on batur
day, tbe retorted 'proolaraation of tbe Captain
General of Cuba, ooneerning vessels carrying
the rebel flag, occupies tbe attention of tbe State
Department to-day- rr .' s. : .'
The following official dispatch was received
at General McClellan's headquarters to-day:
DEARNSTOWN, Md., Sept. 15.
about four hundred and fifty rebel attaoked the
extreme right of my pickets about three miles
above' this place opposite Pritchsrd's Mills.
roe astir was a spirited ons, lasting aDout two
hours. The enemy were driven Irom every
house and breastwork tbey occupied. ' Eight or
ten of them are said to be killed, and several
others wounded. Our loss was one killed.
Our victory is complete! the troops behaved
admirably; our cannon were Indispensable and
Colonel 28th Pa. Regt.
The Privateer Sumter Again.
Boston. Sect. 16 A lettter from Surinam 1
states in privateer Bumtor remained mere Aug.
31st, destitute of coal and 'provision, and tbat,
Capt. SemmU bad threatened to fire on the town,
unle.3 be was" supplied. t 1. - '
. - . . . . -i
Running the Blockade.
Boston. September 16 The bark Illinois
from Boston was at Vera Crua on the 3d Inst,
discharging her cargo: she was to sail for Msz
atlan on the 7th Inst. A letter from Captain
Lovejoy States that a schooner then in port had
ran the blockade SI Galveston, and was bound
back, again wuh a cargo of coffee. The Cap
tam of tbe schooner reported tbe greatest 01s
tress prevailing throughout Tsxas.. . w 1
' Late aoeeunta from Masatlan report tbat a
privateer mounting; four 6 pounders arrived at
that port.1 -The Illinois is well armed, having
three b-pounders, one or wntcn is rineo. . ,
The Intended Naval Expeditions.
Hew! Yore, Sept. 16. The Tribune of this
moraine makea tbe following statement:
' We commit no impropriety in announcing
tbat tbe preparations lor two important move
ments against tbe Southern coast are rapidly go
ing forward, 10 that tbe expeditions will be ready
to eet sail in a .very few weeks. , in one of them
the land forces wiu probably be under Major
Geoeral Butler', anil tbe otbes nnder BrlgGen.
Sherman, who is now in command of tba im
portant camp at Hempstead; L. I. We believe
that the number of troops of all arms enrployed
in the two will be about 25,000 men, With naval
foroea of proportionate Atreogtn. .
" The Tribune's Washington, dispatches con
tain the following, which was received -at the
Wavy Uepartment Al'.m?6l . '
August 25.
a a convex
sation that occurred (bis morning between Capt.
.Morris, or tbe Royat Navy, ana myseir, during
mi visit to tbe guard ehipjat Port .Royal,-. I
suppose, he remarked, you are in search of
these privateers.-; We are ordered to observe a
strict neutrality, andif the" Sumter were to
come ia to-morrow she would receive the same
attention and assistance that you nave; we can
make no difference .' 1 t.jJ.-.i-t .:.-.
I asked, ie tbat observing a neutrality; is It
not recognizing herl .Is that the meaning of
tier Maiesty'a prooiamatioa 1 1 understand and
I. look neutrality-to mean-that her. aubjeota
must not meddle in this affair. .Yon oao reoog-
hUC no flag. Yes,' be replied; and have re
fleiveia-eopy of.tho flag; I will show yotf the
letter- i He showed- me the flag and read ma an
extract from a letter from tbe Lords Uommis
sloQeri lot the Admiralty, In which the seceded
States ate- styled the Confederate States. It
says in tbe event of a vessel bearwg a flag of the
Confederate States, you ara to observe a strict
neutrality . ,, ...'
"The flag la described", and tha latter adds that
tne number ot stars win do inoreasea in ease
new States should join the Confederation.
This, as near, as I csn remember, is the sub
stance of that portion of our conversation '
'." ".'. I am respectfully your ob't servt,
Lieut. U. S. N.
To Capt. JOHN POPE, U. S. ship, Richmond.
Mall, for New tork Oity. Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
PlUeborgh,, tteubenvlll way, Cleveland, ZanemU
Newark, (Inuivllle, Washington City,- Baltimore, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, cloae daily (Sunday except
ed) at 8 o'clock p.- , :
.- -. 4 I' - 1 ' -7 .-
A tnroun man ror ne
m York and Cleveland cloeee
ill (Bandari excepted) at 9 o'clock p. m. ; ' - v
O. 0. G. R. R. Way Hall ka dally (Sunday ex
cepted) at a o'clock p. m. '
uentral Ohio way auii(inalir (Bonaay excepteoj
'W o'clock a. tn. ,1
daily (Sunday excepted) at
o'clock a. m. . ,
Obicuo, DibunwJIBWir. Marion auj Worthlnr-
ton tdail oloee daily (Bunday excepted) at o'clock
p. m. 1 f. t- -v ? -
Haiti forXenla, BprlntteW, Dayton, Totedo, Cincin
nati, Iodlanapoli, IiouUville, Bt. Louie, and Detroit,
cloeee dally (Bunday excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mall to Xenla, Hprtnirfleld and Cincinnati
elooeo dally (Bundaya exoepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
' Urlmoa, Piqua, Tiffin and Union Ctty mad cloeee dally
(Banday exoepted) at 'cloak p. n . .
LanoMter, Logau,newonTiu, yircovun, uminooue,
Vortamooth. Waahrnrton- C. 11-. Athene. Marietta and
Hillebor&h mail cloee dally (Bunday exoepted) at 6
clock p.m. - '-.-.'
Koat Wav Mall bv National Boad to Zanefrill cloeee
Sally (Bundayi excepted) at It o'clock m.'. '
Harrrttiurgft autlolcM dally idunaay txoepwa) atx
teefe 8W I I i 1 .1 : r
M t. Vernon Malt, by way of Weeterrllle and Sunbury,
cloeee dally (Sunday esewted) at B o'clock p.m.; '
vnoun aiall cioaea aaiiyiBunaay excepteajat x ocioca
iannter way Ban eicae cany innaayr exceptee; a
o'clookp. my , . - f, , . ,
nana innu new xurs, jwww, Kuiuwciiiuia, uu,
Albany. PltUbureh. O lave Land.' Bayloa, Toledo. Xeaia,
Detroit, BpriDjfleld, Oinclnnati, OhllUwthe, Bt. J.oale,
and all Bouthern cltiea. arrive between the h.oura ot 4
'eloek p. m. and 4 o'clock a.m. - - .
. Hall, fromliKtlapapeUoi Oktoago, and Daaae arrtv.
S:40a.m rj--. : c. ' ;i rL -
from. Washington City. Baltimore, wheeuny.
anesvllle. Newark, Bteubenvtlle, Mt. Vernon, an th
0. O. B. B. Way Mail, arrtv e 18 o'clock m. .. . -1 i
Way Mall rrom. omotnnaa amvea at aooiocx, p. n.
Lancaster Mall arrive at S o'clock p. m. ,
Kit Way Mall over the NaUonal Boal arrive at H
m. Varnon Way Mali arrive at uQ a. m. . ,
Mall from Dublin arrive at B o'clock m. T'c i 1
Urbane Way aUtl antna at 9 e'cloek p. m.i 1. '.
Harrlabugh Mail artlva at 11 o'olock a. m , u 7,-,
Lancaster Way Mall arrives at 13 o'olock m..
OUloa delivny open every day (except Bunday) from
7o'dook a. u t8 o'clock p. at. tOpen oa Buday
mxe v to o'clock in tne, atamuiE, , an,irot a w o
- ' "
IT Xllf
Ttn Hna.t Jtrtirielal ' tfatw to
'- - Humaa klght ever lavealed.
' t
V a i UI
AV'nentofth meat Imntwred aloda-of Bealaale,
AU M 4laws, wbelher for- noar or tar-el(hled, ara
(ron4 .tn oacavo omKi fore with the greateo oaro,
eo aa la tnll lb Kye of all caeee. curio Weakaee.
Diaalaes eJ lofluaiutloa of the Eyee, and ImparUnf
ttrtiBKtk) Sr Inna readin ar Baa aowiac. -
1 1 an s si si. t MaMBsy 1' 1 j
urn, K 'East BUte street, at aeiiaer ai weoenra
Hill -r.'.'
LOAK CLOTHS. aiaewatha saakasof Sprla
O teak Cloth, ia all deairahl suUtar Biadhwa, lean
Selaaaa Bnteoa to salk! la-.. 1 JAAIIJ BtW(, . .
DapniS r j rn.,.'iH.BeBoatfeHlthatre .
ntTASTJSD-.10,W)rt O tupmer to bay l eent Ambre
II type at M WITT CtapAwiyp Afcoom,,
81 High tra Colmba,Oei.
. t. . .A
xpertaaeed Han aat leisile Pbytlolan, DrssspU
1 to th attentloa of mother, her ', '
let (natl (MllltatM th BMW ot tMlhloa1,
nhif the iubs, ndaolDg all lnflmMtto wll I allay
ejeoii upon lt,ietber. I t will frlv .'rel .W lroreJye
BKiinr axb exalxh to tovt: xstiXu
We have pat op tad fold thle artlele fur over lea
what we have never been Able to aur of any other; modi.
Mill, TO srvKUl A OUKH, wheii Uiaely nteS. Mov
er did we know m loetue otdlmtUrAettea by any on
who need 1U Oa t) eontnrv. all ndellchted with 1U
openUoiie, and ipeek la terns ot eoawwodalloa of It
magtoal etteela and nodical virtue. , We speak In Ihie
natter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after tan jear.' expe
almost every Instance where the Infant la eaSerini tnm
pain and ezhaniUon. relief will be found In alleen or
twenty minates after tbeSyrap Is admlnlatered. . .. -This
valuable Drenaratlon la the DreearlDtlon af an nf
New Innland, and has breo nied with NEVER IAIL-
IBO 8OOCRS8 In 1 - ' -
II not onl relieves the child frees Daln. bal kivtrort
ale the etomaeh and bowel, eorreot aotdlty, and irivei
tone and enenrr to the whole mlem. It will almost In I
stantly relieve
Sad overcome oonvnuions, which, It not speedily reme
died, end in death. Wo believe It th BBS! and SUR
EST REMEDY IN TUB WORLD, in all oues of OT
EKTERY and DIARRildA IN CflaUtUM, whathoj
It arise from teething, or from any other eania. w.
would ay to every mother who has ohlld enBerlnr from
any or tne rorefrolnr oomplatntt W) NOT LEX Y
rnJuxiiuB riott tub
stand between yon and your luflerlnr. child, and tha re
lief that will be 8DRB vee. ABHOLUTBLY BURB u,
louow Dia na or tnis medicine, ir timely nsed. rail dl
notion for ulna; will aoeompxny each bottle. Nope
genuine Bole w rac-tunil or VUtU'lH as rBBIUNS;
now iufk. ie 00 weouiBiae wrapper.' 1 ,v, 75- .
Bold by all Druggial throughout th world. , . 1
PriaelpalOfrice, 13 Cedar Street IS. T.
; oet27-da;wly. : d . i,,'n.; i- it.
ir I N1WABK 0H10.J
Iflannfactorer f an klmsie at Par
labia aad Statlaamrr (steam En
s;isiaat Maw miliar airiaa Uilla,
OPLSi Btatmt it et J. BLAJtD TJttatmJ
J. t f. B. DVT Alt Bttt volumes
' ) S CO. Statmldll .. .
Oar Portable Inglne and Saw Mil
Wa awarded th list premium of SM at tha Indian
Bute lah- for over Lane ABodJcy'i oa aceountoi 1
Priee, lightness, simplicity, eoonomy of fuel
and superior eharaotaraf rnrabar Stwetl. -Onr
Btatlonary Engine was awarded at tho (am fat
th first premium of S200.
- Out rortableBoglDewae awarded th first premium of
100 at tho fair at Memphte, Tenn., over Blandy's Da -vall's,
Oelumbu Maohin Oo's., and Bradford A Oe 1.
by commute of pnotloal Railroad Engineers.
wir.l.tun V11T7, a-....
: dec5-dtwlyeols.
Newark. Ohio
Ste&m Between Ireland and Amerioa
"''I .. '., I lj .." ... o . ,J1; . ' li
Th follow In new and magnlfloeot flrst-cUasDeddH
wooalStsamshipsoompoM lh above llnoi . .
ADEIATIO, 8,888 ten burthen, Capt, J. Hid
'.. (formerly of th Collins Line.)
HIBBBKIi, - 4,400 tons burthen, Capt. 9. fiowsa.
OOLUMBU, 4,400 " k.Lanca. -
AKUliiA. ,4WI " - - KiCBOUOa
PA0IH0, S.UU0 1. 81ns. .
.;.,. j 3.3UU " " . j.WAurau,
''On of th above ship will leave KtW York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Galwar. car
rying th governmeat mail, touching at Bt. Johns,
Th Steamers of this Una hav been aonstraoted with
th greatest care, under th supervision of th govwa
meat, hare water-tight oomparunenta, and ar unexoel-
iea rorocauort, aalety and speea by any steamer afloat.
They ar commanded by able and experieoeed eOlcere,
and every exertion will be mad to promote the comfort
of passenger. " ' - -
An;experlenoea Burgeon atucnea 10 eacnsniy., .
Ilrst-elaae N. T.or Boeton toOalway er Liverpool I0O
Booond-las, a t. ,y- . 74
Flrst-claa. " " to St John1 35
Thlrd-cla, " --- '- toSalway or Liverpool.
or any town in lreiano, on a tuuwaj, - - - 3U
Third -class passeniera ar liberally eopplled with pro
visions of the best q vulitjt cooked, and aerved by the aer
vanta of th Company. .... . ... .
Parties wtahln to sand for their frJand from th old
country can obtain tickets from any town 00 a railway, in
Ireland, or from the principal oUle of Knglaudand Scot
land, at vary low ratea. i 1
Passenttre for New York, arrlrln by th Boaton
Iteamer. will be forwarded to New lark b of charge.
for P usage or luruier iniormaiien. apply to . .
At th office of the Oompany, on th wharf, foot of
Canal street. New York.
llowbAMD c ABfinwALi,, agent.
aprlll8:dm. : ' "r '.
i.Tf.y;,. ;r,l vr ','
dr. iiANirs 'Z X
Ehenmatira, Gout and Neuraljia.
) 1 ru : I
Mercurial Diseases.
It to a ooivenlently arranred Band, oontalnlnt a med-
a ted eonvound. to be worn a round the Waist, without
Injury to tha moat delicate person B change In habits
of, living la required, and it entirely remove the die
eaae from the eystes, -without p reducing th mlarlous
cunn, ariamg iraia uia us ui powvriui inivmai iuvui
ne,whiea weaxan an aeetroy tne oMstnauoo, aa
ttvetemponury reiMoary. By lUm treatnent, ta bmI
WDaiproparUei enatalnod h ah Band eone la contact
wim tne otcoa na reaea me ieeaee, ugoua iiiw
of the akin, efleotlag hi ewery Inelaoo- a perleel earn,
and reetorlgthpart afflicted to healthy eoodltlo.
ThU Band I also a noatpowcrral AJrrt-Maeoeaiu. aeA,
and will entirely relieve taoayetoa frac ihepermotosas
eOootsof Meroary. Mooerala caeea ar enredlaatsw
daye, and w ar eonitaotry tentvug etlaanjals ot it
tlllcacy la anrravatad eaace of long standing. .., ,.
Pkrca to b had Drain Isle generally, or oan
be sentby mail 01 txpne. with full directions for as,
to any partjof th country -direct bout th. Principal
,G. stelTH 66 CO.,' Sola Proprietoii??..
' .nKrlDtlvOlrculari SantVroa. . . ..',..
A. BWHUKiiLur. ae nun, lxoaanra, aaiwn, r0.
H77 B. Ulgh pt., Mb rnena eo laoeuty efoluabua. W
TOT Asjaatta 7anteid'KyYY-Wher.
mhJ9-Iylr1stp.dfcw ."" , '
1 1 .r.,: ,1,1, it! ,
O NSW BTYLKa-fltiain Ac dan, Mo. ansouth
High street, have Just opened new ,tyh-e of Cuitm Cm
enuaa. iUsaailiee and BACWaa. maile lu the aewrat and
nnt ttH.H BMM. " a Un. ; Dl,k '. ! m
Biark Ntllta, very fcoeTY. deilgued, expressly for
...in.. ...A t.j' ' " ' " ' l..,'
rioiV7i vs attBnoris tabs, an yj
XJ AtuuuAa, new svee, jaMepsnra oy
. Beath Bk MsoeA.
f They go? Eight, to. tha ; Epct
Instant Uelleff Step fur CBh
' .tl
! Purify jranr Breath) '
strengtheitTaur Valcal A
ABE ' ' - -..'.
-. .., i . . 1
! . 1 .. ....
The relieve a Cough Instantly.
They clear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to tbe voice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
They ara delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
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yea Instantly, and yon will agr with m that Mhey
ro right to th spot." Ton will Bod them very nsefa 1
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inp for stllllngyour Ooogh or allaying yoar thlnt I f
you try on package, I am life In saying that yon will
ever afterward consider thcn'lndUpetuable. ', '.' ' .,'
Xoa will find them at tte Druggist and Dealers In
f RI0B
I - .-1-
My signature I cn each package. All other are
counterfeit. . , : ; l i " ;
A pacltag will be sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of
ThfrtyOenU. ' " " v'
Henry O. Spalding,?
;;; i new york.
By thsuae of the Pill lb periodic attack of Em-
90ut or 8tet HtadocM nay m praveotadiand if takan
at th eomawnoament of an attack learned lata relief from
pain and slckneas will be obtained .
They seldom faO la reaovittg the Sauna and
ocA to which females are so subject.
They act gently upon She bowels removing 0U
a. -
Jor liUrory JUn, SwUnU, DeUcat remale
and all persons of Mdentory AoM, they ar vain
a AoeuMfM, Improving th appttli, giving ton
mer to th dlgaetlv organs, and nstorlng th aatur
elasticity end strength of the whole syito .
TBI OIPHALIO PILLS r the rasalt of long coves -
ligation and carefully conducted nparlatant, havU.g
been la as many yean, during which tin they hav
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain snd sBtr
lug from Headache, whether originating u tharn
syatsn or front a deranged state of th stoma cA.
They an entirely yegetabl in their oompoaitlon, aa ''
may bs taken at all time with perfect afety without
making any Chang or diet, and A oommo any
dUagaM4 tattt readers it taty lo mdmtoii rr Liem
Thegeanln hay Bv signature of Henry O Spalding ;
an each Bex.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medicinal.
A Box wiU be eent by null, prepaid, on receipt of th -
Prloo, QO Oonta.
AUordsrs should V addreassd to ,
! I B Oeaar street, Naw Yarte.7 -
from the Ixamlner, Norfolk, Va.
Oephall Pill accomplish the object for which thty
were made, via.: Cure of headach rnall Itafbrm.
, from th Ixnmucr, Norfolk, V. ."
' They hav beea tasted in store than a thnnmA m
with entire success.
from the Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn. '
If you ara. or hav beea. troubled with the amrlaaa .
tend fur a box, (Cephalic Pill,) eo that you may hav
luvm in cava 01 aa aiiaoa.
from th Advertiser, Providence, B.. I.
. The Oephalk) PHI are said to be a remarkably effective
remedy (or th headache, and on of th vary best for
that very frtquent oomclaint whlcn hu an. a:.
covered, , ,- . .... j. v . .
frost th Wtern K. K. Qasette. Ohtcaco.' 111. " ' '
' aTe heartllv anitAMA If Hn.nMin. . ..'1 1.,- t -
-VT UAiuriAn a. 1 a
1 vir.ia-w
fjephaiicpin.. ' ?
f r Kanawha YaUey Star, Kanawha, ?. 4' , '
We an sun that Mraona auffarln wllh ih kkrfia 1 .
Who try them, will (tick to them. ... ,...).
ifrcathBoutharaPathfiudr,H(wOrleB(,U. ' ",'
'Trytheml yea that ara afflicted, and w an ara that '-'
four testlsaonycaa be added to tha already aamerou
list that ha received bencBtt that no other aaedicfa eaa
piodue. j -r ..:: .': . ,
1 '' from th Bt, Lcaii Democrat. .H':3!
The Immense demand for the article .OephaUo POI
I vapidly iDoreasina'. .; ;, i
yrom the Gasetta, DaTacport. Iowa. ',
Mr. Spalding would not connect hi nam with aa er
tide be did not xaow to e owcaa reJ starlt. , ...
ITJA angle bottle ot BfaXDIMa'B PAIPABSD
sUiita will aave ten times iUooetannaaiiyOJ ..
iuaii k vurAium . r
j, , y 0"A Brrroa ra tun lava Wqrs.'JTT 4 -ti
accidents will happen, area ka weTf regulated ram.
til, Itt vary deelrahM tohav aoaa cheap an con ' '"
veateet way tor repairing Varultnra, los, Crockery,, .
- - i aTALDiNO'BPBBPAKnattra; :;
meat ll such seaeiseuelea, and a hoae.be 'd oaa atnrd
eeaawlthoat IU' It laalwan ready, and opto th (tick
ing point. ' ' , "
. S. I. A praah amompanle tack Wtll. . . ,
rant. ! v Addrw,
) So. 4H, Cedar Street, Mw Tort.
j-S oertata unprincipled parson an JtVmptlng
mUm olfria the aneaMtl,r nnhlL, h;..,. "''
rina .wwp,Hi,i I'uiMKj, imiui'.n.nl or m
tkPARKIX LHB, I weald caotloo all pereona to 1
asaine e(.r aarehaslii. aai eee that the full name. -: , '
u ,irTBPALDlNU B PKBFABJtDaLCa. nsi "t
fa a tMatldawBppartall ethen are (aiadiiuaaaa
sertelta, . aow
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