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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 19, 1861, Image 3

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.. . i in i i . ji ii n i r
The Adam Expree Company place W Jelly
under obligation to II fb the very latest pepert
from the emtqra cities." f J
The American EiDrees, Company net out
tbanke for lu dally, favors la the enape f th
very latest eattern paper. " , ?
D" The publio elatetn, th different parti
of the clivers bains; pumped ent and cleaned
' t - J I All .
out, preparatory: to, peiBg repaired ana renjiea
for the Jail end winter campaign. A
' Ofle ' of h;oit 'lmpor'Uut' publio Im
provetaente now' belog made in oar cltyj Ii tbtt
which, he oeaJjr gome time In progreii on
Long ttrcet, between Fifth end Berentb ttreets
That portion of Long het been heretofore quite
ImpunbW la. wet weather, end the miring of
loaded wagoni .mnother' TehlotM was no an'
obbum ' ooenmooe uTbe loed-wey of the
tree, bai'. been' filled', op, graded and made e
Smooth end lubctantial track." ' Workmen are
now employed in hying down Ibe. kexbiog and
guttering.""'" . "ll J '
or tbi No Patt PiiTr. In the report pf the
permanent oiBoera of tbli Coaventioo in Tnei
day'a SfilMmMn! an etror occurred. ' 8moii
uiu.owatdoi, paaai rr iuowt waa rretiaent
of thponTentlon!'';:;;';:::V,;:--:,,:ia.:ViV
i...!'!1 .! " 11 1 Kill -
HiDitoH Towmhi ;Fauu Tboi Madison
Towniblp. Fair (Simmenoeit jeaterdayj and 111
continue tntil ' Frldty erentog. ' Tc-dy Mr
Rabit exhibit his fttmoni ' bone Crnlier.
Madiaoa .towethip Li one, of the 'wery' finest
townihlpi of an4 In 6hlo,'and very few, If any,
excel it In fine stock, and wealthy, enterprising
farmer. Tbelr Fair Grounds,' located near
Groreportr are beautllul.) For: several years
tbelr tairt bar been very successful, excelling
many of a Codnty Fain ( the State. No la
bor or x'penaa hst been lprd to render their
cxbibltlont Interesting, and they have advanced
the acricnltaral and stock-raising Interests of
the county. The citizen of Columbo should
not be backward; in patronising and enooursg
lng the oitlrenj'or MdIon io'thli laudable
nterprlse. :r'i T; ujr. i
' tTThirteeq ear load of cannon and ammnnV
tiM passed through, here on Tuesday en route
for 8. looia. ; The ahlpnient,. ooulsted of otn
turn, tea, 64 pounders, twenty 33 pounders; am
mnnitioo, 9,467 33 pound balls, 147 46-ponnd
shells, and 96 64-pound balls. ,
' i m . V. .
SoRiioa Coorr 'Joaoas. The following Is
the list of regalar jurors for the next term of
the Superiot Conrt: i -"'"-.i '"f . V
William Merlon, James H. Woods, Adam
Stephens, Owen T. Barbee, Andrew Biles and
Tbomae Hamilton, Montgomery township;
Orris Kllbonrne and 8, M. Mtlbone, Sharon
townships Lewis Agler, Mifflin township; J. S.
Stephenson, Aaron Vutor and John Brown,
Madison township.
- - j,v
Taa.VAauTiii. Tbeie amusement at the
Theater on State Street, are fast winning gold
en opinions from the lovers of the comic, the
ludicrous and the funny. The burlesque circus
represented last evening, drew forth bnnts of
unmitigated laughter. If any one would livs
np to the spirit of the old proverb "Laugh and
grow fat" let him or her witnese the Varieties
attbsTheater.Oi'JA'AH) ', ."'
ST The three regiments Fourteenth, Colonel
Stiabmaii; Thirty-eighth, Colonel Biadlit,
and the Twenty-first, Colonel Moton) raised
in the Maumee region, are full, the two former
to overflowing,' and have, received their uni
forms, equipment, and are awaiting orders to
move. i.
XT Rev. jG. T.' Fumdibs,' formerly of the
First Unlversalist Church, Cincinnati, was laet
8unday installed pastor of the Second Universal
is Church, corner of, Second avenue and Elev
enth street,' New York The Htrald aata the
' Church was evowded by a highly reipectoble
, ooogregatlon,' and the occasion itself was made
quite atrtanmrtDg-one. -Rn.VfZ Sawyh,
Rev. Mr. BaaTwobomw, Rev.' Mr. DiMAnctT,
Rev. Motel 4ifi? .""V3 ReTv r ChapW par
tlcipateal ud ceremonies. (DrCHirm, who
was the concluding speaker, exhorted the people
to co operate with their pastor in sll.his works,
and pronounced w high eulogy opon Revj Mr.
Flamoiu. 1 1 ' ' '
ST Sahou, Lavr, a wholesale dealer ia hoop
skirts, on .West' Fifth, street,' C!ncInDatl,;wsB
arrested on Tuesday barged with having smug.
gled goods' ,'$9utV iinoe the commencement of
hottlllUea, end also with having taken the oath
of alleglanoa te the eo-eaUed Southern Confed
eracy. H fVKtfifl JU to await hi
examlnatfoat yesterday before U.' S. Comml-
loner Rptwnav,, jr4 .k.;,.. , : ,.
HAaaioW Coo ,Tai. Wo have tecelved
the premllm 4it ol the Harriaon County Fair,
to be held it Cadlx, on Uxej 121, 31 aid 4th days
of Octooei'next. On the firat Tlaof the Fair,
premiums wIQ be awarded to boyl under fifteen
years of gf for;'bOrseBtabahIp, onjha lecojbd
day, predhnms to UJiee for horsemanshiif.- and
on the Iady,JadIe, .forvW. v7rlle
oe a lucoesatiu one.;.- m .t b
ITGe.t,yr'Bi3os'atftrU"dfrom Aon"gn
Taeeday feorning ' for1 Wasblngtoiiij ejtnj j0
.' ' i - ' i ' ' ' r11 " fcl;
CTCol.WiixfAii Monoiit, of Hanoi) A otJuntyj
has reoelTftd an order to raise regiment for
ine war, w p reormtea at ,QOieyw, we nave
no doabt VLtr Mtwatw will soon rals4 th full
complement of good ment Sneeeae to him 1
' - - - ' 'i i , 1 1 1 ' ,'-:; '
tr Fourteen prisoners of war, taken on the
lltninetVln the eniraeemeok at Cheat1 Monht
aln, between the forces . under Generals. Ross-
ciawe and FpyQwerd'bronght' to Camp Chase
yesterday morning, by Lieut. Bami, Sergesnt
Major Bitt,and five private t the' Eighth
Ohio wm;TZW;:iXZi, V.
ST Fifty-nine uen, part ef cavalry compa
ny, from ChilJtcplhe,, arrlve.4 . at ,Eamp Chase
lesterwTn M ena v-Ji'aniiwsc ,
' . ) t.vH ; tutu, fn..-j 0.1 K-H
ST Captalo J, Wi Uaarsi, with a oompaoy of
84 men fromTTah. Werffcrnrttyi., af'lvd"at
Camp i,yon,near wartntngtoov on Tnetdar
That Pots.-rWe bu?ve several times oalled
, attention to the polo la front of the Thee tw
it is really dangerous, sow tnarthf rain Tree
ther has set in, eMfaaZI-ec,'-;
Dear Local! Spare that pole. Though badly
dilapidated and teady io fall, tt la the last sad
memento of Republicanism at the Capital of
Ohio. a j ts ' v s 'i' v. sr ,n a
i. i i i i i 'ii lm I hi ii. I ,
ST The Mayor ; eerdj' .lniJtnln6;',!)((tiiid
Jon Wem orex lit the mm of 200, to eppeu
t the nest .tsrar of (th; Conrt of Cotonjac
fleas, to an war to t'.e ehargo of Uatblbf Jot
I 'if it ,1, 4 - Jv V
, ArrotNTmirrs ov.tbs Osuo.ANROAi.CoRm'
ikci. .Tbr following Is a list of the appoint
mints made at the session of the Ohio Annual
Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church
bald at Clrolevllle, September 17, 18Gb' ,
Column Dibthct.-G W Brush, P E.
Colnmbuit Tewo Street, Joe M Trimble. 1
wesiey Chapel, D D Mather,
' "r,", Bigelow. , AlSee. t 1
it I ' Cltv Mission. T W BUnlav:
( Worthlngton, ft Doughty, W H MoCilntlck,
wenterviue, u n nicher. ' '.
Aeiaware, oi. raurs, i n rnwipi. ,
Mllford, 8 Tlppett, E U Hagler. O'i r' '
, Dublin, Archibald Fleming.
West Jefferson, L Hall, Jaoob 8 Adams., -.
London, James M Jameson.
Midway, H Wharton. "'" ' '""x w
Mt. Sterling, U Z Adams," H L Whitehead
Darbyville, Jamee f Given,- n - .
jUarrUburgb, O G Weet, B Crook. '
' Ohio Wealevan Unlveraltv. F Merrick.' Proat
asm; r uoyt, rroieasor. t - . a
Zawwvilli Distsiot. John Prater, F E
Zaneavllle, Second St.. Joe H Crelgbtoos Sev
entn at., urian Heatn. ' "r..i ;
Fntnam.C C M'Cabe. ' k '
Rosevllle, H Lonnls. r ,
Rehobetb, 8 Bateman, W Banner, u, -, ..
Somerset, P V Ferree. . -j '
Rushville, D Mann, John C Gregg. '' ' '..:J
Hebron, N Speck, R W Manly. . ,5 ',.'
Irville, R D Anderson, John E Sewers.
Asbnry, 8 C Frampson, W B Chadwlok. 1 ' '
Deavertown, B Lows, W H H Woolf. , ! ,'
Fairview, E N Nichols, Jos N Adair.
B St Jamee Frv. Chanlaln to the 33d Resrl
ent. O V U 8 A.
L F Drake. Chanlaln to tha T Tat Bevlment.
v v u B A. . . ..
Lawoaitm DimiOT.'t-Jno W White, P E.
Lancaster, C E Felton. ., J,,. -: -,i
Clroleville, A O Bvere. - . . ;, .-o 1 1
Newark, T D Martlndale. ; ' 1
Baltimore, Alan Fleming, C C Lybraad
Alexandria, W 2 Rose.
Johnstown. Jacob Martin. Jos 8 Brown.
Etna snd Granville, L Talt, John W Young.
A-ioKcrineton w u rwer. n u u rina.
Royal ton, D Smith, E Sibley.
Tarlton, A Carroll, B Ellis. . r
Maxville, W C Holliday, W M Malleoli.
West Rushville, Thomas H Hall.
Marictta District. BN Bnahr. P E.
MarietU Centenary Chapel, W Harvey.
" " Whitney T DH Moore.
narman, Isaac F King.
Barlow, 8 Ryland, John P Calvert
Plymouth, W Gardner, G Murray.
Ameevtlle, F 8 Thurston, 8 Rankin.'
Coolvllle, C Betbanaer. . '
Cbeeter, John W Lewis, T 8 Stivers.
Letont, B F M'Elfreah, R Callagban. .,'.',
Ponferoy, A C Kelley.
Mlddleport, E W Kirkham. '.
Athens Biation, W Forter. ' "
Athens Circuit, C H Warren.' ','. .
Pleaaanton, W Glenn, E I Jones. - "
Nelsooville, Joseph T Finch, Samuel R Por
ter. ' .;
Logan, SM Bright. ,-.-
' Ohio Unlveraitv. Solomon Howard. President!
Jamee O Blair, Prof..
Coolvllle Seminary, Tbomu J N Simmons,
President. ....... fc
GALlaroiu District.- A M Alexander, P E.
Galll poll Station, John T Miller.
Gallioolia Ct.. Joaeob Barrineer. G W Iaa
mlnger. V' .
Mo Arthur, D HOrlooker. '
Jackson, John Q Gibson-1 '
Berlin, Joho WWakefteldf.;'" ,.,;;,' ' ".
Kicnmond, Joba w r teeie.
Laurel, W P Grantham, '
Junction, John N PilcheV
Mt. Fleaaant, Jaoob Hathaway, John F Dick
son. a ' - .
New Plvmontb. Josenh H KoDklna. John R
Prose. W . , , ... ,
Furnace, Isaao B Cartlloh. V
Wilksvllle, M D Vanghan, W H Gibbons. 1
Centreville, Thomas L Lloyd. w f
Patriot. D H Cherrinrton. Josenh Robinson.
John Dillon, Jr., Chaplain to the 13tb Regi
ment, UV D8 A. V . -
PoRTaMOUTH District. L CnnnlnehamoP E.
Porumoutb, Bigelow Chapel, 8 C Richer. -
" Boenoer Cbsnel. JoseDh I" Wil
liami. . . . . i t
Lucaaville. E P Hall. .
Beaver, John W Dillon i
meton, I bos Mcintire. . .
Waverlv. W N Middleton.
Jasper, W R Copeland. : ; . ,
Wbeeleraburg, 8 M Donohoe.
Furnace, Uriah L Jones. (
Hanging Rook, 8 Middleton, J P Licroix.
irooton, H h. r ooter. '
Burlington, W J Griffith, J Meg Shulta.
Home, 1) Tracy. ! ' , V. ) . S " ' ; ',
Swaa Creek, E V Bine. 1. U U Hi
Duoborton, Jno M Shnlts,
Kockvllle, M L King, W B Guthrie. .
r'otv e 1iAMiS tlraMtMi f ' D C '
vniuuiwi oaa avtsi i mvii-i VUUUwI sT Mzn
rwer, Z Connel, P B, J
int st., O A Vananda T'-
mi Crook. im j ,-,-4 s i.
Ubtlilootbe, walnut
Washington, Isaac
Bloomiogbnre and Jsffersonville, J Q Lakio,
H Aoton. )
Stanton, N Westermao, J D Ttff 1 ! J ) V
New Holland, John W Clarke. Thomas G
veer vreeaf a. riuer, r a i immooe. y 1 '
Frankfort, John Stewart, W W Cherrfngton.
Bainbrldge, E H Dixon, J B Bradrlck.
Maasievilie, A Nlohole. . -si-, i- ;A i"i A 7'
SharonvUle, A Cartltcn. ''' 7 ' ' : w
r . i. ... a m
Kingston, E EsUlj W Morris. '
Wester Prettvman. MlmionarV to Bulcarl.
Il-T Maelll. transferred io W.WIaoonsin
Con. f 3M ,k vnr i.tj hji ;'.., I 1. -.1 yt. . iv
00 j
ST. Colonel Kinhrtt's Regiment has been
assigned as the Fourth Regimeotof Cavalry un
der Gen. Frimort. -'This ie the lut regiment
that will be raiaed 'tTOblo for FainoRT. V
ST Colonel A, McDowill ' MoCoox'a Rrf-
meat at Dayton numbered - on Taeeday even.
lng, eight htydred men'K will be.fuU this
week. ., i' j ..-.:. n.iviix 1'.
PC Colonel VANoavua's Regiment at Ham.
ton, Butler county, is reported fall. '
," . "! . M 1
ST The remaining members of CoU Pitt'i
Regiment, numbering 150 men, "left Cltclunatl
with the Colonel, yesterday r morning, by rail,
fbf i Marietta,' taking with 1 them" artillery for
one! company. The re'glment number! 1,150
men., i t.-r::. , ?
. ' . i i ' r ,
Rail Road Time Table.
hTtualuMifcOtuiMoeAXiRUBtB. ' -
Lmvm. arrives.
Olnelaoaa AooomaodiOon. 5:00 M. e-.II I. tt.
Bcpresi ...11:40 A.M. ,, , 11:03A.M.
Mallui4 AooommodUoi. 9:10 r. M. 8:00 P. M,
Might JCxpnst vkaAflu.lS:WBtdatllt. 1:80 A. M.
' i " : ' "0" BoaniTr, Apot. -
..Ootbames Ouvbh B.-B.'; ; ;. $ , -
Utah! Bipre........M,..3:40AVM. a 11:15 P. M.
New Y orKrpre........ .11:19 A.M., , 10:50 A.M.
0.0.40. Wajap.i.... :J0 P. at. -7:50 P. M.
'iW i m rawMueav Aieat.
'CarrmALOmo B, I.'--'tWaiii f-. .-
Ho.SKxpraM 3:30 A. m. ires A. H.
xi. us ..i
R jrM.t IMS A. M.
' a w. J. leu, Agent.
rrrrawiRasi, Oolombos ft Onnnaum B. B
rUU Train liJO A.M. 11M A. U.
Bxpnss Sntn..... ..1LS5 A. M. ., S: p. M
, , . Bowrsmi, Agent
OpmwbvI ImiARorous, B.B. ' Aj. '
7 lUotqHlOi IIQBA Sfc 1HVIAHA A. tt.
RTe. l BxprMf..n.y- 1:30 A. M.
N. 'V 3:00 P.M.
1 T:SM P. M.
AMOMieoditioa f' 10:50 A. K.
MIW rTLBSUamt Sett, No. S
High, (tnet, bT Jo, t wnri nswetyke of Oua 0i
anuju. B4duh ud )UouM, Bttde In lb aewwl tut
moM tjllh smmtr. ' Alae, Hasievfe flala
IStacic tllk, nrr hmrj, Mined exprenly (or
MaoUliM aod fcwqalnM, . ... ,j (rlll
' "i'T -UL i -i'j oi ta' BAUT I0,' .
lt.v,..?ti .B?imh Mat,;
, -4 Wlti ana He etna
Skirmish on the Upper Potomac.
men of the Maasaonnaetu utb, while riding on
the tow-path, two miles above Uarper'i rerry
were fired noon bv the rebel! from the ODDoeite
tide of the river, Bnt one wu killed. There
was aconalderable body of rebels potted behind
tne warenouae ana otner nuiiaine.-. apiain
Striber. one of the MawaohuietU !3ts. Ulreet
id the fire of a twelve pounder against the
building, disponing the rebela. ' It ii inppoaed
tnat live or aix were killed. - - ..-
Commercial Intercourse in Kentucky
Commercial Intercourse in Kentucky West of Cumberland River suspended.
e. . . , ,.. . ,.,;,,; :,
CAiao. Sent." 17. A inecial to the Journal
from Cairo, aayi that a portion of Kentucky
weet or tne Cumberland river, nai oeen eeoiar
ed under insurrectionary control. Seoretary
unaie nas instructed the Surveyor Here to pre
vent all commercial intercourse wltn that aeo
tlon, and to search the baggage of . all peraoni
soioK thither. .j.i ..,
ibe irunboai uoneatora captured tbe rebel
iteamere Stephenson and Gaxelle np Camber-
lana nver, yeeterday. Una eonUmed iuu ton
A deserter from Jeff. Thompson savi that
Ihs force opposite Columbn is 9,300, and that
tney are raireed, iboeleas. ana abort oi prorii
Ions. He ezpreiaee the opinion that tbe com
mend will disband. -.', ,'.,.. .. (
Gen. Pope After the Rebels.
8t. Jostra, Sept. 15. The St. Louii Demo
crat ii furnished with tbe following Item:,
au ii quiet nere now.
General Pone haa sent a column of one thou
sand men and three nieces of artillery, under
Colonel Smith, after the rebels, who left here
on tbe 13th, and there is little doubt, bnt that
their larire train of plunder will be oaptnred,
although, ai uaual, they willidisperse,' and be
ing mounted, will escape unless Colonel smitb
shonld snrorlse them. t . ,w :
I be lrrerulari, Home uuards ana otbers, are
scouring tne country on all aides. '
colonels Cramer and towards, tne nrat com-
mandlne the Irregular force of Missouri volun
teers, and the latter about 600 Iowa state troops
will arrive here on Sunday, having; awept tbe
entire region north of this city.
Tbe Ueoeral will immediately pnt tnem in
motion aloDar both sides of the railroad to
olean out the small squads of rebels remaining
In the woods between bere and Chillicothe. The
General aayi in fire days North Missouri will be
quiet again. :- . '-
Alarm at Louisville—Humored Advance
of Rebels on the Nashville
LotntviLLt. Sept. 17. 10.30 P. M. The train
from tbe South on the Louisville and Nash
ville railroad hu not arrived, being aix hours
behind time.
Telegraphio communication below Elisabeth.
town (46 milet louth of here) hu been Inter
rupted tlnce tlx o'clock thla morning. ' j
Tbere is great military activity in tbe city,
All the Home Gnardt are assembling, and it la
rumored that a portion of Ronsteau'a brigade
bai been ordered over from the Indiana aide.
Movements of Gen. Price.
- correeoon
dent of the St. Louis Republican write aa fol
lows: , .
A person arrived here this morning who re
porta, that on Wednesday night General Price
wu moving towards oedalia ll.UUO men, and
that Parsons wu there with 3,500 rebels and
sixteen pieces of artillery. Other accounts lay
that Price left Warrenaburg for Lexington on
Wednesday night. " Reports are current that
Lexington has been captured, bnt they are not
Parties from Pettii county report a fight at
uiacKwater, in whlcn tne rebels defeated tbe
Home Guard and burnt the Blackwater Bridge.
Gen. Price Demands the Surrender of
Gen. Price Demands the Surrender of Lexington.
[Special to St. Louis Democrats.]
Jirriuoa Cm, Sept. 17-A man named
Griffith arrived bere to-day, and states that on
Saturday lut, General Price, with 17,000 men,
had surrounded Lexington, and had sent a
summons to Colonel Mulligan -to surrender.
Col, Mulligan refused, when Price la reported
to have lent word that be would give him till
Monday at fonr o'olock to surrender, and if he
did not, that he would march on him with a
black flag. ' ' " ' ' ' "
It is confidently thought in military quarters
bere, that Gen. Sturgis bai by thii time reached
Lexington from St. Joseph, and that Prioe will
be cut off or forced to retreat.
Quite a panic prevailed at Georgetown on
receipt of reports from Lexington, and many
families fled, fearing an attack from the
Mbela. ;'. '-..: . -- '' :
All qniet here, and ho apprehensions are felt
of an immediate attaok.' v - . .v., .
Federal Troops in St. Joseph—Rebels
Joining Gen. Price.
... . .
St.JosRra, Sept. 13. The oorretpondent of
tbe St. Louis Republican fnrnishes tbe follow
ing Ittms: ;,V't."',..j ' . ..".; ' .-
Tbe railroad bridge over the La Platte river
il not yet repaired. Travel la uninterrupted,
however: 'A'-"-..: J-;;"':
Tbree regiments, of United States troop
reaobed here to day, and more will arrive to
morrow. Before tne arrival of tne Federal
troops more than 5000 rebe'a rode oat of town.
bound South, to join General Price. - They are
an undisciplined orowd of mounted, bnt poorly
armed men. ' The Union niea are' jubilant d,
hopeful.'.- ' ... ',,' ... -'-.HMt .M.nt -law n
1 At RUwartsviUe, yesterday, two eompanies
of .Colonel Morgan's Home Guards had a
skirmish with a band of rebels, routing them,
killing ten or more, and capturing icveral
horsea. . .: iij cai'i . : ,n. kl. .-. .
Particulars of the Booneville Fight.
. -
VuriHvn vui Jug,, ecll. lf.-lig OOrre
pondent of tbe St. Loaii Democrat give tbe
following aooount of the engagement with the
rebeit at Booneville on tne idtn instant, taken
from Capt. Eppaln'i official report. The Cap
tain lays after the fight bad laated about an
hoar, the seceuloniate whom he had taken at
hostage became so restless that they begged
him to allow one of their number to go with a
flag of truce and uk an armistice.. This hoof
age came baok the same afternoon, while I let
my men ceue firing, with the request to know
my conditions. ; . - .
I than demanded that theyahonld withdraw
the secession lorees two miles from the cityj not
to molest any of oar families and other Union
people; to leave the arms of the killed and the
wounded on the ground where they fell. While
I promised to let the prisoners free whom I had
taken, with tbe exception of Preacher Pointer,
who I informed them I would ahoot, in cue
they should not honorably keep tbelr promise
for ssven day. They left town ' according to
their agreement. . ,. , ..... ,, ,'.,,
Thna the gallant fellow, with ; only one hun
dred and fifty men, actually dictated bit own
terms to fully four times hit number. The en
emy fought well for a little while, bnt ont of
the whole tlx hundred only tlx could be found
to alarm the works. Their leader! bravelv led
the way, but they absolutely refused to follow.
Of these tlx onr men killed four.' Among them,
their two leaden, Colonel Brown and bit son.
Colonel Brown falling so- near the entrench'!
menu that they drew bit body In end be died
inatde. Bealdee these tbe enemy lost eight or
ten killed and wounded.4 ; I . ,
A courier Juat from Booavllhj reports that the
rebel force was retreating towards Price's com
mand. Besides Colonel Brown and his ion,
they lost two other Captains. . Colonel Brown
wu armed with three eight-Inch revolvers and
abowieknife. The weapons are row In the
possession of Lieutenant Pease. J ''
The correepondoot of the Republican aays
that reliable information hu been received that
Lexington still held ent ea Monday, and bad
been elightly reinforced. Two thousand men
from here bad arrived at Arrow Rock, but
Green and Harris had left, with five or lix
thousand men, taking a southwestern dlreo
tiou."" s- 1 .h.'.''.. - "
Intelligence from the West, received here-to-day,
contradicts the report thar Person! bad
arrived at Georgetown, with, fonr thousand rebel
"W i: v V 1 n B i i.. '..-. oiri'- .'
Reliable news from Lexington, np to Satur
day evening, received hero, shows there had
been no fight there up to that time, though
the Federal troop had b
render by Prioe, wboae armj was fourteen thou
ana twong. 4 .. . 4 , v.
Gen. Pope will relnforoe LixlzWo to-raort
row, tb m, with 4,000 an,
An Indiana regiment was lent to guard the
Lamina bridge, lrom this place to-dv. As the
train wu leaving, a private named Wallace, In
getting on tne train, leu, wa run over, ana in
etantl killed, i ' C ;; -.-Thi
steamer War Eacle arrived this evening,
having left Booneville at 3 P.M. to-day, reports
all Oulet there. J -
Tbere were about 3.200 Federal troops there
when the boaflleft, betide the Home Guards,
consisting of the Iowa, 5th, Indiana 8ih, and a
battalion of tbe Indiana 22d . -
tut night a battalion of Home Guards were
eat west to gusrd tne jasmine pnage-, eigai
miles from Booneville, and on entering tbe
bridge they were fired upon by therebel pickets.
They returned the Are, killing one rebel and
wounding another. None of the Home Guard
were Injured.
A private in Company K, Iowa 6tb, named
William Barrett, committed tulolde en tbe War
Eaele. this evening, on tbe way down, by snoot
ing himself. ! ' t: ' u.
The steamer Clara Bell had arrived in salety
at Lexington. , , . r, ,,. , ,, .. - ,
From Washington.
Washinoton. Sent. 18. There it's rumor to
day that the offer of our Government to accept
tbe proposition of the rarii Conference in re-
ferenceto privateering, bat been rejected by
tne European rowers. l no report, nowever
ia not vet confirmed.
Government bat purchased all the woods
which border os the railroad from Washington
to the Relay House. The timber will be out
aown end transDorted to Wublncton to oe nsea
at fuel. A large number of men "are now en
gaged In felling the treet, leaving the track of
tne road perfectly clear on both sides. ,-; ' -Information
baa been received from - the In
dian country stating tfta several tribes of lava
get have offered to enrol themielvet in tbe
ranks of the enemy. , The penalty for this trea
sonable action ia a total forfeiture of their an
nuities set apart for the benefit of these tribes.
mere la authority for declaring tbe reported
proclamation of the Governor General oi Cuba,
recognizing the rebel flag, as sonrious none
snob, has been made r ' 1 '
General actlvi'r ttlll cmaili in. all the
branches of tbe Navy Department, .;
An order wu issued to-dav, autbonaine tbe
commander at Hatteraa to accent the services
of loyal North Caroliniana, not exceeding one
regiment, and to make timely requisition for
arma, etc... ...i
Maryland Legislature.
Frkoiricx, Md., Sept. I7.i-The House met
at 11 o'clock to-day. Eleven members were
present, and answered to their names, and
on motion, they adionrned till to-morrow
noon. h. -
Sinatr. Secretarv Kileore remained in the
Senate Chamber until 2 oVlook and no Senators
appearing at the roll call, he announced the
Senate adjourned till noon to-morrow.
Messrs. Kimmell. Mottle and Bradlev are the
only Senators bere, and they decline to enter
the Senate Chamber until tome of their col
league arrive, who are expected to-morrow. '
Fight near Sharpsburg—The Rebels
Sent. 17. The correanondent of
vdo Amerioan at oharoabnrg reports that en
Friday and Saturday laat, a aklrmiah occurred
near that town. On Friday the rebel appear
ed In large numbers in Shephardatown and
commenced firing on the. Federalist on the
Maryland, tide. Several oannon were brought
out by the Federalists, nnder Col. Anderson,
wno orongnt two of nil gona to bear upon them
from Douden Hill, opposite the town, and open
ed with ball and grape, which soon silenced tbe
rebel battery and destroyed several bouses. A
nag of trnoe wu aent from the rebel! propos
lng a cessation of the firing. , Since then all has
been J j
Beauregard to Attack Washington by
the 20th.
New York, Sept. 17. The Herald's dis
patches contain tbe following, which it about
the only fresh sensation of all the specials:
Vltatmarmu, Sapt. 17. Everything- ia quiet
along the linet to day. Several rebels have
been taken prisoners within a few days, and
they all assert that General Beauregard hu
promised the extreme Southern . and 'Coast
troops, that if they will not go home, he will
move forward before the 80th, and have a bat-
Jo. He assures them that he will take Wash.
ington without attacking our works immedi
ately in front. Thia promise ia made to keen
the troops of tbe Gulf States from leaving the
army.. Our spies corroborate the above state
ment. ''.- - .:' ' ; .'"
Boston. -c.Th iihf.flntinnii In tha
ireaurykesterday reached nearly fKvb
'J?ir.' - : I -
ine Arabia sailed to-day. i, Sbe took no
specie. v- . !' '. --j-i'-'." i '' ws
Kentucky Legislature.
FaANxroar, Sept. 17. The Senate bat pass
a bill to provide for tbe security of arma,
and protection of the railroad. .--i, , ,a-
Ia tbs House, Mr. Wolfe's report from the
committee ea Federal affairs, was adopted 70
Ml . r . , ' . .1.1 :
From the South via Louisville.
Lotnivau, Sept. 17. The (rain from the
Sooth has not yet arrived, i jf-,v? ',"-.,.. i ;
A part oi itoateau a Krigaaa iaow landing
here, and it i understood - -they- arc going
Southward over the Nashville' road, Immedi-
The Home uuardi are ail ont.'. Their desti
nation 1 luppoeed to be bontbward.
- Klobmond attpatchea to the Ubion and
American (Nathville) say Hon. L. P. Walker,
Seoretary of War, has resigned on account of
bad health. Ilia auocessor,,hu not been ap-.
WIU.VU..- t .' t ' '' -T&miV ' -t '.I'll. ':
All the New Orleans banks suspended specie
payment on tne iwqy ana rreasarv notes sell
The Journal learn that .imm every quarter
the recant wanton invasion ef Kentucky by the
conieaerete troops, is gisapprovea or by inou
eaods, and in some Inatance, Southern RIgbU
men have announced their purpose to unite in
tepellinjr the invaders. " ' ' - -y'
The Cotfrier of thii morning publUhes a card
calling a meeting of all. el tisane of Henry,
Trimble and Carroll, coontie te form a league
for mutual protection or the lira! and property
of the tamlliet of all parties. The idea ia
thought to be to put down all marauding band
of either party, and avoid guerrilla warfare.
'J be skeleton of anew regiment, nnder Car-
ran Pope, of this city, and graduate of Weit
Point, goes Into camp tbis week at the Fair
Ground near the city. " " ' '! '
enlisting is exceedingly uveiyi besides in
fantry, many artillery and cavalry oompanle
are forming, One cavalry company it compoaed
of German who have (eon lervioe, and cue ar-
tlllerv oomnanv nnder John A. Scott, will have
Peter Hart, of Fort Sumter, at first Lieutenant.-
The regiment of cavalry nnder James S.
Jackson, a member of Congress, hu been near
ly completed. . , 1 1
Harness ana saddle maker! are kept Duty
night and day and advert! for journeymen, n
It n reported that 3.000 Confederate, ender I
Gneral ZoUlcoffer, came to Cumberland Ford,
Knox county, on Saturday, and captured papt. j
Poaston'i Company of Home Goardt. ,
The Fort Smith (Ark.) Timet of the '7th,
learna that five regiment of Texai troops will
join Gen. MoCnlloch in few daytt also, a
raitutslppl regiment ana a sontn Carolina reg
iment. I ' , ...... .-
The Memohil Appeal bai a dispatch that
Gen,' Braxton Bragg hat been appointed Con
federate Secretary of War, vice L, P. Walker,
retigned. " ,fiii" j.ui xsmu-j
RioHkORD, Sept. H.-Th0 fight between the
Idnooinltti abd, Be&. Wiie at Hawk't Neet,
haa been confirmed. Uen. Henmngsen direot
ed ths Confederate troops. The enemy were
badly ent np. . , v . . , , ,,
Tne Hampton cavalry meae tpienaia dub
Into the enemy's line near Alexandria, and
after aomoabarp work they returned with three
prisoner! and considerable munition or war;.;
Exciting News from Maryland—Frederick
City Surrounded by Federal
Troops—Secession Members of the
Legislature Arrested.
Frcdiriok.' Mn 8eb08Immdietalr if.
tef the farce wu gone through with yesterday
In the Senate and House, of calling the roll and
adjournment, an unusual etlr took -place In the
community. Companies or wiisoa a tugiment
were obtervea pas mg tnrougn tne city in nit
ferent dlreotlons, and soon It wu found the city
wu walled in and no on eonld go out without
a pat) from the FrovMt MTibaj,WB0j offlo
was toon crowded with an excited throng ef
people who bad been stopped and turned pack
In the meantime, Litut. Carmksbael, ef the
Baltlmor police, was' moving quietly i abont
with hit officer, eoeom panied by a q uad of m ii
itarv. making arrest: commenoioK with the of-
floors ef the Legislature, and especially the
olerks. who contended that they would keep the
Legislative machine going until a quorum should
The first occupant of the guard-house wat
the Clerk of tbe House, Milton Y, Kidd. HU
assistant, Thomu! H . Moore, 'could not be
found till late io the evening, but wa finally ar
rested.: i p a" )''''"" ! i . Vi rl H f, C i
The Clerk ef the Senate, Mr. Kilmour, and
bis assistant, Mr. Carmack, were alio found
with much difficulty and taken to the aame do
tination: Mr. trorton and Mr. M. IC. Cubbln
of Allegheny, were next taken) and soon Messrs.
Bolman and Uurant were arretted. .
At a late hour Mr.Keesler wu ai rested; but
inn mills, at tne last accounts, ubu au uvea
tahen.'' - 'it '.$,..:? i .i
The aim of the officers was to arreet all tbe
members who voted ior Mr. Wallace's famous
report, about thirty thousand : copies of which
were -yesterday seized : at treasonable uocu
menu. .d '"i jiVav. h -i -ijiW
During the afternoon, the Union members of
the; House and senate met In caucua, and re-1
solved that tbe aotion of the senators present
in not assembling, have virtually brought the
Legislature to an end, they would return to their
homes and not again attempt to reassemble.
Mr; Long in the meantime wat delegated to
prepare a brief ttatement to oe aignea ana pun
lished bv the member! present.
' The arrest of the clerks will prevent them
from calling the roll, and so the Legislature Is
at an end.
Several of tbe most noisy and active secession'
Ists In town have alao been arrested. . '
. The priaouera will remain In tbe guard house
an nigbt and be removed' to rort motienryin
tne mornlug. T -. ? a.'..
Accident on the Ohio and Mississippi
CiRdNNATi, Sept. 18 Last nicbt, at -
past eight, a train on the Ohio and Mississippi
Road, containing a portion of Colonel Torcbin's
19th Illinois Regiment,-whiie passing over a
bridge near Huron, Ind., 133 miles west of
Cincinnati, fell through, killing and wounding
over one htndred soldiers. ; Intelligence of the
disaster reached here late last night, when a
special train wat dispatched to their assistance.
The following dispatch wu received from the
operator at Huron, dated ten minutes past one
'clock in is morning: . .
"Bridge No. 43 hu broken in two. It let
four cara down into the bed of the creek, and
fonr on top of them. Tbe engine and one oar
passed over safely. Tbere are about one hun
dred men wounded and ten or fifteen killed.
The Colonel of the Regiment aayi about that
number was killed, although nearly all of one
company are missing. It is thought tbe bridge
wu weakened by some malicious persons."
Cincinnati, Sept. 18 11 o'clock The acci
dent on the Ohio and Mississippi Road proves
worse than at first reported. Fonr passenger
cart went into tbe creek, and one box and one
baggage car on top of them. These carl con
tained two hundred and nlty men companies
E, e, li, and l; the latter two being the princi
pal sufferers. Captain Howard, Company I,
was killed. '. f -
. Up to tbis time about thirty dead bodies have
been taken ont, and more are under the
A train Is now on the way here with ninety'
two wounded. It Is the impression that from
forty to nlty were killed at tbe wreck. -Circumstances
indicate tbe bridge wat tarn
pered with by maliciona or traitorous persona.
The bridge was aixty feet cpan, teen feet bigb,
ana lately constructed. . . ,,
m " A "
Arrival of the Europa.
Halifax, Sept. 18. Tbe steamship Europa,
irom iiiverpooi Saturday, sept, im, via Waecns
town, 8th, has arrived at tbis port. Her date
are two day later tbao per the Anglo Saxon at
f'Mtber ruint.'
The sales cotton at Liverpool, on Satur
day, were 8,000 bales market' closing dull.
Breadstuffg firm. Provisions dull. Consols
Tne general news not or importance. Affi
davits have been aent to America, proving that
Serrlll, recently arrested at New York, bad no
politioal mission' from England, and the money
found in hia possession wu for t business pur;
pme uuiy. ' . -t , ... .
The interview between tbe Emperor Napoleon
and tbe King of Prussia, will take place at
' Political affairs on the Continent remained
unchanged. - t
KfantKactnrere r all kinds r Por
table and. Btatlenarw Kteana En
ajlneas Maw ITIlUs, lirlat MUU,
- ' oe cVe . ( J '
I ASS S ODLSl Btatmt B. ot . ML AND TBtaUnl
MACEIXS CO. Boakfitlll S&ADIOBD .,
00. BMtmini! '
Our PorUhle Inline and flaw Kill.
Wa awarded th nrat premium of (50 at th Indiana
State lair for 1960 over Ian It Bodley's on account of
Price, lightness, ilmpliolty, eoonomy of fuel
and inperlor charaoter ef-lumber tawecl.
Our Stationary Imrlne wa awarded the ama Tab
tbe Brat premium of !,- . r iv i !'
Our Portable Snirine wu awarded the Bnt premium ol
SllW at the fair at Memphis. Tenn., orer Blendy's Da
rail's, Columbus MaohineOo's., aad Bradford t OoV .
by a committee of practical Railroad. Hagtnesrs. , 01 ,.
xr price auu nsrma aaareas , .
- WU.LAKD WiStKB, treasurer1, "
decS-detwIyeols. : 'j . v Newark, Ohio
j BR; LELANI)'9. V
' Iff. 5!
t j -
Rheumatism, : .Qont .. and . Hoar alfla,
" 1 1 i i AND A SUM OHM, fOK .
All Mercurial Diaeassa.
Tf I. . iw.MMt.Un 11 avMfiM ttmn . AAntalnln a mA.
Icated compeund, lows wore a round th Waiat,.witbout
Injury to th most delicate persons; no change la habit
oft living I required, and It tatlrely remorea the dla
ease (rem to aratem, wnneut proaueing tne ,wanona
affect arising from the asr ot powerful tutorial mecll
cuMd Whiob weaken and destroy th eoustltaUoa, and
ire taanorarr relief only. By thi treaUnent. the med
klMlproparUeaaonUined bt the Band come la eoataot
wtta (la blooa ana re sen in aiaease, torouga ta pete
of the el-ln. etToctlng la fry tnatanot a perfeat euia.
ana rwat King tit part amwua to a aeaiiny oodoiuob.
Inks Band la also a moatpewerful Am-Maaooaua ageat,
and will entirely relievo th ay ateaa tioaa UieperiMoiotie
effeetaof klereury. aloderata case are cured lu a few
dare, and w an oondutly teosivtng testimonials of It
eujracy in agirravatea oases of long standlo. . .
PRioa SI.UO, to b bad ef Druggists generally, er eaa
b aent by mall or axprese, with full direoiioss for aea.
te any part of th eounUT . direct from th Principal
Offloa,; , . v.-, ... , ,., .. .,
409 BBOASWAT, Krw Terk. -
'.'I -"a, fSMITH Sc. CO.t Sole Proprietors....
" B. J-DesorlptlvaOlrculara Sent free.-' ' '
Hi t. SCH0KLLIH 80S, Paoearrrs, lnrt, lk
ifl I. High St., bet, friend and Mound, Columbus, 0.
H7 Atrente WantedL ETerrvettere. V ,
Bin89-lyl0fUtp.W.-l ....'. .?. .-
W AST ro 10,000 Oustomer t buy 15 eent Ambro
trpes at M. WITT'S Cheap Aabrvtrp Room, Ke.
BlElglj street, Ovlaiubuj.Ohiv.
' ' '' 1 ' "' '.'i.-jm'A ; k'"
' ' atmwsdn ','"i.''- '.:,"' I jiuMl ! . .
- :l 17 vV .VrV-'- ''-t Hi?'' -
- ....... lri.,.L
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Sept. 17.
iTLOUa ITi again advanmd 510o par hml. with
a good daaaa tor uport, aoda fair Inquiry (or hau
ooninmption ulna of S3 SUO bamla at $1 S04 90 for
uyerfine iUte; $i Wxiib to for ixtra do; t 7094 80
(or iapcrfln westamt 5S Nforaoaunon Is im.
dlam extn weataraj $5 15(851 for hipping brands
tn ronU hoop Ohio, tat M S&M SS (oi
do; aarket elotln qoito Ins. - Caodlan Vloar doing
bttler; nles of 6j0 bbls at $ bO for saparllna,
ana 3 10(3S 30 tor common to onotoo extn.
3 RYM f UlUAHtuiH end tad, with aatea at 2 309
ci'au HEAL-or aotlT, with aala of 100 bamla
Brudywut at S3 0033 OS, an 1(10 bsritl Jarvj at
WHISKY Mom utlra: aalei of 1.300 bbli at 18V
19c,ehleflttha latterprioe." " ' :
WHAT Th. iuddIt of that 1 VrettV IdiM, Snd
with moderate export demand) market ttarcely to flrni;
prion, however, are without any drclded' ebangar aalea
oi nf.im buaheli Chicago aprlng at e wttii v, tne ut
ter prioe for Yerjrchdw; W.OUO babeH aorthweitrrn
clobatll 08! 13 000 buahele Baelne enrlog at II 09;
6Si,UU0 buihel, lllwankeeolnb at SI O&aH 10; 301 both-
riM vreea By eprlng at Bt iu, m,wv nuoeie moer
i Si 11 1 ; 1,000 bmheu rery enoloe oo. at
ly.000 biuhel. winter red welters at SI 14S1 20:
1,500 bmhele rery Inferior do. at SI 11, 18,100 bothel,
Ameer Michigan at II ill: 84,000 white Ohio at tl 139
1 a 000 bniheli whit Illinois at II 88X1 4,700 bnib-
eli white Michigan at HO 3(1 30; and 1,000 boiheli
white Kentucky at 1 SOffll SO. .. '.'-".-
Jti a vtniet ana arm at ox 'ue, ai ux qoa.il. ' -r
BARLKY Dull and nominal. ! .iv-r
OOHN Market about le bio her, with moderate export
and fair ipeculatiTe demand; aalea of IDa.SOO baabela at
49X(52to for interior to common mixed western; 5'ifi
5te lor good to prima shipping do; 5556o for weitern
yellow... ., . . -.
OAtB Scarce and enter at 2731o for Canada, and
33)41350 for wsnem and iUte. ..... , ......
roit Less acUre, but prices without material change;
aalea of 1,140 bbli at 1 14 50 for meal, and 7511) lor.
prime. ... r .......
BEES Continue! quiet and steady; aales ot SOD bbli
at 44 so for country prime; 50 for country
men; U3ill 115 for repacked mess; and $13 7&S13 5tl
for extra men. In prime mess beef and beef hams there
nothing of moment doing, and price nominally un
changed. ' i
OUT SIBAT8 Are quiet, with sales of 38 packages
ixwae for moulders, anaiKeoo ior nams. ,
BAUON Dull and nominal.
LA UP Steady, with sales of 450 barrels at 8J BUe
DCIIJER In mnderat demand for export at 7(910
rorohlo; end ckl4o for state. -OBBElaV
Rather more sttadv at 5S7c for common to
good, and 7jc for very choice.
BDOAR8 Raw la vary firm, aalea of 863 hogsheads
at7X8eforOuba,and Os for Porto Rico; 141 boxes
Havana at OKo.and 380- hhds Melado.and 1,455 bags
Manilla on private terms. "
MOLABHKS Finn with moderat home trade demand;
sales Include 81 hogsheads Cuba Muicorado at 30c;
iuu barrels new Orleans at xbo; ou aogineaas rorto
Rica at 3C(38o; and by auction, 51 hhds do at 30(333X0
Cincinnati Market.
STJfl AR There were reported to-d salaa ot IM hhds
t9Xc, cash. . - .
UOKkKit ttalrsst i3,s(iaM.aoJ -.t
M0LABBK8 8aleiof!tfbblsat40o,eaih.." ' '
These prices corer. good fair to prime numbera of
ocSee, and prima Jaolaeie In oak cooperage, and
they are a fair criterion of the market, unless we except
ldelsssei, la tbe quotation for which tbere are some lr
resularities. Tbsrewere small sslea made to-day at
on th aaaal terms, as also at 4Uo, but ths former
figure Is generally the as Log prioe for round lot. - -
I1A1UK liaa a cotter poiiuon ana is aeia wnn more
firmness. There Is lomethlng doing for shipment, and
atsadv demand from a reiular custom trade. Buper-
fine Is quoted at 13 75, extra at S3 f4, family at
1495. The amount of all ilndi, particularly superune,
W ua&I Bun nous a naay maraetanu prices an vm
oer bushels better thsa at this time last week. The
preference ior tne prime quaniea or nentuciy wntcn is
handled here la still very marked and likely to continue
so. sine Its equal cannot Be Obtained at any other point.
Buyers are necessarily lestnunea irom running ap
prices as they would were a specuUtlre movement gov
erning tne market. - xney pay now as ran rates as are
warranted by the prices of hour, and maintain Tory rem-
larly that standard, without competing with on another
very strongly in purchasing. . The range- ot prices Is
state at lOstaw ior inferior to strict ry prime red; nixat
Mlo for the aame grades of white. Very good samples
of red were sold to-dsyat7Ve. - A large number of the
lots selling are in imall amounts and of course do not
go eff to readily a though they were larger, sine they
cam tne emrperw s greater aggregate amount oi trou
ble. ; .. .t -.' -'' :
CORN Hat ruled throughout ths week at 37c, not
withstanding light receipts. Th demand from distillers
restricted or a better figure could be hsd.
OATS Hare for several days past been nard to any
less than 22c, but Slo la still given as the price, In
bulk. "
RYE Will not brlngover 38c. 4
BARLEY flat no market. s ' ' "
vramnv. u-a-a mtzket to dar at 13 Uo, with
upward tendency.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, Sept. 17.
I LOUR Sales of 150 kbl red double extra at 4 S7H,
and 35 bbla do at S4 50. .
WHBAT Unlet at yeateraay a ngurea. .nates were
1300 bmh at i4c; S cars at came; 1500 bush at Sie, (re
on board and 1 ear white at fir-"-" -
CORN Sales of 5000 bush at 33o, free on board.
OATS tales of 1 car load at STo.
UIOHWlliRS-Saw of 3 bbla at ISKo, and 50 do s
13fiO. -.1 ; --', ', m 1 f.l.ji ...'
BUTTSR Sales of I firkins at 8o. 'r.iy i
,,IU08 Baleaof 4bbUat 7oj . : .' - :Mr. i
in axpertenoed Nurse and female Phyilclau, preeenui
. j to the attention of mother. ae , ,t,t
Which iteetlV facilitates the proeeu of teething, by soft
ening the gums, reducing all Infiammation-rWlll allay
aLli r Alfl and spasmoaio acuon, ana is
trnzA npoo It, motheri, U will giro reft to youmlTe
We k nnt no and sold thia article for orer ten years.
and OAK BAY, lit CONflDBNOl AJ1D TRUTH, of it,
what W nae never keen able to say of any other modi-
ANOB. TO RFflOT A OURS, when timely nard. Nut-
r did w knew aa instance of diasetlsntstton by any oas
who used it. - On the oontsarv. all are delighted with Its
operations, and speak In term ot oommendatlon of U
magical enects ana mecittei etrtueev ne speax in tnis
matter "WHAT wiooahcw; arear ien years expe
almost every tnstanc where th Infant 1 suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found In fifteen or
twenty mlnutea after theSyrup la administered. .
This Tamable preparation IS tne preeonpnon or one oi
New Bneland. and haa bean used with MtVlB f AIli-
INaSCCOBUtln " - . . .t-.'
'. THOVSAitiiB vr VASKSi '
Tt not onlr relleres th child front pain, but lnvhroi
atea th stomach and aowele, corrects acidity, and gtres
tone and energy to tbawhok ayatanv , It will almost In
atantly reliev - wt.'.w .. ... w
tsjpura nr ths iirwasy aid fix cot)
and rrtrcome eonvuisiona, wnlch. If not speedily resn
died, eud In death. We belirr it th BUST and 8Uu
BT ItgMKDY IN THI WORLD, In all cases MUV8
ttarieM from teething, or front any otfcee aim. W
would ey to wrery mother who base child suffering from
ann? the fnremine anmolainta DO NOl US I XOUii
etand between you and your aunenng eniia, eaa tne re
llef that will be BURI yea. AB80LUT1XY BURB-to
follow tbe use of this medicine, if timely used. - fall di-
reoUoaevfor using will accompany each bottle. Hop
genuine unless the lac-simile or (JURiiB iatiiWHaj
Sew York, la en the outside wrapper. ' -
Sol by all Druggist throughout th world. i
Prlnoipal Office, ia Cedar Street N.T.
e m. :iinnrMS C0.iV:
Front Strut, Between State sad Town.
'- - . ' " .4 . ', ...... H - -
SHOP m still rmnnln. and althearh
tha pressor of lata years has set heart ly
Mn h ninnlH. MAM. she la ail II turn-'
Eg out those splendid PHJtTOKS, ROOKA WAYS, and
BUOOIBB, OAJtaUOHV irruioo, lasu rra,
BUBBS and HACKS. Twenty yearaateady maautao
tariDg Urn giren our work a wWe-spsrad repnutloa
,.l, MI Rnnth and Wait. .
We therefor deem It unnecessary to aay any thing mar
regard to theruaity-f war wwrlb Wnwauauiv
tmx Veiiiou., Ws eaa eell Tor Bfim free,
Daileraoan be furnlshsd with aov amount of work st
short notice, and at prioe lower than can be bought any
where in tne nest, neoona nanajguggie taken . aa as
change for new work. , rl,
JLBe pal ring don neatly and J abort fa
lory ou front, between Biali and, Sown stneta, Oi"
AKIb. .. . J.
yyAU oommauloatloni wlft reoelVBrrroinpt attention,
Aug. Mpwiy 4 , at. wiuamam vtt,,,
.. I
PtHvrtNotTtT, t.-.BWt TtemrrnD
4 a.
KT Offfcee, 820 Broadway Be York City,
Aaaowa' Bcoaurs, Columbus, Ohio.' ' ' ':
lO'Oarerul atteottca paid to Oolitctkmi. ' v
lnsteait Heller! , . ; atep fnt Cewsrli "
Vmwltr yen
. S i. i J
atrengthen j
jrenr Breattkf ,
' Jr-H -ft
' 'L'J
rn .aOTtIMM. OABBT, .
I , LADIES AM MUgtmD WITH' f: " i'
' ' ' OBUDMoT OBt WI . V fe, '
' - J ,. ,r ft' I'- "
They relieve a Cough Instantly.,
They olear the Throat. ' '' ' - "
They give etrenffth and volume to 'the voioe.
They imparl a delfclona aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herb and cannot
' harm any one.
. ( . V 'l i-A . '
I advlie trery'bn who hat a Cough or a husky Voice
or Bad Breath, or any difficulty of th Throat, to gat
package of my Throat OonfcoUona; they will relieve
job Instantly, and you will agree with m that "they
go right to tha apot." Ton will find them very nsefal.
and pleamnt while traveling or attending publlo meet
ing for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. 1 1
yoa try on package, I am aafa In aaying that yon will
ever afterwards consider litem Indispensable.
To will and than at lb Druggists and Dealers In
Medicines. . , ., . -' , -v s.. .
'-"j i ' 'i--,'PRI01. '
j , , , TWENTY-Fiy: CENTS.
My signature la cn each package; ail other are
A package-will be aent by mall, prepaid, on reaelpt of
Thirty Cents. - . '.
Addrss, . ')' , - -.-' -v. .. ..... ,- -
Henry C. Spalding,
, , , . NEW YORK.
Nervous Headache
' By th as of the i lAt tie periodic attacks of AV
out or Utet Bta&aeto may be prevented; and If taken
at tha oommenocment of an attack Immediate relief from
pain and sickness will baobtained.
. Theyeeldowi fall In moving the fauna end ' " ' '
acA to which females are so roeol. " ' '
, .Tby act gently upon th bowel remotlng Cbttli
aM.i '
for? LUtrarf Mm, Bludtntt, Delicate female
and all persons of fdmtaty habit, they are ralua
a f lamaUv. Improving ths apptUU, giving fotw
N0ev to th digwtiv organ, and restoring ths natur ,
lastlelty and strength ot th whole system. ....
' THI C1PHAXI0 PILLS r th result of long invet
ttgatien and carefully conducted experiments, having .
been ta use many years, during which time they bar
preYected and reliered a vaat amount ef pain and suffer
lav from Headache, wtaeth originating in th nerve,
17ft em or from a deranged stats ef the aseeaocA. ..
' They an entirely rege table ln-therr 00m position, an
may b taken at all time wltlt perfect aafety without
makin( any change of diet, ' and lit oSeewo of any
diKiartsabUtatUrmcUrtit uf to udmlttU trllum ;
BiWAsi of ooTjimarirrs i '
,. ! ... . r . .,
tnaganulna have fivaHgaataia of Henry. 0 Spalding
oacackBoz. . .' u .u''.i , . -im.
Sold by Druggists and all ethtr Dealer! In Medicines. ',
A Box will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of th
Prloog QQ Ooxita. . .
AU orders should be addressed1 te.'JL "' "
4S Oedr Htreet, New yerk,.
t front thelxamlnsr, Norfolk, Va.
Oenhall Pill aocomtillah tha abject for which tbe
wen made, via.: Our of headache in all 1U forms. .
-i j ! . f ram th Imnlner, Korfolk, Ta,
They hare been tested In men than a thousand .
Wltn enure sucoess. t.
!f3 j from th Democrat, It. Cloud, Minn) "
-Vr van era. ar mm heeu. troubled erlth the huluh. -
Mod fur baa, (Cephalle rills, o I
them la eaa of aa attaok. 1
yoa may have " -
" 1 from the Adrertlser, FroUnc, f,. J,
Tb Oephalle Pill an said to ben nmarkablv effeotlra
remedy for th headache, and on of th wary beat toe
that very frequent oomplalnt. which lata ever been, dia
i. ' T?i..' s.-,a ...(4.a
n. froan tha Western It. R. Oaxetts, Ohloago, 111. 1
1 "We heartily radon Mr. Bnauldin. and hia unrteaW ",
Oephalle Pills. - "'
' tii Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha. Ta... . 7
We are tun that oereoos aufferln with th btadaoh '
who try them, will stick to them. ;,'.-fV.
from the Southern Path finder, New Orleans, law ,
Try them I yoa that are afflicted, and we are sure that
your testimony can be added to the already numsroua
list that hasreoslved benefits thatao other nwdiciaeeaa
produoe. - ' "
I from tbe St. Louis Demoerai,
The intmense demand for lb articU ,0ephalla fill
n rapiuiy toorraamg.
! from tba Oasette, Dareapori
Mr. Snaldtn would not oonnacl hia naaaa erlth an ar.
tlcls he did aot buna to poeaeea real merit. u , ,
5. V
S v I -w-
JO lngle' wottl of HP ALDINOf PMPARIS't ' A
,.wn wmsaToumesitseoetennuJly.iJ . f
4 it'. eaavawanwa " I '' f) ' J T ' " V'
'Jrd&iSQ'B PREPARED oobV t:
tl orawiuuo naraufv wuvnr
1 bavb tub nauaw r - . 1 1, j .
- 100HOMT1 . s::, '..i -J ' HIBPATCHI
i IT7"A Snwn n Tiar Sato Ifiitt.irTT i ;
A tceldrat will happen, even ha well regulated fam'f
Ilia, it la Tory desirable o har some cueep end eea ' ..
Toalsnt way far iwpalrlnf f arnltura, Toj,.Orookery .
all ach sswrgeaele, and no hooiwhold en afford
tab without Is. Itlaalwaya ready, and rio thestuk .
lag point-
ksKfin, rn btirt hottbk.',,
If. V. A Rraab aoRompsmle each bottle.
. Addreea,
Wo.sH, Cedar Btnet,!ew rrlt.l
,iA csrUla enprlDOlpled ptraon r attempting 't..
r.li e e the unsutpeetlng public, imkutiuus of m
PHtPARKD SLUR, I would caution alt perwmstot
aalu before purchasing, and e-e that the mil nm.
JO"8PAUlDii'8 PRKl'ABkOOLO ej..i j; )
I a Uieouwd WiapptrialloUiin are snw..,,. j cea
terlelts, . .

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