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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 20, 1861, Image 3

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Malls for Claw Yark Oltv .'Bolton.' Albany. Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, nteabenvtlle way, Cleveland, Zeatavllie,
Mowark, flruovllle, Watblngton Oil. Baltimore, Phila
delphia and New Orlaene,cloedlfjr (Sundays except
ed) at 8 o'elock p. m. ; ' " ' . .
A through stall for New fork and Cleveland dotes
tolly (flunusjra excepted) at S'elock p. m. i
0. 0. fc 0. E. B. Way Mall clout daily (Sundays
otpted) at B o'clock p. m. ' ... ,..
Central Ohio Way Man closes dally (Sunday excepted)
10 o'clook .(-" '
OinalDiiaU Way Mall closet dally (Sununyt sxoepted) at
oolock. a. v- i..v-
Chicago, Dubuque, Delaware, Martoa and Worth ine
tea Mailt eloaew dally (Sundays excepted) at 'clock
Mailt fat Xeala. Springfield, Dayton, Toledo. Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, Louisville, Bt. Louis, and Detroit,
clowo daily (Bamlayt excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m. .
A through mall to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
cloaca dallr (Sundays excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m
Urbane, Plqua, Tiffin and Unloa Oily nail oloeea daily
Laoouter. Lonn. MeleonTllle, OlrclcTllle, Ohllrteothe,
' PortamouUi, Waihlngton 0. H.; Athena, Marietta and
HllleboroiiiD malla oloa early (Bundayf excepted) at 8
clockp.m."' " s i, i.: v.,-.j,v-aat
Way Mall by National Road to ZaaeirUle eloeei
dally (Buno5iexoDtaiat mo'olook . ..
Marrlibargb mail eloeei dally (dundaya exoepted) at 9
v oiooi p. m ' "i"' .
Mt. Vernon Mall; by way of Wetteirilte and Banbary,
eloeei dalhr (Sttndiya exoepted) at 3 oVlook p. m
Dublin Marl cloeee latly(8andayi exeepted)at a o'clock
p, m, rf.'i. JU (,r.. .til..: l.I - ' '
Laoouter Way Matt cloeee dally (Bandaya excepted) at
Albany, PUIetmrgh, OlcTelaad, Sayton, Toledo, Xenia,
Petrolt,8prlnfleld,01neiiuiaU, ChilUcothe, Bt. Loula,
and all Boathera elllee, arrive between the boon ol t
o'clock b. m. and 4 o'clock a
Mailt froaa IaeUanapolla, Ohlcac and Dubuque arrlT
at a:ua. mr,-r ,...-.,-.,.. . . -
Mailt freea Waebjnftoa City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zaneerllle. Newark, Bteobon villa, Mt. Vernon, 'and (he
g. O. B. B- Way eiaU, arrire at n o'clock m. ., ,.,
Way MaU froaa OknolnnaU entree at 3 o'clock p
liancaeier wan amreeMv ooiecs p. aa, , 7 .
act Way Mall orer the National Ron! intra at II
O'ciocxa. m. ' ,.r -
Mt. Vernon Way Kail errWe at ll.-fiO a. m. i I
Mail from Dublin arrlree at 19 o'clock a. - '' 1
Urbane Way Mall arrrree at 9 o'clock p. m.' !
Harrlitmrgh Mall arrlree at 11 o'clock a. ' ' -'
Lanoaaier Wa ktall arrirae at 12 o'elock m.-
Office dellrery open every day (except Bandar) from
7 o'olock a. m. Me) e'ekx p. as. Open oa Bnndayi
from TX to o'clock In the morn!nfY and from S to 6
- - -
Rail Road Time Table.
Lirru Mum at Oouraaca Jt Zmu Be R. .
laaret. Arrlree
Cincinnati aeoommodatioa. 5 00 A. M. :10 P. M.
BxDreea 11:40 A.M. . . 11:03 A. M.
Mall and Aooommodatlon. . 9:10 P. M. ' 8:00 P. M,
Might xpraet rla Paytoa.K:00 midnight. JWA, M.
. vain. W. DonxxTr, Agent.
Cottmici at CLirmjur BB. ,t '
Night Bxpreu ,,...3:40 A. M. 11:15P.M.
New York Xxpreat 11:10 A. M. ;" 10:M A. M.
0.0. JeOrWajBiprem.... :3Q P.M. . 7:50 P. M.
S "'"-iutn Pattxr ion, Agent.
0talOW;'b. .. ) l Plvi .!,: . ! .
No. 3 Ixpreee 3:30 A. M. . Sl:25 A. M.
MojS do ........... J2: 15 P. M. , 11:44" A,VM.
, , u .. (i .- r. J. yaut Aganuyj
Prrmclea, Oeioaane Ciwcwxati B. B.
Mall Train 3.30 A. M.' -JISS A. M.
xpreee Train....... ..I1J5A.M. 8:45 P. M
, , ., Joe. Boiiaeow, Agent...
OoiuHiot at IxDutoroue, B. B. ' " ' "'
(OoLoaaoe Pioda Ikduiia B. B.) '
No.llxpreat .. 8:90 A. M. ; ... 8.00 P, M
No. 8 " .3.00 P. M. 7:30 P.M.
Aooommodatloa , . . .. .10:50 A. M.
a, W. Bmitb, Agent.
The Adams Ex press Company places us doily
under obligations to it for the very latest papers
from the eastern cities. '.
The American Express Company baa our
thanks for its daily favors in the shape of the
very latest eastern papers. . . .. .
Special Notice.
A public meeting will be held this evening
(Friday), at 7) o'clock', in the Vestry room of
Trinity Churcb, Broad Street, opposite the-Capitol,
to make appropriate ex press fon of public
feeling in relation to the recent decease of Col.
Loam Andiiws, late President of Kenyan Col
lege. : ; ,
Our teachers and citizens connected with the
educational interests of Columbus are espe
cially invited, aod alt others whose feelings of
friendly regard for the memory of our lament
ed friend, are earnestly requested to attend..
Diath or Col. Loan Antniiws.' Lobin An
dsiws, late President of Fenyon College, and
Colonel of the Fourth Ohio Regiment, died at
his realdence at Gambier, Knox county, on
Wednesday, the 17th lost., of typhoid fever.
Col. Aaoatwe was one of the most persever-
In- aod distingoUhtd educators in Ohio.' Jle
was a uaUfS f Vermont, but waa edaoited at
Kenvon College, of which Institution" he' 'was
President at the time of, the bombardment of
Fort Sumter. On the isgaing of the President's
proclamation, calling for three months' volun
teers, President Andiiws Quitted the quiet seat
of the muses at Gambler and enlisted In the
ranks. He was, however, made Captain of his
company, and afterwards chosen Colonel of the
Regiment, the Fourth Ohio; He was ordered
with bis Regiment to Western Virginia, whence
he returned with the disease preying npon him,
which finally terminated his mortal career.
Cot. Akdbiws was beloved by the men under
his command, and leaves behind him a memory
whiob will bo cherished as sacred by thousands
of his fellow eltliens.'. " ; "'.I ,
O Tb4 Memphis .AWeacAt says that one of
the Louisiana companies lnt the battle at Man
assas lost its eaptaln. ' Tbe eompsny tben nnanK
lmously fleeted the wife of, ths deceased Je fill
DIB pisce, SJl vneiaoy, in onirorjuypateeu
a a . ' i nV' l ' H . r . j a m ,i m
through Mcmpbji.on rte-ttth Inst., on her way
to assume, command et her company.., - ,t .
Mdhinooh Cotttar.-rTbe annual commence
ment of tniolnttitutien located at New Conoord,
Mnsklngunieoutttj.wU Uke pUcs,j)n Wednes
day eventbr; September Ktb, "'The rnogramme
of the eieretelsan Itaterestlog oneV.'a We
pleased tn learn that the Institution, a regards
the Faiulty, Is to- be plaoed ea b permanent
basis, to tootwk lf . Try dasirable
resort forj yOnn men" who wish to twriilrw-B
thorough edsaeilou. jr..v,-.-.u ,i.,0a ,s.
.M ian in mm i ' " tJt y; j .:
Goon Lxyawwtt.The; Sprln Jtteld rStffMi
tn Is rssponslbUfbf the followUgi It"eays,a
broker not loag go,' wh sacottlng a fair dais,"
eel bome.'aeked herWDM kind of' money she
liked best.-'Of eetwee the blushing beauty Ja-
stantly dnegeated rMarImpnr.N.vYhat rite of
Interest Will It brlogt" Inquired the saaa of oar-
rent funds and wildcat 4oeiments.U4:!,If proper,'
ly lnvested,Hsped the falrrAeriJlf prop
erly Invested, h will aoabU tba oriiginat stock
hi j!j;oi e oes .
A Diwmwct r On LarrnAt rH.LWiV
the other day, a Gear gtaa awm Guy'a'
rreeted,1J)r:horitIiiI W,Jtt: JPavw,' atVti mw
taken before) 'the MlUtary CoaxmiMlon .avt 'ioa'
ArBeiialTortwWit fr;tf Tlfader;
going mlTtttlry dtaflfpilnV e: wolemnly tvervedJ
thai if lie M about Iqt Hf tm A
Utake.! tbi H"- dheet s
Jtrr. c. jMvievtAMonei ox an laauna regimeui.
He psrsuadtd te eewKlB error Inis
; light, took the oa'lh f llegla'bc; ted ot hisj
way. itsrr4toaya8Auerooa-ewrsr.,.;'.:,;
nun ii utmmmmmWtoa r '
' dollar and w pewiatieg isv sitawls'l
pipe In saatkel' a.W bavlcg been warned by
officer Kerf to dssUV.
Cam or tbi Rtf . Seam Hooch. U. S. Com
mission Hallidat. of Cincinnati, on Wednes.
day morning, rendered the following deolsion
the above oase, discharging the prisoner from
oustodyi r - 1 f i iY y
"This oase Is aa important one, and has
oreated some considerable excitement lathis
oommunlty. The defendant In this case was
arrested by the United States Marshal on the
11 to, lost., on a warrant Issued by my authority,
on onarge oi treason against tne United a uses
oy adhering to tne enemies of the United States
and giving them aid and comforts The afflda
vit npon which it was issued was made by M.
wmiaen on tne same day.
"The testimony on the nart of the United
States is several letters found In the possession
of the accused, from persons in different parts
or tne country, and several copies or tne paper
that he had been publishing. '. Some of the let
ters annrove of the course of the accused, and
some condemn It. The defense has offered no
testimony whatever; bnt submitted the cue to
me wit&out testimony or argument irom coon
Now. from a careful examination of all the
letters and papers that have been submitted to
me, x cannot nna anyining mat toe laws wouia
recognise ss treason. Therefore i think the
Government has failed to make ont a case
against the accused that would warrant me In
noldug liim for a lurther bearing betore tne
Circuit Court of the United Slates. Therefore,
I deem It mv dntv to dlscbaree tbe acensed;
"I would further say. tbatlfind in the papers
that nave been eubmitted to met several aru-
elee that are offensive in their character, and
are calculated to exolte the minds of the people
at this time, and unbecoming a minister of tbe
Gospel. But I am informed that he has ceased
publishing tbe paner. whiob, I think, is very
sensible on his part, for I think It very certain
mat a paper of this kind will do no good, nut,
on the eontrary, mooh harm, when our oeuntry
is convulsed trom center to circumierenoe."
BT Fifty-three thousand dollars have been
paid to tbe families of volunteers in the olty of
Cincinnati and county of Hamilton, since the
war broke out. .., - .v
ST. VtM. Hottom, who wM .feoeBtly held to
ball In ClndnDBtl, on charge of treaton, has
been arrestedj in thig oitj, and bound orer
by Jnitlee Millie, In the ium of $500, to keep
the peace, be baring threatened to ihoot bil
brother. In law, a soldier by the name of Blush.
who, he alleged, had given information, wbiob
caneed hie arrest on the charge of treason , ,
"mm i i . i -I .
H7 The Fifth Ward Home Guards bare
changed their name to that of Colnmbus Grays.
ICT The National Road Bridge, acrote the
Soioto rWer, id being famished with a new
floor, under the superintendence of Captain
S3 Three soldiers have been court-martialed
at Camp Wade, Cleveland, for sleeping while
on guard, and the order of the court was rsad on
areas parade Wednesday afternoon. The sen
tences Were that the culprits should be confined,
two for sixty hours .'and forty-eight hours
respectively, oil bread ' and water, and the
third forty-eight hours on bread and water and
to forfeit one mobtEl pay. ' f ? .1 :
ST Oa Thursday evening, the 12th Inst., tbe
dwelling house of Dr. S. B Poitm, of Cleers-
port, Falrflsld county, was tonsnmed by Are,
with all its contents, save one bed. The fire
was doubtless the work of an Incendiary.,'
Sheriffs Sale.
Wray Thomas
iSnperior Court.
Edward A. Brown
JL to
me directed, from the Bnperlor Oomrt of Irank
Un county, Ohio. I will ofler for aale at tbe door of , the
Uoort Hoaae, in the city of golnjnbaa, Ohio,
ban. Ohio,
P 5th, J861, iA
g premieei, tltoate In
On Saturday, October
atone o clock, P. M., the followlnr
the county of Franklin, and Bute of Ohio, and bound'
ea at ionowe, to wiu
That tract or parcel of land lylns eaat of the city of Oo-
Inmboa, being a inbdlrlelon of half taction No. S3, town-
ahip Mo. S, range No. S3, Refugee land, and deaoribad
on a oerlala plat recorded in the office of the Recorder
and for aald rranklln county, n Book No. 31. pan
6S (reference thereto being hereby made), aa lot No. 81),
containing eleven aorea ana aevenry-eerea one-nnna-
redtht or an acre (II 77-100), and which wat oonvryed to
rail ex Davit by John Oreiihton. and by aald Brail
Davit and wile to Jtdward A.Brown, by deed dated October
7th, A. D. 1866, and recorded In Book No. 61, page 178,
In tbe Heeorderl office la aald franklin oouotyj the
above premlsea hereby at aforeaaid conveyed, belni tnbr
Jeot, in the bande of tbe aald Edward A. Brown, to the
claim or nit mower, uaroiine brown, lor tne charge an a
expenta of her reasonable and comfortable tnpport and
maintenance during her natural life. )
A Leo, the followingdeacribed real eitate, tltuatt In Urn
eoumy of franklin, and State of Ohio, to wit; The
weet hair ol lot no. ua, In the eabdlvltlon of hair tac
tion No. S3, townablp No. 5. range No. 33. at made and
deeeribed in a certain plat recorded In the Beoorder'a
omoe of Franklin county, In Book No. 31, page 65 (Re
fugee lands): the whole of aald lot containing eleven
and seventy-three hundredths of aa acre (11 73100), Dd
being the tame land that was conveyed to the mid f.ya'1
Davit by John Orelxhton, and by laid Brail St Davis
aed-wlfe to Oonetantlne Johnson, by deed dated Ogtober
7ih, A. D. 1856. and raoorded in Book No. 61, page 175,
In the Becordtr e office of aald franklin county.
Appraised at Lot No. 89 (35U 00 per acre.
rfeainaitoti.oiflo.xs,atxau w v ..
: . .;' ; ft. W HOFSMAN, Sheriff. ,
1 ; ' By Ko. Davit. Senury. '
J. O. KXAiT, Ally.' . , , , y
mnteriieea,eiu vu. . i
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Joseph P,
. Byeraters
tiers a .. jr
sopertot uonrt.
Wm. B. Rarnellet al.)
to mt directed, from the Superior Court of frank-
lie County, Ohio, t will offer for tale, at the door of
the uourt-uoute, in toe city or Columbus, on
Monday, Oct. 7th, 1861, , ,
at oaa o'clock P. A., (ha following detoribed real estate
eltaat to the sunt of franklin and State of Ohio, to
wilt The 8uth half of the!!.!, qaarterof section 22,
lownenip 11, range ai, unitea ouuet military lands, sou
talnlng elhty tores. . . l)4 j j, .;,
v, rr. HurrBAA, eneritr,
11 aad tfastaa CMnnUdnM...
Order to sell the abofe described Land In parts.
' On motion to the Court tsr 8 . Tayiorr attorney ftr de
fendant!, It it ordered that he, order of anlt.'neretofora
mad In the above named action, be and the tame It here.
hy ehangod ae leiiewt: f v -n ' .
The Sheriff Is ordered to Sen aalt land la the follow
int; mmnnen lit. To offer for sale sad tell thirty acres
off of aald tract of land btlontlnf to William a. Dar
nell, being the North part of aald tveel; and If said 30
scree ao sot urmg a aomowM amonni. to pay ue aame,
then that he offer for sals the SO acret immediately ad
joining the former on the Boeth; and If a aufdolent
amonni of money it not received from the aame to aula
fy aald order, then that the laid Sheriff tell tbe balance
of said land, at directed hy the former order of thll
Ve i , , . ... t. .f.
UEOKqf, W. HUffHAH, Sheriff,
' 1 . A : , and liaiter Commltiloner.
'Printer's fee ! W- - : "
' Mp3dlte - .-r .
" z J" t r v.. .v. ... u.
Gale) of Real Xatatevlcry crtier of Court
i W. M. finch 1 nm -,iyt, f 3
: va. Superior Oonrt of f mklln flcmatri
Jebi frown etal.) (Wr.'
TH panaanee of an order of the Bnperlor Oonrt of
JL. Vraaxiln county, unio,maaa at ue may mrm thereof,
A. D. 1H61. in the above entitled aeUon, there will be
offered for Sale, at petite euttioa, to the hlghaet bidder,
on" j j .rii!u.a
. .fealurday, the 5th dsy of Oot, A, p. 1861, ....
at the otmr of 10 o'clock A aCJ at tae door of the Court
Houae, la the tty of oolnmboa, in taia rrankim county,
tha anllowhHr rati tetete. Uwltr" "'-'. .'-....) -) I.
u Ia-lotnamberS9of Robert Nell"! addition to the airy
m Oolnmbne,: being the) BorfS eMl corner of Mekwia
Itmapuie and Jobnttown ptaaa swan.'! :i
' Duralaatai,3a.ow ,',
'erma of sals, eaeb..
eriAttawi'm "
. 'theVlal tfatter Commlttloin! ,
Mtit,AW ' a ti-.- irr,.., i
. 1 V.
"Printer'! rae,'f5.2S. ,' '
r" a, Irish T.ir,nn'ITvrta' x V
vvi,:,"n ,'" 'o i V'i'i? -
twnuaa-aan jawnxet Aaomte. , ., i ,.Hi
u (.lihea Bhtlofea4i;til0tfairS,..,
IU ai tJ'Moeo arlceud Long UwotW,
."lUll ;JUn" fotkBi.bamia it, ell siae. ..
, 4v:m 1 ; ''"iiiunandlltayefll
1 Linen Fapkiut and 1) OtIIm.
XheflTalile Olotlitand Satm Di-ni1rs;
Irinen Towns wuaauioted b..rWivi,'rtr AT
. BADtatlOll.
STe-MBoatt) BltAstml,
er, l'0
Special Notice. TELEGRAPHIC.
No News yet from Rousseau's Command.
' i ' saaakmat. M , - v ; S.
, 'LomaviLLB. Sent 1811:30 A. Mi No com
munloation orer any part of tbe Southern line
slnoe six o'olock last evening, consequently we
have no Information oonoeruing the progress of
Colonel Rousseau's command and tbe Home
Guard which left by rail bat night and this
morning. '; , v.
ine oityu qniet, ont iniioi nnreuaoie ru
mors.; ' ... ;
Important Military Conference.
RocxviLLt, Md.. Sept. ' 15. It Is currently
stated that an important military conference
was bsid yesterday, at wbicn several sign mm
tarv men were uresent.
The arrest of Bonle. Brewer and Tonng, has
struck terror into the secession ranks of onr
community, and it is said that some of the
leading peace men are expeotlng to be arrested
u:ewise...v, y, , ...
The Mutineers of the New York 19th
—Johnston Moving up the Potomac.
Cabnstown, Sept. 16. The remaining mu
tlneers of the New York 19th regiment, twen
ty-three in number, are to be sent to Baltimore
to-day, and forwarded thence to Torrucas; 1
tteports are current here that uen. Johnston
is moving; up tne Virsinia side ortae fotomso.
Some state his force at 35,000 to 40,(00 men.
If he essays the attempt bia advance will be
met m a becoming manner. ..
Toronto, SeDt.- 13. A laree number of
horses are being bought here for the use of the
federal Uorernment. several bundred bsinir
shipped during the ptst four days. , ,
A Paper Mill Burned.
Newark, N. J.. Sent, 18. The extensive
isper mills of Van Dow 4 Co., at East Broom-
eld, were entirely destroyed by fire last night.
A large quantity of slock and machinery de
stroyed. Loss 20.000. Insured for S12.500.
in Newark and New York offices.
Victims of the Continental Theater
.Philadelphia, Sept. 18. Ruth Gale, the
third sister of the Gale sisters, died last evenine
at the hospital. ' She Is tbe fifth victim of tbe
Continental Theater calamity, -.
Arrived, prize schooner Fair Wind, from Fall
River to Baltimore, captured by the Minnesota;
also arrived, Britiah schooner Prince Alfred,
from Antigua for Baltimore, with molasses and
salt, captured by the Susquehanna. ,
Maryland Legislature.
Sent, 18. The Union mem
bsrs of both Houses refused to meet this morn,
log. Legislature is virtually dead, all the off!
cert being under arrest to prevent calling the
roil, me union memoers will leave this af
ternoon for home, and the secession members
for Fort MoHenry.
The talk or invasion by ueneral Jobneton is
Union flaes are flrlnr. with the motto. "The
Union It must be preserved."
After two hours confinement, the officers of
tne Legislature were released on talcing the
oath of allegiance, all aesentinp-, ezoent the
Clerk, J. M. Brewer, who was sent, with bine
others, to Annapolis. , At 4 o'clock this after
noon there wae not a single member of the
Legislature in the city.
The North Missouri Railroad.
Chicago, Sept. 18. Mr. Howard, agent of
tne ritttourg lyMcago Kailroed at bt. Jo
seph, arrived in this city last. nlght, leaving
that place on Monday morning.
He reports tbe only obstruction to the Han
nibal t st, Joseph road to be a bridge across
ine riacte river, wbicn was to bare been repair,
ed to-day: , , t . :- . ' .
Two Ohio regiments passed over the road on
Monday, and fully 10,000 Union troops are
along tbe line now. No further trouble is an
ticipated. There are now no avowed secession
ists along the road.
Mr. Howard is confident that the rebellion
Is completely crushed in that section of the
State, north of tbe Missouri river. He states
tbat tbe rebels carried away from St. Josecb a
half a million dollars worth of property, the
most of which wss stolen from tbe secession
ists. From an express messenger he learned
that Lexington was attacked on Friday. The
Federal forces Were all in tbe entrenohments
awaiting relnforoements. -
Enthusiasm in Louisville—Troops
Leaving for the New Seat of War—
Two Railroad Bridges Burned.
Louisvilli, Sept. 18. At 9 o'olock this
morning, when the United States troops reached
Rolling Fork, five miles west of Muldrough's
Hill, tbey found tbe bridges over the Fork
burned, and the enemy on tbe bill in what
number was not ascertained.
General Sherman discovering a ford about
breast deep, sent a reconnoitering party, which
bad not returned at 4 o'olock P. II., at whioh
time LieoUColonel Johnston was dispatched
Irom Louisville with 700 additional men, con
sisting of the remnant of Rousseau's command,
and 400 Home Guards.
There wae great enthusiasm by the bystand
ers at the Depot, on the departure of the troops
Southward, from Louisville. The oity is full of
rumors, among which is one that General Baek
ner is commanding the Confederate forces at
Muldrough's Hill. This is doubted. Another
report is, that after the secessloutsls had burned
the bridge at Rolling Fork, the Union men
burned the bridge at Kollln, fifteen miles south
of Elisabeth torn, whereby they stopped two of
tne tnrse trains wnicn ue ssoeasionists supposed
they bad obtained by the burning of tbe Rolling
Fork bridge. This is probably true.
Kentucky Legislature.
FaaNiroar, Kr.i September 18. .The Com
mittee on Federal Relatione reported substan
tially: t . . . ;
Whikias, The Confederate troops bare in
vaded Kentucky, and Insolently dictate tbe
terms npon whioh they will retire; therefore,
Afttitxa, Tnat Ueneral Anderson be invited
to take instant charge of this department, and
call oot a force sufficient to expel the invaders.
This passed the House, and the Senate con
curred, by a vote of yeas 29 to naya 9. -
The Senate also pasted tne Conklln resolu
tion with but three negative votes, which pro
poses to oonilne the war to the two armies, and
discontinue partisan quarrels as leading to civil
. ... , -
JtrriatosviLLi, Sept..- 18.--Two thousand
three hundred Indiana troops arrived here this
evening, ana ,iw additional are expected ds
lore to-morrow morning. .,;. ,,'
LooievfLLk, Sept. 18. No trains from tbe
Sontb, and no telegraphic communloatioa South
ot Here to-flay., ... . ...... . a v
From Missouri.
[Correspondence of the St. Louis Democrat.]
JivrutoH Crrr. Sept. 18. We have no deft
nite reports from Lexington, but it Is a settled
fact tnat mat place is invested Dy uen. rriee
with some 15,000 rebel troops. ' Good military
authorities here are oon&dent, however, that tbe
United States troops there have been reinforced,
and that unlets the place wee taken yesterday,
it Is safe, e Price is'wported-to bare a large
park of artillery, part of. which are the guns
taken from General Slgel's battery at Spring
field. A part of Price's force Is reported to be
forty miles from this city . His scouts save
been Been fifteen miles Irom here. " " l-
Ben. .McCullocba With 18.000 iwell armed
rebels, is reported toi be advancing rapidly in
the direction of Rolla or this city. - Meey think
this will be thepoiotof attack. Another object
of hie :msrh is said to be to ge, between one
troops at Ralla and otbet aointe. and weveni
Junciloos, wbllo Price is cptrattsg against Let-
tngten ana ue VaplUI, and U these Tians ere
saoosssxui, tbea form junoupa with Price.
Dispatches from Washington.
WAanmOTYSw. Fant. lfl L-AII riandldatai 4nr
admiselon to the Naval AcMeffly ere requested
to report at ,ewpon, i.j netweeil ti
anweuia iiwe. rt.. ,... ...
Gen. Mslrs has returned to Waahlnieaa.r -
. Aa extrkordlnary Cabinet meeting was held
tbleiernoQn , AUwt memoers were pros
A dUDatch to the War Derftrtmcnt. fluted Dar.
rBtown. taya tht' Party of the Wew York
Jtth, Ool-Larae, eroessd the Potomao at Sen
eca" Creek, on Monaay, encountering a rebel
fore of three companies, with the Ion of three
men. The next morning tbey shelled the oamp
drlvlno- the rahela hack. . t-
' Th Government bas Just discovered that the
rebels are carrying on a contraband trade be
tween Worcester county, Maryland, and Vir
ginia Large supplies of army stores have
been iransportsd to tne enemy s uun j wis
route.; Tbe necessary measures bare been tak
en to Itop the traffic.
. Thdnrecantlon adopted by the Government
Indicates that an attack from the enemy is ex
pected; It is believed here that If any advance
Is made it will be from Leeaburg or Harper's
Ferry .i f--,
' it is ascertained at tbe Department oi oiaie
mat hereafter oomanun oation between ine urii-
ish Government and its Consuls In ports of ths
Insurrectionary States, will, with the consent of
our uovernment, Be carried on ny xmusu ves
sels of war. . .This course will obviate tbe em
barrassments whioh have heretofore attended
these communications through other chancels.
The following- order was Issued through the
roaeouice Department to-day t
" Ordered that the Louisville Courier, found
to be an advocate of treason and hostility to
the Government and authority of the United
States, be excluded front the malls and post-
offices of the United States nntil further orders.
"1st Assistant Postmaster General."
Postmaster General Blair has returned from
Missouri. Quiet prevailed at all points of tbe
Potomso up to noon to-day. ,,.r , . ; . -. ,. i
' E. F. Morley, of Fa., has been appointed
general manager of the military railroad route,
in place of Col, Thomas A. Scott , ,
Corporal , Hougland, of Niles, Michigan,
Company E. Second Michigan Regiment, was
shot this morning, while on picket duty, to tbe
left Of Bailey's Cross Roads. . The. ball pene
trated one shoulder and pasted out of the
other, striking a private, who stood behind him,
in the arm. iiongbland's injury, tnotigb severe,
is not likely to prove ratal.
The rebels of Alexandria have fine opportu
nities to communicate with their Virginia
ir lends, by passing down tao river in boats, be.
yond our lines. ; -:' i , '
Further by the Europa.
Haufix, Sept. 13 Tbe Enrops, from Liv
erpool ou the 7th, via Queenstowo on the Bib,
arrived here at b o'olock tbis morning.. She
has 8.500 specie. ' " '
The new steamer of Ionian's line, tbe Cltr
or new xoric, gave tbe greatest satisfaction.
She will sail on her first voysjrs to Now York
on the 11th. -'" i !- "
Gbsat Britain. At a msetine Of the British
Association, Mr. Bassilly of Manchester, read
another paper on the cotton question, in which
tne commercial policy or the United States was
bitterly denounoed, aod the expediency of Eog
land freeing herself from dependence on Amer
ica strngly urged. - -.-..
The Liverpool Post asserts that Thomas S,
Serrlll, who wae arrested at New York, must
have been Imprisoned under a misconception. ,
Francs. The French baval division will re
main off tbe coast of Syria the whole winter,
for the protection of the Christians.
The Bourse was firm but closed drooping.
Rentes 69f.20o. . f . .
Felix Belly, the projector of the Nioarsguan
Canal, was taking legal steps sgainst the Eng
lish company, which was for assuming the right
over the projected canal.
LivitrooL. Cotton Sales on Saturday of
8,000 bales. Speculators and exporters took
3,000 bales. Market closed dull, with very lit
tle Inquiry from exporters. ,i. i. . i
Breadatnffe Tbe various droolers report
floor buoyant at an advance of 6dls 3d, since
Tuesday, quotations rsnging at 24j 6d23s 61.
Wheat active and advanced 34d per cental;
Red Western 9s dlls 6d; do. bouthern lis 6d
QlSjj White Western 19s; do. Soatbern 13j
bd12s 3d. Corn has an upward tendency
with an advanoe of Is per quarter; mixed
30s 6d31e; yellow 31e31o 6i; white 32
33a. ; -
LivtarooL, Saturday. Wheat upward. Corn
steady. Provisions ruled quiet during the week.
Beef steady. Pork quiet and steady. Bacon has
a downward tendenoy. Spirits turpentine very
excitea ana quoted at bbs. ' -
Lonpoh' Consolejclosed on Saturday at $0J
93 for money. 1 Latest sales American secu
rities Illinois Central, 4339)i die.; Erie,
32(32224". ,; . - -,
Fortrws Mokrox, Sept. 18. Tbe steamer
from uid roint nas arrived, but brings no news
of importance.
Massachusetts Democratic Convention.
Worcester, Sept. 18. On an informal ballot
for Governor, the nomination of Isaac Davis, of
Worcester, was made unanimous. Mr. E.. C
Bailey was nominated for Lieutenant Governor
Latest from Lexington—A Big Fight
Jiprrteo! Crrr, Sept. IS. Monday after
noon Gen. Fries sect word to Col. Mulligan at
Lexington, demanding a surrender. ', Col. Mul'
ligan'a reply wss, " Go to bell." An attack
was Immediately made, by first opening with
artillery and making an advance, under its cov
er, on tbe town. , Price was repulsed with heavy
lOBS. i . ' i. - -'. -' i 'I... . . - , j
Lane, with an estimated force of 5,000 Kan
aae troops, Is reported to be within 40 miles of
Lexington, rapidly advancing, aod other feder
al troops are rapidly . converging from St.
Joseph and other points to relnlorce Col. Mulli
gan. . - - ' '
The 18th, 22J, 24 h and 36th Indiana regi
ments have gone, via steamer, to Lexington,
also the forces sent from bt. Louis, per the Des
moines and White Cloud. These reinforce
ments number about 6,000 effective troops, and
will reach Lexington to-morrow morning, tbe
wth. . ... . -,
Every confidence la felt here tbat Col,, Mulli
gan will be able to hold Lexington until the
reinforcements arrive. ' ' '
The Osage bridge, 11 miles east of here, on
the Pacific Road, is said to be tbe first point
threatened by Ben. McCollooh'e forces, now be
lieved to be advancing rapidly from the South
west. , . .. : , .
A Mississippi Regiment Disbanded--
Design of Johnston's Army.
Deacnkstown, Md.. Sept. 18. It Is under
stood to-day tbat Gen. MoClellan would argive
here to-morrow, oa bis way to review the army
of the Upper Potomao. " - v ' '
' On Saturday last a scouting party crossed ths
Potomao at the mouth of Seneca Creek, and
penetrated the conntry in the vicinity of Lees
burg. .They saw three . regiments of infantry
drilling oa the Leesburg Fair Grounds. These
regiments, tbey were informed by a negro, were
Mlsslssipplans, while a fourth regiment from
that State had mutinied and disbanded. , Infor
mation bas also been received that there were
other large bodies of rebels in that section, and
If salt, coffee, etc, were not shortly- received,
general distress would ensue, both to the army
and families. Tbe scouts saw not a living be
ing, exoept the negro, in the country. The
wheat had been harvested, but the corn fields
were drying up.. ., ,.h . .. .
From the best Information obtained, there Is
little doubt that General Jobneton's army, now
apparently moving: In detail from opposite Wash
ington towards tbls section, Tuny reaches, ir It
does not exceed, the brgbest estimate given by
rumor. Neither if it Impossible tbat Jdhntson
will endeavor to cross tbe rotomac In tb
neiehborhood of the Monooaoy, with a view o;
attempting: to reach Frederick, to proteot tbe
Legislature while they pass tha ordi basse of
secession, trusting to me wen Known secession
sentiment in Baltimore and the lower counties
of Maryland, to raise the standard of rebellion
and divide and weaken the Union army. Either
this movement, or an abrupt abandonment of
the Whole line of the' Potomae, appear Inevlt-
aKLA. ' .' .r-.'tc-v .'fl lit., ia.,.11 "r.t
71. i
From Baltimore.
BALTittcmi. Sent.' 18.-The Herald's special
says tbat all reports about General Johnston
crossing the rotomao are union not a. . .
There is mwan aiarat at oiaruosburc taad
WinoheetST, about General Banks crossing the
Potomao with 21,000 men The rebels had sent
to Johbston for asalstancev .
i Reliable accounts from Winchester state that
the railroad between Btrasbarg and tbat place
is hot being bulltv-aa reported,, and -that- the
ratiateireir vp near rwitnsTXJrjrnrtj'p nrrwaed
for Utloi a Jibe from KlohmonJ to Matasas
It bU hitherto required three '.dsy;.Wr" th
teajjgportatlon ot troops between, y ose P'aocaa y ,
r 'aiuejTVP. mipae f,TWuwiw ivs vu. euv
Atlantic Bank of Boston were put In extensive
circulation yesterday.
Counterfeits. Attack on Springfield--Reported
Counterfeits. Attack on Springfield--Reported Rebel Loss 4,000--Federal 800.
Jiryusoir Citt Sept. : 18. H P. II. Two
courlerf Just arrived from Lexington firing fJbe
following Intelligsnee, believed by the oto-
manning omcer here tone, in tne mala, part,
reliable. ? .'- ti C "v.,'
Uen. f rice commenced ue attack en ue ao
trenebments , at Lexington, commanded by
Col. Mullican, on Monday. The nrbt was very
severe all day. Price assailed the works, and
was repulsed with severe lots. ,- , . , r .
Gen. Ltne was at Johnstown, Bates county,
on Mdnday morning, with a force from two to
three thousand, merohlnt to the relief of Lex.
lngton. - The rebel loss on Monday Is report
ed at four thousand and that of the Federal
troops at eight hundred, which is probably .ex
aggerated., '
Fremont and the Blair Family—Fugitive
New Yore, Sept. 19 The Herald's Wssh
ioctou dltpatoh says the diflloulty relative to
Gen. Fremont is the interference of the Blair
family, tbe Postmaster General and Col. Frank
P. Blair, Jr. It it from Ibem tbe charges bare
emanated.' I understand tbe real secret of the
hostility oi tbe Blalra is. that Fremont would
not permit them to dictate to blm, and would
lend himself to a combination of contrac
from New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati,
and elsewhere, who bad the patronage or tbe
Postmaster General, 'lam assured some ten
days ago Frank P. Blair demanded that three
million dollars worth of contraots should be
giyen to that combination, and that Gen. Fre
monl's response was, tbat bis duty wss to op
pose all enemies of tbe Government, whether
Southern traitors or Northern schemers.
Upon incuirv at the headquarters of the srmy
tne Potomsc, I have aucertained positively
tbat bo orders, general or special, bare yet
been. Issued by Gen. MuClellan, relative to tbe
fugitive slaves, to that all the reports and com
ments on tbat subject, which have appeared In
the papers, aro, to say the least, premature.
Nothing baa yet occurred requiring action on
part ou tbat subject.
The Louisville Courier Seized.
Looisville, Sept. 19. Early this morning tbe
United States Marsbsl seised the office ol the
Louisville Courier and arrested Ex-Governor
Moorebead, Reuben T. Durrett, one of the pro
prietors Ol the Courier, and Martin. A. Barr,
Telegraph news Keporter ot the New Urletns
Associated mse, on charges or treason or com
plicity with tbe traitors. The prisoners were
carried to Jeffersonvllle, and will be transfer
red to the custody of tbe Marshal of the Iodiaua
Tbe transmission of telegraph news South
ward has been interdicted, and the lines are
Arrival of the Illinois Nineteenth
The 19ih Illinois Res'-
iment reached tbe citv at two o'clock this morn
and marched to Filth Street Marketbouse,
where a supper had been provided for them.
from thenoe to tbe Little Miami Depot,
wbtre tbey took the cars for Camp Dennlson.
1 ne bodies ot tbe dead were taken to tbe
Orphan Asylum bulldinrs, whsre tbey were
plaoed In coffins, and mode ready for burial.
many ot the bodies are sadly discsured, but tbe
greater portion seemed to bave come to tbelr
deaths from internal bruises received in the
At two o'clock this afternoon the bodies will
taken to the Spring Graveyard for burial.
A resolution was adopted in tbe City Council
last night, that the Mayor Issne a proclamation
requesting tbe proprietors of stores in tbe streets
tbrougb which tbe funeral procession will pass,
close the same during the hours of the fu
neral. ,
The remains of Captain Howard will be sent
evening to Gslena lor interment, tbe Odd
Fellows having taken chsrge of tbe body to
send it forward to his friends.
Another Gunboat Launched.
BosTOif, Sept. 18. Tbo gunboat Saginaw
launched to-dav, Irom Sampson's yard,
East Boston. Her steel wss Uid sixty days
Two other gunboats are nearly ready for
launching at East Boston. ' .
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Sept. 18.
ILOUBV Bales nults firm, with illght npward tenden
thtre it till 1 a rood export and fair home trade de
sales of 1 060 barrels at 84 6534 SO rejected;
754 to for tutrnne state; ti Una H for extra
83 Si for ohotee; 94 1bB5 80 for luperflne westerns
0i 3b for common to medium extra western; $i 40
50 for shipping brands extra round hoop Ohio, and
60$623for trade brands do; market closing quite
firm. Ctnadisn Hour a trifle better and moderate do-
d; talet of 750 bbla at 84 75s4 DO for autierfine.
85 1530 50 for common to choice extra. .. , .
KYB VLOlia Quiat aid ateady at 8 303 78.
OOttN UKAL tlonlinuei steady; aaletof SOOberrels
Brandywlne at 83.
W UleKY-Oulet. with lea of 370 barrel! at 181.(3
BtTTTEK-Sellina- at 7810 for Ohio, aad eVmliefor
CHBEBI Steady at S37e. -
SUUAB8 Raw is Terr firm at 7 V. 7Ve for eood re.
Suing. Bales of 550 bble Cubs at 7X(ki8te; 100 hhde
Porto Rico at 7?(8,Hc;.50 hogsheads Hew Orleaot at
;! ' . ,
8T00K8 Ohiciaoand Rock Island 4SK!! Oalona and
Chicago X; CBleafo and Pern 73; Panama luu;
Mississippi, guaranteed, New York Central 78;
Delaware and Hudson 83; faoino Hall 63 If; Brlelral
bonds 30; Ttnneteee li't 43; Georgia O't So: afinsouri
S4J; United BtslesS'i 6S. '115: United Blatel 5't 76:
coupons 80; United Stalest). 81.' . i
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR A fnrthsr itretgthenlng of ths flonr market
noticed, but it warrants no Increase in prices, at least.
buyers will not pay any nlghar, although sellers add VsH
per bbi to tnetr anting ngartt. . .
WHBAT There wae rathtrlest vigor In the demand
but tne market la none the leas Arm, at the tame
range of ftgurat given yesterday. ."; . -. '
CORN Ii held at 28o, but large buyers do not meet the
arket at that figure.
oatb sen mors reed I IV alave. a .,.
RYI-It nominal at SHe. . i , f ' '! (
BABLRY It not ytt marketable. ' ; ''
WU18KY Wat not advanced at wat expected retter-
but is still Arm at 13ic.
f ujmmtrchil.
Cleveland Market
CLEVELAND, Sept. 18.
fLOCR-Balet of 100 barreli of fancy XX red at
wat, at Sana or are car loasa at trj and one do at
MHoi twoearsat Mo, and U.tWO tush freeoa boa-d at
The market cloeee quiet. 1
OOHN Balet of 1400 bush at 33a from store.
OATS gala of one car at Sxc : -
BEIDg-Sala of 1U0 bush tlmolhv at SI 75 and 30
at 181X0. -
HIOHW1N18 Bales of S3 bbla at 15c. n . ,
BUTIEB-Salei of nine Qiklnt at 7 Uc. and Uiree do at
rente. '
,,k '
ox. ;
V ut ,.un,,.. ; .. 1 a Ltadtr.
V(. A. Bxtchelor'i Hix Dye! i.,
This splendid Hair Dye has ao equal Isitantaneoui.tn
affect Beautifal Black or Natural Brown no staining
aktn orlnjnrlng tiie Hair mucmesoieataar aa'
effect t( Bad Dyes, and Invigorates the ' hair for lift
Wone kra eannlne nnlesa aimed "W. A'.' Batchelor.'
SoM everywhsre,
et ..
CHAS. BATCH! LOR, Proprietor,
JylKwlf "81 Barclay Btreef;Kew fort. '
i i .eipf "' to a ?-f(rt,g-'.i -oc
The OrlgUal aU .Best, la ..the ..World!..
All a then are mere aallaUoim, aad shenM be. i vol dad
you iah to tecape rldkmls. "!
BAT, BXD OB ROTTT HAIaV Dyed, tottantly t
beautiful and H antral Brown of Blaok, wrthottt Injury t
Hair 01 Skin. '. 1", " , T J rp
awarttd to Wm. A. Bitchelbrsince 1833,vaed overM.N
tap Ueettoni aava beta mads to the Eair of his, patron
Mtfnawaseya .!...) - t , ..jm. m6t it lif
H, a; BATCIWM HAW un predneesaenf
net to W dlstlngulsbed from natort, and Is warranted
to kjnre la the least, hovrevee stag Unsay bs eontia-
aed, ana the' lt tffcets' ef Bwi l)yesewdler " Hair
lovtrorttod Cos Ufa ny this apleiU4 Bye. , , . , -. , u;
tsMlnalT eltses aad -towns at ttwHalM Itarai. e
Brantsts sad rant 8ef Dealers ' s."",,
irTTheaenalneaattha aame and add reet Spoo a iteel
plate enrravroa; en towr siat of ra bor, of VflLLLAJf
at aiuiai.ua, auur r-t
1 (111AB.LK8 BATOIiarLOl. Proprietor,
fwlV 'WfV.-1 f
TI N M H T S t MlUnoits TAJtiaeJIII
AJ HUOMlio. ew stgrlee,ipaM nr ,v .
1 ki-a at!-i.rv. a.r "T.i v.
'aprTU ,, a, 1 . e.aaeauua suaet.
1 . l'ii m .11 ' J . 1 ' t.i .
TTtAITID 10 Cffnmers to boy U sent Ambrw
VV typetrat V. WITT a tjneaf Atrbrotype aoom, as.
et mign street, oiaaw,v'"
. mrs. wnrsLow,
a experienced Ham and female Physician, presents
to the attention of mothers, her -
S'Ob T H I N G i S YRUE,
which greatly faoUltates the arooiea of teething, by sott
ening the rami, reducing all Inflammation wll 1 allay
all rain and spaamoUlo action, and It " "
Icpead upon lt,nothert, It wilt five rest to yoanervat
and . - i . -. .j -i M . r--,(1
W har utit un mad Mid this mrtMt for Avar tmn WMrt.
wusati ww iiewwa nejTar mman tuiisi in maw oi avn v otiur mani-
mus. iu t,yyUT a OUHti, when timely need. Mev
ax did we know an Inatanoe ef dUaalUfaetlon by any one
who used it. OatUeeonlranr. ail aiedeUehted with lis
operatleot, and tpeak In term of commendation of Its
magical eneeta mm me uoat vtrtnee. Wo tpeak In tu.it
awkcr - miAi nm uv tnuii altar ten yeara' expe
rience, AN I PLK1X1B OUB KtlPUTATlOal fOElfil
almoet every Instance where the Infant It suffering from
pain end exhaustion, relief will be found in fifteen or
twenty minutes after thegyrnp Is administered.
- This valuable preparation la the praacrlptton of one of
the most KXPf.ltIKNCf.DaGd SKILLS' UL NUbESIn
New England, and bat been need With HI VEB f AIL
It 0 only reltevee the child Irom pain, bat kavigor.
ant ttit ttomaoh and bo we It, corrects acidity, and gives
tone and energy to the whole system. It will almoet In)
ttantly relieve . '.-. -..
End overcome convulsions, whioh, if - not tpeadlry remei
died, end in death. . We believe it the VKS'J! and BUaV
y.h'l KKMKDY I If TUB WORLD, In ell owes of DY
It arises from U-ethlog, or from any other eaate. We
would lay to every mother who hat a child raftering trea
any of the foregoing oomnlainte DO NOT LKT VOL'S
Stand between yon and yonr sneering child, and the re
lief that will be BUHB yea, ABSOLUTELY 8tlKyA
follow the nee of this medicine, if timely used, full di
rections for nstng will aeeomnnny each bottle. Nona
genuine unlets the fac-timlie of CL'BIIS 4 PJSBKIKb,
ew York, it on the oulslda wrapper.
Bold by ail DrUKgisU throughout tit world.
Prl id pal Of flee, 13 Cedar street N.V,
oe!T.4tawlra.:'V , , 't"
fflannfaclnrere tall kinds at Por
table and Sitatianarr Meant F.n-g-inea,
saw fflUls, Urist JUUJs, .
Vc.t aVC. t.v., j ,. ,, .
A CO. Btatmlttll
Onr Portable Kcgine and Saw MU1
Wat awarded the first premium of (50 at ths Indiana
State fair for 100 over Lane atBodlev't oa account ot
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy 'of fool
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine was awarded at tbe lama fall
Srtt premium e ).
Onr rortaaie Bugiue wee awarded the flrtt vnmlntn el
8100-at the fair at alemphm, Tenn., over Blandy'a Da
vall't, Oolumlius Machine Co't., and Bradford ex Oo't.
a committee of practical Ballroad Engineers.
for price and terms addreee
WlLkARU WARNBB, Tranmrer, -
dec5-dwlyeolt. . - Newark. Ohio
Rheumatism, Goat and Neuralgia,
Ail Mercurial Diseases.
It it a conveniently arranged Band, oontainlng a med
icated compound, to be worn a round the Waist, without
injury to the most delicate person 1; no change la habits
of, living It required, and it entirely removes the die
ease from the system, without producing the Injurious
enecu anting irom uie use 01 powenul internal medi
cines, which weaken and dettroy tbe constitution, and
tlve temporary relief only. By this treatment, tbe mod
dnal properties contained in the Band come In contact
with the blood and reach tha diaette, through the pores
the tkin, effecting in every instance a perfect euro,
and restoring the parts afflicted to a healthy condition.
Tbia Band la alto a mottpowerfnl Airn-UntcosuL agent,
and will entirely relieve the eyatem from thajsenttoioiM
enectaoi mercury, moderate casee are cured in a rew
days, and we are constantly receiving testimonial! of its
efficacy in agvravated casee of long standing. - -
Faica 2,00, to be had of Druggists generally, or oan
be sent by maii or express, with fall direct lone for ntt,
to any put of the country, direct from the Principal
Office, ....
! Ho. 409 BROADWAY,' Ksw York.' ' 1
0. SMITH Sc. CO., Solo Proprietors.
N. B. Descriptive Circulate gent free.
. J. 80HUELLIR at BON, DROeoure, Aokts. No.
U77 8. High St., beU friend and Moend, Columbus, 0.
JO Aft-enta Wanted Every wbere, " v
mh!.lyliorlitp.daw ,' ' ," - -1 ' "
Superior.Court of Franklin' Coun
ty, Ohio."11 -
Prancls M. Story, by hit next friend,
nary ntory, petitioner,
! - vs.
Sale in partition
J --' ...
Joseph Story At otben, respandenti-t
the laid Court to aerdlraoteaU 1 will offer tor tale at
publto auction at the door of, the Court House, In, the
city ot Columbus, on L, ;-. . ., 1; 4, ,
Batorday, the 28th day of Sept. A. D. 1861,'
between the hours of 13 o'clock M. and 3 o'olock P. II.,
tne- following described real estate, situate In Pleasant
township, r ran si in county, onto, ana. oouaaea. ana ae
scrlbed it follows: ..... -1 , . ': ,
Part of aurvey No. 3809. ot tha Vlntlnla Militant Sur
veys, krglnolng at a Hake In the touthwett earner ef the
trtot of land, containing one hundred terae, conveyed to
Joeteh Blvant by Joseph Btory by deed bearing date Hay
7. Ib3d; thenoe south t7 V polea to a stake and four small
hickories and elm; thence eaat 124 poles to a stake in a
prairie; Ihenoe north C7V polea to t stake on the weet
tide of an elm marked as corner In the line of the Kim's
loir thence west ISH polea to the beginning, oontainlng
fifty-two and, a half acres, more ar leee; tutyect to a
dower estate heretofore set off and assigned to Miry
ftory, widow ef saW M arm art eke Story ia said premises,
detoribed as follows: 17 87- MMI acres of mid land, bound
ed at follows: Beginning at a Stake from whioh a black
walnut 13 inches In diameter bears N, ASM del. M. IS
linkt; thence SvSdeg, W.SS poles and tlnki to a
stake; thence a. 88 Seg. S. 134 poles to a stake la the
meet line ef Yeoman's laod; thenoe N. 33 poles and re
Unka te a atake In tha west tide ot an elm. marked at a
eornirj tbencs; N. fc deg. watt 134 poltl te the btgla
nlog. I". .-- ., -e . -r-vlue 1 U'-cio ,,t at-
Appraised at 113 W per here.
1 - , OWOKUA W
Printer's bis 18 SO., ,.. .
tvbnaar and Me tall Dealer lia
:nftantly"- liana all ta,T
iVltttt ffUANOil tf ct
n ISM I.J . ..'.- .- ... - - -..'
vu. i (rj t.m - ' 111
, ''J I -c ,rit., i, -i im ., l. ..-!!. J.a
irr.Offlces, 829 Broadway ew,. XorltW.jjad
tAaayrrLrew,0olnjBbtniOhli. .,,
Tj5Careful attention paid te'OollecUoiis;
.. '
erganl alHIfTMOM, .T. HflfSV Trt'HI 1 1'SNutSf
n i & JTi etirrrcTjnrrj .it,
?!"" !"ATTfmviTi AT liVf.l rw ai :!
I --
"Therj p.Uto the $M u
Ittetant Kellell itap Tattr Oaagti '
j Purify yattr llreata? 1' i ' ,
' lla.ia. a.. r.i.t'"'v
-7- . 'T r
i ,.i
'ASE .
i. J
A V. . ...... . l -,l(
! - - . .... . ,
cniLDBtN oar foa 'h
They relieve a Cough Instantly. : ' ' ' ' ' -
Thej Clear tbe Throat.
They give strength and volume to tbe voice.
Tbey Impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to tbe taste.
They , are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one, .
I advise every one who has a Osugh or a husky Voice
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of ths Throat, to get
a package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve '
you Instantly, and you will agree with me that ''tbey
go right to the spot." Ton will Sad them vary nsefu I
end pleasant while traveling or attending public meet
tngt for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst, fl
yon try one package, I am aafe la laying that yon will
ever afterwards eonildet them Indispensable.
Ton will And them at tte Drnggitts and Dealers In
Medicines. .
Hy signature Is cn each package. All olhen are
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Cents. . , f
; Address,
Henry C. Spalding,
By the use of these Pilli ths periodic attacks of
out or Sick Etadaek may be prevented; and if taken
at the commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
pain aad tlckncst will be obtained.
. They seldom fall la removing the JVawta and
ack to whlck females are so sutysct.
They act gently apea the bowels removing VotUw
nets. ,
for ' Littrary Mm, Studmtt, Delicate female .
and all personi of ttdmtary habiU, they are value
u a LamaUvt, Improving tht appetit, giving ton
vtatr to tht digestive organs, and restoring tht natur
elasticity and strength of ths whole system.
THI CXFHALIO PILLS ire the remit of long lnvea
ligation and carefully conducted experiment!, having
been la ait many years, during which time they havt
pre vetted and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
leg from Headache, whether originating in the asraotis
system or from a deranged state of ths ttomaeA.
They are entirely vegetable In their composition, an
may be taken at all times with perfect safety without
making any. change of diet, ami tht abtnat ot any
iltagrteabl IcuU rmdtrt it eaey to tdminU r tAem '
The genuine have Ave tlgnttniet of Henry 0 Spalding '
on each Box, , .'
Sold by Draggltts and all other Dealers In Medicines.
A Box will be tent Ij mail, prepaid, on receipt ef the
Prloo, QO Oonts.
All erdert should bt addreaatd to . ....
HEKHt C. 8PAlJtNfY -48
Cedar street, New Vara.
) from the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. '
. Cephalle Pills aocompllsh the objtct for whioh (hey '
were made, via.: Cure ot headacha in all Itt forms.
front the Ixamlner, Norfolk, Va. . . v
They have been tested ia more than a tkoaaud earn
with entire tucoese. .
j from the Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn. . .
. If you are, or have been, troubled with Che headache
tend fur a box, (Cephalic PiUa,) so that yon. may bars ,
ahem la oatt of an attack. (
. ! from the Advertiser, Providence, B. I. .
The Cephalic Pilli are aald 19 be a remarkably effective '
remedy for tha headache, and one of ths very beat for
that very frequent complaint. which -has ever been dis
severed. . i , . i ; 1 : . j - . ' 1 .' - '
"' from the Western R, It. Oaaette, Chicago, 111. ,
- We heartily endorse Mr. Bpauldlng, and hit nnrlvaltJ
Cephalic Plllt. .....
fro Canawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Vat - ' -
' We are sort that pertont suffering with the headache C . .
who try them, will slick to them..; .-,- ;!-.' i. v
front the Bouthern Pathfinder, few Orleans, tsd s -, :ia 0
, Try them I yoa that are afflicted, and we are turn thst '
your testimoay oaa be added to. the-already nameroae
list that has received beneflte that ne other medicine can
from tht 8t. Louis Democrat.
The Immense demand for the article .Oenhallc Pills
It itpldly increasing.
j from tht Gate tte, Davenport. Iowa.
Mr. tpaldmg weald aot oonnnot hts hams arllk aa ai ,
tlcltbe did not knou to poataat real menu
IOTA' tingle bottle of llf ALDDfU'S PKIf ARID 1
tJ Uf win save urn nmea lit post annual tfJt, , ,t , t ,..
"J. $tiMmilmAKED GLUE 11 Z'
bavb mt riauani -.-.
Jja Bttt rf turn twi.Hvtt.urj I
f At socldents will happen, even b wall rarmmtad aua k
Ulee.lt Is very seureMo to navw aotae eneap ana ceav
vealfni way for repairing flaraltBia, Xqyt, Croak try
T l'" SPAttIS0'IPItlfABlit)(3Hni'
at tela all saek ettawseaolee, aad ao aaaatboid saa afford
U be wltkqat It,., U ia always aeady.aaS ap te Ukt itiok
lnrip,,OTIrrriin itai Hona'v ,11 (,,
H-ff. B,A atrasa aesompanMS Saoli bottle, ' J .-
aaett. I it ' .-. Aodrewi, ' .'--t,.
4..4 it I"".' f"J w. "raiiJOiKW,
i,m ae, an, ueoar etreet, Utw Terlt.
OADTlOlf. Vie '.a. t "
. Ateertaln unprincipled pertoae
pxlra on on ute wnsuapaating peblio, imiuitioas ,4 at
I'KKPA&SD 6LDH, I would eautiva all r.i la.
amine before puohaln, ard see tht Uie frtl nx-wi, --j--
ID'SPALDieitt'S rKKrAHiiUbLUis,, m
la eaa thoopteltte wvityperiall others art twindhucea i
terltlti, new
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