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Democratic Union Nominations.
""'is FOB- GOVERNOR, '" "
- "tUTJTiaim OOVKRNOtt,
johii G. Marshall.
. ; '.' '" ' tucuiu judge,. "
.' m IIITIIi " 1 1
. .t -
,. cy Aiewyvm'
2'.' VATfl. M '
Of H'tto'' . '.r
aclETAR0 STATE, : ' ' ".
- Of Seme. ' '
v ;;; ' comptroller,
0 picjtewfly. " -4'"' " ' ''
: ; Of Cuyahoga.
. ; (nunuii. rtcaawat awe iuw) "
IrtAIKlW a nc.wt)
0 PitJwteew.
Mass Meeting at Marion.
Got. BaanmL Mxna.r will addre,. the Mass
Meeting at Marlon, in Marion conmy, u
Secretary Dem. State Ex. Com.
Democratic Union Mass Meetings.
Lt . . TTtr, suta Executive Com
mltte have made arrangements for holding
Mass Meetings as toiiows : .. i -
. . o - rvaW.ton countVi on Toes-
day. September 24;h,atlP.M. Speakers-
Hon. Hugh J. Jewett ana oww. -
. . ei.vi.nit pnnntv.on Wednes
day, September 25th, at 1P.M. 8peakrs
nn h. I I.wett and Hon.B.Porns.
IVU w m ww.- .
At Woowria, Wayne county, oa Fdy. Sep
tember 27th. Speakers J .
At CwviLA, Cuyahoga .county, on Friday
evening, September m. op"
J. Jewett and othere. - . -.
. c o.,kT eonntv. on Saturday,
September 28th, at 11 A. M. Speakert-Hon.
Hugh J." Jewett, Judge Lang (German), and
At Totxno, Lucas county, on Saturday eve
ning, September 28th. Speakers-Hon. H. I.
Jewett, Judge Lang (German), and others.
At Mabtsvuab, Union county, on Saturday,
September 28th, at 1 P. M. Spe.ker-Hon.
Samuel 8. Cox. .
At Jacxso!i C. H ,' Jacksoa county, on Satur
day, September 21st, at 1 P. M- Speakers
Hon. John G. Marshall and others.
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary.
The DsmroraUo Union SUte Executive Co.
mlttee announce the following doWon1,, ap
polntments fot Mass Meetings, viz: . .
la CwcmwATi, on Monday evening, Septem
ber 30th.' Speakers-Hon. Hugh J. Jewett
and Hon. Allen G. Tburman. .z w v
At Amxlia, Clermont oonnty, en Tuesday,
October 1st, at 1 P.tM. Speakers-rHon. Hogh
J. JeweU and Hon. Allen G. Tburman. , f;
At GaoaorrowN, Brown county, on Wednes
day, October 2d, at 1 Pv M. , Speake-Hon.
Hogh J. Jewett and Hon. Allen G. Thnrman.
At HiLuioaonaH, Highland county, on
Thursday, October 33, at I P- M. Speakers
Hon. Hogh J, Jewett and Hon. Allen G. Tbur
a t r.Hii.i.icoTBi. Roes countrnFrIday7 Oc
tober 4tb, at 1 P. M. Speakers Hon. Hogh J.
Jewett and Hon. Allen G.'Thurnianr ; (
- At CiaciiviuJS, Pickaway county, on Satur
day, October 5th, at 1 P. M. Speakero-Hon.
Hogh J. Jewett and Hon. Allen G. Tburman.
Medina County.
The new "Union party" of Medina county
have nominated Mr. Hills for tbe Legislature.
Mr. H. wae member of the last Legislature,
anO, Was one via moai miter ui iw.r -
mislng Abolitionists ,ln thai body. Very" ui-
jJ.. V. 1Wa RrnTT. of Warrn. tml become
Hmtr, UV, v " ' ; ; I
aa Intense Union man. What hnmbnggery, ; j
Senator in Ashtabula and Lake
Senator in Ashtabula and Lake Counties.
n,. .hnr. named stronz AboliUott nonntlee
have been trylog to pat on the Union faTae-face,
end have nominated rrtn uitoboocs: ior oaa
at. This Mr. Hitchcock is tbe same indi
mhik while Sneaker of the Hense of
Representatives, tried to defea) (he a4opliott pf
the Coawm amendment to tbe constitution w
the United Sutes, by aa outrageous ruling, but
was overruled by tbe Democrats and eoneerve
tive membere." " "' v ., .;- v.t i
A pretty Cnloo man $ ih'u to send to the Leg
lilatnre. ,
). . . i I mi I I " . .--oic
Election in Leavenworth.
At tbe late election In Laavsowottb, Xmum,
tat Mayor, Wiluav A. Latham, Dim., received
767 votes j Dr. L. IIouitom, Ualon, C5S Dtm
eoratlo jasjorlty,; .V; Z 1 " 4."
Election in Leavenworth. A Word to No-Party Men in Ohio.
You profess an ardent desire for toe nnldp ot
. .. .. rx.i. ( k. ..ha fifth
men 01 an parties in um
Union. . This U a laadablS and patrlotlo w
Butjhow did the leaders of the No-party mora
ment go to work to effect UT The Republics
0 . . el gV. n a
...t. V.,t ilUliinflad. thus V rtUellV
p..., -. - - . . ,..
itself eeotional, and ill organisation, "";-
eh. ,.tr.,.t,nn and DarDetttltT 01 tb YP1
Upon the dissolution of that organisation, there
... knt n narl Ift ID UNO. WO """""" '
acknowledged by Us bitterest opponent to 1e
wag b -
Tt h.J hld a Blate uonveniiuu -
,itnn. .hioh u. as No party and Union
men, do cbeerfolly and heartily Indorse. It
demanded a faithful, constitutional, and eoOn
omioil admlnlBttatlon of both onr National and
State GoTernmente, which yon Ukewlse most
tirnMtW demand. It uttered words of com
mendation and enooursgement to our braye
Tolunteers, which certainly meet your warmest
aBDrabatlon. , It nominated candidates for Oo?
ernnr and other State officers, In whom, as
Union men, you cannot but have the most on
warerioe oonfldenoe.
What then wae the plain and obTlously patrl
otic course to be punned by those really desiring
a union of men ol all parties for the single object
of ornsblns! oat the rebellion and maintaining
the Unlont It was not to orgenUe a new party
out of discordant abolition and conservative el
ements, and attempt to divide and disunite tbe
only Union party existing In the State, but to
unite heart and hand with that party in joint,
determined efforts to preserve the Union and
maintain the supremacy of the Constitution
Changes of Meetings, Etc.
Tha Damooratla Union Central Committee
of Wane county hare changed their meeting
at Wooater, from next Thursday, the 26ih of
September (it being the National Fast fay;, to
Fridar. Sent. 27tb. 1
The meeting at Toledo will be next Saturday
evening, September 28th, Instead of Saturday
afternoon, as at first announced: and will be
addressed by Mr. Jiwrrr, Judge Lka, ana
The people of Sandusky and adjoining coun
ties, will be addressed at Fremont, on Saturday
forenoon, September 28th,by Hon. H. J. Jiwitt,
Judge Lano, and others.
Hon. S.8. Cox will address tbe Democracy
and other Union men of Union and the adjoin
ing counties, at Marysvllle, on Saturday, Sept.
28th, at 1P.M. ;..
See the appointments, by tbe State Executive
Committee, elsewhere in this morning's paper.
Democratic Senatorial and Judicial
Convention and Nominations.
A Democratic Convention of delegate) from
Richland and Ashland counties, met at Mans
field, on the 17th instant, and nominated Taos
J. KxNUir for the State Senate, and Gioim W,
Grants for District Judge. Resolutions were
passed indorsing tbe resolutions adopted by tbe
Union Democratic Stats Convention, and H. J
J ewxtt's patrlotlo letter of scceptance.
A Present Lesson.
Some lessons the ceonle
most learn daring tbe progreM of the war.
Other lessons there are wnicn may ne aeisrrea
and lose none of their ealutarinese; but certain
ones will be all the more salutary if they shall
be taught in the midst of the terrible events
wbioh are chasing eaoh other with such wonder
ful rapidity.
In the tear 1B5J. were was neia at nanaio,
N. Y.. a Convention of Abolitionists, of which
Salmon P. Chase, of Ohio, then a'Senator of
tha United, States, now Beeretarv ot the 1 reas-
nry, was a member. He was, also, tbe chair
man Of MO eomimicaa on resolutions, ana, aa
such chairman, reported a series of resolutions
to tbe Convention, amoog wnicn was ins ioi
lowing: "
-RtMlted. That we hereby rive it to be die-
tinctJy understood by this nation and tbe world
that, as Abolitionists, considering that the
atrencrth of onr oanse lies in its righteousness,
and our bones for It in conformity to the law of
God and onr support or tne nenis or man, we
owe to the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe, ao
a nroof of our alleelanco to Him, In all our
civil relations and offices, whether as friends,
oiUsens. or as public functionaries, sworn to
support tbe Constitution of the United Sutes,
to regard ana treat ine tnira clause or we in
strument, whenever applied in tbe ease of a
fugitive slave, as utterly null snd void, and con
sequently forming so pari oi toe vonstituuon
of tbe United Sutes, Whenever we are called
npon or eworn to support tt.H "
We do not reproduos this resolution for the
purpose of subserving partisan ends, nor for the
purpose of weakening the Administration, or
oreatlng popular prejudice against Mr. Cbase.
We orach prefer to strengthen the bands of the
Adminletration and of e7sry member ot it than
to weaken them, and to stimulate popular oon-
fidenoe in Mr. Chase than destroy It. We re
produce this resolution that the palpable exist
ing contrast may do orawn oj every reaaer
between Mr. Chase, the politician, and Mr.
Chase, the cabinet minister. As the politician
he resolved to treat, and called npon his party
to treat, a clause of the Constitution aa a nul
lity. He proclaimed himself a nullifier, and
called for recruue to oin nts stanaara oi nuiu
ficatlon. As the cabinet minister be finds him-1
eelf compelled to uphold, and does uphold, the
fugitive slave olanaeof the Constitution and the
law of Congress enacted in pursuance of It. He
finds himself compelled to conduct a war
against rebels who are doing nothing more than
treatint the Constitution of the United Btates
"as trrrnLT moll and Torn" who are only
net imitating tbe example ne set tnem nine
years ago. - ; h - ,Y
we trust mr. linage oaa repemea oi aw
treason; He certainly now appears to be a
loyal man. But wbe can measure tbe extent or
hie responsibility for the present ' etate of
things? Wbo can tell how much of the nulli
fication and treason in tne eoutn nave come oi
bis nullification and that of his associates in 1
theNortb?'-" :,- - -
Tbe lesson which this history teaches is, tbat
nullification and rebellion are as wicked in tbe
North as In the South, and that it was as unsafe
to tolerate them In 1853 aa in 1861. It was in
those days of incipient rebellion tbat Daniel
Webster pronounce obstruction of the fugitive
slave law to bs "treason distinctly treason."
It is nothing more than obstruction of the Fed
eral laws now tbat Mr, Chase pronounces
treason.' How maoh stronger would be the
moral attitude of Mr. Cbase before the country
to-day if he could hold up to tbe South nnsuined
hands! " -"
Let the lesson ef this history sink deepen
the popular beart.w-iMcsce lima.?:.. ;
.,: ' ' . . :". ;? $.11 ft;,
O A decided RspubBcan, reading la appor
tion of Ten's letter in which he' says of his
election, "I shell go forward If elected, of
which I can have no manner of donbt', said,
"I suppose bs thinks be is eerUio.of an elec
tion, since bs expects tbe Republuaes to vote
for him. He wasn't to certain when' he was
tbe candidate of the pro slavery bard money
Demooreey.V. We thought tbat Jlepnblloan
was sore, m i 1 1 r-H'.? j
.'. ..- i'J :
Trumball County.
Ws learn that at a Union Democra tic Con ven
tion held this week In Trumbull oonnty, the
following ticket was nominated! ; - '
Representative,' Andrew Saott, of Newton:
Treasurer, John Cramer, ef Hubbard j Sheriff,
Richard rattenos, or aartrorot rrosaeutlDir
Attorney, N.O Humphrey, of Braoevillii Com
missioner, S. Shilling, of Brooifleldj Infirmary
Director. Alfred Osborne, of Champions Record
er, Daniel B'ebop, of Warren; Coroner, Thomas
The Irish Brigade.
ti tlUra aa In the army of three months
aluntcere any regiment entitled to the epithet
of the creel regiment. waa unuouowuir u
eallanl elxty ninin. Trnatoerm tu ru
bore of tbe trenches, or tbe shock of battle, it
ustalned itself with equal endurance, energy
and valor. None worked more persmeuuj u
throwing up tbe entrenonmems at Ariiogtuu,
snd none fought more bravely during tbe disas
trous conflict at Stone Bridge. .' ;. u fi 1.
It was consequently cheering to near, after
tbe return of thle efficient regiment, that it wae
about to make Itself tbe nucieue oi a ongaue,
to be composed of the same materials. Four
Msltnanra vara at onoa aat On loot ' under
the patrlotlo Impulse, and the prospect Is that
they will soon do reaay tor me war.
vben they take anyAlngln hand, aot together
.nd An it uh a will. Their aaiok, Impulsive
natures eannot brook delay, and when the cauae
Is worthy of their efforts, tney sustain it who
an ardor that has scaroely a parallel among
other people! . v- - k " V
Hiitnrv rrnwaa inai uiav uava uses "
beginning among the best fighters. . Their an-
oestors, tbe old veitio races, oiBputau uiu.i
stubbornly than any other the vigorous marches
of tbe all-conquering Romana. They have dis-
t nmiUtijui thaman in tna annaia oi naarij
every nation of Europe. Italy, Spain, France
and England, bava all been indebted to them
for many ot tbelr most Important and illuitri
ons vlotorles. ' On their own soil, loo, though
overborne by superior numbers, they have evino
ed the most indomitable courage and persever
Bat if Irishmen fight weli elsewhere, they
nnnht In flirht mnr than WOll in this COUOtrV
In other nations they have too often fought the
battles of those In whoie late they bad little
personal interest. But here, as Mesgher has
well said, they fight for their homes, for the
ooootry of their allegiance, for a flag which is
the symbol of universal Justice and liberty.
This Union has been to tbe exiled Irishman bis
city of reiuge, snd if be should allow it to perish
be will look in vain for soother on the face of
the earth.
We hope ninch, therefore, from tbe Irish
Bricadewhenitahallbeintbe field. Without
dlsDarssemeut to mapv noble German reel
meats which are now dolog effective service at
Washington, and particularly in tbe West, or to
tha stalwart Scotch Highlanders, or to tbe vete
rans of the Garibaldi Guard, or still less to our
own sinewy and Intelligent Yankees, we must
tell tbem that they will have to look to tbelr
honors when the Irish Brigade makes its ap
pearance among them. It may not prove Itself
superior in courage, or in discipline, for many
of them are raw recruits but every man, we
are told, is solntr Into tbe work with JHcuei-
lan'a speech at hie heart "No more retreats;
no more defeats." It is a fortunate thing, we
think, that so many nationalities are represent
ed in our armies, for it will beeet a eenerous
emulation and rivalry which mint add to the
efficiency of tbe separate corps. Who will corns
oat of tbe contest covered with the most glory 1
N. Y. Pott.
The Southern Ports.
As we have seen no proclamation declaring
the ports In tbe seceded States closed, it is fair
to presume that this plan of dealing with the
rebellion, which was at one time decided upon,
has been abandoned by the Administration. It
will be remembered that Congress, at tne late
extra session, authorized such a proceeding, If
deemed expedient by the President. This was
when serious doubts were entertained of the
ability of tbe Government to maintain an effi
cient blockade of tbe Southern porU. Since
then, however, the blockading Beet has been
largely Increased, and tbe complaints of tbe
foreign ministers bare in consequence measur
ably subsided. The success of tbe expedition
against Hatterae, too, giving the Government
command of the North Carolina coast, may
have operated somewhat to induce the Admin
istration to forego the stricter measures that
were in contemplation for cutting off the marine
oommeroe of the Confederates. Tbe new ex
pedition, now fitting oat at Fortress Monroe, Is
probably designed to render the blockade still
more effective, end thereby tbe better enforce
the respect ot the European powers. It le doubt
ful whether any first elaes maritime power
oould have been brought to recognize the clos
ing of the rebellious ports, or the collection of
duties on shipboard; at least while New Orleans,
Charleston, Savannah and Uaiveeton remain in
possession of a powerful Confederate force St
&etrts ftcwiftucaii.
Getting Tired.
[From the Mansfield Shield and Banner.]
That "Call." The undersigned a short
time since without proper consideration sub
scribed a "call" for a Convention to nominate
oonnty offioers without distinction of party, to
be supported at tne tan election.
We do not believe that tbe object set forth in
tbe call can be accomplished by tbe Republican
party merely changing its name and adopting
its present Uctios. The entire obange of front,
the failure to indorse the administrations of
President Linoolo and Governor Deonison, and
the great effort of Republican leaders to get
the namee ol iemocrats on ineir state and
county tkkeU.secm to ns an admiaslcn that tbe
Republican party nas nerewiore oeen wrong.
An old Union party is better than an untried
one.' We believe, as aid tuepnen a. vougiae,
tbat we ean support aad obey tbe Government
in auellinc the rebellion and ausuinina the
Constitution end the laws, and yet reserve to
ourselves sn American freeman's privilege of
differing with tbe Administration when wt deem
It wrong.
- Our confidence havine- been misplaced, we
repudiate that "call," and desire onr names to
be stricken from it. We will vote tbe Demo
cratic ticket at the October election.
Levi Bricker,
Wm. H. Snyder,
" - H. Lemon, -
Peter Yearling,
John Cromer, "
Henry Math,
Joe. Lemon. ' ; -
Sep. 6, 1861.
John Y. Glusres, Esq. Some days seo
Mr. W.8. Hickox met and asked me if I was
a good Union man.. I replied, "I am." He
then prodnoed a paper saying tbat it was for me
and all Union men to sign. Believing that Mr.
tlickox still acted wltb the Democracy, and held
tbe eame views with myself, and saspecting no
political scheme, in a nurry.ana trusting to him
without reading, I put down my name. And in
the Mansfield Herald I find my name, with oth
ers, signed to a No party party call for a Con
vention to nominate county officers te be voted
for at the October election, in opposition to tbe
true Union Democratic ticket. I wish my ao-
qnalnUnces to know that my name is subscrib
ed to tbe whitewashed call through misappre
hension. 1 am opposed to secession, in levor
tbe Constitution, the Union, and .enforcement
of the laws South and North , and will ; vote for
LUCAS, August, 1861.
Common Pleas Judge.
The Demobraov of Wayne, Holmes and Co
shocton bare re-nominated Judge Sample as
tbelr candidate for Judge. A better nomina
tion could, not. have been made. , rosx our
knowledge of Judge Sample, acquired from a
little practice Deiore mm, we can say mat we
believe that there ie no more upright, honest
and capable, jaage in uonuern uoio wan
Judte Samcle. He will, if the people of that
district nnderatand their interests ana lienor,
be triumphantly elected. , If Ashland vconoty
could get a chance to vote for him, be would
get tta unanlmoua votev 4Awnd yntta, .
''-a?-c'i I.. i i i' i ' i ' i bit--'! f
': tr. Can any one tell why 'a tTnlon man or ad
vocate for the most vigorous prosecution of the
war should aot vote for Hngh - J. Jewett, the
Democratic candidate for Governor 1 ' In' his
letter of eoeepunoe, he ealdt J
. "I would, therefore, la no way weaken the
arm of the Government) In ne -way Impair lbs
efficiency or ear armyi oat, on the contrary,
as a matter ef economy ae well ai humanity, I
would impart vtror and enerry to both, and with
every peace offering, there should be tbe alter
natives of war or submission, ' '
"Under we eirettmttanti wewM ttnitni tt
diitolutim $f tk4 Unwt tr evntidtr terms ef Hf
. "These are brlrflf the vlewe l entertain
unon tbe all important question itfore tbe
Nevada Territory.
Jndje JoHirCADirBAi;oa has been elected to
Congress from Nevada. Tentiuyy.'.- . Tbe Jodge
liftionad Union Democrat. '-vr
From Logan County.
BELLEFONTAINE; O., Sept. 17, 1861.
Edittr Ohio BUtttmn: U . J-1
The Renublioans of this oouflty inahgtirawd
the No-party movement on the 31st of August,
by appointing mongrel delegates to the Fualoe
State Convention. Hon,. JBen. BUnton.slnoe
nominated by the NoWrty frty (or the office
ot Lieutenant Governor (and who 'has caused
the removal, ot every Democratlo PostmssUr
in Loifan oountT onof them efnai its nomiae-
fwii), delivered aYpeech, In whioh he advooated
the selection of "a statesman of tried, ability
for Governor! any olarer gentleman would do
for Teaurer,SeereUry,eto., end e asraeoe'
man," he said, "would emtoer eery ftr
Liuttnant Gonrnor." That "everypoay wno
rated tha Damooratlo ticket were 'giving aid
and comfort to the enemy,' guilty of treaeon,"
eta Tbe Fusion Covention, which met in Co
lumbus on the Sth inst, conourrea witn mr
8unton's opinion in regard to tbe neoessary
aueliicafione jor Lituunnnt Governor. For
id mil nnmfort to the enemy." see a speech
of this "iassmxKf" candidate in tbe House of
Representatives, Feb. Wtth.iBW-umgreesion
ai Rinha. naira 1.285. in which be told the se
naaainnlata to anataln themselves, if possible, a
year or txoo, and he would recognize their inde
pendenoo'. If there Is any "treason" In the
premises, It consists In Mr. Stanton's falsifying
the position of the Democracy, and deceiving
tbe rebele into tne oenei ma mora pan
in Obio, wbo are their friends. .He thus ren
dara tham more aid than a "reef ment of armed
men sent to their relief." Tbie No? erf parly
also held Coioty, Senatorial and Judicial won
ventiona in this place, last Friday. .Two Re
publicans anl two "fiihy" Democrats were made
candidates for county offices. ' -' ; '
JahaRobbin Hood, of Hardin oounty, was
nnmin atad fat Senator. He said he "bad been
a Democrat ever sicee he eame of age, but when
Banner was fired into, and food refuse to bun
gry men," be then "oame out boldly In defense
of his Government, and had adhered to tbat po
sition tnr stnci" a period of more than five
months rather ehort probation. The people
will hardlv support a man 41 years of ace, and
only Aot month afrltnd of hi Goverment. '
The present lnoumbent, Judge Laurence, was
re nominated lor iommon rteaajuugo mr.
Laurence is a bitter partisan, hard student, and
good Judge; a man of awrfa eay about $60,
OOO; a temperance man, we believe, but admit
ted to be tne (lyAuei man in tnia judicial vis
trict; resides in a fine bouse, and owns a library
valued at 1800. and sundry other artioles.
Some unsophisticated people don't understand
why the tax iuplicat shows his entire personal
assets to be enijr lice hundred and thirty-two dol
lars, but we presume tbe Judge would take great
pleasure in explaining it. Wo might mention
sundry other items ot local interest, but it wonld
too far trespass npon yonr columns. But we
will suggest, not only to tbe people of Logan
oounty, but every omer oounty in uoio, u ex
amine well tbe tax duplicate, and observe who
paye the taxee.
Who is responsible for the existence of two
parties in Ohio? It will be remembered tbat
tbe Democratlo SUte Central Committee met
in Columbus a few daya after the fall of Bum
ter, and adjourned until late jn Sept., which
wan virtually disbanding tbe party, and so re
garded by everybody at the time, it was cot
until tbe Federal and SUte Adminlstratloas, by
their partisan proscriptions and appointments
civil and milifsry convinced the people tbat
there was at least a Btpublietn party, that the
Demooraov clamored lor a state umventioo.
The President called upon the people to forget
party and rally to the defense of the Govern
ment, and the Democracy filled up the ranks ef
the army with alacrity, and in many casee to be
commanded by inexperienced pariuaa officers.
But the Administration, under the lead of Cbase
and Blair, baa, during a period of five months
of tear, remembered party by using tbe political
guillotine with a ferooity and rapidity hereto
fore unknown in times or peace, ine guteo
and lamented Illinois Senator was "gathered to
bis fathers," and a proposition to fill bis place
with a Douglas JJsmoorel met witn a etern re
buke, and hla seat is now occupied by a Repub
lican. Every Democrat in office, from Foreign
Minister dowa to a three shilling postmaster, has
been decaplUted to make room for pariueas.
Indeed, almost the only place where tbe Democ
racy have been reooenlsed as bavins: any lot or
part in the Government Is In the ranks ,ot, the
armv. ' -
it will bw a pread record In tbe history of tbls
country, that the Democracy, notwithstanding
the unjust and wicked obargea made against
them by Republican papers and partisans, have
onered and continue to oiler tbeir services on
tne bloody field, and we trust they will never
lay down their arms until "no flag but the old
flag ehall wave over every Inch of Amerloan
soil." While we fight secession rebels with
bullets it is also tbe duty of every true friend of
this Union as it was, to Debt abolitionism wltb
ballots. One is the counterpart of tbe other
and Jet tbem be crashed together, -1 ne Uemo-
cratio party has always been a Union partr:
everybody remembere bow these new fledged par
txotUenco Union men denounced ns as "Union
savers" and saM "Jet tbe Union elide ' .rather
than add another inch of slave territory' to the
Union.'. , Now they have the unparalleled impa.
denee to ask -us to drabend the glorious od
Union party and belp the Abolition party out bf
the mire. Jewett and Marshall, tbe nominees
of. tbe Democratic Convention of the 7th. of
August, are eminently worthy the support bf
every true union man in Unlo. Let those wbo.
have witnessed tbe calamities Republicanism
and eoceesionismheveinflioted npon the country
throw aside their party prejudices ana unite
with those who have always been loyal to the
Constitution and the Union, and aid Id restoring
peace and tranquility to the country. - n,:r
... j : 1 , ; , UpHEKy IpK: ;
A Sfdnit Tilt ant. A late London caper
contains tbe following advertisement: "A, gen
tleman, who is about to leave the house in
wblcb be resides, and being desirous to return
it to bis landlord in the same condition in wbiob
be found it, will pay a air prioe for five hun
dred grown rats, an .acre of poisonous weeds,
and a car load of .lubblab.; tbe weeds. to be
planted in the garden, the rubbish left on the
door step, and tbe rats suffered to run .'loose
tbrougb tbe bouse. .Address.JelCj. ,
Gen. Reynolds Advances Upon Lee.
By the latest advices from Gen. Reynolde,
We have Information thai Gen. Lee had suc
ceeded in Inducing Gen. R. to follow np the re
pulse given to L.ee s torcee at Mkwater,
whether by a feint retreat or from necessity,
and to bis probable future discomfort, does not
et appear, it was stated nere yesteraay that
eneral R. sent two hundred wagons to Elk-
water from Grafton on Monday for the purpose
of transportation in following np the enemy.
We sincerely trust Uenerai it. ie not eeceived,
and will not be entrapped into such a position
from his fortifications at Cheat Mountain,
aa to admit or bis beipg panned. WAttunj
vmjrrese,ownv; ,Ji';,'lU tlV.ild-:
1 ji . ' EKNOttV - . .
' Whereas, a folnt committee of both Houses of
tbe Congress of the United states, rtg.nestlng
tbe President to recommend "a day ot. public
humiliation, prayer and fasting, to be observed
by tbe people of tbe United States, with .reUit-
tons solemnities and the offering --of fervent
euppuoationa to Aimignty uoa, ipr tne seiety
and welfare of these States s.'. M .blessings oo
tbelr arms and speedy restoration ; of pease;'
and, whereas, because it is all times fit and
beeomlnc f of ' all people to acknowledge and
revere the supreme government of God, the
President has appointed Thursday ths 36th of
September as a day ot bumtitattonrprayer
and fasting for all the people ef the nation,
therefore, 1 1 ' . Uili . v
I, William Deonison, Governor of the State
of Ohio, do earnestly recommend to tbe people
of this 8ute, that, according to, their several
ereede and modes ot worship, tbev do teen and
observe tbat day, In order tbat their -prayers
may unite with the prayers of tbe right mluded
of other Sutes, for guidance by tbe Supreme
Raler pf nations, to the end that law and order
aad peace may be re established, and tbe blue
ings ef civil, and religious liberty secured and
per potsated throughout the wide extent of our
country. " 1 "
la testimony whereof, J. have, hereunto set
my band, ard caused the great Bed of the State
or Ubipt teee nixed this 14tb day or Septem
ber, A. D. 1861, of tbe organisation of ouf
State the and of the IaiiradQe ef the
United 8tates t "
Tor One ,7tsk Only.
1 zsLoiiocrs. ul? do's
. Great . Original Panstereorama
In IdaenanlcalMoTlof atodala. , The freateat sxbl
billon ever pnaaatad to the public Door opta at 7,
enrtalB rtaetatBM.o'oloea. AdmlttaacetSesnts; Child,
ran ander 18 jrcais ot aaa, 15oot. y . ,v ,,,y
eSSWldlW. . .,;,....',, ' ,
Master Commissioner'r) &le."
n 5
Frederick twlther, Adm'r. ao.) .
' - vs. ; Superior Oonrt.
: JohaBrinkeretsl. i : Y j 'v::
BY virtue of an order of sals to ma dlreolad from the
BiiDerlor Oonrt of Iranklia aoaotv. Ohio. I -will of
fer for aala at tb door of tne Court Hons la the pity of
ColumDui.on - . " i
Saturday, the SGth'day of QoifA
at one o'olock V. M., the following real eitate, sttuata la
lha oonnty of Franklin and State of Ohio, to wit: On
hundred and MxaoreiofiT thaaaat and of tha following
traator parcel of I aad, la etotlon 8, quarter , town
ahip 10, ranir 81, Oongrau lands (Idatinewi'f snmy),
tginnlng at the northweit oornar of 14 seetlon, taeoos
outh 158 7-10 poles to a whit aim from which Is a txeoh
18 InolNS in diameter, B. it deg. 1. 41 links, aad swamp
white oak, SO Inchas, M. 44 dec. B. SB links, tbeaea
seat 80S 6-10 poles to a pott, tltaata from a beeoh 20
Inehe In dlameter.K. SJ dg W. 80 links, and another
beaoh St lnenea, 8. MX deg. W. 85 Hake. Ulaao bf Undi
of tha helra of John Smith, deoaaced, stuth 167 S-I0
poles to the sec. Una on the sooth (id of aaid aeotlen to
a atake, thence wee! along the section line to the loatb
Keel oo roe: of said aaetlon, tbanoa aofth along the west
Una of said section till II InterteeU tna said nnt man.
tloned line, the whole tract oontaialag an hundred, anl
eight aores and ninety polea. . . ......
AppraiecdatllS peraore.- -' - r ' "
. PriaUi's fees, 18. , - f ' .- ; f '
. , ., , ...... B. W. HUFFMAN, .f
-.. I k .i . i gherlff and Matr.CojnnilMloner. .
: 0. t. Converse, ett'y. ' . ., ... .
sepS3-td : ' . ;;. " i - -
Master Commissioner's Saler.
Reuben Nelswandsn ; ' -"
t !'.,
va. - flnnerhi donrt. . i -C ..; ly$'
' 'John II, Tnrney. ) , - - . .,-.,. -
to ma directed, from the Superior Oonrt of
Franklin ooanty, Ohio, I will offer for sale at the door
ef the Court Sonse, In the city of Qohunbua, on .
Saturday, the Slat day of Sept., A. D. 1861,'
at ona o'oloek, F . M., the following described real eatate,
sltsata in tha oonnty of Franklin and State of Ohio, to
wit: Lota Hoa. twenty, three and twenty-four ('J3and2t),
In Baker fc Uitchell'i lubdlvliion of out-loU Noa. 7 and
8, of tha city of Columbus,' as per recorded plat In tbe
Recorder's office of Franklin county, Ohio, .
Appraliedat Lot No. S3, $62J 00.; 1(lS ,; I a I
' " 24. $300 1)0. ' . :.B.
0. W. HUFFMAN, BherlS
i , . , and Uaiter Commiatloner.
angld-dlttwtd u-u- -' - - -' '" '
fnator's fees 16,00, ' ... . , .. ,( .;.,:
lOOl. lOOl.
Unite a fimtt i:xpre Co.9 Prorv.
Via Rew York & Erie Sailxoad,
And all other Roads Leading West
; :. , ,- ana contnwesw. ' '
, "!-' ';!.;; v f-tol r:'.T '
Chartered Oars over moat ftoads en Fatsinger.TralDi.
! t 't i t
U. H. HOTCT, ag't, ' I
V51 Broadway, X. T. I
A. L. KNiaiiT, Agt,
S3 State Bt., Boaton
WM, H. FIRRY, Superintendent, Buffalo. t ,
n. FITCH tc SONf Affontei
8T Woat Broad Street,
k ; - ' : ' DEALER IN ' "
Groceriee,' ' it. :
' -Provisions,
Foreign and Domestic Liquors,
. Fruits, etc. etc, ;,
It.) .; . . ,; ;' ) -v ' 1 VI ; -lijl ft'
;.H , ; i. . .- t-i'l r.'.
L" :Ko. 106, South Hih Street,
The old steady reeenlly .'poeupied syWst. McBOlJ AlB J
t ; - r. ! ;. ";:. I ,r-
, ... t He Is ta dally receipt of v a
-,-3 , Which he will sell r. ) l.-;;t v'
Ciaeap for Cash or sponntrj 'reduce.
floods delivered! to Olty trade fraeof charge .ll
-r t ik.i..faf..Via.vM..n,ft w v i i.ri
Veusihei vt t lass i Mas s vmogu iiianiavAa) sti airy
Faahionable Bhcrinf, Hair Catting, ."Bhampoonlng,
Curling and Breulng Balooa, k ; ' . n
South Ulah Sti, ove? &aUi'a Store, 1
where aatUfactlon will be given In all tbe various
branchea. . ' ' 1 '
Ladies and Children's Hair Drejjlor done In the beat
sepl3dly ,t.:.?-,i'M , . .-
' -aayjB. aanamnnk akaaaaai '' ' AP4'jt
i-- its ttn-4 us n
t.T t
ArtlfKSIaM' Ilel':to tbe
Unman Sighs ewer. AavoBted
j otauA. Ot AAuaip :' :
Jju mentor the-moit improved kinds at Bpaoio)ea..
All hie Olaaeta, whether for near or far-lighted, are
ground In ooneavo convex fona with the greeieet oere.
so aa te suit the lyes of all cases, earing Weaansaa,
Dlailneas or Inflammatioa . of tha Xyea.- and UuartlnK
streogtb for long reading or fine sowing.. v-,t ;- 1 v i .
umoe. ij saat atate treeu. a eeuier. n ecaier e
ataelo Btore. ' ,. ,,,, 4 m w ,v-j;;t te-.r n I'
1.augS-aiiS,-),-, . , ;:-..!(, I'jv rt!''.-''"-
Cor star ipr Ins; sitr8tt.,
lad manufaetarers of Bmat and OomposlHes OasUngs,
ruuanea vraee n an au veecnpHUBB. "
" " STCfaClL CUTTINC, fcfe-r
bi lwi ; -
cri!r ritt'aki 'An"'irt4saiKr.t
D htiVf ertLEa-HI it OBr.3. HBih
Btb atrMt, lie)netoien,d ae sty lea ef Owts V-
ooiaaa. Btoisa and I1ao",'bh'1. to ti, new vx ,-
most styn.ii -msaner. Alw, . vr i
tilaek. kiltie, ear keaTT. dosiiuvl Avr.-.xr fur
liy lor
naauaatloa and pala, and heals the worst burn,
eaald, brake, w mt fraeh woand of any kind, prevents
swelling aad pain from bee atinga, moeqnlto bites, and
Eoleonout . plaata, pearalgia, vheamatlam, agna In the
" 'beam, eta. Vhea taken Internally, It will
poeltlely cure oionp In obtldren, and givat ImmedUte
raUef In tha- worat eaae of tola terrible oomplatnti also,
removes boareeneea and eore throat. Prloa,lo oentv
bottle, BhoBld belnere oaoaae. Wot oale by Drug
gUUsn4torekeepori.. ,h. ntva STOSJ.,'
,A'!-ropri'to''8r -;tpraoast.iHe Vortt
eetaaawiris. . ,t , v-i . , tf
- Mo real jnsUoa ean bo loue ike bov preparaUon's
bat by procuring end reading deecripttTe pamphleta4
be found with ail dealers, or wilt be eent by Proprietor
On demand. Formulae and Trial pottlea seat to Fnyat
eiane, who wttl find deTelopmente In both worthy their
oceptanoe aad approval'- 3,.P-.n 4A
, Oorreapondeaos aoliclted from all whoee neceaaltlea or
enrloslty promptato a trial of tha above reliable Heme
diee. ,,(,.,.! ,...-(-.(
i For sale ty tha UiUal wholeeala anl retail dealer
ererywhara.ei.r-j(.i,j J : fe " ,:
JOHN a..iHUNNEwVEJLl. Proprleto
j n:A-w,,"W and rsAiusaoitmBT, v-.
'"' i Ho. ? Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass.
' RoberU; Samnel.N. B. Marple. J. K.Oook.J. U
Danlg, . Panlg at (Ions, A.J, Bchueller 4 8oo, Agents
tor Oolombne, Ohio. . ..'.,. -,. ,, BUll-Olf
- ! ' J ' ' ' ' " ,.'"""
No, 29 South High Street. Columbus,
A B.S NOW OtFIRIRQ J ' e-'f - ; " '--
i.i8000 yarda Crareila Drtai QoOdS atSv'alae
.ioiMMetats. '
KOO yarda laavaling Draia Goods at IS,' value SOctS.
8000 yarda JSnglleh Beaagea at 1H, Value 85 eenti.
1000 yards French Organdlea at 18 X, value 80 oents. "
900o yards Faat Oolored Lawna at 10 , value 11 oents. "
K00 yards Foulard Dion Alike at t7)tt valae SO omt.
150O yards Super tlalq Blaok Silk at tt 0. value 1 SSj
Bobea of Orguulie Parage, and Bngllth Ueraga, at one.
half thelf Value,-;,!-. j j. n- ,-i .'n-is - '
T A..;..3 ,.i y i BAIN Ac BON, '- t
itH' " 89 South High Btreet.
.. ; . OOX41X&Z13T7&. i, .,,
Commission Merchants,
1 f ,. :T -It-ti ?;.- 1 -"ri't-V '
' .- t.-jv''' -.' ,. U'J l.' ,.:! .
... ":'' '-".; --i -1 ' : '
! I ! !
j i ..oi , rr ' ' ' ' ' ''
: &o. to. ALSO,
. .. ! .1 V.J - '
Old Rye,- MonohgaKela & . Bourbon
:- ; .v.;1o IWHI3KY.-0 U v-v'j--.!J.:.
- t 1 - - "-r- r rr f f ' -1 r i -.-,'.'''"' '
-.r."'...: .
, j ;C0LTJMBTJ9,;PHIO. ! . : .
asiseitis :;r:r:,.y- -
Nio,' ;,106; rSoutK;,Hignl Street,'
OoXj17IwX1X7. -,n -
' Foreign atfdi Domestic Fruita,":,
Is an fallible remedy for Fever and Ague. lbs ex
perience many years, In almost every climate, proves
thatwhtftuiedln strict goeordsoce with the direction!,
It baa rarely failed to care, not only by breaking the
chilli, but by removing tbe morbid habit of tbe syitemt
preventing the recurrence of the disease. J . , ,
FKVEB. AND AQ0E) though not In Itself dangerous,
iaant.lnnleMapredlly lemored, to hare aaehe perni
cious effect the lyitem, as to engender dlwrdsrl much
mors caneim inan tuau, ana waioq not amy reouor m
after-life of.the patient mlwrable, but are tn tbemselvrt
ef lea fatal. VA prompt and effectual remedy Is (hirefora
What Is wanted, and as such Da, Dj, Jatms'sAooi Mix,
Test is' onfldentlyvc(!mmtDde4t -'ot ' Hours.
BosoiTS as 8Bw.Clumbui. aod by agenta eiery
vol. ' '
,.'T llV .ti i
tAwea '
B 6i r
THE IMAIt rOOVTHE sjccasion.' '
TTaibington was the wib for hh pltca, . Jackton Vat
lbs maB to kill the'tEoniter bank, Junta fyls is lbs very
man to beat all others In the manufacture of pore snd
wholesbms aaleratus, Hli JJletetl Is tha kind that does
Ota boelntM.,,. Bapot,35 Waahlngtoa) Street, Kew Tork.
SoJdky gteoareeTerywhar,v ct .Tnu'lan itv' iu '.i
" ' Just Publlihel In a Sealed Envelope; Prioe S ots.t
Waakneas, Involuntary Smisetons, Bexnal Debility, and
Impedimenta ta Uairtage ganeralUy, Harvoueneie, Con
sumption, Epllepiy and Flu, Mental and Phrilcal In
ai ana rnrucai in-
etc By Itobert J.
capacity, resulting inw Ku-nmw, eio. ay itooer
Oulverwell, M. D., author ef the Oraea Book, lea.
A Boon to Thonaanda of Sufferers,
Bent siader seal. In a plain envelope, to any addreat,
Sost paid, on reaatpt of two stampe, by" Dr.- OUAB.
. 0. KLINE, 127 Bowery, Mew York, Post Office Box
Ho 4JM. rf-n ! ( sep7:3nvlw
FersoDO of fall hablte, Who are subject to
Cosureties!, Headache, Giddiness, Drowsiness aad sing
ing In the ears,arlaiog from too great a flow of blood to
the head, ahonld never be without Brandrath's Pills, sad
many highly dangerous symptoms will be i-mtiT4 by
their Immediate nse. v, i.-. ,,t . . , , , am .
Tbe Eon. 3. Hnnt,a-Weeeeheiter county, N. T.,
Mventy-Sve years of sge, bis nsed Brandrath's Pills (or
twenty five years as his sole medicine. When ho feels
Indisposed, be It from Cold, Rheumatism, Asthma, Head
ache, Bilious Affeotlons, Costlvensis or irritation of Ike
kidneys or bladder, be does nothing bat take s few dosss
f Brandreth's Pills. vi
Bis usual method Is to take six pllli, and reduce the
float aeh night, ons pill , la every attaok ef do knees
(or Iventy fire years, this simple method has never failed
to teeters hid to ttealfb; and few men are to be foand so
active aba hearty as ee. . . , i ; i -..-. a.
Boll by Jtmn B. Coos, Druggist. Columbus, and by
all respectable dealers tn medicines. , ..
".td all, eases of eosUvenees, dyspepsia, billions aad Hvai
eJtooUons, piles, rhenmatlsm, fevers and fguee, eben
sate bead aches, and al general deracgementa of health
thee puis have Invariably proved a certain and Speedy
remedy. A single trial win plaoe tbe Llfs Pills beyond
tbe teach ofoompetltlon la the ssUmattoa of every pa
tient, i- ''
D.ldoats Phonlx Bitters will be found squally st'
ncadoas la aH eases ef Bemma debility', Oytpepsla, bead
sobs, tbe skkaess teeMent to' females Is delicate health,
and every, kind of Waaknesa Of tbe dlgesUre ergana.
for talebFrw-.B.HOFFASa, liaadway.lt. t.
aad by all DrawUteY, t'i .WH r
The folloTrtni? it a eittac onr,
leMrM""'7Mietov. .Boliaa, avatar at the
Plerrepolnt-Btreet BepUst phurcb, Brooklyn, at. T.,te
the "Journal and ftfemenger,''.01c(ilnnaU, 0., and speaks
ataabes la favor of that world reaowaad medlolna, Mas,
"Wesieau-a-'v"''" n.nt 14 yoar sohmns ft Mat
,Wnnu)W's Bobvni tiarr. Row w neror eeld a word
in f.-or of a patent wetticiBS before tn our lire, but we
felinflMtoafr.to.yt!urrtedetlttBlaMia bttB1
k tf--wa va - t rv a .aa ah. rt
cuim, lit la pio.uUv one-at lha moat suroaavfal medl
t ' ot ire day, !- , . It la ona of tbe beet. And those
i '"'" "
yiiHt reatre mi ai.v iwin'wa 9mv iwvw.
,- evl.iew I
wbert l-1" oi
An Effective, Safe and
Boonomloal .
Te IM rlgliil Mloi wiUioat dyeing, and pretinttog I
' Hair from turning gray.
Aadourlng It, when there U tha least aarttoleof vltalt n -
. , . ot taaaparaUve eaera rasaalalag, , .' V
i I - And all outaneoui affeotlons of ths Scalp. f . -
Imparting to Ifan ineqaled gloss and brillianey, makina
it soft and silky in Its texture, and eauelng It ta sail
readily.,'-- -' .
The greet oelebrlty and hursaslnc desaaad for thle aa. J
equaled preparation, oonrlnoea the proprietor that ona
trial la only neceaeary to aatitfy a diaoemlng public of its t
superiorqualltlaa over any ether preparation in an. It'
eleaneea the head and scalp from dan draff , and other
outaneooa dleeaaes, causing tbe bmtr to grow luxuriantly
gltrtng It a rioh, aoft, gloeay and flexible appearanoe, an : ' :
also, where the hair la loosening and thinning, It will give
atrangth and vigor to tha roota and restore lbs growth ta t ,l
boee parte which bava become bald, oauslng itto yield., rr
rash oovaring of hair. '
There are handredaof ladlesand gaatlemen la New
lock who have bad Ibeir hair restored by the use of this. "
hviKOrator. when all other preparations havelatled. h. , e
M. bee la bis poieemlon letlera Innumerable UeUfylng.,. -to
tna above facta, from persona of tha highest redaeeta- - -'"
bllltf. It will effeotually present the hair from turning ' "J
until the htest period of lite; and In saeei where'the belt '.
bu already chan god lUoolor, the use of tbe IoTlgoratos . .
will with eertalnty restore It to It to tta onginal hue, git- '
tug It a dark, glossy appearanoe. - Aa a perfume for tna J
toilet and a Ilalr Res to retire It la particularly reoem
mended, bating an agreeable fragtanoa; and toe great fa-'
cllltlea it afforda in dreeaing the hall, wnleh, when moist
Willi the Iavlgorator, ean be dressed la aay required) .
formsoastopreeervalla place, whether plesnlor In curia;
henoe tha great demand for it by the ladiea aa s standard 1
toilet artlole which none ought to be without,! the prion ' , -"
places It witbla the reach ot all, being . i ..u. .
' , Only Twenty-Five Cent
perbottle, to be bad at all respectable Drugtlsw 'ind ,'
, v . , Perfamers. - , , - ; '
L. MIXLBB weald cblt the alien Hon of Parents aad' "
Ouardians to the ass of kls Invigorator, In 'oaaes where , , .
tha ohlldrea's aalrlnolinee to be weak. Tbe nse of It ,
lays tna foundation (or a ffood 4ad of Aoir, aa It ra
movea any impuritlee tbat may have become eonneoted j
with tha eoalp, the remeTal of which re neoessary both,'
for the health of the ootid, aad Iba future Appearanoe Of ''J
Its Hal. - - -tjr
OionoH.Kone genuine wlthoat the fao-sunUe LOTOS
HILLEK being on tbe outer wrapper! also, L. MIL
LIE'S HAIlt INVIOOBAXOB, a. Y., bloWa la the"
glass. . - ; i
Wholesale Depot, SS Dey stmt, and sold by all tha
principal Mercnaota and Drugifiata througooat the world ."tv
. Liberal dlsooantto purehaaers by ths quantity.
I I also desire to present to ths American Publte my
whioh, after years of solcutles expertmeatlng, I bava ? l
kroaght to perfection. It dyes Black Or Brown Instantly
wlthoutlnjury to the Hair or Bkln warranted the beet
artlels of the kind in eaieteaoe. ..... tk..-.-
. ; - PRICE, ONLY 50 CENTS." -V-
Depot, 66 v Dey ' St.: New York, t t
set8:dAwl. .' - ' "
"R A TIM Xr. OTCT. -
- ' at. aiSaa. -1 sVsaf aS mkm
;i t ho. zrlibvra man strext, r 1
f)bo yards Saner PUIn Blaok Bilks at $1 OO-vatae '
,tt; 86 per yard. ' - .
SsSbO yards Travsllng Dress aad Mantle Goods aifj ( , '
-la i8 cents Talae 80 eents per yard.
8,000 yards White Brllllsntes at 12 18 casta
. value SO eents per jard. H t ,
StOCO ards Pine and Domestis fliaghatas greatly aa -
. tervame. '
t' j ALSO: " "'"
" , fcUALLlS, fODlARD B1XSJ, -o- t
j nretisH bamobj, uyjoias, ' "v ' ' "
iawhi, CAUcoza, roFLDra, .
N)vr avnd faahionable) XTreaw Good
la the most desirable styles and at tery lowers srloes. s I
Of all materials, made la the moat stylish manner after -.
tbe latest Paris Fashions i'oe most elegant styles n
the elty. v - i
baih fcaon, .
my30 '".He. 59 Binth High street ,.,..
e' .alTV.-'''"1''
N- If .m .
....... . l:?,TT rs.et.tt
Fpr an Inch of TlmetJ
Was) bnrcB tire i:xot amatioiv or
a dying Queen. That Inch of tlDaeceabeoroanr-..'
ed at a m aob cheaper rate, and many long years etv , t
enjoyea by eonSultlng DrV M IRRIWE ATHBB, waia-.i!
Is curing the most ebstlnata and leng-atanding dleeaste-n'.u')
t.TAH Tt VRMAT.KR. RKTW Tltai Ann lir""
. Pacta ars Sittiaria hfaal fia-aV
''liearwhat the Philadelphia eorreependeat says In tha
"Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, J of April,
"An English geo tie nan, formerly aoneeeted With' ths
British Amy, and who styles himself -the 'ladies
Bobaaio Physician , has of late gained aa sxtenslvs rapa
tatlonbareby bis skill In curing all manner of com, .....
plaints. Borne of bis patiente I have eonversed with, .; 'I.
and they prononnce bis remedies and mode of treatment? '
aa very auperiorw Some bava been restored ss tf by
magio. The medicma he uses Is dlitllled..by .Almself tf -from
varloua herbs posaesslng rare ourutlve. propertle, Bt- j,
t lU.Mn.k .la.a f Ik. .IV 1 . . .1 A I
eertala medlolnal roota ani herbs on all manner of die.
whim w. iwivHiH ,uw, vi ui, ,UWI. IMVUWmi V M . .
eaaea. tc seems ne nee fouaea tare and apeeoy reme
dy for all the '11U tut flesh Is belr to.' His practise la
already extensive aad dally toereaalBg. In tbe oom-
piainta to wnton rematas are ea tweeted, be nse ao equal, ,
as a Urge number here bare testified that they owe not
only their present good health, but thrlr Urea, .to .Uasv.-U.j
skUlot this Indian Potanio Pltfiiclaa. '
.nqtSoje 37 East State Bt.reetft)lBmbus.
.'"sugrrd3m M, MSaa JSl-.Wt, l-.Af
I i . .i , iiii.iw',',. c .i.miu iiu.i)iii
mfrmi tS
f.'n ,tKivi
2ST6. 29 South High St,-,
HATH Just opened aa tavsice of vary .'largw aaeV.'i
handeoms '..,,-.,tr,
Wnffl Frknch" LaCbS ion SnAWLas
Very Deep Frensh Flouncing Laiaes.-i? 'f.IU isA
Real Thread, Frenoa, ChantUU it Geaevee'1'3'1'
.t VJliXJUW.
Valauclennei. Point- io; Gate, -
SStV .A T - .1 1.11.
,v,suiu aiuoetu mhos sunt .uuid,, fc 4iS
' - ' ' - InnewSlee"to'V
,,r., ......7,... f L:;;i For traveling ;
Aavelinjr tixczi Gczd&-n ,
uawrton; wcirtTREr, t .'r Vu.
is iATiUA, saooaa TAMSOIAJ, Ao. to. ,
'i n test and moet fwh!mil atrlea la the elty,' j f Jji j J
i'r-.i. BAIM BON, i '
t ,vut
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