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Halle for New Torw Olty, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
ntttburgb, eteubenvllio way, uteveiana, auitiu.,
Newark.Granvllle. Waehlngton City. Baltimore, Phila
delphia ml New Orleans, close daily (Sundays except
ed) eti o'oloek p. m. . -i ... , , - i .
A through sail fof Haw Tork and Cleveland close
telly (Sundays sxoepted) et ooiooe p. m.
O.O.atO. B. Jt. Way Mall closes dally (Sunday s sx-
eepted) at S o'oloek p. m.. , r
Central Obta Way Hall oloaai dally (Handajt excepted)
ID nVilfMrir a. m. . . -
Cincinnati Way Hal! otoMI 411 (Sundaju txosptea) at
o clock a. bi.
Ohloaio. DuboaOt. DelAWIrfe, Marlon and Worthlns-
Cob Mali elof dally (Sundays excepted) at t o'clock
p.m. - ' -
Mails for Xenla, SprlBgSeM, Peyton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indianapolis, Louiavius, Bt. A-ouls, and Detroit,
cloaaa dally (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'oloek p.m.
A through audi to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
aloata dally (aunoayeexoepieajat ju o'clock a. m.
Urbana, Plu.ua, TUUn and Union Olty mall oloaaa dally
ta .A . Q w M M .
, p . - .... i . ...... . vwuiwun
Portsmouth. Washington 0. H., Athena, Marietta and
1..nn..(a 1jw.h 1I.1miiI11i HIm.!!!-. HMT I ! 1V
ttuisoorouin mails oioaa ouiy (Bunaayg exospiM) at 8
clock p. m- i . . ,
But Way Malt hy National Road to Zantirllla aloaaa
daily (Sundays sxoepted) at If o'oleok m. -
Barrltburgh ttalloloees dally (Sundays sxoeptad) eta
kit. Varum Hail, by way of Westsrvllleand Banbury,
elosee dally (Sundays axoaptad) at S o'clock p. m.
Dublin atall oloaaa lally(8undays axoepudjat B o'clock
p.m. - ........-...,
Lanoutar Way Hall olotai dally (Bnndayt axoaptad) at
o Clock
Ualla from Maw Tork. Boaton. PhiUulelpbla, Buffalo.
Albany, Pittsburgh, Olareland, tayan, Tolado, Xante,
Detroit, Ipringnald, Olnolnnatt, Ohlllloothe, Bt. Lonla,
and all Koatbarn oitlaa, anrra between the boura of
0 clock p. m. anddo olooka. m. - -Mai
la frta IndlanapoUa, Ohloago and Suboiua arrlTI
at J: 40 a. m. : t j - .
alalia from Waahlrifton Olty, Baltimore, Wnaelinf,
Eanaarilla, Newark, BleubenTllle, lit. Vernon, and lb
O. o. K. K. Way Kau,anlTaM mo'cloekm,
Way Mail from Cincinnati arrirea Bt 3 o'alock p. m
iAncastaiafallaniTeaatVO'elockD.m. , . ..
But Way Hall oyer the National Road arrival Bt II
o 'clock a. m.
Ht. Vernon Way Hall arrlTea at 11:00 a. m. ' ' '
Hall from Dublin arrlTea at XI o'clook m. " ' ''
Crbana Way Hallarrtraa at o'clock p.m. "
Harrlabnrf h Halt arrlTea at 11 o'oloek a. m.
lancailer Way Hall arrival at 13 o'oloek m
Offloa dellyery open erery day (except tonday) from
7 o'clock a. m. to b o'clock p. m. Open on Bandaya
from 7) to B o'clock la the mornlnc, and from S to
Rail Road Time Table.
Littl Uum Oaiov ace at Xxma B. K.
' lamvot. 'ArrlTea
Cincinnati Accommodation. 5:00 A. M. 9:10 P. M.
" lxproai..-... 11:40 A.M. 11:03 A. H.
Hall and Aooommodatlon.. 0:10 P M. 8 00 P. M,
Nlfbt Ixpreee Tla Day ton.lS:00 midnight. 3:20 A. M.
im, W. Soann, Agent.
Night Bxpreee. 3:40 A. M. - . 11:15 P. M.
New TorkXxpreea 11:10 A.M. 10:50 A.M.
0.0. a.0. Waylxprem..., S:i0P.M. . 7.50P.M.
Una PivrntNir, Agent.
. OawtmAL Osio. BVB.
No. $ Ixpreee..... Irl A. M. 11:45 A. M.
No. 5 do 8:15 P. hV 11:15 A. M.
' . . , ? . W. J. Tkf, AganU
PrrmDkaa, Ootottati it OnnnnraTl E. B. V
Hall Train S JO A.M. 11 M A.M.
Bxpreea Train U:SSa.M. . 8 45P.M.
. Joe. BoiiKeoK, Agent. .
C (UcKioi at ItreuRoroLte, K. R.
(OoLOMaoa Plana at Iirouju B. R.)
No. 1 Ixpren 0 30 A. M. S 00 P. M
No.B " ....3:00 P.M. , 7:30 P.M.
Aooommodatlon .......... 10:50 A. M.
' 0. W. Smith, Agant.
The Adams Express Company places us daily
under obligations to It for the very latest papers
from tbe eastern cities. .
The American Express Company baa our
thanks for Its daily favors In the shape of the
very latest eastern papers.
Probate Court.
Items of business traoiaoted In the Probate
Court of Franklin county, Jidge Aliirt, dur
ing the week ending Friday noon, September
80,1861: . "..'...,', ,',
The matrimonial market baa been unusually
active In our county during- tbe past week. Tbe
number oi marriage licensee Issued ii twiivtt-
TWO. '-:' .'
Letters of Administration have been issued
to the following persons Robert Shields, as
Administrator oV 6en now of Andrew M
Scott, late of Madison township, deoeaeed; Hi
ram McCray, ni Administrator of Emmor Rey
nolds, late of Troro township, deceased, and
Henry C. Noble, as Admloletratot ot Samued
G. Foster, late, of Columbus, deceased.
George Sebastian has been appointed. Guar
dian of James Sandy Miller, son of Jamee Mil
ler.of Columbus, on ieaount of the dletlpated
habits of the father. , C ; ;. '
Certificates of nata'raliiatlon have been issued
to Jacob Fracbt, a nMive of Wirtenberg; Her
man Bohlrner, a native of Bavaria; Patrick
Collins, a native of Ireland,, and; Christopher
Peter, g native 0f&Tt:'; : Vr'u'Z
The minors having with
out tbe ooneent of parents or 'guardians, bare
beeo, on writs of babeas eorpue, discharged
from the servleei James Knox, of Shelby coun.
ay I George MoCabe,, of Bpelbyj John Walter,
of Knox: Jamea N. Royoe of Knox, volunteers
at CampUhasa, and Chorion E, Robert, of Day
ton, a volunteer at Camp Tbomee '
BT Rev. Dr. Matubb, the. newly appointed
minister for Wesley Chapel, will ' preach on
to-morrow at 11 A M. and- 7- Pi M., at the
church between Ga .apd Long, oo, H!g1 stref.
'" i " ' u-r.. .i-
Tm PaNSTtiroaawi.'i-Thls hardUand novel
name Is epoUod. laaa exhibition, ot D'r, Kami's
ArctloT0ya5e anlthe War of 1881,o be giftd
at Armory Hall, commencing! oa Monday even
log next. There ap be doubi of ita Wog
an Interesilog tad MpBtruotjre dlplay Bee ad-
vertlsement.j. u . j. li; ui--- .rmi.ici'i t
' : ' " jf ' -' " '
HT Wm. BptTOrf wae not held: to ball to ,eep
tbe peace, as Wrwated vesterday morning.
The oomplatntled before Eaqnlre Muxx,1
was withdrawn,' and the rjosts paid by a mutual
friend of the parties, i We undersUnd that Mr
HottonIs qaitei an, lcoffcnalvo man; and, that
there Is little daDger 6f his ahoetiDg: any
DOay. ... ati.'i ,(.'j;lt .:ilVt:lit. :., ,br '
Niw TiAeriM-Mr Gbowa H. TwisB.'re'
ctntly of 8 prlDgfield; .Ohio, the newly ap
pointed Principal In the Third District Sohools,
vice Mr. TH. Lrrrtt, resigned. Mist Ntcn
ou, late of Portsmouth, Ohio, and Indianapolis,
Indiana, baa been added to the already aeoom
pllshed eorpe e female teaojiers In our pubio
echoola. J: " "' KV;"
O Davw Paarp Esq ,has eebured the use
of the stalls at the Couotjp'fatr Grounds, , for
the par pose or keeping array horse. ; , ;
, - fc'i j . .lA.I ......
CT Mrs. Uabt THQiits, of Franklin, town-
ahlp, received the first pruiclom ht' the feoet
StaU Fair, for the beet 95 lbs. of butter made
U June, and tot the beat SUlbA. butter in firkin
$10 each. t x-T- s-,rr ;
IT A. A. Kitu"' aV IWr'ooefrim -S14
South High' streeWoaa" dooa "souti ':of , E!l'ch
street, to recetrlog da'.ly, iddlUon tj?h!l )af;
took of Family Oroooiiosroah kits of. the
beet quality of ptqbV'ld'lgrapei,(abIcU',h.f
will tell as ehaaj as' tHe' cheapest la the olty.
Call and examine them.
it D Tbe&aaeUe learas that our fellow oltlzsn,
Mr. John M. Pooh, intends starting for Mis
souri (n a fsw days, for tbe purpose of bringing
the family of bis brother, Mr. Akdriw Pooh, to
this olty. His brother was formerly a resident
of Truro township, but moved to St. Clair
county, Mo., tome few yeart ago, and settled on
a farm, where be has been residing In peaoe and
security till a few weeks past, when be was
driven from his borne by the rebels in that tea
lion of the country. Hit property baa been
abused by them, and bis life endangered. He
fled Into Kansas, and commenced recruiting a
company Immediately for tbe war, with the In
tentlon of returning and securing his property
He baa two sons in the Federal army, and both
were engaged la the battle near Springfield.
8heriff Hchan has a brother residing In
Petti oounty, Mo formerly a resident of this
oountyV who moved Into that State tome time
ago, and purohased several bnndred aeret Of
land, expecting to reap a good harvest, bit farm
being under a fine state of cultivation: but he
now finds himself surrounded by traitorous te
oesslonists, bis life and property endangered,
and hit prospeots of suooess all vanishing. We
loin heartily with tbe Gttttl in the hope that
the protecting arm of tbe Government may be
extended over tbe Union men in Missouri.
New BoiLDmoi. Mr. Naoobtoh'b bow build
ing, on the oornerof High nd Chtpal ittoetd
will be ready for occupancy about the firet of
December. Workmea ere now engaged la
putting online roof. It k font atorlee high, 100
feet la depth by 35 la width. It hu u Iron
front, and ii ooo of tbe flneet bulldtogi la the
city. '
The work on the Nell Home le progressing
rapidly. The wells of two storlei of the front
portion are already op, and workmen are pre
paring the itone front, caps and' ellla.
It is expeoted that the new postoffloe build
lng, In the rear of the Odeon,will be ready for
occupancy about the first of next month. .
Geo. Stxuib has nearly finished a large two-
story brlok.on the corner of Moond and Fourth
Geo IIibsinaoeb la about erecting a new
briok on Fourth street, adjoining his present
place of business.
Datid Lxwis will soon finish a twO-story
brlok.on Seventh street, North of Long.
A. J. Davis has in progress a one-story brlok,
and John Ainold a two-story brick, on Seventh
street, north of Long. .' ' "
Mo FaiioNiM or Wab-Yesterday. Llent.
MouiaMir, of the Fourth Virginia Regiment,
arrived at Camp Chase, with' twelve prisoners
of war . There are now la the prison at
the camp over one hundred tenants.
VST Samoil Lxwie rtoently told a one-story
brick bouse and lot on Seventh atreet between
Gay and Long streets, to Lieut. Col, Cbabjju
C WALctrrr.for $1,850. f
OT Tbe large "brick building on the north
west corner of Gay Hod High streatt it about to
be fitted np for a botel.x
Pc RtoitAr,. Colonel C. B. Mason, of the 13th
Ohio Regiment, who was wounded in tbe hand
at the late battle at Gailley river In Western
Virginia, hat been In the city foraeveral dayt,
and has, It is said, resigned his oommlssioa.
DT We understand that there ' wilt, be a re
union of the original Vedettes at their armory
this (Saturday) evening, when an attempt Is to
made at re organisation.
ST PiTca KiNfiar, banker, of i Portsmouth,
has been appointed Colonel of the Fiftj-STxtb
Ohio Regiment. .
HT Books for subscription to tbe National
Loan will be opened this morning, at the Clln
ton Bank. t
ST A battery of rifled cannon, recently sent
to Cincinnati for the' defense of that city, bat'
been taken to Louisville. . . , J
. ;? 'J
HT Ten new Regiments are reported at bead
quartera as full, and ready to reoelve marcblbg
orders. ' - !' '-' vl
BT One hundred thousand dollars in Treas
ury notee have been, within a few dayt past,
sent from tbe State Treasury to Clevelandfor
tbe purchase of cavalry horsea. , , . , ) , ,
HT Two fins companies for tbe Fortieth Reg
iment have recently arrived at Camp Chase.
One is Capt. Hawoara's, from Clinton county i
and the other, Capt. John J. Gikhitt's, front
Darke..' "v.."
" Kshnidt's Mipioai. DuoovtBii-n--It can
loovsax-" It eat
now be said with truth that tbe great remedy
baa been found for the "healing of the nations,"
for during the twelve yaart thafAhtt medlolne
has been before the public, (that cured enough
persons to people a goooi!sed State and
healthy one too, for nor a . partlcal of humor
would be found In alt their veloe. There are
many persons who to use their own words, are
"never well'.' and yet they will notjbelleve that
It may be bumor that causes their feelings, be
oause they have not to much, "at V pimple on
their bodf All this may be true, and yet the
worst of humors be concealed in .their veins.
None need remain in suspense out this acoount
however, for a bottle of tbe Discovery, we can
assure tbem, will make It appear if there Is' a
partiole of humor about them
-Master Commissioner's' Sale.
.... ...
Sole erf Koal KBtfttwby order of Court
Wtat.J'lQch. '
1 va. Buuerlor Court of Franklin County.
John Brownetal.)
IN pn nuance of an order of the Superior Oonrt of
rranklln ooontjf, Ohio, made at the Har term thereof,
A.D. 1841. In the bora enlitlear aotlon. there will be
OEerad for aale, at pnblio aaetton, w the htgbtst Mdder,
Satorday, the Stbi dy of Oct', A. D. 1861,
at (ha boar of 10 o'clock A.M.) St the dooi' of the Oonrt
nouae, in trie city or oolutabas, in said rraouio ooangr,
Uie followlOf real eetat. town:.
In-lot naaiker S of Kobert MeU'a aOdllion to the cltj
of Coltiatbaa, beiaf the aerthail corner of Lookwia
urnTmaannnpla.rDaaK.,: r,M, ,,
terns of sals, cash. . ..'.'.
"-; ,( Ppcdtl Uuter Ooramlssloner.
Auf . !, 1801-wtw.
Baltimore Clothing House. r "
eft) ' :D2LatTR
No.' 308 .W. :lmtttoM.;
r' ' ' ......
A large , assortment ot Fleet Ml valrttnf
T vofjrU
lh r" 1
I if i
1 1 i -
j a ritoits mo itowhoamia.
V So. SOljlJIWN. ; . J -i i-wf!,-,
Jet rcha(4 ao far sale lo f.,r evJi, f , .
.' f ... laciULt itoat et CO.,
.1 B " Uett, Oelaataat.
etpit-ti .
TELEGRAPHIC. The Louisville Courier-Gov. Morton
and Gen. Anderson.
LoouviLLi. September 19. The nublloatlon
of the Courier was suspended, on acoount of
its selsure by the uovernment, tflorts are
making to resume publication on a different
basis. ' - ".'
Tbe departure of steamboat down the river
It Interdicted unless a Government officer ao-
comDanlea tbem
' The report of the burning of the bridge over
the Louisville and Nashville raliroaa at noiio,
la denied. ' .
No trains from the South to-dav. No tele
graph io communication south of here for three
days. There are all torts or oonmoting ru
mors oonoernlng movement! along tbe line of
the road. Nothing Is accurately anown. No
Tennetseans are known to have entered Ken.
tuokv alone: the line of the road. . '
uot. Morton, or Indiana, hat neen nere in
consultation with Gen, Anderson to-day. He
left for home to-nlaht.
Cannon and other armt were reoslved bere
from the State Arsenal to-night.
Niw YoJta, Sept. 19. This evening's Com
mercial eats, we tblnlcwe have sufficient au
thority for saying that, to far as a movement of
tne national troops is oonoernea, tnere le no
probability of an engagement within thirty
dayt, Of oourse,Jf attacked, there will be a
general and severe battle. Our troops aie well
prepared to meet any number the enemy may
bring, but for perfecting the arrangements for
tne onwara movement, it is aeemea Deet to ao
oomDlish certain thiost which mar not be effeot'
uaiiy done in less than thirty oays.. ineee
matters bave no reference, we believe, to tiie
raising; of more men, tbe Government being
latisned that tt has el' that it win require.
Kentucky Legislature.
Fbankfobt. Sent. 19. The Senate resolu
tlon passed plaoinK the armt and ammuni
tion of tbe State under the control of the
oommander of the Federal foroes in Ken
tuckv. : . . -I
The House passed the Senate bill to enlarge
tbe powers or tne military aoaru.
Movements of Our Troops in Missouri
-Another Blair in a Scrape.
St. Louis, Sept. 19. The 39th Ohio, Colonel
Groesbeck, 3d Iowa, Lieutenant-Colonel Scott,
16tn Illinois, Colonel Smith, with the foroe of
the Missouri State Militia, and the Iowa State
troops, under Colonels Craynor and Edwards;
300 regular and irregular cavalry and six pleoes
artillery, under Captain Madison, left St.. Joe
and emllootne in two columns, ounaay, and
were expected to reach Lexington yesterday to
reioforoe Col. Mulligan.
The reason why Ueneral rope did not sur
prise, rout or capture Martin Green's band of
rebels Sunday night, tbe 12th Inst, is explained
at follows:
General rope wat at Hunnewell on Saturday,
with 800 men. and knowing; Green wat encamp
ed in tbe neighborhood of Florida, he determin
ed to make a night march and surprise him,
but learning that he had 3S00 men, be tent
engines at noon to 8helbina, eight miles, with
orders to General Hurlbut to send down imme
diately 500 men to relnforoe him, his force be
ing i too small to attack such superior num
bers, but in . oonsequenoe of the gross mis
management on tbe part or Hurlbut, troops
from Sbelblna which should bave reached Hun
newell at 3 o'oloek, did not arrive until 11 P.
M., when It wat too late to atart on the expedi
tion that nlebt. Another attack wat planned
for the next night, however, and Fope marohed
hit HUO men twenty-four miles, over a broken
and almost roedleea country, and reached
Green't camp early Monday morning to find it
deserted, Green having been apprised of bit de
sign and fled, and hit men being mounted tbey
could not be overtaken Dy lniantry, rope nao
no cavalry. '. '."..
There are now no armed bands or rebels in
tbe countiee north of tbe Hannibal aod St. Jo
seph Railroad, and but few between it and the
Missouri river.
About 5000 Home Guards are In tbe northern
part of the State, aod tt Is understood that Pope
hat effected arrangement! for a thorough or
ganisation or the union men m that aecuon,
who are abundantly able and willing to preserve
peace if arms are furnished them, whioh, it la
aald. will ba dona. It la now oouUdeutlv be
lieved no more lawlessness will bo beard of in
North Missouri. . '
la addition. to nutuns Gen. HurlOJt and ooi.
Williams nnder arrest tor drunkenness, General
Pone ordered tbe arrest of Lieut. Col. Blair, ot
the Second Kansas Regiment, for mutinous con
duct at 8helbina, in threatening to withdraw
bis command if Colonel Williams persisted in
fighting, when attacked at that place by Martin
In a letter to tbe Republican tbia morning,
la reply to a oharge by the Democrat, Colonel
Blair ttatee that lie never asked a favor, con
tract or appointment, from Fremont, which waa
not granted. Their oimcuiuee are not oi a pri
vate nature, but relate to ohargas made against
Fremont for bis conduct of tbe campaign .
A Skirmish Near Kansas City.
Citv. ¬
ment was created bere on Saturday, the 15tb,
by the appearance of tbe Confederate scouts on
the opposite bank of the river. '. A company of
twenty mounted men were eeot over from this
place in tbe morning, who discovered a rebel
camp Of from 300 to 300 men, some six miles
distant from the river. An additional force
waa detailed in the afternoon, who killed seven
of the rebel! and took tlx prisoners, with tbe
same number of bones, and destroyed their bar
racks. Only one of the Federal troops wat
wounded.- . .. ----''. -. .-i-
Yesterday a large force of rebels, supposed
to be a part of the band recently onoamped in
St. Joseph, made their appearance four miles
below on tbe opposite shore, and attempted to
croes the river in an old nat-Doat, tending a
rirt of tbsir forot to attract tha attention ot tha
ederale by firing into this olty and Wyandotte.
Tbey were, however, repulsed, and tbe boat
sunk, .' It It believed tbey succeeded in crossing
at the Sibley Ferry, aixteen milae below, which
they have poeseasion of. - i
Lu evening tne city was aura witu sair-
miabera ot both parties several ihots were
heard, but no damage done.. .. . ...v. ,
ar ' i . .
Rumors from Lexington, Mo.
Jameson Citv. Sent. 19. There Is no defi
nite intelligence from Lexington to-day- Dis-
catches were reoelved nere this aiternoon irom
Booneville, saying it wat reported and current
ly believed there, that Lexington bad been tak-
eu on a ucouaj, , . . . .... . .. . , . . .
' Two gentlemen, who arrived bere late this
evening, having left Booneville at 7 o'clock tbia
morning, entirely discredit" the report. There
were 4000 Federal troops at Booneville betides
thehome guards, i i - j m ,
' 1
Rebel Movements.
Caiao. Sect 19. It it reported thai.' 11,000
rebels bave taken possession of May field, Ky.,
and are fortifying the place. 1 1 i i n- r
Jeff. Thompson's force or k.wv nave movea
to New Madrid.
A aklrmlah took Blaee near (jOiuaibus, be
tween Colonel Ross't pickets and tome rebel
scouts. None of tbe Federal troops vera, in
ured. '
IlAaaisBuao, Sept:. 19. Governor Cur tin
haa Issued a proclamation in accordance with
that of the President, ordering the 26th of Sep
tember to be observed as a day or lasting and
praysr.. .. : :" 1
The National Loan in Chicago.
CinaAeo. Sent. 18. The subscription to
the National loan to-day amount to $113,000,
of whioh Solomon Hturgla, who armed . and
equipped General noClellan'S body guard, took
inn rum . ....' " "
V " in'
Niw London. Conn.. Sent 19. The treat
Dickinson meeting, which took place to day,
waa numerously attended, Dickinson making
splendid speech
A Skirmish near Ironton, Mo.
laewren, Mo Sent, 18. A skirmish eeour-
red Thursday at Blaok Alver, twelve or fifteen
mllea soutnwest ar nere, between three com
nanlet of Indiana oavalry under Malor Govitt
and a Dooy oi aeoassionima enuer tbe notoilout
Bern, Talbot, la which fire of the reblet were
kilted aod four taken prisoner! and thirty-five
tore aad a smentity of arm! captured. The
balance scattered In all directions, and kclx
familiar with the county, eluded pursuit.
Approval of the President's Course.
Albany, Sept. 19. The State Central Com'
mlttee met here to-day. They adopted the fol
lowlncrri t. - . "
flfioitxi. That the recent course of the
President in promptly overruling tbe assump.
tlon of i Fremont to transcend laws, and in
limiting! his aotlon within the line of legit!
mate authority, meet! onr unqualified approval
LiAvfNwokTH, Sept. 18. About 1,000 rebels
were at flatte City, eignt mues east oi tuia
plaoe, yesterday, supposed to be on tbe march
to join Rainaor Price, crossing the river at . or
nearLlbart. A nortion of these have beeo
engaged in the reoent bridge burnings on the
Western Division of the Hannibal and St. Joe
Railroad. A oolumn of Federals, from points
on the Hannibal and St. Joe Railroad, were In
pursuit of them. "
Tha militia of noutittee la Kensa! bordering
on the river, have been under arms the last two
weeks to repel Invasion. , . i '
Tha Second Reelment Kansas volunteers ar
rived at this place on the 15th from Rolla, aod
hare been continually on the move for nearly
three months. Tbey bad an entnusiasiio recep
tion by the oltizens and military of tbe city, and
were given a dinner at tnenoieia. (y
Niwabk. N. J.. Sent. 19. A brig loaded for
St. Thomna. with a laree and valuable oargo
and having a forged clearance, was seized at
blixabeuport to-day. -
Severe Fight near Lexington-Rebel
Loss from 3000 to 4000.
St. Looit. Sent. SO. A Governmeot agent
named King, who left a point on the Missouri
river opposite Lexington on weanesaay nipt,
arrived tbia morning, report that a severe fight
took plaoe on Tuesday tor posnessiou oi tnree
ferry boats which, lay at the levee. Price's
foroes advanced on the boats in two bodies',
one from above and the other from below the
town, and after a very sharp engagement tbey
wapa .AAanr.nrr1. "
' The boats were not in fair ranee of Mulli
gan 't guns, hit fortifioations being so situated as
to prevent bim from commanding tbem com
pletely, and his foroe wat too small to admit of
bis making a sorue against rrice't overwneim
log numbers. But Mr. King says he saw twelve
wagon losds of killed and wounded rebels taken
on arter the fight.
He also says, Prloe assaulted Mulligan's for
tificatlont four or five times on Wednesday, but
was reolused each time, with a loss or between
3,000 and 4,000. . . ,
Reinforcements from the North, probably
under General Sturges, were expected to arrive
late on Wednesday night, but as Prloe bad pos
session of the ferry boats, they would not be
able to cross the river, and of oourse could be
of Uttle or no service to Mulligan.
King's aooount is quite incoherent, and entire
relianoe it not placed on It bere. There in little
question, however, that a battle had taken place,
but details are yet unknown. -
From Washington.
[Special to the Post.]
Washington, Sept. 18. A detachment of
loyal Maryland volunteer! crossed thelPotomao
at Williamsport, a day or two tince, attacked a
company of rebel soldiers, and drove them some
distance beyond 8heperdstown, Va. ...
beveral negroes in full unitorm recently oame
to this city with a regiment from the city of
New York. Seoretary Cameron now insists
that colored men shall not wear the army uni
form. ... .
Tbe gamblers who were arrested some days
ago by tbe Provost Guard of this city, were re
leased yesterday, and tbe faro banks are again
In full blast.
Washington, Sept. 19. The Intelligencer
says "We believe that the frequent threats
of tbe Riohmond papera in regard to closing
the Potomao, by batteries along the western
shore, have never made any serious impression
on our military authorities. There are shells
enough at command at any time to enable
our vessels to dislodge the rebels along the
line." ! ;
The Navy Department has' accepted proposl
tlona from Messrs. C. S. Bushnell & Co., of
New Haven; Merriok & Sons, of Philadelphia;
and J. Erickaon, for tbe construction of .iron
clad vessels. . .
Within a few days the Navy Department has
nude some changes tn tbe officer of tbe squad
ron: Captain Wm. W. McKean, of the Niag
ara, baa been annotated b'Ug Officer on the
Gulf, in place ot Capt. Wm. Mervine. Flag
Offioer Stringham, having asked to be released
from tbe command or the Auutio (quadron
Cjpt. L. 8. Goldsborough has bead appointed
to suoceed bim. - . '
Tbe sauadion has bean divided, and Capt
Goldsboroogh assumes oommand of the North'
em division, embracing the coasts of Virginia
and North Carolina. Capt. Dupont bas been
appointed Flag Oliver of tbe Southern Atlantic
squadron, embraoing the coast of South Caro
lina, Virginia and Florida.
Tbe new flag OUicera being junior to some
of tbe Captains now on duty, other changes are
rendered necessary. ,i
Commander JUiseroon naa Deen oraerea to
the Savannah, vice J. B. Hull, detached. Capt.
Marston hat been detached from the Cumber
land and ordered to tbe steam frigate Roanoke,
vloe Captain Nioholaon, detached. - Captain
Cbauueey bas been detached from the Susque
hanna, aad Captain Lardner appointed to that,
ship.. Commander Cbariee H -Davis baa been
detached from special duty at tbe Navy Depart
ment, and appointed Uaptaio of tne neet ot tne
Southern Atlantic Squadron. Commander Per
olval Drayton has been ordered to special duty
la the Southern Atlantic Squadron.. Lieuten
ant O. R. P. Rodgers haa been ordered to the
United States steam frigate Wabasn, tne nug-
ship of the Southern Atlantlo Squadron.
, Applications tor positions as volunteer lieu
tenant, Acting Mastera, and Masters' Mates,
should state wo age, and be aocompanied by
certlflcatei from Ihe last owners ot the vessels,
and also from several underwriters of the ports
whence the applioants bave severally sailed.
None others will be considered at the Navy
Department. - .,.; g'J'f
An order waa issued from me war ueoart-
ment to day, that the Military Departmeat of
Ohio will to future consist or tbe state ot that
name. Indiana, and so much of Kentucky as
lies within fifteen miles or Unelnnatl, under
command of Brig. General Mitchel, :of the
United States Voluuteers, headquarters at Cln-
elnnatl. ' J
So much of Virginia as lies west of tbe Blue
Ridge mountains, will constitute in future, a
separate oommand, to be called the Department
of Western Virginia, under rsrig. uen. nose
nran. hnndanartera in tha field. ' ;
The War Department has issued an ordor io
carry into effeot the law of Congress by which
soldiers may assign portions of their pay for
the benefit of their famines, the assignment to
be entered on a separate roll, aooording to a
prescribed form, nnder tbe supervision oi tueir
immediate commander!, at the time of enlist
ment. The roll la to be transmitted to the
Paymaster General, who will make the de
duction! on each pay-roll, and the Paymaster
of the regiment transmit the money for distri
bution to tnoce to wnose favor toe assignment
li executed.
The attention of the officer! of the regular
armv la again d rooted to that section of tbe aci
of Congraaa which Drovidea that in all eases oi
enlistment and. re-enlistment in the military
service, the Drescrlbcd oath may be administer.
ed by any commissioned omoer oi tne army,
Feea to oivll officers for suoh .service will not,
- " - - . . . en ...
therefore, be admitted.' . -
"Volunteer officers sent out to recruit their
regiment! will be granted fete aad passea over
the roada leading to and from .the-point! to
whioh tbey are ordered.. Should the route lie
over roadi for whioh inch passes are not grant
ed, they will be paid their actual traveling ex
Densea out of the fund for recruiting and equip
ping volunteers, but in bo case will reoelve the
teaoenta per mile.-' In Ilea of the transports
tion or baggage, tnere are instances in vnion
free nasses bave been used, and tola amount
drawn for the same dietanee." -
Geav. MoCltllan and several or lis sun, tpls
afternoon, went to examine Onr-earthworks.
garrisoned by a portion of Gen. Franklin's com
mand. While viewing the enemy's position,
Gen. McClellaa aiaooverea tome are or tlx
hundred of the enemy approaciing about two
milea dlataaW-He immediately ordered several
rifled eaaadn put in position and lent hi worn-
nil mania to the taoeit 10 ioesnapM a u nouua
ahell that exploded la their midst, producing the
ollilaas aonatarnatlon. Tbe whole -fora Waa
teaa to scatter and fly. there la no doubt that
a largs nujabw wexe killed, s Tbe enemy did apt
rjturatflrev'.j;iti!.4 ' t
Gen. McClellan. after disposing of (hit ad
vancing fore of rebels, directed bit attention to
a new battery, reoently thrown up by the enemy,
a abort dlstanoe tooth of Munson't Hill, known
as Mason's Hill. ' He threw several sheila and
shot into their works, ceasing some of tbe hands
to knock off The were evidently surprised
by bia audden opening- of onr batteries -upon
tbem, as they auddenly disappeared, and did
not return tne ore. ; ; : .;
General McClellan returned to the city about
nine o clock to-night.
A deaVrler from the rebel camp oame into
our lines to day, and waa Immediately con'
veyed to General McClellan't headquarters.
He states that Generals Beaureeard and John
ston were both at Munson's Hill yesterday, end
made a thorough reoonnoissanee of our position,
He aaya there are only about 1,000 soldiers at
Munson's Hill, and' naya that the main body of
troops are at Fairfax and Ueotervllle. - lie says
that Jeff. Davis was at these two points on
1 uesday last, and reviewed tbe troops in person.
He saw Jeff. Davit at Munson't Hill yester
day, examining our works with a glass. He
does not think, from all he Las seen and could
learn as a private, that there are over 100,000
men at ail these points. Fifteen thousand were
reported to , bave been sent from Manassas, a
few dare ago, to Northwestern Virginia. When
asked if he thought the rebels were going to
make an attack on our lines, be replied that
tbey were daily expecting an attack from our
loroes. lie says distinctly that be never beard
the Intention expressed by the rebels of making
an attack on our entrenchments. . 1
Washington, Sept. 20. A recent order of
General McClellan declares the firing on the
enemy's picket! is contrary to the usage of a
civilized nation; be therefore orders that there
shall be no firing on their piekete, uuleas it be-
oomes necessary to resist an advance or to re
turn the fire commenced by them.
. ine nag olilcer of the Wavy Department has
received dispatches from Commodore Slribling,
of tbe East India squadron, who says that Co
chin Cuina is at war with tbe French portion of
tne country, and aro preparing for a vigorous
campaign. Commodore Stribling remarks
the insult of firing on the Saginaw by the
Chinese, and that no further action is required
on his put.
A company of Infantry baa been tendered to
the Government from tbe Hawaiian Islands and
accepted, it consists of our American emigrants
and native Hawalians. It Is expected to come
as soon as tbe news of the aocentsnce is re
ceived. . " ;
No action has vet been taken in tiie case
of Colonel Young, respecting his appointment
to the command of a resiment ot Kentucky
oavalry. , .
1Mb is the day fixed by tbe Richmond
papers for the advance ot General Beauregard
upon Washington, but there were no signs up
to noon to-day of such a movement. The
position of the two armies remains unchanged.
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, September 20, 1861.
The following are tha Mta.ll anotmHnne anrreAUil he
Wm. U. Bestieaaz. wholesale and reuil srocar. No.
106 goath High Street.
.75380c,N 0. Sugar 9 fc..8S(IOc
Oats tbu..
Oornt on. .
.......xuo uapia ao wsiuo
85c Molaues Viral 50-00o
Butter aifc..
Lard a...
12K15cgyrup gal 758Uo
lOolTea n....buc,l wmi S
Tallow a,
. 9IOc eddo Tea tl 00
Dried App let f bo . . 1 1 40
Bio Coffee .... 1518o
Dried reachea... 8 73(3(3 00
White Ueaoi bn.tl W12S
.lava do... S05c
Bice a He
rotatoet, ne f oaMtxssuc
Brooms doa. .11 00A1 75
Bait in snelc......
Bait bbl
Beef f cwt
I5kKc Hay ton 80 00
II C08oap(ooxl 9 oaVe
tH l'Klour bbl 14 !5S450
Hams a
UXcl White Wheat do t4 75S5 00
Bbonldert s..
Bait Pork cwt..
Pel live ( lour 9 bbl... S4 UO
ewjSllic Caudlea.Tallow.bx. UHg
Wood cord....
M Candles, OnaL box.. le
Mackerel No.lhfbbl
S'J 00 Cheese a, 8913X
alackerel Nolqrbbl
t5 bJ Hominy per bush.. tlOO
Mackerel No 1 kits.. . S 501
WhUky per. gall. 25(3(1 00
Baiiins,MR. Box. ...2 50
.. a OK
White riih per h'f bbl $i 50
Whit ri,h per qr bbl 9i OU
uoa run w n uxo
Herrlni a bbl !5 00
Bultan lb 12Xo
fin t..
..leo f lb.
Corn Meal ba....:KkW
Prunes 9 l.
irct doa
8c Wool Twino. .
Dried Beef.
fi nun tales at 3 9034 00 for new red, and 4 35
&4 50 for white; market uuettled.
,,Wan.T-dnllat65(d70o. '
Coaa aalea at SUo
O.Ta aaleadullat 15(S1Cc
are imau aa)e v. 4JJ,uo.
Bat aalea at 5sVS.
Potato .alee u 40445o. '
Biam tales at 67cOt 126.
Balt rnlea at tl 55 per bbl.
Wwtb Fun rule at tS 35(36 75 per bLl.
Sugars, Teas and Coffea adranclngitill.
New York Cattle Market
Aooordloir to tha reports from the several market
places In the city, there have been received this week;
Sheep and
. 14
Veals. Lambs Swine.
28'i B46 0,499
31 4,407 , .... '
97 3,669 ,
15J 4,213 ' ....
At Allerton'i, 3.514
BrownhMr's.... 58
O'Bnen'a.. ...... 50
OhamberUn's. . 34
BoMbu'n,Ber. 456
., eee
Total.. ...
T'l pr'a week.
545 13.934
471 13,356
6 499
at. number
9 w'k,l'ty'r.
4,364 850 ' 343 9.709 ' 7,696 13,968
A. M. Allertoa at Co.. Proorletort of the Waahinaton
DroTo-yards, 44th-st, report tha Cattle in Market bom
toe ioi lowing states:- - ; v,. , .
Newlork . 438i0onnecllcut
Ohio . 7il New Jersey
Indiana.. .... .
1,597 iC.D.da....
- )3I atlchigaa .
164 MliKiuri..
. 4iyirginia.
number reported for this marteT at Fortv-fourth
Street, 8,644. . i - ' ,
Iba prlcee to-day are quoted as follows:
First quality Btf SflX I Ordinary. 56X
Medium 4.7xS7 I lomo extra good... US--
The general average of tha market at full 7e.
The stoat of tha salea range from 7$8o.
Prloee per head and per pound, of different welithta.
Will be found In acoounta ot tales of sundry droves.
Total number oi uotvea reeeived in uie etty tola week.
Tbia is 1,070 bead less man nut weak, and 813 bead
mora than tbe averaga of last year. Tha average num
ber of each Wednesday market last year was 3,4U bead,
while tba number to-day being 3,544, shows 53 bead
lest wan toe average, and i.iw Dead more than this day
week. - ..........
Wbdhudav , Sept. 18. Still raining and any amount
of mud in the yarda. A fsw additional lota havo come
In thit morning; some of which weiw detained on the
Pennsylvania Central Railroad, eiog- ttovonment
pretture on tbat road, urovers eoming mat way report
lournunarea can at ritiiourga, ana mat tne cattle tram
only oame In after near one hundred had been forwarded.
About fourteen hundred cattle are reported aa navroi
been forwarded for tba 8ovrnaent troops in and around
Washington during tba pait week. Jrrom tbe Brio road
alone there were turned off, at Klmtra, seventy ear loads
of cattle, numbering soma twelve bund red and sixty
head; alto about en hundred horses. But, returning
to the forty fourth street market, we find the addltiont
making 3,544 head for tha two dayt have tha effeot to
depreat aales, and trade not as brisk an yesterday.
Borne drovers say tney are oioiing out tneir lots at t'3
t3 head lets than tbe opening price. There Is an
nnaaoally large number ot droves la market amounting
to no leea than seventy-five lota, ranging from nine head
np toons hundred and forty-four. Soma of them were
(lie remnants of largs oontlgnoenta sent la prarlonaly,
and are "tailings" in ever respect , Brokers- hare
quoted some of tbem aa low as SJao 9 ft, which probably
leaves bat a Small margin of profit for tbe owners.
There waaasoareity of nice butober't steers, moit of this
elaat having been early taken up the first day ot the
aarfcoa, ' ine eioex was an toiu, out waen witu too ex-
tra snpply laid In last week, bulcoors Bave enough for
tawnedtate wants.
Beoelnts this week, 13.334, which scarcely varies from
lattwaek. The market Is rather brisker, and tha nens
were pretty well eleartd out to-dayv A prime lot of
aheep la worth 3o per pound, weighed alive. One lot
ar hunba wnico weienea anoui eu pounos. tola ror m S3
per head; Trade waa very good alter tha report of last
Wednesday, wbile the transaoUons ef to-day toaTeely
Vtry mm ine ngunw oi one woec ago. uooa TM sneep
are in ratr qemanu. i .j ; j. - . j.. .
Beeefnte tbbi week, t,40t. -h lu.'-uiMt'i
'.Tbe following are the quotations of to-day, given by
Hr.rts.tmr Tfnm a. 11m IM . J . . 0' lSill-
' 'With moderate racelDts. tbe talet'were ntnea quicker,
letting not more than 1000 bead In the yards.- jiroeera
think that W the reoelpta ate (not allowed to greatly ex
ceed the above tola), bow that cooler weather Is ap
proaching, which will ad to the oontumption of pork
In this olty, prloet win be apt to ravor int eeuer.
Geo. VT. Domun tires the following as the prloe of
Boja this week: . ,:.. -., ' '
f - - ' 'P. ' i At faiw wvyia;ire
Flril qnallty, eorh rod", larg sis.".4J(4V Sn
SecoBd quality eom-fed.. ........ .4 ,44,y a
I .. . -. , . . .-, Llva. Dttd weight.
First auallly, small sites, fat and
tchera. 49ii.;
......... m-3J .r , '4
l ti, , . -3 H 3 V 6!i
' ptlmo, for market butchers.
Irv naa, tH-K-Ji, nb
Ha.vuM analitv llill-fed.
Wettorn maat-fed
4 4M
malt alaea, choice stock hogs-not wanted
Ordinary et oomaoa Wck aet Wanted.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Sept. 18.
YLOCE Ten oenta better, and toeliat exelted, with
(ood Semand for. xport.ard fair teqatry ror hoaw ooo.
umptloq; aales of 33,400 bble at S4 8ft5 10 rceoted
4 ami 90 (or topeifw etato $ SOdta SS foe extra
ataU; t 80S4 BO for mperSjie wee tern; as ssi 4i for
common to medium extra wetternt $5 &tx&S 65 to, ihl.
pioc brands extra round koop Ohio, and ta 75At j for
trade branaa ao; marxet oioiing quite nrm. uanadlan
Floor has alio advanoed, with mora dolnn: aalee of SoO
bbla at tt 8&U 90 for iuperttaei and,. tS 50(g?6 50 for
common to choice extra.
RYH rLOCE tJoltt and unchaste!. .
CORN ME AL Uontinaet teedj at. pravlont quota
Hone. ' , ...
WHIIKT-In moo'entednaiBd', take of 3C0 barrel,
part uetevontof, al m3t'iw- - . -WHIAT
The favorable private accounts ty the Co
rona for Wheat, has ansettled the market, prion hare
advanced l(3o higher; a portion of the amies were to ar
rive; aalee of 08,000 bunh Inferior to good Milwaokee
olnb at 1 1 05 1 15; 28 000 do Baclm aprlng at tl 083
1 15: 42,000 do Ohlcaeo spring at 1 0891 14;13 0U)do
norlhweiKrn olnb at II 10&1 154 SS.Oae do winter pad
western at (1 18S1 35. the Utter price for choice: 8.60O
ao winter red stat at fl xoi rj; x xuvoo aaoer UeH.
ware at tl 38; 14,000 do white weotern at ! S5(S1 31;
and 7,50U white Kentucky at 1 1 5311 35. -' ' .
ar anles flrm, at 770o. . .- .:
BAHLBY Dull and nominal. !: r-.-,, " ,t
CORN advanced lc oar baihel. with f.lr Sxnnrt and
moderate epeeulatlvo demand; aalet of 03,000 bnehels at
50c for damaerd mixed weitern; o2354c for eoamon to
fair do at 55S6ofor good to prhne eblpplne do. -OATB
Still rule nulu flrm at tfiMtj r n...ji.-
and34fS35He for weetera and state.' - - : . i '
POB K The market eteedyr with moderate demetxt;
ales of 400 bble at t!4 for m.tt. and t 75910 for
prime. - . . "
BKBF In limited demand, but prices without kiate-
rial obanee; aalee of 100 bble at t4 0(K4 SO for ..in
prime; ti&S 50 for do men; tSll 35 for repacked
meoa; and Jli 75S13 50 for extra roeu. Prima men
Beef and Beef Hams quiet and nominal. "
CUT MKATS Bale dull; smaU salea at 44o for
ahonldera. and5(40io for hams. , . ....
BA0ON Quiet; sales 100 hbda smoked sldea at 60
'.A.?-More d"'". hut prices without chonge i aales
of 1.400 bbli at8S9c.
itUITH-Seillngat7IOo forOhio;and JOSHofor
SnJ:i?,?5-In,0oI"Urtiaoatatta7e. -i'"
COVVKB-Oontlnuea in fair rieu.mnd. et rer full nrl.
cn; salea of 1,850 bags Bloat 13?15Ko; 600 ban La
guayraatltto .
8naAB8-Kaw is very firm, with ood fcosineis doing,
cmenv for home uie: fair tn mnnA .Anin -haImI .,-,&
7c. Bales 1,930 hbda Cuba at 1X8ic. Including
afewhhda Porto Kico at go.iiwl snn hnv R... .,
. icuueu ougan aieo very arm; prices wlTlout quot
able cbanre.
m .a . ' - . . " "
MULA8HES Terr firm, allh nrMlw nn tnn,,i..
ivr uuoie ,k uiee include nnrf. iiuia hb.
eovado at 20o; 100 hhda Porto Rico at 3u38; 35 bbls
8100 KB Better, but less active; Ohicatoand Bock Isl
and 44 : Cleveland and Toledo SOU i Jlr. mnA flhl.
cgo6BX; Chicago and Peru 7Bt II lla oil sorip 66;
Panama 109V; M. B, guaranteed. 30: Harlem mu
rnicinunj uaiiea otiieeu s -oi 'coupon!) vox;
.V".liei Bute ''"! Treaeury 13s 101; Louisiana
Bs55;aeoriria 6'a 64 ; North Carolina S's l; Cali
fornia 7 s ; Mi,sourl8's43,'; Brooklyn Water Loan
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, Sept. 10.
and quiet. i , .
WHEAT Balca on 'Change were 1 ear red at 83o; 8
Can do on track, and 1 000 bushels free onboard, at 94c.
COBN-tteady at 3233o. -OATB
Quiet at 22o.
HIQUW1NBS Belling at 15915K0. ' '
BBEDS-Ilmotby sells at tl 751 87 for larce and
imall lets. -BOTTMR
Dull at 609o.
KQG8 Quiet at 87c, acoording to oondition.
Cincinnati Market.
0E0CBRIE8 There wta a better mnl
imon.it Orocert to-dav. in a lohbln w.
cuuan eaiea were reported er lauhbdt at 9((B10o;
w, , jita oaiee oi outacKtat jax(a10.
MOL A8B8 gales of 5 bbla at 45c
FLOOR Was very favorably afftoted by tha report of
.,cw ivi, si.r.BH ion tomo oi tne aeaiera acted
upon the faith of atlll further improvements In the mar
ket by withdrawing their offering,.- Tbe quotations are
irregular. Bupertiiie ranees at about 93 60, extra at 14
to 14 10; family at B4 S5(4 35.
WHKAT There was alto a rather batter support of
u. mr.ei. xue euppiy oi tne prime and oltolce
grades la comparatively lisht, and shipments are In ex
cels of current recelpu. Prime rod is held generally at
ew, Hiiiuv wuii.a .in. jjujere ao not meet tne market,
however freely.at theee ftgareo; bat offer ftSSo per both
lets. The foreign rewt by the late arrivals from Earopo
mwMim ,v give buuuiuuiiuD IU lue leporta UlAl lT9
muivuu. ui Km u wuaia ne owusu in Dam umi KHi.in
and Prance dories: tha nomine veer. Toa
latlon should not be made by our farmers en the effects
oi a prooaoie good auropean demand on Drieea In tlilt
country. The aggregate amount of grain In the eountry
tbat will require a foreign market wilt ba lares, and the
enormously large shipments of the past year nave given
our marketa in the luterior but little edvantaae In tha
way of tlgh prlcee. It la much belter to realise the lad
that the movement of grain is baaed upon a healthy de
mand than upon epooalatlva excitement, engendered by
iiuuuu. iiinaiia oi areaiu or curroncv.
COBN There is no chtnge la the price, tut dealers
are naoawara about MUu-g at tne quotation.
ua.ro vuii etxvo.
BtRLBYAND KYE Unchanged.
WU1BKY Steady UKo.
... CMmmrtiai. -I
An experienced None aod Female Phyeietan, nrtaonu
, :. 10 ine attention ot mowers, net . c,, .
which greatly facilitates the process of teetiung,fcysoTt
enlag the gumi, reducing all Inflammation will allay
a.bij rAix ana tpasmoaio acuon, ana is
Depend epos It, mothers, tt will give rest to yourselvti
and ' i -. j : .-
We have put up and aold this article for over ten .ears.
what we have never been able to aay of any other medi
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er did we know an instance of ditaatitfaeOon by any ona
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magical efieots and medical virtues. We speak In this
matter w hat wis do know ;" arter ten years expe
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in and exhauttlon, relief will bo found In Of leaner
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the moit KXPBRIBNOKD and BsULUUL NHR8K8 in
New England, and has keen weed-with NBrBR FAIIr
It not only relieves tbe child from pain, bat Invlgof
atea the ttomaoh aod bowels, eorrectt soidlty. and rives
tone and energy to the whole system.'? it will almost In
atanuy reuove ..a . ... , . . ,. ,
and everoooeeonvaunons, Whioh. If not speedily rene
died, end in death. We believe it the BBBT and BUR.
B8T RBMBDY IN TUB WORLD, In all caaea of OV
It arises from teething, or from Any other- caoee. WJ--
would say to every mother who haa t ebiM tn Soring from
any of the foregoing eomplainta DO NOT LET VOCE
stand between you and your suffering ehi!d and the re
lief that will be SURE jet, ABSOLUTELY BUR1 to
follow ths.ute of thlt medicine, if timely need. Full dr
reotionsfor uting will accompany each bortle. None
genuine unless the fae-slmllo of CURTIS 4 PEBKINS;
New York, Is on the outside wrapper. ' - J ' r1 - 1 '-
. Bold bv all DrucriitithTonihout the woria'.-1
Frlncipal Office. 13 Cedatk KtrOet'N.V.
ootsidawiy. ...a-;?:
WtinieBale and Ketall Dealer In
tobacco, v snuff & cigars
jNo. 85 FiSMx Btreev.
Keep coaataatly- n hand all tbe Ta
f'fi ' raaaaa asaaajvaaa aa.- ,jnji-j
IxaaiD ortotl Gi&iivim
OeM ttt-iyd
1 viii .to
; .C. ATTOBN IS A lAf. w
TT? OfAces. CEO troadwsy New Tork Olty. and
in-0I.MlUI.IHllM.n.M Im OaIIHm. w .
' SnrllftdCm . v '
SLWBten V OysterJIf
XX be in aaiiy receipt, ey ixpre-a,' or "
Fr?m ttiiimore and Fair Bavrn. " ' ' "
O.lt at Wagaer'e Oytteraud Frail Depot) lp ttXattf-Bt-.tltrr-t."
-c-- v. w - ,r
aag4tf I v V't o M i
-. ! 1 t - 'it-i.. . t.i.i;. ... Ik v-rr
n' fi 1 N F T f lilBBOItS TAii9.a!ID
3-r buuiui, new syies,jusipD-u or
f EAlilJtlOK,
aprta ' Ve.Bweauafilfattrsk
- Is
fiJlMx to th5 "MUUV
instant Belief!
Step yenr Cengk
I Pn rlf j yon r Breath!
, Strengttaen yonr .Voice!
J ' f- r t
..ABB ,
t "i
They relieve a Cough Instantly. " '
Thee clear tbe Throat. . .";.;....";. :
They give strength aud volume to the voice.
They impart a delicious aroma to tha breath
Tbey are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one. . - .
I adviie every one who has a Cough or a liuikr Voice
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to pet
a package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve'
yon instantly, and yon will agree with me that -'they
go right to tha spot." Yon will And them vary neefn I
and pleasant while traveling or attending public meet-
Inga for stUlinfyourCongh or allaying your tblnt If
yon try ons psckags, I am safe In saying that you will
ever afterwards consider them Indispensabls. .
Yoa will find them at tba Druggists and Dealtrs In
Medlolnes. - " '
PRICE ' '.''
' ' TWENTT-nVI CENTS. ' ' "
. ..''".'
My signature is cn each package. All others are '
counterfeit. -. ,
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of '
Thirty Oenls. ' .
Address, "
Henry C. Spalding, '
cure i
. fix the use of these Pills the periodic attack of Xn
sow or Ski Btaiaaht ssay be prevented; aud if taken
at the commencement of an attack immodiate relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained. -
They as loom all In removing the Hauua and ' ; '
ocAe to whioh famalea are so subject.
They act gently upon the bowels removing Cuitiw
For Literary Jfat, HudmU, Delkato Fokiale
and all person, ctudmfory kabU, they are value
as a Lamm, Improving the apptlUt, giving tone
eifler to the digestive organs, and restoring the satur
elasticity and strength of tbe whole system.
TBI CJSPHALIO PILLS tra tha reto.lt of long uvea
tlgattoa and carefully eonduoted axperimasta, bavitg
been la ase aaany years, during which time they bats
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain aod suffar
tli frumileadache, whether originating in the nervous
system or from a derangedttate of the stoma oA. -
.They are entirely vegetable ta their oompot !Uon, an
Buy be taksa at all Umta with perfect" safety without
making any ehange of diet, . aod tU aasewot of anw
tUuiarfabU tcuU rmdtrt tt tcuy to tdnintt tr (Am
tkUdrm. j .' : r . . :
Thsgenotas have five signataias of Henry 0 Bpalding
onsachBei. '
Sold by Dmggists and all other Dealers In afedioloes.
A Box will be sent by mail, prepaid, oa receipt of tha
l A
Prioo, QSOeuts.
All orders shonld be addnsssd t- :. ', -HENKY
S 48 Ceaar Street. New VarM..
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va. .
asphalts Pills aooompllih the ohjsot for which thtp ' '
wore made, via. I Cure of teadaohe in all its ferae. v ,
) From the Kxamlner, Norfolk, Ta."'. ' ,V.J
- They have been tested la more than a thousaad oases -'
With entire sucoess.- i , ' ',,
'- ' . . ,"1,
From ths Democnt, 81. Cloud, Ulna. ' ' ,
If you are, or have been, troubled with, the headache
lead fur a box, (Cephalic Pills,) so that yoa aiay have -:
Ureas in case ot as attack. .....
' ' From tha Advertiser, Providence, a. I.
Ths Oephallo Pill t are said to bt a tamarkr. m.u..
remedy for the headache, and ona of ih. ... h.
tbat -very frequent eomplaint.which has ever been dlr
r. I
-a.A S"
t -i Hi .ii. UfiJ C- 'i iJ
From ths Westsra I'
R. OaeUhOWAuro,-Ilir .
: heartily endorse air. Bnanldinir. is hi. nn..i.
Cephalic Villa. " - t ...... .
Fro - Kanawha Valley Star. Eaaawha. Va."- ? l.
W, u n M Ihll UMMil nff. J.. -HI Ik- L.. .... ''
who try them, will stick to thea
H..mwr..uui,WlM II I Will, t'
i From the Southern Path Finder, New Orleans, La.
', Try them! yoa tbat an afflicted, and wo are tare tkat ;
your tettimonyoan be added io Us already smmerona
lilt that has received beoeflls tbatuo other medicine can
j. r '.-tyiyc) -.v..
' .'.i;'-! , From theGl. Loots Democrat.
The Immense demand for the article .OepaaHe Pills
la rapidly lnorcatui., ... . . . (
From the Qaattte, Davenport. Iowa, ,
Mr. Spaldlnt woaU Bot eonnaet hie Bame with aa ar
wot h. u. w, ww. mt vvmmm real merit.
irFA slmrle bottle of liPALDTNfl'a nnitts'
..LC.wlUmoteatlmesluoostannuaiiy.nN .t'"
fcriiVtSrKlrHO tl eti r.r m .'' ' " ' :
1 ,
-..coNOirri ':(. i DrsTATcnr;
x -Tf 11 1 . l-nMM SliM B.vm J H f "
. A
Atacciaenmwiu oaprBTta m won regulated faasii vt? :
Ulee, it IS vary detlrable to have soote abaap nuijota 4,1
venlepi-Wtf (or repaliui( Furniture, Toy Orookery - s
- ' IPALDIHa'S PEEFAAKD flLCB .'.' :' 1 .. ('
meets all soak emergencies, aad ao aowwrrald ota 000,4 '.
10 do wiioout u. ai ia ruwaya reaoy, aaa ap to tba ttlok
"""'tJSEFni, f.tVtit EOUBE-'i '
. N, A Brash aonnwipanlee Sarh bottle.
tents. 1 1 ir- AddreM.
BENBV 0. tPAintWri'. !
Ko. 40, Oedar llreet( Kew.Vorlt'. j ,
CAUTION. iit:'" i ,
aeprlnotplet perwrne are auenpthif t
.T2Vp,ti" p"',li0 "itonaof m ;
P-il- offer
uu, a .mini etr- ail persona tor
" w,jiin.i uhi ma worn in.i uit full nn-c
Is eh theouttlde wraf petiaU eUiert are swu, ,a
tstnlta, ' aUT
i! .
.it. j.J

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