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Democratic Union Nominations.
HuglT J Jewett, t
.Tohh'Gv Marshall
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Of Montgomery.
r.'," 'tbaasuiikr 01 mam.;
holme -
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Of atnuu',t
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willi a ni vr. AM8roNo : ;
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; .. Of PicUwy. , , ,..
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' SBtairr, t-unr.
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1 l coaonta,
ntnatuav matcron,
Democratic Union Mass Meetings.
The Demooratio Union 8tate Executive Com
mittM hive made arrangements, for holding
Mass Meetings as follows I,.-. , ,-r-
At Coshocton, Coshoctonwntv, n Tues
day. September 24-b, at I P. M. Speakere
Hon. Hugh J. Jewett cd OtnAre. ,7 'J
At MAHiriKLO. Riohland county, on Wednes
d?, September 25th, at 1 P. M. Speakere
Hon. H J. JewettendHoo.'B.Burw. '
At Wooeria, Wayne oounty, on Friday, Sep.
Umber 27th.' Speakers- j , t .
At CuviLaiio, Cuyahoga county, on Friday
ewnio. September 27th. Speakeri-Hon.
J. Jewett and othere. 1 ' "
- At Famoirr, Sanduiky oouoty, on Saturday,
September 28ib, at 11 A.M.' Speakers Hon.
Hugh J. Jewett, Judge Lang (German), and
others.",. -'-'i
At Touoo, Lucaa county, oft Saturday
ning, September 28tb. Speaker Hon. it. J
Jewett, Judge Lang (German), and others. " '
At Maitbviub!! Union; .'county, on Saturday,
Seotember 28th, at I P. M Speaker Hon.
SamnelS. Cos. ;'JC.."f!tV I ' -r.
At Jacbboh C. H , Jackson county, on Situr
da?. SeDlemberlal,- at' 1 P. M. Speakers
Hon. John G. Marshall and others.
AMOS LAYMAN, Secretary.
The Democratic Union State Executive Com
mittee announce the following additional ap
pointment! for Mass Meetings, via: -
la CjncWati, on Monday evening, Septem
ber 30th. Sneakers Hon, Hugh J. Jewett
and Hon. Allen G . Tnaimao. . r . 7 ; : ; "
At AMU.U, Clermont county, on Tuesday,
October 1st, Btl P..M. Speakers Hon. JTngh
J. Jewett and Hon, Allen O. Thurman. j;
At GoiatTow, Brown oounty, on Wedoee
day, October 2J, at IP. M. Speakers-Hon.
Hugh J. Jewett and Hon. Allen G. Thurman.
At Huuboboocb, Highland county, .on
Thursday, October 3d, at 1 P. M. Speakers
Hon. Hugh J. Jewett and Hon. Allen G. Thur
mtu, ! . . '
At CmixicoTHi, Ross county, on Friday, Oc
tober 4.h, at 1 P. M. 8peakers-Hon. Hngh J.
Jewett and Hon.'Allen G. Thurman. ,uf
At CiaoLtviLLi, Pickaway county, on Satur
day, Ootober Jtti, at 1 P. ' M. ' 8peakeTS Hon,
Hugh J. Jewett and Hon. Allen G. Thurman.
TbsIom lu Hew York, .'
The Buffalo Couritr says that the People's
Ticket ls'nol publlthed In .single paper In
Buffalo, except the Cmur, and In that as. an
advertisement. The Republican papers donot
go for the lection of that ticket. , They sup.
port the Republican Statejlcket
(CrThe Sandusky RyUUr says our "ohlef
end" bu been "the killing off of the KepubU
oan party." The only difference between the
RtgUter and. the SfMma Is, that we tried to
kill it eff before its dangerous aoctriuee ui
nmphed In the Government, and the RegUter is
for killing ft eff lifter It b&s dpnejts miscuiei.
The Athland '"atsn ! eayf that when Ton made
his DtcotAS speech in' that 'town last fall, he
said that lf 4b RepublUans did succeed, they
would do some d d mean' set m less than
six month,- that -"would kill the : party."
Whether, they did thai sot,' perhaps the pfi'ftf
can tell; l ny rate it is generally conceded
that the party Is dead.'. What killed It? s
Columbiana County.
The Union Peneoracy of Colutchltoa county
have nomlnaled the folio a-lcg. strong ticket: ,.A
v ff MMf.iatlr. Wllliaai Philips, ef 8e
lemi Sheriff, Peter H. Boswelt, of Perry Trea
surer, JiMeph. H. Uuin,OT inaimD; mpbuw
loner, Johu ArmsuOog, of Centre ,J(iUinnrj
Direotor,Jubn PlesnmiDs:,! Wayne., it .t 1
Have they done it ?
meeilog In AtM.ufl lt fall he said that ;if tat
RrpublieaDS did euoceed tbey would do sotae
damn saean act u ice tnan diduuis mat
would kill the paru." The party is killed.
Will Mn To row tk beck hi deelaratiea
last fall and v It ss a md set tnstetd ef
min one tht kiilod iq Whfl U1 .aoSwerT
..-it -a '.-
Hon. Ben. Stanton, an Irrepressible.
HonBiH. Stanton, of Logan county, Is the;
tandldate ef the Nonparty party for Lleutunaut-
Goverhor.'i His name stands on the tltke oe
tween, thosQ or DavTod nd (J. VoLat Do-
.-.. ' 1
A friend has kindly seni ne eepy of
Ron denvefed" "BythiHon.'Bw. STAirroN at
BellelooUlue, July 4, 1861, and published lo
the Logan county GtM of July 19. 18Cl.
The oration bears marks of elaborate, care, in
iU prepar'aaoaT, not" bp off-baud fuiou
at a poliUcel gathering or in a leglalativo hall j
but it was tbe result of forethought nl tfelibj
eratioa.' The sentiment expressed In, may,
therefore Uken as the matured and settled
convictions of tbe Hon. Mr .-Staiwoh.. i' " '
! .The oration is not like'an brdinary Tourtlf pf
July speech,1: Tar from It. . It1 is more like' Jhe
brief of a lawyer's argument, who, rest his case
upon:a alngls point. The chain of reasoning
is long! but It reaches or culmlnatesjn a single
nelnsi6n.ij;' m tvi '
; . "The argument 0 tbe orator i historical. He
traces or attempt to trace the progress oi mod
ern civilization through all Its stagey from the
aeml-baibarous rule, ol despotlo mlllUry chief-.
tains ito the present time. He dwells particu
larly upon tbe political history of England as
Intimately fended with that pf the settlement
sod progrew of..ulAmV!'i.P0i,''t'e,'''-a
finds, or Imagines. he finds, in the Revolution
under CsoiivriLt, the key to the differences In
olvilliHtlon "aad sociat lnstUullObl between the
New England ajalkhe 8outbn "Siatts. ..', .
- We haveaot time or space to follow minutely
the Hon,' Mr. Stahtoii's rearonlng nponwhat he
considers ib s teal origin or oiuse of these dif
ferences; but be briefly states it in the lollow
leg wOtds!'-1 f-f:j-: ' i '
The people ot New England are tbe'repre
sentatlves in, this hemisphere of the common
aity and better class of tbe laboring population
of the mother country and the people of tbe
slave-holding States ace tbe representatives of
its decayed and broken down aristocraoy.
We do not believe "Impartial, history" will
bear the Hon. Mr, Stahton out in this broad
aud general statement; but for the sake of the
argument, we will 'pass' if without 'further
comment at this time. v , ; l
Our orator reaches at laat. bie rand, final
conclusion.' which Is stated. Only io different
languageiin the following propositions:
These social differences and antagonisms
generate oooflicta and collisions, just aa natu
rally and necessarily aa ate and water generate
steam.; .-.- , 'l ) .... ' . , '
Shallow and superficial thinkers . may charge
it the final oeafiiot which ia now upon usj upon
Una nariv. and another upon that: one upon
this measure oi. administration, and another
upon that. : But Impartial history will say that
it was a natural, necessary od inevitable re
sult of tbe union, of. these diverse and con
flicting somal arictuusitkons in. the same Cob
ledetacy.. , s, ;; . 1 - l
Such, Union men of Ohio, are tbe sentiments
of tbe Hon. Bn.Btamoi, candidate for Lien
tenant Governor on the Nonparty and so called
n . ... nr. ' 1 . : .1 - .1
Union viuaet. 1 ice oprreewca uisia aouM
ments be labors to establish by a cold blooded,
lawyer-like reasoning.' rf not u "Irre
ptMinloo the darkest huet,,'. .,',
Ban. Stanton majnutns that the present con
flict is "th natural, Beoessary, end Inevitable
result of the Union of diversococflictlng social
organisatioua in the aamo Confederacy,'' This,
then, was the blunder .that Washuotox, Jbf.
riasoN) Awns, Hamiltow and Ibe other aa-
thsrs of our Constitution 'and' founders of our
Union, committed, and which suchmea as Jur.
Davjs snd Bin. Stahtoh are to reotlfyrfor
Jtrr. Davis arrived, In his Inaugural address,
at precisely tt)e same " conclusion that ' Bin,
Stanton did in Lis Fourtb-of-July, speech. Ia
that address Davis saidj " 1j t'1"'-" '
We have entered upon k cireer of Indepen
dence, and it must be inflexibly pursued through
null nr! of controversT with ' our" late' as-
aooiates of the Northern .States. We have
vainly endeavored to secure tranquility and ob
tain respect for the rights to which we were en
titled. As a necessity, not a choice, we have
resorted fo the. remedy of separation, and
henceforth our energies must be directed to the
conduct of our own affairs, and the perpetuity
of the Confederacy which we have formed. ;
" Again, in tbe same address, Davis said:'
To increase the power, develop the resources,
and promote the happiness of tbe Confederacy,
it ia reauiaite there should be so muoh komogen
rty that the welfare of every portion would be
the aim of the wholes Where this does not ex
ist antagonisms are engendered, which must
and should enU in separation. 1 tj -.,. j . i
The difference between Jur. Davis and Bcn.
StantoiI is this Jm. would make the Union
"homogeneous," thAt is, all tiave-holdiog, or
else divide it; and Bin. would make it all noo
slaveholdlog, Or else divide it,' The argument
and position of both' is that the two systems of
dvllizitioo and noclal organization, as new ex
isting, tbe one at the" North and the other at
the South,' can pot longer exist together In the
same Confederacy,., And in this war, according
to the coincident views of Davis and Stabtom,
tbe Sonth is fighting to preserve her crvIUxstfon
and social organization, and we at tbe Norti axe
fighting to destroy H.la.i -in I:.
Lincoln and Fremont.
Tbe "new Union party," or at least the Re-
Dublicans of that party, are no rapidly divid
ing between' Lincoln and ,'Fuhont', ;.'Tbe
papers are fait taking lUtpnni jnuoh bitter-
nest is being exhibited. .Thej ancinnatl Prtu
says:' ' U''.-v4.isv
There is abundant evidence "6T t pretty ex
tensive schism being developed between the
supporters of General Fremont and hie procla
mation and the supporters of Mr: Lincoln and
his amendment of tbe ssme. ' As the people are
generally in favor of strong measures, and the
nroolamatloa is assumed to be a measure of that
character, the LIncomites are in tbe minority;
and it Is nearlv as bacardogs to a mtn'S popu
larity to defend Mr. Lincoln s It la- to oppose
tbe wart To au appearance, we ar' aooui to
have two wail-developed parties among as upon
this point, with a full average amount of bitter
ness, malice .and wnchBTttabtenegr between
them," ,v,.'i , a- f ,
Tbe Republican papers of this city and the
same is the case elsewhere are ranged upon'
opposite aides. Feelings of rivalry and busi
ness antagonism ate al.aady acidulating their
paragraphs. Each., will soonif it does not
already as hard as it can te Sustain its
n faction and to put down the other. Men
Are claiming nominations to local orBbes upon
the t core of upholding the LicQolo or tbe Vit
meat side of- tbe qttseiioBf'-
Of course it will net do to intinaate that this
dispute is not one of vsstrimportaDCs, or. tt
WOttid OS to incur kuv funiij vi innu ww(
All the factions of-JerueaUni Belted UatW
tbe man' who advised the people te suspend
their quarreir until tbsy bad repaleed the Re
man arm then 1 thundefiui"Bt theft gates
Thcauld bel anvthins beitet thad .what to
tbelr mddened nratne Beeeaaa nis rjaoBaaaist-
cat lndifferenee andearpfng oppoetnoa M every
uilng earnest," and fought on until ths'capture
of ihaoiiy cut them aU off .togswer.. !-.
'" Whether; tbs- Demoftst "frbo tsv dodged
iottAhe ooaeern will be able to keep them etmit
dn'tl! tfiXf.tyt iItfJ b'tfl9nVitI:.'CeVuij.'.Jfs
ts, that tbe -day after the tleotios the dares
COajmssoes viTbo Dumocrata wbo hav Joae
thaaontetu rhiVtet rhrtr tou rramried on.':"" I
" T - " ' 1 v '-'Uqion
'.;;W. regret U Btethal h.-Oovtnt l..sue
found It necessary to arrest Mr. i ,McMater o ,
QofiifiMjWTfPfr. r.,..r.. 1 h .? " v;
Mrl MoiWaaa Js tba dttof the- FntA
aB',mif,1iif New-York.'-'" ,-'a04
The Mahoning Sentinel.
T The Ciuoiauatt Comnnrsiai, some itjt since.
arnouoced the Mahoning Sentinel, publitbsd In
Mr. Tsa's county, as supporting him foe Gov-
ernoW To show bow It supports hlm,e pub
lish the following from the last number of the
e7swltisff ! w-1-.''"". - n'-'."'5
The Sttkfintl has notrnd will no rnn up the
(so called; Union -tfcketl' It will, rather r
ano(r,m-wnioa we-ean now aainra
there is no danger, whatever, to be apprehended.
The emterrifled Democracy of Cbeesedom will
sustain ea Drmocraite peper, within their bor.
dart, so long as it may remain worthy ef their
"confidence arid -eeDDort." and tree to the
Damoeratio nrinclnlea of the Union, the Consti
tution, and the enforcement of the laws.
Ptluietlli, we are undo no obligations to rno
ub Mm TaA. nni other DSB." CXOSPt the
regularly and legitimately nominated candidate
ol in a union usmooracy, jur. jewnt, w,
letter of acceptance will certainly satiafy and
eratlf all eood Union men. we uim jur,
Tod should not oppose so1 good a Unloa man as
M. Jewett. whose nomination was bo fairly and
honestly made, and especially If he desiree ths
sxlstenoa 01 out one party, ana iubs nvp7,
in Obioo bt breaking up the Republican arty
which i welt enough he should, not en
deavor to, divide and disband thnDemoorstip
party the only national party in existence.
We cannot religiously support Mr. Tod In hit
present nolitical position and company , Under
other olrcumstsnoea, and when ealroled aahsrt
tofor,wa might .bo glad to do again, as we
alwava have dona heretofore rote. fo hits!
JPmoMUi, there nsts have been any differ-;
euoes between us, that wa are aware 01, ana we
know we desire nooei bet as Mn Tod baa
withdrawn hia 'confidence and tnpport" from
"the SskbikI and it editor." witboat any juH
cause or provocation, we, ot course, feet re
leased from any obligation, politically or person,
allf . to aiiDDort him in bis eer Ideas and sew
movement against ."the good old Pcattaratlo
paity," and eaaoaiy retaro toe compliment oy
tn witqnoidiug.our. poiiuoai ou
Support."! i,-t .li 1 l.-'i't-'.v J' l-i3
The Mahoning Sentinel. Gen. Rosecrans Captures Gen. Lee
and 15,000 Rebels.
" By passengers upon tbe train from Wheeling
this' morniuK, we are informed that Senator
Carllle, residing in Wheeling, received a dia
nitch iuat aa ttaa train was leaViCBT. thtt Gen.
Rosecrao had attacked Geo. Lse, and captured
him, together with all hie lores nlten tnous
and itrocir. Leader. .... . , .. ... !,
Thai's the stuff nf which ssntatlon bulletlas
are made to keep a street excited through tbe
day. - i 1 .-.- ., ..iy
Rotecrant and Lee, it last accounts,,were at
least one hundred miles apart. Rosecraus has
about 4.000 available fiubliof men lu bis col
umn. Suoh annihilation of space, and tbe cap
tura h e&ch nan of about four men eash, is
equal to the feat of the Yankee In the war of
1613, who boasted or having capturea a wuoie
oompaoy-. "How did you do 111" was asked
him. "0, by goUy! I surrounded tbsm'.', .
It beats the Itlauman la the Mexlotn war,
who was discovered bv his comrades in a cbap
peral, where three "greasers" were binding
him band and loot. His comrades beard bim
yell, and asked "What's tbe mailer 1," 'I've
taken these cbaps prisoners, ano, oy j boots, me
won't corns alougi" was his reply. , , , , .
fifteen thousand prisoners! that was a haul.
' CuttUnd JLirald.,:- . . . , , ..i. .
A Query and an Answer.
Metir. Kdittr th$ fsewine PU: .. i )
Don't von think It rather iunny for the Jour
nal ot Cmmmtt. which has Inst saved, its neck
bv a recantation, to undertake to dictate the
of the 1 - I-
. We lot but as w pereeirs thst the ornals
which were lately in strong sympathy with the
rebels are those which most earnestly approve
tbs President's Interference wltn rressont, we
propose to let them speak witboat retly. ' In
that way, at least, the freeldent-will lean
whither he Is lending. EnrroKi Etxwiho
Post. -".P-- v '
This' lit a very tlgnlfioAnt paragraph, and
shows what is -coming. We will not be disap
pointed, If before long the President will be
compelled to look to the old National Union
Democracy to sustain him. ' Straws show, etc.
There Is a storm brewing. . v t . . .
Gen. Buckner Attacks Louisville.
A fall confirmation ot the treason of Gen.
Buckner has already come to hand.-.. Ha ia now
at Muldrousfe's HUL at the head 01 T ennessee
troom. to attack Keotacky.aad mora especially
Louisville. ' (Jar informant tells as tost tae
Tenneaseeans have stolen enough rolling stock
to tranafet S0,060 men within twelve, bows to
Muldrough'a Hill, and that wa may expect an
attack at ooce 1 us iniormetion wae reoeivea
from Mr. P. Monto, of LonUvllie. .The engi
neer and brakesman, who went down on the ex
press last evening, escaped by swimming the
river, and afterwards takinc a band-ear.
- Tbey arrived here about three o'olock last
- Buckacr bu sixteea hundred men, and occu
pies the night at Muldrough'a Hill, aad ha
burned and destroyed, to the full extent of his
ability, all the property In the neighborhood
Avon, .., :
, We regard it as certain that Kentucky Is te
be Involved in a bloody war.' We had hoped
that this would be averted. The invaaion;of the
soil of Kentucky by Tennessee troops is on of
the most infamous and outrageous acts ever per-
pelretedV ,Th Unlou-lovlcg people 61 Kentucky
have time and again, by most decisive majorities
declared for tbe Unloa and against secession.
The rebels have not even the eoor mckm that
tbe state, either py taa people, ot py a tonvan-
tlon or a LegUlature, have decided for secse
sioo." On the contrary, she has, in every form
deoidad s gainst It, and yet she il to be Involved
in a bloody war to force bee out of tbe Usion
The Unloa men of Ken tacky must bo sustained
in repelling this Invasion of their toll,' apd we
have no doubt they will be, . .. , "
Fremont's Proclamation.
When Fsibont Issued his proclamation la
Missouri, the sound Union men throughout the
eoadtry deprecated tbe effect il must have on
tba Union men in the alave States, asserting
tbat il went too far beyond ths provisions of
the late' lew ,' and was calculated to . drive
Union slaveholders Into the secession tanks-
The Republican papers ssnt p loud prsisee for
the .'Path-floder.f The.pbllllootba ,0uUt,
an abelition paper, now, jtalluig nndet.tbe
Unlon" fiag.Baidt ..q i n . 1. : ei ,
Look out now for- a yeld from the torles
about Gen. Frement's proclamation declaring
the slaves of rebels in arms against the Gov
ernment frit men. Any thing that Interfere
with the "peculiar Instltion" toocbes these fel
lows "on the raw."
Tbe Provident was ana among- the flrsf list
raised the "yelp," aad ordered raaauMT 10 mod
ify la proclamation. Now, we would ask tba
OsatU If the President is on ol the "tor)"
It' alluded 'to7v' ltetna hear from' Jt'l "uOii
Tbb Ultba RxrtjsucAN ' Movwo. Lewis
Tappan, L. C Brace, Wm.-Goodsll, end other
of Jlke stamp, held. A ' meeting at- the.' Aster
House, New. York, on rriday, r Atariea of res
olutiooa was adopted which declare .that "the
time has come for ascertaining and tetolutaly
carrying forward the necessary means of crush
ing Ibis rebellion; that tber are ao reasonable
means of scoompllsblng tb.ls bat by the libera
tion of the Slsvesj that free colored people
ahonld be ibVited W asaist; that a 'Liberty and
Union CommUte' should be appointed to fa
cilitate discussion 00 these topics, which should
bs oomposed of nun who Itlun mlh, Prwdott
X4NMM m "II, ip, mpouioi (Of JP QltUf
w , j . . iA'- :a.t a a rt .
nod ft iUt ftutft to cxifit Id tu $Ama UioQ.;"
What Democrats Desire?
aelt waSfctbe uoostitetiou as it is, ana
wj-f?-, ''"i.
T 4 , Bor fl !lraWt)0i, among tboe wbo In-
w , fiM. jMrWt, tbe Democratic ticket
KMTbera li.bot a DitmoOrst In Mahobiog or
Tromhsll county wnoooeenot uesire w se, in
ths Union K.htJ ftfip t,?- '
Whereas, a lolut committee of both Houaea
the Congress of the United States, reoneatini?
the Presldnt to recommend "a dav of public
humiliation, prayer end fasting, i to be observed
by the people of the United States, with relig
ious solemnities and the offering of fervent
suppUcattona. to Almighty Cod, ftf the aafoty
and welfare of these 8lMI- blessings on
their arms and Pd7 tf8""!00. of ' A
and. hreaeibeoaustilt:Ji 'U imea lit and
booomlngfor all people to knowledge and
revere lb sovreme government of God, the
D..kl. k dav of humiliation, grayer
and fasting lor all the people of the nation,
rwim- DntaonVOovlrnVoy tntau'
of Ohio, do earnestly reoommeoa w ine poopie
of thl 8taU that, acooroina; w nwm
oreede and modes at womhlp, they do keep and
oneerve that dav. Ill order that Ihelr prayer
may unite with the prayers of the tight minded
of other States, for guldanoe by the Supreme
Rater of nations, to the end that law and order
and peace may be re established, and the blow
ings of civil, and rellgloua liberty secured and
perpetuated throughout the wide extent ot our
'In'ustlmony whereof, I have fhsreunto: set
my band, ard caused tb great Seal of the State
of Ohio, to be emxed this 14th day of Septem
ber, A. D. 1861, of the organization of onr
State tbe 69th, and of the Independence of the
Terrible Railroad Accident
-Collision of Two
Killed and Wounded-The Locomotives
Completely Smashed.
- Intelllgsnca was rsctlved.'per dispatch, about
half past seven o'olock lest evening, in Coving-,
ten, tbat tbe train of csrs ebicb left tbanelty
at 3 .25 In the afternoon, came in collision with
the down train from Lexington at.Ltviogood's
Siatlon, a few miles beyond Falmouth, with a
terrible crash, and. it U supposed, with feariul
results m:-r,.;:,.x "--""
" It appears, If reports be true, that the up
train wae behind lime, and that it was making
rapid speed to reach tbe switch at that station
before the down-train could reach It, and that
the meeting took ptao a mil or two this side
ef the switch'.,- ' " '. V ".' ', ' ...
' What the extcd. of the injury don to hie
and limb may be we are not enabled to say, as
the superintendent of the-read Aoek - special
pains to order his operators to let nothing go
ont of toe bfiloe. '-s- - 1 ,. ''
' When the first news was received, President
Levis end Superintendent Fulton prepared an
eaglne aud oar, and taking with them Dre.
Prestlow, Thomas, Msjor, Wise, Temple, and
several others, departed for the fatal spot as
speedily as the looomotive oould carry them,
which would Indicate that the dlssiter has In
deed been terrible.
. Il was rumored thst .Conductor. Wpodwsrd
was seriously wounded, and that the brakeman,
Michael Owea, wa killed. : p. , ' .t
It wa also reported tbst none of the women
aad children on board were injured 1 but we
cannot yet tell tbe extent of the accident, jr
Bat for the tlrtno onUri llvea to the tcl
graph operator in Covington, we would have
been enabled to lav tbe full particulars ot tba
readers In Issue of
catastrophe our pur
thie morning. UB. ,.. h.;.--J- --. --
Clermont County.
' It appears that the new party had mucn trori
ble In geUlpg Democrat to aooept nomuaUona
in CUrmont county.. "Colonel .WiiuAitRoiici
bdm iru proposed (or Senator .but .declined;
Dr. J, P. Ec if wa then proposed,' bnt be re
fused to go on the ticket, , They then used the
name of onr old Democratic friend, -CoL John
Wrm, a We long Democrat, for Commlssioa-
er. Tost wouldo l go. ihey then wanted to
nominate bim for Infirmary Director. Tbe
Clermont San, In Justice to Col. Whits, mskes
tbe following statemeati. . - l . : 1
Dibaonobablb Usass Toe manner in wbloh
tbe na mas ot aertaln Democrats were UJed In
thaFuaton Abolition Convention here on the
10th, is not only disrsspeetful but diaeraeeful.
For InstaBoe, the name ol Mr, John- White, a
life-long Democrat, who Is b true to the Union
prlnoipiea or tbe Democratic party aa the, nee
dle to tne poie, waa put in tne convention, toxin
eat At aw line or - eensmtr nt vonty utrm
mlssloner. It waa bandtea about among ,tne
delegates and handed from1 mouth, io mouth,
and finally It was withdrawn. . After the nom
ination for Commissioner waa made, bin name
was again placed before the Convention for
nomination lor Infirmary Director. He was
defeated, of course. We feel sure tbst thore
thus putting bis nsme in twice, could not have
any assurance ot bis nomination., Il is always
looked upon aa a dishonorable act for, a man to
present his name lot an omoe alter having been
defeated la another. ' it looks as if such a per
son was after office, littls caring what It . was,
so It wee an offloe. '
Thus was Mr. White bandied about (n that
Convention, first a csodldste for Commissioner
and then lor Infirmary Director, and finally de
feated and aeat out el the Convention with all
the stigma of a double defeat attaohlag to, his
name. The part bo was compelled to play in
that Convention was tbat of a Democrat insist
ing upon a nomination for sosviAiac, at the
hands of a Republleaa Convention! This was
tbe dishonorable aad humiliating position that
Mr. rv uite was placed in by tbat, body of no
scrupulous omce-bunters. And all tbia was
done without bis knowledge or content against
bia wish, wilt and abbrobatlon.- And be assur
ed hit friends, after be learned the use tbat was
made of his name, he aot being preeeo, that he
tMtM4 no nave stood tba nomination for any
office that might have been tendered hint by
that Convention; tbat he la a Democrat, and
will vote fat tba regular Union Democratic
ticket.: c: .
Our Candidate for Governor.
No better man wis ever before the people of
this feHate, than Hugh i. Jewett, roeseseed ol
a high order of talents, of tba very first busi
ness capacity, of iterling private worth, untir
ing Industry aad treat watchfulness over every
thing entrusted to his cars, Mr-Jewett was
Uaited Bute DIstriot Attornev for the South
era district of Ohio. He is now one of tbe
most popular and energetio of Ohio railroad
presidents, Last year he ran for Coocroeo in
the Zanesvllle disuict, and eame within elxty
votta of aa oleotion, although the rest of the
ticket, wss beaten twelve or fifteen hundred
votesu . He would make an able, capable and
efficient officer at' tbe head of State Affaire.
And w hope be will ba elected. , All Union
men, especially Democrat, should support him,
-rjfelsalne 8nUntl.. , ,..;.,. i .1 ; . J
No Go !
Hon. Geore MoConnell, whom the Republi
can attempted to buy ta.thti Abolition doc
trines with tba candidacy Jot Hepreeeoiatire,
and whom tbev nominated on Monday last, un
conditionally refuse tbelr nomination. George
McUoonell la a vemoorei, ana tne mot mat oe
tousrefuttd to cell, la tbe beet evidence of the
pnrlty at bis ' Democratic sentiments and bis
patriotism !AiMsd fafsav
1 They have bad a very good Fair' In Dee tor
eooatv. Ohio.' of which a friend bat" been kind
esooehto lurnisb ns h. full . report,, wbloh ia
crowded out by the demand whloh the exoltlug
veote of the war mate upon our space.--vjij,
: ..... i.-K.-t .,.;. Ms1
it Where) la It)., f erhaaa tDoatur county,
Indiana, bu been remorrd to" Obttj. TMl II
equal to the (VetmireUf stafeMf 'rthaoto
r Uhlo ea tne rrecidency. -
TVs Wool Caoys-for -a, while strtitk
rtewark Aaseewtsi af be 80th In.,' It iemcd
likely that twoAhlrd of We Woof cllp'f Lick
ing oounty weu)4..be btld' over JUL ntxt year,
rathrtban self at M f eduosiT pficc.- "Wlitlti
Ibe paid l( week, qolt't'it Wvitf t'64 af.
fscud, a4 llul imrmrvsmmt 4a effort b
brotfght holder'nd buyers' to Wn.ijJs4kia
date, '4 w are assnred by an xwlva buyer,
Ua, great Jbujk 1 )), Wool. wp wf jLlektag
aongtx bu been taken up. Toward tht dote
of the teaton"? lhSnf br th4 6A"cK1 brooinf
t5fk per pound.' 1..
N,.eO Fouth' JErigh Street, Xhrea
-Xtouw IttoutU of ltloi
HAS jiut rcMitsd a ehotee rltosk of f ALL AND
WIMJSa O00D8, saltabiefor (tntlaatn's waar.
OustoiMM will bars RnlrerAais asau and sabstantlal
1 executed at th lowest rates.
For pae Week Qaly.yl
' 1
Arm o r YtH a Life
.-. 1 .- .-v ( ;oto ...1 ri-:(!,vv r vu:
WAR 0F1861e
1 In Meefaenleel Morlnv Model,.. The sreatiwt ezhl-
bltloa em presented to the penile.' Boot, oyea at 7,
eurtala rlaeeatSMa'eloek. Admittance li4Ba'Qlllit-
ren nnaer i ewe es'i ; cj JSW-t m
) 1 .' ... . 1 iiu .. .;
iJi ... -r ..It 1. ' f - -. -f-'r,'Y-,-i:irficA .X.
'i.-v 1 ; . '
TJntted Statee'ExpToee CO.V Propa.
Vit Kew York ft ttii Eallroadf,1,,Lf
.. . . . w... 1 : .1 : v ..... .1 .1 t-J w.f..t,'
And all other Roadti Jieading West
! ' ': ':";'and Southwest; ,IQr:i, ';;
',' .J ;!'"-''"'. ' ' ,e-:.iL.ii.-..'-. V- .'.'.'?:
Chartered Cars over most loads on Faatsfir Trans. -
nh.,. -. . 51I CV.J. .. I- I
ttffc Horn, 'ifuik ''-"i sj;'
, fcj, jrowaf , a, .. 1: 1 . v.. "--r'- "
i vit yfib g, pBBET, iaperlotendent, Baffald. ! 1
mm ' pw-.ce ia wiriiv. Seintt,'
-.. ',, . 1 A v m v f m
1 ' ,.r-coi.uijiBCs,'ouid.".
i:;M v J "i v-
re ri bv AL--
' y a;; DCALCB lit
; i ' riC
,1. 'j j ?'
Grocems, . -
1)' ir. 'k...:
Produce, wt'-l a
U ' .....
j- 1 ... .
Foreign aad Domestic tiqnoW; ; '
.rj jV'.!: Fruits, etc. etc'.Vj .: -t
'& j .f.;-. . . i. nu:i:tv ''- -'-
i BAB 1EM0VID Bit 8101,1 MOM.:.
! . '1 .. .:, , ' - - i .- . I:
N O, 34, N 0 R TH HI G H STREET.
No1P6, :;8outn:gh Street,.' '
The eld staad rsesoUr ooouylM by,Wf. 7cVOHkJJ
Which hS Will Kll
Ckeap for Caan ar Caaatry Prodnce.
HJ Goods dellTered to City trad freeTef chjstOI
, -m r r"N
(Lat faalea' SstabUshsaaat, sVI.,) ..
P" B tPHIEieH 0F THE NEW Tottrt
raaionakle Baartnt, Hair Cattlog, Bhampoontng,
Unrlln( ami oreeaug aawea, ' : ; ; ' '
South Itiah ,fet., ov'erBaln'oBtoi;e,'
where aallsfaetla will be 1t la all the various
branch as.
Ladlea' and Children's Hair Presslsg done la th best
style. ' ' .. '-
sepl34ly " ,v, t , ,
.-'. .t
OPTICAL institute:
Ifae Uett Artificial Help la the
: . Unman Bia;lit aver laveiited. , ,
j j.
XV mentor the most usprored klods'of Spectacles
All his Olarses, whether for near or far-sighted, are
Bioana la eoneaTO con rex roroa wtta IM srektea ear,
se as to suit lb ljs of aU aases, mtiat Waits we,
Dttataeas er InflaanuUra of the Byes, and Imparting
Strength for long reading or fin sewing. . '
Offloe, 13 last Bute street, at Bellttr'A Webster's
antic mora. .
augi-dly -.'i-...-; -...'".-H
Wkoiesalo an4 KetaU pn.let In ,
' PITt rSBU;R0H,'. Pv
Keo, 'astaatly- an hanC all tka va
rioa BMA9 Aa af
Importoa C71f2raxa.
Oet as iyd H " ' :? '''.--?' v
(. i. 0 i wlir.a ,w'A -l w.'J ' tacvl
i; Oysters!: Oysters I
I be la dally receipt, bynrees, pf . lSJ ..
3 7&ESH CAN ft XEGt 0YSTEE3.
Call at Wagner's Oyeterand Fruit Bepor Hp. SI Ilt
Baltimore Clqtltin Ho iwc, ;;
HE3D cto 1 IlXapTMC
ui tUBDraoTtmsa in wnetauu teAtsat m
i 1 . 'I,' '
No.; 308 W.tiprtiet,::
""Lit a oi-, i BA.IIOBBe .
' ' ' j ,il, it if . j i --' j f.T
I i largo istortmant ol Tlsee anVITynllhlpf
P i ( " woods Cnstanil wi Band ";' '
.oetssJiy JfiUti 1 tivM .! -v
fl '
BlW STTLBS ! Bern. Wo. South
Dlib (treat, bar last owned nevetrles of Olotr Cm.
.WPLeaa. Baaqeiaas aad Saoaeaavamile 1 tb aeireet in
ml stylM iauer..-4M,-stsrt flal
Hsaca Vllka, rr fcwvtVdestsMd sapreealy lot
MaatUlat and aamesa A t ,m .-, . JaprllB '.
li-: : ,. - ' r .t"! i !
HifH S Oi.'llCl
i tju. wj, . i-awtLLS Kuas S3 ot.,.
. . .-j.''iiT..UJJ;..'-.L''
J fl aKi,J.sJvi.u,ui'.ia4ijl, t, (
;,iJut raceiyjl 4 (or sale l (oraaea, by -t , u v
GunnNsuyo n ali.ii
At, flunmaUsn and pin, and heals tbe worst -kani,
oiJ, brtrtM, cut or freub woondol any kind, iirsTtnts
mitiDR aoa fm rrom be stints, muatiulta Mtea, and
poisonous plute, peurmluU, rhaiuutlim, an In ths
brewt, nit rbeoa, eta. hrn teAta mUraally, It Will
Positively eorerop la Uldno.knd (la Immsdlat
wvmw ai una wrribie oouplatntl also.
nmoTas bMreeoees ud aora threat. Prioe, US eeatop
i eve Uhoass. tor sals ft Sras-
" ABTli.1 DiUflat h
l? " 1? c" dn.;th aborl rparaUoaa
Sat bjrocrtsrna re.il,, aeeupr.,iii.,WtsA
be foonJ with all dealers, or will fee sent biProprletor
0 demand. Vormnlu end Trial Bottle sent to Pbysl
slans. wha will And deTeWMests to boUv wotUf Bieli
tooeptane and approval. j., r
'Oorreepoaaeaee solicited f ton til iaeee iieeeMltlee hr
euriositjr prompts to a trial of the abort rellabls Berne
tor tale hr .us naaal wholesale aad.'ralall Aeelet d
i1n. . . .. ......
.1 Holt Commsrolal Wharf, Bostoa, K ass. '
tMm.Um.mAm BV " --'- faT V TS ... W B.I
- 1 .
. AWVAWrWBj Jt BSsVABitvvie A M ATAarVIJ at ASjs VUVK OT a M
DDlff.rOe DoDitt k. ImlA, J. AohiMlUr tkboo. Afftntt
toOplOsVbaia QWptav).:. 'j'l 'i..;rj-Sl V WLfllW
Ko. 29 Sottth' High.1 Street,' Columbua,
AttW HbW-OfFTIKtBO "i v-V 1 -''"V"' .
WOO yards Ttarelln Dress floods AI.8W, Value
... i laterals.;-'. 4 - ....
500jr(J rraWHde Bress Goods at Vtyt, r'ns JQots.
uOO ranis Hntitoli BMires at MX, value tS ceuU. ..
lOU raids f reseh Onisndlvs at IS St. Value M cut.. '.
SoOq jerds fast Colored Lawn, et IO, ralna IS eeots..
luuu yards foulard vraee Btunat S7X, valne SO cents.
mo jttik Bapw rieka Blaek Bilk at a I Ot. Vain US.
Bobee of . Omsdie Bemta.;aa4 Baalleh Beraee. it on.
half Ibelc valaawi"! ,ci. on. - i ' . ' j '
i:,tk.n:t ,t0II-3 "Altt BOrT( '
Jr ' uis t'.iuul l.L4.riMS0SoniM-UlghHtret. '
i coitxjvriATJ3 ,
I f , ' ' Ut-J i,.J'-l"ajtJ I 4.": A W ,. A - ir'ii t" ---
! -i 'iV J-'i i me i i'r in iin'i 1 t
I ,ir, d.S .'iif wi:tH m:ts
Commission Merchants,
I .....nu-t ii-:;3 i.-.'.--r.s.'.-!i
f . ' iw isv-'1 f-' V a -a..--. . 1 ' 4
' ,V..'Vi its' to. Ace.- ALSO,
Old Rye,' Monongahela &(BonrlrTO
WHI8KY.70,P. 3,
Ji. -,... j . l.: 4 '.' " '
"' 'aBiLMXjjvcnxT&f . 4"
' j ei nt -''". "
-'' j -aw-t'j bae .sva--iv b.
.IX. UHIIW IX 111 n H Jl'-' '
. Vf 1,11V.
Foreign . Domestic' i'ruite,' I
F L 6 U R, B A L T, L I QtJ't) R 8, E T C.
i'. i :
--"'tevr1W rtT
(tJiy J' "
. 7 IfAfltE'S AOCJB niTDRE,
Is aa Infallible nmtdy for Feier and Ague. Tbe ex
perieoc of many years, to almost srery eliinate, prorea
tbat where used in strict accordance with the directions,
It bag rarely tailed to care, net only by breaking the
ehllli, bnt by removing the morbid habit of the system,
preventing toe recurrence or ins aitease. .
FEYJtR AND AQDB, though not in Itaslf dangerous.
Is apt, aalsss speedily lewo-red, to have such apernl-
siooe-etTect en the system, as to engender disorders much
mora baneful than Itself, and whloh not only render the
aftor-lifs ef fh patient miserable, tat era In themselves
often fetal. A prompt and elfeclail remedy it Ihersfort
what Is wanted, and as suoh Pa. D. Jaxms's A eel Mix
Tvratla confidently reforastended. 16t sal by Meeers1
Boitavs Bakioat, Ooluvbut, aid tiy agent eTery-
wUra. 'f -t- ' - - '
- iepYldrikietw4w , .-..- -Jv'.- ji - 4
. Waahlngtoiawas tbe auua , for ha plao, Jackson was
tb mas to kUI V saoostai baa It, Jaaws Pyl is ths very
man to beat all ether la th sueireetnre of pur and
wbolesoa taferatui.-' Bis Dietetic Is tbe hind that does
the business. Depot, StS Washington Btreet, New Tork
Bold kr grocers niti where.
'7ut Published la' a Bealed lluVelopef Pries JcU.t ". '
Weakness, lnroluntary Xmlsalons, Bazual Debility, and
Impedimenta to Marriage treaerallly, Nerron,ness, Oon-
npttoB, Jipiiepty ana vvu, aenai ana tt-nyaioal la
oapairitr, resulthig fro BeM-abuM, Ac. - By Kobsrt J.
C ulrer well, M, D., author of the Green Book, Ac., ,
A Baaaf go rhaaAande Of laffOfere,
Bent under seal, In a plain anvelop, to any address,
rt paM, on receipt of two stamps, by Dr. OUAS.
9. EUH1, 1ST Bowery, Hew Krk, Post Offi Bo
MeAJSd. ' sep7:3adAw
Pereoae o f sail bablts, Who arVsubjsctU
Ooetlrenees, Headache; eiddlnnss, Drowsiness and sing
ing I n the ears, Brian frost to grtet m tow ef blood to
the head, should aersr be without Braodiavh's rills, aad
many highly daarsrou symptoms will be removed' by
thsu iamedut us. " ',;.,.','
Th Bon. J. Hunt, ef Wettobester oounty, H. .T.
SToaty-flr years of ag, nat Bset Bnvndrath'a FUU for
twenty Bre years as his oI medicine. Wneeetsl
lidlspostd, be It from Cold, Bheumatltm, Asthssa, Bead
aobe, Bilious Affsottons, Oostlvnrt or rrrflatton of Ihe
kidneys r bladder, h does nothing but take a tew dosea
at Brandretb's Pills. ' .!. if -
' Bis asaal method Is to taks tlx pills, aad rtduee ft
do, each alght, on pill-. Ia viy attack ef sickness
for twenty -Br years, this slmpls method has nerer MM
te resvor him te health) and lew men are to be found to
eellve and heirty.at n.
Bold by ona Oook, Druggist, Columbus, and by
all rtsptttabl dealers In aaedlclnes. ( .
' 'rplMla ' St it
",; , . . 11 -i, ,1
' tn all eases of eostiTsotat, dysptpsla, HUlons and ttvat
Affeotiont, plies, rheumatism, rsrers sal agaee, pbstt .
aat head echee, and all geoaral deiangewicnts ol bwlUi
(hsa PIUj here tnrariabiy proved aesrtala nod speedy
remedy.. I A stogie trial wUl plaoe th lm PlHS beyond
hiehefsoapstitloa Jta.ttlt ttBmatloa of rrory pa
Meat, ft- ft ., --
Dr. Moffat's rTramrt Wtters will b found sguallyst
Icaoleas la all caeca ef nerrous doUIIty, dyspepsia, head
aohMa sicknes mvdde&t I tamalst In delioaU health,
and rrery' kta'd of Wetknoee' of tb aifesttr ergsns.
Tor sal by PaT ft BV BtOlfAZ, 33S, Biaadwayt M. T.
andbyallDfugrUtai 'i , ) BJyt-dwi '
Tht followingT ..-MUW fxtritot.flcw' It
letter wrtttaa b te Heiu BoUa-paaetr N at
f lerreMMre Bytlst Jbwrtli,- Brooktyu', t. T.,to
mm rMamrnal tad Ksstr,? Ctncloaatt, 0. and speaks
VSlBAt ta nvror at tfctwwrM-eoWn4 medicine, Hps,
Wiew Boowtka Bvt;r r f aaat Tarrwawt'' f
Wea adv. i""T..n tn ynr eolumns of Has
Wdolsw', too? Km k. -u r. ow we neror eilda word
n-i, t n r.r -inb-foreln HI life, fcattra
iMtmaipeUtl to f to yotr reeJen that thl, van hum.
wa tti rwf m.tm umiw n iv mm iu,- rr
mmtrnm. Jtsojtorwth asost ttMcewfal mAt
eiTWth Aay. 'wmt M w l tb bee. -An the
i tn rmuitrt site mm f BftiMre cu't do betntr thaa
kt utl tiir-t' ''a-'1 w .e- cX:lyA4W
mummm mums
5 rBAm fc SON; "
' " - HO. S9 , 10TJTH EIGB IIBKXT,
1,Q0Q yards Bauer PUlo Black Bius at tl 00 vslse
ipsryard,, J U W ' .1 M V
9DO yards Travelins' Dress and Mantis Hoods al
18 X' eents-rvalae 80 aeats per yard --v.; ijfti
3,000 'yards "Whit Brlli!aatesatJg t-8 esnts . '
TOlue 80 eeaU per 1 vd. 1. I'tliU-O ' ij
1,000 yards kins and Domsstle Olnshams ireatl aa-
' Tffl?S W UaU:-: 'A- - Wl
KozkraiQtrss. SAtzoBmis,' ' s , b iiH u
( ; CRAtllS," ftuXARD ' SOU,
" I ' EHQLIBH 8AES0E8, UTZUAt, 'k k
Nwr sand. XaahtonaUa Sreew Cfoodf ' 'I?
lu tbe most dealrable styles and at very lowers prices.
Of all materials, mad in ths most stylleh msnnsr aftei " -
th latest Paris Tsshtons ths most elegant stylss s . ..."
;,k -,.;,: i ... HAIrt At BOn, - ..,
ai3u t U r ST. 28 Buth High street.. 1
,)WW r,:W 0) -...;...-,.. $.. iik
.'. :V dnv,... '. -'...-
1 .- v' n ' ...'.; ..
if Vi
; For an Inch of : Time! .': , .
a dying Queen. Iuat inch of Urn u b procur
ed at a muob cbnper rate, aad many lent years of
enjoyed by eostultlnf Dr. HIBBTWXATRXR'who
is ourlnf tn most onttlnst and loog-standlng dlstsMB
Afyaui'iuitB ur iua nxn aha kar.
,.' ! Facta are tabbarvs Tttlngtl
Bear what tb PhlladelpHIA eorreepondent says In tb
"Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, tth of April,
1889:. 7 - '
- "At InglUB gentleman, formerly connected with the
BrtllA' Army, and who styles himself th 'Intiia
Banie Pbysklan.' has of late gained an saleoeiT rp
UMonhereby hi skill In curing all manner of ena
plalnte. Bom of his patients I hav conversed with.
and tbey pronouno his remedies' and mode of treatment j
as very superior. Bom hire been restored a f ayjf 'f 4
magia. Tb mtdlcln be uses Is distilled by hhnasill 1 (
from various herbs posseeeing ran curative properties.
. '-While aotlog In to army he deroted hi lelsur mo
aents to a thorough study of tne eteet produced by
certain medicinal roots and herbs a all manner of die
eees.i It eeems be hat found a sur and speedy reaoe
dy forali th Mil that fioah U heir to. His praatles at-
ii may eztensiT ana ia ainr increasing, la tn eom
pialnis to whloh Female are Subjected, he has no equal, ,
as a Urn number her hare testified that tbey owe net
only their present good health, but their llrcs, to th , . ,
skiUot thalndkaa Botanic Pnyrlclan.' . .
' Often 37 East State Street, Colambns.'
BBt7id3ss ? " y t
.' . -1" vk. 1
An JSffectlYe, gafo and EconoTakal V J
! .Compotuid, , 'r
To Its original color without dyeing, aad prerentlnt
' , ; . Hair from turning gray.. . i - . -
And earing It, when tber is th least parttewsf TrhtM
. or recuperative energy raaiaining.
' And all cutaneous affection s of the Scalp.-' '
Imparting to Ran uneqaled gloe and brilliancy, making
It soft and silky In Its feature, and oauslng It to curl
readily. ,
lb great celebrity and Increasing demand for this wa- -equaled
preparation, eonvlooee the proprietor thaton. ,
trial la only neceessxy to satisfy a dieoemlng publle of its
auperiorqualitlee over any other preparation in us. It
eleanses th head and scalp from dandruff and other
uteneous diseases, cauelng the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, soft, gloaey and SexJble appe
appearance, an
also, when tnenatr ve tooonlngand thinning, It will glr : .;
strengui ana vigor u m room ana rector ia growth to T, ' ' '
hose ports which hire kecom ll l, eautin It to yltld a -rab
covering of hair. -. ..i . .
I be re are hundred, of lad lee aod gentlemen la' Kew.'1
Tork wbo hare had their hair restored by tbe us of this ', '
Inrlgorator, when all otter preparations have ailed. L. ' ' '
H. has in his possession letters tnsunrl toetirying
to th abor facts, from persons of ths higheet redaeeta-
bility. It will effectually praTent th hair from tuintng c ,
until the tateat period of life; and ineasea wbere'lh hair IVJi.
hae already changed Itaoolor, th us of the Invigorator , . i
will with eertainty restore It to It to it original hue, glv
tor it a dark, glossy appearanc. As a perfum for th -i
toUataad a lialr BestoratiT It Is particubrly recom-j J
mended, baring aa agreeable fragranoe; and the great av J uu
cilitlee it affords In dressing the hair, which, when moiet ,
with th Invigorator, can be dreaoed In any required
form so at to pieesrvs its plaoe, whether pkdnor in earls
nenoe the great demand for It by tb adlet aa standard . i ,' -toilet
art lole which none ought to be witheut, the prloe ,"t i.
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