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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 22, 1861, Image 3

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fetalis for Me Tork Olty, Beaton, Albany, Buffalo,
PlUtbargh, euuhetiTill way, Cleveland, ianetvlUo,
. Newark, Oranvlile, Wathlngtod Oily, Balllmor, Phila
delphia and NewOrleant, eloM dally (Sundays sxoept
d) at 8 o'oloek . m. ' . i
A through audi for Vow Tork and Olstelend dotes
daily (Sundaytexoepted) at B o'clock p. m,,
0. O.fcO. R. R. Way Uallelote dally (Sunaayi ex
cepted) at 8 o'oJock p. m
Central Ohio Way hull
II closet dally Sunuej excepted)
ClMlnnaU WayhlaloJoeeo dally' pnndayi xoeptsd) al
Ohlcaao. Dubairoe, Delaware, Marlon and Worthin
too Halls olm tWIy (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'oloek
a.m. . '"'- ''. i -in i
Mailt for Xenle, tprUgftaldr Deyton, Toledo, Olao le
ntil, Indlanapolte, Imbuviiio, Bt. fcoule, and Detroit,
cloaaa daily (Sunday excepted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
A throngh matt to Xante, aprlngeold and Cincinnati
. sloe dally (Bundayt exoepted) al iu o'oloek a.m.
1 . Urbane, Plqua, Tiffin and Union Olty mall oloM dally
Lancaater, Logan, Neleonvllle, Olrclevllle, Chllllcotho,
I Porlemonth, Wethlngton 0. H . Athene, Marietta and
Hllitborouth mailt slot daHy(8nndayi excepted) at 8
clock p.m. - .-. - ,
aat Way Mall by National Boad to Zanetvlll elooM
aaiiy (Sundays excepted) at l o'oloek a.. ... -u i.--,. .
Harrittmrgh Mall clotef dally (dnadays exoepted) at t
o'olook p. m. ' '' ...... . ii. .
Mt. Varuoa Mali, by way of Wettervlllt and .uabury,
oloaat dally (Sandeyt exeep'tort) at It o'olook p. ra .
Dublin Mall clooct dallyCaandaya aiooplod)at 9 o'oloek
p. - v ,v ,i , v.. ivi.iMit 1 i!f... ,
Lasoutor wky Mall ololea dallyfflandayteaoopted) at
Hal la from How Tork, Button, Philadelphia, Bnffalo,
Albany, Pituburgh, Otoralaod, Dayton Toledo, Xenla,
imroit, Bpnogniia, uuiaiauti,.AJiiiuuxiin1 m. uui.
and all BoaUtera olliea, arrire ketwtaa. tba. hsnra of 9
o'oloek a. and 4 o'olook a. m. . ,. '.
Mailt from IadlaaaUa,alca(o aodJba4 anrlr
atl:tUa.m.ft. : u -a -
MalU from. Wathkcgtoa. Oily, Balllmoro, rVhatllag,
xaaaiTiiw, nimn, atoitaeaTtuo, ut. voiaon, au uao
v. w. . h. iraruu,tn4 laociooaai
Way Mall frum 'Uiaoiaaatt amrtl at 3 o'oloek P.
aat Way Mall over U . Nalioaat Boad arrlyea at U
vriuca aw t
Ml. Tornoa Wily Mall arrive at 110 a. ai. 1 t;.'...
Mall rrua Doblln arrrrea at 19 o'eloet m. ' U".l
Drbaaa Way Mall arrirea at B o'oloek p. m: ' iy '
Harrltbagh MallarriVn at II o'oloek a. - ial
Laneaaiar Way Mall arrival at li o'olook m'. ' -.
' OtSot dalirory oaon erarr day axoet Bonday) from
7 o'oloek a. m, to e) o'oloek p. m. Open on Sunday!
front 7 to B O'oloek. in tue, .mow lag, .and from S to 9
' ''. I.
Rail Road Time Table.
Iittm Hujn ouittKnAi Xanu U B
OlnolnnaU aoeommodatton. 5:00 A. M. 9:10 P. M.
" Bxpreai...wt.UiaD At M. . 11:03 A.M.
Mall and AooommodaUoo.. V:I0 P. M. S:00 P. M,
Might Ixpraao yia Day tgtt.ll:U midnight. M.
1 1'. Jao. W. XtoiikRTT, igwU
Couaatii OuTaMin M. B. ' "
Hlght Bid root. .lc k. V.i C. 11:15 F. M.
Morr Tork JCpratt ,11:10 A. M. 10:50 A. M.
0.0. 0. WayBxprtai.,.. :M P.M. 7-.5BP. M.
Jia Prmio, Agent. '
,anutOiiiea.IU , . .,
Ho. 1 Bxpra..;...7. A. al. ' U.-tS A. M.
No.S do4(vv.,.wS;lS P. MlfctS A. M.
, axti J ; A,,f , W. JVau, Agent,,,
trrracMB, Oolouvo At OtnowaaTi B. B.V "
Mall train ....;V...'.;.'.M'.V. '.. M. 11S AM
apnea Iral..rA).vv.f ....11M A. M. 6: P. M
Joe. KoiiwoK, Agent
OowMsoi Jc'liroimofoiuf, B. R. ; "
(Oouaaoi Pio 4c Imoluu B. B.) ; , '
Mo. I Ixproea :3D A. M. 9:00 P, M
Mo.B " .. 00P. M.: 7:S P. at,
Aooommodatlon j i 10:60 A. M.
,ii.-..j ,i,.f o. W. Irrnt, Agent,
The Adams Expreea Company place, us daily
under obligations to rt for the rery latest papers
irom tne eastern cities. ,
Tbe Amerloaa: Express 'Company baa our
thanks for Us daily laror. in the shape of the
very laien uteru papers.
ST Tbe members or CrysUl Fount Temple
of Honor are requested to meet this morning at
9 o'docktAt their hall, in Carpenter's Build
lng, on HigW street; to attend the funeral of
Pnana Fr... T7
Meeting in Reference to the Death of
President Andrews.
' t,. tBBaamae h , , .
Parsuaot to call, a meeting of the citizen, of
Columbus was held on Friday ereniog, Augnst
SO, for ha expression of publio sentiment in
relation to, the death of President Ardkw..
On motion t Hon. Chonov N. Olds waa ap
pointed Chairman, and' A, B, Bdttlis, Esq.,
Secretary. V 1 "'.r';
Tbe object of the meeting baring been elated
by the ohairman, in brief and appropriate re-
nuki. It w j nArA that a MmmlH.. K a . m
pointed to present reaolnliona expressire of the
sense of the meetlm. ..
. Dr. A. Loan, Rer. M. GauiMU, L. J.
: Carrcayixi.p, and Attxiv, were appointed
s to MamUtd J Jf Yt ' , r .- : ' '
Alter a Dtiei withdrawal, the committee) re-
- turned and reported the followlo resolutions,
' which wen adopted: f j : ' .1 Q
Whiixas, la the providence of God we are
called to mourn the departure from this life of
.j ii l r.i r ..i. ..j i .
wur taiueuirvu wivhu, vut. ajuria Aaoraws, law
President of Ken job College; it Is therefore, '
ReioM. That in' the death of President An-
drewe, society has lost a moat useful and dis
tinguished ol(jBen,theauee f education an
Invaluable adrocate,-tbe country a brare and
patrlotlo defender and. (he church adevout aod
consistent member. . . m s , ,
ftteeato', .That while It beboorean. to bow
.ubmiseiTcljuto the berearement. that Provi
dence may ordain, we. nevertheless mourn the
low of himLwbeeo eentimenta were alwaye ex
alted, whose friendship was always true whose
eympatby wa alwaja tender toward the unfor
tunate, or the unhappy, and whose solicitude
was always more lor the good of mankind than
lor the edTancement Ot himself." . . .
JteeWstaf, That' a laylo down' the 'oomforU
of a quiet bomav and oUering himself to the
military rankref tie eoaniry ae a prlrate eol
dler, to do wattle In defense of bit' country and
tho Constitution, Cel. Andrew set an example
of patrlotlo deretsdueea that time eaoaoi oblil
verate, nor politic! Wilutlowneatroy. "i 1 1
Ufa waa a conUtmed and iauuful expositioa of
his Christian pronesloa; that bia death, wae a
oble eaoriflc. to bis country, and that bis name
bo enrolled in bur toemorjea a. Bmoog tho aol
dlers of tbo.Cieasand the idartyrs of JUpubU
waa LlbertrJU n -ni xit&.stnit.a
Mt-M, ThiV9 flj.efl''fof bui1 Improre'.
ment, the recollection; of hU bright example,
wltb devout gratitude to Almighty God for the
awooeeeful effort, that he ru enabled tatnake
la behalf of the'.iiduoattoual'.mtetests pfthe
Bute, and iot -WBLconalateni purity, aud "up
righmese of both hi. faith and bis wwka
Rmlttd, That we condole wHh the bereaved
wife, who mourn duly; as Ihfl stricken widow
can mourn,. hoae heart bad treasured all her
earthly hopee In the manly tor ot the husband
who bu gons to fbe'gfarej and thar we tender
to her and tbe orpbau, her side, thi Uncdrjt
mJmVi0J o moaruina; uienusoip.n, i
( Soma gettrtemea'eieDi'grnae to the
reeolutlone In elcqaetit wotds.-thateame fea
olema and Wrowinig aear't.,' vlt, I fa wft
ling uibouWh; nlg; fWttef hd;eBmabl
qaaliUM of tnr departed frlendf aasi aU attest'
lag that In e.mlda'sUBKaWia'jtt
Maa bad fallen'""00" ' .r.., ,iu
Oa motions wai wWgtf
wen. bo . reaoesfed'lbiiQbllah thf"lrclhttrin
vntoerB, oe uarwaseai w sine.wniuy 1 tb4 0s
President Andrews. C. N. OLDS, Chairman.
A. B. BUTTLES, Sec'y.
r litla.na At T.lpntnrutt fa
lUreatlgat the.eai. ef tevrontj distes.;o)
tbe Ohio en4R!)MVaTr.fo ' ftailrh. bars faaoa
elected, and) will", aeareioi 'fiaarct Ctk U-
aww(MondYrWii11. '
ajr aaiire.ohfniereeion.-,ae
Oerernment two"ot)uM pef' mite for the transpor
tation af troop, orer their respeeUre Nads.
' " tioidTiHo. Bom .. oomplftlnt bu been
mad oonoernlng mta from Qtbor SUtei oom
las Into Ohio od r0TuUiD mD tot their com-
paulM bo reglmonta. Thn Adjatnt-Genetal
hutddrotitd th following oommunloatlou i
Captala E. W. P. Moii, of ZtneTllI, npoo
th lubjeoi: . .', .
Columbus Sept. 16, 1861.
. W. P. Musi, ZtnetTllle, O.t '
BiB-rYourk of the 13ib lntt. li at bud, . Th
oltlHoi of Ohio ihoald Interfere br their uifla
enoe So Drerent reornltlotr offloere of other
Suttu enllitlog men In thia State. ,:Thotiandi
bare thai gone, for whom Ohio bae no oredlt,
and whooe nlaoa muit be raDDlled if we abould
erer be oomDellsd ta draft. Bealdea. these
.. . . I ... I . m
wcai irresponlioie 10 Mr aouioniiev, intoriaraj
with our olane lor eondcotlne the reorultlnr
errloe, and make It lmpowlble for ni to know
how many should be authorised in the several
OOUDlleS. The erll COmDiaiuea OI IS not COn -
floed to your eouoty. ' ' - "
Al to the dlecradltabla nraotloe of reoru It bff
cers persuading thoee who bare been enlisted
br othera to desert, and Join tbeir companies. 1
lab 11 ta ha dlatinetlr understood, that nnon
satisfactory arldenoe furnished , this Depart -
ment.tbe parlies Implicated will be refused oora-l
misalons in the military serrioe of the State,!
and tbelr authority to recruit be . Immediately
Assistant Adj-Gen. O.
AasiTaL or Panonxu bp tVa. Ex-Oor.
Chss. Mobibbad, of Kyi, Rubih T. Duaam,
Editor of (ho. Loatsrllle Cnrltr, and Masti
W. BaBB. reporter of the New Orleans nraaa.
iw i. v ' , .
....... . -.vi; uihui iu urge u a
l.llt I. ... . ... . .1
.4U.u i uoiteq 9tstee soimers, aa prisoners or
war, and were quartered at the Amerletn. I
Tbeywill leare' at half put three o'clock on I
r. r .r ... .. w I
T" ' ? . f . ..." I
'' 1 .n.-." 1.. .V.I -n ,, ........ j . I
tT Tub Ohio Edootoiui, Mobthit for Oo-
toner contains the following euays: Gram-1
mailed Legal Science, br Judee Lawrence i The
Teaching of Foreign Language., Ho. II. b,
tai culture, by George Cornell! Drawing In tbe
Common 8ohool, by Rer. Thome. Hill, Spell-
In. k- eji. ii u .v .i. bV i i
log, by the Editor. Beside tbeee. tho Editorial
Department la replete with Interesting Item.,
relauox to schools and education. Tbe Monthly I
la nnbllahad ha E. F- Wkit. Pn : p.ainmhna I
at $1 year.
' i '
CaMr Chub, Fifteen different ' regiments
hare been stationed at Camp Chue, for a longer
or .hotter time, .Inc. IU organisation. The sur
geon at the camp report. 3,614 patient as bar
log reoelred treatment. Of these, bnt fir. hare
died ) two, of diseases contracted while In ser
vice In Virginia, and one from the accidental
discharge of a musket In the band, of an officer.
PaXMiDMi At the late Ohio State Fair, pre
miumt.wer. awarded to resident, of this city as
follows i Rmrsbs Nbtovsv two oo horses ) J, L.
" v" oeet Dorgno tuuii w. u. xiatoxr
ft Co., beet water raiser Hlu EuaStaoi, beat
pair of woUen mitt, (Mis. S. is under twelre
. N.Mi..fr.. .....
,.., -vniw mt. . ,. i
jlj . .
IL7 Tbto wu Menu to produce one nortlly--1
that of girle maeqneradlak In men 'a clothes. I
A bird of this specie, wa. eabght la tho dtr on
pjj .,' , TO . I
Friday afternoon by officers Hmend WaiI
Half, and yeaterday, after being provided with I
becoming attire, aent into the cooojry, . She Is
about twenty year, of age, and wanted to go
"sogetlng." But before leaving town she pro
fessed to b. cored of, that foolish whim.V
. ET The reader will recollect th. disaster that
befell a railroad train, somstlm. abac: In'oon-
.equenco of burning f . brldg., BMr St.
usoyu, luwevun. hit. vv lujaa n.. n.aar, 01 1
thia city, who wu a caueorer on that ill-fated I
train, and nna of tha fma nf tha ll..et.,. ka. I
!,,. ..in a v n.y.A fvi..i-.r.
uau va vt uia auwui-i
, at l . aawa t m I
den dldocated, and suffered severely for aom.
day., being nnabl. to obtain medical, orecarcely I
any other assistsnce. Though etill .offering
frem tbe effect, of tho accident and exposure
afterwards, we are glad to learn that h I. bow
In a fair way to regain his former health and
strength. 1
ST The town of Brownsrllle, Lloklng coun
ty, with a population of 400, ha. already sent I
ST rolunteers Into th serrlce, and promise' to
lncreaie the number. I
HTCol. CaaaincTOB, of th new 18th Regi
ment, U. S. Infantry, gare an Intereatlng lec
ture on' th war ton large and intelligent
audienoe, at the Court House in Newark, on
lewark, on
lut Wednesday craning. . ,
tT "What'. In a namet", Matilda Hib
bob and Gxcbob Wshikotoi are both confined
th Cincinnati City Prison. .r.J , '
XT A Chicago paper states hU ' the Adam.
Expree. Company', bill. .against the Govern-
ment) per General Fsxhobt, for trans porta tioa
gans, ammunition, etc, since tha General
took command at St. Louis, will reach $300.-
1 !jv
MbbobaW Tai lob. Gentlemen In want of
Fall and Winter Clothing will do well to call
Jobh Bcntxb, No. SSO South High .treet..
X Thlrtr elsbt prisoners or war taken at
Carulfex. Ferry, are reported on ' their way to
Camp Chase. "
'll' - -l . . ' i.
87 Gxoioc L Mills, Principal of tho New
ark High Sobool, bu resigned hie position, in
leading to remore to Piqna.j, ,a .
'ITTCapt. Caow expeote to hare another
company from Licking oounty at Camp Cbaae
This will make the seventh com-
panr n actual setrioe from that county.
Kmwinr'a Mamcai.' Du)0TBBr:,V--tt,caB
aow be said with troth that the' great remedy
naVbaen found fbrthrneaHng of th nation.,"
for dtrrtpg the tweWyeare'that hU 'medlcuie
been before" the pubtltf. It has cured enoBsh
persona to' people l 'gd sired Stat and a
healthy on loo, for ' not a ' ptrtical of humor
fi,nld be, found in all their Veioe! Tber .are
many tersoni who to nee thaw own word., an
"nerer well" and yet thy will not belir that
may bt hnmor ht. cause, their feeling, be
cause they have not to much aa a pusnl,
.their' body. All thi. may b true, and yet the
worn ol nnmors e conoealed lq their reins.
KIob .ifid remain la .nipcot on this. acoouxt
hof ti.'r,, for a bottle of the Dlsoorery, we can
snare tftem, wiu make tt appear if. aaereu a
rUde of humoHiboul (Ihem.
corwair wptriat; et watat .,
PpltunbUil: OHIO.
""", r ana uompoemoa v
to m BmkrMUtm WjKUt.BUtt DowKpUoaa.
u ,!,...- I l.tr tmui i.,.,P,. -
ETr't':?: eTllTTE"' si. 1
. , 1 r1, tUTTJ"!3 Ca I
Rumors of an Attack upon
St. Louw, Sept. SB. The following addC
tlooal Dtrtloalara in refareooe to affaire at Lex
loB-too naro been aaoertalned. The first attack
Dton the fortiloatlona It eaid to bare been nade
on Thunder of laat weeks bnt thle la certainly
mlitake, aa rrioe oia not leare warreoabarg,
40 mllei eonth of Lexington, until Wedoeeda
oigbi. Tne attack wae, probably, nade on
Monday, aa Mr prerloua adrloea. wltb about
The encasement luted two noun, when the
I rebeia wee repulsed, wltb a loee of iuo Killed,
I and between 300 and 400 wounded. Oar loee la
I reported at fire killed and eereral wounded
I .V. . I a I . ak.liA ul. l
I iu luruueauuua aro imiun . wvg vi
I the town on a bluff, orerlooklog the rlrer. The
I works are earth, aeren feet bight twelre leet
I thick, with a ditch sis feet deep, and twelre
1 uruau, aurruuuuiDK tucui. . aouwiot auu aiuaiior
I work Is erected Inside and defended by a dltcb
I tbe Whole oapsble of boldlnK 10.UUU troops.
I Tbe alUck on Wedneaday, waa determined
1 and lasted nearly all day. UeiororoemeoM from
I the North. Wider Gen. Sturcls, probably nnm
ber 6,000, bat should they be unable to cross
ma mer.wnion u quite uaeiy, tne oniy am tuey
oan render will be to sweep with their artillery
niu oocupied oy tne reoen. it is oonnaentiy
hoped, howerer. that the 6.000 troops that left
Jefferson City on Wednesday! by steamers, will
be able to land at or near Lexington, and out
tneir way throngh tbe enemy's lorees and join
Mulllffan. '. t . v '! ,,..' - -
It Is said MuMuau exueesed oonfidenoe of
being able to bold his position against any force
not more than ten times greater man nia owo
Jefferson City Menaced-Heavy Firing
at Lexington.
[Special to St. Louis Republican.]
wl K.TMotgomry, of General Fr-TheodoreE.SullotjWrltIng,MaMeaniofMen-monfeearalry,
bae just arrired from Georg-
; j,tttoH ClTT. B, 90.-A MDOri reoelred
here this morninff states that McCulloob. with
probably 30,000 men, waa on tbe Osage, 70
miles hence (date not siren), marcbloej on Jef
ferooa City. The commanding officer here Is
ln, La1 t nuillt tfc Mnm
ihuiiuvh w f ivuii ? uw a v M v a m
PnlAnal D I aPib mAmnn InnV at onMflf iitjat
with nli te.iBient 0f Home Guards at Osage
Bridge, where the first attaok will no doubt be
m.de a wUI not AtMn tn P0'
town, ana says neary Bring wae heard at hjoo-
'l 1 Wedneed.y and late Into the night.
Lexington, disprorlog tho story that tQat
-,oe engendered on Tuesday. It la b.llered
Lane bad reinforced Lexington. It Is believed
at Boonrllle that Price could not take Lexing.
ton, but . If be should, only with terrible
Jackson, It is .aid, baa no more than !,aUU
men, and la surrounded on every elde. He
cannot escape If defeated, nor hold Lexington
If he takes It. " - i ,-. r ..
In Pettis conntr. all the rebels bare cone off
in squads to Join Jackson, nearly all tbe
Unionist, hara left also, In fear.. The county
la perfectly desolate; line crop, are .tending
nnaathered everywhere. .
No boat from abore yet, but hourly ex
pected. 1 be secessionists are greatly alarmed about
Kentuckians Joining the Federal
JtHiMITi. Q.nt OO Tk... Im .Altin. nf
importance Irom points south or here, reason,
gert from Lebanon report the people from the
??u,,r' fmlDJ iato j0.ln 'na ?lerftl frM-
Nothlnglayet atoertalned of the moremenle
in nauthera Kantuokr. i. There la no talerraoh.
Iio communication South of Lebanon . Jano-
W. 8. Hald.man, th prinolpal proprietor of
u' """w. pnbiiane. a card in tne journal to-
morrow representing a modification or tbe in
uin. ..r.,. ?nhiinaiin r th Cani.
and agreeing to aroid the publication of any
matter prejudicial to th. Federal Government
and to be loyal to th Government while .Ken
tucky remain, in too Union
InniaBarou., September 20T Ex-Governor
Morehead, Martin W. Barr, reporter of tbe New
Orleans pres., and Reuben T. Durrett, editor of
hhe Couli arrested at Lonlsrille yeaterday
TS rll
tha War
Kentucky Legislature.
raaBxroxT, a.r., oeptemoer w. in oui
,ik k,h H.n. ntln. fl A ,
Vi yeaesarvta avvwaa sauav vwvuatug wvm -et
derson to call for and take command of Ken
tncky rolunteers, waa vetoed by Gor. Magoffla,
and passed orer the re to.
In the House, tbe
rote waa yeaa 68, nay. 33.
Our Wounded and Rebel Prisoners
en Route for Columbus.
GaLuroua, Sept. 30. The steamer Mary
Cook left bar at aix o'oloek thia eveniog lor
Cincinnati, with filty Federal aoldien wounded
at Carulfex Ferry, and thirty-eight rebel pria-
l no latter are en rout lor tyoiumbne.
Skirmish Near Cumberland.
Baltimobb. Sept. SO. The Cumberland na
per. eay that Captain Kldd't company of car-
airy, from New Creek, aud a company . of
infantry from Fori Pendleton, mad a descent
upon a rebel eamp at Petersburg, Hardy county,
Virginia, on tbe l2ih Inst. Que .hot from a
13-pounder scattered the rebel. Ilk chaff.
Several wore killed and wounded, and a num
ber taken prisoner.. The camp and all lie
equipage was taken and destroyed also a large
quantity ol corn, guns, uniforms, etc Colonel
Ziegler attacked come 950 rebcle while drilling
near Barboursvllle. .The rebeia fled at the first
Are. Their leader and two others war mad
prisoner.. Sereral wan killed and wounded. .
Great Union Meeting in New Jersey.
' Nbwabx, N.- J , Sept. 30 A grand Union
meeting wa held thle evening. ' Spseohee were
made by Daniel, 8. Dickinson and othen.
Large delegation, from th surrounding town,
were present. Reeolutlone wer adopted, dep
recating party morementa aa unpatriotic and
prejudicial to tbe publio Interest) and proposed
an inauguration of a people'a Union movement
throughout tbe State. A committee waa ap
pointed for that purpose. . . '. '; !;'',',
Later from California.
Outib STAtroi. Sent. 16. The Poner Ex-
pm., with San Francisco date, to th. 7th Inst.,
passed ner at o . ta. .
The retnrne Irom tbe Stat election are in
complete. The whole rote of th Stat will
be about 130,000. Aa far aa hoard from, Stan
ford (Ken bae ,ouu roteej Cooneee (Union
Dem) 30,(00. mnd MoDcngal (Urecklnrldge
Dem.) 19,400. ' '
The United Stat. Marshal at San Francisco
had seised tbe ship Henry Brlgham, rained at
yaVtWW : vi f - v - : . -.. i
Enthusiastic Reception of Troops in
' LotniritLt, Sept. SO.Col. Crittenden, from
Indiana, who waa the first to bring a regiment
from another estate into western Virginia, In
aid of the Federal Gorerflmenti was the first to
come to the aid of Kentucky. . His refitment.
well armed, passed through our itreeta toward,
the Nashville depot, thie afternoon, and pro
ceeded Immediately -Southward They--wer
ntansiutloaiiy reoeired at diaerent pout, on
tberouta,, , ...... .. , ... , . , , .,
Brigadier-General Ward arrired to-day from
Washington, and will forthwith take oammand
of his brigade In Central Kentucky-- )
' A portion of Gen. Rousseau's forces Br in
Bosaeaaloa of Muldronirh'a Hill. .':
,.: Jastlc Catron, ot the. U. S, Court, lasued to
day a writ of habeas corpus In the case of
Morehead, 'Ddrreft and Barri retuiHablei on
Monday extH''.V'.i'."ei r'i..t''"t!'.I.i.e '"'
Louisville. Battle on the Missouri---Rebels
Crrr, Bar, 19 Fifteaa hundred men
under Colonel Smith, eyertook three thousand
aaoeaaloolsts as they wer eroeaibg the rirer at
tha Blue. MUIa Landing, oq the, 7th lu.tant,
and completely touted them, killing from one
hundred and filty to two huudrad, aod took
twelve prisoners. . Ta Fe4iml toas lsnfty kil(-
ai and leautr'flv WOBHrtifl. " I -i .-... ,., u..
a Adrleef by pf irate lottor trtn LextngCon to"
dar, ear. Prlea atlacked.Ue Federals at tan
o'clokrestjraay ataraing with a foreaaf
l.. - - .j t.Mjf.v. .v . e - .
. . """ two Bonre.wnen
th aaoee.(onl.t dror tbem baok into tbelr en
trenehmeals, carryloc eTrythln before them
The Irlih Brigade then oame out and charged
them at the point of the baronet, Mattering the
reotia ererywhere. i
Prloe waa to attack them again this morning
wltb seranteen piecea" of artillery. .No state
ment of the toss on either side is glren.
Pacific Telegraph Nearly Completed.
Sr. Job. 8eot. 20 .Telegraph connection
once more re-eetabltabed. Tho line ie working
to Kansas Cltr and to all Points In Kansas and
in Nebraska. The Paolflo line is being pushed
rapidly toward completion. When a gap of 80
muee la dosed, which will be done within
week, we shall be able to work within S50
miles of Great Salt Lake Cltr. That nortlon
of the line west of Salt Lake i. al.o progressing
rapiaiy, and from present appearance, tne iio
win dc nnisbed to Han franoisoo oy toe win of
norembernext. .
Lexington Reinforced and Considered
JxrriBWN Citt: Sent.1 SO. A .pedal die
patch to the St. Lenta Democrat aaya that Jeff.
C. Daris, commanding here,' reoelred bis so
pomiment as Brigadier Ueneral to-day.
General Lane la reported to bar formed
Junction with Lexlnrton arlth four tbousand
men. Meinroroemente from t. josepn are aiao
reported to bare reached that place, and Lex
ington is now considered .ate. '. rrioe 'win on
doubtedlr be surrounded and Cut off. It i.
feared that the relnforcemente sent from here
hare not yet reached Lexington, u heary bat
teries are planted at Glasgow by the rebeia, and
our troops will bare to disembark below the
town and attack them In the rear". , ".
Latest from Lexington.
JirtcaieN City. Mo. .'Sent, SO.-At -
qnarter. Mulligan's force at Lexington la sup
posed to be three thousand lire' hundred, con.
slating ol an Irish brigade, CoI. Mulllgan olne
hundreds, Uol. Maraueire liliuola UavaJry, tlx
bundredi a Hamas Keelment, number not
known: fire hundred Home Guards, mounted,
and fire hundred Home Guards, infantry) three
elx-pouodera, one bowltxer aud six mortars.
1 be federal aooute iust In, report tho . firics
at Liexmgtou sun goiug on Wednesday eren'
lug. The rebel I are said to bar. no .hell.
shrapnel or oaniatur uotbiug but round, shot
ana aiugs. -.- -. " -
There are nearly three tbousand Uorernment
norses and mules witnin Mulligan a entrench
meats, requiring much care to prerent a .lam
pede, ; " .. " n u ,
Dispatches from Washington.
WasuiNOTOM. Sent. 20. Tbe picket ruard.
of the rebel foroee . near the Chain1 Bridge
bar been strengthened by an additional rorce.
A detachment of Federal ' troop yeaterday
confiscated forty head of cattle belonging to the
..K.I. .... I 111. V.
The proprietors ot th National Hotel In thia
city bare been arrested for selling liquor to a
Colonel In the army.
The arreete of th secessionists In Maryland
continue. Yesterday the Speaker of the Lower
House of tho Legislature of Maryland was taken
into custody. - " ' ' -
Work ha. been recommenced here on the
new Treasury building, and oa tbe dome of the
Capitol. - Mi.-e. e.-.i .5.
Mr. Kennedy, Superintendent of C ensue, who
haa recently rlalted Virginia, expresses the
opinion that tbe enemy 'a foroe in front ot Wash
ington does not exceed on hundred thousand
man.' ,'- - "V :J
It i. understood that Gen Fremont' Will' hot
be remored from hie command, bnt possibly
hi. moremenle may be so far impeded that he
will leel compelled to resign"' ......-
The Prince de Joinrllle 1. reoeiring unofficial
but hospitable attention. from the President and
secretary of atate. j i :m.i jjt ,i
A regiment of cavalry Is authorlxed to be
raised in Colorado Terrltory.'j:.. j;;.";.''.
Col. Berdan'a Sbarpthootan gar an laxhlbi
tien of their skill befor tb President and a
large number of persons present.. Tbe Presi
dent himself made a rery good phot. '
[Tribune's Correspondence.]
' Tbe German, of 8t. Louis sustain Gem Fro
moot. Tbelr brethren in Illinois and Indiana
also sustain him, with tbe intelligent of the
American Republicans They say that there
la an incompatibility, as between fir and water,
between war and th civil law, which saeme to
protect those against whom the war ie urged.
They regret th Presidents modification of
Gen. Fremont' proclamation of freedom tt the
slaves, but congratulate tbe friende of civil
liberty throughout tho world, that the bouda
men of all Miaaonriana in arm. againat tbe
Union between lb data of f remoni' procla
mation and the Pretident'e countermanding it,
are free, beyond the power of any law of poll
tic on thia continent to reduce them, again to
slavery. - :.-!.-t. .. t
Gen. Buckner's Proclamation.
Lomsriixc, Ky , Sept. 91 .It is rnmored that
tiuokner naa advanced on c.iizabethtown, but It
can not be oonfirmed in aeason tor afternoon
papers. Tbe Federal troop, an preparing tor
any emergency; -
Tbe following prooumauon l. jail reoelred
To (As PteaUof Ktniuekt i The Legislature
of Kentucky hare been faithless to th will of
th peoplei they bar endearored to make your
gallant State a fortress in which, under th
guis of neutrality, th armed forcea of the
United Stales might securely prepare to sublu-
gate alike tbe people ot Kentuody and tbe South
rn State.. '. " : - , ' -:
it was not until after months ol covert and
open violation of your neutrality, with large
encampments of Federal troops oa your terri
tory, etc, the recent official declaration of th
President of the United State not to regard
your neutral position, coupled with a well pre
pared scheme to seise an additional point in
your territory, which wa of rital Importance
to ta aalety ana defense Of Tennessee, that toe
troop, of the Confederacy, on the Invitation of
the people of Kentucky, occupied a defensive
position In your State, s " ,..:;.,
In doing in, th commander ahnoncced his
purpose to evacuate your territory simultane
ously with a almilar moremeol oa tho part of
the federal force, Whenever tb Ltglilatur or
Kentucky (hall undertake to enforce against
both belligerent th a trio t neutrality which
they bar often declared.. - "' .f .
I return amongst yoa, cltlxen. of Kentucky,
ht the bead of a force, the adt ano of which 1.
oomposed entirely of Keutuoklancu. W don't
com to molest aoy person, whatever may be
bib political opinions, unnx m agent or tne
Northern despotism, who seek to reduce us to
the condition of dependent raeaala.
Wo believe that the recognition or th civil
right, of oltiaena la the foandaUoa of constitu
tional liberty, and that tbe claim ot the Presi
dent of the United Statea to declare martial
law, to auspend th privilege f tho writ ol
habeas eorpnt, and to convert every barrack
and crery prison In tho land into a buttle, la
nothing but the claim which other tyraata bar
assumed to tubjugat a free people. The Con
federates occupy Bowling Green as a defeaslr
position. .
. I renew the pledge, of th commander, of
otnar commas of umfeeeraie, troops, to retire
from lb territory of Kentucky, on th Mm
condition which will gorera tbelr atoremeou.
i farther giro you my own usuranoo that to
fcroa ander my command will be used a aid to
the Gorerotnent of Kentucky In" carrying' trnt
tha Btrlot neutrality desired by Its people, when
ever they undortak to lore u againat in two
beUlflorenta alika. S.
Brigadier General, C. S. A.
of Lexington, Mo.
0r4artillery attaok. ,ffXbf Hn ea fetaficitlonBrun
"St: Lome. Sent. 81. In order tb'borrMf eofl-
fnswa and many oontradiotory .tateffient fet.
atirwto theposlUoBOf Lxlugtoo, and to op
posing forces of Cola. Mulllgaaaad Prtoevit t.
deemed aeuessary to make the- lollewtor- expla
Tb general direction of th Missouri, al
Lexlngtoa, la from Weet ta East, tb city Ulna
on tTCoooin nana. luoeariTSPiuement, now
oallta Old ToWrn fa .imaled W.k'ed tte hill!
and hu been auper.eded by rlew Lexlogtotu
lurtser np tne nrer, wnera tae ateamboat
landing is, and whtoh 1. the main Cttrr-Wui.
Ugan'e taroncailon. areott a bridge, funning
at ngut angles, wttn in river Detween the two
rewno iney -aTmwmor -tn7mspTrrrr-r,;ojirBBl
bulhllBpr, standing abeuta. 4irte p a. huiWi
trodt tb rireB, which na beaa nd( .s quar
ten fori troops, and aUengtheoei to -laaa
dowa f tb rlrcr alaX btawni waicAv and
the water's sjrs 4,a(wldc Bbabflor bsacfay
Thlrte' tbe. bointi wbdre tb conlletleol
nlaceflbf ooeseesloa of tb frrT-boat. Th
main body oi Otneral Price', army U located
at Old TbwB, but tb fortiloatlona bar been
aaaailed frora all- side except th rirer. r un
Tburaday, last week, aa attack wt. mad from
uid Towtitcy atronr party ol loving reneia,
who wer. tepulsed with eonsi double loss, and
uid Town ateiied and been ad, u nxareni ita oe
Inr need as a shelter. Lexlnrton orooor I 1b
possession of Price, bat U.ba. But teen the
theatraof thoowfliot.i ii v. S.if
. Tb reioforoemente which left Jefferson City
on Wednesday, If they had sot been aaaailed by
batteries, mnst bare reached the neighborhood
or Lexington yesterday. T mesa troop, coma
doubtlee hare been landed on the south
tide of the river, on tb spot which' waa need
to ferry General eturgee'i commend across, ana
the combined forces, numbering twelve thone-
and, will march on Lexington, and whh tbe as
siatanoe of Mulligan's heroes, and Gen. Lane,
command, will attack and completely root
Prio'. wool command.' r V T rt ry
Cincinnati Market.
ts-day, sad sales of 48 haae Bnsar at BXASKo for fair
to niir mtr; euu aaots or inuy rair uoneo at lajte.eoa
161 bbie Molaatos at 4So. - Thar wae alio a sale of MM
bble Melaaaea veeterda ereaiDi. at 4Se oath. Thar ia
a Ann feellnc In the market at theee Bsnras.
BLOUB Becelved aa additional laootas to-dsr, and
tellere are now in very .ood aplrtta, at an advaaoa of
roll K5o nor hbl. alnea tha iBDrovament bona.. Bauer-
Bae is scares, and prima f radee In better demand, rela
Uvaly, than other qaaltUea. Wa qnot enperBoo at 4,
extra at 4 154 ti, an family at t4 BS4 40.
- WHBal It atill aoUvo, aod red ru to-day In better
demand than white. I here wore sales of rod at 63o, and
of white at 90o. The poor qaalltlee are regarded with
men favor, oral lea era ant diserimineta aaalaet so
widely. The range of prloet runs from 70o to tie for
era. aa rroa BUe to woo for wwte.
OOBM There ie a read market at S7e. and teller I are
mueataeaooai usior tnttngnro.
' waio vooimaaa xxe. , a ; .,! o. "n
t BARLEY Ie otlll almost anaaleable.
arB Ha a namtnaroaolatkin at Ke.
Wu is XV Waa advaneedMe persalloo to-day, and
laaea reaoiiy.
4 i j ft'- ucmmtrtHU
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, Sept. 20.
rfiOrjB-plrm.' Bales of lOObblsst Bl 50. '
WHS iT Market better. - Baleeea 'Oaamawara 3000
snstt red rre on board at Mel Sean walls at Wooa
traot;B ears at .1 00, and 1 ear at f I .1. This after
noon 14,000 both tree oa board al BSei B ear. do at Mel
and one oar wblto at (Mo. The market oloees rery firm.
CORK Balee of 000 bath In the ear at Sic.
OaTS Selee of 10U0 biah at SSo; 9 oars at taae, and
etr at lie.
B Bale of 1 ear at 4So., ...
HlQWlNX-a,l of M eMs at Uo.
' " ' - XiflfJ IT- i
Haying Increased Its already . t
,. -,i i
Is fully prepared to execute W the r
, iop:
" CATAioatnts,
BRUEFS, , . . f .
.1 Bnx BMiiiX'
tlTTXB E1AD8,'
it. t t, .
! Koras,
tillLS, CARDS, -
-, v ' ;
And every descrlpUoa of '
taml to any IrUbliihment In the State,', sad upon
terms whleh .will compare bvorebly with the '
Indies Intern Printing Houses,'
Hawing .ararr yaoility to aid. XJ
1 1
in tsb noooonoa or
,.,t.-.r 'irj-jm,,.,.
'.-A (
:3 9W,i
TTs offer ttor itrrloee to all who may desire that clam
- " .ti. i.'.l
' II l.i .
' ! V'la i
.u v.. '
i I ' Network,
,., - r . t
., We save connected with oar ItUbuahasnt a
,.t v. .n)-ouHi.- to
blajte:. .book BiSx T
--T) K:j, ,,..,i; ?f a
AC - e r.,'.i;i, j ;
wtd '''we areiaestb '
- ' i rr! ti e niai i.
! ,e.'
! '.
I-lnaat .mftnlt Work
i ,eaVit i w i, s
.f.'j fi: nl nztt x t l t ' 5 A
jr b Bin tUSI. BOO
r. T
IT JftlB
iv-v' ,-.il iJ
t ..tv
Ol.itl'l CSS atOBTo i J,aim V
.it-i- j.H. .ii .e i .. .(.) to , ,ii .
1 ttf
v.ia,:ieu i ii mvi e.- ieie--lui
eu 'a vJu,,., ,,t ci
i...,hi w-r2"' j. I ( a..il,i,,u,v.
i abb vol arerr. .... i,k,., ,
b,j !: t i.t (,., i , t, . h,,. M
!alU O
tn f..r aoa 4. .Ill
ta tH Orsr; and -we star Wr
ILktl la
w Jii!.i wwh " ..net ,ii', j I'nul'tih'utJi ,4
,;jt ai I'm tfl l''-) l lliwivdij ji:u
.Hi et Kit-.
rrinUnt alaw m t$ Wrtt.
Aa exparienoad Warse and f eaale raytWaa, BraaenU
, m us aiwniwa oi mowcra, ner
which treat lr faelMtataa tha sroeeaa of toethlne'. b aeft.
en lag the game, redaoinsj all lonammeUon wUl allay
am rAia anaspaamoaio aonon, ana 1
Depend upon K, mothers, It will giro rest to yoarseire
W ban DwlinDaUdanld khlai aYTttelai tnr AVttr fan wmvm
wmdOaiN f AY. IN OONFIDKNCJfi ANfleTltnTfl. oiL
mm OS ray gasnr xmyeBU BtfllSB CD ssmw TJB Ur ill 1IT raaaWllei
Mua, xu itvrxui A CUBB, when timely aatd. Ner
er did we know an inetaaea of dimatlafaedoa by aoy oao
who aaed it. On tba eontranr. all era dallrhtail u.
wyimvvm, man apeaa in terms of oommeadaUoa of la
enecie ana meawai virtual. Wo speak In thle
' .MJfLi wiiiuaeon -anor Mnyeara'exi
almoot every Inttanoa where the infant la eafiering tree
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found in fif teen ot
MjiuMio. Misr uieDjrap it aammiatered.
Thie valuable preparation It tbe praoorlptloa of one of
t'" -uj'na. ana naa oeen naea wiu KSV JCU IAIL-
It not only relieve the eh lid from nin. m, ii.
atee tho itomaeh and bowela, oorreota acidity, and Tv
tons and enerao tn tha whale avatm. Ti whi .inln.t in.
atuil1 . u.j
and overcome oonvnunona, whleh. If nottpeedlly rem.
ellmM m,ahjl 1 a nr . i, . . . .( 7 - -
uol". e ueueve n tne bbbi and BUB.
n aneea irom leetnuw. or from an other mum. w.
woaia eay to every mother who hut child raffrrin.r-,
any of the foregoing oomplatntt DO NOT LBT VOOB
stand between you and your iufferlng ehlld, and tbe re
lief that will be BUna tee. ansnirai.v erm.
miuw uieaee 01 innmeaieins, tr umeiy naM. full di
reotlone for ulna will aooomDanv each bottle, h.
r" o 1 we ui lac-eimue or uubtibs rsxilMg,
-- .v., m w wjv vwwnie wrapper. '
Bold by all Pruggiats tbraaghoat the world.
Prlacl pal Office, is Caar Street N.Y,
O0t27-dfcwly.' . - v ,,,.
nannfaotnrera at all kinae af Par-
aapiw ana tatiaaary steam En
Ktnes, saw mills, 4rlt MUIa,
I eVc.t dkCe
HSIdt BO Din Stalml B. at . BLAND TBtaknl
'. . l ' CO. BmatmtUU
Oaf Portable Xnaina and Saw aTlll
Wu swarded tho Brat premlnai ot B50 at the Indiana
State lair for 196. over Lane a Bod ley 't en account ol
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Oar Stationary Bnctne waa awarded at tha tame ri.
tha Brat premium of $200.
uar ro ruble Bnglne waa awarded the flrtt premium ol
$100 at tha lair at Memphis. Tonn., over Btandy'i Da
vall's. Columbus Machine Oo'e., and Bradford a Ooi.
by a eommltteo of practical Railroad Bngineen.
mvt pine ana tcrmi aareei
W1LLARJ) WAJUflR, Treararer,
deoJ-dkwlyeoli. Hewark.Ohlo
Master Commissioner's Sale.
John t. 0111 )
'VI. SnDOrlor finnrt.
Amos M. Hall at al.)
to mo directed, from the Superior Oonrt of VranB
lln Oounty, Ohio, I lll offer fur tale, at th door of
the Court House, in tho etty of Columbus, on j
Saturday, the 5th day of Oct., A. D. 1861,
1 o'clock. P. Bt.. the followtna doom-Hied nal aataU.
altoaU ta the oounty of franklin, and But ot Ohio, to
i not aumDer u, oi tana HorrlaoD'S aubdlvlalon of
lots S. .. 7. 8 and U of John Morrlion'a addltloa ta iha
otty of Oolumboa.
Appraltedat l.0.
rnnior s fees 4,oo.
O. W. HtTTrKAN, Sheriff
and ktatter Oommltakmer.
H. 0. Noble, Atty.
, , Sheriff's Sale.
James Tuekerand wife)
Bllea iTlfughei, )
Common Pleat.
to ma directed from tho Court of Common Pleas of
franklin oounty, O., I will offer for tale, at tho door of
tha Court Houao, la tho elly of Columbus, oa
Monday, September, 30th, 1861,
one o'oloek, P. If ., th following deaortbed real et
tats, sltaate In the eovatr of Iranklln. and Btata of
Ohio, to wit: -
iat do, w, in Jons and Henry Killer's Addltloa to
the City of Columbus.
ADoraUod at SXUU.
W. HUH MAN, Sheriff,
By Bo. Dint, Deputy.
Printer's lets, 4.50.
t i ; i ' Ol O-l- ,
. oiierius caie.
Wray Thomas
Superior Court.
Edward A. Brown et al '
to mo directed, from the Buporior Court of frank
Iio eoonty, Ohio. I will oflar for sale at tha door of the
Court Heaes, la th city of Ootambua, Ohio,
On Satnrday, October 5th, 1661,
at one o'oloek, P. M.; the following premlare, eltaete In
tha oounty of rranklln, and Bute of Ohio, and bound
ed aa follows, to wit:
That tract or parcel or land tying east or tne city of 00
lambua. belni a tubdivliioa of btlf teeilonNo. 83, town-
this Ho. I. rente Ho. 8, Hefogee lands, and deesribed
on a certain piai roooreeu in uie omce oi tno weoraer
laaadforoald rranklln soanty, In Book No. Bl. voce
preference uerew neiog uoreuj maoej. aa 101 no. iv,
eon tain in a eve a acrea ana sevenry-eevoa one-nuaa-
redtht of an acre (11 77-1UO), and whloh waa oonvryed to
yell Davie by John Oielth'on, and by eat Byall
Davit aod ai'e to ad ward A.Brown, by deed dated October
Tih. A. P. 18M. and reoorded to Book No. SI. n,re 178.
la tba Beoorder's offloe in said franklin ooaoty; too
above pram i tea hereby aa aforeeaid sonveyed, belns aub-
Jaet, ia tba hands of the aald Bdwaid A. Brown, to tho
oiata oi ait motnor. varouno Brown, ror tne onarge and
tapiate of her reaaonabl and eomfortabl tupport and
amteaeaoe qanog ner aararai me.
Also, the following deacrlbed rral etttte, stlaaU la the
Haatr af rranklln, and Btata of Ohio, at wit: The
wan half ot lot No. S8, ta th subdivision of half aeo
Uoa No. Si. townthla Mo. S, raog Mo. ttf, ae made and
doocrlbod ta a oertala plat reoorded In tho Beoorder'e
omoe of vrmutita eoaaty, ta boob no. ii. pes so tao
roae laoee)i the whet af said lot eeot.lrlog eleven
and eeTtaty-lhreebaedXdiklor aa acre (II 71 100), and
being taw earns tand that wae eeaveyed to theeaM Byal
a Dart by John Orolghtoa, aad by eaM Byall Devta
ae wli Id Oonstaatrno Johaeea, by deed dated Ooiofcor
7ih. A- D. IBS and reoorded ta Book Be. 1, pose 17J,
la th Beooraor! emee of said haaklla ooaoty.
Anpratoed ae Lot Me. SB. i0 00 pee sore.
. t i ; ,x. Weal halt ef Lot No. SS at i SO . .
.- -t J lv;. .... , O. W. HDffMAN, BberiC.
' . a By la. Davu, Deputy.
W.o.Utwav, any '
'IViaster CommisaoneVs Sale.'
Btachln tftnufac taring Co.) Common Fleas,
,... , agwan . .... , , rraakllBO
I " leelah Baker aad lbers.., ), Ohio. .,
from tha Oonrt ot Oommoa Pleaa of rrankUa ooantv.
Ohio, to nee directed la the ebeea entitled action, I snail
Ber ror eaM so tne nigntet bidder, oa
WaOweyaAstyy OotoTjaw ft- lSOl, -
belwea the, near of 9 . ol; sti Hra..mhyrniM
aaereetooa mta Uuer'i ml urereaiiT burned), la rieea.
ant Talley, Htdlmo oouaiy, Ohio, tho followios projH
any, vlai Sno weighing eoaiee, rematntt of maebmery
and ether pereu
- Termanf aatoeuh.
-sir.'.' .c:.."f-'
Metier Oomiiarteaot.
"They go-Right to the goot
Instant Uellef! stop raar Ca;b
' ' ; Pnrlfjr yaar Braathf
:.l tren;ttia yanr Valcet -, i - ,
t . ...
. - OBNIiKHBS CARRY ......
Tbey relieve a Cough instantly.' i ; ;
They clear tbe Throat.
They give strength and rolume to tbe roice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
They are delightful Co tbe taste. '
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one. : , , . -
I edvlie every one who has a Court or s huakf Vole
or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of too Throat, to yet
pastago or my Throat Confcetlont; they will rtllsvo
you Instantly, and yoa will agree with me that 'lhy
go right to tbe spot." Ton will Bod then very ntefa I
sad pleatant while trtrellng or attending publio meet
Ings for stilling your Cough or allaylog yoor thlrat. ft
yoa try one paoksgo, I am safe la saying that yoa will
over afterwards soaalder them Indiipenaabls.
Toa Will find them st tbe Druggists and Dealers ta
My ejgnatnrs Is cn each package. All others are
A package will be sent by mail, prepaid, oa receipt of
Thirty Cents.
Henry C. Spalding, .
.. NEW YORK. 1
By the oao of these Pill th periodic attack af A
svas or Act AadooA may be prevented ; and If taken
at th commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
pain and eicknem will bt obtained.
They seldom fall In removing th Nautta and
ocAe to whloh female an so abject.
They sot gently a pea tho bowels removing CbeMe
lor Library Mm, BhuUnti, Delicate Female
and til penoni of udtntarf kabitt, they are ralua
XiuraMew, Improving th appttUe, giving lone
eipor J th digestive organ, and rettorlng the natur
elaitlclty and atrength of th whole tyitem.
THB CBPHALI0 PILL.are the retultof long lave
ligation and fare fully conducted exporlmeota, hiring
in In as many years, during which Urn they have
prevented and relieved a vaat amount of pain and mBer
lng from Headache, whether originating in the aereoti
ayiteaer from a deranged ttat of th sfOfaaoA.'
They are entirely vegetable la their rampoeition, an
amy be takra at all ttasa with perfect safety withoal
Baking any change of diet, and Me abtc of ant
ditaarabU latU rmdtn U taty to mdminii er rAem .
: Bly7ARI0r00UNTJdfatTSI
genuine hare flvstlgnatato of Henry 0 Spalding
each Box.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers la HedkfaMe.
A Box will be tent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of th
Prloo, QO Oezxto. .
All orders Should b addnaatd to
B Cedar street New Varst. ,
from the Ixamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
Oephall Pills sooompllah tbe objeot for which they
Wtreenade, via. I Cur of headache la all la forma.
Iron the Ixaalnar, Norfolk, Ta. ,
They hare been tatted In mors than a thoaaud ua
wiu enure i
from the Democrat, Bt. Oloud, kUnn. '
If you are, or have been, troubled with tbe headache
end for a box, (Oephallo PUIS,) so that yoa nay have . -
them In oaeo of an attaok. "
from the Advertlter, Prortdenee, . I.
The Oephallo Pill are said to b a remarkabla tlTx-llT.
remedy for th headache, and on of th very bait for
that rery frequent oomplalnt.which haa ever been dis
covered, r
Vrorn th Westers E. R- Sasette, Chicago. 111. A
W heartily ndora Mr. Boanldlne. an hie nnrini.1
Oephallo tills.
Pro Kanawha Talley Star, Kanawha, Ta.
Ws are rare that person aufferlnr with th headache
who try them, will stick to them. : .h
Iron th Southern Pathfinder, New Orleans, La.'.' .. ;
Try theml yoa that are afflleted, and ws are tare that '
Curtetluaony can bo added to the already Bameroas
tthat haa noelved benelu that no other medicine can
produoe. ,
t SroH tha f,L Lnnl. AmimmI. ' '
The Inuaenee demand for tha article .Oaohalta Pill.
mm? tUKt;
Is rapidly Increasing. . t ; -
- from theQaaetta, Davenport, Iowa.
BT r. Spalding woald not oonnot his nan with ?:'
Ocl be did aot toeoie to aoeMee real meriL ' J
TJA'angl bottle el BPALDINdS ' PBBP1BBD
, - uiiua wiu save na ana la eoet annaaUy. JJ
lOONOaTTI , . , , BISPAtOHl . . v
, 1D""A hna m Tan lavas JJ1 " '
Asaoeldonts will happen, svoa ta well regalsud nun':
lltes, k Is very eo4rabie ta have somo eheap aod ona !l
vouteat way for repairing furniture, Toys, Crockery '
etc. .
- i BrAX.PIHu B rBBFABBy QltTJaf ;
meed all saoh emerirenelr, and ae houeehold San aSTora
Ie be vtiheet K. It to always rtaily, and opto thetttr
! ulal. . - ' ... .
,.. v i.naarm. iw wrwaw artnew -" ' "'
If. B.-
Ma t
aocomnaula saoh koUta.. ..
Addree, . - , , " .
Wo. 4H, Cedar Street, Mew fork.
'.caution... n-?),7"
As oertala anprtndpled peraon kr attaran'tn
petat olne Ibt anMveetln public, Imlimlont ol
of at
riv.r...u ouui, t wouia eeuuoa ail t,.r.5n, in.
amine betor warorneln, m ene tht th, full B, '
' 1rTPtLDIIID'i Mtvitinuin. . ,. , .)
aa tie oatsta nvperl U others are wiauinVea
let wu, kg
4 t.
t f
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. n..-.0
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