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Mailt for; New York Olty, Boiton, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, Steubenvllle way. Cleveland, Zutnl e
M.-..k iinnviiia. Waahlnston Olty, Baltimore, Phila
delphia and New Orleans, eloss dally (Sundays czcepU
iuroufo0nia?l'lS'New Tori and Cleveland oloiet
dallvfSoudayaeaoeptsd) at Bollock p. m.
0. 6. a 0. R. H. Way Hall eloses daily (Sundays ex
... . o Anlvk n. m. -
Central Ohio Way Mall cloaetdally (Sundays sxceptetl)
10 o'olook I. an, . '
Cincinnati Way MaU eloaei dally (Sundays excepted) at
nuhnnnt. Delaware, Marlon and Worthing
ton Malls eloses dally (bundaya excepted) at o'clock
p?.'mL fnTnl. BurlnatteU, Dayton. Toledo, Cincin
nati. Indianapolis, Louisville, St. Louis, and Detroit,
closes dally (Bandayi excepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mall to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
eloses dally teunuaya eaucyivuj u.uvk a. u.
Urbana, Piqua, Tiffin and Union City mall elosoa dally
iuur. Loran.NeUonTille, Clix-levllle. Obllllcothe,
Portsmouth, Washington 0.11., Athena, Marietta and
Hlilebsrough malla olote dally (Bundayi excepted) at 8
olockp. m.'
But Way Mall by National Road to Zanesrllle oloiei
. . i m i ...IN 10 Aliu,lr n.
Baity lounuayi uup,cuy - v..-, u.
Barrlaburgb Uallcloies daily (Sundays excepted) at 3
o'olook p. an.
Mt. Vernon Mall, by way of Weitervllt and Bunbury,
cloaca dally (gundaya excepted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
Dublin Mali oloaea daily(8undays exceptedjat It o'clock
V Lancaster Way Mall cloaea dally (Sunday! excepted) at
o'clock p. m.
alalia from New York, Boalon,
Albany, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, Springfield, Cincinnati, Chilllcolhe, St. Louis,
and all Bauthern cltlea, arrive between the houra of 4
o'clock p m. and 4 o'clock a.m.
Haila from Indlanapolla, Chicago and Dubuque arm
at 3" 40 a. m.
Malla from Washington City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zaneavtlle, Newark, Bteubenville, Ht. Vernon, and the
0. O.B.R. Way Mall, arrive at W o'clock m. I
VW.v Mnil from Ulnclnnall irnTMiiaonoci u re.
I .nm.ur M.ll rrlvM atS o'clock D, m.
Caat Way Mail over Iba National Koail arrive! at 11
o'clock a. m
alt. Vernon Way Mail arrive at 11:00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrivee at 13 o'clock m.
Urbana Way Mall arrivee at 8 o'clock p. m.
Rarriihuigh Mail arrivee at II o'clock a. m.
I.....,. U7. Mull rrlval at lit o'clock m
ofltnft Hiir si.m ererv dav (except Sunday) from
7 ototock a. m. to B o'clock p. m. Orn on Bundayi
from 7X to 9 o'elook In the morning, and from 5 to 0
Rail Road Time Table.
LiTTLt Hum Oai.i'KBPi li Xxma B. B.
, t . ,-; . , Leavea. Arrlyea
OlnclunaU Accommodation. SOU A.M. 9:10 P. M.
.. anM 11:4(1 A.M. - 11:113 A.M.
Mill and Accommodation.. 9:10 P. M. 8:00 P. M,
Night Kxproaa via DaytDO.12:00 midnight. 3:S0A. M
f . ( Jiio. W. Douirtt, Agent.
CoLOkBDa la Clivxland R. R.
Night Bxpreaa......i.......3: A.M. 11:15 P. M,
New York JSxpreii.. ...... 11:11 A. M. 10:50 iA. M.
0.0. tO. WayKxpreM.... :.I0 P.M. 7:50 P. M
i f ' Jaam Pattxihow, Agent.
Irnrajj. Ouio R. R.
.v3;30 A. M. 11:2 A. 1
... J:tt (. M. 11:45 A. 1
No. 5 do
- . . ..v. Wi Fell, Agent
PiTraaDkan. OoLrjannaSf OiMcumaTi BvB.
Mall Train 330 A.M. Jl A. M.
B.nr. Trl. 11:25A.M. 8:45 T
,., , Jo. BoiimoH, Agent.
CoLokBoi ft IxDuworoLia, R. R.
(OobOMaoa Piqcadc Impuma R. R.)
NO. 1 Kxpr.ee... 6:30 A. M. 8:00 P, M
No.S .." J:uP. M. 7:20 P. M
Accommodation 10:50 A. M
0. W. Smith, Agent.
The Adams Express Company places ns daily
under obligations to it for the very latest papers
from the eastern cities.
The American Express Company has our
thanks for its daily favors in the shape of the
very latest eastern papers.
Death of Penrose Fell Tribute of Re
sricT Mr. Penrose Fell, of this city, died on
Saturday last. His funeral was Attended, on
Sunday, by tbe members of the Crystal Fount
Temple of Honor, by Company A, Columbus
Vedettes, and by a largo concourse of friends
and acquaintances. Tbe funeral sermon was
preached at the Town Street Methodist Church,
by tbe Rev. Dr. Trimble, who delivered an im
pretslve discourse from the words "Be ye also
readyi for in such an hour as ye think not the
Son of Man cometh."
The deceased leaves a young widow,' to whom
he had been married only about two months.
At a special meeting of Company A, Colum
bus Vedettes, the following resolutions were
unanimously adopted:
Whereas, we have this day received the sad
Intelligence of the death of Penrose Fell, who
has been connected with us since our organiza
tion, and as a manifestation of onr sincere
affection for the deceased; therefore,
Retohtd, That by his death we have lost one
of onr best members; admired and respected,
he has been taken from us in the spring-time
of his life, and his spirit bath departed to bis
God, leaving us to mourn tbe loss of a brother,
friend and comrade.
Resolvtd, That while we sincerely mourn his
loss, we eannot bnt acknowledge the goodness
of the Almighty In relieving him from a long
and painfnl illness, and humbly bow in submis
sion to his all-wlBe Providence.
Remhtd, That in respect to his memory, we
will wear the usual badge Of mourning for
thirty days, and that a copy of these resolutions
be forwarded to his bereaved family; and also
to be published in the dally papers of this city.
., ... F.M.Howard, ) '
i . : , Wm. J. McFeelt, Committee.
" ' J. 0. Millioan, )
COLUMBUS, O., Sept. 21, 1861.
How Regiments are Oroanizino. Six new
regiments In camp In Ohio were fully armed
nd equipped last week, namely: The Second
of Harris's, the Fourteenth of Steedman's, the
Twenty-first of Norton's, the Thirty-first' of
Walker's, the Thirty-third of Bills V and the
Thlrty-llfth of.Vandoveer's. "'jy
Four morw11M)rmsd this week .viz: The
eventeentb. of McConnell's, the. Twentieth of
Whittlesey's, the Thirty-eighth of Bradley's,
and the Fifty-fourth of Wilson's Regiment.
All will,, bo provided with Enfield and Green
wood'rlflea.';' r : ''
The Fifteenth, Sixteenth,: Eighteenth, Nine
teenth and Twenty-second Regiments are near.
ly ready for armament. Recruiting is ptogress
log finely for the other Ohio regiments up' to the
Fifty-seventh. ' '
The First Ohio Cavalry, Col. Ransom, is full,
and in active drill at Camp Cbase.
Four companies of this Regiment are now in
the field.', ','. .. -.' 'tC. V- '.' .'
O We learn that an election held on Friday,
at Camp Denalson, for Chaplain to the Second
Ohio Regiment, Colonel Harris, resulted In the
unanimous choice of the Rev. M. P. Gaddis, Jr.
This 'gentleman was with the Second Ohio
Regiment, In.thp capacity of Chaplain, through
the entire three months' campaign in Eastern
VlrgtniaTahd was a great., favorite, with all the
command.', ;"';,,','l",";: :1 : .t
IT; Jwentj-five ,men from, Newark; passed
through, the city yesterday, on their way to Join
the Forty-sixth Regiment at Camp Lyon, near
. More .Prisoners of War at CArCnAi!e.
Ten prisoners of war arrived here on Sunday
and twenty-eight yeaterday.t .Both squads are
from Western Virginia, and are safsly housed
at Camp ChtMa.j .i..:-. ..,,,..,.,
.hi , .nun m ,,.n ,.jjt0.) ,
PArruifipT-yhB 1Wiashin,tonf )correspfmdent
Of the CWelooatl tiaeMi sayei "CHas.jdoDr
Pard, of Zahesvllierti appointed Captain of the
J7th infantry." Tbe correspondence ia dated
h 90th. , '
Council Piookdimqs. Tbo City Counoll
last evening Mr. Dobtv la the cbalr as PresIdent
pro tern. The certificate of C. P. L. Birr
Lin, as a member of the Council elect from
Third Ward, was presented, and be wai (worn
Into office, and took his seat as a member of the
Mr. Collins reported the ordinance passed
ti. nt loon i v.. ,j i. f-nin
July 25, 1839, to prevent sheep and swine from
luuuiug av mrgo m uoi bow iu luruo, u.U8
been repealed November C, 1857." . V ' -
T W n m J J f A tlmal
ov mr. csiiLT10 graae nuu iiw u'
alley cast of Sixth street, from Rich to Friend
street. '
Dd iu. n. ,t.. . annnial tax
upon the real estate bounding on Straight alley
from State to Rich street.
By Mr. WilsonTo build a sewer in Fourth
street from Cherry to Rich street.
To grade and pave the gutters on Straight
alley from Spring to North street
To arse, a special tax upon the real estate
1 . .1! ll I.!-. C.Ul
uuuuuiuk upuu mo bhuj ijiug uonwoeu
Oak streets from Elm to Fifth street.
To assess a special tax upon the real estate
-wuuu.ug uFuu tm, iiwui piuo u. v
iruui Quveuiu aireei w w nauiograu avenue.
By Mr. Eberlv. Authorizing the City Civil
Eneineer to contract with John 0. Bickel for
orMi. n..in ih. .m it, nn...
grading and paving the sidewalks, gutters and
rosslDgs on the south tide of Mound street
from Scioto to Canal street, on the follow log
iBrmo' Fnr ttMniiin, .r,ri riin on rt. ,
r ... . ... . ,, inl
Uu.ujui lurniBD.ng anu seiung .eroing, 10
:s. per linear foot; paving gutters, 36 cts. per
square yard; for brick paving, $7.50 per 1000.
jj..,,! c. .'. i I
n . B . . .. . . . . n
r I
bj ait. iuxller. . Autoonzing me engineer
to contract witti same lor grading the sidewalks
on tbe south side of Mound street, from Fifth I
to Seventh street, at the rato of $7.50 per 1000. 1
iu- i ho lecture of tbe Rev. Mr. Randall at
toe fire, isiptiat Church, on Sunday evening,
.a . . S
Samaria mil tn t V. a RAm rf nA11t1AA . . I
tended by the nsually large audience which I
throngs to bear these lectures, The lecture
was Interspersed with profuse reference to the
marvelpus evonts mentioned in Holy Writ as
having transpired in the looalitics described.
Due notice will be given of the next lecture.
Contraband Buttons A Lady in the Case
iub Cincinnati oustomnouse oincers are
vigilant, and, withal, gallant fellows. On Sun
day, they deteoted 1 lady in the act of carrylog I
off nnntrahand milltAr hnttnna tn Lnnlaitllla I
The of yesterday gives the following
Yesterday morning Messrs. Cook and Rose
stationed, themselves upon the guards of tbe
Jjouisvuie mall boat just before its departure,
and carefully scanned the appearance of every
iaoy woo oame on ooara. At lengtn tneir eyes)
leu upon a young iaoy npon me gaoeway-plank
whose features denoted that her ancestors
might have flourished In tbe land of India, and
as it struck them her huge dimensions around I
the waist did not correspond with her otherwise!
pnysicai appearance, tney put ner under close
surveillance. Allowing ber time to fairly com-1
pose herself in her state-room, which they vis-1
ited, and after imparting their suspicions to the I
captain oi me boat, tnev gently Knocked at her
door. The doer was opened, of course, and
tuwo bwou luoreriiBoie may, out very unlike
me one tun ouicers aaa aeea enter mat room. I
Tbe one tbey saw before tbem was thin, tbe
oilier was ouge in seeming proportions, having
doffed the costume she had on when she came
on board, but still retaining the same facile ex-
pression. Oflloer Cook intimated to the ladv
his position, and signified that be would )e
compelled to search her room, a fact which ev
idently disturbed ber, though she yielded with
apparent willingness. On making a search of
the room, Cook found military buttons under
one of the mattresses valued at $150. It ap
pears tbe lady, whose name la Jsony Addler,
residing in Louisville, had purohased the) but
tons and arranged them under her dress, around
her waitt, tbe more easily to escape observation,
but she could not blind tbe argus-eved officers.
who, upon the disoovery of her culpability, at
once arrested and conveyed ber to the custom
house, where her case was disposed of by Col
lector Carson.
. )
HT It is announced that most of tbe troops
now organizing in this State, will be immediate
ly concentrated at Camp Dennison, Which it
Gen. Mitchell's intention to have fully
occupied. '1 '
O" Samuel Lew, merchant of Cinoinnati
arrested for treason, was discharged, on Satur
day, by the United States Commleslonor, with
out bearing evidence.
HTCspt.'E. H. Williams arrived bore on
last Saturday night, with a fine company of. 83
men, from Portage county, for the Forty -second
Regiment. j
VT Archbishop Puroell arrived at his home
Cinoinnati, on Saturday evening.
1 1 '
" Kennedy's Medical Discovert." It oan
now be said with truth that the great remedy
has been found for the "healing of the nations,"
for during the twelve years that this medicine
has been before the public, it baa cured enough
persons to people a good sized State and a
healthy one too, for not a partical of humor
would be found in all their veins. There are
many persons who to nse their own words, are
"never well" and yet they will not believe that
it may be humor that causes their feelings, be
cause tbey have not so much as a pimple on
their body. All this may be true, and yet the
worst of humors be concealed in their veins.
None need remain in suspense on this account
however, for a bottle of the Discovery, we can
assure them, will make it appear If there is
particle of humor about tbem.
Tbe Heat Artificial Help to tno
Human aignt ever Invented.
mant of tha moat ImnroTtd kindl of Bnectaclaa.
All hia Glutei, whether for near or far-lighted, are
1 round In eoncavo eonyax rorra wun ina greatm oare,
:o aa to loll tha Svea of all oaaai, carina Waaknaaa.
IDIaalnras or Inflnnmtllon of tha I jaa, and Imparting
tatrangth for long r tadlng or Una Bowing.
Offim. 13 Bait 4tata (treat, at Saltier fc Wabater's
luaale Store.
' n i
;;j Oystere! OystersUr,:
-lA. ba In daily receipt, by Xzprtaa, 6f !
J eesh :h Alt' a 'fcrto oiuritis, !
Ir?m Baltimore and lair flaren. '''
Call at Wagnti'a Qfiwt and Fruit Depot, Mo. Si BMt
Biwiv aiiwt.
Reported Surrender of Col. Mulligan
-Particulars of the Seige.
CHICAGO, Sept. 22.
niiis, Mo , when a battle commenoed and con
and tinued an hour and a half. The Iowa regiment
A special dlspatoh to the Times from Quinoj
at 1 o'clock this morning, sajs the mall agent
on toe li. s bi. i. itauroaa, woo arrived at 7
o'clock Saturday eight from St. Joseph, states
mat upi. mulligan ana nis wnoie command at
T I . . I . r . .-... r-i .
ueiiugwu Burruuoreu 10 wen. rnoe on oaiur-
K ft oolook Tfae ge(ge continne(,
1 rrora Monasy until toe time of snrrenaer. Col
Mulligan's men were without water all Tbnrs
day and Friday, and completely exhausted. 1
Tbey fought gallantly and desperately, but
nmn.lUI b, .nn..ln ,,.n,h...
The Union loss In killed Is said to be bOO to
9UU, while that of the rebels is between 3,000
ana 4,uuu. with a proportionate number wound
fuy corrobraUa by paggongor. on the same
train. The news was brought by stage from
Hamilton, which Is the nearest point on the
railroad to Lexington, being distant 4U miles
Of the fact of the surrender there can be no
The Third Regiment Iowa Volunteers, on
tnelr way to Lexington to reinforce Mulligan,
.1..7 -. ' . .
about to retire, wben tna rebels retreated,
the handa of t.-,.. hrleade. four thousand
strong, who were also marching to reinforce
Mulligan. The Unionists oaptured between
seven and eleht hundred, and killed two bun-
I dred of them. The rebels fled and recrossed
the river when the Iowa regiment started in
pursuit. Ia the first encounter tbe Iowa troops
f . k.flf, .nd thirt- -und,d. TVn
or twelve rebel nrisoners were brought to Qalncv
I from St. Joseph on Saturday, two or three of
whom are known to nave been concerned In
a ,necial disoatch to the Tribune from
headquarters, at St. Louis, this evening, says
the surrender ot Mulligan is not believed there,
but that reinforcements were pushing toward
In him In fnnr riittnft fl MnttnnB
W UIU. II. ,vu. U.... VUV
Surrender of Lexington.
Jeffessjn Citv, Sopt. 22 Midnight A dis
patch received here to-night says the Federal
troops at Lexington surrendered to the rebels
Sen. MoCulloch was in Benton county Mon
Mai. Tanner's wounds, it is feared, will Drove
Tbe greatest activity prevails here in mlll-
. ' , . . o
ported. She will doubtless be confiscated, as it
is said her Captain was paid in Confederate
bonds for his services in ferrying Green's forces
across the river at (jlasgow
Gen. Buckner's Position.
Louisville, Sept. 92. An intelligent passen
ger from cilizabetbtown to-day reports tnat ht
teen hundred of Buckner's forces, mostly from
Hardin county, Kentucky, are eight miles south
of that place, an that tbe bulk of his force
is sun at nowiing ureen. Kaon party
seems to be gaining reinforcements at various
sion of contraband goods southward through
that channel.
The Bulletin's correspondent savs:
The Lebanon train yesterday brought in Matt
Janett, W. Woodruff, Fisher Henry, Wm. Smith
and Wm. lamer, prisoners, woo nad escaped
from the Confederates. Janett is deputy U. S
Marshal, and was released by Buckoer. Tbe
roailroad from Bowling Green to Nolan is
guarded by tbe Confederates, who have a force
of six hundred collected from the vicinity of
Great enthneiasm is manifested by the sue
eeesive arrivals of Federal troops from the
North, destined to form a portion of our ad
Arrival of an Ohio Regiment at
T.nniainiii. Runt. Thnrft In nn fipwa fmm
below. No telegraphlo communication Sonth of
Lebanon Junotion.
The 49th Ohio Regiment arrived here this
, On moalnr tha Headnnartera of Gen.
Anderson, at the Louisville Hotel, they were
addressed bv the General in a brief, but natrl
otio speeob, whioh was enthusiastically cheered
and happily responaeo to ny uoi. umson, com
manding. The offioers of the regiment subse
quently dined at the hotel, by invitation of the
Louisville. Battle at Warrenton-Rebels Routed
With Loss.
Leavenworth, September 22. The Times
this morning learns that a fight took place at
Warrenton, mo., Tuesday morning, netween
six hundred Federals under Col. Montgomery
and Johnson and four hundred rebels, in which
the latter were completely routed, with a loss of
seven killed, one hundred horses, and all their
tents and. supplies. Our force loBt t wo privates
killed and six wounded.
Colonel Johnson, while riding at tbe bead of
hia command, was pierced with nine balls, and
Instantly killed. The bullets took euect in bis
head, and two backsbot in tbe neck, one bullet
in the left shoulder, one in the left thigh, one
in the right hand and one in the left. " He
died urging his men to fight for. the Stars and
Stripes. ,
Frankfort, Ky., Sept. 93. A skirmish took
place between the Home Gnard and some of
Zollicoffer's men, at Barboursvllle, on Wednes
day; no damage. Tbe fight was renewed
Thursday; seven Confederates and their horses
were killed; one nome uuara received etx
wounds, not necessarily fatal; one Home Guard
was taken prisoner thirty-seven Home Guards
and three hundred Confederates were in tbe
engagement. . ' ;, :' . '" ' ' '
The Bulletin learni tnat uumpurey juaranau
is at Liberty, Owen oonnty, guarded by 600 se
cessionists, who fear bis arrest.
Two miles of the Covington & Lexington
Railroad was torn op yesterday near Cynthiana.
A soeoiak train went from rrankiorti to Isl
ington to-day, guarded by a detaohment of
Home Guards.
Proclamation of the Governo
Jefferson Citv. Sept. 21. Qov. Gamblo,
to day, issued the following call to the Conven
tion: .
The exisencles of the State reqnire, In my
judgment, the re-assembling of the State Con
vention; therefore, I, Hamilton R. Gamble,
Governor of the State of Missouri, by virtue ot
the power vested in me by the Convention, do
hereby call the Convention of the State to as
semble at the Mercantile Library Hall, in tbe
city of St. Louis, on the 10th day of Ootober
next, to adopt such measures as the welfare of
the Stats may require. .
Given under mv hand and the seal of the
State, at Jefferson City, this 31st day of Sep
tember, A. one thousand eignt nunored and
- :
By the Governor. - - -
M. OLIVER, Secretary of State.
No news from Lexlnston to day.
The tteamor War Eagle arrived from above
this eveninev This steamer, together with the
Iatan, with tbe Indiana 18th and 22d regiments
aboard, accompanied the steamers wniieifona
and Desmolnes, with the Indiana 86th aboard, as
bieh uo the river as Cambridge, wnen tney
oaotured the steamer Sunshine, seiitd a short
time since bv Green. They encountered no
rebel trooDS. Union Suss were filing at Glaa
gow. Tbe War Eagle and latan returned from
Cambridge, the former to this city and the lat
tor to Boonevllle. " 1 ' '
Tbe White Cloud and Dee Moines went np
the river to reinforoe Lexington. While all
lour boats were laying np for tbe night, a abort
distance below Glasgow, two detachments were
aent to1 reconnoitre. They encountered eeon
other In the dark, each mistaking the other for
toe enemy, tired, and before their mutate was
discovered four were killed and several wound'
ed. Among the wonnded Is Maj. Gordon Tan
ner, of the S2d Indiana. He waa brooght down
to this plaoe. " Hia wound, though severe, Is not
oonsiaereq mortal. . ,. , . ,. , . , , 4 , .
Drafting in Iowa.
Chicago, Sept. S3. Drafting f the army
begins to-morrow. Orders to tbat effect were
issued on Saturday.
From Washington.
Washinoton, Sept. CI. I Is generally con
wueu mere 'Win u uu uavue umcss it is
There are no batteries' at White House or
Matthias Point, c; :
Three on four rickets belonging to the Mich
igan Second, have been killed near tbe Chain
Bridge. .- V"
Washinoton. SeDt. 22. A young man, a na
tive of Kentucky, just escaped from the rebel
army, bad an Interview with the pecrotary of
War. He was at Bull Run. He says Beaure
gard has now one hundred and eighty thousand
men at Manassas and vlolnity, well clothed and
shod, and paid promptly. Tbe Virginia troops
are paid In Virginia bank bills, and tbe others
In cold. and. acoordlDe to bis statement, are
abuudantly supplied with everything. ,
A number of distinguished foreign ofHoers
have been commissioned, in the United States
Army. , . : " i .' I ; i
It is understood that Ward B. Burnett, of Ky.,
has been appointed Brigadier-General of Vol
unteers. TbeSecretarv of State, In reply to memorials
asking- the attention of the Government to
what tbey call treasonable matter in Rusaell's
letter of August lOtb, to the London Times,
Bays t '
It has been the habit of this Government to
take no notice of representations, however ob
noxious, bv tli'a ureas of foreign nations. This
Government baa only recognized, as worthy of
observation, the language and notions of tbe
Exeoutive organs of foreign States, and says
tbe publication complained of bad not arrested
the attention of himself, or any member of tbe
Administration ; that these representations stand
upon the individual authority of the person
making them . The Government of the United
States does not depend on the good will or fa
vor of foreign nations, but upon the Just support
of tbe American people; that it seems to him
that censure ought to fall upon those pipers
which reproduce these articles in this country,
rather than on the foreigner who wrote tbo ar-
tioles for remote publication, and, finally, that
interterence with toe press, even in case of ex
latiog Instructions, cau only be ', justified on
grounds of publio danger.
The Secretary of State has Issued a circular
in order to prevent seizures of property belong
ing to citizens of insurrectionary States not
warranted by acts of Congress relating to tbat
suDjeot, and directs special attention or u.
marshals to tbe provisions of these acts. , '
. Tbe Star reports the Princo Salm Salm baS
certainly been appointed Colonel ot a regiment
oi Kentucky cavalry now bere.
From developments made to-day, I am satis
fied the statement forwarded last night, pur
porting to come from a man juat from Manaesas,
concerning the strength and condition of the
rebels, was garbled, comtog through a third
To-day I have seen him, and his statement is
very clear, and is confirmed by numerous other
statements made by other reliable parties. His
position, or late, at Richmond, Manassas, Win
chester. Harper's Ferrv. Munson'a Hill and
Fairfax, at various periods, and his extensive
acquaintance with men and things, have ena
bled blm to judge well of the condition and
movements of tbe rebels.
He says the number of troops from Richmond
to the Potomao at Leesburg, in one direction,
and Aquia and Matthias Point in another, may
safely be put down at one hundred and seventy-
nve inousana. t uty tnousand or them were at
Richmond three days ago: another fifty t .ou-
sand at Manassas, while the remaining seventy-
five thousand are scattered alone from that
point to Munson's Hill, and from the vicinity of
noian srerry to Harper's terry, and on the
south of Alexandria, from tbe vicinity of Aquia
Creek and Matthias Point.
The troops at Leesburg are militia, number
ing about five thousand: there are also about
five thousand In the vicinity ot Nolan's Ferry.
The force at Fairfax C. H.. is auite small.
Generals Beauregard and Johnston make this
place their headquarters. The main battery on
Munson's Hill, consists of three 42 pounderp;
and a little in the rear of this, is another bat
tery, more secure, containing three guns.
The men are generally well clad, but not
with woolen clothing, and are beginning to suf
fer for the want of tbem, especially those from
tbe extreme southern States. Blankets are
very much needed at night, and It is considered
impossible to supply their wants. . . ,
The troops have no shoes but ' those they
brought from home and most of tbem are about
used np, and there is no possible means for sup
plying me arncie.
1 bey cannot be manufactured, as leather is
scarce, and there beiug no neata toot oil to be
bad hides cannot bo cured for tbe manufacture
of leather.
The cotton crop, which has been pledged for
the Confederate loan, is not to be removed to
the seaboard cities until ready for shipment, for
fear of seizure. '
There have been pressed Into tbe Confederate
service nearly all tbe teams and horses in the
valley of Virginia. Farmers are thus deprived
of the usual advantages for tilling the ground
preparatory to sowing their next wheat and corn
orop. Forage for horses Is being rapidly bought
up, showing that a speedy move is about to
take place. .
Between Aquia Creek and Alexandria two
new batteries, one five and tbe other ten miles
above, have been erected. Tbe work upon
tbem has been done during the dark nights. -
Their intention seems to be tbe further erec
tion of similar dofenBes along tbe Potomao, up
to a point as near to Alexandria as practica
ble, i
He says tbe rebels feel safe in regard to the
protection of the Potomao between Aqnia Creek
and Mattniaa roiut, ana that this leeiing ot se
curity has probably arisen from the fact that
contraband goods have, in several instances,
been oarried across from the counties of St.
Charles and St. Marys into Virginia.
On the Virginia side, In these two counties,
signal lights have been noticed, giving the reb
els timely warning of tbe passage at night of
any of our sailing vessels. .';
: Our Informant learned before leaving Manas
sas that the anticipated advance will be made
simultaneously at Noland's Ferry, Alexandria,
and at a roint between Aquia Creek and Mat
thias Point. The movement , at Alexandria
will probably be a feint. .- . wn. .
Tbey have made every attempt to Induce
Major-General McClellan to attack their mask
ed batteries, but are now satisfied that be will
not i . -i
My informant was asked if he ever heard of
a plan to assissinate Major-General McClellan.
He said he never did; but he bad heard some
thing about assassinating President ILincoln,
whom they assert to be the head and front of all
their troubles.
He says they regret that Gen. MoClellan la in
command, and express the hope that Gen. Scott
win again assume commana.
He says Jeff. Davis, although not dead, was
quite feeble when his death was announced, and
tbat his health is deolining last.
Tbe gentleman from whom tbe above Infor
mation is obtained bad a blgh position in the
rebel army, and had the oonndenoe of Beaure
gard. He is a native of Virginia.
A Union woman residing at Lewlnsville, ar
rived bere to-day. kShe reports that there are
not more than fliteen or twenty thousand reb
els at Fairfax Court House. It was their inten
tion to attempt a crossing somewhere on the
ippar auuiuiau.
Tbey bad moved a large portion or their
army in tbat vlolnity. iney honed to' cross
and then by a flank movement out, off Bank's
division. They swear vengeance- against him
and his gallant army, and seem more anxious
for an engagement with him than with General
m ii
Information from Returned Surgeons.
eons. .
Fortius Monro:, Sept. 21. Several sur
seons oaotured by the rebels at Ball Run. re
leased on parole, arrived here to-day from Nor
folk. Tbey are aocompaniea oy Mr. Day, spe
cial correspondent of the London Herald. Uo
til lately there were 1,200 Federal prisoners at
Richmond. Recently many nave been sent to
New Orleans.",. l" ' '''
Beauregard S headauartera are at Fairfax
Court-house, and Johnston's at Whwhester.
It was not supposed the rebels would attack
Washington. ' - '"" ' ' ' - ,
Tbe Merrlmae at Morloik waa fast being oon
oou; a,w Mwy. j 4 f f 4, v f
j 1 ni I n i i niB'.ii;n
" Boston, Sept! 8l.--DWeiro' bate Seef( leaned
from Washington to captain Renser, uoarter-
M aster at this post, directing him ' to provide
Quarters and' rations on George Island. In this
harbor, for on hundred political prisoners
The prisoners are expected to arrive In a few
The Battle of Blue Hills.
J I j 'Jit. Louis, Sept. 23 The following: account
tne name at iilue liuis is derived irom an
authentic source. ' Llant.-Col. flaott. with five
4 hundred and iA..nt. man at tlin Third Iowa
Regiment, and one piece of artillery, left Cam
eron on i Monday, the. lfiih, In pttrsnlt of tbe
rebels who left St. Johcou on the Friday pre
vieus. Lieut, Colonel Boon arrived at Liberty,
Clay county, un tbe morning of tbe 17th, and
moved from that plaoe at 1 P. M. At 3 o'clock
befell in with the enemy, four thousand Ave
hundred In number, occupying a strong position.
Oar skirmishers received a galling fire, and
slowly tetroated to our main body, when the
action neoame general, uur six pounaer was
brought to bear upon the enemy, and a few
shots fired, which proved destructive. At this
lime a heavy fire opened npon our single gun
killing one gunner and wounding two others
On this, several other gunners (Germane) from
St. Louis abandoned the gun, carrying off
primer and matches, thns rendering the pieco
. The action continued one hour, when our col
umn was slowly withdrawn to move to open
ground, bringing off tbe wounded, and dragging
away the gun by hand, all the horses having
been killed or bad v wounded. -
About this time Colonel Smith, who left St.
Joseph with fourteen hundred men about tbe
time Scott did Cameron for the same general
purpose, joined, tbe latter having pushed for
ward his mounted men and artillery at a rapid
pace. On receiving a message from Scott, ten
miles back, tbat he was advancing on the ene
my, but it being night, their men completely
exhausted, and the enemy reported strongly en
trenched In a tbieket, impassible except by a
narrow road, a further attack was postponed un
til morning. Early the following day an ad
vance waa made by the combined forces; but on
arriving on Blue Hills, they found the enemy
had crossed the river before daylight, taking the
road toward Lexington.
The following is a partial list of the Third
Iowa: Major Stone slightly wounded. '
uo. A Uapt. U'JNeii, slightly; Lieut, uuane,
severely; privates W. H. Nicmyer, E Crutch.
Cold, P. J. McCafferty, severely; Andrew Mur
ray, missing.
Co. B Lieut. Hobbs, Sergcatit Woods, seri
ously; privates Robbina, Hurt and Woodruff,
Co. C Corporal Huuting, seriously; privates
Droan, Maddux and Gaines, misning.
Co. D Capt. Vyillct, seriously; Lieut. An
derson, mortally; private Miller, eevcrtly;
Frank, missing.
- Co. E CorDoral McCowau. serionslv: pri
vates Guthrie and Hill, severely.
Co. F Lieut. Brown, slightly; Corporal Da
vis, severely; privates Winchell, Isham, Saun
ders, and Hauel, severely; Nolan, killed.
Co. G Pcivates Swan, McCullough, severe
ly; Michael Lalley, McCullough, missing.
Co. H, Capt. Warring Lieut. Fuller, severe
ly; privates Gamble and McClure, severely;
Barbour and Wernee, dangerously: Corporal
Lacey, missing.
Co. I Lieut. Knight, Sergeant Forney, Cor
poral Bordlck, muBioiao Balcomb, severely;
privates Buell, Carter, Dolph, Hawks, Peppers,
Russell, Siooks, Wilcox, Walley, severely;
Lawlan, Merrifield, dangerously i Washburne,
mortally; Darlan, Bedell, Mix, Brownell, kill
ed; Davenport, severely.
Total killed, five; wounded, eighty four ;
missing, six.
Three of the missing are supposed to bo in
the bands of the enemy, and tbe balance killed,
la addition to the loss of tbe Third Iowa, there
were tlx Home Guards and one artilleryman
killed; among them Captain Cupp, and about
ten wounded. Four of these Home Guards
were killed in tbq skirmish, about two hours
before the battle. It is perhaps proper t j state
that Gen. Pope's orders to Seottwere to remain
at Liberty .until joined by Smith, but learning on
his arrival at that place, tbat tbe enemy were
five miles distant, he sent a messenger to Smith
with word to that effect, and pushed on and
gave tbe rebels battle.
The Battle of Blue Hills. Skirmish Near Cairo-Gun-Boat Expedition.
Cairo, Sept. 21. A skirmish took place yes
terday below Fort Holt, between Company I. of
the 10th Regiment, and a small party of rebels,
In whioh the latter were routed. Oae Federal
was wounded.
To day the eun-boals Tvlor and Lexington
went down the river searching for masked bat
torieu. Tbe expedition went within sight of the
rebel eamp at Chalk Bluff, and found no batte
ries. All quiet bere and vicinity.
St. Louis, Sept. 22. Gen. Fremont ha an
pointed Brigadier Generals Pope, Slgel, Asboth
aud McKinetry, to command Divisions as act
ing Maior-G entrain, and Coioneln Davis. Mul.
llgan, Kelton and Totten, as acting Brigadier
Generals. Thoe. L. Price, of Jefferson City,
has been commissioned , Brigadier General, by
the President.
Attempt to Destroy a Train on the
Hudson Railroad.
Nxw Yors , Sept. 23. About ten o'clock last
night the police discovered that large rocks had
been placed on the rails of tbe Hudson Rail-
read, from 1021 ti 118th street, a distance of
sixteen blocks. At this point there is a very
high embankment: and as the express train
from Albany was due at eleven o'clock and ten
minutes, it would have caused a fearful loss of
Tbe Journal of Commerce says: Sines Secre
tary Chase has prepared an exposition of the
law relating both to the confiscation of South
ern balances and to the prohibition of commer
cial Intercourse with the insurgents, it gives
positive assurance that money on deposit in
banks and elsewhere in loyal States will not be
disturbed nnlesa there Is sufficient reason to be
lieve tbat it is to be used in aid of tbe rebellion.
1 be mere fact that the monev belongs to a
resident of the States declared to be in a state
of insurrection, is not to be considered a reason
for its arrest, and It may remain on deposit as
undisturbed as if it were owned in this city.
Fremont's Staff Ordered to Report.
St. Lodis. September 22. All tha officers
of General Fremont's staff are ordered to
day to report themselves at headquarters forth
with. . . . ,
Escape of Breckinridge and Preston.
Franifort. Sept. 21. It is said John C.
Breckinridge and Wm, Preston escaped from
here through Montgomery county on Friday.
uen. anerman nad possession of rauldrough's
Hill yesterday. Henry Dent. Citv Marshal.
has been appointed Provost Marshal of this
From Louisville.
battalion of rebel
cavalry, nnder Mitobell Laperlle, drove in Capt.
Gibson's pickets last night at Salt River; four
are missing. ' . i
A federal eneamoment has been established
st Herrodebnrc It Is said tbev have arrested
Wing and Silver tooth, two prominent secession
representatives., .,,...
Two supposed spies from Buckner's army
were arrested at Liouisvuie this morning, .
From the North Carolina Coast.
Fortress Monrok, September 22 Tbe S. R
Spaulding arrived from Hatteras Inlet thiB
On Tuesday last, tbe propeller fanny ran
down to Ooraooke Inlet, with a compamy of
troops, and entirely destroyed the fortifications
abandoned by tne uraieaerates. -
' It is said tbe Confederates were In force at
Washington.; and Newborn, and that 2000 of
iiom uiu muucu vu uunuu&o isiauu wim luc
intention Of destroying tha licht house and the
,.." it TTf ' H -
oweiuogs oi. toe unionists. .
A detachment of seven hundred metrsccom
panied. by a naval force, were about leaving
Hatteras inlet to prevent, tbe Inroads ot the
privateers. "" ' . "' '-' --
Coffee and Wihslow visited Ocracoke Inlet (o
carry on toe vonieaeraia guns, nui leu on see'
ing tne f acny. s...i a w .!.' i i .
The ship Argonaut, from Yarmonth,' D. S,
with fish, and salt, ran into Hatteras and was
secured aa a prise.. - - ... . i-- .
- A considerable force of rebels was seen near
Newport News last night, but withdrew alter
training grain ricks, etc
Four Days Later from Europe.
I IdHN. Sent: 33-iThe Perslai from Llt-
Aooot 8ent. 14 th. via' Queenetown Sent.'. 15th,
nasaed Cane Race this morning, and was board
ed bv the Kewa Yacht. Her advicee are font
Han latr than ih BaiOOla. " ' 11
LrvRRjrooifT-Breadltanj were quiet ana
steady, with the exception' of corn, which waa
drooping. Provisions dull.
I CousoU, 9393.
Arrival of the North Star.
New York, Sept. 23. The North Star b
m rived, from AsplnwaU. She brings $950,000
in treasnra irom uamornia. ens exenanged
signals with the Northern Light on the evening
oi tbei'Jtn. , ; ,r..
France and Mexico.
Washinoton. Sept, 23. A letter from Pari
received to-day, says: Tbe French Government
has respectfully declined to Inform the Mexioan
Minister the object of tbe fleet to be sent to
Mexico, saying tbat tbe latter will be duly an
prised of It through the French Minister. So
tar as appears from tbe letter, tbe move
ment of France and England la not necessarily
Cincinnati Market.
rr.OUR The higher uraJei were In good reqaeit, and
uglier to-flay. The range la now w lor oupornne,
li IS to II 30 for Extra, and 3H 50 for family.
WHEAT Ia taken freely, and tha onteldt limit ot
irlcea la placed at a higher figure Hed now quote at
085c: White at 9093o for fair to prime aradea. Tha
demand for the heitaaalltlea li In exoeia of tbe supply
ion maaei a Miter market tor tne lower fraoei.
COKN It Hill Quoted at !7c by dlitlllen. but It
bard to buy at that rato
u ATS Are ateady at mo.
KYB Baa been placed at a better Bgnre by holders.
ana a aalo wai made at 4uo.
BARLSY li in Dodemanit.
WUIHKV-U Tery Arm at U,'c.
Cleveland Market
CLEVELAND, Sept. 21.
FLOUR Firm. Balei of 75 bble. donbla extra at
4 SO.
WHEAT-yaletand firm. galea DSOU bu . red trie on
board at Mil.
CORN galea of 1 ear from alora at 35a.
SKED3 Sale of SO lagi Timothy at f 1 75.
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died, end In death. We believe it the BKBT and BUB
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Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.Y.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
John h. QUI )
vs. Ennerior Court.
Amos M. Hall etal.)
to me directed, from the Superior Court of Frank
lin County, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at the door of
the Court House, In the city of Columbus, on
Saturday.the 5th day of Oct., A. D.18G1,
at 1 o'clock, P. M ., the following described real estate,
aituate In tbe county of Franklin, and State of Ohio, to
wit: Lot number 1.1, or John Morrison's subdiviiion of
lota 3. o. 7. a and Jo of John Slorriaon a addition to Ihe
oily of Columbua.
Appraised at 810.
Printers fees (4.011.
0. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff
and Matter Commissioner.
II. 0. Noble, Atly.
Sheriff's Sale.
James Tucker and wife)
vs. Common Fleai.
Kllas L. Hughca. )
to me directed from the Court of Common Pleas of
Franklin county, 0., I will offer for sale, at the door of
the Court House, In the city of Columbua, on
Monday, September 30th, 1861,
At one o'clock, P. M., tha following described real es
tate, situate in he county of Franklin, and State of
Ohio, to wit:
Lot No, SO, In John and Henry Miller's Addition to
tha Olty of Columbus.
Apprauea at 9 KIM. .
fl. W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
Printer's tees, tl.SO.r , . By En. Pavie, Deputy.
av.gS4.ti . ,
Sheriffs Sale,
Wray Thomas
' VI.
Superior Court.
Edward A.Brown
et al.)
to ma directed, from the Superior Court of Frank
lln eounty. Ohio. I will offer for sale at the door of tha
Court Home, In the city of Columbua, Ohio, ,
On Saturday, Ootober 5th, 1861, .
at one o'clock, P. M., the following premises, situate In
the county of Franklin, and Slate or unto, ana bound
ed aa follows, to wit:
That tract or parcel of land lying east or tne olty or Co
lumbus, being a aubdivislon of half section No. 33, town
ship No. S, range No. 82. Refugee lands, and described
on a certain plat recorded in the office of the Recorder
In and for said Franklin county, In Boole No. 31, page
OS (reference thereto being hereby made), aa lot No. 89,
containing eleven acres and aeventy-saven one-hund-
redthsof an acre (.n ii um), ana wmcn waa eonveyed to
h vail St Davil by John Creighton, and by aald Ryall fc
Daviiand wile to adward A. Brown, by deed dated October
7th, A. D. 1856. and reoorded In Book No. 01, pige 178,
In the Recorder's office In aald Franklin oounty; the
above premisea hereby a aforesaid conveyed, being aub-
ject, In the handa of the said Edward A. Brown, to the
claim oi nta mower, varonne Brown, tor ina cnarge ana
expense of her reasonable aad comfortablo support and
maintenance during her natural life.
Also, the following described real estate, siluite in tne
oounty oi rraninn, ana Btaie or unto, io wu; ine
weat half of lot No. 88, In the subdivision of half tec
tlon No. 83. township No. S, range No. 98, aa made and
described In a ceitatn plat reoorded In (ha Recorder's
offioa ot Franklin eounty, In Book No. 31, page 65 (Re
fugee lands); the whole of aald lot containing eleven
and seventy-three hundredtheof an acre (11 73 100), and
being the same land that was conveyed to the said Rya'l
at Davie by John Crelghton, and by aald Byall Sr. Davla
and wife to Constantino Johnson, by deed dated Ootober
7th, A. B. 1856, and recorded. Iq Book No. 61, page 175,
In the Recorder's offtoe of aaid Franklin county.
Appraised at Lot No. 88 00 per acre.
... West hair of Lot No. 88,at 850 00 "
; . ... 0. VV. HUFFMAN, Sheriff.
.. Dj Ed. Davis, Deputy.
J. 0. Rianiv, Atl'y. . . ,- ...
PrInter'sfeee.tlOtOr ' '
, septM ; r- 1 ' ! .1:1. i:'
-; Master Commissioner's Sale.
Columbus Machine Manufacturing Co.) Common Pleat,
against , jrranklinuo.
t Isaiah Baker and others. : Ohio. -
from tha Court of Common Pleas of Franklin oounty,
Ohio, to ma directed In the above entitled notion, I shall
offer for sale to tne nignesi niauer, on
,' ,"Wiri .lay. Ootober ft : 1831,
between the hoars or 6 a. m. and 19 m., on tha premisea
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ant Valley, Madison eounty, Ohio, tbe followlna prop
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Terma or sale caan.
Printer's feet 2.S0,
sepltMd. .
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HKlfRT 0. SPA&DItra, . A .
Tj . v ; ,. Me. 48, Cedar Street, blew York,
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