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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, September 25, 1861, Image 1

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yoLrviii, gFiPT,25, 1861
i i ,f.vin ooiiAsa rn'TidXB.-
wdm a. s-rTA.fi. ..!IJUV"WH.feUJl VVlUi,lUU U " 'i -VCj-ai 71Ctii",;.:., , rTM ,R J . Ail J J - -
' ' i i' " ' "";- i
tXOfnee Sol 88, 88 and 40, Horth High 8t
W-'-K ' 6 00 par year
ay tb Carrier, wr week Itu cents.
frl-Week-lv" ' ; - "'- 00 peryssr.
Weekly,-- .J.r.-.j j.., .( ,, ft"
etui ol Advertising by the Square,
t MSart t yai ; . .(30 00
On ' " B moi.thi 18 00
One square I week.. S4 OS
One. , 9 week.. 3 00
On '' 1 week... 1 71
nv."" G month! IS 00
3 nonthi 10 00
mAnlK. U nil
On "'adar4.; i oo
On " Sday ... t. 71
On " 1 Insertion SO
On .'V 1 month... 5 01)
. ! J . 1
Dlij.li.yed advertiitiroent! mora than Uit ebon
' I r.
Adreitliemonta leaded and placed In tb eolumn o!
, rnociai noiioei, aouvi LA ordinary rM.
All bulla roqulre&to be pu.iiltshed by law. It gal rata
i r ordered on Uw Inslne. exojuairely alter the tint week
percent, more tliaa the nrjnr ratei; but elliuch wll
fpnear In the Trl-Woekly without charge.
Hualneae Oardt, not exceeding Bre lines, per year, In
el te, t i SO per Una; outilde '4,
Notice of meetl u(ra, charitable Miction, ore oonipanlea
c, naif price.-"'"' " "
All tranthnt aiiwrtteeunmt murt li paid for in
m rwK r a rwio win u'n mi Tanea irora.
Weekly, aanie price ai the Pally, where Uie adrertlMi
acitli Wraiclyalono. Wner "he Dally and Weekly
are twin naea,4hon u eharg le-r tli Weekly will be
an uieruiceoi ui lawy . , -)
No atlverliaement taken except for a dcflnlte period,
Attorney txt Xaetw
iac-Amho Bniidlnj, oppoilte Capitol Square.
Attorney & Counsellor at Law,
iischiae Manufacturing Company
xw. : " J
' t 1.1
:i . - MilUMonuU Ol '' !'''.
r ' Castings, mU-Cwlng, gachiatry . ','
. ALIOf. , I t ;. . ( -
HaUroad ; Xrorlx
or BTMV DMC1I moii..
' . VOVvnUVH, OHIO. ' .. r.
0BA8. AM BOB. Bap'l. ' - r: AMBOa, Treaa. -atoll,
TS 000' 00.0(1 00 00 PVj i I
1861. 1861. Summer Arrangements.---Time
OonntctlsitttOrtjUlntr wlih the PlfTSBOKan, IT.
Ibr Utttbttrgh, PhOadtlpUa and BvMmor. AUo
. (or Wort Way and VAtctgo. -Conntctlog
at Cleyeland with tht LA El 8II0AI RAIL
ROAD : t .
t or UMniiirK, Unf fal. Albanr Botv
'Aitl a'XOEPr STJNDAV, . ''.'
Iron Columbus, In connection with Iralm on the
. ; 'flRSt TRAIN. .
NIOUT RZPRBrtB.-barM Columbus at 3.tfl A.M J
will leave paattogert at all lUtlooa aouth of Oallnn,
top at Delaeare, Aahley, Oardington and Ollead, and
at all etalioni aortb of Gallon, arrlrlng at Olereland
at 9:00 A. M., Dunkirk 3:00 P. M., Buffalo 4 2SP. M.
Albany l.0 A. 11., New York 8:35 A. M., Boiton 3:30
P. St., Pltubargti ri Ortatlina S:S0 P. M , Pbiladsl
hit 5:10 A. at dhicagorla Orettllne at 7:00 P, M.
NIK TORE R.XPRR88 Learet Oolnmbna at 11:10
a. m. Will atop atLewii Centra, (for Whit Bulpbnr
Spring,), Delaware, Cardlngton, Gallon Onatllne, Bhei
by. New London, Wellington and Grafton, antra at
Olereland at 3:33 p. m.j Dunkirk, H:So p. m. Baf..
falo, I0:KS p. m 1 Albany, B:4i a. m. New Veik, l to
p. m.; BtiloD, 4:40 p.m. This I rain ooantctaat Shel
by for Sanduiky, and at QJafton lot Xoledo, arrlrlna at
Toltdsal 0:40 p.m. ... . . . .... .
-... r, T-a . THIRD TRAIN. " ' . " ''
at p. m. - Will stop at all staUona. Booth of
Shelby, and at New London, Wellington, tlrafton,
and Be real arrlrlng at Olereland at P:3U p. a.; Dun
kirk, 8:00 a. at. Buffalo, 330a. .! Albany, 9) p. m.;
NewTork, 7S0p. m.: Uoeton, 11:45 p m.: Plttaburgb,
vfaOnaUlnt,at ll:S3p. m.; Philadelphia, 1:00 p. m.,
Chicago, tia Crettline, 0:45 a. m. Thlt Train ronneett
at Shelby for Banduaky and Toledo, arrirlng at Toledo
at 8: p.m. , . ., i .. .4 ..... ".. t . . .
Patent "Sleeping Can are rod on "all
; Uleht Trains to CMoago, New r.
' York and Boston. " f"
Baggaet. ejected Through te jVeto ITri and -Morton
J 1 j. -
, .J OJ
Nlghi BxprrSs arrives at Columbus at. .. 11: IS V M.
Olucinnatl Kxpret a arrives at Columbus at ltkiO A. M.
Accommodation Rxpreat arrives at Columbus at7:S0
. St., -a V . y ,
rare) sr Lor, ky any other Bonto
At lit VAVfsDbt Ufsmor
B. B. FLINT. "
". . ', loperintendeot, Olereland, Ohio.
".' '; ' V. 4AM0 PATTRR80N, Agsnt,
' . ,,., Columbua, Ohio..
Colombus, Jane 17, 1WJ1. ; .
t "-,- Just Beoelyedl ......
IIP. CII 6HEEN and nilAt;K
l'KAS lOO bags prima Rio Oonee.
1 AO pockets old Da ten Government Java Oelfe.
1 a tags veyion uorxes.
ttlVlbbls. standard Whit Sugars, consisting t Pf-
dred,0brashd, QranulakadAandBOt.net. - i
SO quintals Oeorg Bank Codfish
SObblt. Mesa and No. 1 MackcrtC.
A tea. Pick Bslmot. '! . . JLJ. I. ..
lOO bx. Lay' Raisins, . r
10OkClsr,dlfftrttbTOdsand tradHe.''1' '' V
r M. C. LILLEY ' 3D' 1
And Blank-Book JlaaTifiuittroT;'
kosth stia& RBxzt, colviudb, Ohio
rlt-dly ,:-t Trr-rT .
't'.i-Rcd,'Wi.it6 andBIncv-j!
U i; OALlcJOKfi r, T f
f )TdiJV!3J.a
-1 4 1
Jastoptoedky 1 rl
r, , , BAIS 80K,
No M South High strtat
i. '.rj.Ul3
Hare lust received a sttWenka af iBOOf 8EIRTB
Salahed In nuijner J,ur5ajatjltuotd
sab t ' ' . .
.ri a ftliif
Tht)mIate8t-Tha targeiti-Tliei Best.
Aiie tneapesBeewM the Best, ;
Tlte jriatt RellabiA .ttMndard Au
thority of the EDff 11th Langitaf . ,
: ; 1 1 . . ; Shi Sxtnimt Bninrnt JBluoatort of OMo,
! ' V , t t . u :'T ernry Aim AMrvwAtfw,
'Haie are onwanli of ' Hundred Taooiand Wortt,
whote mnltlfarlom meanioga and derlratlooa, togexber
with thai, oorrect apelling, and pronunciation are clearly
tethefora the eye." . .
, . Vindnnatt Otmmfroial. '.
Bead hfitittikmrof the Mmrhtri ef'Vi OMo Stat
- .,, -,. atooAor't AModatUm. . , f .
Tht Undenlpied, member! of the Ohio Btatt Teachen'
Aaaoclation, adopt and aim to lut In leaching, wriMof
and apeakin. lb orthography and pronanoiatloa of
woroeiter'i Uoval Quarto Dictionary, and wo moat cor
dlally reoorametd It ai tho moat reliable ttandard an
tnorlty of tbe Ingllah language, aa it If do writlrn and
P"en,, ,, ,. .
toaia) Aitmawi, Prottdant Ktnyon College. :."' 11 !
U. O. Lawrarrr, Bnperintendent Eajieerille Sohooli.
Taoa. W. Baavn, Bnp't Haaailon Union Bchooli. ,
i U. V, Oowmbt, Bnp't Pnblto Bchoola, Banduky. .
Jnn Lmoa, Bnp't Pobllo Bchoola, OlmleTille.
B. M. Bairroao, rrlncipal Olereland lemale Bemlna-
Wm. MiTcatiL, Bnp't Pnhllo Bchooli, Mt. Union.
Joiin Oodik, rrlncipal BUIa Normal Bchool, Mlnne
iota. Otriti Niton, Principal yoarth Intermediate Bchool,
II. B. Uasthi, Bap'l Canton Union Bchooli.
Kdwih Kaaau Principal McNeely Normal Bchool. i
Bm T. Tarraa, Prof. Mathematlca, Ohio Unlyertlty.
Wm. W. Bnwaan, Bnp't Troy Union Bchool.
A. O. Homxi, Principal Wtat High Bohool, Olere
land. B. A. Noktor, Anoclate Principal BighBchooL Olere
land , TwoDoan Btikum, Principal High Bchool, Clen
land.' ''.,.lf I - ' . ,- :. '.,.
R. I. noMirron, Principal Olereland Inrtitutt.
J. A, Oaartaxo, Pmldent of Electlo Initltute, Ill
ram. W L. Daridi, Prof, of Chemistry, Ohio Waaleyan
II. n. Daarrrr, Bx Conmlatlontrof Ocmaon Bchooli,
Janet Moxtoi, Prof. Rbetorio, Oberlln College.
Tuoa. Uux,Prirtent AnUoehOolleg. . ,
0, W. U. Oatboait,' Prof. AtaUienatlca, High
Bchool, Dayton.
B. O. ORDHiAoan, Prof. Ungnare, High Bchool.
B. W. BAam.Bnpt Union Bchoola, Aihland.
Hort than Sim Bun&rtd eltur Pntfdmt of OolU
Mt, erof4tton, AutAort md DitUnguithsd Bluett
tort, hen mdorttd lA abov ttntimmt.
MiKirrra OoLuaa "It Is truly a magnificent work,
aa honor to tht author, tht puMUbere,and the whole
tountry." Preildent Andrewt.
Onto WinnaaCaTraajrn'Itezotadamyaxpeet
tlona. It will b my guide In orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often bo eoniulted by mt for lit neat
and aeuuratt definition!." Prwldent Thorn peon.
W. R. Boiictki OoLLaaa. "Heretofore wa hart need
Webater's orthography. At a recent meeting of our
faculty, It wae decided to change it to conform to that
of Wuraaattr'a Royal toatto Dictionary." President
Garfield. x
WatTtsir- Rimtri Coixeoi "I find It worthy of
cordial approbatloa." Prttident Hitchcock.
Oioaia Coutai. It nort than meeti my expecta
lloni. I recommend it at tht ttandard authority In
orthoepy to my children and my puplle." Preeldent
Morgan. . ,
Ann oca; Cotxaoa. "I adoptand aha to att In teach
log, writing and ipeaklDf, tht orthography and pronnn
ciattoa of Worcester's oyal Quarto Dictionary."
President HU1.. , - , . ,
"Id all my writing, speaking, and teaching, I hare en
dearored to conform to tba ntlet for ortl ograpby and
pronunelatloa at contained In Worceittr'i Dictionary ."
Horact Mann, lata Preiidtnt.
Kurroii OoLLton, OaJiaiCT. 'I most cordially reoom
mond Itaatbtootl reliable standard aathortty of the
Bngllih buguagt at It It now wriiun and ipoken."
Pretident Andiawt. . , ) , . t
from fior. JLmon Smyth, Cbmmtrffoeer V Cbwimon
ooaooM in iwuo, (
"Tht Dictionary It an Imperishable monument to the
learning and Induttry of Itt author, and an honor to the
world of letters. The mechanical execution Is far aunt-
)rior to that of any other Lexicon with which 1 am ac
quainted," V "
from Bon. B. B. Barney. a-OommUtfanr ot
. . tkhooU in Ohio. ; . t ,
"Tht most reUahlt standard authority of the las-
aag. '
Leadinz JTewepaporsj of Ohio
from tht ClMtland Derail y March M,
The orthography of tht Woreetter Dictionary It that
used by most. If not all' author el distinction la thlt
country and Bngland, and conforms to the general usage
ol ordinary writer and apeaken. '- 1
Whatever prendlcea may bar existed pnrloruly, a
careful itudy of thlt rolnme will Invariably be followed
by a warm appreciation of Its great merits, and a desire
tt add It to the well attested library, be it large or small,
It la a library In Itself, and will remain an leu perisha
ble reoord of the learning of Iti oompller. ' ,
' tromlh oueinnan vommmxut y Apru ao.
Her are upwards of a hundred thousand words good,
had and Indifferent who multifarious saeaaiags and
derivations, together with their correct spelling and pro
nunciation, are set clearly borer the aye. . jhe work II
Unquestionably tbe greatest Thesaurus of Xsgllah Words
srer published. ' - '
i from Ms Ctttilani riain&taUr oStz. SO, 10.
i Krldentlr WoartaraVa Royal OcTeT!crriomiaY it
koiM(vlA) kut, out (Ae nrr scone of tkt kind mr -ewedl
, aad can by so feasibility aufisr by eomyarison or
Sontrortrty, . 1 , . .. 1 .. r:t . m w si j
. .. tTnmthTol4dotod4oMav-- ' 'r t
As to ntoannciATioa. Woaiamsa m rwa BrurBAin
followed by our best authors; In definitions he leaves
aothlng to be deilred. and In OaTHooitamT It Is sufficient
to say mat woactwrs fan sateiy followed.
( .. ' iNoiiAin tenACOri ?
Pnkllaliera, nookae'llera cVltatloa)er),
maiS 1 ' fvy '-i ,ti: " ." r yt "'. ' ' , I
.ifiJX v - e . 'li V. 0 ui
plTidena January Is 180 1 AS Far Cent;
A8BTB.'tf.U..Ti Alt. J. X lJ,81l5Sh"5(i.
Ktsttetnent Jattnary 1, f80l
Balance, per statement Jan. lit, 180O.....3.4rirl,58J 39
lleetlred fot Premiums dur
lag the sear IW'0.'-"..-..e7C3063 hi'
Hecelred (or Interest during
ih. 1 fit :n ...... .
eu,0H If '1?T":
, . I .1... i:7: m-,. '
TotaJ receipt for 19C8....B977iff 7 x
PaldOlaimabyDeaih.SCT.OOO 00 , 4 ,,.,,, 7
K'i t en 1
raid rolicies lurren- ' '
dered .a 41.111 80 '
r .
Paid Salaries, re- , ....oi ..'U
. age. Taxes,. Is-. . ...( :
change, etc. 31,020 M ' , '
Paid Commissions to , . . .
Agents 81,345 l . : ,
Paid Physician' fees. i.'MM 7k . ....
Paid Amtattlet.ii..-. 1,517 611 "
Ptkr D trident smf '-i -J i-'t .t ;.'.:.' i- .
,.1C4,5W IS SC8,6l CI 4U,7t 14
Net Balance January lit. lPfil.. .,
1 1 ' .ABBaTpe -
Cuh on hand...., 80C894 In
Bonds and Mortgage on Real
. 1;-
Batata, worm eoukt the -.
amount loaned......-., SJ77JI4I Ck . ...
Premium Note., On Policies "
In force, talydrwlaper' "ti'. ;,-, l ...
ent. Interest............ l,27t.f)64 17
Real Estae... 90!i37 .
Leans on Scrip..... . ' 593144 ' "
rieanwBBB, Romioswa, la 1 v '- - . 1 -
) toarietf traoamissjoo..-. , 1 43,348 75 .. ,t
J tmt:AirtS.A.'..?.... ........ tlBl4jl5jrfl
Ti Sit rolloleg In teres, tssnrlag.e...th,4t8,638
" 1,43 ntw PoUelrs hare beta trtaed aVantasj the year...:
'After a earefnl talcalaUea of the piawsm rn ef Use
ctttstandlng Policies of the Company , aad harlng ths
fieomtory amount' In teserre . theraar, the Director
bare deelaaed h Otrtotwa of 43 per ceas. on th Preal.
nai paid at the-table rale, to all policies tor MS In forte.
Issued prior to January I, lr)60. payable according, tfljht
present ml of th Company.
Rate tot al W kinds 4 Life OcetiateMlse, IVoapeof
naea, Statements, and Application, will be furnished
rsotin's4BH th OUieser Agttet al she eoat-
Pan, w as -.i. ... 11 ' ...
' ' . ; . R0BT. 1. PATtP.RBON, Preildent. .
I Ij 1 O. OROT BR, Tic President
SI. a MILLBR, aavAry ': . ..,.. -'
. ,iraT.e It JUHESOH elyea
vJke tawarfeei , J. (lubneoa Block,. -o-ArcnarW'"
,w. Coliimbes, 0, .
A r DlUlBi4riB et eeerrgrtt,. at'M BMt tsieet
Sitaaent la aa 4tyraeA bom eesMnnbl ,!..
ler-iitl .we A4 w a. m ti tiAial HtiNJoea
SairllAu ima ti : ' , tt BsutA AilukaUMW
A compound remedy, designed to be tbe most
effectual AUtrativ that con be made. It Is
A concentrated extract of Para Sarsaparilla,
so. combined with other substances of still
greater alterative power as to afford art effec
tive antidote" for tht diseases SarsapariUa is
reputed to cure. It. Is believed that such a
remedy is wanted by those who guflbr from
Strumous complaints, and that! one which will
accomplish their cure must prove of immense
service to this large class of our afflicted fellow,
citicens. How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of Uis worst cases to be found of the following
complaints : :.. - -.a .:. -i-..
ScnorvLA and' SorotpVLOvs 1 CoiifiAncri,
Euui'tions and EuuprnrB Diseasis, Ulcbrs,
I'iuples, Blotckrs, Tcsiobs, Salt Rkbum,
Soald IIsad, Syphilis and firmnmd Ap
Vections, Marcurial Disbasb, Dsorsv, Nbu
raloia or Tio Douloureux, Dsd.htt, Dys
pepsia and Indioestion, Ebysipglas, Boss
or St. Anthony's Fiiie, and indeed tho whole
class .of complaints arisingrran Impukitv op
thh Blood.
Tliia compound will Detrund a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fcater in the
blood at that season of the year. . By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, (pare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores ; cleanso it when you find it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins 1 cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your feelings will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well i but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting health. - Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown. - -
SarsapariUa has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been egregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of BsrsapaiiUa,
or any thing else. :. ,,j v.c v
During late years the public have been mis
led by largo bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsnnarilla for one dollar: Most
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
tttey not only contain utuo. ii anv. Baraaoa
rillii, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed the use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood tho. market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and hoi become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. ' Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue ths
name from the load or obloquy which rests
upon it,- And we think wo ava ground for
believing it lias virtues which are irresistible
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is Intend
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete
erauicauon rrora we system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to direction on
tho bottle.
prepared bt
DR. J. C. AYE It & CO.
Price, $1 p Bottle Six Dottles for 9.
Ayer's , Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a renown fur the cure of
every variety of Ihroat and Lung Complaint, that
It is entirely nnnecessarr for us to recount the
evidence of its virtues, Wherever it has been em
ployed. A it hat' long been in constant use
throughout this section, w need not do mors than
assure the people its quality it kept up to the best
it ever bss been, and that it may bt relied on to
do for their relief all it hat ever been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Cosiietnesi, Jauudiat, . Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
Dystntery, Foul Stomach, Utynipdai, Ilradacht,
Pilts, Rhetmatism, Entptioiii and Skin Disoatts,
Liner Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tuman and
Salt Rheum, Worms, Gout. S'eunlqia. "at a
Dinner Pill, and for Purifying Oi Blood.-
They are sugar-coated, so that the most sensi
tive ctn take them pleasantly, and they art the
best aperient in the world for all the purposes of
family physid. , ; ; ) " , f 1 4 ,1 . y i
Price 25 cents per Sox; Tivo oozes for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clerirvmen.Phvsicians. States
men, and eminent Dersonair.es. hare lent their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here will not permit the
Insertion of them. The Asests below named fur
nish gratis our Amirican Almanac in which they
mngifvu,. wuu aiev iuu ueacnpuon ui tne aoore
complaints, and the treatment that ahould be fol
lowed for their cure, --i ! f : ; rc.'i,
Do not be put off bv onorindnlod dealers with
other preparations they. make more profit on.
Demand Atbr's, and take no others. The sick
want the best aid there is for them, and they should
hare it.
All our remedies-are for sale by
And bv Druggist and Dealer everywhere.
norv: iru.iwKw
' to and ritora
Liverpool, Montreal,, Quebec,
Tb Montreal Ocean Steameala OomDanv'a Srattaa
full-powered Olyde-rmllt Bteamer sail every Sat
II relay from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
united states man ana passengers,
Sbortest,, Obeaptral andQalckcat Voa
j ... Tcyance irona .
RatM ot &mmmtu to Ehirorwi,
3o, oe, nso.-
Will sail from LIVERPOOL every Wottaeadaw,
and from QCBBHO every Satardav t ealllngat
jvni4VGii4iani , ro leuviveon onaraana race mails and
Paaeengere. to and from Ireland and Bootland.
UjThese Bteamen are built of Iron. In watsr-tight
companmeuia, carry eacu an expenencea purgeon, and
every attention I paid to th comfort and aoeommoda.
tion of paaaangera. At thtyproosed direct to LONDON
DERT, the (teat risk and delay of calling at Bt. John's
I avoided; S ' r- I -' i . .J
Glasgow passenger ar tarnished with puts patjag
ucaeia ui anu livaa uwuuunoorry. .... . v. .
. Reiurn tickeit granted at reduced rates.
OertlAcatea keued lor carrying t and bringing tnt paa
engtn from all tht arlnetpal lonislllrii RrltalaiaaA
Ireland, at reduced rates, by thla lint of steamers, aad
iMwtnef T.lvMiwiartl slwiir awtvasr .
fllfhl Draft lot 1 aad ware.iLar-
r moicj am a a a ireianu, suet.
nv ii i land erWaleat.. ... .)
for petMurt, hppry at th OftWfS' HHUAfl.
WAY, Nat; iorei, and 1U WATiU KT.a
S.swraeelg ' - . , -
. IABXI ft UtASII, Gsnerai 4grato,K
K ot to- J. R. ARMSTRONG. T
I neld lydatw) i Josl.Offloe.OolusntaA. Ohio.
! ' Cc-Partnershib.1' '
r as atr par ADiniii'Co ntv
. m iwunr ,u mj vim
nrt,hleh will ii after be emdaettd endertht firm
v . r,tAia,niBnuisuii it.
(tats ef Phaloe'S VetabHttitnat, R. f i joorltrere
. the new lerk ttiovbtt alaTiBi, Batr Cattiac
. BbJupoonlr.g. Oar ling ami Dren 3 ,t.io,
' nreeit eret auw rota uoie. . ...
bt arena In all the vann krunrM. Ladlss and
: . , . - ' tib-::' stA
Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, eOa'ii 4 Indianapolis!
' ,...'?' "'"'1',r''r'i ) - ni-
Through (o IndlADSDoJis withoet Cbaoge of Cars
and but One Chana of Cars between i "
" ' J f ' , Columbos and St: Lonis.', '-.' ;
Four Trains P4Uy:.iyom Columbua,
: ',' , k?nRST TRAIM.'-v V!. V-
A000MU0DATION at S a. as., btoanlnr at all ata.
Uont between Ooluaeha and Olnetanela aodVayton, ar
riving at Cincinnati at 10 03 a. ., and at Dayton at
B 10 a. m., connecting at Dayton for Indianapolis aad
vm n est. .... .....
' " . VAJ. ItBDfl H l,,V, H,.IUlIIUS.6U01JU,
London, Onarleston, dedarrllle, Xenla, Bp ring Valley,
Oorwln, IreeporS, fart Ancient, Morrow Si., Lebanon,
fosUr's, Loreland and alllford,artTtof al Olncionatl
at4.30p. m.,Daytonat8.45p. as n connecting wlUi the
Ohio and atlaslaalppl Railroad for LoBtaviile, Ky., Tin
osnnes. Cairo, Bt. Xoait, New Orleans, etc. I at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayttto, Terra Banle, Chicago and
all Western points. ... .- --
BfATL at 9.10 D. m itonnlns? at all slallona bciweea
Oolumbae and Xenla, aad at Spring Valley, Oorwln,
Morrow end Lorelaed, arriving at Cincinnati at 3 a, a.
NIGHT XXPRC33, rla Dayton, at 13 00 mldnigUt,
Stopping at London, Xenla, Dayton, Mlddletowa and
Hamilton, arrirlng at Oincinnatl at S.SS a. an. 1 at Day.
ton at 8.55 a. m. connecting al Cincinnati with th
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad lor LoalsrtU. Kransvllte,
Tlncennes, Cairo, Bt. Louie. Memphis, Ntw Orleans,
and all point South and Bouth-west; alto, at Dayton
lor Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terra Haute, Chicago, ett
O for farther Information and Through Tlckeaj,
apply to M. L. DOHRRTI, TlcketAgeni. Dnioa Depot,
Columlius. . , i
. '. " " P. W. BTRADRR,
General Ticket Agent, Clndlonatl.
Aaeut, Ooltunbua,
1 Superintendeat, Cincinnati.
Columbos, July 14, 1881.,.. . .. .
AND Steubenville Short Line
' ji.,-
. - ; V0RM1N9 TBI - - .
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliable
Roattj to all Etstern Cities I
, , : (1 . . : . . "' .
Trains Leave Columbus as follows :
Leaves Columbui 3 30 A. M. from Union Depot, rla
Bellalre er gleubenvt'le i arrirea at Bellalre, iu.to a,
H I Stenkenvllle. 19.89 P. ai.; PHttbargh, 3 4S P. at
aarrlstmra. 1.10 A, M.: vsa diVtwftiawii arrivee at New
Tork S 00 A. M. eia PhUwUltMa. arriree at Phila
delphia, 8 10 A M.i New tork. 10 30 A. M. Connect!
alt at Banraabarg for Baltiaere. arriving at T.4S a. M.
SlaepiBg1 Can attached ta Uiis Train
Prore Oolumbos, rag directly throe gh te Bonaire or
Pitumargh wtthoat ehaogei and tteitngert via Allen
town arrivt In New York at S A. M., . . .ii
( . i.lAia..,. .,d , .
This Train also connects at Bellalre with the
Baltimore ado. unio ttaiuoaa.
Leaves Columbus U 83 A M , from Union Depot, rla
Bteaoenriiiai arrivee at Newark, is w r. st.t uotnec-
ton, 8.13 P. a.; Sttubtnrlllt, 8 f . at ; Plttaborg, S.40
r 11 rrnii u tnt only route ny wnicn rateengert
can leave CincinaaU at 7 A. M., go through to Pitts,
burgh in daylight, without change of cars or delay.
.. ... VAST tVn.-t. -
Learas Oolarajs 8.15 P. M., from Union Depot, rla
Bellalrei arrirea at Newark, 3 83 P. Al t EaneerlUe,
4 33 P. U Bellalre 7 .53 P. Al.; Pitttbargh, 11.85 P.
M.: Harrlabnrt. 9.00 A. M.: Wa AUenlosen, arrtre
at New Tork,4 P. M.; efit Philadelphia, arrire
Pblladali hsm, 1J0 t. M. New lerk, e P. M, ThU
Train alae eonnecta at Harrieharg for Saltiasorat ar
riving u ir,a.
Thla Train runs through to Bellalre or Pittsburg with-
tnt change of Can; and from Plttaburg there I no
change ef Oara to Phl'adelpbua, er via Alletrtewa to
New lloik Uiua ooei tog ,. j k..-i;l ,.ka,i,t
The only Routs from Columbus to Baltimore,
rhlladelphlai or new York, with only -:j
ooe ohaogs ef Cars. " 1
Br this Train Putters r arrive la Hew Toik fire
hour In advance of tht Northern lln.
IMt Train alte etaaects at Bellalre witt me Baltimore
and Obit R. R, (: , i., nn t r , ,. ...
BTThls Route is 30 miles' shorter to Pittsburg,
ana more man too duos snorter to
1 - New York, (han orthern. Lines ; "U i
Baggis; QiSi.TAironffa to ail im-
portaJit roints East;
... e !
ASK tOR TICKBT1 TIA !- ' "- '
Ticket Good arer eltber Hoate.
li 7.1 taw Oen. ticket Agent Central Ohio R. . r
... Oca. Ticket Agent Sieubeovill ebort Una. ii
iMfi l. ' .-1 a t ...-i'lV I 1 fi i".'-'".'!t
.j: I '
ootTJDtBvs; oiiiiij 4 .t'',0'. ;
A.nd Seed Store,
I'J 10J11S.-1
taae, Platola, Wood tt Willow Ware,
stnerand aatewr a)siiu( sac beainer, acmm ant
fcKftTLl! JIIErXtS
.noTsiaatia aewYjeranoj axxtn. .i-
I is: j.,.."aTraaaasaareminBWi,..it
- v "Bmbroldtrta rocket iiaaXtrcjhirx.m
! Parte fclA Otnrea lUMrloreaake... ' m"'
V OoMea Mill Shirt, rarroasetrlee.' E J',1"!
t Hoy' Golden Hill Shirts, de . 3r.il bltow Ai
Driving aal Btrett Owe, do-. . -j -.,T03 u
. Remmed Pocket Handkerchiefs, Varloss styles. .
' Hall Heai and Under flimmlr. 1 " er' '.
..ii irti v,.m i.i,n.v..i-. pAire at 'every
'apru:iis.'u it: a v. o.n (bm.t eei Align
t'-' '' "' " ""'"1
IV) t
tHacti ATri tl ss, nocth itftik ajr',',
v -aadexaalittouaawtaaJreef - 2 1 V
muaiketaiedbp I. B0WART CO gsatMti; Katt.1
theae Watch art tar ataertar it anything erer etTend
w tn public, oeretoior., uanng uie exalwaire agency.
lean tell anesa ai price ts sun in urn,
I 'havelu.
tocseawaxav atoaS tt '1
.1 a... 4. .
j ri. .MERidavAftiiiLi;!
B)A0tatareBf AfridirOllaXaO, .tJIJ I Alt,
Oa tworbnoato, .,. . -, ,. .n .
ii. . 9tarBmmnrmutTstea, .
'I TTTfliLlli W.J, BAVAdl
.. ... l.,,,,,,,,,,,, .
Daily, per yer.J .:.....S0
Vn-Weakly, per rear..... , 3 to
I WeeeUy. .per reei ............ . lee
An Act to Confiscate Used
for Insurrectionary Purposes.
Beit tntelei by tht Senate and Hetutt af. Rep.
rcientttivet of the United Statet of America, in
Congreto amembltd, That if, during ilio present
or any future insurrection against the Got era
ment of tbe United States, after the President
1 tbs United B tales shall have declared, by
preulamation, that the laws of tbe United States
are opposed, and the execution thereof obstruct
ed, by oosibioatioDS too powerful to be suppress
ed by the ordinary oonrse of judicial proceed
iage, or by the powers vetted in the. stsrabals
by law, any person er persons, his, ber.er their
agent, attorney, or employee, shall purobtseor
acquire, sell or give, any property of whatsoever
kind or description, with intent to use or employ
the same, or t offer the same to be need or em
ployed, in aiding, abetting or promoting snob.
Insurrection or resistance to the laws, or
any person or persons engaged therein j or
if any person or persons, being tbe owners
ot any snob property, shall knowingly use
or employ, or consent to tbe use or enploy
ent of tb same as aforesaid, all sooh prop
erty le hereby declared te be lawful eubjeot
of prise and capture wherever found, and it
shall be the duty of (be President of ths United
States to esuse the same to be seised, coo til
oated and condemned.
Baa 9. And be it further entelid. That sooh
E rises and capture shall be condemned in tbe
llettiot or Circuit Court of th United States
baring )urlsdiotionof tbe amount or in admlr.
alty In any distriot in which the same may be
seised, or in which they may be taken and pro
eoedings Orst instituted. -...- .
80.8. And Uit further enacted. That the
Attorney-General, or any distriot attorney of
ui woiieu otates, in wnion sata property may
at tbe tim be, may Institute the proceedings
of condemnation, and in such case they shall be
wholly for the benefit ef tbe United State) or
any person may file an information with sueb
an Attorney, in wbioh oase the proceedings shall
be for tbe use of such informer and the United
BUtes In eqnal parts.
-. Bta. 4 And bo it further enacted, That whoa
ever bsreatter, during the present insurreotion
against tbe Government of tbe United Statet,
any person claimed to be held to labor or ser
vioe under tbe law of any State shall be re
aired or permitted by the person to whom such
labor or service is claimed to be due, or by the
tawtui agent or sucn person, to take up arms
against tbe United States i or shall be required
or permitted by ths person to whom such isbor
or sorvio Is claimed to be dne, or his lawful
agent, to work or to be employed in or upon
any fort, navy-yatd, dock, armory, ship, en
trenebment, or In any military or naval service
whatsoever, against tbe Government and lawful
autnority of the United States, then, and in ef
ery such esse, the person to whom suoh labor'! t
claimed to be due sball rorfelt blselalm to sack
labor, any law of th Stat or of th Uuited
States to tbe contrary notwithstanding. And
whenever thereafter th person elaialog such
labor or terries eball seek to enforoe bis elsim,
it shall be a lull and soSoleol anseer to suoh
lair, that th person whote service or labor is
claimed bad been employed la- bostll service
against tb Government of the United States,
contrary to th provision of this set.
- Approved Aog. 6, 1861.
The President's Proclamation.
WASHINGTON, Aug. 16, 1861.
' Whereas, on the fifteeoth day of April, ths
Resident ot tbe United atitee, lo view of an
Insurrection against tb laws, Constitution,
and th Government of tbe United States,
wbioh bad broken ont wiibln the States of
South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida,
Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texts, and in par
suanco of the provisions of tbe not entitled an
aot to provide lor calling forth th militia to
execute th laws of th Union, suppress insar-
reotlon, and repel Invasions, and lo repeal the
act cow in force for that purpose, approved
February 38, 1795, did call forth the militia to
suppress said iDsufreetloa and cause th laws
of th Union to be daly executed, and the la
surgents nave railed to diapers by tb tint di
rected by th President;
, And, whereas, suoh insurreotion has sines
broken ont and vet exists within tb States of
Virginia,. Hot in iroima Tennessee), and Ar
kansas i and, whereas, tbe lnsurente in all th
aid Steles claim to aot under authority there
of, and such claim Is not disclaimed or reoodl-
atea oy tn person exeraising UU ianouoas of
Uorernment in saoa Bun ot States, er U the
cart or oarta thereof In whloh aombinatlona an.
1st, nor has such inturreoiiva been suppressed
oy aaia oiates; .
, flow, tnereiore,!, Aorausm. AAnooin, rrtsl
dent of th United Elates, in snreuanoaoi aa
aot of CoDeresa. pasted iulv 13. 1861. do her.
bv declare that the Inhabitants of the said Stats
oi Ueorcla, aouta Oarollae. Virginia. North
Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Tax-
as, Arkansas, Mississippi -and florid (except
tbe inhabitants of that part of the Stat of Vir
ginia lying west of th Alleghany Mountains,
and of euott other parts of that Stat and th
other States , hereinbefore . named, as mav
maintain a loyal adhesioa to the Union and
tho Constitution, er as may be from time
to Urn occupied, and enrolled by th forces
encaged in the dispersion of said ins or
Sent) are in a state oi insurrection against ths
sited States, and that all oommetolal Inter.
oonrse between tho earn and th inhabitants
thereof, with the exceptions aforesaid, and the
citizens of other States and other farts ef tbe
United States Is unlawful, and will remain n
lawful until sooh insurrection shall ceas or has
bean suppressed: that ail good and chattel.
seres end wtrrcuiadisa, aiming firm ant id
Sfefee, with th exceptions aforesaid, into other
part of. th United States, without tbe special
license aad persnlaeion of the President, through
th Seoretary ot the Treasury, or proceeding to
any of said State, with th exoeptuna afore
said, by land or water, togetbor with tb vettel
or vehd txmeeymy tie tome, er etawyta person!
to ar frtmtaid State with tatd emotion. vnll be
jvTjcvca y ia tvnuce) oiextei aaa wot Jiom ana
after Jijtotn days from tot issuraa ej tkti Prtcta.
motion, ak okipa and oettel oekngteif in whole or
in part Sy ewy cifista or saieiitaitf t) any of taid
StJtt, Kith toid exception, found at order In
env ewrl e; us tvntttd euatta ana m itrltuet to
fAelaifeeJ.StafeS. . ,.
I And 1 hereby enjoin apoa all Listrlot-Attor-eys.
Marshals, and oflioere of th revenue, and
of the nlUwry snd naval forces of th United
8tktes to be vigilant la th execution of said
sot, ana IS w eniotcement or tb penalties and
forfeitures, imposed tw declared by it, leaving
ant Party who jnaf think', himself excriered
thereby: to bis application to the SecrtUry of
to a reasury mi tue remieaioa or any peoaiiy,
f lor fofftltur Wblcl (be) said Secteury Js tu-
taoricsu oy taw ia grant, , 4U, njs judgment,
ths speolAl eircumstances of any eas shall rs-
U44W WUVI SV444US4VU, , . ,
,Ia witness whereof I. hsvi hereunto set m
hshd, and caused ths seal of. ths United Stales
A ka affle'ad.' 1 ' ' . - ' " '
i Don U tfiecl'tV ol Wsihinstsa.'thU 16th
day of August, Is th year of our Lord 1891,
And of tbe independence of we United states,
Bv ths PreslJenl' ., .. .... .':..'.
WM. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.
General Fremont's Proclamation.
ST. LOUIS, Aug. 31, 1861.
CtmnHtaowi, la sjy judgment of sufficient
rgeney, tender it necessary that tbs Cerumen d
Ina U-meral of this Department should assume
disorganised condition, tbe helplessness of the
civil armoruy, tn total inteonrity of Hre, and
the deraetatio of property by bands of mur
derers snd marauders, wbo infest nearly every
ooonty in the Stat, and avail themselves of tb
pnblio misfoftanee and the vicinity of a hostile
force to gratify privet aad neighborhood wen-
Seance, and who And an enemy wherever they
od plunder, toally demand th severest mea
sures to repress the dally looreesiog orlmes and
outage waion are oriviog on tn inhabitants
and rtiniog the Bute. - la this condition, the
publio safety and the suooesi of our arms re
quire unity of purpose without let or biodranc
to the prompt admlnlstrstion of affairs.
In order, therefore, to suppress disorders, to
4444.iui.ui aa lar ss now practicable tbe publio
peace, and give security and protection te tb
persons and property of loyal cltlitn, do hero,
by extend and declare established martial
thrmiyhout the St ett f Miwi. - The lines of
tbe army occupation in this Stat for lb pres
ent declared to extend from Leavenworth, by
way of tbe posts of Jefferson City, Rolls, and
Irontoo, to Ctpe Girardetc, on the Mississippi
All ptrtont tela thtll be taken with arm is
their kand within tht line thall be tried by
court-martial, and, if found guilty, teill be hot.
Tbe property, real and personal, of all persons
in the State of Missouri wbo sball take np arms
against ths United States, or wbo sball be dt
reotly proven to have token active part with
tbeir enemies in the field, ia declared to he eon.
flsoated to the publio use, end thtir thxxi, if
i ny iiir y nuec, are nertvy aectarea jre men.
All persons wbo sball be proven to bay de
stroyed, after the publication of this order, rail,
road tracks, bridges or telerranha. shall anffet
the extreme penalty of the law.
All persons engaged in treasonable correspon
dence, In giving or procuring aid to the enemies
of the United States, In disturbing tbe publio
tranquility by cresting or oiroalating false re
ports or incendiary documents, sre, in their
own interest, warned that they are exposing
AH persons who have been led away from
their allegiance are required to return to their
homes forthwith. Any suoh sbsence, without
sufficient cause, will be held to be presnmptive
evidence against them. . .
Tbe object ot this declsrstion is to place in
th bands of ths military authorities the power
to give instantaneous effect to existing laws,
and to supply suoh defleiensiss ss the conditions
of war demand. But it is not intended to sus
pend the ordinary tribunals of the country,
where the law will be administered by tbe oivil
officers in the usual manner and with their cus
tomary authority, while tbe same can be peaoe-.
ably cxeroiscd.
- The Commending General will lsbor vigilant
ly for tbe pobllo welfare, and, tn his efforts for
their safely, hopes to obtain not enl ths aooul-
eeccDce, but the active of tbe of
Major-General Commanding.
Major-General Commanding. The President Condems the General.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Sept. 11, 1861.
Major-OencralJoh C. FrtmoiU.
tilt: Yours of the 8 h, la answer to mine of
tne aa instant, was Just received. Assured that
yon, upon tbe ground, could judge better of tbe
Bweeaaiiieaoi jour position than 1 could at ibis
dlstanoe, oo seeing jour proclamation of Aug.
80 I perceived no genersl objection to it; the
particular clause, however, in relation to tbe
confiscation of property and the liberation af
slaves sppeared to me to be objectionable in its
noa ooniormity to tbe act of Congress passed
the O b of August upon tbe same subjects, and
hence I wrote you expressing my wish that that
olause should be modified accordingly. Tour
answer Just received expresses a pretareooe oa
your pars that I should make an open order for
the modification, wbieu I very cheerfully do
It 1 tkerefm ordered, that tbe said clause ot
said proclamation bo so modified, held and
eonstraed aa to souform with and not to tran
scend tb provisions on the same subject eon-
tAloed in the eot entitled "An aot to confiscate
property used for insorreotioaary purposes," ap
proved August .h, 1861, sod thai said aot be
puoiiansd at length with this order.
Your obedient servant,'
Mr. Holt on Fremont's Proclamation.
tlan. -
WASHINGTON, Sept. 12, 1861.
Ihaatan tn nlaca inemnr hanrta
the Inclosed oorreepondenee with the President
of tbe United State. Tbe action which he
has token was firm and decided, aod must
prove satisfactory to tbe friends of the Union la
Kentucky. -
Tbe sol of Congress alluded to was a neces
sity QOder tbe eircamsbamet. and area in!1
justified by tb usages of civilised warfare
me wovernment bee tbe same right to confis
cate slaves engaged In digging trenches or
mounting guns for the rebels that It has to con
fiscate their arms when captured during tb
pro greet oi to warj but, baring conn seated
them, Congress goes no further ' Upon this law
tbe Pretident stands firmly, and In doing so, snd
In disavowing Gen. Fremont's proclamation, ho
given anotner or tne over multiplying proofs
that tb war, which is on for national exiet-
ence, does not seek to extinguish or Interfere
wita slavery aa csteDiisiied in tb Bute. If
this institution suffers detriment front tb event
or Issues of the rebellion, the blow will some
from those who, under tbe pretense of delendiDg
it, are striking at the life of a Government un
der whose Constitution It has enioved oomolete
shelter and protection for three quarters ot a
owasury. TI . . . .- -.!. ..(..".:.. ?
Tbe occupation of Columbus bv armed Tso-
nesseeans, under th leaderahlo ef Bishon Folk
and Pillow,- baa excited no surprise her whet
tne unscrupulous easraoter-and ultimate aims
of the rebel chieftain ar-we)i understood. So
long as Kentucky maintained that most Illusory
of all attitudes neutrality aad carefully
guarded an extended and exposed position of
tne iroaiier oi tne reoei uorernment la a
word, so long aa she eubeerved the nurooses of
tne conspirators seeking toe overtbrow of tb
republic, and gave reason to boo thar she
would finally unite her fortunes wltb them, she
was graciously let alone; so soon however ss
sbe declared ner loyalty to a Government to
which sbe is indebted tor all bee prosperity,
and to wbioh sbe is united by the most solemn
ties of duty, of affection, and of interest, her
soli is ruthlessly invaded, and, under the
promptings and guidaac of traitors In her owe
bosom, her vote at tb polls i now to ha rev
versed by the bayonets of Tsnnesseeaiisv and
the proud old Commonwealth redaoed to the
condition oi a conquered proviso of that sol It
iuBi a auuraouiuea eauea sno sou in era Uoafed-
I I B- .1 1 . , , . . , r. .. .
eracy, ihote wbo have read he biason aad
know the spirit of her people can hare a fears
aa to tne result er turn audacious- assault a noa
ira. Buuur wis iuawpeaoenoe.il ioe votero
meat her will give ail potaibls rapport to Ui
Stat at the earliest mosaeot 1
Very sincerely J. HOLT.
Gen. JAS. SPEED, Frankfort, Ky.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 12, 1861.
- Dbar Star The late aol ol Congrsss pre'
viding for tho ooofiscatkm- of the eetater of
payMons in apt rebeliioa Sgaisat tba Oovera
ment, was as s oeoeesary wnar-meaanr aooepted
and fully approved aythe loyei -men ot the
bountac It limited th penalty ef ioonfisoatlon
to property actually saipieysd in th ervlo af
tb rebellion with th kaawledgg and consent
otiJSi owoersriawi. instead ft massuipatlng
slave una employed, left direlr-stAlur ta bo
drtet-funed By tb vnr of .th United StsA,
os by sabsequent leglaUUoa., n i-., i, to -,. .Uc
: i Tao proBlamaUoBr bowoverO ef Cssv fre
most, tndot date f tb SOtb. S Asgwet, traas
ends, snd af course vkaaA,th. kwti ka tota
thM partiouUrs, and daoUre that tbe fxvpwr
ty of rtbela, whether sued la tantmrtof the mm.
bellUM or aot, shall bo ooaflssaieS, aad if 'eoae-j
sisting ia elsves, that the shall be at en
maaBmlttwd.i The tea- of CoBtrtmlarnA tm
was believed It embody US mtervattvw policy
ei jr jaamionnraaaa epea tnu atlteatw sod
perplexing quettioa, and beneelhe loyal meaef
ih border Slav-StaAaw. bate feitlieved of
SU fears of try attempt ea tXtt part of t5
Govsnment ei the United Bta taw. Uhwata
loddsnly la their midst a population snprpir4
Utrol Jt X? tofBj PP'cbmiBica if not a
IZi'ST0? THh b. UnioVtovIng cM-
the pressure of mllltarj S,o. o
Frsmont believed inlti?Setpt(Crtl3,0;
th particulars spec I fled li h.. V
bation and wUUot b. enforced u'teogSuca
of law. Ths magnitude of .the mtrreVt at
stake and my sloeers desir that by no miMp
prehension of your sentiments or purposes shall
ths power and fervor of the, Lr...w. v..
tacky be st this moment abated or chilled, most
be my analogy for the frsnkness with which I
hsvs addressed yoo, snd for the request 1 ven
tore to make of an expreesloo of your views
upon the polnm of Gen, Fremont's proolsma
tion on wbioh I have commented,
I have the honor w be,
His Exoelleioy, AsstBAMIiajooiii, Presi
dent of the United Sttes. ..
EXECUTIVE MANSION, Sept. 12, 1861.
The Hom JoaxrH Hmr- nnr v,v
i hI dy lnialtin to the late proclamation
of Gen. Fremont, fa received.' Yaaiarda. i
addressed a letter rj hlmby mail ou the same
subject, and whloh is to be made publio when
ua in-nin ii. uerewnu sena you a copy of
that letter, which, nerham. ahowa m ivuittn..
as distinctly ss any new one I could write. I
will thank you not to make It publio until Gen .
Fremcnt shall have bad time to receive th
original. " Yonr" obedient servant, ' '
The First Manumission Deeds Since
the War.
U. S ARMY, St. Louis, Sept. 12, 1861.
The Maior-General Canmnndlnw eh. w..A.n
Department, having satisfactjry evidence that
Thomas L. Snead, of the' City and CouLtr of
St. Louis, and Stite or Missouri, has been tak
ing acUve part with the enemies of the United
Slates in tbe present insurrectionary movement
against us uovernmenl, and tbe Military Com
mission, now in session at tbe Arsenal in til
city, having repotted the lact lo these head
quarters as the result of its deliberations, tbe
ra,.jor-ueneral Unamending has executed aod
ordered to be published the following Deeds of
viauumiaaion .
W hisi as, Thomas L. Snead, of the City and
County of St. Louis, State of Missouri, has
been taking active part with the enemies of tbe
United States, In tbe present Insurrectionary
movement against the Government of tbe Unit
ed Bute i now, therefore, I, Joha Charles Fre
mont, Major-General Commanding tbe Western
Depsrtmont of the Army of tbe Uoited Sates,
by authority of law, and ths power vested in
me as such Commanding General, declare Frsnk
Lewis, heretofore held to "service or labor" by
said Thomas L. 8oad, to be free snd forever
discharged from the bonds of servitude, giving
blm foil right and authority to have, use atd
cooirol bis own labor, or service, as to him snay
seem proper, without soy loooooubility what,
ever tj taid Tbomss L. Snead. or anv one t
claim by, through or under blm. And this deed
of msnumitsion shall be respected aod treated
by all persons, and in all courts of justice, as
the full and COmoletS evidence nf the tnerfnm
of said Frank Lewis. .,
In testimony whereof, this aet la done at tha
headquarters of ths Western Department of
tbe Army of ibe Uoited 8 tales, In ths City of
8t. Louis, 8tate of Missouri, on the 18-h day
of September, A. IP. 1861, as is evidenced by
toe Liepartmentw sesl hereto affixed by my or
Major General Commanding
' Waiaias, Thomas L. Snead, of ths City aod
Cosnty of St. Louis, Stite of Missouri, bee
been taking so aotive part with tbe enemies of
ths United States, In the present Insurrectionary
movement against the Government of tha
United State now, therefor, I, John Charles
Fremont, Majoi-Oeoeral commending the
Western Denaittnent of the Armv of tha Unit-
ed States, by authority of law and the power
vested In me, ss such Commandinn General.
declare Hiram Reed, heretofore held to service
or labor by Thomas L. Snead, to be fret, std
forsvsr discharged from tbe bonds of servitude,
giving blm full right and authority to have, use
ana control nis own isoor or service, as to blm
may seem proper, without any accountability
whatever to said Tbomas L. Snead. or to anv
one ti claim by, through, or under him
And this Ueed of Manumission shall be re'
spscted and trotted by all persons, snd lo all
Courts of Justice, ss tbe full sod complete evi
dence of tbe freedom of said Hiram Reed.- .
In testimony whereof, this set Is done at
Headquarters of th Western Deoartment' of
ths Army of tbe United States, in tbs City of
St. Louis, Bute of MiaramL on thla 19th da
of September, A. D. 1861, as Is evidenced bv
th Departmental seal htrtu affiled h sn or
Major-General Commanding.
.' Done at the office of the Provost-Marshal, In
tb City of 8t Louis, this lSih dsy of Septem-;
ber.A. D. 1861, st bine o'clock in th evening -of
said dsy. , r ,, ;
Witness my bsnd and sral of office
affixed.' -
Brigadier-General, Provost Marshal.
Steam. Between Ireland and America
.Ti ! Ml. I -..!. . r A
The following new and kiagnlfloent Tirat-Utipaddir -heel
Bteamabips campoac the abov Una: i 4 ,
ADRIATIC, 8,888 toni burthen CapLJ. Macs'
, vrvimeriy or tntuotiins une.) '
RIBXRNIA. . 4.4O0tooilmrUea.Capt. . Pioeraa. I
COLUMBIA, 4 0 " . . . k. Ltrroa.
ANOLI A, ' 4,400. ": " u"''- NicBoteoii '
PAOItIO, 8 WO 4. i, ., j. tmnn, s -PRINCB
ALBERT. (Screw.)
.... i ,' , , a,JU ;,.. i t. Waitbb-
One of the above ihlpe will leave New Tork Bostea u
alternately every Tueeday fortnight, for Oalway, oar
rvlat the gerenuaeot mails, touching at AC Johea,
The Bteamen ef thlt lint hare been constructed with '
tht greatest care, under the supervision of the, gevtra
maet, hare walrr-tight eempvrtmenm, and art anexcel
ied torceenfort, safely and speed by Bay , (earners aflaao. i
they art commanded by aal and txperlenced otbven,
and every exertion will be made to promote tht comfort'
of passengers. -. - - i .7 . . v
, Aa.expeiienced Burgeea attached to each thin.
Plnt clsN. I. et Reeled to ataiwey er Wlreryool B100
Seoond-clatt, , " , , h " " 75 .
Ktrw-a, - ' ' toist JcnaV-1 8
thlrt-olae. . to Galway r LlTrpel,3
vr auj wwa in aiciaou, on a siaiiway, su
Third- east misusers are Uheeal Ir aaDnlled with ao-
Msiona ot the beat quality, eoekel and -mi by rk.r-i
yasts of th Company. , . .
... ,
PaVties wlahlns to tend for th.ir friend from the aid"
eonakry eao ,ltale ukemfrm any town eaaralrwarf rn;l
tralaad, e from Ike priiaclpai eauaaef ArngtaU aaae4-
ana, as very iof sate. ; . -r-', r,j ,e.,j
raseengart ror Hw rorx, arriving ny the Boatoa
reamer, wtlt he rbrwarded to Mew York free ef charge. '
for peatagt er furtlier Information, apn ly to '
.... -'Ww M. WIOKHAM,
Atrhaeac4( thd 4estBnVM tbe. whea aaot ef
4j(rj3 .mmef'vl oi tsitii ta ttm
.-3 L' l."
in, 1. 1 j mill a,. t ,1 11
Irish Lincu Oooda.., -"i
laSnlrtB..cB, riu andlaswy .
Shirting and ikieom Llnene. .
ti lO.lHneo t)h4Mingaa4t'o0trt.4!' s
;hw ,'M.x) Utmlattis1oaacid Lang Wceii'.';' ;
lilaea Poeket-handa'ts,all sleaa,,
t. urtaiv;i;:t ."
idneaTaliM Clouieaod aw a, Dnsta at -".'ill
rl ,11 itllaeTowa vineelore4 annieetj ft:i, ,t
Hmvj -,;r'';'t i;,
,.1 j.,4 - .. e,fv a. e-C' .t
fcMt .5" in?p (as.CaWi&astte.' r

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