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Mali! for Hew Tork City, Boeton, Albany, Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, gleubenvllle WAV. Cleveland, Zaneerl a,
Newark, arannne, waanington vitr,
delphla and New Orleans, close dsily (oundaya except
ed) At 8 o'oiock p m. '
A through Bill for Hew tork end Cleveland1 closes
dalle (Biindave excepted) at So'oloek p. SB.
0. O.atO.R. . Way Mall closes dally (Sundays ex-
fc.!":,-.i.... ,a
Central Ohio Way Mail
in Ai1nb . tn
OluolnnaU Way Mall oloses daily (Sunday! excepted) at
OhlSo,'lnWqiii Delaware, Mario and Worthing
ton Malls elotoi dally (eranaaye novpwi; ei 0 eioox
'''uVn.fk.Tanl. Snrlnrfleld. Dayton, Toledo. Clncln
oatl, Indianapolis, Louisville, Bt. Louis, and Detroit,
vloees dally (Sundays oxoopUd) at 8 o'clock p.m.
A through nail to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
closes dally (Bundaysexcepteu) at iu o'clock a. m.
Urban, Plqut, Tiffin and Union City mail oloses dally
(Sundays exocpted) at o oiooa p. m.
Lancaster, Logan, Nalsonrllle, Clrclerille, Ohllllcotha.
Pnrt.mnnth. Waahlniton O.H., Athens. Marietta anil
Hillsborough malla olota dally (Sundays aioepted) at 8
Baat way Mall by National Road to Zanesvllls eloiet
daily (Sundays excepteojai isocioei m.
Harrliburgh Malleloata dally (dundays exoepted) at I
0 olook p-
Mt. Tamon Mall, by way of Westerrille and Banbury,
clotef daily (Sundays excepted) at 3 o'oiock p. m.
Dublin Mall oloaei dally(Snndays exeepted)at V o'clock
p. m.
Lancaster Way Mall closes dally (Sundays excepted) at
0 clock
Mall,, from New Tork. Boston, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Pittsburgh, Oleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
iintmit. anrnflaid. Olnelnnatl. Ohlllloothe, at. Loon,
and all Southern ettlea, arrive between tha boura of
o'clock pm. and 4 o'clock a.m. .'
Ualli from Indianapolis, Ohlcsgo and Dubaqn arrive
at 3:4U a. m.
Malla from Wsshlngton Oily, Baltimore, Wheeling,
7.anaavtll, Newark, Bteabenvtlle, Mt. Vernon, and tbe
0. 0. B. R. Way Mail, antra at Wo'eloexm.
Way Mail from Olnolnnatl arrives at 3 o'oiock p
l .,.ai.i kiaU arrlvaa at It o'oiock . m.
Kut Way Mail aver tha National Hoed arrives at 1 1
o'clock am
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrlres at 11. IK) a. m.
Wall frou Dunlin arrlros at 11 o'eloek m.
Urbane Way MslWairlre at ! o'clock p. m.
Harritbuigu Mall arrlrea at 11 o'clock a. m.
I.incaaier U'av Mall arrive l at 11 o'clock m
oiHca dellnrv onen everr day (azcept Bandar) from
7 o'clock a.m. to 6 o'oiock p. m. Open on Sundays
from 7 hi to 9 o'clock In tba morning, and from 4 to (I
Rail Road Time Table.
LlTTLa Mum Qsktmari A Xtma B. R. ,
Olnolnnatl Aooommodatlon. S 00 A. M.
" Kipreu 11:40 A.M.
Mall and Accommodation.. V:0V. M.
Night apnea rla Dayton. lii:00 midnight
10 P. M.
Il:(i3 A. M.
:M) t. Mi
S '.'UA. M
Jho. W. Sobirty, Agent.
Ooioiisci k Cixvibaxp R. R. . ,
Might Ixpre. 3:40 A. M. 11:15 P. M.
NeV York Kxprees 11:10 A. M. 10:50 A. M.
C.O.fcO. Way Bxprem.... S:J0 P.M.' 7:50P.M.
Jains PiTTTXtoR, Agent. '
.. OnrattOuio H. B. ,
No. 3 Express!.'.. ..r.TT3a A. M. 11:85 A. M.
No. 5 .10 S 15 P. M. 11:45 A. M.
W. Jfnx, Agent.
Prrraioaasi, OoLOHaos t GmcunUTt R. B.V,
Mall Train 430A.M. 1IA. M.
xprasa Train 115 A.M. 8:45 P.M.
Joe. RosiHSCIt, Agent.
CoLOinoa At IiroiaiforoLii, R. R. "
No. 1 Express 6:30 A. M. 8:00 P, M
No.li " 3:00 P. M. 7:30 P. M.
Accommodation I0; A. M.
C. W. Bkiti, Agent.
The Adams Express) Company places tu daily
under obligations to It for tbe very latest papers
from tbe eastern cities.
Tbe American Express Company has oar
tbankj Tor its daily tavors in tne snaps 01 me
very lateM eastern papers. -
LOCAL MATTERS. Tribute to the Memory of President
' The undersigned residents of Columbu,dem
it proper that we should make a publlo ezpres-
stott of oar views and leeliogs in regard to tne
resent and lamented decease of Loam Andiews,
late President of Keojon College. We do cot
aeeame to represent others; still we donbt not
thai we shall express sentiments common to
11 the teachers and other active promoters of
education throughout the State. "
The death of Mr. Andiews Is to as a deep af
fliction, because we. honored and loved him
while living. W honored him lot his noble and
elf-saorlficiog efforts to promote popular wel
fare. He was the first man in Ohio to offer his
services to his country In its present snuggle
with armed rebellion. At the head of his regl-
nftnt Iia wank fntfi. nnt Aftklne Ma nam slnrv.
, -.--, " ""I O " " O Jt
but the greatest good of all our millions. Aa lm-
perative senis of duty Impelled him to this course.
We honored him for the distinguished success
which he achieved its President of Eenyon Col
lege. Tbe remarkable prosperity of that Insti
tution is due, we believe, chitflf to bis judicious
' and efficient management- But chiefly we hon
ored him for bis earnest and successful efforts
In behalf of tbe cause of publlo schools in
Ohio. For our present excellent school system
the people of the State are Immeasurably In
debted to Mr. Andkews's self. sacrificing and
herolo labor. It is bur confident opinion thlt
Ohio Is more deeply Indebted to Mr. Andrews
than to any other of her sons, whether living or
dead. Our thousands of well ordered schoola
re monuments of his zeal for. the highest
good and the truest glory of our great common
' wealth. . k ; a -
We loved Mr. Andmws for the rare and beau
tiful virtues of bis life and heart; for his benev
olence, bis obsorblng desire for tbe good of
others; for' bis abnegation of self; for his
strong Christian faith, and his humble religious
'life. " ' '"'- '.
- We feci that we have lost noble friend" and
beloved brother; and we acknowledge our
obligations to cbetiah his precious uemory,and,
so far as
are "able-, to, Imitate his bright
State School, Commissioner.
Late Siipt, Publlo Schools of Cincinnati. .,
fj 'A.D. LORD,'-;" ,
LaW Pres't Ohio State Teachers' Ass'a . '
'.. .. ; E. D. KINGSLEY, :
i p Snpt. Pabllo Scbeols, Columbus.
E. E. WHITE,. 1
Chairman Ex. Com. O. Teachers Ass'a.
Colamb.ns,0., Sept, Id,' l8Cl' ,'a '. V, ' v
U -
Review, Insfeotion and Dmss Paeade. His
Excellenoy.Governor Dennison, will review the
Tbtrty-ftrst Regiment, Col. Moses B. WAtna'a,
at Camp Chase this (Wednesday) afternoon.
Tbe review, Inspection and dress parade will
commence al hatf-past four o'clock.--"V" '
We have received polite invitation from
Adjutant E C. DsNid. to be present oa the occa
sion, and shall eerCalhly; If possible, comply.
Col. Walkeb snthoiiaes us to extend the like
Invitation to our'cttlzeos generally, We hops
many of tbesa will seek tbe oamp this afternoon,
and by their presence, encourage the; hearts of
our noble vplanteers fend their brave and vigi
lant officers.' ."..'I.'.'i.v';;''..";. .
Sewini Machine Weac W Invite 'atten
tion to ths kdvertlsement with 'tola beading In
another coIumuL'C'alllal. lftaw. JSatf JKIch
f" f.
Poilio HoMiLiATtoN-Tasnorrew (Thwaday)
Is tha National ,Tat! Day, proclaimed Tbj the
President of the United SUtes.
,. L . f ., ; U t Hit
H7 The amount' of Covernbent loan taken
In Cinolnnatfe sp to Saturday evening, was
, The Nationai, Loan. It will be seen by tbe
dveitlsement In another oolnmn, that William
0. Dxsblee, Esq., Is the Government Babscrip
lion Agent for the National Loan, and has
opened book for subscriptions at the Clinton
Bank In this city.
The inducements for making Investments In
this Government stock are strong tnd manifold.
It is safe JAfe as the Government itself, which
though resisted by a formidable rebellion, will
be maintained by the affection and might of a
great and loyal people.
It Is a profitable investment, paying interest
semi-annually at the rate of one cent per day
on every fifty dollars.
As United 8tatea stock) it Is exempt from
taxation. This 1s no small matter, when taxes
on money or othor securities are likely to be so
It can be takcu'ln sums of fifty, ons hundred
dollars, snd onward, thus putting it In the
reach of persons of small means, at well as of
large capitalist!.
It Is patriotic to subscribe to the extent of our
means to this loan, to enable lbe Government
to sustain Itself In this hour of our country'
peril. Many who caunot go Into the "tented
field," can In this way maulfest their attach
ment to the Union and their love of country.
Call on Mr. Dism.ta at the Clinton Bank for
all needed information.
IT Monday forenoon, orders arrived at Camp
Dennison, directing Col. Hackkb'b Illinois Regl
ment to proceed to Louisville Immediately. In
thirty mlnntes they were ready. They went to
Cincinnati and embarked on steamers.
Sorqions. Dr. H. K. Steele, of Hamilton,
has been appointed Surgeon, and Dr. John II
Roams, of Springfield, Assistant Surgeon of
the 44tb Regiment.
The Botlie Cocntt Faib We acknowl
edge tbe receipt of an Invitation and a tloket
from A. P. Cox, Secretary of the Butler Coun
ty Agricultural Society, to the Eleventh An
nual Fair of the Society, to be held on ita capa
cious and beautiful grounds, adjoining the city
of Hamilton, on the first four days of October
next. The success that has hitherto attended
the County Fairs in Old Butler, justifies the ex
pectation that tbe one about to take place will
be one of tbe most interesting and attractive
held this fall In the State. We shall be happy,
If oircnmstanoee admit, to be numbered among
its numerous visitors. ,
O" Gov. Dennison, having jnst arrived from
Washington, went yesterday afternoon to Cin
cinnati, to meet Gov. Moston, of Indians, with
whom, it is said, be will bave a conference to
day, on tbe condition of affairs in Kentucky,
and the proper course to be pursued in relation
tolhat State, '
" '
ID" Thirty-eight men from Portage county
for Captain Cottee's Battery of Artillery ar
rived at Camp Chase yeeterday afternoon.
DT Sixteen tunepf Quartermaster's stores
are reported on tbe way to the city for the use
of Col. Caejunoton's Regiment. Muskets and
accoutrements for the whole regiment are also
said to be coming. V
IT We learn that a company of cavalry con
sisting of 100 men, under Captain Gaebabo
and Lieutenants Wilson and Geannan, left
Camp Dennison on Monday last en' roufs for
Washington City. In tbe company were six
teen printers from the Cincinnati QatAte, En
quirtr and Timu offices. -k
" 1 - 1
Game Law. The new game law prohibits
the shootiog of quail snd rabbits from the first
day of February to the first day of October,
consequently tbe shooting season commences
fifteen days later than heretofore.
O Forty two of the wounded by the late ae-
cldenton the Ohio and Mississippi Railway,
have been discharged from the Cincinnati Ma
rine Hospital as cured, and ordered to join
their regiments at Camp Dennison. Abont fifty
more will be discharged this week. )
m 1 f . .
The Pansteaeoeaka. This exhibition of pr.
Kane's Arctio Voyagea and of the scenes, in
the present war in the United States, is one of
the most attractive entertainmens ever given in
our city. Go to Armory Hall and witness It,
and you will not regret the trifling expense or
the time spent.
m - .
" Kennedy's Medical Discoveev." It oan
now be said with truth that the great remedy
has been found for tbe "healing of the nations,"
for during the twelve years that this ;medloine
has been before the public, It has cured enough
persons to, people good sized "State and
healthy one too, for not a particol ot humor
would be found in all their veins. There are
many persons who to use their own words, are
"never well" and yet they will not believe that
it may be humor that causes their feelings, be
cause they have not so much as pimple on
their body.;.' All (his may be true, and yet the
worst of humor be eoncealed In their veins.
None need remain In suspense on this account
however, for a bottle of tbe Discovery, we oan
assure them, will make It appear If there la a
particle of humor about them.
r v
Tki Best Artificial Help la tho
II Din mat night Tr Invented, r
merit of ths. mat ImnrarrA klnda at aoeclaclaa.
All his (Masses, wbetner for near or lar-alghtad, are
ground la aoncaro eoarex form with the greatest care,
to as to salt the Ires of all oesre, raring Weaknees,
Detainees or Inflammation of tha Kraa, and Imparting
strength for long reading or Ant sawing. .
Offloe, 13 last Bute street, at Bolder at W sinter's
UnstoBtor. , .
angS-dlj '
Oysters! Oysters!!
Has jrurr received, and will.
, Uln daill receipt, bf Expraea, of ., ., ..
frssa Baltimore and Fair ITsrren.
flail at Wagner's Orstrrand fruit Depot, Ho. SI Vast
State street. ..'
aagtu, (?!! t t..e i;li' i(;'
Baltimore Clothing Eonse.
,-t-ti " ,,itmna.aBi
aurorMmjasns us waoMutu Hiia m '
j-'tto. SQ3.W, EaltimorfHtreet,1
Cltt I. ) 1 - r-.-l .. . .
eij H. l.sa-rwartjuBBjitv art bowae,)
A Urgej Atsortaeat I fleet sad Itralsilnf
Dooda Constantly ea Haas,
The Capture of Lexington Discredited.
The Capture of Lexington Discredited. [Special to the St. Louis Republican.]
JivrtasoN Cm, Mo., 8ept. 28. Nothing has
been received here oorroboratory of the report
of the surrender of Lexington, and many here
disbelieve It totally.
Dr. Hunhee. who left his home, forty-five
miles from Mxington, on baturaay nignt, ana
who la a near neighbor or Cantata Maeoino,
cantured bv Colonel Marshall and taken to Lex
lngton, about two weeks since, and who bas
two sons in tne rebel army, declare tr tne eiiy
had surrendered on Friday, Magoffin's family
must have beard of it, and be himself been ap
Drlsed of tha fact.
It is supposed If Lexington has surrendered,
rrloe and b i armv will move down ine river.
ana unless cheeked or dereatea, aivaon cogue,
ville, and then Jefferson City.
Judee Held, who arrived here yesterday, nav-
Ing been a prisoner In Lexington, but released,
says uol. mulligan told blm last 1 uesaay even
ing that be could hold out under any circunv
stances five or sit days.
This oitv Is auiet, and no fears are entertain.
ed of tbe rebels, whatever their force.
Lacon. III.. Sept. 23. Graves & Co.'s dls
tillery was destroyed bv fire last nlcht. Loss
$30,000; insured.
The Great Eastern Damaged.
St. Jonhs. N. F.. Sent. S3. The steamer
Persia, arrived here, reports meeting tbe Great
Eaetern putting back to Liverpool In a damaged
Eloin. III.. Sent. 23. C. C. Thlers's ware
house was destroyed by fire last night, with
about 5,000 bushels of grain. Loss $1U,UUU;
partly insured. Supposed to be tbe work of an
Arms for Missouri.
New York. Sect. S3. A distinguished oltl-
fea from Missouri has just provided for the State
01 Missouri 3,uuu musket i and 4,uuu equip-
menti, to be sent at once from New York to
Missouri, and by the most expeditious railroad.
Tbe President snd Cabinet gave tbe order on
Friday, and the arms will be on the way to
morrow. .
Philadelphia, Sent, S3. Tbe ship Mlalhon,
from Sardinia, with a cargo of salt, was seized
here, being owned in New Orleans. Three
persons were sent to Fort Lafayette, charged
with furnishing goods to the rebels.
St. Loots. Sent. S3. Chas. G. Ramsay, pro
prietor of the Evening News, was arrested this
afternoon, by order of the Provost Marshal, and
taken to headquarters lor examination. His
offense woe publishing an editorial artiole to
day entitled "Fall of Lexingtoo," refleotiug in
bitter terme upon the campaign, tbe military
authorities in the Department of lbs West.
His caper was suppressed, all manuscript in tbe
offloe seised, and the building le now In posses
sion of the Provost Guard. The name of the
author of the article was divulged, md It Is
thought the publication of the paper will be
allowed to continue.
Col. Mulligan's Command Released
on Parole.
Chioaoo, Sept. 23. A special dispatch this
evening from Quinoy to the Journal, says Col.
Mulligan's command has been released on pa
role, and will be here this evening and remain
until Gen. Fremont's orders are received.
General Prentiss has telegraphed from Brook
field to tbe Assistant Quartermaster to provide
subsistence lor two thousand men, and have it
ready upon their arrival. The commissioned
officers are retained as prisoner by the rebels-
Skirmishing near Cairo.
CAiso.Sept. 23. Tbe pickets of the Iowa
7th, at Elliot's Mills, Kentucky, eight miles
above Columbus, were approaoned on Sunday
evening by a body of rebel cavalry, numbering
fifty. Tbe Iowa troops fired upon them, bring
ing down three or four. The rebele returned
tbe fire without doing any damage They tben
fled, leaving four horses. Another skirmish
with tbe rebels toek place near Hunter, Mo.,
lour miles below Norfolk, last evening. Three
of our men and horses are missing. Tbe ana
my'a lose not ascertained. .
Reports from below say the rebele at Colum
bus art orossing to Belmont; also, that they
are In possession of Blandtnsvllle, Kj., twelve
milee southeast of this plaoe.
Gen. Buckner is stated to have taken posses,
slon of Owensboro', Ky., on tbe-Ohii river, 70
miles above Paducab.
General Prentiss's Command Cut Off
General Prentiss's Command Cut Off-Fears for his Safety.
[Special to the Tribune.]
Chicago, Sept. 24. Qotnov, 8spt. 23 Gen.
Prentiss assumed command in North Missouri,
and started West yesterday. He Is now West
of Brookfleld, and cutoff by the rebels suppos
ed to be part of Price's ;force. Great' fears are
entertained that he will be captured.
Reports are rife that a body of three or four
thousand rebels are marching to St. Joe. An
attack is expected there to-morrow.
The Siege of Lexington-Suffering of
The Siege of Lexington-Suffering of the Union Troops-Rebel Loss 1,000
Killed and Wounded.
Htrwow, Mo ,8ept. 23. The following ac
count of the siege of Lexington is furnished to
tbe St. Louis Republican by Henry Bradburn,
one of Col. Mulligan's soldiers, who left Lex
ington Saturday morning.
The fort wae surrendered on rrmay alter-
noon. The men lougnt on lor nny-nine nours
without water, and had only three barrels of
vinegar to quench their thirst during all that
time. There were no springs or wells of water
in the camp grounds, aa has been stated. The
supply was from the river, and was cut off, after
a desperate ngnt, on weanesuav.
Tbe oamp ground consisted ot aoout ten
acres, and wae located a short distance from
the river. - There were breastworks entirely
around It, with the exception of the portion
next the river. It was here the hardest fighting
took place.
The rebels procured a large namner oi nemp
bales, rolled them In advance, and under their
cover gradually succeeded In securing a posi
tion in tbe rear. TDey tnen eut on tne supply
of water, and bad the fort completely surround
ed. They made but few charges upon the
breastworks durint the entire siege: their ob
ject eeemed to be to surround the fort, and out
off tbe supply ot water, and Daring succeeded
In this, tbey waited until Col. Mulligan was
compelled to yield to a foe more terrible than
the twenty-seven thousand rebels who surround
ed him.
Previous to his surrender be offered to take a
position on a level spot ot ground and give
General rrloe tne odds or tour to one in a isir
snd open fight, but no attention was paid to it.
After tbe surrender tbe rebels mounted tbe
breastworks and seemed mad with Joy. As
soon aa the surrender took place, a party took
down the Federal flag and trailed it in the dust.
An immense amount or gold, supposed to be
about a quarter of a million, fell into tbe bands
of tbe rebels, it was taken irom tne Dan is ana
burled by Col. Mulligan on the grounCe some
time ago. The rebels speedily unearthed it.
Col. Mulligan wept like a eniid wnen ne louno
himself eompelled to surrender. -
Tha morning alter . tne surrender tne men
were all released on parole and ferried across
the river. The officers were retained. -, ,
Tbe lose of the rebels is not known, but it Is
thought to be not less tbani.UUO killed and
wounded. .Their first attack proved more dis
astrous to them thin the long siege which fol
lowed. For a day or two previous to tbe lost
attaok tbey, were engaged in burying their
dead.; , . '.
Destruction of a Fort and Cannon on
the North Carolina Coast.
New Yobk. Sent. 23. The Herald has an In
teresting letter from Monroe, dated 22d, with
advioea from Hatteras Inlet, to the evening
Jrovious , that tbe expedition bad destroyed a
ort on Deeoon Island. Tba Ocreoeoko Inlet
fotttwae found deserted, but the rebele bad
succeeded previously la removing two beavy
una to Newborn.. All the suns, numbering
eighteen long 33-poundera and four eight-lnoh
nan guns, were uestrovM. and the fort entire
ly burnt up. ..The lighthouse on the Island was
also burnt up. Two heavy guna were alto
destroyed at Portsmouth, which village, togeth
er, with that of Qareooke, were visited. Iaboto,
plaess tha union feeling was found pretty
Great complaints were made of tha plunder.
ing propensities er tne reoeis.
Unfortunately Col. Hawkins had not men
enougn to noid toe ion, tnue neoeasivaung its
destruction. -
The Union feeling in Newborns la quite
strong, but smothered. Meetings held in Hyde
and other counties resolved to remain at home
on the approach of our forces, and to furnish
an tney could In the way or provisions.
Col. Hawkins had issued a proclamation, as
suring all the loyal cltliens of protection, and
atating tnat tne true oDjeot oi his cxpeumon
was, to give them back law, oraer ana me uon
About 10.000 rebels are encamped about
Boaufort, and Fort Macon bad been greatly
strengthened. They are alio erecting strong
naileries on Koanoke isiana.
It Is resorted that tha rebels had landed a
force about forty miles above Hatteras Inlet,
Intending to destroy the light bouse on Cape
Hatteras and drive our forces from the Inlet.
Colonel Hawkins has sent a force to protect tbe
Inlet. '..,
Tbe British sunbout Rlnaldo was off the
Full Confirmation of Col. Mulligan's
[Special to the St. Louis Democrat.]
Jefferson Citt, Sept. 23. A dispatch re-
ceived here this evening from Geo. freraont
seems to fully confirm tbe eurrender of Lexing
ton by Col. Mulligan. The dispatch says Lei
iogton had surrendered on Friday for want of
water. Before surrendering. Col. Mulllcan
sent two hundred of bis men across the river to
Brookville, en route for Quluoy, Illinois. No
commissioned officers were released. 1
Tbe news to-dav from Tnacumbia reports tbat
Col. McClurrv. of tbe Federal troops, was at
tacked on Frldav bv a nartv of rebels under Par
sons snd Johnsonj but he repulsed them with a
slight loss on our side. ' .'
Our forces, sent up the river last week, are
now at Booneville, and will move forward to
Lexington to morrow. Gen. Davis leaves here
to-morrow, to tike command and lead them oo
Other troops will go forward Immediately.
Two Thousand Federal Prisoners
Released on Parole.
St. Louis. Sejt. 23. Correct reports from
Jefferson City say instead of two hundred men
en route for Quiocy, two thousand of Mulligan's
command were sent over by tbe rebels, released
on parole, eu route for Quincy.
uiaib. Jackson is at Lexington, with the rebel
From Washington.
[Special to the Post.]
Washington. Sent. 23. Roes Winans. of
Baltimore, baa been released from imprison
ment. He will Immediately return from fort
ress Monroe to bis borne in Baltimore. It is
understood that he has taken the oath of alle
giance. Washington reports assert that the ex
aggerated accounts of the etrengtb of the rebel
army are manufactured by tbe contract jobbers
snd their agents in this oity, in order to further
their own purposes.
I he Treasury Department ie still actively
engaged In the Issuing of tbe Treasury Notes.
Large amounts have been sent to tbe Western
States, where they enter at onoe Into the home
circulation, and are eagerly taken up.
1 be loval men of Maryland are doing their
share for the support of the Government.
Two full regiments of excellent troops bave
already been raised in that State, and a third is
uuartermaster-Ueneral iUeiea Is In fmladel
phia, transacting important business relating to
contrsots for army supplies.
secretary Cameron will return to tbe city to
The War Donartment has no confirmation of
tbe report ot the surrender of the f ederal forcos
under Col. Mulligan, at Lexington.
mere Is no truth in the report that General
Fremont Is to be removed. . The President es
peolally oontradloted the rumor. '
The loiiowing bave been appointed urizadter-
Generals of Volunteers: John B. S. Todd of Di-
eotah, late Captain of tba 6ih Infantry, and 0.
oi. van visit, assigned to duty as unlet uusner-
master of the Department ot the Potomac) also,
Major Barnard, John Newton and- Winfleld
Gen. McCiellan reviewed MoDowell's Brig
ade. He was received everywhere enthusiasti
cally. An order hoe been issued forbidding all civil
ians, officers or privates, not on duty, from vis
Iting the outposts of the army.
Tbe rebels burnt Ball's Cross Roads to day;
while burning, a large rebel foroe appeared at
Upton's mil, a mile and a bait distant.
The contract for supplying the Navy Depart
ment with stationary has been awarded to Phil
lips &Bolomans, of this city.
The National fast day will be generally ob
served here.
The War Department has authorized the
raising of a cavalry company In Oregon.
The Times Washington dispatch says, the
excitement of to-day nas been tbe news from
Missouri, and the probability of tbe surrender
of Mulligan's command at Fort Lexingtoo.
I -shall not be surprised, however, to learn that
before this reaches you Gen. Fremont bos taken
tbe field In person, collared Prloe and ble rebel
crew, and forced blm to surrender.
The Tribune's dispatch says, It is not unlikely
that Gen. Fremont will be considered responsi
ble, and the disaster may be (he Immediate oc
casion for his removal. The matter will be
considered In a Cabinet meeting tomorrow
Gen. Franklin bas Issued an order prohibiting
sutlers from selling intoxicating liquora within
the lines of bis brigade, on penalty of having
notion to quit in six bours after tbe first offense.
The Herald's dispatch says a close reoouiois
sance to-day developed the fact that the rebels
are extending tbeir lino of fortifications from
Munson's Hill toward Springfield Station and
Alexandria. Tbey have two large earth works
In progress of erection at Mason's Hill, direct
ly south of Munson's Hill, commanding the
Columbia Turnpike, aurronnded by deep ditch-
Recently released prisoners from Richmond
represent tbat Union prisoners there wbo are
wounded are moat infamously maltreated by
the rebel surgeons, who perform amputations
and capital operations, where there is not the
slightest need, nearly all resulting fatally
The only persons showing humanity toward tbe
prisoners are Georgians and Loulalanians. Tbe
treatment of Virginia Unionists Is stated to bo
also inlamous. Sixteen officers, inoluding one
Colonel, and forty privates, had escaped; four
hundred nriaonera were to be sent to Baton
Rouge this week, and it ia Intended to send
them all South to prevent escape. Many are
suffering for want of clothing, and Gen. Soott
ia to aend them some. :
It is stated that tbe rebel force at Rlobmond
Is about sixteen thousand, and. with the excep
tion of the Alabamians and Mlsslssippians, ail
are In want of woollen garments and shoes.
A ladv who visited Manassas states mat mere
are one hundred and eighty thousand troops un
der Beauregard.
Tbe woods on the eastern slope oi Arlington
Helehts are burning to-night.
Tbe following Important oroera nave oeen
Issued by the Postofiios Department:
vraer r mi mat no newspapers or prmwu
mattsr htt admitted to ths letter rjoucbss dec
tlned for the Poclfio Coast, letters being placed
azolnalrelv therein. .
Second That separate bags be appropriated
exclusively for papers destined to toe Pacific
ioasi. exoiuuini ail oiuer uiiurau m.irei.
Third That auoh letter pouches and news
paper bags be forwarded to California, as usual!
bv tha Overland Route. 1 1 . '
Fourth All other printed matter of every
kind, destined to the Paclflo Coast, to be sent
In bars to tha 14 ew xorx oince, mere to oe e
llvered to the agents oi me. uveriana hiou
. ,. a .1 ii as.ii
Com nan v. . 1 urn.
ritth rostra osiers are requested io compir
: . . ..j a
carefully with these orders nntll further notice,
and any ' neglect therein will Immediately be
repotted to tne Appoinimeutoiuoe. r
[Signed,] JNO. A. KASSON,
First Assistant Postmaster-General.
Additional Foreign News by the Persia.
.... s aasAe .
' The London Times editorially rUiouleetho
passport system of the United State, -anti aaya
It will not secure tne ueeirou cnu. i us com
nlaint that England baa to make in ths matter
Is la regard to tba discourtesy to Lord Lyons,
la leaving boms to learn the new arrangements
from the newspapers. - ' ,, ,'. ,
Movements were miking w troops reporsio
rr to their embarkation tor Canada. : '
M. Knaaall. In another letter to the London
Times, on American affairs, saya that General,
MaClailan la fast becoming master oi tne situ
ation. and the movements of tha Federaltts by
water, both on the sea-board and down tbe
trF.r' '.4
Mississippi river, must greatly embarrass ths
oomu. - , . .
It is stated that the City of New York took
fifty-five eases of rifles for the Northern army,
but the agents of the line denied all knowledge
of anv shipment contraband of war.
It is oon firmed tbat our Minister to Brussels
has visited Garibaldi to offer him a eoiamond
iu the Federal arm). The Derrette regrets
tbat is cannot give a denial to the rumor Of tho
acoentanoe tit tbe oner bv Uarlbaldi.
The new a ia eoofirmed that Spain ie to join
in the Anglo-Franco expedition to Mexico.
The stock of cotton at Liverpool le estimated
at 608,000. bales', of which Ml.&UU are Amen
can. ('; i . 1 - ' . i ( '
Richardson. Snence ft Co., A. Bigland it Co.
report provisions generally dull. Beef steady.
Pork quiet but steady. Bacon still decliolng,
and holders Dressing their stocks on the market.
Cheese declined 2i4s. Lord firmer; sales at
48:2i. Refined qualitiee bave improved
most. Sugar steadv. Coffee firmer. Rice
slightly higher, Carolina 232fr'a. Linseed Oil
tends upward.
London Maeeet. Baring Bros, report Wheat
advanced; sales, Amerioan at 5364j. Flour
2629. Tea firmer, common Congou lid.
Coffee firm and unchanged.
LivEsrooL, Sept. 14, r, M. Sales oi cotton
to-day, 15,000 bales, of which 8.000 were to
speculators snd exporters; the market closed
firmer. ,
Breadstuff auiet. but steadv. Provisions
Consols dosed at u3(393 for money. Il
linois Central shares 39W3!) disoount. Erie
Advices irom Mancbeeter unfavorable; mar
ket dull, and prices, both for goods and yarns,
tending downward.
Liverpool breadstuff market Is quiet, but
steady, except for corn, which has a downward
Richardson, Specce ft Co, and Wakefield,
Naeh & Co report flour dull and unchanged;
sales of American at 2430. Wheat quiet
but steady; red western 10s 3dlls 9d; red
southern 12j12 Ci ; white western 12i ;
white southern 13j13s 6d. Corn tending
downwards; mixed 3Us 6j31s Id; white 33
36s. I
Havre. Sect. 12. Coll n: Sales of week.
12,000 bales; New Orleans trea ordinaire 121f;
bas, 1144f; market has an upward tendency.
Stock, 222,000 bales.
Fremont Meeting in Ironton, Mo.
Ieonton, Mo., Sept. 21. At a meeting of tbe
commissioned officers of the Twenty-first Illi
nois Regiment United States Volunteers, called
together for the purpose of giving an expression
of their feelings in regard to the course of Gen
eral Fremont, Colonel J. W. G. Alexander was
called to the chair. The following report of
the eommlttee to draft resolutione was unani
mously adopted :
Whereas, We view with regret tbe efforts
being made to bring about tbe removal of Gen
eral Fremont, and believing that his removal
would endanger, If not destroy, tbe magnificent
army organized by and now under his command,
and thus not only greatly weaken the power of
the Government, but encourage the leaders ot
tbe rebellion in their ffbrts to destroy tbe Re
public; therefore,
Resolved, Tbat in John C- Fremont we reo
ognize not only a great military ohieltain, but a
true patriot, whose well known courage, unri
valed genius and undoubted energy have mark
ed blm out as the man to organise and success
fully command tbe army of the Weet.
Retohed, That we unhesitatingly indorse the
course being pursued by General Fremont in
tbe Military Department of the West, and tbat
we will not, under any circumstances, counte
nance the efforts now being made to remove
blm, but will at all times do all in our power
to prevent its consummation.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fortress Monroe', Sept. 23. Commodore
Stringbam wae to-day relieved by Capt. Golds
borough, and will proceed to night to Washing
ton. Col. De Ruseey leaves 0:d Point to-day,
to assume forthwith the command of the Engi
neer Department in California.
Cincinnati Market.
t tOD a Of superfine grades, had a better market,
and we quote such at 4 10 per barrel. Kxtra remains
at tbe figures girenoD Saturday, and family la firm at
4 4034 SO.
WHKAT Buyers were not keen to-dayi They are
cautions abont following np the adrane made a few
days ago. Prima red ie quoted st 8383o, and whit
at 90(g)V3o. Tha shipments allow of no accumulation of
CORK Is Arm at a full adrsnca to 88c.
OATd Are held higher, and S3e In balk is readily
paid, but not promptly taken.
BARLEY Hae no trade to make a quotation .
Rlf B Is unchanged.
. WniBKV-Wasadrancedtol4r.
Cleveland Market
CLEVELAND, Sept. 23.
f LOUR-SalM of 100 barrels red at Si SO. Tbe mar
ket Is firm.
WHBaT Haa advanced again. Bales were is ears
red on track at 91; one ear poor whit at tha same; three
oan good do at 9 1 OS; and four ears do at 9 1 03. Tha
market closes quiet at the adranoe.
(JOHN Salts or xuuu nusn anoat at raxc-
OATS gales of 14v0 bosh afloat at 93c, and ons car do
RYE Quotable at 453.
HiaHWINEo-BUtr at 151.0. Iheie are no tales re
IROIT8 Dried apples are held at 4$4)c. Cran.
berries are In market at 9 10 par bbl.
BUTTER Dull and unchanged. .
EQ03 Selling at &97o, according to condition.
, Xeadet. .
Rheumatism, Gout' and Neuralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It Is a oonrenlently arranged Band, containing a med
icated compound, to be worn a round the Waist, without
Injury to the most delicate persons; no change In habits
of, Uring Is required, and It entirely remorse the dls
ease from tha eystem, vlthont producing the ttnjurioue
effects arising from the as of powerful internal medi
cines, which weaken and destroy tha constitution, and
giro temporary relief oaly. By thle treatment, the med
icinal pro peril ee eontaiota ia ma nana noma in oon not
with tha blood and reach tha disease, thiongh the pores
of the skin, effeotlng in every instance a perfect cure,
and restoring tha parts afflicted So a healthy oondltloo.
This Band Is also a isostpowerral Am-Mancuaus agent,
and will entirely reliere the system from thepermotout
effects of Mercury. Moderate cases are cured In a few
days, and we are constantly feeeieing testimonials oi its
efficacy In aggrarated oaaea of long standing.
Paica $it,00, to be had of Druggists generally, or esn
be sentbr mall or express, with full direotlona for sea.
to any part el tba oountro . direct I rum ma rrtaeipai
Ho. 4.09 BK0JJ)W4YHsw Yerk.,, i
O. SMITH It CO., Sole Proprietors. , ,
N. i.Descrlptlre Circulars Sent free.. , , . ,
A. J. SeHTJKLLlE St BOH, Drumists, AsxXts, No.
X77 8. High St., bet. friend and klonnd, Oolnmbus, 0.
O Afente Wasted lire ry where.
Master (Jommissioner's Salc
Bale ctfUeeajEsrtatefcy.OTdor of Court.
If.M.finck. y .: riVl - 'lr f ri, ;
' rs. Superior Court of Franklin County.
John, Brown etal.) n -? ' ' IV.
rl pursuance of on order oi tne superior usnn oi
franklin coaaty, Ohio, made at the May term Uiereof,
A. D. 1H81, Is the ebore entitled notion, there will be
offered for sale, at publlo auction, to ties ntghsst siuxwr,
sa ' i .' ' ii . . i
' Saturday, tha 5th day of Oct, A. D. 1861 ,
at the hoar of 10 o'clock A.sf ., at the door of tha Court
Home, la the city at Oolambaa, ia said f raoklla oeonty,
the following real aetata, to wit: "' ......
i In-lot namber 89 of Robert Nail's addlUoa to the elty
ft Oelnmbaa, aelag the narth-east earner of Lookwto
tamplke and Jonnotown piaak roao.
Appraises at fi.Joo.eo. i ' -Terms
of sals, cash. - r
l - Speotal Master Oommlssleser.i
. It H. Chittenden. Attya. .
r: Printer's ffee.9S.SJ., ,
AUf . XO, IOU1-W1W, 1 .1 .1 .r-f ' -
i , . . . : . ' '
tilt omrrcNDiN. ,. . araisat t. cntTTaisnis
f "f -j ,.- ATfOKNBM At LAW. -;.?. .
? IE? Offlfae, S80 Bisaiway w Olty, and
rajtsoae' tsvMm, ColsuMS,Ohio-
ICTOarafal attention paid ta Collections. .
oprllftdOsa . .
An experienced Hares and female Physician, presents
so ue alien una si gunners, ner
which greatly facilitates tbe process of teething, by soft
ening the gums, reducing all Inflammation wil I allay
Abli g AIM and spasmodic acUoa, and is
Depend upon it, mothers, It Will glee rest lo yourselves
We hare nnt no and sold thle article fur orer ten reara.
uuvAu bah, in uunjriusHiAi Aau muiu,oii(.
what ws bare uerer been able tn ear of anr other merit.
asvs, TO KFFaOT A CCBK. when timely used. Ner
ar did we know an Instance of dissatlsfaetlon br any ona
who need it. On the oontrary, all are delighted with ita
operations, ana speak In terms or commendation of Its
magical enecta and medical rlrtues. We speak la this
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten years' expe
almost erery instance where the Intent la suffering from
pais and exhaustion, relief will be found in Alteon or
twenty minntee alter wenyrup is administered.
This ralnable orenanitlnn in the nreecHntinn nf An r
New England, and haa been naed with NITER IA1L-
1NQ BUCCB88 in
notonlr relleres the child from sain, not Inrlma.
atea the stomach and bowels, corrects aoidltr. and Ivm
tone and energy to the whole system. It will almoat tut
stantly reliere
and overcome conrumons, which. If not speedily rema
died, eod In death. Ws beliere it the BEST and SOR
it arises from teething, or from any other cause. We
would say to erery molherwho haa a child suffering from
anyof the foregoing complaints DO NOT LET VftnH
stand between you and your suffering ohlld, and the re
lief that will be BCRB yes, ABSOLUTELY SURE to
follow the nse or this medicine, if timely naed. full dl
rectlons for using will accompany such bottle. None
genuine nniess uie uc -sunns or uuttiiBk f EBKINB.
New York, Is on the ontaida wrapper.
Bold by all Druggists throughout the world.
Principal Of rice 13 Cedar Street IV. V.
manufacturers of all kinds of Por
table ana stationary steam En
gines, saw mills, Crist Mills,
&Ci, eVC. .
ZMTXtt SODLS1 BtaUnl B. BLAND YBtattni
J. J. B. SUTilL Statenlll COLVMSCS
A CO. BtaUntUll
Oar Portable Kogtne and Saw Kill
Wu awarded the first premium of 950 at tha Indiana
Stale fair for I960 oyer Lane Bodley's on aceount ot
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine was awarded st the same fail
the first premium of t00.
Our Portable Engine was awarded tha first premium ot
9100 at the fair at Hemphla, Tenn., orer Blandy'a Da
rail's, Columbus Machine Oo a., and Bradford As 008.
by a eommlttee of practical Railroad IsginMrs , .
for price and terms address
W1LLARD WARNER, Treasurer,
decS-dfcwlyools. Newark, Ohio
Master Commissioner's Sale.
John L. Gill
re. Superior Court,
at. Ballet at.) .
to me directed, from the Sunertor Court of frank-
lin County, Ohio, I will offer for sale, at the door of
tne uourt Honse, in the city of Columbus, on
Saturday, the 5th day of Oct., A. D.18G1,
at 1 o'clook, P. M., the following described real estate,
situate In tha oonntr of franklin, and Slate of Ohio, tn
wu: Lot number is, or John Morrisons subdlrlslon of
lots 3, 8, 7, B and 33 of John Morrison a addition to the
Oity ot Oolumbus.
Appraised at 91,
Printer a fees 94.00.
0. W HUFFMAN, Sheriff
and Mailer Commissioner.
H. 0. Noble, Atty.
Sheriff's Sale.
James Tucker and wife)
Common Pleas.
I lies L. Hughes.
XJ to ma directed from tha Court of Common Pleas of
franklin county, 0., I will offer for sale, at the door of
the Court Bouse, In the olty of Columbus, on
Monday, September 30th, 1861,
At one o'clock. P. M.. the following described real es
late, situate in tha oounty of franklin, and State of
Ohio, to wit:
Lot No, vn, in Jonn ana uenry Miner s Addition to
the Oity of Columbus.
Appraised at '-uu. ,
0. W. HUFFMAN, Bheriff,
Printer's lees, 94. SO. By Kn. Davis, Deputy
augSitd ...
Sheriffs Sale,
Wray Thomas )
re.' ? Superior Court.
Edward A. Brown et al 1
to ma directed, from ths Superior Court of frank
lin oounty, Ohio. I will offer for sale at tha door of ths
Court Uoasa, tn tne city oi uoiumous, unto,
On Saturday, October 5th, 1 861, ' .
at one o'oiock, P. M., the following premises, situate In
the oounty of franklin, and Bute or Ohio, and bound
ad as follows, to wlu
That tract or parcel or land lying east or tne city or vo
Inmhoi. heinr a subdlrlslon of half section No. S3, town-
hin No. S. ranee No. K. Refusee lands, and described
on a certain plat recorded In the office of the Recorder
In and for said Franklin oounty, In Book Ho. 31, page
65 (reference thereto being hereby made), as lot No. SW,
containing eleven acres and serentyseren one-hund
redtbs of an acre (it ii-iw), ana wnicn wan conrryea to
trail a Davis by John Orelghlon, and by said Ryall
Paris and wi'e to Jidward A.Brown, by deed dated October
7th, A. D. 183S, and recorded in Book No. L, psga 178,
in the Recorder's office tn said franklin oounty; the
above d remises hereby as aforesaid conrered, being sub
ject, in the hands of the said Idward A. Brown, to the
olaisa oi nie mower, uaroune nrown, tor tne cnarge ana
expense or ner reasonable and eomtortable support and
maintenance daring ner natural nie.
Also, the followiogdeecribed real estate, situate In the
oounty ot franklin, and State of Ohio, to wit; The
west hair ot lot no. aa, in ma sueairisioa or nair sec
tion No. S3, township No. 5, range No. Si, as made and
described In a certain plat recorded In tba BeeonMrt
office of franklin county, la Book No. SL pan S3 (e
fugee lands); tha whom of said lot eontalnmg eleven
and seventy-three hnndredthsof aa acre (l 1 73 100), and
being tha same land that was eonreyed to the said RyaM
Ss Paris by John Oreighton, and by said Brail Darla
and wife to Oonatantlne Johnson, by dsed dated October
7th, A. D. 1856. and recorded iq Book No. 61, page 175,
In the Recorder' offloe of said fraaklln oeaoty--
Appraised a-Iot No. 89. 5u 00 per acre.
!T .West half of Lot No. 8.at 850 00
: - . Q.W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff. ,x
. i , . By Rd. Dana, Deputy.
. J. 0. RsAXay. Att'y. ' .
. . .a am n . . .. ..
Master Comtiiissioner'fl Sale."-'.!
Oolnmbus Machine Hanutacturlng Co.)
Common Pleas,
agatnsi ;, ,,
Frana in uo.
Isaiah Baker and others. . ) Ohio.
IT. from the Court of Common Pleas of franklin eoeioty,
Ohio, to ma directed la the ebore entitled action, 1 ahaU
offer ror sale u ine Bigness stuaer, oa
Wed.necLar, . October J3,186X.,
between the hours oft a. m. knd Itm., on the prrmlies
a here stood said Baker's mill (recently earned;, ta neae
ant Valley, kladison ooun'y . Ohio, tha fullowinr prer
erty, via: Tha weighing scales, ramnsnta- of maehlnary
and otoer personal property oeawgra oy sain nre.
Terms of sal eaeh. " " '
. Printer's fees S.50, .
1 .R
ssplB-td. Alaster ConuaissioBar.
They- goTRigkt to tha 'BfSD
Instant Belief I stsp ysnr Cemrts
fatrlff yenr Bretttkl
Htrengtben fnt Vplttt
4 i-; r t . , 4 r
' ' ! - . t .
. LADIES AR1 DBtianriD WITH -' tn'.
CHILDREN CRT fOBf , ; 'J. p. ,
They relieve a Cough instantly.
They cloar the Throat.
They give strength and volume to tbe voice..
They impart a delicious aroma to the breaib.
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one. . (
I adriss every ons who has a Cough or a husky Voice
or a Bad Breatn, or any difficulty of the Throat, to fet r
a package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve
you Instantly, and yon will agree with mc that ''they
go right to the spot." Ton will find them very tssfn ) ' a
and pleasant while traveling or attending publlo meet
Ings for stilling your Cough or allaying yoar thirst. It
yon try ona package, I am safe In saying that yon willy
aver afterwards consider them Indispensable. " '---'-
Toa will find them at tha Druggists and Dealers Ish i
Medicines. . !:,,
priob t'i
My signature Is cn each package.
All others are
counterfeit. ' '
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of i
Thirty Cents. - ' ' -,jv
; Henry O. Spaldi.'
r cure yfa
i.- .s.
. I
By tha nas of these Fills ths perlodio attacks of Vm-
sous or Sick Biadacht may be prevented; and if taken
at the oommenoement of an attaok Immediate relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained. , .
mo; nNQn Mil ui mauTioi ui jruneew in a
ooAa to which females are so subject. -
Theyaot gently npoa tha bowels removing (Jbttiv
for LUtrary Utn, SivSmtt, Delicate fema!e
and all persons of Mdmtary habiit, they are value
as a LaxtaMM, Improving tha apptiiU, giving tone
wider to tha digestive organs, and restoring the aatiu
elasticity and strength of the whole system.
TH1 C1PHALI0 PILLS sre the result of long hive.
Ogatlon and carefully conducted experiments, hariLg
been in nsa many years, during which time they have "
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and sutler
lng from Beadachc, whether originating in the ntnrmt
system or from a deranged state of the etoiaaeA. .
Tbey are entirely vegetable In their composition, an
may be taken kt all times with perfect safety wlthoat
making any change of diet, and th abenat of any
iitnaneaile Uut renders U ov to tdmMt tr Uum ...
. 1
Ths genuine hare Are stgnatuies of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box. a
Bold by DrngglKs and all other Dealers In Medicine. '
A Box will be sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of the
Prlco, Q3 Conts.
All orders shonld be adilressed to ' ' "
48 Vedar titi-eet. New forls. -
from the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta. i
Oerhallo Pills accomplish tha obiaot for which thev
were made, ris.: Core of headache In all Its forms. " ,,r,j
' Prom the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta. .
They hare been tested la snore than a thousand nsscs i '
With entire suooese.
from the Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn.
If von are. or have been, troubled with the headache '
send fur a box, (Cephallo Pills,; so that yoa may hara
them In case of an attack. r
i from the Advertiser, Prorklenca, K. I.
The Cephalic Pills are said to be a remarkably effective .
remedy for tha headache, and ona of the vary bast for:
that very frequent complain (which has ever been di;
covered. .
mw . .IT : a
from the Western R. R. Qaaetto, Chicago, 111.
We heartily endorse Mr. gpanldlnc, and his orWtieTr '
Oepliallc Pills.
vsassk i i ri.iir
fro Kanawha Valley star, Kanawha. Va,
Wa aia sure that persons sufferlui with the headaoha ? .
who try them, will stick to them. ." JTti,
from ths Southern Path finder, New Orleans, La." 'A
Try them I yon that are afflicted, and wa are sure that
your testimony oan be added to the already numerous
list that has received boned ta that no other medicine
from the St. Louis Democrat,
Ths Immense desasnd for tba article .Cephalic t Ilk
It rapidly Increasing.
" ' , .-'
from the Oaaetta, Davenport, loeaj.., tj (5 ) J
Mr. Spalding would sot connect his sams with aa ar
tkle he did nut Moietopeeaesa real merit.) .j )
0A single- bottle ef SPALDING'S mpABtTD. '
uxiusi win save tea nmee itaooetaa allrJj!"-"
JJj"a Stttcb m Turs Wm Itmi.'JJl "r
' Al aooldents will happen, area' A etl regulated Krnt
lllee It la very desirable to have some cheap and cos
venient way for repairing fnrnlttiJSTara, Orokary J
" 4 - wALtm'SPBii'AKEBrtraj "
assets all sack emergencies, and no household oaa afford
to be without It. It is always ready, and up to thsatltat -
1CTrot X!l ITlBt HOOTt'.';' ;'
' M, B. A Uruah aoeompaaies aaah bottle,
osnts. i Addreee. -, -) "-
can , , IJSNRT 0. BPALtYINuX
. Wo. as1. Cedar Slreet.iaew Tert.' Qg,
A Mvtfi. nnnrtntnlM mnmu . . , . . .. . i'
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