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Democratic Union Nominations.
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John O. Marshall.
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HENHY N. MfcBtwE" "em.
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. - ' JACOB SLYH ,
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Democratic Union Mass Meetings.
u ; H : .- - TP 1 '' ' M
Tbe Democratic Union State Executive Com
mittee lure "ad ftmogeniiutr for holding
Mm Meetings m foHpiirf! " .- '
At WooBTt. Wejfle equoty, o Friday, Sj
temberSHth.! Speker ' . J "
At CutiIamd, Cuahog county, oa'FrIdj
ertniDg, 6epteaber 27ifl.,:Speker Hon. 11
J. Jetretl kod etbeia. ; ' ' ,f f
At Fmoirf,,Sdtidokj ooDQty, on Saturday,
September 28ih, at 11 A. M. . .Speaker Boo.
Hugh 4. Jewett," Judge Lang (German), and
other.;- l;:. ' , "r I'',:'' J,,,
At Touoo, Lqcm county, ok Saturday ere
ning, September S8ih. Speaker ilon. H. J.
Jewett, Judge Lang (German), and others.
. At Maitbvilli, Unioa eoaoty, on. Saturday,
September S8A, at 1 P. M. SpeakerHon.
Samuel Cox,,'; i V',1." '' 1
la CoclNMTi;n Monday evening, 9eptem
ber 30th; " fip'eakera Iloa. Hugh J;' Jewett
and Hon. .Allen U. Tburman.
At AA.Ciertiioat countyi w Toeeday,
October hi, at 1 P. M. ' 8peaker Hon. Hugh
J. JeU and UuB. AUea G. Tfaur
At Gioicitowh, Brown county, .on. "tVedqea-
day, Ootober Ul, at J. T M. : Bpaawra uoa.
Hugh J. Jewett irffHwrTteTrtJtarman
At HiLUio.woH,3ItighUDd to"unt,'"'on
Tbnrtdav. October 3 J. at 1 P.M. Speakers
Hon. Hogh J. Jewett and Hop. Allen G. Tbnr
-. - - Kl v , v:-4 :
At CfliLticoTai, Roei conoty, on Friday, Oe
tober 4.h, at 1 P M. .Speakers Hon. Hugh J.
Jewett and Hoa. Allen G. Thiirman. t .
At CiaOLindt, Pickaway county, bit Bator-
day, October Sib, at 1 P. M. Speaker Hon,
Hagh J. Jewett and Gov. Medary. v
At Hsi!LToir, Butler' eonnty. 'off Monday,
Septembee 3Utb,at 11 A. Mj Speaker Hoa. H.
J. Jewett, Hon. Wayne Grhwold, . and. Hod.
John G. Mirabel.' - - -
At LaoTaa, Fairfield county, en Saturday,
Ootobei 5 to., at 1 P. M., and in. the eveung
Toe afternoon meeting will be addressed by the
Hon. Allea G.. TlturmaB,.aad th erealag
meeting by the Hon. Hegh J. Jewett. ;
At AtHLAiiD, Ashlknd conoty, on Saturday,
Ootober 5ih,' at I P. M. , Speaker! Hoa. H.
B. Payne and 'ether.'; ,' ' ; '''.'
At Moaaow, Warren, cannty, on Tuesday,
OeUJber 1st, at 1 P, M. Spenkers Uin. John
G. Marshall and Huff. Wayne GrlBwold ,
At Mt. Vianoit, Knox county, on Wedaet
day, Ocu)ba2J,at'l P. M.' 8peaken Hon,
John G. Marthall, Hon. Wayne Griswold and
etherS. injM ,r-...m 4. ifi f
At Niw Liiiiwjton, Perry county, otTTkora.
day, October 31, at 2 P. M. Spenkcrt Hon.
John G.-MrehH, Horn Waynr Orhwolil,- and f
Bon. Edson B. Olds. tr.
At 8hwit Crrr, Erie connty", cnTborsday,
Ootober 3d, at 1 P. M. b'peakera Gov. Medary
and others. "!-; . i? j ' - . . -
Senatorial and Judicial Nominations.
tloa. ' . . .
At a Union Democratic tnttdrlal Conven
tion for the District eosspoted of the eon ties ol
Huron,; ErTeVSandoikf,; and Ottawa,' "held "at
Clyde, oa Friday, taeSDth last.. Judge Cbasxbs
B. Sncaitsi. of Norwalk, was' nominated, for
Senator. Th Newaiki?rserimenf heartily In
dorses the nqmleation, and peak pt, Judge
Snciwr a ' man of tried IptegjUahdjt
ound, ua&iacing L'nlan ni'n', Z u , . ., ,
A Judicial Convention was held 'at the same
time and place, and 'iifmlna'ted'fot; Jodes
John Wbitiick, of Norwalkj fer the full term,
and-Wiu-usi AJtt.8Ui,ot OtVtwa county, to
fill the 'Taeaneyi occaaMned by 4t rssignake.
efjadoww:. vxr'.w;,;;
Mr. Tod Declines the Stamp.
-We ere sdviwd thai'Mr. ton has vlei dewn'1
and declines making speech,e.,,'!1'Ws'lhqu(ft)l.De
would fiud H an p hiM 1Qiios"Wbydoat
the eomaliUe withdraw himJ . Mr. JswetvIs
an eh... j tftflBdtJBlwrmB ; and-wlrit lr xhw-nn
of trjicg ie kaip the'peopl"Jivided7 1 li 4s
rumored that ,tM cUn.s la" MjTuCi poJic)
will soon he follows by Us declination. -
Tod and Stanton.
ba thi eti tlkst c . tb i & party Pt y,
aU:vd (rat its iaine of U (D i.od;
id-tl efl'UKf aHri v'' W' "f6"0?
.L. i.hu fn. l.l.iitun.nUI4rtllarDQ. '
These candidates
. . rW'
vanticin oaillnr llsel
represeut an eacluslv trto party. Itaeandlr
dates are, therefore, preseated te tha Htm S
nhin rJnton men of the ftrst wster.
Nobody 4eaiibdiri mMryg-, P
ed wsaek, wlU depend aoc Ue fctare.;cere
aia ana twaaewie-, 1 . jo ii io u)iUotat3
. Ml ercet d of, Mr- StPJ' ' -
eehservatlfe-Uel ' ' KepdNttan
ranks, whdfio that record, JiavenOconfldende
..... ' . ' J! V-J a'ntl '! 'rn..
laiilatss aunion man. "r-
araaa on tha 83th. of Febraary ,lfe (ate. Coa
ereesional Glob.Of February S9,"186tr fage
,'STen or eight BUtea bow aeoy wev aiie
glanee tt this Gorenuaeat, hav organlatd a
separate Confederacy, and hate declared their
independence of this Governments Whether
that indatMndenoe Is to be maintained tr bet is
with the lutare.f If they shall maUtaln their
poslaon, kDd If pub tte opinion in tbe Heeding
fluuet shall aattaintht authorities then rot a
year ortwo secern if at tt anew that Bathing
but a -war of eubjugatlooaad oooqueet can
briug them back, 1, for; one am dlBpoeed to
HK.niaahatiBdeDSadence L'
"the Befusfontalne 'foiwtf&(l RepuXlJean
psper of Logae eeunty .Sraatoa's) own
county , InlU Istut ef 1 Msrch,, 1,' low
that Mt Stabtou read thU speech in - mestlfg
held on the Dili ofUat.mtBth. in. ft: .Court
Hosse at Bellefontaioe, and re-itcrated bit pur '
ode to adhere .to the sentimenU'ft.conislned
fba1 fUtiAU bssae;e;ije'J'hve
quoted ialwveVW ctmmeilid tepeB.hhaading
its article with the Irtlfleanl word--.SPOT
tmb- tbsttor..- 5 " " :" '"'j 1
, i. .-i-. t-ti'ew ' '.1 vru
. ,That Ji ia the wall matured and. titled con
victlon ef Mr. Sr-itTea, y: whloh he wiU be
girfded'fa; his fottnV political eddtiet'hal In
aue 'i&e .aceded 'States ire able V matolalo
their rebellioua. and 4titoroue ergaaUatioa c
a Confederacy fia-teJor wo -the Union
should be dissolved bv in' ackodwledgaent oh
oar psrj "ol, thdfjfnepeadeiceiji msUesfro'm
his speech, in Congress last wudea,whick be
wrote ot ana bad printed In the Congressional
G!obV.3Wof bciu(tta&pU hti tin-
grestiooal district were indigaant au ana repn-
dieted the disunion seoHmeets lotha Spesoh;
Btri Mr; STSitToir resuer'ted )h'eia, tjr rpeadog
ills spesch'U .Coigressata, pttblio.msetlng in
Bellefpnuinei and. avowing WuWiciy his deter,
mlnatlon to adhere te thenv tBreHign thick ind
tain. . - ,r.,
Mr. Stsntoh continues, for aught the public
know to tbe contrary, to hold the same views ii
regard "td a'dlssolntlon'of 'theUnS6n -Thi
tfnibo' V'ea pt& 'fSfM from
Col. To Whsteer heaoiocidee with' Mr. Sta--
tost in theae Views. -Th4 silence tf the former
Will b'tak J Wdencf haUe does Wo!ni-
eide. U he doea not, be .should coma oat eub
Ucly and sty est cTils'is iae to himself, te
his former soIUrcsl tUndiiir.'shd' tl vreeent
atdtade as a 'candiaate'liir the Ughesk jfcffise, fo
the gift oi,tkt people of -Ohio, t BesidsaU is
rsodersd the more ate stsary from a bataage in
kts Utter of acceptance, in wblch he provides
for an eventual diuolutionpf '"Uie, rnloQ,and
suggesta that la that event, the Korttera States
igbt place themselves Bdet the gmartlanshlp
ef Great Britain or1 some other strong foreign
power. ThiaV least onJLs free Jlarora ..the
idea that Cel. Toa aas, stnoe .hie Heaialioo,
from intercourse with Mr. SAtim brttherl f
a tike poJitiaaV faith
aisseiuuon teauntaatf 91 tbtt genjiaman u
, Mr. SriNiofty who it aatselated iwhh Celoacl
Tod on the No-party t(ckef, is not only In favor
i uiBooiuuou 01 fuo uotoB in a oertBisi con
tingenqy, bat H ie hie. .theroagh .-end jestuM
eoovtaioh, that free and slave States can never
CO ex it lp the 'same cdnfedersCy, and that the
original mlsuke'.of onr fathers ia'-formjiig a
Union of each tatet, ha oaased U. ear past
and present national trouble. This position he
made k longTand elaborate' argemcat to e
tabllsh In an "oration" at BellefonUlne on tht
fVarthof July lat.r ,,; , .s.it
Thisorawea ike iUpublicaa. paper la that
town refused to pab'ish. The Logan Conoty
Cosettr, a Demooratid papef ,'ottt 91 eoartesy to
Mr. 8TjtTow, published stj U it Jssus of July
19, 1861, together with a not from Mr 8Taii
Teei.ttatlcg Yhat Id's RmUicth had tef used? to
publish his oration, ,.v;, a:tt ,
la ttUt FoarthebJaly -oration, Mr. flr-irroa
Campsrefl thevptereBt'cofliCt'lB 'h United
States fo ihslfohtest'ln EogUnd between
the ReandhsdVa,sd th Cavaliers, or between
Preabyteriaoa and High Ckurehmen, and iaaiste
that the existing civif trar to VOt eotinlry if the
'natural, neocsssry, and inevltatfeesult 'of te
anion of 4LverM.asi eosaictiDg tociaL erganl
xatlona In the same oafsearacy ' This is part
sod parcel of the" old heresy, that men havlog
diffseetit and djirer
and diffaeui theological tenets, could not live
la "harmony ander the aame political gorara
tn'snL. We hive proved that this, in ' rsgard te
our own country at least, I 1 false assumption
It la no less a falsa and miajhicTous doctrin to
assert that cosamu-Uieeer fitateev with differeat
and diverse aoetkl ergtnltttiom, eaa'aotee exist
and harmobtts In wssani' Political too fed eta-
ey." Oar fsdersl Government foundVd upon
tbe gr sa t ' Ataericaa : idem mt aon-iaterfareaee
with tht religious or soqisl status of the several
etatea. , ,,. . .j, , .
"It 1 do to hlmsey (SMiV.peopl, of Ohio,
that CoL Toe sboold explicitly tet Irsoi-e
poblio ftaoncr, whetbei sine nil phfoatloff,
ha bai become ji wnvert.tV'th i''repreaslble
conSlot". heresy. Hie elleace ee that head, end
certain expressions fit his lste letter 'Of wocep
tance, oul4eem (0 glTS 'color V (be.)dei' that
bensa. uIn that.Jettcr he propose ,Ieuwg
"war stertuaiy," as Us only meaae ef rsstdriag
our misMlded Southern brethren to reason
"War eterDallvtnd yirrepresaible coafliot'
will, In the rsreel jnoal people.-eoqad woodsv.
ftil)v alikejo Probabln Chleael Teetdia t
.... ... : .rl 1 ..J
mean that bis words' should Dearth at' Copstrri 1
tioa, and that hsflors ao suoscr 10s o
nptc8SiMe"-dogmae U not, tele hit d ryi te ex
plain and repdlate.l'-,'uu, M' l
Th tuspiinoB 4lgaioinggjpuna,,iaonpUi
people that m pteeariog tbe aoallaaUonol Col.
Tod fof Governor and ' BsKT 841$ fofXIev'
tenant-Governor) 'on ifiip saBte'ticiey. lBe jioJ-
aam ttipuoiicaajsadtrt let a trap to, fall n
satpeetbe Dteeertts' sad ther eOaserratiee
tTnlopt fcenj btjnldf the stbeme'sacdeso'r'a'id'
(fse of lb ,0at,,iapaiiiaet, resignattao,
rCffiAvsl or other disability of Col. Tonthe
,,irpr;eMlbIe,, 8tawtow witriabe he GoVcrooi1.
CoVTod'i tealh'jsJaUoi't;e be, gborf.'l;tj4'
10 fact eo longer age than last Monday, the 33 J
last-, that b wse aonoeneel to speak at Clnj.
p'oiej but when" the 'neopl'r M; eWdW..t
heal bias, it ae aaonnoed,ae Itated (srthe
Clacinastl' Oartilt of the text fcorslof , tbaf
Col. Tc. 'ofin w ft tac ,jia.fttack of Mnaaa,
vi inat a to . vend " J Li fac, u. ; t4 Ml
lH lieatt'i' or .ae;4Maer oav , already
aun uoc la - Ue No f .rty or?fe. aa by
atiiorjtj fio'ovCoUToD htoualj that it will
CsntsalXomsriKM tjfvmade pomefof " ep.
pointnwhU ror innjjisreqtorfieiie frying
8tafe. If Col.' Ton's health is thus precarious,
twaftsaa Bfi'll eleoleSI'execute the onerous eoA
respttasihla duties pf a0jwiaExeoiay 9 the
euti, aef Csuaoa.biW bl ill!-
try joA naval forces, In e time of perlleat oivll
snV whsn tbe State iteell Is an lintafnent dsngsr
of InvMlon't Indeed, it It even now the M
ofptomlneat leadere end active wire-workereef
the boeus No oartv morsmCDt. Ihtt. U.
thtlr nachlnatioae are-icre!d .wjiiiBBCoasa,
DatiO till bsal the beat, only fcemlaally,
tot B.'6ftoa In reantf Ooveraer tl; Ohio
No doubt We proi rebt of such w uWwd.nunv''
rot GoTTiw. U hlnll'UmulliPf -9 ilttirael;
cal AboUtissrista and othee disaaion ex1rBiiate
en tb4 Wcttetntes-rre and W Other' parts1 bf
hijioe u-j i JM
the 8taie
M (?.b v!"ut -1 om.wi
Tod and Stanton. The Administration and the Republicans.
t . ... . r - Kin
''The leadiog RtpubUoaa eapert e ihe Bute
are already "Whettlaghelt bills" W ettstk the
AdaUnUtratloil so toon as tht slectloft is over.
Policy kseps . them J"i i for h time being.
Hon' A. G. RiDDUt, the member of Congress
from the Cleveland dlstr!ot,has commenced the
attack ihough th leatftV, kThe masked
publican bauetiee are ereparing la . open, ed
.qsooo as tbe ballot-bbxee elose, on tee erea
tog of. the second Tuesday pf .Ociob'en' ire 1)4
bear them,lNoig.is more eertolg than that
(hs Government mast rely apoe the aid Nstioay
aj Union Dtmocrscy to be imtalned Tfa Ahli
hoar oi parllj,-inuj 11 m citar ae-jne oow
day1 kOBk.au iv si .f.i.Jt ni ".wi ,l'i-tt
' Ererv toot Uaion Drmocraf; eh votes with
this holch notch p'irty, Wni'Tegret It id'tte'llay
[From the Dayton Empire.]
Eloquent Letter of Hon. Hugh J.
Eloquent Letter of Hon. Hugh J. Jewett, to a Workingman in Dayton.
tem. .li:.tt1 ii-.J 3:-'tJU it
ahanioof'thi eity, addressed the Democratic
Union "candidate for Governor, Hoi.' Hugh 1.
..Bams weeaa aiyvv mr. .u, uu,,ri mhw
Jewett," a letter relative to ' the position of - ef-
lam in ine COQUirj. iu rRfuuni inc. I..,;
reoelvedtbtsoiiowiag eioqaent ana manly jet-
Eloquent Letter of Hon. Hugh J. Jewett, to a Workingman in Dayton. ZANESVILLE, Sept. 6, 1861.
.. Ma! JoBir Lbxtr Dear Sir: I am id receipt
of yeuf k;lod tavor of the 3d Inst : snd aa gratl
ted M leant that yoorself and friends stand by
toa Union and ths Constitution) the end that
tha bteaatnet intended bt our fathers to be ser
cored by the one, tad vrotecteA by the othei1,
... . . . t . L 1 -- . - 4
shall be trantmltiea to our posterity as an inner
nM of Inestimable value. '
j There is no portion or our people to a reply m
ferttted In the maintenance of the Institutions of
out country, as they were made snd designed 1y
taets great and good men; who, regardless of
diflrrsocee of opiniod upon the subject of slave
ry, aad aO other;C;aestioos of e local and 00
mastit 'chsricter, stood Shoulder to shohlder
toroeg the dark and trying days of the Revo
lution, a the laboring .n and the 'mechanW.'
T i 'who1 it born to wealth,' to; tilace, and
amitiair. tile form 6t kovernmant vnder" whloh!
ha lives, so far as tt regards hit personal ease,1
ojusuort ana prospects, msy no oe mawec 01
much consequence; but to those whose enly In
heritance it honesty, Industry, energy and native
capacity, It a of tbe utmost lmporUnce that they
sboold enjoy government in which these qaal
iliee tat appreciated, and are made th esaen1
tlal eVementt, entitting tne poesessor to respect
lathe community, and to be beard as active
aarnclpftnta la in cotnciiaoi tn rjcase ana
Hation. There ls'no-form 'of govsrnmsnt
knew a tV the civilized ' world, offering Id many
ledaeement to the laborer; to (he mecbanio, to
hoAait and rntelllftent lndusirj, in whatever de
partment it may be found, aa thai under which
mm nam live, and for the Vreservatioa of which
we axe struggling; and it gives me great pless-
sre to learn tbat yourself ana essootetes.eppre
eiitint these advantages, ar determined to
devote your beet energies to the support of tht
Gavernment. to the maintenance of oar alorf
oe flag, and tj glvt your Ibflaeoce la favor of
retntoing, 0 tne acnninisiratioo 01 tne vovara.
meat, to those principles Trhieh it founders In
culcated, and wnlch, so long ai adhered to, e
oesed t) the people mtb .Mtlon, peso aad
TaT'remarlt Ho' which 700 'refer, u havhg
been made, by on of your eity papers, refer
riag to ths employeet of the Central Ohio Rail
road Company, calling'' them "Irish mad dlg
er.! atolls ona of tht many eridenest we
Dave, that among those who maks th loudest
prof eeslont Id lavor or a liemooraac rortt 01
Government, ana of the capacity of tbe people
tor aell government, are to be found men who,
without 0D Stroke Of th pen, if tbey had the
power, would rend the Whole eystem to atoms.
.The employee of the Central Ohio Railroad
are beyond any loch Influences. 'If tbe attempt
was made, tbey would, promptly resent it.
Whenever spoken 'tj by any of them on the
Subject Of politics, f htve' said to them, a I
6ow Bay to yon, that In this country, the exer
cHeV tbe elective franchise ia a solemn and
lmnarULt datv. in ths discbars of whloh even
man, availing himself bt alt th meant of In
formation within hla reach, should appeal to his
Can conscience tor tbe right, and in accordance
With lb promptings thereof, act and vote. ' la
the present instance, as a candidate for 3ov.
eroor, I thank yon for your proffer' of assist'
eno and supportrbat if, upon further 'reflec
tion, your conviction of duty should lead yoe to
throw you Influence elsewhere, you will bt none
tht lest tniltled to mv ret pec t. M
'I trust wo may both live to lee ths present
dlfflftaltlet and danger in whloh we ar involv
ed, and by which we ar threatened, pat away;
tbe Union or tot outlet, ana pesos boo prosper
the restored.' '"" ' '
1 !. . . 1 1 T I 11 ii m of.ow ,
.Till Gals Surrxat mObt readers have been
made acquainted with tbe aad oatastrep .e that
aoearred laaslvaS Wheatlev'd Theatnf fev
merlv the Netloaal-rWUeelpbla,: .he A.
tatruf Pikfs OpSra beate laat winter wiU reei
egott 4b twof itae Uate sisters a pair el beat
Utui gtrtsr srne watw eaaeeiat taveeues siiui iso
admirereaf be f raee aad poetrv of motion."
TkewefoeistaBeleeMnj-to the seraa
b.Utt. at tkerlltae of tee diaaeterr aae three
have siaee dieei the 'diiertlv although ewdly
bamed.Ul teoever. There ie a uvosaaatle da.
uraat atucked te una itmuv.i i am latBer mu
Usuteaast in tkf efrttisn avy anal kernel
years si ace, while kit daughters srersr. aeudrea,
ha suadai asa expartmentai aaceasiB' aaaiieea
from enblie gardea ia JW While tm tbe
air the art-bveoma eaeana wa IgulkB(t,aad
Usut. Gal perished by the aane-gsastete.
that hat evtrtakta threej e hit idhwsrei
wUa, tUei amehet warl'ttrnt) tkhrows, irlsadlee
open th world: tFeut.-srm taken ameer the
tait'ioaof a eelebeated psofassor of staactBr, had
it.wUl srsasemaeced first mad thehj appear
Laaaelatuaooaotrr with-tbe eeJsSmstea
sAi Trenae,.! -'1M titsi tela sawepot XuUiitog
Her dsstlay aaaa soeirrtat bt feeuraoe..The.
mptbetit sUU HvMgaad depend) m hssevw-
portqpoa the eatniDga eraesvdstghMrtvwtViat
EM, l''l a ia l I Mietiq t;t,i v-!ivJ i,
Hello! What's Up!! Don't Go Tod!!!
flier'e fs e4!eritty icVeW loose ThrM-'
tabnl JStntincl, wool go Tod. rt ,M op
rlf td sbaodo'niDg the RepuSllodn party .-.fit
1 it talk-' "' ""' ;-' i' t- e. e
fe' r1beUjd;irsrrrrreor, hod "offered!
n it ?lttli! B JM thumbles tdslarery'Demo
era' a'nd lhsrhrRcpubllctdi' 'ey,bcr had
hiiTfa marhiiier ef rjui faartv have dlsooeeot
A r.f mere macutiies. kfed hsve thodcht no
Htnra nf a tr.nnfer of ltd landrsd thoosaud
voter 'ihsr 'tbey Vbuld hate thought of tell-
hr m
' uuf hoes, hjrrpwt V.f punldir; lea-field
l-'-;- 1 u
Grins' f ffJl tlMnS icodTd Hi. hftiti)
'1 DW
riJ a. .h.hU 'in mrfia
pre brfl npttuUflOTllr.
., j j
of 'Ji Jlonss
auss.. u
btr t
Whereas, a lot toon nbtc
th Cocgrei at .1 is 1 I ilted Staf U rqu..ts"
the Preaidsu4tn . eeon neati V:i T pnH'
kamllUUon. Bter au4 fast g, W beob.w .l
bv tha Baud at tha United btatse, with rails
Int rolieanstiee Bail siwffvtey--,tVsresal
soT)nliftitnM ia Almlshtv God, tor the aaletv
d velfar of hte tTiatS" I jbTslngr
becoming foi.ell people W ckewl-'re eed
revere the tupreme governmeut ef Uud, the
Preeldeoi. apf oititad. Huifcaday the -Stv-ei
September a a eay or - BaautwHw, v'jvt
and tWatine far U the peopla of. the Mtion,
I, WlJIistei Pennlsrm Governor of the State
or Ohio, 1.1 .uesvi t4juumewj w .-4t topw
of thi a Btaia. that, aeoordipgt Ohen vral
eraada and aaadea olJtorahlS. the e and
observe that day, kt order that their prayer
ay babe with the prayer of ne rignt tamaee
of ether Statet, for guidance-by tne Supreme
Rulet ef tMtleaevsa th end thai lew and order
and peace may be re satabUsBeo, ae tntoieta
inga ef eivU, and rellgiona liberty teenred and
parpetaated threagbout thejrldt extent of our
ni"Ll hereof. T'hsV. iLU
my band, ard oaased tbe great Seal of tbe Bute
of Ohio, te be afflxed tale lidi day ef Beptem
ter,, A. J). l8Cl, ef xhe orgnliioB;ef ear
State the 9dt. and of tha tooreaeoBoo et tbe
86th. '-" - '
W. DENNISON. Meigs County.
" Pdrsuant to Mtlo the lemberacr''Mlg
ocUDty met la Coaveatioe at. the Caort Hease
in romroy,aep44if ooi. 7,7
Charmta. of the, Ceeventioa,, end. X uldr,
oeoretary. .00. .'-j cn'
By aaotioB 01 Jamas mi. MiUsr.- the follow-
the resolution waa uneaimouilv adooted
-SrserW, That, the Dsmoeracy of Meigs
eoaoiy, fully laaorse tne acuta r toe Dtma
flMtln St!- CmvaBttaa. kaM ml nnlnmhn
Chitf. Aatust 7th, 1861,' and pledge ourselves to
support ta eabaiaatee ewre 'Mnunated. ; vvs
awe tbqj waors tne tennmentt eontainett ut
tbe patrlotia ietiar of aoospuoc ef the Hob.
nuga i jewett,' ear eaadidat toe Ueveraor. '
t After adopting tbe above resolution the fol
lowing pertoni fere twiniM
'For Representative. Robert Peonies, ol
Oreagei 8berifr TUBajStrlber,, -of JJalsbary r
Prdeecutiac Attorney. Jaeob B. Hirkut tf
ausaryi uooaty ummiasioaer, Mllo Uuthrie,
et Otioge; Inftrta'art Director,' Isaae Radford,
ol Cheater; County Surveyor, ,Wm. McAboy,
ef Bedford.,.:41 "
Ob motion, the, following sersoris war an-
eeinted the Demqctatio Central Committee of
Ue county: ,i -..ti.
' Isaac Radford, J. 8. Erhart. T. Stride. Ina
Battts, Jamsa MartlaV ct Sjl. UA.
vaiaouon, tnegiiowiotT Dersont .were aa.
pointed delegates to the Senatorial Convention;
Mm aa neia at uaAupou oa natarday, sept KSih,
sou;, . .
.-Or. Rehm, 81IaGsmor.J. M.-Miller, J. W.
Shlelde, Robert PeopletR-MoKsv. Jr., 8.
Ear hart, Jama Rogeri, Milo Gathrie, Ami
Coodle, Tmm Tranerroei!h Afklot, fob
ntliptTiiBaStriderjClisZemart. -
Oa; motion. thsollortrf-4iHlffftn-n arka
Uahitnoaaly adopted: m
- Rmoltti. That (he ftieffirrt iV HK-r-t:
r r--w-.-.M3T w vaaaar VWM"
cation be published in the Ohio StdUtman and
tbeCindnaaa4jirerii.M:iT t i .j '.
o ua qtloa, the Coaventlon sjimnied. .
W. DENNISON. Meigs County. WILLIAM M M'ABOY, Ch'n.
W. DENNISON. Meigs County. WILLIAM M M'ABOY, Ch'n. T. STRIDER, Sec'y.
Striking the President.
Mel. EitUr$ t Die B ortiw? ,Pot :f f.'T
1 Dent vob taluk It rather funriv tarafJaur.
nal 0 Commerce, which bat jan tafed it neck
oy aweaiaauaa 1 anoertat
We SB Wtmrelretbat-the-lanrnala
which were lately la etrone? svmosthv wtta the
rebels, ar those which aoi earnestly approve
thePretldsMwintstibrsHste with- Fremenfr we
propose to tel . them speak wlthCot ' reply."' In
tnat-wtjr, at, least, lne rresldeot, win leara
whither be is tending iJUor fsswan Pou
, In view of the eplendld position of saofr mes
a Joseph Holt-, and the hearty- Commendation
womd os.rA-ieeioenve . coarse meets r, with
throughout the country, end especially 1nJvtsw
el the earaeet detire ef all good men te "etwd
together by th Prssldent and the Congress ,ol
the United States in timet like these,1 is nut our
respected neighbor doing bad , work Tby hitting
the President such hard blows aa -thlel If the
ten only wtshss ts strike at tie, that it -one
uuf j out to max e rap 00 ear backs the ex
ese tor saying that th President to tending to
eympauij wuu mo reoeis, ia, la ear poor judg
stent, e very objectionable method or snpport-
uk aue wurarum-Hik. rfoiraa oj vvmnurfe. 1
ij..'w I ywap. 11 1 1 vt .'I
to bd
4v-. ji
of a Philadelphia DSOdr as btn emcln.i
t j have beeott destroua ef reuoarlllatlna, f
'lend I have applied for adml Into F(rl La-f
fat ette. TLe 4U2auHVbi,;li"- led Vriki
Aa"drrta a!1ntA la' -AlMa . ITjuBtila'af kt.tr-'; I
: ETTb Zaaesvills Ccart-r Ie food of vjalUnc
Union DssBoerel tae Vallandighaai Pemoe
racy.T Prey, Mr. Cearier, what doer tbee think
of Stanton Unionists T h"J'at
- A New Tork psper tUtet that UtiUd Statee
tnstriet AMorney tfmltk bat reeelved iiietree
tioot from tht 8aovetarieaef State end War to
examine Into the ease of a number el the priso
Bn now confined at Fort Lafatette. The eat
nation will be be eoadacted that inaoowt
peruse win not ee eetaiood en boor after the
fact, of their non complicity with treatm JU. et
-Tstsl Ttxatj Taoori U U lUted ikat ti
vra veparuaeet nas at last decided to die
ehartt toe Testae saldlafsakar ndi
Twiggs, had to snrrsader tkeaseelve prisotieit
vs.mmf, aoai waw lorawverai nontas past have
bteav encamped at Fort Hamilton. Thla n..
ore s;m be taatamooat todlseanelng the seve
ral companies of the Fit,' Third eel 'Eighth
Regiments of mfantry-'whtoh! ore' now at ths
Ftrt, Md steps wlUbetakee at-emee te-reor-
. TT ..4y 4 ift,T
,1 Jfaiaow Esoan of TowATTxaiaTSeTc...
iaes Alter the capture of Fort Hatters, ene
et tbe shells Was tosmd to have pierted the
rebels powder magtxina wtthoat barsUng."Oa
examlnaaoe.ll appeared thai the guoaer, whose
date It was, had serwottea-ea teas off a a..ti
ieatberea oap.'ewiinarlly paten for safety. This
wse th only shell throw that did not explode.
Dad, the cap been removed; tbe fbrtiWtieae
would bate bach blows an. and aot a h.Mir.i
ef prlsoasr Isft alive te be eaptared aa ptieea
'tV taaet (wriJkOf --Steohen drOmwaTI. rr
Casaden, Ohio, baa made jonrraet , by j which
bet to faraltb one hundred and ftW thonsaad
eawoe et weoa me us ueie beatrei jRailrtad
Cempaay. The aucnltuds of thla eontraos a.
be tutderstood only wbaa we take leu ooaalde-
rauea tne laet taat tt saakee-. e pile; fear: feet
klgb and net las than Mn Juiaired 'aad afty.
even mllee in length, aad raqnire the delive
ry ef beerly fjiy oord a dsv fSnndava axeant.
, 'ti; j 81. '4.' T Hl "" ' i4i A
1 fITTht Cadlx fHarrlson canntvl BmuUia,.
-cati at it msst head th "EspubLcaneooDtv'O
iAVm ..i..i. .w... 4 1 77. r f
lb the new Unloa Bart ee foUeerei r .1 m.n-
-We think It woald have been' best to have
WM.r MM (ha Mktl. ...(..(In. 1 .'-J a.
have invited aU loyal, ptUitfUe. Demssiate to
co-operate wita as ta ths eupport or tbetJev
etamenti bnt oar Stale Central Commltte do
lermise otherwise, and' we acquiesce, knowitig
that-the object W th "Union orgsnltttiea Is
the tame as that had ka view by the Republlcaa
P-"7i "
l"'4 I ttyaai
wi witi tiaV. Piac".
" thf ledie
tided opinion -that the United Butea UI,m
ad peace unUiUrifchaul Tumag taks tbe'.Oovt
ernmnt4A Baoa, wnico giononsconsamcaatioe
Droagu aoon oaiose toeg, iaMM 1
Mrt.FaBavKecabieBaaer'f ex4s.fan33
Here Better, Esei, who I aueef the prieoa-rtP"
'at Fert Lefayeue, te desertbed bf h enespono;-f
Tat rreaeot la rsadloc "Johnson's Va&itv of ila.
men Wiabes." Th KJY.Erprrtt, eav. that
since Mr. Batlor inesrceratloa Mr. Kcmbl It
swtuawaiM '
U VStOrtT"U VblGf S I wi
'T', ii '"7 M ,'ttoe. l
"JEW ADV-l ill 11
.L tie'
'; ,
X STAHTLI aa Baud ai d ror sal. t ten quallt
wUlnafl J J ttl SO,)
1 Call aa w&iUm'mr l-l arouaiu slss-
- cfflc at 7d ttote.ee' IbmWffiM vglm&BryMM
axta ui wan at ttocaJ1 '-" '.' -
mnm BugacOaiad Eaawuif ni v" '' '"'' .
Jaicrt4aw., ,jIi' u.u- ..
w a oh. ' ,a ""f ''."'
.. IB llIS tltllllf "" !!( 4i ,-.lIIH cl
JtUhsn !.- rumr rooiuloij ..rl .-(tn?.
VJIl'51"S?!:'i ,'"'; i-iuj fv..i ?j 1
1 ' "",l'WI: ii. SBSTliiAUtl 1
"es 8&-lst . v.-'jW jiii-. . t Soath Hl(ttra:ii
mi '
, Soap! Soap!
tOkt, tor sals' b eak or duaa.' " '
c 1.. 1 1111
- "wtjv . aiBTTiAbx; '
100 louitHlfUitrnt.
Pnk'Can ro iniunjipt inqjtTBg wo
VmZXW SUM iaMHlXi: east. wlU .k
etWDtjaaU j.'b lonid li.iTni aiotn ; i'-j.iI" ,111-
yie) day of September, ttlho' Clinton Btbk,'
fof bajrlpUoRS, aeder ftuj aqparJntaadSDts, lor trsss
aota,aalam4ai)atrlMa:l r JrI 17, uoi.i
tttMaiUtolsrxtd lasamsaf dflt dolhus, eas
iwniM aallars, bvs Aondud dllBni, ess theutuad
4oilars,sas ftss tbswsaad doiUte. rUtU iflih asfssr,
1881. aarabts mite rasas arts te't the arSsr tf the
nraerMT er 4ir4Mtl, a bfarlks' MUM at si ths
rait af 7 It per sent. aaaadB;'praie UbUdbb:
ally: mid tatsvait Mas at eat kt of t-D cents to'seen
day sajavsryhaAra 'eollairroi'ln't voorsVilenos of
tU'htfjdsr. each sets wmVt'aMtir'kttaclird sx
aaMatorrhs mHl'aounta,'o?ifnii annual' Interest.
WfaKI soapoat sjay Wditaclied' and prtientnl, far pay-
awsui aacpmimavi aivw wit s-jvttsp, Tf rJ
i . smlmratsW raoi ' p-iqtu JvM ts rj
sWer,daS ofoptning
torUnr Informatloa glren oh Application to
I .. QovnisiDt8abtcrlptleatrrnt.
Sewing Machino 'Work.
A 1.1. ttlivna At TiTrr'rttWn. xrrir
SlITlMa.As. aroatptlj done In a neat and tob-
atantlal MBtf..t H n . Bfi ll Hlnh mtiMk a .Ka Snnth
al(Uo lanlnatrala4VlreBilallr.rt r
4 sepOdlw
: LiTQf - r-f f ;." fr
sawsssi aSF sai w wvp n. fI, '-r
Off ' Tt7HDAx'. XI
tXatBXB, between Wa
us eist itr sep
Amarlf&n llnt.l Wnil ,ha
ewyaa Bloc, la thla aity. a bo la ef Hand la bvor or
Jooa Shaarkor baafan for Bftv deDara. kaaihta Ml mt
Mt. tatsraat. Xalata to esaUoa all Mnoaa from car.
enaln said Dots. A llbtral rtward will b paid for Its-
Wlivorj . MB nut. - - - ....'......-.' 1
sapM4ja.ii .- tU ,.!. f.flv'l ,7. '': :U
.r( . ui ij-jiiiLivt a In.-U i , ' . '
6oath(.IZib tr)t;.Threa
I 1 W;0Wi';9 4WOO.f,M,r
Hai Jotl reetind a choice etsok al ' 1ALL AND
WIMTXR OOODB, suitable for (rentUmen'i wear.
vora wui nar incur oraory BeajlyAnil saMantlal
1 txe.td at the lowest ratr. H. JL J.
Jx. - T
A Rf.l O RY.H.'A L'L.
iTeHtlogs db' Ocassp
Ajfrtat Onlmlal'''PaTJSte1wmrTnft,
ik or ths ,..'-,"
Tat ADA P' T Q R 1 '..'. . .
1 l I a, V 1' AUWJ.I "
'OOITHM With . KAMXt AB0T10 T0TA0I8.
ta MaefaBBlcBl Moriii M4.i. .ki.
Mttea srai piawntad to th paMlo Doer epea 7,
artattr rttasattXeMtck,. 1 AaamtaaeatSetnl; Ohlld-
bbbchi, j,,t0r ate, MmbU. t.i. .-.u lc
SetalW. ;.,,. ;1 .,..(,,-;.;....,. . )
1 . . .
U 4
tfetteel Statee Expreea Co., Prep'rs.
I . '
VfcVh Kew tork ft Erie Kailroad, 1 ;
And; all other Roads Leading West
h Jr.i
and Southwest.
jl6Mra4 Oars ever meet Beads oa Paanocer tralaa.
I .i'-i'i. '!-; i i. t. .. ' .
U. H-faOTlT, kg't. '. 1 A. I. KI8HT, Ag't,
t SM Broadway, V. T. S3 Btat Bt, Boston.
WU HPlBtY, guperlaMDdtat, BaffI."
I 1
:a.cJ! '
. riTCH et aoit, Jlfemttt
: t7 TTeat Braad Btreef,
1 w iU -(.i
. .ort i ant et
wocensarj ;ji)i3aK0a:'
t UaiA i?tin V, a- r
j ,0 ..li wrfVFaOlf4 Kj'I i-'V.
. . ITnWiTirT O 4S rl Tl A4V ll't (TT' T 1
I mCM-T--M 2L
ilc-,iO ta-ie
IH 3'
isianwoj bus IUA si3l
ail; 34. Noiii'.oH mimi
va lloStliiPtas ta4ni4'J ,iei
r&.AyX.JXJt I
'' j koatuif tubi Mvl wn. ui ,'IJ'
.ui Hstotoaatsyaelpts;aiiilta i
rA i'.y iIOJ .' riM."iivd'A -sivi'j'!
Tt -.tn. ..- .Whteb hewill aU s,:i ),, .11
Cbeaa jsV( Cmeh straDammtsrir Vaadsace.
,r44' et tortvJ mcil to re
S7 0eoirvM1e'0rrty 'tratf-rm V eurgtTI
1.4Q. Sufi i4 1 4JW-J I.-IIJU., 1. ..I "
! 1 .14
41..M4V44 tt. ,nll .141 1 .4.r fr.tr. ta
1 . r 'i (" in a Y 1' - -' ' - '
" (Utor riuaftMiihavav)''ri-a mt I
. Bwjth Hkfli 3t.-orew Dain'si Btor.'
4 Udlea' aad CWUrselr TrestTof dons la (Behest
f1 - t'A. . '4
IQi t Dm3CrTtt2ZL-l
t ' "UV -ir-n-r- r V. r . 1 c1
TTlt triv itv'ft y'W,w.tw. .
JL'2zZZL Cka A J.T'.'J CV 'JL 1 '
-knit lii, , 1
rrBli'drSsa4TalrTiaC 11. Ii I
Vail St Waxitfi WWlMicili Depot, Bo.i ...,
M1H .
neLwril) A If D PREVKHTS 1 tr-
-""" a ptia uut im aUBg aioaqalt Mtn, M
potMBsui alaaia, BnrlH,.ftraurluaafnM.la Aha
kraut, nit rtoi,.i. ,Wt)Hsn lsten.Ur. Will
poalUnljr ear arap inVbli lr, wt atTM iaBdiai4
raiwriaine ru4 a4 e torribla oompLintr lo.
I ..T. r , . . . a aorawirea. rno,X3 eeau
. w " eve nbmM. w alf Um
vol cj pmuw mum iwiiuf HMrninn mi
Beaa wtta all saatan, ar wiu.a4wal fa rnwriator
eoajwha jnll bad i-riia4i)ii,i,ai s 11 SatB -worthi- ibali
sotmaias ana Trial Sottlaawnt to Fhjal
sonoiitjr prnmpis 10 a mat i laauasoT niiasis hm
Z ' P ' ' "
rtW.llna.l alllsa3 ! la tlisd
l .,,ltVfll-.WIi:iHi ?xerela
Pt. wmmerelal,wharf, Boston, mass.
srta A punn.1, V. B. Harp), J. X. Oook, J. H
, .'lnht os,lA' JrlebStllef ABnn, AKnts
llBavtale'i'''"l, mjrl-dlyf
ti,-. i in.ui.iui:-v rji ,iim": -.w '
So . 29 South Hith Btreet:
sin ,l.uirinI..S
BUB HOW OfFKUNOi ,..,. niih.inold
i, muo ad Savalia.iaiaa ttaed at eAw
r I X asel. h-r t-"i.'''U oneapi .1 iw
tm yards VawaUos Brssa Oaeds at iUhiv yalartOst.
tmM yards KosiMMr4Mi at lU vaUa9AaatvlJ
llNSyarda traach Orgaodlas at 18i, valaaliOaaata.
yarda Fast Oolond na at IU, valued J A r
lOUSyarda lanlud JUilkialV..l4ie4ii,(i,t.
law yard Bulr riala kluk Bilk l a I IX). .ia. a Li J
dv meir value,,,,,!,,,;, . ( a,kj, .,.TJ
ililT,H-.i.O 1 . I.! aiiJH lt,.lll I ,r.viOl". J 1
:ri;nflt S"ic J ,T i'cbb jnAWX .
1 I trHli ,l(xi.t-Jt lfi!U lnM'rt Kai-xufcA ,Tir.. .
Commission TJerchants
.alDiif.nl tni?IO lanHahl ,Hmui(rU
IH .'D! l-'-T J T,I !- Iu.0 l.il ,!i!llf0
M4rlMVr nhffl .Wi1.lmf1.1 Ia -tm? 1 IT
I .,I.D ai'1'0 hnSMt" .1 "1
" see. Ac. ALSO,
.bv-asA Jlixrl oNuT l'? ,ii.(I
.oirn W.HI8'KYvio eTunru;
-'. .. 4. . ,! .t ST' - aMI,.1 .
WAKiltlOBatAl.)WCa,P-4 iOOWiHWH aVK,
xTJ Taj W
senBJlylt J' v' '!" 4 oj''" I
irw hi
aiiear ita'ai itaaasaaaasa a nil '
(aw asa'i aav.-taaswi eB-a";yi
' 1 .i-;UU al.' r-ii yij lalu;j'.
WifOTC f': Wrtaff
I i-vjrfn'l .Wie.j ta r;.yit i-iu fM
wmaaiW TjtIllTB" TW1' .bI bii ".'
q rt p qmmtrw duce
FRO Vlsl U HM.oi;v
in, r-ni 'l ,r;! e
,,.H I ".ro'j'-.j a.4Ji- Wtj d -l RJ bywiiiiiitt i
LUUK, SaliT, LlVll
3". I f
.ci;y 'U5 ",:;'Ui?
: Jlyl . '-"
i.i. I (
TTinrTfC'j .me
,1) . 4,-,-.- a,f '.!.,-,( , , a - -T 4
U OiarJUttf
Is sMftaralllbla remedy for VeveV and Atne. "TWeX'
pirleec of auny years, In almost rrery climate, prOTe
that wbert usee ,a strict scoordancS with the direction,,
It hat rarely railed totaralWf only by break In (ths
chilli, tat by removing (hs SMrMd btUt r the systaa,
proves ting the reeorTenec ef utdkwatoi " ' " ',r
- HVIayARD. AaTJI. thooxh not Is luelf dangerous.
Is apt, unless speedily tsnovMV to .have seek a pami
cioas aflVaf oa tbesyateB, ss ts engaaear disorder aseb
mors banefai (Jian JUlf, tad which aot Only reader, thf
af tsr-lif s ef ths patiact aiiarabt, bat are la taaslvcs
flen tatali A prompt Sod rfloetual nmasy H fherefor
what Is wasted, snd, as inch Da. D. JaYhs's Aous Mix
toss Is conlaestly reeommendel. for sal by Messrs'
Bostwrt ,Blwu, Oolnoi, n4 yv aaeats svsry-
TslE ttkn TOO. THE tilJtlAf IOW
Waahlnrton was ths masi for his place. Jecksosi wu
ths nan to kill, ths aoastst sank, Junei tfU Is Jh ysry
man te bast aUsthsn ja lb assaaXasfays ef aasa aad
wasletoms alrtas. Ola Siststls Is ths kind that do
the business. Dipot, 3C Waaoiogto IUl,iraw Tork.
Sold by gvsons evwrwhersv'-n 'o
17 U.
ast PuUlshsd bt a letls Kaireiope ; I ties etavu?l
B4B1CA1, CDBE 0? BrBBMATRRHk A Or Benjlnal
wsaaaeaa, inroioniary auianon,, oexaai uooiiiiy, anu
liilnnnU aiairiaes aaaeraltly. WtrTproia. 0a-.
emaHon, pBapay land 'H,Jdall atvL Miyaieal la -
capacity, retailing from SjeU-abai. ste. By Jtobert J.
OalverwetJ, BB. VrX th r4 lok, Aa. 1 '
A Beam ts Tbetteasiele f Ball erers,
Beat ander seal. In a plain savekree, to soy address,
oaO aald, oa saeelpt of -two staaips, by Dr. .UUAd.
0. KLINX, 1W Bawerr. Mew lorfe. foav-OSos Baa
Bo IJfco. sep7.BdStw
: 1 JtfilTB'fAA.I a. I, I .MBtl,.' at. Mill
Pegeesieet fssll habttsTWhosr subject to
10oana, Hedcha, Okl4iijr.roajlnas ajrd sing
ing 1 a to ears, arping mB) 10 great a Bow or Diooa 10
ths bead, should hsvst M Wlih'oftl BraaonUi's tills, snd
saury highly dnsroea syKpCbtaa wiU be remove by
their Baatedlat ass. 'f.VW
Tbe. Boa. J. EuXiLvA(lhesur county, H. T.,
rrtnty lr years ef sgs, baSBSad jajBdreaVs mis tar
twenty Ave year ee hi ml sdk1n. 'When betssls
otfuoesd, a it from Cold, BhoaaBrS!( Asthma, jjrsi-
lllons Affections, OosUveoeu or Irrltsttdb f sto
or bladder, h doss nothing bat tak k hw a;iii
Brandrtth's Fills. ai -i-o.' in.
BIshtaalBMlbodis to tak sispO,and axis-(as
doaf each night, one pill. Ia evry tfhwircr sickness
for ttsnlytlT year, tnii slnpl sMthod has aevse tailsd
WjtaiitbM btti te health; and ftw ma ar to be foandss
adivs aad 'Mriww ke. . , t. . 7, tlt.
Bold b Jobs R
ST respeotobl dsator I medicines
voob, vrnirguH,, voiubdbs, Sad by
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L,s-t nava-arava-ra a,IK-aj njL ' -
.fa ail eases of eosti rents, dyspepeta, sUllesf ad Mr
streetisns, plus, rtwaaatkaa, attar aad asas. tsaeaV
asts hM schM, sad all gtCSml dmcgeawnu et seajth f
tsesa fUk hav lavarlably proved aw tain aad taesdy
reskSdf. Aangl trialtrmplBO Oj 1UI Ft4Voad
forch,feiUUoa ta-flis-sw ef eyerjSr,
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tens,'te sksaem ttaMsat ts amlt mdausa ftrnttb,
and every tied t weeta). 'T rhV ltttT trgahl.
Voteale by Df. TT.'. ItOTJfAT, pBroadt, VT
sWbyallSnssMs.. W'i.i-i BS-awl 1
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Ntter irUttaby in M .-V Bstssa
,rierfettit-Btrat baptlet OhBfebBrookJrya,,!. T.,t
VJaraml and V-vtw r.T wioownau, yp, M Speaks
viass la Btror et mat wom-BMiawaea
Wnm4y't sVifrtmiMt enaAeah nstisnaei
"Wat ' "r-n'-nonl to soar solas as ef In
.oine.w trraathatattl-a fcn 4
f" ""P iw.aT,T"v' at tw
.i.lt It It aiu.,- one of 1..S fMoataral. M
jt af tha . U la aa ef IM ktot. Aad InaN
'btotfiy, " 4- a7.1yef
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AllSr d& SON;
-4 O V F JB3 It 1 Jf :H
1(000 yards soar SlalaBlaok Silks at 100-valS ,
ai'ta WutAtJ. 1 ? i . ii t t
f(S6Vtrdsrsrellni Dress Vod Haatls' Oood '
JOl4i,B.wl,iw er ISnir
,000 rards While Brilliant at 19 lB casts
I valaa eo cans per 1 ard. , .( , ' ;
"', oaeenoaioiliania
ul, , , . j .,
(matly ua-
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muiajiiiniyes. sjauaui ao, ,
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i1wm,' ciuoorj , roraiTi,
Naw'Stinxl ytahionaljle, Dream OooiX
est daslrabla'atyla and at very lower prlca.
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Of all Btattrlal, saads la tha most stylbh aianntr aflai
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ma M4B i ranir uiona in aioai aiefaDt aiyw
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t.i.-l 1 . BSA1N et Vis,
At if I v'lili
Ma. SO gontb Hlh ti,l .
,01 1 4 IH y .
or an lnch of Time!
WktoTihe th ti StcLAM atioiv or
k dying Qaetn. That iBeh of time aa be procar-
-y,0'n i emln t.'i. ii . '
.lla'b 1 '' ".' ' i
.h.Ml l4Jr-t.'..r7l 1 -, ;
,Ses swhiim. .-Ii t ' ' I
,nj ... ;,'" '.';. !
.W .... .' I I . . . ..'.' .'";
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.A I ItVVIt I " ' i
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- BBBttr
S4 ss s macn cneaper tars, and aaany long years or
tajoyld byeooeaitro br ilBBBT WB ATHBB, who
1 curing the most obitlnatsand lqng-stsndlag dussies, .
ot th Ctjmg. Mart, livir. kidmbis, blad-
Hi I
Facta are Btabbi
Facta are Btabbera ThtBa-sl ,
ucarwhat the Villi. lUlnhl. Miwrnuurf .' In fli
"Oomtnonwaallh,", WIimiDgUB, JXlawai, 8lh of April,
1859: v -. -.t
" "Aa Bngllth gentleman, formerly edtntctcd with lb
WMtlih Armyf and wb aiyiea hunstlf tbe 'Indian
Botanio Pbyslclaa ' hs of lat galnad an tnlv repu
tation. br by hi (kill In coring all manaer of com
plaints, 'fteaa of bt pattern I bar eooversed With,
aad ttey proooonc hi rtBdis snd Bode of trtmnt
4ty anpador. Boai bar beea mtond aa M by
alrlcf Tb eiedssiDe be ases ta distilled by hbmelf
rnaevanous nerns posstsaing rare caratir proparttas.
. VWhlisctiDiatnanny bdvetdhls lchureaw
est to a thorough study of Uxagaou produced ay
certaih medicinal roots and herbs oa all manner of die
Sates. I It seem he ba found s tare and speedy reme
dy forlalktb Hit that getk la heir to.' His practice M
slresdy extensive and la dtllt Increasing. In tbe eoss
ptlats to which rmal aresebjeead, at bu ao Wjoal,
aa lara number her hr Itttldtd that tbey owe not
onlr their pretent good health, bat their Urea, to the
saute thlslBdlaa BotaDlePhysiciaa.n
' Office 37 East Suta Street, Columbus.
;!augi7-43i;,,, " .
". '1 j " rTlWABK OHIO, ' ; ,',' ;, -. ' '
flatlBtaelarora ef sail klnAa ef Pot-
table sutat Mtatlassary- Htaana Ea
" f tmee, saw nine, lt jrtllle,
-! 1 .. 4kc, cVe.
LiSX BODLIT) Btatml B. at J. BlXjTD TStatenl
MAOffiyr CO. StattnUII , MBADiOBD .
" I Iwla .va. CO. BtaUntlllt ' '
Dar 'Portable Xoglae Bad law Mill' J3'
Wasaeardedttsflrst premluai of 50 at th Indlaaa
Ui fair tor.lSoOoTsi Lao AtBodlty's a socoaatef :.
Prloej lightnest, simplicity, economy of fuel
, . end superior character of lumber aawetl.
- Onv gauhmary Bngln wu swarded at the sasss fall. .
th first premlnm of M0.
Our Portabl Bnatne wse awarded fh first cretatu ot ' '
llWaiatalrialeaphlt.Tnn.,oTr Blandy's Da ' .
Tali's, DelBBiDojMachlnsOo's., and Bradford A Oo't, .
by a yaaaatwe of p met leal Bailyead Bnglneers. ."'",
rot BfMa ana avnna aourvvi -
1 . o . 1 1. WILL ARD WARWIE, Trsasorer,
Elegant lace Iilantillas.
1 1 10 ?Cit
JLJJLSTldbK 0035J,
Nri. 29.8QTitli;Bigh8t.; -
rpened aa Involo of vary larg and
Vara Deem FrMch FIouncln Ltces - " v ciir i
rjThread reach, CbanUUt 4 Geneves TU
yilfinoientiM,' l oint do Gaze; Brussels
' JlJ aaaVau,. a,'j-;l-av Jaiaa
t hua Aaretm j.oei ana touari,
.L..-.. . .- '
j iiisWH rVVABdt vwrrB, v .-tn ,.ni
..wi!..', o'.h .el Ja new: oaapee, a
paper collars & currs; ;..r; '(
ntl ai.;v.i.- .M-i,r
Foe traveling
. iil U'i
Traveling Dress XJooda.
ri? i
eBllKB, rOIb VM 0BBTRB5, . ., . , i (Mt
oua Inrti.iii snnnna rirmniii 4. . ...
TaW bestead ort fhtaubt -styles In ths eny,""" " 1 .
i ana a. u
Beet Artltlelal Hcl ta
- Hanaam eigkl evec Ajavemt4ds
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"sjr . Mi--y''-
J,H-Bt ,
KEKPs! T'ilB gA-JOFSf . AertTa .
r montaf ILa-BM UunrftT kin ef eptetaeles. ,
All hi flk4aa,.wbeioar r ar or far-elKhtad, ar u'
f round IK WMWP'tiB ri.rm wild i griTipr, KU1(1
to a1 o suit lbs 'Byes of all ! enng nataoata,
D.Mioees ar Infl.m.loa or iw eras, au Bu-f m.,.
OOiat, U Al btat SW, aetiaw at wvanersn im i
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