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oiTimniT MORNINQ, BErT. 88. 1861
Democratic Union Nominations.
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iiiiirii"' otijio,
John O. Marshall.
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OfHimUltn. : ',U
... Of JSrec.1 ' ' 'a-.'
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comptbOLISr, ' ,;.
'boaxb of ruBUO womb,; i--;;
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(ytAltua M ftCAWAY)
Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY
. i i i - unn MTATtrM,
otto dresel; -
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; IfATHAW COLE. .. .
. - . JACOB SLYfl.;
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TICKET. Democratic Union Mass Meetings.
Tbo Democratio Union Suto EontlT Com
nikiH'hui mida rraoenietitf lor holdlof
At Fmmokt, SMdoiky county, on Siurdy,
Scpwinbor SSth, 11 A.M. , Bpeltert-Bon.
Hugh J. JeweK, Judge Lng mM;,
oihtni. '- - '. i ' ' '-'
At Toledo, Loc county, oa 8tttrdy er
nlng, September SWib. Bpeikeri-Hoo. H- J.
Teirett, Judge Log (Oerniao), nd othfrtr,, ,
At Martitilli, Unioo pounty, oo Btunly,
September Mih, 1 P. M- Spekr Hon.
8mu,l 8 Cot. '" ' -
At Ahilu, Clermont county, on Tuesday,
Ootober lrt, t 1 P. M. 8peker-Hoo. Hugb
J, Jewttt and Him. Allen O. Thurmen. , (, (
At Goorrowii, Brown count;, on. tVedne.
dty, Ootober 2J, t 1 P. M. Bpetkere-Uon.
Hugh J. JeweU and non. Allen G. Tburman.
Ar'HjtLUoioooH, IllgbUnd county, on
Tbuudiy, October 3J, at 1 P.M. Speaker
Hon. Horh J. JeweU and Hon. Allen G. Tbur
At Chiixj'cotm. Roas county, on Frldiy, Oo-
tober 4:h, at 1 P. M. 6peaker-Hon. Hogft I.
JeweU and Hon. Allen 0. Tburman. . -
At CiactiTiLtt, Pickaway county, oo Salnf
day, October 5th, at 1 P. M. Bpeakere-Hon.
Hagh J. Jewett and Gar. Medary..'?
At Hamilton, Butler county, oo Monday,
September 3Jtb,at 11 A. M. Spcakew-Hon. H.
J. JeweU, Hon. Wayne Griiwold, and Hon.
John G. Marabull. . . '
At Lamcati, Fairfield county, on Saturday,
Ootober OJi, at 1 P. M., and io the erenlng
Toe afternoon mretiog will be addrened by the
Hon. Allen G. Thnrman.
At Ashland, Aabland eounty, oo Saturday,
Ootober 6ih, at I P. M. Speaker-Hon. H.
B. Pyne and othen." '. .
At Moaaow, Warren connty, on Toeiday,
Ootober let, at 1 P. M. Speaker Hoo. Jonn
O. Mtfshall and Hon. Wayoe GrUwold. v.
At Mt.Viw.ow, Knox county, On Wadneo
day, Ootober 3J, at 1 P. M. Speaker Hon.
Jobn G. Marshall, Hon. Wayne GtUvold and
other.' i;..'T
At Niw Lixiworew, Perry county, on Thnrt
day, October 3J, at 2 P. M. Speaker Bob.
John G. Manhall, Hon. Wayaw- GrlevoU, aad
Hon. Edsoa B. Old. !'p ; 1
At Sandwit CittI Erie county, oa Tboraday,
October at 1 P. M. bpeakert Got . Medary
' nod other." ki-JM
At PoMinoT, Melg county, on Satrday0
tober 54, atl P.M. Speaker Hoi. John O.
Mar.hll. '.' ' ' ' "
Appointment Withdrawn.
Tb appoiotmrat for a Mam Meeting U Cln
elnnati, next Monday wveolng. Srptember 30th,
1 withdrawn. ' Tb meeting will not be held.
Chairman of State Ex. Committee.
C7 Tb 3al. en Fast-day momlBg,dIBJ
up tb folio eing delightful fnorrma foT it
reader: !- outi .a. .t .
' Even If ft Union should b divided, tber. 1
a eaui fur apptMeneioa at the Nertsw , ll la
settlMl ,iwet ere can go Lew. - ,, .
Atismpts at wit or smartoesa often (bow w
bent oi a man' mind, at "straws ah. which
way tb. wind blow." W. read ot o. who
scatters firebrands and desth, aod sayr, "Am I
nottosporlT t .. ' -;, , ' , , s.u-". - ':
ii i i o "'
The Meeting at Clintonville.
Th Uoioo Democrstie meeting at Cllato
Till wa oo of the best sod most enthnslsstlc
we bsve seen.; JUr. Jams Fisousou was Presl
dent of tb meeting and P. Urss aod William
R. Hoa-r. Secretaries. Mr. Cex mad. on. of
bis beet apteebca," ,Mf . Convcsja' speech was
a clear vindication ef bis actio a our Kepr.
sen tati V w r -vi i
'Spelter," which was Bred from cannon, by
nojd, at tb battle of Uanlry, is denned
Wobdtrr a, a commeroitl asm. for xlnc. In
this iuHAi.ee, however. It means irrefdlsr
sbr(:d UA'et of Uiad, mads by ponrlof tb. ho
lead law water, ioruiag dtfc.oa DiliMilet
with thsip Jtgged corners,
The Democracy and the Union.
Dtmooraey of thif ooonwj'wa "Vaj
hii Issna with Us sottha preserve.
Hon of th Union tad th tieiatsnance or. to
" . .. i
IUOnStltUUOWa A BS le OW ew '
. . . i . MlI. l.tkJ lAAfl BUBl
oi in venrocnrcy- ni i i
It U sot.
a- r "- t
"Th old
opponent of th.
. . V .1. . M dUSt 'I1R
. ft .
foad of quoting th. patriotic w- - ."J J
log that all pMty ut - ,,v .
during the
,...' .YmA to la aside, asm we
consent, agreed to ij , ,
. . i..i .u BnuticsA nw
II ernsnea, we r -- .
ti... .... iktu thai tolato dlreoUy. to
malntenano of vuo oa w vo
out a elngU other quntlon whlofc Petoort
sreMwralrfnr. M on lgU position they now
ST Bww w"ti v. ,.. .v. .
Uke, which doe. OOt Dear u.r.0,--.
grand pokt-U.e presrTlwn of th Toion a
oor faiber mad t ) f "!," 1 fe
. .j...hh tneaens mi
lemoormu r F v , .
-i,.nh ts. '.w la made. They nro aocusea
of AMkloe to maintain, their organisation for 1
the mere sake of low pattlsnn ndo-tb Mont'
taai cnarg ues "- -
onanitatlon has. In our past history, been tn
salvation of tbo country, Opposing an Impregna-
bl. bulwark to tb Msault. of thofoe. i
I- ... t ff m. titilni to
I vunsu.u.iuit miuf w w
d.y tbo urn position, and tt oissomuon wo
b th sore precarsor Of th dissolution f the
The Democracy ha been, and U to way
I sals, sore and tellabU Union wrganlcaoa in
the oountrT. In thl oe,lt I to mr party.
i . i a. a
Uboriog to effsot meriy partisan ,.
band of patriot dsroHug it energl ud using
its orcsiiBauoa rot sow one
IS. ef saVlni th. Gorernmt fro- or
r r i - i . . rr,.tin"fMi
throw, and the Unionthe whole Union from
diesoluUon. i U coaautnu aaotew a "-
rrt- ....i,.ifnB. siMnnd which
goou F.-.w "--rr-.
number to sar ou glorlon lanrlo Q f werai
and Stat Qoremmsnu atom sUher partial orl
t3tsl aMtruotle).' w ut,t i: .w,d r "!
ijwi sniraww .,, , . .
;:Tb .n: f bo Trent int. proa, or we .up
mktft)chrgthtih Democracy I
talnieg lu orgaati tlon-" for Btreiy vaiun ana
DirtUsn ends, 'know that H h ntterly falsi-
Man, of iU: aro mkiig.to ooplUh th.
annihilation disbsading 4 tb Pemooratl!
Mlotionol tne vaioo, nnowwg. v
organisation exists and continues powerim, w
disunion cbm will b tnwartwa. int.
evidentlv the design of many of tb. leaders In
tbe recent No-pert, moveownt in Ohio, who
believe, with) thai Candidas for Ueuteadbt
Governor, that tb great mlftax. In th. formai
Uon of our Union wad, lb. anion oj iree auu
sUve Bute In th earn Confederacy, between
whom an til they sr. eeparated, thee ataSt be,
mo!lns' to Stawtow and bft eo-workere, an
andlaas conflict. .... ...
'The popnlar aentimswlis now la favor af
malntainlow th Uolow. It WOOid DO IOf SB
Ditanlonlit at Jieart to oppo Openly thl bop
nlar earreatt heac they bynocrUloally arrogat.
ti themial vel tb exclwtlv. Mtl. f Uakl ,
and attempt t throw tb odlam f DwuMoolam
from thslr owa shonidr opou in. vtmooraoy.
If they crold tba,br.sjk" np t. only aUanch
iintasi oranUation'Ln. thoanlry, then the
public mind might b gradually wroagbtronnd
t stnodon "their" plan of a paraUon. Of )h
free and alar Slate, ta t dr fo- sep tb
horror of an btermlnable war. -Ui-
The President and Fremont.
1 r ....... i.. ul' mmm at- V tL
The ChiUlcotho 7ed, a Repablloan paper,
tpetklog of th Presidsit ftofflBcation of Fre
mont prociamauoos i , -,.(,fj .;
. iu mMhBaaLian atv the President, on th. other
band, be bee received as they would bsve re-
oelved tb news oi great oeiea.
feci, w fear, will prove more dieaeUoua, than
tb root of our tore at Maaaasa. . It la a step
btokward whioh w cannot sfford to Uks. . ' !
..Wa haa aen to loon already ia Ukiag n
tbe gauoUtt whlofe tbo rebels threw down to as
.k.B tha bases this.Wat.l W bare bwSO
atraid to meet boldly aod fearleeely th que
Hon at ttew frrnnttd a to . W have ntade
negro , eawfaer of wur soldiers In aoms la
staaoe. wib the vain hope of showing them
that we doa't want te lnterfsr with tbeir.f'p
oaliar inatitatlon,". r! r. . .i1 '
Tb evidence is olear that sosooaasths !
tlon llbver th. Abolition pre, will commence
on th. President. The cloven foot uj now, being
shown. - Til router for thai pportUg tb
a us fJearr Unlet It ta buMinbed for negro
emanplpaaoa, lbejr kaf.'ljp jnUr1 or esrj Ip
1 fOiU 5l!t!, tl Vtl .IT
Now and Then-What Differance!
Th. Wnaatar Rnublictm Dubllebe call to
th people to attend a meeting at' that pUei, in
which W. Bnd th. roUowmg:, "AU pauiota ano
lover ef tb. country, all booest men should be
preseot te beer tb eUlma ef their couatry pre-
aantad bv the. ' Ienrrsa -orstor. Tn.
IT '..4 r.a' ' " J
orawre miw a- " r r i , ..
Oa th. 84 of Auga 1800, Ton made a
DMNKAjmeeoha WeosxerThe editor of the
Wooeter MepvbUti gaTW Mm tke fbUowfoj no-
.,t .s
VFot-Mital.Davt's' Mxnjwe- For week
nau tha Donalaa leader have been a in lb
mast daeperat xertione t teenr an eadieawe
tar PoL-anata! lot on i. BSSUAI waioi.i. aun
and rnnner wsr sent la every direction, and
UTery stables trsely patroniasd. Tbe evsaing
earn, and wltaU a reepeotanle Cearl fleas
full of Dooglae and .Breckinridge Democrat
and Ropubiloaat, attracted from eorloalty so fee
new Davy Tod would prove DougU .
geanme Destooratl. eaodldatt, and a bogo.
W. wers not present to bear the, peeoh only
about Ave minutes, but have been informed
that tber. neve wa a more weak, tat, vulgar,
profane speech delivered la Wooeter.., A Breck
inridge man infotats a tbat el asset every aara
grapu contained ate et lest oaths, and that
to tktkiaridg men were com pared to thivea
and pettiteotiary birds, without tb boner of
even gamblers, and all because they relused to
be led by tbe D joglae bolmnt. Tbe whole aff.ht
operated to buUd op the Breckinridge party in
Wayn couaty, and make rote for tb Repob
Ueaa. W bop fet-ntstal Davy will corns
oen again to, W iweter, a4 coot .of ten between
aewnod ToMmber t- iho .-jitiT .n ti
. W.doBOtpubllaavbiso tb parpoeeethv
dortlog It, bat thafooi friends eiayee wkat
abanee ukas nlai. la VS OvlOlon 01 UM. mn,
when a Dnwest eoneenl to A, asea ,py wein
few tb pnrpose of e1v1dingn4 destroyiog
Keprleele " 'JO
It would Vsem tfiil tbs nroolamatlon of Get),
Present, la respect to the slave of rebel, ha
opened a gam at wbtch two can play. Tbe
troops el venersl itulilccfJuv la Kentucxy, are
elaing tbe slaves ot tbs Union, men, and ran-,
nlng tbem .off to Tennessee! Ae .the UnJofl
men In Kentucky nee the holders of. the great
er soar of.tb slave, this form oOtUlistlon,
will work unplessantly tn tbtt Dtate, and per
Bitpe be tbe o oca, ion or some sonmary eoaver
ston.-CW.-Jrr , '., ' A') nrtfjl
tT Tb. ktnhlican of Dslewar. county hv
y '
aomlosted Jaaca, R llossru. for Jtepreseotk
live. "ETSTaAH, a nsw eoflrert te RepttbHoan-
Ista, Uled bit banRai, j:ipa np.--' iny
would xtol IrtMrt blow r 1 1. e ) o i
Now and Then-What Differance! The Seizure of Southerners' Property.
Th blowing elroalsr lit btn lata, by the
WASHINGTON, Sept 21, 1861.
w , property In trenail, or ruroo y
tlntenano p f , , Mfl
r"'ltncn wamw-fnr as. ' '' -, ' .'. . , -
Bisi Jo Order U prevent
' " ' ... .-.a,.!-
K. .ftfltn III MlUUft HI . . , . UHa,
wvuUKiua - w-.- . ,, I .!.
asDfli attsction or fflmoui
.. IT I. J (3 .. - . . sa a MinwItinH
H Tbs 'bin Moflon of th Aot of July 114 P-
-Tw., .d .bM eed J"
chend., coming from or piooodlng to a Btate
o plaeo WWM
uea,wguw ' .
. . M ... .. nereocs to or from
w . ' ". . . , a .i..
,oh Btste or plaoe, naii oe ranwwn
. RtAUia. rThu MMion obvtoualy applie
g t wherere tound, U liable to sell
D, wly redrwM of fMUe wnay
ikinlr h..ulM rmtun& it tT PBal to
rV 0T 5TT.ury. who U U..i4
h pwtr ( 'j, m.i,.
alon. .
Th fint aeotion or an am erororea aukb
- II . T .i u..nn.. hla.
p, oeoiaree , m. y j- .n
' . ISiuire. aell or 1 aor property,
of whateTer kind or description, with Intent to
promoting such innrretion, or any pereon or
therein, or if any person or
parson being th owners of any ob property,
vr .lainviunu. wi " ." . .
such property is hereby declarea m oe inwiui
,ii,Imi nt nriM and aactara wberevst found.
. 7 ' . J .L.. .1.1. .ullio
Me OouW cab D ninauiea
... ..n aauidaraa. and that It operation we
intended to be limited to property usea in mr
tbersnce of the insurrection only.- Seisarce
nnt ,h. nt nr ! 13 ahoald be made b tbe
offloers a under th direction of tbe ottoer of
i inn i rsiunrt i lAntrimi
tbe Treasury Department, and an viaine a
k Mjtb,l, ymtsd States
Md aU pfuctile eounset and kid in
i u .w.wji w. .
1 o mane ot id tusruiu w u
proply mtJ ... 8-et i. genera
i or putwuiar oirtetioo or we iisrrrci ;
I or uhar anDarlar sniharilT. ..i. . . .. . . .. .-
mltigaUon or remission in the secretary or U
i T,UIUrT, h , Dliulot Attotner or other o
porior autbomy may dircoi the disoontluUALee
"J P"10! "t th,2l?';,M, f M
.-.toration of the nrooertl Seized. ....
fc wJ Vew, fcoi , Wpeotloi of the.
I provisions or- th ! ot CeogrtM, ' tbat' do
property I oonnseatea or tuojeoiea to lorieiuv,
exoept such as i In transit, or proTldeft foe tra.
ftt ' r7rUoo:, Re'al
M bonds, promissory notes, tnonej on deptav
i AU officers, while vigilant in ta. pretention
or conveyance ot properij wiur iruui miui
recti Oo att Stat, or lb use of It ft r 1nsnrreo:
Nonary purposes, are expected to bo bsreful 1U
avoidloK tmneceesary vtiatloa and eoat.bt tt'-
Secretary of State.
Secretary of State. Manifestations of Gratitude---Read
Secretary of State. Manifestations of Gratitude---Read Both Sides.
s ThsHsneock Cburfcr ssy truly that the two
following modes of manifesting gratitude, and
expressing thanks fer tbo bravery and gallantry
of th Ohio- volunteers, and for tht services by
tbem rendered to the cause of the' Union,' the
npprloo of1 rebellion, and tb enforcement
or tn learn, were adopted by tbe Dsmeoratle
n.lo. and the Hanoart StaU Conrtntlont: t"
ResolaUoo! of tb. No-
Ketomuoo or tns usnv
ocrttlo Union State
6. Tbattb.volanteef
party Union Stat
Convention. '
soldier who, at the call'
f their oountry jmmpt
Ml?. 'A 11
i j, u:A LO-i
It went forth to do' bat
tl bt defeu. of lu Coo
'? t
:,',) mo,iw rf.
sUtutlon and laws, and
V 1H Jlj X' liS fl:'v
get.! l.j - iit I
i'j-o ijfi.u cii r,ic
lu.. .i t,,.r ; i
i,',.-!.!, i, .1 nto
ti.l If) t
11-. I t'.O tht!'." .Cj!
Jti u(.Ui ni iJtv"'
J.tii I !.,! jti..utl0
who. In many oases.
bav. been compelled toj
Ogbt under lnexpetleno-
ea caioert, are eotiueu
to our hearty thank for
th. ctllant manner in
which ' they bav. did
charged their duties
Secretary of State. Manifestations of Gratitude---Read Both Sides. The Union-savers and Union-Sliders.
t. While the Democracy war. constantly telling
the Republican abolitionist, tb calamities to
which tbeir nsotlonaiism weaia iesa.ano wr
whiost we were called L'rwm-Sasers, Baaka, Gld-
dlasa. and snob leadD Ravuoiioao wsr aay
lo. "lf rt fJnton iuis ' Kow had we Demo
cratic "Uolon-aavere" better go over to these
" Union tUuHtf u be good Uuiea men, or auu
fight lor the Uolon, she Coastitattea and Laws,
under oat eld banner whioh ha Mood tb test
for alzt eaara. aader tbs ssmS asm. Th m-
nbatie aoower of everv Democrat will be MO!
mMMMfitU 0Mca ens xtawter. i mu,
[From the Seneca Advertiser.]
Gen. Myers, of Crawford.
la 'Crawford eounty, a In tbi eonaty, tb.
Repabllean. appointed Democrat, a delegate
a their Fasioo Senatorial Convention, wbe had
ao svmnatbT with thair toovemerjt.' Id Craw
ford they aasd Gen. Bemaet Myers st a del
gate. Tbe General did not like tble move, and
he earn eotma toloy card la th Ftrstat, esy
fair that the US of hie asm. Was tnauthorised,
aad pissblog 1l th. OiddUgt, Wad. tad Obr
Ini Uaton eeriv.4 ' " (t ''
Tbe fotlowtagt tb. eoscladieg oarsgrapb of
tb.a,dlaibFsrwr ''' '.-'."
i Allow m ti aay ta eseelasion, that, bad
svea been dhrpesed to aot with th. patent Union
tarty thl fall, the aetoandlng and1 traitorous
tetter ef Mr. Todaceeptisg the nomination for
(swverao weald hav proveo an erxeetaai enre
to sey each aawise aad misguided dlefoslUo
I snald aerer votefo any en. whe could r
esse aader any eircarastaneee t g back andef
British rule. ' I am te holding en ia peao er
la' war, la prosperity or la adversity to tboss
blsosVbooghs right handed a ay to
faiheM et thevevolottoa - J"-'-' "l
Vonn.tmlv. .JSWJ.I
Logan-Union Democratic
.' Tble Conventtoa me at fUefontalnev' on
tn. tttli last', aid' ubmlnats 'We, following
Fer RenrsaetkletiT., Dr Robert . i GlIcrtwH
Treasurer, Thome Habbardt waucUmotise,
Hanson Thoeseer innrmarT- mrwQtjt, svewext
nj ,,,iiiimiK km
iTha Beoatortal "atd JaaUdal Co Vention,
saaaKy nostioataou vi )" sJ,' ,n3, wi ioaho
Fee gen. A, Oabeme, et. Mar low aoaatyy
lA,m lMKaaaaav.ef iaaaeoaatr. .tsi
' . v.,..,
Mr. Stanton's Speech.
fl baboAj.a aved tSd'!fmrjsl bit ;ev
seewM tarfonewteg front a speech aaade
ft Ccagreet by nW.m, tn. for;.
fsBsact yolon oaadlditt. for UfoUovernor; J(J
tBnh, Mr. Cbaitaa. last are soms tntag
that gsaUesaea oegnt te-oMertuna.)
a m a- c iv d craa rea eery f ceely anl frankly,
that 1 do tss heilevs ibis Oovemment sa
'- a kl lawstbtt BT eall'tari forev J
W aaf ii-e tet f ttia tk CotUrtl
inTf aaistsO'y mtyuyf aae eesrraa ta tour,
0eeemeTwi ereataert I avae
iaBOf dy each thing.-' it i agatom tn ganiaa
aaniriaoitbaac. Nobody woalAaBdeisak.
jor mob thing ogara a eWilweteereaUt
Ail., ike aaeatla that thee tt te.c alU-
ssetely e eofMrate confederacy.., 4 bsve a. idea
thas sash wee wewlel :aeV sMhcrwlaa thee la
toaarstien vf bW.Uf 'iOUegalMjJB
oTparste oeJedavaciSA. .1 la pmUr eat-
uss .r ,hS- . AaTSSKJT u new" IWV.OtA-
Iseot ew evea aevan et clgbb f 'he States a
hebeldaaastjagatecr teqaar4.tPltoae
taaksa a isslatkk.'' xa, erbethtf : they
eaaar aet,aooshaot th7 It If against
th. epiriai and f et tbafg; ao4 M
Union Democratic Convention in
Delaware County.
Punmiil to noilo1. a Delegate CosVutlon of
the Union Demooraoy ot DeUwar Oouuty was
held at Tempiar Hall, u Delaware, a he Ust
of September, Jor tbe purpose o( bomUiaung
candidate ior tb various oonnty olao '
On motion, tb Conveauoa was orgaoisea oy
tb. eleoilon ot Jadg Morn 4CbUmn jMd
P. tt. Hammond as beoretary. -r
A oommitte oi three on Credential wa ap
pointed, as followsi ., WlUUm. Jaeob 4iUt,
J. Hardin t ls a "eommttiew en Reeolwleoj,
eooiistlng ot Dr. Klapp. R Smith, . U. Dent
J. W. Coo, H. R. lnefrock:
Th 'jQonTntlop;;the Mjournt;rtiot .on.
o clock.
t Atone in. uonventioo rfwgwuKu,,
G. Benediot wa appointed. Secretary ,lnpnf
f D.N. Hammond, who resigned.
Tbe report of tbe commute on treaenuau
was adopted. ' .
Tb commute on tteoiuuons, sorouga meir
Chairman, Dr. Klspp, reported the following:
t VVusxAS. Tns record of the Demooratio par
ry, ttendlng back through many year oi our
Nstional xiteno,ln prosperity an In adver
sity, in peaoe and in war, in foreign diplomacy
and In domestio politics, furnishes a ufflcieot
guarante lor Its fidelity In the administration
of Stat and National affairs; .
Andhres lb recent political ercanua
tloo in our Stat oalllng lUelf the Union party,
having do record in the past, offer no guaran
teee lor th futurei lherefore, r u . -,
i Jittelpta, That we, th Unloa democracy ot
Deiawar county, pledge our hearty -and and!
Tided aopport to the candidate now Id nomina
tion on the Demooratio Stat tloket of Ohio;
and that we go into th. prent political cam
paign with tb union for our watoowora anu
tb Constitution for th. plattorm of oar. princi
ples, .-, . ,,. , M ' 'l..l .'--J-
Wf, That w sustain the President la all
nnn.Litiiiinnal efforts to nut down th rebels
aow in arm agalmt th Governmentj and that
we especially approve or me oraer to. uenerat
Jobn O. r'remont, compelling him to comply
with tb sot of Congress.
i Balloting were then had for th various Can
didate,' wbich resulted a followsiY.iV - vl
(or innrmary . v ireotor Keuoen iteigiert
Commlssionsr d H Bradley; Treasurer Na
than Williams; for Representative, 8. Q. Ben
adlet was nominated ht acolamatlon. 1 '"
1 W. P, Reid, F. Poppleton, John .Converse, J.
B. Uoxaod wm. u. sietat were appotntea
Cantral Committee far the oinin -ear.
The Democrau of tb oonnty were invited" to
attend tbe Senatorial Convention at Jonnatown.
The resolutions were greeted with great ap
plause, lbs Convsutioo rising and giving three
cheers ..t"
On motion, thd proceeding war ordered to
be published In the, Ohio Statuman and th.
There being no further business, the Conven
tion di
S. G. BENEDICT, Secretary.
' tT W. copy th following-jfrorah Aihta
bula &nfinel, a represent I Dgtne jfterlot the
rrwe Republicans of tb country:
General Fremont.
vW hive copied, from tbe ClttoinnaU.waaear
an artlol., which will b. iound on ourieoond
and tola to whioh tbla oonntry i tending, if tb.
policy of miking th. notion of tb.. border
slava Stst. Uiion men tb. standard, is to be
followed'. 1 Tbe fact must and will sootf b. very
dearl learned by themte. men of vJie North,
tbat tb. Uoioo men of those 6 late are-for the
Union, It slavery can be preserved nnder it, and
if not, they ar. for slavery at any rat., .Thslr
doctrine is: tb Union with slavery, or tlavery
wtthont tb Unions Thlt may. look tils a s
vsrs charge sgslnsl them j' but UH nevertb
lose tru) and the sooner w. understand it the
better. ; . The let. fu.iiae.ter a-M nsa uaraicd
all or lb North making Unloo tpeeobest and
tbe neweoapan bar. pnffed nun td ike ikies, as
pef r iiraarsvlIaioii.maUr-wUb whom no
fiortbeta ataa eoald He compared. "And yet
hi Union I am emoaota only te the kind wo do-
He wa ta van maa wa wrota to tb
Piesldaataa bare Fresaeat'e siasasmtiion stod
ifled. and demanded it as tbe ootid tUo of Ken
tucky loyalty;; ' 7 ;C
Coogress acted upon too . umoa aianatra ot
Kentnoky', "when thsy essssd th oon&sostion
aot, and mad it a mud u tney aaied to mak
tt, ta Us' raee I tssir nHbraeonautnenta,
wbos ' msntled -armv wae Ulllne tb aesDttals
from Manassas. They legislated ander fear" of
Crittenden and 'tboee Union men wbo ar. lor
slavery first, and th Union afterward, and ea
aoted that a slav tboald bs forftittd, only wben
ni master pm forced, bim to commit treason in
arms. They 'dodred behind tbe term forjttUd,
lest imsacwa'ee sbonid alarm iwentucky. And
now Union Kentaeky alarmed, and thongb
her represenutlv man Holt demands that tbe
Utttr ot th law shall b. observed, and that the
sieve af rebel shall not be emancipated te
te make the slaves s Uoioa a so noaajy."
Ta. rreeldsat, la ordering tbe mooiaottion,
only carries "eat th. Instrooaoo Of Congress.
Wshooe the blam. msy rest where it belongs.
Congress Is rssponsible; sod th. people most
look to them. The President only doe. their
bidding- They, bar.' dot oly:.bowed to th.
tiara tatarest In shaping their aotloe at the ex
Ire eoioai bat tbey bave demoralised the
North -by organising tbi Union party on the
basis of Crittenden' Resolution,. Till lbs
North cite a it strengtb, and. com pale Con-
trset to sot for liberty instead of slavery, we
shsll 6n1y protract tb war, t laugh tor Our sons.
and weaken our uovernment instead oi snp-
pressins: tbo rebellion. If tb people don't
want 'Fremont's proelamatloo tnodiled,' let
tbem make thsmselvse heard. '
page, for which we pespeak a oarin raaoung.
It places the subject of Fremont's proclamation
in tb erooer Intnl. sad pointeeut the difficulties
Jacob Gates no Fusionist.
,mm .i . i.-i i
W. are requested by Mr. Jsoob Gates io say
that tbe Republicans bav. need hla nam oa
their tloket tor lonrmary Uirsotor wtthont1 bis
aathorlty aad tbat be twice tent word to strike
it off. as he wee ea old Union Democrat of the
JelTersonlan and Jaokson school, and eoald aot
saner nta asms to remain tnar. . Air. uates is
a Democrat of tried integrity, andTwiU aopport
tb Demooratio nominated ticket, . Tbe Utrala
will therefore do bim a favor, oy taking bis
aame off of ' tbe Repnblicaa Union No-paity
party tick sstHke bis nsm. from lb. Nov
tisgtsm IUtr 'Uke hundreds at -ttwmttnd of
oihar Democrat, he at ae willlna aader anv
cootinsscey,-) be autda s subject nf Queen Tie.
mum end ajwtv-m "v .
How remarkably popular Baa who have been
Democrat are getting. The Republloan try
thslr beat . tbem to run on. tbelr, Uoket,
Jacob Gates no Fusionist. Ohio Prisoners at Richmond.
vTb. liberatsd lurgeoo front Rlohmoud have
enbUsbea a utt ot tne prisoners- ia tost puce.
The following ar. the prieoaere Of the Bovsntti
Oh Regtmsfct: l';-,A-Compaay
A. Theodore, rivals. Cleveland,
U.j Jue. JfaodiOr to. uieveiaaaf tvnariee ater
sha. do. Tbomiieotf. O l Mjroa Whaler, ii
Cleveland Rlohard Waldron, do. Cleveland;
Andrews BcorUls, do. Clsvelsndt rrsak Wil
Hans, eorooral. Clsvsltnd; '
Cumpsoy B -. McCabe, print, tJIeve
land, O I George Yf. William, do. Newburgj
Samuel Bojr. dorBOmaltf Oeorg" Robinson,
do. Bi. Paal, Mln John Rfrtr, waiter, Caf
tAge.O.j . R 8 tiles, serreant,. CJarkflsUJ. 0.
Company C-W W.. F.raseotev, Mrgeaat,
Mowat Veraee UUO fc. w saorey, qo.. went,
N. Y i J F Manh, eorporst JBroadhesd, Wj..
Wm Bircs. Drlvaie. Enrla, iPbU.,,?. Bodl.
do., Dartfoid, Ooloj J.M .Sum, do iGeebM,
Ind B-eisfnorn, a, nurvrr- cvans, pi.
. frlvafea fS-,.X: Curtis, Elyria, Oblo S. M.
Finch. Cincinnati;. A. Hohoell, Oberlloi A. at
ilalbest. Oberilat 8, JBKiugaboryr-Caaadeai
e. C. Newt, LitehSeld, fna I, At J4eble,
BwlinaQraear A. 0JUro.i"itCbilWJk-l,Ar
kar. Ooerlini E. C -Root, Ooeriini W. ff.
rtnn.t. U(Kf.taUsVl D H . Th oftl psoo uOVt oa
L. V.TutlleNew Hsven", fnu.j. Leroi, War
ren, OberilHy TV.,Wh.Ser,: (Ocw-.oMlob
a.jof, MadiseAffli f ;lill,"flferf Wnefvll,
Ho ae Huotooo, drummer, falnetville.
Compauf r' 0 -?rt,t A Cal VCaroll,
rloesvillt, p. ,;.vk1ae,,KirUadvOhlo -A..
iu.Uiuuml L A. Rulueoa. .New Ceetles
J.flberbnFarevMTf Joha Brolthi, de.t A.'
8taitb, CbsgrtnFsUsj :tt; e'f i jfcjM.
Uabbsra.Oorporai.Agawaj, . .
' r.mn.nt rr,ir.its James i.awflr. HUsBa
R..u.. Ham e,i aonntvi jjan..asraa-eatf
-- - . , .,-
ta IUr. fa JHaHaar-i wgw
OATAJUl.-r .
Sweet, Milan; FranoisStUwsll, Berltu Heights
William Glbhe, Mtlani Gilbert Fox, AUeo
couaty, Iitd.i irank Wilkinson, Milan.
Company G Corporal J. C. Logue, At water i
privates Baniosl EiOis, Ravenna; Micnaei tv
tic, do. i , , !,'v, 1
Company HCorporal E C Palmer, Quin-
oy, New York; private J. N. Moblen, Hoanv
company I Private Jam Johnson, nil;
D. H. Juhason, YonjostwB Charlee Bo.le,
do Jams ayder,r Warrn ferdy Larkine,
H use I mcboiae rriedenberg, Toungstown; u.
W. V. Thompson, dp. i. Morgan Lewylan, Min
eral Ridge.
1 Company K Sergeant, Adolph Koblmaa,
Clove and; Private, tfeonr Aekerman, Plato,
Lorain eounty Simon Belbl, Eoglebcrt Fendy,
Oastav Oreeowald, Charles HaskeL Tebia
Habbsy, John Habbey, Christian Oeringer, Sol
omon Keadv. John Schmidt. Charles Stahl, Ju-
llua Wolf, Anw 0lzma, Cleveland. .
First H. F. Proctor. Wm. SeseusL Han
tlowliskv. Jas. ' MoLtnshlln. Georc Wise,
Gebrg MoCabe, Christian Hoot, A. Spaden,
J. Morrle. Second Paul Ntumlle. Twelfth
James Stewart, Germantown; T. N. Dugaa.
Thirteenth Q. B. Shafer, J. Trump.
Private, John Hardley.
Important from Washington.
We stated, teveral dayt ago, that th Gov
ernment wa about to issue an authoritative
declaration in relation to the confiscation of the
oaptial of residents in th seoeded State., held
her. In trust, which would greatly modify th.
action hitherto taken by tbs District authori
ties, and qulst th. f.art whioh were sxsroltlng
such a disastrous influsno upon oar Intacta! in
terest, w were not then at liberty too
more definite, although we had cood authority
for our statement; bat w hav reason to know
tbat tbs announcement, partial as It wss, gavs
grsat satisfaction to all classes in the city, aod
that in consequence of our publication, larg
sums wblob were In oonrss of transmission to
Europe beoauie of th fear which had been ex
cited for their safety, were detained for a few
day. to await th. lssu. It gives u plsesur
to b. sbls to ttate, on th. highest authority,
tbat the mtasnro has been Dsrtected, aod that
Secretary Chaae na prepared an Exposition of
the law, as it relate both to th confiscation of
Beuthara balance, and tb. prohibition of com
mercial tnterooort with the Insure. ant, which
will settle the notations that bav been to un
happily agitated aod created such a feeling of
Ineeourity In fiuaneiai oirolet. w . bop. to be
allowed to print tbi documsnt In th. lssu.
herewith; but it can do no harm to ttate that it
give positive sssaraooas that money on deposit
la banks or elsewhere, la loyal State, will not
be a isturDea . unless there is sufficient reason to
believe that It 1 to b. ased In aid of tbe rebel
lion. , . Tb. mere fact tbat It belongs to a resi
dent of, th Stats declared to be In a stat of
Inturreoiioo. I not to be oonaldered a resaon for
Its arrest, and it may remain on deposit at aa
disturbed as If it were owned ia this eity. Tble
ought to bare been plainly announoed at the
outset of the movement. . W have good reason
to believe that It has all along been th view
entertained by th President, by the Beoretary
of the Treasury, and by moat If not all of the
other members of th. Cabinet; but it bs suited
th. plans of interested parlies her to aot noon
a different policy, until many person, supposed
thatth. Government itself wa committed to
the great mistake of confiscating all property
held her which was owned by aay on within
tb limits oi tb teoedsd State. To sxpoti
tloa of Secretary Chat cover tb. wool
ground, and ia a clear a it i eomprahenslv.
Hereafter capital from any part of th. world
msy safely seek an asylum la oar olty, aad be
Invested, or left on deposit for future ase, with
out danger of molestation. Tbe reader of th.
oaraai Goswrt'rer, who know bow earnestly
we bsve advocated tbi coarse, will appreciate
tb. sens, or satisfaction wth wbtch w. an
bounce tbi result Joumd tf Omtmrtt. -,
Two brbtheri. one livlnr In Portsmouth, N.
H.. the other , fat New Of leant, owned four
ships. Tb. Southern brother hoisted on two of
th. ships th. rebel flag, and the vessel, that dis
graced were eaptnred by lb. United State aery.
Th North era brother hoisted on two ot tb
ship the atari and ltd pee, and these Teasels
tans adorned were captared. by th
Headquarters Ohio Militia.
COLUMBUS, Sept. 27, 1861.
The pressure of business In tbe Military De
partment! of tbe Sum render it necessary to
Secure a reasonable portion of time, free from In-
lerrapiion, for consultation and tbo dispatch or
Correspondence It is therefor ordered that
from and after this date, tbe offioet of the Com'
mander-ln-Cblef, th Adjutant-General, the
Qiiartermaater-General, and Commlsssry-Gso-
rsl, shsll be open to visitors from eight A. M
to three P. M-. and from half-past seven P. M.
tstilteoP. M. Atlall other timet tbe office.
Will be elossd. By order,
Adjutant-General of Ohio.
i For One Week Only.
ZColloCTS cto Oo'o
! Great Original , Panstereorama
W1R 0F1861.
1 In Moctuoloal Morln( Models. Tbo troalMt txbt-
bitionsverpreMntoa to us pooito. noon open at
eanaia rUMattMo'eloek. ASaltttaxeUssnttj ChlleV
rsa aoaor u jrsatS si sse, esatt..
. sQ81alw. ... -,,-.
t) V. 0
OsrpeaterfcBrd.)Ai' ,' ' ' " v'
psBtera!Bf.)Al"i',' ''
vs. i I irsisware vomwon iimm.
t. a . KaappAVe. '
D ia tbs above oast, aad a 1m two etbar Writs, one la
favor of Jobn r. Sana vs. . 0. Knipp at 0., sad see
la favor of Wllliaa 0. tu, t I. 8. Kaapp A Oo , to
au dlrootoi froai tbaOoan at Ooaaatoa float af Palawan
county. Ohio, I will otor lor sals at tat store room No.
, la tbs Oarpeawr balldlnr, am High strsat m tbs stly
ei uoisjaims, sais osBiissnsiag oa , v .
, Wednesday, the lib tJ Pf Ooi, A, D. 1861,
attVclook a si afla sosortannlaf dry feeds sad
Baaaas, tw stavss. aao stp saSaer, two est fsinsaa's
soaao,aaUoasoBSsisayleaa,te4ets. .r
, Frialac'tioes SJ. ...
. w. sturraan. snona
By . Davis, Popsty.
, 0. W. IBSI, Anelioaoar.
sept ddt
Ji 'i I I '.A l"
Settlement of Accounts.
4ai tlod In tbs rrobat Mart ei rrantun tnm-
It, Ohio, and will ko hoard for sotlisawnt ea WBDN1S
D.V. ihatSd a at October. A. D IW1. Is Wit:
7 fhm a no uM.il tt 0 bar tat trodort ifc. essoator ef
fhe will tt Joseph tattler, deeMi the rt atooantaf
Uin aarete. jr.,adai,rr Haws aarbas, os t the B-
at Jonataaa Tivoa, seat r wiia win aonw
as a, Bamaal H OovoTt, ooo'S: the Baal ereowDl
laa Brawn, oaardlaa ef Pav d Outlon and tbe toTsa
seeoaat ef P. N. Oray, nteotor ef the will of Uttlttoa
B. On Sae'd. . .-
.V i Ivi
frebats Jadge.
I 'OoiasiBe, 8pt. ta, isrt dawit.
B.' raoklmablo "navnf, uav vaiuog , saaoiaoosuic
Oaraag an uroanag satsoa "
i Scmth XXigH et- vrer Bsttn) Store,'
abtro oatlofartto Win S slTae' la all the vsrlea
kraacho i tr' r
jUdlrf aoi rJliUdra's Balr trifB aims Ja tbe hest
nrtfiti owDliRJOFiE.Karni ran.
X STAlilLJ aaAwlaadbrMio, taoboMeaaUty af
4hhdi b wlU tsll 'aTtlw'aywtsYsriotVrteofc
! eat nr savetise r oal batsrs yvrahslTngetr.
-1 "-
1 ar intrnm' i. vwru uri .: .... ,
i sspvo-tt nmw ?.. .... . . -r
'.- V"Xl
M r AKT 01 IHi TUAIDKT, s book will bt
SUt day of September, at th Clinton Bink,
Isr sDbserlpUsBt, anSar uj aperlntsodsnes, fer Trsu-
art Xotas, s se baned aadsr las set of Jal 17, 1861.
Tbsss aetas will bs Issosd Is sasts ef fifty dollars, eat
haadrst dollars, Ave handrsd dollars, ess thousand
dollars, and ire tsoaaud dollars, datsd 19th daiast,
186 l sarsbls tbrts ysais aRsr eats to tbt ordsr of tbt
sssssrlbsr at as ilrsoUd, aal btU( litsrsit at tbe
rats of 7 110 per osnt. per annua, pajable atml-sonn-allyl
said iotsnst brinf at tb rats ef two stats for sash
dsreacTttThesdrtd dollars. -Jor Its eonvtnlaaos of
tbs holder, sash aets will bsvs seapoae attaeaed s
prstsui tbs snsrsl amousts ef soml Annaal utarsst,
wfckk ooapsae mj U dstsebsd and proton U4 lor pay-
mtai aiparAUlr firoal tht solos. . .....
AioWiMft for sm TYiarury jkoui wfliNn-
w4drv JtlUm ittttfrom tU day ofeptntng
Vsrtbsr Inforsutloa lvoa on spplloation to
' ' aoTSrssitntRahKrlptloBifont. -
M5dtoel4. ....
Sewing Machine Work.
TITTINa, a. e., protaptly done la a aoal and scb.
ataaUal sumaar, at No. 15 But kloh streot, on the Booth
aid ot Kloh, bttwees Blh stroot sad Poarl allty
24. ECO BontH fflab. Street, Three
X)ora South of Rich,
HAS jBit neolTtd a ohole stock ef tALt, AND
WINTia SOODt, saltablo for frntloiaon's wear,
Caotosaors will hav thalrerdors neatly and sasttaatial-
xj azooawa a, too nw. . . . v
"' (itfCClBSO TO MoKM At MBTHAUX) ,i
No. 100, . South High . Street,
' boXaXTziu '
..,..,.:., v. -,;m w.
PRbvi8i6Wa "V
Foreign and Domestio Fruits,
IXTKA Mb WBlAT JLOCR. . .., , ;
tapir Car Hasw., . ... .
tacar Osrod aW. .,.,-
' Seas Oared teagast. ,"-' " ' J
'-W.B.0BSSSS. -f ' J,- 4'"-
: ' pine-Appie obsss. s " - rry,'lrV,
; '. ViasnoBalt.' 1 '- V 1 6 '' ,)
Teas so Ooffo. -'
. In state, te sales? 's" ' ' ''";
' aspts-lw , , , , , loeonlkIIhltmt.
v Soap! Soap! 4
FUBtllCBE A OO1! OalltrTAt rUJUOI IT051
rOAJP, for sale by oakf nrdootn.
sepas-tw .j ,10gouUillshBireet.
Jaat imlti i sad tor sak w for part, hy
934 Sonih High strtet, Oolnabnt.
sspim ? ' ' .... t ..
Those who bay the common kinds of adulterated Sal
s rttas, get badly sold, sol srspald la yellow broad, 111
hoalth,and asrvous debility. Pyls's DteUtle is puis
and porfootly rsllabls sftiast all tboss otIIi. Ptpot,
I4S Wamlngtoa Btreet, Nor Tork.
Is so tafalltbls resssdy for Fever sad Ages. ' Tbs ex
psrltnes of sasny yean, In almost svtry sliattt, provss
that shore neoa,n strict aooordenss wltb tbs dlreotloss,
t has rarory fslM to ears, sot only by breaking the
thills, but by removing tbe morbid habit of ths system,
preventing lbs itearraaee of tUdlaesss. ,
; I IT1B AMP AOOB, though not ia itself dangerous,
Is tot, unless speedily ttstovsd, to bsvs sash spornl-
sloas sStet tn tbs syststs, ss to engender disorders atuob
surs banefuLtbsaittslf, and wblob sot only render tbe
alMr-Uft of ths pstlsat mittrabla, bat art In theatttvts
eftaa fatal. A prompt sad a Tactual restedy k ihersfsrs
tbat levanted, sad at tech Pa. S. Jatis's Asob atat-
vs Is soaAdsnUy sssmaatssdsd. tor sals by Messrs'
Bossars st fuutsrt, OelauAus, and by. agents svsiy
Whers. " ' ' V ' v-" '
teptldtwfrlkmtAwtw ; ; . t .
' J ait Published la s sealed lavslope; Pries ett.t .
Woasneas, lavolaatary Kmiationa, saiaai utbiuty, aaa
iBaadisaaaU to atatrlasa soaoraiiiy, aorvooanoea, uoa
suptlon, Bpllopty and Fits, Mental and Pbystoel In.
eapaoity. ratulUngtroa BtUabato, As.' By Bobsrt J.
OalvanroU, M. P.,utbor of the dram Book, see.
A Hm t Taiweaa el astflerere,
loot aader seal, ta a plain en to lope, to any address,
rit paid, ea. reeslpt of two stamp, by Pr. 0UA8.
0 ELINB. 1S7 Bowery, New York, Foot Once Bos
Ut. , v ; , -.t sep;soaaie
Perseme eg faU kaalU, Wsssresabiaotle
Ooetlvesess, Baadacbe, OMdlaess, Prewslaess sad slur
teg la ths ears, arising frosa too great a flow ef blood to
the head, should asvsr bs without Braadrsth's Pills, sad
many highly saat-wsus tywptesas Will bs rtniqvM by
their lBBtdlats ass. . . : ,
The Boa. i- Euatt ysstshsstsr eonaty, Jf, T
ssvsatr flvs roars of an, has ased Brsndreth's Pills fer
treaty are rears as his sole atadicloe. When bs fssto
laalapoeed, bs tt from OoM, lasasstllaai, Asttaaa, Head
ache, BUIoat Afestleaa, OosUtoboos sr Irrltatloa ef tbt
kldaeys er bhtddsr, bs doss Both leg hat tab a few doses
af Braadrsth's PUIS. . r '
Bis asnal sMthod Is Is taks six pills, tnd rsdses lbs
doss each Bight, one pill. Ia every sttsek at Skkasss
lor twenty-Bve years, this ample method ass never failed
to restore him U health; and lev are to ko fotnd so
sstlvs sad hearty a he. . .
' Bold by Joan B. Oooc, Prunlst, Oclambut, sad by
til rsspsstshls dealers ia BMdlclDos.
ssyUVdtm -
noaTPA-ra Lim riixa. ' ; : u(
j ta til oaots ef sosasasst,dyspspsst,hlileas aad Uvet
affsstlsas, piles, rbseaauiaa, amis tad tguss, eswaj
Bats bead sehes, Sad all gsesrsl eTsnganebtsof health
mess rUNaavsmvarlshly peeved aesstala sad speedy
rasjsdy. AtlagUw1alnUplaeewtlPllhlwyeo
the reach eroastpeUtka m ms wamttfoa ef ertry ps-
Br. tJotal't Fbaante BltiaM vQl bt toemd sXTSatTysf
gosOoas la sU eases ef aerrsas easlUay, dysyspsm, besl
Saba, the tkkaots ktatdonl Is tawekni htdeueate health,
aad even kfatd af wsskatss ef she dlgesttv. srgaas.
Fee sslesrPf. W.altX)FIAaVa Broadway, t.
tad by sll Prastwts. "r I . awaat a,wl
Xitt ttUffxlrf it ta extract bw a
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TJnileA atatse Exteee,Ce.a.Fea.
, ........
, Tift Sew York & Erie Bailroad, -.
And all other Roads Leading ,We
and Southwest.
Ohartered Cars over most Bod, on Pautnger TraUs.
M. E. BOVBY, Ai't. 1
i. iNiant, Art, 't
S5 Stats Bt., Button.
SSI Broadway, R. T..
, WUi H, P1RBI, Buporlntesdont, Baffalo.
11 FITCH Ac SON, A feats, --
v- ,, fa ti T Wee Bread Street,
i .")' ,. coirniBcsyOiua
sspiaf , j t . . ,- V.'-nl
R E M OVA L. ...
WltUAM tt;lTOI,i
DEALER IN ..',', '
Groceries, ' ' ,
Produce, - h
. Provisions,
Foreign and Domestic Liquora,' "
... Fruits, etc. etc., r ' , '
I , . . ' I. '
.u M.TO-Y . .... . :. K
' NoMOG: South HigV Streetf
Tbs old sited rsesnlly eocopled by.Wlf. MoDONAXP .
- Be tarn dally rsoslptef jf ttJ.
; ; , ; Which hS Will Kll
Ohsap fer Cash er Cewntrr rreCWee.
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TtT floods delivered to City trad frs of ebsrssfa
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Mns, (wmsLOW,
An esperisneed Kane end Female Phydeiaa, y rseente
to the attention of mothers, her j ,. .
it on
enlng tbt ruma, reduelng
all inflswaiatloa-rwUl BilSf
ALL FAIN and spatmodlo action, and Is
Depend upon It, Bothers, It will glvs rest te yoarsehres
end .... . r , C7
1 We bare oat ao and sold this arttefe for over tan years.
what e hare neror been able to say ol any other saMI-.
AMOB, TO BrrtOT A CUBS, abon tlmtry sar, sjev
or did we know an lottaaoa of dlaaaUafatttoa ay-aey -wbo
aao lb Oo tbe contrary, all are delighted with Ms
opt rattans, and speak In tone of sommoadaUoa ef Hs
magloal effects and nodical virtues. We speak la ibis
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after tea years' espe
almost erery Inisanee where She mfaat le eaterlng frees
pass and tKbaastlon, relief wilt bs found sa tikttaec
twenty mlnatee after theSyrnp le aumlnlotored.
Chle Talnabie proparatioa a tne tiuttiliiMua af on of
ths most auaklBNOBPsad BKlLLf UL NnkoBtlat
Hew Bnilaod, and has been OMd. with fBTJB FA1L
INfl BU00BS8 In 1 . ' .
THOOflAlfVS or oasebv
Itaotoaly rt Herat lbs child from sain, eul rnvlsav
ton and energy to tbe whole system,. It Will slates! Id)
sttntly relieve
and overcome eon vuittons, which. If not speedily reae
died, end in death. We be Hero II the BBS! and BUB
It arises from leethlog, or Irom any other cause. We
woald say to every motberkohaa child tafitrtngflrom
any of thtforenotDeompllntt IK) HOT LBt TOUt
stand between yon and yoarsnterlngohlld, aad the re
lief that will be BOBByee. ABBOLtoraLT acaa-te
follow tbe ase of thlt medicine, a Uoely ased.. Full dt-
notions for using will aooompany each bottle. Nope
genuine unless tbe fac simile of COEIIB A f BBKINS;
New York, le on the oattlde wrapper.
Bold by sll Druggists throughout tbt world. . ,
Prl iclpal Of rice, 13 Ceil ar Street fl.T.
: ssn7T4kwly. '"' ."' '!
! ,:v. . . BBWABK OniOi ;t
Blasiaf aeturera ef all kindle rr ae
table sta4 atatiestmrw a team Bum,
table sm4 Ktatiestmry
wines, kaiw mils.
tiriat JUiltav
Vet Ac.
J. A J. B. JDU7JJ.I Btatm lit C0LVM1CB
MAtmnti CO. Btatmlttl MHADIOMA
i co.it4imiriir
Oar Fortaal login aid law Mill
Wss swarded ths flrst premlust ol $50 st the Indtaaa
Itate Fair for 1640 ever teas A Bodleyw sa aeeoaatsf
Price, lightness, slmplioltti eooflomf or fuel
- . - i i
ana superior cnaracter et mmoor sawstt.
' Our Btattonary Bnglne was swarded at the same Fair
tbe first premium ef - ..
Onr Portable Bngine was swarded ' tb flrst premiss, ee
100 st shs Fair st Memphis, town., aver Blandy'e Pa
rail's, Oolumbne Machine Co1,., and Bradford OeV.
bra aaaitk, of nrastlnal Ralitoad BnrlneorO. " V
For price and terms addreee' "
. WU.LABP WABJTBB, Treaeerer,
, doof-dkwlyooU. -'"' ' - WewariuObje
; TFbelesale afeUtll fJealer fa
Keep ceaetsxatlr est ban all the wa
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CeraerBprlag- Jx Water at.,
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tadlfAr."rfMhirr bf Brtat and rjarlrdcga,
I . ' Fisko Brass Worker all iftwiiruoae.
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