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Vlt 9lu0 Statesman
"I lH II ) 1 ' f 1 (
Tb AdamEipres Company place n dally
under obligations to It for the very latest paper
from the eastern citioe.
The Amerioaa Exprea Company has i onr
thanks for Ita dally favor In tb Up of tb
very latest eastern paper.
Probate Court.
... ,' ' in the Probata
uourt or rr.na.in j. , " '
Atm. at n t It A mAt T IflMa A I )WV. nil.
IS? r" 7 " ' V T
v. .,mh.r fif mtrrl.ee license Issued was
thirteen, v.- f - . '
, f,ini nf netoralliuloQ ware Issued to
Patrick Collln. John Doyl and Patrick O'Heoe
ill natives of Ireland. "
TM following minors, navmg raiisica witn-
out consent oi parents or gu.ru.an., w.
eoar.ee on writ or s.oes. .err.r '".
or Jkoox county, uranvuie nt. v.
Ing; Dav.dH.Dunn.of Knox, and Ford I Mo-
uiocutin, oi rairneiu-Bii tuiu..
MiuTAir Rivaw Camf Chasi-TH re-1
I.w of tb Tnlrtyflrsl Regiment, Col. Wa.
a, ana oi ,. .cB.u.0u.
Raikom. at Campwase, oy in m uumm.uu-1
"-C,G" VtK'l "
Wednesday last, we a very fin affair, and won
great pra... and commendation, from tb. no-
merous visitor p reseat, for both offlotM and
mn. Th bam fight between tb Infantry and
cavalry, whioh took ptao after the review was
over, was managed with much tact and addre,
ana gav uespectaiors an waung o.
. t A.l !. tiA klAil still I
place on the battle-field, minus th blood and
laughter. ..... '. ' u'"'-": ''
There are four Infantry regiment at Camp
Chaae the Twentieth, Col. W lunutUT, four
companies t'the Thirty-first, Col. Walxm, full;
the Fortieth, Col. Ciamsw oompanle th
Forty-second, Col. Oaifield fiv oompanler
Betide these, ther are Col. Ransom's regimen
of cavalry, nine companies, and Cap. Coma's
company of artillery,' on hundred and fifty
men. . ' ' '.": ; " ;
Tb area of Camp Chaso conalst of on
hundred .and sixty acres. Tb troop ar ar
ranged in tb following order, beginning on the
! aide of the camp and proceeding to the
west: The Twentieth Regiment, firstj then the
Thirtieths the Fortieth and th Forty-Mooad,
with th cavalry In the extreme west. '
There are Sutler tent in tb eastern, central
and western portions of th camp. Judge Jam-
son 1 01 tbltoU;tu ino euuer ior too ut"f
. ... n a .t - - .1 .
camp, who. arrangement, and gM
glv general satlafaetloo
There ar on hundred and fifty prisoners
of war held In durance at th oamp
Tb military arrangement at tb camp ar
1.., t .n Aatmlaicd tn Inanra cleanlinees
and the health of h oldlr.. Atv.llle,
eaeh company is required to jmt tbeir quarters
la neat and nronw order, and th. Lieutenant ot
th. Police Gaard, noting as Inspeotor. take his
dally round to ss that thi reqnialtlon U fully
omplled with by every offloer and man on the
H Pisb SaooTuio. The annntl Targtt Excur
loa of th German .Target company of this
city, will be held on tbe grounds of the compa
ny, on. mil. south oi Columbus, on Monday and
Taesday next, Sept. 30 and Oot. 1, commencing
at on o'clock A. M., Monday. On hundred
dollar worth ol prises are offered, as follow:
Oa th stioh target, eight prize; on tho kehr
aantar shootins-. three nrlsee. Th Price oil
a -
ticktts are, kehr and off band, ten shots for
fifty cents; stioh target, flr shots on dollar.
x Th prlxet bar been selected, and may ba seen
' ..as.-... rr s,...M rv.
ILTCol. Dioaai's Regiment pesstd through
tba city on Thursday afternoon on its way to
Western Virginia.
CT The Thlrty-Bxst Regiment, Col. Moses
B. Waikh, left tamp Cbsse yesterday alter
aoon, and passed through th oily to th depot,
wher. they took. tb. ear on tb C. & X. and L
M.Rod. Thi I a Una fegtmtnt, andwhef-
erer It may b ordered, will be distinguished
for th. gallantry and brayery of both offleers
and men. - Thar, ara bow remaining at Camp
Cbaa threw regiments of infantry, no on of
which I emplete
Erraon y Fast DaiTiaa. Teo young men
wbo had been out of town, on Thursday after-
aooo, with a horse and baggy, returned into thai
alt In th aran nsr. drlr n at a ran Id rate. On
taraiag a Cornet, a wheel wa knocked off th
tgI " young mea wr.mrown oni,
and tb boggy torn In pleee by th. frightened
bars running eft two or three squares bsfor he
wa stopped. Tb left arm of on of tb young
tor, CauBtka Mitteu, was broken just below
ra ahonldtr Jolnti tb other, named Howbll,
pad wilk a slight brnlse.
Licawa Cocittt Faib rh. FoartMnth An
" Baal Fair ai. tb-Licking CounTy Agricul tural
Society will b. hold ba lb ' Fair. Grounds, near
Newark, n th Id, 3d and 4th days of October
. aext. Wa ara undec obligations o A. Adaib,
Secretary of the Boclety for a ticket ta the
, Fair and a list of tb premium. : Tha prcmi
, nau are aumeroas and Ubral.Th exhibition
vUL, wsj tfoobl not.b highly oradltabl to the
farmrto4 stock -raiser of Licking, who bat
- fewaOperlora ta th SUte Tba Fair, will close
. . a,. .a eaa
" with an addrasa By . H. Mowaoa, ot uraiv
Villa. ! t .Y. f-4,l 'J ... ' . II (t
attain Da Vauaas,rs
aaoaaA fmai Rink Bond and tnanc sent a
A..Alna'ti, Caaila PInrVna. ta OiarlMSnal
r - "
kathaf.na soa-lnUw af Jo.iAauaSTAH
mte'foraarly af thi city.
'.1 ;li "x.tfc1 vvj
IT, FiTtB ..HFfjr! London, formerly
tt tkUrtry, haa baen ppoutdjiBUnantCoL
asel o Iha Fourteenth Rglnt.":
I70(0ii JB. Htrnuwaotta of Duhlla;
BamlsWrfCommisryof ths Fortysmh
' , ,
Kegfmenf. Colv WotTBisotOB, at Camp Lyon
a..' ...-..1 " .' ' 1 ; . ' ' '
4rrfH'tJv ya
.1. Ir
u.ti iVj
WfwTaa u CoMiaaW. hav now aom. vry
IgalSpatl and ttartliog iniimatinns tnat w lutes
la peehifig..Th ooldand dop Wtatbet
aaAM Smi In aa Bailors, atttlna rnnml
TTr.T'T' :r. ".YT....: iTa":i.
f'P,Br"" . -i i "W'
Ta bare gooa iuoa, wa mut nav goov mi.
Kathlp for thafnrpo. eaawsoaad taa flock.
laiCei.-o ale by D.r.k DiA)iUlf ltpr
af lAAi, CMiAiCra aaadaf
S-ftTtilWnt rUnat Tfatf. af the
."7.V 1 . J ' '. ii...i.
Kentucky Rsglmaat, oeptarad aom Ua BlnCa,
aa thd Kanawha Rlvar, in company With
aaal' WoriDar and r.ftt.lii Da Viuiaaa. ra-1
tbAltaaaL sSrdvestlsaaiaa,
it.' If yoa want Ml extra Whlta, Wheat
Flour, and other obolc article la tb grocery
and provision Hn, call on W. H. Bmtiiaoi,
on the aait ilde of Hlsh (treet, lew door
aouth of State, wbo enumerate lorn of the
extra article h ba oa hand. In an advertise
ment In another column. t -
.Thb MiDioib Faculty and " Kibneov's
Medical Dhootht." Physicians aro very
maided In their remark respecting any medl
oloe that may be Introduoed to the public, -
peolally if the discoverer has opt received rn
medloal eduoatlon, and w bono them for tbeir
precaution and good judgment. Bni the ouree
MedIw, DIlc0Tfrt.. h...
astonished even tb
doctors, .'no1 a. th.y hav .tood I th
bsd.ld.ofa patient and seen the favorabl r.
nlt arising from the nt of this medloinr la
" of Scrofula Eryalpelaa, eto , etc., they
have been led to eiclelm, as did one of the
moat distinguished pbymolaMof oua8tat'(Dr
Whitney of Dedham), Whalettr the tudiclne
is, i doubtlttt the belt of Hi kind; frep on with
tt f """"
i T
, 8ollOI AM Ait.-There is at the American-,
Room 71 . gentlemaDt Dr. Hatm, who com
bines la one the Phrenology, and the Artist.
.,., ...... mnll ,....,,. ,ni ...
Lj, bMuUfn, lTOry.yp picture. : Call
Ie, Wn ,nd nl piotnres.
. , ... ... ... . '
M(jor of ;FoMy.f(mrth Rglmen.
D0W encamped at SprlngBeld. U we on of
. , , - .
comply l0th.8eond Ohio R.glmt of threo
' . - nnin.n1.1
,.4m,nant,, flt to D, made.. -
. .
- .. . Wli r . ' Na' 0,4 Snuti'.' Hioh
0M SQnlh of R,ch( h,y,DjparenM.
tb ftn ,a two kre
keepl on hand frMh pMOhe of the best qnaUV
tv. which be will sell on the lowest terms. Call
on him and obtain som samples of this dell
otom fruit. ; ioiawij
I Stn
t. MnAmiriala Xr. "Rnnrfimi
kT ; rti-h m-c '-' '"i- r-aj.
sq"o. Q ttOUth HClgll Bt.,
CoMttaVB Inst opened aa Invotos orvery largs" aa
U aandeusas . rp jr r - ' , r r
1. s-t I' mi
' I J .9 . I.I r i:
Th Vt Artificial nelp 1 to the
Joseph i. periet; .-X" r:
at of the Bwt UapioTed kinds ol SixcUcU.
Ait hie Oil wbeihu Car mr r rwdhwa are
srauii Is eoaesvo toBs ram wita M frattMt eve,
M u ralt lht Byi0f M, wriBr wto.
Offloa, U Bait Beat street, at (kilter Weestsi's
Sum atora. .
L AOBLLB ROSaft Ob.,:;
Commission H
. - . 'I
'V. t 1
wines, brandies;
tit. Ae. ALBO,
t. r' .'.. ; - O't
b ..... .
.. .
WaBiSODM AS opijci. ssi 80T7TB Hian T.;
-' -u'-" s i
ia8dlyis '" u il1'7 fit) (4
Oysters! Oysters!!
iigi ti
O. 3L.
be la dally receipt, by Xxprsss, of '
r&xsH can ft zza OTsms, ,
from Baltimore and lair Bhten. ''' '
Call at Wagner's Oyster and frail liapot, ae. -.i mm
State etreet. r . r r i , - i
augMtr ! . : j-"U", . T" ul iAi. t.
a b t ". '' sr '
BTo.'29 South: High Street, CoiumtuV,
, 000 yards Irate Utt'
)'.'i.n 1. a rut lit,'
Dress floods attXltatas
boo yard TrareUngDre Ooode stT3X, raio Mea.
tS ... c ..... , 5 '1
I ? set ngiisn jreaagw ai m,itMcaw -
loggyards rrenca urgaoaiee ai raiue 10 oeua. t
I soon yards rest Ooiond Levne at 10, yaioa is cena. -:
I KMlfi rarrla Foulard Dreaa Sllka at 37 . Talne 50 cents,
. PUlln BUcl gllk .
I Aebea of Organdls Benge, and Bngllah Borage, at eae
I half lr value J . I-.'. - ...
half their value.
"BAHf At .ON;" '
South High Street.
;UaltlniAr P. Afh na If awoA
AHiaajuwiw'. vavkuausj uvhoii
ninaa bium
wuroraOTClitM an .wwotaaau bbaubs m
No. 308 W. Baltimote-atreet,
satrr ara lowiio.f 1
j ALTtttOBE, nt
k larg Asaortauot.ol Flee and rurnlshlni
i ' ' fJoods Constaatly -aa Band
- I ajl aaai c ' l 1 ' jr : 1 rs ,, t r
ruoaca., ihwwb.aiw VHAWIILLA
I , at a Mwm a a a atMir wan a ,
Very Deer Frsreei noouoJoxLace, .k, r, n
Real Thraad, Frtnobi UDantllla Qtnev.
Jr--'.'"' I'nra y...lJlA.
Vstfffliciennes. FoiUt tftf UtUO, TrOSieTll
-. 'kaaa. a a ....
aul y,.rVrr.MjRa trimmrd ti'Difirfl:
1 T glAiUilWAWUBiaJW bb mmm ibbb 11ms aemeacwowp
il ."TArEH cuiabAtui ea wjr a,
. . ". .: " Mraia. i Va valine.
' I -"" 1 1 Mii iwiinhrteadiu
- mJZ'ft sr-Tr- --sr-sn A m-
. I ai--.j ,'.V- ,YW-r
- IltOairtlftTnta. fri.lKB SHaPHlUf OBIOU
BUJH.OtlrDi tBmtl, ',"''
l-WvnVV AS mrAaWaetai ear a aaaaaaa aa at
e,,r.V ;,m a-MTiTA."! ?":
r1 iJBP' J.)' tU m:
From Washington.
WiiuiNornH. BDt. 85. The Quartermaster
General to-day dismissed tne mipeowr of aorse,
rot th. Government. . i a .
The number of aiok and wounded soldier In
th six hospital of thi district ar. seven hun
dred ana sixty-seven. v . '
The Indian .isnreaa nas received iniorma-
lion oonaldered satisfactory, that nearly all
the Indians who joined the rebel ar naif
breeds. .' " '.yc'V '' i"1 ;
This mornloB a larea rconnolterloa partr,
nndef General Bmlth, went from tb Chain
Bridge toward LtwinsvlU, for forage, etc,
and returned at two o'clock, having eeised a
quantity of forage, beef, sheep, eto. While at
Lewineville a large body of rebel Infantry,
cavalry and artillery, frosa the . direction of
run CbiKCB, approaonea ana openea on our
men with their batteries, whioh we responded
ta bv Griffin' and Watt's Runs. Bom thirty
hot and shell. wer. Bred, whioh silenced the
retjel eannon. UThe enemy retreated to rail s
Cbtfrcb. ,1' is not known what damag was don
ta them!" On. of our men was wounded. W
captured a man representing himself an aid to
Vol. Htewari, 01. Virginia reoei oavairj. - "
' WhliBthe Second Mlobtean Reelment wer.
00 picket duty at Bailey's Cross Roads, a' flag
of truce was brought in by two Colonels and a
Major or the rebel army, at raunson' nui,
aaklnr soenensioa of hostilities between pick
ets, wtilob was aoceded to by our commandant,
-Nxw .Yoix, Sept. 25. A dispatch from
Washington to the Post say, it 1 understood
thmk th Qmnnmint lll taka Da imimediata
notion in th case of General Fremont. - The
General will be allowed loll opportunity to car
ry out hie plan of attacking the rebel foroes
under McCuilocn ana rrioe.
Tne State Department ha made satisfactory
explanations to Lord Lyons in reference to the
new passport system. Tne omission to inform
Dim 01 tb adoption 01 .in new pian was mereiy
accidental. - .
Tbe condition of Kentucky cxoltes th llvell
est Interest; several prominent oltizens of that
State have arrived her for th purpose of urg
ing upon th Government tbe necessity or for
Wardlne laree number of Federal troop to
sustain theUulon men.' " " J .
Th Commercial's speolal say that th en,
my' entrenchment on th Virginia side of tbe
Potomo,hve rxtendd nntil they now reach
from Monson'e Hill to a point near Alexandria.
The' panlo-mongera ' still profess' to believe
that tbe rebels will soon attempt to cross tbe
Potomao at Edward's Ferry and Aquia Creek,
but there Is no foundation for auob apprenen-
Siontj 'i r;i:i v. i'i'v ' f .
Mrl Lowe made a balloon ascension from our
line this, forenoon, and 'Was fired on by tbe
enemy. Won or tneir snots, aowever, took
W ABBiNOTON. Bent. XB.-rTh Herald' special
say, the steamer Delaware arrived at the Navy
Yard; thi noon with a body of marine from
Philadelphia; ' Tb Captain report that tbe
battery at Freestone Point was unmasked when
he passed it this morning, the wood having
been all cleared away, and that it opened npon
him, firing about seven shots, none of which1
took effects They were all good Un shot but
fell short or wen' over. . Two just grazed his
deck., ' -: v " ' "
" Cant'. Cannaa sav about fifty vrsels passed
th. battery, up and down, but bOiie were fired
except id ueuware t. rrom me uiBcioearet
01 n rcuvi ULUUC- i ii itwiiiuv ium tua w
- m L .1 1. 1. u.s.l..il ik.s sk. k.A
a .t. I? .av i- AM.MMa.Mlul k U V
Navy, sad that trier ar batteries on the Vir-
Hartitsitjtiin. fnrmnrif as. tvimmavnn A in in si VI. B.
glnla side of th Potomao, every two and a hall
mile from Occoquan to Mathiae Point. To
river is now oonaidered by naval offloer as ef
fectually closed r i - r .1- i -. -'
Onr Potomao' flotilla' I Insufficient io'olesr
it of the numerous butteries npon Its banks a
, uauaa,
Und force'le indiepensablrnry, and It I.
haiiAved that within a few dais, nerbaoe
boors, tbs rebU will attempt to cros tba how
r Potomac Into Maryland.' iTbey will meet i
nanttnn- hnt It ma ha flanaMarW tn
Btransthen our forde in that direo'ton. "'c '
" The World'e dlsoatob says, a flar of trace
crossed tb. Pototnao at Edward Ferry. on. come
I I ...... t- ... .. A
wer rlaced under arrest.
Yesterday a Lieetenant deasrted Ironr ana of
oar regiments on the Upper Potomao and went
over to tbe renew, ginng tnem, it is mppoeea,
full information.
The Tribune's dispatch ays. Sherman' ex
neditioa to tbe Southern coast will sail within
threa weeks at the farthest. Fifteen or twenty
regiments will hare the prirllege ot going to
unaneaton, as me pnnoipai omcen in com.
mand believe, or to Mobile, or New Orleans,
aa others cooieo'.nre. Gsneral Veilea's brigade
of fire reeiments. now
n camp nere, win form
a nrt of th force, and will ro to Fortress Moo
.L 1.1.1. . rr-,j n i
roe SO sail toence wiiuia a, lew uaje. ucuvrai
Sherman will not sUik. the only blow on the
From Kentucky.
them at BirbonrBvllle1, It I very eertaln that
th. greats prt of their infantry fliUy refused
to tak part la tha fight. . , ,..- . .
Jamea B. Clav -and fifteen comrade Jiav
Louisvuxs, Sent. 25. The Journal to mor-1
row will conuln a statement that the Con-
ieauraaea ara uuiiui.iug) ww.i
Sonthern border of Kentucky . that Monday
. . j ... u.MM.t.InM MnlM .m An lh.1
ara committing outrage on me
aftprnooa seme two hundred eaTalry took
took S300 In gold Irom Dr. Brecktl,and thirty-
six suud ol arms, and ammuntion belonging to
loo bhuii . ia viuaoia vi uwaHTiue umiw
baea warned tbat tb Tenneeseeans propoa
visiting themi.and they have prepared to receive
thenv-i . !' - .. . i . - ' . "- .
Tbere i maob distress at Albany and nuritee,-
vlilej and the people mere ar calling to mea
au aimo., .,, , ... . , .
Reoorti are DrevAieot Of tb. blowlne no of
toe iron unugv wn'inna ami. "
ramrt rjrobsblr erode from tbe burning of
the bridge over Bacon' Creek, near Mnnlord
vlll.i"i' '. hi. -..--.r -..., :;.fw " ,
Is I reported thai Oeni Bockner, with about
10.000 troots.1 a few jniles north of Bowling
(aveen. ,,.,.,..'.: ' .
'A i ranaiort aispawa aaya .ouioonsr oavai-
ry af teenrmg tb. country in tb. vicinity ot
bl camp,arrcsting prominent ynionisist aeeiroy-
Ing tbeir property and running off their slaves to
Wsslon oi Aioany, in. rouniy seat or union
county, eighteen mile from Surkesvuie, and
levied contributions on several Villas, store.
Tennessee., iney nave taaen posaeasioa 01
. . . , .t.. ni..
email uiwubi iuviuuiuh , nmwir v...
I-O.I. nr.-1 l U....4-........ :.H ..
oonnty oait n oral. .
t Tba UuUetin says vol. moiienry, wun six
bundrea men rrm vaviee ana umo-ooonuea,
.rfM.tAtn hWnnuMilnii nrnaranahaM?
to oay. s ,.,(,,...,., 1 .t .,1 ,-w..- jh
The jtrankJort aaoman aaya tnat uampurej
IT-A."! Vrvr r".-?' rrZZrSlZ
rumored' her.' that General Wimai.
J.' Ward, Oa T. Ward ancV Warren L. Under,
wood have been taken wieonen bv tho Con ed-
zzT-'t7 -; .v,;':. "
moved Irom Cam p Dick Robtnaon for th moon-
Ulns. 'and camped last night on th other aid
of Grab Oronara, anoaiMveotv muss irom to
rebels, wno hav lalleo back to Cumberland
Porta, nitean mues irom narnonrviue. ,
United StaAea troop .are tha mountain boy,
He knows
with Colonel Qarrard at tneir Head. ' a
the conntr well and is a' flglitlne man.
. The rebel Colonel wbo was killed, was Pow.
ell.-oae of their bea men.-1 He wa' leading
bm arreted . ud ar. at CampRobin
arrees gives great joy ,u.r..
Romney, Va., Taken by Federal
, J
25.- men
o( ah Foarth Ohio, with on pleoeof artillery
add Rlnegold'a Cavalry, svent4v la aomner,
i.. 11 ... J I.,.. taJ.ul ..
Itltr UUI uameail, aua linn umwm an.
the-Eiirhth,Ooio.. under CoJ. Park, mad.
I- . . ' " - " " a agf . .
ii fu.t n MnnAmw Inaaul
Romney. 'They drove" the enemy, sevea Don
etrnnV. nnt Af Maehantoabnrr Oan. on
morniDa-t ar tne lam. ana aarBncuui oa A-uoe.
r, stormed tb toww causing tne enemy,
os. fore- numbered fourteenliundred Infan-
I BTf BaVBaaa uwyairv. au A CljarBg aa aa feiASW WUIIUIBlUBi
.aaaJ Aia..l.a Aak, A aM IVa BiAHnf aln
I witb tha loa of about thlrtv-lve killsd.aod
I I .J n... l ... ,u.
' 1 bw w wnwiai, vw.ana waa awe
Ikilladasd tea aonnrterl." "'
lin'.aaa B I
V- Tom pt . Rock.
iOsarv'aiorcehUaa acUoa-io-dav wilk
1 kndwd rebel oa th. Virginia tid af tba
ifotaa 'rby;wreheltered oa a high
S S . I'.lnAkln Fllnrirf .la TBa --
iUH UltL WrWUUt iiAlabJUi IU A UCJ "WT uriTOU
. -a,.', .
, aent..M-A POftfOn Ot
i"??:09 woonaea, oonoi
in Iowa Forbidden.
Niw!ym, September W-Oea. Fremont,
a day or teo since, made a reqoUltlon of fiv
hundred thousand dollars, to 0 paid immedi
ately, on account of porobaae of oidnano and
tdnan etoree in St. Loot. r :
1 General Ripley peolally reported to-day upon
this application: First, tha no authority what
evae ml ttkn In tha Ordnanos Bureau for
Gen. Fremont' making th puroha. Seoond,
that voucher accompanying th. ' application
how that exoessiv. prices wer. paid for many
of the ertlolas. Tbsre U no .vldenoe from Geo.
Fremont's command that these arms nave un
dergon. inspection by a United States officer ,
or any Inspection at all. . ,
- Finally, Gen. Ripley report that unless pur
chases and expenditures like these of Gen. r
mont's are regulated and restricted by the War
Department, the liberal appropriation ot Con
great wilt be wholly Insufficient to meet tbe lia
bilities that oan be roll4. op against th Gov
ernment. .
A dlspatoh went t-dT from Bwretary vam.
mn tn tha (Intmu af Iowa forbidding the
drafting of troops, and expressing his anbound
eo oonttdenoe In tne patnousm o vyi
intimating that th policy of th War Depart
ment would b to ely on th popular lov ol
freedom and th. military attaonmsui w iu
Union 1 .i.iiv-l.-3 4m 1 '
A Herald dispatch says that the picket along
our whole Un. ar. doubled to-night, In order to
b. fully nrenared for any movement tnai may
be attempted on th. other aide- No P""
wnatever ar. to be issued iomariow hi
to th other elde of tbe Potomo-
I learned to-day the oonflrmatlon: of a fact
which throws lama Ilaht on th Fremont affair,
and which will go far toward, exonerating the
General, and which explain why be was unable
to send retnforoemenls to Colonel Mulligan.
B th mUHia nf thi montk General MoClel
lan had all th troop her. that ha wanted, and
mora than he could possibly use, yet about tbe
13th Inst, tb War Department sent .orders to
Gaiiant Framont tn lend here Immediately Six
regiments of Illinois troops, which were at that
time at Bt Louis. '1 nese regtmenw naa oceu
organized for some time, snd had been long in
tha flald. and ward. In all reSDOCtS. th DOSt
drilled and beat disciplined .troope under Fre
mont' command. "Ul atelee to aeny inai
Fremont reoelved ft. tfrder with snrprise, and
executed it with reluotancej but h. immedlat.
ly obeyed it, and without .a moment's hesita
tion. (General MoClellan has bo use for the
traona tiara, and thev will have to be But Into a
oamp by themselves, and a Brigadier-General
appointed for tnem. it tney nao oeen eeni op
tbe Missouri river to Lexington, Colonel Mul
ligan would never bars surrendered'. '. ' " " ",
l As three oi onr gunnoata wer. passing the
mouth of Oooaqoao river' Us night, a rebel
batury at Stony Point opened fire on them. Tbe
fire was returned with spirit, but the boats were
considerably out op, and were , obliged to ban
Off. t '1Jw. bfi t lol ql-Vi! C'i.o'j Uti i'" i '
Release of Col. Blair from Arrest.
St. Louis, Sept. 96 The following I a por.
tlon of a not directed to Colonel Blair, by the
Adjutant General here, bv order of General
Fremont -.i - t, v 1 ".i-.
In conetqneno of a telegraph from your
brother, Postmatter-General Blalrj followed by
a letter asking your release, for poblio reasons,
yoa ar. hereby set eased Iroas acresk and direct-
ed to resume toor wro, ana join your regiment
y-v W ' r rML'C."T;, T;.i.-
- UL -..MiHt.i p.iA..i 'i
w vmiw. -
" command 61, C.ne Glrar
dean. r-. r-m- Il l pi ..rip t. n.. I
Commandef Everion. with two gunner and
twenty sailors arrived to-day for servio. on tbe
Mfoslaslnoi river. . .
b Mr. HudRina arrived to-day. with a flag of
true irom Lexington, with, a proposition to ex
--.-. ..? .. -I I ... I- l
"rTw "hX,-7:
member of tb Stat Convention, now confined
at tba Arsenal her.' It 1 understood that tbe
proposition ha been accepted bad Hudglna Mt
t .(C ,i .'.- 1
I ' .'-
'iiiiami 1 1 m
Claib, Jackson Moving on Boonville
Claib, Jackson Moving on Boonville and Price on Georgetown-Osceola
Shelled andthe Rebels driven out.
[Special to St. Louis Democrat.]
th, CoL Mulligan took passession or in. uur
Ball and about one tblrd ot her aargo on the
I io.h. and than ordered her to dron down oooo-1
ueiKbeli In Laclede oouniy, eommlttlng u
I . . . " ... ..
Ji'masoa CiTirl Se'niC i8 CapUia tsKKArt,
of tls Twenty-filth lllinoia, baa arrived from
Otterville, where he heard yeeterday, thatClaib.
Jackson waa advancing on Boonvilie wltn ten
thousand men, and Prloe was marohlng toward
Georgetown with about twenty thou. and. the
army at Lexington bsrlog been dlrlded for that
pnrpo. ueneraa aiaew is ta oommana oti
our forces at Georgetown, ' where a largel
nnmhar of troooa oan be concentrated la a shortl
urn.. k. . -i , . w,.i.,-
The rebel wer reported meelng; forwara to
burn tb. Lemoin. bridge again, bat It wa weli
deiended. Scouting patties vera reported near
n...,ll. l..i .l.ht ' '
Boonyillfl laat night. v -. . , , .., . t
Gen Blgel went west fro-n here to-day.
r Ei-Gen. King and Jude. Ryland hay been
.aiaaaed b tba rebel!
u..ri h tha rahalai .- o . . 1A
Noibtoa reliable has been ascertained as" to
the , hereabout of Ben. UoCnlloob. tNu, , ..
tne a aereaaoaaa as Baw. inuwiuiwu- Nu f
Two of the crew of the steamer Clara Bell.t
.. . i . . . T aa r. 1 1 L. - -
arrived from BoonTilie. Ther reoortl
iUe n8 entrenohment. 8he wa afterward
Mptured by tbe rebela and tha remainder 'of
i Br aargo slaeo. , one waa lauuuoii wivu, u w
nhandiaa foe Santa Fe. ..-r.,-. ..
j No considerable number ol Price' troops had
leii Lexinnton on Tuesday. ' No batteties Were
aMa orj y,e ,rtt banks between Lexington and
Boonvilie.-' i .' ( -t .
tCU. DIuraiB Willi aiarro uuuurcna aivenmiu
I A . mint eli milea Irom Lexlnston on the 19th
I Instant, out learning anal aonti aro anoueauui
n.n..al Prlna'a rehala' wer eta tinned: In
1 the wooda aklrtina th. river, waiting hi ap-
j nroaohi h marched to Liberty, and ihaaca to
I jangss City.'1'" '' M ' ' " '
fteootu which ar. ierarded as fellable, say
I that Colonel .Montgomery, of GeneralXane'a
oommand, attacked ueceoia, Bl. uiair county,
0D Friday last, burned the town by shelling It,
,nd gepnUed a Urge lorce U rebel. ,7 . , "
I There ar said to ba about four thousand
1 nr niDnauiDDR idod uoiui ueu
I .- . i Jm--tl .
I torOerS wo. e store, a Jbiuu vreea, nae
been robbed again, and tvu.uuu worth cl, prop-
agtv carried ctr.' i ,vr- jut
t ' .... 3 iut-i iMB'ix
1 Jnt.uir
[Special to St. Louis Democrat.] General Lane after the Rebels-Ben.
McCulloch near Fort Scott.
iaWoaTi.l Sept,:f56.GenerI' Lane's
i xh mas tcrf px innocent women ana onna
AtrA the I ram. bv blank hearted traitor lately burning
I UaUbaSM Hlliai BUttawamww aer - n .i.aaHii
kUiS.rl laaat atlaUnM gAnfl gTll In all Ska Alt
a whiea yawaaifo taair twoepilon. Tba
I a. ... ,a ann. Tiannla nf Waatam
i rvaua aua r. y j. r r- tt .."-" -"
armrti' ehonaa va between tbCml ' The One leads
"a 4 - " ... . 4M t j "
Rr1.l"9 7' 9nm,t "eaaar
tnvW.railaTti.i . .Ull J yam .vaieee
at rapinsviue, ma, aan , an aiw-
Severe ngni, routew . iiwug
rooted them, losing venteea
oiad. ! W
.it .a Urea' nnmhaf aranndad. iTha
and all tneir tout, wagon ana supplies.
I t lea MAaSat ha nntrfn S An 0aAafafl A.
BjajAJt) U IVVVIVA yv tW aaawT aaagj " wenrwwawe
Tna wane ot rebel wbo raeantlv Sacked the
sown of Uumooiai, nas oeen uoicatea bt
fore from Fort- Soott, and their leader, Met-
aa a ... . i- . . .
thews, killed. On his person was found aa or
dor from Ben. MeCuUooh fot th. enrollment
tb littappaw inaian. r l,.hw - -
Booutaallort soot repon nacvnnoon wiw
fiftaea thouaand man WltUlU tnirty mile
-t .k.oi.. ...a . - :
coo, oa "e" -r" Z,: it"
General Lane has Issued a proolsmataoa:
the naoDl oi Western Missouri, ia which, after
sating for what purpose he I there, aad arging
. "Shoold yoa, hawvr, disregard my advloa,
1 (Qg gtern vtsitaiioos w war wiu o ewa
I m th r.hala and their Tillies.- I (halt than
loonvlnotd lhatyoar arming for broteotloii ta'a
Uttami and, rest assured, traitors 1 wha caught
r Lv.11 .in. ili.initiir'adnae.' Thai mn
uw nn . .
an I bean exhaoetedi treasoa wiUnerealte ba treat
a I . , ' . j baM ..IV a. a
I 1 . Muea? " ' l.
I Dnasee ua ww m awwa awtaww, anauiuati
that a traitor wui jwrpewatw mnw woion
U would shudder to wmmlt. 1 Tbey hhkll
aneaa cttv ala somDaAlS"Ot tn. aaacsaa
litta, and Bra ooatpanlsa of Janniaoa' lUgi-
I .'k f owtiAtffi O-rrv -n-k-vr-,
Fremont's Report of the Surrender
of Lexington, Mo.
8. Lodis. Sent. 28. The following Is the
text of.th erlglnal telegram seat by. Geo fre-
moot to Wasblngto) relative t the parrt sder
atLsxIngtoo:, i H $f t
ST LOUIS, Sept. 23. 1861.
Tn C,A. E. C T.Taseid.' Alll'Genf: 1
hava a ttlfCTi-n ltbo Brookneld thai Lexlng
ton has f alien Into Price's hands, he having cut
oft Mulllgsn' supply of water: and remM-oe-menti,
four thonsand strong, under Otb.Butt -gea
by oaptur of the ferry biats, bad means
of rosiog tb UsA,in Ubj LteeV fo'ee
frnm tha mithe.t. and Davis's fores from ihe
southeast, upward o eleven thouaaud in all,
could not get, there i time." I am taking; the
field myself, end hope -to- destroy tb enemy,
either after or before tbe junction ot the foree
uader MoCulIoch.' Please notify tb. President
Immediately -
Major-General Commanding.
Affairs on the Upper Potomac.
Dunimwe. Md.. Seot. 21. Tho -
vloe irom th Upper Potomao state that Capt
Caroes, formerly oC the rebel army, wa at
Uam NO. 4, wltn a company oi loyat irgiwaua,
performing picket dnty. . '..I ',;Ti
At WUUamaport and llagerstown onr force
have been considerably strengthened.1 On tbe
Virginia side of tbe river, from Harper' Ferry
to Dam No. 5, there wero about four hundred
rebels.' ,'' .''': l
It is said that Capt. Henderson wa recently
killed In Jefferson county by one of hi privates
named Mailer.- ' "J - ' -
There are about fiv hundred root soldiers
In and around Martlnsburg, bn- tbey were
generally employed In taking up tbe track ot
tha Baltlmora and Ohio Railroad from Ope-
anan Bridce to Duffield Station; a distance of
twelve miles, and alx mile, above Harper
Thafrebal hav sooceeded In carrying off
three of the new locomotives, and wer augag.
ed In tiklng to piece four other.
Th looomotlvee. a well as th rails hav
been dropped at Stephen-ton's Station, the near
t point on the Harper' Ferry U .Winchester
Rallioad. 4 - ' ; ''''V. !
Nothing baa been dona toward laying tbe
track from Winchester. toStratburg, on tbe
Manassas Road. , . -
At Charlattowo. ther were but two compa
nies of tb. rebel militia, wbo are being need ai
laborer. At Winchester, there are from three
to four thousand rebel mllltls, half clothed,
half shod and half starved. Tbey are also be
log need a laborer. - Their condition la deplor
able In tb. extreme, and tney perform in an
tie required e( them with . th greatest, rsluc
tsnoa. . . . ' '
Gen. Johnston wa at Lee's ranqnlet Sulpbur
Springs, 'where he hsd been staying several
day for th benefit .of his health. Ol this faot.
tbereoan benooouDt. .. . "
' The general Impression among tb. people In
Winchester and Charlestown was, that the time
for crossing Into Maryland bad passed; and that
no attempt to do so would b. mad. r; w.
Steam Boiler Explosion at Peoria.
Paoaia. III.. Sept. 26. Th boiler of Cbaa.
R. Carroll' distillery exploded to day, killing
tb. engineer and another employee.
if ,Tbe building I a complete wreekr . Lot not
' The exolosloa Is said to have been- ansd by
the carelessness of th engineer n letting the
boner get out oi water. -. , ' . ;-
u I Tr- .'
- Botialo, Sept. 25 The Courlei is authorix
ad bv tx-Prealdent Fillmore, to contradict the
statement made by a St. Louis correspondent of
the Mew York Tribune, eaylng be approved of
Fremont's emancipation proclamation. . On tba
contrary, he does not approve of it, and' cor
dlally Indorses th President' position-. r' T
Gen. Prentiss at St. Joe.
. fit. JosirH, Sept. 85. Gen. Prentiss arrived
hero Monday evening and aesumad command
,MMrday Tb Journal says no man in tb
whole western army oould hsre been sent be.
more acoeptable to the people north of the' A
and St. Jo. Railroad, and under his oommand,
Uoioa troop,' whether Federal or State, are
willing to do battler'
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, September 27. 1861.
; j - - j; jjXSS pVr. VaTi. tjai oo
I anite fish perhf bbi as sojaaisina, it B. Box....s so
White tiah on or bbl Bl 0 " Layers
i1BS.hVuii. id 7rZT7
Jo iofmHiIpn. . , ! " .
mMt.,;,.,;;.to&t oOiW 0.ngara,.. loailo
rjaa a ta Suclnapie do. ......... .ooe
Oornw oa. tv Moieans gal - eoa
S?V" o ITT I'slir,
sr.r.j Z V a r vZi. f..... ..... n oa
Dried Appiea t ba. . i so ru Coffee t .... isiee
Dried Peacbei... a 7S3 oo I era do... stkawsc
Whleanebu.lW)(lS Bice f ..........
Z,rZZ a a.aia Z m doa..ai aoai
'w . . ...... aaoo
gait a bbi ai tOiAoao (oozi 9 a.-.t.
Beef a ewt. ,." B Irloar a bbl.....e
a... nraa... aMio Oaadiaa.Taiiow.ha; c iswa
Wood cord. ... tmi H Oandlea. Onau boa..- loa
Mactorel Ko.lhfbbi assjooheaaea t,M...weoaUK
I . - - ai. B ..kkl X. IUaa.aaiiaiai ua auaarBa . i B l gaai
godrta k .,." f
gj JJ, BV.Vmtool
TW.atrl IUsW ISUmI
ara. t a
FRIDAY, September 27. 1861. WHOLESALE MARKET.
' f tr,ca.le. at f S5 W 50 for hew rrt, sodt4TS
4B4 9MH foe whltel market aaaettledV o i c I a
WaaaT-dailat0ieO. -L s. J.PJ
Cor aalea at SOo
uaTS sales ami at iocbotc, v
Bra small sales a- -ayaAOeJ
OaTS-sales dull at VmWip" if T;" "
e eo . , 1
Hat aalea at BidBS.
PoTAToaa 'I alee at tOSSSe.
Baajra tales at 67oSS 1 So.
Balt rolee at 91 M per hM- -"
Wbits frm mis at a 9&AS 75 per bbl.
Bugars, Teas and Oeffee advaocing still.
' 1 ' .' -'- a
New York Cattle Market
Binoaipreeeioweipraoew eTt je i "";
I xdinalad at from one -fourth to one ball sen t net a pound
Otrortlpretiy low oil an lata la the day.. Alter the mora in
tha trade haa keen dull, and sales slow through all
tcnoav, Septambs Bt.-Wenate a very Urge sup
pig of bun eke on the market this weak, sad a slight d.
1 : . . .l . ,.,..vi.i .
I IBB IBBB UUB Bay W0OB. JUlunm.BinuioliilIirai
1 4, Whioh to more abonaaat taaa met week, and
ioeaat eiade. which Inelodes a pretty large atock of thin,
light grace Mean, oews and half ara, and some tots of
wretenea ecaiiawage. ia bhuihbi iibhi n iuki a not
much eJtBtted, and Mill very near Ihe rates of laat week,
the aupply of this olaaa If large, and the supply of choice
ca tie to euffletent fas Ihe aoeaaad at aa avenge price
equal to t cents poena tor tne mesr, too eeiier link
I LTgTtai. ' aim ve eaeae (iloeU will srii at prices
,1ttwhapmimaak,aB she aumbereeid
w tna lowest oosauns aevw report whi ae eoa-
alderable lanert set Ihe BTeraze. If band Upon the trans-
ta M , ,bbu, sw-a sa the sues of
1 -a a. M till. .1. auMtwaail af tVtaaa anJ VtNP.tai aM
1 eagBQBX irVASB SlllUWia, aywsaa rvsreu wa aaaa n muaia ea wiw
I sturs of to 8 ewt. each. There bee been reported tor
B -a - - ah IKa SSVaaarl
I tale thbwaek as the rwrty-foai ib 1 treet auikes abvat
4.M0 bead, ahoBt ball 01 wnioowiu oe aom le-aay, aiu
the remainder dlrlded betweea aonday and Wedneedey,
I erith a pretty large ete-fc for the leat day. anleaa buyer
I eons tn aa tney eomeuatee ao jut at tni giooe 01 Miee,
Bad take ott reaoants of drore very freely. Thle will
ba apt to be the eaaw, kecanee broken fear holding ever
al. ak. arka ! aa fail aa aiU be faaaUaad to aamot.
Ll thamlddla o4 theday, Thieie eotytha aatum) renlt
to I "i'. tJLA Joli. ,m . tail .took laat week and
aa exeeeetTO one tha week kefoiw. Bat tha state af the
aurket to day fully ecnaiaa we fct tha eptnloa that wa
hare aeea tne loireet rateacr nearaeoa. xaaweawee;
to-day to 1 arorabla, clear an m Ud, and Srtt rate for aal
jn HIIbji ireia'usi nvvuta Banaea iu aara
II. I .iV.a Ka.a.dia aannaerw aeskaaarl ia akbi IbSAI ' '
twol feej sf saie b. , ,t; ,. ,. ' .t
Mis. I Prlatar s fees SS.oB. , 1
1 1 1mJIA ''" ifa.iiidia.
V WW , , -
I Master Commissioner's Sale.m
Oalumbas Ifaaohlna Vanufac taring Co.) Oommoa Pleas,
ai aralnee rvi 11 rrankuauo
' 1 T.i.aa.kraAdainara. j
iea la-aa atiw an atria imren
1J B9an y -" " awai.r
1 JT froatheOoartof Ooauwm Pleas of rrmkiiaeentM
1 Akl aa fatal dlrMtAMl IB UM KbtM .kBIltiM gMdlABIa 1 AlBAmil
Ohla, to sea directed In the eboew entitled aotloBa I shall
Bar for sale to juw augnret muaor, o
. i rcr- a r-V4 X. ""! CU4
w aauaaaaii e- ww"") .
the hoars of . . sad tBn.iM fMar
ben etoed Said Baker's mill (reeenily barned), h PtaaV
an Valley. Uadlaoa eoaa y Ohio,
the rolraerrav prep
nents of aaohhrer
arty, SIS. taa wa ididi eoaioa, rea
I ' P .1 ' . ' . . ..v .
rrrrin riv.a R-titruaHlP TTEBETO-
fore aautiBg between- the aaderafTi, arde
BnaBameol AHJSrTRUWW inoarawi, navmr
ad by matunl eonewtea the t day e April, look.
k. a-. ., ... nf km m a In will a aatilad hr au.
Ajurri nor., Whs eontioaes the eaataae at the old ewaA.
i i had aM..B, a. aannuuaet
. I . IJIVJrini II L1U1A.
0. - .rT-ui : o:
t For. an Inch of Time!-
a dying Qataa. Toa laeb ot tuae eu be pnsea
d at a mush cbaapar rate, end auny Iscf yeam ot .
1. Li', health and happiness:'.;;
enjoyed by eoDraltlnff Dt. MaRRrWIATHXR, who
Uoarinatae moit abitlnaM and long-ituidliii diMiiee
of tbe LVHQi, nRT, LI V 8 Ft. ElDNSYd, BLAD
AIKIOtlONS or TUB ItVS AMD BaB. f ; . v-
' Fact ar. atubbeira Talagsl "
Hear What tbe Philadelphia eorreapoBdeut says In the
KjnnmoDweallh," Wiimtiigton, Selawue, Sth of April,
1B59: ,
"An Iniliih gentleaun, formerly eonoeeted with the
BrltUh ' Array, and who stylei himwlf ihe 'Indian
Botanto Phystctan ' hat of late gained an extensive repu
tation here by bis skill In cnrlDf all manner or com
plaint,. Borne of his patlenta I bare eonrenel with,
and they prononnoe his nmediee and mode of treatment
aa vera uparior. Soma haM beta raatored as if by
Biatlo. The medicine he nsea le dlitilled by blmxlf
from Tarlou, barba poiMulng rare oarallre propertiee.
-, "Whlloacltir In tne army beaevoiad his utianao.
aenta to a thorough study of tha eSaata produood by
eertaln medicinal toota and herbs on all manner of dle
eatee. It aeema he has found a snre and ipaedy reme
dy for all the Mils that fleah la belr to.' His praetloe to
aireaa ezienaive ano a aaiit inorauiDS. in cue eoa-
plalnta to which remain are eubjaotad, he haa so equal,
as a large number here bare teaUfled that they owe not
oniy tneir present goo Malta, but tbelr Uvea, to toe
skill of this Indian Botanic P by ileum."
Office 37 East Stat. Street, Columbus. , .
aglt-3a ., . ;a , u r .T'.I,. t-7.
J PROF. I . Mil I .PR'?:..
i w p v mm mm t
An Eflective, Saia' and EconomicaJ
I f " Compouad; . . ar
Ie Its prlglnal eolor without dyeing, and prerentlog
I i oariroa (onung gray. . , .
And caring It, whe there la tba leaat aarucle of Tttall
or reonpentlTe energy renewing.
j And all ontaneonaaffeotioBi of the Boalp.
Imparting to It an nneqaled rloes and brilliancy, rnaklns
U soft and silky tn lta teztnre, and eauiing It to cut
unduy. v -' ' . - .- .
in gnat ceiennty ana acreumg aemana rnr tnie an
equaled preparation, ' eonvuieae the proprietor tnat eae
trial a only neceeaary to amtury a aiecemlng pnbile of in
eapertorauallUee over any ether preparation In aee. It
01 oan ace tne neaa ana ecwp rroce aanarua bm etner
eataneoae dieeaees, oauaing the heir to grow luxuriantly
giving It a rich, toft, gloeey and gexlb
aiao, vnera the baur u looeenlogBM thinning, It will gtre
trengiii and rigor to the root and reetore ihe growth to
ir li looeenlngaod th
hoea parta which bate beeeme bald, oauaing tt
yield a
noa ooTering of hair.
Than are hu
undreds af ladles a4 gaatleaea In Me
York ano nave bad tneir balr reatored by tM aee af mil
Inrlftorator, wban all other atapaiaaoea hare failed. L
H. baa In his poaaeaaloa latlare laaaaMraaa teatinriai
to the above facia, from persoas of tbe bigbeet raaaacta
billty. It will ffeetaaiiy prerenl tbe aalr (rota tornini
until the lateet period oflle; and la cam woe re the ball
has already changed it, color, the aee of the aaelgaratoi
will witnoenainu reatore sssuis onrnai hue,
Ing it a dark, glowy appearance. As a perfume for the
toilet and a Hair sea torture II a peruoalarbr reeont-
aended. baring aa agreeable tragranooi and tae great ta-
cliltiei itaffordetn dreeaing tbe hair, arhioa, whoa moiai
arith the Inrigorator, can be dreeeed la any required
Ssra so ae to preeerra lta eteoo, whathar plalnkir In curia;
the great demand ror it by the ladles ai s atandard
tolletarttcle wbKh aoae aaght to ba wtthoaMs the price
placer U within the roach of all, being ,, . t
Only Twenty-Fiva Canta
perbpttla, to ba had sa alt leapaotaMe Druggiabi and
I . .... fan am en. ....
rt. : inLLIB would eall the attention of Parents and
flnardlans to the see at hie Invlgorator, In eaaea wbeie
the ebiMren's hall tneltaes U be weak. Tha aas of it
laja tha foandattoa lor a food taod c Aoer, aa it re
mo ree any tanparihee that may hara baeome eoaaasted
with the ecalp, the removal af which a iinmiri aatb
ror the ueaitn ectae cmio, ana toe rature .appearaaoe ol
Ua ualr.
CiC-noii. None geoalBS without the fte-stalle LOTJIB
aiLL.aa Mine oa ina outer wranoer: aiao. ii.
LB it' BAIa iMTiaOBAIOB, H. blown In Us
(laes. .
Wholesale Sepot,St Dey street, and sold by all the
principal Merchanta and DrnggUta throughout the world
ajaoenu aieovui to parcnaeere ay we qoBDniy.
I also desire to present to the Aanerlean PabUaay
which, after years of scientific experhnraUng, I have
broagnt to parteonoa. it aet Black or Browa mataniiy
withoattnlun to the Balr or Bklnl warranted the but
article of the kind in exietanoe.
Depot, ; 66 - Dey - St, New ' York.
ooc:datwly. ..
a ... I'"
Bammatioa and pain, and heals the worst burn,
tea Id, bruiaa,ont or freeh wound of any Und, iirerenti
welling Bad paw troa sea auoga, ajoequiio nice, ana
potsonoui plants, nearalgta, rheumatlam, ague In the
bra aat, aait rheum, ate. When taken mteraaUy, it-will
poaiuvely cure aronp la ebliaren, ana givee unmoaiite
relief In the wont can of thli terrible ooaplaint; aln.
nana hoareeneee and aora throat. , Prloe, St oeatia
bottle. Should be In eve nhouie. for tale by Drag-
giiaandBtorekeepers. lavm btunb, -
ooie rfopnenr, a 1 .iDpnaoeit., new aora.
eaUdAswtyl .. utf r'. ,
No real lattice caw ba don tba above preparations
but by procuring and reading deacrlpuvepamphletaA
be found with ail dealers, or will be tent by Proprietor
on daman. PonDUlaa and Trial Bottles teal to Pbysi
dun, wbo will &nd devetopmenta ha Both warthy their
acceptance and approval.
1 Oorreapondenoa aoltcited from all whose neneeltles of
enrtoaity prompt! to a trial at ana aowre nuaoie am
dice. ...
tot sale by the nsaal wholesale and retail dealer
everywhere., ltiij ,..,., j,,.', .-m -
JOtin trHCNNEWEIiL Praprleta
Hot w Commercial Wharf, Boston, Masa,
a.t 1 u.i. "a. riAnfc. 5:ss
Dentg, fl. Denlg A Bone, A. i 8ohaellara(oB, Agaaa
tor Oolumbus. Ohio. - ' ' ; . ' aji-aiy
1 '"' i "' ."Wc-S i .1 .' .v
1,000 yards Baper Plain Black Bilks at l 00 nl"
aa aaawarA .-' '- ' ' ''-
i.'W r ' r,
ttSOO yards Traveling Drees and Manila floods
IB 1B eenhrralaa' go aeats pet yard.
3,000 yards- While Brllllaalea- at-18 1-S eenU
yalaa SO seats per lare,-; i f
SeOOO fare lias and Dcaettia Q lnghims greatly ai
fvare. i
cHAixiB, itnOAjRo saxs,
1 v..
- xxauia SASsoxa, utklus,:
An m
Nreo Ka3. 5rahdlm'bAa Pr.aa GJocxl
- the most destrabwstyla sad at vary lawae pricaa.
if H'aurini mi . r Ta- " . r
Of all saateriale, made bt tba ateat stylba manner
th mtetl Paris TarMeria In yaost ilegant itykw
a arty. 1 -.t-,i-,' -rn
i-"'1 ,rttna Av laas
uy S
, r !.i 4 j fta. S9oatk High street.
AJlOV'ltttf M BII.KB,
a IV... 4m. ud, all
A) lv
. l.i.n .i uw.
yTeari ho aerering oar Immeate stoek of fttey
Silks M pneee aaea Uun ever aeiore onerea in wueiiy.
t haataetilaoa. ol tba ladiel of tills Ctiy and -Vicinity
J .AiaiJ naat. ti.ii llaa. f Tfc tt ItAlU.
" They go Eight to the Sp5t.r
7 r.ff
lnstoytt Itell
I'urlfy yonr Iirenthl
I. Mrtnjrlliei) your VolrcJ '
I .' r 5
iV.e----i, a-.-ii V
ft ;
GOOD TOlt' CdNStTMlTltES'. '
.. i ' '' ttiHt r'ja
Tbey relieve a 'Cough instantly:'.
Thev clear the Throat.
.. I lit., l :I8UA'J
Tbey give strength and volume to the voice. '
They Impart a delicious aroma to th breath.'! 7
They are delightf nl to the taste, r ' 1 1 , . 't ; ,
They 'are made of simple -herbs snd cannot
harm any one.
, .i" ' " " -
I advlis erery en who hu a Cough or a hiuky Volet
or a Bad Breatn, or any difficulty of the Throat, to' gel '
a packaga of my Throat Confectioner they will relieve
yoa tnitently, and you' will agree with me that 'they
go right to tbe spot." Ton will And then very otefi I
and pleaant while traveling or attending public meet
logs for stilling yonr Ooegh or allaying yonr dibit.' It
yen try one package, I am left In saying that you will
per afterwards eonaider theo lodlapenaable. ' " 'HI
Tea . will And them at I Droggieta and Dealers In
Hedlelpea. ,
j ...... . ,,. it n f
My ilgnaturs Is en each psokags. All others; ere
counterfeit. ...
A package will be sent by mall, prwptid.oa reoeiptbf Cl'i J
Addrese, , ,. oviu-a iui.)uH
Henry O, Spalding;
1 V llt;i,
NEW TORK.t--'-
1 lefe
Tfr'TT' Hl . Ml-)-.
ail !., to
By the aas ot theas PlIIi ths periodic ittaeVt af .'. 'T
eoiM or OVA AoxttHAs may be prevented) god if tJ:eno;
tt the eommenoement ol an attack immediate reliel frea 9 . ft
pain and alckasu will be obtained. tl .
They seldom fail In removing the JVitutea and '
ooAe to which femalei are so tabjeos.
They aot' gcetly upaa the bowsle removing (At( t ,.
aee ' ' ' - . '', ; I
tat ' ZtUratf Jffet,' Student, Delicate Pamela . j rT
and all pereonj of ttdentary kabUe, they are faint !.... 1
u a Lamativt, Improving the appttit, giving fcxu . ' '1
atdey to the digestive organs, and reatcriug the calm
slaiiiclty and stiangth of tbe whole aitem .
IEB OBJFBAUO PILLS ire tho result of long Inm
tlgatlon and carefully .conducted ezperlmenti, having
bee a nse many yeara, during which tiros Oieyhvei
prevented and relieved a vut amount of palh and snffer -Ing
from Headache, whether originating in the fieracut
system or from a deranged itate of tba sfotaacA. - '
Tbey are entirely vegetable In their oompoaitlon, an
may be taken at all times with perfect eatery erithoot
uking any change af diet, and fie aeeenos of any
ditagrttatU fasfe r mitre it eaey to tdmlnU tr them
The genuine have tv rtgnsturt of Henry 0 Braiding
on each Box. . "" ' ' '
Bold by Sragsts and all other Dialers la Medicines, ar i
A Box will be sent by anil, prepaid, on. rerelpt of the
All orders shonld be addretard to 1
ASOaasur tttreet, Net, fork.
I ..." "'
; from the Baamlner, Norfolk, Ta. ... ,.
Ornhallo Pills aoooaiMlih ths object for which thev.".
were made, via.) Cure ot headache in all lu form. j?i-.
! from tbe Examiner, Korfolk,.Taj ra4.
Tbey have been teafad In more than a Ihoaand qatet
with entire SBooees. . , , '.'".,
f ..'u.. w.
' i froa the Democrat, Bt. Olond, lllnn. .
It you are, or hare bees, 'troubled with the headaoLa
tend fur a box, (Oepbalio Pills,) so that you may have t
themlneaseof snatotok.,1 1 ,:.t-- ; 1
I tYoa tba AdvoTtuar, Providence, B.L . -I3,;g
The OerhalM Pills are said tabs a remarkably attaeave
remedy for tbe headaobe, and one of the very beat lot si
that very frequent complaint which has sver been die- n
00 re red. , . .ti;: .; .
; from the Weetern R, a. Oittetta, Chicago, III.
We heartllr eedoanllr, (baukBni. and ba nrlvateA '
SephaUePlllSv... .... iS :..
! fro Kanawha Valley Baar, Kanawha, Va.
We are sure that penoni rafferMt with the leaeaohsV - J
who try them, will stick to them. e .aH')
from the Sonthern Path finder, New Orleans, La-' " i r91
Try theml yoa that are afflicted, 'and we Srt tin
your lea.uiiuDjoau urn avuuck, v uiw .imu, uumgni .
1 1 ( in.i n.a raflaivea nenenta uiaLno oiner mraifina ran '
prodoca, i-. J-:;.u) ..i--: .Tjr,,,
1 from tbe Bt. Loan Democrat.
Th rmmeuae demand for the erUele .Oephalle tllUv . ,
Is rapidly Increasing. .i .-iy. t
! ' from the Oawtte, fttvaaiwitTjri' Xni
Mr. Scakrlns would aat eannaat his name with an sr
Bob) be did sot aWts to noaaaea real anerlU
TJJA stngle bottle ot SPALDING' PBBPABBB
ajliUll win ear eeai auaaa nuy XJLJ
, SPALDljj&'S PRPAR,ED (JLt)r? 1 ?
t " .1 ..-" ., L'. "' ' " UA
t K?"A otitob m Turn vafllurs.,-fjl a.
As aeddents will happen, even ra well regalaeas laea;
Ulea, U la very seal rat; le to ftere auete cheep aad eoa
renienl way ior repainag eaaanaaiaa aoa, wevoaery
"1 BPAiaraa'afmAAiDaLCwi ;:!.
S-Stts all euuli aaaai aeiielaa and no hnaaatinlil sin alt it
to be wtlaoat a. aiiaaiwaye raay.aiiu uiuaa,u.K
" a.
T, B. A krash sweearpante each bell lea
aanU. Addreae, -r ''
. . IIKtlBT 0. f PALDIWO.' fir
j . fT' Cedar Bereek, Hew afaslv
, 1 c- 1 .!!-,
I r,'fy'k k
lit eertaia an
" narrwrnar
tlcg I
f Bf
ralaa utoa the anaaapeetlug labile, louuuloiaM
rtiraaaw aaua. avni. iwiHnaii varaoaaioi .
..u. lifnM narahaaine. and aaa Laat lha full . -. . S
TICj,",LWl'a'" a'HBIrAAhPtlUJB.JjJ
b m tlieoatalde wrapper-, all lucre are ssluU...,
tatfiatss. ti T!r ( sa-. 1. ,rw., , a," "..a
.HIMxhW .pw

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