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UCU, W. MANVl-lfniNirt EaltAf.
Ot)IiUMUU8. ohio:
. teOHDAX'MORNiNa; SEPT. 29, 1861.
Democratic Union Nominations.
,,. PI". ' n"A(l OftVSRVOA. ..... i
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of, jn.usk.Inga
1 ;".Tohn ,G. Marshall
"u5 , . ,T'.".OI AewaU ;.'i: in
tjt il ? StJPRIMB JTJDOS, 1 ." '" .
nii P THOMAS J. B. smiTII, . , n.
Of Montpomtry. '. , .,u
tl imtin vJhM48DBia0rBTlT,'-ivf ,
ir OCOBUE W. HflUM:S":v
U'! '- V ' '! Of Hamilton. ' !","'.-.!
: ..U v. fECBXTABTOf BTAtB,- '-.''"
... ,(..,' 0' ';;, 'Y,!
r, . ' .
r :.;n m MJ COMPTttOIABV ' ' '
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f A J..'!'
II" K k'
JABAB W. f ITVtta ' '.-'-
Of Or.""-"- " tv"i
(taawiu, rkiiiT ins mono) "
u Of Pict.uwy
r- ,, J:i . BTaTB skmatoR, '
, (mnuji amo rvKiWiT) ' ; (
Ol Pie.
" " " 5E0RGE W. HUFFMAN. !-
- ' " ' AJDTTOt.l :' . ' .,
; - TIIfHMIi-''
' viohn o. Thompson;: ; ; )
, . .... mconDii,1- .' ;!'-'
JACOB 8tTU. , ,
' CORONER, ' J 'v
. ELU30AVER. - ' ''lV
.'v. inriRtURT 01RICT0R, "
-V-PHILEMON HESS. . ;;',V;-;
Democratic Union Mass Meetings.
' Tbe Democratio Ution Stale Executiv Com
mittee have made trtangemeDti for holding
Mu Mceuogt m follows .
At' Amclia, ClcrmoDt conntjr,. ea.Taeedaj,
October ldt, at 1 P. M .m Speakers Hon. Hugh
J. Jewttt and Hun. Allen G. Thurman. j -'.;
. At GioioiToww, Brown county, on Wedoes
daj, Ociober 2J, at IP, M. Speaker Hon.
Hugh J. Jeirett and Hon. Allen G. Thnrman
At HiusioRoooH, Highland county, CD
Tbunday, October 3J, at 1 P. M. . Speakers
IIou. Hugh J. Jewett and Hon. Allen G. Tbor
man. At Chillicothi, Roes conotj, on Friday, Oc
tober 4.h, at 1 P. M. Speakers Hon. Hags J.
Jeett and Hon. Allen G., Thnrman.
At Cuoutilli, Pickaway county, on Satur
day, October 5ih, at 1 P., M. Speakero Hon.
Hugh J. Jewett and Gor. Medary.
At Hmilto, Butler eonnty, on Monday,
. September 3Utb,at 11A.M. Speakers Hon. H
" J. Jewett, Hon. Wayne Grlwold, and Hon.
John G. Marshall. . ,'. v ' : i
At Lic8TtR, Fairfield county, on Saturday
October 5 th, at 1 P. M., and ia tbe evening.-
Tbe afternoon ueetiog will be addressed by tbe
Hjo. Allen G. Tburman. : '
.At AiHLaHD, Aebland county, on Saturday,
October 5:b, at I P. M. Speaker Hon. H.
B. Payne and oftere. ..'-"j:,", . . ' ' ,
At Moaaow, Warren county, 'on Tuesday,
Ootober let, At 1 P. M. Speakers Hon- John
p. Mirsball and Hon. Wsjno Griswold.: ,;'' , ;
At Mt. Virho, Knox county, .on' Wednes
day, Ootober 2d, at 1 P.. M. Speakers Hon.
Jjbn G. Marshall,' Hon.' Wayne Gjiawold'acd
Others. ,..
At Ntw Lixinoton, Perry eonnty, on Thurs
day, October 3 J, at 2 P. M.. Speakers--Hon.'
John G. Marshall, Hon. Wayne Grhwold, and
Hon. Bison B. Olds.'-" "
' At SaautreKT Citt, Erie county, on Thursday,
October 34, at 1 P. M. bpeakert Gor .Medary
nod others. ' - .
s- Atfomaor, Meigs eonnty, on Saturday,' Oe
lobe tot, At 1 P. M. Speaker Hon. John G.
Marshal.. , . i". :
" ,HT A dispatch from St.' Louis, dated Sept
27th, tttteo that A collision oeemred on tbe
Southwest branch' of the Pacifio Railroad, near
i.Caba, W Tseeday eTeniDjf.i kiiling? wo And
wounding elgbt persons. ,Oae was A freight,
- And the other a mixed freight sod passenger
train.-'Several DUoois soldiers were on board.
Tod and Victoria.
Since Cel. Ton propoeed, in a certain event,
to have tble Republic placed undei tbe guar
dianship of the Mother Country, w ice it en
Bounced tbtt J'Top and v"tctory" has been very
properly changed U "Too and Viotoija." Tbe
meiulog is preierved, and the motto only ren-
dored n Mttle more classiotl sod signiflaant. -
'. ' jtnWiTANT Decisions-It has been decided by
rbeiaiiKr authwiiy at Waabiogton, that vol-
' tbters discbarivd wttbin three montoi arier en-
teiicf tbe eeivioe. for ditiliti wbico existed
at tbe time of tbeir eultatarot,-will receive
i neither pay nor allowance, rxoept subsistenc
and trnir nation to tbeir homes. "' ' " . i
- Minora, also, who bay be ducbargtd iftner
by trrecivil auiberi'y, or upon, the applicatiot
cf their pareots, personally, will be dischargee
Without allowance : - ' '.'p
' , low! The Uuldo nuainee for Governor, N.
P. BA. Id luwa. ha withdrawn from the
eintaM. This leave but two candidate
Governor Kiikwuod, Republioan, end Mr. Ma-
eoo, wemocrai, '
. ' ' T I .
A RiWAtx.sut Mai.-Rev, Jsoil Waldo
was sure in Cutneaiicot, 8.t 10, 1(62, et c
eccordloelv entered 1 etxw hi en hundr-dt).
year on the 11th Inst." He graduated at Yal
College In' 17ti9, aiid , ha preached aixty-ninr
peat. - In 1U10 .be had charge of a CDUrch ii
Cmtidx.pnc ' Is 1956 he was chosen Cbap
iio of the House of ZUprcscnuiirta, and strr
ed acerpittly la tbat oi-cij tmt two tears. -Daring
the sanaerof 1859 be supplied the pul
pit at Lm'x, Onondaga eonnty. He am
prraibes with undiniDiabed interest, an J haste
udeulty !u gulvg ibroofih with two aud som.
times three tcrvtree oo the bbath without ap
parent fatigue. '; His mind tetnu ss Active Ate
bio spirit a booyant that of Any yonng del
fyfntn,'. ' '' ; . -'-,
Tod and Victoria. The No-Party Convention and the
Tod and Victoria. The No-Party Convention and the 17th of September.
fit th K,;-parf B.its tonrentlpn, Which
wtihela ln, tU!s ekou tbe 5. nlkaA, the follow
ing preamble and reeoluilon weron motleo of
Qan, S tffAAAf , nalnotaly 4Aoti??!
Watim, : The Federal Constitution ws
adopted on the l7ih dy of SepieWbrf.! 17e7j
and the Farewell Address of Waablngton was
promulgated on the 17th day of September,
1796; and, whereas, in the preeent JoAOWro
our National affaire. It is right a.,epedlent
lor the people to coniider the prlnoiploa bioh
unrlerMe Our Federal Ueionj ihrete(e ; 1
' Rttolvtd. That this Cooreotioa reopsjniends
that lu every eouuty of our Bute tbe, I7h day or
September, 1861, be oberred broo oiweue in
mass wetting assembled, and that tbo Union
Central Executive CpmmiHee , ) hef eby lu
struoted to iseoe suc acall aa wllj Uf this
recommendation tJ b generally known, ci ;
.' : JTbe abore action was Uken twoWo days be
for tbo 17th e September. The Central Ex
ecatlTo Committee, spoken of in the foreolng
resolution, was Immediately organised, consist
ing of tho following gentlemen:.. ; James ' a
8mlth. President: ' B. F. Martin, Secretary
George M. Parsons, C. N. Olds, Thoma Spar
row, Isaac Ji AUen, nni John Geary. But this
eommittee did not obey tho instrnetton of tbe
Convention : it did not Issue A call of Any tort
to cause th recommendation In' tho Aforesaid
resolution to bo generally known.; At Any rate.
n such call ha to our knowledge even the
light, and we presome that none hits been It-
sued. The said committee nae, thereioro "
fully disobeyed the plain and direct instructions
of tho Convention which gave It being And ah
the authority it possessee.. . , , , . ' .' .i (
' Twelve days hare" now elapsed since tbel7tb
of September. Yet we have not beard through
the press or from any other source, of the eel
OratUn of that anulversary, in pursuance of the
recommendation of the No party State Conveo
lion, in anv eonnty, city, town, village or neigh
oorhood in the ereat State of Ohio. ''.'There Is
no report or rumor that eren Gen. pAAAThinv
elf, the father of ibe retolnUon, made Any ef
fort to get up A' celebratloir of tho day His
patriotic devoljon to'the princlplee ol tbi Ppn
jtitution and the .'sentlmenti )o Washington'
Farewell Address, like tbat of the Executive
Committee and tbe other members of the Con
vention; though It shone bright and glaring on
the Sth of Sepumber, flickered end went out In
the abort space ot twelve days.' ' . ...
Bosh a land of promise and so total A blank
in the performance, would have exolted no tor
p Ise In an old. deorepid' and decaying organ!
ittion. Bat that a new party, springing out ol
(be body of the lite victorious Republican par
ty, like Minerva from the bead of Japtter.ull
grown. and armed;. cap-a-pie, should, before it
was a fortnight old, show suci aomlstakablt
and decided symptom of cowardice, lasaltudt
and an early death, appears at first eight rather
a curious phenomenon. ..Yet a closer inspec
tion will develop the fact that there is A cenifl-
(ufumal defect In the organixition of the preeo
clous bantling which must shoitly ultimate in
what is popularly known as the guic oonsump
The managers and wire worker of the Si
of September Convention knew that two ot the
most popular documents in this ooeotry Are the
Federal Constitution nd Washington's fare
well Address.:' Tbey, therefore,' concluded ,te
strike this cord in the popular heart, by recom
mending the obaervaaoe of the Annivereary el
the adoption of the one, and of the 'promulga
tion of tbe other, which happen, on the tame
day, the I7ih of September.;.; Tbey induced th
members of the Convention to proolain ts tht
world, that "in the present Jonettire of bhr Na
tional affairs," they , were unanimously ol tbf
opinion that "it is right.! and expedient for tht
people t consider the principle which nnderlit
m. M.t ntA- - 4 ' ! r
This Las a noble. aa elevatiig.a
euud. - Every lover of one glorious Confeder
acy will say that it has the- ring of the true
metal. Bat, alB,"the short space of twelve
days proved that it was a hollow-hearted and
deceptive ouad.' J- iU jijuir .su
The members" of the Cotvenlibn, alter bar
log made this grand 'eott) ft main for taking the
popular heart by (torn, went nomej ueir. com
mitteee went to work to elect "Too end Vioto
ry" Tthe "Victory" means tho "Irrepressible'
Staston), end so ended their patHofK eodeatOrr
to induce "the people "to coBalder the ptipcipln
which underlie our Federal UolonS j:.: nun t
The reason of this ho'h-perfbtmenc is ob
vious. There were in that Conveotldn and out
of it a lie leaden. and managers, end ee Jnem
ben In It oommtltees, men who had deelard
publicly, that! in the present JubctQrS)0f'6af be
ttonal ajfairs, Itwas no .V'me to oonsideT the
princlplee . wbicb' underlie our Federal Union
end that he whe stood np'at inch a time in de
fense of the. Constitution, was" a sjmpathixer
with Mpestion end a Waiter to tbe.Government
Were such men elboero And I earnest when
they made the declaration that it was highl and
expedient for the people to consider these prln
eipleat Believe It who eat
Ex-President Fillmore and Fremont's
' We are anthorisedT and requested .by Ex
Prealdeet Fillmore to state that the stAtement
made by tbe St. Louis correspondent of , tbt
New Yoik Tribunt, in regard to his approval
ot Fremont' emeucipAtion proclamation, i not
correct: that he doe, not approv Gen Fre
mont's proclamation vDd that h does cordially
iodorse tbe position of the President.'. We are
hsnov to be able to make . this authoritative
statement or cx-rrenaent rnimore's poeiuoo
The above Is from the Buff Jo Couru of the
26th... Tbi would appear te nettle tbo contro
versy te far as Mr;FliAoRE ie coaosrnsd.i t :
. k.!:l ' ' M n- ,- -, ;.. ,j ,;.,a j
The telegraph informs us that General Mo-
Clellao did not wfial treon draws front Genes
Fremont' Depatiment, bsl that tbeScorelAt)
Was oretrtd six ree-intest from Miseonri,
where they were wi.trd, lo Virginia; wber
there were, troops enough, , l cannot but be
urneoted,ibt ibo utrj, ie orderio; oil
regimste of Fremont' men. to Waehiogton,
udes uch etroumetanoes, wae Actuated by a
daire t break .oon the Qoatmaadar el the
Wtetein Pepafimf ot, i We do ebtice that 8rc
raiary Cametoo wa afraid dev. Cremool would i
obit? such ,oore ft to become a faosidble
oaodidai for the. Pieaideooy,bbi melleiva per
on may: charge vf -that, 4.laim , with
soma plausibility fiat tbe fact warrant tp la
tnakinsr 'be-, acusauon, grare as t jit.um,
CtmmtrtXatt ,' ', ,, 1; -!
Ts MticAseenipiiresitblthAt while
Repobltotis advielhg Damterat lOTote
rlth them and fci'etk np'tlhelr old Uafon'part,
tbey are figuriblor, tie .candidates tx
rresioenoy. :Jj o j va n en c,
t!f-' I " ' fi II lJflit- 4W .
ThA Notorious' 2'o(r.r Cochraw Kitirn
Oo Baiurdar at .aicnpauy of men, under
bieut -uoi it-ttey, ent out from ' tiraf ton to
tbe no of Zch Cochran, 1d Tjl eonnty,
for th perpoe of rreelng him. ' Cxhran'e
hense was surroduded by the widieri, observing
wbich be' attempted to escape by fuDhrrjg om
tbe back door, where he ws shot down and
instantly killed. will be remembered tbat xM
the seeipo''heviff but there,'
ied ha been attemptltg to eolleot, tssei Ipr
be Richmeod government, and trying telntim-
fate "the people,' forcibly takiaggons from
(Juln toea od ewtrbg od generally, '
W learo ,th.t on Snrday Utt about Brtyl
cttsionlt-'ere wattflred In !fhe vicinity of
gjpothsvi'' MartoB count . and luken to Grl.'su6pod
MWh-R lOd. " , .t- i J I
Proclamation. [From the New York World.]
Major General Fremont.
: Wot 1 f ;ruda triitr of ,'repeAations, and more
than one eonsiUiwabie nttr. baa already been
kiailed. b the shock of tnie oontest. from tae
pad ea ta I on which papular attention bad placed
Uioa. Tb nuloofced, , let ..Ann.. Meeeoniatsble
disaetsr in Missouri are to rapidly changing
publlo opinion 1 regard to the mUlUty CApAdjt
and even the' personal .character; ot Oe,eja
Fremont, tbat there is treat tjaorer 'tbartbe
sicking of . tbe wave of. popular . favor . eo
which be bas hitherto been borne up wiu pe
eress his renuUtlonA milcbtatow ItaJuH level
as it has bsen tAlaed abera It. General- Fre
mont' well-earned fame as a aolentido explo
rer, whloo I supported by th recognition of
various learned eoctaue ana in irieuasaip
miecnt eultivatet ol science abroad, should
shield him from all disoourtesy.and much more
from all asoertti of treatmeuv eo if tbe pres
ent popular verdlot ahoul be oennrmed, that' be
Is ineompetentfor toe important military com
mandwith whleh be bas been Utruated. It
must be reeolleoted ihat t was not bis own
seeklne. bat tbe eopatAr eatbuiiaem of wbiob
he waa tbe object, that was mainly instrument J
in elevating bia tdiso hixh a dommeod t The
people have no sight toenvengeon him thOooo
ecoueooeeof tbeir own haety judgment, wblob
on alouder and Insufficient grouuas, Attributed
to him an order of Ability f which be bas given
no evidenoe. If they bare eeee fit, in oalmer
times, to amnte themselves with a favorite
philosophical tjy( if, by tbe favor of still air
and bright suu.blne. lbe have sueoeeded in
blowing a babbie to gigaetie dimeoaione till it
wee eflalgent with All we noes or toe rainnow,
tbey have no right to be disappointed If tbp
eoreeoua but fragile plaything owUapses At th
breath ol the tempest. ...--. n: 'if :
rieuioiit'e ju claims to the' diatioctiqn of
having enlarged the boundaries of geographi
cal kuowledge, bave caused an amount of pop
ular incense to be Aurut 40 bim, which might
bave turned stronger bead 'than biej and it
would now be cruel for the people toaaan on
tbe ground the idol tbey have -.a extravagantly
ptt.ed and oaraed.' Wttbin the last-day or
two, even that poition ol tbe presi which' baa
oeea.emoag Fremout'a etatohet aupporier
seems t j ba loct nil coandenc lo bt military
capaeit "Toe 7"rt eaUk for i'eourr-mat-tiat
to tuvettigate ib blunders And difasters
that bave occurred in bis tjeparimeut. We see
oo good reaaoa why be ehomd be subjected tj
that mortiAoation.i. 'A transfer loeemeiess lm
poitant comnani would .relieve the country
trom tbe danger likely to reujl from hi iua
oaoitv. BkW. mere, laoaeaoitr it hardly a
charge foraoxnrt maltiateo trjj end If it were,
itwuuie neaimcuit to cjnsutitt court mar
tial which would give Gee. Fremont a impar
tial trial.. It ha lung been kneee in military
ciroles tbat he bas always beeu one of tbe mott
unpopular men in the country with (.metre oi
tbe regular army. The Courirmarual by wbich
ne was tried 1813. and found guilty of "mu
tiny," dieobediei.ee or tbe lewlul command ol
a superior officer" end "condnot tj tae prtiu
dice ot good order and military disoipliue," bas
always been accused by hie lueudaer nowmthy
prejudices, and it wouid be A 'karsh aud uune
oeaeary proceeding' io'place Jils repot iliofl a at fl
ood time In the baud ol A similar tribunal.
1'ne President, witsvtit any ancb aid, can aalialy
himself ol lb cooipttoooy ol General Fi emoiit
tor so Important a command.' as be now boidsj
and if be, 'sharing in.ue popular eaumate oi
r'remoot's abilUlca, has mad the mieiake ol
la j lug on bis a responsibility to wblth he 1
unequal, It U bit duty, under the circumstances,
co be as lender of hi repuiatioo as tae higher
Juty which bo owe t tbe public safety will
allow. .Mi.itti'l .t.w :t ".i ' .
It is probable that Gn. Fremont bai no nat
ural apt tilde for. the military profession. Tbe
eoieruruis And Activity wbich are conspicuous
elemeote of bis character, and which bave ore
ated. tbe popular impression of his fitness lor
high command, hive never spontaneously taken
a military direction, till, seduced by the" das
slug temptation of a high raok and an import
tot theater ot action. . When the difficulty with
Mexico was pending, aid war-with that ; power
was universally regarded as imminent, Lieut en
ent-Colouel Fremont sought and obtained au
.bority to set out on bit third exploring exp di
ilon. . If nature bad eaUed blei teb a great
wldier, ho would ot, at tbat time, have remov
ed bimselt ont of the reach of t the probable
chances for military distinction'.1' In the lan
guage of bit laihet-4n-law, , Colonel Benten,
"Mr. rramont was punning science end buu-
uing War," when every man of decided military
aputuaee, out, or tne army at wen as in tbe
army, was burning to acquire distinction' ail . a
oldier.- - Oo th day of tbe batile of Resaca de
I I'alma, he' waeln the far distant region of
ne Tlamath lakee, narrowly escaping massacre
by the ludiantj snowing a eoarageand preeeoc
of mind, indeed, which would be valuable qaat
ulee t a soldier, but bavlng voluntarily pre
rerred to exercise them in the more congenial
vocation of a -scientific explorer; for science
aa It berOee no It than war. But if we bad
bad a young Napoleon, or a young Wellington,
ww m jvwug auu,t, ,u u aruj wnn tue cob tro
ver V with Mexico, which grew ont of the an-
donation of Tex, was peoding and 'likely to
result in war, we 'may be very enre be would
net have been foeod, by fdlunury choice, poll
ening a career-ot exploration la the remote
bears of the western -wilderness. Frsmont'
uatral aptitude class hint' rather with the
Humboldt tben with the great' captains we have
named, end if the people,' or it those who Are
in Authority, think that his loss of Lexington
and- two-tblrde w( Missouri demonstrate the
presence of no acqoired mllittry skill, h.
should At least be treated with the delicate corH
atderatlon due n meritorious bet misplaced mab
oi ecienoe. , . ,
i ii - T ' - ' ' li'
Major General Fremont. The Fright at New Orleans.
Tbo New OrleAn Piynt of the 13ih Intt,
bee tbieeeotatloA loteliiKeuce
. W have been informed by jnn'tRmiiri
has joat Arrivwd from New York nod Philadel
phia, that the moot unprecedented exertions ere
being made lev ajl tbe shipyard and dotks'af
tbee te cites, lor the iumg Oat or tne'lai'g.
t aavai expedition ever known lb this c6untr j.
fiverr OArpeoter who ean be obtainei 1s em-
pieytd. And merehsnt sbipe Are being 'altered
ujk war snips, ana en tneieundrieeareat work
melting And Altering engines lor ttefcm propel
lore w the largest oils, a well as lor email
gonboAta.u It wae openly talked el among' the
oMonaaios tbat tote immense fleet of War ship
was destined tor New OrlBe.','L '' "
i Jt would serni that th nreeenf design of the
enemy Is to effect a ruse,' by alluriog us on to
lake Waablngton City, tbns drawing atf our
main lore Into VirginiA, and leaving bur
ootnera '- ooeet-;'. comparatively1' delebselees.
while tbey Oake A grand demonstrAtion on va
riow portions of Our ooAst, end fore their way
to New Orleans At All hixirds. The 'enemy
can eaatly afford to let na take Wasblngiob
Ciiy, which caa be of no great' serv.ee to bs.
nod even Airy laud, if tbey gain Louisiana And
tnereny tbe oontroi or our cotton end tbe Missie-
sippi eeeet. J U ia -i -jM ju i
ittetimew opened out eras ft tbi rrsni
eve. eo tbe chessboard of war. And Dreoarel
ratlto reaWt end defeat the Ae;my'a plans.
Every Teasel la ear bar nor neeld at 6uee b
uw u oommlaaioa, and tbe obaie of forte ex
tended ell tbo weytoi tbeB.Iiset This' (s no
time (or swspplog horses and tbe Qovernmect
K ebmood, as well as our authorities here,
abonld look to it od beep and doing. ' -' . '-.- j
Mobil H also mcwiog to streueVbso tb Gulf
coatt "Tb city autborUisapf Msil ,",sea
toe Advei titer.
taliens of light, artillery . and Ample store f
ammunition." Fort Oaioes in to be streoath-
eaea, na to jieignoormg coae( ufo be Atiead
iTbe. Goofed erat Govern ateat aems not to
AS nweb lmporteei fermerlf t the
po leMUn l Pentsoula, ee.tbeV Moel Tele
graph .abeoaoetA that the Srewpa ttwre will o
oroereo on a ouster eoeneAaO tbetr pUcee sap
piled with taw eolistmeuteto nodrro iattuo.
tioei drill end waioo, Piekeoe- ,.., .,: ss -'
be .pbt'iipfd, fVra 1 iatore, aud It ieope
Cecbranwa sideved mott valuiib (',; .'jcalu, buro. i.d
rheumatism. Esoellent saddle and beautiful
.boots .end shoe- have seen mad put pf tbeir
tanned ekln. ' Their bard, obit and neliabed
ean be employed af a sub.UtBtat
thkti wpenAirt Artiols. , , '
recent author ay the I m t nut lar aiaL.1,1
.when Alligators will be calltd upo t diaotiarge
tbeir souaiioo 10 aooeir, sns mat ue bu.laea
c.tjhlng ibem will ffrd snothar chance ir
ptontitii tnouicv - un pi. a yry pn qualHf
tia may be nsed for. a! variety of pureoe 1
while undei the fore fin (herd I n ode iero
- tmc rmemblic m'n.k. and which. la .L.
Canadians in the Federal Army.
I Montreal papers eonU.-m the ej .Art t at
Rtukin.of In British army. In of
ot of tbn n UlUa dltt'iote ot Vpp Canada,
and A member of JParliament, ha gone to De
troit t rat.. . ,tmcnt ol leooers. Th Qll-
bee Onmacie weefon:tk eerjA beatng
Oi Ibe subject: . ,
r It Mil be esel tbtW t&getronpd the Queen',
proclamation, tbe depot I to bei osiAbltabed in
i.n.rti.n volunteer are to be in-
viiad to roaa the river to tk Inele 8m'
Shilling, and enroll tbemtelves for '"
ihA FedesAl Army todar Col. Ranking Whether
tbi evasion would have tbe effect of making
Mr Rankin safe Irom, Arrest, wheneye be
should Motor, hi person In Canada, w tery
much doubii but otone thing we are. very cee
uui, ibal should be pursue tbe.eowrte ymputed
t him by nubUo iuu.or.he 'U met l n
other more erto dilemns 4ntJing srvio
under tbe Federal Government. Mr. Rankin
M a duly eleoted member of 'the Canadian Par.
liament, end 1 rrewried, on taking bis seat In
Parliament, to subeufibe tothe'-uauai Oaths"
of loyalty end fidelity Great Britain. ,As an
officer of tbe Federal army, be will be al.o re
quired lo take an oath of loyalty, fidelity end
serviot to the Government of the Noithsrn
Swtee, ' Tbe promisee to be made- and; tbo
oaths to be taken ar incompatible. No man
nan t matters. '. AllegiaoO to th for
eign Governmet.ef, tbe Nertbern States, Sod
allegiance to the Government of Great' Brftiin
cannot oo-exl.t, and Mr. Rankin will f od it
very difficult matter to make hit entre into th
Canadian LuUlaturo with the odor of n Colo
nel In the Federal Army impregnating hit
a I i ..i ' , . 'a . it-. - .. . , .iv . i . r ( -
Postoffice Repudiation.
rni aara naai. the PostofBoe Departmebfbu
been in tbe habit of issuing stumps, of various
amounts, receiving from re who bought them
tbe lull amount of tbeir faoe in coin. Very re
cently tbe Postefflce Department has repudiat
ed tneae stamps telling the people tht though
they may -have -received. tTalue for. them,
tbey will not retognine there, It not presented at
a particular day. Now it eo happens tbat thou
sands of these sttmps re lo circulation near
remote offlo.a,hei ther e is not use lor them,
and yet tbey are, under the regulation, lost to
the bolder, who hts paid bis money's worth lor
them.' Every hour in tbe day we are getting
remittance tor ubsqrlptions in pesuffice stamps,
from men who bave paid the full velu for them;
but we eaoDot ua them, because tbe Govern
ment baa repudiated tbem.t Tnit le little short
ol swiodling. ' The Government baa issued these
siampa 'it has been paid for them aud tbat
Government ought to redeem them et all has
ard.v -1 Tbe tbiug is in a nut shell: ir the Gov
eminent wiabe to rtcall all the stamps issued
by it, ail.it bas to do Is tj substitute new stamps
lur tbsm, but tbe Idea ol repudiating ibem Al
together i prepoaterout. It Is A Swindle, i5i
Lout irpuViten ., ' r.- ' 1 j.
- .... .
Porte Crayon.
i A letter ti the Boeton Conriar Uijia describes
the famous Stather:
' Away, t jo, half gallops, half trot a wild
little) hall-grown lOrtl, With bis mane cut short
asdbis tail sweeping eul ie the wind. ; A rusty
bit, black aa the worn and mended bridle, sin
gle rile, end an old American citiien's saddle,
are tbe Ubiform..Atd. who rides J A rather
mU man with spur three inch long fattened
tu bia French boots - lo tbese are puabed dark
brawn panto well covered, with spot t, a -good
back giound to white boot strap. .Tbe boots
themselves7 are worn white end- uoblacked- A
dark 'coat, buttoned -at tho' top. tbew a blue
shirt sod silk veal, also black and polUbed;- He
ears the smallest. Iuduv rubber eap possible,
.-front wbich his black halt escapes and revels as
if untl?ed tj such reetratnt, And was a rival of
the buiby beard.', A lee; gray hairs are sprink
led with ibe black; bat bis ejei flashing bright
a of yore. Od' his right side be carriee en
opera-glass, and on tbe left small skek.-1 -It Is
PyiU Crayon. ' Yon bave seen his wonderful
sketcbet many a lime. . He Is A man of genias,
of maoy.aa-Aooompliebmeot, of education and
experience.. He came out in the New York
Ninth at a private, but b sketobes now alone
lor Gov. Banks, on whose he 1 now pieced.
His eyes ere everywhere. - tie sees ever thing.
The venerable Birotber. who bas iuit been re
leased, by the rebels at Richmond in the father
of Etf other.. i;." m-i. : ;'. f. ,. . . I
A t in j. i iii i . j
Thi SrrOiTtQM or" LomaviM . Th eitv of
Cbuitvili '-ie regarded by thoee'who know 'the
most Af.xbe situations as in great danger
t ne rtoeis at tneBrtt daub, took poeteetloa of
two thirds or the line or the LouiMilie and
Nashville Railroad, In the Stale of Kentucky,
and of two-third f the rolling etock of the
road. Tney are thus In force in the very heart
or nentucxy, and good, end direct railway
communications wiihihg .whole of tbe rebel
states. ,. ... , ,
D" An old black horse, as Isan as 'a wash
board aud a innocent ot ill and animation aa
A superannuated balr trunk, we turned on the
commons the other day to die. This morning
the boys captured the animal, and after aston
ishing bim with a peck, pf oats, paraded bim
through the streets with , a large placard sus
pended from bia convenient ramp, and labeled
aefujlow; '! Ut of tk Sl-k Hortt Cs
Afry.j Just errieed frum Bull Run-Bully for
htmi-i v--v-; - "' ', :
- .. . . . ' ' a ' ' 1 r , '' ! I
' 'A Bik,c 8ii '' r!oi.nirss' Fsit 'w
Mtoio.-Tbe ScitntifU Antrum bas re
ceived the following receipt for maklpg an CI-
ccuent composition lor anoiqUhj 3b I set of
soldiers during long marches 1 Tke equal
pari of gum eamphor, olive oil and pore bee.
wskT'and mil tbetn together warm until tbey
are nnited and become a salve. ' At night wash
the feet well, .dry them, -end then Apply the
salve, and pet on.elean otoekiegd end sleep
with them on '- Neil day the feet will hi In t
oellent trim for marching. ' ' " " t
'J' J '-."V , .a',.-- , jij! .1 tt I
Not Jad. Somebodv hae reantl remark.
ed, In regard to thg'.Navy . JDepartment 1 It
would Seem a if wa mnat truat an tha aaa tj.
ibe sword pf ,tb 5 Lord, without moch help from
that of Gideon. - r- " -!--,
AnoTHSa Comst, Aoother comet ha bean
seen by London astronomers. It right ssoen-
tun js tauseeg noare mty topr minntes, and
uBouDauou.aijgr. seven uegr. . it sppears to
oeiat aDoroaeauig tnaeann. and arm ahnrti
. iHirvepuuie hi iuo paaeu eye, -
utT. Wi live ft front reKaWe authority that
iaw nrst snu secona nentuckv Ketnments.now
iA Weatern Vrrrlnl. In General Roaeerani'a
divUion, will be dettobed, and oome to Ken
tucky to aid In driving tbe Confederate back.
Then places will be aopnlied'by two regiment
irons uai044 u mitt t noetmt..
' Gom't TBS Was. In Wkiueodn'tv' fli .
there have' volunteered and actually gone to the
war 1101) men nearlf or Quite eae-half of the
voting population, the Bomber ot vote being
About 8300 White couotj gives e Democratio
"Dies ts.nia tws SlooI." Tha Elav.
eetb llliBoi end tbe Eleventh Indiana Regi
men i are eacb oommaudta by a tt elleoe. Col,
MeArthur, aleo true Scotchman, command
in Tweiiui Illinois .Regiment. ;
- ' ' "' ' ' ' " " ' "'
UniVItaiLl.T CnaNTinM.-'TIi -N'tlftol
UotveraaiiM Contebijloa, WbicH' wal in. session
ioJJew York last wetk; c'Jjurnd to meet lo
voioago next yAt.n .,.w .a--t
r " " '' : '?'" ',
,yioi r f 'CMrsars Bcaip The.j LmIs
vllie Z)mocrl say. that Mr. fidmondMo, of
Springfirto, Mo bsd hie beree taken from bim
by m AreeealnnUts, sod it vslue nomtoflly
handed bim lo Confederal, s oript. Upon J1 ap
plication to Geo. P(U. (ba hpra wa returned,
and be hsudnf bsck the eerJpS ;l'Neyr mind,"
said the Cffictr, "It isn't worth d-n, -
h''a n - fT.f . '"t o u ;
CosjrfPotyrOTi Malfoii. TTbir.'nnnsaal
amouutbf MoofbuDdfed bntf ftlrtr thound
Seven hundred bneo) pf tort aa hipped one
day last week fronVCtricagoYsnd still there Is
""tllZnmXM yAZlZzttA? ',-
..WJrteioi-. Pm-e-1 B,'c'.'
Fardnparao oi:iUiCoiJSregatientl Cbnreh at
Geeee,. Iifteele,' peUbs f dard Ip the
Chicago papers, loritiug clergvmea bt All de-
nmiu.tloa J ig htm In fototlng a eompaoy
lwh I"! . ff -ITJ?. ;d fc-eJevlj.-!! j
1 n 1 iu."..'. --Jl
A DoeSLA TiiSmA alanMa aallwa- -la vt..
dared, Ji 14 .aid, btteet BalUsore nd .Waeb.f
Infftnn. ktih tll ha rfnUla .t,Anli
wmM ee obstrsotea.
a -er ".'J iy- tj;- j"? '
r;';03f ytttSDit; OCTOBER 1, 1881,
: .r
At 148" South High Street, j
- Master Commissioner's Sale.!
Joshua Baldwin's alm'ri '
. v.- Court of OosuMn Pleas,
ftlakard Saowdan atal.I
to m dineted froa tha'Ooari of 0aoa Flaw f
IrankliD County, Ohio, I will ogtrfor al at tbe mt
af iha Oeurt HouM, la tha elty ef OolamSas, Obto, .
Saturday, the 3d day of November, A. D. 1861,
at od e'atock, P. M.. Ih followloc pnnlies, ritaaO) k)
tb Oitv of O.'lnmbo, Iraeklla eoaatjr, 0.. w.Ki .
Id-UI Wo. MS) aHo, Iota Ho. 14, IS, M, 17, 18, It,
AO, 81 ant ti, of iaowdB (ubitrliloa af Ual-LoU Ao.
WMStlofSaldSltr. ' -aanaL
Apprauwdat J401N0. 385 ....3 50 10
t.j , MtiXNi 'b i,at7auuaaea
It and 17, at SOU au
' 18, 1, 8011,471 00 H
"K, at 440 00, :
, W. UDSf HAM, S Da riff
' asd. sUitar OoawlalMri
Printerttest l.xV
., SerSH'i.u. - ,
' Sheriff- Sale.
T. W. OarpraUr It Br.i
irpratar Jt Br.
Cnapp J Oo. J
rtlawar Coauaoa PI
J. 0 Eoapp
tne a bora tea, aad alae two oikar writ, m
ho af John P Run J. O. AnaDD A Co.. and L
Id f.vnr of Willlaat o. Buaa vt. 4. Q- Aaapp A Co .to
aio diraetcd froa the Ooari of CotaraoD Piaa of DrlaWar
oooov. Ohio, I will lr fur aala at tb (tar raoai tie.
l.t Id th CarpcDMrbuildlot, on Ulgb strl la tbaallp
of Colombo, aal ofmnoolo oa r
, Wednesday, lbs 9.h day of Oot., A. D. 1861,
ettt'clock a ai ,iiot iwlait dry goed pod
notion., two (tove. on tp ladder, two aat falrtask'l
e , oa Oak, en iht uay elook, ., A. 1
PibtKr' tee ft U. :, I
. , . aw. rnrrpntH. hruT if
By I. BaVli, Dapat.
W. R. Edit, Auetlenter. - J ;
, sspSSdt.. ( ... '! ' -. : 1 - t
3ECexxx3r ISLtaolxlexr,
(Ut ot PhsloB IitablUkaMnt, . Y. ) ' ' (
Vaihiotubl havlDgt Hair Culling, ghaapooabia,
OurllosDd DrelD aloo, . : ' I .
f8onth Hlzh St., over Xtaln'e Btorw,
whar ati'edoa Will be alvea la all Ue Varl
- Ladli and Children' Hair finatlog don la Ih
i I
MplSJIy ,:! '
A SttnTLT va baad and for Ml, lb beat quality
which h. will ell at the lowest market price. I
Call and x.bui af Coal belor puraaailag s.
whr. . - , f - . - 1
Offlc at th ator of Bradford, Suydam At Co., btad
01 vaoai.
- -.;-!' V . 9. f . BUTBaIC
Oysters! Oysters!!
jul D ib oaii neaipi, ey szpraas, r 1
f r.-m BaltlBMr and Fair Hawn. '
Call at Wagaw' Oyxwaad Prult Depot, He. Jl last
Btata ureal. ., ., , , , . ( , -
augStti.. , ,
Tha who buy tb oamoa tlndi ef adaltersted
rata, t badly sold, and ar paid la ytllow bread, flL
health, and pcrvca dtbllity. Pyto's Bhtetle Is par
and parftetlj reliable ralD.t aU the evil. Btpet,
Hi WaablnitoB Itrat, H York. '
I sb Infalllbl reaied for Paver aad Agae. Th
perlaoc of many yxn, ta alaust sviry ellautt, pnves
tbat where oaaa a strict aooardano with Ib dimrios.
It ha rarely fallad to cure, aat only by breaking th
ebilla, bat by rmovlo tb Borbid bMI of tb system.
prtvtntlnf th ionBe ef the dlataa.
TCTIB AND AQCB, thoBh not In I lit If eangerees,
lsspt,alHpeedltr lamortd, to have saeh psr
don efeet oa tb tyitea, as lo enseoaar dlaordar ataak
or kaaafal thaa Ihalf, tad whleb not only raodor Ou
afur-llf f th pallaat Blorakl. bat ar la Ihtw. itlrrr
ofteafbtal. A proapt ard (factual reaedy I thwafr
bat I waoted, and aa inoh Da. D. Jam's Aee MUi'
Toss Is cosftdeatly rooaonod. lor sal by Miasm.
Bobsbts lanoai, Oelambas, aad by areata vr
woere. . .--
isptUtwfrlcsatfcwdw '
Jat Pabltibel I a lald BbvIbI Prlae lets.l
Waakaaaa, laeelaatary BnMoBa, emsl BeWHty, aad
Iapwllwtaaj lo Marrlara eeamlllr. MrvBa. Oaa-
aaaiptloD, Bpllepar bad fit. Mental aad Pb.loal la-
capaciir, iMuiunf rram Baw-an. et. . By Hoeart I
vninrwui, a. v., aauwr or la Hrwtt Book, A
A Beem to ThowenaAe ol Baf ferere
Brat usee teal, la a plala eavelope, te sap ddra,
pua. para, on noaipi 01 two liampa, of ut. VU AS.
J- 0 I UK A, ly;Bewry, Bew York,, Pawl OoW Bo
no v. - ,i - . sat7.4BMlA
Fereeae of foM bablte, wkoarBhfoll
Ooatlvene, Badaebe, SMdlBCta, Drowrinaa and ata
leg I a A esrs, arhtnf from toe great a floe f klao ts
th htad, rtoaU avr b wit boat Brandmh' Klla, toi
aany blahly daorrw ayapttaM will b rtaovel by
pair BBBjts .
Tb Hon.' 3, Bunt, of iratebatr eoaaty. K. T
stvtnly gre yearaef sg, has uied BraadnMh's P1U for
twenty Ir peate a ba sot sabM. -WbaibsleslB
I dlipoMd, b It from OoM, thcasitlaa. Aitbaa, Hted
eh, BUldtfi ArTtetbaa, OoMlrwaoa or IrrUatlo of lb
kidaaji or bladder, ka doa Bihto pat tab ftw desas
of B andratv Pllt ty . ;t
Hi oaual BMtAed la t tak lU plla. sA radaa Sb
doeok ht.wa pllh lo or, y tMt likMm
tmt twaaty -Are year, tbi tlmpt astbol ha Birar tallad
I0re 4rn,ato kaalikj aad few bmb art t kafasadaa
auv an aeartp a a. :i '' 1 i.
Sold bV JOW A.' Cna. TlnHrrttt flAlnnkna a.ai.
all Mnh.M. a.,. 1. i-i " ' "
1 . u w.v. . wmtbUIW. . . ; ' j
nOTTAT't) LlrsatJPIlJLS. . I
Ia all tea af aatiTBaa, apapsta, bUlwe end Dm
sstssrobs, pib), rbvamsdsa,' ferar and acaaa. aba
net nd aob, and all geBeral eiBBgeaaaa ef bealtb
tb PUI have lavarlabhjr prorad aartain tut spetiy
mt, A aagl Irtai eta pan Ih Lift PUIS
uwrtaea erooaspauuoa, m Ibe ertJaatto ef even sw
MaS " f ' r-
Dr. Moffat' Pbesnl Bitter will a sbbsA aqBall ef
eatrlou Ib all cbm af sarvoa AtUllty, tBaiia. baad
acb. the dim lortdsnt t saaslii mislkat kwaltb.
ano rrp bib r w.aaii.a or sn Alreatlv rpai
for tali by Df . T. B. MOH Af , W, Braadwsy, H. t
and by all DruuUta r , . aajli dbulf
,,Ihfj fbllovhoi UWtivot froa
i.uarrtitaa hw tb Av t , A. Bob, pa M rhe
Pwrrtpolttinret BaptbA, tbarCh, Brebkly, . t., t
Ibe'VoaiBal and f " "ntitiA. 1 ,, Irani
voIbbm ta fave of tbat wort it wrwoad mrililai, kba,
Wobnaw' Boovwai trvxr aoaOjuuaa) Tarrau. 1 '
rMW,MM,aarttaol Ir ywar filaan -.fsTiit
IT..UIW- ootie "B0fc - Bow w arw aid wwrd
raw t vataDla.a4loiQab.CoM B w 7tMn
frw) ooni)IM tow Ie rT rtad.w ll IkAtbiBB haaa
boa waaava rau rr. , m w aw....TTl
tow. mi tb da. baoaaat II b ana mt th. w-. ...j .
pow raadors wk bar kaMa aa' A ua
wWlASBarpay.' eaWrtwens
1 n
: l I ...-1
AnrKT Cf KBl lumUAf, a book will bs
SUC d jBeptembtr, At shtCliptpn BjOlf.V
tar sakMrlptlen, asiaf my rtpartnUnd.nea, for True
ry Vet, ts be kwued under the act of Julr if, 11."
Xkww twieV win b I0M4 1 ovm et trtjf 4ii". lope
taadiwd dollars. Ave kaadrai, dollar, 00 tboaatad
eollaN, f iv XbsaUd UrV 44Bt,
UMt, pajrabl thra jaara after date to tb ordar f tb
sebserlbtr r s dlraeUd. aat baariag ltartt tb
MtsefT Wpret.pil '. titbit atml kenu.
ajtjn sM siwraet brag At the tab f eaet for each
day en every bsadnd dollars, for th eonventaa ef
tb h14r. eaoh eot .wUl ,ht esaeea UaaA.d !a
prwalDg the vral paouabi ef stal saaual. Itrat,'
whisk soap buy k etahd and pratd for pay.
Met teparaMy rresl Ih Hka " ; t .
-. ihmripUM fw mmA rtoaMM-y YJm mtlt U r.
w4 dwrteg Aw tutfrtm ik djy f opmtnf
twMenMM. . x ,,.,, , j
. f arthr bitermallan give a ppllatla te ' "' I
' ?.. ' . ':' WI, 02 MJffL.!
Oovtraaunt gubaarlptlea Agaat.
. OtpBMtMt.
0b wring LXachine Worki ;
A ix btmo of iTtTonirto; tidck.
INO. QUlLTLNa, anIBT,ktKMa, Alinit
tlTTlsO. . Am., preaptlg Aooa la a seat aa tab.
Itaottai aiaBBor, at Ho. tt nat bleb stit pn to loath
Sid of Alek,btwelIl(htrtaaParJllr,it v
No. 80 South nigh etrewfv Threx)
,. JfJoor) SoutU. of itiola. ,ti ,
Hit J-t relvd cbala (took af tLltAVV
WIMTIA OUOoe, aaliaki for teotl.m.o'. vaar.
OaatowMi will bar Dwlrerdar aaatly and aabatanllal-
I. .mmU .1 Ik. kM Hh.. . ........ L 1
V ' " "" '1 V " "
, No." 100, a3outh .High:1 Streei
'"" ooijTJTirxjrr,
......... . .Jjii ,ii"irvj ... " .)
, , . provisions;
Foreign and .pdmestitf. Vtii
1 .. , u-t , . (,.,., I ..k .,vw-'ii .'t'l 1 I
Jlll .i-t-'A :V.ia4f ".i'''
. .- -
linf dual Aaat. ;;i.'i : ,'. n :j- .n
Barar Carwd loBgwes.
- Jn s i'
.' ji .-:
-Plee-Aapl Oka.
Blab an Bali.
; rMaaaAOoOa.- .,
I state, far sal bp ...
i- 'j vmirn
' -". - 1. !
104 loath Hbjb Btrat
- II !
Soap! Soap!
t n:
X' 0r, lr sal speak or oB .u:f.-.. ,
un.-Tf. v;j! i-JIm- usTiAUi,
I r. ' I Ji
lOtfoBtb Uiakalraaf.
(I f.t-
;':, -i in in. ii if fi.-0'. t.-r.'J
Tk Avtirtelwl Hlf t tae
Amaaaaj ( avor lar.ausi
- ' n. .1
XV ami of tb moat, laprovod kind of petacb
All k Olaaaaa, wbeibw for ar Aul(btd. ir
p.u la oaawa cas frra wttA lb grt ear,
wa A watt lb Bras ef all aaara, autag WaatiaM.
Iliaalinaa aw IaaaMilla ml tha W.mm. aa knalu
Mfwnfth fnr hg raadhigar Aa aewlog. '.-
Ofllaat 13 Aaa Blat saws, s Sallaar dk Watatar'i
AUBMStarealurril III ..-.:- .i 1 " -, I
-t '!? i -;i . -MJ...V ... -..-j , j l-Ja. iTiua
;. in vsir-ir!.- '., if ni J - l'l
k :du. s. VLSO, :
' ...a
Old Rye, Monongahcla & Bourbon
M - t . '
it I (J. .l f iii
BAin & con;
So. S9 tnXh High Street,' Coloiib at,
tOO rds Tisvwba
.... I
Drs Ooods 'i
RJiW, 'i- --'- i
KmyarAi i ravallsf Drra Ooed at If)., vsHts Meul
i !r,"0 Oraaida. at WX, vala W unU',,
0Ug par fiat Oolond Lava at I vala IS eont. 1
ewww mrm BBHISbI MaaUVBl ml IWtsT. Vftla. VH skaavtA '
U4 rarda taoar Plata AUak nk aiAi an
imiHW rvaiara oro. Bllkaat T7U. w.iwaii .,.
htf a 2ST11 hUA "Wf.'?1 K
iW K ,:., ! Boeik'Blth SUtJ
Elegant lace XlantUlas
TJjCLXN cf? DON, ,
ISTo. 29 South HlgHSti;
U wpeoaa aa asrowe r Vary larr and
f ry Dees Freweh noandng Leees. . . .
MAi Tbmd, rrsnoh, CbantllU k GsnsvsM
VIaclanA, Polnt ct Ga rroitelt
m Qa lWa'Le'';sla,fJOUM
i".,.; V'i.'4 InBwJr3hApes,
.paper collars j currs,1"'"
. .... w -M -1 w for travdlDg
Bit? A, fPXI. Pn CEfTBJlB,- k . A ,t C7
r t c meat bMhtwabw etyba ai tb aii,
Bai a, ani. ....
t ' I
WivtIi limit 1
7 tnn
TI T O Ti A m n n
Vdltetatatte ;Ekpree
And iaUljejoaa fading West
-and Southwest.,, .
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IBrortwy, T.(4.,lt.w,lWtl.Iww,
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Foreign and Domestic Xfduors,
Fruits, etc; eio.; " rr''
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-N0V-IQO0 South'Uigh Street,
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Wm awarded tb Brat pnaiuaLaf. AW at th fiillaae
Itat fair for 1" or Ia fA.BodUy's ea aoooaat!
ff.JIghtnees, elmpJioity, eoonow pf fuel
ana superior ehSrartter orItimbor awo.l. -
Onr Stationar Snrlna waa awards at ihm aama Sab
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Oar Portabl Sntlra was awardrd Ilia trtt praniua el
Blue at Ibe fair a M.rnphia, Tana., over Uiuoty' Be
raira,OoloabQktaohlDaCo'.., aul Bradford UeV .
a eoBBltue of practical BailroadBoaWaab
for prtoa and tarmi addraaa . , ,v ' vw-t
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