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Mails for New York Oil. Bolton, Albany, Buffalo,
' Plltiburgh, iteubenvllle V Cleveland, aaneivllle,
M...k antiTill. Wuhlniton City. Baltimore, Phila
delphia and NewOrleeni, clw dally (Sunday! except
ed) at 8 o'olook f. m.
A through mall for New York and Cleveland Sloan
dally (Sundayi excepted) (t I o'olook p. m.
0. 0. 0. B. H. Way Hall Hoses dally (.Dunueyi
bintrel Ohio Way MallcloMidally (Sunday! excepted)
ClnVnnettVayMall ol dally (Sandayi excepted) at
Chlcigo,ubque, DeUw.ro, Marlon and Worthing.
I.. mTTi.oIom datlv laujsdayi excepted) at 8 o'olook
"'T-'ii. aT,ia. Bnrtnrfleld. Dayton, Toledo. Cincln
nail, Indianapolis, Xoulavllle, St. Louis, ud Detroit,
closes dally (Bondayi ixoepted) at 8 o'clock p. m.
A through mall to Xenls, Bpringflild and Cincinnati
fsnndaviixcepteaiat juo oiock a. m.
Urbane, Plqua, Tlflln and Union City mall closes dally
(Bondayi ixoepted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
Lancaster. Logan, NiUwnville, Olroleville, Chlllleotha,
Portnnouui, Vf asnuagura v. auus, juatietia anu
Hillsborough mailt olote dally (Sundayi excepted) at 8
clock p. m. ...
ait Way Mall by National Bold to ZaMtrUI eloen
dally (Sundayi excepted) at H o'oloek m.
Barrliburgh Malloloaei dally (Sunday! excepted) att
o olook p. m.
Mt. Vernon Mall, by way of Wutarrlllo and Banbury,
ntnun t.ll fUnndan excepted) at 8 o'clock D. m.
Dublin Mall elotei datly(Bundayi exeptel)at 8 o'clock
p. a. '
Lancaster Way Mall clow dally (Snndayi excepted) at
0 clock m,
Malll from Now York, Boiton, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, PllUburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenia,
Detroit, Bprlngnela, OlDolnnaU, Ohlllloothe, 8U Louli,
and all Southern elites, arrive between the boon of 9
o'oloek p. m. and 4 o'oloek a. m.
Mailt from InoUaoapolti, Chicago and Dubuque arrive
at 3:4v a m,
u.il. from Wuhlnrtan Oltv. Baltimore, Wheeling,
lanesvtlle, Newark, Bteubaovtlle, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. 0, B. B. Way Mall,arrirtat lioclookm.
Way Mall from Olnelanatl arrive! at 3 o'oloek p. m
T.,. H.II KrrlVM At II o'clock D. m.
Bait Way Mall otu tha MaUonat Boad arrirejatll
'clock a. m.
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrtTti at 11 AO a. m. '
Mail from Dublin arrive at 18 o'oloek m.
Urbana Way Mall arrival at 8 o'clock p. m.
Harrltbargh Mall arrive! at II o'oloek a. m.
t..m..i W Mall Arrive! at 18 o'clock m.
Oifio delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
7 o'oloek a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Sundayi
from 1H to 8 o'clock In the morning, and from S to
Rail Road Time Table.
Littu Miami k. Oilomioi Zuru Be K.
Olnclnnitl AooommodaUon, 8:00 A. M.
Bxprcai 11:40 A.M.
Mall ant Accommodation.. 9:10 P. M.
Might Ixpren via Dayton. 18:00 midnight
' Arrlvei
9:1(1 P. M.
11:1)3 k. M.
8:00 P. M,
3.80 A.. M.
Jko. W. Dobirty, Agent.
Oolchici a OuvxtAjo B. B.
Night xpren 3:40 A. M. 11:15 P. M.
N?w YorkBxpreei 11:10 A.M. 0:A.M.
O.O.fcO. WayBxpreai.... 8:M P.M. 7:50 P. M.
Jamb Pattxmoii, Agent.
OnmAtOatoB. B.
. Na.Jixpraei...... '
No.J do SJ-witt P. M. ll:45A. M.
VrJ Iiu, Agent,
Prrniuiaa, Ooixmoi a Cixcuhati B. B-
Hall Train S 30 A. M. 1 A. M.
Mxpren Train 1 1;2S A.M. 8:45 P. M.
Jot. BoitmoK, Agent.
OoLomot a Ikdiarofolii, B. B.
No. 1 Ixpren 6:30 A. M. 2:00 P. M
Mo. 8 " 3 00 P. M. 7:80 P. M.
Accommodation 10:iu '
C. W. Smith, Agent.
The Adams Express Company places us daily
under obligations to it for tbe very latest papers
I'rom the eastern-cities.
Tbe American " Express Company has onr
thanks for its daily favors in tbe ebapeoftbe
very latest eastern papers.
Council Paociioinas, The City Council
met last evening President Donaldson In the
Chair.' Minutes of the last two meetings read
and approved. y : .
By Mr. Wilson From' Jacob Goodman, A.
GuNDiiiHiiMta and others, for a gas lamp at
the Intersection of Cherry street and Fair alley.
Referred to the committee on Gas and Gas
Lights. .
By Mr. Smith Authorising the City Civil
Engineer to contract with John Kino for grad
ing and paving the sidewalks, gutters and cross
ings on the north side of Long street from the
west line of Lot No. 9 of Medary's Addition
to Medary street. Adopted.
The President appointed Mr. Botlir on the
committee on tbe Fire Department In place of
Mr. Doorr, and on the following committees in
place pf Dr. Blair resigned City Police, Ordi
nances, Revision and Printing, Gravel Bank,
Wharf and Wharf Lots.
The Council designated the following places
for holding tbe eleotion on Tuesday, Got. 8,
First Ward North Engine House.
Second .,,". .. Buckeye House. ".' 1
United States Hotel.
New England House. -Sonth
Engine House. '
Reading for October.
The "long evenings have now commenced,
when tbe family1 circle should be enlivened
with choice reading. Periodical literature to a
great extent supplies the place 'of the heavier
and more, tiresome books of the last age
Piquant, lively and entertaining, it contains the
cream of lne .literature of our time, the essence
of its philosophy, a bird's eye view of ita history,
lumming'np of Its researchetjBto new fields
of tciesw and-lhff Older ones of antiqqity. He
who Is, not familiar with some of the leading
literary periddloalS'pf the day; can hardly be
said to keep up with the age in which be lives.
Few persons they, knew ita value, would
willingly do without the monthly visits of the
Atlantic.. -Tbe namber for Ootober Is prime
one. BhCtr Contributors as Hawthorne, Dr
Holmes, Mrs. Stowb, C. C. Haxiwell, and the
"Country Parson," cannot fall to furnish, gems
oi literature, and open op inexhaustible ' mines
of thought.-. Sy the way, the "ParsonlV fur.
nishes an article, to' this October number, Con
cerninfi People of whom more might be made,
which has a deep, jet.femiliajf. philosophy la It,
reaching" Into the heart of every nan and wo
man, and. making tbera better, wiser and hap
pier, if they will but ponder and practloe npon
lie teaching, - j-
But we oannot specify all the good things In
this number of ' onr favorite monthly." The
Journal Of Privateersman and Mrs. Stowi's
Agnes of Sorrento are Continued. "A hew tale,
A Story of To-Uajrytt began, tbe first part be
lng given, in this number, and four puts yet" to
some. Then there, are Cyril Wilde (a Ken
tmoky tragedy),'My Friend's Library, A' Night
In a WkerryV What;; we are' '.Coming 'to,; Tanio
TerrotJhe Wevssweod of History, and .other
InteweUqgVoswejrtlels beside numerous poof-
' leal gems
The 'Aant1o'lTpbT!hef r( &
riBiM. u oswn, u ifi year. . w u , , ,, Ll ,
. ' . , .A .i."-I. . Iv ev:M-.
v Wkstlrat-haeeee)B-4--and become familiar
with it, does not love to greet, genial phis of
014 K&toif Certainly few visitor would
iaore wsXooms, onot month, la M latslllt
ent family oiroU. . Li hai lw7i rich literary
budget, and a futd of Infinite humor. ;
Tbe Knickerbocker for Ootober it well filled,.
The leading prote article are Wordi to the
West, Garden Kamblci id Biam, urer tne nap
idi, la Camp with the Egyptian Army, Through
the Cotton States, The Rough Rhymes of the
Revolution (of course with many rhymes in it)
Revelations of Wall street, and Emancipation
Nearly all these are interspersed or rather al
ternated with poetry and song', ' ?, Z
Everybody loves the Knickerbocker fur 1 its
Gossip with Readers and Correspondents,: wbleh
In this numbsr Is particularly rich and racy
The Knickerbocker le published by J. R On,
aoai, 5 Beekman street, New York. ; j, u
Blackwood for September oomeJ to us so
oloee to the end of that month, that we may get
down for October reading. It is always
welcome visitor from "Edlnboro' .TpwnV but
rarely have we seen a number that pleased us
so muob as this for September.
Tbe first article Is entitled Scotland and her
Accusers, and right well does the writer pay off
Mr. Booa-u lor making, in the second volume of
his History of Civilizttion, tbe 'Land O'Cakes,'
a sample of a country given over to superstition,
and of a people koodwinked by the clergy.
This Is followed by a very pretty moral story
TheReotor. The first number of Meditations
on Dyspepsia, everybody, of course, who reads
at all, would like to read, and they would feel
none the worse, and might be made a great
deal bettor by reading it. -
Tbe other articles in this number ate Bur
ton's Anatomy of Melancholy, The Persian
War of 1856-57, The Memory of Monboddo
an excellent new song, A my at Antwerp
(among painters of course), Phaethon a poem
and Tbe Art Student at Rome. .
Blaokwood is re-publlsbed in this country by
Lionasd Scott & Co., New York, at $3 a year
who also furn'eh any one of the four standard
British Quarterly Reviews and Blackwood at
$5 a year.
ETTbe Thirty first Regiment, Col. Waueb,
which left Camp Chase last week, Is for tbe pre
sent quartered in the Orphan Asylum lot, Cin
cinnati. It is understood that the Regiment Is
destined for Kentucky. ..
UTThe Catholio Institute Hall, Cincinnati,
which has been handsomely frescoed and adorn
ed during tbe summer months, will be re opened
on Thursday evening next. Archbishop Pun
oill, who has recently returned from Rome,
ill deliver an address, and Capt. MoGroartt,
of the gallant Tenth Regiment, who was wound.
edat Carnlfes Ferry, will also speak.
Interestino to Volontkirs. The Secretary
of War has directed the Paymaster-General of
the army shall arrange for the payment of Vol
unteers is directed by tbe provisions oi the act
of Congress relating thereto, dated July 24, and
as amended Aug. 6, 1861, via: when organized
and aocepted by. tbe Governors; of the several
States, without regard to the date of mustering
Into the service of tbe United States, provided
payment has not been made by he respective
States, for which the Government will eventu
ally be liable. When volunteer regiment have
been accepted by the War. Department, upon
what are termed independent loceptinoes, pay
will be allowed from the data oL the organisa
tion of each company, with the minimum num
ber of men; satisfactory evidence la eaoh case
must be shown.
teen Miontr
Cavalrt One hundred and sixteen .horses
were sent to Col. Kennett's Regiment on Sat
urday. m ,-( 3 ,
Police Court. Yesterday tbo Mayor fined
two men $3 and coats eaoh for., creatlog a dis
turbance at the New England House on Sunday
night. A "contraband" (we believe tbat is the
modern appellation for a colored individual
was also fined $3 and costs for making a dis
turbance on Sunday evening, and another indt
vidual was sont to tbe chain-gang for general
O" J. Q. Howard, Esq.", of this city
yj loft yos-
terday, (or St. Johns, Newfoundland, to enter
upon his duties as Consul at that port. '
07 Three more seoession prisoners . ftave
been sent to Camp Chase iron the Kanawha
bills at
07 Tbey are going to ' fortify the hi)
Cincinnati, both on the Kentucky and the Ohio
side of the river. - ' ' ' I ( ;
' - '."':
ST Jndge Bono, of the Campbell county, Ky.,
Conrt, has been arrested for using treasonable
language, and lodged In Newport Barracks. .- .
em y .-. .
ST. The Panastireorama will' be, at the
earnest request of many citizens, exhibited a
few evenings more in our city' It is a Splendid
and beautiful work of art, arid exhibits scenes
which all delight to witness. ? lbe paintings
begin to move at eight O'clock precisely.
The Mioioal Facpltt and "Kenneot's
Mxoical . DisoovxaT." Physicians aro . very
guarded in thefr remarks respecting1 any medi
oine that may be introduced to- the public es
pecially ff the discoverer has hot received a
medical education, and we bonor them for their
precaution and good judgment Bnl the. cures
of humors that have beexuuade by ."Kennedy's
Medical Discovery" have astonished even the
learned doctors, and as they have Stood by the
bedside of a patient and seen the favorable re
suits arising from the uie of this medicine in
eases of Scrofula, Erysipelas, eto. eto , they
have been led to exclaim, as did one of the
most distinguished physicians of our State (Dr.
Whitney of Dedbam), "Whattvtr tie mdicine
ii, it is doubtltu lh bat of iUkini; keep on with
Master Commissibner's Sale.
Oolnmbui Machine Uanufaetarlnf Co.) Common Pleas,
. : . .acaiHI rrankllucii..
uaian uaur ana ouieri. , ) . unio.
from tns Oonrt ot Common Fieu of Vranklin oaantv.
Ohio, to mi directed In the abote entitled notion, I .hall
'WexlnejsKiay, Ootolov S, I9Q1, k
tetwnea tnj noars oi e a. m. and 13 on the premliei
there itood iaM Baair'i ulll (raeentty burned), In rieee
at Valley, iUdleon eonmy. Ohio, the followlnt prop
arW,vli: The weighing lomlee, remnant! ot maohlnery
JUU uir yviwuumi fivymnr WNWf DJ OfttQ r , . A
Tenniofialimeh. .. . . ,i
Printer'! rets $8.80, .jiii t ri(Ue r?"' t't
nUStfli. OOILIN8,
Kpl9-td. . Waiter OommiKloner.. .
; rsi j Baltimore r ClothiD HoaseTti n
; Kurcriercitriti aire wasiauja eaaim n ,rr t,
'iMi t- .r e ,4.iui.w.-1 !
I - resiwsH-atioRTT aire bowarwi)
1 Hi i
Atsoftiaenl of Pleoe and rnralshlnt
B" HNS "sj t M1UHWA S) . AJ. AMU
fcDOiUMrMStrMMenidby aj
. . AUI S HI,
esrtll i.ttlomtaBjk, street.
Rebel Depredations—General Pope at
Jefferson City—All Federal Officers
Taken at Lexington Released but
Colonel Mulligan—Mulligan Refuses
to Give his Parole.
[Special to St. Louis Republican.]
Jevveuon Citt, Sept. xa. A messenger
from Linn Creek last nlgbt says that rebel
depredations and piunderinss continue unlnter
rupted there, and that everytbinir in tbe place
Has been earned on. It is reported tbat the se
cessionists are stealing tne negroes or union
men. senators Mills and Vernon and Kev. Mr.
Arnest. a Methodist preaober, are among the
leading solrits.
Ueneral roue and stanT are here, and coionei
Mulligan and his officers, it is expected, will
arrive to-morrow.
Att Intelligence Is kept very close since the
arrival of General Fremont, who goes to camp
with, bis staff and numerous retinue to morrow
When he will leave here Is uncertain probably
not before Tuesday or Wednesday next. , lie
wag serenaded tnls evening;.
a snv, who was at temp tine to escape irom
the city In an up train this evening, was ar
rested. ''
Tbe opinion seems (Mining ground that the
rebels inteud to remain at Lexington for some
time, and oreoare for a aooa engagement there
Many persons say that if Fremont is energetic
and rapid in his movements, be can cut off
Price's obances uf escape, and obtain a brilliant
victory. , , . t
' No reliable news of interest from Boonville,
Georgetown, Glasgow, Rolls, or other promi
nent points.
Oantaln Walter, or Col. Marshall's reeimcnt,
wno was at Lexington, arrived this murnlug,
having lelt there this Thursday noon. He saw
no rebel troops botween Lexington and Scdalia,
and ssvs the main body of Price's forces was
there when be departed, and believes that tbey
intend to make a stand snd meet our troops
there, as the vicinity is well calculated, from its
streams with deep, miry banks, without bridges,
to trouble an advancing enemy, ah tnerea
eral officers have been released on parole but
Ool. Mulligan, who refused to give bis, lor pri
rate reasons.
Price probably has thirty thousand men: and
the rebels ou Thursday confidently expected
mat Hardee, with eight thousand or nine tbous
and, and McCuilocb, with ten thousand men,
were within two or three dnvs' march of Lex-
1 bey have no faith in McCulloch as a Gen
eral, but think be is very effective with a small
body of men.
T en thousand rebels were sent across the
Missouri from Lexington on Thursday witi the
avowed Intention of attacking Lane, who is re
ported on this side of tbe river.
1 be seal of the State and public records are
in the bands of tbe rebel.
Our troops bad no cartridges, grape or other
shot, and no shells left at the time of tbe sur
render, but lost two or three hundred kegs of
1 be rebels are greatly encouraged, and de
clare St. Louis in their possession.
ueneral rrice s otnciai report, giving a some-
hat detailed account of the battle of Lexing
ton, has been received. Tbe following are tbe
losing paragraphs:
uur entire loss in tbe eerie or engagements
amounts to 25 killed and 72 wounded. Tbe
enemy's loss was much greater.. The visible
fruits of this almost bloodless victory are.great;
about 3,500 prisoners, among whom are Colonels
Mulligan, Marshall, reabouy, Wblte andUroo-
vcr, Major Van Horn, ami 111 other commis
sioned officers.
We also took five pieces of artillery and two
mortars, over 8,000 stand of Infantry arms, a
large number of sabers, about 750 horses, many
Sets of cavalry equipments, wagons, teams,
ammunition, more than $100,006 worth of com
missary stoves, and a large amount of olber fro
perty. ' :.
la addition to an ibis, i obtained tne restore
tion of the great Seal of tbe State and the pub
lic records, which bad been stolen from their
proper custodian, and about $900,000 in money,
bich tbe bank at this pia.'e bad been robbed
of, and which I have caused to be returned to
CoL Vaughn, a prominent citiasn of Lexing
ton, who witnessed the entire battle, and was
at one time a prisoner in rebels bands, asserts
positively that fully 500 of Price's .army were
The money, of which Price eats the bank in
Lexington was robbed, is understood here to
have been placed io Col. Mulligan's bands for
safe keeping.
Gen. Lane Takes Osceola—He Captures
a Large Train and $100,000 in
Lia vr, worth, Sept. S3. Many reports from
General Lano's command say tbat, after bis
successful engagement with tbe rebels at Pa
ipinsville, be made a forced maroh on Osceola,
and succeedea in surprising ana capturing a
large supply train, lelt by Rains and Price, to
gether with $ 100,000 In money. The command
is now supposed to be on the march to join
Sturgis. ; .
red .. i
BoBTON,6ept. 33 Maj.-Gen. Butler and staff
leave this city this evening, and will reach New
York to-morrow morning.
Baltimore, Sept. 28. In consequence of a
storm in tbe Bay yesterday the Old Point boat,
with Fortress Monroe passengers and news, has
not arrived.
Why Osceola was Burned.
jErriRsoN Citt, Sept. 99. A gentleman
who arrived here this morning from the West,
states tbat be saw a gentleman who paeaed
through Osceola on Wednesday Last, who says
tbat the central portion of tbat town had been
burned by Gen. Lane. ' It is stated tbat tbe
reasons for burning it were that the rebels had
fired npon the troops from windows. No Feder
al troops were near there when he left.
Kentucky Legislature.
Frankvort, Sept. 28. The Seoate Commit,
tee reports that tbe arrest of Ewing, Silver
tooth and Irvan, members of the Legislature,
was Illegal and unwarranted, and have procured
their release. ' - '
The thanks ot . the General Assembly were
voted to Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, for aid in
arresting the invasion, ' 1 j
Important Order in Kansas.
WvaNootte, Kansas, Sept. 24. The follow.
log order has been Issued here: ' " ' ,''
In accordance with Seotiooa, Article 6, of the
Constitution of the State of Kansas, I hereby
order every man in the State between the ages
of eighteen and forty-five, capable' of bearing
armp, to immediately enroll himself In some
military company In accordance with tbe mili
tia law of the State; and each company is here
by ordered to hold itself In readiness for imme
diate marching orders. Each man will furnish
all the arms In his possession. : Ihe retusal or
any man to obey this order, will be taken aa
evtdenot'or his disloyalty, ana ne win ne treated
Acting Governor and Commanderin-Chief.
By the Pony Express.
Sweat Water. Utah, Sept. 21.-The Pony
Exoress oaesed San Francisco on the 14th. Tbe
mate is prosperous and : the people well em
ployed, but still the number of voluuteeis called
IOr will uq uuiituw,
Tha State election returns are nearly com
plete. i Stanford, Republican, for Governor,
54,037; Connes, Uulou Democrat, 38,63j Mo
Connell. ' Brecklnrtdse Democrat, 31,216
Amon: tha southern counties of the State which
are i regarded as largely sympathising with se
cession, Los Ahgolos and Salore are the only
counties which gate the Breckinridge andldate
majorities..--i v
. ii
Boiton, Sept. 28. Hon. Wm. Appleton has
resigned his. sea In pougress in consequence or
ill Health.
, ,
' !. Rochbstsr', Sent. 28 A disastrous break oc
aarred on the tow path ot tbe Genessee Valley
Canal this mornlne between Pefferdlna and Do-
tye Creek. It will require four or, live days, to
repair wo ore -.- ..tiOr. .ij tir
BOHLINQTON,' N..'J. Bens. 28. Col, J. W
Wall retarned hesao ieoaa- Fort-Lafayette laat
evening, receiving julte. an, ovation. He . wm
escorted hoaaeby aband of aansio and s. torch'
lichr Drooesslon. In a short sneeoh. ha amid he
would endeavor to ascertain bis accusers and
bring them to justice.
Important from Missouri.
JerrERSow Citr. Sept. 28. A special dla
patch to the Demterk, says passengers report
evervth ne auiet at Ueoriretown. uena. oieei
and Davis were at tbat .point directing opera
tions. ;.. " '-'
Aman tha ntaaanvAni bv the train Were the
fnllnin r.ffl..M nt r.nl. Marshall's Cavalrv
Regt. from Lexington, Mo.: Maj. D.P.Jen
klnst r.anta. Jama Fonter. Pant Waters, John
Tlilfsa tints TJa ,.. P.,ir. Voat. Kolshte and
Blair. These officers were released on their
namla nf hnnnr Tha lnft Lexineton en the
morning of Thursday, coming In wagons over-
land to Sedalia, arriving here last nlgbt. -
To tbelr knowledge np to Thursday, Price bad
fiflt sst a a1 anw ruialTnn tt hi. tnreum toward thin
bb vta VUU Oil W UUI UU VI ew.
after tha mrrenrUr. hv tha rebel Quarter-Mas-
Uinta in Knur or. Informaa on IQB mormoff
ter. that ha had issued tbat day 3,400 rations,
and the Captain thinks that the force alnce then
has been inoreased by accessions from the ooun-
try round ahont to at least 4.200. He repre-
sents tbat men are flocking in from all quarters.
lie heard nothing definite In regard to mcui-
loch's whereabouts.
The rebels told him his force wss from lU.OUU
to 15 11(1 Tha nfflnara thlnlt MoUU llocn Is
marching toward Jefferson. Price's troops had
direction, tboueh it could have been done and
have been in ignorance of it.
devastated the country from a clronlt of over
mil.. h.m. flald and mill had
hoAn .r ,ni.nti. Fialda that
were a few days ago covered with ripe grain
are now made as bare aa desert. Dwellings
that were filled with the oomforte and necessa-
rlea of Ufa ha k..n atrinnad nr their contents
mnnv. ninth no. harllllno'. UQ
- . .1
everything was seixed, tbe farmers insulted and
maltreated, and tbreats made against the lives
y.w.-.Mn, ... .
or an Union men, as well as those wno remon
strated against their lawless proceedings. A
few members of Jackson's legislature bod as
sembled lu tbe t?wn and bad piseed an orai
nanoe of secession.
When our informant left thev were dircuds.
lng an act of confiscation of property of all per
sons opposed to tbe Southern Confederacy.
umer acts or a very severe character were also
under consideration
All tbe federal officers taken prisoners have
now left Lexington, with the exception of Col.
Mulligan, who remiins there to settle up some
business affurs. He Is not wounded, as re-
norted. I
Gen. Hunter and staff paid their rerpects to
wen. rremont about o clock.
Gen. T. L. Price has been ordered to take
the field, but his brigade not being In readiness,
be will probably remain in command here.
Col. White, who was supposed to be motUlly
wounded at Lexington, Is recovering.
Dearnestown. Sept. 25th Gen. Banks has
been slightly indisposed for a day or two, but
ma comnlaint ia inflidant to tha laajion.
strong rebel piokets frequently make their
appearance near tbe roint ol Kocks opposite
yol. iieary's command. Last Saturday morn
ing, fiftoen were seen to leave tbe island below
the ruins of the bridge, just after daylight.
This island comprises several acres of dense
foliage, and is separated from Virginia by a
narrow channel.
Col. Geary thinks they are in the habit of
ossiog over there every night. Oa Friday
night tbe rebels made a demonstration as if
ey would cross at the Point ot Rocks. Col-
set a trap lor them. While awaiting their
movements, he discovered that signals were be
ing made at a farm bouse on the Maryland
shore. The inmates were secured and held.
Tbe rebel force did not attempt to cross. -Last
week Csot. Fardee. of Col. George's
Regiment, made an excursion np tbe river, op
posite Beerlin, securing three prisoners, eight
horses and ten head of cattle.
Edwin D. Morgan, Governor of New York,
to be Major-Geoeral of Volunteers. Col.
GuBtavug Kceraance is to be an ald-de camp to
maj. uen. rremont.
From New York.
New Yohk, Sent. 29. Two gun boats from
Fort Pickens arrived here last night. Tbe
pirate Judeth, carrying four 2 pounders and one
ong pivot gun, was captured and burnt on the
4:b, by an expedition from tbe frigate Colora-
ibe Judetn was anchored near renaacola
avy yard, and after a abort engagement, was
fired and destrnyed. Foor of our men killed,
and fourteen wounded. Several rebels killed.
The Colorado remained at Fort Pickens. Tbe
Niagara and Water Witch are at the southwest
Tbe Herald's special says that mere was a
long session of tbe Cabinet to day. McClellan
was present.
Uur pickets at Ubaln Bridge are gradually
advancing and forcing the enemy slowly to
ward Falls Church. Tbe enemy are In great
lorce there.
Muoson and Mason's Hills have been evacu
ated by tbe rebels, together with Upton's Hill.
Tbey are now occupied by our troops, in large
lorce, under uen. McDowell.
Tbe rebels bave retired about four miles.
All the rebel entrenchments fronting Arling
ton Heights are abandoned, and now. occupied
by our troops.
It is reported that Johnston, with twenty-
seven thousand troops, is moving from Leesburg
towards tbe river, and that the rebels are push
ing large forcea towards tbe ferries in the
neighborhood of Boalesville, and down the river
towards Aquia Creek.
Indications are tbat tbey will cross tbe river
Immediately. Tbe weather is cold, and prison
ers state that the rebels are suffering from it.
The Latest from Fort Pickens.
Boston, Sept. 29. A letter from the frigate
Colorado, at Fort Piskena, says tbat the boat
expedition, on the 14:b Inst., destroyed tbe Con
federate steamer i.ady Davis, in reniaoola Har
bor. Sbewaa commaoded by Com. Renshaw,
formerly of lbe U. 8. Navy. .
Tbe Uonstellation, late nag-Bbip ol tbe Afri
can Squadron, from London, Aug. 11, arrived
at Portsmouth on Saturday. Her letters report
tbe Preble, Warren, ajd eteamer Massachu
setts, at Chandler Island, at tbe mouth of the
Mississippi river, ou tbe lotb Inst. Tbe crews
had been landed and batteries thrown up, and
tbe light-house re lighted.
From Fortress Monroe.
Fost Monsoe, Sept. 29 The Confederates
last night fired npon our picket guard at
Hampton Bridge, and severely wounded one
A fleet of thirteen schooners, to-day, sailed
for Hatteraa Inlet. The 8. R.Snaulding is ex
pected from the Inlet to-night, and will return
with the balance ot tne Indiana awn.
Latest from Missouri—Rebel Forces
at Lexington—Fremont Goes into
[Special to the St. Louis Republican.]
JirrsasoN Citt. September 30. Lieutenant
Tbacher, of Colonel Peabody's Regiment, and
Lieutenant Lenox, of Colonel Marshall's Keg
lment, who were at Lexington, bave arrived
here, and give some interesting particulars
from that place. Tbey say tbe rebels can turn
out, and probably will, three twelve-pounders
per week, at tbe Lexington foundry, and tbat
they are very ouey in maawg daim ot an aious.
IbThey report that tbe rebela bave a large as
sortment of powder and ammunition of every
varletv buried in the vicinity of Lexington, and
that tbey bave recently aug up a great oeai.
Two thousand rounds oi loauea sneii were out'
interred at Mulligan's entrenobments, on the
verv dav of the surrender! our troops having no
idea of their concealment, aa they were deposit
d there three months belore.
It la aaid that vast amounts ot ammunition
are buried In different quarters of tbe West and
Boutb, having been sent out from Jefferson City
by ex-Governor Jackson, before he fled from
here. Our troops would have destroyed tbe
powder In their possession, a tney bad bad . wa
ter or had not feared .an exploetoa that anuit
have proved fatal In their narrow entrench
ments. . . ; . .
A feminine secessionist, of blgb social stand
Ins: at Lexington, obtained admission to Mul
. . i' . . . , ,. , i , i . .
lio-an'a iortinoatioui, uisKuneu aa a mulatto
washerwoman, ana wok oompisio new a ana
plan of tbe works, and reported ber informa
tion alter ner aepariure to tue rroni. -
. It la believed the rebels bave from forty to
fifty thousand men in Lexington, and are dally
receiving re-entoreeiuouiev -uy win maae a
ataad there and await the attack of onr troops
" It la supposed tbat rnoe wm m iwo pr inree
weeks have from seventy to eighty thousand
man there, and will meet us witn that number.
The rebels the two officers say, fight well, and
that onr.miataka Is tbat we nave always under
rated the fab. The rebels at Lexington ate
receiving provisions In quantities from the ad
jacent country; wagon loads are arriving every
written permit from Gen. Sterling Price, giant
they ,DK protection to any boats whloh might go to
owa Keglment. It Is understood tbat bis bat
tnnt talion of regulars will be incorporated in tbe
day, and tbey have, It is said, every means
support, ureen's, Kalns's and rarsons's troops
are represented as a mere mob, balf clothed
and without discipline, bo one seeming to bold
a less rank than Colonel. -
Harris's soldiers, seven thousand In number,
are very well drilled and execute all their ma
nceavers in tbe roueh rolliurv style
- One of tbe rebel regiments having helped
themselves to tue uniforms or Uoionel Mulli.
Kan's troops are now called the Irish brigade.
Lleut.-Lolooel i batcher, and Lieut.' lennant
leave here by boat for Lexington, this morning.
Tbey will return with tbe wounded Federal
troope now in tbe banda of tbe rebels. 'I bey
about one nunored in number.
Bsfore Ibev left Lexington they obtained
w w
ciuiihiu rar .u. uuiuwoo. v.u. miuivui u
approved of this action, and they will start this
morning. These offloers say our troops were
treated moat kindly by the rebel officers, whom
'hey pronounce high toned, honorable and gen
"ons gentlemen.
Tbe gallant conduct of Cols. Mulligan, White
wrover, aro uiKui j euiweu, uu ...
I soldler are enthusiastio in their praise of Ma-
Jw oteeie, wno nau commauu or tne regular
"wpi vvnioo s vreeK. lie nas roewveu
permission to take command ot the fcignw
Advices from Sabine county report the rebels
overrunning tbat seotion of country with scout
g parties, who are impressing Union citixens
wto toe reoei service, ana levying upon tneir
r. . . ,...J.
morning about half a mile bick ul' the town,
and It is said will not move forward belore tbe
oloe of tbe witk
Tbe henlih ol the soldiers Is improving; not
a death h iv occurred lor three dajs in toe u
vital, to unuiuil occurrence, and tbiiiy or foit
will be discharged to day. Gen. McKm'ry and
staff arrived hi re last evening. Geo. Pope ie
still here. Totten s btrj was among the ar
rivals to day.
Soouta arrived last night from Warsaw,
eighty eight miles distaut, bnt tbey report
nothing new. They heat d that Ben, McOuliocb
advancing on Jefferson City by way of Lion
or , .
The Stars and Stripes waving over Mulli
K'b's entrenchments was pierced by forty-one
mm, oui ui out uruci me umuu. npit
and favorable omen
Col. Richardson's regiment, now stationed at
the Osage River, will be disbanded to day, its
time baring expired, and Col. McClure's will
take ita place.
James W. Bowling, of Miller county, a noto
rious rebel, who bad impressed (wo boys and
one old man, and stolen two horses, was brought
here last evening, and will be set to work on
iueuons iw morrow
From Kentucky—Manchester Taken
by the Rebels.
Louisville, Sept. 30. The Journal has reli
able iniormation tbat Zallicoffer bas taken
Mancheeter, in Clay county, with a great de
struction of property.
juage v entrees, oi narain county, was ar
rested and committed Saturday for aiding the
There Is a doubtful rumor that six hundred
Confederates had an engagement with five hun
dred troops of the Tenth Indiana, half way
between Birditown and Bloomneld, result not
Tbe Confederate iorces under Humphry Mar
shall have disbanded and gone home.
Raising Troops in Pennsylvania.
PaiLiDELrBia, Sept. 28 Governor Cnrtin
will issue a proclamation prohibiting all per
sons from raising volunteers In Pennsylvania,
otherwise than by tbe authority of the Govern
ment, especially forbidding the raising of vol
unteers for regiments of other States, and also
forbidding all citizena of Pennsylvania from en
listing or attaobing tbemselree to such organi
zuions, and warning all persons tbat In diso
beying this proclamation tbey will be disregard
ing the orders of the Government of tbe United
States, as well as violating their duties aa citi
zens of tbe Commonwealtb.
It is estimated that six thousand Pennsylva
nia volunteers have already enlisted In other
State regiments. ...
From Washington.
Washinqtoh, Sept. 29. Senator Pomeroy,
of Kansas, to-day received the order for horses
and equipments for the mounted regiment here
tofore authorised to be raised in Colorado. An
infantry regiment will also be mustered in from
tbat territory.
A special dispatch to the Post says the rebels
bave declared their intention to obstruct tbe
passage of tbe Potomac river, and bave dili
gently erected batteries and cleared tbe wood
Irom tbe Virginia ahore, so as ta command a
full sweep of tbat stream. So effectually have
their measures been taken that veesels osn no
longer pass up or down withont undergoing a
destructive fire, and tbe navigation ia actually
closed. The stoppage will probably be but
temporary, for tbe Government will doubtless
take immediate measures for reopening naviga
tion. Information has been received here to the
effect that the enemy declare their intention to
destroy the large war steamer Pensacola, now
at tbe Washington navy yard, when she at
tempts to go to sea. . - ,
Large numbers of suspected persons in this
city bave been confined, by order of Govern
ment, in private nouses.
There are lour tnousana norses yet remain-
iog in the Government stock yard in this
Tbe Union men ot Ann Arunaei, Maryland,
hold a grand mass meeting to day.
A Catbolio journal, now Known as tne ex
press, but formerly the Southern Rights, is out
to-day with strong articles for the Union. ' Its
editor is a relative of Arohbiahcp Hughes.
A foraging expedition started Saturday morn
ing from Gen. Franklin's division, consisting of
infantry, cavalry and artillery, In atrong force.
Tbey proceeded to EdseU's Hill, eight miles
from Alexandria. Tbe rebels retired to Spring
field station, a mile aud a half beyond, where
earthworks were seen.
Tbe object of tbe expedition was successful,
and large ouanti.ies of hay, oorn and oats were
obtained without firing a gun by either party
A company to-day visited the estate or John A.
Washington and brought away a large lot of
grain aud forage. ,
WasRiKOTOW, Sept. 23 Detachments from
Generals Richardson's, Keys's and Wadsworth's
divisioue now occupy Munson's Hill, being in
command of Col. Ferry, of the Fifth Michigan
Regiment. -. , ,
Early this morning, the pickets from Gen.
Smith's division advanoed to, and now occupy
Falls Churcii. Neither tbie nor tbe preceding
movements met with any opposition whatever.
The rebels on rrlday night retired Irom tbe
whole line of their position on the line of Wash
ington no to us.
Tbe bill tbie elde of Falls Church is neoejea-
rlly included among the points now held by tue
l ederal Iorces. lbe positions as niunson e ana
Murray's Hills afforded the rebela unobstructed
vlewa of all our fortifications and other de
fenses. . ,
There were no signs to show that tbey nao
ever mounted any guns. Our troops are now so
emoloved as to show tbat they do not merely
intend to temporarily occupy their present po-
itinn. . - . . . .... . - - , - - .-.'. -
The advance of Ueneral smun npon raws
Church from the Chain Bridge was accompanied
hv aventa ot the most deplorable character.
Irish Philadelphia Regiment in tbe darknesa of
tbe night, mistaking tor rebels Captain Welf'a
batterv. which was in advance, supported by
General Baker's California Regiment, Baxter's
Philadelphia Zouaves and uolonei reaweoua'S
cavalry, fired a full volley Into the troope laat
mentioned, Killing ana wounding a large- buss
ber. The California Keglment, not Knowing
whence the firing came, relumed It with marked
effect. ' . - i'jk
Tbe horses attached to Mott's battery be
came unmanageable, and tha tohgnea of tbe
aalasona were broken, owing to the narrowness
of tbe road. Lieot. Bryant having command of
tbe first section, ordered tbe guns to be loauea
with rrir mad aannlster. and soon bad then
In range of the euppoeed enemy, when word was
sent to . him tbat he wae in the company )
friends. All .' Vas, excitement, and a ; long
Una elarjaad before the actual condition of af
fair wae aeeertalned and confidence re-eateb
Several were killed? tod a 'large comber
Oar troops, while occupying the grounds
evacuated by the enemy, have bnrned houses
and destroyed property to a considerable
mount. Thle will be Investigated, as General
AlctueUan strongly condemned it.
Tbe whereabout of tbe enemy have been dis
covered. Tbelr pickets are discernible at dla
lant points. i,. . : . ,
The most probable story la Ihtt the 'rebels
are ' making feints of retreat, aa they did pre
vious to the battle of Bull Run, with tbe view
oi drawing our troops intoambuioades. Their
enoamnmente show that they bad at no time
ever ten thousand men in rront or wasoington
Cincinnati Market.
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It yetterdav. and Brine ouilltlei of bolh red and while
aro qaoted 3 Bio per buehel higher.
CORN Ie very firm at SiSo, and hard lo buy It that
oath Are Heady at inc.
BARLEY Doei not set a be Iter niarket, although the
weatner le eultaole now lor malting.
BYE-Ii still quoted at 38o.
WUIBKV-Dropped to-day to 130.
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a (tying Queen. Tbat Inch of time oto be prcfcnr-
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Oommonveallb." Wlimlneton. Delaware. Bthof Anrll.
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British Army, and who iiylei blmeelf the 'Indian
Botanic Phyiician 1 baa of late gained an extensive repu
tation here by hli skill In curing ill manner of com
plaints, gome of hie natlenti I bin conversed wltb.
and they pronounce his remedies ind mode of treatment
as very interior, gome bave been restored ii if by
msgio. Tbe medicine be uses Ii distilled by himself
from various herbs possessing rare curative properties.
--rrnueacuog to tne army ne devoted his leisure mo
ment! to a thorough study of the cOeoti produced by
certain medloinal roots and herbs on ill manner of dis
eases. It seemi be bsa found a sure and speedy reme
dy for all the Mile that flesh Ii heir to.' His practice ii
already extensive and ie dally Increasing. In tbe com-
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kill of this Indian Botanic Physician."
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i And all oataneoni affections of the Scalp.
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move! any iniuritlei that may have become connected
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