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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 02, 1861, Image 3

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Malls fofr New York City, Boston, Albany,
Pittsburgh, etsubenvlllt way. Cleveland, IuntU i
Newark, (rranvlllt, Washington City, Baltlraore, PMlA
delphla end Hew Orleans, close daUy (Sundayi
AtoroMhHSr'Ntw Vorktnd Oltvtland olotel
"MoWo'w.,- l.et'lclt.-.dal., SW. eaptsd)
lit .f..lnjs A.M. - . .
Cincinnati WayMelicloses dally (Bndjr excepted) at
fJhWlSbt iWarei Marlon and Worthing,
ton Mails tlosee dally (Sundays exoepted) at I o clock
'"JalUforXanta, Springfield, Dayton, Tulcdo, Cinem
as"" Indianapolis, Loutivllle, St. Lonts, and Detroit,
closet daily (oundayt excepted) at 8 o clock p. m.
A through nail to Xenla, Springfield and Ulncinnatl
Clowe dally (Sunday! excepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
Urbaaa, Piqua, tiffin and Union City mail oloiea dally
(Bondayi excepted) at 8 e'olook p. m.
Laoouter, Logan, Neleonvllle, Olrclevllle, Chlllleothe,
Portsmouth, Washington 0. Athene, Marietta and
HUlaboroaih mails clot daily (Sundays excepted) at B
olock p. m -"
Xaet Way Mall by Rational Road to Zanesvllll eloaei
dally (Sandayt excepted) at 18 o'clock m.
Harrlsburgtt alall closet daily (dundays axceploJ) at 8
o'olook .'' . .
lit. Vernon Hall, by way of Weitervllle and Sunbnry,
cloeee dally (Sundays exoepted) at il o'clock p. m.
Dublin Mail eloaei dailyfaundays excepted)at i! o'clock
9 laneaiter Way Mall cloiei dally (Sundays aicepted) at
o'clock m.
Mall from New York, Boiton, Philadelphia,
Albany, Pittsburgh, Olsveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenix,
Detroit, Bprlngneld, Cincinnati, Chllllcothe, St. Louie,
and all southern olllea, arrive between the honra of t
o'clock p-m. and 4 o'clock a. m.
Maila front ludianapolli, Chicago and Dubuque arrive
at I'tOa- m.
Malla from Waahlngton City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zaneovllla, Newark, Steubenvllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
0. O. . . Way Mall, arrive at 12 o'clock m.
Way Mall from Cincinnati errWee at 1 o'olook p.m.
Lancaster Mall arrives at 8 o'clock p. m.
Halt Way Mall over the National ftoad arrives at It
o'clock. m. ...
Mt. Vernon Way Hall arrlree at 11:00 a. d.
Mall from Dublin arrivee at 1 o'olook ui. .
TJrbana Way Mall arrives at 0 o'olook p.m.
Uarriebaigh Mail arrives at 11 o'clock a. m.
Lancaster Way Mall arrival at 13 o'clock m.
Office delinry open evtry day (except Sunday) irom
7 o'elock a. m. to a o'clock p. m. Open on Bundayi
froaa 7X to V o'clock tu the morning, and from to
Rail Road Time Table.
Littls Miami Otuwsca Xxhia B. R.
, Leaves. Arrives
OlnclnnaU Accommodation. 5.00 A. M. 0:10 P. M.
Xxprsss..- 11:40 A.M. ll:3 A. M.
Mali and Accommodation.. 9:10 f
Night Bipreia via layton.l2:O0 midnight. S:SOA. M.
Jso. W. Dobirtv, Agent.
Oommioi fc 0LKVXLAMS B. B. ' -
Ntiht Bxpreia. 3:40 A. M. 11:15 P. M.
NeV YoBxpmi... 11:10 A.M. 10:JOA.U.
S'o.fct. WayXiprm.... J0 P.M. ' 7:50 P. M.
Jkun Parmioit, Agent.
. He. J Ixpreei
No. 4artTljt
, 3:30 A. M. IVM3 A. M.
S:U P. M. 11:45 A. M.
- w. J. xxll, agenb
Mall Train 3.30 A.1U. ll: A. M.
. IxpieaeTraln 1 1:25 A. M. -8:45 P. M.
' Joe. Boimtoit, Agent.
CoLoaaoi fc lirei4oroLU, B. R. i 'V'
(OoLDMini Plena Induhi R. R.)
No. 1 Eipre- : A. M. 5 00 P. M
No.S 3:00 P. M. 7:20 P. M.
Accommodation ' 10:60 A.M.
0. W. Bun, Agent.
The Adame ExpreN Company places ua daily
under 'oWtgatlone to It for the very latest papera
from the eastern cities.
The American Exprese Company baa our
thanks for its daily favors in the ebape of the
rerr latest eastern papers.
Tub THiatT FiiaT Rioikxnt ao into Kxn
Tocar. Late on Monaay evening, the Thirty-
firtt Ohio Rrgiment, Col. Walkis, which had
been quartering at the Asylum barracks, Un
cionatl, received ordera tj march for Kentucky
LUot.l. GaanTand Major Lirniiowiu, bar
ioc been transferred to the Forty fifth Eegl
ment, Faxo. Jonx s, Prosecuting Attorney of the
Cincinnati Police Court, was appointed Lteuten
aot-ColoncKand J. W. Lima, also of that city,
Aa the redment marohed down to the river
bank, the troops formed into line, and gave
Oen. MiTCMLi. the usual military salutation
The General addreseed them and the citizens
stating that one or two regiments would be sent
off dallv until Friday, when he would lollow in
person, as the enemy were advancing in lorce
themiffh the Cumberland GaD. Col. Waxxxs
then appeared, and annonnoed that Lieutenant
Colonel Johis had joined his regiment, and that
he would take command until they bad crossed
the rlverl after which, the regiment marched to
the Vine street landing, were ferried over the
river, and went on the cars to Nioholasville,
Ky., about fifteen miles from the Ohio river.;
StrrratoB Coost. -This court. Judge Mat
trbws, commenced yesterday morning. An
aedgrimentof the eases on the docket was made
as follows:-;' i-t .- .'.
iTWsdey, Oot, 10, No. 6 to 445; Friday1,
dot. II, 453 to 638; Saturday, Oot. 13, 614 to
25; Monday, Oot'. 14, 749 to 860; Taesday,
O. 15, 664 to 920; -Wednesday, Oat. 16, 921
M 963) Thursday, Oct. 17, 965 to 916; Friday,
Oot. 18, 997 to 1,024; Saturday, Oot. 19, 1,025
to 1,053.' ' ' . '
The hearing of No. 977 is assigned for Thurs
day, October 3, from which day the "court will
adjourn until Thurday, October 10th, at which
time the court orders that all oases on the above
assign ment must be taken up, and disposed of
witboat further assignment. ' .
JThe court adjourned at noon yesterday until
ine o'clock this morning-.
IU V .
ST Capt. BosHKSLt arrived here on Monday
bight with S3 recruits irom Ashland county, for
Company p, Forty-second Regiment.
f uinruM ni i j ' .i i j ,
IT? A colored boy, by tbe name of Liviarooi.,
had a hearing before the Mayor yesterday, on
the charge of plaolng obstructions on the track
of the Cmtral.Ohlo Railroad, ' lie was re
quired t enter into bail la the sum of $500 for
bis appearance at the' next term of the Court of
Common P1M answer tbe charge, r ailing
U give the security, he was committed to jaiL j
v.i JT It was not Judge Bonb( but Judge Bo'td,
6f the Campbell county, Ky., Court, who was ar
rested tha other dsy for using! treasonable lah-
euaze. and lodged la Newport Barracks.; lie Is
now out on his parole of honor
r Motimuts or Taoora General Mitchell on
Monday telegraphed to Camp Dennison for all
the commandants of regiments to meet hlxo that
night at the Burnet House, Cincinnati.' Ao.
eordln'gly hfl commandants of .tbe I5h, 17th,
JUst, 38th, 4ilh and &2d went dpwn, and all ax
swot tha 521 received marehlnr orders. . He
also rdered the tatteiies Into Kentucky, and
bt ielegraph he directed Co. C, 63d Regiment,
y cook three days' rations, and hold themselves
- Ma. Bocaxa aa TBi Soottiih Cttsdr.Ia
tilt second f ?a'tne of bli History wf Clvilliatioi
Mr Bocni tavs the people' of Scotland are eh.
Presbyterian elerfyman asserts the direct wppo
lie, saying that his observation and experience
' prove that the Scotch are not a resV-riaVrm
bat a prieat-mme people. .
BCT.Tbo Maror fined a man teitetday f 5 and
omU for brutally beating' bliwlfe-,' Hi nt;
thank bli atari that ha got OX 10 eaelly. " ; ;
AkiisTi iM Kwitqcu. Judge. CuaRf,' of
Cyntblanat Pnav Whimt, Clerk of the Court
of that place; Wit. Guvis, Sheriff of rlarrlson
county; and A. J. Mosiliy, cdlt6r of. the Cyn-
thlana Newt, hare been arreated by order of Col.
Vanditem, of the 35th. Ohio regiment, for al
leged treason, and lodged in Newport Barrack.
i O Four additional reglmenU of Ohio infan
try go Into Kentucky Immediately, Alaq three
batterlea of artillery. . . .
il ra
ID The whole number of Ohie- reglmsnu
now In the field, and organising, U sixty-seven.
ST In the city of Washington people are not
troubled much with, hogs and geeae. The city
ordinance is to the point r' ,', : 1 '
Mayor's Orriox, WAsmtrrron, September SO,
1861. Notice. Uoes and Eceue found runnine
at large In this city from and after this date
will be secured and confiscated to the Corpora,
tion. ''.
("The Twenty-first' Ohio- Regiment left
Findlay, 0., on the 2Cih September, for Camp
Dennison. , ' .'
ID The Thirty-third Indiana Regiment left
Indianapolis on Sunday for Louisville,' '. ' '
.. Thx4 Mxoioal Facultv and " Kcnnidt's
Mxdical Diacovtar." Pbysloians . aro very
guarded in their remarks respecting, any medi
cine that may be introducsd to the public, es
pecially it the discoverer baa not received a
medical education, and we honor them for tbeit
precaution and good judgment. ' Bn) the cures
of humors that have been made by 1' Kennedy's
Medical Discovery" have astonished even .the
learned doctors, and as. they have stood by the
bedside of a patient and seen the favorable re
suits arising from the use of this medicine, in
cases of Scrofula, Erysipelas,' etc , etc, they
have been led to exclaim,.' as did one of the
most distinguished pbysloians of our State (Dr.
Whitney of Dedham), " Wlutimr. the mdicine
it, it is doubtlm the best of ill hind; krrp on with
it by all meant." , , .
Tbe Best Artificial Help" lotbw
Iuinan Sigmt ever invented.
ment of the roott improTed aiodi o( Spectacles.
All bli eiastet, whether (or near or Ikr-dghted, are
f ronnd In concaro convex rorm witn in greateet care,
a aa to en la the E Tea of all eaeea. anrln Weakneaa.
Dinlnees or ItaSammattoa of the Xjea, and iopariing
itrengin ror ions reaaing or nne aewiog.
Office, 13 Sait lute etreet, at Beltter Sc Webster's
Maelo Store.
augJ-dlr i r
HaomaUon and pain, and heals the wont burn,
tcald, bralae, cut r freeh wound of any kind, preventa
swelling and pain from be stlnga, xtoeqaito bilea, and
poisonous plants, neuralgia, rheumatlim, ague in tbe
breaat, aalt rheum, etc. When taken Internally, It will
poaltlvely cure croup In children, and gtvee Immediate
relief In the wont rase of Ihle terrible ooaaplalnt: alno.
removes hoareenee and sore throat. Prion, ii ehtef
bottle. Should be In ere I hoate. For sale by Drug,
gilts and Btorekeepere. IRVIN S'i'ON B,
Bole Proprietor, N i .Bpreoeat.,New York
ettdSiwlyis X
No real Juitloe can be done the above preparations
but by procuring and reading deecrtptlTevampbleta
be found with all dealers, or will be eent byProprletor
on demand. Formulae and Trial Bottlea lent to Phyii
eiane, who will find developments in both worthy their
acceptance and approval. .
Oorreipondence solicited from all whoee neceeeltlei or
eurloiity prompta to a trial of the above reliable Heme
lor ealejby lb usual wholesale and, retail dealer
everywhere., - , . ; t j-Alittf j(-
JOHN li. nUNNEfTELL., Proprleto
Ho. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Xasa.
BoberU Sc Bamuel.N. B. Warnle, J. B. Cook, U
Denig, 0. Denig It Bona, A. J. BchuellerlcBon, Agenta
for Oolumbua, Ohio. , ' sayl-dly
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Columbus Machine Haaufaotnrlng iCo.t Ojmmoa Pleu,
agalnit - -1 " t raaklinOo.,
Iiatah Baker and others. Ohio.
from the Court of Common Pleas ot frankllnoounty,
Ohio, to toe directed in the abote entitled action, I shall
of er for aale to the highlit bidder, en . j
"Wednesday, October; ytl18SX,
between the hours of 8 a. m. and 12 on the preroties
there etood said Baker's mill (recently burned). In Pleas
ant Valley. Uadieon eonnty. Ohio, the followina prop
erty, via: Ibe weighing soalea, remnahts of machinery
and ether personal property damaged ty I
. Termeof nleeaih. ,?,''
r raid fire.
printer's fees 'i.50.
Mailer CommiMloner'.
Master Commissioner's Sale.';"!
Sale of UcaUCatate by order of Court
urn. tiii ,
w . n. rinoa,
M. Finch. :' -i '! f ."- - !
'"vs. i Superior Oonrt of Franklin Oauaty.
Brown.etsl.) . , to
'V pnnuanca of en 'order of As Superior Owurt of
ja. XfauKlin wuniy, vuio,mauvat too najr wrui iiibim,
A.D. IHtil. ln the abora entitled 'action, then will be
offered for sale, at public auction, tn the higheat bidder,
on . .
Saturday, the Sib. day of Oct., A. D. 18C1,
at the hour ot 10 o'clock A.M., at tht door of the Oonrt
Bouae, in the city of Oolumbua, is said franklin county,
the following real eetat,-to wltt
. In-lot Bumoer w er Kofiort neu aaaiuon. io me eiiy
of Columbus, being the aorth.eait corner of Lorkwin
turnpike and Johmtown plank road.
Appratieaaii,ow.w.; i . a ... .: -Terms
of sale, aaeb. , .
Bpeclal Dueler Coinmleiluiier
B. sc II. Chittenden, A tlyi.
Printer's fees, ti.ii.
Aug. 88, 1801-wtWi- . .. )-. -
Master Comniisgioner's 1 Sale.,
Inhn t.
va. ' : 'iinerror Court.
Amoi M. Hall etal.)
v virtck or an on of. it or sale
ie directed, from the Superior Court of Frank
lin Oounty, Ohio, I will oiler fur aalb, at the door of
ut vouri iuuee, in the city or uoiummnij on'
- Saturday, the 5th day of Oct., A. D.18G1,
at 1 o'elock, P. H., the foUowlng daaotibed real eita
altuate In tha SountT of Vruiklin.anil State nt Ohio, to
wit: Lot nambor 13, af John Morrlaon'a lubdlyiiion of
lou a, u, 7, o and 33 of John Uortlion'i addition to Ihe
Sltioi uojumsue. mri( vv ,.,
Appraltedat 1,230. '.--v
Printers foes 4.tM, ,
f Pf,r T U. W.HTJPPMAN.BheriB
H. 0. NoWwAttj.,
an3l-td. 1-tU.p ,f 9A; ., . i
r 7 Master' Oommissioner'a Salts
Joihua Baldwin's adm'n ,(V''';!l
vs. ' Court ottJourkuJoPlcai.
Richard Bnowdea St al. t i . v. .in
JlJ to me directed from the Oourt ot Common Pleaaof
frankUn County,. Qhlo, I will otter for, aale at the door
Ol. ine vovutiioueo, w ue vur vi vuiwuooa, vnio, m .
Saturday, the Sd day of November, 1861,
atoeeo'olocWT. Km Ifil following premrgei',' etbaate In
the Ulty ol Uoiumbui, jmxnn county, u. to wiet'1
. la-Lot Ho. 395; alio toU Nof. If , IS, 1A, 17, 16, JO,
SO. 81 and 8), of Hnowdes's subdlrtiloa of Out-Lout Hee.
iJ ana M or saia eny. ' -
1 Apirb)edat-HolMo..l9J..-....H...3i500 00
. , ss Koe. 14 aod IS, at eT w eaoh,
.rt")l n. Wand 17, a flOO 00 ,
r.-.j IB, lMOfcSl.47" eo,"
l.i.'l 1:1 i Jjp.'.in' ; .m at 450 OS...,.-
fl W. HUffMAN, SberiS
?:u ix & rmfmsr:
TTTASTID 10,000 Onitoners to boy 13 cent Ambro-
v v upea at . WITT'S CMep arnroVpa oom
H Elgh street, Oolameua,Ohto.
The Rebels Appear in Force at Great
Fails and are Repulsed—Lewinsville
Occupied by the Federalists.
PitiLiniLVHu.' 8sot. 30. The Bulletin has a
speolal dispatch from Washington wbioh says
that the reoeis sppenrea in iurge on iub xovu
man. onnoaUa Great Falls, to-dar, and opened
with a battery of all pieces on Gen. MoCall's
divisions- unto siaee nave neen remioroea
OiiT batteries onened and the rebela dispersed.
Tha Federals took oossession of Lewinsvllte
this A. M.r thq rebels retiring after a slight
General Buckner's Movements.
'Louisvilli, Sept, 30. Sen. Duckuer Is re
norted to be at Greenville. Muhlenberg: oounty,
with 6,300 men lupposed to be on the, road to
destroy tha locks on Uroen river. -
. m . . . a.. . . a es J SS S A f(f t. .
, Jim tJiaj was aamutea ta dsu a iu,uuu uc-
urn juuku itivuu, tuis hiuiuiuk, u Hp.....
tbe January term. Tom Clay and Tom Jacobs
are his bail.
Hardia Helm has taken possession of Roches
ter, on Green river. The number of his troops
la estimated at 4.UUU, Including a Mississippi
.-, Glasgow Turnpike bridge has boeo burned. .
.. i . v. - , ... ... .
' UuiNcr, Boot. 30. While there is much spec
ulation concerning the strength of tbe two ar
mies about to meet at Lexington, it may be in
teresting to state that a letter received to day
bv me from Huntsvllle. Mo., dated the 27th,
expresses tbe confident opinion that Fremont
will be detested unless He can Dring ou.uuu men
against Prioe. : The writer says tbe country Is
filled with armed men, marching day and night,
to reinforce Price. He Is satisfied Mulligan s
surrender added 25,000 to Price's strength.
Evervthine reported Quiot on the Hannwai anu
St. Joseph road. '
Reported Expedition Against Paducah.
[Times Dispatch.]
Chicago. Sent. 30. The rebels atiempted to
burn the bridge one mile Irom Norfolk, this
morning. They were met and repulsed by
Capt. Noleman's cavalry. Three rebels were
killed at tbe first volley, utners were kiiicq
and wounded afterward. 'Only one red oral
was wounded.
A wounded rebel save as decth was sure, be
may as well tell the truth that he saw Pillow
in Kentucky back of Columbus, Saturday,
marching on Padnoah, twenty-seven thousand
strong; that Jeff.. Thompson's movements are
feints to direct attention Irom that quarter.
I am informed that tbe news at fatlucah, yes
terday, was that Pillow had lett Columbus to
effect a junction with the troops marching on
Paducau from Tennessee. Tbe united forces
are forty thousand
Propeller Wrecked—Volunteers from
Toronto. Sept. 30. The propeller George
MofliU. with a careo of craln, reported drifting
in the lake, Saturday, is a total wreck on Long
roint, near Cobnrg. Crew saved.
A number ol volunteers lelt Hamilton to
day, to join Colonel Rankin's Regiment of lan
cers in Detroit. It is reported that, bounty
is paid hero, aod aleo fare provided by railway
to Detroit.
Government work on tho Parliament Build.
logs at Ottawa was stopped to-day. Tbe cause
ot the stoppage is not positively known.
The Second Installment of &50,000.000
Taken by the Banks.
Boston, 8aDt. 30. Tho second fifty million
doUnra was considered to day at a meeting ol
Bank Presidents, and a resolution was unani
mously passed to take ten millions, which was
tbe apportionment or tbe Boston nanas. ine
oommittee reported that New York would take
tblrtv-nro millions and rnuadeipbia nve mil
Hons of this present installment. Over twelve
million dollars were bid at and above par for tbe
sew Massachusetts six cent State loan for one
million dollars.
Rebels Menacing St. Joseph.
St. Joseph. Sect. 30. Col. Smith, command
ing at this point, has advices that ten thousand
ol the enemy would encaoip at Agency Ford,
fourteen miles below this city, to niitbt. Scouts
are out in that direction, and expected to-night
Tbe available Federal force there does not ex
ceed seven hundred men. '
Jkffkrson Citv, Sept. 30. Major Tanner, of
tne Twenty secona Indiana, Qied tnis eveniug
nt eeveu o'clock. His remains leave lor lu
dianapolis to morrow.
Gen. Lane at Kansas City.
Kansxs Citv, Sept. 30. Advices by private
letter state tbat lien, rnoe is retreating Irom
that place, and will most probably be cut off by
Oen. rremout.
Gen. Line's brigade arrived here this after
noon, making tbe total force at this place about
fire thousand.
The Rebels Moving Northward.
- Jgrrgaaort Cur, Sept.' 30. Information has
been received here, tbat 10,000 rebels were, a
foir days since, III the southern part of Greene
oounty, moving northward.
A body of 4,000 rebels are also advancing
through Bates county toward Osceola. They
are under command of young MoCullough,
either a sou or a nephew ot the ubiquitous Ben.
1 Twenty more officers and privates of Mulli
gan's command, arrived bere Irom Lexington
tbia morniog, and will leave for St. Louis this
afternoon, They saw no rebel troops on tbe
wsy down. . -
Capt. Mitchell, a nephew of Col. Marshall,
says the accusations of cowardice against tbe
latter are grossly unjust ; that he acted as brave
ly as any other officer ot the regiment. Capt.
Mitchell says Trice's army is composed of stout,
healthy and determined men, generally quite
well armed, and better olotbed than Col. Mar
shall's regiment. "..
Gen. Pope left for Boonvlllo this morning.
Quite a number of troops bere bave also gone.
From Washington.
'' WAsnmQTOW, Sept. 30 Ourtroops across the
Fotomao are in nne spirits to-uay. lien. Mc
Clellan is evidently taking soon precautions as
to ensure the success of any. iuture movements
that he may make;
The prouunsui volitions at munson's urn,
Falls Church and Upton's riill, whloh were so
suddenly evacuated Dy tne enemy, nave been
strcnetbenea Dy large Domes oi reaerai troops,
and our men are now engaged la throwing up
strong field works.
Toe advance oi our army is eiow ana cau
tioui". It is believed here tnat tbe rebel forces
are concentrated between Acqula Creek and
Manassas Junotion, witn tneir ngbt wing on tne
Potomac. ' '
A messeneer who has mat arrived here from
the Chain liriduo. brines a report that the ene
my aro in strong foroe at Lcesburg, and that
their entire army has been divided, ooe division
having taken-position anove wasnington ana;
the other below tbe 'city. This Statement Is
hardly credited, but 'tis certiin Important events
are near at hand.' ' .' 1 1
The Federal gunboat Yankee yesterday
rcconnoitered their batteries at Freestone
Point, ou the Potomac, and found them desert'
The President baa given assurances that no
draltlng for tbe army aball be resorted to in the
VeSi, until RU fcuu uaabcru w unryiuruiDa1
ad their lull ouota of the 500.000 men. ,
A eliizen of Charleston sad his sonr bave
arrived here vis Nashville, bringing Important
news.. Before they left South Carolina, the
people were panic stricken over the news of tbe
rebel defeat at flatten Inlet.. .They declare
that the number of enemies' troops bas been
greatly exaggerated. . .. .
Commlssary-Geueral Gibson died here to-day
avd 85. ' " ' '
. The. position of the Federal armies Is about
the same as yesterday.
It appears that tbe rebels evacuated Falls
Church the dav before our troops occupied it.Kl
'Ths Federal pickets now occupy one end
tne Village and tbe rebels tne otneranouv
quarter, of a mile apart. ' Fresh rebel earth
works, are being thrown up, commanding the
Village. " '' nt v!.. j. .. i
The Barald'fl sneotal states that Gen. Mc-
LClellan andstivffjrlnlted theoutpoetsof the army
ox tne rotomao thia aiternoon. lnsoecunir ine
natural as well as the eobstruoted fortlfloaaons
about. Munson's and Upton's Hill, and Fall's
Church. The inhabitants In the Yiclnlty state
that Ihe rebels were but half olad, worse fed,
and most of them without shoes. They bad
money, dui an aonnaanoe ot Virginia thin pias.
ters, with which they bad paid for their forced
In a deserted house, near Munsou's Hill, sev
eral letters written by tha rebels were found, in
which they state that it was Oen. Beauregard's
luteutioa to attaek our troops on the 20th of
September. ....
Up to 10 o'clock to night everything is quiet
along tbe line.
. Tha OhHxrvatorv balloon has been advanced
to Union's Hill, a mile and a bst't this side of
rail's Cburoh.
Considerable changes have tateo piece in tne
dliletent camps.
On Hnnri a thoroueli reconuolssance was
made on Munson's Hill and the surrounding
country. A newly consiructeu military roaa,
three miles In extent, connecting raemu uu
Munson's Hill, was discovered. It was looated
with admirable tudement tor the defense of a
retreating loroe, ana core marti i mw rrcsui
passage of troops. " . .
The river to-div st all the plaoes where the
rebels have any hope of crossing, Is six leet
above foidlnar deDth. Fording depth is where
tbe water is up to tbe belt, say two and half or
three foel deep. Tbe reoonnolasaoce of tbe
rebels probably developed to them the condition
of tbe river. ' . , 1
A dispatch from General Stone this morning
announces everything quiet on tbe Upper Po
tomao io tbe vicinity ot Pootesville. Nothing
has been seen of tbe rebels in front of General
Banks's column. To day a powerful squadron
is blockading Freestone Point and Ooooquan
Creek, while Acauia Creek, and lower down,
are watobed by several United States steamers.
wm. .... ... i a si at
l bettae staff wb iob baa lbs reoet uag nruig
at freestone Point, has not been ssen since
Saturday, aod Ihe place is apparently de
serted, though this movement looks like a
feint. . k MOdB
It Is believed the rebel chiefs have sent for
ward to Kentucky, bv railroad, via Nashville,
a large part of tbe forcea recently In Virginia.
If this be true, tbe abandonment ot the linei In
front of WasbinEton is partially accounted for,
and it is believed tbat Buckner bas been largeiy
reinforced from the rebel army of the Potomac.
A dispatch bas beeu received bere tbls even
ing from a responsible citizen of Cincinnati, to
tbo following eilett : '
"Geo. Tbomas, at Camp Dick Robinson,
telegraphs Gen. Anderson, of Louisville, that
tbe rebels are at London, about bO miles south
east of bim, snd approaching blm in force.
Gen. Anderson telegraphs for all the reinforce
ments within reach to come."
WasHnfOTOit. Oct. 1. Latest advices from
Fort Pickens say the blockade of Pcnsacola Bay
Is now strictly enforced.
It is satisfactorily ascertained tbat tbe rebels
have not lately sent any of their forces to the
upper rotomac; tbey bave merely retired iur
tber back into Virginia, their lines extending
from Ooooquan and Manassas to Fairfax Court
house, Mauassas obviously being tbeir base ot
New York Liquor Dealers' Convention.
Stracusc, Oct. 1. Tbe Liquor Dealers' Con
vention assembled bere to-day strong In num
ber, embracing many ol tbe oldest and moot
extensive dealers in the State.
Arrival of the Pony Express.
SwgtTWATsa, Sept. 23. Tbe Poney Express,
with San Francisco dates to the Vl't Inst',
passed here at 9 A. M. to-day.
... ... .n ai m nun
The Bonora tooa oown to ranama gt.ioz.uuu
in treasure.
Judge John Mcllenry, formerly of the Fifth
District Court In New Orleaua, was arrested at
San Francisco for trying to Induce a soldier to
desert tbe United states' service.
The city of Alamo, In Sonora, has been cap
tured bj a large army from tbe State of Souo
ra. It was believed in Mossattlan that Van
Doon was advancing toward Sonora with a large
Gen. Fremont Preparing for the Battle
of Lexington.
[Special to the St. Louis Republican.]
JgrrtasoN Citv, Sept. 30. There is no intel
ligence of Importance Irom Booneville, George
town, Sedalia,or Glasgow, aod no apprehensions
are felt of any immediate attack on any of those
points by tae rebela.
All reoorts received from Lexington corrob
orate tbo opinion already expressed that the reb
els intend to keep tneir mala force there; but it
is stated that several bodies, from S50 to 3,000,
bave left there within a few daya past for the
north and west, but for what purpose is un
known. Gen. Fremont preservos a strict silence, but
be Is saw to be autively engaged in obtaining
tbe exact number ot troops be can command,
and organizing plans for Ibe approachlog en
gagement, upon tbe success or failure of which
be is to risk his reputation, and win or lose his
all. .
Every day an increased Interest is felt la the
approaching battle, lor it Is generally supposed
that it will decide Ibe fate of Missouri. Some
persons murmur at the delay, bnt Gen. Fremont
Is determined to bave everything ready before
he advances; be believes It will be effective.
The opinion is becoming generally prevalent
tbat the secessionists at Lexington ara by no
means despicable, bnt tbat with tbeir vast num
bers and ample ammunition, their confidence
and courage, tbey will make a powerful and
desperate resistance.
The pickets or Prioe's army extend from
Lexington to within about eight miles of George
town. They are stationed very near to each
other, and thus the intelligence of all our move
ments is conveyed to Prloe'e head-quarters In
the briefest space of time.
A telegraph wire was laid Irom uenerai r re-
mout's bead-quarters to Camp Llllie thie after
noon. Tbe St, Louis Republican learns that a state
ment is forthcoming from Col. Harding, the
Adjutant of Gen. Lyon, who was, in the ab
sence ot Gen- Lyon, In command of tbls De
partment up to tbe period of Gen. Fremont's
arrival nere, wnicn win snow, oeyona question,
the absolute Impossibility of aid being rendered
Lyon by rremout belore the battle ot Wilson's
Creek. ' '
Farthm Point. 0;t. 111:15 A. M.The
Bohemian, from Liverpool, Sept, 19ih, via Lon
donderry, the 80th, Is bow in sight. Her dates
are five days later. .
[Special to the St. Louis Republican.] Gov. Andrew Re-Nominated.
WoRctsna, Mass, Oot. 1. Tbe Republican
State Convention re-nominated uov. Andrew
by aoolsmation.
Chambibjbuo. Pa.. Oct. 1. Dr. Magill, of
Washington county, Maryland, was arrested
veeterdav and . oonvet ed to Fort MoHenry
charged with constant communication with bis
son in-law In tbe rebel army, ine arrest ot
Dr. Masill caused considerable sensation in
Baltimorc. Oct. 1. Tbe Old Point boat
which arrived here this morning, brings nothing
new. Tbe natures ooat naa ni arrirea wueu
she left, but was esgerly looked for.
r . Master Commissioner's Sale. ,
Frederick Bwlther, Adm'r, e
I Buperlor Court.
John Brlnker et al.
BT virtue of an order or sals to me directed iron tne
Superior Oourt of Franklin ooanty, Ohio, I will of
fer for aale at the door of tha Oourt Bouts la the lty of
Columbus, on -
Saturday, tbe SCth day of Oct., A. D. 1861,
naiaioak P. U.. the following real estate, situate! a
tbe county ot franklin and Stats of Ohio, to wit: One
hundred and elz acrei off the eaat end of the following
tract or parcel oi una, in section o, quarter , town
ahlp 10, ranie si, uongrees lanaa imaitnewa s survey;,
beginning at the northweit corner of aaid seetlon, thence
eouth 158 7-10 polee to a white aim from which la a beech
18 lochia In diameter. B. 49 dew. I. 44 links, and swamp
white oak. 30 Inches, H. 44 dee. B. 39 links, tbeaee
eaitSOi) (-10 Poles to a poet, eltuato rren a beech SO
lnohei In diameter. N. 05 deg. W. links, and another
beech tl Inches, 8. MX deg W. 55 links, thenoe by land!
of tha heirs of John Smith, deceased, eouth 157 S-10
nnira to the eec. line on the south aide of said seotloa to
a atake. thenoe weet along tbe section lias ta tbe south
west corner or said section, wanes norm a ions us wasi
una of aald section till It Intersecte tha said firss n
tinned line, the whole tract containing one hundred sad
tight acree ana ninety pons. . . r-.
Appratseu ai pw an. . , "
Printer's fees, 8. . '
... .... . 8. W.HtJTTOAN. -
,' '? ? i i VtHsrWsnd Maiter Ooaualsiientr.
tu 30 do. " ao. nudftuuH
i..i .twi sad for sals low for cash, bv
' South High street, Columbul.
Cleveland Market.
CLEVELAND, Sept. 30.
I LOUR Steady, tales 100 bble red doable extra at
$4 38; SObble oltoloe do at l 7S and SO pbla while
wheat do at 5 5.
WSKAT-salta foot u. a ,out 23 000 luih red at 95s,
free on board, Inugkt tat auipaent to Oanadn) 8M bub
white aflmtuui tear on track eold at II.
ODBN da .ei of 1,000 buih afloat at Mo, and 1 ear and
l.OuO buih free on board at 8ta. , ..
OATS Bale of 1 ear at SKc. '
lilOliWIMBS Saleiof dObbliand one or two iiuall
leUatMe. - , .
B ABhW Bales of 1 ear on track au 3.S1HI ba fc itl al
atSOe. . , :
OURK8E Dulls and umhanged.
SsEDg TUnolhy ie quiet at 1 TS.
KdUS-Qulet at 7c, .... , i ,
' t idttV.
Cincinnati Market.
ILOrjB Tbe Flour market was rather atamant to
day, and buyers weit dlepoead to hold off. Superfine
would not bring over 9 00; extra U quoted at 85;
family at St 30 to SI SO. Tha movemante of flour
tool the lit ot Septeaber era very much larger than
aw year, ana nxve been maae without any more excite
ment in the trade than waa noticeable then. The re
ceipts ara K0 84J bble greater than but aeaion, and the
exporte ju s onie greater.
WH1AT lies again drooped, and we are compelled
to remove the advanoe quoted In our laat. Bed will
hardly bring SOc, and choice Keotucky White will not
command over 90o. Tbe principal eauee of this Is the
fact that the advance In railroad fielirbta abiorbe all tbe
margin that ihippers bave on the quotations current In
tha leaboard elites. It will ba leea that tha amount of
Wheat handled this eeeeoa le greatly in exeeea of hurt
year, the reoelpta being S3 SOS buih greater, aod Ihe ex
port! wj.joo nmn greater tnan tail eeaeon.
COBN la still quoted at S8o, but the receipt, are
Very lliht and Ihe market very Una.
OATS ThouiiU in better receipt, have a very ready
market at 23c.
HVK Ii In better receiut. and conaeauentlv aulte
WIII8KV-Wai In gool rcquritto day at IVic.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Sept. 30.
FLOUR Heavy, and 5310j lower, with a moderate
buloeie doing tor export at the decline; tbe ealea
amount to 93.000 barrel!, at $i 1.1(33 35 for rejected;
OS 803)5 30 for eupufioe etate; S5 4S'fl)5 CO for extra
tate; 5 SOSS 30 for euperflneweatern; a3 4501 15 for
common to medium extra weetern) $i ISM 90 for ship
ping brandi extra roand hoop Ohio, and 15 V&S 50 for
trade Diandado, market eloalog unll a.d drooping.
Canadian flour lower, with a good demand; aalee of
l.VtO barrels, al S3 'JOaJS SO for annerQne: and as 50(31
8 50 for common le choice extra, live flour steady at
SS 75S4 00.
uukm MKAL-nuiel. and nominally unchanged.
WUldKK firmer, with aalei of 90 bbl. at 513
WUJCATueavy. and l'io lower, wlih a moderate
builueei doing for export at the decline. Theflrmneii
or rreignu, and ie-ioui decline in fore irn exchanie. hu
an nnfarorable efteot upon the market. Salee of xS,OUO
ouin unieage iprln at SI 11(91 It); SB.00O both Baelne
spring a tl )7SI 18; 60,100 do Milwaukee Oiub at 01
i iwi xu; w.uuo ao AmDeriowaal tillisiia; 3.500 do
Bed Bute at Si 851311 28: (13 000 do winter Md mini
at fl 85(91 31; 39.000 do good to vary choice Amber do
atgl&wlM, the latter an eitreme price; 9,5(10 do
white weitern at 1 1 30dl 38; 18,400 do white Kentucky
at SI 30381 45.
BIB Quiet and firm, at 70375c.
BAKLEr-Quietand itaad.: uIm nf fif,nvi.h .t
68c. 7
CORIf Has declined about le per buih. with a nrettv
good demand for export and home coneumption at tha
decline; aaleiof 128,UO0buih at SlSti'io tor loferior to
common mixed weitem; 5KS54o for good to prime ihlp
ping do, doting at 5l(il54ic; 59(i0o for white weit
ern. OATS In moderate reaueit. at 303 io for Oinadlu:
and 34$35c for weitern and itate.
rOHK The demand eontluues rood, and tha market
without Important change, wlb ealea of 700 bbla at a 14
5(KI4U(2X lor men; and 19 7310 00 for prima.
HEir Contlnnee dull and unchaneed. with ealea of
100 bble at 0O4 50 foroountry prime; 5 0035 50
for d(. men; I 11 25 for reptcaed meeit Six 75gl3 50
for extra men. Prime mee beef and beef hami lLactire.
OUT MEATS Hole quite Arm; we notice ealea of 25
cuke Inferior smoked snonlders; 45e for ihoulden;
and 3ttlHc for hams.
BAOOM There hae been a large movement ilnce our
last, eopposed to be smoked ildee, tnt particulars are
kept itriot y private.
LARD Moro active and firmer; sales of 1,430 bbls at
bOIXgjR-Selling at 8llo for Ohio; and 13315o for
CIIEES8 Dull, at 5S7o for common to prime.
OOrreE Bio eontlnuee flrmi ealea 3,600 bags at
15Xc; 3,050 bigi Maracalbo at 17,e-
KICK Quiet and firm; aalee of 50 tiercel at 78c.
PUQARS Kaw very firm; &8)ie for fair to good re
Snery; aalee US1 hhdi Ouba at 7$8Xo.
M0LA88S9 Continue Orm; aalee of 48hhds Porto
Bics at 37$43c; 10 hhdi Cuoa Huacovado at 30.
TALLOW Quiet, and very firmly held at So.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
Joeeph P.
Wm. R. Darnell
Superior Oourt,
to ma directed, from the Superior Oourt of frank
lin Oounty, Ohio, I will offer for eale, at the door of
the Oourt-Bouie, in the city of Columbus, on
Monday, Oot. 7tb, 1SC1,
atone o'olook P. II., the following described roal estate
iiuute In the county of franklin and State of Ohio, to
wiu The south heir or tne N. B. quarter or oectionia,
towninip 11, rangevi, united Btacea military lands, con
taining eighty acree.
Appraieedat I'lo vu peracre.
0, W. HUFFMAN, Sheriff,
and Mailer CommUteioner.
Order to sell tbe above described Land in parts.
On motion to tha Oourt by 8. Taylor, attorney for de-
feadanta. It Is ordered that the order of eale, heretofore
made In the above named action, be and Ihe same ie here
by changed aa follow,: . ,
Tbe bberlff le ordered to eeu said land In the follow
ing manner: let. To offer for eale and eell thirty sores
off of aald tract of land belonging to William K. Dar
nell, being the North part ef aaid tract! and If said 30
acree do not bring a sufficient amount to pay the eame,
then tbat he offer for aale the 30 aoree Immediately ad
join Id g the former oa the Bonth; and If a eufholint
amount oi money u not received irom ine earn to aatle.
fy aaid order, then that the eald Sheriff eell tbe balance
of aaid land, as directed by the former order of this
- 6EOKua W. ITUf FNAlt, Sheriff,
and Muter Commtailoner.
Printer's fee 8 00.
" Sheriffs Sale.
Wray Thomas ' j ' " '
vs. ' Superior Court.
Edward A. Brown et al.)
to mt directed, from tha Superior Oourt ot frank
lln county, Ohio. I will ofler for salt at tht door of tht
Oourt Bouts, la lbs city of Go Iambus, Ohlsy . .
Oa Saturday, October 5th, 1861, '
at out o'clock, P. M tht following premlies, tltuate In
tht county of franklin, and State ot Ohio, and bound
ed at follows, to wit:
That tract or parcel or land lying tut of tnt city or uo
iumbui. beings tabdlvliioa tf half section No. S3, town
ship Nt. S, range Ho. Si, Befugsa lands, and described
oo a certain plat recorded In tht office of tht Recorder
In and for said franklin county, In Book No. 31, page
65 (reference thereto being hereby made), aa lot No. Si),
oontalnlna tltvan acres and taventy-eeven ont-bund
red ths or an acre ill 77-iuui, and wnicn was conveyed to
yall ax Devil by John Orslghton, and by said Byall It
Davit and wile to adward A.Brown, by deed dated October
7th, A. D 1830. and recorded ta Book No. 61, page 173,
In tht Heoordir l omot io sua rsnxun county, ins
above D resists hereby aa aforesaid conveyed, being tub-
Jeet, la tbe hands of the aaid Bdward A. Brown, to the
olaun ol nut motner, uaroune Drown, ror we cnarge ana
expense of her reasonable aad tesafortab.t support and
maluisnancsdurlng her natural lift.
. Alas, the following described real estate, tttuatt In the
county of franklin, and State of Ohio, to wit; T be
west half ot lot No. 86. la the sabdivtaloa. of half sec
tion No. S3, towns Id No. S. range Mo. 8. at made and
deseribsd to a certain plat reoorded In iht Becorder'e
omoo of Franklin oounty, in book no. ai. paga eo ( Re
fugee lands); tht whols tf said lot oontainlng eleven
and stveatythrtt hundredths of an acre (11 73 100), and
bains the same land tbat waa conveyed to the tatd KyaH
It Davit by John Ortlghton, and by aald Byall St Davis
and wife to Constantino Johnson, by deed dated October
7th, A. D. IBM. aad reoorded la Book No. Ot, page 175,
in tnt n eooraer omot or saia rranaiin ooanty.
Appraised atLot No. SB $5e SO per sere
west nan o i.of no. so.aisou vu
0. W. HUrVMAN, Sheriff.
By Bo, Dvts, Deputy.
J. 0. Ruksy, Att'y.
Printer's feet, 10 W).
E. M. WnXIAMS & CO.;
Front Street, Between State and Town.
rrllE OLD OA BR 1 AO H.
I SHOP Is still running, and although I
tht pressure of lata years haa set heavily
md her runnlnc sears, the it still turn-"
eg out those splendid PHATONB, BOOBUVATS, tad
BUSB8 and HACKS. Twenty yean Steady manniao
turlng haa given tur wtrk a Wide-spers4 reputation
through the South tad Wait. .
Ws therefore deem it unnecessary to say any thing mors
In isgsrd to tha quality tt tur work. We waaaairr
tveav Vshtcli. WteanttUeooa Tor Bumim from
eitJ50. ' - -
Dealers tan be furnished with any amount of work at
short notice, and at prices lower thaa oan be bought any
wnertin ine west, ncoona nana naggws wm hi ex
ehanM for MW srark.
II Kenatnne eons aeatiy ana at anon nonce.
tory on FronW between State and Town atrttta, Ooli
haa. fihln.
lTPAII evmasjUeaUoas trill rewire pranpl attention,
,. Aug. 31 wl wilioaub vu.
' 1 - . . ..
- 'Maretl).Phillip, EstaW.',-!
Biarai.Beil has been duly appointed by tie
Probsts Oonrt tf franklin county, Ohio, Administratrix;
of tae Mists e Margaret J. rmiiips, isis oi sera county.
Dated Jane 5, 1801. . . MART MATBIR,
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Queen. Tbat inch of time oan ba procur
ed at a much cheaper rate, and many long years of
enjoyed byeonruUlng Dr. MEBBTW! ATMS, who
ie eurlog the moot obitlnate and long-itindlng dliearet
Facte are Stnbksru Tblng-st
HearwhatthePhlladelDhiaeorreenandentian In the
"Commonwealth," Wilmington, Delaware, 9th of April,
"An Bngllih gentleman, formerly connected with tha
Brlliab Army, and who it J lee hlmaeif the 'Indian
Botanic Phynclin .' hae of late gained an extcnelve repu
tation here by hie iklll In curing all manner of com
plaioti. Some of bie patients I hare converted with,
and they pronounce hit rcmedlei and mode of treatment
as very auperlor. Some have been reatored aa If by
magic Tbe medicine he ueea Is dlitllled by himaeif
from varloui herbe ponenlsg rare curative properties.
"While acllcig In toe army he devoted hta leiiure mo
ment! to a thorough itudy of tbeeffeete oroduoed be
certain medicinal roote and herbs on all manner of dli
euee. It eeemi be haa found a lure and apeedy reme
dy for all the Ills that Seen la heir to.' Hia practice le
aircaay exieneive ana u dally inoreaimg. in tbe com
plalnle to which f emalce are suhleoted. he has no eaual.
ai a large number bere have teetified that they owe not
only tneir preient good health, but their lives, to the
Kin ot lull Indian notanux'hyiician."
Office 37 East State 3treet, Columbus.
An Effective, 8afe and EconomicaJ
To IU original color without dyeing, and preventing
Hair from turning gray.
Andouring It, when there Is tht least particle of vltall
or recuperative energy remaining.
And all cutaneoui affections of tha Scalp.
Imparting to It an aneqaled gloss and brilliancy, making
It soft and ailky in its texture, and earning It to curl
Tbs great celebrity and increasing demand for this un
equaled preparation, eonvineee the proprietor that one
trial ie only necessary to saUafy a discerning public of lu
uperlorqnalttiee over any other preparation in use. It
eieanses the head and scalp from dandruff and other
cutaneoui diseasee, earning the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving tt a rton, eon, glossy ana nexioio appearance, an
aleo, where tbe hair la loosening and thinning, it will give
trength and vigor to tne roots and restore the growth to
hose parte which have become bald, causing it to yield a
resh covering of hair.
There are hundred! ot ladles and gentlemen in Hew
Tork who have had their hair rsitored by the use of this
InviKOiator. whsn all other preparation! have failed. L.
H. has io his poisesilon letters innumerable testifying
to the above facte, from persons of the highest redsecta
bility. It will effectually prevent the hair from turning
until tht latest period of life; and In eases wbero'the hair
has already changed itaooior, the use or the tnrlgorator
will with certainty restore It to It to its original hue, giv
ing it a dark, glossy appearance. Al a perfume for the
toilet and a Ualr Restorative It is partloulsrly recom
mended, having an agreeable fragranoe; and the great fa
dlitlei it affords in dressing the hair, which, when moiil
with the InvlRorator, can bt dressed in sny required
form to as to preserve its plaoe, whether plainer In curls!
hence tbe great demand for it by the ladlea as a etandard
toiletartlcle which none ought to bt without,! the price
placet It within tht reach or all, being
Only Twenty-Fire Cents
per bottle, to bt had at al. respectable Druggists and
L. MILLRB would call the attention of Parents and
Guardians to the use of his Invlgorator, in cases where
the children's hair incllnea to bt weak. The oat of it
lavt tht foundation tor a pood Aead of Mir, al It re
moves any unpuriUea that may have beoome connected
with tht scalp, tha removal of which Is necessary both
fir the health of the child, and tht future .appearanct of
Its Hair.
OacmoK. If ont lenutnt without the fae-simllt LOUIS
uiLL.cn Doing on tne outer wrapper, eiso, u. nib.
Wholesale Depot, 58 Der street, and sold by all tbs
principal stercnants and vrugguia tnrougnout tne world
lilperai disoonni to purchasers oy tne quunuiy.
I also desire to present to ths American Public my
which, after yean of tdentlflo experimenting, I have
brouxht to perfection. It dies Black or Brown Instantly
withoutinjury to the Hair or Skin; warranted tht best
article ot ihe kind in distance.
Depot, 66 Dey St, New York.
1,000 yards Super Plain Black Silks st 11 OO-valst
125 per yard.
2,500 Tarda Traveling Press and Mantle Goods
13 ! cents valus 20 cents per yard.
3,000 Tards White Brllliantes at 12 12 cents
value 20 ante par jard. ' ,
StOOO yards fins and Domestic Ginghams greatly un
der valna.
j.: ' ' , -AliSO:-LAROE
chaixis, icvuxd Ulu, '
New tvnd Fashionable) Zhreew Good
In the moet desirable stylet and al very lowers prices.
HI KO" T I Ij Xm jCL 0 1
Ot all materials, made in the moet stylish manner aftei
tht latest Peril fashions iht moat elegant stylet
tht city.
39 South High street.
may 30
Commission Merchants
. ,;'; , ;,. esc,. eV. ALSO,, -
Old Rye, Monongabela & Bourbon
WABinousi aitb on 101. 924 sourn hioh st.
tl r. . ... wawnw riVEMA an.sTS. . .
t c .
Ws art now offering ear tassasasa itaok at fancy Brest
Bilks at prices less than ever before offered In this city,
Tht attention qt the ladle s ot this eliy and vteinlty a
eolictted, at our stock le eery seitot ana comfteious ...
tvedee ot goods In this list.
rniEit sain.
No. t South High street.
" They go Right ti the gpet
Instaat Hellef I Step yaasr Owatta,
Pttrlff ytsr Breath '
. trt ngtlien yen Valeef .' ,
Tbey relieve a Cough instantly.
Tbey clear tbe Throat.
They give strength and volume to the voice.
Tbey Impart a delicions aroma to tbe breath.
They are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one.
I advlM every ont who his a Dough ore husky Voice
or a Bad Breatn, or any difficulty of tht Throat, to get
a package of my Throat Oonfcctlost; they will relieve
job Instantly, and you will agree with mt that 'they
go right to tht spot." Ton will find them very nsefnl
and pleasant whilt traveling or attending pablie meet.
logs for stilling yonr Cough or allaying your thirit 1 1
yoa try ont package, I am safe In saying that you will
ever afterward! eonsldtr them Indispensable.
Ton will find them at tie Druggists and Dealers In
My signature It cn each package. All others ere
A package will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt ol
Thirty Cents.
Henry C. Spalding,
esVv- v
By the use of then Pills tht periodic attacks of Xm
out or Blci Bndaeh may be prevented; and If taken
at the commencement ot an attack Immediate relief from
pain and tlekntet will bt obtained.
Tbey seldom fall In removing tht ivYsiMJa- tnd
aoAt to which females ara so inhjoat.
Tbey act gently nana tht bowels, removing OmIis
for Literary Mm, Student, Delicate female
and all person, ttudentary habit, they are valna
aa a Zaentive, Improving the ctppeftfe, giving tons
viqot to tht dtgettlvt organs, and restoring the aatnr
elasticity and strength of the whole system.
TBI CJKPHALIO PILLS irt tat result of long Invet
ligation and carefully conducted experiments, having
been in use many years, during which time they have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and sutler
Ing from Headache, whether originating in the ntrmovt
system ar from a deranged ttatt of tht ttomaek.
They are entirely vegetable In their eompoiltlon, an
may bt taken at all timet with perfect ealety without
making any Changs of diet, and the erSscsMie ef amy
dUagratabU taU rtnden U tay to udminii erfAsm
Tht genuine bavt five tignataies of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Bos.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealen Is Medicines.
A Box will bt sent by mall, prepaid, ta receipt of the
Prioo. CO Ooxitja.
All orders shoal be addressed to
4t Oedsw Streets Ness 1ftrk.
Irom tht Bxamiaer, Norfolk, Ta.
Otphallt Pills accomplish tha object for which ttiiy
were made, via.: Curt of headache la all Its fonni.
front the Ixamlntr, Norfolk, Ta.
They have been tested In more than a thousand oases
with entire i
from tht Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn.
If yon art, ar bavt keen, troubled with the headache
send fur a box, (Cep hallo Pills,) so that yoa may have
them la cast of an attack.
from tht Advertiser, Providence, B. I.
The OeDhattc Pills are said to bt a remarkably effective
remedy for tht headscht, and ont of tht very bait for
tbat very frequent eomplsiat.whleh baa ever been die
covered. -
from tht Western R. R. Oastttt, Oh leap, 111.
We heartily endorse Mr. Bpaaldtng, and bit anrivaltJ
Ctpballo Pills.
fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va.
Wt are ante that persons mfftrlng with tht htadtoht
who try them, will ttlck to them.
from tht Southern Path finder, New Orleans, La.
Try them I yoa that are afflicted, -end art are tare that
your testimony oan be added ts ths already numerous
lilt that has received benefits that no other medicine can
ttdaee, .. .. .'''.'v.1 v i
from tht St. Louis Democrat. ; , .
Tht Immense demand for tht article .Oephallo fills
Is rapidly increasing.
. ' from the Oaastta, Daranport. lows. .
Mr. Spalding would not eonntot his naatt with as ar
ttcla he did not Antes asaoaseai real merit.
TJjA single bottle of SfAtDINai PBJPAIBD
OLTJB will save tan times Irs ooet eanually.J .
ID" trrras rs Turn lavas Nnts.'XlI
As accldenti will happen, even in wall regsktied fasa
lliet, tt Is very dtslrablt to bars aoeat sbsap andeaa
vaiiient way for repairing furniture, Tsyt, Crockery
' ffPALrraa'i pbbpabid sltjbj .
Mts all taeh amsrgsaclea, and as household tae afford
to be without it. It tialsnji ready, and up so IbsiUok
ta)','4's.rjBfTJI, IN BTBBT HOUS1. ; I
.' K, B. A Brash scoostpanlet sank bottle.
Mnts Address,
' Ne.a,Otdac BUett, Kew Tort.
; ! i v f .OAUtlOst; ; ' !.' K
As etrtala unprincipled persons are attempting I
palm of ea the ansuspeetbig pablte, haltattsassf
PBBPARBD 6LCB, I woald oautloa all si reuse ta,
asaint before purchminff, and see that ttv rail ausare,
.JO'BPALBllltt,i PBEPABBOaHJll..Jij ;:.
IS eft llie outside wrapptr;aU ethers an ewlndung
ttrrelta, : . ao

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