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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 03, 1861, Image 1

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V I-
InvariAbly la Advane.
IT Office Bos. 86, as and 40, "Forth High Bt
Oatly fi r- . $8 00 per year
- bj me tamer, per rni, u Mntl.
trr 1.1- a . ' 'X
, uu per year.
. . i 00
ertue ( -Advertising- by tbe Square.
uc square I yea,... 3Q 00
Ob-"' t months 18 00
iu " 0 months IS 00
One " 3 months 10 00
Ju months 9 00
Jus ( 1 month. S 00
On square I weeks.. 4 00
IfHkl.. I 00
lnik... 1 75
Sdaya... 1 00
One 1
I days... 1 Ti
1 Instruoa . Ml
Display advertlitmenti half more than tht abort
i tei. .. . .. . .. ,
Advertisements leaded and placed In th oolumo of
i .raninuiicM, aouoit int owtttary rmtt. , i . .
All notices requlreo to be pabllihed by law, legal rate
If ordered on the Inside exclusively after the first week
per cent, more than the above rateai but all rack wll
appear to the Trl-Weekly without charge. . -
- Business Cards, not exceeding five lines, per year. In
tile, 450 ner line; outside !l. . r '
Notices of meetings, charitable ocletlee, lire companies
ec, half price.
All trantimt advtrtlsmtott mutt bt paid for in
alvanet Tie rule will not be variad from.
Weekly, earn price aa the Dally, where the advertiser
eitbe Weekly alone.. Where 'he Dally and Weekly
are both need, then the charge tor the Weekly will be
aalf the rates of the Dally .
Wo advertlaement taken except for a definite period.
. p. a. b. smxnjs ,
Attorney at Xja-w
Office Amboi llalldlng, oppoelt Capitol Square, j .T"'.'
I "j.i 1 5 . t .; OOLTJMBUB. 0HIOJ
Attorney & Counsellor at law,
Machine Mannfactnring Company
, . Cuilagv, MIU-ariaf, BUohlnery '
. AtlO, , , . j
X1.a11xo ad . w oxls.
OHA8. AMB08. Bop'l
P. AMBOS, Treei.
aeon, aooo-u
1861. Summer Arrangements.---Time
Connecting at Oreitllor with the PirT8B0EOH, II,
fur PiUttmfgh, PhilacUlpMa and BalUmer. Alto
for tori Way and OMeago.
Connecting at Cleveland with the LAEX BHORB BAIL
HOAD . : L, .
. For Dunkirk, Buffalo, Aleanri Boe
, , . , Ion, and Now York. ..... .
. ' from Oolombne, In oonnectlon with Trainion the
NIGHT SXPBESS.-LeaTee Oolumbn'i at 3.40 A, M ;
will leaTe paeaengera at all etatlona aoBtb of Gallon, '
atop at Delaware, Aihley, Oardlngton and Glltad, and
at all etatlona north of Oalion, arrlrlng at Cleveland
at 0:00 A. MM Dunkirk 3:00 P. M.. Buffalo :9tP. H.
Albany I SO A. M., New Vork 8:35 A. M., Boaton 8:30
P. M , Plttaburgh Tla Crestline 3:i0 P. M , Phlladel-
AtaSMO A. At-, Chicago via Crestline at 7110 P.M. .
NEW TOBS EXPBBB8 tearea Oolnmbui at 11:10
a. B. WUlstop at Lewis Centre, (for White Balnkar
Springs), Delaware, Oardlngton, Oalion. Crestline, Shel
by, New London, Wellington, and Grafton, arrive at
Cleveland at 3:3J p. to.; Dunkirk, 8:50 p. m. Bni
fUe, lUiliA p. n l Albany, Mia. m. New Yoik, H3
p. B.f Boston, 4:40 p.m. This Train oonnecte at Bhel
by for Sandusky, end at Ouftonfor Toledo, arriving at
Toledo at 6:40 p. m.
i v - - THIRD TBAIN. ' , j I
Mill, AND A00OMM0PATI0N Leaves Columsos
at 9,80 p. an Will stop at all atatlone South of
Shelby, and et New London, Wellington, Orafton,
end Bene; arriving at Cleveland el f:30 p. m.j Dun
ktik,B:G0e. m. (Buffalo, 330. m.;Alhany,S:80p.m.;
NewTork, 7:S0 p.m.; Boston, 11:45 p m. PltUborgb,
faOrektUncat llip. .; Philadelphia, 1:00 p. m.,
Ohloago, eVo Crestline, 0i4S a. m. Ihla Train connects
at bhelby for BaaJusky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
at SjM p. m.
Ptent Bleepinj Cars art) tun' on all
; ' - KightTraini to Chicago, Hew i
. , "-York and Boston
BattOfi Vfuclud TkrovQk to Nmo Tort and Boiton
. . fo) Clevtlamd: alto, to FkiladtiiMa and
- Htm lorkvia UrttUtn.
,i Tf.',7 RETURNIN O, .'. , ; ' )
Night Express arrlvea at Columbus at.., 11:1 P. M.
CtnolnnaU kxpress arrives at Oolumbue et 10:50 A. M.
. AeeomnodaUoa Jixprese arrtras at Oogenous tt7.'K
Faro Uo no fcy-nny other Itonte.
... Aib fr Tithtt tia CrtHlintor CUtelani. '
1. B. ILINT, " - S
Superintendent, Cleveland, Ohio.
''. .- i-;s. A - Columbus, Ohio.
. WHuanna, ene u, mt. .
jBIt BeMlTedl
ilAHf, Oil GREEN and BLACK
A V V TEA) top nag prime tuo Donee. ... .
l 0 pockets old Do tehOovenunent Java Coffee. .. !
I K rrM flMlm, ftnffM. '' I
' aookbls. standard White Sugars, consisting of Pow
need, enrusneej, granulated A and n uouoe. t
. (O quintals George Bank Codfish. . ; ' , ,
SObbla.Ueaa and No. 1 Mackerel. . 1
toe. Pick Salmon. . , , , ,
IOO bsi. Layer Balslni. ' " , , . ..4 ,- ,
. M) hf. box do do .. , . ,' "..V. . il ;
IOO qr. box do de , ,
IOO if Cigars, dllrerent brand, and grades. .. .
. nevKI - - v WH. McDONALD.
. ;, vr(. Me C, ,LILLEY ' -;
And Blank-Book Mann&ntarer,
i aaarll-dly
Jed," White and4 Bine T;
JD ca'licoeb,
HinnoNS, ''
' imi unw
srW g , y T e S ! W Bcntt fflg;iAwt.
' tr... e.a U new make if O0P SKIRTS
Salsaitl In i r"' " " IntrodueeS
. .- in-ii'I'i., I
Tho LatestTha largest-Ths Best.
Mho Cheapest Beososo the Beit, .
"The ffltoet Itenabio&tandard A
thorlty of tjio EnglUh Lnnguage. .
'' "' ' Sto frwidrtd SnUntnl Educator! of OMo,
wary Attn Xwnwhtro.
"Ha i a are upwards of a Hundred Thousand Words,
Whose moltlfarloue meanings and derivations, toeetber
with the) i oorreot spelling, and pronunciation are clear lj
est before the eye.i . t ,. j
" - ' Cincinnati CommtrMal.
Btad tht taitiont of the Mrmltr't 'of Ot Ohio SkUt
Ttachtr't Atlodttion. ' ',-:.
' The onderslgned, members of the Ohio Stale Teachers'
Association, adopt aud aim toasele teaching, writln,
and (peaking, the orthography and pronunciation ol
Worcester's Bovai Quarto Dictionary, and we most eor
dlally reoommend It as the most reliable stnndard an
tbority of the Bngllsh language, ee It Is now written and
spoken., . , ., ,, i...;,. .iv.,K. -t ...
Loam Axnaxwe, President Eenyon College.
If. D. Lsvarrr, Superintendent Zinnvi lie Schools.
' "woe. W. Havrv, Bnp't Uasallon Union Schnols, -
M. P. OowDaav. Sup't Publio Schools, Banddsky. '.
John Itkob, eap't rublle Bcboole, Oiroleviile. -
B. N. SaxrokO, Principal Cleveland female Bcmlna
ry -
wh. UtTcoaiL, Bnp't Public Rehooli, Mt. Union.
John OeoM, Prinolpal Btate Normal School, illnno
sota. Ovkca Naaor), Principal Fourth Intermediate Bchool,
Cincinnati, ., ,
H. B. UatTiH, Bnp't Canton Union Schools.
Xnvrisi BraaL, Prinolpal UcNeely Normal Bchool.
Ku T. TamN, Prof. Mathematics, Ohio University.
Wat. W. In wards, Sup't Troy Union Bchool,
A. O. HoKim, Principal West High School, Oleve
land, '
B. A. NotTOH, Associate Principal High School, Cleve
land . , . .
Tbxooori Stirubo, Principal nigh School, Clove
luV ' ' '
B. f , HoMiirrflit, Principal Cleveland Institute.
i A. QAtriiLD, President of BlKtlo Instltnto, Hi
ram. ,
W. ti. IIakru, Prof, of Chemistry, Ohio Wesleyat
University. .
H. H. Barkxt, Ex-Commlsstonerof Oommon Schools,
Jamb Momoe, Prof. Rhetoric", Oberlln College.
Taoe. Hut,, President Autloeh College. .
O. W. II. OaToart, Prof. Alathematlca, High
Bchool, Dayton.
8. 0. Cromiacsb, Prof. Language, nigh School
B. M. BARBtR, Sup't Union Schools, Ashland.
Jfbvw than Bttt Bundrtd othtr Prttidtntt of Coll
gtt, Proftttort, Avthort and DltlUmuithtd Sdwa
tori, kavt ondoritd th abovtttntimtni.
Marietta Coixcoa "It h truly e magnificent work
an hooor to the author, the publishers, and thowboh
eountry." President Andrews.
Ohio WnrLSTAHUirrvoniTT."" It exceeds myexpeeta
ttona. It will be sny guide in orthogr.pby tod oronun
elation, and will often be consulted by me for its neai
and accurate definitions. "President Thompson.
W. B. Eoteorto OoiAiei "Heretofore we baveusc
Webster's orthography. At a recent meeting of on.
Faculty, It was decided to change It to conform to thai
0 Worcester's Boyal Quarto Dictionary." President
Wawrtu Rcnva Coiwot. "I And It worthy ot
cordial approbation. ''President Hitchcock.
Osexltx Coii.ai. "It more than meets my eipecla
tlona. I reoommend It as the standard authority li
orthoepy to my children and my pupils." President
Morgan.. . , - -
Aimeeil Oouaei. I adept and aim to nse In teach
Ing, wrltlugand speaklag, the orthography and pronun
ciation of Worcester's noyal Quarto Dictionary,"
President Hill. i '
"In all ay writing, speaking, and teaching, I have en
deavored to conform to the rnlea for ortl ography and
pronunciation aseootnued in Worcester's Dictionary.''
Horace Mann, late President, a. -
Exkto Ooiutoe, Oabsiir. ,-I most cordially rreom
mond It u the most reliable otandard authority of lh
English language as It li now written and spoken."
President Andrews. v
from Sto. Anton Smyth, Oommittlontr of Common
. SohotU in Ohio. .
"The Dictionary Is an Imperishable monument to tht
learning and lodastryof Us author, end an honor to tht
world of letters.: The mechanic! lureeutlon . Ik. far supe
iquslBted." . .; ' ' -' ;
From Bon. u. a. Jiarney. &a-vommitnoptr oj
GcAooli in OMo. x
"The most reliable standard authority of tho lan-
WHAT Tni 7
Xieadlns Newspapers of Ohio f?ay.
I from On CUtdand BeroM of Itareh 28
The orthography of the Worcester Dictionary is tha"
d hv moat, if not all. authors ol distinction In thli
country and England, and conform! te the general usage
of ordinary writers and speakers. - )
. Whatever prejudices may have existed previously, a
careful study of this volume will Invariably be followed
by a warm appreciation of Its great merits, and a deelri
to add It to the well seleoled library, be It Urge or small.
It Isa library In Itself, and will remain an imperisha
ble record of the learning of It compiler. ' ''f
Iron tAt Cincinnati ComnuroUtl of April 20 . , .
TTur an nnwanli of a hundred thousand words Kood
bad and Indiuerent whose multifsrlous meanings and
derivations, together with their correct spelling and pro
nunciation, are set clearly before the eye. The work Is
unqnestlonably the greatest Thesaurus of English Words
aver published. . . , ,
Mromth Olettlani PMndtaltr, of Sift, SO, 16GO.
lCvMrntlv WneramVa Rota OoaRto DictioHaRV it
not only ihtlatt, out lit ttn vork of tht kind tvtr it
tutd , and can by no possibility sutler by comparison ot
oontrovsrsy. ...-..,-. j.
Irom tht 7bltdo Sladt of May 20.
Aa Is HoamHciATioif. Woncnfinr'frTBi STANBAte
followed by our beet authors! InileBnltlone he leaves
nothing to be deslreo, ana in UHTnoaeAnn n n suuicica
to say that WoacxeTsa, cae be eabty followed.
PnblleUore, Bookefllere cV Stnt loncre,
iO'e warl;, Ns eT- . -
Dtrldend Jannary 1 , 1 86 1 , 4 S For Cent,
ABBETS.Cv.-i--.-...vv.;-.-Ml2ra JO.
Statement January .!, 1881s
Balance, per statement Jan. 1st; i960..... 13,400,50.' 30
Beoeived for Premiums dur- : :
Ing the sear 18)0...., 1763,033 63 . t
Received for Interest during
the year 1600 ...... mf,ui tv . f .
Total reoelpts for 1900, ..ay77,0C7 74 . ' . ' ; '
Paid Claims by Iatb,J57A)U W . . .$ .
Paid Pollciea surren-. : '
; dered. .......... 41,111 9 . - 1
Paid Salaried Pott
age, Taxes, Xx-
change, etc 31 ,0!0 54
Paid Commissions to
Agents 51,325 30
Paid PhyaWuia' fees. ,0l75
Paid Annuities. 1,517 00 . . 1
Paid Dividends dur- . . .
, togtbe Jtar ...,.158,500 7 505,001 C3 411,078 14
Net Balance January 1st. 1801...,v'.,..3,8W,5M 50
" .:.-' '.' . '-AS8kT8.-- -
Cash on hand...... ....... $0,1284 19i
Bonds and Moftgaaasea RsaJ ' ',
. BsUte, worth double the -r :
amount loaned !,J7,fl4l 98 ' "-. : ' ! t '
Premium Notes, on Policies ., t '
In force, enlydrawingOper- -
eens. toterWo.,......t I J70.M4 17'. . : i
Seal Estate.. S0.893 87'" , !
Loans on Sorlp ......or..,.l 14,03144" '!:r'.7
Premiums, Nobrs and Oaah, In ' v j
course of transmtitlon 4IMS 9S-.mil ,.,V
" i
Total AJsetl..
V s)9,818,5TMl Jo
7,575 Policies In tores, Wiring. ta,4eo,538
. 1,43J new Policies nave been (failed during tb year. '
After e careful calculation of the present value of the
outstanding PoHeies of the "Company, and having (be
MMseory oeMemMa' reserve tbereror, the Dlreeiors
have deelared a Divionia-of 43 peroeot. on the .Premr
nma paid at the table rates, to all eelleies lot IHe la force,
Issued prior to January I, IM60, payable aoeordlng to the
present rule of the Company,'"
) Sates for -all kinds of Life Contingencies, ProepeoU
ses, Statements, and Applications, will be furnlihee
wintorrr chaob, it the Oiaoe er Agencies ol the Com
pany, '" 1
" ' Owl - "vT BOSTJ.' T ATTETtSOH, PfesIJefct, '
' ' ,,1. 0. OHDViavVloei-ieaUlept. (
l ""T-e. Juhnson Block, ,
; MarebSS. ISSi;;" , ,N:u .'1 M0umO
1 1 ," 'i 1 t Ml I l'T I'tX't , ' 1 '
DEESS SILKS, ol ever, grade. Tke moat select
Meertanent In (h i .and at tooai reasonable rates.
-.mH 'a ,! a. BAIN dt BOX,
arl. . He. SSSoejtt High street. '
,;!.:, !i .''t.".''-i ' v
Ajrer's Sarsauarilla
A compound remedy, designed to bo tho most
effectual AUerativ that can be made. It is
a concentrated, extract of Para Saiiaparilla,
so combined with other lubatancet of still
greater alterative power to afford on effec
tive antidote for tho diseases Sarsapaiilla i,
reputed to cure.- It is believed that such a
remedy 1 wanted by tboae who suU'cr Horn
Strumous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their euro must prove of immense
service to this large class of our afflicted fellow,
citizens. How completely this compound will
do it hat been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found of the following
complninU :
Pimples, Dlotcues, Tumors,' Salt Rheum,
Scald Head, Stprilis and Svi-Hatno Af
rECTWNs, McaconiAL Disbasb, Dnopsr, Neo
eawia on Tto Douloureux, Debilitt, Dys
pepsia and Indigestion, Erysipelas, Hose
or St. Aniiiohy's Fitib, and indeed the whole
class of complaints arising irm Impurity op
tub Blood;-- ' a, ' '
.. This compound will rre-rDund a grent pro
moter of health, when token in the spring, to
expel tho. foul humors which fester in the
blood at that season of thn year. By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disordc-ra
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes an, by
the tiitl of this remedy, sparo themselves from
tho endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
gores, 'through which tho system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, it not assisted to do
this through tho natural channels of tho body
by mi alterative medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores j cleanse it when yoa find it is 'ob
structed and slitggiah in the veins ; cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your feelings will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep tho
bjood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting health. Sooner or later something
mufit go wroti!?, and the great masliinery of
life is disordered or overthrown. .
- Sarsnparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing those ends. But
the world ha been egregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly becauso the drug
ilor.e has. not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else.
Daring lata yean the publio have beon mil
led by largo bottles, pretonduig to give quart
of Extinct of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Mot
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no cuvative properties whatev
er. IlencO, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho use of tho various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
wc call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall reseuo the
name from the load of obloquy wliich rests
upon it.- And we think wo havo ground for
believing it lias virtues which aro irresistible
by tho ordinary run of tho diseases it is Intend
ed to euro. In order to secure their complete
erndientioti from the system, the' remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
the bottle.
- - ' - - PREPARED ly
DR. J. C. AYEB & CO.
Frlce, 01 per Bottle Six Dottloe for $3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
hS won for itsolf stich a renown for the cure of
every variety of Throat and Lung Compluint, that
It in entirely unnecessary for tie to tei-nunt "'0
evidence' of its virtues, wherever it has been em
ployed. As it has long been in constant use
throughout this section, wo need not do moro than
assure the people its quality is kept up to tlio best
it ever has been, and that it mny be relied on to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
CHfjvens, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
Dijsentent, Fottl Stomach, Erysipelas, Headache,
Pilei, Rheumatism Eruptions and Shin Diseases,
Liver Complaint; Dropsy, 7'etter, Tumors and
Salt fflieunt, Worms, Gout, Neuralgia, as a
Dinner Pill, and fur Purifying tho Blood,
They arc stig.ir-coatod, so that the most eon-u-tire
can tnlte tlicm plcMnmly, and they are the
best aperient. in .the tvuild fur oil t'ue purposes of a
family phyjie. . '
Frico Sj cents pov lox; l lva boxoj for .vl 00.
Creatnamlcr; of Clergymen, Plivslciun, States.
men, and eminent personages, have lent their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, hut our spnee here will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish pratisour American Almanac in which thoy
are given; with also full descriptions of the iilve
complaints, aud the treatment that should to fol
lowed for their euro.
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealer nit 1,
Other preparations they mnko more pmfit on.
Demand Ayer's. and take no others. The si'.-k
want the best aid there is for them, and they shau'.d
hate it. " ....
All cur remedies are for solo by
H0BERTS At 8AUTJEL, Oolttmbui.
And by Druggists and Dealers everywhere.
novfclrd.tw&w -
. ' Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
and "
The Montreal Ocean Steamship Oomnmnv's Srst-elass
full-powered Clyde-hullt Steamers sail OTerf NaC
nrduy from PORTLAND, oarrytngthe Canadian aid
united ntates situ ana passengers,
Nil or test, Cbeapoat andQalckcstCon.
eyanca ironi
Kateej ot Faasaae to Europe .
830, 860, 80.
Will salt from LIVERPOOL ovary Wedneadatw.
and from QCEDEO cwery Natarday. calling at
liUnuunvanai, to receive on ooaraana mna valla and
Pasaemere. to and from Ireland and Sootland.
TTTThese Steamers are built of Iron. In waUrtlihl
compartments, carry each an experienced Surgeon, and
every attention is paid to ine eomtort ana accommode-
tmn or Dasseniera. as tney proceed airect to London.
DK11Y, the gieat risk and delay of calling at St. John's
Is avoided.
Glasgow passengers are furnished with ran passage
tlctets to ana irom uonaonoorry.
Return Uakeis (ranted at reduoed rates.
Certificates Issued for carrying to and bringing out paa
eeng.rs front all the principal towns of Great Britain and
ireiauu, ai reaucwi mm. uj uji. uu ui iinuL.n, ana
leaving Liverpool every weca.
Sight Drafta for anal upwards pay
ablo In Kngland, Ireland, Scot
land or
For naasage, apply at Uie Offloe. S3 HIIOAU.
WAV, Kew Vork, and 1U WATtK NX.,
' ''' " SABEL ft IEARLE, General igesta,
.Oritt':. , J. R. ARMSTRONG,
, nolO-lydtw Poet Offloe, Columbma, Ohio.
A eon JAMBS ADOS It BAItt u partner in my busi
ness, ehloa will W after be eondueted ender the One
o ' on- . , P. BAia, Mouth High Bt.
Columbus, gab W, 1S8J. fc v ,' ,c , ., febiS
.......... .W
IX Aim mil WhalnttV lali.k . m, mr .
4 uiv vw iw, .MUNwn. enavtnii, 'Hair Ustting
; Ihampoonlng, Cnrliog aad Dieneiniiieleea, Beet Btate
ttree over (he Poet Omoe, where settaSaettoe WIU
u he ". If aU the vartwas brmeejee. Ladles and
' .-IV, r, " eug eM ui M eeet styaa. ....
IfMHUP ,4 ,,! a ..! .ti'.' . ' l -t.-'i ll'
vr ,i " tvyt a' A
Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton ft Indianapolisl
Through to Indianapolis without QhfcDgt of Carl
and but One Chang of Can between
Columbus and St. Louli.
. v ......
Four Trains Daily trota Columbus.
ACCOMMODATION at S a. m., (topping at all sta
tions between Columbus and 01nainuatf and Dayton, ar
rlvlnt at Cincinnati at 10 03 a. m..and at Dajtonat
S 10a. m.,eonneetlif at Dayton for Indianapolis aid
uie rreei. : . . .,.. r
No. 1 EXPRESS at ll 40 a. n,, stopping at Jefferson,
London, Ooarlesion, Gedarvtlle, Xenla, Boring Valley,
Oorwln, Import, Port Ancient. Morrow St., Lebanon,
Voster'a, Loveland and atilford, arriving at OlndnnaU
at 4 30 p. m.,OaytonatS.43p. m.,eooneotlnrwlth the
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad for Louisville, Ky., Vln
oeunea. Cairo, Bb Louis, NewOrltana, eto.t at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafaystte, Torre Haute, Ohloago and
all Western points.
MAIL at 8.10 p. m (Stopping at all sUtlons between
Oolumbua and Xenla, and at Spring Valley, Oorwln,
Morrow and Lovelaid, arriving at Cincinnati at 9 a. m.
NIGHT EXPREd3, via Dsyton, at 1 00 mldnlglii,
stopping at London, Xenla, Dayton, Mludletown and
llautltnn, arriving at Clnolnnatl at S. 25 a. m.; at Day
ton as 8.50 a. m.; eonneotlag at Olnelnaatl with the
Ohio ana juiistisippi uaiiroad lor Loutaviile, jcvansvuie,
Vlneennes, Cairo, Bt. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans,
and all points South and South-west) also, at Dayton
lor Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terrs Haute, Chicago, etc
lO Eor further Information and Through Tickets,
apply to Al. L. DUilttIX, Ticket Agent, Union Depot,
1 , P. W. BTRADER,
. General Ticket Agent, Cincinnati.
Agent, Oolumbaa,
Superintendent, Olncionatl.
Columbus, July 14, 180 1 . -
Steubenville Short Line
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliable
Route to all Eastern Cities !
Trains Leave Columbus as follows :
Leaves Colombo, S 30 A. M. from Union Depot, via
Bellalre or Bteubenvlilel arrlveaat Bellalre, 10.90 A.
Ml Bteubenvllle. 18. SO P. M. Pittsburgh, 8 40 P. M.J
BarriiiMirg, 1.10 A. M.: eta Aumtoum, arrlveaat New
York 8.00 A. M. e PMlatUlphia, arrives at Phila
delphia, S.10 A. M.J New Vork, 10.80-A, M. Connects
also at Harrisburg tor Daltluiore, arriving at 7.45 a. M
Sleeping Oars attached to this Train
Froln Colnmbus, run directly through to Bellalre or
Pittsburgh without change; and Passengers via Allen
town arrive In New York at 8 A. M., .
This Train also ooonects at Bellalre with the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Leaves Columbus 11 IS A M , from Union Depot, via
Bteubenvllle; arrlveaat Newark, Vt SO P. M.I Ooshoo-
. .1 . n . , a. i . . . an u . n , . . . o . n
ion, r. m. Di.uoaTiiie, r. a., rifcuoari;, b.w
P.M. JITThla Is ine only route by whloh Passsngers
cut leaveCinclnnaU at 7 A. M., go through to Pitts
burgh in daylight, without change of ears or delay.
LMvta Oolumbua 3.13 P. M., from Union Depot, via
Bellalre: arrives at Newark, 3.S3 P. M J Z.inesvllle,
4 33 P. M : Bellalre 7 .S3 p. M.: Pittsburgh. 11.85 P.
M.i Harrisburg, 8.00 A. M.j eta Alltntovn, arrives
at New York,4 P. M.; via FiiladtlpAia, arrlvss
rauadeiiiaia, i.iu r. at.; new rora, o r, ai, xnu
Train also connects at Harrisburg for Baltimore, ar
riving at 1P.M.,
Xbis Train runs tnrouga to Bellalre or v ittsburg wun-
out change of Cars; and from Pittsburg there la no
change of Oars to Philadelphia, or via Allentown te
new nora -urns oneriog ,
The only Route from Columbus to Baltimore,
Philadelphia, or Heir York, with only
one ohaoge of Carg., .
Bv this Train Paasenrers arrive In New Yoik Are
hours In advance of the Northern lines.
This Train also oonnecte at Bellalre with the Baltimore
and Ohio R. R.
ITThls Route is 30 mllea shorter to Pittsburg,
ana moro man iuu miiee snorter to
New York, than Northern Llnea.
Baggage Cheeked Through to all im
port tnt routs att. . ,.
Ticket Good over oltbor Houte.
- Qsn, Ticket Agent Central Ohio B. B.
Ticket Agent Steubeuvllle Short Line.
lTvmiaxxi am
VOlidiriBlVSs OHIOj
And Seed Store,
Guai, fletole, Wood Willow ware,
ether aad Rabbet Belting, I ace Leather, Hose and
king. ... obl-dly
Novelties in Neck Ties end Scarfs.
" 11 Byron and Qarrote Collars.
h SmbroMored Pooket Handkerchiefs,
Parle Rid Oloves. eurnrlor make.
' Golden Hill Shirts, various at, Us.
Boys' Golden Hill Shirts, do
Driving and Street Oloves, do
Hemmed Pooket Handkerchiefs, various styles.
Halt Hose and Under Garments, "
aprlU .... - - . No. 80 South High street.
CALL AT HO. 88, f OTJTn niGTI ST.,
and examine ear new make of . ,
manufactured by 1. HOWARD At OO . Boston. Maaa.
Tbeee Watchea are far superior to anything ever offered
to the pkbllo, heretofore. Having the exclusive agency,
I ean sell them at prions te nit the limes. I have lual
receive a largo steea et .... , . . .
saanufaetured hp APPLE TON, TEAQ Y, A 00 j alae,
laeassorttaehtef'' '". i . j.
. BsnuE,iH ajiai aaa WAtvUJLay
' ' ; It Oold U SIlTS Oasei, at fanlo piieea. , .
. tiui, -
Dally, per year
Trl- Weekly, per ear.
Weekly, per jeit
. 00
. a oo
; 1 00
Address of the Legislature to the People
of Kentucky.
. In this extraordinary orlili, we deem it a duty
we, your rerireanutlM. mm t
' w - -r . . . V n V w J V WW UUI-
aelyei to say a few words t joa aa to the eon.
dltion or the Commonwealth and toe duties we
u uceu ueueu upon to perform.
We have ardently desired peaoe, And hoped
to.!?76 Knt05,ky from the oalamitlesof war.
When tha Federal nrbn.tti.. a a
wwuw..,a uBiium a. ale.
oessary to employ force la eeir-defeose, and to
j T. " lD worernment, we assur
ed our Southern nalohhnr. r
-"O - wi vat fUIAnH.kiV
take up arma Tolnntaril agalpst then, not.
...u...u.U4 .ueir wicaeo attempt to destroy
the Government, from whloh we and our fathers
have received tho greatest benefit. Every ef
fort wai made, both before and after the em
ployment of force, to tfltot gome compromise
and settlement that would restore the Union
and prevent the fffu-lon of blood.
The Federal Government did not iosist upon
our aoilve aid in lurnishing troops, seeming
content if we obeyed the Uws aud executed
tbem upon our aoll. Those engagtd in rebel
iMilugmr, with hypooiltoal profesaloDi of
iT v u,r",P"oi piameaoamps ot eoioiert
all along our southern border; seized, by mili
tary power, tho stock on our railroad within
their rtaoo, in defiance of chartered rigbtgj Im
pudently enlisted soldiers upon our soil for their
camps, whom they ostentatiously marched
through their territory. They made constant
raidi Into tbla State; robbed us of our property;
Insulted our people; seized some of our citizens,
ana carried them away, aa prisoners, into the
Confederate States. Our military was demor
alized by tho treachery oi its chief officer in
coinmand, and many of hia subordinates, until
It became moro an arm of the Confederate
Ststea than a Guard oi the Stats of Kentucky.
I bus exposed to wrong i and Indignities, with
no power prepared to prevent or resent them,
some of the citiaeris of tbla State formed camps
under the Federal Government, for the defense
and protection of the Slate of Kentucky. What
ever might have been thought of the polioy
onoe, reoent events have proved that they were
formed none too econ. -
In thie condition we found Kentucky when
the Legislature met oo Ibe first Monday In
September. We still hoped to avoid war on onr
Own SOU. ' We nu ... K. r .l-
Fresidont of the Confederate Statei that our po-
altlnn ahnnl.l u ... .... . . r
reepecteu; out ine ink wag
aoarcely dry with erhinh tha ... .i.
ten, when we were startled by the news that our
.... ,,. iiiimj vu , ana towns la ine southwest of
our State ocoupted by Confederate armies.
The Governor of Tennessee disavowed the act,
and protested hia innooence of it. Hla commis
sioners at Fraokfort proteased the same Inno
cence of tho admitted wrong; but our warnings
to leave were only aoswered by another invasion
in the aoutheaat nt th a,.,. . ...
wa.v, nuu m etui mure
airect and deadly assault upon the very heart of
thoa Klala k-a a. . .a.
aa 7 ' ' 01 lD" " asnvme road. These
audden Irruptions of tuoh magnitude, skilfuilv
directed, show that the assault on Kentucky
was preconoerted, prepared aud Intended long
Deiore. The excuses made for any of them but
add insult to injury. We aball not repeat them,
iney aro but excuses for acts intended, without
sny excuse.
The purpose ia to remove the theater of the
war from the homes of those who wickedly orig
m.,".10. tbofe of Ken'eky, and to involve
thli State in the rebeilljn This purpose ap
peared tobo well understood In the acceded
States. They need the territory of Kentucky,
and are determined to have it, if it must be by
blood and oonquect
Thug forced into war, we had no choice but
to Aall An ,hm i i .
tr . 7 " "ivug -ruis ana orave neartl oi
Ken'uok7 toxpel the invader from our toil,
-... iw ius am oi we rederai Govern
ment, as we bad a right to do under the Fedcr
al OonetttatIo-,. '
Our foes would diotate terms to a brave ceo-
Til a rnnn .Ki.l. , ... f
r. ".".u ww cao nave peaoe. we are
required to join them ia their unwarranted re-
"cwuiej accessory to tneir crimes, and
consent to sacrifice the last hope of permanent
ly upholding Republican Institutions, or meet
their Invasions aa it becomes KentuckUns.
We heliavA are Ii.va Anr, ., . . .
I i , , ' "'" uur uuty tv a OQIV-
airlo people, who bavo forborne long, but will
never fall, at a last resort, to resent an injury
and Dun ah an Inenlt. tt'. .t,.,u u.u '
, 7 - .uuuiu uuuu uur
teiVCt UnwOrthv tn r.n,.a.ni tt l . a
done lest. The onlv error, n fA.V u ih.t I
have not beta at prompt, yon may think, at the
occasion demanded. Tnrioo have the revolu
tionists appealed to the ballot box, in tbit State,
.ue people expressed, by over
whelming mntrti-lllna ,ht. A., .-
, -J ...V., .uui utrermiuwiuu to
ttaorj by the Union and Itt Government. They
p-w oeeu aouve in tbla war, not from In
difference, or wantnf in.ii. i... .l. a...
-. - t vi nu, w his ogps
of better promoting a restoration of the Union,
1.(1 MhMVIn. k. I lit. I . ,
---"--"a reuetiion oy inatoourte. 4jur
hone Of ait amln.hla aln.. .-. .-a - J... .
, -uju.kincut, Bou a uesire
for peace, led at to forbear, until forbearance
ue "" i no attampt to de
ttroy the Union of these Statei we believe to be
a crime, not only against Kentucky, bat against
fi t,"kl.nd-, ?.ot op f tnI '" wo havt left
to othert to vindicate, by arms, the Integrity of
the Government. The Union It not only at-
.T.C . Ti ' . k"u,uoJ a aereeir threatened
with tubjugation by a lawlest usurpation. The
invasion it carried on with a ruthless deatruo
tlon of property, and the Uvea and libertlei of
ourpeople that belongs only to lavage warfare.
A.i a t no 0h01,oe bt aolion prompt and
decided. Let at -how the insolent Invaders
hat Kentucky belongs to Kentuoklant. and
that Kentucky valor will vlndloata Kentucky's
honor. Wo were unnran.-aH k
peoting. An Insolent and trench erous Invader
telli the people that their legislators havo be-
f PAT An In Aim a aad La ...
- ' --"" " uesomsj wunnre and sword
1 v e
a. 2-!? ?,uok'- to protect
tbe boma or vnne fath.M -jr,
a...,7. . ,- .., luu.uere, ana listers.
Sound too tocsin oa every hill aad in every val
ley, until Kentackv shall drive the insolent In-
. Committee.
iLl" A FrAnnh anMIaw wkA i .
at Solferlno, thus deaorlbes bit sensations:
How saob shot electrifies you. It is like a
whin on a racers 'a leo-n. Tha h.iu i.ii. ....
you, turn up the earth around, kill one, wound
another, and you hardly notice them. Yon
grow intoxicated, tho smell of punpowder
uiuuuw iw jgur uraio. i no eye oeoomes blood
shot, and tne look it fixed upon the enemy
There la somethlno nf nil thai flsiaDlnnaa Ism el..s
terrible paiiloa exoilcd ia & loldier by tht ilsht
Evervbod whn haa trl.,1 it ...: .l.
i. T ... oiiium iu toe
peculiar Intoxloation that it produoed bv beine
.u . m.i. ia au luiaiuaung mnuence
about the smell of powder, the thrill whittle of a
bullet, and tha sloht of hnmm Mha
- hiwviji ISM 1U
stantly transforms men from eowardt to heroes
from women sometimes to monsters. No one
can tell of the nature or mystery of that Influ-
Anna Knl Ikiu. U . 1. -. . - .
"""" " wuw uave oeea in tne Irat them
aelves.-, . -. , ; ,.f , ,. 4 .....
A 1 TPOOaiFBIOiL RlorattNT Snoot inii A
printer In Western New York suggests tho
raising a regiment, or brigade, of printers, and
adds: "I am not a very tough made man; but
a aoouia aimost aspire to be a private la tuoh
an organisation .", , j.v m
Wo like the idea. The thing may be done.
Although a little past tht "regulation" age, we
should deem it an honor tj carry a "shooting
atlok" in euoh a tfftlroent. -Wbat tay our
brethren of tho oraM . It ft Is k'vote, some
one can readily be found to , take Aha laboriof
oar of tho Drellmlnarv wotk.
Will oar ootemporarlet oaavaH fhetr ofPoes
ana aaoottBOS us eeujti-jiiy josfti
[From the London Post (government organ) Sept. 11.]
The American Passport System and
its Effects Emigration—Mr. Seward's
Discourtesy to Lord Lyons,
Discourtesy to Lord Lyons, etc.
Weaio not aware that civil war affords an
excuse for internal discourtesy. The Cabinet
at Washington may have excellent reason for
toe introduction of a passport system. The oc
cupation of spies on board the Atlantlo steam
ships would be both useless and expensive if the
.1 . .... .
luuivmuai wuonaa neen favored with the at
tentions of the Federal deteotive could, upon
landing, quietly go about his business, Just as In
those days when Ntw York was tho great em
porium of European immigration. There it
something so odlout In the name of iplei, that
we do Mr. Seward the Justice 0 believing that
even be would bo unwilling, ex sept In oasei of
extreme necessity, t arrest any Individual,
whether native American or foreigner, upon
inch testimony. Tbo absence of a passport
will now become a criminal offense. ' The man
who may have talked loudly or tooilsbly about
secession, uuleis armed with a ceitifioate of
loyalty, from a United Stttea mlnUter or con
sul, must either reiurn to the pore from which
be started or go to some Federal for real aa a
stats prisoner. But, a coo ding to Mr. Seward'a
edict, oo American it to leave hit country with
out the permission of the Secretary of State.
Tht oiijtet no rfouof, is to prevent tympathixert in
th JVofiArom eonotying information w uiher ai
lutanct to tht inturgenti. If iht Arrmiaami mrt
eonitnt to endure thi system ofopp ettion, English
men tan only txprtu their aitonithment and re
Hut Air. beward, by a stroke or the pen, hat
completely destroyed the one source to which
the United Siatet owe, wbat remain! of their
strength and greatnett. During this century,
many millions of lorelgnereEnellsb. Irish.
Germans and Swedes have settled in the
United Statei. After a ibort oeriod of resi
dence, they generally beoame naturalixed, and
loat every vestige of their original nationality
and allegiance. Mr. Seward cannot endure the
delay ot obtaining an alien act, bat be adoots
tne easier and more efficacious mode of declar
ing that no lorcigner ahall land in the United
States who has not a "passport from his own
government, countersigned by a United Btates
minister or uoneul." Must the poor Irishman
who bat saved money to join big relatives and
friends In Illinois or Michigan proceed to Dub
lin first to get a passport from "hit own govern
ment" either Lord Carlisle er Sir Robert Peel
and then pay a fee for the oounter signature
ot a L oitea states uonsuii Doe Mr. Seward
intend so far to recognize the "Know Nothlne
policy" as to place a prohibitory duty In ibe
bape of a passport system on the Importation
of the very men, many of whom, In all proba
bility, would as readily join the rederai army as
earn a day's wages at less hazardous and excit
ing labor? Uolest American Conanlt have the
gift of ascertaining by inspiration the political
sympathies of an intending emigrant, the whole
procesi must prove an absurd but offensive
farce The result, of course, cannot be doubt
ed. Tiat ttrti of migration nhich si unuc
eountablv hit oroeetdtd from Grtat Britain t
North America uill bt diverted U C.nada New
Brunlwick and Novi Scotia. We thall no longer
hi ir ftco hundred thond Britith iahjee$
Ma ng ta yur at iV,te xoik end only fete
tuoutindt vt QmbiC The numbers will be re
versed, and the strength, population and pros
perity of Canada will tecelve augmentation in
the tame proportion
When no sound of war shall be beard either
In North or South, it will be Impossible for any
American government to reoall the policy ot
exelnsion wblch Mr. Seward has Inaugurated.
Emigration, like many other things, aa often
dependa on popular caprice as upon any peculiar
advantages which one country may be supposed
to possess over another. The present coudition
of affairs in the United States certainly offers
no very great temptation to British emigrant!.
Land may be oheap and productive; but Eoe-
llshmen, should they go there, will find not only
heavy taxation, but an utter aubversion of ordi
nary law and peraonal liberty. The merits of
Canada will become better known and better
appreciated, ana England wiU retain in ber alle
giance thousands of lubiecti who otherwise
might have resorted to a foreign and never very
inenaiy country, ine cabinet at wasbiogton
oo doubt has a right to aay that the time has
arrived when tome check ought to be put upon
immigration. The presence of a large foreisn
element armed with politloal power may be In
convenient, especially at a time of civil war;
but If thia bo Mr. Seward's obiecc. the tubter-
fuge of a passport system, vexatious and har
rasslng to the poor foreigner, is only a proof of
that rashness and Imprudenoo whloh Mr. Sew
ard mistakes for deolsioa and vigor. The no
tice neoessarily affects every European State.
but yet we learn from Lord Lyons'! Utter to
can ttusseu, puonsnea in last nignt't Uazute,
thai "tAi notice Aas 6ea wsaeet without any pre
vious comiRURtcaltea oa thi t art ef the Secretary
of State with nu, or, to far a I irtoio, teitk any
of my colleague!, nor hat lit aivtt bten eflicUllv
conrmanicatt d to mt." Thii it a moit uneuif a nd
ditrttpictful act, and we infer that it It to be
attributed to the extremely hostile vlewa whloh
mr. Bewara. oat always entertained toward
England feelings wblch are not likely to be
mollified by the freedom of tpeeoh which pre
vails in tbla country, and wbiob may have tome
influence even in the Northern Statei, unless
Mr. Seward ahould follow np hit passport ejt
tem by prohibiting the Importation of English
newspapers. :
[From the London Official Gazette, Sept. 10.]
Lord Lyons on the United States
Passport System.
WASHINGTON, August 19, 1861.
I have the honor to transmit to your lordship
herewith a copy of a notioo from the State De
partment wblch bat tppearcd In tho newspaper!
thlt morning. It declare! that no person will
be allowed to go abroad from a port in the Uni
ted Statei without a passport from the State
Department, or a passport countersigned by the
Seoretary of State ; and that no peraon will be
allowed to land In the United States without a
passport from a Minister or Consul of the Uni
ted States, or, it a foreigner, from hit own gov.
erament, countersigned by a United states Min
ister or Consul. This notice baa been Issued
without any previous communication on the
part of tbo Secretary of State, either with me,
or, to far at I know, with any of my col
leagues, nor has it as yet beta offiolally an
nounced to me. '
Lord Lyons enolosed the order of Secretary
of State, Seward, dated Washington, Aagust
It, whloh baa already appeared in the Herald.
I LD. rilRALD.
[From the New York Express.]
Twelve Hundred Thousand Dollars
a Day.
Seoretary of the Treasury Informs the
Bank Committee here, that he ia iDcndlno: El.-
900,000 dally, or $8,400,000 a week, and mere-
lore requiret money with rapidity. How im
portant then that vigor, economy, honesty, In
telligence, at well at loyalty and patriotism, go
hand in hand with these enormona expenditures.
How long will the people of this country be
willing to nay 11,200.000 t day for what thev
tr getting? Bow long can thi amount of
money be raited to meet every day's expenses J
Lei us not deceive oureeiveat lor it is Impossi
ble, absolutely mpotiible, that this rate of ex.
penditura should continue for a very long pe
riod. What tho Government can do It should
be doing aooni It should not havo waited eves
till now, to pal forth Itt toAoZ oetoar. . It ia
now spend'loe; money at the rate of nearly Four
ii.in.iwAy,uwurM a year; nd yet with
the abundant resources of men and money al
ways at command, It It out-numbered, cut-gen-eraled
and beaten In every conflict with tbo rebi
elt. Tbe latter bare a population lost than the
two eta tee of New York and Pennsylvania)
and they aro lasulog ahlnplattert from fit teutt
upwarde in Ilea of tllver, of whloh ibey heve
tone. Still, few and poor, as they aro, thi
havo thus iar proved aa over match for us.
Bvery weak has foaael the rebellion spreading
over a atlli broader Area rani has anneeantle
jadded to iti ttreng aad It jsrotpoct, of uitl
mate luwess, a usa if wo uovomment waxa
op to the Pact that thlt itate of things oannot
laat , Unless it rouse itself from itt lethargic
stato and put" forth Itt whole vigor soon, the
revolution will have become a fixed foot, aad
the great Republlo will take Itt plaoe with
which flourished for a season aad then disappeared
lorever-RecAMhr t7nt.
FrttT EstrUTMCNT et Coat, At Fuel. At
an evMnnnA nf ik. .... , ,. . .
. - u'Luuuny cxperieaeed
bylntroduoertof new article, from tbo preju
dice, of a community one, we may mention a
ii , , , -""'f"'re"eut oi me use
ful materials of coal at a fuel. Wbea coal
w uret introduces into t-ngland at a fuel, tha
Drelnd'na aaralnat It ... ..
5., " -a" ." aw avruuf IDBI IDC
commons petitioned tbe Crown to prohibit the
""7 uei. a royat proclamation having
failed to abate tha Pini'sisk PI Aa WsivrtleiailMw
- ---'' sy VVtasaMasjejiutt W
iieued to ftscrtainwl,o burned oo.t within Ui
CltT of London and Us naaikw.Kl ...f
- aaew-KiAtaaTWs uvvtif HUH W
punish them by fine for tbe first offense, and by
.w....,vu vi .ueir luruacee ii tney persisted
In transa-remalns-. A laa aw.a A.n. a
making it a capital offeoae to burn coal la tbe
poruiiiviusj it to oe nsea ia tbe
forges in tbe vicinity.. It is stated that among
tbe reoorda la the twn of London a document
wuto iuuna, purporting that lo the time of
Lid ward I. a man had kun i.ii ..a
...vu, WH.IVbtH AMJIA
executed for tbe crime of burning coal In Lon-
inn Tr rinly ek.A. . i.. . . a
thi MaainrttsaA. rf
The new French Mini tAt in Dam. I k SJTM.
" .wv tuai if. ml '
quls de Lavalletta, tbe same who, according ta
Avuooiaa eviaence, Drought about
the War In tha Crimea, la .! n . a
- - . . f .ww mi n W HI
can lady, tbe widow of the banker W who
tmm a. J . J I A. - I f A S .
tuuuueu, i ueiinvo, me oaoxing nouse of Greene
4 CO., tO dav the house nf Vanitan
This ladv la natnrallr a Pmiutint ii .v.. r...
of ber being seat to Rome to pay court to tbe
ups i .ue Buuject or muon remark nere and at
Rome. So far as tha Marnnla ia
ia not onlv a Catholic, hnt frUnrfiv tn h. t
and will strive to maintain tho ttatu quo, to that
i or up present tne inendaor Italian unity bare
renounced ail hope ol tbe evacuation of the
Holy City Part's Gurree JV Y. Timet.
Steam Between Ireland and America
Th fall fit fa fiM nA n.AmlflUHa M .a..
-- C 'uiuUI UIIt1,IWpijlJLI
wheel Btitmibipt compoM the abOT line:
ADBIATIO. 5,838 ton burthen. OtDt. J. Uadv
(f OrmerlT of ths Cnlllnt Mm .
HIRRRNTA. J aVinrntta KaeavSVAiak a..a W T
0OLUUB1A, 44W) " - - k.'LarrcBT
ANOLIA, 4,400 ' . Nm.,a
paoikio, a too " r, bmiih.
a.jou J.WAUua.
One of the above ships will leave New tork or Bostcn
alternately every Tuesday foriulsht. for Oaliray, car
nln. tha eovernmanl mall. lAMrtkl.. a. t . .
- ., T M auooi,
The Steamers of this line have been constructed wiih
. . - - k ... iw. vi ,um govern
ment, nave water-tight oomparunents, and are nnexcel-
ImA t n. n r.n.t. .. . . J J . .
.v. . v vj aui. pvm OJ A El J I Ol . I , AH JAT .
Tha. ara enmmanft.il hw ahL. ... . i - . . a.
. ' j "waira ..IIWBCcy VlAlCOr,,
and every exertion will be mada ta hohaia ,h. ,f.,
Ol passengers.
anaejenencea Burgeon attached to each ship.
First-class N. t. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool Ali o
Beoond-olass, " i. -j
Plrst-class, " to St John's 35
Thlrd-claas, " " to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town In Ireland, on a Railway, - - . 30
Tnlrrl nl.al nAaawii.ai. .1. llh.HH. . it. i
. P - - - - ..w..a. .uipiiaju W1UJ IITO
visions of the best quality, enolted and served by tbe ser
vants of the Company.
- -"'" '"""it irianus irom uie oia
country can obtain tlckeU from any town on a railway, in
.. , . ,.vww. .uv..i v.i..r. ui Aniiaaa ana ncot-
land, at very low rates.
Paasengera for New Tork, arriving by the Boston
Etesmers, will be forwarded to Mew York free of charge.
for paasage er farther Information, apnly to
...v . . ,v Wm. U. WIOKHAM,
At the offloe of the Company, on the wharf, foot of
Oanal street. New York.
aprill9dta.1'ANI ABPIIf WALL, Agent..
Sor.alI Throat and Lnna tlAmnf. 1.1. ,-.,.a ..a.
, . . -m miuiuuuii, wild
most perfect results, nsooiwa Codob, Cnaomc ara
""i oaoAcaiAi. awn inaoAT uoMriaurra,
always forerunners ot Oonanoption. As a Eoorauie
Bvaorlt has no superior. Freed horn all Opiate or
Eaetlo properties, may be need by most delicate oonttlJ
tnllnna anA amr-t , V. A-. .a n i . .
wwuti auta wiui rsiCrot WUUtAVDC,
Ins Orxatist Natcial OriAn ever flffalla. a tha
world, oontaining not a particle of Opium, nor any tab
stanoe bnt it strictly vegetable and medical properties.
A sore Bemedy (or Kiiiralsu, RnanauTiaic, Oobt,
Tooth aho I as Aces. C atari. R.a n n. iaau,
and all minor Nervous Complaints.
ton Lose or blut, and Beedache In an ice varieties.
It has no equal, and to which moat undoubted testmonl
als are offered.
loa Dblipjoh Taaansj It la a most perfect remedy.
loa BOWS. OoMnDrTS. after raaaavw tha It af.
as a physio, a moat Important contrast with the const! pa-
Ian maAtm AhIh. .
To Physicians, Formates end Trial Bottles will be sent,
and to Dealer or Invalid a descriptive pamm,let wlthent
Prepared nnder the special supervision of -
join t.. nsmivEWEiaii, ','
ORKiruT ak rwAaauesCTiei1,
Vo OCommereial Wharf, Boston, Kau
To whom pleass direct all oommunleatlona. .
Prices Large Cough Bemedy, 50 cents per bottle.
Small " . S5 " u
' Tola Anodyne, SO -
For sale hy the asoal wholesale and aatail Aa.t.
mayl7-wly Agents for Ootambaa, Ohio.
. W. A. Batchelor'a Hair Dye!
This splendid Hair Dva has HO MBft1.lfieif.4eatAA.a I.
effect-Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no staining
the akin ortnjurlng Oie Hair :remcmeeraeairar ae
effect of Bad Dyes, and Invigorates the hair for life.
none are genuine unless signed "W. A. Batchslor."
Sold everywhere. , . 1.
C0AS. BAT0BEL0B, Proprietor,
Jyllwly HI Barcky Itreet, Hew Yon.
Wm. A. Batohelor'i Hair aOya
The Original and Best la tke World,
All ethers art mare kiltatjona, end should be tvolded
Ifyouwlsh toeeoaperldloaie..
OBAT, RID OB BUSTY HAIB Dyed Instantly to
beaaUful and Vatural Brown er Black, wttaeut Wuw to
awarded to Wm. A. Batchslor atnea woo. aevl nva,n tai
appllcattona have bean made to the Hair of lit natrons
oi nis ramoeu uyai
. WM. A- BATCSILOBI BAJB DYE fndaoas a eel
or not to be dlsUDgnlthcd from aalare, aad tj warraatatt
not to Injure in the least, however long It maybe ooa tin
ted, and the 01 e tracts ef Bad Dyes remedied the Ban
Invigorated for Ure ay this splendid Dye.
Sold ta all aiUes aad towns ef the United ghtee
Druimandlaney 0o4srealrs. "
HThe eeaatMhasthe tune and addreas apoa a steel
plateeeinwrtog ae fear stdee of each box, of WIIJJAaf
A. BAlOUJUta, Addresa ' .
lylS-wlV , , SI BenUy street, New Vert,
Ahwsaestng eetaylalal aae
SX09CHIAL oiqa&sxikV:
Itadehw o; , B. SEYMOtrm CO., tor irrta ,t
rrlee 1 pea boat sen.t tree by po.il " t" a

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