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Democratic Union Nominations.
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Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY
Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY TICKET.
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. f teiHt IQ MARTIN.
, iJOHN G. THOMPSON. . i A , j
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Democratic Union Nominations. UNION DEMOCRATIC COUNTY TICKET. Democratic Union Mass Meetings.
Y ' (Slnw.i I ,
' The PemocriOo Union State Execnttte Coci
xaittM hwe mede tfrengeinente for holding
. 3VIass lyieetiogt Aa folbwa i'.r'.Jj
A CHiti,icoTHfkRo89 conotyj oVFridajri 'Oe
. tober 4A,Vt J P,.M,' Speaiere-Hon. Hugh J.
JeweM ma Hori," Aires t3.-Ttwnin.; i ,
At Ciac'itiTiLLt. Plckawewnotf, on Srtnr
y,Ootobei Stli at l P. Mi Speakeri-Hon.
Hugh J. Jeirett ajud Got. Mcdary.- y 1 r "
' At Lancastir, Fairfield cottniy. on, Satiirday
Dctober 5th, alf lTM., and 1e the Tening
The afternoon meeting will be addjwseil by the
"Hon Allen GTThurman.. . . t
At Abhland, Ashland county, on Saturday,
crtober 5lb, at I P,' Mv ' Bpeakert Hon. IL
B- Payne and oth'er. I
At PoniaoT, Meif county, on Siturday, Oo-
iobet&tbrfttl P.M.: Speaker-wHoB.Johii G
Judge Warden Again.
Weeeeby the Joamsfol yesterday morn
log that our37tOdge Waidib'i
.MrfrlremitathB Voters J)f thU Lounty," die-
toreelhUasniJ eqnanltnlty. Hit feverish txr
.itenMBt ltd him moat aojaeUy, tad without the
y.ca!i'pVUclprvidpceii Lttrlbuii;hd';ar
taotsblpof ow article W'Mr Cox ' Mr. C.
(never aaw the ttli'.MaUw"w'
t than Indge WatDtw.'u'nfll tieeair h Itj Jfedj
aeeday morning'e Sttiuman.
looeed to bat one party, ud etill bejooM'H j4
if ihia b to. most persoaa, we think, will ome
'tu he conelnstoa tharitf fauaf te' . Judge ?f"Ai
piii't party. Perbape he can prove that he It
How, la krtpiS his jjrtaent company, a concise
nt) Vmon'nianl auil waa laet( iriflte when in
'the Pembcrat'ate Convention he argued for
the jightei iaoj tajta i oce4eroni (the Uoloq
wiiL- j
n There U nothing mposaible to acme Btn'i
logic, j, Jodg,e Vardcm'i lease ,of personal lden
tity jjoliSoally -most be very etronf ,j pe re
lri'lcJi 'ni 'pf an'tlltUtratlon', nd on e corUin
occaaioait the fF'""f f ' Lxlamo, the
CheaUramjunnotb oheete man. He said fha
whem be wat a very little boy bu grandfather
Jrive hlm'a pocket knife wblctf he keptjill.be
ftrew np topanbood. It bad a great many new
UAdet, aad eeveral new , handlee bet till it
we-tta- MenScal knife hie grajldiather gave
The Free Navigation of the Mississippi.
Wt'reprodaoe, In another part of thii paper,
an exoalUnt arUclt frora the Detroit Fret Prat
ontherVeeaavlgatiowof the Mlseltsipp! It
M'w&fflSy a carefol and fcttentlve reaaln. ,u '
. We can never consent to the scheme gl tin. I
CTAflTOM.aud ome , other bogus No-party men,
who propose that if, after a year or two's trial,
we fail in whipping the seceded States back In
to the TJhldri; we effaall then content to a divide, re-
tahtlng with the North, if they deeire it,Westera
Virgiala. Kentucky and Mlwoari. . This would
toave the ilississippi from the mouth of the
Ohio te the Gulf under the control of a Foreign
tower-Hf thing .10 which Ohlo end' the Other
great Northweatcra States can nerer'agrao
That river must b hiiittuoH and the lathers
left U, ist its whole length aad width, under the
Jurisdiction ef the one FeJttat Government, "";
Those wbv think otherwise, or esteem it a
mitter of little eontequenee, will of course Vote
rhoTonahd StAWToii ticket on roesdaynext.
Attempt to Throw the Train Containing
the Ohio Fourteenth from
the Track.
[From the Louisville Democrat Wednesday.]
Fimdisb OoTSAoa MusDia. A train left
tbls efcty Monday nlgbt mm np' JrtW. Eratf
nenoethe fourteetita Ohio Jtement. As the
wain Beared Chriatlansbirrg.fihelbyeountr, (he
. cars were stopped by soma fence rails, which
jbad been thrown across the track toj some dev.
lis in hnman shape, three in number. The
train delayed long enough to arrest one of the
men, named Allen Nevil, but suffered no other
detention: norXS there." providentlallv, ant
damage done to any eno.iOa the arrival of the
tram ln Lexington, yesterday forenoon; tat
prisoner wae mbfcd ihrosgft the oily on- bis
to jail, when an Irishman, name unknown,
ptepped op, vd, tin burning tftt'trimt, drew
instead cat Netil'i thiott frowm Urvtr. "He
was immediately arrested ana. taken- to jail.
' When the train left Lexington yesterday after
noon, Nevil was not expected to live.
Democrats Union Men Rally to the
Rescue of your County!
Vvr. In tU nlatarw of OillO never, ill the
bilry t W country, since the Revolution,
his an election transpired bo Important auu
vol.imr awrrv IndlvWual weWW ttieil wtjigmj
respontiib'ilitv as
iW hlnb. IRK 09 1
Tuesday next. ' "
Look at our condition a moment
e very
existence of ou FfideraiPotea to Imminent
psril.Ti it U:not ; onJ threatened, but !
in.. .n''ot 'nermanent oissoiuhou. , i
Onion rgoi"i e auaof our, liberty will set r
l,r. b7t irreatnese as a people wllt beoome but
a dream of the past, and Our national PP'tT
be turned Into poverty and degradation':; ' v
' Men 6f Ohio t See, while our Federaj fapital
ii beleagur'ed, as it baa been for months, a feck
less, dating foe disputing every loch of gronnd
for tw6 thousand miles' along the wnoie a artn
ern line of the border slave 'States from the
:. . ... e 1.1
bauks of the rotomao to me waters i
seuri.-" MeanwhUe.'-eur own State Is in Hourly
peril of Inv-sion, and pur mlliUry authorities
afe fortifying for, its safely our great commer
cial emporium, which we proudly designate as
the "Queen of the West " The great high way
for us nd the vast Northwest southward to
New Orleans, the Gulf and the Ocean, is ciof
sd, and no man can tell when It trill be te
opened. . '
Our State, thegreattst la the Northwest, it
being drained of her wealth, and her resources
are about to be taxed to their utmost capacity
Fifty or sixty thousand of pur young and ; able-
bodied men are already In the field, or doing
duty is camp, and still the cry is for more Ohio
troops: Measuree are being taken to swell pur
number op to' seventy five, ' and., ir neeuea, a
fiRndred or a hundred, and fifty thousand. 1 1I
the volunteer system does not somce, araiHos
must be retorted td :;,The blanks for jljh'ajf pur
pose are already printed "4 &
ate use. i i-.xWU.-.
m Meanwhile, tho expenses of the Federal Gov
ernment are over a million of 'dollars a'day, and
those of our own State Government are searing
the rate of eight or tea millions a year.
It is evident that with1 all our vaBt resources
of men and means,' thU ji tate of things cannot
iaat always. .-The bottom will be reached some
day. - Te save ourselves from the Ignominy of
a diegraceful.fcomprcmisei and" the still' greater
ignominy of consenting to a dissolution of ths
Union, there must be a change of policy in the
administration of our National and State Gov
ernments; and the loyal people of the North
mutt demand the vigorous prosecution of the
war against rebellion to a speedy and successful
termination,' they must by their political action
show to the Union men of the , South, a readi
ness to oo operate with them for the security of
all their tights of 'person 'and property, add
brand with the mark of falsehood the-Seeession
and Abolitioa,lie that the way Is designed for,
or will ultimate in the destruction of any "es
tablished 8tate institution" In the South.'-. V,
, "Men of Ohio! Our volunteers have their
duty to do in the camp-and the field. Bat not
a leas, perhaps a more Important, doty devolves
upon us who remain at home, and dd the vot
ing. By our votes,, we can seaond or thwart
(heir efiorts; we can aid or obstruct the Govern
ment in a determination to-r preserve the Union
it ever has Jbeen; we cah assist lb making
this a wot far the maintenance of the Union by
preset ring "the rights and estiblisbsd institu
tions of all the States unimpaired,? or a war
for the dissbmtlpfl of tbf.Unlon, by ttemptipg
to iniMJere wun, a,uo oversurow. jvme ngna
and established tastltationa' Of a portion Of the
States. In a word, we can through the ballot-
box wield and direct a power mightier than that
of the sword, either for saving or destroying
our glorious Union,' either for keeping oar own
noble StitOj W';in, ter ceer of greatness and
prosperity, or r making her as degraded as the
petty Ul-govwrned-ans poverty-stricaen pnnci-
palirJes of-Europe. V:00':J " '
"No true Democrat, no sincerand nfelligent
Union man, oaa hesitate a moment as to whick
of thealteraatjves we bars named he ought to
choose. But lbs jDlndi.i)I.aome honest, well-
meaning people aw diitracted.: They say they
do lot know bow'fbey ought M vote at the con
og election,1 and nence assome an air an; a
postuouioi.Jwunerence,wnan,ior me east pi m
' Jt't M aI 1 it
Union and our. owa State, every enter' sboold
be prepared to east his ballot on the side there
It will ten most effedttiajl'ytbr the good of both
&eS&teahd tneUgloiv- to 'vmsI VI !
. Two tkketa ara presented (for our mffrares
onTpeedVy, both claiming td (be. Union. ',T)ne
'tlwt Hejttu'tijDsn iDsm'eiraoy,
which wis fir's inemjauhterl-vtthe tioket of a pari
ty which has, er alDev'thl kdoption of tb
Federal1 CotfBtifnflou,' ' Bd'fltaine'd the GoVern-
meat (wd'the Union,is'peace n4. in war, aad
is to-day toe only' 'political organixttion to Oho
wnosw memperrare nnsmmoasin tneir aerouoa
to theame gVeat ibjeoVt, 'oJhsrW'a' licket
whichwaf ,'put in nomination nearly month
aftst: the, Union Democratic the ticket pf a
party Of vesterdiji a It werewhoso' boast It
Is j that it is made' tip pf, irrepressible Jtepubli
MaSf Giddings Abolitionists, and a few bortine
pDemocrafS a "party whose members are divid
ed In sehtimenV-eome supporting .the Adminis
tration in itsoonservativowar policy, and oth
ers bitterly denonndng itr'some' professing tj
deafr the'preservaitofr'of the. Old Union, and
ethers demanding a war for ths. ntter: exterml
nation of slavery or the formation of a -new
NortlwtfContifederacy', ' 1 f l-
'.DemocraU 'Union man!... Whieb of .theao
two tickets do yonion your onasoieocB think yon
onght to vote?' " i""' lo "; irra
Stabbing the Lincoln Administration
—Aiding the Rebel Cause.
, 'i a
We gave on yesterday copious extraets from
the Cincinnati Press and the Columbus Fet,
two'-recognlsed organs of the bogus' Union par.
iy, pitching into the Lincols' Administration.
We find the following brief but significant para
graph in ths editorial columns of the Cincinnati
Onwwftutl of Thursaa'yr ' ; .' .' J; J
' The time of the civil authorities la w'aeh.
Ington seems to be pretty ovenlv divided be
tween the discussion of General Fremont's case
id Cabinet meetings" and the appointment of
Tim '.Commercial is the oMof brtfau of thii
bogns (Tnlbnpaxty, and theibote from Its! 'col
umns,'wiia' what wepublishsi yesterday, is suf-
fieiently sugweativf of twbstsve may look for as
soon as the election fa "over a1 general attack
from theorgsrioffte new pajjt 6n tht Liwpoui
OT Tie Clevetaed-fMn Detltr has become
as mean as Jotpt ff, CrDttisot since, It (ell in.
to Hoe in thit rear of , that jold ainner. i The
Demoerata of the Reserve should ft Up the
ban against ths Plain nhr And never hereaf:
ter aiiowatT w eater tne Utinocratio lolflj ;
; i. ,m .i i. 'mi 'I i .( i .'; I"
,CT Those who want tbe war cairrindi'saae a
mere Abolition raidundcr the lead oY Joshua
R. Gmamos and lias, wara) should Vote the
Ten ticket; whlllhbe whd kre hiof of a
vigorous war la inpport'of J.fteConstUuUpnh''
Laws and the preservation of tbe Union, should
vote tbe Jiwrrr ticket,
—Aiding the Rebel Cause. The Elective Franchise—The Soldiers
in the Regular Army and the
. .
In renntylvanla at la Ohio, some of the Re
publican No-party politicians W 'com Wnatjons
of mjooaUaeWrsa'ud" 4angVrsr:e:-Tuet
nof ma
ion- dif tressed, in Vfofdifn WPVfi
he; rignOf the; Miejetb thkMi
about tbei
however, having sought to make the Impression
that'somebody ontslde of 'this bogus';'Jnlon
movement has contempUt ie, oppeaitlpn ta
the exercise -o iuV elective franchise by' the
the regular army and the volilit;
If it were a question about the comfortable-
and speedy clothing of the soldiers,-the supply
of good rations and he i prompt payment of the
men, these parties would be mum, or else they
would be, looking after the ."stealings," and,
trying to make what ooul.d tiade out of th
armv contracts. 1 '
In Pennsylvania; the fluesjioii o( the right ol
soldiers to vote, bu attracted the attention of
the Executive, and he has "required the opinion
of the Attorney-General upon it. Mr. Miar
nrrn's opinion Is sfoilowsi:.'-'.-wfj' , j;
HARRISBURG, Sept. 27, 1861.
My opinion is requested by the governor on
the following questions, vlt: . ' 1
I. What volunteers will be entitled to vote
at the approaching general rcleotipB their
campsl " I "
II. Whether the voluuteers so entitUd P t
'tan vote for cour.tr ofGceret
L i am clearly or tne opinion mat no votun-.
teer will be entitled to vote in taeir camps,
except snch as are In actual military service in
conformity with law, viz: Each as are In service
under the authority of The Governor on the re
qulsltlon of the President Of the United States.
Alt the field officers of such regiments will be
eemmltsloned by the Governor, and the holding
of sncb commissions by ths field offlpers wilt be
a fair test of the right or the regiment to vote.
II. The act of assembly provides .that (he
volunteers may exercise the right of suffrage!
6? course they have as much rigb( to vote, for
officers as for other. ." ',, ' "
Attorney General.
' After the 'above opinion was presented to the
Governor, another question arose, which the
Attorney-General bai thos disposed bf ': !
Since1 Writing' the" above, en additional ques
tion bus been propounded to, me, via i Where
men from several counties, are in the me
company, what course should, be pursued t ji
am of opinion that la sncb cases there should
be separate bsllot boxes, tally lists, ete., for
each county, and the votes should be returned
to each. county, of the voters entitled to vote In
September 28, 1861.
,lf w .properly Interpret tbo opioion of llr.
Attorney-General MrarorrH, be confines the
exercise of the right of suffrage' to volupleer
soldiers. la, Pennsylvania,, under their special
statute providing for the voting of suoh, to that
class who- are still under the authority df the
uevernpr, ana wno nave not. peen furueu over
to and rauatereij into the aecvice of the. United
States., . We have, not the aot of Assembly of
Pennsylvania before us, providing for fhe'votlng
of volunteers. 'la their camps,, but front' , Mr.
Mnibrrti's opinion,, it .rnast be limited and
restricted, to coma within the provision bf that
elanse In their eonefltution which Is analogoni,
we.presnme,' to the 5th section of ths Otb article
of the Constitution of Ohio, which deolares that
nopetetn in tha military 'of Inaval service of
tbo United States, sball by Teason ol . being jjti-
tionea In any garrison In thiealato, be consid
ered residuals of the same. : The aet of a
sesnbly of Pennsylvania providing for the Toting
oi volunteer soiaiers, is peculiar f mat puut,
and nnaor, u some ot bar battalions voted in
Mexico In 1848 and cast their ballota aaanl
only, we believe, Jot Cass and BtJTUt,..,. Un
fortunately we have ho such law )n ' pblo, and
benoe the volunteers oannet avail themselves df
It, '..This is much to be regretted but Ibe'dli-
loultr oaa In a degree be remedied in this way
Let each man who deelres to visit bis home and
cast bis vote where ii can Iter legally Uoae fa the
proper precinct or township In tVo' county lit
which be resides, receive a furlonch for Wifljcient
tlm4Jend';.e'pasa tha(-wiU earryfclm freecf
trsnsportatlon la going to bis faomerand return-
lag to camp. That the three'years'r'olhijtcerl
Would be legal' votcti at their proper tvotiof
pieces in tneir proper equaues, seems to as 19
be 'undoubted! bat It is not so clear, wnder our
Constitution, that the' soldiers In' the rem at
army oan exercise' the 'rights 'of eiecto,ni..,Os
thing is certain, that in one Stat we have ne
law providing for soldiers voting In camps1; nor
oan they vote ln.the,, townships. In wbfcjiths
camps 'Jars' located; but by , a, judiios ;atd
proper exercise of authority, and on a mosfap
proprlate oeoasloa,'in VolODterra' Jnay exercise
(br lectTt' fraqcblt li hoaiqby Mmin& a
foridngb and a pass for that parpoe. . Those la
anthnritv would fa MrflaetlV rastlfiadTn'rMrsn)
in-.thW bourse, and 'tag fe Joj
wiuti id Tut on iuesua ; next. 1
Speech of David Tod.
. Mr. Too made a speech at ,JYoungitown,tMa
booing county, ion Saturday. last,: Septtmbt
88ta.:5Ci.-f- iw'f-iai ,"toiit t.f ,
la It he defended lhebin (u'trO'LceiLLiji!olle
Legislature by bMr. Baxbwui, during tbeifirst
leasion pf the lest General Assembly, known at
the time by tbo name Of the bill to punish
Itrikes, and which' tauses conaldorabjoitaa-
uoa ana aiscusuoa among we meonsjues ana
laboring men of Ohio at the time, belotrtegarl-
ed by tbesa a Inimical 'to fheir Interests.6'-'
In referring to Mr,. Jxwirr, Mr. Too donomi-
n'ated him, by way ot veproeob, as' the eandi
date. of the LBaxrauNarBaa and v"ALLAitreiiAit
wisg bf the" Democratic' p'trty, and, n'tlmaied
that 'the supporters' of IrJawkrp were, not
sound Jnioa men. ,Xa this part ef his spsech
Mr, To did a greater Ifajostlee to' himself ths'b
any one else, becaus the .tatement'ma4e ty'
bim is not trae. , The supporters of Ms. Jirtrrr
are a loyal and devoted Union md as -aet ft'
Ohio, and in that respect are Infinitely itiporlbr
to the.mtjority of Mr.;Too't supporters. Mr.
Too has men associated with, bim on the State1
ticket, wbft eannot be regarded as uncondit'lonal
Union men, and tbis fact he cannot be ignorant
oL Ir. Stabtok has on more than one occa
sion declared that la K cerUis contingency he
was ready to recogflTzs th Bouthefn, .Confede
racy and should Mf . Job be elected Governs,
wbioh be appears to anticipate as a fixed faet, be
Will Ind himself associated with tod knrrbunded
by men .who have no lore , or the Union', and
bave not bad for many years. 1 Bat the vote of
the Slate when polled on Tuesday next and re
ported, wilt astonish 1 MrJ. Tbif; and tflselose to
rjsdn' iicre, the' sononiqn Pemoqrspy
are. 1 Toey will n'U.h great unanltnity vote the
Jswtw ticket; "-'' t-:-. i.-- . 1"
m B'- n'f ' iinii.ti nil' 1 ;-.'.:
i tT The art teles 00 War B. WooDs'of liekl
lrii'eoulity; ik. th'e 'GrtsM 'ot esterdaf,, ,6b ihij
(authariij of.anAboliHop paper 'la,,Maiifl,ld,
the HtnU. is ae mean as It Is. nojost aod'ua-
jruthful.1 There li One consolation, ndweVer,
'and that Is It will do Mr. Woods no harm,, .ft
''ErPrsldibt Van Biiren, powjl3 jeers. aid,
recently visited Canadaigua, fa ompaoy with
bis son Johd Van Boreo. Tbe Ex-President
enjoys good bsaltb.
[From the Ohio Democrat.]
The Duty of the Patriotic Voter.
It U . oiiailV .(iiIt ( f the to "keep
step i to-the mosio at thsTnlou" kt the ballot-
box as in trie tsniea now. nau we
majority of the voters .during IM past year or
t4 btt as uaerriugly direoted against all fa'
natjos and, seetisna(lfis, as the bullets or our
brave soloes I aMBftr agsjniath,rbsls, ojr
hereforwUpprsidfrosperoue'ooimtry would
still be at peace, and every Inhabitant In the
full enjoyment of the blessing that flow from
its free-and motIApen governments ione but
the blindly prejuuiced and fanatioal will deny
this trutbiul proposition. , , . ., ' . 1 I
What then sheathe te nnd pntriptVi vpter
la before dlecbannog bis duty at the polls Dd
next TdMdayt" He should , calmly nd earnest
ly teview the past ana tno reavDt, buu uoier
mine in hi Own mind, thai henbafortb his vote
and hie Influence should be thrown for that par
ty wbjoh has .aevel ailed to. tally under tbe
stars and stripes, both in peace and war that
party which has ever maintained broad nation
al views, and which ha always followed tbe
advice' cf Washington against the danger of
sectlonallsm-J-that party nnder Whose frequent
administrations onr country has'ecqulred all its
glory ia poaoe and been bought triumphantly
through its oonfllot ln.war. '
Remember, that, the flag pf the Union, the
Constitution and the laws, and the right of tbe
people ' to self-gQjrotnment were exUude over
theorraioal Stajtes and aoqQired teeiitory under
a Democratie President, J efferson. 1,1 V" i
Remember, that the glory, bonor, aba integ
rlty of the Union and the flag of the country
were maintained in the last wa with England
under a Democratic President, Madison. ' 1 ,
' Remember, that nullification, aqd. -disunion
were crushed, out by a Democratic President,
Jacksoni ht i --. -" t-i-.-" M '"" """' i .
1 Remember,- ttiat Ihe , Integrity 'of. the Union,
a successful war and a glorious peace with
Mexico, resulting In the acquirement of the
golden coast ou th Pacifli.'were secured by a
Democratic President. Pelk.i ' ' ' '' "' n ..
- And Remember, tU.it th'e Dcmooratlc party Is
now and ever has been, lor the Union, the i log,
the Country, lb Censtiiutibb and the security
of the people in theis Constitutional tights, and
that ths beet guaranty for the peace', unity, sta
bility apd permanency Of the Union, Is the tri
umph M 'the billot-bo,, oa Tuesday, Oatober
8th, of tbe good old Demoeratio party and the
tlma.knnfwit rtrlhrtlnlp U aHTOcatCfl.
Patriotic voter, reflect, and do your' duty to
your country,... .nt --n t
PV n il,.
Governor Dennison—Gen. Anderson—
Troops Three Months—"Red
Tape," etc.
'-"The TTmrs of yesterday publishes a corrc
tpondeoCe' which took place by telegraph be.
tweenCol. Wlltsee, of this city, and Gen An
derson and Gov. Deonison, relative to raising a
reelment here for three months' Kentucky r
vice. It ie well known that Gol. Wiltsee pro
posed to ralna a regimant here for. three months'
tat vleer,. -Th following lathe correspondence :
LOUISVILLE, Sept. 28, 1861.
Cot. Wiltsul Your disoatch was delaved
Keepyoar:TOglmenttmtil equipped .and cady
to take ths field. "Drill, uhltorm and arm yoor
regiment rpidiy.a (possible, and report from
time tef Tim yowr protrress. We have no fit
CINCINNATI, 1, 1861.
" OoT.Drfmisoit I have anoTder from Gen
AadersDn to pot tea eompantea In eobdition to
tiikw tha field as aaon u noKaibla. .. H la ttt aj-m
Ihtm imfequjp themiT Give me your eonsent,
and an order to subsist them at Camp Dennison
for niteen days, tseveral companies ready to
datH Term ol ealissmstii, Urea months.
LOUISVILLE, Oct. 1, 1861.
, Cot., Wiltui Purchase bell tents ond tub
slstance for three oempnleff,aad draw on me at
thirty dars, Apply to Mtjor.Ktag. attbs Bar-
Brigadier General.
Brigadier General. COLUMBUS, Oct. 1, 1861.
j, Cot.TOiWigi . I ewMka acpfW-ay ol
anteers te eater the service for lees time than
three-years, if the war so long continue. Thet-,
fore I dqcllho glvipg the otde? jou ask for.. I(
your commaDa aeaures-toentertbe service for
the r I wiU Issue the -proper order, and you
can then join General Anderson and Inform bim
bj,.tegtaph 4(jaj dojtiou. i j V -.. s I
iTTnsTimlatteVs t3oT.'Denmson for his ao
tlon In tbis mattercharging that the "red
tape principle prevails," and that "three year1
recruiting baa been" 'played out, -because of
certain ahottcomincrs of ths Dower that be."
In our Judgment, "Gov'." Dennison Is right
We want no more three mouths' regiments, to
disband when they are most heeded , ft'le not
worth while to, waste money .'la the equipment
ana subsistence oi saca regiments i, .u i
i Bean dee, whaaevef may bs thw shortobtofngi
of tbe powers that be, three' years' recruiting
Is not played outr-imever was"better. Men
enlist for the war Abett'ds fast as they can be
thoronghly arevided for. -""Three years recruit.
vowld, however, be "played but," very aooni
li th three months basinet jrero, commenced
agauu-rCM. tstmnwew. 3d. ' ,,j--v i
, a , a'.nwi - - .V 1 r.t I (.dulcK't it
One of the Pure Before the People.
, One of tboee' Dembor'ali'.wbo had met with
indifferent success in his aspirations 'for office
while be adhered to tbe organization; and who
has. beta nominated or Scat Senator by the
so-oailed Onion men el Ods ol the central dls-
tricts of Ohio has publiohed mi address to th
people, It, is, of course, Pry .patriotic. . H
was evidently never patriotic before, v, The sen
sation is new te bim, and be oavotta nnder' its)
delightful influence like a young eolt that hat
suddenly come upon sew. and .fresh -pasture
Us sajil "anch at" tha vjew which, we, wbi
hav' decided to sacrifice, piirty-organizations
and party platform's on the altar of our counf
try, are endeavoring to bring boforo tbe peo
ple."! -All which 4a-ktniivaleBI to saying that
the orgauixatiap wlth whloh h- his been con
nected has been aad ie lalmloalto tbe good of
the country, and sboold be abandoned, now that
the oosntry is actually in daogeaN .Such fellows
are utterly . deraia. oi principle, ana are ooiy
connected with party organisations Cor tbs saks
ol the offices that my be obtained through
them... We bad alwaya been of the opinion that
the Demoeratio party was Indlssolubly connect
ed'wilit the welfare of tbe country, and that
with Ita overthrow would come tbe most crlev
out of national calamities. We are now to be
taught otherwise by adherents of the party who
are always on point lookout to discover where
they may possibly secure a good office by get
ting into a new camp, and who justify their de
sertion by pleading patriotism, at II "they bna
never had any of tbe article before. Cincinnati
Enquirer, d, ,:-". .'.
Army Appointments.
.Thflfollowliig' appoinfineuts'ln' tbs Ftdsral
army are announced; ,; , - -.' r. . :.-
Army Appointments. MAJOR GENERAL.
Edwin D. Mart-an, Governor of New York.
to be t Major-General of Volunteers. "
p tbi.nrrvey' Wright,'' Fifth ArtiUey', Irhtteo
state army. ii wii- ., .) - .
Col. George Wright, Ninth Iafantry, United
States army. ' ', ', ' '.' ; !..?,,
Col. R. B. Marcy, laspectot-Gsneral United
Slate army. h.ii i-i . -o-i
Major Beth Willlsms, ' AssisJant Adjutant
General United States army. ; '..,'. ,.'!,
Wm. R. (Strong, of Nsw York.
Cor. Itaae J. Stevens; of tbe New York Sev
enty alnth Regiment. " "
Thome Williams, Fifth, Artillsry1. United
States army? '
Major Jnnls N. Palmer, Fifth Artillery, Unit
ed State atmy.. U . si ' ' it
Major George Sykes, Third. Infen.7, United
States army. II t K t I ) iJLL t
.Wm..T,,4, JrooJ TflTaatryyoj
States army UM.a.w.-.-, tmitmi J
Wm. W, Burns, Commissary of Bubsistonoe,
United States army. '-- .-.
..,Cspt. Ji P.. Hatch, Unhed Sutee-Cavalry "
Capr. D-D. M.'rJtahleyi'Vnlted State Cttr-
'C.r' John Itf.' Br'ann'an, First ArtUlery.- : j,
Bieret Major W, H, French,- First Artillery.
Ctpi J, M. Potter, to be Assistant JuarUr.
master United States, Armyi cv oii, '
Capt. Oeo. D.JVJae, to be aa Assistant Qo'
termaator of. volunteers.
Cblobsl Guttave Koerner, to be an Ald-de-Camp
to Major-General Jobs C. Fremont.
The Forces in Missouri.
A Jtffjrson City correspondent of the Chlca.
go Tri6unt whites ; 1 . ' ; -.;. ; i ;, '
mere ere'-aqoui sweive-. luousana reaenu
trooDS at Sedalia and violnity, two thonsand at
Lamine Erldge, twenty miles east f BedaUa,
and about serea thonsand here or between 8t.
Loals and , Jetferwn-r-tb whole making in the
neigbbbrboodl of 'twenty thonsand soldiers.
Opposed to1 them Frlcw'has nnder bim not leae
than tventy-flve thousand, end MoCnlloch fif
teen thousand, a total of forty thousand. This
1 rather an nnder than an over estimate." 1 ne
whole addlt male.Soesalon population in West
er. Jdiasourl hav loined Price's armv4. - The
oapture of Mulligan's brigade baa made them
dellrloua with joy.' They are confident Of hav
ing St. Louis witbin tnree weeas. bo tney nava
turned out en masse, every nan furnished his
own weapons, horses' and food, and those who
are destitute of food and horses tak them from
tbefarmers. s m;t : ' :? " '; J
i.'-i : ; .ii ' !
At last accounts Parton Brownlow's houte at
KnoxviUs was guarded by secession soldiers,
acting nnder orders from Zolllcoffer. Tbo
Parson remains tone to his Union principles,
and Zolllooffer baa tespeot enough for bie hen.
est opponent to protect bim. ; t v
. . -: ' ' -; r
Tac Fousticnth Ohio Rxoiaiirr. This regi
ment came down on the Frankfort Railroad on
Sunday night a far as Emlnenee, and went In
to camp- at that point. Colonel Steedmanl a
gallant officer, is in command. Leuiicitte Jour-
nnl, 1st..; t ..i(r.-.i-- ,.-!-.
. . 1 . 1 m 1 1 . I
JIialth or Ma. Tod. Mr. Tod. we learn,
haa baan oomDalled todeoline.oa lb inlunotlOB
bf his nbvsioians. the appointments to address
meetings, made lor Dim in various pans 01 toe
State. His health, although materially restor
ed, will not admit of exoiting duties Incident to
a stump speaker in a political oampaigu.J
loaino Hegitttr. . . :, . , . -' ; 1 1
' Ullt40iTlKI 0. tllLITIA AMD T. UlUTU,)'
" ' QoaaTUWAiTta-QuttAL't Orrics,V
; , .1. I . ., Colombo, Oct. 3, 1881.
. PA88X1 will be tsratd by the Itet cf Ohio to sol
dim oa furlough, to be refmded or kept ent of their
pay. f I ! ; l ( W ,1 ' - t
AWhWtor fraaspertoMoawUlhtreatterbe ttttlad
and paid by the Aalttant Quartermaster TJ. 8. A., at
No. SO, 'State Hoate, Oolnabos, Ohio. ' j
; -; ' ' I0. BWBIOHT, j
' ' ' 1 - ' ' 1 Anlitant Quartermasttr General
. OClttf .i.- ,. t
, I I-
; S. S. EAMES,
, . ., , , . I'
; ,1 It now reclThi( a laireanddeilrabl ttook of
Fall and Winter Dress Goods!
which he will sell at prices thit will enable him to
tain the nputaUoa th Stand already enjoyt of being the
Olxoetjp Qtoro
of tbe City; Hneh of the Stock was bought for Cash
before tbe lata extraordinary advance.' aad all oan :be
soidat -. ...
for TLrtwliasMiesea and Chlldrcnl
of the very best quality and mike. eorllally Invite
me 01 oniorm or tnenonte, and everybody else, .to
call and examine my ttocki btfore parenulng elsewhere.
fF3 r0m XSCtZXXOlSy ,...
119 BtrtJttt man
. oeU-dtt r j 1. . iv
A-'Black Horse,".'- " b
O Bur in th fortheid; long fall tall and mane; four
years old. 1 will pay -
A Liberal Reward -
To any person giving Information, or returning sail
none 10 me tuDwrineron norm rtaier itreei, voiun
1 v."...: h. chambirs
0ct!3t.. ' '. ... , ,(.',. .
No;' S330 eoxifh ETigh fStrexst; Three
- , : ijoore noutn oi ition, .
TTA8 Jn received a eholoe stock ef TALL AND
JJ. WINTER OOODB, suitable for gentlemen's wear,
easterners wtil here thlr orders neatly and substantial
ly executed at the lowest ratce. , ' I
sep28 . r i-ri-.i-..--- vj -' j
Juit Pnblhihedln a Sealed Envelope; Price S cti.l
Weakness, lnrolanbwy IlsiIjsIocs, Bexnal Debility, and
Impediments to Marriage tfenerallly, Herronsnese, Con-
enmpUoB, Xpiiepfy aad rite, Mental and Physical In,
capacity, resulting front Belf-abue, Sco. By Bobert it
uuirerweu, at. A.,aamoroi ineureenjUKK,te.
A Boon te Tboasaade el nflorere,1
Sent nnder seal, in a plain envelope, to any address,
poll paid, en reeelpt of two stumps, by Sr.1 0UA8.
J. 0. KLINE. 127 Bowery, Nw Yurk, Poet Office Box
No 4.586. sep7:3mdaw ,
Persona ef lull babits, Who are subject to
peetlvvneN,' Headache, OMdiness, Srpwilness and sing
Inilnlhe tats, aiiiing from too great a (ow el blood to
the head, should never be without Brandreth'e Fills, aod
many hlly dAotf cos symptoms will be removed by
their imaedlaie use, , ;',., . ,
The Bon. ). Hani, of Westchester eoanty, N. T.,
seventy-five years of age, has ased Brandreth'e Pills for
twenty five years aa his sola- aedlcme. When be feels
Indisposed, be It from Gold, Bhemnatlsm, Asthma, Head
ache, Bilious Affections, OosUreneie or Irritation of the
Udnsys or bladder, he doae nothing bat take a few doses
o Biandreth's Pills. ' ii ' : :
. fill usual aelhed Is to late tlx pills, aod redoes the
dose each night, one pill la every attack of sickness
tor twenty fire years, thjs simple aetbod baa never failed
to restore him U Valtkf and tew men arete be found so
estiva and hearty as h.'i;,;', ' ',.',,,,' ),',,'..
.' Bold by Jobs B. Oooa. Drasslst. Oolumbo. and by
all respectable dealere In medicines.
eplB-dlm - - .''..-
nor FAT'a urtt piim.
la aft eaeet ef oostlvenea, dyspepsia, billions and liver
affections, piles, rheumatism, , fevers aad aaues, abetl
aale head aches, and all general aerangetaeats ef health
these Pills have arvarlabry prove a certain and speedy
remedy.' A single trial Will plaee the. Life Pillsvbyond
the reach oroompetltlon la the estlmalioa ef every pa
Bent.",',' , , ; ' '..i ' ' ' -'
Dr. Moffat's Phoenix BltUrs will bs to and eqaally eti
Beaeioas la all eases ef aervoasaebUltr, dyspepsia, head
nohe, the stckoess tneident to females la delicate health, j
and every kind of weakhess 'of the digestive srgans.
for sale by PC, W. B. SlurlAT, S3S, Broadway, H. X.
and by all Dnwglste.., ft i r -- a . , say2S-dkwU
Tbe following' t in tttiaot from
leueiwrtttaaby tkaBev. J. B. Holme, paster o( the
Plertepotat-Btreet Baptist Ohorchj Brooklyn, H. T.,t
'Journal and Messenger,! Olnclnnath Q.,and speaks
volemee la favorif that worU-ieoowaed saedloine, Mas.
Wimslow's BoVrauis'lnurr roa Osnuasa Txawsuwai 1
'"We eat ah adverthaeat la roat eolnmm of Mae
tfnnu)W'i Boonuaw Briorv . Kow we never said a word
In favor of a patent medicine before to enr Hi, batw
feel eompeiled to say to your raadar that this ta ae basa
oum. It Ie probabli on of the meat SMueeesfu w
4ds of th day, tMoatu II i on f th bMt. Aadthost
of yont rsaoere wae nave bane a't ae
laymasappiy.'. ectf7ilje
v - -. M
. W. flunula, a Urft.v . ..w.m
: , 1- liware Common fleet. '
a. Knapp Oft. J r -i,'
la the tbove mlm. ana alio two eihe writs, en Id
rarot of John P. Bonn vt. J. a. Koapp Co.", aod oae
la favor f Wllllaa 0, Bunn ti, I, (t. Koapp kOi,
ae dlrwtfd h-om th Ooartof Common (leu of Peiaware
oonntr. Ohio, I will ofer for aW at, tha itoro room No.
lu mm mnmu mm, 000,070 moos, in uif 017 oi vs
lombua, sale oommanelos t r f 1 i ' f 1 ' ' i
I Monday, the 14th day1 of Oof., A. 0.1861,
at t o'clock a. m., a So assortment of dry r'x"' an4
notions, two stores, one tup laddai, two tots Valrkaak't
eoslM, oo oetk, on lht r clock, Jkj Sto.--1
'''iV'.wa'iL.,,. !
' .. By . Dvi, Pplj.y
. IT. MM W DIWI lI - u
w. B. Kiht, lucuonctr-, j, ,i 04
BCTABV ,0F THI TBK ABTJBT, a, book wUlj be
opened oh the ,;,.,'..",,; - ,'r-.i . ' -' ,
31st day of September, at' the Clluioa Baak.
For sabterlptloas, nader my superintendence, for Treat?
arv Notes, to be lamed onder the set of July )7, lf61.
These aotee will be lstu4 In sums of fifty dollart, eat
hundred dollars, fire ImnOrtd dollaraone Iheoand
dollars, and five thenaud dollars, dated lath Aagf it,
lest, payable three yean after date to the order, at the
subscribet or aa directed, and bearing Interest at the
rate of 7 310 per oent. personam, payable stmt-eotm-
ally; said interest being at the rate of two cents for each
day on every hundred dollars.', for the convenience of
the holder, each note Will bay eoupons auaened x
pressing the seveial aaouats of semt-tnnuat Intertsl,
which coupons may bt detached nd preiented tor fry
.... .. .. t l
ment separately rrom tne noui. '
SubtoripHon for rue IVeatvry Intel will te
etived dvrinfJIUtn Say I from th day of opntrtf
the book at afurmaid. t t r, ,i- T: i. t
Farther Information given on application to .-"y
;, ' ' . ,: .',lirl. 0. MIHX4I11,
. - i . i - . ..uflovernmentSaheerfptlon Agent,
seps3dloe ; i -i... i .- i
- ;-..,.
TUBBS in this Inttltntlon will commeoc1 on
THCBBDAY, tbottth ef OOTOBEI, and cnnliaue n-
til the lit of March, loos. ,v V
" r S. M.' SMITH, M."b.', y
Prof ettor of Theory and Practlclf, aid Dean .
Prof, of Obitetrics St Slaeates of Women fc Oblldre
,:' JOHN DAWSON,' M,' p.Si''J
'. Prof.' of Anatomy and Phyilology. , ,
J. W, HAMILTON,' iii.n
, i ... " , . ' Prof, of Bergery.
, liivt 1.
Prof, Mt. Med., Therap.'a Uf . Jnriiprudsooe.U
r ' THEQ. Q: WORMLEY.M. D',"1
Prof, of Ohemiitry.!'"'-
. K. a. XtAJlK, OU V;
. .- . Demonstrator of Anatomy
.4 titiMT'. '
2. .f.-"il
Tickets fortall the Profeeton..,.. t&OW
KatrlcnUtion Ticket (oaiy paid enca. . . r, . , t 00
aradnatton Teea..". ..,4 fO OO
Demonstration Bervleee , 5 OO
Boarding $ to ) per weak, Inctadlng Ugbt aad fuel.
The Clinical knd EotDital advantaiee eonelsi la the
Urge and dtvenlBd Oolleg Ollnie and the. lioiplUt of
the rranaun uonnty innrmary. nesiae tntte, u two
Military Oampein the neighborhood will be ecciulbleto
Meoioai Biaiwaa. -
All letters ol inquiry will bo promptly answered
n i.;. 1 1 i ii .1 - i i
k: , rwi..'Ur:! bt-, '-aril- tiui :in i r - .- . i
(8TT00K 3S0lt TO tfcBl 4 TMAUiy!,
. No. . 106, South High StrcCti
.". ? i V i l tT "j'-.i i (-.
yjr c I
Foreign and lldmestic' Fruits
..-,.;) oi i 1
S-.-il-csil iftr!.-ii s- i.
' (Ute of Phslon's Xitabllshment, S. J1 .;,)",' . , i
jl rashionsbi snaving, Aiair vnitug, rJbunpoosuig,
Onrling and Draeeing Baloon, . ,', , v ....."l
SoatA liiah St., over JSaia'e 8tora
where eatlalactloa will be given la all ' the vertex
brancaee. . . I
Ladlea' and Obildran's Hair prenbg done In tbe bt
etyle. Ver. -. .' -t ... u-t vj
amiadlet ; ;- !: i - V l'
. . , t - r- i I f
A. SIAfllLX on hand and for tale, tbe best quality c
BTAMTLY on hand and for sale, the best quality pf
whioh he will eell at the lowest market prlcss. TT1 j
Call and oxtnino mt Ooal before surcbatirix else
wheie. , ;
OHM U tbe store of Brsilf.,rS, BuydAia c (Jjj. bead
of Oanal
. t. BtJTDAM.
Oysters! Oysters!!
be In daily reoeipt, by Bxprees, Of,,,'. ' I
from Baltimore and Pair Itaven.
Osll at Wagner's Oyster aad Vrolt Pepot,
Btatestreet. . ..-. i.t.., .lieu v
... . . . - . .. .i.j -
i I P t..y.t
Tbe Best Artificial Help to tbe
, , Haanan slgbt ever iBTeated. ,v,
JOSEPH S. miWl;1,
ment of the sneer toDreved kinds of Bpectaetos.
All his fllasses, whetber for sear er fatHnghted, are
ground la eeacave convex form with the greatest care,
so as to suit ta Byeaef aH easeecaring Weakness,
DinineM or IuflamnUioa ef tbe Bye, and inparttug
Slreogta for long reading or nne sewing
Office, 13 Bast State street, at BelUeY ,WeWj's
Marie Store,
, ( ;t ,owiii'i't lunei .-u t,(
J i in .i.i.u J'
Irish Jhati XJooadU '! ''
TTTsnBtsTtturirmiO1 " ,'.!'-w"
V Linen Bkirt Boeome. Plain and f ahoy
.r. , . . Bhlrtleg aod Boeoa Linens. -
Linen Bheetlan and Pillow Oealnsra. '
. j. ..:"'. ' Unen Oaubrlce and Lang Lawns.
. . ' - ' L torn rocket4Mndkrfe, all slses.
' Linen TowelllnnaadDiapert
v- tinea rTapkin en D'Oyllee.
Linen TM Olotlwaiid Satla Damasks. .. . ,.
.V LUtea Tewele with eolored bontws, ' "!
. . .. im aostroevwrtogsand Onah
V.-IK VP, f saw at tow priee.
m. .1,-,, i, tto. 88 Boatk Bisk etsetU,
KDOBBB, new sty les, jast opens by
. BAI& at BOH, .
snrtO - X.SeataBlt3ksareet.
Sheriffs SalskJ
b:. r-
jtkpresa CalVrt
: Blatd
es- aw
i Via Xv' York & Erie Sailir6a;
And fill Dthef Roads Leading Went
Onartered Otrs oyer moit Boads on Pauenger Traloi.
t-Tti 'it f '' . -.-t '
a. H. llbVtt, Ag't. I A. 1. KNISHT, Ag't,
tt Broadway, a . x . 1 ' ' 5 State St., Boitan .'
ft-WU, Hi P1BBY, Bupirintendent, BnfTal6. '
L' IT. t-ITCII eV BON, Agents, j
',"'' f't ". 87 Waet Broad Btraei,
Produce, .vf.ft-'V:-,
r ( v i ; Proviaions,
' Foreign, and Domestic Liquors,
U;;'(:Fruits? etcekr i v. i"'
V. h .,, .'i :: t. ' "' " J
Nti. Vii o R T H H IGH STrVe T.
-No. .106,, South High Street,
yu, oUitiuid recently occupied by Wlf. MoEONALD
01Jm... '- : :
.itpe i I ne lsln dally reeelpt of " - - '
v"-Which he will sell
Ctteaa fr Oath or Coaintry Frbdnce.
O Ooodi delivered to City trade free'of charge.
rvnta wrnoLow,
An eaperleaeed None and female Fnytklaa, presenti
'' to the attention of mothers, her
9$Q;T H I N G; S yB.yP,
ruit tU!L,UKt. iliUTUlMU
which greatly facilitate the process of teething, by soft
ening the gums, redadsg all inflammation--will allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and Is
Depend upon It, aothera, 1 1 will give rest to yoonelvei
We have pnt np and sold this artlole for ever tea years,
what we hare never been able to say of any other medi-eiae-NKVEB
ANCB, 10 SrrBOT A OUHB, when timely need. Nev
er did we know an Instance ef diwatlsfaetlon by any one
who need It. On the contrary, all are delighted with Its
operations, and speak In terms of eommendatiea ef Its
magical eOecte and medical Tlrtoee. We speak In this
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW:" after ten years' expe
almost every Instance where the infant la suffering froai
pain aneV exhaaetlen. relief wilt be found in fifteen or
twenty amatee after tbeSynrp la admlalalered.
This valaable prepamtlon a the prweriptlon of one of
Newlnrlud, and has been used With KBVKft f AIL
INO 8U0CBBS ta ' ' -i !
It not only rellevoe the ehlM from pain, oat Invigor
ate the stomach and bowels, oorrecta acidity, and givei
bme and energy to Urn whole system, - It will almost in
ttantly relieve Qj..
esimo m rax bowkls, AUDWiito couo
and overcome convulsions, which. If aot speedily
died, end In death. We believe It the BBST and SOU
BBT BBMBDx IN THS W0B1.0, Ie all eeeee of DTi
It erleea from teething, or from any other cause. W
would say to every mother who has a child nfhrtng from
anyof the foregoing complaint DO NOT LBT YOCB
stand between yon an your safferlngehiH, and the re
lief that will be BURByee, ABSOLUTELY 8UBB to
follow the nse of this medicine, bt timely used, fall di
rections for using will aooompany aacll tnttle. Nop
genaine unites the fas-elmile ef OU&XUSs PBBKIMBj
Sew York, Is oa th ootstd wrapper, n , n . ..
Bold by all Draggist throoghoat the worhL . in
Principal Office, IS Codar Street rt.TT.
"oetS7-dfcwly. . . ;- ' .a-, ti w
V.-u'UVn'lVu' ;.aairAiltjlliO;i!.
inaaufsuitareteaetlt-lrtda of Por
.takieaacl etatlenarr eteaaa Uss- ,
Hlneet saw nilUa, terlst Mill, .
. .Vawvr'l w e eV ' '
UA'I B&DLSi Beaten JI.dJ.SlMfJTeaUnt
" kiqBtSXCQBatmlll iSADIOSD
CO. Beatmtlttt
Oar PorUble Zortaa aad Baw MUr 1
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BtaU fair for lbt ever tans As Bodley's oa sow ant of
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and superior charaoter ot lumber sawed.
Our Stationer Bnsine was awarded at the eaae tali
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Oar Partabl Bngtn was awarded the first premloa ot
100 at the fair at Memphkj, Tenn., over Biaady's Da
vall's, Oolambns Machine Oo'., sad Bradford (ft,
by a committee of practical Railroad Bngtasei. ti
for price and terms addreas -.-, .rfiI
WtLLABD WABN1B, Treasurer,
kdeo5-dKWlyeoU. , - . Mewark, Ohlo
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rtalstied Brass Work of all DMorlpUODJ'.
Elcctfi Plating and

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