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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 04, 1861, Image 3

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37 '" ).'.LI.'
M.H.: ... MV.W Vork Oltv. Mellon, AlDtny, BHuoiu,
Pllleburgh, kieubenvlUe W-i S
m i. i.m Wuhlnatnii Oliav Baltimore, full
ielphla end Mw Orleeoe,,eloteiaily(BUnday MpV
ilallriSandaVt excepted) 8 o.'took p. aa.
0 . 6. 0. R. at. WW latalUatsea W t,.Bunaayi
llhlcato. Dubuqat, fceieware, Marlou to Worthing
P"JelitTor keifs, Spriagfleld,'ieytoa, Toledo, Ctaoray
Lltl. Indianapolll, HOUMVHIO, Bl. uvula, UU
ianaavaaaeeiteoMat Be clock p. m.r. t
A through mail to Xenla, Springfield and Cincinnati
Urbane, Pique, Tuna and Union City Mall clotei dally
liiriill excepted) ai 8 o'oloek p.m.
Portaaaonta, Weeblngton 0. If., Athena, Marietta and
liltlabatouah maHa, clou daily (Snndayt excepted) t8
Beat Way Mall'by' National' Road to Zantrrlllt eloeee
daily (Bendayt excepted) at 18 o'clock m. " ."
Harrlabargh Balloloiei dally ondayi'exof teJ) at 8
lit, Vemot Mall, by way of Werterrllle and BunWry,
IAU J. II-flMnltf iintjvn at9 o'clock D. Bt ' -
Dubjla Ball cloiei dally (Bandayi exceptedjal ;8 'ei
Unoajier Vay'fJatliloee natty (Sundayi excepted) at
Mailt from NewTork, Bottoni
Albany Pltteburgta, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xeoia,
Detroit, Bj.rtnffteld,Oinoliatlr CutlUcotha, Bt. leda,
and all BouUiern title, ewrlve between the aoare of 8
o'clipVm. endte'eloeka. m. . 'iM 'Jii.
Malle froai U4leepolli,Ohleege and BabaejM WTlVt
tS'twtiwT " ' ' '"' ' ' '"''
Mailt from' Wathlngtoa Olty,- Baltlawre,. Wheeling,
ZtiMOTille, Mewane, Btenbeotm, Mt. Vernon, and the
O.O. . B. 'WayMall,arTla lSo'elooa-aa.
Way Mall from Cincinnati arrtree at It o'eloek p. .
Lmncaetet Mall rtltato'olooa p.m. j
Kaat Wax aUU OTer tbt .nauonai noaa
M.ll fm rinhtln Brrtvna at 12 o'clock 01. '
i TV rl
.1 -T"
Urbane Way Mall arrive! at 0 o'clock p. in i
HarrUbarih Mail arrtree at 11 o'clock a. m.
t w. Mil Mlwea at IS o'eloek m
Offloe dellrery opea erery day (except 8anday) from
7 o'eloek a, en
a.toti e'elook.p. Ojwb o Bundayt
o'clock In the morning, and from a to
Imi 7 to B o
JOHN GRAHAM, P. M. Rail Road Time Table.
IiIttli Mum k oottmioi aikia n n
Olnolnnatl tocommbdatlon. 5:00 A. M. 1 MD fi
Uall Mil XAnAmlAllKttBn
tiMJP. M. r e k:t . 11,
Might Kxprett Tla Dayto.lS.-00 mUaight
8 HU A. M.
OoioMiDt k 0uvLiiD B. K.,:i ' J '
Night xpfeet..."".. . lt P. M..
New t.7lBxpr.fV..'.v..ll.tO A. M. uJJMi, M.
0.0. kO. Way Hxprett.ro. KM P.M. r . l:Wfi M.
ri ( 1' ' ," P"0 Al"'1 f
OaUatUwi.'. ' '
NoIxfe... Ja A. M. - 118S A. M.
No, ' .. P. M. elitiA, M.
ttnaioMdwcefc CuicuaW, B.B..v , .
Mall Tratew. 3 30 A.M. MM A. M.
Bxpreee Train ll;Si A. M. K4 P. M.
r- M-"-,V.-4 Jot. BowrMow Aenfc-;
OoaoaioW k IlroiaoA)Lit, Bw. -''- n ;. n i-t
(OoLoatot Piqo InoimR.B.)
No. 1 xpreV..V.V,". v"' A. M. J ' 00 P. M
?. ?r--r,J,' w. P. M. wo P. m.
AcooounodaUeq, ,... i . ., . .. !.
Ii A'dm Jlxpren Company peaces as flail
uouer WiRHtiow to ii for tb very ltet papora
fromftMMernitKa.-ee- " ,!..'... tjrt.n
, . wui , 4 ' ' ' - i .ai.-:' I .t-
J1' fimetioai xpret Company baa oar
thank foe'- -daily. .utom in Ura abapeoftht
very latcjteaaterD papers. ; ' u ' '
Another' examination ' for Army Surgeona
wlllfttur n CuantbMjitober 16tU.. Candi
datea ahould forward "their addrese to the under
tened. when a cir;nta Will be forwarded con-
tilkiagaU pMtioviar. .. . if , .
l SeVy Medical Bodrd.
October , i66Ua--. : u ..: . ..
ii .-'" ,i r 1 -.j n. i 1 ''
&&imiuimV, t ; Aticnos, I
wllf WB''4!f .fuottoo room, NolIStaU
tMeWairay Satwday, Oolobaf. SihoomtnenciDg
at. WK'ojock, a fine lot of groceries and Il
qnorlf 'aho, on1 pair of FalibankV : Patent
Beales aad twaCounUri Soaletv Sale potlUre,
, Term cafl ' " Wj R. KENT, '
oc4U lanios at BTir- " " Auollo: eer.:. ,
Appointments in the Recruiting Service.
WJ arr1itl8d ta leatn;Ua Chwitiah
BwrHVoT laoitf.haa beeapoiotod Uw
tenVtl l4 the nny eighth Regmenl, now organ-
iiino- at Camn Chase: We nnderetand that
Lieut. Baniva. oinei5daeuUirjg, and
heartily do-w wteh-hloi aueeeea
CaptU'sM'l'o.ln'tB.ii 'city s a
ulanbed i ioanlona antrraTar aa wall a an
esUmabie putn, kai teciclred thai ap'poVtmiut of
SeooniLTeiiUoititTtt tjKi Poirty-tlrd Regiment,
and bee already opened, a reeraftlng effloe at 138
NcW U?gfi ftieet,' kUv'Mti. rthV'of Long.
Snob, tricrj erV'i'-nd shoold ma with -a-
Ca4, ba wrrra e:e.i. f.'i B 1 ,- . '
im Jrloffloe, baytug reeelred th appbintmaul of
tieoonJ leieaUtoau'li Ua t Fqrtj-third Regiment,
left 'bj Wtjf asrtjght lor SMubeayllle, where
he Intone taangageio the recruiting' aorrloe. '
Statea army on the Plaint and in Oregon', and
abjo aawad aa k.Llautanant nder GenU Wajcu
fl lciiritfgha'a eothmwd hrm to all patrl
otlooitUeat,aBiuMi'iiaA wa'abajl aooa hear
that Biadej nptfifulf fomplemnt of re-
" AoMoglaiai appoiiItwea,'",lt la pU'iaant to
rax'ffl.t'oTitiotrjetrTBO.CrtiLW A. PoLiwn.
the tWl exiiiot-ot taWeuraktL wko Ukea'the
raiA'(if.l5ooill,f4ijle to
engageMfl tW'NdrnHlDg atrTlee.Wi nndar
etand tW tit, JTomjio InUnda' tq go to , Mount
olJM . leW days to give the Knox county
rt a wl pAntersaad'editors are proverbially
patrtotltfd.fth?, bpinblnee''. both fallings,
muif bedonbly so
' ' ' ' i t i v i - jj 1 a it
. ... to ,t t j"
' WmveE Time
.Taattf. At ' the RallPoml
Cohyeatioiliald on' Wednesday tn Cleyaland,
tbe tlnie, .labjir ,pf;,1ut;wot;wM fdopted for
thllr Uason; with but slight" modifications," and
IS to go tow tuieet u tua m ot uwvwuucr. ,
. lj .,t.......i .. nil... u, I, , m'i. u. .
brought f9 Camp Chase yettcrday. Several of
then) weraiosBBtNi tutu wowuu.w
. UXj,'jfi()oUwt ttPj?...WednetddyVnoObri
the Ohio titer had Usee upward of thirty feet,
. v.. ' J-. " i j: . .-.oi i -i :v e a
and waa stiU rwog. nr ware, wymnp
P,The mdtnbera of the Cincinnati Bar ksid
' 2 limit ..v fvju-4j-"ii' .- tv.
t maeuflia, V eanesaay, in .respect. , to,. ine
memory ol Juige O.-'M. Snrtora, of thaioity,
. Vi'.'I.' ', i , i ..n.i-T.i , I ti . h .O
lately! aecaaae4'mi.i j$ i ,awo;
;va ten
Oml Cn'ATi'M.I-These mailt are all
out of tout. -At tho- praeant-time it require!
over thirty Jiourbteea the mailing ot a pa
cer at'.CiMinnatl Acd lti f flutrlbutitm-.at
CleVeUed. - It.Waald tbe "atlok'I la at Calum-
bat Cfcfef k llrtld, 8V
Wji lLuaJiajrlously annoysifcjjh lama
grlevaW'Of whlcb the Hifmld aomplalna.-
We hope aftsfavar the "bHoa." is, the Bpeoiu
Mall Agent, ot soma person having authority
la the pramlaea, will bare It speedily removed.
nr About thraa hundred laborers are employ
I oq, the entrenchment jh hillfl 00 boh
'tides o tbd rlyar "at" Cinolnnafl. Two thirty
two-oouodera are to be Dlaced on PrirjoVHill,
two on the hill' Bfa jba ObeTfatory,n jwo
otberi on tit bill bflVtfnd,''Tho rudb ar Aahn
placed In position during the week. -1 h,
i ' i ': ..- 3 - '
I Moviii.rf op 00 VkOors.Tbo Tjilrtj
asvoht. fQermaa) Reel meat, Qdt.rSucainiuar
rivef a't Camp'DbnniBOn 'oii Wilc jljfe,
The fifteen, Col. DicEinthe .'wentforst,
Col. Norton', and the Thrrty-eJchthj Cot BaaD-
tit. wunt dpwp from Caiiip bonniaon pn Wed
nesday, to Cincinnati, and crossed the uuio riv
er Into ken'tuoky Thi Thirty HtlgUtli, kll!'tLe
oin on the'CoTlniiloiiid'.LoilOEf.ovVn1Jro(td
or the Interior'' f iwii u vutm
The 4!cu)d. Regiweut. ,Cul- JUi(.,yI.:w!uh
hag been encamped, at, Camp..Ktog,JeW,6ij
vraaoesday nigua lor uyoioiao,Ty.
li understood it. will tuk the pUta p$,W&Wf'
ty-fiftb under Col.,VNDiavki wbleh'goea
farther south, probably to CampOrckRoblnsonV
,. i
(J Cap'.. Itbws arrived 10,6 cjtj( 'Wed '
needay night with a company front-blynay
BraatiNd Mtoioat CfltftoaTIwf 'aonnal
oonraa of lectures la thia -popular, JnsUlutlon
commences on the 94th Inst'. " Its' several pro
fessorships are filled by gentlemen of diatio.
gnlshed professional learning "and ability ; the
College accommodations are ample; the. terms
liberal, and nowhere- will student! i fladTii more.
agreeable ..residence ; (or the (nter,'ln('atie,cl:;
anoe on lectures, thaa to thia aity.? see adver-
tlsement. ?K r -."i i. -ii i siuoii'i i '.
... , ,.. .ii.i. i f t i I. . ,1
New Stom aho Niw Goo m, It wiil.be seen
by advertisement in another cblunl'ri'tnaf iU-A-S.
EiMis, late of Cinoinoad,.haa opened a new
iff goods store at 119 Borrtb High -tret, the
etaad rcoentlyocaupled by.J. Ga-sbkt, KfAttr
Mr. Earns has a large Snd-cxte'nsiy.d hsaort-
ment of goods of every variety and quality, and
at prioes which cannot Tail to suit purcbaserst
Persons In the city or country In want of fall
and winter' goods, will find It tj thclf advaniago
to call and trade at the tiewstoreof Mr. Earns,
where they will be sure'to obtain good bargains,
and meet with one of the mo3t acftomrnod.ttlog
and obliging of meronanti.",''..".','."
: ,1 1 . i ' : II..',
AaaiTaL ov.WouaniD 6ouirs om Wasnv
Ian yjaomiA. A steamer from Galllpolia ar
rived at Cincinnati Wednesday eveaing, bring
log' down, the following',. name4 w'ouDicd and
disabled soldiers, In charge of Snrgeon Errr, of
the Tenth Ohio: ' '
; First Keotaoky Regiment Robert Simpson,
'j Second Kentucky ReglmenJos.'Botzeri
Seventh Ohio Regiment A. Wahlert, 1'.
Tottep, Thomas Calvin, Lieut. LockFfwd.
i Ninth Ohio "Regiment Philip1 ' Batler, Ed
ward SoheitertrGee. Troutireia, PbUip Beaker,
George Laubor, - Dtgges,' Limls Beiitt,
Theodore Edwin,'!.' Ottweint J,a
Tenth Ohio Rcgimnt--R'.'Wait,, A.- Scbad-
ow, William, Ureen, fatricK, Murke, Wiaiam
Brown." 4 K '-' "''ii ''
Thirteenth : OlJjQ',.Reg((ntJ6hn;,'Rdl,'J
Bjuersaobs. Scott. Urnett. "
I Twenty third Ohio Reelment Jos. Warren,
r. MoClennand, BtUU! fifi&r'Pa'ttj
Roller, Robt. Worner, jntgonjiWy Andrew
Barns. ' r-i.. . .i,aruai ij icTiuiniii. j -
( Twenty-sixth Ohio Reglmaht-r A. Dah
! Twenty-eighth unio" Kegrment rniitp-r.
noldf Andrew Wlla. A
! First Catalrv Brieade Heart GHntoti.ThsV
Henderson, -r Davidson, AvBsll.
Th hart du combat toldtom were All removed
to the1 Marine Wabital. a 1 UU i Uj,
t The Medioal '- Taooltt mho Kuucnv's
Midical Diaiafi' PhysJoianSyaro very
gnarded In their remarks tetpectlqg any medi
cine that may be introduced to tf.o public, es
pecially if the dUdoverarjiasinttl rcocived a
medical education, aod,we beuqr them tvr their
preeautlon and good judgment. Eni the cures
of humors that have been nils byf Inn9dy's
Mefiioal Dlscerny' hat kstonishetf -ereh'tlie'
learned doctors, and as they have stood by the
bedtlde of a patient and seen.' the faikrible re
suits arising from the use of this r medicine t la
cases of BorofBlaWi,ibrri:ckyv.,itBI
have been led to exoIaltnV as did 'Oner of the
most 4itttngnlshed physicians of our State (Dr.
Whitney ef Dedhsm W Wiwv itft rydicjne
it,itii doubles the beA of ff md)hep hit ttrffA
it by all means." ... ,-.(.,.
Elegant TVSBb&
, I TIATW. .tjU-0ON.iii
H AVI Joat opened , an. Un i (pL.vy htrv'Aaf
handaom 'l . k.'.-i lru..,cTUi , rt rm n .ri; rj
Wile ' FRtfXaaca-UoSiii'
,v -rli--, .-J at9tieiiuaira'i'
Very Deep Ktenahi Flouncing Leta, aa - r
Real Thread, French, Chantllla A V.erf",V
ci ,aa:3 t KluO t:
Valenciennes". Point de-OazeErusaela
! ntciOD , i n n,ir T .DO ff. PTO
- ' In new Sbapfl,
1 .;rQfws
! - ' ' I i 1 " -' -- I)- '
TravaKnDresa Goods.
' IILKB, POlti vi OlIVRl8,'"P rJ vf . -i
The beet and moot raahtonetle etyleela thaeityv i4
: 13 JtT j Ci'ilj'f DAW. BOW,
Je9l ,,i,.ri-.i.1 rjjS South lich Street.
GUERt!SEY!a.CAI.,l .
DEJlOVKi rAN 6 1 lP,Vf:it'r!l tW-
iii fiamiutiaa aad pain, and heals the wont burn,
eoald, braiae, cat .or freth wound ot any kind, prerenU
welling and paid from bee atrnge, enuaqalto bltea, and
Klaonoat pUmta, nenralgla, rheupatteis, gae In the
iut, salt rheum, eto. f Wben takes Internally, It will
poelttrely cure cronp aohHirrtn, and glrei immediate
relief in the woretoaae of thit terrible complaint! alto,
removes noarieneet aoet BrmViroaU : Price, US eeater
bolUa-. hed beta aye ijhome.Por tale by Drua.
(Uttand Btorekeepere.. : ... . tUVm bton", r".
i Bole Proprietor, t.lprooeit.,Newtoilt, .
i eeMdkwlyls f-w.z-tv
No real Jaitlce eta aet dnaa tbe abore prerrallont
btit by pfocaring and reading deacrlpttTepamphleta,!
lie fboad with all deebm, or mVt be etai by Ptopt iotor,
to demand. lormnlaa and Trial ButUes teut to l'lvyel
dant, who will anddevelepmentt ln both worthy tWr
aceeptanoeandappreralw.., r,..i j, v-t ,
' Ooiraepoadesee toUcited from all whoee aeoeealtleajor
earlfitlLy Bnuati.t9 (rUt of.the aboye reliable Berne
dIoV 'eale1 by'fte nitaTifboleeaje aAdJ retail deatet.
irerywhere. . ..- J ri-ijJ'ii ri
remit Li'MtNNK WEtt;leo
t ': "CllklllBY ftp kMCOTJTIST JU
't "Ho. 9 Commsrelal Wharf," Boston. IasC"'
t" Mrbj k Baatwl, H. -S. Maiy le, J,- R. Oeek, J-M
" fchherbj k Baatwl, H. -S. Marwle, J,- . Oeek, 1
ekr, k Deal. Ai,Bpne, A( V , Bchaellf r,
tor Oolnmbwa, CUku ,,- ., .j .,.,.f;Y tiJ "'."
,Bohaeiyrtf apii, arean
maHc on)TrWa. iTMkTr." rJeirrwmtH1
- itTATHjirvr-m- iw- '
' TOT Offlcta,
ttmmf BtTODuie.'OolaiBbeavOtalo.
Q70arefal attentloa paid la Oolleelloni
Naval Engagement at Fort Royal.
Niw YoitK. Oot..2 The followlne lexUaet.
is fromitbe Savannah Republican of Sept. I7th
A toldierwooToamo op irom rorc rniasKi -reports
an tDpaeement between Lincoln' fleet
and Ibe'itwt at I'ort Royal commenoed on won
da.aftrndoQ arrfl continuld through, the whole
of yc8iruay, t oe guua werigtinotiy. neara
in rortruiaajti.,.
! Ml
LovnTvltLfc. Oct. il.Uity auiet. Cotflioting
rumortr prevail regarding" intended military
movements iq Kentucky, nut notning anuoient
ly authenticated to commnnloate. '
Utter Rout of the Rebels in Western
Virginia—Severe Loss of the Rebels.
I GatLiroU Ocl.:.TheepedltioB
by Col. J..V. 'Guthrie of the riraa Kentucky
Regiment, and sent oat nnder Lieut. -Col. Eu
yartaadOoi. Piatt,! has iotiiraed. ' They en
countered the enemy at Cbapmanville, under
Col'tutleti Davis, of Grcenbrlar, and utterly
touted them. The enemy lost between fifty
Wiiktr killeJ, ,Tao :epedltion returned to
Charleatoa on tbe JiHh
I ult.
Virginia—Severe Loss of the Rebels. A Rotary Breech-Loading Cannon.
! SrRiNOFiBtD. O .'Out. 8 A .breech
loodinff tjttBnon. lbe invention of E.-.tli. Ran
dolph of this oily, waa tested In the presence
of a .large number of citizens anu practical
guftoers yesterday. The reanlt waa very aatia
bttsor? and demonstrated that .the gun oan be
sued with sfl'tot, .firing from forty to fifty timea
per minute. . '
ILaVtLruiAi Oat. 2 .--The steamer Harriet
Lane sailed td-Klay'i'rom here-with an lneonv
Ilfllei armahla'nt. L The gunboat Scioto' was
launched this morning, v
j .Ti.mI " ' ' '
Movements on the Upper Potomac.
. DtiitNiSTOWN, Sept. 30. Collins' company
6f Crimean Zouavpa, numbering' one hundred
and one, arrived at head quarters, and are doing
duty aa Geo. Binka's body guard.
ThereVcre Indications yesterday, on the line
if Lcetburgand Alexandria turnpike, of a large
body of troops or baggage tr&In moving south-
rard, leading to the bolief that the rebel army
ear Leeeburg was leaving for the seat of war
near Washington, i "a I "'.'
t la the afieir of lat Tuesday at Point of
kocks, Col. Gray, after shelling the rebels,
crossed therlver, scoured thenhore, and destroy
ed two fortifications on the bills.
I Ida stated the percussion cap manufactory,
at Winchester, opposite Richmond, has nearly
Stopped for want of copper.' '"
; A body of rebel oavalry baa beon sent to the
Potomac, opposite Hancock, to protect the im-
or salt, leather and coil'ee. '
New York, 0t. 2 The steamers Atlantic,
iltic, Vandcrbilt, Roanoke, and Coatztoolcos
are loading with provisions, coaling, and hav
ing berths built on board.
' Washington specials state that it is beHoved
that a large force has been detached from Beau
regard's army, ta reinforce Zsllicoffer's army.
. Wm. Ward, late Minister to China, is trying
to make his way to Europe through Canada, aa
an ageut of Jeff. Davis;'
. Lager beer la. permitted to be sold to the
'"TV- :. .. - i
The Cherokees Forfeit Their Annuity.
Et Lcoia, Oot. 2-ir-Iu oousequonoe of the se.
Cession of tbe Cherokee Nation, and iti alii
anco with the Southern Confederacy, Col. Mo
Neil, Assistant Provost Marshal, issued a proc
lamation inotifvlne the St. Louis Baildine Sav
ings Association that the earn of 133,000, part
ot an annuity paid ,the Cherokeca by the Gov
ernment ol tbe United states, now on aeposit
In that Institution, is, under the act of Con-
gtagn rfcied.tto, the U. 3. Government and
.nnflHtfiftn thoiV lied and berlefll." ' i
c'ia:.:-.'l Sri eii ,' a
Fremont at Jefferson City—Great Activity
in his Department.
JirrrMOw Citt, Oct."1 2--General Fremont
coutiuues actively occupied, and tbe vaiious
die laion boninratidera have bad lbtorlowe with
bioi lorday, aml.bis programme is said by those
iii his confidence to bd excellent m every partic
ular, and ts bava met the approval of all tbe
militnry-authorittea to whom he has disclosed
lu Since bia arrival here confidence in the
Feilcrn.1 oause baa pcreated, eud it is now be
lievedlha't IcfOTMlhP'nd Of .the month Mis
souri will be puTgetf of hoi" secession foes. "
I Tbe steamer Emma left Lexington tbis even
In? to convev our wounded to the hospitals in
St. Louis-'I Colonol Phillip St: Ceorga Cook', of
the Second United states uragoone, arrived
here this cvemrjR and bad a lengthy private in-
turview with General 'Fremont. Ilia force of
resalars from Utah will no doubt be ordered to
this Vicinity for wervlce. ' It Is said a Brigadier
Go.alabJp'irlll be conferred upon him. ;
[Special to the St. Louis Democrat.]
; jEFFEaaott Citv, Oct.. 2,Two government
steamers have gone up to Glasgow to bring
dawn Col. Woithiogton's Fifth Iowa Regiment
to' Booueylllo. i.s.!j;"' ' ' .
Preacher Jobnaon'a rebel cavalry are still
aocurmr the oonntrt alonfc- tbevOtaee river.
stealing everything they cert lay their bands on
sua r.un&njg negtoes souvn ana seiuug mum. . ..
I jLieutenant-Golosel Totteu it actively tnag
ed lh,bi p"sition of 1 Chief of Artillery. Tot
teuV,sud Dnbpig'a latteries, which did such
good tevion the battle at Springfield, are
among too artillery nere. u . '-.
Democratic State Convention.
! ;tuaTjOct, 2,-Tee" Democratio Stste
Cjyentlon, atWadisoa to day, nominated B.
Ferguson, for) Governor H. M. Battings,, for
Lleuterrtnt'Gnvetnor; Charles S. Bent, tor Sec
rataxy hJf'Statbj' II. L. Pou$oid, forTreasqrer;
Pk A. Oilon, Vfor Attorney-General; James E-VollUr,-fot
Bauk Comptroller.'
Rew tltrobWOTHtalnlorf the Fresldent'd war
Gunboat Expedition.
! : Cifc Itil'.-aoL arlUti e'unboat ConeEtaca
Wut down the river, mak night,, withla three
miles of Culumbns. '' She chased the rebel gon-
boat Jeff, Davis, under cover of the rebel bat-
. ' ' i r . , -r , . I . .u-
tables tut, gnore, it wae ascvrutiueu -mm mo
Jttf-Davis had an armament of four tix-ponnd-
ers.The Cenestoga found rebel signal fires
rjiirulnt? oevoral miles this side of Columbus'.1
tCbejieetoo Bridge has .been repaired, and
traiua are ranoing to day.-- . m
. The woods bade of Bird's Point; are aaid to
bp allvo, with rebels', Contihual pkirmiohing
between pickets is reported.
-To . latest 'reports from tbo Booth say a
large "portldii of Pillow's army bave crossed
theIvor Bblmoiptten rpate lot Cape Girar
deau. ' i .v'. - .- 1 " '" - '
Governor Harris Calls for Thirty
Thousand Additional Volunteers—
Sensational News from Richmond.
i 'L'odisVitii:'Oct.r2. The Nashville Union
and . American contains General Johnston's
proclamation to the people of Kentucky, similar
in tone to tbat ot uucineri. - :
1 .The same paper saya, we are informed a
large number of Kentuokiana are flocking to
Riteknar'a standard, and reaueet amnte nrovla-
Ion to be made for those who are destitute of
arm), etc.
. It sys, Major Penton, from Louisville, has
tecurcd sit locomotives and a large nnmber ol
care lor the Oonredt rates, ; .
I Governor Harris -hat railed for thlrty thou
aapd additional volunteers, In . accordance wltb
Gen, Johnston's requisition. .
: The New Orleana Crescent saya there bat
been a wonderful influx of Tenntsseeans Into
New Orleans Bitice the passage or tbe trques
tration act, but some bave left their families In
tha Nartharn Statea.-rf: '.i .-"-1-- ') '". ,t-.r
! A Rfchrtond dispatch t tho 34th, ssyi It la
rumored that Geo. McCUllan caused to be snot
four hundred , Hessians, for insubordination,
rather than eend them to Tortugaa. The tame
Daoer la Irjatrnctlns- farmers how to make Dot'
ash ,' at a meant of supplying soap, of which the
soutn appear ta bs euatltnte. m i ;h . "
j, i ,-.e it, i ' '
I QvmoT,Itw Oct.-9. Mcurs. rlarg an
Latklns, of the Quarter-master's Depaument,
just , arrived Jrom. the, treat, report that tbe
commanding-oflieat lot Montioelloc Mietonrt,
had placed under arrest all the county officers.
They wlUJe tcu to St. Louis for ulal.
Letters. rom some of Green'a menriaken
frbtn a Tcbel arrested' at that place, state that
he r'tbels at Lexington ware badly frightened,
and would prabebly scatter Into small parties
before Fremont's foroaa oould be sufficiently
concentrated to attack thaa.
Later from California.
Otrna Station. Oot. 2- The Pony Express,
with. California dates to the 25th nlt.t passed
here, at 1 P. M. to-day. a
Judge Ln Henry, who waa arrested on the
c targe of tampering with a poldier, has been
discharged r
Major-General Hallock received last week a
Urigadicr-General'a eommisalou for Hon. Jas.
Shields, of tbis city, formerly United SUtee
senator from Illinois '
(Los Anoelos, Sept. 24. We have been vis
ited with heavy rains for the last three days,
Which have extended over nearly the whole
Southern portion of the State.
line first Kegimenl Ol utiuoroia vuiuuiceia,
undn Lieutenant Colonel West, Is encamped
at the Ballona. about eleven miles lrom tbis
pluct .
i i i' y-, '
Cairo. 111.. Oot. 2. Col. Lonn, with four
hundred and fifty men, went up tbe Mississippi
river oo Monday to oapture a company of rebels
near Charlnatnn. Miaaouri. Another company
left Bird's Point for the same purpose. The
expedition has not yet returned. Col. Logan
was renorted at Charleston last nisht, and bad
a large quantity of corn belonging to tbe rebels,
Gen. Fremont to be Court-Martialed
—Blair Prefers the Charges—Gen.
Wool to Command in Missouri.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
Washington. Oct. 2 Upon obargaa made
by Colonel Blair, Major-General Fremont has
beea ordered to report himself for trial by Court
Martial, .-r- .
General Wool, of Fortress Monroe, bsa been
ordered to supersede General Fremont in the
command of the Department ot tbe West; and
Gen. Mansfield left for Fortress Monroe tbis
afternoon to suoersede Gen. Wool. Captain
Drake Dlkay accompanies Uen.'.JVlantnold, and
will continue aa bis aid -: ;
Gen. Wool, it is understood, has loft tbe fort
ress, and Is on his way West.
; Gen. i remont will proceed to this city at bis
earliest convenience, leaving his forces in com
mand of another, who is considered campeUut
to meet any foe -that Gen. Fremont baa been
marobing against lu person. " ; .
From Hatteras Inlet—More Prizes
Fort Monroe. Oct. 2. The steamer Spann
ing returned last night from Hotteras Inlet,
brinains the latest Intelligence and the remnant
of the Naval Brigade. A few people were atill
ooming In to take the oath of allegiance. -
Tbe ingate ausquenauna naa taken two pri
aee, which had unsuspeotingly approached tbe
Inlet. They were both schooners Irom the
West Indies, loaded with salt, sugar, eto.
Tbe gun boat Cambridge came up this fore
noon for coal and water. . She has been making
the blockade off Beaufort, N. C-, and bas taken
foar prizes. The prizes being the Louisa Ag
nes, of Lunenburg, with a cargo of fish; the
Revere, from Yarmouth, N. S-, loaded with
fish: the Eiwin, irom Barbadoes, with molasses,
and tbe Julia, from St. Johns, with medloinea,
tin, eto. ' ; :
Bell and Engines Recovered at Harper's
Sandv Hook. Sent. 30. On Thursday last
Maj. Gould and Cant. Sorlber of the Thirteenth
Massachusetts, under Major MoDaalela of the
Speoial Service, went to Harpor'a Ferry and re-1
covered two valuable Delia Belonging to our
Government, one of which weighed twelve
hundred pounds, the other nine hundred pounds,
together with a nre engine ana oioer- aruoies.
On the same day they arrested a Mr-' Magraw,
Who had been engaged in robbing the Unionists
for the benefit ol the rebels. Letters were
found eu bis person showing tbat be was in
eonstant communication with the rebel leaders.
Tbe efflcors confiscated his mules, wagons and
othor articles.. j , . . t:...
, 'I he four large pieces of ordnanoa- which
were recently recovered from' Harper's Ferry,
bave been llttea up in an ingenious manner dj
Capt. Soriber, and they lrequejitly pay their re
epeota to the enemy.
The sme offloer has col letted Urge quanti
ties of railroad aoikes. wbioh be winds ln suit
able bundles and discharges them In place of
canister shot. He deolarea tbat he oatv keep
tbe whole rebel armv from orossing here' witb
these novel projectiles, ". .: ; .
The Resolutions Requesting Magoffin,
Breckinridge and Powell to Resign.
alajn. i .'i . 'if
' Frawefoet, Kt., Oot. 2 The Senate resolu
tion offered by Mr. Whittaker, yesterday, re
questing Gov.- Magoffin to resign, was referred
to committee on Federal Relations;
JThe House adopted resolutions Instructing
Breckinridge and fowell to resign, nity-nve to
twenty-one; ' ;, : . ''
' Nathan Gaflher, Jr.', Waa confirmed as Secre
tary of State, vice Monroe, who has gone to
the Southern Coniederacy.-
j Both Houses passed tbe two million loan bill.
' St. Catharines, C. W., Oct. 2 T-Four gates
of lock No. 2b1 Welland Canal,: near Thurald,
were carried away tbla afternoon by the schoon
er Harriet Rose, and It will probably take three
days to repair the damage. , ..
Dispatches from Washington.
Washington, Oot. 2 The Secretary of War,
la consequeuce of tbe pressure (of public busi
ness, is compelled to cease opening any letters
addiessed to him, marked private. Hereaf
ter, all, letters so marked, will remain un
opened. ra 11 i ' .
: , Some apprcueusiou ib iei tor i,mui. opaon
neaker, who was detailed from the Minnesota
with orders to report to the Navy Department,
but who has failed to do sc. ' .- '
A large amount of clothing was captured at
Mnnson'a Hill 9ome belonring to officers was
of tbe finest . French cloth. These were found
la rebel wagons, together witb muskets, sabres,
ulstols, and Colt's six shooting rifles.-: --
, .i i i . . , .t
A tug arriveavois runming rejpwis nre or mo
Patomad fleet IvIok' bear Freestone Point: tbe
remainder are e&TAoquia, Croek,'., from, which
the nrlvateer race baa. made aaverai attempts
to emerge. 1 he tog passed several email eralt
bound ta Washington. . ,
Tbare bas been no firing by tbe rebels sinee
Inst Thursday. There are no. signs of life at
Freestone Point- The Potomac is certainly not
closed- '.;' !''' '-'' . '...i
The defiant attitude ot. tne rebels hereabouts
hat been abandoned; they are bow acting pore
lv on the defense:' they are manifestly continu
ally alarmed, fearing an assault, from some
quarter wnere tney are most assauaoie. i ney
cannot execute their own, programme of eroeg
ing the river, and fear an attack on .their own
flanks. Tbeir position forms a crescent, reaoh-
inir Irom Occaquan Creek' to a point above
Leeaburtr. wnue tne oeuter exwnaa irom rau
fax Courthouse to Manassaa Junction. Arise
on the river above, and the presence of the Po
tomao flotilla below Washington precludes tbeir
orossing; but they are aware we bave command
of means to oross at any point, ana turn eitner
of their flanks. Tbeir ateps backward are con
sidered here by experienced army offioera at an
Indication tbat they do not Intend to offer battle
on the Potomao.
Affaire at the Navy Yard and upon tbe rotg-
mao to-dav are quiet. -r: ,
-The Island Bene arrived nere mis -morning
from Acquis Creek with dispatches from Capt.
Craven to the Government. His flotilla bow
nnnalata nf alcht vessels. : "
The rebels, it is oeuevea, nave a numner oi
masked batteriea at all the principal points,
wherever they can be maao available
' Tha aeoond Auditor ef tbe Treasury has Is
sued A circular to enable those who may have
claims upon the United States for money, due
deceased oinoera ana eoimera to ontaiu settle
ment wltboui tne least aeiay. . t
A train with two hundred troops left Alexsn
drla yesterday P- M. to obtain wood at Edsell'i
UUI, .wnuo tney were loaaing, some oi me
troops crossed over the bill toward Springfield
station, when they were fired on-brthe rebels
and three of their number wounded.' The en
tire nartv. with the exoeption of two who be
oame detached and were taken prisoners, re
turned to Alexandria, having fully euooeeded
In their expedition. ".
The Times dlspatoh saya Rnssell, the London
Timea correspondent,: leached hero to-night
Irom his prairie shooting excursion in IlliDOis,
Influential gentlemen araurglag the transfer
of the Pennsylvania Reserve, twelve regiments
tn Bt. Louis. - w " ' - "
The Tribune's dlspatoh Saysi the udmber of
volunteera entering the service from all the
loyal StatetTU tew abou -fifty thousan pat
; Senator Carlisle, who hat fceea here teveral
daya, went home thia morning. He gave a
cheering account ot affairs la Was tern Vir
ginia. -
L To-day, a scouting party of esvalry went a
He beyond, Fell' CWob, but. saw Only a
Small picket guard of rebela. i tL '
I An mUlligent; lady ha- resohed heif from
I'iaoheatar, and atatea that all slartft tl spcif
y there tpeak-,or 'tbtia .ueweeity of the
rebels winning: great victory opposite ""'
ingloo; their retraa wftitfd Viue a most die
treating effect. , , , ,
Additional from Europe.
LivEiroer.; iftrot i 21 -Cotten Kloara .fiim
witb ematl sales Breadntuffj qnlet and stebdy.
Klnne Hrm ai!2S(a30.lT Wheatftiilet and iHi-ady!
exeunt rdfi westarri lilty (32jj rote 3-
era i2i(il2s4 wllti Vwarail2;liJUJt
white Soutbem lJi(tfiJibJUurn urtu; onieu
3031s yellow 3lt31s Cdt white 430ft)
, Provieious dull. Bte( quiet. P.irk acliVe.
Baeon fist? Sugar firmr 'GiJVe firm ri t
I Lownoit " MasakTS. Wheat- bas an upward
tendency and is quotsd at b556j. Flour 2is
30s, Jronqniet and very dull. Sugar firm,
and advaoced 61. -Tea - irregular' common
Congou nll. Ccflse active and advanced
2s. Rice firmer, and advanced 3Cd. Tallow
quIttatsT. i ;". -i ii .11 '-f
i MoneV Makeet. Consols closed dn Saturday
at 9393 for nfoney. ' The bank rate bas
been reduced to 3 per cent.- The market ior
American securities is firmer, but quiet. Illi
nois Central shares 3938 discount Erie
shares 2323). :;. . ;. ) ,tf- ;. .
1 LiVEtrooL, Sept. 22-SaTes ol oblton yester
day (Saturday),' 40,000 bales.-Market firm
with an advance of Jd per pound on the week.
Sales to speculators and exporters were 10,000
baloa Itis repoted that the sales yesterday
retohed 62,000 bales, Including '25,000 bales
Sarat, to arriyer .;. .... ...
BreadatufTi continue quiet and steady, with
the exception of mixtd eorn, which' ieligbtly
easier.----A'. 1WV
London, Septal. Evening. Consols closed
to-day at 9393 for money. I .rl i
Latest aales of American stocks were Erie
; Haven, Sept. 21. Sales ol cotton for the
week, 30,000 bales. Orleans tret ordinaire', 120C ;
do bas. 126f. Market closes firm -with an ad
vance of 810f. Stock Jn port amounts 10 221,
000 bales. , ' ' ' ' ' rl'l I )-
1 Paais.Sent. 91. Tbe Bourse olosed brink at
6bf. 30o,
Among tbe passengers on board tbe Niagara,
is Prince Alfred, who was tbe guest, ot. tbe
Mayor of Liverpool, the day previous to the
saling of the Niagara, in whlob city tbe young
rrlnce was received witb gresr atteutien ny the
people. . ,
It is supposed tbat repairs on tne ureal cast'
em will be speedily commenced. Tbe nlgbt
preceding ber anchorage she was obliged to put
off from the coast, oaiug to tbe prevalence of a
heavy southern gale. ,
Great praise la aeoorded to an -American
named Hamilton, of Boston, Maeaacbueetts, by
whom the temporary steering gear waa arrang
ed, without which the big ship would have been
unmanageable, and doubtless would have been
a complete wreck. :l '.
Tne assertion, that Garibaldi sooh Intends to
embark for America, where ho will espouse the
caute of - tbe Government, continue to be made
and contradicted. , . , , ., ; ,
Tbe latest telegraphio dispatch from Turin
declares that be has abandoned all intention of
leaving for America tor the preee&t."
Tbe iron plated frigate Warrior made her
first trip to sea on tbe 19tb, proceeding from the
Thames to Portsmouth.',. Her performsaoewes'
highly favorable. " c '
A letter from Paris says several superior and
subaltern Frenob. artillery' officers j bave been
offered great advantages if tbey will serve in
the Federal army, with salaries as high as
twenty thousand trace guaranteed tbcm lor
. dir.M I ... ta tn MmA r , . I 1 J I , J i At P 1
: 'Notwithstanding all previous denials the Tu
rin papers tot the 2U,h .positively, assert that
Uaribaldi would not go to America, put aiutiu
telegram says this was positively denied, v
It is reported tbat a Spanish axpaditlea
against Mexico is being organised at Havana.
Five thousand Infantry will embark early in Oc
tober, fer Vera Cruz, thence marching to tbe
City of Mexico.' J,!'.-.--, '! 0J H
. A deciaion of Marthal O'Donneil it published
in tba Madrid Gaaetto, to tbe Captain General
ot rorto Klco declaring tbe principle that tne
slave who has touched the soil of Spain must
be. considered emancipated, evon , without the
consent of the owners! U i hln' XiLi
QUEENSTOWN. A Fleet of Seventy Gunboats going up
the Balize to Attack New Orleans.
St. Lcuib, Oct. 3 The Republican learns
that a letter haa been received here from New
Orleans, date not given, stating that a fleet of
seventy vessels, large and small, waa tnen com
ics up the Bailee to atttok that city.' The
Republican also learns from a.'cttlzon of this
State who left Riobmond, Ta,, a week ago last
Monday, that be saw in the papers on the route
a proclamation from Ben. McUulloch', calling
on the citizens of .Tenhessee. Mississippi, Lou
isiana and Arkansas, for: fifteen regiments of
men tor service in Missouri. r v - ': - v
ix- -. . :- '' -.1 ri3U 1 c I
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 2.
FLOOR Market 5(S10ebetteXJ With a noderate de
mand for export and home tooeumptloai aalee ( 3i,00tt
barrels, part bet erasing, at 85 85$ jo for rejeoted;
BI SiHAS 40 foraaperant tUteS 85 55Bfl 00 for extra
ttate; 85 80S5 40 tor anperBDe weatern; ti U&i 75
for common to mediam extra weeterq; 5 !o($5 90 for
hipping brandt extra round hoop Ohio, and 85 Kit SO
rot trade aranaa ao) mantoe oieaing e-iuite eiawier,
ehlppert haldlag off for their letters. Canadian Floor
5ilOo better, with only a moderate demand; aalee of
1,300 bblt at f 3 30&4 40 fortupeitnej aad 83 I5 SO
for common to choice extra. Kye Flour qnlet at 83 73
94 00.
COHN heal voiQi, and nominally anetnoged. r. .
WHISKT-QalMi ttlet of tltf bbli at tllMaZlXtf.
Small oarcelt at Wo .
WHKAT liatfa betts, hot the demand It not tery
actire, and entppen are uiapaeeo. to wait lor Wieir lewert;
tales of lB.tOt bathe It Chloago spring at 81 ldl 91;
48,500 boah Milwaukee clnb at 81 S1(S1 83; 39.400 do
amber Iowa at 81 831 33; 38.408 do winter red weat
ern at 81 8991 34; 18,900 do amber Michigan at $1 35
(Si 38 : 8.000 do mixed Ohio at 81 33: ll.OUO do white
Kentucky ai i jbwi ; o.uuu aa wnue uanaaa at
8 1 40t and O.0UQ do vtrr caolee White Illlnolt at 81 45
BliBcarce, and very final twin of 1,008 bath NbrtJr
BiTerat7SKo---j7 -. i -...
BARLBY-QuletatoJiTOc; SalM of 1,300 buh Bar
ter Malt at 77iSfi0o.
OOBN It better, with a moderate demand fer export
and home eoninmpMocrat the adeaacer aalea ef 73,000-
bata etXKAOie toe aamagea mixea weeiern nohw mr
Inferior to common do; 54 (.) for ihippina do; MkB
)5e for weetern yellow Ovt lot Jenoy yellow; and 6lo
rniwhllav.it.nl. ' -x w..A. W
0AT4 In moderate reuueat, ar-so38e-ior Oana-
dlant and 334io fer wieaei a aad auto, j r - ;
CORK. Again adrenred, bat tbe eaje leal activity In
the market; aalet of 509 bblt at lit 73 for tneu; and
75I0 OOforprime. ' .-
BEnrpoatena mcaerata at UDeoangea prtoee; talee
130 bblaat 84 00(34 SO fereeuatrr orlme: 85 OUdU 30
for do meat; 8911 83 for repacked meae; (18 739
13 50 for extra meet. Prime mete beef and beef bams
continue dull and noaunallv unc banned.-. . , .
OUT MEAT Dull, with moderate aalet at SXO for
ahonldtri; and SxtBOKc for hamt.
LAUD Continues firm; tales ot 818 bole at 8Je1
'Si-. i. . " : . - . . . . jl v' . -4 -i. . . . ...
. jiuxiaa BOiupg ei aigtiiaior unto; ana uoiiaoior
state. - - ' ' Va , .i. c.. .. . ..in
CHEESE Steady, at 57o ret eoaaoa to prime.. u,i
Cincinnati Market.
Cincinnati Market. CINCINNATI, Oct. 2.
i FLO0B-A fair demand It had for inptrflnt Floor, and
u ii hard to bar at Hit than stt-aov Tneoffert are
aoetly at 83 85(S3 90. Tbe higher gradet remain at
iut aaated. with onlr a moderate demand.
Wheat buyert are aot dlapoeed te do muck, beeauet of
the difflcalty ttlll aHending ebipeietite, vptleea remain
u iut rlrea. bat hare a heavy market.
(JOHN li mil la iigoi rwoeipw ana rery una a xoe,.
UATB uare a Tory rraij mmim m w, to pun.) "1
UHuai are ancnangea.'
WHISKJ-WaS takea beadtly at 4t.
Cleveland Market.
rf rfaft-SaTei of 50 bhle ixtra' at 14 15. " ' baa
WllMAt Better, talei Of 8.000 both H! TrtlSa
bbardattOKc; 4.000 buah do at lame; and earl wbitt
on track at 81 8. Tbe market eloeet eteady. ; '
CORN Saieiornouttbuuianoataisc.' "
OAT8-QuletatS3o. .--:., -iv.g ,
BIQUW1KBB Bales ef 79 bblt at 16c, and 8S at
aUBDS-Tlmothy Isquittat 1175. "' ' '
l - , UmUr. -
let the IN IT ANT B8L1BI
end PIRMAVKNT CUBJ of tt t
alttnetUMt empiwi,aaa;,..,4
.4'nTla'l vex
' BR 0 H C H I A L 0 1 Q A ' Vr
ttj'tWmtltvi'keO., 107 Naaaaa it-.W
. Price 81 par swl seat free by pott.
hnr X'.. .,.,-.M
ft; 4 V
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Qaeear. Tbat Inch of time can be procur
ed at a mookelieeper rate, and many long yean of
enjoyed by oooenltlng Dr. MKRBTWEATHIB, who
il curing the moat obitloate and loDg-ttandiog diieuet
i ?fi,ei are Stubborn Things!. "
! Hear wSat the Philadelphia oorreapondent eayi in the
OommoD wealth," Wilmington, DUaware, 9tb of April,
i"An Engllah gentleman, formerly connected with the
rltlah Army, and who itilea kimu u iuaian
BnUnic Politician .' bae r late gained an exlenaive repa
tRtionhereby bia ak 111 la curing all manner of com
plalnti. Borne of hit patlentt I hare conrerted with,
aad they pronounce hit reined lee and mode of treatment
at Tery superior. Borne hare been reatored aa if by
magic. The medicine he uaee ta diattlled by himielf
from rarloua herba poiaeaalng rare curative properties,
' "While acting in tne armr he deroted bit fehrare mo-
menttte a thorough Itady of the tlfecti produced by
certain medloloal rooU and berbe on alt manner of die
eaiei. Itaeeini be baa found a aure and aneedr reme
dy for all the 'lilt that fleah It heir to.' ilia practice la
already exteniireana la aaity increailng. in tneoom
plalnti (o which Temalet are nhjeeted, he haa no equal,
aa a lanre number here bare toatitttd that they ewe ael
only tbeir preeent good heeitli, but their llrei, to the
kill of tliie Indian BotanlePhyiician." .
Office 37 East State Street,. Colmnbna.
ngl7-d3m -i .... ,-, I .:. ?. '
An Effective, 8afa and EoonomioaJ
, , , Compound,
To Ita original color without dyeing, and prertntlng
iiair irom turning gray.
ad oaring It, when there Is the leait particle of vltaU
i or recuperative energy remaining. -.
And all entaneont affeetlont of the Bealp.
Imparting to II aa natqaled glow and brilliancy, making
k aoft and allay In ita textare, and canting it to cur)
ieadlly. .-- . '--
) The great celebrity aad moreating demand for this an.
eqnaled preparation, eonrtneea the proprietor that one
trial la only neceaiary to eaiuiy a aiacerning puoiio or Ita
Superior qnalttlee over any other preparation In aae. It
eieanaea the head and eoatp from dandruff and other
entaneont diteaoee, earning the hair to grew laxnriaatly
tlvlnt It a rich, toft, gleeer and flexible appearanoa, an
rlao, where the bait la looooniaganrt thinning, It will grre
trength and rigor to the roota and reetore the frrowth to
koae parte which hare become bald, taaetnf It to yield a
reaheorerlng of hair. --.I . . --.i
There are handreda of lad'.aa and teatleaaen In New
tork wbo hare had their hair reatored by tne aae ol ibli
Invlforator, when all other preparation! hare failed. L.
M. bae to hie poeeeaaion letters Innumerable teeuryiag
lo the above facta, from peraoae of tbe highcet redeec la
bility. It will effeotnally prerent the hair from turning
nntll the lateat period of life; and mcatet where'the halt
haa already changed Keooler, the aae of the Inrigoratnr
will with certainty reetore it to it w lit original hue, giv
ing It a dark, glotay appearanoa. At a perfume for the
toilet and a llur Heatoraura it la particularly recom
mended, having- an agreeable fmrranoe: and Use iiftut ta
eilltiet it alordt in dreming the hair.iwhlch, when moiat
With tbe luvigorator, can be dreaaed ln any required
orm tu aa ao preacrve iia piw, .ireuici iiiuur uniru,
hence the great demand for it by the ladiea at a atandard
toilet articla wiucn none oagtit to ne witnouMui tnt price
placet It witmn tne reacn oi an, oeiog
' . Only Twenty-Five) CenU
per bottle, to be bad at au retpeotable liiugglala aad
..jut... 'I ut jroxiemera. ....... .n
i L, MILLK1 would call the attention of Pareott and
iOuardiana to toe ate of bia InrlgoraWr, In eaiwe where
theehtldm'ehairlneliueeto be wear. 'Xhe aae of it
layt the foundation for a ootid Mad of af, ar It re
move! any bnpnritiee that dVy bave become connected
with the acalD. the removal of which la neceaaarv both
fer the health of the child, and tbe future 'appoaranot ef
Its Hair. 1 '.
' 0A0Ttoir.-If one genuine without the ne rlmlle LOUIS
MILLKK being on me onm.r wrapper; aiao, v. MIL
LER'S BAIat UTIUOilATOB, M. t., blewa la tbe
Wboleialt Depot, 3S Dry street, and tcM by ill the
principal MerooaoUand uruggute truroagooni the world
, Liberal dltcount to purcruuora by fhe quantity.'
I i Alio detire to pretebt to tht American Pnbllo my
Which, after, yean ot acientlBo txperlmentlng, I hare
brounht to nerfectton: It diet Black or Brown Inttactlj
wlthoutinjury to the Hair or gkln; warranted the beat
article oi tne iina in exnwance.
Depot, 56 De StNew'York.
"SO. '29 80TJTlJ 'B10H 8TREST,
Li'v." t-- " - ii .-f'A. -. -' -.
I,OUU yardiaaoerriaio iiiacx buki at t uu-nmi
fti'iebp'.rrird.'' ';'"" y
EtSOO yarda XarellEg Dreat and Mantle Ooodt
, 12 l2ceota-rUiji 80 cenlt per yard. . .
3,000 -yarde WWte BrHHaetee at-19 19 eeaU -;
ralue SOeenltperiard.r. O -i
3,000 yarda Vtne and Deaieetlt Ologhamt gnatly nn-;
'dot vata."" ",; -r ' 1 )- i.
I rCBJUlI8,'n)0lASI) BOSS,
New and FaahlonaULex Dreawt Crootl'
as tht moat dealrable atylet an4 at' Very loeert prlcei.r
m: 3r Trti x i
Of all material!, made la tht most ityllah manner aflei
the lateat Pari! Pethkmt iht moat sltgani stylet
the city.
29 South Sigh street.
l may 30
j i;iug.tJ ,.,. . i.
1 ,r.( vV ; t, : -.n . I - a ' '...".i" .:
, ,"-,: ."l ' i Vt -i -tfl -1. -
lev i; (nmris ."V v '.".! ' ':
Qlct Rye lifpnongaheia 'Bourbon
. - . .'Mi, i. ; . f, ) i .
- '' --- - ... . . . 1 - - - vav;
ItpBdlyw '-V---' - -
JP r, vn
we are nc
anot nitrm siinV
... .
f AnvY DRUMS aili&S,
i .1 rt
pAieor dbeso aiLKS. - !
an now othrtne- eer laamene etook at fames' Vreei
Htlka at nrtM 1mm tkaa eret before offered to thle ottr.
the attenUoa ef the ledlet of UJe eity aad riclaiay It
eollotted, at ear ttoet la very seteol ana eomnieie w in
grtdeeofioodtiathitiuie. rTi.
aeW4. Ve.l8aoathBlsaitreet.
"They, go Bight to the; Spat
Inetant Belief!
r Hlnp yonr Caoarb
. . furlfy your Breath?
'l ; f in nijlhei yonr Votcul
-' Alt -'
. an
They relieve a Cough instantly
Tbey clear tbe Throat. ' ; ' ' - '
Tbey give strength and volume to the voice. ,
They Impart a delicious aroma to the breath.
They are delightful to the tasta.
Thoy are made of simple herba and cannot
. harm any one.
j 1 ": ;
l I adrift erery one who baa a Cough or a buaky Voice
r a Bad Breatn, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get
tpacaageof y Throat Oonfeotlont; they will relieve
yon instantly, and yon will agree with mi that "they
go right to the tpot." Too will Bad them rery ueefol
tnd plettent while traveling or attending publlo meet
tngt for ttllllng your Cough or allaying your tblrat 1
you try one package, I am safe Id laying tbat you will
ever aftenrardt consider them Ibdltpentable.
Toa will find them at tte Drnggltti and Dtalert In
My ilgnatnrt It cn each package. All othera are
qountcrrelt. '
A package will be tent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Centt. ' . .
Henry C. Spalding, -
1 By the use of thete Plllt the pertodie tttacki ol AV-
Pont or SUb Beaiadh4 may be prtvente.1: ao.i If taktn
St tht commencement of ahatUsk liumeJlut. telle! frim
pain and alckntsi will bsoblalned. .
! They teldom fall In removing the Juutta aod
acfo to which femalet tre ao tubjeot.
j They act gently upon tht bowelt removing (X-otir
. for Literary Mm, Student, Delicate female
tnd tJltrtiaoot ef sedentary KabiU, they ire ralua
at a oVMffM, lmprortog the appal IU, giving ton
bitfor ta the dlgeatlve organa, and rettorlng the uaui
luUcityandttrtngthol tbe whole aytteu.
THB CXPHALIOPILLBire tht reanlt of ungU,,ea
ligation and earefally eondncted experlmentt, hticg
been In ate manyyeart, dnritig which thae they have
prevented and rellered a vast amount of pain and inner
ing from Headache, whether originating in the tMreirot
lyitem or from a cleraBged ttate ot tht afomoeA. '
i They are entirely vegetable tn their eompoaltlon, an
maybetakca, at allUmcs with perfect aafety without
making any change ot diet, and the abunn of ar.y
iltngrttahUta&rtnderttt easy to udn&ii crUen.
thOdrm. -'.
the genuine have Are tlgnatuiei of Henry 0 Bpakling
aa cash Bos. ' c' " ,' '. , -
Bold by Drugguit toj all other Dealer, In Codlclnet.
A Box will be tent ay mail, prepaid, on neelpt of tta
Prioo, QQ Ooaats.
Ail ordert ahould bt aJJrotaea to ' ' ' '"'
88 Cottar Street, New York.
1 -1
from the Examiner, Morfolk, Va.
Oephallo Pills aeeomplieh the eMeet lor which ther
were made. Via,: Cart of headache In all Ita forma .
Proa tht Ixamlner, Norfolk, Va.
They hare been totted In more than a thontaed earn
rlth entire luooeet.
from the Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn.
If you are, or hare been, troubled with the headache
tend fur a boa, (Cephalio Pllla, to that you may have
Uiemln eateef an attack.
I from tits Advertiser, Providence, R. I.
I The Oephallo Plllt are laid to be a remaikablr effective
remedy for the headache, and one of the very beet for
that very frequent complaint which hat ever been dla
tovered. . ,
from the Western R. R. Oaaettt, Chicago, III,
Wt heartily endorat Mr. Bpiutdlnr, and hie anrlvalad
Oephallo Pills. , .
. fro Kanawha Valley Btar, Kanawha, Ta. ' . '
! Wt are tart that penoni anffertnr with tht headache
who try them, will ttlck to them. . ,
f rota the Southern Path Finder, New Orleana, La,
Try them I yon that are afflicted, and ere are aure that
your teetimony oan be added to tbe already numeroui
aat tnat nat receirea nonenie huh bo ower meatcioe ru
from tht Bt. Louli Demeorat.
1 Iht Immenae demand for the artlole .Oephallo Plllt
U rapidly intreaaing.
'.!.'- from the OateUt, Davenport. lowtw '
Mr. Bpaldlng would not eonneot his came wiQl aa at
tlcle be did aot tnoto to poanaa reaimeiiu . . ,
Tj-pA tingle bottle ef 'BPALDINQ'8 PRBPABlD
, OLCa will tare tan timea ittooetanBaally.01 ;u-
Bwaatjawa '
lOONOMTt ( , ; PUPATOlll
JQ"A Itttcw n Tun Bavat Kua.''QI -, ,
Aa aoeidenai will happen, area hi wall rtfnlaUd hue
IBee, It hi very Aeaintoke le aare tome ebeap and eoo
veaieat way itr repairing f ami tare, Tojra, 0 rookery
meets all each tBaergeaclea, and bo aoeatboM can afford
tebewlthoatlt. It lialwaye raady.aad up to the ttlck
'""'"TOinrai n ivimr hodbb.''
B. A Bran aeeeapanlaS taoa bottle.
ukiniT o. iPALtiita,
No, 4a, Oedy BUeet, Hn Tork,
Ai eertala aBprraapiea pertons are attemptint
ilm oS en tht BMBtpeetlng pablie, BnitaUoBt of a
rtiaPARBD aLUtu I would oautloei all neraoae aa,
amine before peroliaaing, and tee that the fall name, ..
irraraLoiMu a rnsr'AKkDaLDM,iJi1,,
' teririie,

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