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WnTv MOaNIKQ. OCT. 6. 1861.
Democratic Union Nominations.
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1 ., 14 J
flr .nvi .a John' G. ".MsxshalL
j.ifijM..r , si Biiwii '. . ".jii..
- .-...-.a... ffTTIilV . i , .
' a., . I .THOMAS J. . MITH
ji .Q .. ,.ni Of Montgomery '
-n .rliim't Vd b TBlASrmBB Of J
-t,i d .,)! I rKOB W. HOfcHEBV
, .'J il
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1'J ...
0 Amm4 u""" .!i.w..:
P 'CIT? BOAbVm fUBtia W0KK8, 1
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. ann. Mirnr in eUMSOM)
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... an- J ! -: i -. j
1 "I'unw-TOTBr'".;:,!; " ,
.otto presel; :.:;,:.
., .. I .... i MOOfcDM . )
- ' .NATHAN tOLE. '
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001OW10)l, ,, . ;
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COMHll, ...
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' 1
: L.. PHILEMON, 1IE33. j.-j j
TICKET. Proclamation.
CITY OF ST. LOUIS, Mo., Oct. 2, '61.
' - WherwM. II tDMari tbtt tb Cteroke N
11 an hu ierwed itt oonMOtloo with vh Got-
" wnment of the UniUd Butt tod Joined tbe
o-okllad Soathara ConfedmcT. and to ia mo
" revolt to Ibe Uwi and GoTetnmeat of tae Unit-
. . . ad Stataa, and bow engaged in. raising troope
i . : to aaaisi to tbe war of rebellion Of aaid voued.
eraoy, and lending aid and ootnfort to lha ene
, ' inlet o( tbe United Statee, and it appearing
' tbat tbe agenta of earn nation nave on : depotit
V In the "St. Louie Building nod Savinga Bank
AeeooUUoD" in tbla city, iblrty-two or
-thlrty-thret53) thoaeatxi doHare, part of en
aanoity paid tnem, By we uortrnmeaa of we
e.. United Ktatea, lor wmcn. aoai oi money aaia
- "at. Louie Building aad BaTivgo AtaoettUioi)'
bMlarraed oertifioatee of depoeii. " :
No-r. thU U to notify eaid "3t. Ltoia Baild
log and Sevioga Aatociation," and tbe bolder
, . of aaid eertifloatea. tbat aid' moaey, by , force
of aaid act of ttaeatloa and rebellion aad tbe
act of CongreM la racb aaea made and prorided,
' li iorfeited to tbe United Statea and oonftecated
Col. of 19th Reg't Mo. Vol.,
Col. of 19th Reg't Mo. Vol., and Ass't Provost Marshal.
A "Royal" Reinforcement.
Tbe eommlaalon jolt inued to tbe Count .of
' Pari, and tbe Pake of Chartres, aa Aid to
Geo. MoClcUan, are aa atracg a. proof of the
' rrieodiiaeeaof franco a tbeyare a Btriklng
' instance of 'the vicissitudes of fortune. .The
. Count of Pari and the Puke of Charureetha
one about twenty-throe year of age, the other
ot at bit minority are grandson of. Leal
Pblllippe, hut mherit whatever of title 1m may
have held to the throne of the Freoctul lo
deed, he Cetntot Pari, aeftret belt to eew
" who kM already worn the crown, aeemn ao day
. more likely to become master of that plandid
- monarchy than wa tba grandsir a few day be
fore he swayed tba aaepter. He, deaoeodant
i of the proud old Bourbons, but still of tbo eao-
tr ibranoh of Bourbons, waa crowned almost
' without forewarning, a a cifizmklngs Mdwhen
.. be no longer pleaaed tbe oilizena, be wJ forced,
witn ice premonmoo, to aodicat lb 1 throne.
' ' He died in exile, and hi grandson 'ajre bow
, fighting to maintain the great Republid 'Which
" afforded tbelr grandalre an atylam, and which
the Bourbons, and Lafayette, their noblest no
- bUmaa, aeaiated to largely to create. I '-' J" '
.. Beelda many eminent European soldiers,' w
have already to our raaka a PruMlaa Prince,
.. and lavt advice leave it still doubtful' if Gari
baldi will not oome to onr aid, . Would It not
aeeat etreaga, if ear flag ahould float at one
ever two Boorbone, a Prussian Prince, and tha
heroic champion of Italian freedom T PAS. Je-
auirrr- ... ' , . . ... . ..'".'' w
H. !
' ' Wm 11 ova Flxit? In addition to the re
call from foreign etotiona of almost every ship
of war w had. Government ha parcaeaed nd
nttea witn armament, or adapted to trannort
t aervloe, Nveral hundred sailing-vessels and
. -c . jea-gomg auantera, which have been dupatch
" " ed, ae feat aa aeaatble, oa some mission or other.
..1. Ai the number is greater than -tbat neceetary
to maintain tb blockada, It J fair to preeum
. , that a aeoood Haiteru cxpadltian ia on foot.
t This give plausibility to the report tht a fleet
" ' .of National ships have rendakvoosed off New
Orleana, for the purpose of attacking that dry.
0 .W sboeld eappoee that auoh ae expedition
-would carry a large land force, which eaa kard
- fj hav been the oue-. It la oertaln, however,
tbat an enterprise of oome kind to being direct
ed agalnat tbe Southern-oeat, of which the
' rebels nevv got' wind, ai they have recalled
troope from Virginia, and ar rapidly garrieou
lot tbelr mora Important pronertr. Westell
probably hear of blow beinr (truck In some
quarter ia a very few days-' W are now farino
Ing our strong arm inter the contest agalnat
which u rebel nave nothing pbatevet to op
pose, art which will toon begin to civ sue-
c t 'oeteen . to aompanaat lor the lack of brilliant
ok of briUlan
me.- I .nr.
eebUtvewtawtiowUnd. U. Y. Timet,
i M . A'Naw aaa Rrev Goto Fratn. A. eorre.
' pondent of Ban Frandaco paper aaya that It
' to demonstrated beyond a doubt that th whole
' region of country embraced between the Cae-
4 .0adi add Reeky-Moantaiae to ana vast gold
field, and only require development to revolu
J tioi iza it'll entire eoait.i -Ao area of 32,000
" square falle ha been lulCfliently prospected to
eatabltoa tbe existence si mineral wealth. Ex
ploring partle have been fitted oat fee tbe Elk
county and Bitter Root valley, where tarse uroa.
pacta ar anticipated., Tbe dear approach of
Water render- poetpobement of emigration to
f thmt onutw AilwiMhlA hnl In th muIrv thw
wul probably be another gold .. , j i "
. ,
Firrr-Niimi R-wmwrr. Tbe following' Irk
an ppcinirpcruin tba nriy-Motb Kegnucn
a 1, i 'Je P. Fy!, of Georgetown, Colooer. '
a ,t.- , Farraa OW.ui. FIicitr, Aje-it-Celonel:"'
William .Uowaid, fittavia, First Lkutcntnl
'Bd Qoarurmaeter. .. i' ",,
; Chrl-i T, King; Qeorgetpwov Firrt Llcntca.
lioeAtanfjASauwti.'i j.avjcii f ..
... . . Tbr are xcllwt tppointmeot. and 'Will
.'.ttilrfd-lTt tftl ,-!. cxmrviita-f the- Rcgl
, , meat. , Xl.wtot tb. ,a' lra -q aurrioe, nd
, kuaw bow to perforin their. duu.,nd tv tbe
" moral cattr" to fe a foe uc-ier ClrOuin
g'.uiof. Th
Ciermont 6'ua, . . 1
An Abolitionist a Secessionist.
Tbe Journal of jB8ten1ay,(3aturd.vy) icfn-
, i
ing x MW 01 a report 0 part of Won. akd w
Jowoh' epeimb, dellTered in U W Ku"
00 FrtdT afternoon, and pfomhiea taa 1 emam
dor in n next fame"' Wt bfrt tealted OTertb
paper In Tain for commendation of the
peecb, bat find none, nxeept tjitjfll M
" neat fDeeob." Whether tbii refera to 1U
iMitil. UanrDBient. U la tot ta telL'
at ia anotloeabla fcet tUt tha morning of
the day on wbloh Go: Jomiiwil tpokiJ the
Jrnoloonuined 4 leading editorial, calculated
and no doubt Intended" to . .."
niiHln. In ibe mlnd of . IU readera agalnat
laTebolderaaa olaai, at tha tola aithon of
tbe present eeoeetUn rebellion, irbica cam
the1 alafeboldera rebenipd. 1 we taaea para
iraDh from the jeaffa'e'axtJcVe W, nipl.
of ilatoaa and temper: v-t .
1 It it, therefore, aaobrione aa innehine, that
tbii ereeent oleTeholdere rebellion ia an organ-
feed and rntfaleaa atuek of tbe arietooraUo ele
ment againet the demoeratlo in American to
hi and iMtitnUoarr. " li la the war of a privi
leged eliaa for the exleneion and perpetuity of
th-rirneonliar DriTileEea.' It it tbe arwanlt of
an unholy -prerogative upon the hallowed right
afnatara.:" -'V-'""'" v"i!t
' If tblidoea MimeU tUODg of ite. genuine
Abolition .fanetlu. wa ara.inUtaJteii l tha na
tare of the animal. Now read tha following
paeuge from tha J$wml'i report of Got. Joan-
' I would not bd personal, bnt an Aboiitioniit
i 1 . . ......
I ae mnebr a Meeeeionut ai any to 00 iuuua iu
Booth Carolina. Nowi 'much' ae theee dlt-nninnh-ta
of both cUmm atraefl aaohatbar.they,
newtbeleee, both tmlte in layineTlolent hand
upon the Government that never harm4 either,
if I were an Abolitionist, I would break up the
Union; for the' dismpiloo br toe union mutt
inevitably destroy and obliterate laverr. Hone
we are for the prosecution bf this war to aav
tbe Government as founded by our fathers- for
restoring "tbe Constitution ae we received it,
without retard to tbe peculiar lostironoui 01 any
State. 1 'Tbat a seoasaionbt and an abolitionist
are on a pari I can prove 07 a euapw -uugi-m
aa abolitionist is a disuniouist; a diaunionist
la a aeoeaaioaist; therefore, a teoessiooist to an
abolitionist! , Cheers and latucbter. j , 1
The Journal li one of the No-party organs
for thb county and Stale.' We leave the reader
to decide' tolwhst exUnt Its conductors and
those who receive it teachings, are, according
to Gov. Jotntarm' logic, tainted with accession
Foxy Advice.
Like Eon'jfox thai bad lost hi caudal x
tremity, the late Republic-, ap4 present No.
party foxes having severed itheauelvea from
tbelr late unfortunate (actional party .append
age, are "going about advfarlog other to cut
themselves off from all party organisation,
urlng them that such to, or Is going to be the
fashion, to last at least daring tbe wa.
They have pereusdsd a few rather vain and
eredulou Democrat to follow their conceal,
who have accordingly been Initiated into the ap-
oarantW curfoffcd No-party fraternity. Bat
they have found to. their, dlamay that their new
aatociatee hare the aame old Abolition narru
tie, only little thrunken and contracted, a
nails draw In their horns,' to be thrust out
again whan the present paoio Is over.
, But true Democrats and eincere loyal Union
men are not disposed to practice eelf mutilation
for the sake of being In fashion with those who
r trying to periuade the publlo that they hav
rid themaelve of a disagreeable and dangerous
exareecence, while they are only hiding it un
der the thin disguise of a .Nonparty , badge.
Tbey knew that partial have always existed
and wiB alway oonUaie to exist in every, free
country. " When a party I unpatriotic and
tkmal, It U . dangerous and ahould b shunned
by every true friend of hla country; but when
ptWotio and etfutervative of the national life
welfare, aa the' Union Democracy now to,
should reoeiv the conutenance end npport
every true-hearted man, who d eel re to
our glorious Union as a whole preserved end
perpetuated. .' Th "greater the publlo danger,
tbe wider the tchUm between different tection
the country, the more: accessary aad ,IndU
pensable the existence of such a party. o
Those whose Intelligence la, too limited, or
patriotism i too much bdgd ia by lel-
Sibneea and aectional prejadlce to understand
obvious a truth, will of court e; follow the
ojadriceof'thaNo-party managers. .
[From the Boston Post of Oct. 3.]
Charles Sumner.
Caa any patriot read tha rodomontade of thl
elasele iaaaUcat the Worcester Convention
without a nae of. pain, nausea and dlrtguet?
certainly ought to be pat in a etralt jacket'
talkinc about -"ear areaeat triwmvt.ihe
em?U tccatum, for joy ia tU victory Irtady von ,
waica my ttftaauy cnjty an (u tcauion."
What blataat aonama. - Where to he nine to
erect the "fUUrt a Hercvle U enarl (Ae sro-
presaff at Boll Run er Lexington 1 . He rejoicee
an party division have ceased, and they
Republicans) are going to make "Spanish
Infantry" and Numidian bona" of tb Demo
orate and Union men, and come tbe 1annibal
tbe Southern rebellion 1 1 Ha think wa
now oaaVisa lift ana t reorvrs ia a vuia
eiMrw"-i-w&o doe he mean, .fremontf
TW ewrtireie of tUntryviU t,nc mail a
9f lA mar.",. ..We moat carry "Africa int
seer," aad our the dieeaae bv emandoatlrin!
pill applied externally, I luppoae, or black
draught ejected plawicaliy ihrougb an abolition
yringeii He better, eatoh ."Agar" or "Ben
hadad" Kent, before he talk about Arwlae ihtm
pHces. . The heel of eld AohiUe were prob
ably net a low aa thoeeof some of our modem
tor.. 1 He doe aot inform. a whether Ph it
lip of , Maccdfltt had rifled artillery, minuie
rifle, revolver and bowle knives, or whether
Cains Marius encountered any masked hatteriee I
lanainc at xeiamon: no doubt thav
nld timH, but King Cotton was not born, 1
Jobnby Bull wa not playing beutral aroaod
corner. . Caia Marlu might bar mat tb
of old John Brown if he bad liwd la theee
and attempted to march Into Dixie wlth
MAf eruvta kimm and army of a "tketuni
nun" marching "oa fo jjidr-neni.'" ' Csn't thia
daseical niaoompoop oee (try 'nttfmbU worn.
mmumat vt wmcuira,- eX0Cp UOH COaneetCd
with tavary1 1' then no tymnaicsl nwrp,
except that of the slave ollgarchylee-.
v iptcui auu rrerocia ej vie ft bava neeta
rindioated with a vengeance latelyl, -WJjat
left1. Dt vis ear about tbe Constitdtiaaiand
law when he 1 practicing merlin! law aad
which fiumner asyf ar above the
Constitution!' 'Whet lsthit7rrfrriao,d"
BuDpotc Mr: EamneV, after wa hava aa tanlt
treasury, aaerificed half a million -of live, aad
Incurred a' debt of two thousand milllbua.of dol
lar, alavery rshonld com to an nd. will the
Union be restored, and tbe' black or whttaraae
airy happier or dwell In,' peace toaeUiarl
ancient history prove ht loitead of look-,
to ancient history for guldane and inspira
had better tbe Farewell Add
r .frti
Mirrr? d'Wv tin CoirMis(difn rot Fobbkhi
Mistto at CtivtAB,t)Bio --Th AmerioaiJ
Boatdcl Vommiisionnr for roreign Mission
eomneucrd'tu' 'adrtoal nieetlng"ai Cleveland,
vuw.oa.iuCToay.T aix person 'Tiavw entered
upon w miBiiouary wor ffurlng the war; and
seven bav rotardad' to fluM.' hlnh tky hl
prevloajly oecnnied. "Elevrn- rjcttomi are under
appoiniroirai. i pe income ot lb year (tlilrteeU
monih) -e bferj fuMo to ail - Ordinary
dotitttor,.'SJa.1 IHfi 87' l(.r-lrt .''tr,2 T,27 -ia.
oihrt nurr('i't,WlJ &l 'mHltlrtjfJv ttrtat bf
IJWJM so; or wtuoir f7,?'j si ,wrd cotitri-
oiiilon 'ta tile -iiiisoiou, Bclio. 'Ente'i-f.flse'.
rtpcndilorei tare beru $3G9,874 S9'' -A
I ,l,iric lu th treasury Anga-t.l; i8(iO; wB
"J P"'':' ci,tK5,Ai yi wa-'mencfd 1
wituadsbtof $i7,fc.,5 4',vnlub' ht veiy muh '
than waa aut!clpted a few mouth ago," (
WASHINGTON. A Handsome Compliment to General
A'yWashl gtoi tuiivj i mdeat of the New
York JViiu i-.wuo lt!y wltneeaed tba grand
ruview of tint army, lu i'otomte in toat ony,
tbuccompUmenU tut gajlant leader oi onr ar
miee. General MoClelian.s-He says:
-Tflit the wme review 1 bad "an cppMuqttyf
ctntratlmg MeVlellan icUA icort er uenerau
antl rA km. Thee.were JlaDowilj Porter.
KerWv Woiiket, KtoM. pluof, all ttanly
gallant faeea and nguree of true military near.
mr- Colon la Da 'iVobriaad aad Balm 8al;
with tbelr daahlng ohivalratque air.; h Prince
de Jolnville. twitted and supping cnvia none;
the Orleans' Prince, with tbelr mild, amiable
i&cei, and aspect of languid Interett In! all, a
moat remarkable group of figures. A bore'
length In advanoe eat tha imallest man of 4he
party, broad-shouldered, etroog-cnestea.itrwg-necked
and strong-jawed, one hand upon bit
nip, while tbe ptbar, by an ooouiooai rapia
motion, fldov some tommumoetion to tbo pane
ing squtdroos of cavalry. The visor of hi cap
waa well palled down Over hi fcyeef j not a
man In the line escape, hie observation. HI
glance seemed to take in at once the; whole
spectacle, It without losing any of its smallest
detail.;, "lie la a commander," Mid my Aus
trian fneod. vBomethlnc In his figure, bis.atti
tude, and the square, teoaclods set of hi jaw,
reminded me tUlkloclT of Field Marshal Rd
etakv. .Iecaaued the tinea , of hie lacelnvaln
for some mark of weaknees, indecision or timid
ity. All was cool, firm, and prompt, determln
ed and aelf-rellant. If ,hs does-aot jastUy ,the
hopee and expecutiooe ol tbe nauon, pbyaiog
nomy laof no value
Fuss Against Fremont—Charges Filed
Against Colonel Frank P. Blair.
The FaiMOMT and Blaiu imbroglio letters,
charge, apeclflcatione, etc. are at length. la
nrlnt. We oondenee their content In tb fol
lowing statement: ' ' " '
Oa tha 1st ol Sentember Colonel Frank P.
Blair wrote to bis brother, Montgomery Blair,
Postmaster-General, complaining tbat Fremont
wa at fault for not reirjmrclcg Lyon; tnat at
Fremont's eamp there waa no discipline; that
wooer aten to cheek the enemy nad not oeea
taken, and ursine tbat Fremont, should be TU
llcved of bit command and a man of ability put
In hi place. , Thia letter waa submitted to the
Cabinet, and occasioned an earnest diacnesion
aa to Fremont' continuance in ihe Weetcrn
Department. ' ' -J ; . : ; "
Colonel Blair's father ' Informed Mrs. Fre
moot that these charge had -been mad.' On
behalf of her haeband ehe wrote to President
Lincoln, to b furniebed ..witl) 'a 'copy of Frank
oiair cnargee. j :-....
Who replied that aa impression had been
made on hla mind againat tbe honor or Integrity
of General Fremont, and protested 1 against
beine understood a actine in any Hostility to
ward him. .:, Tbat Poetmaater-Ganeral Blair had
repaired ta St. Louis a a; friend of Fremont,
but not to examine into tbat Department " ?
Fremont request
al furnish him a copy of Col. Blair' Charge
It wa aent with a-rcgucat that Colonel Blair,
then under arrest, ahould be released. ; The re
lease was ordered but declined, and a a prison
er at tb Barracks', the brother of a Cabinet of
ficer await a trial. I
I. Conduct nnbeoomiur an oflloer and a sen'
tleman. Boeoifieation relate1 to Blair fre
quent treat talk, assailing General Fremont,
lb commanding . Ueceral, and hi leoret, in
sidioue, nnsustained charges, forwarded to co
vertly reach the Cabinet and disturb tb rree
ident'a confidence, thru not affording Fremont
HJ VUU.I l.lflll 1l UD1DUD . ' - 1 " '
- S. Communicating;, by a : printed article, .to
the nubile fame, impressions, disparaging to hi
superior offiocr. . i 1: t . '; .'
Tbe pecifiatiotireIt,to a sentence in as
artlole published y Jilalr, rsflecung thus on
General Fremont:..-, - "Ii't t-.
" I assure yon imeanlns th editor of said
paper, whether yon believe me or not, that I
not even shrink from the pompon .threats
wnicn appear in your columns, oat Wfioe unia
miliar rarb hot ran another origin." I "
TWO CHARGES AGAINST COLONEL BLAIR. [Special to the Cincinnati Commercial.]
TWO CHARGES AGAINST COLONEL BLAIR. [Special to the Cincinnati Commercial.] The Killed and Wounded in the
Fight near Cheat Mountain.
The followirar 1 a list r the 'killed -and
weanded at the Greenbrier raooanoiseano yes-
tcroay. none were cuiea ox toe iBirtv-seoond
Ohio, Fifteenth Indiana, or Loom! and Daum't
Artillery and Cavalry. ......i , Jj i
Ninth Indiana Killed: Smith. Comoanv H.
Wounded: Isaac Bryant, same company.
Foartoenth Indiana Blllledi,Aiiioa Bovd.
Company i. C; Herman Myers, Company H.
Wounded: Cant. Foote. Company Ei Serffeant
uraer race, in we leg, amputated; Jamca B.
Jackson. Company D: Coruoral John Lvon.
Company E; Asa Smith, Company K, (lightly
iwaniv-rourin umo A.uiea.-(jorooral Mo-
Cann, Company B, and an unknown private. . .
DareuHtenin Auuiaua wn private cut in two
a cannon ball. -.. - .)"
Tblrteeath Indiana-One ' pYtvate ! altlj
wounded: M Zu' L'- 7?i a.
Twentf-Fifth WOUnded.' John Evarino-ham.
Company E.rsevere buck shot' wound in the
ankle.' ' '' - "' i"J: '
Thirteenth Indiana Killed : HelaVick's.CotB-
ptny K; a private wounded slightly. j
Howe' Artillery Killed: James Envart and
Georgb L, Price. Wounded: Andrew, Dough
erty, lost, an arm aioce died; Joha&edridg
Corporal Andrew wounded to day j . ;
juieut. boi. n.xiiaweu, yomptny H, btnuhio,
acoidentally bot by a private of tha iJtb
Indiana, at Camp Elkwater, and died Immedi-
teiy.' , ; " -- , . j . , ,
Last nlebt their was1' ittt ' elarm"in'taa aaoea-
camp at Greenbrier, 0r1gtaaUg iri a panic
among ttrair bwn' picket: Their musket and
guns were discharged, ; killing' and .wounding a
number of their own'men.1" 'd u
It ha been fully ttdert&lned that florin tha
engagement yesterday tb rebel' loss, In kiWad
wounded, to over five hundred, ' Moat of th
enemy paicerie were mutca, and sltnatftd on
ld of th mountain'.' Tbe pbsltlea ooou
pied by a wa ao oios io th fot of the moun
Uln that the enemy 'a gun .eould net all be
brought to bear oa u, tba aooonatiagi it. part,
our, amall Joes- lOur,AUJed aad wounded
were brought hack to CheaUuwmtein Summit
aa, and &a dead buried with- due1 hoaota.
morning. sjjImJJ lnu
Twantv-oc Tireinla and Arkamaa nriaonwa
leave fo Columbaa to-morrow... r m.n.. rfj
C. D. M.
lai the laat. 'letter of Ioa.f itha, iateiriMt
Waahingtoa. emeanoadaoa f -th-. .Btltimor
Ssm,iwi Bad 4h4 foltowwr latarettloe reflaa ,
tlou od the cottoa queatioeai Ua aayac u !i .
, 11 la plain tba I iha.eottosaivfl .weatefc' rusnu
factara eaa not b icoaUnaad aritboat matorlal.
aad that them ieaot cottoa. Asoagh lia Ktm
Englaad aod New. ork:towpplyUio paUlsfar
six weeks ai ta praaeBturata ot eoastmptioq.
Wool) tbey say, is to befimpertod fipifclof rand,
and tola av ifaot that aeTaraL catvoe of cotton
bavaheeaimpoctea from Liverpool.,. .tiottoa i
new aix oeot pound lower ia Liverpool than
it tola New) York... JIaaaachutts wai suffer
from th failure of tba eotton (apply 'betor
U 1 . .ill . W .1 . L J 1 1
nHwcnai wui.. npf Buuiav aimi uji HUi or
crook the cotsoa will comaaorwMOVawoVaaeb
law ef trade, aometlme mora aotead than the
law ot war, ireqnlro it.. Dariagi Napoleon'
ware, ail hi rasuricUooscoald mt prevent tbe
lBiroaaouoa.o. iriuin wood, had, product
Wbereve Ihev were wanted.-, i .i.l
j. There to aw doubt tha. Eagliah: and other
epeculatora ara daviaing mean to run tbe block
ade a oder tb lamptatioa. of tbe rtaing demand
oi eosuo. ana tobaacoaad alio, tha demand In
tb Booth ior aropea maaufaotaree.1 1 1
ni rumored toa a i alas ei. strongly-built
and fant-sailiog merchtAtessel ar to-be fiUed
out from Liverpool tb run tbe blojkadi at tbelr
own link, xpectfng a. handnome profit even if
tbey itjia a vesrci and cargo now'tnd then.
XT QaeerfYifcttritV TroclaWatlcnJ of May
YMt aDd id r.inpr.r- rtaniieorra More ot
beuiralliy, of Juoellfb, xr;j bn bne( maierf
eaoo con a aiieuioo proiinuioa 01
all pcrS0ii,','lniUry Try-tfvMIaM,- taking ao
anB in the service either oT the United Stata
V of the'(9-c!Ud Rtfuthei-a'CoorcdrraUoB."
Kot hlldwlng' Trench-ev:illor'o3cori to Join
onr'armf l-i, tBorelarb.'buly the rrylig out of
ap-l., pacp '," tncotnlced' fourj monibi
I.A l.ltf...tt AJ
Rumored Death of John C. Breckinridge.
Tba, Juunifl lai5) evenrng if"1 .1 an extra
o?-jMLinIcjf; th foUjingjrri( by the ed
itor 1 ' " ij -.
V hava ..Jot bataUnforiaad byaanUamajt
from Covington, ay., mat it wa mere siaiea
laetepl"-? 'tsat John, B. 1 Hraotlnrid? 1 w
kill art! 1 ha f:i,;i8. as trireb-'were: that wheii J.
BsCVyUd others - ere 'taken, Breckinridge
em-aped iii'o a corni'.eia, ana avoided.. pursuit.
When etcauice inti' the cornfield, he was fired
nptm tr waa of ihe fOMBlag: party. It wai
supposed, however, tbat be had escaped,! add.
leaving bis horse and buggy, bad mad his way
to lb rebels. )Jt ha nineej ttureei out,' a the
statement goes, that be wa bit by the Shot of
3 pnraueir, aad oiaa in me, eomneiaj wncr
bis body, bag Just Jtten found. Wglv
totamei('s H cm to a'. A j . ! J
[From Wilson' Spirit.]
The Death of the War Horse.
Very fioe thing hav peeh1 aaid and1 painted
about th fleaUtof the (tog,, the., death! of th
boar, and kindred subject) ,but muoh more ter
rible and Impreieive is the death of the war
horse. Tbe war atea is noote a ne prweth
la tW Valley1 an rrjoloeth ta bi stfength!"
H la fearful la tbe pride of hi onset, snorting
and trampling Uk tb White Horse of Hengltt
In tha front of battle, and rushln with hi
rider through the fiery turmoil of the tbunder-
lBgflght! ?"?ATcri r;i ;feT'
"Nalgh Id Ihj prlda, my coarser brave, li rt
Trample feeatath UU fcoot tyrant aad ilaval'li .
, But he 1 most terrible la bla grandeur,-a he
"talth amona the trumpeU, Ha! ba!n bi furv
rbuaed by a mortal atrokei When tbat young
and rallaat (oldler, Colonel WlllianT HL Lyde,
left Cincinnati, at th head Of. the Tenth Ohio
Regiment, certain of bit .friend, reader of
WUkt' Stint of 14 TUn, preaeated hint 'with
a snleodid oiacK cnarner. i nat ne waa a Hue
hone for martial .purposes aa ever reveled la
tba pasta -es of Ohio or old Kentucky, we were
assured at tb time, aad we believed ft lor we
knew tbe man who had aclacted him daaler
fit to have bright and cold Bucephalus himeelft
Thl borse C6j6nel Lvtle rode in the late battle
on the Geuley river, la Western Vlrglnla.wbere
Flovd defended hia entreaohment until dark.
and then fled with precipitation under rover of
charger died "W .bkroesV'.whlle bU boble rider
fell before the ,aamy'e aatbeaxures, ttricken
with a severe, but happily not mortal wound.
With ringiog about and bloody spur, and aaber
flouitabed blab, tbe Uoleoel waa leading oa bl
valiant men to charge Floyd' entrenchments,
when .h (hot struck bis leg and psased through
oto the body of hi horse. Almost Upon tbe
parapet they were. Tbe wounded leg bad lost
dip. and with a mad bound Into the air the
teed threw hi rider. Still with hi front to tb
cannon of th foe, welling np life bledd and
anortingwith a frenzied fury, th war-horse
mad aaotoerbOBOd or two, cleared at one urn
leap tbe parapet of .the, entrenched camp and
allien died inside. . S .4 1 fc ' . '
-Tne foe,' with toundlto - admiration at the
cbivalron courage of tbe man, thought they
bad killed him; aad then dividing , hi pistols
and aocontermatrU amonr tbelr offisers. lament
tb deatn oi ni gauant Diaox norae. -
Gratifying News from Kentucky.
JW rejoice to heaf'socti good tiding from
Kentucky aa to eon ta load ia tbe following item
olippad from a Kentucky exchange: (..
Uitmn Wi Stabo. Kentucky will icon have
forty thousand troop In tb field. Her young
man and old men r determined to (boulder
musket, tf they cirx get It." 'Ill Estill county
nearly half of tbe population ar preparing for
active service five hundred bare enlisted. , In
Montgomery count, Mr. S. T. Williahi, aged
eeoty-w(, be enrolled nil name a a union
volunteer, fion. w. r. i oompson, wno is vergi
ing on tbreesoor year and ten, and who, for'
merly . represented; hi district In-Oonpreaa
(erred aa a private In tbe rania of a New York
company at the1 battlcaof Ball 'Run aad Man
asar Ho la now a pr.vat In tbe Lonfsville
Legloa, uader General Rosseaa, ready to amilt
anvwg nacc in lavaaer .
General Order No. 84.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 30, 1861.
In announcing to th arm v the decease of tha
tjommiasaryt-eoerai" of Subciitoooe, Brevet
Msjor-Ueneral Ueorsa Oibaoiu who dnartd
life at hi residence to thia city, last night
most painful duty te discharife.7 i'Zil 'r'..., ,
One by one, during the laat few years! tha pa
triarch of the army, the veterans of oar "Baa.
War of Independence," he Ve been dropping
taeir peaoeiui grave, i no time honored
name of a Towaon and a Jesup were no longer
borne on th roll of the living; and ta-dav one
to icw remaining survivor or tneir gallant
compapy, and one of, the moat distinguished, to
aiaoBumnerea wua,ta uiustriou dead. All
honor to the worthy oo of tha ReDublle.
of it te it golden dya.! ' And may th
aoiuim or our young army strive nard to emu
late their-bright example, and bo aa itcceagful
were 'tbv LB oreeervlnr eaoutheona nntar.
nlshedbianytuliiv - " i - -
a. aauve. oi x-eansyivaua, usneral, Gibson
entered th army .from civil life, a a captain
miantry, in may, icwo. ouDsequently pro
moted to major and LlautenantColoaeI, and,
having aerved with disUnctiea thrauah tha
oi aoist-io ne wu aiaoaaaed at It close.
A a r iS m t a, . ..... .
appointed a Quartermtrter Generkl La 1816,
subsequently made Commissary General in
tendered Invaluable eervlca, la the
former capacity, to the army of Gen. Jackson
Florida, and thereby earned the enduring
friendahio of .that old aoldlar. HrrttA .
Brlgadier-Goneaal for faithful eervlca In 1826,
a Major-Geacral for meritorioui oocdaot a
Commiasary-Geaeral during tha Mexloaa war,
baa admialstartd the . affaire of hi depart
ment, for a peejod of ever. forty year, to tbe
aatUfactipo, It to baUavrt. of hia aanari-
anith army.'
Tha an-. fnm Lt- t 1 Ml I
"w ri,up mi tvi ui jyuwii. wait ds or I
by Majdr-Oeoeraf MdClellaa, command- U
we armyofMbo rotoaue. lf'J
M an--appropriate tribute of respect to bi
memory; tbe' Will t fired at every military
oaaho day after the raoeist iof this order.
thlrtaaa minute (on, emmnciog at meridian.
National, FUgr. wUUba diiptoyed) at fcalf
slant, from tba earn hour until unatof tha
ayi and for thirty day th praaoribed
oaage ot, koornuig .win do worn by th otfioer
rtaaarmy.i '
L. THOMAS, Adjutant-General.
[From the London Times.]
The Strength of the American Combatants.
i H V"Maaifi ,
We So Sot build muoh on ib sncoeu at
trattera' it r ia it natal fored tbat tb
Ftderal Government 1s' stroiiget,Vhd It wa
never probable tba the. Coufaderataalonld b.
abie to hold their ota at sea. Ta expedition
" miasiBBippi is aa operation oi a more
important kind,' but' itA succea. we ahould
wibb, i latuasa OBttaia.u la aa expedition
la wbiob wemavexoeot te aaa tha ln,ir..
genius 'and tbe adventurpua .oonragel of the
Americana ' fairly Illustrated , Th banks ' of
the broad, river are clothed with thick forest
suggesting every variety of. aanbwcade, and If
the tavadera tare tha advantage of rqnlpmast,
thtnitlre will ba snpsrio in knowledge of the
uwiuwy ana natural resource. AOOV ail. It
sauat he remembered tbat b mala armlea of
thebalMgeveatoaraion the Potomac, and that
tuc trial of strength moat Immediately decisive
will take place at tbat point wbr tbe cWed
eratea ar (till reputed superior. , Tay may
forfeit tbia ascendancy,' nd doubt, If Oiey aaanme
th offemlv aad advance agalnat tbe Ifortifled
peaiUona of theie enamier hot if, on the other
bead, tbey ahould .obtain any material success
ia that quarter, U mere distant operation of
th campaign would be thrown Into lha ahu!
All .wa ran ee at peaseat ts that the North ha
oaea maaiug airenoou aadnocerjeerul effort ta
convert Itt rnitfeerou tevlet Into good working
oldtert, thtjt, l patscisee vast, retourcr la a
brave .aad.aaroeet oopulatloii. and tbu It 1.
likely te profit by tbe lassoa it baa recelred.-rr
Wbat we btnoot tee' I tbe derree la whl. ihll
improvement may, ba countei baleaeed by tba
MmullaaoaaMocraas at the Sooth. Tke
U rt kb$olutclf $i ttnig a iht Nrlh,ut it ka$
nivtmo ottn Kiongtr ta V ntli, ni if km of.
oay$ 6 ttrno enuirV In fl human mnbahUU
to rtqtt tidj&iwl y nctf tnfore iu uW? Tbat
(eern to jbe nqw aluost. nniveilly icknew-.
edged a. th,,,! cobCWoiflilaB,.
gl,d it i .clr UJ)tiunt3xl tkat tUio
a fact thnA hv u.-;etd the U(peatIou
Of a Bt-ofifcut u4 tnguluary strife.
' 1
w -.a
. .a.
1 ' or now not less than forty thoinsi 3
ret! cal c d But beep ur tier arm t- in Km,
tuc: f, aui in a. few day th pmi cr will be
wei.rd to near sixty inottXund. , l'bare a-. , at
least, teyettty thousand Union men In tba but
oeett'es tiioxe m camp. There snowd be co fla
ky la nurU.2 dlreouy to tbe Cuiubarlaod to.
difperslcgftbe .Confederate camp there, end.
Mtt.ui; poeegsionioi toe Virginia ana j enncs..
s:Kartlkd. Should that be done, a blow
would have been struck tb enemy from which
he could not recover. ' It would be the master
stroke of the eampalgnr The enemy ahould
at tie; allowed, to gather etrcnrtli before tb
Fr-doral troops hay aosaeselaa'Ol Ouslbsr
land Gap. With tbat point inWur poeeeaiioB
W would command Kentucky, Eastern Tonnea-
... J Iir . tn , a 1 1 ' v .
mvw utti ewrn;u-giuia, !. wut('UT:,i
Due; for cQeotiv, aggressive operation on
Nashvlll and Mem phi at tba, west 'and 6n
Rlohmond, at the east.., Every effort ahould b
mad to aeoure that pan with tbe least possible
delay .-. .Enc.j I f.t fr,))rOT f '.oa
Envelope Letter.
i Tha combined envelope letter,, or litter en
elope, which, baa just been preparl bybe
Government, la one of the, moat oseful loontrly-.
anoea. tbat we jknow, oi. , it presents li three
separate thing in one, vbt: a sheet of lotta ar
nots paper, and envelop and a poatagi stamp,
all so simply put together that any on fciay ns
them with more eeae than ba would tb old en
velop. The advantage are,.' first,, that th
whole costs lets than the materials wt'uld aep
arakely, thus effecting sn Important! economy
for those who write many .letters: tecead. the
ttamp cannot ne stolen Of ropbea otr, whicb is a
matter of tome coneeqQcnoe, wheu w rmem
bef that nearly a million of letter are Returned
to the Detd Letter Office anhually, fbht have
suffered bvthis.way; third, the post-mafrk 4 al
way on tha letter luelf, whlott Can'tbertefor-) be
used in court of justice,' as a legal proof or tfoo
nment, aa to date, content,' to; aodi fourth,
at tbe sheet, envelope, and ttamp are ohe, time
and trouble are both aaved in coodictlng a
heavy correspondence 'Theee ard advantage
which must command tnem to general aaa.
A Wor-Dict FeanwcAfioir-Tbhro are
manv wonderful natural curioeitie and hntiqaa
ted relic to ba found iri Kentucky; add one of
tbe moat remarkable ol them - it to be found in
Allen1 county, on the vTennesaM border, aad
seventeen mile from Bowling Green, there a
wall of Mild limestone, two; hundred hard in
length, forty feet high, thirty feet at the base,
and tlx feet wide at the top.orossaaia neck
formed by a bend in Drake' Creek, land en
loses a: peninsula ai two, hundred a arte, ele
vated one hundred and ten feat above the river.
Oa (be top of thia I natural mound to as) area of
tbree aore, enoiotad by, a wail ana a oitcn,
forming one of the strongest fortress' a in th
worlds Itia not improbable, that tbe fortunes
of war may cause tbia old fortlAottlo i, built,
- . ... ml ,
I luppoaeu, auHrunieui m rava ui ausu woo
hold tbe country when discovered by European,
to be occupied by a hostile force, and Imade to
play prominent part in tnu civil contact.
Bataraav afftrnoon. Oct.
S, Hra. (nSAiniAa
the reatdaoo of Wa,
li. Btyl, ooraer
BUla aad
Mound straett.
Tbe , frleada and eouaalutancea art lavlttd to attend
funeral ta-day at I o'clock.
I-; r
"Get tho Best!'
. -...'u. l-
aTPiotorlal IUurtratloo of Military Term
titibbtir'i DionoHABt sxom ia thisi.
v f and baa. ataanc ethers, nig tot la! miaseatatloaa of
louowux; ....... i j . - iir'
Barbaoao, Bastion, Battlamcut,' Bar-ahot, BoWhoaaa,
BOBus, uannon, varrooaat, uaain snot, vinavMa
met. uaitrop, Luaatn, ataantr, aurteii Tewer, Ator
tar,Porteallla,ltaTlln, Badaa, Star Jorta, A.,. ,. -
No other Engllah Dictionary pabliihad U iqta eoantiy
.jt m - . - y j SO Aia rra j J
. Tfcfinifinna'ftf ,MiKhTv li
Aa, the forantnr, and Abatla. AabbaUae. Amouacadaw
Annlatle. Baaanatta. Blvooao. Brarat, Caiaaon. Oallbar.
Oaalalarthot. Oantoaaaat, Ctpel.rf . Oaaatnat. Oar-
unambot, Ohamada, Unmlaarr, uonmlKmrtat,
Ooaataracarp, Obaf da battalion, Ould sac,' Saal(rao
gun, aiinieain, etc, i p,
'nr.v.i..'. oT,.-i n.-. .-.-'..
,1 nouiku p OWUVVl AAVMVaattM.
SoMby all Bookseller,
.! v-iqt
. BxAMOAaTtn 0. at u:tu arw T. Mtum
1 1 jut QoABTMAAvraa.daKaaAi.'a Orriot.
. , Oolnnboa, Oct. 8,1601.
PABSEI wUl ba lined by the State of Ohio to sol
tier kept il of their
iTL , , i
dlam on furlough, to be rtfaodel
Py. '
All hill or trmtpartatlo will aaraaftarbe settled
paid by tbe Aatlttaot Quartermaster 0. A.,- at
SO. Stat Bouse. Oolumbna. Ohio. . .,-
. I " . I,.;:,.. I , . ' mmvw m .n a..uma,
.' .. i i i ' . Aadttaat Qawtrraustat 9nral
(1 ?1 .
oTTrt-TT TTTrtTT nmtiTimnlr
IM nilli IH Hlljll " NI'KK H. I' I
V aw V . . . . aaa , B aa . a, m a a a. a a - a
i-.,.i'l!'i --in i-L ' ..itt
. i.Al t.:-,,,.m.m AG AIM.;.,
.u:. 11 1 r.
-F A M P Q- -ar
w a t-m - a V I an Wl
... ,r I .ci -in '
I now receiving a targe and dMlrabl aiock of
''l"L'-r"m.";j. ti
fi J J
UUvUHi 1
ana wiBier.riress
h Will tell at nrloca tBatWlll AhaM.'!,
01 te te-1
ixyuiauon w b iad Cl already eojoya ef
iai, turn
t . I 1
'4 ' I
I'Olioan Otoirtb
eVtbJofty. (In.'eSt'wiJbonUj
for Csshl
the Ut exlraordlnary adyaact, and all can be
aaljat ."it uiiii.i .. jwj 1 j i.r .i,..,-n
ia u;;
JFW. i-awlitm, MiasKM aund ChiMxen,
lllJ.(llf (.! 1HH lit At, I
the vary teat quality aad taak. ' 1 oor.lallr Invite
llteolfaatoMrsof thakoaaa, and anybody elaa, to
aod.v-o-ntn aw aiyaks btfora pnrchaalng eleawhere.
Si. Btlil' lUJiZ t:.iii riA
bodth man btbht, ooluvbtji
vaiM. I
.l" i,"1' .... . .1.4 ,
IF . (a ' ( ', ... .-, i f
1 ;. 1 .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 11 1 ' i 1 1
f (lAttoef FluttoaVBatabUaaatent, Jt. Ttl)' '
laablonahle Bbaving, llair. pnttlef ,. gtuunpaonlng,
Aaag, aaatrta AV ivayajitja itsp-jaj. j .f J
Boutit "13ltrh St-icorer !l3s.in,s Store,1
Mifiuc will riytn" In "all "the varlaos
ti.- - - - - - - --
Latlea' aad ChHrn'. Birtr "PwnWgdmia
' --. 1 4 1 " '' ua 11
a3a Jl .T-'-t IM-i in i it.n-l
i'i.; ':i ;
) . t c - . I ' m i . . t I I i, . . AS.
tinDtlitlCSED KEKPI COBU..H",rt,
(TAHl'tr on hand for ml, the beat quality Ajfj
rrrvrrTKrn n-r a rtirs yia i i-r.
hlek be will taU at me lowett market nrtoea. ' i "
OiSaaAt taa.Atanal af B-AdrnM'aaaata-i A. In.
14 UI
vii im n "w w i' it t ii I ' i i.
' 1 "' ' 1 tr' - I if f
T7CT r rj-
B!inar aad fait Bawa . I
All at Wag aer . Orator frail repe. Kb. 81 tmi
BiAteetreet, ,,1, . J r j....
f .
, I
wWl''u WNtae'tha
KE7 ADnTiS::nEIiTEt!
i. - - f w i '- wr-
7. W. Oarpaoter j Br.
,liifl;'Knapp atUtJI"!
B vihtub of a wBiT or.n. JPA.
IT. tlia aharfe aai. ltt tori ether writ ana li
twerltiahn Pdtana Vt. J, d. Soapp UOkiixi ont
ia atvar ot wiiuab o. Buon'-ra. 1. 0. Kaapp tt Oa , t
ai dlrvstad from tha Ooortof Oommon Plaaa of Palairart
atinur. 0hia..2 artil .te.a i. . .k- .tMm Ma.
.xv roaaatnMLBiu:aBliiak.la. tbaoltx si
larahusj mmlm v.. . i . I
Kin., . U - ii.L A . - r . . tx ' , CjJT- 1 I
bouou, aioTM, en ltp ladr, two aata lairbsakf
soalaa. oa dmk. en 'ht da tUni. ayk j 0
W-...1. . ... . - t '
' a ' . w r, . - I,.... . WM . ,M
it 111 pf'IfOG'-t 3i! j-.l)tila.J)iTl,, p-pul.'l
AnSBilbl. - . 1 tO
. . - - ... .M . .'..1
f ay .l ity
THUB8DAY, lb Mth of OOTOBSB, and conlloae un-
iuaib in una ADATttauoarmui vgHa-wTJ.
, I "0 I .
nr jsa wj
f., ,
- in, riilfaaaliil aaat haWMiar AtMl Prwitlrtah.. Taww nataVn? ,S1 ul
, tVli'.A I t KI f-'l I. Jl t flH in 1 Viias.lt
lWi;,,-Obtt'rlci A.piaMi.of Wa()hlldr
tt ..lid jtrtfj. fAmlteniya-H PtrtloliCgy,
iTinu.l .ti ,..- (i t , isi.i ,. c .
j, fV.' HAMILTON,' M.
it coviK olirii.VBtt,. at tmprf. .HH
oH'.-O U'r t .l.t'J t.. Tl .H. .til r.MIlt,
8. LOVfNG. M. D...atot
"l5S it
-' Trot1, itat. tiad.i thArap. A Ked. JnHipridme..'
j , ,!' r...m...iyirjef lOhatSlitri.l .
4i( .1 Oft fTIiT 1 t. 11 l4VI'l.i . " w f
,.' . ii u R.iN; BARR,"M. D..t
.b6 4,iii (.jiPeawpatimtor. of AuatoaVn
I iA
ni i'.,ll lt'.;,iii't na '! ' f tb minuT
too oo
S 00
Matriculation Ticket (only paid ohee). '.
uruoauon rsae .........,..,..,,.,.1.
BvmoiMtratlfta (Jervlees. ). I .. i 1 .
Bor4ui B8 to 93 per wetk, lBclndlni lurbl ai
and faak
th Cllnloal aad Hospital adrantagea eorhlit InU
large aad dlrerslnad Oollaf Clialo and the ifoipUal T
the franklin County Infirmary. ,. Staid tha, the two
uiuiarj uampa in uw neignpornpoa W1U.W adwaalble
atedlcal Btadaoti.' , . ., ,,..... T
. . . . - . -- r'-x-v, . ..
"All tfttlAn.nf Innnl-w -fill h. .1.hJ ir
roi w . .
oct ltd,
l1 I III ll.ilf.
J 01T1T H U N T E H,
c... 1 ; v ..--j. .t .-.i'
JNO.:WJ Houth Hlsh 8tret.
AJKiyr 30ttUt, OI ,
JL.'J,," reeervedo eheler eteck ef klt AND
imjl rruiKuianitaleff ftwtlBr.n'a wear,
Oattoawra will have tbalr oraara aaaUy and labttanttal
l4r-Il-At AA tk. Inml i-An- ..-. I ... 1
BspS...H-'.,i,,'wr.r,a . .w I Ir-
'VtL-lt -nESTJEAUX,!
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VWtanUBlOBS mea .Who AmaDOfaataaa and sail ana
adalbnated hlarataa, anjutby losing the Mttodtnee of
buamunlty, while Janes fyU', who tnahat a par
id fcanume srtiol, n hurt becoming the Wat popular
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that wbrre Oact) .a strict iccordan4 wllh fha tlnctkna,
haa rartly failed to euro, not onlr tor breaking1 tha
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cum,, mi, i rwving toy morula nawi oiim aynem,
preVrnttng tbiteourVanot'of uedtaeaM. " 1 .1. .u,i,r
TXTtB 'AKD AOUB, though hot In llaelf dangeroBs,
apt, anleat speedily lemared, to haTO aoch patnlr
cioua affrct oa the tritnn. aa CT aocAni.r Stinrkmn m-k
ImUacftltlhultaair.aa whlchtalanly rndertbe
eflar-life of tha Dalian. mlui-iM. l,nt.r in ti.imiai..
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ruia la eonadently recommended. Tor sate ir Maaars.
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ioat Pablieh. In a aald BrrveKiba: Prto-1 cti.i .
BAPIOlt, Orjlll Of BPHttMAIOEBUAi Or Bcalnal
Waalcaca, lnvolnntary Saataalont, fenat Debility, and
ImpediaianU to Uarrlac CTBArnU'r. NArToai-AA. fcon-
aaaipaoa, apiiepty and yita, jaeDUI and flprtleal Iof'
Oulmwall, at. P., author at th OiW'Boikr.
A Boost to nnsaaas of i ferci-,
ander seal.
iL to a slain snvalinM. to' an. a-..
paid, on raearpt ef two rtaapa, f- PrOHAS..
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reraoma ! f wll ftahlto, 'niotirthiect to
OoetlTtneaa, Headache, OMdlneae, Btomtaess; sad slnr
la lheara,arhlngfrea ta great tdow of Blood to
head, aheeM aevsr. be without Biandrtu'4 nils, sad
many highly daagerous syarptotn Will N rtmeved by
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torrttww'Mhta'aol ineaIn.,:rntnhfaeU
loaiapaaaa, at it from rjeld, aUiaaaaatlam, Asthma, Head
ache, IllUma Affeetlona, Coetrrm-w t Trrimilcal .0l
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- . alght,one p!U.r JU erety. attach, ft ttekaeas
r twenty-five jreara, UUaabapl aaajtbadb
restore him U haalOu and few. awe ar to
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BoM by ion Jt.-'Orior,' rwnfTt, D6il
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llllllll All
Mter written ty tteiievi'. B; Holm, paitav Bm
flerrepolovetreat Batt Church, Brook la,T.T., to
tba.Vanxial ndHaanT," Oladnnatl, 0.,4adareaki
volnm-a In tvnrf "let wcriJ-ltaawaad aaWdlaiae. Ir
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VVaaoeaa dverient In mrr' aatwmna arafaa.
WiMtaw'a ItoirtHiaa b,-nK Kow wa neraa aa'da ward
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wa !' vio r, a ii-ow tv T'm ai.i, it
litevrooAlilyaBaaftiia mnut et-eMlnl n.L.
,n.jf L'iAdr, bACAOAO tt ta Ooa Of tt h-.t. (And thoai
ye-tt IWAJAW who barf bWa BM'i av than
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aiiaa asipyeee v,t
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And all other lioaaa Leading West
B JL I ! fi & Y M n -V
r OharUre- Cars over moat Boada on raiaongar Tralnt.
Tiaitia 1 rJ hh U il J 0
afi- H. HOTtT,' kft,""'" '''k,l. KHI.HT, Ag't,
aiicBBl Broadway, M-I. n t, , UtatBt.,BoatoD.
iKiWMi H. PBa&T, lupartntaadent, BaAtle.
UO H He FITCH A BON. Af eft.,
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vrj-r , j7 -craet BJroad street,
- coLfjinBcr, Ohio.
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'.It 1 !,. .i- ,ii;i.t' Producd,'' V'. wti ti
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J T 'Ml it'rt J, .i' jTi i -1 --.A ;f a'iii.Kl H
.Fpiigri.'and Domestic Xtwrs.
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1 1 11?9( 40Q ; mm HililStreet,
jS l'J.!Wi ffnJy oowpled byaWat. MeDOKAXB
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Itrtlooilt delivered to tllty trade free'ofehi
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S 0 .0.T H.I N 0FT RUP,
wnfeh graatiy faollHate tb proMaf Mthrng, by toft.
l;fth gaaa. ndaeini all toSAJo-aaUon-wUl allay
AI,. r AIM and apaamodio action, and Is
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i ,W have aataa aad aoid thh artiniA tr .
what w hare umr Imaa aia ,a a., mi
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tr did we know an Inalanoa of dltaattefantlon by any on
aho jtaM ltOo tb eoatrary gallon delighted with Itt
operatlone.aaA aiiaak In terms of oonmendatioa of ita
auioal aSeotoaaAaiadical vlrtaea. Wa wr Ir, iht.
BatUr "WHAT WB DO KNOW:" artas tn Vaan a..
even matanea whm tha InfAnt la ttn rTmtaln a wwrnaaa.
pain and azbaiutioa. rellaf wlU ba foaaa-u Of lata or
twenty aataa toe afwr thcrnip la admlnliUitad.
Thteralnable preparation It the praacrlptlon of one of
oat BXPlhlitlOllDaM 8ULLrUL N0B8B1 U)
,r.i i t OF OASES.
' It hot Only rellema tha afiMA fm h,
tha etotnaeh aad ka-rala, eomafc'eeldlty, and gtVes
tcce and enerTT to Lha v-uiIa mim. n n.,. u.i
stantly vallave ' ' "
wRiriaTtl t 'Jgjt B0WaOS, AID Wf 0 COLIC
and erenotMoanvaaHona, which, If- ertaedlly tm,
died, end In death. KWe belter II tha BBUI aad BDB.
BBT-BBMBDI INfHB WOBtl), In all olaarfnti "
BNTBBT and DIAB.B.HIKA in iwn nViu ZFAt
It ariaaa frota teetbaaajl ot Kraaalaoy other cam. W
wouia nay to eyary mother who hu a child aafferlng fraea
snyorthaforagolag eomplaintt DO NOT LBT '
llef tbat will ba BUHB yea,
tallow tha oa ef tbtataedleti
uu mmn jub ana your tanenng cn'ld, and
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tome; If tiataly aaad. fall dl-
Knine aaleeatti faa-alaill of OUBTIJ A PIUUMB:
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, Bold by ail BraggiaU mnmakMt tae war 14.
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Slaatiracttircr of iallfclnd of Por-
. Ktmaa- aavr aattir Ui-tat Mill, J
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M4.COnea.C0. Sootmllll SSdPOBD
olrrlU inhavS GO, lUatml I III
fs'y On PnaWhla ErvlnA and Baw VIII
Wae awarded the tret premium of S3 at tb Indiana
State fair for 1900 over Lent k BoJIet Voa seeeant of
the UMiaaa 1
Price, JUghtaeftfflippliolty, economy of fuel '
j and Bnperlor character oft Jumber-aawecL
Ou ntatlAaan Bnrtna ttaa Avaaiad at, tlia aaaa fair .
the flrat peaoilamol a, ,, j .it 1
KW at th fair at ti npMa SanaAnar BUody't Do
vall'a, Solnnibw JUaoiiiua Oo'a,. and Bradford A Oe.
a aoanaalttn ot praotlsal aUUinaa Baaiaeen.
forprioaaud terma aUdreea 1 ., . 1 1, i
. . WUiLAAA WAIUIBB, Treaenrer, ..
aeo5-dfcwlyaole..,J.a,., ,T,..l .41 ., MrrarkiOhio
' WBtoloeailo MrReta!t Dewier 1ft
BXeep poatetantlr
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Oct. SS-lrd
,k im,.t.r
ti'tit BRASRKS,
CoraarBprtBir ak WattcrSU., :
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aITJX J1! '. 11 1"" it '" -.-'tia7Ja
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