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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 06, 1861, Image 3

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(iA: r tiiE union f orevpr v-i
6mocr'ecy witf me l',". lTie
Monday; EyENiio.'Af 6 o;cldck.
After which addressee, they will proceed, towe
sliti'Botafc wher the Union Betting
will tV addressed by
.,' f ,.11 J ' " "' " "
l bVriftl WM.'M'E'.Biifcirt Hotel,
o u uim bouujo addressed br-oi
.; id. .rli,;w 1Q0TKB.-; I" 1 iJiilirf -
in n-i.iiuii .. uii.i,i. . p. : , '"'. I
h'.t.-i'.'S Let these inengTbe rouscrs
. i.lW.p-1 JJ , I '1 Mp ilp-Jjp. I " ' '
I,:;? Aiotbir'txkmlnMioo . for . Armj SoritdDi
wiUoceat la Co'Urobu"0Obef 16th.- Caodl
s.rWtttlbOrf fawAf d their address to the under
"'signed, bV '''itar.'iritl'b 1bj'fded1.eon'
,,., ,,,, v.,j;.,Wt HAMILTON,! i-,
. . '... &r0yMedical Board.
OitobeT0, I86HIiHW .. ""'"d'4tj
- Will ill ill j
I l-.j ,
. ".ktnimtt. Worm,' No.' ,9.-Yob are her
l;4jttt toeppeA el wane Armory (k.WaK
1- watt's Building, Town tweet;, on mommy
', ' .mg ieiX". October 7thi""t eight a'cloolcror
' the ; fot poet ol'-nukiof . MrDgen,ehtft',;to
F,WW7Vi 7,1,1,..,
-) AlLvko Mo.ltereet ln, Ulfc Comply are
j;,JnTlwdwpepeDi.'.'i' -m . i.
..an.ii i bi,m'',r-lty.ifder' offie CommtidIii-
. V "f n in " ''-i 1 '.
pi.4iwdn4 WflW .'9? T,, fn
rp4nf raniMa J'liU lOT MII counij, com'
1ii 0,11 r.l
jotn AmAtfdd,i, IJobn Weerer Gwwp White,
John (Hbrfotj & B. Brtw end Joeeph WelU,
'oJ Montgoipery "township; Horace A. Rlgge
v u4 Joieph 0!HMr',Browi. XfU PtterBon Htr
' tltOB end .Toorne."B.T,VMe,,. Btmtltoa, kp.l
m; ibfl Richard Long, Fr.nklla tp
BoioeiM Lighter,
Cbetter M&ttoon, Drigen
MUru:tl. H. Moooerend Tbohue F,Jone,W
:, JMcmtMmef -towBahipt B. ttf.'C.tllbb'yMkdl-
em'tp i Eceki'el Comptoni Jfferton tp., Loreoio
..1 .Tejlor.laio tp. Wn.-Hoi FrenkUa .tp.j
- " r..th RiMba kod Artbaf O'Hur, HtmiitOD-
tp. : George HuDnaivMt, uienaon p
. Ci
... ,
, (SiociWM-The pUee to eupply jour family
,f Ith. iiferjtb'oK' in ' first claae grocery
tore, at reaaonablo price, U at PiitiMt
NrawairottiNo. 26, North High etrtet. 6lr
theii nil. ; J i .-( 1 - m . r 'J'
I I.. . I, - .H ,f I." I
ll l-H-
Miift. Comni.-The following la a
viiA li Vpu'nna ''hmltiOail in' lha acfieral
" "Military Com mitt-xi, . ' oa' Atljutant' ' G tneral
Buc.oh,i order ot Sept. 87: I ;r
" G W Carter. R; Bachanai H. Keaaler,: 1. U.
Tiratet,W.S,Groeabec, A. joe,
vlH Jodge8tale,a48. MolllWrii - A V
34Wml8okfc 9phohn , Johi
r. Eerj, Martin .T.'Stetene and I
a Howard,
Iirael WU-
.-... ai Kamitm. .....
-4th Joba R. Koox, Barton S
Kile, Jaoob
. -CoakRa; Beciamia. ,Jietcll, Ueorge w.,An-
t ;.. drewtv L. DatU and W . M. Gaoby. ;
' " 6th Jadge.A. A., Latty, Richard MoK.S.
11 nr.ia rw UmiI.i Inhn H. Palmar. JTaaanh
hi; . " -wnini w.., .
KnvSihCoL Cockerel. D. W. Cf. Louder
H-I.it 1.t-.l ,fV flailtk anJ I U ItTaillnm.
' 7lh-E.'8. Ntchola.OrL Merrlckrl & Al
M i leu, J C DQalery, W. H. Clement W. HJ
Baldwin, B . Uarlan, fr .. .Toland and R;
..a ' Sth- Lawr-ence, JW.'H. -Weat, Ichabod
Corwin; John H. Young, Major W. Hunt, John
Jaldwio P. BhelUbarger, C. S Hamilton and
-Thompeon. ,:v4l"'W1..
: 8th JUP. Buokland, John Jennr, R. S. Mc-
Kee. C. Sjatohr Alex. Ramsey, R. McKelley,
W.Bwlgart, Vt. J, u. rrwDee. ,
UOthf-Generat h ?T. Worthlngton,, Carey
HmbW.tW. Ui BeWi j.p. iiregory.u. a.
alter U. a. uaiwy, tiiiea aa--,xiDg-
ly, Ralph LntiiJ MA 1 ,
Hth-rD ,TAllmadge, W H., Cullon, A. Mo
NlghVB .&, Ai bWcluJobn P. Piley, C.
D. MartlnrW B. Horton, . 8. Colburn.J C.
" James, H.F.Remwle WB.Rigby,L, S.Bmlrt,
"James Miller, .0: James. ! --' - "J-i '
! ISth-rWllard. Warner; W:,B. Woeds. lJ. F.
V Martin. Otte Dreeel.tfelaon Franklin.; j!
1 ' 13th W. Smith, Irwin C. 6bernianGfloTd
MFa1K'J. .Pewfi J- M Root. ' 1 1 . -ii.
M'i.... 14th James Monroe, .Hon.' H.' Blake,
WB OakrDrjadSe W.,0LTertn,.W. M. Orr.
O'J--lbtbCol. G. Wi MorivJodgeR.C. Horfl,
John K..BWcr9ft.'E?X.?P"K'C tl! -L
. n 16ibA.iIrHrc,.;iA. ,Ti Ready, t. W.
Pwlo, Jbe O'Wsll, JaAn .K. Hoqa( Ponglak
1 ,,,Futntn, DaTftwreen.'" " aM. 1? ,..
, (So8 17UE, Arohbold,, Tolin'Welehi Xet
C! land, J,.C- DongUa,, iliaw"ieatey , B; 8.
i,J Cowan.",'""1 " n.i ii ..ifc.ua ...i- ,1) I ,
lj .... . loin it 1. ueeoa.u. wieyior, u.a.ow
rt weAther', t". y ."BlercjV.vKeb Jsjrris,' Aleunder
1 "miUIWI"'.' J ilillo.l.. jril t, ,rt.j ,.,111
"Tl"4--F;iT." aekBS,"A.i Stone, .JK.f
Tj iiWMpjf.lylor. J; .Y
I win ii.'TBrBone.'H. vaawaili.JOna nUE8
V kl'-'C-.R'; Hnbt; R: W. WbittUeey.-
uTvlat-t:p..W,!cC6olt. T..L: Jeweit, A.
i. ... .. --.
filftfflftf faf?j?f I'.TTf wil oefini
'ikmai italJwUoiw.laVinbi bplolon of mini
0;.TaarbW,44d;, miMypdgBaf atistrrpMsei, y
"any similar" work.' One of the chief ujes of a
Li'i JClotloaary i io ascei;laln 'toprtclae meaning
''RiJCjWtfV,' Pb).b4 of jwords
"otieoiete or rareiy aaeui uiiati toui fiurpqmng
-'A'iJ-.Ai r:'.il w,f.pf r'Ltihiii' .waii .Xw.
ll",.WwP VP..", vp 1. u,y .-Y" riwapM w
7;,utdal!y Wnaalted nWAbetorV. Unabrldged, is
t Htat tha thing: BMrteO, 1l1J, , V f f w
U "" cotnlng- tato-almoet daily nee, andacortantly
ij "ire)ociraing''Ji).'ae
D, l''In'lcotrverBtIbTl;1' Of. the exAct-' meaning , of
iwMrf''l' hesa tar mi mfliiar mtk as Well 'as
0 1'ilvIllAtii.Wo: i-onndiV'IgnoiritTBet will
'found teenrately defloe4tbj Webateri See
, ' bbbbbww aiaw-i tiff UO JIHtt W faj rtX&UfmHOb'
. a avja enaVpBBTiaMB pB an t. . . , ....
-...-.v . pin .iiiuM'i. rimui ,p.
,AQ Vtf..llWV fh
Njtotilfebi.tn tMa doijmMda-ilOll InsW
. Tbe Orand Eacampmeat and .Wrana, council
C",tlnl6tIiJ,u""t''J' ti, ii.ii bDM viu! 1 "n 'j ,
C r,ltolJifjtaedion'i''6i' tetd, td'bemwfaotafid
WW VUUM PVPPira. , .CHllyQ lpt, fpf
vi J a jre. Ptaafm tf-Morfaj ctyity, afrjtd,!
f Ooli CAMwN,a Keglmatvtw m h, j i .
Bh rtmt from LtVF
- .T0wlv teaaLa. th'a.flilj
- 6TA P L E RpPA NCy O R Vi3 0 ODS.
r "nil- j i .'Jit-1 . 1 1 ...I i ,, i i if i i p "j, j.uii'ji'M
wU i
f .Vl :
J...-V.I t.
. '( "it
01 li ??W
.11 i
3.ll .
.II fJU l Tfc.
1 JJii.'p.. .J'mJ, .lj,
1 t:i;r
.''r'S'aiQ feouth Ilieli.treet- , :
i ;: I i.to.Mi ''! " " 'ill1 i.l I.J.I
We offn iipolpjjor"tne spaoe we be jnpy this morning, to a dceorlption of tbe splendid
newbailding erected by Merirt. Hiadlk Ebialt, for the accommodation of flieV oontitau-'
ally-Inoreaain trade, not only became tbe saoceas of our butlneaa' flfm's U a matter of public
'interest, bnt the building itself Is an ernamsat.
a . t-.-J1' 4 a.'.1- A' I''.tt'l
noora oonrenienoe ana neneiti io-.um community. . ai win De eeen Dy me Tcry oeauuiui
engr'trtng 'at-tbe need of tWi" article, the buildinc l' four 'stories in 'height,' 10D feet deep by
47etfront, baiitof 'br)ck, jn tbe most substantial manner. As we have said, the Aral floor
1s designed and fitteop expressly as a salesroom, o be occupied by the new firm of Hiioiir
ftsniv oa Kiauans, wao nave iiormea aj
e. This stori Hb'i irpnt po h.f ttfeet the
!,'glyjbg an area of over 5,000, square fee..
rows of counters and pbelrlng, so arranged that
the room. -There are two entrances on High
era oaiiiender togress'oi,sgrtsdlffldultk'j . t . . I ' ' j '
The buineis arrangements, too, are aofoiWief each 'deacriptloir of goeAs has w depart-'
ment allotted td its sale, with gentlemanly salesmen, whose duty it to to attend to one pardon-..
Ipjbirfii&iihti taok'of ,'tho store, is, an eleraiedeakr intended fos the caahief, who ip so
seated that be baa ah anobstruoted view oi all the 'counters, and 'can tell at a glainWwht is
going etv To thla effioer la animated the superyislon of the 'financial transactions, and be is
responsible to the firm for arciythlng soldi ' Qnr the star rpropen, is lage roo,j3eT0td to
keeping sarplua stock, and to'aopaqkiag and marking goods, previous to their being placed on
the sltelvcs baliW' ,TbM jrn Undei; the store Is a
largo and welVligbted cellar, tt belted as 4(pJ
mentf, all oonhslda WlToided In the salesroom, on tbe receipt of new goods, by taking stock,'
or packing orders or tbe trade'. ""w'.'j)' ' . , . --
These rooWerJail Mghly finished, iht decorations are In the beat possible taste, and the
paiatingAnd gra;&tflg''iiplV11' ipImenh'oJttwiriuiis'nthipl OtbojoWi;ijia)m4ateqtirely
composed p( Frenqly plate glass, nearly half
umns of atone, ligbt and graoaiul, and Wgniy
: .The upper stories ere dlrWed , into spacious,jflioejaccses to whichU obtained by a circu
lar winding stairway:' These room are all well
making them the moat convenlent'end pleasant
isbad in good style, and lighted tr.4 gl Mngbput,- . J v 2 Jo- , r. j TP I ,' J ,
The buildiDg, whloh we hare thus attempted briefly to describe, wai commenced on ibV
lit day;f ApriJ Uat, and although oonpleted in so remarkably abort lime, Is built in the most
durable ana subetantlai mariner. Thigtrchltecture and internal arrabgements reflect theUgh
est credit npen Mr. Hbadut. who drafted ttfd;gt,"aa ipbo M i?t foai, Uih;architeott
who succesfully.crried.out hi. Idea.. I
The brickwor'of tbil bUildVn'g wai done
job they hart made, has added largely Jo tbeJjeputieB, 'jTheiyenter workwas done by
DiU, E$oa.jd Jef WrWfiO have addedf to tbtir reputation by the very excellent job iby'
have turned out; while the painting and gfaang'by J 'Kno'p j'annot bo excelfed 'J3 fc"' j
This firm opened their Western Uty moods.
Jast, sd fm that, time (otward we predtot that thev will have all they can do to wait oa peir
custoueri.t TOej UAMi U UUdocted: man. entirely Dew A;stem,r;Casb on Ieiivery it1
to be tbe rule, which hss been adopted in Order to' allow of goods being (old at the lowest pos,i
"Sible figorc viavingioj th pprcbaer !h usual advaace of, 15 or 20 per , cent', charged i'oV col '
lectlons'eto.--''""i'i -. f',v et ! n'"i .' ..:.;', .". ; I11'
j i Mr- Wai. BwiuD,'w))e partner in the
mes. of tbolitoek; 4)bdl' bto rejtteAtit.--jfl jt'fcu'wjio(ee ffyWPtfNW.l?, !b.! J0???!" c
the boat quality and newest designs. ''" .;;' ''' J JClb'v'l 1
i Jn Z&ifiHtf yejrel.at the Caahier'a deak. and our wU, known. Intend, fUiur
Coazauos, will be found Were ie; salesman
department,, wbipb is sufficient assurance that
Olid baalS.""' u '. -"' I i-:',: it
Icj )h tlfcrf. an4,.t)ie splendid store on bf frit
tn a t ii '. . .
co-partnersnip xor carrying on ine vry-uooas Dnsi
entire width of the building, running back 100
!.Theam is .baadiomely fitted u?. with four
an excellent light is'obtamed in every part of
street, so.wide that no possible crowd of chstpm
e90m. (By thetadditidrl off ferse two pa.;t;
aavinca tn thickneac-ctbo jloor, and, window col
UDibivea;., -.i. j.i.. , i, ; '
lighted, and to eab ne la added a side room, ,
offices' la th ehr.f The entire building la, fin-
H I VI U I ,
by Sntois k KAtMHtaxa, which, by the excellent
raiace to ttie pubiio on yveaneaaay. evening
firm, Jbaa control, pjt, the purchase And atrange-
lrane, mr;nrixiptCT,nas coptrw or ine Doanciai.
the - establishment will alwaya be conducted on a
.Ji'dl . o.l.n.ij.l .., mmI ,!..., ...',',.,. ; ',
'JNtwl BMlMWtfi-iEiettnj nfw regimeate
T . I'J. t I"
wet anthoeifsdiast week.JrjMn. thftSixtiel
the Seventy
fifth inhlasi vevy Aboatone nunirtd
LieuteaAnta,Mve bes4, Appointed
fglmeUts-'ii'Tbo following Are t$i
and twenty
fox .these yeslmeUtsYL'The 'following are t,Sd
ColonelA Of tbese-veRiments And their, places 'of
reBdzronsii. 4pr..vi..i oi ,..,i., .. ; a.'"i
Sixtieth Reglmerib Cblonel W, H.-Trlmble,
Camp Mitch!!, mUaUroneh.'';- " ! ,'.'
' BiitylrstOoiooei ,w,;ttoweicn,. jancaner.
Sixty -second Colonel Lucl us P. Marsh, Camp
6oddAid,f ZaneavliW.' " " ' , j
..Blatv-thlrdloneft; ffmp Puf,'
nam, Marietta-m'- ).i , to ;mi : 1 "
' SUiy-fourthCotohel- Joba-hertaanv Camp
-.!.! Hf.OI '! il.vlw.. ,lirru,,, 111 Jl I 1 '. I
saruoj, miuawiiu,,,, . . . - i M ;1, vi
j iKtyuitb-tt-uamp tiaruey, luananeia : i..
SlxtjSSixtbuCamp MoArthur, Urbana.
'Btxty-eeveDth-Camp Oliver,. Toledo.
BtvlpIffklnr.pnn f,&tta. fllinnlppnn.
, BUtv-nTnth Colonal L.,D, Campbell, Camp.
Ma'mllkr.nl HanilltataL ll M I i
8vilietb-CbK)nel "Ji R Cockerlll, Waf
H.I - 1 '
8TntT.ifXSwirJ tin CrochAn. Fremen
J ... . . ir . .... i...ual
. Savant fitnrth Rendrvoua not decided on.
f" o-- . ii5i.'D-,Awk ri' tai-r ..A r.n.
araij.uiiu uuiuuci ai. v. mwuwwi wwpp
JoniMoteAri.CinclnhAtl. j
- fi."'J- . -!.nc-.
,T P: Fear 4atei, . arreatei 'tofficerf McCana
tna yimi iov fliMtcMrlj conduct, were jyr
t3V eA;iAeJ4f Major Thomas, three dellera
4il oottU
ilS nl
w York, Is the
flratiB the M'AUayajMMK VlfiapkagWing
preaaatioiij H,,ha faoojnmeoded Tbnre
day, tne wm oi jNovembei;..,
BT Two epjonanlee of 'Lickfnif ddhnti volu"
teeriTafre ia Western Ylrglnia; two in Miaadarif
oue.ln KehWcky'.-kba'cjne (cavalry) In'Canip
r.haL irr.": ?..V"" y-j. i
wm - -- . .. pi'un . i.nr i-
ForUai8T.TbiJrJ states that
It is Capt. J. 8. MaioN, U. 8, A., a native of
SteubenvQIe,' 'and a Weif FblM grAduate,'wo;
hU beeu 1 appointed to tuooesd Lojmb.Anpkxws
aa Colonel of fte roarfhuRegll!rVent.M(?
iOsno Tboots in Karrnjcxr. Slnpo the Beoea:
sloulat litre eeo'ttiraAtentng Kentucky, Ohio
bWfebthsoltowiag troops lab. thai .Stats: ,
iieedman) 15tb, Colonel DlekeyflsiiCotqnel
and tVVcoifiiianloe of cavalry, ftf ,&
tthWe We brii Cnhdd': and tatxt Aeaesh
Nortpp, fi(h, CaWelVfliernmh';
Bfaaieyt '87th, Colonel iierl, ri?,ht p
.ii i ii ii.ii ryi rill rn un
I., i i ,i ii ..I u,a
be ' Beat Artificial J Help to thaj,
i.i .t -ppp. f
u .4
.mint if tht: soil lnprovnt kioila. ol ipectaalaa.
hta OlacN, whethtc (or. tvnr or. fax.tlghte4,re
eroand. in WDeava canvas forn with tbf greatM aan,
o.aata suit the Sjsiotall cwu, eiuloir Waakaaatv
JiuintM of IptlammaHon of th Xje,. and taparliof ,
.ualh fn. lAna M.illnP P. flpPUBlttP. I .1 ' ' n .
i uoue. ix .aait pie,wt..M neuKC weiawa
Matw ewre. i.m. amivittl it rr ,. xia n hi :
.ausiHUv i I
I. ,o
jlliftiJl.' I
i jpii va
II f...u ?it ( 'li . 1 ' 'J '. : r ,'. ;
Ir-fi ii
P 4 fel I 'll I11UV.I4 1.111 AltiVtA tilll ..UlP
vlMatl? Mft Mnlarrirvf . di'V 4T .':(' j i tt i
Ate. Are. ALBO,
Old Rye MonongaBt&Rtrbon
. e"( k.u'.'l '..-... i- 1 ! Li -'!. oik' 1
nlr.ii4 J WW HIBai .trs.li 11 a.
WittBnft'n'iiE'iBl. OfFICB.Sit'iWTjTn tJldn IT..
Il IMl 4 ,VHaJ 8U.16 1 tjr tTVtt. vi I el
eiW.2, fl'jf-y??; '",JI".'"
.-..11 "
itulli UJi.)SC5 .OS",
1 tAitv 'AmsrtoUdl Jot f toes, and Fr)Uln
OetaSdlf . Uvm '
Preparing for Defense in New
$ Louiavntc, Oct. 4.-A genlldman leavtoi
New OrUans tea days since, sayi one hundred
4. noundera hAd Arrived, there and been mount
ed in various localities.-:
MGold was 14 per cent, premium. I '
, Tbe number of troops in amxatouna mo mij
was not over sitthonaand. fr 1, ' . j.
He savs numbers of troops from Texas, Mis'
. - . .... f i.i. 1.4.M
Sisslppl and Arxanaaa, were mmwf iu u
nessee and Kentucky, peorly oUd, And Tnoatly
tinarmedu " i- . r-2 J,
i The offlcere of the Confederato army say that
forty thousand troops were at-Columbus, de-.
signing to take PaduealC 1
Evacuation of Lexington Confirmed
—Battle Between Gen. Sturgis and
—Battle Between Gen. Sturgis and Gen. Harris.
St. Loms Oct. 4 Capt. Read, or tbe L,ex
Inetobj HomGuArdssrodi Afterward of Col.
White's 14ih Missouri regiment, who escaped
fronjiithe rebela. on Monday, last, has arrived.
He ooafirma.tliawvaouatiQacOi, that place by.
Prloe'a army.
Gn Hrr1s,s'0iVts18l!,i thoUaind strosg,'
orbsssd the ''river bat Saujaj. 'find, wbeh ab6ut
six miles from Lexington, they met a Federal
force, said to have, beeensmder Oep, 8(urglo,
wbea a battle ensued, i a ..a i u-rut .. I
Little Is known of the eflir, other than tbat
Harris was driven back with a loas of hia trans
portation train and equipAeer Harris reached
the ,nivr, sbout-.mtdulghu aloiely.followed by
Sturgii, and imaediatelf began to transport his
meA aerosrln ferry eat, noder a' galliag fire
of. Federal' rnoBxetry; Manyirdbels 'awam the
rlvee dn.l their impatlenia, to' gel'ACcoas,
spreaeveaaggerated raportietuturflia a.auengtn
throngbottt the city I " One ferry boat la reported
sunk, and. A Targe, number of jrti! is said to
bare been killed and wounded. V . t ". I
Sondav evenine Prie tiesao t evacuate the.;
town, and troops were.co&auutly depiniog'ub
tu nve O'clock m.indaT evening, wnao tne laat
regiment left. . ' I
i Capt. Read bead some rebels say tbat they
were going to Baker's Hill, a commanding Ami;
neuce, eight miles southwest of Ltxlngtoiti
fortify it, and make a stand tbere.",.,' 1
i They aeemed to think fremout'end Sigel
were aowoaeblnir wlthfiitv thoasand men. I
. Read savs Mai. Sevier. Provoat Marshal of
Lexington, told him, Friday last, that iorty-e)
tnouiaoa rations were issuea mat aay.i., i
8turr!s badn t crossed the river up to Mon
day last, and nothing definite was known re
garaiug nu sireugin. .... , i.i ;l
A Skirmish in Kentucky.
BrjcxaviLLX, Kr Oat. I Dr. Hagard is or
ganlxlng a oamp here. ' I . '
L.aat oundav some cavairv and miantry sur
prised a party of Tenuesseeans, killing aev.n
.. ui.; .... "-" - ' '' I
auiwuiiiinw.!,, i. t ... ! ....... L . .. . '
The Kiohmoml Uispatcb aays frince folig-
nno bks received en Appointment on Beauro
gard'e staff with the wok of Lieut-Colonel. I ' '
. The Montgomery Mall sayl Captain,
me Montgomery iviaii AAyi uaptain, w. r.
CarolUiA and
Virginia, with nine steamers ready, and more
r Kp aitilpiit ' ' v - ' '.'
I ,,'.,)-. II.. - .4. ..,. ,. ... I ;
Southern News.
Lootaviixx, Oct. 4. The eity waa mnoh ex
cited to-dav, by three tumora which Are deem
ed apochryphal : 'The oapture ot New Orleana
by Federal forces, the killing of John C. Breck
inridge, and the arrest of Humphrey Marshall.
Tbe nrst come by war or: t. Louie., ine uui
letln says'tbe'secessionisMia various parts of
Kentuckv Are told tbat ir they don't Join' tbe
Confederatee at once they will be forced Into
the Federal service. i
' Lteucenant A. Morton, of Illinoia rolnnteers,
wai 'arrested Wednesday at Bt,; Louis for trea
i" Tbe headquarter a of Buckner on tba lal wis
at Wo0d80hvllle,"witbl aboat three thousand
'tit at .mi: .ii
Affairs on the Upper Potomac.
DxaarasTOWH, Oct. 4 At noon to-day all is
reported quiet on tbe fiver line' from; the Point
oi Kooki w tne weat f am. , ma enemy nave
not made their appearance, ia aay force, aince
tea vrof -tbaif Boasaea.'Opoatto - Moddy
Branch., veaterday morning, -. There' has been
consider alula movement among tbe Union troops
in this vloinity to-day, bnt notning to indicate
any Immediate advance or heetllUics.'" 1
The eaemv 's recent movement toward Lees
burg and the Point of Rocks is construed into a
strategetlo movement only, and one not requir
ing the strengthening of any particular .point
along this line, basidea, tbe present high Stage
or water in the rotomao win lor some aaye pre
vant the passage Ot the river. 'Oar positions
bave baen oelealad with so great care that no
experienced effioer would recommend . croaeiag
even jjf tacticWe.'.'' - :: ' i , ,
i If piivate information' ia id be relied npon,
the enemy's strongest position ia About one end
e quarter miles in the rear of Manassas Junc
tion, where it ia represented the entire Availa
ble reserves of the rebels are concentrated.. ,
. i ne Dearer w Jine iniormanoa nas recently
visited alt tbe principal points from Richmond
to Leesbnrg, and haw given many important
detail as to the nujnber, position, and resources
of the rebels, r,wbtoh .are .not r(iqoLjfito te be
published at tbis time. ,.ri , . ' "'"
--All fiwmiMp? PP.a.vltArila .a tn itiA n. ! r I f n H
discontent, and jjemoritlzatlonof the .rebel
troop i are f ully copfirmed. . The officers still
attempt to Inflate I he hopes of the soldiers tbat
Washington- will fall ad easy prey to the chiv
alry Of the Sonth, but the recent.tocoeeafnl ex
pedition to Hatteua, and the .progress of Gen.
RoaeovAaa In Weeterar. Yirglnla. togetbe with
the scarcitfof food and money, are rapidly coo
vinolDkthe dnpes of polltioal aSplrantn that the
days of the retgn of the Southern Tyranny are
nomberea., Tne.foimen ana aBnaitams, and
to many OAses tne, .pincers or ntg'graaa, utter
load complaints against .Virginia, ior not fur-
nishlhg tb' matertala and eiaewe ioC war1 as
promised tnrongn tne partisan leaders.1! .1
The gantlamaa who Mnlthes this lnforma-
tlob sincerely believea that delay 1 the surest
and niekefr weaporr no-reduoe' the South to
t..'U. l'-.:,"l ij.j p. 14,.1,, p ,
From Kansas City.
Sr. Lomr, Oct. 4 lofbriaalioa from, official
sources dlgctoMs the fact that ' Toeadav last
Ganeral 8targil,,wiUt the commands ot Mont-
Komery ana jeaiiMaptBBniDeruig i,p)uv, were ai
Kansas Citri ketptng' oloee -watch ot Price's
mpvementi l . r ,
.Tne foctineetionloo tneaouthweatsiae or St.
Louis, begun byCaptala Beard, by -order ot
Gnralj Fremont, -twenty-fire day a Ago, were
finished today. tThe athar, begun by the Gov
ernment four weeks ago, before Fremenfs ar
rival, Will require five or six -weeks to complete
them. n.i.nmiirrl
The Union Cause in Maryland.
BaLTi'iidaa.'XJoti U Tbe Uoloa Execaftvt
Committee are preparing an address presenting
tne issues or union ana atsumon in lorwaie
Unnn.n. Tt. will Kama mmmapiII. .lit
ateunioniais. i ,ri u.
fIIowr4,is axpeeted todaolioa-tha nommation
for Governor. (The Unionists Aisert there will
be a eisir Iraox for tbam. Ho v;i
Our Wounded at Lexington—Colonel
Our Wounded at Lexington—Colonel Mulligan taken South.
[Special to the St. Louis Democrat.]
Jirriaaoit Crrr, Oct. 4 The--steamer Ca
milla arrived this evening with- Aire wounded
fromUxingttm.:,'';,''-- j ,t
About one-XoCwstl tebelr Remained in Le
inatOD on Tuesday morninc.
u MrPresoott, a oitiaen from Lexagtns; wbo
u In Mulligan's fortiflcstiona during tha siege,
eontradiets the tport that Sturgla 1 bad j arrived
there.,Mr.'Preot)tl lata' h beard Price tell
Rains and , Paraool , tbat now. was the time to
tight, ir anev ever uteaaea ta ana beard thum
fllsews the propriety of tailing' back to fottUv
Kdsa rim, in lonason county, ntteen muss weat
efuWarrenaburg. tie wiou,, however Miat
their real mtentlon la to retreat to tha aouthweat
or to Arkansas. They bad cast two eanboa at
tBeToundry m liextngtoo, Whico locreuad their
figld pieces td fourteen. ' 1 hey ' alio' nd two
mwrpaj. 1 rv in . hi ,,
" r.nl. MotHmn waa tnkim Snnth with Pili
avail appointed, and likely to do bplendidj
laa'nlt&'aalflaWijulhti Col.
j. aimn, moved waj.,w-w,iBipt f ieccamp ao
nixht eighteen atilea eat 1 ill
IiCp.;bl tW HBTtani, w)iowerja eB.
tured a , abort ytiiae aiBoOa whil inrylaf dii-
..4. t rr p 1 ! T . ..4
pnwiw.w wp i nww, pv. mum. WPPP1V, ,uu
tffrf oBfiBrt &f(7 BOwa l dungaoaat Wes
portcatne dot aoa tn Emllie. havlDr escaped
front Leiio ton.. 4iu Ji.iAC -j
, Caf t. D. D. Stanley, of the regular cavalry,
wbo taistinguianed bimseir al W& 9nY,dg,baa
bteprappolatedi si Brigadier General, nd will
assume thcDmand af th catalrybtlgadejo
Gen. MoKlnstry Is'ltt td 5b .MsierrM 't6
Kentucky, j- He rUl have com maud of tbe fifth
dlviaioif of the arrui pf the West i will start
Weat -to morrow!
" 'mip i
uia-fuonEni uen. rremont. wiu also leave
to-motrTfi -He and bis army era nthutiaetlo
and eosfident, -and are bnmiaK to meet the
?wn nu at m?A m any. i
[Special to the St. Louis Republican.]
j f Cola. Grover aad Wjilta were left at Lexldg
iioi th former Id ,a pfitical oondltlon,: and) the1
inter nteiy o recovw.-"'" .jj
Tbe report of a largir amount of loaded shell
having' bsen dot up Inside of Mulligan's An-
Lttenobmenls after the surrender.
rs st Ultvuii'
From Fortress Monroe.
Fort Monbox! Oct. '4. --The Pawnee baa re
turned" .froa. . HatterAs. 9h teporta the loss of
tbe propeller Fanny. i. Sha waa under way from
tbe Iplet to pbioomacomea, tbe encampmentjof
tnej Indiana reslmentJ Hha waa eHDlureA bv
ihred rebet toga, whiob-jpui out from .RoMdoke
isiaaa; i i iro med eaDOOn,:tweaty.uve ot sue
IndianAt regiment, looludlng.. Quartermaster
Holt, several of Col. Hawkins's regtaeot, and
banda of the rabela. The eantain of the no-
pviier a?a orew atone eaoapea. , r i y; i
ii A ' . . ....'I
. , fn yvi iw if .r i . aivwi
I saii WaaI I at Arnantari at K nrirAja MAntnAl
to-morrow morning. ,.T r t
It is wen understood tbat ino'rebeU will on
attempt t ran the blockade from Old Point with
two eteamera from Nnrfojk and.Yorktown, tnd
aootber bowei lot steamer on James Rlver, "
Paeoengers by ,ihe 0!d Point boat say that
uen. Marflder Tnd' demanded tbe evacuation
or Newport pews Ju welve bonr
I h
The Kentucky Legislature.
v rsi
- .
afixroaT-, UoAs 4 The; Legislature took a
recess until November 2Gih, directing the com -
umwd vniaaaa veapwniiQ to inquire into tne
Bank of Kentucky promised its quota of $776,.
lupiiPKcmirut vi mo vuiv uuuiBviiia. 1 as
1)1111 fftm tha ilafanflA At ITpntMhto. TIia T , t.
. . . ...uiuvpj. . un uiuk vi
T.iMilaa.ll. l. . ..... - AAnn nnn e i
"""i wuvdo (uupb was 9uv,uvu, prumneu
$200,000. The Northern Bank premised $25,.
UW.more than, its quota, and the Farmer's Bank
Sromptly responded to its quota of the $2,000-
00 required.! i f i Jill f I ii i !
Discussing tbisqueeticn in the Senate, Sena-
w opeea sata met a majority pt tta Louisville
Bank Direotors would gladly welcome Buckner,
and open the vaults freely to him and therefore
ha wished the managemant'expdsed. - 1
oenator uooaiove saia toe commercial flanx
would promptly respond to any demand made lal
this emergency. I u '(,11 , ii !
Senator Speed's resolution of Inauirv into
the management of tbe Bank' of Lotiaville,
passed both Housee.
t 1
1 1.
From Washington.
Washinoton, Oct. 4 The following lal the
result of inquiries to-day in official quarters:
Thp .V. ....... H.Ar..,i k. r.i t? i di -1
. .P"K.i . uipinipu u. vui..f man
against Maior-Ganeral Fremont on the 2Gih of
September have, not .ot, reached Washington.
According to the. revised Army regulations,
charges are rsqolred to be tranamjtted through
tne anperioromcer, waien in this case ia Uen.
Fremont, Umself.i .' A copi of tbe charges, how
ever, hare not been received to be filed, in tbe
event that GencFromont himself shall neglect
or aecune to transmit tne original document to
the War Department. '-' I
in responae to a requisition or Uen. r remont
for a Quartermaster for. tbe r cetera Depart
ment, ae Brigadier-General McKina'try ; hu
taken tbe field, Major Robert Allen baa been
1 ,
appointed to tbat position.. He Jbas the reputa
tion 01 being one ot tne best officers or tbat kind
In the employment' of 'the Government. Jt Is
further ascertained tbat Brigadier-General
Etna-ana will be promotedie a Major-Generalship,
and will take tbe command of the Depart
ment of Keatuokyi-dTbetleUeata atate ot Gen!
Anderson's health alone rendera this arrnc-
mant necessary. rTbere seems to be no doubt
that Gen. Fremont will . ba euperoeded. I No
official notification baa yet been given of, this
fact. Gen. Wool, It is thought by those well
informed in military circlea, will proceed to the
WoA'nirer'apM&i Inattentions, and It ' may
be that be; will supercede Major-Geueral Fie-
raentj no posltlra. Information ia derivable on
tbe subject. " '' !..
The tuabiaie ran aenore under tne battery at
Acqoia lreek, and was nred upon witb shells.
Nd one was .injured. The sound of the drum
and fife was beard continually on shore through
Wednesday nigh,, , Toe cause of It was un
known.' V.5.HM.I9 11 I..-; 4-i.U , S, 1. ..1- a 1:1 .tf
An arntv nrdur haa been laauad ,nnutn'.in.
tuat all denredatlons noon private nrobertv will
be severely punished; tnat no remission for such
outrages will be -exercised ,-i that the euards
placed over such property will be held responsi
ble as well aa tbe principals.. '." J .
A number of . militari gentlemen of Ohio
have applied to Gov. Dennieoa of that State for
the establishment of a camp In the vicinity of
Cincinnati. It ia proposed to establish an en
campment comprieiag a brigade ol Zouaves, six
sqaadrons of ploked cavalry, and a battery of
eight rifled guns. 7, ' .'.-.( -
The loyal nitizeas of Kansas nave petitioned
the Government for. military aid.. Tkey (ear If
Price i not defeated in Mlsmwrt tbat Kansas
will fall lntd the banda of the rebels. .-1
Gen. Wool, accompanied by two members of
bis staff, aaa reached Wuhingtoiuii.ii . t
The President declares this morning that
Gen., Wool, , Is not to supersede Fremont; that
be goes to Missouri, it la to examine the
military situation and report. . . -1
The -National Republican or this morning
inumateainai mere win nea speeny aavaboe oi
inn rvueravariuj. ,'iij viip.,,i
A private letter from Darneetown. savs thai
private P.G..Mrtlp, f the 4Gth Pennsylva
nia regiment, suot v01. ivuipe ana nis con,
neither fatally. .( . . .-i ff .-i-t' '
The Tribune's dispatch Savs that' Brevet-
Major-General Wool arrived here to day, and
do 1 ted to tha Secretary of War J The bar
ream direattao of oar affairs iaMiatourl greet-
nis coming aa tne nignest evidence tbat
Gen. Fremont bad been superseded, and would
speedily, be Brougnt sere to confront a conrt-.
marjjal; but tbey are grossly mistaktn. The
mete In thUiwhele eaie are these,: j Gun. Wool
was ordered here for, consultation", and Geri:
Mamfleld was sent to take temporary command
Fortress Monroe, that being a military point
too 'touch imporiamoe to be left even a day
. . 1 . 1 j 1 . . , .
witooui bb eiperiencaa cqmmanuer, . ,1 1
Gen. Wool this morning had an lotarvlew I
witb tns,rreaiaeMktne oeoretary ot War, and
Gen. Scott." No hew command baa been- aW
a!gBedhim,,nor,has uen. Mansfield bean or-J-
dered to remain permanently at rortress Mon
roe. No Cabinet declslod baa been arrived at
on the Missouri question, but ivithia the next
forty-eight hoars the AdmlnlstrAiloa wall da-
c'ide either' M 'supplr3en Fremont with the
rclaforcements, arms ana money asked- for, or
supersede him. ' If tba lattery Gea. Wool will
be ordered at Onoe to St.-Loeisi to. take com
maad, and in that case, men. money and arm
will ba sent on. y It. la atill believed, however,
thaAGan. Fremont will not ba aunarseded. nn-
leaa tha next news frotn, M,Uqarl la of an un-f
aatiafatory and disastrous character. ,.
Our troops . breakfasted., this morning six
miles beyond Alexandria, oa tbe Fairfax road.
large detachment wcat-te break up a neat of
ena thousand nve hundred cavalry, wbo) were
plundering tha Union farmer- of the district
and turning them oat of their homes. . The ras
cals, apprised of, the .expedition, got Into their
at da)bietg JHV W tWft tp.feceive the
tiro of our head niea. iba wounded fell In
anmbsra, but wire throwp oa, tbeie borste And
carried off! 1 Tbe cburchiWM oaed AAbarracka,
tba bads, on the floor being vet warm. From
the'ehurch fernnaiiy 'mllwh west, north and
eoatbt a reoonnolesanoa waa saadewbich showed
tbat there were no large bodies of. troops Ills
side at uccaquio. 1 ne reoonnoiaaance peaked
about nlaa miles further IntA, Yrg)nlA,tban any
made slnoe Ball Run Ihi st li,tp v tn i
A dispatch from Qa McDowell this evening
to Un. ucuieiiAa savs, that Lieut, a. j; veig
ler, ot Stewart's eaialry .regiment (rebol) baa
just been osptured by too pickets ef tha New
York 35ih: . He gives bat little inforrifwlon,
batatys JelT. DaviaBeanreprd, Johnston aad
G W, Smith, late B treat Commissioner of New
York; now' a General tn tbe rebel cervical were
at Fairfax Court heme yeate aeyrroviewttig the
fJeVaid's itteiai srts. a'report bai
sst . ,'ori, fowl fieri te-nlghtt that GeW MhClellaa
waa aboal to start to Kentucky, to taky com
mand ef thai depart sent, uader tha lmpfesaion
that there is to be ne ooocpa lion foe thi army
tt tb PoWtnab: "There IBM foundation! what-
eveafor taia renort. it W tmbini tatnn.n
u imi KvrsnHDi.ai uea, Mcgieilan's bead
Quarters. T - 7
.. t an, aiwraoani a party op rebels evidently
making a reoonnoiaaance on the Virginia aide.
.' rm.i. . -fci i . . r r - . . .
ubu urea ana, pauea, ana opened nre upon
Oar 4eweeofi "tn4 Maryland aide, cflmmaBded
yi uen, .raov-au.i , opie .Qf rVrot gans
were immedlatslT nlaeed In noattlon. Ab ant
l5 ,noM from."aol of then threw the rebels
mto eoniuaiooif and aatiahate tm fllcrht hafAM
they were able to dq any barm to our meo
Information baa been received bv tbe Gov.
em ment that the British steamer Bermuda, two
thousand ft vd hundred tons burden, which was
aeveral weeks ago reported to be fitting out to
carry arms and provisions to the rebels, hae sao
needed la fanning (the, blockade, and entering
the ,port of Savannah, with a large and Valuable
mkii ui .uuh ftuimiiuiuuu. uruviHiuuB. uiuiu
lug auu military storea. ' -," n ,
Advices were received this morning from A.
Grant, armv contractor, dated Sjiua Ft Ant
20th. v He iutbrmed the GoveraWent that Forts
Bucbauao and Breckinridge were destroyed by
ur dt Lieut. Aionre: tn Brerent tneir laiiuf
uro u Duds or tbe rebels. .' , , r ': ' I
Fort McLean bad been abandoned,' and' Fort
nil more Bad beer, trnuhamnI anrreridarad.
v BoylorJwho be'Dfitri tb the rebel band, claims
wvawevarnor or AiizaaM .... , .
Graat' railed trte uui aadatrlnea over hbl
flaga.ithe face of the rebels- His mules, wag-
rancne, ana aresaed bis mole train with small
h ..k.i.
ji . i ) ft
The rebels Bod Indian, are dtvaatat nr
iDg the
Wouie couDlrj.,
C i , .
The World malcVtli 'lulTrnrlnc atatemeat
The city la not j et purged of traitors, and tbov
uu nittinumv uieuueivee undHteoted near, era
cere bitjh in1 DO7r, . An orourranoa h whir-h
the night rxprdition against - Mmnon'e Hill
miscarried in its maia purpose, demonstrates
tbis fact. Gtn.' MoCiellan did, not subject
twenty thousand men to -a aight march, with
other ohjeel abaa the eeouDatloa of an anim-
rpfprinnr hill. i. UA k.j n . .1.. .A ........
' u Hpp iviuipu H.PWV4I.UI,
the six or eieht taonaand rebela who mmtl in
that vicinity, and had arranged certain signals,
to db oispiayed from Washington, in Case any
uuiureanen-. pwiikfitfim ahfiniii mmja uia atnp
ditioa to be abandoned at the laat moment
0M Hl.rU.l... J-J . . ... ... , . r
wcu. luBvicijia uia not oonnae nis ptan toanv
.-. . . . . -
uui a very iew prominent 0 ulcers, whose coop
eration waa necesaarv. What waa his Indiana
tionthen, when be was on the field, pereeuully
superintending the movements of the orcei to
e the sigosls from Washington, requirloit the
troops to remain in camp. The rebela bad dia-
covered tbe algnala before he did, and,' Althdugh
redoubled his efforts to hasten the departure
the roops, the rebels bad got beyond hia
reach When he arrived at their entrenchment.
WaaHiNOTOir. Oct- 5. At the rraueat of Hob
Aigastus Frank, C., from New YorkJ tha
superintendent of the Census Bureau has pro
pared a statement of the white male popula-
Uon of tbe several counties of that State, be-
tween the age of fbarteen aad? fbrty-five.land
tbe propottion from each count v to furnish! tbe
of one hundred thousand. '" j
1. be Superintendent aavs. tbe State presents
effective arma-bearing population of 760J314,
, , , , ; -;
MM tnd Dxon's line, equaling tbe combined
mlllta4 ,tr.engtb of Alabama,, Arkansas, flor-
aoout nan 01 mat or all. tbe States south of
Ida, Georaift. iouisiana. . Miaaisainni. North
Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.
Muskets and Ammunition for the
Nxw Yobc, Oct. 5- Cant. Souoer arrived
this morning, reports the schooners Zelda and
H. Thorne. under British colors, but belbnir-
Ing to tbe South, and the schooner Red Fox, of
new Urleans, under Mexican colors, are all
loading at Havana with muskets, lead and am
munition for New Orleana. ., , ... ' ; '
Recruiting for the Federal Army in
Recruiting for the Federal Army in Canada.
Toaonto, CW.. Oct. 5. To day's Leader
calls on toe, Uovernmant to vindicate itself by
instituting oriminar proceedings at once against
the Federal ageata engaged In entlcioe 'meo lor
service in the Federal army. , .. I
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 4.
VLOrja There is leas doing to-day. bat the aiarket
is generally without decided change. To-dai'a aalea
amount 10. lo.iuu Darren, at j imss mror rtjected:
A5 2i5 40 for superfine state: 13 S55 85 fori extra
state; 5 35$i 40 for luperflne weitem; $S 5035 75
(oreoBimon to medium extra wMtem; tTmgs w tor
ablppiag bnnda extra romnd aop tlbio, aad 9S 9330 60
ror true uranas 00; cioeiog rawer quiet, wuo no dMpoel.
lion on tbe sort i4 holdara to ptcm the aiarket. nana.
doing: aalea ( 150 bbls at 15 3035 4fl for superfine; sadJ
oian yituranuaiwa atcaay, wit n npoaerate oviinjeni
tyav bmsjsav fv ivb uiiumvaa av vwn-w vaum . Atjrc
t -a. tcmr.fSA n -
wan miAU-Dtcaui
WHISKY Doll and droeploti'aalcref -90V bbla at
aiX21Xo, chiefly at the Iniide prica. " '"
WHEAT l2o per both better, wllh k fair export
demui. chleflr tal i"ranoe. Tbe tnaoirv is rather bet.
ter for parcels to arrive, than far thoeo on tb spot..A
large portion ef the eatee noticed below an to arrrre
saieaof iv,w sun unicagoipnngat i iwsii); lj,.
000 do Kacin spring at $1 81 1 8J; 16,000 a Umber
Iowa at 1 31 17; 8,000 do Amber Dm Bay at 91
28; 6 709 do mixed western at It S8; IfiQO do red atate
at 1 931 32; 800 do winter red weetern at 1 35tl
38, Mi latter price for Amber Michigan and Ohio) 1.400
do xadaoutbern at 1 69, delivered; 6,500 do whltfc Ken
tucky at 1 37K1 3, '18.000. do wbite Mlchlruntll
ami 45; -400 do cholca wbite Sr. Louie at tn aSTT
RYU Quite arm; salee ot 3,5(10 buslt red AtT5$.
BAttLBY Continual scarce and vera Ann. v, no
tice aalea of 900 bush Jersey at 67o; and 4,300 bush itat
at7173o. 1 -.-. j
CORN Steady, with a fair business doing for export,
and for home uie and speculation; sales of 173,000 bub
atSI95SnfbraBaoanAnd inferior to mixed wtitern;
$3p854o for common do; AtX55o for good to prim ship
ping do; 54o for common wane nortnarn; and Motor
white western. '!.- ,';!-,. : i
OATS In fair rrquost at 40(S34o for Canadlallnd
3435n forweetern and atato. 1
PORK Quoted a shad firmer, with a fair besiness
doing; salaa of 975 bbla at 1 14 75 15 00 for meat; and
9 75(9,10 00 for primes j
BE Bf Quiet and steady at tt OCXS 4 50 for otmntry
prime; 15 00(85 50 for do mess; 9 0011 S3 for re
packed mess; 118 75413 50 for extra mess.
CUT UK ATS Steady, at 5X0 for shoulders; and SH
0Xc for bams. '" ' '-' - j
BAUUN airm. ana aemana goon, at oo ror ary
lted sides; and 7o for smoked do. j
LARD In bettor requeit at firmer prices; sales of 910
bbliatBxaoxo," '-" i
" BUTTEH Beiltng at 7llo for Ohio, and 19455c for
Stato. . .a i ,
OHEBSb Quiet, at 5(B7o ror common to prime.
OOrrEB Coielaod trm aalea ot 369 ban. Rio at 15
(9 15 He; vndimkaga GaverBmentJawaataua. j
. BUOAH Raw m lair eenaua as gooa pnoea.--"
B101A88KS Very firm, with a moderate demand
Cincinnati Market.
TLOTJB Teaterday's feeling ai to flovr was contin
ued to-day, and S4 was entry bad for tha HiUa it good
Snpfrtea-Uiat waa aokl. Bttraa waiuuuuowat ft ia
inui 1 1 bb f v afvaww n i r a
'. 3VUKAT buyer an atiU detarrad from, oparAtidgM-
n. i tix auw. it . a- mm mum u . w - aa. a - i j
th difooalty ol shipping, and tne manet is ooBMquent-
ly rather augnaal aa lvalue tor rea ana ooisawa ror
wklte. . TbeeutaWe Ogure contmaad Brat rat oaalitles,
and areexcepUonal. -- . :- , '' . ' j
CORN Doe a 04 (o;aMV xo, notwitnaunaiig ngnt
raasipai..-i i . r-.j - -. i. .... . X
UAT a uommaaauM aaaany. v i
BARLBT-IssUUwltboatamarket, , '
RIB Of fabl euality was Sold at 35o, but 38b It tbe
nominal standard for prim qualities,
lea. .
WUlh.Ki ataaagW puLt"V
Cimnterelol1'. 3
Cleveland Market.
yiiOtIR Firm and in good local daavand. -
WUIAT-Advanced. Sale this morning work 1 ear
red a -track, at aajie, oar en track, an t,W busk
free on board, at 87c, 600 bub at 8o. free on beard, aad
1 ,oo wblta, .fxtej Boara, at a
Boon' report, 6,000 train rod sold at ft 00, free en
beard, aad I J900 bash While aSoet al 1 1 05. I
,.OOMN Bales of 1 ear at 34o an trsolt, and 510 bua
V.llnWrromatoreet'Jrj'"' I'H HIi r
A. ma A.t.. .4 oaA941A.:ilt -:! .ff lk.'tm I I .'
'mQHWlSBB-fclxbblst lle.o .lt-i '
' B008-8carond ear at 9ie.;, q,
"BKItDS-Tlmothy I qHt -r-a "''
BUTTBB Dull t69o. .1 IVu,.
. ... . . -...;. mil 1. 3-i.vt I XeAdef,,.
!) It
CaLi. a Nd.'sakSotTTniiifH nfTt
.and anadne oar nw saak ot . ..rW w,,
Aw!rrifAM WATriire1
w,piiivnn f Maviibv. pMif
iianuhKtBTrtby . COW ABB At 00 , baionl
Theea Watcbea are tftranperlortoaiiytblogevcrjoBend
to toepuDiie, neretorora. uavinr ue enianve ireorr,
t can acli Ihvia at print to HU Ihe timeav-: I bare juit
reiieive.a larg stoc of '' ' '" -'.
manBfaatorebi AfPLitOSfriRiCxTATir
fintaSaertmeBtofH'- "t JIATtiJ
- '
',E;rionsa, Afnt iwim watciiks,
to Sold and purer oaasa, at ranie prices
J7 Jai
.r:nM.-4i4u.H a .a
( ft
, Ptarifa- fonr Breath!
, 0revAaJb;en o)ar. tolcel
. '-I -.!:,f 1-.,,- k4 j H
.,'--';..' . ABB c : .
" v4.x.atij.En, j-
G 06b FOlt ''lecturers;
, r. U, iui,, nr.,,.,
TtQ QlXe a CenJh-lnilaBtly J O A M
Tbe, clear tbaXbrpM,T.K itj
They give strength and volume to the voice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to IhdVeath.
They are dellgbtfut to the taste.
They: are; mads!ioT,mpIe herbs and Mnni
harm any one..
I adrlM Trji ane irha hum tomtiotk hh.ii VoUp
or Bad Brastn, or an difficult pf tha Throat, to (t
package 7hto ,ClJfcianl- thir will relleva
you Instantly, and 70a will agree with ma that "they
right to tha tpbt."' wnf Bad tbaa vary niefil
aofpltaaaot while traveling or attending- pnblia meet,
toga for atllllngonr rJongS'or allaInf' yonr thlnt. If
70a try one package, I am aafa In aarinc that-von will
ever afterwards consider them Indlspentabla.
Sba will find then at tbe Jggtiti and Dealera la
3 toil:
TW ENTYrFiyjp; jCENTS., w
Ky aignatnre Wtta't-kit AdiJfA'ia etfceie bm
oontrfeit.., v. f . . ,
A package will be lent b niall, prepaid, on 'receistof
Thirty Cents. - - , , ,
Addrtaj;' titI lUI-iliii
By the a,e of these Fills the periodic attacks of
tH or 8k iZfodaoAa ma be prevented; and ir take
the conuaencement of an attack Immediate aaiierfrum
pain and slaktaBt WTU Bs ,MaUd;.
Thay feidon Tafl M rembrrnf tba 'iauua and
ocas to which fcmlS sga so rabjaot.
for IMtrarr Mm Btttdmi,, Pelioele remale
and all persons efssdoitory kabitt, they are ralna
lamaHo, Improving tb OppUt, itrtng' (Mm
etoer to the dlgaettva orgaia, sag aeatorlng the aarni
Sbmooub'wbA Strength ot tb whole art ten .
I'jsf OBPHAXIO PILLB ire the result of long lave
Bgauoa bm carerauy eonaactsd experiment, sarin
been in a many years, during which time tkey ban
pre rented and relieved a rut amount of pais and suBer
tag frou Headaoht, whether originating in lha nereovi
systen or from a deraagedstau of tha vmA.
They are entirely vegetable la their oompoeltion, an
may be takrav. at ,all Uaus witb pmrfrot aafsty without
naklag aay hasg of diet, , oauf A aAMnoa of any
MurmabU UiH trndm tt taty to tdmtnU sr fcUwt
i irbwIbbo aorjMirintts i
The geaalae , bar tn ilgnatai e o( JELsory 0. Smiling
onaachBex.iii .,. MtM.,
Bold by'DrugjUtta and all other Cealervta Medioum.
A Box will be sent by aulVprena orr1pt of tb
iioo, as ooiatiB-
All order thonld be addreaaed U"i
to -i-Z n HEMltr piAA,OINO,
- .tfttpodnt street New fork.
. 'I t hr Iron tba Bxamlner, Norfolk, Ya.,
Oephalto Pills aommpliah the object Cor which they
wr made, vm Jure of beaaaob In all ttrtorms.
Iron tha Biaminw, Jlorfsik, Ji(
The bare been teeted in more than a tbaamn i
with enUre mun. -- -" 1 -1 I
"iffi Democrtti St. Otoad, Ulna- ' " '
If yon an, or bar been, troubled with tha hmmiih.
and for avao;, (Oephalto PlUa,) so that joa; may have
them la aaa af Mtak i k
':-rmth ArtiriTiTlds,il,
The Oephalle Pill sit said to be a Mmibibl, ee-e,ti.
for tM.keadaok, and one ol tba w t.t
very freqiist eai lain t.whlcb has srvr bean dt
ovred,liai jji.a j..-. .-.-,
'fT Wftsri B. Oasstta, Chicago, III.
lyteentartiUV aadorU Mr, Bnil4l Lk Mm p.Hnu
OepUalic Pills. " . "
. - ' .JluA TOJ.li U,'41Ji-4J . .
fro Kasawba Talley Star, Kaaawha, Ta.
Wa are rare that pertorMaafftnarlrinV fM baadacbe
who try ttem, will atlok to them. a a1 auJ
. " ' - - - -' .
from the Sou there Path finder, NevOf Irasa, La. ,
'Try thaml yoa (hat tre'afflitred.'ahd reWrttun that
your teatlmonyean b added to thd aire dy 'mraaroas
lid that hae reoelTed beneSt thatn othet medicine eaa
' 'ifrora Wst. 'buuy Deaaoerat.
M. 1.
rv -a'
from tb 0m Ma. rMienportr W
sue d ?"...
tfT.'SpabMrg wtwiid aol eonnect hi naaae with sa
uole he did not taot Is DOaa real merit.
tori fcouta af aPALbrKdg PsawaBBB
M! .will sne ton llm flag epat auqeeliy..jr. j
Vj" " '-lf J.-V. .:A
'AJiqpRErAREiyG i .
' . SPAIWG-S PAkED'oLligt
geenrom t g ; . TbuPAtom
1 HnO.i i.1,,-J WfAMM A. Wiw.tXTT
AsawaMealswIH happiw, warn la wall Ktrdletad km
lite, t la nnr AMriraiila to bar rm ehaap aod aea
r4Mal wy Ar c4UU4t uoi.ij, Toy Crockery
!.', '.mwchrnxpjBtv,i,ttf'
aet alt such emergKncIf, and no buuwi .la oia atTerd
ba without it, ., It la alwiys ready, and sp to tb Uok
.iiAi. tA Break awMorpaaks bottla. '
eeata.- ' .Addrewa, ,
t(a. 1 HKNRT 0. iPltprKO,
i "K. Ao. Caoaj Jtmr), Mew Tork.
I HHWiwrtl."-.
.'ivW-r.w-., ...itjAMioJI.-- - r
... ,.. . ... ..... . .-.
Al eertaia Bnprlnc'il pf ,n are altemprlng
In I
Firm wn we wm pnoiio. rm
IkMPARGD OLTJK, I von In cuttu all
I rnbllO,lni;ttonW
nKin to i
b...(or pan-'- a" 1 --e -t I' il n.w.
1f.i-..llr''t'U'- rs- ..'v ,J Wi
ea tu SAUkae ti , )l t At( o . . iimiiiui
ywit. riles bl atiljad 4iMr.- ...' ...
uir.oit.air a.'i.b,,..

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