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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 08, 1861, Image 1

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yOL.;VIIi. NO. 102; NEW SERIES; -
MM f.
' Inrarlablj in Adrancr,
D Offio Km. S6, SI and 40, Horth High It
i "Uy" ' - ' l 00 per y tar
" By the Carrier, per week, etnti.
"rrt-WesHT ... s So per rear,
VmUjj . . . . x 00
rrme ot AdverUslutr. bf tbe Square.
n square i yeai . . ,jo 00
On " V month IH UO
One square 3 week.
4 00
. 9 00
. 1 75
On S week.
One " , lwaek..
On " 3 days . .
3d " 0 month IS 00
3 month 10 00
S monthi 8 00
I month. S 00
. 1 00
One " .day..
I insertion So
Displayed advertltsmenta lulf more then the above
A lvertlsemente leaded end placed Id the Column (
i nonce, avuou tM oraitutrg ran.
All notice, requlrea to toe publlahedby law, legal rate,
1 ordered on the inalde exclusively after the flretweek
r ceni, more than the above rate.; but all such wil
appear In the Trl-Weekly without oharge.
Buslne Cards, not execedtog live line, per year. In
lie, J50Mr line; outside'.!.
Notice, of meetings, charitable ooietlea, 6 re oompanle
ao., half prire, .
AUtraiuitat advertUtmmt mutt b paid or in
a mane xae rule will not be varied from.
Weekly, iu price as the Dally, where the adTertlaai
as the Weekly alone. Where rhe Dall andWreki.
are both need, then the charge lr the Weekly will be
air the rate, of the Daily
No advertisement taken except for a definite period,
" F. A. B. 8IMXIB8,
Attorney t Law
' t Omoe-AuAoe Uotldlot, oppoalte Capitol Square.
-A. OSI30FIK-33,
Attorney & Counsellor at taw,
Uachine Maonfactoriog Company
CMtlnfi, Mill ChurlBg, Maehlnery.
: r, i 2- ( 1 ' '
Irlallroad 77"orls.
tWi fil "' oritur DMcwrnoii. ,,'1
. ooLTjin bum, ouiw.
OnAfl. AMB08, Bup't. P, AH BOB, Treat,
i deell. laae-tf
1861. Summer Arrangements.---Time
Cosneettni at Omtllnr with the PlfTSBDROU, IT.
far niUburgk, Philadelphia end SaUtmtn, , Jho
for fort Wayn4 and Chicago.
Connecting at Cleyelaad with the LAKE grJORI RAIL
ROAD rr Viinklrlc, nnffalo, Albany, Bot
tvu, and New York.
from Col on boa, In eonoeotloa with Train on the
MOOT XXPRE 9B Leayea Oolumbui at 3.40 A.M J
will Iran paaaengera at all auiiona eouth of Gallon,
atop at Delaware, Aahley, Cardington and Qlkad, and
at allitatlona north of Gallon, arrirlng at Clereland
ataovA. Dunkirk 3:00 P. M., BuAalo 4 Si P. II.
Albany 3.90 A. M., New York 8:35 A. U.. Boaton 8:30
P. U , Plttaburgh rla Oreatline 3.20 P. M , Phlladel
hi 5:10 A. M. Chicago yla Creetlineat 71)0 P. II, .
KI1 YORK KXPBK3 Leavej Columbua at 11:10
a.m. Will etop at Lewi Centre, (for Whit Sulphur
Springe), Delaware, Cardington, Oallon Creatllne, Shel
by, New Loodon, Wellington and Grafton, arrive at
Olereland at 3:35 p. m.; Dunkirk, 8:50 p. m. Buf
falo, 10;SJ p. m Albany, H:45a. m.j New Yoik, 1:45
p. a. 1 Beaton, 4:40 p.m. Thla Train oonneeta at Shel
by for Bandu.ky, and at Qiaf ton for Toledo, arriving at
Toledo at 6:40 p. m.
MAIL AND ACC0H110DATI0N 'Leaye Oolumbui
at 8.30 p. m. Will top at all itaUon Booth of
Shelby, and at New London, Wellington, Grafton,
and Berea; arriving at Cleveland at P:30 p. m Dun
kirk, 8:COa. m. Buffalo, 1:20 a. m.Albany,8 lt0p.m.;
NewYork, IHQ p. m.t Boaton, 11:45 p m.; Plitaburgb,
tla 0re.tUne.at 11:55 p. m.; Phlladrlphla, 1:1)0 p. m.,
Chicago, via Oreatline, 0:45 a. m. TUi Train connMt
at eh.lby for Banduaky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
at 8:55 p. m.
Patent Sleeping Care are run on
Bight Trains to Chicago, New
York and Boston.
Sagyago VAtdud Through to Xn Turk and Jo4lon
vU CievtUxnd: alto, to J'AUadeliAla ami
, i , . Jit Torttla OrtttiiM.
Night Exprea arrive at Oolumbui at. ,,11:15 P. H .
. . Cincinnati Expmearrtvee at Oolumbat at 10:50A.M.
Accommodation XxpreH arrive at Columbia at 7 50
I are a Low ae by any ether Route.
. Atk fur Tickiitti Outline or CUwland.
. B. B. VLINT, '
Buperlntendent, Cleveland, Ohio.
". JAMEB PAIIEU80N, Agent.
Oolumbui, Ohio.
Oolumbui, June 17, 1H01.
Jut BeMiTtdl .
I TKAS IOO ban prime Rio Cone.
1 00 pocket old Dutch Government Java Coffee, .
, . 70 bageueyion uone. . . ..1
- g OA bbla. (Undard White Sugar, eonilotlng ef Pow
died, Ohruahed, Granulated A and B Ooffee.
SO quintal George Bank Codflah.
.. gObble. um and No. 1 llaokerel. '
1 ate, fick Salmon. 1
100 hx. Layei Rauln.
60 hf . box do do
. lOOqr.eoe do F do " ' i
i IOO M Cigar, dUTerent kraad end grade.
, novfl . .. . .. . , wm. Mcdonald.
, A&A Blank-Book MannfiuituTer, I,
iobth nea rbxit, coluiom, obio
aarll-dlf ,
.rv f oBed,WMtc and Bloc f
Jut opened by
,or'.' , ' ' '
- ' thVt It BOH, :
No. 89 Booth High atroet.
, APIIllf HOOP SKIRT - j '
,,V ' ' ?mV'mi0UTB HIOHBIRIM.
Ttavw )! received 1 tew make of HOOP SKIRTS
' fejiabed ta i manaer Car luperior t any yet latrodooed
,,,Hi..'iii.' "
The Iatest-The LargestThe Best.
iio vuoapeBi jseoense tne iteit,
ine rnoat Bellab,i Standard in
therity of the Eng-lleh Languages
Sha Hwndrmt Xmlntnt Idrtootortof Ohio,
., r 1. . t truty tit Voartuhtrt,
"He,' are unwarda of Tit.r.AA ri.AH...4
Jom 1 maltlfarion meaoing and derivation, toyether
w.u. vu wrrrci .polling, as a pronunejaUoo are clearly
et before the .. . . .
Cincinnati Ommeroiol.
Biad the Position of the ifrnnbtrt of the Ohio Statt
, ; j.ocwe Antocuiuon. '. i :
The underalgned, member ef the Ohio State Teacher'
Aiaoctatlon, adopt and aim to uae la teaching, writio
and .peaking, the orthography and pronunciation of
"urceueri noamarto Dictionary, and we moat cor
dially recommend It a. th mn.i ..lUkl. mU,.AwA ftn
thorlty of the Ingliih language, u it la now written and
Loaii, Ahoriwi, Preatdenl Kenyon College.
1. D LauorrT, Buperlntendent Zaneivllle School.
Tao. W. lUivtT, Bup't Maeetlon Union Beheol.
M. t. Cowotav, Bup't Poblle BcUooI. Saoduaky.
Jonii LvHua, Bup't Publlo ocboola, Olrclevllle.
B. N. SanroKD, Principal Cleveland Female Bemlna'
ry. y
war . Mrroixu, Bup't Pnbllo School, Mt. Union.
Jobh Oowii, Principal Bute Normal Bchoel, Minne-
Ovmo NioR, Principal f ourlh Intermediate School,
fl. B. MaRTtN, Bup't Canton Union School. ,
Rnwm hio Principal UoNeely Normal School. ' '
it T. Tama, Prof. Mathematlc, Ohio Unlveralty.
Wm. W. Koward), Bup't Troy Union School.
A. a. HoraiH. PrUeipal Wert High School, Oleve
land. .
8. A. Noitom, Aaioclate Principal High School, Olere-
latonoki BTiauNo, Principal High School, Oleve
R. P. nmiT0K, Principal Olevelaod InatlluU.
J. A. U,muu.D, Prtiklent of R lectio Institute, Hi
W. L. IlAiaii, Prof, of Chemlatry, Ohio Wealeyai
Unlveralty. r
II. H. VaiatT, Kx OemmlMlooer of Common School.
Jian Moirxoa, Prof. Rhetoric Oberlln Collage.
Tao. Hill, Preeident Antlocb College.
0. W. U. CaTBoasr, Prof. Uathematic, Hlgl'
pviiuoi.iayioo. , .
B. 0. CDaAneH, Prof. Language, High School
Dayton. . - , ,
B. M, allot, Sop't Union School, Aablaid.
Jfor than Bias Bwndrtd othtr PrttidtnU of Voiu-
g; Proftuor; Author and DUtinguUhid tdvM
tor, hav tndorttd tA ubov nmtlmmt.
afalirrra Collio "Tt la trulv a mairnlflcent work.
an honor to the author, the nukltahara. and the whole
eountry."-Preldent Andrew..
OaiO WuUTi. TTamnim HTt .wcmIb nvAtnjiMa.
Uone. It will be my guide la orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often be eonaulted b ma for It neat
and accurate definition." prealden Ihompeon.
W . R. ECLBOTIO Ooixm wnmtafon mm have DM
Webtr'i orthography.,. At a ' recent meeting of on
faculty, tt waa decided to change It to conform to thai
of Worouter'a Royal Quarto Dictionary." Ve.ideDi
Garteld. , i - f .:
WBRiilmn Oollxoi. "I End It worth ol
cardial approbation." Prealdent Hitchcock. - . , -.
OitkLia Collmi. "It mora than meet mv exDecla-
Hon,. I recommend It a the itandard authority b
orthoepy to my children and ny pupll, "--Prealdent
Morgan. ' - - -
Aim oca Cotxaoa. "t adont and aim to nee In teach
ing, writing and eneaklaa. the orthoeraoav and nronun.
eiaUon of Worceater' Jtoyal Quarto Dictionary."
rreddeat Bill.. i: k
'la all my Writlnr. meaklntf'.and teschlne . I have en
deavored to conform to the rule for orthography and
pronunciation a contained la Woroeater' Dictionary."
Horace Mann, lata PihU.h1. :
Kurroa OoLiaoa Gai ."! moat cordially reeem
mond It aa the moat reliable itandard authority of tr
Engllth languaaeaa it la sow writua and anokea."
Pieildeot Andtew.,
From Be. Anton Smyth, Commitriontr of Common
ocKKM an iumo. i,
"The Dictionarv la an ImnerlahaMa monament to thi
learning and indu.iryof lu author, and an honor to tbi
world of letter. The mechanical execution I far upe
rlor to that of any other Lexicon with which I am an
qualnted." . ... j ; a.t. - - w
From Hon.. B. II. Barney. JBo-Oommtutoner oj
tkhool in Ohio. i
"The moat reliable itandard authority of the lan
guage." . i
. . WHAT TUB . , I
Lead inn Newspaper ot Ohio (Say.
rem Vi Cl&tiland Etrald of March X.
Th orthography of the Worceater Dictionary la tha
uaed by moat. If not all . author ol dlatinction la thi.
country and England, and conform to the general usage
ordinary writer and epeakere.
Whatever prejudice may hav exl.ted prevleo.ly, a
careful .tudy of thla volume will Invariably be followed
by a warm appreciation of It great merit, and a dealr
add It to the well .elected library, be It large r email.
I a library in Itself, and will remain an lmperiiha
ble record of the learning of Iticompller. ,
Iron th OVtetnnaH Commorotal of April 80.
Tf.r are apward of a hundred thonaand Word good
bad and Indifferent who mnltlfarioua meaning and
derivation, together with their correct "pelling and pro-1
nunciatlon, ar et clearly before the eye. The work, la
unqueatlonabiy the greeted Theuuru of Kngli.h Word!
ever pabllihed.
ram th ClHtlani Flainialr ef&pt. 90, i860.
Evidently WoKctnxVa RoTtt Qoarto Dictionary it
not only th (oat, but th anTtoorvt oftM bind tr t
nMNt.andeaa by bo puaablllty tuff er by oomparlion 01
From th Toltdo Bladt of Mivy 89.
A to pRoaoitoiATioa, Woicinn u tbi Btand.id
followed by our beet author; lo definition he leave,
nothing to be dealred. and In 0thuo Arm It la aufllclenl
ay that Wokcurria can be fr)y followed.
INtUllAffl dVllRAGO, -,
Pu bllalaera. BoekleUeradk Statienera,
maiO ', j s , J ;j C"
Nowarlt, 3NT. T-
DivUend January i,i8tfl,45PerCent.
SS ETB. '..... .. M . t3,81!5tl 50.
Statement January i, 1801. ',
Balance, per itatement Jan. lit, leoO f,40U,5llt 3ft
Received for Premium dur
ing lb year late 1703,033 5J '
Received for Intere.t during
the year 1000 814.014 W -
Total receipt for lrje....U77,007 7
Paid Claim by DeUi,l7.0jii no
Paid Politic .urren-
AvA il 111 Ml ......
Paid Balarire, Toil-
age, Tama, Xx' '
change, eto 3l,fo)(M
Paid Commilon to ' - ' ''
Agena 51,3S 30 ,
Paid Phyitclan' fee. 8,008 75
Paid Annulttee .::i.IJWI. i r 't.-i , i
Paid Dividend dur
ing th tear ......10(1,500 7J 5l,0fi l!3 11.K0 14
Met Balance January lt, llxlt...j....tS,8l,55l 50
. f :.! i. ABaiTB. aU v, ...
Oaahoahand.. ,ttft!M ,a . ,
BondaandMortgaaeaonReal .
E.tate, worth double the
amount loaned.. 8,37,H4 68 ' ' '
Premium NoUe, on Polkika ,. , ....
In force, only drawing fl per t
cent IntantU 1,870,804 It' " ' ' j
Real E.tl.............. Vtt.Bu) 87 ,
Loan on Scrip.. ............ .. (,031 44 i
Premium. Note and Oaah, In
court oi irammution.... 43,943 73 i
Total AMCU......4...... e3.ai8.53d 58
Ti 5T5 Pollcle In force, Imuririg.i'.w.taagOjjjj
1,435 new Pollcle have been wood during th year.
After a careful calculation of th proaent value of tao
ouatandlng Pollcle of the Company, and having the
ruoaatary amount la re terra therefor, the Director
have declared a Divibdib of 43 per cent, on the t rernt
am paid at the table rate, to all pollcle for life In force,
tamed prior to J anuary 1, 1800, payable according to the
preaeaf rule of the Company a- f
Rate for all khubof life CoBtlngenele, Prcipeot
uaa., Statement, and Appbeatlona, will be furalehed
without CHtaos, at the OiUoe or Agencie ol tha Com
pany. 1
kOBT: t.PATTl!Ri01,Prldeiit.
' ..' L, C. SROVRRy Vtaa PrldBt.
BIN. 0. MILL Ell. Beoretary.. - , .,.,1,
H. H. UKESOIV, AotnL t
i ..-.-... ii. i a ... Mo Johnkon BloehV, ! !
' 1 ' i ' ' i ii
PL A I Nr. A Pi 'flea UaUXD BLACat
DRBBS 8 ILK a, el every gnat. , the meet eotoet
aaawtaeat at the city, and at mat waane itli lata. '
, , ii .: ot i i v v .. MAIN A SON , -1
AyrUa v M. til lvA Ulgk etree-
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
A compound remedy, designca to bo tb most
effectual 'Alterative that can bo made. It it
a concentrated extract of Para Sareaparilla,
to combined with other substunces of atill
greater alterativo power at to afford an cfl'ec
tire antidote for the disease. Sarsajiarilla it
reputed to cure. It i believed that such a
remedy is wanted by those who suffer from
Strumous complaint, and that one which will
accomplish their cure must prove of immense
service to tliit largo clan of our afflicted fellow
citizens. How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to bft found of tbe following
complaints: ; , "
EituFTioNs and Eruptive Diseases, Ulcers,
Pimples, Blotches, Tumors, Halt Rheum,
Scald Head, Syphilis and Syfiiiiitio Af
fections, Mercurial Disease, Drops?, Neu
ralgia, oaTio Douloureux, Debility, Dys
FirsTA AMD1 Indigestion1, Erysipelas, Hose
or St. Antiiony's Fuie, and indeed tho wliola
class of complaints nri9inj:,frr,m Impurity op
the Blood. '''' '"
This compound will Do-f?mnd a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at that season of the year. ' By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in tho bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of tin's remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through -which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through tho natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out. the
vitiuted blood whenever you find it impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it when you find it is ob
structed and sluggish in tho veins ; clennso it
whenever it is foal, and your feelings will tell
you when., Even where no particular disorder
is felt, pcoplo enjoy better health, and live
longer,' for cleansing the blood. ' Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well i but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting health. , Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and tho great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown.
, . Sarsaparilla lias, and deserve much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
the. world lias been egregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drujj
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of tho virtue of Sarsapnrilla,
or any thing else. i
During late years the public have been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart,
of Extract of 8arsapnrilla ur one dollar. Most
of theso have: been, frauds upon the tick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsnpa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painlul disappointment
has followed tho uso of tho vurious extracts of
Sarsapaiilla which flood tho market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and lias become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
wo call this compound Sarsnparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the
name from tho load of obloquy which rests
upon it. And we think wo havo ground for
tielicving it has. virtues which aro irresistible
by the ordinary run of tho diseases it is intend
ed to cure. In order to sccuro their complcto
eradication from the system, tho remedy should
bo judioionsly taken according to directions on
the bottle. . '
prepared dy
DR. J. C. AYE II & CO.
Price, $1 per Bottle Six Uottles for $3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for ilsclf inch a renown for tlio cure of
every variety of Throat nnd Lung Complaint, that
It is entirely unnecessary for us to recount the
evidence, of its virtues, wherever it lias been em
ployed. As it has lon been in constant use
throughout this section, wo need not do more than
assure, the people its quality is kept up to tho best
it ever lias been, and that it may bo relied on to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Cottiwicts, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
Dytentcnj, Foul Stomach, Erysipelas, Headache,
Piles, Rheumatism, Eruptions and Skin Diseases.
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Teller, Tumurt and
Salt Rheum, Worms, Govt, Kenralgia, as a
DrnnffTIUi mil for Purifyinr the Blood.
Titer are sunt -coated, so that the most sensi
tive tan take tlmm pleasantly, nnd they me the
best aperient in the world for nil the purposes of a
femjly physic. ,,1 t( ,
Price" 25 cents per1 Sox ;' live boxes for $1.00.
Great number of Clcrcrvnien. Phvsiciana. States
men, and eminent personages, hare lent their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, hot our snace here will not nermit the
insertion of thorn. The Agents below named fur
nish prat is our American Almanac in which they
are given ; with also full descriptions of the above
complaints, and tho treatment that should bo ful-.
iowea tor their euro.
Do not be nut off bv unorincinled dealers with
other preparations they- make mora profit on.
Demand Ayer's, nnd take no others. The niek
want the best aid there U for thoin, and they should
have it., i
All our remedies-are for sale hf-
. Roberts tt RAitnar nninmh,,. ,:
And by Drnggtit and Dealer everywhere.
BOVV:ifU.lWW ,
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
anil .
' The Montreal Ocean Bteamihlp Company' Brat-cUaa
full.poweied Clyde-built Steamer nail every Nat
n relay from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
Doited Bute Mall and paisengen,
Shortest, Cheapest andQulckct4Jon
.... verance Iran
Ilataa ot Passage to Kuropa.
S30, 866.880.
Will tail from LIVERPOOL every Wednesday,
and from QDHRHO every Haturdap, calling at
LONDONDERRY, to receive on board and lacd kail and
Paasengere, to anil from Inland and Scotland.
Uj'theae Sieamer ar built of Iron. In water-tight
compartment, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
every attention I paid to the comfort and aeeommode
tlna of piaaauger. A they proceed direct to LONDON
DERY, the gieat rlik and delay of calling at Bt. John'
la avoided.
Olaagow pasKnger are furnlihtd with riu paing
tkk.t to and from Londonderry.
Return ticket granted at reduced rate. '
i Certificate Lined for carrying to and bringing out pel
enger from all th principal town of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rate, by thla lint of (teaman, and
leaving Liverpool every week.
Sight Drafts for 1 and nywarde pay.
aei in r.UK iu.ii it , aa-eitaaia, scot
land or walea.. .. . T
tor1 pauag1, apply at Hi Offloe. 93 IIHOAD.
WAY New fcork, and 19 WaTGK NT..
Llverpael, -
ABEL IXABLX, General Agents, '
Or to- j. r. ARMSTRONG., '
Bolv-lydAw , Poit Offlot, Oolumbui, Ohio. ,
"""ApBBAlg a partner In my buil
Bf'. J?. " after be conducted onderthe ttrm
fioltnt" is ,Pi BJUN B0Btl High St.
Oolomboj, f b 13 1901. j j- y (eujg
" ' tlPlVrtV Knrmkm a,..' 11
(Late of Phalort VitablUhmwt, N. TH) PwprUtor
-an aim Miunaoic .aiiavaii u. a-ih
Bhampoonlng, , Curling and Drawing saloon, Bart Bate
ttiMt, ever tb Pot Office,' where taUafaoUoa WU1
ilie- and
jyH))y '
Summer Arrangement.
Summer Arrangement. Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Cinctnuatl, DSyto ft Indianapolis!
Through to lndianaDolia without Change of Can
. ,' and but One Change of Can between
Columbus and Br. Loots.
Four Trains Daily froin Colaralu3.
7 FIRST TRAIN, ' 7 , '
ACCOMMODATION at S a. .. alonnlnr at alt ata.
Hon between Columbus and Cincinnati aod Dayton, ar
riving at Cincinnati at 10 OS a m.,and at Daitonat
o iv a.m., connecttt gat Dayton for inatanapoii tia
No. 1 EXPBBB8 at 11.40 a. m., .topping at JelTenon,
London, Cnarleiton, Otdarvilie, Xenla, Spring Valley,
Corwln. Vreeoort. Port Ancient. Morrow St.. Lebanon.
foit.r'., Loveland and Ulirord, airlvlng at Cincinnati
at 4 30 p. m., Dayton atS 45 p. m., connecting with the
unie ana atl..iipl Railroad for Loulsvllls, Ky., Vin.
otnne. Cairo. Bt. Loui. NewOrlcana. eta.! at Davton
for Indlanapolia, Lafayette, Tar re Haul, Chicago and
aii neaicrn point.
MAIL at 10 n. m .ttonclncat all actions Lctedo
Columbua and Xenla, and at Spring Valley, O nrln,
morrow auu iioveiasu, arriving at Ulucinnau at u a. m
NIGHT EXPRRSt, via Dayton, at 12 00 midnight,
atouptng at London, Xenla, Dayton, Mlodletown and
Uamllton, arriving at Cincinnati at J.SS a. m. tat Dav
ton at 2.iia. m.i conneo'iug at Cincinnati with the
into ana aiiwuiippi Kanroail lor Loniiviiie. isvanavilie,
Vlncennea, Oalro, Ht. Louia. Memphl, New Orleans,
and all point South and Bonth-weat; also, at Dayton
torinuianapoiu,i,alayettel Terr mute, Chicago, etc
JET tot further Information and Through Tioketi,
tppl to U. L. liOITEKTY, Ticket Agent. Union Depot,
Oenenl Ticket Agent, Olnclnoll.
Agent, Columbua,
Huperintendent, Cincinnati.
ColumLui. July 11, 18UI
AND Steubenville Short Line
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliable
Route to all Eastern Cities !
Trains Leave Columbus as follows :
Leave Columbua 3.30 A. M. from Union Depot, via
Bellalre or Bteubenviile I arrive it Bellaira, 10.20 A.
M ; Bteubenviile. 18.30 P. M. ; Plitaburgh, 3.40 P.M.;
uarrl.burg, 1.10 A. M.: tla AUtntovm, arrive at New
York 8.00 A. M.i via Philadelphia, arrive at Phila
delphia. 5.10 A. M.; New York, 10 30 A. M. Connect
alto at Ilarruburg for Baltimore, arriving at 7.45 A. M
Sleeping; Oars attached to this Train
Proln Oolumbui, run directly through to Bellalre or
Pitliburgh without change; and Panger via Allen
town arrive in New York at 8 A. M.,
This Train also connects at BclUiro with the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Leave Columbua 11 S5 A M . from Union Denot. via
Bteubenviile; arrive at Newark, IS SO P. M.; Coihoc
lon, S.15 P. M.; Steubenvllle, 6 P. M.; PltUburg, B.40
P. H. IL ffhli I. the only route by which Puaengera
cm leave Cincinnati at 7 A. M., go through to Pitta-
burgu in uaylignt, without change of car or delay.
Leave Oolumbui S.1J P. M., from Union Depot, via
Bellalre: arrive at Newark, 3.83 P. U Zaneavllle,
4 33 P. U : Bellalre 7 .53 P. M.i PItrahnnh. 11. M p.
M.: narrlabnrg, 9.00 A. M.; Wo AUtnlown. arrive
at New York,4 P. M.; tia Philadelphia, arrive
Philadelphia, 1.10 P. M.; New York. 8 P. M, Thi
Train alio connect at Harrlaburg for Baltimore, ar
riving at jr. oi.
Tbi Train run through to Bellalre or Plttibure with
out change of Can; and from Pittiburg there i no
change of Oar to Phl'adelphla, or via Allentowa to
new i ora uui oueiiag
Tbe only Ronte from Columbus to Billimore,
rmiaaeipnia, or ew York, with only
one change of Cars.
By thi Train Paiaenger arrive In New Yoik five
hour In dvanc of the Northern llnea.
Thla Train alio connect at Bellalre with tha Baltimore
and Ohio R. R.
STThia Route la 30 miles shorter to Pittsburg,
ana more man iuu miles shorter to
Nov York, than Northern Lines.
Baggage Checked Through ta all im
poiimx trovau mil.
Tickets Good over eltker It onto.
Gen. Ticket Agent Central Ohio R, R.
I - Qcn. Ticket Agent Bteubenviile Short Lin.
j10 - '
Sammatlon and pain, and heal) tbe wont burn.
acald, bralae, cut .or freah wound of any kind, prevent
iwelling and pain from bee ellnga, moaquito bit, and
polaonoua plant, neuralgia, rbeumatlam, ague In the
breast, att rhram, eto. When taken Internally, It will
poaiUvoly ewe croup In children, and give Immediate
relief in the wont sue of thi terrible complaint; al.o.
removes hoaraeneaa and lore throat. Prioe, 8a ceati
bottle. Should be In eve IjhottM. for tale by Drug
gitand Storekeeper. TRVIN STONE,
i . Boie rropnetor, a i leprae it., nw lora
l eot4dkwlyl , i
No real Initio can be done the above crenaratlona
but by procuring and reading dacrlptiv pimphleaA
be found with all dealer, or will be ent by Proprietor
on demand. Formula and Trial Bottle lent to Phyal
dan a, who will find development In both worthy their
acceptance and approval. - .... . , ,
Oorreapondence aolictted from all whoa neoealtie or
eurlo.lty prompt to a trial of the above reliable Rome
For aal by th uual wholetal and retail dealer
everywhere. . , , . : t , i . i i i
JOHN I.. llFJNNEWCI.li, Proprleto
Ho. Conunerelal Wharf, loston, Kasa.
Robart A Samuel. N. B. Mamie. I. R. Cook. J. M
Danlg, 0. Denlg a Son, A. J. Schuellcr ABon, Agenu
lor uoiumou. unio. . .- myl-dly
. Noveltleilu Neck Tin nd Itarf. :. i
' Byron and Garrote Collar.
I : m w Embroidered Pocket Handkerchief
.-' Pari Kid 0 love (upirtor make.
Oolden Hill BhlrU, varlou tyle, '
Boy' Golden Ulll Bhlrt. do . ,
' ' Driving and eitreet Glove, do '
Hemmed Pocket Handkerchief, varloui itylee.
llalf lloa and Under Garment,
aprlU ,: i . Mo. tt Sooth High atreet.
W 30 do. do. BOURBON. i
at recelrtd and for aal low for eaih, by
v.. . i. ' LACELLB ROSS 00.,'
Kl foKta High itieet, Columbus.
TIB 111.
Dally, per year , eg no
Tri-Weekly, per ,u ot
Weekly, per year i 00
On p Imal rock, .he wrote her name;
Her toeera were reared on holy grave,
The golden ieed that bore her came
Swlft-wlnged with prayer o'er ocean wavei.
The forett bowed hit lolemn ereat, "
And cpen flung hi aylvau doora;
- Meek Rivera l.d the aipoloted Guest
To olaip the wide embraclngahorea;
Till, fold by fold, tha broldtred hnd
To iwell bcr virgio veatment grew.
While Bage atrong lb heart and band,
Her virtue' fiery girdle drew.
0 exile of the wrath of king I
0 Pilflm Ark of Liberty J
The refuge of divlneat thimo,
Tteir recotd nun abide In thee I
1'lut In the gloriea of Ihy front
Let Ihe crown Jewel, Tru h, be found;
Thy right h.nd flung, with generona wont.
Love', happy cnain to farthest bound 1
Let ju.tlce, with the faullleu tcalei,
Iliilil fait Ihe worjliip or ihy aom;
Thy Commerce apread for (hiking (ills
Where no dara tide of rBplne run
Bo link tr y way to thoi tf God
Bo follow firm ihe heavenly laws,
That atari u,ay greet thee, warrior-browed
And (torm-tped AngeU hail thy cautc 1
0 land of meajurei of our prayon
Hope of the world in grief end wrong,
Be tbine the tribute of the ean,
The gift of Pal h. the crown if lonr '
Atlantic Monthly for October.
Southern News.
A copy ol the Richmond (V.) ITiyol Sep
tember 21, which has reached this city, cou
ttins the following among other articles ol a
similar tenOr, going to show the state of feeling
pervading tho councils ot the Confederates :
Wo have no disposition to dttract from the
merits of the late Secretary of War, Mr. Walk
er. While we believe he was not tbe ligbt man
In the right piece, for the two sufficient reasons
that he was not prompt and decisive enough,
delaying from day to day what should be done
at once, sod devoting too much of his time to
petty matters to tho neglect of great onesi we
are glad to State that no taint ol aunnicion rpate
on his integrity, aod that be was tilled with a
noble seal for the Southern cause. But, when
bis friends claim for blm all tho honor of or
ganizing tbe armies of tbe Confederate Stated,
injustice is aone not only to individuals, but to
our Confederate system. The Statu and the
O'oternort and Ihe people are they who created
onr Immense armies upon ttio inataLt aod outoi
nothing, and to them h due the elorv. Tim
Confederate War Department may at times
oave aiueu, mougn we suBpect, In very muny
cases, it acted ruiber as a damoer on the uatrint-
ism of the Slates. Very certain we are, tlat
tne military operations id Virginia were not
conducted with more energy and efficiency after
the advent of tbe Confederacy than taey were
before. We suspect that tbe same remark la
eqially true or the other State?.
But that which we tbe more DarlinuU.lv r.h-
ject to, lu tbe lavishing all the honors upon a
uoieaeraie department to tbe disparagement ot
and the ignoring the States is, tbat it assimilates
us to the old Yankee system. 'I here, all honor
lor ever tiling is habitually awarded to tbe Fed
eral bead; tbe Slates are nothing and of no con
sideration. We hare been so long uoder the
baneful Influence ol the Yankee Upas, tbat we
insensibly repeat tbe lollies that do not petttin
properly to our system. It, is time we bad
aaapica our language and our acts to our alter
ed condition. Ours Is no longer a consolidated
government at least we hone to. The States
are the true sovereigns in our system. We are
awaro mat wnue an immense power and patron
age ta centered in and wielded by the Confede
rate authorities, tho tendeney is constant aud
almost irresistible to make us a second and
worse edition of tho old Yankee Government.
To counteract that tendency should every true
boutbero patriot labor. There will not be want
ing tboso wbo, lookinc to self, will adulate sec
retaries, and seek by every meant to augment
tbe patronage bv wblcb tbev hone to Droll t.
Already we have here a eoodlv Dumber who
graduated at Washington, and who are
thoroughly qualified to nut our Government, at
the very ttart, on tho same corrupt system as
prevails In the Federal metropolis.
[Manassas Correspondence of the Savannah Republican,
[Manassas Correspondence of the Savannah Republican, August 28.]
I regret to say there is a ereat deal of sick-
nets lu the army. This is not a healthy country
at this season of tbe year. Tbe remark applies
to all the counties bordering on the Potomac
from tue Great Falls down. Tbe Presidents of
tbe United states have lound it necessary for
several years past to retire from Washington
during tbe months of August aod September,
on account oi tne msaiuDrity ot tbe climate.
Ibere ate other reasons, however, tor the nn-
healthiness of the army, and chief among them
is the want of proper police regulations in the
camps. In pUin English, the camps are not
. . , .... .. j, ...
aept cieau. aqib i kdow irom personal obser
vation. In many of the regimental camps the
masses are In the habit of throwing rtf use bread,
scraps and parings of meal and piece oi bones,
watermelon rinds, green corn eobs, and all the
greasy remains of the cooking deputtment, just
outside of their tents, and where, ucder tbe
conettnt alternations of sunshine and rain.
toey are sure to necome an early source of pes
tilence and death. Tho men coldom awecn
their tents or air tbeir blankets, while many of
tue camp are never BweDl at all. 1 ne reau It
oi an mis negligence and Inattention is a heavy
list of sick.
When I aek tbe officers about It. tbev excuse
themselves by saying it is impossible to enforce
tne necessary nygienlo discipline among volun
teers:. Neither the company officers nor tbe
men, they say, will submit to those tanltarv
regulations, without which It is lmpossiole to
preserve tbe health of the command. This
plea, to my certain knowledge, Is not well found
ed. There is the First Regiment Georgia Reg
ulars, Colonel Williams, and the Fifteenth Reg
iment Georgia Volnntcera, Colonel Thomas,
where the most rigid rules are enforced and
cheerfully obeyed by all tbe oflloera and men.
tne camps are swept daily, and all refuse mat
ter Of every description is carried beyond the
lines and burnt. The result is these rceiments
enjoy almost a complete exemption from all
kinds ot dlseate, except those of an infectious
character, whloh oannoi well be guarded against
lu camp, and such as are Incident to a change
of water. Col. Tftomas's Regiment is fresh in
the service, and has to run the gauntlet of the
measles, colds, and bowel affections; but beyond
such disorders, It is exceedingly bealtby. Col.
Williams's, which served three months on Ty
bee Inland, and bas become Inured to oamp life
is singuiariy neaitny m a certain Mississippi
Regiment, on the contrary, where every man is
permitted to do as he likes two thirds of tin m.
tir command it on thi tick list, while the death
hatt reached at high tt nin in one day. You
win not oe turprieea to near mat tbe Colonel
ol tbe regiment la now under arrest. '
[From the Charleston Mercury, August 22.]
The terrible sanitary condition of our army
upon the Potomao it a matter of painful interest
to the whole people of the Confederate States.
There are few In the Confederate States who
have not near relatives at Manassas er on tbe
Mississippi. And thote who have not should be
there themtelves. Tbe frightful condition of
tbe camp la a subject of universal Interest and
alarm. In ihe spirit of Spartan lottitudewe
are willing that our troops should be sacrificed,
If need be, In the cause ol tbe country. But
that they should fall victims to the mismanage
ment of an Inefficient department is utterly un
endurable. It is not our butineis to depose and
reform. But It Is our duty to expose that Ineffi
ciency which ! disastrous to the publlo welfare.
Ten thousand lives are now In jeopardy throngb
this folly. The frulta of the- great battle of
Manassas have been sacrificed to this almost
erlminal fatuity. It it time to be done with It.
Iheeouotrymustbeterred.and perspnal pre
dilections on tbe part of onr authorities must no
"u our oestioiee and mar onr pro
ceeding. The State is not to e saorifiued to
fancies. Hour mnnh Inn-.. I. f. .-j
wily to sacrifice onr lives and obstrdct onr
ru.. raomers, lathers, widows, all cry aloud,
Ann nlaurl fn. u .i t. J '
a.it.-Mi ivi ujubij iqej igTO. i : l- .
The Rich nn nrl Dinnnfh u. in,L
says that the Rebel Government Clothing Ba
PDi ii at D I a. J j a, M. - .
a 'Vuuuluua' UDaer me tiiiuient direction
of IWaj. rerguion, is already supplying tbe army
with early lots of winter clothing te the extent
ot its facilities. Eight thousand overcoats
oeeusuipneri to a single division
r. """ "esttra Virginia. Tbe sever!
ties ol ihe weather in the mountains ire report,
ed lo be extraordinary, there having been sev
eral short snclU nt i,,,,;,,. ..k.. - i u .
,r, . .,B nc-micr, wnn ap
pearance ol lce( iu the vicinity of General Lee's
uvu.iim.1I,. , ne ompetltmo ot uusctupulou..
traders itilht xisti. and iu likai.tn
... , ' .....j w wo UJ.UD I I1C
subject ol fttiiugetit measures on the part of the
.... cp.nui. m. joep'jucyoi impie.'Singtbe
cotton nulls and wooleo manlike urers into the
public service, it says, is not a remote one, and
y ucwiiiB a epeeov necessity ahou l thu n..
Illations of traitera 1 saint U!
f'ed to further extremities. The War Depart
frAm llin awm aha.
atives to be employed in a number of tie cloth
i.vb inve.
Tbe Richmond Examiner of August 24th
gives a descriotion of ma filnthi no? RtlrAml In
Ritbmond, Intended for the supply of tae entire
vumcunrme army, me vast establishment is
on reari street, between Mdn and Carey, and
i under the efficient direction ol Major J. W.
rergDBon, of tbut oity. Every portion of the
woranss us appropriate deDartment. In tho
upper story of tuo building is tbe cutting room,
ULder the direction ot superintendents, and
ively with tbe noise oi shears. Loerdown
lathe trimming room. Then tbe department
for letting out the making of the clothes, tbe
work being given out lo tbe wives aud relatives
of soldiers, and lo poor and deserving ueedle
womee. Ltttly oomes tbe packing department,
wbero the clothins. blankets. &.c... am n.Kii
hnd forwarded to the camps. Tne whole estab
liahmeut is lively with busy workmen. The
manufacturing facilities ot this bureau are such
that the proper supplies of materials from tbe
cotton mills, effected bvanartermatter'a airpnia.
sent through tho South to secure, as far as pos
sible, the produotol the mills, the bureau will
be able to supply from seventy-five to one hun
dred thousand complete winter suits for the sol
diers by tho lime of tho approach of tbe severi
ties oi wmter. i ne north Carolina mills have
alreadvpromisod their entire product to the bu
roau in UichmoLd.'as soon as theycomnlcte
their contracts with the State. For clothes lor
which tho bureau charges at seventy cents, the
nil-imams are osaing a dollar and a balf. In
the bureau the clothing is furnished at nrice.
not excetding, but rattier lulling somewnat
below the six months' commutation for mnthino
a fine heavy overcoat furnished at 6ix dol
lars, pants at a dollar and a half, and other gar
ments in proportion.
The Great Eastern Disaster.
Tbe following in rpparri t tha H ai stati fn el. a
steamship Great Etstern is taken Irom the
EuKiieii paperc:
The GrPAt K lfllrn te.fl. line mftA.:.., :n IL.
, ...... -- hi, uiuuiiues iu iu.
river Mersey at Vt o'clock on Tuesuay, the
10th Of Sentemhcr. I'nr Nam V ttrlr Thn wtt1n
lelc her at 4 o'clock. She immediately put on
iuu epeeu, nun ail went Well WltD ficr ULt;l 4
o'clock on Thursday, when, a strong bretae pre
vailing, the aft tackle ot one of tbe lorward
uu iu. pur. eiue oecame unnnoked, leav
ine it ausnended h nnn tm blo Th.
o r J ww..v. . uc vap.ttiu
tndeavored to 6teady the ship while Ibis was
cvuucu, uu iuuuu to ois eurpriee luat tbe
wuum uu. answer toe neim. I tie tact was.
Cl - uv tllUC) iud IUU
der-pin wns broken. The lore staysail was run
00. btlt the Wind tmmArtiiitcli dnlif if f.,-
Luuuk'u ii, Wrin niiL Knnvn at ritA t.ma tha m..A
boni?. Tbe fore trysail wan theo run up, but it
ifaa blown aw a v. Tha nftdilln pnoinoa
- w -wfi".! " v i vi uun
stopped, and the boat 1 innings ordered to be cut
away, when the Great Eastern once more start
ed on her oonrse.
Tbe DftSPOncerfl then went Anwn in ,!;,,.,..
and from that ninmrt mmmai.naA a .i,...
breakages, which Uited without intermission
for three days. Everything breakable was de
stroyed. FurniturA. filt
"O-l .v.mmbwi(ibh;,
glasses, piano all were involved in one oom-
uiuu luiu. at now oecame Known that the rud
der was unmanageable. About ait o'clock the
vessel had to be stopped again, owing to two
ukd ui nuuti icuu, weiuiug several nundred
Weisht fiACh. which err. In tha aln.
rolling about with every oscillation of the ves-
.... e. rr., .
ki whq leariui torce. loose having been se
cured, auothcr etait waa made, wben a Ire
mendous grinding was heard under the naddle
k.... rr. . , , . -
uuc3. a uu aunt, uau oecome twisted, and the
fljata wero rrinrilittr Atri.it, cr. thn i .u.
rr. Q -- w dim. V. LUC
ehip. Tho paddles were stopped, and hencefor-
nmu tuu eueue ta uescrioea a jearini lo tbe ex
treme. Tha shin rnllorl an oilin,l k. .k.
boats were washed away. Tbe cabin, beside
undergoing the dangers arising from tho crash
el and coliiHlona whmh wprA enn.iinil.
ou, had shipptd, probably tbroogb tbe porf-
iuics, b (jrcat ueai ui water, ana tao stores were
fl mting about in utttr confusion and ruin. Some
ol tbe chandeliers fell down with a crash. A
large mirror wat smashed into a thousand
fratrmenta. rail of hanir.nra h. .na n
a ' - - uu. u uuu uuuier
ous other filings were broken into numberless
Some idea of tho roughness of the night's
inoidents may be gathered from the fact that
tbe chain-cables polished themselves bright with
friction on deck. A spare riding bit gave way
on tbe cable deck, and knocked a hole througb
tne ship's side. Two oil tanks, also on the
cable deck, were so mucb damaged by another
conciifcAinn that two hni,drd irnllnna f fl.. ,.ti
Q.vut. W, UOU Ull
contained in them ran into the hold ai.d cau-ed,
uuring tne reel oi tna uuuappy voyage, a most
intolerable odor. Tbe luggage of tbe passen
gers la the lower alter cargo space was lying
In two leet of water, and before the deliverance
nf thn oM.i waa .fiAPterl. tha IntromtrA a.-. 1;.A.
ally reduced to rags and pieces of timber.
Tarar fa.Awfl fata ttll aq1 tf II n Km rrrt J A
tha annnnaalnna naniH Ktr th a fpamanrlnna
Ing of tbe vessel. Cut and bruises were innu
merable. One of the cooks waa cast violently,
h nnA nf the Iurnhea. aaainnt tliA n.Hflin k...
by which be sustained fearlul bruiaet on tbe
aims, putting it out of his power t) protect
himBAlr'. Aniithar lurnh rlrnvA him . .
m 1. " " ' nuo, utlC
of the stanchcons, by which concussion one of
tue poor leuuw iega was oroaen In three
nlarea. Tha baker rvenivprl Imnrlaa nl'
terriblo character in vital puts; and one of tbe
moat sinning luoiaenta oi tne aisaatcr was this
pair, brave mm, crawling, in his agony, to ex
tinguish some pDttion of the baking gear which
mm nun. iihiuicui uw uaugui uru. vu I uureuaj
nlffb, tKn axiIa vbb ffniM tliA .mil K avu. K ,. . .
Friday morniag it had turntd round to the
r rtai V aan ntt1 lha c i n mam tirl t ilrtfr tan nnmaa.
azeable log In the trough of tbe sea. Sue did
not ihip mucb water on deck. -
it was soon aiscovereu wnai was tae matter
tiu k, a ... I a- ThA nln nnnn .vhlnk I. ....... ..a
had broken off three feet above the point where
, . . . -. .u- -t-T.
ii enter ea toe atero i w. snip, ji waa wrougnt
iron, ten Inches In diameter and the iron ap
peered thoroughly good, breaking at tbat par-
which was one of the moat ouriout Incidents of
the disaster. It waa now found necessary to
rig op some sort of steering gear. A tpar wat
k.nn mrsi.hn.nl Brllh thA annkn. fl..t.. .....v
a,1 Arhlnh ttratrcrlnoi In thA mmtm knklKJ .l .
u, '' -no . -mw nn.v. WCUIUU .UO
ehip, might bring her head to the wind; bnt the
ewuiiug v. hi. muuci iii.u. i. uMwicec; auu I
plan was then tuggeated to tbe captain by thi
passengers, to which the escape of tbe vessel 1
probably aitributible. It was to pass two e
AhrAA tlipna nf nli.tn asKIa apminrt th ..,.1.
pin, Immediately below the point at which tie
ui..K. vwuiidui ... "v.'. wiui weogee
and small chains. By pulling cither end of lull
chain cable, a circular motion of tbe pla wit
produced, and connection being effected with
the usual chain attached to the loader, and a
temporary wheel rigged op below the deck,
?em.lnin? h"d,y ,le of the Pldla
ludda! gri0knk"P.pd' beiD fouled by the
f,n ii ' 1,lcn tb 'odder waa prevented
r.birD.BOre.t',Sn WM
". . V i . u,p ormea nn tne west
coast of Ireland, out of tbe ordinary track. On
bove in aa-i-i" ! "A0"' " "
k. " . . -u8"" aua lay to lor
tbe purpose of rendering aitance.
Sunday, at 2 o'clock, tbe Great Eastern got
under way, the rudder was fuund to act. and the
vessel prooeeded at the rate of nine knots an
hour with the ecrew alorie.
She met the Pp-uU th ; . .
- luuruiug. ana
signalled her to come under the lee, which tbe
r-ereta did. But circnmt;ances were tuch tbat
tbe Crreat Eaetem'e engines could not be slack
ened, and tbe Persia made off. probably under
he impiessioti that foul play was intended by
tne Great Laitern. An attempt was made at
w eipUiittinn, but the Persia was too far off.
i ne Great Eittern continued her course ou
I uesday morning, and reached the Head of Kin
ale, where the stopped four hours to arrange
her tackle. She signalled tbe thore, but no
' Jn , At lour o'clock, she
arrived ofrCnrU. and . .n.n .
. , bui.ii Bvcniuer came oil
to assist her, and the harbsr was soon reached
as me ruuaer was sufficiently repaired, the
shin would proceed lo Liverpool soon.
yur iniuroiant atiics that it is almost impos
sible to exaggerate the anxious state of mind
whinh nrrVMilpd ahilA iKa .r i
. rr, r, -"v ... ,uio u, luoeaip was
doubtlul. There were eeveial clergymen ou
board, and religious services were frequent.
The demeanor of the ptssengers wag sufficient,
anart frnnn Anv aianm t.f HlanaiAH .
Difv tho rilatPAaaina nalii,. nf 1. A A.lnH .1
j - n w. .i.bj viinie.
meetinrr waa hplri in iIia aalf.nn nn T..-- - .
' o o-iuuu vu j ucnuuy, BUtl
resolutions of a pious and congralulatory char,
acter were passed.
ThA naafluncrAra .ynFaiBB,! ...lii.,1. . . .1...
I "C'.bu e . r, , 0 II II U IU lUt,
commander of the brig Magnet, and compli
mented Capt Walker and the officers and crew
of the Great Eittarn for their indefatigeble ex-
ertinns. oome ol the proceedings, however,
wcro ui a less pieasant cnaracter, severe com
ment! bpinff n IBAaH nn thn nnnrlitinn r.f .Ia -kin
r, 1 . .. ,iit c u 1 p ,
her fltrenL'lh of mdjilna. and ikn ...
ballasted. .
Steam Between Ireland and America
The following new ar.il magnificent ftrst-cl&sipaldli
wheel Sttamsblp compote the alove line:
ADRUTIC, S.HFd ton( burthen, Capt, J.Uti-
(Formerly of the Collin Line 1
IHBKIlNIa, 4,4011 ton( burthen, Capt. N. Paoaw.
COLUMBIA, 4 4l " " it. Liitcii.
ANOLIA. 4.4O0 " Nicuouok
Paul. Id, 2 000 I.CKiiu.
PU1NCK ALUEUr (Screw.)
3,300 " ' J.Wiliik.
One of the above ships will leave New Vnrk or Bo.Un
alternately every Tuesday fortuight, for Oaliray, cai
rving tin government mails, touching at St. Johnr,
N. F.
Ihe Steamer of this line have been constructed wilh
the greatest care, under the supervision of the goveit,
mcnl, hav water-tight companment, and are uoexctl
led lor comfort, safety and speed by any steameia attoai.
They are commanded oy abl- and experienced ollker.,
nd every eiertion will be made to promote the comfort
of passengers.
Ao.experienced Suigem attiched lo each ship.
N. Y . or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool 1 1 HO
Second-clas, .,.. i , :t
glrat-class, " - , ' to8t John1 35
Third-claaa, " " to Oalway or Liverpool,
or any town In Irelatd, on a Railway, - - - M
Thlrd-elasaianengera are liberally tupplled wilh pro
visions of the best quality, cooked and terved by the ser
vant of th Company.
Parties wishing to send for ihair Iriend from Ihe old
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, in
Ireland, or from the principal citieaof England and scot
land, at very lo rat's.
Passengers for New York, arriving by the Boston
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York free of charge.
Por passage or further information, apply to
At the office of Ihe Company, on the wharf, foot of
Canal street. New York.
An Effective, 8afe and Economical
To It original color without dyeing, and preventing
Hair from turning gray.
And oo ring It, wben there le the lean particle of vlUll
or recuperative energy remaining.
- And all enteneou affection of the Scalp.
Imparting to It an uneqaled gloss and brilliancy, making
'.Holt and silky In It tenure, and causing it to cur
lh great celebrity and Increasing demand for thi un
equal.! preparation, conviuce the proprietor tliat on
trial la only necessary to .atl-fy n dUcernlng public of it.
superior qualities over any other preparation in use 1 1
3iuan.ee the head and wslp from duudrull and other
eu.aneoua diseaat-a, causing the hair to grow luxuriantly
giving it a rich, soft, glossy and tlexible appearance, an.
also, where the hair la Ivoaeniug and thinning, It will giv
strength and vigor to the root, and restore ibe growth lo
huee part which hav become bald, oaueing it to yield a
re.h covering of tuur.
There are bandied of ladle and gentlemen In New
York who have bad their bair restorou by the use of tin
Invigorator, when all other preparation hart failoj. L
at. na in hit possession let wis innumerable tentifyu...
to t:e above fact, from person of the highest redsecu'
biilty- It will effectually prevent tue hair from turning
until the latest period ol life; and in caii-e where the hail
baa already changed its color, the urn of the Iavlgcrator
wlilwlthoertainty restore it to it to it original hue, giv
ing It a dark, gloany appearance. A a perfume lor IL
toilet and a Hair Reatorative It ia pariicalaely ncum
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and tne great fa
cilltlea it afford. In dieetlng the hair, which, when molti
with the Invlgorator, can be dressed In any required
form so as to preserve Its place, whether plalnor In carL ;
h.uce the great demand (or It by the la Jut as a standaru
toilet article which none ought to be without, the prlca
place It within th reaoh of all, being
Only Twenty-Fiva Cents
per bottle, to be had at ai respectable Druggist and
. Perfumers.
L. AlILLKa would call the attention of Parent and
Guardians to theuaeof hit Invlgorator, in easeewheie
the children's hall Incline to he weak. Th us of l
lays the foundation for a pood head of hair, a it re
move any impurities that may have become connected
with the (calp, the removal of which I neerry both
for the health of the child, and the future appearano ot
It Hair.
Cannon. None genuine without tha fac simile L0TJ18
MILLER being on the outer wrapper; alao, L. MIL
LEU'S UAIU INfltJORATOR, n. Y., blown la.Ue
glass. '
Wholesale Depot, SB Dey atreet. and soi l by all tb.
principal tlercluots and DrugKi.t throughout tb world
Liberal discount to purchaser by in quantity-
I alto dealr lo pretest lo the American Pnbll my
which, after year ot Klentifio experimenting, I bant
brought to perfection. It dee Blaok ot Brown Instantly
wlthoatlnjury to th Balr or Bklst warranud th beat
article oi th kind In exlatanoe.
Depot, 66 Dey St, New York.
eotSdkwly. ... .- :
No. 29 South Eigb. Street, Cohmbns,
A BE NOWOmRtNO ' ' "
IV. 8000 yard Tiavella Drea Oood at 8f, valut
' ' ISXoent.
9500 yarda 1 raveling Drea Oood atUV. va'aaiOet.
ioUO yard English Beaage at Yi, value Si cent.. .
lOUtl yarda French Orgai.die at UU, value 20 cent.
S00) yarda Paat Oolortd La ire. at 10, value 15 cents.
IOUO yarda Poulard Drew Bilk at value W cent..
15(10 yard Super Plain Black Silk at $ I IK), value 1 Vj.
Bote ef Organdie Berage, and Bngllsh Berage, at one.
half their valu. ; ., ,
BAItf k SON,
)tVj-i. , 8t South High Street.
Canton Llattinrra.
4. 8-1. 6-4 White aadt Ke4 aal
White Checked of luperior quality, tor ml by
BAlft a I KN,
h' Mo,WoOthnik

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