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)t (Dlji0 Statesman
Another examination for Army Surgeons
will occur In Columbos October ICth. Candt
dates should forward tbelr address to ths under
signed, when a circular will be forwarded con
taining particulars.
Seo'y Medical Board.
October 4, IBG1. M
, Council Psookioinoj . The Council met last
CTenlng President Donaldson In the chair.
Minutes read and approred.
' The City Clerk and City Treasurer presented
the following
Stititntnt of the Receipt! and Expenditure of the
Oily of OMVmout jrom aepiemoern w vetwer i,
mi, mciuttv: -
Balance In Treasury, Sept. S
J . O. Thompson Taxes In fall
Tboi. Willi Ront of Gravel Buk
Wrey Thome Fine aad License for Bept . . .
Jh. r. Marwa-Collecllocs la Market House.
Jut. H. Beebe Removing dirt
55. UO
Fir I epartment
City Police
Market House, eto
Havers and Drainage
tiaa Repairs, ate
Printing, Stationery, etc
K lections
Urav Yard
Ooodal Park.
Vint Ward
Fourth do
fifth do
Balance In Treasury, Oct. 7 ..
.. m.M
,. 44.58
. 136.00
.. 94 90
. 1,150.00
. 11.00
. 114.80
. 9,859 01
The Street Commissioner made the following
repot t: ' -
There have been employed during the month
of September, horses and carts belonging to
Henry Jones and others, for 47 days, at $1 25
per day, making $58 75.
There bare been performed by the Chain
gang 123 days' woik. '
Since entering upon the duties of my office,
I have received lor removing dirt In streets and
alleys, $44 30.
I bare paid for labor 75 cents, and have paid
the balance ($43 45) to the City Treasurer.
By Mr. Coiistock Authorizing the Commit
teeof Wkjs and Means to borrow of the Frank
'linBink fire thousand dollars on 11 months,
. ior the use of the city. Adopted.
By Dr. Mellm Ordering the Market Com
mittee to Instruct the City Solioitor to prepare
aa ordinance to restrict tbe sale of meat by re
tail outside of the Market House. Adopted."
To grad and pave
Sixth street from Rich to Friend street.
To assess a special tax upon tha real estate
bounding on Straight alley from State to Rich
street, at the rate of 64 cents and 4 710 mills
on each foot front.
To assess a special tax upon the real estate
bounding on Rich and Canal streets from Pleas
ant alley to Fiiend street, at the rate of 45
cents and 5 mills per foot frobt.
Makiug further appropriations (or the year
1861, appropriating $300 on account of Sewers
and Drainage.
By President Donaldson To assess a special
tax upon the real estate bounding on the east
aide of Front street from State to Broad street,
at th ta of 18 cents on each foot frODt. Read
the first time-Adjourned.
' Tbe New Drt Goods Hoose. We gave In
our Sunday morning's issue a description of the
new and splendid building recently erected by
Messrs. Headley & Eberly .at S50 and 852
South High street. We, this morning, insert
lo another column the advertisement of Messrs
Headley, Ererly & Richards, the occupants
of tbe new building, In which some of the more
prominent articles in their establishment are
enumerated. -
Tbe publio have a guarantee that tbe goods
for this firm will be selected with taste ana
judgment, from the reputation of Mr. Richards,
who has charge of that department. ' Tbe fact,
too, that these gentlemen have adopted the sys
tem of cash purchases and cash sales.added to the
charaoter they have all gained ior upright and
fair dealing, is an assuranoe to their customers
that tbe most advantageous bargains can be ob
tained at tbe new House of Heidley, Eberly
This being one of the moat extensive and
best-arranged dry goods establishments in the
West, located in one of the finest buildings in
the ctty, Is well worth visit. Call and take a
look el It. .
, j m
Army Surgeons. Got. Dinmson last week
appointed the following Army Surgeons:
A. C. Swartiwllder, I ronton, 1st Artillery;
W. V. Schenck, Frauklin, 17th Infantry; Thus.
McFadden. Weuterville. 46th Infantry; R.
Wrlth, Gllboa, 1st Cavalry; F. Hurxthal, Mas
alllon, 19th Infantry; W. N. King, Frederick
town, G5ih Infantry; II. O. Mack, Mansfield,
57th Infantry; Samuel Hart, Marietta, 63d
Infantry; C. Schenck, Cleveland, 37th Infant
ry; K. Sballem, Columbus, 56th Infantry; A.
H. Stephens, Camdsn, 45tb Infantry; S. F.
Forbes, Toledo, 50th Infantry; J. F.King, Ply
mouth, 66;h Infantry, Enoch Pearoe, Bteuben
ville, 61st Infantry; L. A. Hamilton, Cbardon,
63d Infantry; M. C. Woodworlb, Warsaw, 51st
Infantry; W. M. Cake, Fostoria, (3d Infantry;
J. . P. Haggett. Eaton, 64th Infantry; Jno. &
Kyle, Xeuia, 65th Infantry.
Also, tbe following Assistant Surgeons:
'.J. P. Biog, Pomeroy, 53d Infantry; G. C.
Norton, Decatur, 4Cta Infantry; Tbos. L. Neal,
45th Infantry; J. W. Harmon, Chagrin, 4!ii
Infantry; M. H. Haynes, Seven Mills, 63d In
fantry; B. F. Berkley, Regnler'a Mills, 64th In
fantry; S. F. Selby, Collamer, 3d Cavalry;
Jacob Lalsy, Cleveland, 621 Infantry: Q. Soel
helm, Cincinnati, 9th Infantry; Silvester S.
Burroughs, Geneva, 29tb Infantry; M. T.John
son, New Vienna, S2d Infantry; J. G. Kalb,
Rosedale, 40th Infantry; A. L. Vail, Cincin
nati, 43d Infantry; M. C. Cuykendal, Bucyrus,
48th Infantry; John Hill, Seneoaville, 50th In
fantry; W. S. Moor, Felloity, 52d Infantry; M.
Hoge, Cambridge, 54th Infantry; H. B. John
son, Richfield, 55th Infantry; W. C. Payne, El
more, 56th Infantry; H. R. Spooner, Republic,
67th Infantry; John Canaan, Camden, 1st Car
airy; S. L. Harper, Cincinnati, 61si Infantry. ,
O" The number ot teoesslon prisoners in
Camp Chase ii Mid to be one hundred and
eighty-nine. Quite a lot of Southern-bounders.
OT Two men, arrested on Saturday evening
by Marshal Thompson and Officer Dieber, lor
drnnkennesi and disorderly conduct, were, yes
terday morning, each fined by the Mayor three
dollar! and costs.
HTjTwo men, named 8 title a and Ryoek,
were yesterday morning each fined by the Mayor
twenty dollar and eottj, for violently attempt
lag, .with a.docen or fifteen others, early on
8uaday morning, tbe rescue of two young men
from the custody of Officers Dime and Mo-Caie.
Union Democratic Meetings At an early
hour last evening, Union Democratio meetings
were held in the First and Fifth Wards, and
were addressed by Messrs. Converse and Mi
tin In the First, and by Mr. Drebel lo tbe Fifth
Ward. Both meetings were large and enthnjl
astio. ';
After the speeches, both meetings adjourned
to the front of the State House, where they
were joined by numerous ptber citizen, and
were addressed by Hon. S. $. Cox, In an able
and eloquent speech, which was listened to
with marked attention, and. frequently Inter
rupted by loud and enthusiastic cheers. Set-
dom has a meeting been held in tbe olty, in
which has been manifested a more earnest de
termination to stand by the principles 'of our
Constitution and the flag of our Union to the
last extremity.
The Distbict Military Committees'. The
following changes in, and additions to the Mill
tary Committees In the Congressional Districts
named, are announced: , " "' ' "'. "f
1st and 2d Distrlcte Robert W. Burnet, vice
Stephen Mollter, declined; Charles Reemelio,
rice Judge staiio, declined; rred. J. Mayer.
Btn District James walker, uen. J. a. uard-
ner. ...
12th District J. A. Wilcox, John P. Brack,
George Taylor, John Graham, Moses Seymour
and Amos Keese.
15th Distriot W. R. Sapp.
21st District John Beatty. .',
Taoors at and in thb Vicinity of Camp
Dick Robinson, Kentucky. Within tho past
ten days, eight regiments of Ohio troops have
passed through Cincinnati and croissd the ferry
there into Kentucky; and, in addition, one regl
ment of Indiana troops the 34th regiment.
These regiments, aggregated, would number at
least eight thousand men. ' Tbe 33d Indiana
went into Camp Dick Robinson via Louisville.
Before the introduction into that camp of troops
from any other State but Kentucky, except
East Tennesseeans, who rendezvoused at that
point, there were seven thousand men there 10
there must be at least fifteen thousand men In
the vicinity of Lexington and Nicbolasville.
ArroiHTMENTS fob the Recruiting Service.
The following 'gentlemen,' in addition to
those already published, received commissions
last week In the recruiting service: ,
Saturdtv. Oct. 5 James W. Sands, 22J
Regiment; E. S. Williams. 71st;' J. M. Spang-
ler, 43d.
Thurtday, Ocf;3. Thomas E. Morrison. 46th
Regiment infantry; Albert Dolman, 4Ut; Beoj.
C. Stanhope, 6th cavalry; Charles Lancaster,
58th Infantry; John C. Chittenden, 53th; Wil
Ham McAdams, 66'.b; W. W. Bowen, 63th;
John Rowe, 68th; Seneoa Hall, 71st; John W.
McCIunK.74tb: Howard Dnnlevv, 74th; S. A.
Basaford, 74th; ' William Mills, 74th; C. R.
Lord, 64th; Joel W. Uarnett, G4tn. ' .
Friday, Vet. 4. Marshall V. Haskell, urst
Regiment cavalry; Joho D. Grant, 6th Regi
ment artillery; Jag. F. Honnlngton, 1st; Jno. P.
Holt, 6th Regiment cavalry; J P. McElroy, Gth
Reel ment artillery: Stenben M. Cowderv. 1st:
A. P. McClure, lGih Infantry; George J. Jones,
loth; a. Starkweather, itt)tb; Julian 11. fit kin,
29th. James B.Walker, 30th; Julius Dexter,
Utb; W. M. Adair, SUtb; W. II. Callender,
71st; J. A. Lindsay, 19th; J. A. Labock, 19th;
Jacob Patter, 40th, Gus. Fahien, 41st; C. H.
Coon, 41st; M. S. Benham, 42J ; H. H. Willard,
42d; Jaoob Lohrer, 46th; C. W. Kent, 46th; F.
ci. Beckett, 4Btb; U.S. Medary,4btn; K.Arm
strong, 48ih; G. W. Coaley, 54th. J. B. May,
3tDj v. Tnomson,3tl; frank fox, &Stb; H.
Liodenberg, 58th; T. W. White, Jr , 61st; E.
P. Jackson, 61st; Dan. P. Schleicb, 61st; G. C
Miller, ulst; A. Uarnaban, blst; r. Brown, Cist;
R. Price. 62 J: H. S. Williams. 63d: D. C. Lie-
eett,62d, F. H. Wheeler, 62d; P.B. Johnson,
62d: J. McC. Morehead, 62d; H. H. Pogh, 63d;
L. Smith, 63d; E. B. Finley, 64th; D. trench,
64th ; F. W. Martin. 64th : James Laffertv. 64th :
Hugh P. Anderson, 64th; Judson A. Beebe,
rj&th; U. U. Hwaln, bbtb; n. Camp, 65th, A.
c. rierce, can; eneiton uoiton, b7tb; G.
Worts, 67th; J. Tatkin, 67th; W. Russell,
67th; E. D. Mason. 67th: J. Jacobs. C7tb: L.
Butler, 67tb; D. C. Dewey, 67th; C. A. Brusev,
0d6; a. U. f ord, tub, .8. riatt, bitb; C
C. Lewis, 67th; T. T. Coweo, 63tb; R. S.
Thomas, 69th; H. K. McCoonell, 71at;.G. B.
Frye, 71st; John I. Petticrew, 71st; T. Beacb,
73d; T.J. Tedford, 74ib; W. H. Harry, 74ih;
D. Gess, 74th; H. D. Wright, 75th; J. H.
Treseorlder, 75th; R. B. Latta, 75th A. Ed
ward Allen, 54th; D. Lepley, 54tb; Granville
M. White, 54th; J. H. Boggis, 67th.
Saturday, Oct. 5. R. Crockett,- 66tn iofan
try; Henry Bobl, 58tb: Isaao Uiman. 19th:
James M. Christie, 66tb; J. M. McFarland,
04tn; n. Kicbeson, lbtn; Alex. M. roundatone,
6'2d; Orlow Smith, 64th; Tbeo. M. Thomson,
62 J; B. B. Green, 43d; C. R. Squire, (ih;
Wm. C. Harman, 68ib, Samuel R: Tavler,
46tb; Lucien B. Eaton, 65th; S. A. Eoglieh,
bStb; J, C. Moon, 7Utb; Tbadeus Lemert,
76thi T. T. Moore, 71st; Wm. II. Paul, 29tb;
r. R. Kaufman, 58tb; John W. Falrsbild, 74tb;
Wm. Sbay, 52d; W. W. Updegraff. 20tb; Hugh
O'Haira, 46tb; Cbas. A. McDaniel, 57th.
Seury ISLoelilex',
(Late of Phaloa'aEjtabllihmant.N.y.,) .
Fuhionabla SbavtriE, Hair CutLlo,, BhimpoeDlns,
Carllng and Drualog Balooo,
South Klglx St., over Bain's) Stora,'
where aatUfactlon will ba glren In all the Ttrloni
Ladlaa' and Children I Hair DrenlDt done m the test
The Heat Artificial Help to tbo
Human difflit ever Invented.
ment of tha moit Improred kinds ot Spectacle!.
All nil Ulanea, whether for near or far-lighted, art
ground la eoncavo convex form wlta the grutett care,
o aa to suit the Kyeiofall crnei, caring Weakneia,
Dluineta or Inflammation of the Kyei, and Imparting
strength ft-r long readlngor fine levlue i
Office, 13 Jtaat Btnte atrtet, at Bellaer k Webiter'i
aintio Biore. . .. .
ang5-dly ' '
Commission merchants,
" ' va i .....a'
- Ate. . ALSO,
' ' t m 'i f j 'dton i
Old Rye, Monongahda &. Uouiton
: WHI8KY. " -
' i 'St1 )!'. t
i- . i . -7 a i I j , i lit if i.il
, . COLU3IBTJ8, OHIO. ' '
SS841f1S .. 4 . .
CLOAK OLOinS. Alto, other nakea M Spring
0 toak Olotha, la all deelrabra ntxttirea Blndlnn. Tu
sola and Batten to Butch. BAIN a SON,
aprllS Ms. SB Booth. High gtl
Federal Forces Threatening New
in Louisiana—Seizure
of Union Men.
LouisriLLi, Oct. 6. A reliable Informant
from New Orleans-says the Federal forces ooou
py,8hlp Island and tbe Chandeliers, and tnat
they have lumber on Ship Island sufficient to
build accommodations tor trom ten tbonsana to
twelre thousand troops. Our informant thinks
the announcement of the capture of New Or
leans premature, but says tbe Federal forces
can attack New Orleans in the rear and silence
their batteries, thus rendering it easy for the
tteet to come op the met.
Advices from New Orleans to the 30th ult.,
say that the Governor of Louisiana ordered all
stores In the 'city cloied at two o'clock each
afternoon and that all persons capable of carry
ing arms bad been ordered to drill tbe remainder
ol the day an attack from tbe Federal forces
being; considered imminent, Tbe Confederates
had Dlanted oolombiads at Carroll ton. nine
miles 'above New Orleans, and at English Turn,
below the oity.
tlt is conieotureu mat uuckner, witn niteen
thousand men, has gone to join Polk and make
a joint attack on Paducab. A Confederate, in
attempting to shoot a picket at Geo . Sherman's
Camp, was arrested ' at Muldrough's Hill, and
will be tried by a military commission H mor
row. , . i ...
Hon. Jae. F. Buckner. a leading man of
Christian county, In endeavoring with twenty
Others to eaoape, was taken by tha Confederates
and carried into Tennessee. Tbe remaining
twenty escaped. Hugh Curry and three others,
accused of treason, were brought here to-night
from Salt River.
The Citv Council last nicht passed a resolu
tion instructing; the Mae or to bring before them
all oity officers suspected of disloyalty for ex
amination. James Guthrie, II. D. Newcomb, Thomas
Quieley. J. B. Wilder, Dr. U. B. Eing, and
James Speed, were yesterday eleoted directors
of the Louisville and Nashville railroad.
Gen. Fremont and the Publication
of the Charges Against Col. Blair.
St. Loois, Oct. 6 Capt. McKeerer, Assist
ant Adjutant-General of tbe Department, re
ceived a dispatch from General Fremont, stat
ing that the charges and specifications against
Col. Blair, published in the Democrat yesterday
morning, received publicity without bis knowl
edge aud sanction; that be bas telegraphed to
tne rresident and uenerai scoit tnat tne act
meets bis unqualified disapproval, add request
ing Captain McKeever to investigate the viola
tion of bis confidence and interference with bis
papers, so that the perpetrators may be instant
ly proceeded against and punished.
From the Cherokee Nation—John
Ross Espouses the Union Cause.
Sr. Louis. Oot. 6. News has reached here
that about two weeks ago John Ross. Chief of
the Cherokee Nation, bad called by proclama
tion eight thousand Cherokees around him, and
declared for the Unioo.
Read, an Influential half breed and leader of
the secession paity, bad raised tbe standard of
revolt, and bad a skirmish near Falrquah with
Koss abody guard, in which the latter was vic
This conflicts with the recently published ac
counts from the Nation, but an active Govern
ment scout, thoroughly acquainted with matters
In the Sou ihwest, pronounces it reliable.
Hugh Currv and three others, accused of
tresson, were brought here to-nigbt from Salt
Kiver. - - " . .
The Citv Council last nieht na9aed a resolu
tion instructing tbe Mayor to bring before them
all city tflicers suspected of disloyalty, for ex
amination. . it ,
One hundred ot the soldiers wounded in the
siege of Lexington, arrived to-day.
The Democrat will to-morrow morning exon
erate Gen. Fremont from any knowledge of or
consent to the publication or charges and speci
fications against Blair. '
Heavy Firing in the Direction of
Edward's Ferry.
Darnibtown, Oct. 4 A gentleman who
came from near Poolesville last evening, states
that he beard firing at noon in tbe direction of
Edward's Ferry. He saw a great smoke aris
ing from tbe same point, and thinks it was
caused by the burning of a warehouse on this
side of the river.
Rumors are current hero that Gen. Stone will
shortly make an advance over the Potomac.-r-The
force under bis command has been
strengthened largely of late.
Private W. L. Myers, of the New Yotk 19th,
Has recently tried and sentenced to be shot for
deserting, by the General Court Martial, but
from tbe evidence it appeared that be was on
his return to tbe regiment when be was arrested,
and he wag overtaken by liquor causiug him to
be absent longer than his permit allowed. Toe
members of tbe C. urt, therefore, unanimously
recommended bim to mercy, with his solemn
promise never to drink any intoxicatiiog drink.
Gen. Banks commuted the sentence into a for
feiture of five'dollars per month of his pay for
one year, and the gratified culprit was yester
day returned to his regiment.
An nnconditional rumor was circulated yes
terday that the rebels bad fired into and sunk
a canal boat carrying heavy baggage for a bri
gade stationed on the Upper Potomac.
The Potomao is now fordable at several of
the ford between the Great Falls and Point of
Tbe enemy are known to have augmented
their force in the vicinity of Leosburg, but the
military authorities are of tbe opiuion that it
Is only a feint, and that on the firtt demonstra
tion by our forces, they will fall back upon tbe
Manassas Gap Railroad, and thence down to
the Junction. No apprehension was felt of any
attempt on their part to oross the river or make
any aerions attack upon ns at long range over
the Potomac.
Escape of Col. De Villiers from Richmond.
Baltimore, Oct. 6 The boat from Fortress
Monroe brought np a number of refugees from
Norfolk, including some released crews of prize
Col. De Villiers, the Instructor of Col. Ells
worth, who was taken prisoner by Wise in
Western Virginia, came np in tbe boat, having
escaped from prison, and made bis way along
James river, to Newport News. lie escaped
along with twelve others, who were arrested
and taken back. He o'one, by disguising him
self and affeoting lameness, succeeded In elud
ing the vigilance of bis pursuers. He was com
pelled to swim the James river three times,
and al ter muoh suffering, and being twice fired
at by pickets, reached Newport News. He de
scribes the Buffering) of the prisoners as great,
and their treatment as barbarous, one of tbem
having been shot from the street by a woman.
He has gone to Washington, with much import
ant information, gleaned on his Journey down
the Jirues river.
Col. Blair Arrested Again.
Sr. Louis, Oct. 5. Gen. Fremont's charges
and specifications against Colonel Blair, Includ
ing Colonel Blair's letter to Postmaster-General
Blair, were published in this morning's Dem
ocrat. Colonel Blair was arrested the secoud
time for writiDg a letter which be addressed to
Adjutant-General Thomas, after be was releas
ed by Fremont, and because he declined to re
sume bis sword and take command of- bis. regi
ment, then about to maroh to the battle field,
when ordered by bis commander. Geo. Soott's
release of Col. Blair is understood to be per
emptory' until such' time' as charges 'are made
against him. ,,. ., .... .. i
More from Kansas—Leavenworth
LiAvgNwoRTH, Oct. 4. A correspondent of
the Bt. Louis Republican sayst A full battsry
of lroe six-pounders have been presented by
wealthy citizens tj the Home Guards of Leav
enwoita. They were cast In (bis oity, and are
the first ever made in the State.
After the fall of Lexiceton, General Slnrgts
mads requisition Upon Major-General Stjne, of
me A.ansaa miiitia.io cm out tne militia oi toe
eaatern counties of Kansas. Tbe people re
sponded heartily to the call, and poured Into
Wyandotte to large numbers. - They were Im
mediately sworn Into the United States service
for thirty days, and now oompose paif of Geo.
Storgls command at Kansas City. The 28th
Kansas Regiment, nnder Major Cloud, Is also
at Kansas City.- Colonel Mitchell, Its com
mander. Is rapidly recovering from his wounds
received In the battle of Springfield.
Nine reeimehte, most of wbtoh are foil am)
the teat are rapidly filling op, have been fur
nished by Kansas for the war in addition to
this we bare teioo responded to tbe oall of the
authorities, and furnished thirty day men when
danger threatened.. Every mad in Kansas is
now well drilled, Bod ready to fight if .occasion
reouires. . . . '
Major Prince Is still' 4h commander of the
post at Fort Leavenworth, and is prosecuting
with v eor the work of strenemening and lorti
fylng his position. A long line of earthworks
and entrenchments have been thrown np on tbe
west side of Fort Leavenworth. The river aids
is protected bv nickett and masked batteries
Such a thing as taking the Fort by surprise is
out of the question.
Death of Senator Bingham.
Ann Arbor. Oct. 5; U. S. Senator Bingham
died of anoDlexv at bis residence at Green
Oak to-day .
Arrival of the Pony Express.
PiciPio SrRiNos (200 miles East of Salt
Lake), Oct. 5. Tbe Pony Express passed here
at 10 A. M , from San Francisco, with dates to
tbe atb.
The steamer Uncle Sam, from Panama, ar
rived on the 26'th. The ship Richard the Third
sailed for Callao on the 37 tb.
The rains of winter appear to be at hand. In
the southern connties there bas been threo days'
heavy rain up to the night of the 24th, extend
ing from the mountains to the sea.
A dtuDiton irom Yreka states tbat a bsavv
shower of rain fell in tbat place on the 28th.
Kev. w; Bcott and family have taken passage
on the ship Franklin Haveu for Liverpool, and
expect to leave next week.
Forest's Theatre at Sacramento was destroy
ed by fire on ths 26th. The building cost about
1100,000; no Insurance.
The cavalrv regiment called from tnis stite
is now full and overflowing; yesterday one or
two companies were refused. ' There is still
room In Infantry regiments, although they are
iabi tilling np.
The Ubtb was observed as a last day in can
Francisco, according to the President's Message.
Services were held during tbe day in all tbe
churches, and several prayer meetings in the
evening. The largest and most central business
nouses was generally suspended.
ine Mexican residents or Han trancisco are
to-day celebrating the anniversary of their Na
tional Iudependenoe, something; after tbe fashion
of the Fourth of July celebration of America.
1 bis morning tbey will lire Runs and send sky
rockets ud from the hills, besides narticioatiuit
in fandangoes and other characteristic amuse
ments. A telegraph dispatch from Portland. Oregon,
September Gth, stales that the United States
steamship Massachusetts arrived at Fort Van
Couvers. She is to load with Military stores
and will proceed to San Francisco.
ibe United states Umrtermaster has com-
plot ed, bis purchases of horses for the service at
fortland, Urgeon.
Serious Riot.
New York, Oct. 6 A serious riot occurred
in Hudson, on Saturday night, between members
of the Barney Rifles, quartered in the U. S.
arsenal, and Borne three hundred citizens, which
it is feared may lead to very serious results.
A number of citizens were injured, including
tbe Mayor of the city. While going around
trvini; to quell tbe disturbance, be was stabbed
five or six times about tbe head and body, and
is very severely, it not tataiiy hurt.
There were serious apprehension) of a riot
yesterday, and the military were ordered to hold
themselves in readiness. .
Turk's Island dates of September 51st, not
telegraphic, state that there had been a msder
ale demand for salt, this week, and most of it
bad been sold for cash. Tbe quantity on band
is speedily diminishing, as tbe rains so far pre
vented any quantity being gathered. The pres
ent prices "are 7i3cj export duty o.
[Correspondence of the St. Louis Democrat.]
Rolli, Mo., Oct. information re
ceived from scouts, there are about eleven
thousand armed rebels scattered over the south
western part of this State, including between
six and seven thousand men at Camp Walker,
Arkansas, eight miles below tbe Missouri line,
under tbe command of young Ben. McCullocb,
Major Wright, of the Home Guards, furnish
es the following statement : A physician, well
known to tbe Major, whose name I am not per
mitted to use, arrived from tbe southwest on
Tuesday. evening.
This physician was formerly a partner of Dr.
Snell, McCulloch's army surgeon. Tbe former
very recently bad an interview with his old
partner, and was told by him tbat in the battle
of Springfield McCulloch was shot through tbe
hips, and a glance ball also struck bim in the
forehead. Soon after making his report of the
battle, McCulloch, with the Texas forces, was
ordered back to Texas, but after reaching Camp
Chesapeak, near Mount Vernon, he died from
bis wounds. Before be expired, he spoke free
ly of the manner of his treatment by tbe Mis
souriaoB, and declared tbat If ho bad known tbe
true position of affairs, be would never have
entered tbe State.
His body was placed la a metalio coffin and
conveyed to Texas. His death was concealed
even from his own men for a time, it being tbe
policy of the surviving leaders to operate on the
presiige of bis name. His son Ben. McCulloch,
Jr., was therefore placed in nominal command,
in order to keep np the deception. Maj. Wright,
who is an old acquaintance of McCulloch, hav
ing aa late as winter before last ranged with
him one hundred miles up the Colorado river,
is convinced that the latter is dead.
Letters bave been received by Mrs- Craw
ford from her bueband, Col. Crawford, of
Price's army, stating that tbe latter was hemmed
In and occupying a critical position, and urging
immediate removal of tAa property to the
From Fortress Monroe.
Fort Monroe, Oct. 6 The Spaulding sailed
for Hatteras Inlet.
Gen. Wool returned to Old Point this morn
ing, and will doubtless remaia. Gen. Mansfield
goes to Hatteras Inlet to assume tbe chief com
mand of the commissary.
John Clark, late .editor of the Boston Cour
ier, was on the propeller Fanny, but left with
the first boat load of stores, and thus csoaped
being made a prisoner.
The captain of the Fanny Is severely censur
ed, as it appears the rebel vessels were not seen
until tbey were within fonr miles ot the pro
peller. On Thursday two tugs, having the Susque
hanna launches in tow, and laden with the re
mainder of the stores for tbe 20th Indiana regi
ment, left Hatteras Inlet for tbe encampment
of the regiment, but it was rumored, before
the Pawnee sailed, that they bad pot back t
Hatteras Inlet.
From Southwestern Missouri.
[Correspondence of the St. Louis Republican.]
-, our wounded
men arrived herefrom Springfield yesterday.
Three ambulances loft this morning, and others
will start to-morrow for that place to bring
away about one hundred who still remain there.
A letter received from the Southwest says that
many of tbe wealthy and most prominent citi
ssns in that region are moving their families
and effects to the South.
Captiin Asa G. Smead. at the head of some
one thousand eight hundred men, Is punishing
the secessiopists in Barney and Stone counties.
Mrs. John S. Phelps, who was so attentive to
onr wounded soldiers at the battle of Spring
field, Is very 111 of typhoid fever. , w
John Gullet, State Senator from ' Spencer
county, who was arrested to-day" by ' order of
Gen. Hunter, has been released on parole, but
be is not permitted to leave town.
Price Moving Southward—He will
Avoid Battle with Fremont.
Jivfirson Citt, Oct. 6. Little doubt is en
tert lined bere that Price is on his way South
with the main body of bis army. Tho force
reported to ba making demonstrations near
Georgetown and Sodaiia, being merely a de
tachment for tbe purpose of keeping our ad
vance engaged.
When last beard from, Price's advance guard
was at Clinton, la Henry county. It is suppos
ed Prios will push on to the Arkansas line.
General Fremont will follow him closely,
and give bim battle wherever he can find him.
A lores of between three thousand and four
thousand cavalry were seen bear Tipton to-day,
whose objeot is presumed to be to get between
our advance sod this place, and fall opoa some
stray regiment or transportation train going
out. "--' "
' Col. Coffee, of BoonevllU, passed through
bere the other day for St. Louis, but It has
since been ascertained that be is on his way
Sonth with Important dooumenti containing tbe
offioial record of the proceedings of the mook
Legislature held at Lexington.
A scout from Linn Creek, reports the proba
ble death of tbe notorious reael leader, Rev.
Miakely Johnson, who, while' moving some of
Forbert It Co.'s powder, Friday nigbr. was dan
gerously wounded by tbe explonlou of one of
tbe kegs
Gen. Fremont and staff will probably leave
for Sadalia to-morrow
Special to the Bt, Louli Republican. 1
Mt setms to hs the belief in military circles
bere, that fries will avoid a battle with fre
mont, It possible; but others entertain the opin
ion ' that be- entertains a surprise upon soms
point the least projeoted, and tbat we shall bave
a ngbt In a. lew days, rremont designs to
follow ths ..rebel army into Arkrnsas, and
fores tbem to fight wherever be can enoountsr
them '
Tbe paymasters, who bave brought onojnlllion
five hundred thousand dollars to pay off tbe-
troons to the 31st ot August, bave discharged
tbelr duty and returned to St. luia.
Claib Jackson is reported to be en route for
The farmers of Pettus countv recently offer
ed to furnlih Gen. Fremont gratis $250,000
worth of grain for bis armv.
Uapt. unampion, tbs rebel wbo was nere last
week, bas been arrested as a spy In Ueorge-
town, and is not a prisoner.
From Washington.
Washington, Oct. 5 Intelligence from Gen.
Smith's division, reports everything quiet. The
Harriet Line will berearter be Uag.eDip ot tne
rotomae notuia.
J. W. Dawson, of Indiana, bas been appoint
ed Governor of Utah,
Advices which havo Just been received bere
from tbe West, represent that the people are
intensely excited over the rumor of tbe removal
of Gen. Fremont. So general is tbe outcry at
tbe West that tbe uoverumeut bas determined
not to interfere with him, until be has
had ample time to show his capability for
command. It is now ceittin that be will
neither be superseded nor court maitialed,
while his troops are in the face of the enemy,
and his fi lends are filled with the most ardent
Jen. Wool loft this city by tbe morning train
to-day. It is supposed that his destination is
St. Louis.
Gen. McClellan bas out an end to visits of
Pennsylvania politicians to our camps.
Tbs Richmond oaoers of Thursday state that
Jeff. Davis arrived at Fairfax Court House on
Wednesday, and made a SDeeeh to the soldiers.
telling them that if tbey would make good use
ol their rilles they would soon be in Balti
more. Tbe Richmond journals also state that tbe
sick soldiers of the rebel army have been sent
irom Manassas to Richmond, and tbat this
movement was made in expectation of a battle.
It is said at tbe War Department that it was
La Mountain's balloon, tbe Saratoga, which
pasted over Washington yesterday. Thus tbe
reports sod speculations tbat it was a vagrant
rebel balloon are dissipated.
Aitbougn no ollicial information bas been re
ceived tbat the British steamer Bermuda, which
sailed from Huttlepool, England, August 19th,
bad evaded tbe.blockade and reached Savannah
with arms, ammuuition, etc., piivate intelli
gence is considered conclusive to the fact.
A man named Tjeenger, formerly a clerk In
Washington, and lately a rebel soldier, has ar
rived here. He served in the Beauregard rifle
regiment at the battle of Stone Bridge.
Mr. Magraw, who went to Manassas to re
cover tbe body of Col. Cameron, has returned
here from Fortress Monroe.
It Is reported since Gen. Wool's depaitjre
this morning, that be has not gone West, but
returns to Fortress Mjnroe.and that be expects
to return to this city ia a few days, as when be
loft he said be was never in belter health than
WasHiNOTON, Oct. 6. Brigadier General Mo
Cook has been oidered to the department of the
Cumberlaud; his brigade includes tbe Ohio lit.
- Hereafter tbe Kentucky cavalry, formerly
commanded by Colonel Young, will be known
as tbe 3d Pennsylvania. Lieut-Colonel OwenB
will probably be appointed Colonel.
Yesterday Gen. Keyes drove tbe rebels from
Falls Church, The party was fired on from a
battery iu tbe woods leading from Falls Church
t,Fairfax. Nobody hurt.
An observatory has been erected oo Upton's
Hill, by which the advanced guards of ths ene
my can be Been. Tbere.hasn't been any picket
firii g since our advance.
The Navy Department has received a letter
from Commander Scott, of tbe Keyatooe State,
dated Aspinwall, September 25:h, in which be
states tbat he bas been cruising, on tbe coast of
Yucatan, but obtained no information either. of
the Sumter or ber prizes. He was alike unsuc
cessful in tbe vicinity of the Idle of Pines, and
Cienf ugos. The Sumter, it was said, endeavor
ed to procure coal at Demarara and Cyenne,
aud waa reiUMcd. The merchants of Paramabo
likewise declined to lurnish coal, but it was
Dually oLtiiued Irom a Scotchman.
Commaudcr Scott says, C.ptain Stmmes Is
aware tbat our vessels are in search of him, and
that therefore he will not again appear in tbe
West ladies- The fact is ascertained tbat tbe
Sumter has taken several prizes under the Brit
ish flag, and decoyed others under ours, with
Union down. This should serve as a warning
to United States merchantmen.
Tbe Aoby Bradford, captured off Puerto Ca
bello, in July, is the latt prize taken by the
Sumter, tbe crew oi which numbers sixty-four
men, in a disorganized condition, several of
whom escaped, and will be sent borne.
Tbe War Department is overrun bv bsdII
cants for offices and contracts. The Secreta
ry's door is constantly besieged by persons wbo
want interviews with him to serve personal
ends. The Secretary desires to be distinctly
understood that there are no vacancies of Pay
masters, Quartermasters or Commissaries in
bis gift, nor any appoiutmenti of officers ot the
line to ie made, excepting in regular course of
promotion. When Second Lieutenants are thus
vacated the places will be filled by appoint
ments from tbe ranks. All contracts for
supplies, munitions, etc., are made respectively
by the Quartermaster-General, tbe Commissary-General,
and tbe Chief ot Ordnance, and to
them all parties should apply wbo bave pro
posals to make. Applications for Appointments
as Acting Masters and Masters' Mates should
be made to the Navy Department in writing,
and not in person. The War Department can
furnish the review army regulations only to tbe
officers of tbe army, and not to members of
Congress and other applicants.
Toe following statement of the master of
the army transport fanny, gives the particu
lars of ber capture by tbe rebels. She was dis
patched by Col. Hawkins with clothing, ammu
nition, provisions, eto., to Chickacomio, for the
supply of tbe troops recently stationed there.
Alter tbe news of the capture of the Fanny
was received at Hatteras, Col. Hawkins called
upon the commanding naval officer in those wa
ters for a force to go to tbe relief of the troops.
An armed expedition was fitted out. which
sailed on the morning of tbe 31 lost., but noth
ing had been beard Irom It at five o clock tbat
evening, when informrtion was last received
from that quarter.
Hattiris Inlit, Oct. 1 I left, in ths
stsamer Fanny, at ii A. M-, for Chicka
comio, or Loggerhead Inlet, arriving there at 1
P. M. We anchored in about eight feet water,
and waited there two hours and a half before
we got communication from shore. Tbey tben
fetched a flat-boat off and loaded her with an
assorted cargo of stores, tents, etc. When the
boat had shoved off and got about two thirds of
the way to shore, we saw a steamboat to the
westward, about 4 P. M., which proved to be
one of the enemy. She was standing to cut off
our retreat, ana in a snort time two more ap
peared, steering directly for us. The first one
tben stood In and commenced firiog npon u,
and as soon as ths other two came np they did
tho same. We returned their fire with nine
shot, striking one of tbe boats In the bow
Tben Capt. Hart, of tbe 2Uth Indiana Regiment,
suggested to us to surrender, sajing that it was
no use fighting against such odds, and requested
us to notsi tue wmie nag.
The mate of the boat and a few soldiers
turned to and threw over some thirty cases of
ammunition, and Captain Hart forbid them to
tbrow any more overboard. We likewise re
quested the Sergeant-Mijor to throw tbe cannon
overboard, which he refused to do, saying it
wouia be worse lor tbem it tbey were taken
Captain Hart then requested the chain to be
slipped and the boat to bs run ashore, which
was done.
The white flag was then hoisted and the crew
of the boat left in their boats. We edeavored
to get boats to oarry the soldiers off tbe Fanny
but oould not do so.
To ths beet of my opinion, they had plenty oi
time from our arrival to that of tbe enemy's,
to bave iTot everything on shore from the Fanny
If s sufficient number of boats bad been em
ployed in transportation of stores, so that we
coold nave destroyed the Fanny before she
snouiu nave lauen into me bands of tbe rebels.
We left tbem about six P. M. in a canoe, and
arrived nere at seven A. M. on tbe 3d inst
Master Steamer Fanny.
Tbe President has determined that hereafter
all contracts and appointments for the Western
Department shall bs made In Washington, In
tbe regujar way, and through the ordinary
Brig. General Strong, as Chief of tbe Staff,
is authorized to make euob changes in Missouri
as be may think best. '
Nothing but tbe Imperative demands of tbo
publio service will induce the Government to
supersede Fremont.
' The Attorney General is unreserved in the
expression of bis opinion concerning rremont,
ana aoes not oesitate lo pronouuee bis reten
tion a public crime, A full consultation on tbe
whole matter will be had to-morrow, in Cabinet
meeting. , '"a ,
The publicity given to the violation of tbe
Savannah blockade by the British Steamer Ber
muda, is said to have proceeded fiona-JLord
Lions' dinner .table. Information from the
village oi inompson, Conn , leads me to be
lieve tbat a part of tbe treigbt of this vessel
was seventy ions ul eunnnwdpr. ecrvn thnna.
sand Enfield rifles, ten rifled cannon, lix bund
red and fivo pairs shoes, large. quantity of
blankets and clothing, and an extraordinarv
amount of quinine and morphine. Remon
strances sgaicst ber sailing and completing ber
cargo, were made b Charles Francla Adama.
In London, but tbe Foreign Office did not feel at
liberty, or would not see its obligation to arrest
tbe unlawful voyage.
Col. Sir Jao. DeCourcey, distinguished lu tbe
Crimean war, bas been commissioned by Gov.
Dennison Colonel of tbs Gtfib Ohio regiment,
and will leave to morrow and take command.
Captains Jno. Mason and Crook, of ths regular
army, are also to bave Ohio Colonelcies.
A. M. Motherbead. of Inil iann. waa Aatr.
day appointed Consul to Leipslc. Thomas Fob-
i it, oi Minnesota, to l abile.
Master Steamer Fanny. [Times Dispatch.]
H.'gblv important advicpa h
from Cuba by the steamer karnak.
The Spanish war steamer T.nnnA van falfmi,
at Cadiz for tbe result of tbe cabinet confer
ence relative to the European coalition against
Mexico, that advices of tbe ultimatum of Spain
might be immediately dispatched to the Gov
ernor General of Cuba. In the meantime an
expedition is being fitted out at Havana for
Mexico under pretext of going to Sau Domingo.
Tbe expedition consists of six batteries of how
itzers and ten thousand men, and will be ready
to start by tbs latter part of next month.
It is given out tbat Spain is taking these steps
against Mexico on her own rflflnnnaihllitv. hut
the advice to which I have access states definite
ly tnat toe dogfish snd rrench are to send
their quota of men as well as co onerate with
their fleet in the Gulf. Tbe whole country will
bs startled by tbe extent of this movement, and
the end in view, the regulation of Mexico, is
iu least important object. It looks farther
Gov. Sorague, of Rhode Idland.vllf.lt la1
understood, be promoted to a Major General
ship. Geo. Stoneman, the chief of calry on
Gen. McClellau's stuff, will, to morrow, order
an uoioneis oi cavalry to report to the Exam
ing Board for examination as to their qualifica
tions. This excellent movement will bo lot
lowed up by similar orders to tbe Lieutenant
Colonels, Mijors and company officers, succes
sively. Tnere will be to-morrow the grandest artil
lery aud cavalry review ever witnessed on this
continent. It will include six regiments of
cavalry and twenty complete batteries of artil
lery. WaSHlnoroN. Oct. 7. The rccentW con
cluded treaty between the Dtlaware Iudians
and tbe United States is officially proclaimed.
It provides for tbe conditional purchase of the
surplus lauds by tbe Leavenworth, Pawnee and
Western Railroad Company, Kansas, In aid of
me construction ot a railroad through their
Home Reserve. The number of acres is nearly
two hundred and twenty four thousatd, at an
aggregate valuation of $287,000.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 5.
FLOUR There la more doing, and the market for
common ana medium grades opened arm and olosed
about So better; niti of 9.300 bbli at 85 15J 30 for
rejected; (3 .rirgj ju rr tuperfiae acute, the Utter piice
for choice; tiS (i05 5 lor extra elate; 5 3i5 45 for
eupernne kweitern; sjooj jjror common to mediant
extra western; 5 Hwolb DO for hlnpinz brands extra
adian Flour continues steady, with a moderate busiueas
dolnc sales of S!00 bbli at f i tfOSvS ii lor superfine; snd
S;ilOS0 75 lor common to choice extra. Itva Flour
(uuuu nuuu vmu, 9 cav -u tvrcuiumoo oninus. u&n
quiet and steady at S'-i 75,314 00 for fair and superfine.
(JOHN MKAL Without change; aaletof lUUbbls Jer
sey at $2 rO.
wuiaHY yuiet; ialeior:Obblsat21Jio.
WHEAT Is a abide firmer without dt decided
change fur the French demand, but atltlcoDtinues active;
large uortlon of ths eales are to nrrlve; sales cf 30,01.0
bush Chicago sprtnir at SI I9S1 23; 16,3u0do new Mil
waukee club at SI 2531 20;SOUO do Inferior old do in
store at $1 10; 3,500 do Kacine spring at SI SIS I 23;
24,000 do Amber l&waat It 27 I !8; 46 Ouq do winter
red western at SI JOS I 38. latter rale for very choice:
3.4UO do red state at $1 32al 34; 8,500 do white Michi
gan at 81 40&I 45.
HYE-Is quiet and sales firm; aalei of 5,500 boskeli
state at 7tla.
HAKLEx Continues scarce and firm; sales of 1,000
uusii gcjuu j crmuDiai (JO.
CORN Opened quiet and firm and cloied S'c better;
sales of 13,900 bush at 5 l53Xo fordamseed and Infe
rior mixed western, 54955c for eastern do; 555)50o for
spring do. tne latter price ior very choice, and ooiaiib),
for western yellow.
OAT8 In moderate request at 50S54c for Canadian.
and 345g35i for western and state.
POUK Quiet and the market without material change;
tales of 075 Dole at $14 75ta)IS 00 for mesa.
BE F Quiet and ateuy; eales of lOObbla at S4 00
4 50 for city prime; 15 WAS 5U for do mess: SO 1)0
(3m xi for re-packed mess; am 033119 50 for mess.
Prime mess beef inactive. Ueef hams firm and in better
demand ; sales ol if, SOU bbli choice new western to arrive
at S17 i.o
CUT UK ATS Qaiet and prices hardly so firm: sales
at 5.9Xo for shoulders; and a, 5ati.ijc for bams.
jsauom inactive.
LAKD In better request at firmer Brlces: sales of 010
odis at a svi'.c
nuxiKit selling at 75SU0 for Ohio; and 1315c
tor state.
CHEESB Quiet, at 57c.
tUOAK-Raw. very Srm at 8i3?Kc for fair to ffood re
finery; aalea of l,96d hhds Cuba at 7.3;;3tf,c, and 00
noxea uayana on prirate terms.
MOLASSK9 steady! sales of SO hhds Barbailoei at
37c and 10 hhds Porto Rico at 4 lc; by auction 25 hhds do
at 39535,i(c cash.
Cincinnati Market.
waa a -
market retains its firmness; wiihontchange lu price.
WHEAT Was a trifle firmer to lav at the lately pre
vailing figures-75S0a for red, 85(390 for white.
CORN Does not adrance in price, but la hard to buy
at the old figure 28c.
OATS Are quoted leper bnahel higher.
BARLEY and RYE Unchanged.
WHISKY Steady at Ho.
Cleveland Market.
84 51KS5 25 for red and white double extras. -
WaiSAT-gteady at yesterday 'a figures; aaletof 4,000
bush, 3,500 do, and 3 000 do red, all free on board, at si,
ami l car while trcm store at sji (.'J.
CORN Uu et at 3lo.
OATS Sales of 1 car at 53c.
RYB Worth 450.
HIOHWINEB Sales 25 bbls at 10c, and 30 do at
EOGS-Rliff at OSlOo.
CRANBERRIES Sales at S7 50 9 bbl for common
ROTTER gales common at IXo.
CAM. AT NO. 83i BOCTnillGH ST.,
and xamint onr new make of
manufactured by I. HOWARD it 00 , Boston, Hast.
Thes Watches are far anperior to anything ever offered
to th publio, heretofore. Having the exclusive agency,
I can tell them at price to tnlt the timet. I have Just
received a large atook ot
mannfaotnred by APPLITON, TRACT, 4c 00 also, a
An assortment of
Sold and Silver Cat, at Paolo price.
XJ BUViiFU, new styles, jusiopensn oy
He. Bt Bonus Hlga street.
"They; go. Bight to the, Spot
Instant llelief I
top your Cough
Purity year Breath!
strengthen your' Voiref
' ati -
fllVTr.VMKIt fllRRV '
They relieve a Coogh Instantly.
They clear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to the voice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to the breath,
Tbey are delightful to the taste.
They are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one,
I adviie every one who has a Cough or a husky Voict
or a Bad Brealn, or any difficulty of the Throat, to pet
a package of my Throat Confections; they will relieve
you Instantly, and you will agree with me that ''they
go right to the spot." Yon will find them very Metal
and pleatsut while traveling or attending publio meet
ings for itllling your Ooagh or allaying yonr thirst. 1 1
yon try ene paekage, I am safe In saying that yeu will
ever afterwards consider them Indispensable. ' " -
You will find them at tta Druggists and Dealers lo
My signature it cn each package. All others are
counterfeit. 1 ' ;
A package will be tent by call, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Cents.
Address, - , ,
Henry C. Spalding,
f CURE -
By the as of these Pills the periodic attacks of .Vci
tout or Ski thadaehe may be prevented; and if taken
at tbe commencement of an attack Immediate relief from
pain and sickness will be obtained.
They seldom fail in removing the Naueta and
ach to which females are so aubjeet.
They act gently upaa the bowels removing Oottt'
For Literary IL-n, 8tudsntix Delicato Female
and all person, of eedentary habile, they are valua
aa LamaUoe, Improving the appetite, giving tone
tQor to tne dlgesUve organs, and restoring the nalur
elasticity and strength of the whole system.
THI CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long inrcs
ligation and carefully conducted experiments, hating
been In ns many years, during which time they hate
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suOer
tng from Headache, whether originating in the tw tnt
system or from a deranged state of tht afomjcA.
They are entirely vegetable In their compos itlon, an
may be takes at all Umea with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, and the jtnci ot any
dteagretoNe tatte rendere it eaey to eutminli er them
The genuine have five aignatmes of Henry 0 'palling
on each Box.
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealer In Medicine.
A Bos will be tent tj mail, prepaid, on receipt of the
Prloo, Q3 Oonts.
All orders should bt addressed to
48 Cedar street, Ne'.v Yortt.
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta.
Cephalic Pills accomplish the object for which they
were made, via.: Cure of headache In all Its forms.
From tht Bxamlner, Norfolk, Ta.
They have been tested In more thin a thousand cases
with entire success.
From the Democrat, Bt. Cloud, Minn.
U yon art, or have been, troubled with th headache
send for a box, (Cephalic Pill,) so that yon may hvs
them In cast of an attack.
From the Advertiser, Providence, R. I.
The Oephallo Pills an said to be a remarkably effective
remedy for the headache, and one of the very best for
that very frequent coinplaint.which has ever beta dis
covered. From the Western R. R. Qatette, Chicago, III.
We heartily endorse Mr. Bpauldlng, and hit unrivaled
Oephalic Pills.
Fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Ta.
We art lure that persons tufferinr with the headache
who try them, will stick to them.
From the Southern Path Finder, New Orleans, La.
Try them I yea that are afflicted, and we are turn that
yonr testimony can be adied lo the already numeron
list that has received heneSt that no other medicine ran
produoa. .
From tht Bt. Louts Democrat.
The Immense demtud for th article .Oepbalte Pill
I rapidly Increasing.
From the Oantte, Davenport. Xowa.
If r. Spalding wonld not connect hit nam with aa ar
ticle be did not tnov to 0 octets real merit.
0A tingle bottlt of SPALDING'S PRIPARID
GLU1 will save tea Umea ltioott annually .Jl Ai
JO" A fhTTcn nt Tots Bavat Km.nJTl
Aaaeeidenta will happen, even In well rem la ted fan '
Diet, It it very desirable to havt torn cheap and eon '
venlent way for repairing Furniture, Toy, Crockery
meets all such emergencies, and no household can afford
to bt without IU It liatwayt ready, and opto the etick
tng point.
N. I. A Brash teoompanltt tack tattle,
otut. Addrese,
No. 4B, Cedar Street, New Fork.
" . ... OAunoit. ?
At certain inprlndpM pertont art attempting t
palm off on tht ntnapeeting publio. Imitations of
PRBPARKD SLUM, I wonld caution all persons toi
amine before parehattng, and tee that the full name,
thouidwrapperailUrt arttwloai.Sjr J
trfett. io

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