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The Election in the State.
At the time ol solng to prtse. w were In W
ctipt of intelligence from in Stat; wutold
of Fraakiia eonoty. ma n .,,:"
The Election Yesterday—Franklin
.. rl t.. .,v'.4... I ii I.:. -4 - ,-
t We gWe Wow lb return (rem lUia nit end
county, of Um eleetion o jal4y, far at
ttie Mine nav been recWe4, Jt noble wi
ttitutfonel tJolob Wmocfacj 'of. Franklin ooua
ty, discharged their , del well, electing every
men on the ticket by t very hind tone majori
ty. The nooeeoee etd pelavsr of the bogas
Union men, end their ticket, were regarded at
th at irne merit, end met proper fete, a signal
defeat, at tuebeudeof enr fern aid Ibilsxibl
Dmoaraiie ohelMZ. The average majority on
.tv. .ni nmhihl run no to 1000. Well
vui um.i ... -
djne Columbus well done Franklin (County
boit to oer locorroptlbl Democracy.
Wa waVe enable to obtain the oauvas froi
ny of the Werde of the r Uy, but ea etat tt
twtult or Its tpproximation, tbuti'V'.,1'' , .,'",.
In the lit. 2i end 31 Wardt eombleed tb
fusion majority will be ebont 370t end in tbe
kh nd Bih Wardt combined tbe Ptmocrttlo
njoritice wtit be about 590., "
Governor Jewett 173 j Tod 9A i
U. Geverooe--MerehaH 171, Stanton 97.'.
a.. lnrf..Hmllh 17I SoMt 97.:.: . :
Treesnrer of Sta,Holmee 17i Doreey 97.
Secretary of Btett Armstrong 175j lowen
r iaaold 171 1 Rile? 93
Boirdoi Fubllo Werke ftwh I73j Torreoce
Common Pleee Judge-Hedges 174 Btee
98. . . i : ,nr2-;-
Senetor-Perrill 173 Warden SC. ,
RepreteouiiiTei Conferee 187J Dreeel 73;
Rekin84j Potter 96 . i
SoetinVHuffmen l74j Berber 96. ,.;,-;
Anlitor Murtln 169j E-tabrook 7S , ,
Treasurer Tbompson 181; Babo 90. ... ,i c;
Reooider-Coleltil FT 91. i
Commlaiioner 81 jb. 176j Hendereoa 93. ,
Coronoi Safer 176j Siepbene 9. , ,
Inflrniarj Directs Heee 183 hb Slt
GeTwnf Mwrehill 164; B lea
ton 100. ' - " - : ' ' ' " ' "
Sapreme Jadgt Smith 164; Seolt 100. 13
Treasurer ot State Holmee 163) Dereey 101.
Secretary of State Armstrong 164f Cowen
inn .i... -4 1- J - .'kij. C'. Jt
HnmntMllMi GfiaoId 162: Riler 103.
Board or Poblio Work Fitoh 163; .Torreaca
101., . ' 'u " I h J " ' ' '' '
Common Pleas Jodge-r-Hedgee 164; Bates
100.. .. - :., - - . r i.. -uj- a.-
R.ntnf Prill 163: Warden 101. : -' --i
Repreeeoutieee ConTerse 164; Dreeel 165;
Rankin u; rottee 3 r i -",!:-,.
Sheriff Huffman 163; Barber 95.. , t i
Auditor Martin 163; Eatabrook 104., v u:
Treasurer Tbwnoaon 163; Bobo 9S.r..vt
Recorder-Cole 173; Fay 9Q.. . ... .j :
CommiaMoeer Slrh 164; Hendereoa 92.
CoroaerGarer 165; Stephens 'J8- .u ' .
Infirmary Director Hees 163; Ktumm 99. ,.
Goremor-Tod 126- Jewett 112.
Lt. Governor Stinton 126; Marshall 112.
Sapreme Jodge-Scott 127; Smith '
Treasurer of .State Dotsey 126; Holmes 112.
Secretary of State Cowen 127; Armstrong
Comr.trollnr RtleT 127: Grlswoid 111.'
Board of Public Worka Torrence 127; Fitch
Common Pleas Xa'dge Bites 127; Hedges
111.' -
Smatoi Warden 127 Pmitt 111.'
Repreieuuiivei Rankin 127; Potter 127;
Converse 111; Drepellll.' " ,
Sheriff-Birber 127; Huffman 111. " 1 '
Anditar Eubrook 127; Martin 111. -Treaorer
Bubo 126; Thompson 112 ,'-
Recorder Fay 115; Cole 113.-""
Commiaeioner Henderson 121; Slyblll.
Coroner Stephens 127;.Gaver 111. 't f.
lofirmarj Oireotoc Kmaua 124; Heu 113.
Goverubr Jewett 157,- Tod 108. ' ' : f"Z
Lleeienant Governor Marshall 158; Stanton
m . . - . -
Sapreme Jadge Smith 158; Seott 10T. ," :
Treasurer of State Holmes 158; Dorsey 107.
Recretar? of State Armstrong 158; Cowen
107. .
Comptrollsr Griswold 158; Riley 107.' -Baard
of Poblio Works Fitch 158; Torrence
Common Pleas Jadge Hedgee 156; - Bates
Senator-PerriH 158; Warden 101.' s '
Repreecntatives Converse 160; Dresel 158;
Rankin 1U2; Potter 106. . i,i
Shoriff-Huffman 159; Barber 106.
Auditor Martin 158; E-tabro&k 106. i
Treaanrtr Thompson 165; Bobo 105.
Recorder Cole 158; Fay 105. , -,,
Commiaaioner Slyhl57; Henderson 107.
Coroner Gaver 165; Stephens 107. - -InQrmary
Director Hess 156; Krnmm 104.
Governor Jeeett
Lt. Governor MarehaU 169; Stanton 83,
Suoreme Judge Smith 169; Scott 83.
Treasurer of St tie Holmee l6!f; Dorsey 83.
Secretary of State Armstrong Ib'J; Cowen
f!3. - ...... i ... ii t .... .;. v.
Comptroller Grlewold 169; Riley 83. r!.,.'
Board of Public Works-Fitcb 169; Terrene
3. , . ; .... .; ... .....,.- -i
Common riess Jadge Hedges 169; Bates
va. : . .' :
Senator Ferrill 171; Warden 71. '
Repreaeotativee Convent 195; Dreeel 185;
Rankin 83; Potter 99. -Sberiff-Huffmaa
193; Barber 58. ... , :
A iditor Martin 169; Eitabrook 61. i: .
Treasurer Thompson 191; Bobo 61.' '
Recorder Cole 189; Fay 63. . V '
Comuleeioow 8lyh 170; Henderson 82. .
Coroner Gaver 173; Stephens 80.-
Iofirmary Director Hess 179; Krtmm 80. v
Governor Jewett's majority 205; and the
Ibalanca of tbe Bute ticket about ibe same. , ,
Tbe ssaioritiea on tbe Legislative and Coon
ty Demnoratio ticket, reported as ranging from
Gtavernor Jewett I84t Tod 125.
Lteuunant Governor Marshall J 85; Stan-
Ion 125. . " - . - .
Supreme Judgt Smith 185; Scott 124.
Treasurer M State Holmes ,186; , Dorsey
324. .. :i. " j '..W' I '.ii. a fe fi: -,.;,.,
' Secretary of State Armstrong 185; Coweo
jgj mi. i-. '. .-'"- , - . -. ,.
ComplroIIer (Jytsweld 185; fedey
Boud o,r Publia Wetka-Fitek 185, Torrence
J24. - '
Common Pleas Judge Hedges 183p Bates
128 a T MV 11 ' - ' t .-- -
oenaior rcrrtii itoi nt"ii u
Repreaeotulvea Coeveraa 188; Dresel 188;
tfaukio U9; TeHef ra: - .p .
Sheriff-Huffman ll I Barber 118"." iw
Auditei Mtn 187; Gceabrook 123.'4 Mi
TraerarTbinttwa 189; KW IVU X.
Recordei Cole 189; F.t 121. , f . r . ,
Commiaeioe Slh 187, HencerMrl 123
Coroner Qver Ib&l Stepbeoa 121."-J
Directoi Uesa 187, Krumm 123
Governor Jewett 90; Tod 244. tr . i ru
Lieatenant Geterpot MarebaU 93; jStanlon
843. ... . -r - -V
Suprenr JufJeSmith 94; 8tt 841. ,j
Treasurer ol State Holmee 73; Doreey ill
8aiy,,"Ma4aJ"aakisyBWrtffO j ?
JlK ju -c r.Hiu , t .- n r. ti
Comptroller Qrf.wold 92? RUt2. J'--
Board of rublic Works Fitch J5; Ton woe
i CoaiBionPlM Jnflet Kedsee94 Bti?41.
: fi.n., '!: Wudin 240.- "V
Representatives Converee 104; Dreeel 91;
Kankln 220; Volter 240. ' ,
bbenii tiuamaa iui, uiiner jko --v -
AnrtiUir Mnin 91i ElUbrOok 238. J
Treasnrer Thompeon 98j Bobo Vn.
Coumlelooer Slyh 93 Hendereoa 28S
Coroner Gaet 95; 8teBhene 934. 4 '
Direetot-Hese 93; Krtmm C37.
Goernr Jewetll21j Tod 169.
' LlenUnant Goyeroof-Maraball 120, Sientoa
Supreme Jndge-Smitt J "T'.0,
Treasurer ol . gtate-rHolmea. 121; Poreey
l62ecretaVy of 8U-Aiwlwng 12l', Cowen
iplroliert:Grfeld'ia6 '
li!..iir pnhiifl Wotki Fitok 121vTortnc
vwwii erw r-
Common Pleas Judge Hedges .121;
.-.-d.mi lQa. nTudan 1C4. ; i
Represenutivee Converee: 121; Dresel l21;
Ruklnlbbi rotter ioo-. - ' a
Sheriff Huffman 141, Barber 149. n v M ,
Auditor-Martin 120; Eubrook 169.
Treasurer Thomoaon 138; Bobe 158 ,,
Recorder Col 125, Fay 165. ; - s
Commieeionej iljh 121 Hendereoa 6a, v
Coroner Gaver 131; Btephena 169. .. : - ;
Infirmary Dlrectot Hees 122; Krumm. 167,
r 003. Trvl 174.
' Tha kiUnea af tba State ticket doef not
vary from the abov la any ease more than two
or tbre veeee, ana tne majoruiea
iatlva and Countv DemoeraUe ticket are about
tha same. ' '. ;
nnnr.r Jtt 354: Tod S62.
The balance of the Bute ticket differs but two
r three votes bom tbe Governor; aaa tne ieg
ialatlve and County tickete are about tbe same.
(lMMnrawtaHtt 326: Tod 187.
The remainder of the Stat ticket about tbe
same. Too Legieiative ana vuoij
run about with the State ticket, varying but
very little. t . .,,
MONTGOMERY TOWNSHIP. The War and the Union Men of the
Tbe people of th North are almost ananl
iods In demanding a vigorous prosecution of
tbe war. But to what eud7 , not for tne tup-
jugatloo of. tha South not to bring the Sooth-
era people under th absolute control of tbetr
Northern neighbors aot to make the Southern
States conquered provinces by a war of ezter
minatloe, to be afterward re-eolontaed and gov
erned as so many territories, aatil re-admitted
into the Union a so many new States. No
wise, human or patriotic man contemplates
socb a tragedy and snob a deneumtnt as tola.
ft Is said that the Sonbera people may, by
their obstinacy, union and perseverance to the
rebellion, bring thla result upon themselves.
Bat we at th North must eoneider that in car
rying on a war of subjugation and extermina
tion against th South, tbe end will be far off
la th dark , iuturo, and that we shall, though
possibly successful, most certainly bring ruin
upon ourselves and our Immediate posterity
.. i It it not possible, then, to avoid such a horri
ble alternative with honor to onrselve and
safety to the country! This is the momentous
question noi'.tj be Tigbtly put aside by . any
clamor of.lh fanatic or tbe mar politician.
W are all for a rigorous prosecution of the
war agslnet rebellion. But are the whole peo
ple of tbe Sonth or oi th acceded State to be
inoluded . (a. tha category of rebels? It would
teem so Irons tha eiproasion used by oertala
prominent men and leading Journals, that tpeak
of th war at war against lb Sotith, and sym
pathy for tbe South as a eyaspatby for traitors
aud rebels. i'lJ'-J "-" L
If this It to, a continued tud vigorous prose
cution of the war implies, in ease the South re
fute to return to its allegiance, a war of aubjo
gstion and termination. - Bat there are strong
reasons for (he belief that a large portion, prob
ably a majority of the Southern people are at
heart loyal to Um Union, although there are aot
wanting fanatics and demagogue among us,
who seek to fasten noon th Northern mind a
contrary impression.
How strong tbe real Union sentiment may
be la the Southern States, It ft ;lmpossttl to
form a correct estimate, tine tecessioa bat in
stltoted a "reign of terror" there. Yet it can
hardly be questioned that if all th legal voters
lii those State were at free aa were th voters
In Ohio at our State eleotioa jurt passed, to
esprees their honest convictions at th polls,
not only in the border States, but even In the
seceded one, a majority would be In favor of
the re establishment ef th old order of things
la the Union under tb Constitution and the
Federal lawt. ' ', ' '
Now, it it obviously on of th plainest dic
tates of eomntoa tenee, that while we vigorous
ly prosecute the war against the rebels In arms,
we should labor just a earnestly and just as
vigorously to conciliate and co-operate with
those in the South who are Unloa men at heart,
and as (very legitimate effort to indue them to
remain loyal, and increase their number. . If
tola were done, th rebel leader could ne longer
count upon a united South, and the days of their
usurpation would toon b numbered. ,
Bat how can w cherish, eastaia and increase
th Union sentiment la th South t Thi it a
difflcult problem to be spired, and it Is growing
more perplexing every hour. It It manifest
that unless something be speedily done, it eo
lation will become Impracticable. By our
arms, w may protect Southern Union men in
the assertion of their righla, wherever Federal
troops can be concentrated In tuffioient fore
But It If evidently Impracticable to garrison th
whol oountry. We must bar something that
shall operate quietly, yet actively and nulver
eally throughout th entire Sooth, invigorating
the feeling o( loyalty and producing a popular
reaction la favor ot th Union and tgtlnst tbt
Confederate leader. ...... - v .
On thing w eaa do. W eaa to aom cx
teat at least disabuse th Booth ern paopl of th
lmpreeslon, In which lies th great strength of
tha rebellion, that w NortMraere are deter
mined to auk thla a war of subjugation, or
for' assimilating tb social condition of the
Sooth to that of the North by means pf cenqueet
and extermination. We have it m our power,
if w will.bf tb pollc with blch w Carry
en (he war, wlthoui abating any of Its vigor; by
th ton of our. leading journals aud public
speakers both on the roetraat aad ia th pulpit;
by th voice of potmiar ateeibblies, and fa
weusand bthr wsyit, to "demonstrate that the
sectional hatred ,04 amitr which tb, rebel
leader and nettegegaet bavw beea la the habit
of impuflui w haV," ii regarde the grJ
body ot.oor ople, jio iexlatenae,vf in the
heated imagination f fanatic -or itt th malt
of those wbo would hesltat at aoatrodtf to
eomnase the destruction of the'UnionT10 ''
, Tbe Korthera people eaa maqiteet tola" ipj-1
I men in tb etmtn tbetr teal s&tiM&u a:
ward them and ,tbetr,arden,t desire Meastald,
protect arid 'fo bpertfe with them, through the
allot-box, and ibroujh beirjrepresentatlve In
tb legiUt'hiaHt',f) Miio'l a t'tr, ' V
- W eaa ye ear th Uhlan by lostering the
(pifft of loyalty tn'tfi SoMj without. thit, It
must 9 U destruction, of rtr'gitopw ittUta
don a td b hardly worth taring. '- '
the Ohio Statesman.]
A Save More Than Twenty
Thousand Dollars Annually to the
ft tiu Ottnnr and General AHfmblf tf tit
.SIHtti 01
'" By tbe 15th section of th 4th article of the
CtoatiM.iloa,,lhe General. Assembly " may In
oreas ot diminish tba number of th Judge of
the Supreme Court, the. number of the districts
of the Court of Common Pleas, th number of
Judeet in any district, change tb dlatrict,' or
the subdivisions thereof, or establish other
Courts, whenever two thirds of tbe members
elected to each Houae shall concur therein i but
no inch change, addition, or diminution, thai!
vacate the office of any Jadge."
lt la eroDosed that the General Assembly x
ralaa this newer durinc tbe month ot January
next, by diminishing tbe number of tha Judge
ol the Court of Common Pleat. These Judges
are now forty two in number twenty-eeven of
them die, offiolally, in rebrnary next. Tbeir
nlacea will tbea be eupplled by twenty.tevea
ptrtoat to be elected next Tuesday." Thee are
tne twenty seven vommon neea juugce pro
vided for by tbe Constitution, and their term
expire every five jeara. i , ; f ,,, , ,:
The other fifteen have been oreated by law
sine tbe adoption of tba Constitution, and their
terms expire at different periods It it essnmed
that over thoss fifteen tbe next General Assem
bly poaaeas no power, .Thia assumption may
be erroneous, but tbe error is unimportant. It
is better, in (educing tbe judicial lore, to abol
bh office sot now niiad, thaa oast Jadgee
whose term it now running. The object ot tbit
present appeal to the Executive aad Legislative
power ot tb Stat i to reduce the number ol
the Common Pleas Judges now to bo elected,
That reduction may extend to fifteen, or a leee
number, . Whether it be fifteen or one, the
Judge now in commission, and whose terms
will not expire, any or teem, aniu me tapee ui
more thaa a year from tuls time, may, by law,
be directed to take the place of those whose
offices will be abolished by tb proposed reduc
tion. . .. , : ... .- - ,
' The concurrence of the Governor ia thla ab
it essential lo its success., Indeed, without hie
tetrlotlo aid, tbe plan cannot even be considered
by tb Legislature, . It will be observed that
tbe last clause of the section of tbe Constitution
auoted above provides that n ehanee aball va
cate lb cms oi any juage. . i pe perron wno
mar be elected Judge next Tuesday have
oo duties to perform until tbe trcond Monday
of February, 1863.. , , . , ....... .
Their commissions need not issue until a
short timt before thai date. Until that day the
Commissions can do tbe publio no good and
can do them no good. But many may be ol tbe
ooinion t ialon receipt of tne commission and
tbe oatb taken and Indorsed the person is invested
with the office of Judge, aod beyond legislative
control. - ret nape this opinion ia right, tbougb
it seems toicetblog like sticking ia the bark.
What, then, ie the duty of tbe Governor 7 By
followiuc tbe law literally, he may deprive the
Legislature of tbe power to do a great good,
aad make a considerable earing ia our annual
expenditures. He should obviously decline ta
ttling tbe commitsiont until tbe Legislature
meets in January. It tbey promptly, by a two
thirds vote, make tuoh changes ia one or more
of the district as may dispense wi Ji one or
more of the Judges, he may issue tbe commit
siont in conformity with the new law. If the
Legislator do not thus act, be may issue to ail
tbe Judgee elected, aod "nobody ie hurt." But
the Governor may be compelled by mandamus
to Issue the committlontl .So be may, if the
Judges have no mora eense than the objector.
A writ of mandamus doet not lie to compel an
act to be dona to-day which may at well be
done to-morrow Suppose aa alternative writ
to issue, aod tb Governor retarnt upoa it that
he contemplates recommending to the Legisla
ture to vacate tome of these effioee, and with
holds the commission un'll they meet and take
tbe matter Into consideration. , Do you doubt
that tha Court would postpone their decision
until after the meeting of tb General Assem
bly t . ...... , ,... T : ! -
1 bit communication it prepared for to two
leading daily paper ia Columbua before tbe
election, though not designed to be made public
ontil tbe election U passed. : ' .-
There are matter of detail to b considered,
obvious diffioultlet to b met and answered, for
which there ie ample time. ,
Th present object of th writer It to call
publio attention to the subject, and to induce
tbe Governor to withhold the oommiseiont until
tha Legislature meets.
ZANESVILLE, Oct. 5, 1861.
Visit of Jeff. Davis to the Rebel Army
Visit of Jeff. Davis to the Rebel Army of the Potomac.
' Tb Richmond Ditpatck of Thursday, Oct. 4,
bad tb following dispetoa from rairux C. H
dated Wednesday! , nf !?.: :..
The President arrived night befor last.
Yesterday, teoorted by tb Adam Troop, of
JUiesistippt, a mad a personal reoonnoteoance
ia tha vicinity and toward tbe outpost. : At
Beauregard' headquarter tb rain to day era
vented a general review of tha troope by tht
President. . He was rreeted, however, br the
soldiers wherever ha appeared, with enthuei-
asm. . : ! ', j i - i
Tha Federals advance cautlouslv and hold
Falls Church, and press our line near A nan
dale. -i r.ii--v . '.
Tb Richmond xsrier aayar . ; .-A
The people of Richmond were again intense
ly agitated yesterday in inoculations on the
general tnbject of affaire on the' Potomac. Ra
mon of various credibility wer circulated. It
wat said that President Davie, in hie address to
the soldiers at tb railroad etatlon, had told
them -it Out ktndied their wnukttt weU. 6 neat
Saturday night ley vtald 6 ia Baltimore."
Other evidences equally emphatie of au ap
preaching actioa were told and circulated
through the city. , The well authenticated facta
ia relation to tbe movement on tha Potomac
art vary few. There Is no doubt bnt that on
last week orders were issued to the Confeder
ate force at Fairfax Court Hobs to hold
themselves in readiness, with three daye ra
tions, to move forward. Thia order was a gen
eral one to the wbol army. .Tha occasion of
it it aoderetoed to hav been tbe advaoee of
several thousand of tb enemy in the direction
of Lewlnsville, from which, however, they bad
at last aoeennta retired. : 1 -
Visit of Jeff. Davis to the Rebel Army of the Potomac. Secession no Longer Orthodox in the
an experiment worthy being
tried, If there wer non to b compromised by
bat tb seceded State, t eee bow long they
would bold together with tb outtid preeear,
ecasionad by tbe war, removed. ' Tbs South
Carolina would indulg la new fanteetlea aad a
aew secession ia leee thaa two months who eaa
doabt? and that the turbulence end arrogance
eeeeeateated la euch men as Mason aad Wis,
af Virginia, would revolutionise matter egaia,
just as oertala. - 8 far it haa taken almost
tbe entire fore of tba Southwest le make any
Impreasiea apon I we at tha States which) they i
elalm ae In affinity with then? Confederacy we
mean Missouri and Kentucky and wer they
special alliance with thee, w bo dee not know
that secession, s a doctrine, would never be
thought of ae permissible tor a tingle Instant.
Indeed, what Could tha recent actioa of Ken
tucky mean, through her ontitnted aataorl
ties, but a aeeretie rem 1 ffeaiAera Cnfed.
tract, which baa sought to impress it to itt pur
poses, aad th same ef .Missouri and Maryland!
Thai actioa may be termed aeoeeeioa s a
at; but tbeir people are answered that their
territory" ie essential te th needs of this new
power, aod therefore they eannot be permitted
to withdraw from the company of those so mneh
attached to faejavt 7 . ; !u m . r i
' But look aew at the eroea folly and inoon
fittency of this thing Thee mska law fuada
mental jonditiott,r priaeiple, that a State It
sovereign, and may choose its own statu. .. Up-1
eo this rock bs eeoession eoaghtt build aa
impreirnabl fortress; npoa this it ha inatita-
ted a war; open 4btn It claim -th wight to ha
recognitea oy tn ctiuuea world, .a p .m
;A4 , now lei it neat Its csvetoor xiaoc
ripest th f territory W aiaur State, let the
tatter claim be right of detsminlog irs htb
aoailioa. and ao arm j ia tra gbttae put ia mo
tion to compel it e accept a dtloy la th bigb
"Le'Sat0 tti&Z
had in tb teat joioed th Cunfederaey 1 form i
ally, wit as much ad or ebow of iaw aa tbey1
manifatudia tt eat of Georgia or Louiriao..,,
Aad luppoee by thia Um that, eickftf tbe-Bare-
nenh'?, they propoeed to reUrc rTh ewtd
weuU at oc be met by tbee tupriBoiplod me
rauden by tb WotrbM of a "military aecet-
slty,"eod fir and. slaughter would be brou .bt
into requisition, as cow, to compel tbe continu
ation oi' a ruinous and b itcful alliance. -
Tb fact la that it it the behest ninn-v ti th
States In revolt to rescue them from tut anar
chical dominion of each other. Unabl to guide
themselves aright, their-euocee Ittfa worst
disaster that oould befall them, and they must
be made to feel, la the preeenoaof a ooatroll,
Ing power, thai, their- revolutionary madness
cannot be further Indulged. Haitimn Advtr
Kentucky and the West.
In th midst of this grand atraggl. every
eye Ie now directed to Kentucky, at tba, point
at which the great conflict la to take ple,ad
everywhere the eye of the people are turned to
our Stat at th sbect-sncbor ot th Union, u li
Kentucky ie subjugated, . the , Union falls to
piece Ilka a bonis of udv jLA-uji
i It i proclaimed by aeoeeslonltti on tha atreeta
mat evsBtyavs thousand men will be thrown
into our State In aids of month. They hav
bragged aad blustered ee atronf and loudly that
w caa expect nothing else but boasting. The
wis man, hwvr, take th eounoil of bis on-
emiee. and acta as though it waa ail true.
i Kentucky aaa now 11,000 man In th field tor
tn union, beside "Xoung'e Uavalry," and
ether hermaphrodite regiments, eompoeed part
ly of Keatacklan and partly of other; bnt still
thia Stat hat not fulfilled th grand destiny
belonging to her beyond all ethers. These men
should be ordered borne. ' It Vr not .only th
National bonor but tb Stat honor which I
Insulted. We, of all othwn, ought to spring to
trms, and w know from th spirit already ex.
hibited that there will b 40,00J Kentucklana in
th field by December. In the meanwhile, w
hav the beet right to eall apon th northwest
tor aid. i na scat neutrality baa in a manner
disarmed us. . General Baokncr beeoarruDted
many of our young men, bnt atill w kaow that
in tn mat uaard there le a majority wno only
want auoh leadera a Crittenden end Anderson
to eome Into tb field- ,
But lath aat doing its doty? , Ha New
England, who, after South Carolina, did meat
to provokt thee dilllcul tire, toted np to lte duty 1
Tne Boston P it of tbs 3d, Bays: "And do our
Countrymen, generally, appreciate tbe magni
tude and the eUemnity of this awful hour t W
fee thai th aoawer muet be in the negative;
and especially in th Interior district through-
out tne country... it it true met in disparage
ment of th power of tbe rebellion, and tbe
eoofldenoe felt in our undisciplined army, at
ine null Knn battle, may, in. a good measure,
have paased away, aod that thsra baa beea a
vinlble and moat Braiifylog deoline of parly
spirit; yet a work baa cot to b don, especially
in tbe rural distriots, not only In this state, but
throughout New England, to bring publio opin
ion up to tbe pitch that i needed, mat indeed
is absolutely necessary, in order to sars in
oountry." -
Tbit war nta been lougbt by tn west, and
a repeat again, notwithstanding the outcry
sgainat the But, that Kentucky has more mea
in tha field than Maine and New .Hampshire
combined, end more, we believe, than any New
Epgland State, except !'J,lttl Kbody" and
Massachusetts. ? , . , ,
Kentucky opposed this war, and 111 inaugu
ration. These New England Stite favored
it. w ' T .? li f ..'a
Th Atlantic Statet ought to fight tbe battle
in front of Washington, ani'leat th West to
take care of itself. If tbey will do ao, or if
they will tend West the Indiana and Illinois
troops, they, with Kentuoky, will "bold, occupy
poeeeee" all th points an tha Mississippi
before tbe winter closes Zwitvw IXmtent.
What Ohio Has Done for the War.
Tb following particulars ara taken; from
report made by Adjutut-General Bvcxiroham,
of Ohio, to U. 8. Adjatant-Generai Taotiaa:
Th whol number of thro month' men fur
nished by Ohio we 21,498. - Tb whol num.
bee of men enlieted ia Ohio for tb war, under
tb auspice of th State authorities, np to Oo
tober 4ih. was 61.000. - Or- thi Bomber. 29.904
are infantry soldiers, over 692 artillery and 462
cavalry, are in active aervioe, distributed as fol
low: .:(f3 j. -'1 m, ... . r..;s3
In Watt Tlrgioia. ' 81 rtrlmsnts. ; 'f- ' 3 '
IaKntnekT - - V :
In ltistoari..... ............ I A
i .A 'V. i t.U
'jiZL . rejlwtstt tt J04 arn.
aamuar. .,,.rj
la Ktatoeky....!
, fvi t -,-ij'l - t
la van on i
. ... 4,
,., . - ..tbatleries i
1 CiViLaV.
IoWetVirjlDti. ....... t sempaalei. ' '
IsKenU.ekyfl....M.,....., 1, i4'i r: 'VI !
IaMiuonil .. '
- leoaipanle tSSmea
Whole eoatar Ohio loldtsrs In satire ser
vice 31.0S8 tasa.
td wnun raitnt ot turned two e(Dtaekj reg. .
IdmdM to call
........... j,WW
i ' Total..'... ..'...It,. ....... T. .'...'....,
, There r now in cam full, or nearly full
ana repiaiy snug, nueea regimeott or mian
try, one regiment of artillery, and flv regi
me numoer ot oiuir mat eaa be immedl
ately called from camp Into eervlcei mar be
siatea aa loiiowa . " '. -
A lnfeutTj....t..' .4,. .,, .9,99 a
Cavalry.....,..... M.c..K,...m... 3,73
AiUltery ..! 37 , i
, Total. ...... M897 '. .
Tb whole aumber of Infantrr now In' eamo.
however, ie 13,926, and tbe number of author
ised infantry regiment, October 5ih, waeaev-
enty seven
Between AprU 15th and October 1st, Ohio
issued 45,996 muskets and 7,641 Eufleld rifles
(purchssed out of Stat appropriation). -,i ia
tba aeme tlm eh issued 471,823 rations,
tnd expended $263 .303.35 for aabtletenc of
troops. . ' - ' . ?r .
Escape of Colonel De Villiers from
Much Joy waa expreeaed veeterdav at th tel-
rgrapbio account of the oop of Colonel D
Viilier from Richmond. Colonel D Villi ere.
it will be recollected, wat with Colon! Neff
aad woodruff at the time they fall Into aa am.
bnicade aod ware taken by Wiee'e army, ia tb
jvanawna oountry. tie waa ooaveyed to nUch
mond and oonfined, with th other prleonert, In
the old tsbtooo factory, but managed to break
out with eleven others, all of whom wer re
taken except him. v After cndarlng alavoat In
credible hardship, tb gallant Colon si mad
hit way to Fortress Monro, and from thence
to Washington. W ar only sorry that hie
eempaniona in captivity, Neff and Woodruff,
could not have been equally fortanet In mak
ing tbeir escape. Te prevent is tbe rebel Gov
ernment has sent them, with most of the other
officers, to . Castle Plnckney,- at Charleston,
South Carolina. Gin. Enq., 8f. , , , . .,
Death of Senator Bingham.
Tba Hon. Kingsly B. Biagbam, U. 8. Senator
from Michigan, died of apoplexy, at bt reel
deooe, at Or sen Oak, oa Saturday, Oct 5. He
wat bora In Camilla, Onondaga ooanty. New
York, December 16, 1808. He received a fair
aoademio education, and was early placed In
the offioe of a lawyer ae clerk, where be aerved
three yean. In 1833 he emigrated to Mlotalgea
aod eettled apon a farm.,- icted tn 1837 t
the Michigan Leglalatare, h rved fir yew
u a member of that body. Ha afterward
served three year as spsaker of tb earn body
Ha was a Representative in Congress frees
Miehigsa from 1849 to 1851, and eerred wur-
Sig that term on tb Commltt of Commerce
0 1854 h as elected Governor of tn Stata,
and held that poeitlon till 1859, when h waa
elected. to the United State Seaate, y , x t
si- 'wmwmwmremMBwmWameamwaMeimiMMaaB
dsairing appointment ere recommended te eead
tblr papere by mall, toi olily to com In per.
.v.,. .. ,x 2 ' i
Lieutenant will not be bereafter eppolottd
(xcept on rrqoeat of .the Military Committee
ofeountie. CMBtaadanteef reglmenUeboulJ,
la all esses, befor Jnaibg fefomm'endatlont,
know that thoeo tbey desire appointed art ap.
proved by tba Cannty CbmmiUctt. and Uif
mutt la aoeas xced ten for tbetr rV'clthetit.
ae'wmnra t K4, ,4Wimm4wi.vt hw Mmtm Pjim.
A Stampede of
The telegnph la t'reai ' me: 'one-' v s
frightful ta:npdo of taval fV 'ea tj 6(.
Charles, Mo., on Thuisd4y 4at. ; It appears
that Col. Mcuui'a 1st Kissouri regiment of
note wee on- tt way to Tchaarcr rreiuont, and
quartered for the night at St. Charles. About
10 o'olock the horse of papt) Charles Huntt
eomptny' Ibectme irlghtehad, tnd broke loo.
Tb Paulo waa shared bt the others, end soon
J fourteen bandred horse, maddened with fear.
went rushing ovee tbe encampment, treading
tsntat and men Into the ,artb, aod creating'
lofaa of unparalleled- r xeitementi Twelv
men 'are known to hav been frightfully Wan
gled, and probably fatally; hot (bo pnly menv
ierof th eompuilel compoaing the regiment,
Which were orgsnized, la Ohio, at all injured,
waa Capt. Henry Wilson, brother to Cept, Lewie
Wilson, U. 8. A. Hit skull wat fraotnred and
an arm and leg broken: ; W regret to learn
that little hope of bit recovery I entertained
Pin. Com. 81. ' - u " . V . - "I '
The Gen. Fremont.
Th Waahlneton feorrssnondent of th Tf
York 3Vt6aiae telegraph that paper that tb
Attorny.i?oerel ol the United etatee, who it
a Cabinet offloer, -k narctereeoT In his xpree
aioa of opinion eenoernlng General Fremont,
and does not hesitate to pronounce hi retention
t public crime." " i nc r. ic.i m,i
I Also, that "tba President ha decided that,
hereafter, all eontraota aad appolntmaatt for
lb Weetern Department shall, a mad in
Washington, In' th regular way and. through
th ordinary channels.' "Heretofore? General
Fremont mad th contracts and appointment
himself. Tbey are now taken out of hi beads,
Which ia saying that be baa net ataaaged ereU '
aw far. .ri'.tt mtii
I Also, that "Brlcadier-Geaeral W. JL Street
Will also b authorized t make an oh chansee
la Missouri, as Chief of th Staff, as ha thall
deem beet," which ie eimply taylng that warn
ot .venerai rremont appolntmeata era bie-
tiooable, and General Strong will dismia all
anehv. -. . u.. ,.i
Also, that a full consultation on th whole
tubject of General Fremont 'e conduct in Mia
aouri, would be held yesterday. Oct. a. In Cab!
not meeting. - ., .. . ,:,-,tM r:,,:
T7"TTi Hon. Eli ThaiM ki thtlA fnim
Seoretary Chase tb appointment of General
taperlntwdent of th agents of th National
Loan for New England. . Tba offloa it a tem
porary on, but of some importaooe. II bat
already oommenoed bit labor lu Connection t,. :
Sealed: Proposals:
1 1 . -.
ryit-i. be beccived at mEOr.
' IlOn ef ths Ooartsnaatter Osaeral, Ooiaake,
Ohio, eatll U If IATTJKDAY, ltth O0C0BU, fee ths
IblUwtog artloles army sletouf: : i-, .-,rr.-;, ? t .
.000 KSfalatloa forsre OspssadOevsn, Was Olotta.
e.000 :tr : ; LuMdBieasss. 1 v:.:.r: ; ;.i ,H to
1,500 : : do " ' Cavalry Jackets, iu-wealdarkbla
oor-;o Artillery to. 1 Keieejr. -
,000 do Troasirs.sU wool Sir bias Csrstr
3,000 de ' do '( Ke-snforcsd r- do. ! . i
18,000 amy ghlrts. Unloa Henael.' "?. ' ''-" x '' .; :
UO0 Pairs Drawers, do. ";- , ' -.
e.OOtratrstboes. rj.r:, . r ,
ma . ru, B..4. ' V'-i-f?
. MUV V.I.I, , 4WIWI
OfiO Pairs Woollsa teeks.
B.00O Iobntry Overcoats, all-Wool sky fclas Kersey.
1 000 Cavalry 4o . ", do do '.' de.
4,500 Pairs alsaksts, ah-wool, I ts 10 lbs. fas pair.
'All the rAoveerUsles ere required tekeef material
end style eorreipeadlng la every respect te tb TJ,
Amy BegalaUoa. '. e--. vSt-sx t -ri'.:;:.
i laaiple patten ef sachartlsle may atsssaat thssf
aoeef IbsQaartsmastarfisaeral, Oelambae. .n:.y
; lis meet as msee sepsratsly far sack ertleM, tad
state the assise et two ar meresarstlet. 'f-. i.
ler allMseptsd Has, the arUat will be rtqulrsd to
ties tends with sufficient ssearlty, rnr the faithful per
fsrswae ef (be eoalraeti end la cess ef tailors la the
tune ef delivery er la the eoalltj ef the ertlelee, tfas
Btats reserves the right toparehass theaa elsswheras
tha eznanaa af flia emrraetor.'
Fay saeat will be awae within sixty eayrfrea eomple-
tloa of eoatract. '-
Delivery ef Cavalry aad ArtUUry olsUUo't to be msds
at Oslaaba wltbU 90 day Tram dam at eentret,lB
qoal srovortloas aach waek. r;.,,,, , i;-. s -) nnn t
Dslrvsry ef Infaatrr elottttai and ef Cape aad Ken
ktts, tobs mads within forty-flve days, la seaal propap
ttons sack wtck. ; ; . ;,.;.". "jvi.
rrppeaalswlllbsaiiraiMd lo ,.,,...:i.
j ) "u ')' ' j - "' v. - :9t0. 9 WAIOaX, inn,,
n -.:' i - -it ii ' Aa'IQr.. at. ansrst,-y
oeta-td! :" ' ' ' " '- 'Oelambas.'-1
T Witt, DELITEU A Iff qcahti-at
Of im Bast or
at fh
, v --..
I - t -"
fht vary lowest snrkel yriot..
Bav Banay If order'
leave orders, wttk rath, at the store ef A
a Oa., 3t H.
ai,k Stitet,
tr: a. ot:
'" STotloea
TirlBO Uut my wlfa, MAtT ANM, ea the Beth
ear or Bepteaner, a. o. icoi. Ian a to ea kaa
wlihoalJastaanMorprovooatlon.aadikarabrgive m
Uco thai t will aot be retpoosisle for any debts ea:
tmetad by bar.
eew-aw - - - JOHW WBAW.
Sot. 250 tad 252 goat High Street.
sod have saaoclattd with thenuslves WJC ilCHAlDi,
v w lira ai , .... . ,.,,,..
. : - w. 1. ''4ia.4,J V M4i.t'l,'
Heidlej, Eberlj & llithids,
rBralae eae of lbs lima Di Oaaaa Uhm, a, th
wawi.- ........ ,..;.., - - - .4 , J ;
This Botu la eoutaatl Mnlh Ih OaaJa
sachas r - ; " 7 r
Iks Kawest aad Vastest stylos sf
', ft -r.
Hamilton? Maichester, and Pacific
UIaiTif!t 1 1
14 tbs Oity, caa bs foasd at
,-r.l-'.T '
in treat variety, Jaat teetivad by mw ' wc,' ,..
, . astv, . .wti-vr.
1 1 .EMBOipEMS4
A,AJU41S5;i,U Jil fiaOaaV,
Of Ois Vewest gtylos.loat toeetved, aad Was nmde to
-."vi vftaYeVi ltiM '( 11M
H" Htt (k tltTtt YttTWOI,
?T i ""'VtriiTivna.' rr !
jotros caAi asd cAint WAJitTjL,.v
this Una, bavtff adptsd lbs OsA eyetaai to fha par
ism and sale of faootl,, sra enabiad to l L on
mmn.i- ti.sa etbar boue ujjau oe;,,.
uli2,Souilv Ll!rh --?'w"-
Clatw.aa Jhi,
) Ii sow rsestvlng large aad enlrabl sio.k cf
t.,tl-i:naJ tiT-JAjl ill
Fill aad i Winter totioods!
Which he sill tall at erkwrhU will u te-
tala the repatatloa ths (land already enjoys ef ealng It
I - l'v.V''f- ui'Jlii-l t ;lM,
CUioap Otoro .
, .,.., ,. ,,.,,, ,,Tt;rr iv
mi lbs Olgr. aeb W th gtoek was boegbt for Cask
fccfoie tka twta axlraorttaary sdvance, and all can b
itE's'tHAN CUkRENfklCEa.
i(Ml- tTIMV ;
? JBW Ua.iwie 'ihttd idtpiiseMW
ofttMViry Wakoaalltf and makev erliallf tavile
UneM iwaUMMr, tt lae aeatet aa everreety elaa, 'te
eaUsad sasmlae atr steaks feafete pejcbeauaf shewhtve.
1 OnlOa'illiWlCJ&li V'h
va'.yu:) o'.irH minnl I'rti ,, nl.l K"fc
a- .U9fl3 ta it iJ l'
i ;.,. ,i..
JShftniri Xa . i H4,-uo
T. W . 0rD4mi S: B rk -r 1 Ir-'.mb'! .-. ,-t
, va. V lfslawars Oommoa Flsas:
! J. O. Kaappdt C."3 :rj.O J',;" u..; ,t .
tit vturv r a xrntr or rut A
13 la tii abova eata. and alw two atber write, oa In
Tavor af John P: Buna vs. I. Q. Knapp tt Co., aad ea
la favoret Wllllaai O. tana Vs. 1. 0. Kaapa k Oo ,t
an OifOoiM rroa, the Oaanaf tman raws ar veiawar
mum OU. I will etrar tarsals at the store room Mo
M Xoat BrMa atMst. Buora Blok, la ttWfUy ot.OO'
wuuuay, hi nay in un At juowi
at o'clock: a. e..a toe eenrtajant ef 4nr Iroods aad
aeMoae, twe slaves, on step tedder, two sats ralrUnkw
ataias. eaa desk, one etaht Oav alookk aa..-caJ J
l Printer's toes !! Bt. v il-rt -
1 BrBe. D,vlt. Dapaty.
w. m, Bjwr, aaeaaator.- i .yi a ..y,..'M kuw
aspWdtd. .f ...iiLj,!v,,.!:,-Tl J.-IB .nT
... .- -.v--..t ' ,t. j .11 -0
.l"M i' I)
oueria s exue. -oi-k
r' .'ovoaS m4ni i'anu .Iflxil A. -S
Jtltai, WbaalockC.
siockOe. r.. v-k-; ,.;.,-.vi 4 . A
' ,. Order, f sjUs bv ttaoiunopt,
aappetOs. , ,V. .. ... - ....
3. a. Knapp
to me dlraolad Croat tbe BeoorlavOowrt of rrank
lle eonntv, Ohio, la tbe hoove sua. and another cut.
waaMia Fise Jiattarnaia, aaugaaa ac irori Arm
otroof a Uo.. are paletlffs, vs- 9. Knapp A Co., Bra
eafantlants, I will agar lor sale ol the atoie-roam, an
after Iks exaeaUons ere aattiaad ae dssartbsd la tbs
above adverUsemenl, the remaloing' psrtlaa pf said
w aaia aomaianaint ea i ,, f u -r i
Friday, th 18th darot October,' i
itBe'elodt,'!. at. ' - J-;'
.a'i rv,- .ac it
ni J idvij
Printer sfcas, S SO.
vi n i wvi .wan) punui,
!- eetSdU.
ly Bs. DiTta, Sepaty, ,
3 ft Ltrt
flf 1,
TURBS la this Initltntlon will eommsaca on
anuBBuai, too xttn or uuiyuxa, ana coqiinm nn
til tha Lt af Ihna. lHKi- '
T ' . . .... . ... , .L4. .-hTuU
. t-i ! UJ" - .' ""i.' 1"
3 -3
, U t-r-
r Professor of Theory sad rrasties, aad Deaa,;
f rof. pf Ototstrks A Dlssastiof Woaea A Childrtn
j mt f rot. of Aastomy and Pbyatology a -r.
f "iUiIs
( Prof, at largery.1
-at! Arfr . i ' v ' ' ' ' T'
f a LOVING, M. D-,
Prof. Mat. Med., Tasfap. Med. Jarlrpradsnrs.
'tHEO.. 6.' WORMLEy, M.. j).,'
-. r ( J..),"iejt;'.t CbeaUtry.l. .....J..',,
. 1-n ru '
t DeBJoastrsto of
AnattBry." Ve'i
. 31" 'Hi-
turw ! iy,-w a
Tlekota foall ha lrelaian. . ..a ....... U ... , BCO eo
BUtiioalaUan ticket (only paid oooa).....W,;.. - 00
OradaaUoa taa--...4.M...,,., Ou
DaaMoatratloa Borrloos....... t 00
awaraing f x to mt per wotB, mciaaiug ttxbl and lask
i tbe Oltnloal aad Boapltal advaaaaias eeaelet ia the
larga aad dtvenlded eollago Ollalo and the Hospital ef
na sraaaun voaair innraary. ' naolde UMte, lbm
aiuiary u am pa la we aeigiiaoriwa will ke aaosaUM,
KmIImJ BteanU.
i All toilers of inqalry w!U be prtsstlr aarwtred, IT
a air- ( J l' T.' - - r.ln .
. -m I. M. IMITB,.Dea
The Gen. Fremont. NOTICE.
Baiaeeatnas O. Marru um T. Mitrrie,) 1
fteaaTwaiuaioa-Oatiaajt's Otnoa.V ''
. Golaatma, Oct. t, J861. . )
1AMII wlU In sm by tbs BtaW ,ef Ohle to eel-
dUr eaBrioBgb, tope tefaadader kept eat of Ibetr
psy. , '
AnfBear trmupfiattm wUl bsreaftw be mtUtd
ah paid by tbe Amlatsat Qaartsroiaster. TJ. 8. A., at
Mo. M, Rtata Aeuat, Colnakus, Ohio. .. , j ii I
, 1 u t i terisbuit O,oartennaitr antral.
special noTicEs::
E0?r lost, bow, xurosio..
Jest FuklJjaed la a aealed Invslops; Price ets.'l
WoakMss, lnvalnnavra Asriaataoe, Banal DeMltt, aad
bapodlmeBts to taantago faaarallly, Narvtmanaaa, Coo
aaaiptlsm. IrIIcm, aaa gila. Utalal aad PbTtiaal la.
eapaotty.raaalUagfraa, Balf-aboao, o. By koiMit-J.
OalveraeU, at. P., aataer ef the Arena Book, fee. .-, .,
A Bm t Thwasaaae mi vtaffordra
teat aoder eaat, la a plain envelope, to any address,
BON paid, an reeetpt ef twe stamps, by Dr. CUA8,
). O- KUHB, 187 Bowery, Now Xork, Poet Offloa Box
"a !S. , ;., .- apT Jmda '
rarawae tall kablte. Whs art subject to
Obsttveasss, Emeaoba, fiktdiaasa, Drewslaess and tlar
logia tbe sera, arista from toe peat a lew ef bleed to
the heed, abeald never ke without Brand reth'i flUt, aa
away highly daagereus tymptoas wul he romeVad by
alt anmtdkls am. ' ' ... e..aiaiawi
tbe Sea. . Baat.ef .Wartckertel ' 6suatr:r!'3L:
ttveatr Ave rears of age, km atat BraadraiVs t lUa tor
tweaty Bve reart as his sole tseetetot. When kt fetll
lo'Jtpessd, bs It from Cold, Jtkeuiia'UmLAtUuiia. Bad
aes,BUIoas Affsetlena, CotttTsaeat er trrltattea ef tbe
kldDsys er bladder, he doss aofnlut bnt takf a rdoft
l . m vm w . Wi.
Sit ataal tntaod.lt io taks tlx pills, and teas ma
see sack wight, rin. Is every attack of tic near
for twenty -4 s year, Oil, Mapls method has never failed
to aastere hUa te btalib,- aad few an are to lte foand to
omrre ana tsortv as l.., ,..iol ..i:-.i
laid ty Job B. Coca, pTinrtat, Oolnabwa, an by
lO a.U40U4t)-.1'
.i:ii 4
aa1tLilW' '" '-loi '
a: v'4 . Hi
ac,4 .im tjiH.
I J " '
i. Im
kite written by Iil4v. J- B. UvXmt, pastor at tbe
rierreeetot rnwt t - U f ir- Btulya,at. T.,to
tbtsararU aU Uawiiri" t .iumtt, eat sy isk
votaase la feror af that wet ii-tvaowaiit mialntoi, Kas,
WaaaeW'S ?-wrff :a l OOTaaua tmaTi ...
.Mtf. ... t , ' ...t tn ynar anln.-.,, c( - ,
tic ." 'u we niv, . :Ja wind
- t r ie ..abtforeia " t I' l"U wa
,c . 4. - , a. aaatitais U- u u. no t,.ia
- it, vn k wait re aa aia rr
., 'f aof ' '.e B""t eeesas"'.'.! w- t-
.-.e lata wm (no kwt. AudluMaS1
,w aue have habits eaa't ds tartar iuaa .
lf to mt f' - . eaV !! I
TtTli mtltt THE EXCLAMATIorf Olj
VV a dying Qoean. that Inch of Uom eaa bs rvoonr'
ed at a aaob ehotpsr rate, aad many long years of
enjoAd by tOnialtlnr Dr: MWBTW1 ATHl,rwhb
Isoartngtnemoatobitlnataand lonl-standinf dlMaiat
of tbs 1UN08. HBtBT, UVBR, KlDNltld, Bbtll
AtrEoriONB or tub ivb and bb. , .
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Facta ar tabkern Talatrsl
' Hoar what ths Whlladetphlk somrpsndent says la' .tils
'Oommonwenlih," Wilmington. Deiswaie. 9ib of April,
1859! " '-- ' " -' ' " ' . . 1
-"An Vnglhb gentleoiae, rbrmerly connected wRa tea
BrltUh Army, and wbo styles blnualt the 'Indian
Botanic Pfcyaielan,' baa of late gtlnsd ansttonslverapa
talloahsreby bis skill in earing all saanoarotooa
plaints. Soma of his patients I hav convened with,
and way prsnoanos his remedies and mods of treatment
as vary snpsrtor. Some have bora ratored as If by
aaglo. The medicine he nteS te dtitlllad by hlmtelf
from various herb, poisemlng rare enratlve Dropartlas.
-While aotiog tn toe army ha dsvntad his altars mo
aanta to s tboroagh study of tueeAeete produced
oartaln mtdletnal roots and herbs on sll manner ef dls
aatta. It Menu he bw foard a mis and speedy rem-
dy fbrtll the 4111, thai flaab Is btlr to." Bis praetlos ts
alaaady oatonalve aa loeallr Baw aaalng.- Ie) ekweaea.
plaints to wWeh reoalra are sabjagtad, ha has B SOjaal,
aa a largo somber bera bava taaUAo that 4h.jr awe Bet
only fhrtr preaeat gsod kaalth.bnltbak llrav teak
akUlof thiaUdiaa Botaolralaiae." - . r-vt'-
Oflloe 37 Ettt ftatejltreet, Coludibut.
BgtT-eam.'-V;; V.fv..f A
t . 4wh --wArVf
Tad Beet ArfirielaL . Ilela t la.
iAlanaaai Blcita.ai lavomted.
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8. PEElfiY,
meet af ths moat Improved kinds of Sua, halts.
Ail his Olaasaa, whether for near er Ibr-algbtad, are
groana in eoneavs eonvsx ronn wlta Ins graatael care, ,
as aa te sail tha Brea ef all eases, carina Weakneaa.
DleslMos or Inflamattloaref tha Bvas. aad hnparUM
straogth for long reading or ana sawing. -OtBoa,
11 Bait fltata street; St Btliwf Wbtr'
Matle Btore.
! aafi-Uly' .. , - .u,,,
a ,i. . - ... s - ' '
'V.fc. r'.uU VA
( foreign (andj DoniestiCj Fruits,, J;-(
- s -JL.t aV
TJCT"rf O A TJ' V A Tl tl w ' '
i w waj w,, a,as as, ava,aa.B.
JL BIANILT en band and fpreale, the boat quality ef
hlch ha will tell at the lowest market prices, vr ,
' Call and BX.mLna an f mi k lore nnrahaalatr alss
Office at tbe store of Bradford Sudun a Co.. bead
sf Canal. , i u ,. , ..vi ' -'' ii
Stp90-3m '
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H At jut received a thoio'a stook of ' li'tt AlfDi
WtNTXR QOOD8, suitable for gentlaatn's wear.
QnitOBMra will hire Uitlr orders neatly and substantial
If azecaUd at Ibe lowest rata,.- .
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i ),
ratted State Expreeo ;3, jp.Mp'ra,','
) i ir .. -..Ji 1 ! !' ' '"! IbH ! .44W--
' Via Sew fork & Erie BaLlroai,
And 'all otner Roads lading West i
and Sotithwest. 'X
Chartered Cars over moat Beads sa Psssmgsr Trains.
U. n. nortir, tg't. ' ' i a. l. KHiatir, ig't,
SSI Broadway, 11,1.1, . 84 H Bostoa,
WM H. PIBBY, BupertoteDdrtt, Buffalo. ' '
II. FITCH softs Aremts,
jrn.i n.i
fir Wt Broad ret,''1',i,
.j.. COLVnBCff OHIO.
. .. (lata of rhelon'a Sttabbthaeat, H. T.J
ratblonabla Shaving. Ualx Cutting. Bhsa boos Ing,
OUrllng and Dressing aiaoa, " -
Bomth TXiga. et.; over Bain' Store,' I
here satlsfaeUon will be 'sltSa'la all the" varlsul
branches. ' 4 .
ladlsa' and Ohlldrsn's Hsr Draaln otl la tht Ua .
"''... L i . k.j L ,i ii ,.in.) imMl.M
-, ...a --.-ii
Baltimore Clotfcin flou
ZXH200 ! rto 23Xb"DXS'
i, ...t :,.--; .a ' - ..I'M
OTRO !T1wat .araaavT. tar nowaanj lTTHC
, ; : . . .:. . ..piwmitnziW
larga aCtaw'tktut'o'f t lot aid afLhtni '
DetSMly .vtrtnr. V.1
. , im m
OwrrSyrlaf A WaterSurrr'f "
ptl TOvrdTg t; j,
: j ... . ..1 w
Hi Wtnflfttcrnn'iw of Smat aod Oomiwtiin OMllnjft
: SujUiltwt raa Woi of ailur;,u'.'nsi ,
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