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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 10, 1861, Image 3

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Alalia fu, Nt York Oity, Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
PitlburBh, Meubenvtlle way. Cleveland, Zaneavllle,
Newark, (irauvlile. Wa.hln(lou City, Baltimore, Pblla
delphia and New Orleaua, cloae dally (Dundaya exceptr
ed) at 8 o'olook p.m. . , .
' A throuitu mail for New York aad Cleveland dole,
daily (8uudaj' excepted) at o'olook p. m.
0. 0. fc 0. II- . Way Mail eloiei dally (Sundays ex
cepted) at 8 o'clock p. m. "
OentralOtiloWay Mall cloaca daily (Sundays except-)
' ID o'clock a. m.
OinclnnaU Way Mull closes dally (Bundaya excepted)
o olock a. ip.
' rn,in. Uubuana. Delaware, Marion and Worlhluir
tou Mails .oloses daily (Bundays'excepted) at X o'clock
P'kL'ii.fnrYenla. BnrinitfleW. Dayton. Toledo. Olncln
nail, Iodlanapolla, Loulavllle, Bt. Louis, and Detroit,
cluaai dally (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'olook p. m.
A through mall to Xenta, HprlngHeld and Cincinnati
,..7. a...l... anii.itail , 111 .'nlutl. m
Closes aaiiy duuuop w-,-.v - " v.w
Urbana, Piqua, TIBId and Union Oily mall cloiea dally
(Sundays sxceptea) at o o cioca p. m.
Lanoaater.Xoian. Nelsonvllle, Oirclevllle, Chlllloolbe.
. Portemouth. Waahtnglon 0. It, Athena, Marietta and
, UillaboroaKD mailt close dally (Sundays excepted) at b
clock p.m.
Bait Way Mall by National Road to ZanesVUle eloiei
dally (ouudaya excepted; at i ociocir, m.
Uarrlaburgh alailuloaei ilally (dundaye excepted) at 1
o'olook p. D.
lit. Vernon Hall, by way of Weetervllle and Banbury,
closes dally (dundajrs excepted) at 3 o'olook p.m.
Dublin Mall olosea dally(e'undaye exoepted)el 2 o'clock
p. m.
Lanoaster Way Mall cloiea dally (Suodayi excepted) at
0 clock p. m.
Malla from New York. Boiton. Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenla,
Detroit, BprlngSeld, Cincinnati, Chlllicothe, Bt. Louis,
and all Southern cities, arrive between tbe hoora of
o olock p. m. and 4 o clock a. m.
Malla from Indianapolis, Chicago and Dubuque arrlvs
at 3:40 a. m. m
Malla from Washington City, Baltimore, Wheeling,
Zanesvtlle, Newark, gteubenvllle, Mt. Vernon, and the
U. U. U. H. way man, arrive ai ixo cioce m.
Way Hall from Cincinnati arrive! at 3 o'clock p.m.
Lancaater Mail arrive at 8 o'clock p. m.
But Way Mail over the National Moail arrives at 1 1
O'clock a. m.
: Mt. Vernon Way Hall arrlvea at 11 :00 a. m.
Mall from Dublin arrlvea at 13 o'olook m.
Drbana Way Mall arrival at 9 o'clock p.m..
Henlsbuigb. Mail arrival at 1 1 o'clock a. m.
Lanoaster Way Mall arrival at 13 o'clock m.
Ottioe delivery open every day (except Sunday) from
7 o'clock a. m. to It o'clock p. m. Open on Bundaya
rrom 4 to v o'clock in me. morning, ana irom a to o
RintxLioN Rkcobd. We have received tbe
XXlVih or tbe closing number of tbe first vol
time of tbe Rebellion Record, containing Title
page, Preface, Contents, Liat oi Illustrations,
.and a complete and systematic General Index.
, The Record will be published ss heretofore
weekly and month!; weekly numbers at ten
... cents each: monthly parts, illustrated, at fifty
cents. . v, . 4
' We Have also received tbe first monthly part
, " Of tbe second volume of the Record, comprising
all the official reports of the battle of Bull
Run j piotureeque narratives from eye witnesses;
-a map with positions, etc.; incident!, anecdotes,
' Statistics, etc; official reports of the rebels;
MoncbanserU, rebel and 'otherwise; Rossill's
letters on. tbe battle, with comments of tbe
' press, Euglisb anJ American.
Whether the Record is taken In weekly num
bers or monthly parts tbe price with tbe lllus
'; f.ratioos being the same it will make several
-.'V handsome volumes the number depending on
r the length of time tbe civil war continues of
",' ' most Important, complete and reliable historical
and documentary Information, with which every
' 'r rj ,a,Intlllv AVAPW Vniinff fYl H . nft-
. r W 0 4 o '
. not but desire to be familiar. It will make in
-vi itiell complete library oi information' coo-
ornlng (be Great Rebellion.
U' The Rebellion Record Is published by G. P.
Putnam, 533 Broadway New York, and may be
- " obUlnedof R. KcMNiDV, of tbis oity, and of
" Booksellers and Newsmen generally.
O Tbe Thirty-seventh Regiment, Col. Sis
'( isst's Third German, was to leave Camp Den-.-.I-
nlsoa yesterday (or the Eenawha Valley.
AaauT or a SoLouaroa Tsiason. A sol
dier by tbe name of Stsinman, a member of the
Thirty fifth Ohio Regiment was brought down
from Cynthiaha, Ky., on Tuesday, to Cincld
natl, and', placed in the Orphan Asylum Bar
racks as a prisoner. He is ohsrged with being
leagued against tbe Union troops. He has been
eutpected of treachery for several days, and
when arrested bad a bottle of prussio acid con
cealed upon his person. He declared he carried
,!U with the intention of killing himself, but he
was seed and overheard talking with known se
cessionists at CynthiaHa, and words tending to
convict, him of designs against; bis comrader
' A Psoianc U-Enoushman. Tbe Wheeling
lnklligencer says it is customary on tbe river to
mark the ttirbosrd batch of a steamer S. C,
' and the larboard hatch L. S. On a boat build
ing at Wheeling, some land-lubber did the
painting, and put tbs L. on the starboard side.
Presently the earpeater, an Englishman, came
round, and observing tbe blunder, remarked:
"N6w jou've (laved 'ell with that 'atch.
You've went and put hell on the starboard
side." - -
ST -James Raoust, formsrly a merobant in
ZanesviUe, died few days since, at St. Paul,
' Minnesota, whither he removed last spring with
bis family.
beeq remarked by numerous residents in the
First Ward, that tbe-eleotioa in that precinct
od last Tuesday, passed off in fin unusually qui
etand orderly-manaetvThts we have heard
. attributed, and it was no doubt due In a great
part, at least, to the faot that Mr. Wit. Diion,
! who has a saloon near where the election was
held, kept bis establishment, though entreated
to open It, closed during the entire day, i Let
doe oredlt be awarded him. ...
U : -v' -
! J '! - A firsts amoi SoLDisas. We learn that
a iqusd of soldiers sent out from Camp Thorn
. as yesterday, to procure water, during their ab
sence, mingled with tbe pure , water rather too
1 much bad whisky.. When they returned to
j. oamp, their oonduct was so unbecoming,' rude
' ' and quarrelsome that they were incarcerated in
Ltthe guard-house. ;Ia tthat establishment they
r-got Into a row a general fight among them.
,; selves In the progress ot which they came to
1 . near demolishing tbe tenement in which they
were confined, that a messenger was dispatched
Th. to (he city for a carpenter to repair the build
1 log." Rather .unsoldlerlike Iconduot,' we think.
' i in i '
BT Capt.'WiUAao arrived at Camp Chase
, yesterday witb slxty-fivo men from Ravenna,
Portago oounty; . , u , ' ,
j. :. ... ii ii i v
L BT General Hinrt Wilson, of this dty, has
been appointed member of the Military Com
I mlttee for tbis (the 12tb) Congreaslonat Dis
trict. ' - - ' - -xH
i aBT'JoTtN Davis, for repetition of drunken-
"lieast and "disorderly cpnduot, , was ' yesterday
tent tyr th Mayor to the chain tang for twnt?
..Oays, -j-
TT The subscriptions in this olty to the if a-
tdooai Loan have rsaohed an aggrrgate of fifty
thousand dollars. The amount will doubtless
Urgsly U9it4d.
I a I . a '
I ".mam t'ssssgssssalsasisasg j
; , '
. -i '. L . i :
"b- . : J "
f4 " n8mhfflietairtMrtfTiNrirt v-- ri CO OI .
. noidooni sita5Si3Siisssss2sl is.Iii .;
-. .0,0,, w i 2 ' I S 1 5 S S? S 2 2 S 3 :35TS : .
' 3 -
i i .. i-
0 tfl 5 no o (o ono e r rs o oo o o 9) 91
S .. ' :
ag 1 . 1 mm . 1 '-"I ,;
sj t n .-.ii,; ,r ;", - . --
t 1 ot-t, oo
8 ;
3 4
3 00 9P Ot CI m o 01 o ft) m O (D aw fj3 n 1-4 T'OCfl
mti cssiii!,:'013'303" x i -
j t. STJrtP-10a-,-l r-i C r-1 G4r-it-if nw (
SB o3:z:ttnr''.-o0.e)iA-?o
j, Hff,'pj5f,aia,f1Mpt ri r-i rinn FtnAe) J
' 1 ' '
m s5rfloi 01 00 at 00 em-
B, " , I :
11 Tnnnr1P1(lmH Qi rm, rnrnf mw t-t ' papa
3- ' - - - " - -
. -njMoo SanS'ASSU'SS'-Sks :S2 : :
a ; L
I" oiuv R2assa2SSSii;"SS.,0Ss3 : :
00 1 - . : ; , -
r ,,. .r-r-., t " 1 , 1 f-r
i -A-j.ioa 5gssssss5'-s2sS2a2 :ss : :
5s ' ' ' I
9aal MwAnMnMaoiemnvnoDiiQ 'Oaq
, amaiivu r-,3pacir-iF-M nrt f-i r- f- r- r
H - ;
art--trtrpe'-'OsOtit s re o e I k
. . J. , ... TlS I T I
Jj.2 ' , rr-Pin-ooif'f'-ai'4 005 .
J, " " mirRj ante4J(artOJSSatCtDIOartlO O O
tO05 oo win od o c? Pf t gcp 5f tr I i 1
Ig, L-i
! W 5?Tifl CCW OtOS Vt -rB a-Qp f 'NPJOO
ft . r- ,,. . anOT OOtdTWHiiOOaOvOOSOOn l-OI-
' . g4;;; ; .
O CO i (0 P a r- ri t-t an rirs. rt r,r CO.M
I . '
. Cat a , . ..
wmJ'S'S t s e (.
S ll::5::.:::::!:::!: :
53. SsaHS 5 5 : : : : I : : : : : : : ! : f ;
W KrjQ I eo
S S Av- i ?:::.::::;::::::: :
g i '1-,, ,loBj'.sIr;lgsi2 3 .
1 ..... . . ; . 1 - v . 1
. Produce, ?
.. ,. ' ' " , Providons,
. Foreign and Domestic liquors,
Fruits, etc. etc., - j '
.'. 'T0 ' '
No. 106, South .High Street,, -
The old Und, recently oconpltl kjr.WM.McPONALD.
He U In dally reeeiptlf ,
' . Which he wUi'aell
C&eap for Casta or Country Produce.
KTOooda delivered to Olty trade free'of ebarge.TfX
Elegant Lace Mantillas.
No. 29 South High St.,
T AVI jnat opened an Invoice of very Urge anil
LL naadacma - .1 ' . ...
Wide French Laces for1 Shawls.
Very Deep Freneh Flouncing Laces, .. , ,
Real Thread, French, Cbantllla s Genevese
Valenciennes. Point de Gaze, Brasselt
uid . Thread. Laoes ana touars, -
,, ''..' . r.) In new Shapes,
, V'V' 1 - 1 For traveling
Traveling Dress Goods.
The bait and moat faah Ion able atylea h the eity,
- -.N ; 'M'.:.- BAIN at BON,
jtSl t 89 South Ulga Btreel
a irvinvri a r tit s rnnrvna 1 '
and emamloe ear mw make ol
aiaiMraetared of B. HOWABD at 00 1, Beetoa, Maaa.
Theee Watanee are far aaperlor Is anything ever offered,
a. tbe paMte, beretorofe.. ilarlsi the eaoleJir. agenoy.
I oanail Uua at erisw eS rolt taa Uttex -l -havejuit
reoaivad a large itoek et ,.r . 1 nai4it..a.t .
auMufc&rsa by ArTLBtOBf, tBAOT, k C0.
Am - - nf , ' '" "
la 14 aad Wlvsr Oaawe, at fanto prloae.
t it
An experienced Naree and, lemale Phyalcian, preaentt
to toe attention or noinen, ner
which greatly (acllltatea the prooeae of leatblntr, by aoft-
t the suma. reduclna all in!
Domination will allay
ALL PAIN and ipaamodlo aotion, and la
Depend npon It, mothers, It will" give reitto yonrielvei
and ... - i . .
We have pot un and aold thli artlole (or over ten lean,
what we have never been able to eay of any other nedi
AH OH, 10 EffKOI A OUttK. when timely nerd. Nov
er did we know an Inatanee of dlaaatlafaetion by any one
who need it. On the contra rr, all are dellxbted with Ita
operationa, and apeak in term of oommeudatlon of ill
magical eSeota and medical virtue.. We apeak In thia
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;' arter tan yeara' expe
almoet every Inatanoe where the infant la auSerlng from
pain and exhanatlon, relief will be found In niteen or
wenty mmntea alter theayrnp la admuiatered.
Thia valuable preparation la the preaorlption of one of
New Bngland, and baa been seed with BXTBB FAIIr
It not only relieve! the child from pain, nut tnvlgor-
atae the atomach and bowela, oorrects acidity, and givet
tone and energy to tbe whole ayiten It will almoet In
etantly roliave .
eRiP:wo nr thx eowsls, ato wind couc
and oreroome oonvainoni, which. It notapeedlly reme.
died, end in death. We believe it thelllttn' and 8UH
it arlaea from teething, or from any other caueo. We
would eay to every mother who baa a ohild raffering from
anyor tneroregoingoompiatnii vu nui iisi- juuh
atand between you and your auHerlng child, and the ro
ller that will be Buna yea, AbULUii,i aunn to
lollow thenae of tbiamediolne, If tlmqly need. Fall di
rection! for nilng will accompany , each hottie. None
genuine nnlaaa the fac aimile of CURTIS t PB&KINr),
iew xork, u on tne outatae wrapper.
Sold by all Uruggiau throngnout tne worm.
iPrl nclpal Olllce, 13 Cedar S.treet N.Y.
.OCtW-dfcwIy. ".r;.'! ''
' '"'iasiiN'&TO
T '" 10. 20 80UTH B3QH BIREST, .
liOOO yards Baper Plain Tllack 8IIV1 at AX 09-valae
91 sopeixaru. , 1
8500 yards Traveling Drees and Mantle ,0(odi
19 1-8 eents-valae SO seals pet yard. , '
3,000 yards White Brllllantei at 18 eenti
valae 20 cente perjard, . . ,,' ' .'
SjOCO yards tine and Domestic Olnghaoi greatly est-
j de valae. ,..., ,
, ' -ALSO:- . .1 .. .
r ! r f ,', 'liWXB, CAUOOES,' rOPLIHS
v;and all . other . ;
New koX Zuahlona'blS, XreM Crood
la the Sboet dealrabla atylaa and at very lowers prloel.
Ot all materiali, made to the axajt ttyliah'maixtaer aftej
hs lateati Jaria, laihltntMhs moat ela( Qrles
the eity.
may JO do. 89 Booth High street.
The Wabash at New York.
Niw York. Oot. 8. -The frigats Wabash
arrived from Charleston Bar on the evening of
the 3d. She received five or six snots below
water lines during? the action at Hatteras Inlet,
She comes here to have some repairs tj ber hull
and maoblnery, and will sail again In a week or
ten (lavs.
The Roanoke, Vandalia and Flag, wure off
Charleston. . .-'
Concentration of Rebels at Columbus,
Caibo. III.. Oct. 8. A deserter from Pillow's
army, formerly a resident 01 jxormern Illinois,
arrived here last niirnt, reports uenerat a. o.
Johnson in command at Columbus with forty
thousand men.
Thev have fortified the banks of tbe liver
four miles above Columbus, expecting an at
tack from .the Federals. Generals Cheatham,
Pillow, Polk and Johnson, are all at Columbus.
The arruv at that nolnt Is well armed end
equipped, and they have large bodies of cavalry.
On tbe 29th of September, Jeff, Thompson had
four thousand men near Belmont. His army
was being fast decimated by desertions.
The eunboat new -ra arrived irom ot. i.ouie
last nigbt. a
From the Upper Potomac.
Dainkstown. Oct. 8. It is the opinion of offi
cers that the rebel army, which was lait week
moved up the Fotomao, has crossed over toe
mountains in Western Virginia, or reureu uau
unon the mountains, as it has not been seen for
sevoral days patt. Everything has been quiet
aiong onr lines i3-aay. .
The firing.heard yesterday at Conrad's Eerry
was Irom an attack by a body 01 reoeis, ana
our response to tbelr guns.
Highly Important from the South.
LooieviLLS. Oct. 8. Richmond papers of the
1st aud Charleston of. the 3J itift. are received.
Ou the evening of the SGili, General Lee joined
General Floyd with fnar regiments and two
pieces of artillery, at Reodiw Bluff. ' Floyd'a
force is repreeuttd to be greatly demoralized
since tbe battle at CarniUx Ferrj J and WiBe'e
Generalship is severely criticised by the Rich
mond papers.
Tbe Cioquirer saj s tbe relations between u en-
era Is Floyd and Wise are piiuful enough to
explain all oar reverse) in Western Virginia.
General Wise, accompanied by General ilen-
niugsen, has arrived in Richmond. The former
will probably be couit martiuled.
Geo. Lee takes oommand of the forces under
himself aud Flovd..
A atatement 111 tbe Galveilon News makes
the number of Texan troopa now in tbe field
twenty thousand, of which three thousand are
in Virgiuis, four thousand in Western Missouri
aud Atkansae, and lour tnousand In Arizona
and New Mexico.
Robert Scott announces himpelf a candidate
for tbe Confederate Congress for Farqaar Dis
trict. . ...
Communication over tbe Eaet Tennessee Rail
road has been Interrupted for some days in con
sequence of tho washing aw.i) of tbe track by
tbe floods, . .' .,t .
President D.ivis left for Manaisas ou the 30th
ult. .-.
. There Is creat reiolcine throusbouttbc South
over the oapiuro of Lexington and tbe Fremont
Oaa. A. H, Brisbane rilcd'at Snmmerville,
South Carolina, on the 33i uit. - '
' A South Carolina regiment bad left for ' Saf
folk, Va. -
A Richmond -dispatch to tho Charleston
Courier, sajs that Prealdentpayis was receiv.
ed at Fairfax Court Housb wi(6. great ebtbusl
asm. 1 .. j 1. 1 r 1
Gen Van Dom is assigned to duty id the ar
my ot tne rotomao.
Mansfield Lovell, late of New York, is sp
pointed Brigadier General, and assigned to duty
in at. Louis.
Tbere is a general growl throughout the Con
fedcraoy at the insufficiency of tho tuail arrange
snems. . .' . ' :
V. Porter, of th First Michigan Regiment,
died at Castlo finckney on the Mi lnstv ot Ty
phoid Fever. ' The health of the oCher prisoneii
Is said to be good. '.
Some Preooh naval officers from the Corvette
Loveraee, Iving at the month of the Misstasip
Di. visited New Orleans on tbe 21et. -
A dispatch dated New Orleans, September
29 ih, save the steamship Niagara, and a sloop
of war was oil tbe ajuibetet bar and a steam
frigate at the Southwest . Pass. The sloop oi
war Vincennes and the steam gunboat Water-
witch were Inaiqe tbe Southwest bar.
The Governor of North Carolina has issued a
proclamation forbidding any bacon and leather
ociog eeutom 01 tne outta.
- Colonel McReady, late editor of the Louis
ville Courier, will take command of a regiment
under General Buckncr.
The Citizens' Bank of New Orleans ia circu
lating five dollar' notes cut in two, each piece
to represent twe dollars and a half.
Thirteen hundred Indian warriors crossed
the Arkansas river near FortSmlth on (he 25th
ult., en route for MoCulloch's army. .
General Whitfield, late of Kansas, is also
moving towards Southern Missouri, at the head
of Texan troops.
Tbe rederal prisoners sent to New Urleans
were escorted to their quarters in that oity by a
colored company.
An exchange of Bhots and shell took place on
the 20th ult., between tbe Federal man-of-war
W a tec-witch aud the Confederate steamer Joy,
without damage on either side. A boat from the
Water-witch landed some men at the telegraph
station, at the bead ot the passes, who carried
off thii Instruments. .
The Confederate steamer South Carolina had
captured a Mexican steamer oil Galveston.
George Davis and w. j. uoruoa were elected
Senators from North Carolina for the Confede
rate Congress.
It is reported that fifteen thousand Confede
rate troops are between Green River and Nash
ville, and about a regiment per day were arriv
ing at Nashville Irom soutnern points. -
The Confederates claim to have forty thous
and men in Kentucky. - .
Tbe rumor or the capture or new Urieans-ls
received at Nashville, and the details thereof
are said to have been reoeived there.
To-morrow morning's Journal will contain the
correspondence between General Anderson and
Halderman, late editor of the Conner, relative
to the suspension of tbe Courier, and his exo
dus into tbe Southern Confederacy,
Ex-Go?ernor Helm has taken: the oath of
Uegiance to the United States, and returned
home. 1 '
Green River bridge is mined and ready to be
blown up by the Confederates. , ,
Tbe pending tiongressionai elections engross
publio attention, throughout tbe Confederacy.
In nve states oniy electoral tickets tor ine
Presidential election are thus far put up.
It ia evident from the tone of the Southern
papers, that tbe rebel army of the Potomae will
act strictly on me aeieoetve.
Tbe Memphis Argus or tne ad contains tne
following oroolamatton :
' Concurring ent rely in the views expressed
by the cotton factories of New Orleans, in the
annexed communication, a, petition from busi
ness men. praying tbat no cotton be sent to
New Orleans during the existenoe of tbe block,
ade, I bave determined to take the most de
cided means to prevent the landing: of any cot
ton In this city, nonce is tneretore hereby
i.ah tn all masters and owners-of steamboat
and other water craft, tbat from and after the
10th of October, no cotton most be brought to
New Orleans, or within the lines embracing
that section 6f the country between tbe fortitt
oations above Carrollton and those below tbe
eitv. and exetndinz back to tbe lake. All
taamboats or other water craft arriving within
the Drescribed limits will be lortawlth placed
In charge ot an armed force and escorted above
the point indicated. 1 nis course win ne adop
ted In all cases, whether the quantity of cotton
bronnht be large or small. The railroad 00 ra
psoitis have already Issued orders in furtherance
of the ohjeot of this proclamation, and no vio
lation 01 tnem Will oe permutru.
Governor of Louisiana.
I shall co operate with Governor Moore In
the enforcement or mo aDove oraer;
Major General Commanding.
A British Schooner Condemned.
PaaTtAMt. Mi... Oetv 8 In tb Admiralty
Court sbrn A. M., Judge War delivered 'an
able oolnlon. ooodsmnlnc the British schooner
Wb. Arthur, before reported seised, on the
(round, lb, she Intended. W run Uo blockade,
From Missouri.
telegraphed to Governor Gamble tbat be bad
been compelled to surrender bis oamp wuu tour
nieces ot caanon to a superior 101 cc. woionei
Mattbewa' oamo was twenty tulles from Her
mann, and is said t bave contained about four
hundred Home Guarc'i. The rebels numbered
some, two thousand, aud tbeir design is to burn
the GarROL111.au bridge in that vicinity.
Reinforcements have been sent both to -Her
mann and the bridge.
On bearing ot the approach of ibis forco, our
force at tbe bridge began erecting palisades tor
its defense. ; '
Price's army was on Grand River, in Henry
county, at last accounts, on Wednesday last,
marching soutr.wsro.
A rebel named widemcver is raising a rod
meat at Osceola for tbe purpose of making a
loray Into Kansas.
Union men Iron tbe neighborhood of Lex
Ington deny that any session of tbe Legislature
was held tbere.
Efforts are being made here to organize com
panles of Missouri Rangers to carry on a guer
rilla warfare, alter the Stile of trie rebels.
. Ueneraia eturcls and Lane are.nnderstood to
bave received orders to marcb Irons Kansas
City and Ma General Sigel at Sedafia.
General Sigel sent a detachment of Ibree
hundred men on Monday last to cut off a rebel
supply train.
Arrival the City of Washington.
The following Is a summary of the news sent
out by the City of Washington, from Liverpool
the Swthl
Great Brit-aim! The Great Eistern was lees
dtmaged (fan was at first re'pretxnted. SLa will
report at Millford and resume the service be
tween Liverpool and New York.
Tbe Times ttiiuks the Emperor of Russia's
iet:er good auu appropriate, aud more accepta
ble to America than advice from any other pow
er, but obviously tbe advice will nut be taken
by a proud aud obstinate people, aud more blood
mufctiW before tho councils of St. Petersburg
will be listened to.
Further correspondence from RubbiI is pub
lished. In one letter be says he has no doubt
whatever of the ultimate power of tie North
ern end Western States to aubjusate tho to-
oeded States, if ihij put forth all tbeir strength.
1 be London ro.it publishes the terms of a
treaty between England, France and Suaio, for
immediate intervention in tbe affairs of Mexico.
There is no iutention of waging a territorial
war, but the oombiucd naval force of the three
powers will occupy tlio principal ports in the
Gulf aud will sequestrate' tbe rcveuuo at such
ports, retuining one-half and piying the rest to
tho Mexican Govcrnmeat. If Mt-xlco bets the
allied powers at defiance an effectual blockade
will be instantly established.
From Hatteras Inlet—The Enemy is
Met and Defeated with Great Loss.
Fortius i Monsoe, Oct. b'. The frigate Sue
quebanna has arrived from Hatteras Julet, and
brings most interesting intelligence., Tho dav
alter the capturo of the propeller Fanny by tbe
rebels, the Cerns and Putnam, having one ol
the launches of the Susquehanna iu tow witb
seven days provisions, returned the same even
ing without having seen anything of tbe rebels.
Ou Friday, however, word reached Hatteras
Inlet by tbe "Stars and Stripes" that twenty
five hundred rebels, consisting oi a Georgia,
South Carolina and Virginia Regiment, bad
oome over from the mainland iu eix small
steamers, schooners and flit-boats, and attacked
the Twentieth Indiana Regiment, who were
obliged t) retreat. Tbe Suequehanna steamed
up outside, while Col. Hawkins maiohed up
with six companies ana reached Hatteras Light
by nlghtlall, a dlaunos of thirteen miles.
Duricg the night, Colonel Hawkius was join
ed by tho 2l)ta .Indiana regiment, who' had
passed In the darkness a luige body of rebels
who bad landed for tbe purpose of cutting them
off.' Colonel Brown reported a loss of fifty cf
his men, eomprieing bis sick aud wouoded, and
tventy picket who could uoite called in. He
Ucceeded iu saving his tents.jrprovisions, et
On Saturday, the Mootlcello steamed arouuo
the Cape, and a lew.mries.vn.ine(. tho rebels
marching down the narrow neck of land to at
tack our troops. Tbe rebel ttoamcrs were also
landing troops to co-operate with them. They
were in easy range, and tbe Mouiicello opened
upon them with shells, five seconds fusea, two
hundred and eighteen ot which were from three
guns ia three hours snd tblity minutes, doicg
great execution. ' ' ' '
the (Jonlederates at first tiled to shelter
themselves, but soon broke in every direction,
and took refuge upon tbeir vessels. A shell
passed through the.wbeel-bouse of tba Fanny,
which was already employed against us. It Is
reported that tbeir loss must have reached two
or three hundred killed and wounded. Daring
the engagement, a member of tbe Indiana reg
iment, who bad been taken prisoner, managed
to escape. He took to tbe surf, and was picked
np by a boat from the Mootlcello.
He reports tbat the first shell from tbe Moo-
ticello killed Colonel Barlow, of the Georgia
regiment, and that the havoo was frightlul.
He also reports that when he escaped he killed
a Confederate Captain with his revolver. Upon
the withdrawal of the Confedeia es, tbe Mo.t
cello and Susquehanna and tbe laud forces re
turned to Hatteras Inlet.
Lieut. Burkhead, from whom I have obtained
the above account, thinks that no advance can
be made from "the Inlet without the support of
a fleet of light draught vessels. He alto thinks
that onr forces at the Inlet ' should be speedily
Increased. The Soauldioe arrived at the Inlet
on the 7th Inst., with Gen. Mansfield, and landed
ner men and stores. ...
Too much Draiss cannot be accorded to Lieut.
Brain for this brilliant achievement, which has
caused great exultation at Old Point.
Colonel Brown narrowly escaped with the
20, h Indiana regiment. lie was shelled from
the Confederate vessels, and troops were landed
both above and below him. Yet he mantged
to escape witb comparatively small loes. The
particulars of his masterly movement bave not
arrived. . ; : t
The Election in Ohio.
ZANtsviLU.Oct. 8. Jswett's majority In this
city is 37 a loss of 164 over his vote (or Con
gress last fall- .(.' , - ' 1
Dayton, uct. 0 me. Union ticket baa gain
ed about 400 In this city. The Union majority
in the county will be about 800.
aprincneld oity gives oau majority for Tod.
Clarke county will glvo Tod about 1,400 major.
tty. vote light.
From Washington.
Indian Affairs. Mr. Dale, bas returned from bia
official visit to the Indian tribes in Kansas and
Nebraska. He waa received by tbem with
gladness.. They sought every opportunity to
express to blm their irlendllness to tbe United
States. He conversed with the returned Kansas
officers who took part In tbe battle ef Spring.
field, wbo Informed Dim that no separately or
ganixsd Indian forces were with tbe rebels on
tbat oecaalon, but that a comparatively few of
tbe half breeda only were In the ranks of the
enemy. The efforts of the rebels to array the
Indians against the United states, so far as tbe
Commissioner could learn, was attended with
only partial success. Tbe Indians, as a class,
are d spoied to be friendly, but those who are in
hostility bave been coerced to tnie oourae oy we,
rebels. No doubt is entertained that It would
require no persuasion to raise a large Indian
force In Kaasas aad Nebraska to - operate
against those wha may be brought into ,the
field by the rebels: 1
- Brigadier ucnerai uranam naa oeen ordered
to appear before Judge Merrick to day, for con
tempt of court, It is alleged that he forced a
soldier into the ranks' after be had been dis
charged by tbe court. i 1 .!, r 1 . ,
A or vate of one 01 me rennstivanraec -
mspts was killed by the accidental dlsobarge of
muekst tnis morning. -,c 1 :
The cavalry and- artillery regiments;' are
mtcrblng to Capitol Hill, here tliey will be re
viewed to day. ... .'., . . ; .,
Everything is quiet alone tbe lines. .Ins
powerful ram last night made, sad havoo, In
some of tbe csmps. ' " " 1"'.",';...' " 1 1
As Campbell's battery was returning iron a
review, to day, soma shells exploded In a box
on a gnn-cartlage on which three eannonlera
were seated, Daoiy injuring tnem.
Seorstary Cameron 'left this ' morning for
Pauburg, ta .thoroughly, Inspect t,earion
foundry there, with a view tt pronole ah la-'
Created supply. - '"-i "" "'(I
According to t telegram froffl Oeneril Ross
eraos, he will be able to auotain bimssltagadiet
the oemblnsd forces oi Floyd and Lee.
" Toe Admlrfirtrattoo. wlllaceord him and Gen.
Frenoh all the support their positions require.
Eighteen batteries and six thousand four hun-
dred cavalry, were reviewed to day.' A rebel
mall carrier, was arrested to day in one of tbe
Potomao counties. ' A larpe number of letters
were seised. ibree of our surgeons relosBed
1 rum mvuiuuua, arrived nere.
.the bovernment, which bas had control of
tne Washington branch .of the- Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad, bave restored it to the control of
tne compauy.
The report of a large rebel force, dispatched
irom tne roiomac army westward, is unfounded.
Detachments from the Sickles brigade, whlrh
bave been soonrlng lower Maryland, reoort the
aominani sentiment as violently rebellious
Mot more than tbree Union flags were seen
Gen. Scott's order, issued Tuesday evening.
for Ibe release of Col. Blair, Is not yet carried
into effect. He la still confined In tbe barracks
at St. Louis. 1 .
C. W. Cole, tvne founder, formerly ol Brook
lyn, lately of Richmond, left tbe latter city two
weeas Since, under Jen. Davis a proclamation
ordering on lorelgners, and bas arrived here.
He left seveD thousand troops in Richmond, but
oniy tnree guns mounted. Three or lour hun
dred nccroes were bulldint? numeruua fart..
i wenty one boepita's were full. Out ol a Flori
da Regiment, cue thousand one hundred strong,
only tbree hundred and twenty answered at roil
.There are no resrular malla tn and from R.l-
tlmore, New York and other places north.
Three hundred couods of aeate tvna had Hunt
arrived from tbe North aud nassed an itereotena
plates fiona the Methodist Book Concein.
J. a. Lester, a native of Counejticnt. recent.
ly a citizen of Brooklyn, one Bloat, and other
Northerners, were encared in altering fnn.
hundred muskets a week, and manufacturing
sewing machines.
A number of infernal machines bud been
placed on the James river. There is a company
manufacturing tbem in Richmond. '
Joseph E Streeter has been anndintrrl Aa.o.
date Judge of tbe .Superior Court of Nebras
ka. Doctors Hamiston and Swain, af thn 'Uih
Brdoklyn regiment, who were taken prisoners
at Bull Run, arrived here thia evening via Fort
Moaroe, from Richmond. Thev were released
od parole, aud came with the fifty-seven wound
ed prisoners. They give a mott deplorable ao
couot of tbe condition of our wounded, and tbe
manner they bave been treated by the rebels.
According to their account, our prisoners have
unerea toe torments or tne : damned, and the
omier is tbat aoy ot tbem are now alive. It
now appears tbat thefilty-seven wounded whom
they released, were cases tbe rebel doctors could
oot core, and therefore were nermitted to return
homo. Tbe rebel government had , lowned
something regarding the probable expedition
JUtb, aud itproduoed the greatest excitement
throughout tho Gull and Cotton S a ei. It was
believed that vac numbers ot tbe iroops now
In Virgioli would be' called to tbe respeoave
states where these attacks were apprehended.
Tnere was a great SOarcitv ot DrovLiiona and
also of medlutnes. Oar wounded frenuei.ti
had to go without In many critical cases. Tea,
C 'ffee aud suear- were almost imoosaibleto nro.
oare for love or money.
ins quo, t oo or a successor tj Jtff. Davis
was being agititcd throughout the South, and
geoeral belief wus that Alex. Stephens would
agreed upon. The feeble state of Divl.'a
health was Used as an argument against biro.
n tbe event,- however, of a Dermanent rastora.
tion it Is the retention of the rebel eovornmet.t
to make him a Lleuteoant-General. '.
I be heavy rains of tbe last twentv-four hmirn
ave swollen tho river to each an extent a. tn
preclude its passage by tbe rebel roice. It can
uow be croseed only by tbe bridges, all whieb
are iu poaeesaion of -our army. -
xuetmciai record-of charges against Fre-
mout have not jet reachedieadouarters. and
the case remains la it itu quo. 4
-wo Saturday last, bv order of -the Commra.
loner, Llsut. Cashier If. S. N.. with a rUutrh-
ment oj ten men, aceompanied by two detective
officers, proceeded ia 8t. Mr.'. ; 4fT thai
Jaoob Bell, and on Sunday arrested John Thomi
a. 1 raver. e, 01 ot. maiy's county, who waa
charged with aiding the transportation of men
and provisions from Ae'eevesuieulHa in Mary
land to the rebels in Virginia. While on the
expedition a landing was made at Great Mills,
eleven miles from. Piney Point, and fifteen miles
from Leonardtowo, a rendezvous of St. Mary's
county rebels, the mails we're seized, as well as
the mail Just afrived from. Baltimore. ' The
tiMtniastet staled that there was a -number of
letters in the mail from Virclnia: The cartv
arrived bere to night, comrrrrj up ttrerrtver tbis
morning, no signs ot rebsn m camp or bat
teries were discoverable at Matthias Point.
AtEvansport, aUha mouth of the Quontice,
camp fires of tho rebels were seen three miles
along the shore.. ....
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 8.
atsio; US for Middling Uplands. -
ytOUtt Market heavv. unlattleif. mnA SIAa lnwr.
The aoeounte from Cuiope by tbe Bavaria aod Norwe
gian, have a very depreaaina; effeet. gales 19,400 btla at
. iua i lor rejected; Sji for auperuue state;
Si iifti US for txtraitale: aiiia,S all lr ,u, ,.,rt
waatern; S3 iiigii 7U tor common to meaium wtia west
ern! 15 bWfflS Mil for ahlPDlna branda extra luund hnon
Ohio, and ad OCJltt 30 for trade brands do; oloatuf dull
anu utcuumg. vanaoiaa 1 lour 3&iue lower, witti onlv
a very moderate demand; aalea of 750 bbts at4 3j3 4U
or aupsrune; ana 93 oajao bo lor common to oholce
extra. Rva riour quiet at as 7JS4 00
CORN 31 Air alet, and pricea nominally anchang.
WHISKY Heavv and' lower: aalca af 500 h.rrl. .V
aio. 1 ;
WHIAT Heavy, nniettled, and 24 lower, with ahtp
persnfualnc to outrate to anv era.t iit at iha da.
oline; aalea of 31,000 but he la Chicago eprlne at (I 14
1 IS; 3S,0O0daaiiiauiaeclnbat (181(0)1x3; a7 60Udo
amber Iowa at 1 StSI 24; S3 000 do winter red wwro
attlxtj(S134; IH.OUO do red t'atetat ! MKS1 33. 1H,00
ao wnite weatern at S 1 S1 W, aad lU,6VSdo wnlte Kn-
ucy n l fiat 1-
a-yirmat7037uc; sales of 20,000 bnaheU within
the range.
BAKLK; Very scarce, and firm at 70377a, as In
UOUN Market dull and lSe lower; salea of 14,300
bu.h at SOJ1530 for inferior to common mixed weatern:
53454 for for good to prime shipping dot chiefly at 53.4)
tMcier weatera yellow, and sua lur white wattern.
OATS helling slowly at J0(dl3a for Canadian; and
34&3"c for weatera and state.
FORK Dull, and allKhlly in favor of bnyeri; sales of
700 bbU at A 5014 75 for mess; and 1 9 7510 00 fur
UKaF In moderate reqneat at unchanged pricea: aatei
of 300 bbla at 14 IKV34 50 for oountry prime; 5 OOf 3 50
for dometei S 0011 83 for repacked meat; i7ji
13 50 for extra mate. Prime meat beef and beef bams
remain dull and nomlnallv ancbaoaed
GUI UK ATS Quiet and steady, at S5it for shoul
ders; and 5X3So for hamt.
L AED ifirmar and note active; sales tt 1,970 bbla at
HUTlUB eelllng at 7l!o lor Okie; and ll15o
0 H BUS B Quiet, at 57c for common tt prime. 1
COi-iEiS Very tuiat, aad nothing of mament do
ing. 1
tUOARS Raw Inaollve: fairlotood reBninr qaoted
at 8o. glnoe our laat only 40 hhdt Cuba changed
band, at TXQittiif, and W boaea Havana at 00. 1
UubASaesa UuteL bat nricea verr arm.- We have
onlv to notice the sale of a smalt lotef Caba Uuacovado
etso. . ....... -. -.
Cleveland Market.
FLOUR Half a of SO bblt white extra at 4'U; SO
bbla red double extra at eunei 70 bbls red double axtia
at S 00 and SO do al BS 05,
W11BAT Market anaettltd and lower. - Pales are
extremely limited, beloK confined to 1 car red at 9to; 1
carattlOu; 1 car f Say white at aarre. Buyers Oder
only vm for red.
CORMJaistat33J 1 Vf. TTn
0 ATS Sales of I car atJSe. -'"
i ri - tut iioi l. 4 I Aitdir.
Ho. 29 Kotttli High Strset Colambus,
fJOOO yards Tiarelln . Drsst. Ooods ato. valut
4 yards 1 raveling Dress Ooods atlSX, va'ns 80 eta.
xtmo yards Rngllih Heaaaea at IS if, value S3 eenta.
1000 yarda TrenCh Orrfaodlei al 12 K, value SO eeott,
fiOQn yerda Faat Ootorvd Lawna at 10; value IS cents.
loot) yards rourara vren omiai vaiue au cena.
ISut yards tntOTlaia Blatk Bilk at at SOi Tata 1 45.
Roles or Organdie Saaage, and BagUah Btrafev at oat.
halt theif -vaiee.-: r . u- -wi :,i ,
,i. .1 1. .i.;ii ' BAIM 4k BON, .
JeS9 I .. .... . South tilth street. ,
I., n Irish linen Goods.-,
,f Llaen Bhlrt Bosoms Plain and fancy
(uurung ana noeosa i.inatia.
. . -linen Hheetnga and Pillow Oaainri. , (
51 A J3 il . Jiata CSaikraavatd Long Uwttat !
- ... j Llnaa Fockrt aanda'takamieeS.
JJ o -.' -1 i Ioellliaoda)Usrs
1 Xlnea naoalnaaad DOrHaa, . . 1
; -Lbttn Table Olotlia and Satin Danuaka. J.
Linen Blair Oeveringa and &aaq t
rebS . Vo. 19 BobOj High slrest,
"They go Right to the 'Spot
Inatant Belief!
Stop your Uouarlk
' Purify your Breatbf
Strengthen your Voice!
aac ,
1 1
They relieve a Cough Instantly.
They dear the Throat.
They give strength and volume to tbe voice.
They impart a delicious aroma to the breath,
They are delightful to the tasto.
Tbey are made of simple herbs and cannot
harm any one. " ,
I advise everyone who baa a Cough or a haiky Voice
ora Bad Breatn, or any difficulty of the Throat, to (et
pacaageormy Throat confections; they will relieve
you Instantly, and you will agree with me that, 'ihey
go right to the spot." Vou will fiad them very netful
and pleasant while traveling or attending pabllo meet
ings for stilling your Cough or allaying yoar thirst. If
yoa try one package, I am safe In saying that yon will
ever afterwards ooniider them Indlipenaable.
You will find them at tie Drugglau and Peajert in
My ilgnatnrt Is cn each package. All others are
A package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Cents.
Henry C. Spalding,
NO. 49 CEDAR 8 T R E B i,
Ner vousl lead ache
By thenae of these Pills the perlodlo attacks of Mm
vovi or Slct Bta&aek may be prevented; and if taken
at the eoBeaencement 0( an attack Immediate relieffrom
pain aad alckneat vrlll be obtained. '
' They seldom fall ia removing the Xauita and '
acA to which femalea art so subject. '
Tbey act gently npon the bowela removing Cottn
lot literary Jfra, Studtnt, Delicate Female
and all person, of sedentary habltt, they are valae
aa a hamoUnt, Improving tbe oppetU, giving ton
vigor to the digestive organs, and restoring the natur
elasticity and strength of the whole system.
TBI CXPHALIO PILLS ere the reaalt of long Invea
tlgatlon and carefully conducted experiments, havirg
been In net many years, during which time they hat t
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and sufler
tag from Headache, whether originating, is the rutfoti s
system or from a deranged state of the ttomacA.
They are entirely vegetable In their .compcitlon, an
may be taken at all timet with perfect safety without
making any change of diet, and t abtmci of any
dUagrotabU tali rmdtr it ay to admtnU er Ohm
thUdrtn. -
The gennlne have five tlynatuiet of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box.
Sold by Druggists and all other Dealers iaMedloinee.
A Boa will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of the
Prioo, OS Oonts.
All orders should be addressed to
18 Cedar sureet, Navr Vork.
, . rrom the Examiner, Norfolk, Va.
Cephalic Pills accomplish tha object for which they
win made, vis,! Cure of headache in all lu forma.
From the Examiner, Norfolk, Va.
They have been tea ted In more than a thousand caaea
with entire
' From the Democrat, St. Olond, Minn.
If you are, or bave been, troubled with the headache
send for a box, (Cephalic Pills,) so that yoa Day have
them hi case ot an attack.
From the Advertiser, Providence, E. I.
The Oephalls Pllla are said to bt a remarkably effective
remedy for the headache, and one of the Tory beat for
that very frequent complaint. which has ever been
From tht Weatern H. B. Oaaette, Chicago, III.
Wt heartily endorse Mr. Bpauldlng, and his unrivaled
OepLalio fills. ' .
Fro , Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Va.
Ws aia sure that pertont sufferlnr with the headache
who try them, will slick to them.
From tht Southern Path finder, New Orleans, La.
Try them I yoa that are afflicted, and we art tare that
your testimony eaa be added to the already numerous
list that hat received benefits that no other medicine can
produce. '
. 1
fronr the gt. LoaU Democrat. 1
The Immense demand far tht article .Oepballe Pllla
From thtGaeetto, Davenport.. Iowa.'
Mr. Snaldlns would not eontatcthlk name with an ar
tlole he did oot Aneet la Deaaeas rami merit, -v
ID"A afnale Dottle ot sraLDlMd'a raiFABSD
ui.ua wiu savt ten timet its coal annually rj
F ':, , i i
r bpalding's Prepared GLua i
' ' f ' IAT1 TBB f IB0B8I
. ,,ID'AiTrrc n Turs lavas Ntaa.nTT,
' 4 As aooldenlt will happen, tvea la well regatated fam
lllea, It Is very dealable to have ansae ehnap aad eoo
venlent way for repairing Faraltars, Toys, Orookery
ests all took eaaergeocles, and ae houaeboid tea alTnrd
to be without U Itvtiwaytret4y,aBdaptathestkfe
Ina- point.
K. , A Brash tmeapanlts each bottle,
cents. Adduces, . .
iis'bt 0. ip au ma,
No. 4H, Oedar Blnet, MeW Tork.
As eertala inprlnHpled pereoot are atttmptlna
sun e( oa the anaaapeotlni yablle, mMoMlona
r RSPASBB SliUB, A woe Id eautloa all pereoacao,
I wo
ttsiat bfare yanhaaina;, and see that the
I name,
It oa Utt outside wrapper) all ethers are swindling
tsrielts, . aov

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