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RlDAr.MOKNl.'pCTpBER II, 1861.
The Conduct of the War.
.J-'orf 9 o rtrfirek pitj(li)iy been
f.,ttif nAtnr.fiiila Ao.inat tha ftftvarnmant In -
Cii .ujlka oUdotirftia J war, ebtefljf coeftned
la Retiublican'or fjo'utrtt naoert"ln th VVert.
L'SAtttebf; these', the Cincinnati Gtxtttt" had been
consplcaoni. JU complaint rut mainly on th
ground that tb Govertittenl basbten.locooss-
no of a cowardly end absurd penlo about
tbe stfetv of Wuhlngtan, draining the West of,
troop neeuea in iveniocKv ena Miseoori,. ana
' Tar the protection, ei ibj-tornhero border of
4 Ohio And Indians J l It even espresso doubti as
to whether ibt Government ever Intended to
eeo! en expedition down the Mississippi.
V "The foltowtrifl U en extract Iron one of the
Car.Ks'i reoent artioleei ., . .j,? , ,
Continued draft of troop iron tbo West,
w , ut to 4c ah BrvM "ini pw fcrvai
a ported to tbo Ksst at treat toil, and placed bo-
Mod entrenchment which, already have tbreo
Valine aa many mo art needed to defend
, (bem, certainly ibowt moat astonishing Infat
fi uaiion lo regard to the safety of .Washington,
' and a lamentable bllndneas to tbe titaaUo. of
w. the rest ol tbe eoantry. It evidenoeo a week-
aaet wbiob suggests a suspicion tbit it ia Oaoted
J by eonsideretlone of personal danger, ao fearful
-. to a&cot tbe judgment and reader eien ino-
pebie of regard for anything else,' In a pnio,
. men usually thought brave become reckless of
' everything bat self-preservation . Tbev ttoo at
,.no sacrifice to teoure their own safety. Tbe
., conduct of thie war Is subject to a constant
panic, etusrd by the chronio danger of tbe cap
' IUIi and It would aeera now that this panio has
me usnai aisrtgara oi toe sacrtne or every
tblng but present or personal safety. ,
r ' Tbe Chicago 7W tbioks this la nojoit to
the military authorities af Wasblcgtoo. and
,.SJS: ..I " - -
Ws bellere It to be undeserved censure of Geo.
' eotl and Geo. McClellan, to whoa tb Gov
srament and the people bava committed tbe
. conduct of tbe war Qtn. Ucott and Geo. Mo
' Clellao ooderttmd "tbe situation" belter than
, It Is understood by everybody else ia tbo ooun
try, and there is no reason to doubt ibst they
., ate acting with eapedal refereocv to existing
' and probably prospective affairs all over tbe
country. If tbey are drawing troopi from tbe
Weit, it Is beoiuse these troops ar needed In
the East more tbao thty are in the West be
cause tbe first great blow Is to be struck in Vir
ginia, and not in Kentucky or Misioarl. Ia all
this Geo. Boots and Geo. McClellan onst bs
' trusted. This is due to them, and it Is only by
trusting them and supporting them before tbe
ooootry that the newspaper press can strengthen
tJctr bands. ..-,,
To Cincinnati Prai, in alladlng to the Jlingt
of tbe Gtuttlt at Gen. McCiiu.4!, on account
of the alleged Inertia prevailing at Washing
ton, Is disposed to relieve Mm of a large share
of tbe responsibility, by soggesiiog that teas
' much as the Army of the Potomac la under tbe
. Immediate rye af the Government and lo iaily
communication- with lunotBcers, It ia probable
that tbe general policy "by which It It controlled,
U directed by tbe Administration.
( Tbe following horn the New York Vttrli,
beiog probably as correct an exposition as cat
be arrived at of the plans and views oi tbe Gov
ernment and Gcn.McCiiLLN,ln concentrating
troops so numerously intoe immediate vicinity
oi Washington, cnnot fitU to interest all our
. readers, miliUry and anmilitary alike '' '
It Is a fsct wbiea admit of no dispate that
tbe great body of tbe rcoel army has been coo
. ocDtratiog la Virginia aver aiaca tb first out
- break oi the war, and that tbie large army It
arawo from every part of the Sooth front Tan-
tietsee, Arkansas, Miaaiaaipul, liOUiaUoa . anJ
.' all lbs nbol Stales in tb Southwest, as well
. as Iron tb 8iate east of the Aileghaolw
According tj the best Information we ara able
' to obtain, tbera are nearly aixty thousand troop
irom ine ooutnwestern otitts on to soutn side
of tb Potomac; diminishing, to that extent,
the ability of those State for hostile inoursioos
into Kentucky and Misjonrl. When the South
' western rebels llxk to Beauregard' standard
t j fight against th Union, wby sboald it be
' thought-a hardship that Northwesters loyalist
are oraerei mere to meet tnemr XI Is ao obvl
' ou dictate of military prudence that tb Gov
ernment should concentrate it forces wber tbe
rebel oonoenlrats theirs. If tb Northwestern
Union men feel competent to cope with the
Southwestern -rebels, ther hava no .reaion to
complain so long as tbey are -not required to
eeod a many men to the Potoraao a ar lent
from tb . Southwest which ia thus far tbe
. MM. ' " . ,
1 be Idea that all the Federal troop an the
rotomao ar to d used J or to defense of
Waeblogtooiis so contrary to the obriooa In
tantioa of Geo. McClelJao, that w ara ssr-
prised to sea intelligent Western- journal pat
ting it fortb. Tb extensive and elaborate lor
tifications by which Waabiogtoa Is now almost
surrounded, tnflloat, witn satuoient clearness,
a desiqn to guard that city with a comparatively
small lores, and use tbe remaioder of tb army
for aggressive operations. - Tbe pUn and points
of attack ara wisely kept secret) bat It Is easy
to perceive several wa)e by which tbe Wsstero
troop on th Potomac can render, aa good ser
vice to tha West as if they were on the Ohio.
Tba formidable naval expeditions wbiob tb
Government ia anderstood to be prepaHng
against points on the Sootbern eoaet, will very
likely lead tha Governor of North Carolina,
Sootb Carolina, Georgia, and tba Stated oa th
Golf to recall their Iroopa from Virginia for
local defense. Tba consequence would be
either that Richmond would be left laprataeted
except by Virginia fore, or la be defended
by soldiers from tbe State wbiob, by tbelr local
position, ar Most likely to farnlsb troops for
tha invasion of Kentucky and Missouri. Tb
Tennessee and Arkansas troops now in Virginia,
having been longest in tha aervicd, ara the best
disciplined and most effeotlv of any belonging
to tbo States, and any atrategy that detain
thea In th East Is aa indirect contribution to
th de'ens o( th Southwestern frontier. Tbe
sewett levies of Federal troops will probably b
filaoed by General McClellan behind tbe attong
utrenchmenta for the defense of Washington,
and Industriously drilled, whit he take tb
field with th best disciplined and glvea tbe
enemy sufficient mploymsol to prevent his
sending away reinforcement to '.the Southwest.
W quite agree with our western eotempo
rarles as to tb great Importance of saving tha
imperiled ,8Utri of Kentaoky and Missouri)
but It la Incredible' that tba Government it In
ssntible to this argent necessity, and we. hope
oar western fllow-oUl2BS will, withoot abating
their owa activity, repose a morgeoerou treat
to- to AajaiBistratiao, wBion oao nave no no
. tire foe leaving on part of tha country expossd
for lb sak of protecting soma other part.
Eraaff auob motlre eonld exist, th foot that
Prssideol Liaoola and Gea. MeClaliaa ar both
Wfstern men, but lately front th West, aad
sdenUfied by habit and feeling with western In
terests, eraate presumption that thev would
have no uodu preforcoc for th safety of
potota ia the East. . ' - -
-'. Ta ' Kxw i CoiMittaarGiatmaCcColonl
Taylor, brother of th late President Taylor,
ha been appointed .Commissary-General in
nlaoeof General Gibson, deceased. It Is stated
that Colonel Talor has been: darilj tbe war
the aotual CommUaary-General, owluf to tbe
illoes of Mr., Gibson. Colonel, now General
Taylor, is a aative of Kentucky, aad entered
the armv In 1813. five years after his brother
K tcbsry. He has served with distinction ia
ery poxltfon to whicb be has been assigned. He
ha been an cOcer in the Commlesary Depart-
f?.iwntiyeTf.-.'j , r :i:,viii i
UT At Cbarlcstoo. Va.A on th 4th lost, on
Wle snot John JerrilU a msmber of th First
Kentucky Regiment, lo a flgbt at a beer aalooo.
Terrlll h.l just rttumed from a sooutiog expo-'
dltloo. Wvrla we Wad by eourt-mar Ual, found I
guil.WlgtliMaBtdsy. .'
The Conduct of the War. The Election.
The teturos oom In very slowiy; Ia aoy
porta Oi tba Ctate scarcely what would be call-
4 an dtiiKitlQy waa.be! V Ia Toledo tb vol
was only nine hundred. Last fall it was twea-
1 ty fi:has40tb Reterv th Demo
orau mad not tb least effort. T6v l on r n-
slon tlokat la slantrd h a larva maioritV-4-how
terse, we have not enough return tb even stake
": A iMt tons GaarnMy eoaaty aaya : - The
Repabllcaaahave beaten a lb tbie ooaoty aboqt
two tandred,-1 last fall If wal live punareo ana
forty -obeJ.' W bvl,l'eoted "oar, f rosutor
hi on hundred aad fifty' f .-j
;v Tb Fusion tick la-leotedl In Hamilton
oounty by from three' pundred to twelve hundred
msjorlty Tbla'Ja much better than, we had
bean led to (xpeot.! The FaalonisU claimed
fivethoosand. " ;'':'''';; "VJX"" : '
The Union Democracy (f A theu have elect
4 Ibelr. whql.,ttckt1 by about, nla hnbdred
ajaJority...iKi""' " '"' y
Coshoelob iob Fasion by v about tlx hofl-
, The whole Union Demooratie ticket is elect
ad in Wayne by over two hundred vsjorlty
Good for old Wayne! The Republican paper
at Wooster ygrunte", terribly over the Demo
oratie victory.: I -,-.,, ,-' ';)"
Eorroa Ohio StATasMaa! '-
We take pleasure in eebdlog yon the glorious
news from gallant lit Us Wyandot. Democratic
ijorlty from two to three hundred a gam of
ever oae hundred. Judge Lsao la elected Ben
ator by a large majority, and Jonathan Mor-
fETT, Eiq., Demooratio candidate for Kepi
aentatlve lor Wyandot county, ia elected by
about 850 mj.' Glory enough for one day,
Tktn UitiBt mighty Vemocrttic prtf ..
October 9, 1861.
ManvHimt & MMrr :l tend returns of
election for Governor and Representative la
to townahlp in tbie county, and two lo Union
oounty for Governor. ' :
: Darby township, Madison county, 78 msjority
for Tcdj Canaan township, 60. , ,.,
Representative! Robert Armstrong (Union
ticket), 115 votes In Canaan, 15; Milton
Lemen (Independent Rep. J, 33 volet In Ca
naan, 69; Robert Hutcheson, 7 In Canaan 15.
Jerome townahlp, Union oounty, 41 mJ. for
Tod; Darby township, 8. 1
J. E. B.
Charles Sumner.
Tbls distlngulshed'&oolltlonist made a speech
In the Messechusteta Republiean State Conven
tion, in which be argued that it wa tbe duty ol
the Administration to take the grounds of tbe
extreme Abolitionists of the North in relation to
the prosecution ef tba war, via: that the slaves
throughout tb slave Stale should be emanoi
pated, and that the war should be lo directed
Toe Boston Adrtiierp an able paper of Repub
lican antecedents, aaya of Mr. Sevan' speech
- The Convention rfff iittttutd fa-
tint on tf tniartinf At fttal aVcrrtar ennouncaif
by Mr. Sumntr, wth a. ainiaae smuA can
tcircilv b- fitUning to thut etniltmtn' etnew
Ham 0 Mi owa rjfueCS in Nattachuutlt. Th
ruoivtisnt offered" by' Rer. Mr. Clarke, aa a
ortuial tsst ot tba raadines of tb Convention to
adopt opeo abolitiooWm aad It- creed, weat to i
. be tabl and tcers iariti never to rise. j
It I alleged that tba Convention cheered
Mr. Sumner. Hi aupporten among the dele
gate and apectatora andoobtedly did so, but
ho doe not see that this goes for nothing, in i
th fao of th obvious fact that tbe ellent par
ty who disapproved were so much snpsrior In
number aa tt aontrol the aotion of tbe whole
body! - ; . 3 i ; .. . i . .
A slanee at those facts, aa it aeemi to as, is
enough to show the extreme auiairnes of in
tttempte to chares alnister purposes upon tbe
Republicans of Massachusetts aa a body. Tb
attempt Is, however, as aowis and unpatriotic
as it ia unfair. It may not appeu no to Mr.
3umner and bis supporter, and it may be for
gotten by some who oppose him, but we hold it
for an incontestible truth, that neither men nor
money will be forthcoming for tola war, if once
tbe oeonle are impressed with th belief that
the abolition of slavery and not the defence of
tbe Union I Its object, or that tta original par-
pose Is converted into a cloak for some new de
sicn of seisiof tbls opportunitv for the dsetrao-
lion or us aortal system oi to oout a. ins
people are heart and soul with tbe Government
in tbe support ot any constitutional undertaking;
we do not believe tbey will follow it if they are
made to eanpect that tbey are being decoyed in
to the support of anr unconstitutional and rev
olutionary designs. . - - .
Th sseeck to which ws last srtxrsf ttav re
ferrtd aa strfaialy oVa as maci as lay srttJUa
tin comfu f eas waa's bssdsts t iasjtre Uis
sarptetea, U aittiad tui Vxmktn, t Ityal, ni
bw iudirectic to aid w ditlvfl. But tbey are
as culpable and as dangerous to the publio wel
fare as Mr.Bumner, who recklessly strengthen
the effect of what he said, who represent a
great party as consenting to tbo aoemeo wbiob
be disclosed and who are telling the people,
here and elsewhere, that the suecesa of pertain
nominees, which an sure to occur, wiu be tbe
tf iomph of an . unconstitutional, - wickdr and
dangeroua policy. , .. ,.A y
Th abolition doctrines b long contended
against by the Democracy are oonderaned by th
people, and win no longer serve as a rallying
cry to distnrbathe Union feeling of the North.
Charles Sumner. Ex-President Buchanan on the War.
At a areat Union meeting at Hay esvllle.Cbea-
ter oounty, Pa., the following letter of Ex-Pree-ldsnt
Buchanan was read: ;. ;,t t, ;
WHEATLAND, near Lancaster, Pa.,
September 28. 1861.
D ut Sir: I have been honored byfyour kind
Invlutlon aa Chairman of the appropriate com
mlttee, to attend and address a Union meeting
of tbe cltlaens of Chester and Lancaster coun
ties, to be held at Hayeevllle on the lat of Oc
tober. This 1 should gladly aocapt, proceeding
as it dots from a moco valued portion of my
old Congressional District, but advancing years
ana tbe present state of my neaita raoaer it
Impossible. '
Yon correctly estimate the deep interest which
! feel, la common with tbe civilians who will
there be assembled, in tbe present condition ,6f
onr country. Tbls la Indeed serloojj but our
recent military reverses, so tar from producing
despondency in tbe minds of a loyal and pow
erful people, wltl only anlmste thsm to' more
mighty exertions In sustaining a war which has
become Inevitable, by tbe assault of the Con
federate States upon Tort Sumter. '
For this reason, were it pose, bis for ma to ad
dress von. waiving all other toplos. I should
confine myself to a solemn and earnest appeal
to my countrymen, and especially those without
famllie, to volooteer for tb war, and Join tbe
many thousand of brave and patrlotlo votup-
' . I .1 J.I. .A -
teere wuu arw uirvnvj ui ui
This le the moment for action; for prompt,
enerestte and united actloof and not for tbe
discussion of pescd propositions. These; w
mot know, would bd rejected by tbe State
that have seceded, unieM we ibonid offer lo re
cognise their Indtpeodsoce, ; which I entirely
oat ef tb question. "
Better soaueels any hereafter pasvalt, when
these neeple sball fee coavlaeed tbe ebe war is
ooaductad, ao t fr tbelr eeaqusst or subjugaiioo,
but eoieiy for ah purpose of bricglnr tbera
back , to -tbelr Original poeittoa ta tke Ualaa,
with oat tmpairlsg is tba slighteet degree nay of
taair constitutional fightav :,
Whilst, therefor w ahall oordially hali
tbelr return audrr our cotamon aad glottoo
flag, and walcoma thesa aa brothers, yet, netil
aaat happy fey abajt. arrwe, it win be edr doty
aappott tbe rreeiosni witn an tu men and
mean at tUaommscd rfthe ceonwy, la a ir
Ofoaa and ancjeeafpi proaseotUm of tbe war. ,
' 1rw' '
Alleged Occupation of New Orleans
the National Troops—The Rebels
Yield With out Firing a Gun.
[From the Louisville Journal, Oct. 9.]
f . We have btd vague tumon for several days
that New Orleans bad beea, ocqupied by tbe
Federal troops,. Intelligence Was received In
this olty last 4Volug, by way of Nashville,
which leada ua to believe that the rumor baa
It foundation In faou . One report, In which we
place soafidetit', says ibat tbe Federal rorcee
trmk Boaaesslon of the cltv on tbe bib InBt. with
out firing a gun.-It is said that tba fleet, after
the desertion oi 8hls Island by tke rebels, pass
ed Mississippi City, Blloxf'snd Pasa Christian,
wblon were evaonateo, ana maue aa oj vu
auest of the cltv.' It ws found that tbe lncott
plete forUfloaUoos at Bay St. Louis bad been
abandoned bv tbe rebels, and the city surren
dered on the 5th Instant, In compliance with the
formal demand, ol .lbs commander oi the r a
era! foroea. t a ru? r.ts -ir,
Tha ibowi ataicBaaut le th substance of h
dlsnatoh said to have been published In .tJhe
Nashville paper of the 6th Inst. . .- '
[From the Louisville Journal, Oct. 9.] [From the Louisville Democrat.]
Tha aitr.waa lull of rumor laat alebt rela
tin to news going to substantiate tbe taking of
new urieanf. i uiq pariy nai seen Aiaauyus
paper lb 'wnicn ins news was puonsnea; toa
one had aeea a party whose correspondent had
sent him information of tbe fact, etc. , That the
oily Is in possession of the United States foroe
we do not doubt.' We are only Incredulous aa
to the mesne by whleh tbe news would reach at.
Nsehvills papers and Nashville letter must run
th blockade at tbe lines) and we do not look
for any very reliable, news on tbe subjeot until
w vemiva tt from th East, through return
boat, or latter from' tha fleet. Meantime- fat
u possess our souls in patience. : .' - .- ii I
i j .-ii i '" ; i
Clothing for the Troops.
Ths Indianapolis Jowrtal says, after stating
tbe course taken by tbe Uovernor ana wommis
sarv General of Indians, In hunting' up tbe
clothing forwarded tj the Indiana troop' which
thev did not ret: ''
"But lor these efforts, of tbe Governor and
tbe 8 ate officers, it is now tolerably evident
that our troops In the Virginia mountains
would. In all probability, have received no
clothing at air tbls winter. Tbe Government
officials have been mct shamefully and crimi
nally negligent, and we understand that
charge have been preferred against them by
the Governor, and forwarded to Washington."
We wish Governor Deonlson had cut an
aaent on tbe track of the cio'hes intended for
tb Ubio troops in western Virginia, remaps
the Governor was ntt oalled upon by any form
al obllnation. to send a special agent up and
down tbe face of the earth seeking those who,
by Incompetency or 'process of villainy bad
stolen, detained, or neglected to procure the
0 otbes that should have been on tbe backs and
legs of our suffering soldiers, but tbe people of
Ohio, citizens and soldiers, wonia nave thanteo
him for dolor more tbsn bis duty.
We need, to hunt dowo the Incspables and
the scoundrels who are fattening, while our men
in the army suffer, some one with iron will, no
respect for office, aod no rear or persons, . tie
should be Indomitable and remorseless, the
deadly foe of shams, add sworn destroyer 'of
the humbug dignity or petty position, lie
should also be animated with "unonrnmon
wrath." and give neither rest to his feet,
nor slumber to bis eyelids, until he knew the
reason why tbe overcoits that we know tj have
been made In this city, are not on tbe backs of
our soldier at Cheat Mountain. u He should
know how to trace a- He to ft source, and to
call a tbief a thief.' aod a fool a foot, however
the one or the other may be bedlrxeoed with
buttons, or thiokly encircled by those whose
thrift followi fawning. Ctn.yom.'
' . .i
Gen. Fremont.
Tbe Washington rmculal dispatch to the Phil
adelphia fiat of tbe 8th of Oct., save:, . - !
Th President is greatly importuned by tbe
friends aod foes of Malar-General Fremont. . It
it itrtaU that ht hat cimmiittd torn orats
(sis. ' General McClellan has been repeatedly
consulted In regard to this vexed question. ' It
absurd .to suppose that whatever disposition
may be made of it will have anything to do with
the question of slavery, as involved in tbe proc
lamation or rremont, modmed ny rreaiaent
Lincoln.' At present, It seem to be understood
that he will have an opportunity to test his
courage and his prudence by driving (be traitors
from Missouri, many oi the nest irieoas ot
General Fremont regard bis case as an exceed
ingly djoonn onev defend. . , ;
' There ie evidently son deep trouble with
General Faxworir. ' Probably- th country will
be advised of the nature of it before' many
Emancipation the Basis of the War.
The New York TVibunehae received "an
earnest, forcible letter from Rev. John G. Ttt,
late of Kentucky, in favor of making Emend
nation a baala ot the War for the Union." Tbe
Trtoussiays: , ., i:.,. , , - -'-
. We do not print it, not because we DIFFFR
from tbo author, nor even that we think hie
suggsstioo aaitaMy, but simply became we
think ht ts aoi th man to make such a recom-
meawation with effect. . For Air. Fee is a well
knowa Abolitionist of long standing, and th
fact that a thinks Emancipation th true way
to eave the Union Is not calculated to add to tbe
number who now think aa be doee.
Gen. McDowell.
Oae of Items news
Washington fa, that Gen. McDoweh is to b
mad a Mtjor-Geoeral and placed in command
of one of tbe division of the Grand Army.
The I nothing which ha been mor strongly
Indicative of Gen. McClellan' good eerise, or
which in the estimation of-tbe jodlclooe, has
given greater satisfaction, than bis showing of
eordiaf tespect end sympathy for Gen. Mot
Dowel!. It la conceded by military men, at
home and abroad,- friendly and hostile, as well
-patent to tbe nederr-tandiog of (be Intelli
gent publio, that Gen. McDowell' plan of tp
battle of Bull Ron wal admirable.' He struck
tbe weak place of th enemy's lines, and de
served victory though be did not win It.' He
not, In tbe first pise, seek the position of
commander of the ermy Of the Polomao. It wa
an honor thrust' upon him, and accented with
the modesty whloh grace a tru soldier and
gentleman, ae certainly aa it adorn a true wo.
man- He bad, long before he led the army in
tbe forward movement whtcrrresulted ao disas
trously, a very correct appreciation of the mag
nttnd aad dangers oi nil position, ana no was
barraated and mortified by Anding much Ignor
anoe 'and reeelviog many--discouragements
where he should have discovered only sagacious
understanding, tad met with nothing but hearty
co-operation. Hi report of tbe bsttle Of Bull
Hub le most honorable to Dim, being ' clear,
almple, candid, and complete, possibly a little
toe tender in respect te Incompetent officers, bat
altogether a document that could only have
beeo produced by a trns soldier and gentleman.
he country eeetog in mcuoweu oniy tne com
mander or aa army mat was neieatea, n aone
bias lrJJaee.-CnrtCimfflfrcW, lOtt. "
Democratic Nominations in Wisconsin.
..... i . . . alfa. .(.'..- ......-. .
The Democrat of Wiscohilni in State "Con
vention, have nominated th follpwjog ticket ;
Democratic Nominations in Wisconsin. STATE OFFICERS.
For GovBrnor Bonj. rrgwoa, of Dodp;:
For Lieutenant Govecaov Henry VL BilUngs,
Oflowa.'. lrtj 1,i i. lVt,..-.. V-;5A . .
For SecreUrvof S lata Charles S. Benton, of
LaCroase, -- V? ,v,!m -For
But Treasurer Uerooles L. Dousmsn,
Of Crawford.
For AttoMey-Generar-Pnilo hi OMon, Jr.,
Of Lsyfayett. . .r, tr": j, ii ,T j
For Bank .CoajpUolle Jama Volmar, of
Waablogtcn. iri .-.-nttw v s.'J t r lr
For Supertnteadent at SchooWH. G.. Wins
low, of Raoloe, -m . ,!" .iy tm.'j noi i j.
For State Prison Cemmlsskrbar-sJaO. J. CM
Iv. of Milwaukee,. . u4 fot rt.-r.j4.' ;
-eleotipn 1 held jn November aeabii U
Notice to Applicants.
, Tba gteretary of War oeaires U to be sUted
publicly, that tnere ara vaeaonee ot pay
maaurs.no jnsrtermatsr'.posltioos, a corn
fiisrwles in hte gift, or ny sppolntnteafe of
oflfsof tbe army io b made, rxoarH in the .
regulaf order sia-pmot.H?0.,!' J
Vy) aabllab tbo abor lor- the ' bddafit ol the
leglooi thai ar looking for ndSfiueti.m.h
King Tobacco.
Eiigland consumes annually about aixty mil
lion pounds of tobaooo.' Tbo revenue from It
foe the last year amounted to '; the' enormous
sum of $30,000,000, ther being but one other
article of lorsign import, sugar, whloh yields
the Government a larger amount... But tha Gov
ernment at Jrano. is -Ull -mora -interested in
the tobacco question than that of England, be
cause n li'rauo tobacco ia a Government mo-.
uopoly, which dbUtrlBuie aiuu.uuo.uuu pes an
num to tha Imperial Treasury.. There Is, more
over, a kind of .necessity that makes it inoam
bent on the Emperor to obtain the venal supply
ol tobacco at whatever cost, as,' if his colossal
Army were long deprived of this, the elmost
only luxury, the fortune ol !' dynaitv mlght
be sblpwreoked, and his throne, now bphold by
600,000 bayenem, might be overturned, by a
tt)isal at thir auDoort. ' That a nlant oris
inallv smoked bv few savages should succeed.
in spltd of the most stringent opposition of
Churob. aod otate, to oe tneooerisnea mxnry or
tbe whole oivilixed world, Increase with the in
crease of time, and end In causing to vast
trade, so lares an outlay or money, ana exer
cising to powerful an Influence on the polity of
nations, la eertainty a ataustioat laot witoouta
n.nll.1 I
The United States ) upUe about two-fifths
of all tbe tobacco consumed In Europe. Of the
60.000.000 lb, required by England, aba draw
from 30.000,00V to' 35,000,000 lbs., from tb
United States, and w furnish from three-fourths
to fonr-fiUh or aq Oat oonsumea oy rranoe.
NxoTSAUTT in TRi Beitiih PaoviMox. The
Toronto Ludtt baa not labored In vain, Col
Rankin baa been arrested, and the work of en
listing soldier tot th Federal Army in Canada
hai been1 suspended. ' Col, Rankin, It will be
remembered. I a member, or. the rrovinolal
Legislature, -who baa lent himself earnestly to
the business or mustering a company or Jban
oers for service in a regiment Of that descrip
tion of troops now organizing at Detroit. Tbe
Ludtr. as tbe Government organ, has followed
his labors with tbe utmost impatience.' ' It baa
Called attention to tb patent violation' of th
neutrality law involved in tb enterprise.
and Is now rewarded with tbe spectaole of his
arrest and the cessation or the work, i; J'" ;
i i 'i I,, a. f ' -
',!AGwrrtt Hiirr. On tb 2d KMs,: Mn
fJarrla waited in due form upon the new Tycoon
of Japan to present bis letter of oredenoe as
United btates Minister: ' tils address hai? been
sent to the Tycoon beforehand, and Mr. Harris
bad, in tbe same manner, been madeacquelnted
witn tne isngosge or tne reply wnion the l y
coon would make. It was In . the following
words: .:vt. ' '
"The receipt of the letter and statement is
sstiifaotory. - The friendly relations between
the two countries shall be lnoreased more aod
more. ' , Tour long residence here must be wee.
risom to you." .
Th ocoaslon on wbiob this bint to Ms. Har
ris waa uttered, prevented an; call for explana
tion at too time;
' There are still oomolainta of a want of trans
portation In Western Virginia. "Want of trans
portstion" within a lew miles or a great rail
road 1 V Want of transportation i M and fields
run ot muies ana horses, purchased by Uovern
ment, eating their heads off al various points,
and endless string of Government wagons. A
few weeko agorhe-wonder was -what upon
earth was to be done with all the horses, mules
and wagons in Western Virginia. Depend upon
it, there will be plenty of "transportation" In
the bill of cost whloh tbe people will have to
foot. 1 bere is a want of brain, business man'
agemeut and honesty, i far more) conspicuous
msn want oi transportation via. vent,, via.)
" 1 1 ii " I
; The Albany Araut thus des cribs th "trsn'
set by General Fremont or the rebel at Lex-
logtom x. 4.J.V...' i kji u;ji t
Tb trap was baited with four colonels, one
msfor, three thousand five hundred privates,
three thousand stand of arms, five piece Of
artillery, two mortars, seven hundred and flftv
horses, X100.000 worth of rations, the seal of
tbe Stite, fyuu.UUU in money, k cannon foundry,
and the riobest part of Missouri. It most be a
dainty mouse that would refuse such a bait! . '
Democracy ef Indiana have Issued a call
for a State Convention on the 8th of January,
1862. .The Committee cordially invite all citi
zens of that State lo nartlcipatein the eleotlon
of delegates to tbe Cooveaitoiv and te take
part in its proceedings, who are opposed to tbe
political policy of tbe present Administration
ait wno are m lavor ot tne re-eatabuabmentor
the Union al it waa, and the aupremaoy of the
Constitution as mide by the lathers of tbe Re
public The object of the call is to nominate
a State ticket to be supported - at the ensuing
state election. s i- i...a w - i;-- )
in .a
Tmt Ncaaia or Qoxia Victoiia's Soucoti.
The entire population of 'the British Empire
amount to lua.uuu.uuu, ut those, tba number
in the British Xalanda is 129,250,000; the North
American Colonies, 3,7bo,WU; th Australian
group, 1.S88.UOUJ . W8t,;.lndlsn. I.UU0.UUU
while the aggregate number of British subjects
in ueylon, Mauritius, ttong nong, and tbe At-
rioan and European' possessions, amounts, to
3200.000. In British. India,, the number la
135,000,000. In sixty - years the increase of
population in the United Kingdom wee eighty-
two per certs., nnt ror me isat ten , yean tne
increase oas Been eaty six par coot., i.roT
ii i i i ,i
ETA French inspector of prisons has srrlrel
In this country. lie I engaged in ylaltlng the
prisons or the United Btates, aod went through
tbe Washington Jails few days ago, making
caremi nuserrauupa. -. , t . i-,',,! ,
Anothix Nioao Lawvia John S. Rock, M.
D., has been admitted, o examlnatiob,- as a
member of the bar In Boston, making the third
lawyer of African desoentnow practising in tbe
courts oi tnat city. , . . . . .n--.T
D1..J ii i- '1 " w
IT The Treasurer bf Morgan county; Ohio,
la found to be a defaulter to tne tune of nearly
18,000. He haa been bound over in the sum of
Master JPoramissiQrier'fl' Sale.
James Plarkttai,
itai, ) ..! .-.; itv'T'
Common Picas,
Daniel Dtektr
dlrtoted.from UtOonrt f Common Picas of Frank
lin eoantr. Ohio. I will offer far silt at tht door of tht
uoan nonet tn tbt olty or Oolombos, ta
Saturday, tbe 16th day of .November, A-.D
atta t'olock P. V., tht following dttorlbed real etUtt
titoalt la ht eoanty tf Iraaklla and 8 tote tl. Ohio, tt
wits t .'
A tart tf to-lot Ho. 83. la the tity of Oolambas. b
1ob1o at a polot oa tht Bonlh lint of Oay , trait and
tbt North lint of said lot, 83 fttt 9 iaehtt Watt from tbt
Mortbout oorner of said lot; running thtnet Wtat on
tht laid Worth lint of cald lot 89 Mat and 8 Inchait
tbtnoo Bouth St fett and 8 Incbti to ths Booth liat of said
lot) thenot Bui with aald Hot 88 fett aod taohafl
thanot North S feet and 8 laebtt to tht place tt bagU.
OlnC belnt tht Watt ball oi aald In-lot No 8S. lata 31
fttt andl rncbaa, btrotofort oonrajrad to tha tratttas of
tht Pint Oolortd Bapttft Oharah of Oolumbnt by ram
atirtka. by dtad dated fob'y 8d, 1841. bting tat taait
Itnds ordered to bt tonvtytd at aforttald to Janus Clark
and Sarab M. nlly, btlrs ot Bamatl ClarkttM.,,
dppralitd al 8900 00. . . .
!..-.-v0 . f obob tT. ttrrrKAtr, Bhsriff," ,
.i i . . .i .. Bj Matter ConiDlMlontr.
XOOX. .. . : t; V-. lOOlw
it j,.
trailed siatee Express Co. I'frep'r
iAsf freightxine!
Via Sew York V Erl Esikoiul,
And all oilier R(sradhig West
,k.'.l'n ,Vn g-u l l!-: ? ti. jfet .
Chartered, Oarf sVer moot Boads 08 1 atsesgtr Trains.
.'-..'-ii ii.i iff - "'""
U, H.-HOfBTrAgH,- 1- A.'1- I, kft,
881 Broadway, M, f. 4 Tfl89 M u'
VTM. B. nRUfiupcrlnttnatVlJiffklt '
II.'riTCU 9 Ajreatee 01
v-1 .'"BT Wet trweSr-
SDaliQd Plop
rion the jMrwnoatr (Jentrtl"Caliittliiiv
bhio, onUl IS It I AIUBD AY, Uth OOTOBXlt, for the
toUowtEf articlMaBuy slsthlng: , . -.. .
'9,000 Bagnla'tlea f 'srar Caps and Oovsrs, Bias OUth.
1,000 .de KtBSdBttusss. ---r-.-: r-r
1,300 da ' Oavalry aokeU.V ill" wool dark bins
;J,60O' ,dL 'AMUera, do,, - larsry. S i
,000. v a - -- TrwMM, all wool iky Ua tmjA
S.OOQ .,.,d " do He-snfoiM4 . 4e. ii 1
18,000 Onylhirts,, Colon flsjinsl.,V.' . .iijld
11.000 Fairs Prawers,: -.,. .i ..ifr
1,000 Pairs aaeea., ..H rt,,'t. -.
ifitt Vatr Oavalry Stole J. ... n.
t?,O0e Pairs Woollsa Bocs.iu( r ,Uj.vi) r..i.' :
e.000 Iafaatrr OraieoaU, aU-wool tky Uus Etraty.
3.000 Oavalry' u de':'3 ''.'''do ' do ' ' do. '
4,500 Palm fclauttts, all-wool, i 10 lbs. tb pair.
'-All ths abort artloies art rsqulrtd to b of matatisl.
and ityle eorreipondlng In srtry rssptct to ths TjJ B.
army Btgulafloh. 1 '" .1
' Sample patte'ras of sack artlols may bo Stan at the ol
Sot of tht Quartsnnastsr General, Oolombos. . ' ;
Dids nut bs madt soparaUly for saeh arUolt, aod
state tht aamat'ol two or atortsaratloa.
lor ell accepted bids, tht parties will bt nqulrtd lo
girt bonds, with sumeleal twarlt, tat tht rstthAU fetf
fomauot jot lbs toatraoti and to oar oT failure la. tht
tuns of daUrtry or la tht quality ol tot trllelas, jths
State rtitrvas tht right to partbaa thus slstwhers at
thssxpenss at tbttoatraottr. .. ,r i - , -vi
Pajsuot wUl bt suds wllkla sixty ears freai ttsoaW.
tloaof eoatract. -, -v-.r,... ;:.-. n:.- -o.-j
. DtUvtry ot Oavalry and Artillery clothing tt ht ojadt
t Oolombos within W aays froai date tf tract, in
squat proportions taeh wttk.ir.r . '- .
. DtUrtry of Infantry eltOtlag and tf Caps sod Bln
ktls, to bt madt within forty-lrt days. Is tqaal proiof
Hons saoh WMk. '. -. s- ' -
Proposals will btaldrMi to 1 ' ' -
v- ' 1-'"'OBO. B. WBIQHT,
i i y .M,-r- i . jLM'IQr. U. Otstral,
ectO-td ''..'.' ;-? ' Oolombui
BsAsqoAaTias O. ktiuru akb T. Harm,:
-.i.' ( . QsAaTaRKAsna-ataaaal's Orrios,
l.i- .-ri-.' v. i Ooluaba,Oot.l, !
PA88B8 wUl bt Inatd by tht Itatt of Ohio to (ol-
dlers on farlongb, to b refunded tr kept tat of Ihtlr
pay. r.."i i-
AMUUor trantpertatiim will hertafUr bt sttOtd
sod paid by tht Assistant QaarWnaatttr TJ. i, A.
No. 10, State Bontt, Oolunbus, Ohio. - !
- , , ; -- j-n BO B. WEIflBt.
: AarUtant Qaartanuattr OtauraL
Sheriffs Sale.
I. W. Oarptoter t Brt
' vs.
' J. -Q. Knaps- at Co.
' ttiawart
Oomnion Plead
JO la tht abort east, and earn twtttbtr write, oot la
favor of John P. Bonn ti, J. a. Kaapp t Co., aad tot
ta ftvor of William O. Bunu vs. J. a. Knap1 at Ot I to
Bt dtrcettd Irom tbt Ootrtof OoaaMB Pltat of Delaware
toontv. Ohio, I will tfftr for saw at tbt store
19 But Broad strati, Booktyt Blotk, la tbt olty of Oo
lamoas, salt oommtDcing on ,
Monday, tb 14th day of Oct, A. D. 1861
at 9 o'clock a. at., a flat attortmeot of dry good and
nouons, two Stoves, ant step ladder, two Hte f alrbank's
toaioa, on oe,i, one tini oay oiota, ko,, ma.
. Printer's tits Ba 85. ..''.'. . .. - i.;ri.,.r
. V. .. - 9. fr. BUfPHAH. Shtrlff,
" f. B.lB'ls,Bopotyf
tt. n. anrr, Aumoaetr. - ,
SBWdtdV ''
r (Sheriff's Sale.
Bliss, WbttlookAOb.
. Order of sals la sttaehnjtnt,
, i. ). Kaape 4 Co.
e- ' . K V t r.
to mt dlraeud from tht Baptrlor Start of fma
tin OTunij, vmo, in tarn boots taw, ana anoutr NH.
wbtrtln f rtd. Batttrfltld. tulntt of Dtfomt. Arm.
strong t 00 art plalottga, v i.-ft. KnafotCt4r
dcfuMlaott. I will tgtr (or salt at tbtttmfi
I tatr lor salt at tnt iiMKnt. and
after tht tzttaUont art tat lifted a descrta ia tit
abort adrtruttmaal,. tbt rtmaualBg ponioai tf said
una oi oooai aait tomaionoia ia ,i 1 - i
Friday, the 18tB day pf October, 4-
tt B o'clock, a. h. , ,
rrlnttrtrets,f 50. ' '-.r -.-v..
. .. - . '..'i r.Q. F". BUrPHitf, Sberlg,
.By Mo, LUvat, Sewary.
OCtSdtd., ,u , ,, .'. - .i . b .
... .... .. v V - - ' .. , ,..- -
Have REinoyEb to their re
.. '.-1 . j . . !!. .-j ' .. a-' i -i .' '
Nob, 250 and 252 South High Street,
and hart utoeUted with thtmttlvts WM. KI0HAHD8,
oaaerutDrmoi : : t .. k . :o
1 1 . i v . .-k A- . - i.
Headley, Ebcrly &4fiichards,
Pormtog ont of tht iarjcit firy. floods Eoastt .intat
' , , . .. . . - '
- This ' Bonis ts conitanny rtctlrlog New Ooodk,
The Ntwtst snd Neatest style of '-' -
Hamilton, Manchester and Pacific
J.-.; '-;".' r . Delaines :
laths Olty, ctnbs foaad at ' - . i-. .. ' i '.
;i BlUmwal Skirts;" '
In grtal variety, JuiVrtotlrtd by' Ts ri
c.ItlDn.uiur.rtlt.3, TltliuMINUa,
Or ths Newest itrlfi.lnit rtcetTd. ani aleamaila ia
ew. h - , -' - " 7 " tTi." I
1 t iM .fli tn-'
t-f J . i i Ua l
P1AIDB, - 8-t4BlTlTSttN0g
CHINTZ, " 'f "BHIBTINfJfl.'"
This firm'. IutIdc adootad lha'Ouk 'mUm la' tht anr.
ohatt and aalt of Qooda. art taablt to Mil from 18 lo 80
poretol. less than othtrheast aadtr thttredltayiteea,
-.,. S50 and S52 Sohth High Street, -
.. - r. i celwmbwe Oft!. I
ectg-dly i.t, -H ,-iiTv-i-.i m j.
..: : .1- t '. r I" : ' 'Vi
wiuiom,uA.;. o-ui
it3LCBCBirBeSinl'! " j
f r it n. J rt U.nn' r ' 'I
Mit liujti BBAUB taU IV
Sum. sUui;jraetIltvniww Were,
tnt m Meei Pwiuta teas , kttistf, titar aid
lea, m ,wviu m.is i.MAmxMk4b,
AVV VIWAT.Bs vwtu. mtMVj tjuaejf Wm OI gSpilDff
O itMk Olrthi. tn ftll llrtbU mlxLUrabinJ(nrai
Mil eVDtJ BltttMfelBte ai UikXM Aulff.
stwarttr , y r 1 V, ,7'Vfi "r mruwrwal SUrBTD tVTJAV
J4f 64v tV4 Wlittw mad i Heel and
t While OtMMktd-ef fatarltraaeiityi for tale tyT
BAIN )!, t
nrt t n rj r; " ? M v 7 I) '
UtirraIoialifaaoV ;
Whloh U WIU sell al-rltrttiiiHt tMblt ,f- to' re
tain tht repuUUsa tht atand.alraady Jo ot rwlog tht
Olxeetp Store i
tlCAB!lie J.-" ,-.!. y ; ,
of tht Olty. Muoh of tht (took was sought for Ouh
btrtrt tht latt txtraotdloary adTinot, and all oao bt
W at .iwxfn .-'i. W '.. , t.
?' TrLES THAN 'cfjRRENT5' Pit ICE9. '
vA)-vrar.' s i, t, ".r 1
"Ifoi 3Ldiee.'jitiaee and Children,
of tht vtry bnlqoality aod. asaat. I cordially Invitt
the old ooitoaitra ol tht bouit, and trerybody tilt, to
Call and examine my ttooks bofprt purohaalng tlsswhert.
octt-dtf D cr?ll irt'n'i JH.K "' 1
lT..- ir'.-:--v it l .'i 11
"l "
-H "' ft V'i 1 .'! t '
rrnE hescuu covbic; or g.uc
J. TTJKB8 In Ibis Initltutlon will commtaot ; ta
TSuBlDAY, tht Still or poiogKfl, and oontlauo nn
til we 1st or siaiOD, itwiu 4 r;,.. -,y .r.t.
j i..n-i ; i ; ii "!."
,!(i-i i
Proftutr of Thtory and Prsotlct, and fiiu. '
Int. ef ObtlttrloestSlMattsSrWoniah Se'Chlldron
' t v JOHN DAWSON, M.'D.,11
, . !, ) Prof, tf Anatomy aad Pkytielogy. ;
,,.,1- i. W. HAMILTON, M. D.,
Prof, of lurpry,
i , 8. LOVING, M. P .a V .
Prof. Hat. M,ti-, Tbtrtp. at Had. Jariipradtnct.
" THEd. a. WOiMLEYr M. D ,
ProtV of Chtmlitry.l , J
D XT B . f, A Iff r '
. .Oti.ufn .-.' v., r-r.u.
i. i t.c.,.. Dtntmtrator of Anatomy. ,: '
t,J .. t-i .1 agar """ '" TtM !
ur; r'.,r.-.x-.-..XeriQ'!!" 1
,r . ... . ii r.-.t -'
Tickets forll the ProftaitT..nn.w.,. -goo1 00
klatrltalatlon Tloktt (only paidODce;....r . . .t, 9 00
Oradaetlon rt. , .,...,.,..,.,,.,;,,, 80-00
Amnoneiraiion avrrioaa... , o uu
Boarding to f 3 per week, Incloaing llgat sad rati.
Tht Ollnlotl and Boepltat adrantagtt eoatiit In Iht
Urgt and dlrtrtl&td Oollegt Olialo and tba Boipltal or
tnt rranklln ooanty InBrmary. Beelde tbtta, tbt two
Military Oaorpt la tht atlghborhood will be aoctiiiolt to
afadleas Btadaita. ! f -:- - r-
Alt Itttaew ol taoalry will bt promptly kniwsrtd, If
ottltd S. H. SMITH, Sean.
.K. ... n , ..,(.-, ,,.;.,.,, a v . .A 1
Commission- Mercliants
'at. ' . J . Vs -t V-'r
t, aawtj eab( ii0V
Old Rye, Monongahela & Bourbon
SSjBdlyl.. vr- t T-w l! :( n 1- '''
CoaenipalMit at who matrafaetart and sell weak
adnRtrattd Salvratnt, art jalUy 'idling (he confldesot tf
Ut eommemltjr, while Jamtt Pyls, wht aiikesa part
and genuine article, is btt bteomlng the not! popular
vtedtr ia lhe otaalry..'. Bepot, Sit . Waahtngtea strati.
new itra BoMrvtioatrttvtrywktre. "i
Is an lnfalllblt rrmadv for fettr and Ania. The .
psritnes of mlby years, la almost crtry ellmatt, proves
that wheis sse4.it tuiot aootrdaaos with the dtrtttltat,
aa rartty alld tt tort, not only by brassing tht
ehllls, bat by removing the morbid habit of tht system,
preventing the rteemnes of the dictate.'
IBTBB AND AOCB, tjatagh att am Kstlf daDgtroati
apt, anltct speedily ittoovtd, tt have sooh aptrol
clone sffeet oa tht system, Ss te engender disorders much
mart butral Ibaa lleair, aad wfckk not onty-reoder the
afttr-lle of tht patltnt alteiablt, tat are It Iheeattlves
oftta fatal. ' A prompt aad tBtotoal remtdy It therefore
what Is wanted, sad as sooh Pa. D. Jats's Ao Afo
Ttraa fs cbaftleotly taromretnded. - tor salt b tttttrt,
BoBaan at Bahobl, Oolambas, and br sgeots evsnri
whtrt .. , ,V '
septldtwrrlAtiitAwtw " -' ' '
Bovr lor; how Ristobkd. ,
' JnrtPubllfhea in'iSealed nTtior; PriotSete.l I '
Weakness, Involuntary Bmlttltet, Sternal SabUlty, and
Imptdlmtntettltarf1a(e irtntrallly, Ntrvonenett, Con
tumntloa. DiltBtV and rite. Mental and Prmltal In.
tapaolty. rtcaltlng from StkVabata, eke. By Robert t.
Cnivtrwill, M. P., author of tht 6 ram Boot, At. ,
A Been te Tbattaamde ef Bufferere
andtr staL la a nlaln tare loot, tt any addrtea.
it tald. on raeatnt af two atamoa. bv Br. OUAH..
. O. KLINB, 1S7 Bowery, New Ytik, Pott Offlct Box
No i
,v ilt , aspTiam8iw
Preei f fall hakitBaTfhoartsahltettt
OottlTinett, Eetdtch, Oktdlnns, Srowjioet and tier
ing la th tart, arising from tot great a flow ef blood to
the head, anon Id nertr at withoot Brandrtlh t Puis, snd
auiiy highly eangtroas symptoms will bt removed by
tbelr ImandJaM act. ' '. .: .:,':,' .
Th Hob. t. Hunt, of Westchester etaaty, N.. T..
tertnty -a vt years r sgt, at attd Braadrtth's Pills for
twtaty Art ptars as his wis atsdkdna. ; With hs feel.
uaispotaa, tt irtta utKt, ""-Ttt'lra. Aaiaaa, Head.
Billoes Ageettoas, OoiMrtain tr trrfteUoa ot tbt
Udaeyt or bladder, at dot Bothlag Wtt take a tt t to
ravandrtth'truis.i ....t.u...,j 1j.-
Bis asasl awthad Is tt take tU pUU, and redae ths
s taoh night, tot pin. Is story attack af stekasai
ftr Iwtarg-Srtrsars, tatlsagaMthd tasadvertalM
tt rat tort him to aeeltfc; aad hw kttaaasuasaaalso
aetlv aad hearty a be. v, ,4 im ivvw, ,
. BoU by Joan K, Otov, Bmrrttt, Colbrattij, tnJby
tUittpectakteeeatertln uedWtua ' - " ,.' ..
'..-'.'.' "" --'-d !
, tepll-dUs.lM ) W .(.. ;'i ; l.'.J'H
... - . . . t - 1 i ' : . ' ' ' , - '
111, I ual ii illkl, T ' I i i I. , I 1
Ittttv wrlttea by tht Ktv'. . S. Bolt,'prtvr ef'Sit
PterrtnolotrBbrtat BaptM narah, Brooklyn, BI. T., to
vtlaats la mvor of that wtirM roaowntd aadlotas, Was.
WoanDw's lot.i tn-ct roa OatLnaai tarnrraM .
VrVeeMt Mvarttanaot ta year MlwaaJf wf 8fks
Ww aoarauta bvaua. Now w aaaa, aald Waal
n fRTar irftt)iefltaiiotnbeoata tar lire, bttwt
fw,! aeain.1 Irfi i a.y ts yonr ravkn fht rUt tt bka)
e.uenwnt antiaa rr to an Ala
ll Ir rr-bl ana of tat aMtt eaaaaaifiit nsiM-
atnaeaf tliad..,, inoaoM Hit tat tf tot beat. Aodthett
af yovrre wutatrt IrtMSS tat't batter tbaa
UP tas sapyig. t7Uf4ff
For an Inch of Time!
a dying Queen. Tbat Inch of time ota a procur
ed at a muoh oheaper rata, and many long years of
, ., health'and, HAPPINESS i
enjoyed, by tonialtlnc Dr. ht EBBTWB ATHBB, who
le oaring tht mott obitlnaw and lonretandlDC dleearet
Facta atre st abb em Thlnga,
Hear what tbt Philadelphia ttrntpeBdent tare la tht
Oommoawaallh," Wilmingteov Delaware, giertf April,
J8i0: . ' . - t. , . . t
"An EnslUh gentletiaa, formerly cMnaeeted with tht
Brltljh Army, and who. ttete -tumeelf tbt Indian
Botenlo Pnyelclan,1 hat of late gained tAtaleatrttajpo.
tatloobereby bit ikill In caring all nuaner tT ooa
plaint,. Borne of hit patients 1 hart oonvtncd with,
and they pronounce hit remedies and moot tf treatment
at very superior. Borne ban beta recttrtd as-it by
maglo. Tbt medicine bt acts Is dUtllltd by olottlf
from rerlona herbs pottuting tare oaratlrt ptoptttlet.
'While acting In tot army bt devoted hit 1 lea re mo
mtntt to a thorough study of tbt tfftett prodottd by
certain medlolnal roots and barpa ta all aueaer aft die
ttiet. It teemi be hat fnnnd a sure and tpttdy ttme
dy for all the Mils that fltcb Is belr te. , alls pfteUot te
already tztenalre and It dally Increailng, In tht oom
plalBic to whleh females sre robjeoted. hs hat aatgnal
at a Iarje number here bare teatiflod that they .owe not
only their present good health, bat tbelr lr, to the
skill of tblt Indian Botenlo Phyelolan." .
Office 37 East State Street, ColotnbutV
sagl7-d3m' 1 - ' " -
Tstw Bnat 'Artificial llelp ! lo Site
rtnuaa aigrns ever iatvaa4
- , ' UlOaVATA D, AT All & A, IV 1,
mtnt of Iht most Imprortd kinds of eptctaolt.
All bit Glaitea, whether for near or fkr-tlghted. are
g round In oonearo f on Tea form with tbt greatest ear,
to at t tatt tht Eyttef til eases, earing Wtakntet,
Dkilnest r Innatmnatloa of tht Byte, sad Imparting
strength for long reading or 8ns tewing. -.
Office, 13 Katt State itrttt. at StUaar Av-Kebeter't
Hntlc Btort..
-aagt-dly ' "'
Oysters! OystertH
bs4a dally receipt, by Bzprttt, o? 1
Prjrt Baltimore end Pair Dart n. ..an
tlall at Wagoer't Oytter and Fruit Depot, No, ?r But
State ttrett. .!..
augSttf - -
STANTLY oa band and for salt, tbt beet aualltr of
which ht will tell at tht lowest fcarktt-mo tTl
Oall and tnmtn ay Ooal taloveroaaetar wits-
Where. .
Offlct tt tbt ttore of SradforS, BajoVaV A Co., head
of Canal.
- ' D. P.-gTJTDAat.
tepSa-3m . 1. tv
i i . j liana . .
No. SCO-South ligh etrttet. Throe
HAS rjnit Vectlred a' etittee oekJef Villi AND
WINTER GOOD 8. lulteula for rentlemen'a (rear.
Cuttomert will hart their orders neatly and inbttentlal-
ly ezeouted at the lowetl tatet. r.jr.....t..i
.... ,f j i jjinj
. a'of Phalon'tE,tahJlihmP.N. IJ
raablonabte aharln. Hair ruitlnf. flh.mnnnnir,.
Curling aad Drenlag Saloon, ,'-aw
South High St., over BaUi'a Btorca.
where tatltfaetloa will bt given. In alt tk tr.oa
branchtt. - . . ,.-, , 4 a l - eJ
Lldiei' and Children's Hair Deoealni din In lha k.t
aeplJdly i .1 v' -. .-.i "
Baltimore , Clothiag HonWu
, , 1 . . ' P a v.afl .-
jno. vy,; altamortBtWf
( (itrwm timrr las woWAkn,)'' jX
'- ,V BALTIMORE fld '
A Urge Assortment ol I lso and rnrntftlAi
1 flood Constsatly bn'ffand ' kt'u x
Ootaoaiy ,. ., ; j ; a u. tl.i) JK
-.10p, South , High, etreqt,
r w,l ., .! .: ) f
Foreign . and. Domestic' J'ruIW-
S .fit ,A..d M
J. 1 0 U R, 8 A L Tt L I Q UOR STJ)
n a. .ii in... iM .
Wheleaale aatd Betall Ptaalerlat
No. yifth BtreeC" " ' .
tteefl tstmBtnatty on hand all th wa
lP-AXl4eAA Jai
Xrkxi3 oxrtoc3. Olcaio-
Oct. M-lyd . . :.. . 'JTJL.
Corner ftprlua; 4t Wif 'm' CI
.r-tl -aJJ-art
-i!r.tIa o TinrTsrioTc?
iai aUnnraotartrt'ot Braat aad OmttdtTa fhatlnap,
glBlthed BraeS Work of all SttorlpUunt. J
aJtt a,.'.. 'I I . V. I
VtlW ' Swvl4Bl1lja

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