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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 11, 1861, Image 3

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Mails fir Ho Verk Qlljv.Boston, Albany, Buffalo,
biii.i. ,.... i.iihiniili aiereland. Zaoesrtlie,
Newark, unnrlila. Waliliislon Olty. Baltimore, Phila
delphia and Maw Oilcans, close dniljr (8undy, except
ed) at o'clock p. m. - i . '
A tbroogh mall for We' fork and Cleveland olosea
0.11 (Sanaa,. wPS?) ":,a"
. Oentrml Oklo Wm Malt t?ltei datly, (SunJaji txvftptid)
in Alnnl ati. Ml - " ''
Olneinnaw War Mall olosei dally (Bundayi excepted) at
OMoaa Dutmcpw Belawere, Marlon ui Worthing
ton Stasia eleeea. daily (Sunday! excepted) et 8 e'oiook
P. Si, '' ' I' ' . . -r
Malt! to Xante, BprlnirAaM. Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, IndlaoapoliB, boauriue,' o.. uua, auu vtwu,
closes dally (Sundays excepted) at 8 o'oloek p. a.
A suenugb. avail, ta ienia, Bprlngfield and Cincinnati
eloaee dally (BuBdayeexoepted) at 10 o'clock a. m.
UrbauB, f Iqua, limn nu ubiwb viyy Hail ciuaea uauj
(Sundays exoepted) at 8 o'elook p. m.
Laneaetw, Logan, Nelsonvllle, Clrclerllle, Ohlllwothe.
Portsmouth, Washington 0. H., Athene, Merit t la and
BlUeboroain Bulla Blow awry iDanaaya exceptedjat B
elockp. ' ' i ' -t-eat
Way Mall by National Boad ta Eaneerllla cloeet
dally (Sandayeexoepted)atl(e'clookBi ' r
Harrlabarglt MaUcloeee dally (iaadays excepted) at 9
a'oiooBB.va. - " v
Ui. Vemea Mall, by way of Weatervllleaad Baoimry,
eloaee dally (Bandaya exeapted) atS e'cleok p. m.
PabliB kUdl eloaei dally(BaBdaya axoeped)a a'elock
Laneaeter Way Hall eloeea dally (Bandaya excepted) at
o clot p. mi ' - i -
Albany, Plttebargh, Olerelaad, Peyton, Toledo, Xeola,
Detnlt, Bprlngnold, OiBOlBnaU, OUlllloothe, Bt. Loola,
and al BouUiem eiUee, airtre between Ike boara of t
o'clock p. at. and 4 o'oloek a. n.
Maila toe. IadianapoUa, Qhtcaia and Dnbaiiae arrlrt
atkaOavB. '-. 1 t ..
Maila freen Waeblnftoa City, Baltimore, Wbaellnf,
Tiaeerllle, ruin re ateaoannue, bi. lernon, awt
0. O. B B Way Mall, arrtre at l o'cioox m
Way Mall front OlnoiaaaU arrtvea at e'olock p.m.
Mall atiiTae at o'clock D. la.
Baet Way Mall.oyer the NaUooai Bead arrlTea at II
O'elook a. m
Mt. Tern on Way Malt entree at 11 KM a. at.
all iron vabiio amree ai w o'ciocx m.
Vrbaaa Way Mall arrtree at t o'elook p. B.
Uaoaeter Way Mall arrlree at II o'olook b- "
Offloe dellrery open erery day (axoept Bon day) from
7 o'elook a. b. to tt o'olook p. m. Open en Bundayi
fnai TX ta 9 o'clock In the nomlng , and from 5 to
o'elook In the erealng.
Rail Road Time Table.
Lima Mum k OetOHloi It Xbnu E B, " ' "'.
' ' tearte. ' : ArrlToe
OlnctanaU aooommodatlon. 5:00 A. M, 1:10 P. M.
xyreea.. lfcttA. M. ' U:U3A. M.
Mail and AaooatniodaUon., ft 10 P. U. . 8:00 P. M,
MtcntBxpme ria Daytoe.ll:) aaldniiht.. :iWA. M.
, . x , . J, w. Dobxxtt, Aieat.
OoMatni Oufrauin K. B. '
BlfHt BxpTeee.............. 40 A. M. ' ' 11MJP. M.
Beer Tork Bxpreee .1I:1UA.M. , 10:50 A.M.
O.C.fcO. WayJCxprtai,... S:i9 P.M. . ,7:MP. M.
'."i ' ' JaMBi PaTnaaoB, Ayen..
OeVnUkOBW BV B. t-" . ,
to. Ttxpreie.. ......... S:J0 A. M. ' U:Si A. M.
lo,,4, . do ,......- K;U II. M. - , Ikat A. M.
iiwrKi: v i. - W. t, lau, Agent.
Prrrootaa, Oolombci' k. Outcurwain S. B.
Mall Trala. A.M. N11:8J A'. M.
BxpteaaXraia .....1L8S A. M. , :tP.M.
Joe. Boaiaeoa, Afent. -
CoualBOt A Iwaiaaoroue, R. B.
(tiauiiuoe Piojoa at iaauaa &. B.) ,
K. 1 Ixpraaa fl 30 A. M. 8:00 P, U
Mo. 8 1:00 P. M. T:W P. M.
AeooaaeantlB)v.,J..k.. 10:40 A. M.
' ',' ;.' 0. W. BHrra, Ateat.
T"ilJ (ternooD ibe looomotire of th ex
prM fraln from tbli oil ran off the traok neat
DiiflW, and, being preoipiUtexl down aa em
batkmenrwif rai ashed to pieces. The big
gage ear and two passenger care were not dam
agad, ba the last two pMicoger cart were bad
ly broken, bnt Jortuoately none of the passen
gefi;are tnjnrtd.i 'A laborer on , the road,
Tbomai Nolan, wm itrock by the engine and
ererely ,broUed,.,nd another band, Riohaid
Mitch ttL, bad hit right arm broken. A news
boj, Eow aid, KoRi wai thrown from the en
glue, aid wounded In the teg. An examination
ahawed that the accident was occasioned by t
loose nil lying Blengslde the traok, which had
been tilted upon the traok by the passage of the
wheels of wagon orer one end. , ' ;
eaaaBmmaaaBaai (. . f
C7,Tbs Maennercholr will gWe a concert and
ball at WiKota's Halt on Thursday of next
weektrt-r -t:. :..,...
S3 The Military Committee of this Con
gressional District met yesterday at the office
of B.' F.' Maitin, Esq., and organised. We
understand that tbey will appoint the commit
tees fat Ibe teveial counties in the District. '
Itis announced that Companies A and B,
of the Second Battalion of Col. Casbington's
Regiment, wUC trre 'from Delaware at 11
o'clock this forenoon, and will be. received at
the depot by Companies A and B of the First
Battellion, and escorted to Camp Thomas
im ii t .
D"'0a Jhnrsday tttternoon,'' prlyte at
Camp Thomas, who resisted his Sergeant, was
compelled to obedience by having e bayonet
ran through bli .body, which Inflicted a serious
woaad. ..:,. . . .
Gomo to sue Foostb IncaaciaATioM. We
eroeiTe!that the immortal "J. N." Fax, stjl
ed by those who know bin best "the greatest
philosopher, orator and satUtat that ever lived,"
is inux" city to-4ay. "J. N ," after a series of
most trnth-telilog leo)nree throughout the State,
In which he has vindicated with remarkable
powet the truth of his doctrine, that "truth
must be judged by merit alone," Is now about
to enter on bis fourth Jnckroeratlon, and loaded
with Chains will thus defy the Jealousy of the
world oa account jf his indomt(ablo power
The puce selected bf mis great , martyr to bu
matt error hi New Lexington, In whiok place the
Immortal VI, N, ,lucaroeatea himself on ,the
S3tlwf October for onr month of life. After
his mcaweeeaUoa we may. expect that he i will
afford ttiiim further proofs ofhti great power by
rlsiUnr the Confederate army, ana by too oxer
cUed tls wlUaloue, stopping toll terrible; And
unnatural .waryi p9 wf, N., yOn are ready
to meet your doom. ,-
IDT A regiment Is In process o forma Uod at
Nswatk, to be placed, under the command of
Col, CsaABxxs R. WooMV now Captain Ii its
. unf.sttrt jin.y
trr,w(w,-,eeea .,i
07 Col. J. Kixst Bums has bees tranxfened
from'the Forty-third, to the Forty-fonrthARegl
meat, which goel Uwnedl4te1y Into lerv1o.
UT Coi. Josm Pa Coeaoar has been ordered!
to join hii. regiment", the 16th, Wooster, lm
eeUattlf,'tiJV' '''" i . i".t
-r'B'r !i .i i asii i '''' '
13 Seven kandred tad lotty French tifiss
arrived , ii ,'the olty, on Tdesday, Obtained by
tUeieoTf from a shipment of the Oovern-
1:1 mmmm-mmmmmGmmm,luviJ
(7 f & tflfloTstbofl to be the Intention of the
anUBaiy attthofiues oi mo staiiw aHaon
Uttett t&lery brigade. ThlffW
It It aaVdt add abeat-oereBty-twe to the present
BurA WkBsrono Aandred 'os.epa, hu'ldrel
Ohio.. ' Sjlili '.lex'-w U m.,
"i il mi " "
iTiTtf jr-TA-M: lata Cishler of tht
Bank oteUware,died la that plaoo oa Tnes-
day lasVof typhoid fiver. He was a wormy
fOBSg 1MB,
NuMiia and Location or,. Ohio RiomxnTS.
The following statement' presents at one view
the nombers, commanders, placet of service or
looatiou In eamp, Of all the Ohio Regiments :N
Plret Beglment B. P. Bmllh, Colonel, Camp Den.
aieon. . ; - t ... . ,. .'
gtcond L. A. uarrla, Colonel, Kentucky. '
Third I. II. Marrow, Colonel, Weitern Virginia.
Vonrth John B. Uaaoa, Colonel, Weetem Virginia.
Fifih-S. H. Donning, Colonel, Weatern Virginia,
Blxth W. K.Boiley, Colonel, Weetem Virginia.
Berenth K. B. Tyler, Colonel, Wettarn Virginia.
Klghth H. 0 T Pny, Colonel, Weatern Virginia. .
Nlath Root. Ii. MoOeok, Oolooel. Weitern Virginia.
Tenth Wa. II. Lyile. Ooloaeli Weitern VrrglnU. '
Blerenth-O. A. Da VllUere. Ooloneh Weitern Tli1-
glnla. , -VV . -. ' .
Twelfth O.B. Whiter Lleutenaat-Colaneli Weitern
Virginia. -
Tnlrteentu Wm. S. Smlthi Colonel, Weetern Vir
ginia, o . -t it rf . 'ii. ...: '-.. .wrf J-
fourteenth James B Bteadman, golonei, Kentucky.
juivBnm noeee D. xneaey, voiunvi, aoHmuiri ' -Sixteenth
J. Pitiror D'Oonrcr. Colonel. Oamn Ilffin,
irooeter. . . ' , . ..
Eighteenth T. R. Stanley. Colonel, Camp Wool.
Aineni. , . . , . ,
nineteenth Ramael Beattle, Colonel, Camp Pori), Al
liance. . , ,
TwentletbAOharMi Whlttleiey. Colonel, Camp Qhaae,
Oolumbaa.' " ' -' "' . , . ., ,
Twenty-Bret Jeeie B. Norton, voionei, sentueity.
Twentr-aeoond Wm. I. Silmoie, Colonel, Camp
Worthlngton, Chllllcothe. : ;;: .
Twenty-tnira r. Bcammon, voionei, neinro rr
Twentj-fonrth Jacob Amman, Colonel, tTeatarn Tlr-
l'5.''' . .... '. , i. I,.
Twenty ntm ji. a. jonei, voionei, nciiirn ir
Twenty-sixth Idwird P. TyBt. Colonol.i Woitern
Twenty-aeTentn Jonn rr, guinr, uoionni, minouru
Twentriihth Auxait Moor. Colonel. Weitern Vir
ginia. '
Twenty-Nlnth-tewli P. Bradley, Colonel, . Camp
Olddlnga, Jeffenon. - ,
ThUUeth BaxhJI. ,Kwing, Colonel, Weitern, Vlr-
!?. . I ... .-J:..
inirty-nil moiee n. iraner, uoionei. n.eniaij. .
Thlrt-eaoond-Ihomae H. lord. Colonel. Weetern
Virginia. . ' . . . , i ... r .
Thirty-third Jcihua Bill, ColooeCasip. Morroy,
Portamonth. ... . ' " . ' ; ,.
Thirty fourth A. Baanders Platt,(jDolonelt Weilern
Virginia. ' . . ,
Thlrty-flfry Tbomu VandeToer. Colonel, .Rinlucity.
Thirtriilxtb eeorge Cook, Colonel, , Weitern . Vir
TuUty-ieventh Idward Biter, Colonel, Weitern Vlr-
inin7eiRQ,a awiu v. jsrauivy, vviuuvi, Auiwf
Thlrtyniatb J. eroeebeck. Colonel, MisiourU
Portleth J. Oranor, OoloneMOaap Ohaae, Oolnmbui.
Port IraV-WUlUm B. Bason, Colonel, Camp Wood,
Cleveland. . ..-...t.-fortr-oeoond
J. A. GarSoLLColoBol, Camp Obaie,
Colaxtbna. ' ""
Porty-thlrd J. I. X. Smith, Colonel, Camp Chase,
Columbus .--...'.'.. v- " '
Porty-foarth , Coleael, Camp Clark, Bprlng-
Oeld. " '
rorty-flfth A. 0. Vorie, Lieut, uoienei , .
Porur-alxtb I. Worthlngton, Colonel, Camp J,yon,
Worthlngton. , , .
roriy-eoTenth f. Poreohnsr, Colonel, Western Vir
ginia. i. --Party-eighth
P. t.t8alllvan, Coloael, Camp Benal-
Kn. . . . 'i , .
forty-ninth w.H. Oloaon, voionei. a-entnoij.
PlfUeth Michael 0. Ryan, Colonel, Camp Hamilton,
Hamilton. - ' ' 1
IlftT-firat B. ate Lean, ltalor, Camp Meigs, Canal
Dover'.- ' - " '
Vlftyeaoond . . - ., vamp uenueon. - -
Plfir-UilrQ I. J. Appier, Colonel, tkasp Diamond,
JaBeiel. t. ., i. "
f Itty-foortB T. K, Smith, LUnU Colonel, Camp Den
alsoB. i. .
PUtr-fifth loba O. Ie, Milor, Oaop mouieiian,
Newark. ' r
f lttr-ilxtb Peter Kinney, Colonel, uamp Morrow,
Portsmouth. : ' - '
Piltyeevenlh William Mnngsn, ,. Colonel, 'Camp
Vanoe, Ilndlay. ... . ' . t
I Kty-elghth T. Baotenweln, Colonel, Camp Chase,
Oolomlwa. , , l t "i .
Ilftr ninth James P. lyfte, Colonel, camp amnion,
Itxueth Wm. n. Trimble, Coloael, Camp' Mitchell,
BilUboro. . ' ' ' '" '" ' '
txty-flrat Retrion Bcbltlcb, Colonel, Camp Medlll,
Lanoeeterr ''
Blxtj-sacoDd IiBoloa p. Marinoaiap twoaara, sanee-
T s'ijity-thlrd-Willlam Crag , Celonet, Casp Pataaa,
llartetu . - '"J?.-
Blxrt-tourtn John Bbemaa, voionei, camp Boosmr
hiB. afuallAia. -V .? ..'tt'l i i '
Sixt-n(in .ii ' , uoionei, vamp Dacaiognam,
. . ..... . . . ,
auniuaia. ; .
. BUty-elxtb JamM H, Dye, ((U(en,ntOolonel, Camp
Heartnnr, uroana. , , . . - .
BUty-eeTenth Isaao M. Balhawiy, Oolonel, Camp
Oliver, Toledo. .,., .-n.. . -
llxty-elghth taatsel H. Bteveoa, Colonel, Camp
Latu, Napoleon. ''.-
Blxtj atoU LiJ. uaaapDau, vewnei, vap xhubu
too, Hamilton. . .-,,..-....
Veventietn 4. B. UOMenu, woiexau, rren uanu..
Beventy-aiel 1 , Ooloael, Oaatp Tod, Troy,
Beveniv-aeoond R. p. Boekland, Uaaaaaaai-Oolaaal,
Camp Oroghan, Premont.
BeTeaty-uird Orland Bmlth. Colonel, Camp Worth-
ligton, Chllllootne. . i... e,. .; ---s
bereau.foo.rlh A. 8. Ballard. Colonel, Camp Iwe,
Xento. . i. .
Seventy fifth If . 0. McLean, Oolonel, Camp Mo been,
tar OlaolBBatl. i . - ,
Seventy-eixth-. R. Wood. Oolonel, Newark- I
Sevenvj-eeventh J. Blldebrand, Oolonel, Camp Pat-
nam, Marietta.
-" - 1 I ' (
ArPOlNTHINTS VOX THI Ricioitimo Sxxvicx.
The following appointments of Second Llen-
tenanta were made oa Tuesday , Ool 8 : !
Lnolen N.. Robinson 1st eavalry; Charles
Shepard, 6th cavalry, 'Win. H. Wyatf, 6tb cav-
alrvi J. W. Aiooov. win iniaotrv: a. i. boot-
ler, 52d; E. Brauoler, 6Slhj O. Welker, 63tb;
O. W. Reed, 62d; W. H., Haven, 64th t H( 8.
Commager, C7tb C Hennesty, 67tb J. O. Mo
Soholer, 73d; E. R. Monfort, 75th; R. M. for
hes, 75th; S. T. Sanders, Sherman's Battery,
artillery.. '2i di ,'.:
OaiAT WxsTiaif Dur atom, The damage to
the bridges on the New York "and Erie Rail
road, caused by the late freshets, are .fullv re
paired, and, the Great Western Dispatcfat are
again expressing goods thrpsgh on their Intlre
line on their usual fast time. . 1
. ... - .,;
ET It Is annonnoed that three reglnienta, at
present oommandsd and located as follows,' will
be to-day armed and equipped, and jbe, made
ready to take the field : Cpl,,,Sxisiii, Ports
mouth; Lleut. Col. Wruoit, Sprlfigfleldj and
Col. BuoxLxr, Jefferson, Aihtabuls, county. 0
I ..'."-. "i - T '
HT Capt. Stanaid'b Bitterv First Ohio'A
tlllery, whloh had been quartered at the Orphan
Asylam Barracks since .Sunday evening, ieit
Cincinnati on Wednesday morning for Ken
t ...
lucky. '
I ,:VI J!
-mi L
"HM i'W ( v
.'A il .. '
Groceries, -
Foreign and Domstio Liquore,
. Fruits, etc.'ew.wv.-:?
ifjta i V... M vo.f ri lv4 Ci
t ; n ;a XI o ?i 'rr a a .."
-KollQgxlSWHigh Strteey-
the oldetaad eaesntlif eenples tyjfii? M JlON ALD .
1 i lT'L n fit ' ve v 7.
i r i v' '" 'it. '..U fg? s
1 J Ha la Ib Sail nnalnf ft
, i iUm.. 1.J. JJV
WUcBaswUlsell , .
Cbear for Cstaa or OonxttrT Prodweo
JJ7 Goods delivered Olirtrado .Msof tWo.jrft
I w ' ; u
Ho. 29 Bouth Hijli Street,' Columtus,
aIl.bOOO yards Iiaveta , Dresi OooiJi j BK, value
U QejUiele
HO" yarde Travellrrt tress OoMi tt TlX,' Ti'ae at.
SiKO yante Bnglleb Beaagee at 1, vM S otoU.' .
1W0 yarde f renck Organdlae at UX,-aloe SO cm Is,' ;
ludn yarde ?Mt Oelored Lawne at 10, valne IS oenta.
in nrde BeeiUrS Dreaa Bllkeat 37H, value 50 eentsv
laoe varde Berpwrr Ma Blaek Bilk MOV 00.' value e) 1 as.
ebaa eg ormwHe Berae-e. ana bbxiuo inn, at one.
'-,t fo-t iA Vk.t,-','lA 14
' lej lt'ta
U 01 .W4 ,g ?V.'-Mr.,,ir..a
TTlAJftrr IWKII flI.Wa-av e.t tiriu
JU ' sTABOX DRKBS Bll.KB, iNf tut
' -vaicnv vmca iffre - -
W ari Boer eBerlng aair ltoBime eu it fny"Dreii
lUce at prioee Mae taau, mt baeer eBerad la ihlfoiry,
tne sAevBtaaar of the ladles of ttala eitv and, vletaltv
falMeaa. as ear stock la very setootand eoapletetaaU
greoeeof feos ut tjog ubv. rixiH bam,
Election in Ohio.
1 Wilbiinotomi Oot. 9' Cllutod eounty offlcUt
- . . m. i . . . , nio t r . f n J :
UDIOn BtaiO AHiBeii , junjuriij. .irti'
ner, fcrtho State Senate, has 1,127 majority,
Smith. RcTjublican ReDresentative, Is elected..
i AniKNi. -Oot. Gallia county gives Tod
aboot 6U0 majority, and about 700 majority (or
Nash. t:' .' -
i Cuolxvills, Oct. 9. Union tloket elected
by 100 to 200 majority, except Prosecuting At
torney, whose maiorlty is about SOt). - - - t
i CuvtXAMn, Got. 9. Returns very backward.
Twenty twenties give Tod (Union) for Gov
ernor, 1'4, MW. ' , - ' ' '
! LxsANoa. Oat. 9 Union Ticket In Warren
county is eleoted by the following (majorities:
Tod's. 1.662r MoBuroey. Senator; 1,619, and
Soott, Representative, 684V ),Cr, " """
Nxw Yoas:,' Oct. A special to the Her-
aid. dated Fort Monroe. Oct. 8, says that the
gunboat Montioello and ttra Susquehanna de
stroyed a rebel gunDoat, two iransporis, ana
damaged the Fanny. beyond repair In the lati
aotion. -., ... ..-; i... . w ,c
Resumption of Specie Payment.
Pittssuko, Oct. 9 All the banks In this olty
have resumed specie payments.' j: .;'! '
Election vesterdsv resnitea in mo prooaoie
success of the Republican Union ticket, with the
exoeptlon, perbsps, or Treasurer, wntoq is still
In doubt; vote smaller than usual. , , ,.
! Boston, Oot. 9 The bark Texan Bur was
selxed to-day, ebarged with running' the block
ade both ways, taking powder to Galveston and
cotton to Liverpool. , - l "' ' ' J
i ' 1 - at ' v' :
Election of Union Councilmen in
Baltihoxi, Oot 9 The election of the City
Counoll to-day was very quietly conducted.
The rebels made no opposition. The whole
Union ticket was elected.
Preparations for a Fight at Paducah.
[Special to the Chicago Tribune.]
sent that the troops are preparing for the recep
tion or the rebels, who In heavy force are said
to bs advanoing against that place.
The women and children are being sent away,
and everything lndioatee the approaching Btrug
gle. .......
i usn. mcuiernana win issue to-morrow a proc
lamation closing all drinking and gambling
housss In Cairo.
Iowa Election.
CaiCaao, Oot. 9 Returns from the Iowa
eleotlon come In slowly. Those received indi
cate the election of Kirk wood (Rep ) for Gov
r. - -.'I.
From Fortress Monroe.
FoaTxtss Monxox, Oot: 9 The tug Young
America, while sounding the channel of James
river yesterday, exchanged a few shots with the
Pig Point battery. Several shells exploded near
her, but did no harm. ' ' "
The Union cun la now mounted so aa to sweep
the roads between the Fortress and Sewall's
Geo. Wool and G. M. Tallmadee have recom
mended quartering troops at Old Point and
Newport News, for the winter, In comfortable
wooden nouses, built-to accommodate two or
three companies each;. Tbisplan will doubtless
be sdopted, and similar quarters will soon be
erected for contrabands. ,. ......
it. A - ' - " '-'
i ar '
! Sr. Loots, Oot. 9. Memphis pipers publish
a proclamation from Ben; McCuUoob to the
people Of Arkansas, dated dept. 25, asking for
three - regiments or lniantry immediately to
serve one year. Dlapatenee from tort Smith say
that Mouuiioon ib in want or men, nil present
force beine only three . thousand five hundred
strong, mis would prove that mcLuuocn is
still alive, i J i ;. - i i
The officers of Fremont s Light Guard deny
that the reornltlng offices of that regiment were
closed on the announcement of toe removal of
Fremont, and state that enlistments are going
on briskly. ,
n.r: i , .
Jxrnxsoit Crrr, Oot. 9. The surrender of a
Federal, Camp near Hermann, reported - this
morning, proves not to have beeo so serious aa
affair as at first stated.' Colonel Matthews
simply abandoned his camp on the approaoh of
tna rebels and retired do. nermann witnout loss
of snr kind' K . . -v . , -
The three cannon mentioned In a previous
dispatch belonged to the rebele.
Col. Harding bai telegrapbea from nermann
that he baa no apprehension of an attack on
that place, and that, the Gasconade and Osage
bridges are well guarded and secure against the
rebels. ...
Hamvax, Oot.. 9. Dr. Hayes, of the Polar
Expedition, arrived here this morning in the
United States. . The party are well. Two have
died, vlx; August Sontag, the astronomer. And
Gibson Csruthers. Or. Hayes reaohed Smith's
Straits on Anguat 26th, last year, but could not
penetrate toe Straits with his vessel, either last
season or this. He entered at Port Foulke,
near Alexander, and with dogl and sleds reach
ed latitude til degrees 35 minutes, May ,18th,
this yesr. -. - .- ' - i : .-.w.. -.e
Gen. Lee Falling Back.
EnwAfxx. Va,'. Oot. 10. Gen. Reynolds has
mads two rooonnolsssnoea In force, within the
last few days sgainet Gen. Lee, and has driven
him from Big Spring, the former rendezvous of
bis main force. Part of his force la now at Elk
Mountain and Greenbrier Bridge, respectively,
thirty and forty miles from here, and part of It,
nnder Gen; Lee, Is laid to have Joined Floyd at
Big Spring.,' They destroyed their camp equip
sge and ammunition, and burned eeveral hun
dred muskets, and left their wagons i eto. The
road is absolutely Impassable for wagonl be
yond a point twelve miles from Elkwater, ,
f 1 . -
The Last Hatteras Inlet Affair.
.'Nxw Yosx. Oot. 10. It was Col. Bralited,
of the First Georgia Regiment, who was killed
near Hatterai inlet. 7 -. ' , ,r -', ' ': '
Col. Brbwn, of the Twentieth Indiana Regi
ment, states bis loss in killed and wounded is
not less than seventy. In retreating the enemy
oaptursd the military stores and a considerable
number or arms, inariacxs ana . tsnts. .. no
reaiment had no other weapons than muskets.
The rebel rendezvous is ivoovoxe isiana, about
twslve miles from the scene of action, and well
fortified.. It baa been determined, at Fortress
Monroe, to use all exertions so augment the
strength of our forces on the North Carolina
,.-cl4 .ilt( ! t " '-; " l.-i
From Gen. Rosecrans's Division.
CiMdiNNATi. Oot.10 The Commerclal'l Ka
nawha advioes say General. Rosecrane Is at
Mountain Cove, a atroog position, twenty nve
miles beyond Gsuley. . He bad advanoed ten
miles lurtber to Little eeweu. out tne enemy
are too well entrenohed iand too strong at Big
Seweu, five miles rortner on,. tone auacxed,
and Roseerans fsll back, as an Invitation to the
enemy to-come out and bare a fair flgbt'vTbere
was no expectation ol an attempt oy loo.cnsmj
io. tores ma Bueiuuu, .-.i .-: u,
The weather In the Gauley region is terribly
bad. ' Rain falls almost incessantly. ".' , '' . , ,.
I Roseorans's troops tare well clothed, having
alentv of overooateand blankets -
The flthi at Cbsomansvllle was a eharp and
bloody afflrrFive of Piatt'i Zouavef- were
killed, .me rebels lost inirty-nvo xmeo. ; Vs
i A dispatch from General Kevnolds to Uov
Morton, datsd Hattonsvllle, 8th, says: The ene
m In onr front on the Hontervillo road, has
bean driven to Greenbrier Springs, twenty miles
beyond Big 8prlngs, thslr late rendexvou,
luey are about nity mues irom. fixwaier, auu
twalva fmm f'.hnat Mountain.' . . u v
'. The roads toward Hunterville are impassable
for' wheels. : The enemy destroyed hundreds of
muskets, unti, oamp equipage,. ejo, Beverat
wagooa fell into onr bands, .-- ,.i . . i-v.-
Killed and Wounded of the Indiana
Nxw Yosx. OotMO Il wai Col. Broiiten ol
the First Georgia Regiment, twho was killed
nsar HauerasluletU, .'. u.-wi.
Col.. Brown nf tha .Qn.k Indiana, 'atalaa tha
loss In killed and wounded, etc., no? less thai
ssvwoty.' to retreatinf the eoemy oantuMd tbe
military stores and' a oonslderablo number of
arms, kospsscss and tents. , The regiment had
BO other weapons than their muakete.
The rebel rendesvous la st Roanoke Island,
about twelve mnee ;rromine scene or aotion
and well fortified. . a r? t nmnrii
l nas oeeu uetermwea at fortresa Uinsoe
to use all exertion! to esgment the atreogtll of
our W9ss ob Hf nrD varouna ooiit.
From Washington.
I WashwotoIi, Oot. 9.The Nay Department
rsoelvid offlolal acoopnUof the affair near. Hat
toraalulet from the commanders ol too Susque
hanna and Montlcelle No mention the de
strnotlon of rebel steamers, or dlsabUng of the
Fennv, lamade, as was repotted by the tt. x.
Hersl'd's oorrMpondent , - . '
t Two boats rnil of trcsps gowg froer the shore
to the rebel steamer were struok by" Shells and
destroyed. The commander of the Mootlcellp,
St. Brain, thinks one shot struck the Fanny, u.
The namoof the'soldler Vho escsped after
killing a rebel Captain was Warren C. Haver,
Company H,'20th Indiana reglmeat. '.Another
private, Chas. White, of tbe same 'oompaoy,
was drowned In the surf, i, J"
t Haver states that two of our shelle fell .into
two alonna lnarlnd with men. blowing the ves
sels to plecss-Tiieelaogbter among the rebels
was great, and a number of effleers were killed.
When the Montlcello ceased firing, the rebels
were scattered for four 1M llooR na '. be,en
Six rebel steamers were at one time off the
Point, their shot falling abort. . , A , . ... ...
i Tbe policy of the Government In- regard to
amnlneiner faraicnara in the military servioe Is
aa follows, the statement bsingmade on good
autborlty: .-... " -v.
I lit. No one has been authorized to enlist or
raise troops in Canada, as has bean, affirmed to
be understood there).' .1 J - ;
3d. No Commissiona have been onerea or
other avartuaaa aaada to mllltarv men in France
or other European states, as has been aasumed
thsra: .. - v""."" '
I 3d. The' GovernmoDt. has not tendered the
oommandof tbe army to Gen. Garibaldi, aa has
been represented In Europe. i '
What is true is, Jirst, tnat every foreigner
who baa coma with a eood. character and ere-
denllalsrand offered his servloea to the Govern
ment in support ot the Union bss been accepted,
and no other Is In the military employment of
tbe United States. ... .. , .. ..
Sd. Gen. Garibaldi, beine a naturalized citi
zen, It was reported to tbe Government by one
of our Consuls, tbat the General was contem
plating a visit to this country, sod tnat ne naa
Intimated conditu-oallv a disposition to engsge
in the service of the United States. " -
I fie was informed that if this was so, bis Bar
vices would.be accepted with pleasure, and he
would receive a commission aa Msjor-Genersl,
being ths same rank which was conferred on
General Lafayette in the War of the Revolu
tion. General Garibaldi, upon consideration of
the subject, has conoluded not to offer hie servi
ces at present, but thinks be msy by and by
visit the United States . '
' Hon. J. F. Potter, Chairman of tbe Investi
gating oommittee of the House, on the 8;h Inst
called the attention of tbe Navy Department
to a statement In tbe newspapers that Capt. J.
H. Morrison, of the steamer Fanny, which was
oaptursd by tbe rebels off Cape Hatteras, was
Imprisoned at Fortress Monroe for tsfualng to
take tbe oath of allegiance, and Inquire If the
statement Is true In whole or in part. Tbe De
partment to. day replied as follows:
Navv Dxr.RTMtNT, Oot. 9. Sir:. Tour letter
of the 8th lost., relative to the newspaper re-
f oris concerning tbe master of the steamer
aony, has been reoeived. The steamer allud
ed to was not st the time of ber cspture In the
service of this Depsrtment, and has never been
employed by it. and tne same may be sal a of
ber captain. This Department has no knowl
edge of him whatever, and I have no reason to
suppose that at tbe time of tbe captured the
fanny, a single person in any wayeonnected
with the Navy was on board of her.- '
' Very respeotfully. yours, etc..'".
; Commander Cbaobcey arrived here thts even
leg from Hatteras Inlet. -He repottt that on
Monday the rsbsla organized an expedition to
attack and re capture tbe forts occupied by our
forces. The expedition consisted of six steam
boats and about three tbonsand men. The
Steamers were armed with rilled cannon and
mortars for storming and shelling. The attack
was Simultaneous but ineffectual. The forts
fired shell and were assisted by tbe vessels stationed
off tbe Inlet. After a time tbe rebels
retired, though not before two or three steamers
had been sunk, going down with all on board.
Judging from tbe crowded appearance of the
vessels, it is estimated that scoot seven bund
red men were, drowned, besides a- large loss
must have been sustained from tbe bursting of
our sheila and the plunging of our shot, aa tbe
gune were served In a moat masterly manner.
Justice Johnson decided yesterday that nnder
the act of Congress lorbidding . the sale of
liquors to soldiers, It is not Illegal to give It
away. . This striped pig' decision is so opposed
to the exoress enactment of ConereM. thst
Government will not submit to it. If this local
magistrate continues to hamper the Government
with this absurd decision, uen. Mcuieiian will
administer a dose of martial-law to both liquor
sellers and justices. o -0 :.
A slave was restored to bis msster yesterday,
by a fencByiracla Regiment. ' A tile of boI
diers escorted the pseudo contraband two miles
beyond our lines. -
Rev. Father Wycket, of the Gonsella Col
lege, a Caihollo institntloo, has been chosen
Chaplain of the Sickles Brigade., :
Washington, Oct 10 LewlnsvIIle will be
retained, as well as the other positions taken
by our forces yesterday. - ' -
A portion of the troops under Brigadier Gen
eral Porter also advanoed and oocupied Minor's
Hill, to the right of Fall's Church, and com
manding that village and Barrett's Hill, which
latter place la now In possession of the rebel
pickets, v ;:. ; . " '
Gen. MoClellan and. staff, accompanied by
Caps. Barker's dragoons, crossed over tbe chain
bridge at an early nour in is morning, spending
the whole day',ln making reconnolseance of the
new positions taken by the Federal troops.
About nve o'clock yesterday r. Al., Uaptam
Barney, of the 21th New York, advanced three
miles beyond Fall's Church, on tbe Leesbnrg
turnpike, with' ten men, where he surprised a
picket guard of eight of Colonel Stewart's cav
alry; three of them were killed and one taken
prisoner. '.They also osptured five horses,
equipped, thirteen navy pistols, four sabres, one
oarblne, and one telescope. ( The horse killed
was a white one, which has been often seen by
our pickets, and Is believed to belotg to Capt.
Powell, of Stewart's cavalry. The ospture took
place witbini half a mile of the enemy's, en-bampment.n-
.... i. i v .-
Ne offlolal returns are obtainable, bnt the im
pression Is that the People's Ticket hss a ma
jority in the Philadelphia camps. , t .
mere is reason to oeiieve tee report irom
New Orleans, via Richmond, atmounoing the
presence ot nstlonai vessels at tbe bead passes
of tbe Mississippi.. Tbey are doubtless acting
under Instructions given long since, and are en
gaged In protecting the batteries now being
bulil on each side of the river above the point
where the five points diverge, for tbe purpose of
effectually blockading tuem all. - Tbe guns to
be mounted are probably the twenty-eight pound
Dlne-lnon JJaingreen, wnion were ordered ior
Pickens, and not being required there were put
sshore at Tortugas. Tne Mississippi will be
effectually olossd by these batteries; twenty
vessels eonld not do il so well
Hon. J. F. Potter's Investigating Committee
adjourged to-day. Tbe first report Includes the
Barnes of twenty three employees against whom
evidence of treason was presented. . To morrow
the second report will be presented, giving two
hundred and- thirty five more.i Investigation
will probably be renewed at the commencement
of the eessloa of Congress. w n'ti
I Five Colonels stand resoy to commana nve
regiments of Illinois cavalry, to be raised, of
Obion acceptance is pressed upon tna, war ie
naitment bv Gov. Yates and others. Tho De
partment m wiling to accept one, and the oth
ere aa Infantry; The eavalry regiment of Col.
Barrett la accented tc serve on tne uaian
frontier. The Illlnolsans are llso Dressing the
alaima of Chloaao for tbe Western Arsenal. f
i Brlgham Young baa lit the v tab valley, one
of the most- fertile in uian, aiiet oaviug an
nonnoed hie Intention .to settle It With Saints.
Tha Prealdent. bT order , dsted .Ootober, has di
rected an Indian reservation to be au da there.
j i Tho Secretary of" War and tho Adjatanl
Oeneral left this trtty for St. Louis on Tuesday,
[Herald's Dispatch.]
If there Is any desire for fight In the rebels,
it Is very likely they will be f ratified to-morrow,
oot only In froat, but ap and down the riven
Deserters from tbe rebef oam and' our scouts
oormborate tbe olnlnn thALlha. -rshel, army
not disposed either to aoveDceffrm-owe xset
to iccoot tbi WOlfefed 'battler bwiremifB
not disodverablr teitrengW Tn'rrAroT'ouy
works south of the Potointq. ,Jhe, dispatches
to tha War Department' to-day are 'morwn;
oouraglng than, beretofdH J; retard T'tg" ' the
Gan" fremont ,1a,
[Special to the Post.]
Tb, Ek vf WMUPgtvH rifaiei W (..
Treasury Botes.' ., The bank baa not redeemed
U iwn laana alnna laat fall, and ConRreSS.Wlll
probably dose tho disloyal Instltutlon'next ln:
teai ) 1 1; ; ii tt u t ' 'A, i I
i aV UloBnUapspar has just bsrn established
in Aiexanun.v ,t.
Several Government; nontractors for army
blankets bave jaiUd to Comply Kb, tbelx agree
ments. i arl ihddsand Iouj of Cumberland coal were
brought down by Canal during tbe month of
a i -'- -
! General Harnoy Is sxpeoted to arrive. t-ay
i Tha frleate Peusaeola Koea down to Alexan
drla wdy btit will, not .be ready for use lor
yv.rittoot.i ukwtf aUutf
PaoiviaSritiHrJf.Oet 9. The Poney Exnrsss,
with California date to the 21 Inst., passed
here at noon to day.y y vr r? -ytri .
J Tho' LettlBlatoro if. Nevada Tertittfrv oor
veneJ at Carson City on the 1st.
The paiirornia news is unimportant.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct. 9.
' B tjlild heaw. hnsettled. an! 9(310o lower
Bales of IS SOU barrels at IS 0S SO for rejeotad; 5 14
tti 31 for snperflne sUte; f S 45(3S SO for extra atate,
oloslnx at 5 Xe4 W; i 1I4A U for superfine weat
am at mas lo foreomaion to medium extra west
ern; Bibiita)! 85 for shipping braade extra round hoop
Oblo, and 15 05tf 30 for trade brands do; Closing dull
and declining. 'Oenadlan floor heavy end lower; sales
of 1,100 buls at 14 'M)&i 35 lor superfine; and IS 503
I 75 for common to oboios extra. Bye flour quiet at
3 75S4 00.
(JOHN MAL tlnlee quite flrmi sales 1000 barrels
Brandywioe at 93 KIWJ m.
WHIBKV Heavy and lower; sales of 300 barrels at
llXe. ' '
, w 11 RAT Tleavv. unsettled, and lo lower. Private
accounts by tbe Oily of Wasblngton and Norwegian are
lese favorable; Mies of 29,000 buihels Chlcsgo spring at
II 15ai in: 113.000 do Baolna ennng al 11 15 I IB:
tv.oou o allleuxea olnn at e I iwom l ew.vw oe aac
ber Iuwaat II U1KIS3; 4v,000 do winter red western
at II nasi ill; 14,700 do Inferior to good white western
at Sl513s; 4,100 do white Hlchigan at tl39l 42;
4,600 do white Kentucky at 1 1 3Ss.l 45, the latter an
extreme price -; . . ( " ! 1 '
BtB-lnnat70a.7Uo. w i ' (.Its.
BARLBY Oontlnnea scarce and Ann; sales of 5,200
bnsbele stale at 7073o, aa In quality.
. OOUN Opened a abaue firmer and closed active, with
a demand of lo advance; aalae of 1U5,QOO bu.b at 53S54c
for Inferior to common mixed weetern; 93350 for good
to prime shipping do; St HOiilt for weetern yellow. 1 ,
OAl'S In moderate request at itWUo tor Canadian:
34(3i3V! for western and state.
fOBK la moderate demand, and tbe market without
Important change; sales of MO bbls at i4 110314 75 for
mese; f 14 87), (nil weight do; and IS 75S10 00 for
BEf Dull, and prices nominally nncbsnged; sales
of 100 bbls at 14 0O4 50 for country prime; 15 0095 50
fordomets; 18 00115 for repacked mess; ii3 7i
13 50 for extra mess. Vrime tnesi beef and beef bams
remain dnil and nominally unchanged.
BACON Inactive and prices unchanged.
OUr MEATS Continue dull, and prices favor tbe
purchaser; moderate sales are maklcg fir the I'hlladel
ghla market at 5c for shoulders; and St0o for
LABD There Ii less doing, and prices rale very firm;
salee of 700 bble at 8MaIKo.
BOTIitt In fair request, chiefly for export; 7311c
fov Ohio; and 11)4(3 ISo for state. .
OHBESB Steady, at 537o for eommon to prime.
IUOAHb Baw in belter demand and Srmer: aalee of '
801 hhde Cuba at 7i"Se,e; and by auotlon, 86? hhds
rono nieo at tx sv',, cult. .
aIOLB8S3 Dull : sales of 50 hbJs Porto Rico
at 43c. -
Cincinnati Market.
FLOOR Is in fair recmeit In a" lobblox way. The
took of superfine le low, and the little Inquiry theie Is
tor It makes. consequently, a greater tmpreailon on the
market than would otherwise be observed. There were
sales at 14 10, bnt buyers generally will not offer over
fi w. extra ana ismiiy ar qnoiea as isey wen yes
WUE AT Thr nfferlnge of wheat are nntte- light, and
the rarket ooDsequently remains very Area at raet
qaotatione, though the Inquiry from shiripefS Wis net
COHN-Ie taken readily at 30e. r
OATS Are in good request. The large agiregstlon
of army bones here and In tie nelf.hbo.hood causes a
very active consumption of then. Prices bava adf anoso
and It Is hard to buy at less than 87a,
BABLBTandBYB ere unchanged. . r.3ifl'
WHIflKr-IsflrmatHc. 1
''.Master CommMoner's Sale. 1
Fredertclr fwliher,' Adm'r, fcc.
vi. . ; i
John Brtnker et al. '
uperler Court.
BT virtue of an order of sals to tne directed from ths
Superior Conn of franklin Bounty, Ohio, I will of
fer for sale at the door of tbe Court House in the Olty of
Columbus, on , - .j r: -.
Saturday, tha 20ih day of Oot , A. D. 1861, .
at ens o'clock P. II.. the following real estate, altuateln
theeonntyof franklin and Stale ot Ohio to wlu One
hundred and tlx aorea off the east end of the following
tract or parcel 01 una, in eeeaon o. quarter , town
shin 10. rinse 81, Ooncreas Undo (Matthews'! curve!
beginning at tha northwest corner of said Motion, thence
south 156 7-10 poles to a white elm from which le a beech
) inohco in Clameter, B. 4V deg. m. 4o lines, and swamp
white oak, 30 Inches, N. 44 deg. B. 39 links, tbenee
out 809 6-10 coles to a post, situate from a beech- 80
Incbee In diameter. N. 65 deg. W. 18 links, and another
beech 14 inches, 8. 54 X deg. W. 55 links, thenoe by lands
of the heirs of John Bmlth, deoeased, eauth 157 6-10
poles to the sec. line on the couth side of aald section to
a stake, thence west along the eeotlon Una to tbe south
west oarner of said section, thenoe north along ths west
line of said eeotlon till II Interaeete the eaid first men
tioned line, the whole tract containing one hundred and
eight acres and ninety pole. " f 1 ''
Appraised at eia per acre. -' '
Printer's fees, $6. ' ...:; i . ,
. . - ' .'W.BnffMirT.'-'"- '
Bherla and Uaster Oommieeloner. "
O. 1. Converse, att'y. ' '
iep83-td. . - . ,.- XJt. .
Rheumatiam, v: Gout and Neuralgia,
... ..... i . ... ;... a '
All Mercurial Diseases.'
It Is s conveniently arranged Band, oontajnla? a med
icated eompouad, to be worn a round the Waiatt without
Injury to tlie most delicate persons: no change In habits
of living la required, and It entirely remorse the die
eaae from the system, without producing tha Injurious
snoots arieing irom us nee or pewenai internal medi
cines, which weaken and destroy the constitution, and
give temporary relief only. Br this treatment, tho mad-
Ictnal properties contained ta tha Band come In contact
witn tne niooa ana reach the disease, through the pores
of the ekin, effeotlng In every Instance a perfect cure,
and restoring the parte afflicted to a healthy condition.
This Band la also a anoatpowerfnl AaTt-Maaouaut. agent,
and will entirely rollers the system from theperruoioue
effects of liereury. . Moderate eases are cured In a few
days, and we are constantly receiving testimonials of Its
efficacy la aggravated oaeeeof long standing.
fatoa 12,00, ts be bad of Prnggista generally, or can
be sent by mall or express, with full directions for una,
to any part of. ths country direct from the Principal
Offloe, ..' . .1 . ,
" j1; Ho,'409 BBOADWaT, KsirTorlt. 1 " '
' G. SMITH & CO.,' 8ole Proprletori:' "
If. I.-Descrlptlve Circular Bent free.
A. J. BenntLLBK at EOlf, DarfootrTB, AaawTt.Wo!
177 B. High St., bet, friend and Moand, Oolaaaboe, Ov
117 Arente TTaVwteel tenrvrsteree
mUM-lyiaorlstp.datw ' K'-sm y.i-1, u ,i.t.
K"t ciw tut' i- ,ejjvc.-afc 0 Ve us
m .nJnl mH'-u jh-, .-
-Waja4"1 1 1.TV'r?-C I
n. iw
!'((',) i frara fks KewVbrk Otaaerrer.l' Vil
) Ai all parties manufacturing Sewing Machines are ob
liged lo pay Mr.. Howe Ueenea oa each machine said,
and are a so compelled to make retuma to him, under
oath, as ta llienocn bur sold, falaaaoks gireaeorreotilata
iaant. freen this reliable aoaroa wa Bare M.iTrg Uc
following statu lice. Oi the machines aaada In the year
low, wan wera sow,: . - - .i.i.tti,i . .. .(
""' Btf Wheeler ex Wilson'.- .'. ;:.,;Vi .LS0S rt
J! ,: I. If. Blnger Oo.i.,.7.i.,iW,M t 'I
. .' " wrovsret Baker. i,...iefc '
Bliowlng ths sales oi Wheeler ik' Wllana'to. ta''jY)iiAi
, -.1 t 1. ".-TJ-T.-Tt
Awarded tha hlgheet priori aiaa at the v, . i . .n
UBltea State! fairs ef leas, sbMaad LBMr 'i. '
).- .. -i: ialsaatth a :- i : ri
Ohto State falra of rHSSani lBSOt . 4 , .
and at aearly all the Ooanty fain In the Bute.
Our' prices, at the lata redaction, ewe at Arse tog m
Idae eticA maehlns now cold, and bat s tilfle hlghsr than
the Interior Sico MreojoS eAtaOt aHoA sMcAtVwei now
feroed boob rhamarlret. ii.l t.
. Taer WHMHLBB Aa WTjUQll MAflHIitl-aaakea ate
pLvea eWtow the only eaewhlobraaaaatbejarrakS., Jt
as Aula ob Bwtb aiaaaoi toe goooa, learlag no THvt sr
eAainowUe aMytar- 4iU.-.r :' . rrwn-,-i-'' ,- 1 r.
UU wmektmf' weattti X yere. mi kttiwoUm
rwsejl.theraaa, free of enanre. -r-w-i
I al-CltARV,ei High St.. Oolumtms, 9.
' . ..,! H.'- WM. IUMNBB at CO.,
eecS 9awd3aJtwUBt Pike's Overt Houae. Cincinnati.
"a . 7 1
fill? VI
ATv rts hi w
vn ar-rr..7l i ' ;(
' M&vtil .51 "sfqoaoyl! (ll '
"1-iigias.asB' i ii'Tai i Sjal.ir "" ' . ..
j.U lo i.U JUJJWAWt.OaXOa . ilk-c ; ..lull.
fiauntactuers ot all klnda of Vr
labia and Stationary-m team fn- '
a,, ilnea, Saw mu, Cirlat, MUle.;
! 't,-.. - . icVCae .C..,i..., , ,r tH, , e
LANS A BODLSi Beattnf B. of f. BIAJTST btaten)
l ,CO. BtlmUtlh i ;
1 Our Portable Inglne and Saw Kill
Wat awarded tha Brat preailaaa U Bar at tltt Indiana
Itata fair for YW) over lane At Bodley'a on account of
fries, lightness, simplicity, economy , of, luel
and superior charaotor of lumber Bawett."
Our Stationary Engine was awarded at the ganie' fall
the first premium of ISSOO. - ;
Our Portable Bnglne was awarded the Drat premium ol
$100 at the Fair at Memphis, Tena., ever Bandy's Bg '
rail's, Columbus Machine Co's,, and Bradford At Oo'e.
by a committee of practical Bail toad Engineers .
; for price and terms address ' . .
WU.LAHD WARNER,' Treasurer,
Newark, Ohio
?.f It
An exiifiioneed Vurso fend Female Phynlcian, jtrtientf
which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by soft
ening the gumi, reducing all lnnammatlen-wil I allay
ALL PAIN audspasmodic action, and Is
Pepend upon It, mothers, It trill give rest to yourselves
nf i- - ii. .- s .
f We hare nut dd andaoM tlila artlcli. rnr nve ran nun.
what we have never been aMe to Bay of any other med
ANCK, TO KFNSGT A CUUE, when timely used. Nev
er did we know an Instance of dissatisfaction by any one
who used It. On the contrary, all are delighted with its
operations, and speak In terms of commendation of its
magical eueoto ami mcllcal virtues. We speak In this
matter "WHAT WM DO KNOW; after ten years' rx
almost even Instance where the Infant la suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found In fllteeo or
twenty minutes after theByrup Is administered." - -1
This valuable preparation la the prescrtntton'of one of
the most BXPRHIKNOKDand BKlLLftfL RtTRSBB in
Mew Bngland. and has been used With N IV Kit fAIL
1NUBUC0B88 in - ' -
I Itnotonly relieves the ehfld from pain, bat Invlgor.
atee the stomach and towels, oorreote acidity, and gives
tone and energyto the whole system." It wttt ahnoetts
euuuij relieve ;.-; JJja w 4 r
and1 overcome eonvblirtoni, which; If notipeedlly remc
riled, end In death. We bellere it the BinT and BUI.
it arises from teething, or from any other cause.. Wa
would say towrery motherwho hasa child suffering from
any of the foregoing eomplainti 0 NOT LSI YOUR
land between you and our aullerina child, and the re
lief that will be BCKaW-yea. AB80LUTBLT JttlRB to
follow the use of this medicine, If timely used, full di
rections for using will accompany earn bottle. None
genuine naleaa tna racasmua ef tJUUTliletf JIBaUNB,
new ora, is on tne outside wrapper. . . .
Bold by all Druggtita throughout tha world. . j
Frlxei pail Office, 13 Cetfar Street N .TT.
octST-dfcwiy.' "" " '
r,. A ; (;
.i: i ..1.:7
for aU Throat and Lnng OomnlalBta. Incladae. with
moat perfect results, Wuooruia Codoh, Objubw aire
OoimoJi Oonana. lUloscaui. aan TnaoaT Gohpl.txt
aiwas lorcruupera 01 voniumptton. 4S a booth lm
BTRcr 11 nil no superior, freed from all Opiate or
Emetic properties, may be need bv most delicate constft
juuoni, ana witn perfect conndence.
"' '""CraiBl&TED.
Tat OaaaTaBT Kitdbal Oputi ever offered to the
world, containing not a partiole of Onlum. nor anr sub
atanoa but its strictly vegetable and medical properties.
a suiw Aemeof ior naoaaiaiiA, nuaoaUTisai, uout,
Tooth awd Baa Acne, CaTaaaH, Ro.n or Bay f xvtx,
and all minor Nervous Oomplaintev ' i')i '
f oa Lose or Burr, and Headache In ati to, varieties,
It has no equal, and to which most undoubted testmonl
all are offered. . . y")
' f oa DaxniuK TamrExs It Is a most perfect remedy.
' f oa Bower. Ooaruurra, after restoring the pain It ants
aa aphyslo, a moat Important contrast with the constipa
tory effects of Opium.
: ToFhrsioiana, formulae and Trie! Bottles will be seat,
and to Dealer or Invalid a descriptive pamphlet without
I Prepared ander the special supervision of
Y T" cuAaturr ajta.RUXaUciuTieT,
Ho (toamorelal Wbarf, Boston, Kais-
Townompleeie direct all bommunlcttloni,' lJl f Tl
I lt g K..JL.. A I'...1 '
riioa-uuT vuugu Bcmcay, aa cenn per ooiue. ,
1 vcj. Small .,..,,. Si
Tol Aodyna. . 50 ,
for aale by. Jhg ushaL wholesale an4 retail dealers,
; BOBBBTB at Slanmu,'' 5 ' N.1 B. MABPB.J
, JOHN B. OOOK, " '. M. DKftIO,
' majl7-wlv Agents for Columbus, Ohio.'
t A, jBatolielor,1! jHair Dyol,
This splendid Hair Dye has no equal Icetaataseotu In
effect Beautiful Black or Matarat Brawn ne ItaUbag
the skin or Injuring tueEair , reaetnes meataue aa
fffect of Bad Dyes, an! lnvlgorataa tha. halt lor Hfe.
None are genuine unleea signed T WV A Bafchelor."
Bold everywhere. -"V S-'
OHA8. BATCmtLOB,f roirUor,
Jyl&wly Bt Barclay Btne Maw Tors.
TTT i Tl.a.L.l 1- "
nm. a, Atattiouoior a xtbur ljvittor
nelg&ialf aao; Beat lm the Worldl
AU othen are mere Imitations, and should be wrote
fyowtshVeecpertdlcuTer"" "'
OBAT, KID OR EUBTt B1IE Dyed Instantly to
I fTfTBBN 'BBbitt 'AD5 SfrftoAS BaleVselt
Bwiuaa so pm. a,.Mcneor unoe tcju, ana evsrtw.uu;..
applications have been gaade Is the Bstr ef aiaalreM
of his famous dyef ' ''-' ''! it-f '' ' .-!
WM. A. BATCniXOB'8 H4U D?f nrooTueesol
or not tabs dlstUgnlahad froat nature, and iawMractad
not to injure in the toast, howiver song H saay be oontlu.
wed, and the1 Ul SfTcebr of Bad Dyes remedied m
lavigorataa ior lira ay uua apienaia iry. r!a1 ,imvki.i
I Bold ta all elttes aa towns ef ths United Saates- ab
Drugguti nd fancy Qeods Dealers.
.1 nu7ttT.ua B.ArVTO.TnV -j.b'T
i W Bi ag a..,....aWa Jt S 1 1 J WW a T
i, . til
- A
I l'IiM:Liilca:Gooat
i-i -iiJi
W Ltnen Bhwt BoaoBis Plate, and fancy m'' "ik,
"-- LilMB harnre and Pillow Caalnn. '-'
a t. ..Liii . . l 1a a'. I
. iwm .unci. -it. ot wni.1,,-- - -t -
. .' U 4 Linen Btair Ooverlnga and Oraau.
loraalaet loWDricaa. . . A
baiw At aor; &
w o. bouui iiign strteu
i r .....Irs:- . I
aiinan uamDPoe ana bong Lawne.
r . Linen TowaillnirsandlJUiiirf
... , TnaMiiBBBdD'Oriiee. - -'"'V
bmenTaon urotneane satm namraiftr. "" 'w
r 1
P '
Ui eertala an
Instant Uelief! Btep your t'oufta
Pnrlfy fetif Breath?
J' TT vt rr
, otg-eatgUsen. f our XeUrU J
. '' a
rsti3 d?iH ztvAi CC -oil
Wi Sir T VI nt
09od;f6r lectdrbilj,
; I js g : JQQD, FOR CON8UMPTJVR8.' j,
" dlNTLKMEtf OAHBT" ' '
4- -: -1- . !. ......
I ' .M-::r r
They relieve a Cough instantly.
Tbej olear tbe Throat. 1 ?
They give streoftth and volume to tbe voice.
Tbey impart a lellcloua aroma to the breath,
Tbey are delightful to the taste.
Tbey are made of simple herba aoJ cannot
harm any one.
'71 V T"v - j
I advise erery one who has a Cough or a husky Voice
or a Bad Dfeatn, or any difficulty of ths Throat, to gel
a package of my Throat Oonfcctlom; they will relieve
you loitantly, and you will agree with me that 'they .
go right to the spot " You will Had them yery useful.
and pleasant while traveling or attending public meet.
Ingi for itllllagyour Coogb or allaying your thirst f I
you try one paokage, I itn safe in laying that you wilt
ever afterwards consider them ludlspemable. : - '
Tea will find them at t'e Druggists and Dealers In
Medicines. . '
,t - J... i. .i'BlOB ., , ,
My signature Is cn each package. All others are
counterfeit. ' .;. i : . . , i
A package will be sent by mall, prepail,oa roeelpf of
Thirty CenU. . . .,
Address, . ,.k . ..
. Henry. C. Spalding,
NO. CEBAll 8 T R X I T,"
V - ' ' '
By the use of these Pills the periodls attacks of A'fl -eous
or Bid ffeadtuAe may bs prevented; sad if taken
at the commencement of an attack Immediate relief fcum
pain and. sickness will beobtained. . , . ,
' ' Tnef etHem fall la removing the Xata and x. 'i
aokt) to which femalei are so subjects . ,
j "They act gently upon the bowvl removing Obf
mm. , '' ' ' -' '
for lUtrary Mm, Student, Delicate female
and allpenons ofaeeVnfa kabttt, they are value
bi a LcHtaii, Improving- the appetite, giving ton
fng&rio the digestive organs, and restoring .the nttur
elasticity and strength of the whole system. '
THB CBPIIALIO FILLS ire the result or lodg'lursi
tigatlon and carefully eonducted experiments, haviig
been In use many yean, during which time they have
prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffer
log from Headache, whether originating in the nerwovi
system er front a deranged itate of tha KobukX. v
They are entirely vegetable In their composition, an
may be taken, at all times with perfect safety without
making' any change of diet, and tht abttne f arty
1 Itaorttallt taU rmdr it eay to wlmtni trtAtm,
the genuine have five sigmituies of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box. ' - .-. .j ,.,..
Bold by Druggists and all other Dealers In Medicines.
A Box will be sent by mall, prepaid, on receipt of the
Prioo, QEJ Oonteiw
AU orders tnonld be addressed to w :' ' 1
. ... . UtNHV C. ftPALDINU,
ISOedag Street, New Vork.
Vrnra th. Cnmln.. V v. '' - ' '
! Oephallo Pills accomplish the object for which they
Were made, via.: Cure of headache In all Its forms.
..... i r i
from the Examiner, Norfolk, Ta. -; " '
They have been tested la more than a thanaan i 'uul
With entire luccess..
from the Democrat, 81. Cloud, Minn.
If yon are, or have bean, troubled with the haaAaeha
end tin a box, (Cephalic Pills,) so that you aaay. have
them In eaae of an attack. j
from tha Advertiser, Providence), B. I.
The Oephallo Pills are laid to be a rematkahl
remedy for tha headache, and one of the- eery beet tor
that very frequent uBUleiut.wbic!i has erar km..
tovared. ' ' ' -
from the Western R. RUaaiette, Chicago, 111.
We heartily endorse Mr. Baaldbarul Ma nMaia
Cephalic Fllle. .
fro Kanawha Talley Star, Kanawha, Ta, J
We are rare that persons infferlnv trirh iba fiaaAu-b '
Who try them, will ilick to them. ,
j from ths Bouthern Path finder. New Orleans, ti',
' Try (hemf yofi that are afOJcted. and we are airath'.'iv
I our testimony can be added to the already numerous
at that has Rceived benefits llvalno other msuitjoe can
1 from ths Bt. Louli Dewjsoral'.4
The I lameiiae danaad f n the' ar'.Icle ;0ephalle Pills
rapidly mvrraalagi 1 '
I ) 3 Jftjm OS ealfts, Psrnptt'a lewa. J 33 jj
I Mr. Spalding would not eonnaet his naati with an a
Bole he did ot twoie taoeeaaee realmarlts Av j
MM"IN!I I '1 ' 1 . 5 '
3Arfln,to.koUto BPALDINCl'B PEBPABBA 1.
. Wf1 .. Bara mn anws Ita oost annually .Qf , . , '
SP4Ay RE?MED: Jl.UB t ,
tirt tOT niojwr . .....
BOOMOUri-no ,t ) .7. PIBPATOBI
ITJAlrrtWili'Tiwi tvm ViAfXn . j
Al aaiVllllarlilBl fjrUI rtJtmsm. strABe'laa Wi l.(.rilUla Tin.
Ilkee, It livery desirable to hare some cheap and ecu:
veniant waj ' yrepaWsf furultara, Toya, OseoVary,
BMett III Ihoh eaurgenclee, and no aoaaenoid can afford
to be wlthoat It. It is always ready, and up to the stick
tjaam fir irtBT norjai, .l
'M.'B. A Bnak acMaapaniee eaok battle.
csbIb.' - ... .. Addraaa, .
lo. SB, OeaarBttwet, Mew Tor.
I j...y;A ". III
.OAurios. . -
prlnciplad persona ar llioi,Ur,i,,t
flics oar on the ansa,peetlng pabllo. Imitations tifm
rBBPABBO HLCB, I would oaotton all neranui ta. -
aminl before parobaslng, and see that the full name, J .
1 T.,. ,uWla wrapw aU etlvtrf are iwinduT
Itsrfelts, gov
a AW W .aaer-ak aT M gBwa

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