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Daily Ohio statesman. [volume] (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 12, 1861, Image 1

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. ixxjiXZA
-- .'jjjoi.ai v ir - " Wiis , 7 i c ,yvr .-rr-. A,iy7.! v, w IV lyA 1
ltOIl.'l l
CT Office lot. 86,88 and 40, lorth High 8t
it n.Ui"'"- ! ISOOperytar
" By (hi Carrier, per week, H), centi.
tri-Weeklyi - .1. w -. - s 00 pep year.
Weekly, . 1 00
' r A4crulnir bjr Nq.nare
' - HKun iyai...fl.w 00
- -On ....'!,., mot.tb( lfj 00
Yl f JL"I BMtht u oo
3d " 3 months 10 00
ny T mootttf 8 00
0nay I 1 1 moots. S 00
One squars 3 week. .4 00
On , 8 week... 00
On " 1 week... 1 75
One 8 days... 1 00
One " 8 day... 75
One 1 insertion 30
Vliplved KlrertlnmenU half more than the eboTt
.i'U jMTettlje-iej.U Je.de4 tod placed In the column of
1 Special HoUcxt," double tk ordinary rat.
All notion requires to be pnbllihedbj law, legal rate.
1 ' U Intlde excloatrely after Uie Brat week
rj . " V "nL sore than the abor ratoe; bat all luoh wll
appear In the Iri-Veekly without charge.
BuilDMi Garli cot axr.tedina flm lln.
per year, In
. uei i pnni itaei eunuie (.
MoliOMOl meetinirl.BhariiiihlM nfilntlH. Ah MmnmlM
oi mee
, k.ir .i " '
t 7 UrroOmt aivrUummit mutt b paid for in
mUano The rule will not be Tarled from.
Weekly, earn price a the Dally, where the adTertuwr
eeithe Weekly alone. Where 'be Sally and Weekly
are both seed, the the charge tar the Weekly will be
alf the rate of the Dally V
sl I lie adrertleemeia taken ex oept for a definite period.
rt'A; B. 8IMZIN3.
ft.lf HU1AKI ruuLiu.
-wtoe-mnrbo Bullflnj, oppoelt Capitol iquare.
J ' 70;fr-''t I? '.;';' COLPMBCa, OHIO.
fffffttoptf, Counsellor at Law,
, . . '! MARION, OHIO.
i i
ilachinc Manufactnring Company
CfMtiBfft, KUl-eMtrin', Kaehlnery. j 1 '
,JT U T i
or iTctT DtaoiimoM.'
. 4
f. P V. ! Ul ...III
tvJ . oD ai: '
JWlS5B,, ' ' P.A"BOB.Treeev
.11 fc . . . . ' . 1
Summer Arrangements.—Time
Ibr JHtttburgk, riUaddpMa and BaUUnor. Alto
! : for Wayns and CMeago.
CooicctlB tt qierthitd f lth the LA KB BH0R1 RAIL
r aiikfrk, Bntfal,, Albany, Boe
3 I W B Hew lerlii ,
" noinirjiiv '
rtft TTotttlebni, In eonneef Ion with Tralna oa the
iitle nuni and coi.vinuvs
-zJL- flRBt TRAIN. '
HIGH! 1XPR19I.-LeaTM Oolombu at 3.40 A.M
will laar fennpn at all itaUona aoath of Gallon,
., itop at Delaware. Ashley, Oardlngton and Gllead, and
, -.-a allttatlone north of Oallon, arrlrlng at Olereland
T at fr.OU .A. Dunkirk 100 P. H., Buffalo 4 83 P. M.
Albany I N A. At., Hew Xork &3S A. At., Boitoa :30
... tuborgh Tla Oreatllne P. M , Phlladel-
nm A1 Chicao tU Oreelllne at 7 u0 P. M.
T0RK RIPRE88 Lraree Oolnmbui at 11:10
a. a. WUIetop atLewt Centre, (for White Balphur
ii Sprtiip), Delaware, Oardlngton, Oallon. Oreatllne, bhel
by, Mew London, Wellington and Orafton, arrixe at
Oleretaod at 1:39 p. n.; Dunkirk, 8:90 p. m. Bar
0o JUnlS p. at.) Albany, :a. m.; NewYoik, L-4S
r. m.i Boston, v p. Tula Train eonneoteat Bhel-
ey ror aandiuay, and at
'teaeat:lp. a.' ' '
it OJiiton for, Toledo, arriring at
Mli'ilaaU IH1RB TRAIN. '
fji. p. a. Wilt itop at all atatlon Booth of
Bbelby,' and at hew London, Wellington, flraftorj,
aad Bma uniting at Olereland at f:30 p. m.i Don'
klrk,8:00a. a.; Buffalo, 3i0a. m.j Albany, 8:S0 p.m.;
ewTerk, 7SOp. .: Boston,. l.:5 p. a.; Plttaburgb,
Va OreatltaM, at ll:5Jp. a.; Philadelphia, 1:00 p. a.,
Ohioago, 9ia Oreatllne, 0:45 a. a. This Train eonneotl
at khelby tor, Bjudaeky ana) Toledo, arrlTlng at Toledo
at 8:55 p. a. ... .
'Phtant fileeping' Car. are run on all
Higftt Trains to Chicago, How
n n s ,7 York and Sottas. .
Bait'Se CAedtVi T inmgh to Knt Tort and Sotton
via) Omlandj al, to thUadtlpMa and
-ekA"- i Hf iorkftia OrulUntr . .
' Returning.
rght'lxpreiarrtresaiColanihuaat...ll:15P. M.
OOtnstnnatl Kxprns arrlree at Oolumbua at 10:50 A.M.
AccoaaodaUon Xxpreae arrlresat Columtma at 7:50
" Ahi wr aa Uy any athcr Boate.
Ak fn.TUhU ate Oeefater CUxxland.
k-W .IHoiikiJii a.B.PUNT. -
Btrpertntendent, Olereland, Ohio, j
YOllffH" hge .(-AM8 PATTIROIf, Agent,
frnt BeelTed
nP. -OH 4SHEKN (tnd
1 I bAI lOO bag prime sUe Oonee.
b 4 ow peeaeneoia iratea '
IB baas Oerloa Ooffse.
old Dutch tareraaent Java Coffee.
tQObbt.euadrd Wfarte Sugars, socsiatlng of Pow
area, unrasneo, uranaiaiaa a ana s uones.
BO eninUI Oeorge Bank Oodnab. . . , rr
.,Obbl. ateeeaadNe, MaekertU' ti .'V.
tee. riok Salmon. "
100 x. Layer Kan Ins.
10k boa do x fie'
100 If Okrara, different ttaadj and grades.
aer87 WM. MoDONAXD.
, 'votra nex Rllal, 00LUXBUS, OHIO
-. MIBHON8, -
'",-TJI5 a U A J t1! 'BATH k BON,
, , louth-HIgh elreet:
tw juoor.BKIRX.. r
. nie.l7i0UrH HIOHSTailT. t, tri
tCtTijaSi Woeirce W wmU ef D00P SKIRTI
akUaBaiinarlarjuijrlor toany yet Introduoei
tr 't l
TheIatost-The laioiTao 'Bfl8t
; Tbe Cheapest Seeatua the Beit, :
' 'J ' ' : i. ' C - L, ',
i ) .c ' O Hi... uri t - i ,
"The tlleit Beutlie Standard. Au
thority of the Earllah LanKaac.
. , SlmBundrtdBmlnentSJmcaUjriofOhio,
'' l 'erary Mm Etxryvslurf 1
'Hai are apwarda of e Hundred Thonaand Words,
whose multifarious meanings and derlratioas, together
with thai i eorrsot spelling, and pronandatlon araetearlj
set before the eye.' ; .. , .... . ,e, . ,
i ' ' Olnctnnati Commereial.
StadthtDeoUIon of tht Member of th 0io Btatt
ToaeAtr'i Auooiatlon. .
The nndenlgned, aambsrs of the Ohio State Teachers'
Aasoclatlon, adopt and aim to nse in teachter, wrlUng
and speaking, the orthography end pronunciation of
woroeater's Royal Quarto Diotionary. and we aost eor
dlally recommend It as the most reliable standard au
thority of the Bngllsh language, as It Is -now written and
Pmv - i ii .
Loam Axdrews, President KenyonColloge. '.
a. D. Lsawirr, Bonerlntendent Zaoearllle Schools.
Taos. W. Ham, Bnp't Uasal Ion Union Schools.
M. P. OowDsar. Bnp't Publlo Schools, Bandnakf .
JoHRLracu, Bnp't Publlo School, Olrclerllle. - 1
B. M. BiKroan, Principal Olereland female Semina
ry. ... f, ii . i. ' t
Wbt. Hitcbill, Bup't Public Schools, Mt. Union.
Jous Oiido, Principal State Horaaal Bohool, Minns
iota. . . .'y.(..; lrj I - V i
Ones Naaoa, Prlnoipal Fourth IntataednU School,
vlneianatl. , ... .. . t i . . .
H. S. Marti, Bnp't Canton Union Schools.
Knwm Raeaa, Principal HeNeely Normal Sohool. .
Ku T. Iattaji, Prof. Mathematics, Ohio Unirerslty.
Wat. W. Edwards, Bnp't Troy Union gohooU . , v
A. 0. Boruaa, Principal WmI High eokoel, Olere
land ; .,v - t : Pfl -Ti ' -1.0 'i
8. A. NoRToa, Assookte Principal High School, Olere
land . (,,. .; .IT 'I.,! .,
Tbiodori STtauxe, Principal High School, Clare
land, T . . ' s uo iVn: -v.jn-:
R, F. HcaisToa, Principal Olereland Inatltute. '
It A; OutruLD, Prealdent of Klectlo Inatltute, Hi
ram. -!.:
W. L. Harris, Prof, of Chemistry, Ohld Wesley
Unirerslty -
II. H. Baaaax, Ix-Oeaalsrloner of Common Schools,
Ohio. w ui
Jahb Moitror, Prof.. Rhetoric Oberlln College,
. Taos. Hu, President Aj4iooh0ollego.
0. W. H. CxuaATM,Prof. Aiathematlc, High
School, Dayton.. . .. t .,.
pBO. CROMBAOjBj Jrof. Language, High School
8. M!BAaaaa,8ainUDloaBchMla,Aahland.t lvl '
Mor (Aoa Sim Bimdn& Uaf Pnidents of Cott
ft$, Proftuor, Author and ZHiUnovltUd Rluea
tort, Kan muiorttd iht abov untlmmt, (l (l j
M arirta OotLtni "It is truly a magnificent wtrr.
an koner to the author, the publishers, and the whole
country." President Andrews.
Ohio Weslitaji UmrraeiTT."It exceeds my expecta
tions. It will be ay guide In orthography and pronnn
elation, and will often b oooealtad by a for lie neal
and accural definition," President Thompson.
W. R. Keittrnti Collbbb. "Heretofore we harenseil
Webster's orthography. At a resent meeting of oni
Faculty.lt waa decided to change it to conform to that
of Worcester'e Royal Quarto Wotlooary."--Freildent
OarBeld. H,)) iri'J
Wbstxrn Rmara Ootxtcn. 'I find It worthy ol
cordial approbation' President Hitchcock.
Obrrub Coluob. "It more than meet my expecta
tions. I recommend It as the standard authority It
orthoepy to any children and ay pupils." President
Morgan. - . i ' - - r
Am oca Ooiuaa. "I adopt and aim to use In teach
ing, Writing and speaking, the orthography and pronun
alatloB of . Worcester's kloyal Quarto Dictionary, '-
Prealdent Hill. -v
"In all ay writing, speaking, and teaching, I bare enf
deerored to conform to the rale foe orthography and
pronunciation as contained in - Woroeater's Dictionary."
Horace alann, late Prealdent,,
KjarroB0otiJseB,OaMeiaa.' 't aorl cordially rccom
aond Has the most reliable etaadard anthority of the
Kngliah language as It la now written and spoken."
Prealdent Aodiewe. ,.-- Jr la
Jftvm Set. Anion AnyfA, OmmUttonm a Common
School in Ohio.
"The Diotionary la an Imperishable monument to the
learning and Industry of Its anther, and an honor to the
world of letters. The mechanical execution Is far sups
a nor w mat oi any our jwaicra wiia wnicat a am ao
iqualnted." .. , , ,
From Bon. ) M. Br" Barney IyQomUinr at
Betook in Ohio. J '
"The most reliable standard anthority i
of tM hui-
"1 .
guage." j ,
. . .. whattim., , ,. tj,jV
from ih Cleveland Berald if JtoreA'SS.v t
The orthography of the Woroeater Dictionary Is tliaf
need by aost, If not all. authors ol distinction In this
country aid England, and conforms to the general nsagt
of ordlnaiy writer and speaken i tt r.t i !
Whaterer prejudice may hare existed prerleualy, a
eareful atudy of this rolnme will Inrarlably be followed
by a warm appreciation of Its great BMrits, an4 Bealrt
to add it to u wen ereetea library, be n targe er smau,
Itl a library In itself., and will remain an imperisha
ble record of the learning of its compiler.. 'i f
Iron th Oinoinnati Comotroial of Apr SO.
Here are cowards of a hundred thonaand word good.
bad and indifferent whose multifarious meaning and
dtrirstlons, together with their correct rpelilnr and pro
nunciation, are tt clearly before the eye.. The work is
unquestionably the greatest Thesaurus of .English Words
erer published.' '..
trom (h Cleveland tlainieai ofgepiJa, 1890.
Irldently Woacnm's Rotai. Qdarto DtenoaAaT U
not only the tart, but the im wort of th mnd ver it
owe, and ean br no possibility suffer by eempaiison or
oontroTsray. ir, nr.. r. AV-. i-
fi . irem f A JWetle Had o JTuV S9.! !'
As to raoBowouTiox. Woaoaarm arrBt Stawbard
followed by our beat author! ia definition he tears,
nothing to be desired, and In OkTrmoMrBT it I eufficieni
to say that Woaoarrea can be safety followed
- ,n(.i(
nr,t,W:A inn 'll4Tl-
ar.mxsauA fa- .aAWf . frv. .
0. 191 SUPERIOR . BT"0mLA,Np, OHIO,
SbTewaxls.. 3NT. Ti'
5iii,;.i .-to! !
Dividend graaao-ty 1 188148 FavCeat.
ASSETS- .,.' n- i"- t t
8tiwment jaaiteATf lt,189l;v a '
BIaace'peratirtemebt Jsal'Tat, iBW...'1t,408,n5l' 39
Recalled, for Premmms, (bj - , ' it. -jd ul I i
ing in tear iwu..,.,vr.sj!iw.rvy a ;
Raoslred'for Interest dnrjatf''. V ;T UfA
Total recaint 'for "im-.'S.m.1ffifLm'.'r. . .1
Paid Olalm by Death,!87,50;0 ' - -r-.
PaMFolicie aurren- ' .',.,. M ,,,,ua
d.rdv.,.......i.ii,m w -
Paid Balarleai Pot-it.iturt f
age, Taxes, . a .ii w
chABre.sic....... 3129 M , no "i.o i i
Paid Oomfalsslona to . . jvi,n(ii,vu:.l rj.l.
Agent-.. ......... SI,&!T30 ,K K
Paid Physician' fee. S IWo 7S .
Paid Annnltiesi.;..i-I,SrTO0 "
Pal DlrUeBd duritvt llnl ia aww-!!
' Balseo Jeoay hrFI!.3. S,BU,J58: St
e .a' .1 ifjri'.mn,! oigtW!r n1-1" 'L: " "
Oaahea haodf..f Mtfik-pn i.9N Ifl
Donoianauongagesoniteal . eiaJnmicai .
aaat wortn qpubkj ike, ,r , cU ,,-ti
amount loaned ISn.M, ah
Preeaiam Notes, oa 'Pendet ,. eVl tJ Vu.tm
in fen, oaly.eynraaaia uari M s. nnr rrB -''
eant. interest, .-t .. .1.B7D.HM it, . t i I
LoaeiBrtD-A4.i.A'4.W-' 1,931 44' -wr. ,iu t
Pratoa,lioNaBdOaahtiBr-i)b . .-.-'...Id 10 ir.eaWS
eoarsooT iranaminion.... i71,fc,u,a j.
1 Toka ABt.;w w..v.;,
ii. !':' T." a :--T
T5T5 Policies In force, Insqrina. ----tB,Agrr8B
1.43S new Policies hare been kaned daring the year.!
' After A careful calculation of the present value of the
ontsianaing roiwievoi u, vomnany, ana, narmg Mit
msiliww amount iaeer therefor, Cie Dirrcton
hare declared a DirnMar of V per cent, 'on Premi
um paid at th tab! rat, to an ponciee ror are ie foace,
issued prior to January 1, 1H60, payable aooording to the
present rale ol th Ooapany.
Rat for alt kind f Lit Contingency. Prnspeot
awa.BatenMnt, and AjnUothma, srlU.hi tjunlshed
wrraotit CBARea, at th pfftp or Agencies of the Cftsr
any.' vtivri ..T.i,ir.S .u iD aVm...1 f
et.-t ,M,ir'i v0BalArATT.IlJOaT,Baaea!1
-:'-il'i fl.Mr.He'WUiayrTy'MI,
March asi'ieai
t :mi n ia a-auaiiaia tmm "
m nl ii'.j-Mwr!i',r"bBet
1 . : ?-sgsi .s'i'. r
Ei I, a 1 f'A riv)r?rMP?T 'BtaCR
11 DRlBaV SILKi, Wwrtw1-' Vbt neat seleot
sea ta snoityi -ewa wkntI rnmoriani rate.
il.iui iuitwia. ! v-x-BAin a bow, :
iBprltA A .If . w ooe (KB, J tOBt, Flfb ettIf;
ni-ni ait L ) I
'tyn !
Scrofula, or Kins Ejii;
j,ajuui)tituti(mul dinenw, a corruption at ilie
blood, by which tlti fluid bef-oaibeviUated,
wck, And poor, Being in the circulation, it
pernules (lievholo body, and may burnt out
in disease- ou hiiy part of it. No organ ia free
from iU Dttnuks, nor is there one -which it may
not destroy. "The acrofnlcras taint 1 varbusly
TiattfiCJ by merourldl disease' low living, dis-oi'l-.'ix'ii
or unhealthy food, impure air, tilth
and filthy habits, tire Ufpressing vices, and,
above :all, by flie venerenl Infuctjon. What
ever .jjniit. otiui, it i liereditury in the con
gtiliitioh, ik'MMidiiig fnara parents to children
unto tliet)urdi)nd fourth generation ;" Indeed,
it Seems to lie .tlie.rod.of Him wha.ajn, "I
will .visit lh4 iniquities of tlio fitthers upon
their i:hMf:'. - ' ; ;
".' ItskfliWrV oyimfinca by deposition front the
blood oi' corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
'the lung, liver4,' and internal orjnn, Is formed
tubdrelcs ; . irj the glands, ' Bcllirigs.r and on
tlio iuvXawi, oruptions or sores, ; Xhis foul cor
ruption, which Renders in the'WoOd,' depresses
tlie'friegifs 6f ,hfo, so- thnt sci-pfulotis otitttn
.fiojiJ! pot Mniily au.flep , fioni sciofuloua rom
pla.int, but they have -far less power to tvUi
strind the ':atttiiks of otlicr diseases'; cciiho-qni-ntly
vast numbers perish by disorders
a hicli, ulthoiiHli not aor'oiulous in their nature,
are otill rendered falsi by this tnint in the
system. Most of the consumption which de
cimnU'S the human fumily has it origin directly
in this eciofulous eontamtnation ; - and many
de-ifrm-tive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain,
nmt, llideed, of jtU tlio organs, arise from or
are aravnted by the aamo cause, t- ''
Oneqnnrtef of all our people are scrofulous ;
tni'K, persons art invaded ty this lurking in
fection, and their healtli is undermined by it.
To cleanse it front the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medieino, and in
vignrate it hy healthy, food -and exercise.
Such a medicine we supply in ' , ,.
' ayeii's " '
Compound Extract Of Sarsaparilhi,
the most effectual remedy which the medicnl
skill of our timet can devise' for this' every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active ictneuiula thnj have.
udcii uiacurercu tor uie eapuxgiinon oi ting intu
disOrdet froin the blood, and tho rescue of the
system from its destructive ' consequences,
rlence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other hlTec
tionj which arise from it, such a Eitrrrive
and Skin Diseases, 8t. -Antiioht's Fihb,
Ross, or EnrsiPBiAS, 'PiMfnMi" PfsTctns,
Blotches, Blajo'S BtidBoifs.TcjiouTJiTtrn
and Salt Hhuum Scald Iibais Kinowokm,
RiiEUMATTSif,'SYPHiLtTio and MnitcuiiiAi, Pis
EAni:s, Dnbrgr, Dyspepsia, Deiiii.ity, mid,
indeed, all jCoMPLAirtrs akisino fiiom VitiA
teo oa Jjrpvua IIiood. . Tho populnr belief
in " iinpitrUy "ofth blood " is founded in ti ath,
for scrofula is a degeneration of tho blood. The
particular purpose and virtue of this Sarstvpa-rillata-to
purify and regenerate this vital fluid,,
without wluch sound health is impossible nj
contaminated cbnttitutlorii. ! ' .:
; -AT.illfS, ...
- tla-' ,oS Tn8 'cmta or.,u'- '
Intermittent Pever, or Fever arid Aftae,
Hemttteiit Pe-rerf Chill Fever, J) limit
Ague, Pcrindlcal lleadnche, er Billon
Headnelie, and Billon Fever, liiderd
for the whole elaa of diseases orlRlnau
Ina in riillary drrangement, caused by
tho Malaria of Miaamatlc Conutries. '
it 1 I . '
- We ar enabled here to offer the community a
remedy -which, while it cures the above complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmleas in any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts
where "'these alllicting disorders prevail. This
"Cork" eine tao miasmatic poison of Fr.vru
AND Aot'E from the system, and prevents the de
velopment of the disease, if taken , on the first an.
prvacb of its premonitory symptoms. ' It is not only
the best remedy erer yet' discovered for this class
ef complaints, but alta the cheanest.M'hc large
quantity wtfsopply for a dollar brines it wilhin the
reach of every body f and m biHoua districts, where
Fifrmt,vtfD AO"?, prernils',' every! tody should
rfnvoif siid vsr- If freely both for, cure and protec
tfon.', A Uicat superiority pf . this remedy over any
bthcr. iu-;ducored fur the-speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Qiirnlno
or mineral, causeqncnUy it produces no-quinion or
other injurious ellccts whatever upon tlic emmtitu
tion. Those cured by it are left as Lcalthy.asif
they had never had the disease.
" Fever and Ague is not alone the consequence of
the' miasmatic poison. A great variety of disor
ders arise from its irritation, among which nro
Xeurahia, liieumatitm, Gout, lleatlacht, Blind-
nreay '(aotltaclit. Earache, Catarrh; Asthma, Pal-.
gitatioHyJinfii Affection of the $If, Jltster
ICS, J'aiii 114 the Dowels, Colic, 1'uiulisit and Da-'
ranacment of thi Stomach.' all of which, when
brfpinmiS'fVthii as, puf oTi the intermittent
dipt, rif Di-nnnecriodicai. " this " Cfttis " expcla'
the poison trpm tnc Diooo, ana consequently cures
them all alike." is an invaluable protection! to
immigrants and persons travelling or tcmponuily
residing; in the nvtlarious districts. If token ooc'.v
sionallf or1 tfufly while exposed to the infection,
that will be escrpted from the system, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into div
ease. , Henco it in even more valuable for protcc.
tioa,tliail Cilrtf, and Sew will cr swffdr from Inter
mittehts if ther avail themselves of the protection
this remedy affords. . , . . a.j,
Prepared by Dr. J. 0. ATER & CO., Lowell, Mass,
- " ROBIRTB at SAHTTRL, CoIumtUf, .
And br Druggl'ts and Dealer ererywher.
Liverpool, Montreal,' Quebec, ;
Th Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's flrat clata
ill-powered Olyde-bolit Steaaaers ail every Sat
nrday from PORTLAND, oarningta gaaadian an I
United lute Mall and pauengen,
Slier test, Cheapest and QalcKcatCon.
- - p-i". veyasaes) fona i.id i:l
Rated ot FnejTAge to Xhixope,
30, 9QQ. 9SO. ; -',
Will all from LITXRP00L arery Wednesday,
and from qubuhq every Vatarday. sailing at
LOMBONDltaaY, to reottre oa board and lend Mall and
Psawngere, to and froa Ireland and Bootland.
UJThese Steamers are bulU of Iron, in water-tight
compartments, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
every attention la paid to thetemlortandsjcoomaoda
tloa f passenger. As they proceed direct to LON DON
DSRY, the gieat risk and delay of celling at St. John's
wBsdea.s iit ,br.-;i .. '.' - "-.'
Glasgow passengers ar tamlahed with rasa patago
tickets to and from Londonderry., it ,1,
R4ura Uokeis granted at redaosd rate u
CtrtlflcaW Issued for carrying to and bringing ont pas
senger from all th principal towns of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, by this lln of ateunara, and
leaving Liverpool every weak.
8lfht Draft fa Jtl ana npwardi pay
able la l-;nlan4, Ireland, Hcoi-,
.ilaud Wales. -ui
for pass, atnry at the Offle. 88 BROAWa
WAYTNeHf Tork, and is WATIiltS'l',,
a.ivarBalOvd , I
' .itun:as IXAXU, trMral JgehU,
0 o- J. J. ARMSTRONG. .-
'IM1lflr ,' Post Offlc. Colnml.na. Ohla'.,
m4iti-t flV-TSarrn an rtiva
l,AVptll DAT kvhxittttVlX
sob JA.MBSAD0RBAI8 wpartaas In ay baai-
ne, WUIcn will bet after ba Mndnmal ander ua an
w oam bob. . m . . P. BAIN. BB South Hlih St.
Oolombu. gab IS, I8CI. , , v fkM
riat of Phalealt lttai llnhmajt, t; J ?Jpri.tor3
th Mew Yor.a. laahtonuiiie Maria. Hair Catting
Shsmiiooning, Curling and Drwwltig SaJsorvBMt 8te
he glrea - In tiTth variou branches. Ladiea sal
TiI a a Tai .U i
Jmt di'H A'eoS eH .vo
RAILROAD. Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton tfc Indianapolis!
T '. r .11 i.iifeM mii'".
..-jin ;
Through to Indiananolis without Change of Cars
" and but Ono Change of Cars between
- i w Vi .Columbus and St. Loula. , ,
Four Trains Daily from Columbus,
'-t v"
,''. .. .,. w, !;, .1 V. '
' A0OOMMODATIO5 at 8 a. m.', stopplnir at all sta
tions bswten OolumbBS and Olnctnnati and Dayton, ar
rirlna at aincinnatl at 10 OS a. ... ana at Saltan at
8 10 a. a.. conneoUr.li at Daytca ior Indianapolis and
6EC0ND.TJUIN.,..j u , -..
No. 1 CXPBBSH at It AO .m.i Oinirlncat Jaffunnn.
London, Charleston, Cedarrllle, Xenia, Bprlng Valley,
Corwtn, Freeport, Port Ancient, Morrow St., Lebanon,
Poster's, Loreland and Mllford, arriring at Cincinnati
at 4. 30 p. a.,Daytonat9.4ap. B.,eonneotutgwitb the
Ohio and Miaalsalppl Railroad for UiTillv Ky-t Tin
oennea. Cairo, St. Lome, New Orleans, eta.i at Dayton
or indianapoll, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Chicago and
all Weatern point. ' ' '
MAIL at 9.10 n. m , atopptng at all atitiona leiaeen
Oolumbu and Xenla, and at Spring Valley, 0 rwln,
Morrow and I.otelaad, arriving at Uluclnnatl at 9 a. a.
r" "FODRTfl TRAIN. ' ,' J
tfiani EXPl.IiiS, via Dayton, at 19 00 Benight,
stopping at London, Xenla, Dayton, Ulddletoira and
Hamilton, arriving at Cincinnati at 5.SS a. m.; at Day
ton at 8. Ma. a. I connecting at Cincinnati with the
Ohio and Uitslulppi Railroad tor Loulsrille, Bransrllle,
Tlncennes, Calm, ft. Loula, Memphia, New Orleans,
and all points South and South-west; also, at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Terre Haute, Chicago, eto
" JO '' farther Information and Through Tleketa,
apply to M. L. DOIIBRTV, Ticket Agent. Union Depot,
Columbus... . ,fv
' "', 5 ' P. W. 8TRADIR, .
'"v ' ' Osneral Wcket Agent, ClncloHU.
'.i'.!f ' ' JNJ. W. DOniRTT,
(, f-f, vr "' i 'T''f 1 Agent, Oolutnl,
. ..." Superintendent, Cinoinnatl,
7 Columbus. July 11; 18C1
AND Steubenville Short Line
' And at rrriEBUBaH with hie
v . , 'R A TT,RO!A!D: I
.11 i.v ' 1 1 yoRMiNa tnn i--1 ,
Shortesty Quickest & Most Reliable
;!v Route' to all Eastern Cities ! ! -
Trains Leave Columbus as follows : . .
.... . -. . JIORSINO IXPBBS8 ' :i '
leaves Columbus 3 30 A.M, from Union Depot, via
neiiaire or Bteubenrine: arriveeal JieiJairs, lu.u A.
M.f Btenbenville. 19. SO P. M.i Pittsburgh, 3 40 P.M.;
Harrtsburc. 1.10 A. m.i eta AlUntoum. arrlresat Hew
Xork 8.00 A.M.) via PkUadelphia. uriree at Phila
delphia, 5.10 A. M.; tiew kork, 10.30 A. M. Connects
alao at Harrlsburg for Balllaore, aiiivlngat 7.15 A. M.
Bleeping Cars attached to. this Train
froln Colnmbus, run directly through to Bellslre or
Pittsburgh without change; and P&aieagars via Allen
town arriTO In Now York at 8 A. M., ' ' I
, , 1 1. LIMBS.. ... I i" I
This Train also connects at Bellaire with ttie
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
iO f.
Leaves Columbus 11 SI A M , from Union Depot, ti
Steubenvllle; arrlres at Newark, 19.50 P. M.; Coebee
ton, B.15 P; M. Stenbenrllle, 8 P. M.; PltUburg, B.40
P. M. O'Thls I t lie only rente by which Pamengtra
can toaveOlnoinaaU at 7 A, M., go through to Pitts
burgh tq daylight, without cbang of cars or delay. '
.. , .-. ,AH HNS., ; ,., .-; .,.
Leares Columbus 9.1 p. M., frem Union Depot, via
Bellslre: arrives at Newark, 3.93 P. M.; Zanssrllle,
4 33 P. M ! Bellaire 7 .55 P. M.i Plttabnrgh, 11.S5 P.
M.; Harriskarg, B.00 A. M.; Wis Altmtown, arrlrea
at New York, 4 P. M.ifXVs Philadelphia, arrive
Phllsdelohia, 1.10 P. M.; New York, tt P. M, This
Train also connects at Ilarriaburg for Baltimore, ar
riving at 1P.M. 1
r Thi Train ran through t Bellaire or Plttabergwltk
ont change of Cars; and from PltUburg ther I no
change of Oars to Philadelphia, or via Aiuatown to
Raw Yorkthai offeilng ' . j
ThQonly Route from Xolumbus to Baltimore,
Philadelphia, or New York, with only 1
VfT j i f.S 00 ebaoga.af Cam. ; .'. :
By thi Train Passengers arrive in New Yoik fire
hours In advance of the Northern Unci.
This Train also connect at Ballelr with the Baltimore
and Ohio a, vvrJi J) ; .f.-v . .
O'Thls Roots is 30 miles shorter to Pittsburg,
, and! more than.lUO miles shorter to ,
. iNew a org, tpan .ANortbern i-inea. ,
Baggage Checked Through, to all im
portant P ointa ait.
, ,-.Ana rvB xiuajcxa via 1
. . . 1 f. c
Tleketa Good, aver either vKonte.
JNO. W, BROWN,-"1 .
Gen. Ticket Agent Central Ohle R. R.
Gen. Ticket Agent Steubenvllle Short Line.
JolO -0 r;.,J t I -.' '. .IU"-.?"'-' VI'1-...o' 1
AW BamBatloa had pain, and heals the worst burnl
soald, bntkw,m .or trash wound of any kind, prevents
swelling and pain, iroa be sting, moequtto bites, and
poisonous plant, neuralgia, rheumetlam, ague In th
breast, nit rheaa, etc. - When taken Internally, It will
positively sure eroap laebiMra,au giro lamediste
reueiinin worst case oi uiu wrnnie oompiaintj alao.
removea hosnenea and sore throat. Price. 95 eenta
bottle.-- Should beln erer) houw ''for salebyDrug-
guSB Btonaeepen. ; a St.. n sarin oxvnav. .
boic rropneior, o i ipruei..aw jor,
No real luatlee ean be Aon the abor n reparations
bat by ptaaaragand reading deeerlptirspamphtetsA
be found with all dealer, or will be sent it) Proprietor
on demand, formulae and Trial Bottle lent to fhvsl
siass, who will find development In both worthy their
aooeptaaee Ssdaev'sra1.' ' k- '-'"' . ..
Correspondence soucitea jroes su waossBSeeasmes of
earloalty prompt to a trial oi tae abort sellable Rem
die. " v" ' '
Fee aal br th Bsoal wbeleeale aad taeail dealer
rrywbr. , i a t I
JOHIS L lIUnrtEWELIif ProyrleUs
.TiiCbHBMrMT Aitn frabmaoiotibt,
bTov t OofomereiaJ Wharf, Boston, Xaas.
Roberta Jt Samuel, N. B. Mamie, i. R. Cook. J. M
Blgi-. ulg Boma ATeS BctroellerfcBon, Agenu
tor Columbus, onio. . , . myl-dly
5ET4TI. R1T1K I VltK laillNtJ
OOOBSii' 'HJIIl i'
,,N(irelUeiOfi'oxieeana boati. .
Z . '-, . i " BToaan4 Oarrote Qollart. II.' ;
' ' Kmbroldered Pocket Handkarolilefs '
PrlsKldOlores,uperlorBk .
Golden UIU Bhlrte, vartens style.' I
Boy' Golden Hill Shirts, do.
Iirtrlngand Street 6 lores, do . .
01 eaamed Pocket Hsndkseahlefa, mrioa ateles, - .
,.m b',tiiVV ioN; '
prt s-JX' ii.viT'Jv .ITMMSoaUHIgh etrset.
: i '.' "
- nil-'
be ei 1
4r-ao an." an. ' BOURBON.
c Tastssas UissTiil mrr T ' " : 1
,rr si v.ia Bve Bfuta nigasvrooi, vonaous.
J , J Z, 'zr'r"'. t
Weekly, par yea '........ ...,,(...;"'. iHl
Military Plans of the Rebels.
. It la dear that the teW do not mean to flirbt
on anyibiog Use exraal tersns. Yft) shall not
have any great baotles unless we are taab
euougutouun our neadg against strong en
treacbtnentg, as at Manassas. We hava almarf.
seen enoogh of the salutary operations of the
rebels to get a tolerable Idea or their ttylt, and
all goes to show that the plan which they have
UC11U.1.KI Buupuvu iw GODuaotiog toe war, is
to exhaust oor resource Dd weary out oar pa
tience, by compelling us to keep large armies
on foot without giving u opportunities to keep
op the military spirit of the people by important
victories. When thervao ponnee on ao Inferior
force, or lore oar troops Into an ambuscade,
they will flghtj but as soon as tbey conlront
equal numbers they cither retreat behind ea
trenebments or soatter and ruu. They made a
hasty retreat from Fairfax Court House previ
ous to the battle of Boll Ruo; they retreated
from Munsoa'a Hill when- tbey inspected that
Gen. McClcttan rneint to attack, them there;
Johnston retreated ' fraJs IUrcet, Ferry and
" iruiu uKiure bu unenterpris
ing a commanoer as Uen. Patterson; the brisk
campaign la Western Virginia has been little
else tbtn a series of rebel retreats followed up
by Federal pursuits! in Missouri, where they
deleated Lyon and captured Mulligan by over
whelming superiority of numbers, Oen. Price
abandons Lexington and divides bis forces lbs
moment he learns that Fremout is advancing
at tbe head of an army. It is a settled prlnoi
pie in rebel strategy not to flgbt exoept when
they have tbe National troops at a disadvant
age. This policy is dictated by the known lolerior'
Ity of the military resources of tbe rebel. If
tbey lose a large army they csnpot replace it;
and to they have deliberately decided not to In
cur any serious risks. They will make no ag
gressivo movements Into States where i tbe
whole population is loyal, for they thoroughly
understand the disadvantages of connoting
military operations amid a hostile population.
Tbey intend that our armies shall enconnier
these disadvantages at every step. They mead
that we shall consume our strength in fruitless
and bsrrasIog marches through sections of
country with which we are Imperfectly acquaint
ed and wbere every Inhabitant is ao enemy .
They count on the Impatience and discontent!
that will pervade the North, when enormous
preparation and heavy expenses are followed by
teeble results. r. By making demonstrations
along a thousand miles of froutier, they will at
tempt to confine the contest ti the border
States, where they will protect themselves
against defeat by alweys declining to fight on
equal terms. , There will be no great and de
cisive battles, If the rebels oan help it, except
by the imprudence ot onr commanders.
This being their plan, onr method of conduct
ing tbe war must look sot so much to the win
ning of great battles as to the seizure and bold
lng of important strategio and commercial
poiuts. We must advance seaward and transfer
oor most active militory operations to tbe cot
ton Statos. If we oan take Charleston, Savan
nah, Mobile, and New Orleans, and open these
porta, maintaining a vigorous blockade else
where on tbe Southern coast, we oan afllird to
leave tbs rebels in other respects t tho natural
consequences of their folly. Tbey would, In
tbal case, be compelled to withdraw so large a
part of their force from the border States that
tbe defense of tbe frontier would be compara
tively easy, while the necessity of attempting to
retake tbe chief cotton shipping cities, which
bad been wrested from them, would hrinc nn
battles the loss of which br tbe rebels would be
N. Y. World.
Now is the Time.
We are fishtloe the rebela at the Sonth ariih
all oar force, and every dav with inoraaslno
force. What are we doing lor the Union men
at tbe South t True, If the rebellion be destroy
ed, the Union men will be saved, but tbey are
ciciucua ui yuwer mat we neea on toe side
ot tne Uovernment and tbe Union. What are
we doing to aid the Cuion men? What wean
one are we putting into their bands? Muskets
and swords would be useless to them, fur thr
are In a hopeless minority of physical, force,
and this species of weapon would be at once
wrested from their eraen. Besides. oannnt
get such wospons to them. But voices, Influ
ence, tne aoiuty to covert their neighbors, to
bring back old friends to tbe Union, to form
rallying points for the Union party, arguments
In favor of a slaveboldme commuuitv liine in
nnlon with a non slavehouliug, these are tbe
lorces wnicn we must aia, ana to enable them
to nse tbese we must supply weapons. And now
Is the time for it. Tbe Worth should maka it.
voice heard by the Union men of the South, i It
should enable tbem to say "The North have
cat loose from Abolitionists let ns out loose
from secessionists." In North Carolina, lu
Georgia, in Louisiana, throughout tbe Southern
States, Union men should be eooonraeed and
strengthened at once. This Idea ought not to
be lost sight of for an instant. .Tbe line most
be drawn distinctly between men who are for
the Union and tbe Constitution and men who
are tor aooiuion in apite ot union or Constitu
tion. ' , ....... , i
If the North shows, what Is bevond dnuht th.
trnth, that tbe overwhelming majority here is
for the old Union as it was, against all disor
ganizes, emancipationists and pseud j reform
ers, If ws can send Southward a shoot of victory
over our own revolutionists, which shall be
beard la the heart of the South, we ahall do
more to dethrone rebellion than all ti.e thraata
of freeing the slaves will acoomplhb ia a gen
eration, xne union., men ot too rjoutherd
Slates are looking anxiously from hour to hour
for arguments In favor of the Union by which
thoy oan overcome the enemies of tbe cuiinirv,
Tbe ouly ory against them l, " Tbs Jrurth is
abolitionist, aDd we cannot unite with abolition
ists." It ia do time for us to disouss whether
tbey have any ground for their assertion, i Let
as frankly acknowledge that there has been
much abolitionism at the North, and now, with
ooe heart, drive it out of our midst.. Then we
can tell the friends of Government at the South,
the North is with you, to put down every
speelea of rebellion and revolution among our
selves or yon. . We will protect your rights as
firmly as our own.''' Now is the moment to do
this, when even In Massachusetts, the headquar
ters of abolitionism, the leading Rtpublioan pi
pers and voters are casting off their abolition
allies, and teem to Invite the eo-operatlon of tbe
Democrats. The movement that.lt begun may
be Judiciously carried on until the entire North
will be for union with the Union .men, of the
8outh. Then we hope to see a sonservative
party arising and adraneiog ahead of onr army,
from the Lakes to the fault, a party that will be
so tremendous against secession and . abolition
Dei ore next spring that men will, say the country
Jt unanimous. Ar, Jryof Com, -,ei
The Great Cotton Crisis Commenced
England—Will in End in Revolution?
[From the London Times, Sept. 19.]
anorisa us that
toe nra muuertoga ot tae long expeoted storm
are .already beard. Mills, are working short
tnie, maaufacturert are reduohig wages, and
operatives are adsenwiing in trouble and al
tjdlscass tbe prospects before them.. While
once more cuscussing this momentous .question,
we cannot omit to eoaerve loat ainoa oar .last
notice of the subject, the- continauce f the
Amerloan supply has become less probable than
erer. Every snorsssive mail front .America
makes It more diifiaultto believe that either
section of the Union oan remain as before.
The North will make acquainting with, those
burthens of establish menu and taxation which
have so lone tried . tbe Governments of the Old
World.' and the South, even If It retains with
Its Independence all its territorial privileges.
win ana tnat lis monopoly oi ne uoo8aa
rasraei nas oseo noeiy aiatureea, , ... ,ht
s With all thasa mntlnoanalAa Lnnmlmf A.lu
inni ui, It U i ia,M aoUpp ,.9Vtf
"J a. -r- TT
both that the eoodition
tore Is favorable A4. pue present effotui.and
tsat the operatives of Lancashire arelookiou at
the subject like Sensible' men. The first re.
sotspoa in snob straits as tbe preent Is evidently
te Wmittheistsof production, and thlP,waar
low, oan be done not only wiiboit,mucb disad-
r'ff ?u 0 lhe tr,de' bot iH. poeifiye gain. It
IS said that prodoctfon has recemU i an n.i-rl.it
oo and- that taa .ti-k nf nlm,r.n..j
gwus sre every whsrain fxS pf the demand
to tnis case it can certainly,, do no barm to
slacken our pace and alio our producers o
recover their value. ' Short time, ' in' fact,
be rather desirable even 1 our eupplaes
ol material were in bo jeopardy at all.. In the
..uviuio ,ue operatives navo reoogolged the
vn. . Vi urmis oy unanimous resoia
tiens. They demur, Indeed, o the alltced
neoesstty lor the redotrioo of waxes, bat at a
larfe meeting ot deli.gmcs at Manobester, it
waa ireety aumilted tb-tt tha nreeont uumu.r
cu.au -anoraca a well erODnded reaaon" tn.
, . . r . , v.
running the milla on short time and thus dimin-
leuiug tue rats oi oansumnt on. Hat-h . ..!.,.
speaus wen fir tbe good sunae and sagacity of
ik. nr r .-. ,. n. .
, ate mc impending trwl at
well at we tan. The hna txvecttd -dearth la.
SBina64 as j ic is a 'serions matter-hut
uumjunesu oan as leared. We have two re-
somes ane in economy , of onsumpU;, tbe
ahirlotho diecovery ol new supplies. .Both,
we trust, will stand ns In rnnrl im.fl
feel our way to such a position as will" exempt
ri, ' ' imurs reiuin oi tne liability. I
1 ho uutiutural cbeck that has been, triven to
onr cotton supply, In consequence ol pulitioal
events wblob bare rendered tbe bountifnl har.
vest nugatory, kai placed us in imminent iangir
vi ycu, riunuflui, cmamuy. j ni may be avert
ed by the termination ot the American civil
war, ana a conseauent renewal of the commar.
cial relations with the Continentj bot the ob
stacle to this arrangement Is the determination
of tbe Northern States to impose their rule on
an unwilling population, Regarding recant
events lo the calmest spirltf:1l is impossible to
avoid the conclusion that this determination
must piove disaatrons; and., it Is a question
woeiuer iue reueral UovernmeBt is not follow
ing a miotuken OOnree fa eontendina anainml thai
new polificolorjonisafion, thenretttity oftehith i
ikown by tit extraordinary difficulty f prtvitt
ing itt accomplithment. . ,, .!
Duel between Pickets.
A Washington CBrrMnAnrlant np ihn n.lM.li
Tribune tslls the lolloiog VyarniV. It '
A SOOd StOrV ia in oitnnlatlnn
has not yet got into the njnerg.' Aa it' la ton
good to be lost, I pot It in shape for prlntJ for
the benefit of whom it may concern: ',''!
, una ue AUcbiganders eiug out oa ad
vanced uicket dutv. a itw dara ao-o. eamn In
sight of a Sooth Carolina rebel, also on similar
duty, when the following dialogue and dvrf took
piaee; v rat it t. : s. -;J vi-.1 I
Michigan "Hallo, South Carolina, how are
you to day?" i
South Csrolina "Pretty well, thaLk'Wu;
how are all the Yankees?" ' "( ' ' . T'
M. "So, , so. ; What's, the news overt in
Dixie?'' , , I
d. "jMotnine in oart cu nr. on v we're trot
- .a r w ' i- . ' - i . . : '
some riBes now that will out shoot your Yankee
guns all hollow." .u -1-'., c : ir- .. - i ..
M "Don't believe the yarn - You ffVr
brag too much. Can't fool .your pap on that
trigger." " ?' " - , .
S "Suppose, then, yon and I just take a few
private passes at each other to settle that little
question. What say yon?" , , . ... .. ,4 . t .
M. "Agreed. Forty rods and three shots
each." - "';
The question then arose at to the preliminaries.
etc., there being no nartiee oreseut to aotat
seconds. These were, however, soon settled bt
South Carolina giving Michigan a cold dollar
for the first three shots! ' fbe parties then took
tbeir positions- and South Carolina blazsd awav
his three shots at Michigan, who stood ereot
and pointed ont to South Carolina the direction
each of his shots had taken. ' Mlchlzan esoaped
nnbnrt, and now came- his torn to fire. South
Carolina, to bis credit be it laid, stood erect anO
received Michigan's first shot in the thigh, which
brought him down flat upon the ground.
"Hello, old fellow, none of that," said Miohi
gap, "no dodging tbe nutation. Stand on like
a man, will .you?. .F owe mt tu more dd
good ttofs, and you must pay them, mind that,
or no more Dragging about Chivalry:" ,
, But South Carolina, having one leg broken
already by a shot from M.cnigan's unerring
Minie musket, could not stand on both neesoi
bis eblvalry, and therefore tqrtatttd, and conse
quently cbetted odr honest Minhigaade one o(
"(im a a good tholtyrpox Urns ended this tun
ny Impromptu duel.
, .
A Hiohlandir'S Rbsfiot ton the Looks or a
Thwo. It is said that a Highland gentleman,
with bis servant, a long time ago, wane travel
ing through England, came to an Inn, where
there was only a single bed, covered, oi course,
with the Inevitable tester. Neither had ever
seen a bed, and the gentleman, accordingly,
laid himself down en tbs eenopy, while his
henchman crept Iq between the blankets. To
ward morning the bare boards began t) feel
rather bard and cold, when the man of elevated
position In society inquired of ."John" bow he
did-r "Vera weelLsir," ispliedJobn. ."Abr
rejoined tbe gentleman, "if it was na for the
lock o the tblng, I wad come down myScl' !" ,
For an Inch of Time!.,
a dying Queen. That inch ot time oan be procur
ed at a Bubh ohaapasnraSs, aad many long pears bt i
nlored by car suiting' Dr.- MIRRTWIATHIR, who
la curing the moat obitloate and long-standing dieaea
Of th LUNUo, HB aHT, L1V Brt. aVIllNBiB, Buau
vitt i pacta ard Sittiabara Thlarf
: Sear what
1 tbs Philadelphia eorreapdndont says In the
eaith.WmtngtoBj, Delaware, RUi of April,
"An Knglbh gentreman.foraarly oaeted with 'the
Brlltah Army, and who styles himself lhe 'Indian
Botanio Physician ' has of laa galaed eaext entire repay
l.tlnn here he hi. skill In tnrlnff all masner Of m
plain. Bern ef hia patient f bar eonreraed with,
and they prsseuno ha reaedia and aodo f treatment
aa rer. lanerinr. Boa hate been restored a If V
manic. Tbe medlttn be.asea is dUUIIed.by hUBaatJ
trom ranoaa nerns possessing rare curative properties,
i'-Wbllactlnr In tn amy Its devbted hit felrur mo-
aanta tea UMMoth-WBdw mt thssfrSot areitsjoed-trf
car tali) madiciotl soot aad sorb a all aanawr 4 dlsl
sates. .It aetata he aa loued a anr and aicedy reme
dy loroll the HI that fleth n heir to-.' Oli practice it
already ateair and I dally InSreathig. ' In the eara
plalal t wbles, Fejnale asw uhjttd. ha baa nvsauat'
as a largs number here bar latitats that they owe hot
only their pretent good health, bat their lives. Ao Jb
skill of this Indian Botanio Physlolan. ' - """P
: Office SI East-State Street, Columtjrts.7''
ugl7-daa :':t'iHciU in iii;;v..' at'
CLOAK CLOTHS. .Aim. athar maAeeot Mnrln.
0 leak Cloths, Ib all detirall mixture Biadlrrn, Ts
te and Buttons t aateh '" BAIN A Hot ,
aprlU - . , , ..... ., . .uWe. SBSoaU Hlahatresr-
l Mr ' - .
s, 54 ft-4, White n
ataa -taaa
forihs in
h8 -stl i'''' J - Ha'awssuth aTtg'T
I' .
An Effeotlre, : Bafs and EoonomloaJ
i oui t,. Compoand, ' -1
Toll original color without dyeing,' aad preven'ung
Hair from turning gray. rn ,.
And oaring it, when there la the tesat ssrtlelf rltall
Or recuperative energy remaining.
ei lu And aJl on kuieoos affection of the Scarp,
Imparting to It an uneoaled st aDdbrilllanar. nio.
it soft and silky in its texture, and causing it to eui
readily.- ..-. J . ... . .
. She great eelebrlty and Increasing demand for tils a
equaled preparation, convinces the proprietor that one
Kiel only nummary t auaty a diaosrning public or lu
auperlor qualities over any other ore Deration inn. 1 1
eieense the head and scalp from dandruff and other
culaneou disease, oauetng Ui hair t grew luariantly
giving It a rich, soft, glossy and flexible appearance, an
alto, where tbe hair is loosening end Ihlnoing, ft will sir0
strength and vigor to th roots and restore the gntwth to
hose parts which have become bald, causing it to yield
teak oereriag of hair. i -, ... . .
There are bundieda of lidlee and geatlemea In New
fork who have bad their hair rsetored by the ase or ibis
lovlgorator, whan all ether preparations hare failed. L.
M. has in his poaseealon letter innumerahle testifytnt:
to the ibov facta, from perteti ef th kigheat redsecte
billty. It will eaectually prevent the hair from turnlna
until th latest period of life; and In eases wnere'the hair
has already changed iU color, the as of Ih Inngoratur
will with certainty restore it to It to it original hue, giv
ing M dark, glossy appearance. A a perfume for thr
toilet and a Hair RestoraUv tt 1 paiiiculerly ecom
mended, having ao agreeable fragrance: VDfl LflA wpat la.
eiilUseUaaordaladiesitng tin hair, whieh, shea moist
with the Inviiorator, can be dressed in any required
form to as to preserve Ite plnoe. whether plalnjor In cnrle
bene the great demand for 1t by tbe ladle a a alandard
toilet article which uone ouirht to be without.! th. nrin
placee it within the seaofa ( all, being
Only Twnty-K7a Cents
per bottle, to be had al all spottkl Drngglst and
L. MILLER would call tha attention of Parents and
Guardians to Wis ea of hie lovlgorator. In caeca where
tbe children' hair Incline to be weak. The as of it
laya the fonndstlon for a good head of hair, as It re
auras any Impurities that may hare beeoaa consorted
with the scalp, th remnral of which is necessary txitn
for th health ef ttiejr child. Bad tha lotar appearance of
Its Hair, i . ,,. , ., .,
Oadtion. None genuine without the fac-stmlic LDtlia
MILLKR being on the outer wrapper; also, L. kilt,.
LKH'8 HAIR INVIGORATOK, N. Y blown lo tie
wnoweais aiepot,3U vey street, and sol I tij all the
principal Merchants and Druggist throughout the world
Liberal discount to uurcnaaere by tbeu,4Btii. .
I alio desire te present to th American Publlo my
shlch, attar years of scientific experimeimng, I have
brought to perfection, it djea Blaok or Urown Initently
wllhoutinjury to the Halt or railiit warranted the best
article of the kind In existan.. .
Depot, 56 Dey Su New York.
, - i -4 . 1 - 1 1
Steam Between Ireland and America
The followlnt acw and nairniloent flrattlaasnaddli
wheel Steamship compose tho aLov line.- -ADRIATIC,
t 5,8b8 tons burthen, Cepb. I. Mar
, r i If ormerly of Ih Collins Lin.) .
HIBXRNI A. 4.4011 ten burthen. Csut. 5. Paowaa.
COLUMUIA, 4 4i'0 ". " " a- Lai tub.
anunia. 4.411 mcuouki
PAOIFIO, '' SiHW " " I. tfBi'lH.
P1UN0M ALBBHt. (Screw.)
, - .. 3.30U . " ti. J. WAUaa.
One of tbe above chips will iesie New York er Dosti n
alternately every luewlay fornilght. for tialway, cat
ryiag the goverumeLt malls, touching at Bt. Johns,
N. f .
Th Steamer of this line har been conatraoted with
the greateal care, under lbs aupervialonof the goreru
ment, hare water-tight oompartmenl. and ar unexcel
led for comfort, safety and speed by any steamers afloat.
They are eommanded hy abl and experienced officers,
tnd every exertion will be maa to promote the comfory
of pasaeuger. - - r
An.experienced f urgeon attached to each ship. . ,
first-ehut N. Y. or Boston to Galvay or Liverpool M 0
Seocnd-olas, 1 75
rirst-ciaa, " " . " to at John's " ii
Third-class, ' " " to Galway or LJrsruuol,
or any town In IreUtd, 00 t Railway, -. - 3U
Third-olse paaengers ar liberally aupplled with uro-
vlsioa of th bast quality, cooked and terred hy the er
ranl oC lbs Oempaoy. .
'Partie wiahlna to send for their friends from tht ol I
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, in
Ireland, or from tne principal cities ol England and coot
land, at very low rate.
Faaaentar for Nsw York, arrivlor by the lloaton
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York fro of ehne.
For passage or further Information, apply to
At th ofBot Of th Ooapany, on th wharf, foot of
Canal street, New York.
EXTHAoapiN m moms
1,000 yard Saoar Plata Black Silks st 81 OO-raUt
ai:29 per yard, ..- i ,,. .-.-. ;-...,-
8,500 yards Trsrelltg b rest and Mantis Gsdds
J8 18 eentt tsIo 26 ecn s perjard. " ,'
8.000 yards ' Whit Brllliante at 18 18 cent
Vtlu 80 cents' jr jard. , ., , , .- 1; .
3,0( 0 yard fine and Domestic fltnahame greatly an
.dervalMo-- . r- I - ,'t. ....!,','"
j 1. : ' 1 -A1.80: 1. .......v'.ia 1.
large'axd desirable lots of
:'. -d .LAWKS,' C&U08K8, 1 P0TXH8,
New and FuUhftmafcla Thruit to-l "
la Iks aost desirable styles ant' at'Vary Ura prices'
1.1 ti. -a i.'-l ' - K ' -' '
Of' all materials, madd i'a tli mott'styuth sasaaet aflsi
the httest .Pari Fnulcosin moat elegant atria
Ois tity. ', .. ,v' , fi' i- ''. . '1 f t.:u,i
.. B. , ;.q '' vi
y30, ,. . ., ... SB.,,29..ulh Uiah, tIetM
i1-" - -
Elegant iaqe-Mantillas.
...( , . . . . nj 11. . ,-, Im r t
HAT I Just opeqe daroLe of vary large and
handsome . ......
" VACjitAiiTlItL.A3 AND F0INTE3., j
y,H py Ftaoah Fleunoing Laoes..''..i r: -1..
RtaThread, French, Chaitnta" CfeDerese
,.a h.. iV'ilsJU-sO. t .0
Valenciennes, Point de Ga2e; Srnsiols
lad Tnread Laces and " Collan, , f
tV,;V -t' J.JlC ' - In new Shapes,
- ' .?;.,'. Foctravellug
" ' " .' 1 '.. .:: . . i-c i . '.-
Travolic Dress Goods.
MOUvBiqtras,' poplins, shiphkrd'8 chkcei
10 tn lATILLAS. BR0CH8 TAlaNCI A3 Ac, Ao,
-i Tha btftkBt UoSt ffeshioRabl ttyle ta rh ett ""'
toi-sVT, tinsnvr -i-mv-xraicEs. ,

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