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URDAY-Jaomtiwo, oct. i; isei.
Probate Court.
Itml of buaJootVtraueaoteo lo the Probata
Cpurt of Franklin Coontv, Judge Aiacav, our
In the week cQdlug Frllaf noon, October 11
1861.' j. ',' : ....., .
flirLaan. marflaee licenses ' were issued 1
1W over the preceding week
lo, l Am; I
l" BjucDect ntugrry, ae v,
. Lwkev'tetUte, filed hii final aocount.
" The lODdwIOjf. final aooountg wen examined
and approred Of Jdtin Helpmao at adminli
tratorof Henry Kraner't estate j also of James
'Xherrv aa adoiLulntrator of Jamei Brvdea't ei
tttnitvand Noah F-Brltton aa administrator of
JJutgio Dalla estate.
John George Staaoht'g will wet adaoltted to
probate the. widow electing to take uuder tbe
w Frederick Stamboagh't will waa also ad
.ijilttid t probate. .
x" Henry Kraner'i estate was deolared Insolvent,
and a dividend of twentvtwo and a half per
eat. directed to bo paid to general creditors
Martha Tyler appointed guardian ot Martha
,Jase Benson, and Martin Jerome Benaon, coll
' flrea.of Catharine Benton, deeeaecd.
1 John Wagner filed bit final acoount aa gnar
dlabofSerepta J. Poilllpa. :,.
...Ths . tallowing fiaal accounts of gaardiant
-wert examined and approred : Of John Cox,
guardian of John F. Hiles alto, of Jamet Park
gnardlan of Amanda L. Sttggere: alao, of Jamea
Park, guardian of Wallace H. Moore ( alio, of
Hottl Seymour, guardian of Alexander Kam-
eey; alao, or Moaot Seymour, gnardlan or Mar
'gaef, 'George S.; and Solomon Dlldine. ' '
'CertfBettes'of naturalisatioa wero leaned to
th fol'olog peraoni fifty-eight la all:
,i Mub',Jlffalr a,natiro of France; Henry
'WaitMngtoB, Wales Joseph Mnelet, 8wlUer-
ludi George P. Ilartsbrsger, Bavaria Augue
tu HoMcber, do J George Owen, Walee; Rich
ta i Arthur, do.; Pblllia Rnhahart, Bavaria;
CasboU Mht.BadM; Jamea Hooker, Eogland;
. lom nVrana, Walea; Fraoala HohUdorf, Pnu-
'ala( Jacob Ho flier, Baden; Peter Holendale, Ba-
VUU tJ .. ALaUIttiimtlllBUVVl UCI numb
Bavarlaj Frederl8ro,WirtembeTgiWilllam
$oMrmr, Saxony;! Peter""Volk,.Heeae D.rm-
aladt Henry Woolford, Bavaria; CbkrleeFrank,
Wirltwbergt Louie Ploch, Franet; Oaorge
3fcfoeer, 'Bdeo; Michael Levy, Poland; Jamea
Thomas. Wale; Evan Jonea, do.; Daniel Ma
loay,lMlan, Frank Dust, Switzerland; John
NabOf.Wirtemberg, George 6 toll, Baden; Ja
RInr, Heeae-Caseell; John R. Waleh, Ire
land; Ootleib Rupperbt, Bavaria; William Era
aorNaeeau; Miohael Drugan, Ireland; Win.
Pferor, Bavaria; Maitia Zeigler, Baden; John
Hagbaat Ireland; Tbomae Harden, do. John
Tranttt'Hene Darmatadt; Emil O. Steiobiller
Wbtombefgi Joeeph Hirobgrober, do.; Wil
llanijSrolaii, Ireland; Rain Kribe, France; Jon
athan Evan, Eogland; Henry Trout, Hesse
Daraialadt; Henry Linke, Baxo Welmer; Mi
chaef Brennen, Ireland; JErnst. Hermlmmitb,
Fan'oe; John Pulling, Eogland; Thoa. Winn,
Ireland; Adam Holendale, Civarta; William
Vogt, Heeao Caeaell; Cbarlea Schock, Baden;
Michael Hennely, Ireland; Jaeob F. Mehrman,
,'Tke ioJlowlni mlnore, having enliated with
out consent of parenU or gnardiansr were dis
oharged from the service on writs of &
Wyua: Talton I. Thoaaa and Franklin Crooks,
boU of Franklin eonnty, and both at Canrp
Lyawyaad aho Jerome C. Corbin, of Michigan,
and Joseph H. Etiers, of Guernsey county, both
at Camp Chase. - " ,' '
D We sailed yeaterday on our affable
frisnd.O". C. Cot, No. 77 Sooth High atreet,
and found him arranging a new supply of im
ported cigars. We tried some of them, and
oaa that (hey are the finest we ever smoked.
He" has alio on b and a 1 arge stock of Meeraoban to
cigar holder Just tbe thing to smoke a fine
cigar through; also .a Urge assortment ol Meer
schaum and Brier root pipes, and tobacco of ev
ery Tarlety.- Lovers of the weed should by all
means sail and glvs them a trial.
jr, ,
T 'MiiiTAir GtirrLiMM , and Civiliam
Yotl will find at N. GoHDnsHimia'e, No. 139
S.Hlgtt street, next door to the Goodale House,
a Jargo and anperior stock of ready-made cloth
lag, sad a like excellent stock of cloths to be
manufactured to order In themerohant tailoring
department of bia-eatablisbment, Mr. R.
Sfoaiyio.'wbo , superintend this department,
la 'a iklllTHt eotter, whosoability and reputation
afford aa ample guaranty that none but the best
of Vqt$ will be made under bis Inspection.
par readers, military and otherwise, will find
It vi their advantage to purchase their clothing
raady.made, V leaye,. their orders with Mr. Gen
nr.agHsi.tia, who la an old and experienced mer-
obaot of. this city'; and Is enabled, from the fact
that be boys his goodi for cash, to. sell at a
Rmnjber,N. Go-arg3Hri4ia, No. 139 South
HoweSMSU Mention. We alluded la our last
isaie (4 tbaaooldtott on Tuesday afternoon, on
the i tittle Miami. Road, bear Deetfield. "The
ptefbna iaa charge ot the train at tbe time were
WW., Canton, Conductor, wm. HimbaU, En.
gbteer, Was. Kellogg, Fireman, and Wn. Aibr
ci lid W Paris. Br'akemen. y'., 'u: i' ,
eIt 1 w;the skin, exertion, and presence of
lad el these offioars and men that the paeiea.
gerjaUrtbute nnder Frovldencs- their fortunate
aeoapt from even tbej lllghteat Injury.',; After
tha iooideaX' with as' little delay as possible,
thaV'Oqnred the! reqalalte faoiimei for taking
the passengers and their baggage safely to Cin-
elnnati, j h ,u-ii nn-"i. i t - . I ,t
- Tbe pagsfs. on; ths train detire M to ten-
derLibrevgh the medium of onr paper, thelt
thank W ,the persona we have named above,
forfhalr skill, eouragw and efficiency on that
trying occasion. This, U dus to them and (be
public, by" , thorn they ehenld be duly apprs-
eiatadf"ii ! v..i . .....
- Tt roi or OHio.Tblt body orgtolxed
ys-Asriaf moVnlDg, at the Wettmlaitef efaorob
-CoraW of Sisth. asi.StaU ttreeU, by the ap-
Mlntnebl ot Set. 0- L. Kate, of CirtlevlUei
M Koderatorraod Her; M. A. Bacxxtt, ol Ma
TerJ8nOItTi -8noah,
Clerks, ,TJie08n9drl oompoie4kt nlnejy
lgha members, sixty-tine ol whom are Minis-
i i urn -- " " ' '
Cn-CsfjtrTTii ol ths rebel army, who was
eptarikft'PV&ntl' KV1 i6' W
tedgedUNewfor Uarracat, was, on vraanas
day, tent East, destined, probably, for Fort La
Souoaimoia to thi NatWsai. LOai in Co
inin.-.The followine'ls a list'' of the mb
sorlptlona to the Nattoiial iloah at Ihs Agen'cy
In this oity, np to Thursday nlgbf last; , They
foot op $49,050. We nndersUod that Mr
Dmblib wilt keep tbe .books open a Jfew days
longer. ,
.Mr, son KlUD-ihlr..., At.. .v.,,.. 1,000
''John 0. Dnhler .1 .A. 100
. . , MiMKaUSstliUr......
" MUtMary I Deibler.,
d. oinjoaru
' rfimn r. v-ir. .......
Geo. MoDonld......a
Jai. 11. W-iwater...v
D. W. Dethler. ........
JaoobH. Doi-lUm.,.. -SO
Barnaul O-dea 1.000
O. Q, McColm. !
Allaa 0. Tharman. 1.0.1
Jacob r. 0aolag...uM..w..'.'-.4 t.'0D
ftti. J. Fay. , H
UiTld It. Wood ....t. ....... ...... : . 5 1)
' Mrs. Buian Jt, Bmlth tM?
. JetM Jooe,...fk...... .50
Wm. 8. Bulllvut... j.. ...-. l.AOO
Ooond Oraloar. ,..... .t.7 .'lao.i
Joi. A. Moolfomer, .,.,,....... 100
Wm. I. Bucom . V S00 4
Vral. V leiar. ...,....... a... 'SVO
Mn. Loulia Vieaer v V )
II. Kttabiook.... 1,001)
Beol . Ta.bot W
L. Ponaldfoo . '. " 1X)
Wm.B. Babbard ........S.IWO'
Mri.M. A. Ogdw... ......
Vnncia 4. UarbU..w . )OU
Stanton Sholei
Boiwall ll.Kiniwy.... .............
Ilia. Harriet Randall
, Sharmaa U. Broaaoa.. -
An D. Lord -
Harlow Allen..
Ralph B. Andoraoa .
Hn. Ljdla A. UarabiMr.
Wm. A. HenhlMr
, Mra. Ratb 0. Butlott.
. J oi. HoOtmpball
Ju. 0. Ball
. lira. A.OIajpoole.. ... f
, AdamB. OrUt , '.
Mra. Mary Bigalow... -
Wm. B.Htwkta '
MliaMarjM CoKealill. ....... .......
Mra.Butb Autia. .............. ...
Rlobard Millar k. Co
Jno. A. Luell ........
Mra. Jannatt 8. Ridiway..,.-....-
1IM) i
... &4)4
, loo
. 100
j 8W
, , StiO .
. --m
7(i0 ,
Miaa Jannaita J. Bidgway ,.
MiaHatbar A. Bldiwuj. f
Ailrad t. 8ton.
Mra. a.a.B. Hllli. ...'
J. ...... .4' 1,000'
..tj.. ISO
Mrs. aaliaa AaSnwt .v..c MO
Bnooh 8. Molntoab :. '
William A. flU.....A.. ......... .. .' 9W)
LCT The Thlrty-savanth (German) Regiment
left Camp Dennieon on Thursday, orossed over
the river at Cincinnati, and.took the cars on the
Covington and Lexington Railroad for the In
terior. i 1.i - v
UTCompanles A and B of tbe Second Brig
ade, 18th Regiment, U. S.( Infantry, arrived at
Camp Thomas from Delaware yeatarday after-
Kaaesic The Grand Consil of Royal and
Select Masont convened lo this city on Thurs
day, Oat. 10, and have chosen, the following
offloerst -' ' " -
Chat. C. Kiefer, Dayton, T. I. 5. Puissant;
Jamea 8 Reeves, MoConneltville, I. Dep. G.
t T. B. Fisher, Marlon, G. 1. Illustrious;
Stith M. Sullivan, Dayton, 0. r. 0- of Work;
Isaao C. Copelaod, Cincinnati, GrTreaeurer;
,D. Caldwell, Cincinnati, ur. Kecoraer; &aoa.
Criill. Chlllicothe. Gr. Cbaolain: Jat. M
Stewart. Columbas. Gi. Steward j. Jos. B- Co
vert, Cincinnati, Gr. Sentinel. ,.: .. (
i i i-1. '.'',
BTB. F. Mabtin is President, and J. A; Wn.
cox is Secretary of the' Military Committee for
this Congreealonal Diatriqt.
I ,1 t II. ".I
Cooatr MiUTAtt CoMmTrsa' VTho
ry Committee for this IJlstrlct have appointed
the following gentlemen to constitute tbe Mili
tary Committee for this, county: JL U. Riloy,
Jas. H. Smith, C. N. Olds, and Peter; Amboe,
of tbit city; L. W. Babbitt, efPlaln township;
Dr. McLean, of Lookbouroe, and Dr. J. B.
Potter, of Canal Winohetter. ' k '
i r"
Dav Goons, NoTiost, to.,-at Aobrios. G.
W. HnrraiAR. assisted bv Wm. R.. KXt. will
sell at auction, on Monday next, at NoJiO East
Broadway, tbe entire stock of dry goods, no
tion!, etc., of J. G. Knap. Thii stock Is One-of
the beet eves offered at public sals in thui city.
All persons wishing a good bargain phonld at
tend this tale.
Tbs CurcmNari FoaTiriCATiowt. The thir
teen redoubts being built on the hills across the
river .will be completed this week, the largest
being on the Covington andLkxingtatttUrBpike,
for eight largo guns and twelve howitzerai The
finishing touches and. mountlog of the l gone,
ill be oomnleted next week, when Cincinnati,
Covington and Newport may be regarded at
sufficiently fortified agalntt any rebel forte that
can be brought in that direction. J ''' "''
HT Ws tee it annonoeed that tbe Twelfth
Ohio Regiment, which waa commanded by Col.
Lows, who wu shot, at Carnifex, has been pro
vided with officers by tbe promotion of Lleuten-
antColonel Caaa B. White to tbe command of
the regiment; Jonathan ; P. . Hinsdj promoted
from Mafor to be Lieutenant Coleoili and Can
tain Jas. B. Wallam, promoter to be Msor.
m i' i . i ii
ST Simon CAMtaoN, Secretary of War, and
Adjutant-General Thomab arrived lo Clnoinnatl
on Thursday morning. After viewing tbe for.
tifioationt on thaV Kentucky aide of the river,
they left In the afternoon for the West.. 'J' 1 !
IT Thirteen secession prisoners sre eonfibed
at the Barracks on the Apjinn qinclonatl.
O" The number of Germane tit the; United
StatesArmy is computed at 59,41)0. ;; -n i
ai - ' I' ...
ST Tbe ClccInnail. JpnjttiRf bat it from re
liable authority, that fifty thousand troops are
either en rtvU toward that city, or have receiv
ed orders to be held In feadlncf.-j Half tbe
number are deallntii for Kentucky v
. Hraoa in THa Erts. There 'Is probably- do
oart of the physical-organization mora tender
or tenslUve than the eye, and whad b-Jmor'once
tettles on the delicate organs of tight, blindness
It tore to follow. There 'are" Instances where
persons, having become blind, have1" applied io
oculists la vain 4 relief, the profoetlonal gen-
tlemen being ignouot ot. tbS' biaaen cause oi
the trouble Kennedy V "Medical Discovery"
hat effected "many cuter- where- the patients
were totally bfinet freai.lbd above i fcanse; and
we menUon the IM it iU ftei'eot; time to in
daee Any whi may be sufferins; from any trouble
wnn weir oyet to try mis wonaerrqi aisoovery,
end not these only, bu any who may be troublsd
I.L t. - - m.0 V. 1 I .. I
fill ouuwn wij akiuii.,
So. 29 South Hih Street,' Coiombtis,
Abu o w- or mnw " 1 4
WOO yards Tiara Un Dreis Ooods at 8
tawMte, " -' '.-'M.M it
fiSOOrarda Traralinf Draw Goods Wtltg wn tSeltj
VOUU yaraa WDgnin nmtrm m w, tiiu. rcw,"
1040 Tarda fraooh Orraodiaa at ISA, ValavSOaMta.
ODn yard, f aat Oalorad Uwna at 10, vain U eaatai --"
lttai wrA. Vonlard Dnaa Silki at J7, Tmlna M an
uaWriilniM Plata Blaak Silk at SI 00. aalMaitO.
RoU.ot, Orgjdla Sprigs. aASBiUihlkrsfe, at on a,
leM,? 1h etraat.,
Hi ilrisb Linea Good onun
vtVaan ian nwaiff'MJn)
-'; r hiom tbatlnre and KllW tMit.V ''
. "' Lln.n Pockrt.hMda'rj. allirtM."
, -.LIolTabla Oteliiaaitd Satin DaioMlrt.;--' -V'
IJ 1 Moan Towala with eolorad bordaral """V""
J 1 Liu, atslrnMarina ftruh-. '
" Voraaleatlewprioaa.
[Correspondence of the St. Louis Republican.]
taxiHorowi Mo., Oct. 7 The plan of Gen
Prln. aftat be oaDtured Lexington, was1 to re
main for time, and operate on the north side
of the river, and for this purpose, on Saturday,
September,1 Wth be crossed over the river at
Lex on ton. lour mousanq imountea men. au
this force took nn their line of march, for the
tUroad With .' view of Us total destrootioo,
and then sad havoo was to be made of all the
Government foroea In Northwest Missouri, but
tats in the eveninsr. Alf. Jonea. who had been
released as a prisoner at tbe Arsenal, where he
baa taken the oatn or allea-tanoe as in I'mtea
States Government, retornea iron be. a.ows to
Lexington, and reported that tbe whole country
below wa alive with troops; that Fremont was
after Price, and that Frioe oigbt prepare lor
blgiflght in a few days.-'- v .a .T,'rf
This served to raise- lbs courage or Trice's
"Jmen, and they said let Fremont come, they were
ready lor mm. But wnen Jones announced mat
Fremont bad thirty thousand men, and bis only
M fear wag that Price would not make a stand,
the latter countermanded bia order for tending
trooDS to the railrond, and a messenger was
Immediately dispatched after .those already
started, and ihey recrussed the' river Sunday
evwilnff.' ' '" '
That night Price made bis order for a move
ment South, and Gen. Ralns.it Is said, went
twenty miles that night on bia southern route;
and It Is believed Governor Jackson availed
himself of this command as an escort to get
out of danger. Price and all hie forces leit on
Monday, tbe 30th ult., but bis train ot baggage
wagons, about one thousand two hundred in
number, did not all get off before Wednesday
morning.' If Price had designed a fight with
Fremont, he would have taken tbe Georgetown
road, or possibly tbe Warrentburg road, but in
stead of this be bas gone tbe road leading down
the western boundary of tbe Stale and to the
southwest. , '
I have given a plain narrative of facta aa tbey
bav transpired here, and if Price does make a
stand and give battle, all who are cognisant of
hie movements will be disappointed.' Hie most
Intelligent friends consider bis course a com
plete backdown, While tbe more verdant are so-
laeed.witb tbe idea that be bat, gone to meet
McCullocb,wbo, from tbe most reliable - infor
mation, is somewhere in Arkansas- .'
The forces of Prioe were verv large at Lex
ington, bnt many of- the men were only for tbe
ocoasion and have gone borne.
' Hit force was fifteen thousand or eignteen
thousand when be left Lexington,' and aa tbe
fact become certain that his destination It Ar
kansas, bU foroe will deoreaie.
The Canadian Breach of Neutratity
Toaoirro, Oot. lO.CoI. Rankin's cie waa
brought on again to-day, and alter the elimin
ation of two witnesses, was adjourned till to
morrow, when further evidenoe is expected, and
a decision will be given.. : ' ' -if);
A Picket Attacked and Dispersed.
Caibo. Oct. 10. Pickets tlx in number, of
the 4ih cavalry regiment, stationed four or five
miles lrom rauucao, were aiiacaea oj a large
bodv of rebels tbit morning;. Two wero mor
tally wounded and two tiken prisoners, with all
their horses and equipage. '. Tha enemy had di
vided their force, and in the excitement they
fired upon each other and then fied, eaob party
taking the other for our cavalry. A deserter
from the rebel camp at Columbus arrived here
to-day, and reports tbe force there thirty thou
sand... ... ,..-;,,.
Rumor of an Engagement at Paducah
—Breckinridge at Bowling
tomewhat? excited today, by rumors that an
engagement between tbe Federal and Confede
rate troops was progressing at Paduoab. These
rumors are traceable to no authentio source,
and are undoubtedly false. It it also reported
that three thousand Confederate troops went
Southward from Bowling Green yeaterday, it is
supposed to guard tbe coast.
It it reported that John C. Breckinridge, Ex
Minitter Preston, and George B. Hodge, were
at Bowling Green yesterday.
City quiet No more papers nor newt from
hny'polnt South to 'day.
A Postoffice Seized.
ICaM GwAsnxAOMoV, Oct. 8 The military
authorities, by order of Cel. Plummer, of the
11th Missouri, commanding this poit, kavs tak
en poBscmfon of tha Foetofflce at this place, and
placed Major Btnrets, bf the lOih Iowa, in
ebergsuxg cirM i it'.;i ,., r.f.
Ohio Election.
. ferry -"county gives Jewttt 19G majority.
Fayetto county given Tod 643 majority. i
Meeting of the Missouri State Convention.
St. Looit , Oct. 10. The State Convention
met at the Mercantile Library Ball tbit morn
ing, and adjourned for want of a quorum,
acd met again at three o'clock, and there
ttlll' being no quorum, adjourned nntil to-mor-ro?
.' t - i ; ''' ......
John' X. Brownlee, a prominent merchant, and
recently President of the Board ot Police Com
mtaBioners, died to-day. ., ., ,, .;; A ..; ,
From Missouri.
''JimaaoN CuT. Oot. 10.-Lieut -CoL E. B
Brown, of the Seventh Missouri regiment, Pro
vost Marshal at Tipton, shot a private of the
Sixth Missouri this morning. . Tbe Coldnel
ordered him to lay down some boarda he was
tearing from a feaoe, and, upon retusing, snot,
killing him instantly. .. Tbe affair created In
tense, excitement, and ths Saoond and Sixth
Missouri regiments rushed to arms demanding
that Colonel Brown do aeitverea np to mem.
A park of artillery was drawn ont In front of
tbe Prjvost Marshal's office, and Brown waa
threatening to fire upon the mntineere when the
train left. ' ' 1 '
A tcout lust arrived here from Sprlngaeid,
reporte at . beadquartera, that there wero only
one thousand rebela at that placet he also learn
ed that Ben; MoCuIlocb wat at camp Jackson
with only One hundred ana City men, waiting
for reinforcementa from Arkansas. A large
number of MoCullooh'e force, who were with
him at Wilson's Creek, were with Price at Lex
ington, and tbe rest are wltn Hardee JHoCui
loch expects to join Price at Sao River, which
will be about tbe SOth Inst., and the combined
forces expect to march on Jefferson City.' Thit
information it believed to be entirely reliable.
, ,tru, an i
Nr York, Oot. I0f The Post eayt there la
cot a word or trutn in toe tunea' aispaton
about one hundred rebala being drowned by the
H utter Iulet.
From Washington.
kWuhinqton. Oct. 10. Gen. Grahamtto-dav
in .aooordanoo with tbe requirement of Judge
Merrick, prodoced to tbe Court Jsremian byon,
iht Union volunteer whom that officer had de
tained after hit reliaat bad been ordered, on a
writ of habeai (orpui. I no iaa naa volunteer
ed contrary to the content of hit parents. He
was now surrendered to thtlr custody t accord
ingly there were no lurlher prooeodmga on tbe
attaobment ior contempt oi vuurt Bgaum un
Oraham. and he wat discharged.
Tha latest report oi a turreuaer in Mittoari,
la denied at the war uepartmeni, on autoority
from tnat state. t
[Special to the Cincinnati Commercial.]
: Heavy firing of attlllery bat been golnfrcn
all tbe morning, in tbe direction of Lewinsville.
TUra ara rumors of a battle, but nothing la
knows potitlvely. ' '' '
nnp tmona held Lewlnsvllle this morhlDff.
and .an;eogagemtnt,wlth the rebels at Vienna
Is not Improbable, i . i' ' '
' Colonel Da- Villlers, wbo has jas t arrived
from Richmond, where ne bat oeen a prisoner,
la to ha anrjolntad a BrliaOler-Ueneral, ana
Captain Ariel, of the army, a Colonel of Ken
lucky cavalry.
Uen. McClellan's division leit lenauytown
last nlsht. crossed tbe Potomac, and to diT oc
enpy aaoglsy 's, . five mllee- from ' the Chain
Bridge.-""'. -J . ''
McCalVl and Smlth headankrtert are bow
at JUngleyV .Smith's divlawa eotaflae tha
sotitloa taken yesterday. , His pickets have ad
Vvnoed further Into Virslnla. There la no In-
dioatloo'..of...the .acmj.txoept tome cavalry
Military, afithdrltfew ellev ' there hrt fob
tebtls tn .tonaldoftbie humberi on tbe whole
line oi oar army or wmuw aix mute or lis en
tire front.
De VUliert wat yeiterday made a F.rIga41e
Gene'1,3 He will be asslgosd a ooomand
si am RAaawianal. '
X Much excitement wait produoad to-day
report that Smltk'i division was engaged by
large rebel force. It wat caused by artillery
[Tribune Dispatch.]
Bv (he - occuDAtion of Lewlnsvllle, General
McClellan Ukes notsession of tha line of hilts
runnier almost due norm ana eoutu irom toe
a n . II HlLI 1 J II I PS I
river near Ureal rant. I nit aeeonu ime, wnuci
it about two miles from the first, it more prdp
erlv one of ooeratloua than or aeiense, being
straieht. It Is shorter than tbe first, so that the
oorDt advance oan be easily strengthened. We
now threaten the communications of tbe rebel
army on tbe upper Potomac, which a slight ad
vance will entirelv cut oil. i
Kecent. nvest irauononow mat mere arc not.
and have oot been, rebel fortifications en the
Potomac at anv other nlaoa than Aoqula Creek
There ara three batteries of twenty guns, wbioh
are dealeoed to desend the terminus of tbe
Great don them Railroad, and protect Richmond
and Fredericksbure, not to binder navigation.
Tbo guns at Freestone Point, which a fort
nieht sinoa fired noon our ,-veaseIsieauainjr a
tear that navigation' wat unpeuea, waa a neia
battery on ita way South. Vessels can past
three miles beyondthe Acqula battery, which
oanooi narm mom.
[Herald's Dispatch.]
While the river continues at its present
beiebt there it no probability or an attack on
our lines, or an advance from tbe rebels.
Tbe news from Kentucky it most obeering.
John J. Crittenden, in spite of bit advanced
age, ia tha first private Id the Frankfort Home
Guard, and bat declared bit intention to go in
to camp, and remain in service until every reb
el is driven from tbo soil of Keotuokr-'
The resolution of the IKentuckv Legislature
giving command of the State Guard, to Tboa.
L. Crittenden, tbe gallant son of ths old Ex
denator, baa completely broken up the Stale
Guard, into which the traitors, Buckuer aud
Gov. Matoffin, had induced treason.
i n ere is no doubt tuat Col. Crittenden will
be offered the position of Brigadier General of
' - '
[Times's Dispatch.]
Accounts reoeived by the Government, and
which are deemed reliable, represent tbe eotton
crop of tbe Southern States as about an average
yield, muon or it bas been successfully boused;
but owing to want of bagging, itoaooot ba bail
ed nor transported until a supply ot wrapping It
obtained.-- Tbe crop Is almost useless, being too
bulky ror impotent.
Uur Coniul-Ueneral to bgypt, Mr. 1 bayer,
writes home that the Brttieb Government ia
making extraordinary exortlons to procure sup
plies of cotton from and through Egypt. A
new commercial treaty baa lately been negoti
ated between tbe Egyptian and Britiah Govern
ments, wblob give tbe latter additional Acuities
in exporting this etiplc. Mr. Thayer at once
requested that tbe eamo provisions should be
granted to the Government of tbe United States,
and the request was greeted.
The Leetburg Turnpike, from tbe Chain
Bridge to Longloy's, hat been crowded with
Government wagons all day. Our troops have
been engaged in strengthening their outposts.
A ton of Commodore Patterson Jones, of the
Navy, hat relumed: BoyaJ. another ton, is a
rebel officer. ... -
Tbe new position of Matthias Hill commands
Barrett's Hill, wbere the rebels have a picket
guard stationed.. . Large numbers of our men
bare been engaged to-day In felling timber to
give command ot tbe surrounding country. In
several Instances tbo rebel pickets have been
obaerved about have a mile beyond our lines,
but no demonstration was attempted yesterday.
A cavalry scouting party ot forty went up tbe
Leesburgh turnpike, three miles above Prospect
Hill, and but a mile below Great Falls. Tbey
learned from a trustworthy source that tha rebel
pickets were withdrawn from - there errly that
morning. "
The Tribune tiyt Dr. Alfred Powell, Surgeon
of the Second Regiment,.New York, was at the
battle of Bull Run and was one of the prisoners
captured ard taken t) Richmond.- He states
that tbe rebel wounded amounted to nearly five
thousand aud those killed to six hundred.
FoaTasst Monaoa, Oot, 10 There wu an
alarm en tbe Roads, "which was tbe darkest and
stormiest of the season. . Two .rebel steamers
came down doubtless with tha intention to run
the blockade, but withdraw when tbey found
that they bad been discovered. :
Arrival of the Asia.
New Yosk. Oct. 11. Tbe ateamahin Asia.
from Liverpool 3&h nlC, via Queeustowu29th,
arrived sere teta morning wiua two daye' later
advieaa tinier altwadv rteeivet).
All American vessels In tbe Chlaese waters
had sailed for the United .States, with .the ex
ception of one small vessel, which wu left at
the earnest request of American merchants, and
which proceeded suddenly to Shanghai, owlnc
to the report that a echooner was beinir fitted
out there for a privateer under the Confederate
flag. i - J ''.)' '.
Kellelout tervices were celebrated at one of
the Presbyterian churches in Liverpool on tbe
2Cih ult., in sympathy with tha day of fasting,
humiliation and prayer in Amerlea.
The Paris ratrie bad contradioted tne reported
Convention for tbe Immediate intervention of
Kngland, France and Spain witu regard to
Mexico. Tbo London Post,' however, bad re-
Iterated the statement, and says that tbe Patrle
has lost Its teml-offlcial character, and that the
Convention , will tboruy be signed.' Tbe
Loudon Times alto contains the rumor, and
aays that tbe intervention of the three powers
will commence at toon aa tne weatner permits,
and lurlher, that it is undertaken wiih tbe con
currence of tbe American Government.
The Paris Bonrse wu heavy and lower tinoe
the Bank of France hu advanced tta rates of
discount t 6 per oent. '
Keotet naa aeounea to est ouo. .
Tbe Pope waa very ill i more seriously than
before. t. . .. -.
Spain still refuses to acknowledge any one
aa Sovereign of Naples. but Francis the II. It
wu expected that the Italian Minister would
toon leave Madrid. - -
Liviarooi., Sept. 77. Floor quiet and tend
ing downward.. Wheat declined lJ2d since
Tuesday, Corn staady. lieet steady, rora
Inaotive. ; Bacon Steady. ;Lard quiet. Tallow
firmer and advancing," ' Coffee firm. ',: Elce
quiet; Carolina la higher. '.
, 1ondon Ola uiT) .sept, xi w neat deoiined
id(a2d, Iron very dull. Suear advanced 6d.
Tea firm; Congou Hailed. Tallow advano-
ing; sales at t'Ji. .uouee advanced la(M.
Kice quiet and unchanged.
American aeouritiea auiet and tteadv. . Illi
nois Ceatral shares, 3S.& discouot: Erie, 92
juondon, sept., jo. uonsoia, VJtspj , lor
money. American securities quiet. i
; i
T V 'I
.1 ' i-'.f
Foreign and Domosfio, Liquors',-' '
Fruits, etciti,
','. t. it ;' tt
t MM sJ
, i . ... .. iij, r -i -i i" - I-- -,
thtoldslma recently oocnpled by.WMv McDONAtD
,v I, .-
I Ke A rh dally rewrlpt tf
.1 I I.
t-if ..'..iWalohBSWlHaall, r. '(i
Cbeao f or Cash Comntry-rtaace
. .T I I'lll i H iL-r rnu.i f .1 rmr
Cnicrapuloas bmb1 Wke aaacoaaoaare end aau
adtaltavakad oaletitbt, M,asU fclo On' banMeoce of
ajbi oammahtVr, walls James PJla,h makes a par
and ssnauM artlsla, Is tut baoomlng the most popular
Tender la tbeaouatrr. Pepot,313 WaiUlngtoa street,
Hew Tort. Soi4i7grocvriTrywbtv.
COMMERCIAL MATTERS. Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, October 11. 1861.
Tha .follow l ra Ike ratall qaoaatloea eomeud bv
wm. u. tuiiieaui, wuolMtia and retail trocar, no.
lira duuui u igu una. , . , . t "
Oacjb. . ...
alapU So.
Oarae ay vv
uora na .,.vr. wt noiaaata f iaLM put
BoUaaSi-..JlSlelByre aW.l.Scl 00
Lard S BiaVlO.
800,1 001 S3
Tallow a. ...S-A'Uol
Vaddo fi
.... ..... etoo
DiMAoplaae bv-, tlio
Srtad rMhai..,8 753 0U
Wblta Seana 9 b.l 00 S5
itn do., v..y,.l pHuitie
"ice 9' K .......... '
Brooms V doa..tl 009173
fouioar. naw tra.SOtSSOc
Bait Id aaolc,. ...... ,15'i
Saltfbbl I60
liar ton. ........ to 00
Batf S cwt..
go fKK Moore VtL 05 W)
Hams 9 1. .if. ,.4. .....
Wblta Wheat da .S5 2S
Bhooldara ft 8c
taltPorkeowt.... t9510o
Wood cord.... fi(aii i
Rye Flour 9 bbl... SI US
Cendloe.Tallow.bx. liiKo
Uaodlea. Oval. box. . lo
Maokml Ko.l Mad 10 00
Obeeea i ...,h StSISX
Mackerel Nolqrbol 14 oil!
uommy per Duan aim
Mackerel No 1 kltt.. at SO
Whlakjr per. gall. 31 (JO
KalalDS.HR. Box....Be
White rub per h'fbbl S3 OOj
woite villi par or bbl S 00
Oodllah S ....... tKc
UerrlDf bbl ti 00
OoroMeaie bu....3SS)o
Layer - SS
But tan
rin a.......UKi5
Prunes S.......8CSWK
nga 9 soa.j.
Dried Beef....
BolWoolXwlna. ....1 9 lb-
f.-noa sales at tt 404 SO (or new rail, and 14 11
5 0031 for wblt,' market nniettled. I
WjuiT-doll at (Oi) 1 00.
Cor aalea at 20o
Oats ealea dull at 18s.
Bra amall aalea a- UxttWc.
Hat aalea at S5S. , ' '
PoTAToaa ulea at 35340a.
IliuNa aalea atb7caitl Hi.
Salt ru lea at l UO par bbl.
-Whits Fun role at SO 73 per U,l .
Bagara, leaa and Coffee adranotonatill.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, Oct 10.
FLOUR Dull, uotetlled, and 5c lower, with onlva
moderate export and home trade demand; aalei of 10 otiO
bblaat 85 00 4)5 SO forrejeoted; tSWSti 43 for tup.
mate i 33 ror extra Bute; S3 jj5 33 (or Bup.
Weitera; S3 453 70 for comuoa to medium extra
Weoterni t3 731S3 B3 for ehlnDinr branea i.a r.i.,i
hoop O'llo, and S5 03St 50 for trade brand, do; eloilas
uui. hu uoviiuiog. vaaauwa jiour a anaae lower,
wllh only a moderate demand: aalea of UiO hi.l. at an
(S3 33 for SuperAae; and S3 4Jtt) 75 lor aommon lo
oholca extra. Bia Hour quiet and ateadr at Mt
omn MEAX Nominally anchanged.
WUIBHK lieiVr aad lower: nlu at 1110 ),....!.
at w. , , . . ,
n tta AT Uearr. and So ter kaah litvari . a l....
portion of tha aalea are to arrive. Sales of 3d 000 bu.h
Uhlcago Bprlnc at SI UiiiV 17 1 (3 01.0 as K,.n
atfl VVS. 17: Oli.COO do Milwaukee Clubattl 17
ll)i 84.000 do Noithweatarn Oluhaiai lall in- Ilium
do Amiwr Iowa at 1 lowl SO; S.SOQdo yer; choice
amurer ureen ot) epriug at 1 xj; VJ oot, ao Winter
Ked W'e,lern at 1!1 iiK; 0,000 do Mixed Indianafat
SI 30, 10.000 Aaiber Michlcan at SI Sooil 31- u vim
uv nuiw ireaiern at si 34nyl sj; 4,700 do while Mich
igan at S 1 151 43; o MO do Wht Kentucky at a 1 38
IU-Quiet and flrm, atTOa73o. -'' -BAKLkW
Jfirin. with a lair rfemami! nf 14 tnn
bu,h Canadian aud Wetujrn ai 04(tiio.
UOltM'lo better. With a fair tlma.ni1 fa. m-mnrt mwA
home oooaamptioni aalea of IW,W bo,h at 5'.(S34c
for Inferior nuced Waauml ftS'ai&ia fniu.. h. ..i
504(io for ahidylng do. olaaing at thd Intlde price.
OA l i In moileraia reoneat at 2IKM2in r..r n..Hi.n.
and 3i'S3io for Weaiern aud Stale. . '
ruaa. 1'hare b attil a moderaas bu lneaa dolnr. and
market without material channe; ealeaofSud btila at
SM 30414 73 for old meat, and 1 14 b5Xi15 00 for
saw do.
BKaf The market rnlea Ten knll. with a1a r
about 300 barrel, at $1 004 30 far ocanlry prime; S3 00
aV3 50 for do men; t9JtU 23 for repacked meaa; U 7
CS1!1 50 for extra meee.
UOC AlBAfd Quiet and ttoady. at 5c for ahonldera.
add $XtiptO tot luo-a. .- , i
SAUOM alao terjaolet and price, without qoolaMa
change; wa do ties aalct of SO and, anuikad aldea at 7o.
LAKD-3ootlnu rery firm, aud there ia leaautlr-
Ity In tha market; aalea of 150 able at Mi ZXc.
BOIIEH Selling at7411o for Ohio; and 12X15e
ior dm a. - - ........
OHKESE Steady, at H7o for common to prime. 1
hUUA K8 lUw very quiet, but prlcea iwithout quota.
Me change; aales 75 hoila Cuba at 8fo; 13 boxes Ha
vana, and 200 baa, Banla on prirata terini.
M0IB8aS Pull; wa notice aalea of VO bhdi Cuba
nuMorado at 31c) and by auction 30 bbda do at ?9)to,
andSo hhda forwtticoat 3o(gi3otcciuli. . . .. t
Cincinnati Market.
Buaineaa at large wears quit a cheerful txpreiiion,
buttue greater part of tha actlTlty and atirat prcaent
obeervabla ia connected With Army work and auaniiai.
A fair jubbiog demand exialalet atapla Orocariea. but
in a targe way loaroeiy a uauaaotlon waa made toar.
rLOUal Of tha low gradaa aontlnoea to bam good
demand on other,, and for the army, rjuperdne to-day
wa, generally nam ana eoiaal lu. xnia quality la
rather icaica. xtr wa aUU quote at $4 1&4 H3, aad
gamlly at s)4 85 w t4 SO. i i : :
WllSaX Tne prima qoalltlea of Wheat are acarce,
ana, nara rotor market' Inter tor grade ara-duU.
ineaaea ranao of auotauoaa an taaaa. tlaaaik. aw
kapa, a atrloily prima anaaaa el either White of ui
wouia bring out or two ceota oar baanel blcher. ' ' 1
COAli tfeils quickly at30o much eaaiea thin it la
nougat. . i
OA! S Are held atill hither, though IheycoDnotbe
quotea anoae xuo. .-.. .
BAKLtK i, atiii without a quotable market. '
IlV la arlll aelling la a amall way at Mo. :'
WHISKY Wa.adTanoed to-day to 14Xo. "
Cleveland Market.
FLOUR Sale, 70 bbll rod wheat doable extra at
I 77),: b4 bOlecouutrr a-Quad wklta do at S4 63. and
loo bole red do at S4 5. , t . . ...-.
v iiower aaies 1 1 cart rea at voe aa ttaev .
.OOObaah andLeOO buah at IWo. free en board: 8,000
biuh choice white afloat at Si 00. . - j;
uuhm BalaaSoaraontraoaatlHs. . in i -. . k ,
OATa-Dalealoarat3o. .-,-
lHOUWlMSs-(!alea 50 bbls at 12 Ko. and 500 bbla at
Mo- . ,- ' - UA: I
BuTTKH TJochaniep, and ranging at aV9o.
KOOS Balling at BAlOo.
KrtlUId Dried applet quiet at So. :, .i '"''
t . STARLING-;;.
X TURKS In thia Inatitntlon will commence on
THURSDAY, the 34th or OOXOBKR, and comma nn
til the lit or atartm, loot. , ; - - : ('
S. M. SMITH, M:'d.,
Profeiaor of Theory and Practice, and Dean, i 1
i . ... ' 'l
Prof, of Obstetrics at Dleeuei of Women b Children .
Prof, of Anatomy and Phyiiology
Prof, of Surgery.
8. LOVING, M Dv .-' vi
Mat. Med., Therap. 4t Med. Jurijpnidence.
Prof, ef Chemtatry.)
1 1
R. N. BARR, M.
. " Demonstrator of Anatomy.
,,ui, ;. 1.:
)o :z a r.
TkAet for'all the Prfwears.v..t.l.vto.4. 00
Malrioolatlon Ticket (only paid one).. .......... a 00
Oraduatloa reea ..v (' SJ ,
Demonatratlon Berrlce a OS
Boaidlng SS to 3 par week, Including iigai ana mei.
Tha fliinlMl and Tlnanlial ad ran taree OODlUt In the
large and dlTcralSed OolUg OUnlo and th Uoapltalof
tn rrankllo vonsiy laarmaryr ncaiua umm, mo ww
military Oampa in th neighborhood will be aoceaalble to
Medical Student. ,
Alt letter ol laaulrw Will OS promptly (wiwcvra, u
addredt. . i f
eolltd . . at. Biuu, veaa.
Front Street, Between State and Town J
SHOP la, till running, and although I
Via preaaur of late yean ha aat heavily
a naa her runeinc raar. aha i (till (an-1
ttoDi tnoee apianuia riiAiunir nuuaAwaiDtiea
BUSBB and HACKS. Twaaty yeanataady aaaaana
turrog baa gtra ear work a wlda-epera lepataNoa
throaah th Soth and Waat. - ' - -
We uxrerore da It ana in naa ry to lay any uiing awarw
IB rrgard to In quality el oar won. we waawaar
mm Vaaicu. W aa atllaooa TorSoeeik from
tlU to fl.
Daalara aaa aa faralahad with anv aaeaai l work at
laort notloa. and at prioe lower than oaa be bought any
wnareia lae waet. aaooao nanoaugi mi.u.
oUagetof aawwork. , , r , ' . i.tA.y
iirrKanalrlna don aeatlv and at ehort aarlo. To
root, between State and Xowa stnt, Oouav
. . - ALU ... . . ..
vjj"""; ' -' '-. ..'
JCx A oommaaieaueos win rasnra fp ,"
tt!. rwi .k),M, wauui&s,co,
. i ,
Tha ' Amerloarl EiDfesa Comoaoy bas our
thanks for Its dally favors In tbo sbapeolthe
very latest eattern papers.
Iheumatlim, Oout and Hearalgia,
' itfn'i' annannva ana i
lAiX, .Mercurial Diaieasea.
.IMV.I II II' ! "lll u'1 il 'l i j
! It iaa aoo-ienlentlv amnaad Band, oanialnlna m. f
leated aomoonnd. to be worn a round tha Want. win.. ni
Injury to tha moat delicate peraon a; no change In habit,
af Urine; is retreil, and It entirely remores (he dia
eaaa front the ayatem, without uroduclni the Inlurlaua
affeota oriaint Irom thr me of Bowerfui lnien.il madi.
elnaa, which weaken and del troy the eoo'erliutiun, and
Cr. temporary relief only.' By till, treatment, tlie med
inal propertie, oontaintd la the Hand oerae fit eon tact
with the hiood and rracb the diaeme. tlirouuh tlie norea
v iu, ciicmnjr iu trrrry inawnce a perrect cure,
ant reetorine; the parte HBIcfcd to a heahhy condition.
Tola Band la also a moatpewerfal Ann aliccatL afieot,
and will entirely relieTetheayateui from thaarA(oiau
affaateof afereurr. Umlrata ra.M am i-omi In . fca
ur, ana wa ara oenauntly reeelrlnf teatlmonialt of 1U
n inanin earner lonf ttaodtng.
Faioa e,o. to be bad of Prog gl,u anerallr, or can
M sect by malt or exprees, with full direction, for neat
to anv Dart ar .Ha -.,nn.r riliwi .. ft .1 i
. , , VM. IVUpi
o. 409. BBOADWAT, Hew York.
6. SMITH & CO., Sole Pronrietora.
N. i. Ceaorlptlve Otrculara Bent Free
. t. SGHUsLLEK kt KiH. n.ii..i. w.
w. " 'G. wm arivna aoq luonnu, UOlumDUl, tl.
Ujra;ente,f autca Kv.rywkera.
mhSS lyiaorlatp UJtw
W. A, Batohelor's Hair Dye!
Thii iplemlid Hair pye hai no equal Inataataneoaa'ln
effect-Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no staining
... u.iujuiuig uieuair renioaiaamearaur an i
effect of Bid Dye,, and Invigorate the hair for III
on ara genuine, tnlemalgned "W. 'A. laiahalnr.'J
Bold every where, . .. j. . . . . , , Tf-: '
. .. OBAS. BATOIIELOR, Proprietor. '
JylS wly ' 81 Barclay Street, Hew Torx.
' Wm. A. Batchelor'i Hair JDyel .
: lhs Original and Bett la'! fte World!
AH others are mer Initiation, and abould s avoided
If you with toeaoap ridicule.
OEAT, RID OS RUBT? HAIR Dyed Instantly lo
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without injury to
Halrojekln. tf.-- ,-.
awarded to Wm. A. Batcbelor lnc ltOV, aad ever 00,00
application have been mad to the Hair of hi patron
ol histuaoaedye, I '. r ( .
WB. A. BATCUELOR'8 HAIR DTK prodaoes aool
or not to b diatlngulahed from nature; and I warranted
not to Injure In the Watt, howem long It may be contin
ued, and the ill effect of Bad Dye remedied; the IIlr
Invigorated for life by thii tplendid Cy.
Sold la all dHct and" town of the TJnlled Rta'lea '
Draggiat and Fancy Good, Dealer. ' ' ' j
HjTlie aenuinehaath nameaodaddrea npon'aiteei
plate engraring on feat lde of each box, of WILLIAM
. aaiiuawa, aaa ret,
yl2-wly ., , tl Barclay treet, New York. ,
Jhwark Ohio, t.
iriaanfaiciiirera of all kinda of Por
table and, Stationary Nteam F. u
, , STlaeai w KUlla, Uriel flUllas
-, ,- c Ca- .. ' '
"LANS BODLSi Meatml IT. of . BLAXD TSentetU
UlCBIXS CO. Btatmlltt BRAD10BD'
- e 00. Beatmllttt
Oar Portable XcgUie :and Saw Kill
Wa awarded the firet premium of 30 at the Indiana
BteM Fair fbrPW over lane dt'Bod ley's on actopntol
Priois,! Ilgbtaone, simplicity, economy of Juel
and soperior charactttr of lumber eawexl. ' '
Our Stationary Engine waa awarded at the sam Pali
the flrat premium of SOO.
Our Portable login waa awarded the drat premltLn ol
(100 at tbe fair at Uemphia. Teaa., Blaody'a Ba
Tall', Oolumbu Machine Co'., aad Bradford t tt'iJ I
by a eommitt ef pracUcai Railroad Knglneen. Vi 1
lor price ana tamie anureaa
WU.LARO WARNBR, Trtforarer,'
decS-ddcwlyeol. , .. v. , f ., , Mewark.Ohlo
Aa exrsrlenced'NttrNand Pemal Phyitclaa, pitsont
- leueatamtiooor mutoercaer '
which greatly taatllatt th proeaaa ol teething, by loft
ning the gum, reduaing. all IcfiammaUoo will allay
axx ana epaamouio aoaoa, ana i . -
Depend upon it, mo than, tt will flvwroat to yearatrve
We hare put ap and aold thia article for over ten yeara,
what wa hare nerer been able to wy of any other medi
ANCK, 10 UttHOT A CUHB, when timely aaeiU New
r did w kaow aa malauae o4dlaaatlatatiaay any tin
wbo aaad IU Oa the ooutrary, all ara delighted with itt
operation, and apeak In Mraia ot ooaimeadatioo of. it)
magloal en ecu and medical tlituea. W (peak In tia
matter "WHAT WS DO KNOW;" after Uh yeara' expe
almot every Inatanoe where th infant U luSariug from
pain and axhauation, relief Will be found In tf teen or
twenty minute after theSyrup U admlnlatered
Thia raiuabl preparation I th preaorUiUon, of one of
New Bngland. and hu been Sied. with XltVE f AIL
I INfl 8U0OBS8 In " -I
i It not on I r relleree the child from pain, but tnrlgor-
1 ate lae aaMnaeh aad to wo) a, eorreoal acidity, aad arret
ton aad enervy to lb whole ualem. It will atoeeVtnl
atantly reliar . ., .
and overcome oonvouiona, which. If not apeadlly rem
died, and in death. We boiler it the BB6T and 8UB-
ltarlae frura. tMihuui, or front any otber naa.. Wa
would any to vnr motherwho baaa child inCTcriiia from
niTof Aheroregolngemnprjitirtt DO Birr-i.Ei lot,1)
itaad kwtweea yo an yoar MfferhtgonlH, ana the re
lief that will 80 RBya. AB80LUTSLT SnRB-to
loUow the aa of thUaMdVrtna, If timely aaad.'; Full dt
reotiona for tulng will aooompaoy wwn potiw. nop
genuine anlaaa the Ihe-ermlle ef UUMIB PSRKINpy
Mew lent, u oa ih www. ...rr-"
ania k ail TVmtwlata thtwiahoot th world. '
Ppl aeipal Of riey 13 Cedar Street ii.-,
oetr7a:wlyv:''', ""i
A'.'-fei Con'anmptiTeaa
Tat'AdveTtber, fcirtu' aeon rmtorad to liealth ta tfeW
Weak by a very slapla reeaady, after aavtas affend ssv-
eral yean with a tven lag aSeotloa, aad that dread
dlaea, OoBiampttott Is anxious to make known to bit
fllow-uHnn themeeaaof tan. , ,.
I To all wbo deair lt,aa wilt sand a copy eftHepraaort,
Uonued (fret ef charge), with the direction for prepar
ing aad oalng the tame, which tbey will Sad a anaa Ot a
fet Oowacamoa, AarxatA, Beuncarna, dte. The eery
arjlant of the advartlaer In eendlnc th Prworititlon Is to
baaadt Uaali MaraadinfaimatVan wk beow4-
cftvet to b tnvjiluablej andlBd-vVry snffrevlHU
try his rmdy, u n via con uwm soujieg, uo, av
ptxrnaUeaalntlll-' A
Parti wlahlng th pretettpfloa Vtn plfaiaj addrVaT; :
Hav. IDWARD A. Wll-eOit, ,r
' " WlUlamabargh,
: Kings County, New ior.
eetliwlf :
(I I'll t
pThey 'gV Kight to the Spot
Inatant UeHef ' tp swatr Csvjstb,
wm-v i ft.
I.ilt4 tH fine ik; i,,.i tut I
vr i r. " t
ta'Si??1'011 BINGE B8, t ,
t-P. .u ,lr..-' t r - '.. i
Hi '-,)
f".TI ,' ,'.'.. i - J
They relieve a Coogh Instantly.
They clear tbe Throat.
Tbey give tlrenetb and volume to the voice.
They Impart a delicious aroma to tbe breath.
They are delightful to tha taste.
Tbey are nude of aiaiple berbs and cannot
harm any one. ' "
I advlie erery on wbo hu a Cough or a huikr Vole
or Bad Breata, araoy diffleulty ef the Throat, to' at
a package of my Throat Confrctlona; tbey will rellev
you lottantly, and you will agree with me that 'Ihey
go right to the apot." Tow will flad them vary oaefol
and pleamnt while trareHng or attending publlo meet-
np lot tUlOnt; your Coogb or allaying your Ihlrat II
you try on package, I am safe In uylng that you will
rer afterward eooalder them Indlipenaabl.
Tou will And ftiem at the Drnggiit and Dealer lo
Hedlcln. .
.,;-.-ft', k niOM , ; .
. .. jL , ' i V -1. -' - '-''.
My algnalur la ca each package. Ail other ire
counterfeit. ,
A paxkat will b aent by mail, prepaid, on receipt of
Thirty Cent.
Andrea,, f
Henry O. Spalding, .
vr r
'iT CURE 0
By tbe oaa of the Pill the perlodio attack of A'ff
eous or JSick fftadiuAe may be prerented; and If taken
at the etmuDancemtnt of an attack immediate rel lf fr
pain and lioknea will be obtained. r
' They Mldoa mil in removine; th AViimm and
ocA to which female are eo aubject. . u ' f .t'
Tbey act gently upon th oel rtmovlog tto(ie
MM. .......
for Mlerarf Men, Stu&enit, Delicate Kemale
and all peraon, of tedentary kabiU, they ara Talua
u a Zoaaoatee, Improving tbe appetU, glvfny torn
9iqor to th dlgeatir organ, and reetoring the aatur
elasticity and atrength of the wholaayatem.
, THI OJtPBAUO PILLd are lb reault of kjog irm
ligation and carefully oonducted experiment, barir-g
been in DM many yean, daring which tlm they hat
prevented and rellered a vaat amount of pain and eoHer
ing from Ileadach, whetherorlglnatlng in the nnwt
yitem or from a deranged atate of tha rucA.
They ara entirely vegetable In tnelr eompoiltlon, an
may be taken at all time with perfect, eafety without
making any change of diet, and th abtenct of ont
dinutiraUt UuU render it tan lo uJntfnit r lean
Th genuine bar Sr ilgnatuie of Henry 0 Spalding
on each Box.
Bold by Druggkilt and all other Dealer In Medicine.
A Box will be eat by mail, prepaid, on receipt jit the
Xx"lbo,"Q3 Oortteia
All orders ihould b addreaacd to '
48av street, Now York.
from th Bxaminar, Norfolk, Va. '
OaphaTla Pill aocompllah th object for whieh tbey
were made, via.: Cure of headache In all it form.
'' from tbe aUamlnsr, Norfolk, Va.
They hav been tested In mora tbaa a thooaand eaae
with entire (ucoea.
. from th Democrat, St. Cloud, Minn. r
If von are. or hare been, troubled with the headache
aend fur a box, (Cephali Pill,) o that you may bav
them In oaae of an at tack .
from th Advertiser, Providence, ft. I. . ,
Tk fjephalk) Pllla Ax laid to he a remarkablv effective
remedy for th headache, and one of th verv beat for
that very frequent eoarplaint. which ba ever been
from the Western R. R. Qaaelte, Chicago, 111. '
We heartily endoraa Mr. Bpaaldlng, And hi unrivaled
Oepbalio Pills.
fro Kanawha Valley Star, Kanawha, Ta ''
W ar rare that peraon (ufferlng with th headaoh:
who try them, will ,Uok to them. . w
! from th Southern Path finder,' New Orleans, La.
' Try theml you thai ar alBlcted, and w an eon thai
your teathnonyoan be added to tha already numerous
list that baa received benefite that no otber awdicth) ana
produo. f ;
,t0frtim taSt. tonla Demooral.
Th Immeaa demand for the. article ,CephUe Hit
I nyiUly UVrcaauia-- ' I ; 1 ,-. ;.,, , .5:1.;,.
from theOoaeito, Davtoport.
Iowa, j
Mr. Ipaldlng would not eonneet bit
tide be dat net aaoao a
real merit.
bu wiu aave iob wa ii oost anaaiiy.Jl . i
. lU-aa TV
i)V "e. . .., -.fjj?
i f
i(w a
Z'JikTB TMPIlOiSI ; :" t
"ID" A Btitow of- Tim lavas lfmt.wrff
Aaamldant will happen, even la well raaalalad laal
Hie, It livery dlrabi to have oaw eheap aadeoaj
venlent way (r. npairin I ami tare, Toy, Oraocery,
sjseta all aok emergenolee, and ao hoaaaaem oaa afford
I be witboat tt.. 1 1 1 alwai ready, aad Bp to lae lUck
B. A Broah aseompanl each bottle,
otnta. - Addreaa, .. . .
. , . vi- Mo. do, Oadar Street, Mew Tor.T
As eeriata anprlndpled peraon are attempting
lira va on u.w,ywiuu (ibuilo, imthauoo of- aa
PRBPARBD OLCB, 1, would eautloo all
parauna ta.
l befnr euronaaing, ana ee that thi
rail name,
a oa tin oaujld w rpprt all otMrg at swindling
anraitt, new .

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