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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 13, 1861, Image 2

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JI-'.. V. MAN V tdlWf.
fBttvnv M011NIUGJL0CT2 13, 18GI.
t """'t' ' , -T
r I!
, i', , to" i.
Official Results.
"JTW following iblwfc!bIini oJ
rotei rgTvenvti'McT cndWt Voted for in
Franklin county,' at the State eleetlon neld Oct.
.;t,l6i;nd also th mojoritie pbiatneq oy. me
' ' Ufh J. JcT8tt...
' 'DaVidtod f
,1 -.-"rtrett's majority.'
'v. intmtmirf eovsaweiu-;
' John 0. Harebell.
Benjamin Btantoa .
Haraball's majority.,..
emm iwet."
' Tbomu J. 8. Bmllh.
,,, .ioiiab booh
1 ; " ''PmUa'amitj drily
. rt Ttiunn or IT ATE 1
(leorgeW. Holmes.
V Q. Yolnejr
All I ,-Bi A -.- "
,...,.,. 16,.,
Holmes's majority
......, ... ..... '
,. ..1 - ..., t
" " ssxpbtabt ,. t, -ri j
" WiUia-aW-ArmsAroBi;... " ,
Benjamin R.iJoaw-.., ...........-susu.i j
Arnrtrong'itejarllyA.'"-'3'" 804 ;
' cokraoujta. !
-1n.inh H. RUer. tioo
JohaT. Torrenct
co'jmoic run Jppm. " ' '
Tleigtt'i Da) otl ty . y 1
". S70
-.-1 rT
nrantait.' Trrilt'.'.'.'... '.'.'.. !
.:u ,. ..t.iv.'-' 1 t! .itJiO
'flee. t Convir..M...."HMrtitn"''
Otto Drewl ;'..H..,...iSn.t(i'.W
Wm. R Kantin.... .,...3931
JoienhB. Poltcrv..... .."' -ilJ J....41I4
OoDrenc orrr Rankin
' J. ' Pnttcr .
Dretel OTer TUokln i w
. Jothib Barber..
k W70t'a .art''
Matthii Martin ,
Ilfnry JEtt)ro6t..
.tohn 0. Thompion
lonnthan Bobo-...
Thompooc'i majority.
Nthn Cole
yrtfltiict Jrfiy..
i-.-ff 5M0
.v.jav.v. . i." ao
. .. Cole'i milority. Jufc.wi..K'
!. -Jen Bljh ....ivui..V:..Awj,44WJ
. Bljli'i iiJority..A"ift''7'i
CGR0NU. .lU-nJ O
Adam hlflitatis....."2!
Uwer'i Bisjorily v ..U
.',!... ,;-.!
c.- Phitmon 0dm .p..l--ti4,34
. . iUrUo Kruion tm 'rr nii'
" Hesa' Dsjority .'...,t.rjiV.
Thi3 preent'a V?r7' ,S"J9lf,t!.e;1?P"
iUl CoauW Of Ihe Sut..'i.; J) - o .'Janw
Official Results. Election News.
Theoffi'cial volafuLPickaway iaoonty tMaai-
1obs ' .. ': ' , 'L , 'n - ,f i
Governor Tod 2233; "Jewetfc. ,maTV
majority 135." Jndee of CommbftTleaa-rBatei
2223,' tteS&M-mStttST&lfclW'
Senator i.Wardea 21S3 Parrilt SIWWU
den'a majority 94. Mrrfiond, the Democratic
ProaecatiSg Attorney,')) Tceiy gBmaor-
ity. Senator. erriu. la eiacud by bgui iwt,
nd Jnrlcrn HlVm bv about COO." M&dlSon COUDtV
givea Mol abOttt lt)00H TbegeBeral Impreaaio'n
li that Mr. Hedget'did hat desire an. election.
Fairfield conntv gives Jewett llOO mafoiity.
Jeffries, fotL ReprescnuUveSI., thing's
considered the Pcmocracy glpifjMffiAt
have stood up nobly. .-, c '''
Little Holmes glvea.:97J msjvit for.twett
Erery township but ono gives a Democratic ma
jority, and that gave two majority for fusion.
Jadga Sample, ls re-elected by ,OPP prty,
The Holmes County pubheM aaya; -.itty
Thia county, ai.uiual, has covered Jteelf. with
tbe broad maatie of Democracy. The' -townships
are sot -U .heard from iofflpiarrv, bat
enough to muke it certain that tbe, "Union"
movement didn't a moon I to any 'great scratch
outside of Hardy tevaahin. ,?he majority for
Jewett will be about 900, Sample's not quite so
larfce, '' ' '-aoi.'.i Ij.'ih wj":
l( anybody imagines that we are feeling pee
tlcularly bad over this remit, we wish tt Inform
them that we aia'vbecaaa&lt aaau't came Ut
expected. For three weeks paat we have ecn
it coming, " and . prepared ouraelvee ,for At.
Holmes county ought to set up for herself, se
cede, demand a premium, or do something else
tbat Is desperate, . it ta
ItTThe Great Comet which attracted so mush
attention, leak sumueW while J lay' atreUhed
across the heaveaer is still eeen with a telescope
not far from the atat Eft in the ee-BUIation
Herenle. i Jt Is entirely Starr t tha( wondf'
ful appendage, Jtqpwn ae;the til,4uid.,oiblpf
remains but a nucleus enveloped lnwtMjbnlou
cload.'tbe wooio resembling in appearance k
email p'lanetartVebuia.'' J Ai
' 1 4
IT Tbe municipal election jn Newark, N. J.,
i Taeeday, 6ct.fi, resujted aW choice (
" ... i.
Njot The whole Demo
acted Vfi Vnafority of 1,617.
oratie ticket was efoci
BjTU seems that Gaaiioi has eoj bcdjJD-
dered the eommwief iha &atearjnvji
but that his services would JiayejbeB;ecjptee;
as a Major-General, if. he iiajearried ,-opf Jls
alleged intention of eomlng to this conntry.
! " .trtAi
, A Catmovs JcDfic An Irlah Jadge tried two
most. notorWrnw' T ''''i-fi)f Thirhwa-:rbriT.
To the c 'of.Hn..CflttrlJil "
tb prlfln-r tim ir.,tbcy wf fonnd not
guilty.. . Aa tUry .rd UWig reml-fKfli l.ia
bar, th iudge,-; adtWamog- tbe gaoler jaaid,
"Mr. Murphy, you would greatly ewe my.rtsiud
if yiu ireuld keep three two repctftblo gen
tlerneo until seven, or half psst ti'q o'clock,
for I menu to aei autXjr. pubUo at Cta," and I
should like to hart at leasrtwo hours' the start
tt inera.,.,i;r.itt -r
What is in the Wind?
are ct Jaal'.j arrivlni at thtg
U iftidlf i an i Blawry (li ftopuLUdan;
V. 'A,'i a A.. - T.aa. vIt
IUH0D, uu iub iiunirwaiw,
li a war lor the extermination of glaveryJLw
SrTNew' orkarttanr, the moat
toflaentlal and the mott iiilely-eiai
the elaat of papera alloaao w, eonw
eridenoe of what we.assertj r :?
Weffe"ife-tBtencrt fttmr th( iTto
appeaVa'ta the Jixi o-r-al t W
an hafe.iwweVfteldetiSU aud
Cbbfeioriat d)Kratf ifiaf
iwia; Plato lrtbiw thati W ibelHoo
pcrsidted in, either, alaTefy'bt'ihe Ynlpanit
eo down"'1' fnViaWersIanM iodicalei what it
mKo Uthif ie already the olto of the aoti
iar t7-iar.MfJ, werwedliDg eat ab loat
iiy g-1eW ''ij.ago Id Ohfo for a irnloo of all
birliea io one party lor "atigoroua ana, uonun-
. .. m t TT-J
ned proeeootion o ttte war lor me uaiun.
., Aijain, Jhe-vrriiHw.piolooily iaya:-"We
j.' .i f n,r indioatn aa time Daat or fo-
" " - .
tnre. when the laet that Eatery ia the" 'deadly
foe of the Uuto&iuould have been ,'qr ihould
be reoagniatd and acted on by the Vorerment.
Thia. the TWoaw. haviw learned a Utile can
lion from the ffot ,!of Its' 'Onwai'd 'to Rich
inohd"cry,'t1ilnka .might V0' pC dlctaUpa."
Bat u."foi eerj thing there, la a time and a
eeaou,"Qatixrraay"it!e now time to aet
forth the vital truth, for the country must hare
acceptei and retliied It. before the Govern
meat caa aafely act npon HH.uim-
irii.t t. utiii truih. which it now
ilrne to let lorth, In order that the country pay
aoceptaodreaUze ,o that lh4 Qoernn.ent
eaniafelyactBoenUT II ii tlile-f aat warery
m. h. ii.mint(l at the' Union cannot be
iuubi aw v-wv -'" - t . i .
A The 7Viai it by no meani alone in promul
gating thia doctrine.' Ut is to pe met wnn 10
almost evert tasue of every newpaper.o Re
publican aatecedenbb in eermoaa and in literary
Th -vi alraaaoaa efforts are
making to. labue itae ,whU Notthen mind
with 1W The dealpi lJ fradoally developing
ltiwtf- tmhke'iVli war what'tho aefeWBloniete
In the beginning qharged it io be, and by which
they, were enabled to gain inch eontrpl over the
mfndi of the Bouthern people namely, an ado-
lltion War. Snch fc war wiU doubtleii conaoii-
date the Soalh,a.d the dijeoiutioD.of the Union
or the final separation of the Northern and
Southern States, In order to avoid the depopu
lation and'rnla of both' sections, will beoome
s Si-C. " i .
onlya o,uct
Ut'BWVU UL wiauv
Foreign Intervention in Mexico.
L There cah'be no longer ajf anl'tnaUi,
Fcanco. andEngland iare, ally mada. up their
minds to leek .redress for alleged 1b juries and
coinpensatloii for aHegecT !lt8n jftsultlng'dur
'hfioni period of misrule and; anarchy' to
whieb"'Ji'ji:xlco'J.hae'' bepn afortoaataly iub-
jtqtarJ.al iooi" !) A m.-) 8-f 10
'''the 'London Korniig jWliiv'fe4,irfl
els of a semi official rAaraoter, states. tbejlan
to Wpnraoed by the bree European powers, to
be ai followed" ' ,ta , -J;-
i'-Thi'alfled 'JoVetg' will, sequestrate thetut
toms revenues of the ports la qbestion.' They
wilt charge their" consdla or ipmq. other author
ities, jointly to collect these revenues at the dif
ferent fmtfi and these consuls, acting together,
will "form a ait of International' commission,
MtnitWntaif fnr thti nnrnosa at ach OOrt. No
shtp will be able to enter orclelr at the ports of
vera Crni, Tamptoo, etc., wimoui ids uwur
itT of theaa conrohTrwno wilt txact and not
only ezactbatthauBvMlrmxlarwoetre the cus
toms doea on. auch, entrancas and clearances,-
n Tho'msalartntermational bnnmlseiea thai
eoMtltnt'ed, will dWM t"!1 ?,''
leTrW o2lhe;ojbe naii ahdl'thi' Mexican G"ot-
ernniint en the athe, the aggregate amount of
datiea eolleeted'tntalli th ports, or la rather
wt9 Mexlco'Ts'tb ljkime Wfand liJEn.
ropeanoredjorj;; tpthjhalf oX'lt1ha.,,nel
aaaennt raf jmMihaicolleoted lavher portav his
Is eons!dertf "terV llberaP'tiHrard Mexico." -f'Vdoea
Ao yet appfiiMi e.UfliteiJSUtoi
har beea lovitM tp patUoipaU in.or even pon
teat tUa'anangementf ihoagh it has beaa a
tfmaW. bpbd" extf drier aohbtfuf athorllj',
EhaCthe plan'haa tt eoncurrenoe of P .' Gov-
simeai.4 The programme, if fnlly eawiiedogfc
nthaPoatasserik it to to befors the c4oeof
ft:iveieni baK.irirtt e'iisanllln-k
strict blockade of the principal Mexican porta,
and beforw thai tia Wo ahalt probably know
wnat iffltfade oof own OoverBmehf wilt aasarM
1 -n c i v.''t o t-tt--"'. to iafci.t :
laregara ra li. . ,. .i .,hi Iij0.-st,K
Where the Danger Lies.
iEr-Graf'WaioBT. of India,: lets' Miv
dlanapolian whjchfiead(,,j,uj ii ,i7ait:i.,
rTher k raorw danra tbia abry itoxm txdnriO
ed. North the icsam aoytbanr els.i.A firm,
oclde.-iuited North, wiU atUa h aaatioa.
and that speedily Bt m mut vast litten (e tasa
cietenC. mnrtbU AbolitnnittM of tit Ntrtk &
are atrrtaaw lam! ( eajaotef ttet mar is te antar
fat wilk ti:iUttin f iaa Saarfkl rTaw a
tMM Urn ttcmtioMUtt tke Sm( iaaarsaedr.aV
tmm it antiaw tin Sowtk y aat in rawarbaa t U i
And Governor Wrubat traeht to nave added,
w can never lave ' ,,aniiej.oiithY''uiiflij
AbolltlonUmlsiffectuaUya'cruahedout." Tbe
Louis vUlpmwot, jgMUnt aionpaper,, .is
rHght when tl sajMtuit'm oi b ma b- va :
Wo make no aoolotrv for this wicked wart
tbe Sowtk to -deetrcv the Goveroraeat 1 We
grant tbe necessity of suppressing it; but the1
. ki.i . 1 ' . .. x . Mr. .ju
AoouHoniem, inai aas proaaoeo it, mue
be euppreaaed. Abolilionlm tntd C4tieiim
mast 6a ewriad in ne ame aoirwal eraweP TSa
patriot who loves his eountr most etmeen to
aacnaaatnem sola ' iwn una og n.
a..i im
j tT Notwithstanding (hp great' Jfrfesi6tt',bf
bwitnltf.iria ac Q&$,
amouptjng tp upward of twt sniUipo of area,;
wer located during the year ending Jns 3fL
1861Ttie balVnC f yrsrtinVemalrJiDg'etit
ii Very small,: ' The Government porf owns aix
ty million acres, wUcIUim bee surveyed and
offered for sale, and ready . fos private entry,--Beiiiai
thU, nearly forty-fira mUllos acres lava
beeik- eurreye4,bu opt put la market, which
aisy piltalcen tfcte rMpniptwn.1,'Thla ,s ex.
elusive oT thp 4mmsns tracts of land which
bar cat keeei aurreyed, m ids sew i em tones
Dacotah1, CVJoradb and ITevafla. '' V.'''
I ST Tk:trMfy'nPv.tilBd be
teeD,(hUa)ted 8tta ,'anii, YencmtlarP
v) fjoi gainsl.c:.tbe bartr taking ut letters of
, j . . ' j. I A L , ... .. .... L. t ... .
mj btatp a jpar witn' tne otner
V&tijl 'Mdwf eyta"rjf; jailed, po t, lift
ap'ch purpose la' any of, their ports, or prize to
be Bold in soak parte, m ,
The Capital District.
Frankb'a eaantv vkrta Jewett mtterlrv'tjf:
677,atid eB:jtbwhot 4emor) rirr K-rtl
ticket by majorrtiaw-ratiginr front 300
MckJogeawnty tiargoo inBocratic by t$ol
700 majority Tb .Deaacacyt tboap two
eeastiea atoaa like nan, an fnirtrt' !u
rioa BaUle. S)eeptionT!a4 Mclcery'wetked
Inter enoedi amft twada t beat m-1 PkiVawn
but tb district la yet morw ttaw thooanci
DmMtraliP, and Fkaway wiltredeew Herself
next year, C'iTiJwiw Ji'sif AtrtM.d uU ;
u saJ to
Vote in Pickaway.
La year in ihl c 'ty : there were 4,001
wotea cut. for Member of Cobgren, of which
Csxtqoeivedfif';9, tail Zy'-W5T, and Spar-
row 30. tms year wer weraioniy a,ia vow
votes were caal. Df these, Jerrlll-jrooelj
2,039, illrMea 3.188. rTie'UbloIV
hal lncWe4 Wer the'Refenblloirf I2ft-1f,frer
mce..bMweej.;aUoMy.taiid iWajftfjr&gTOw.
was dono by puttiag all 'DemooratsV on. the
tjckeV but dnt fctjrjpyer, Vhe ar the
429 votes which 'the pemoracf bad last year,
and which tbe polls do icVhow thief Look to
tbf rolUof our army, and yon will find tbiir
-rCTWe ccMih.e.-foJowiaif!-;ftcm the CleVa
hni HwUdxlQttnbrX J rr-
This order exists ovee,Ohitid tbe Coluei
bus City Fact statee-aMiiivelf tbat two belong
ing totne order-wierelcnt Ift olBoa In Frank
lin county oil TaeaaSf,,,Cqlumbui Ui one of
the hotbada of tha Glde Circlot and as a con
seqoeoo fewer soldier hava rone to the war;
from f ranklin countr. lriTjrdportlon tohe pop
ulation, than from aijtjct; County in Ohio. ,
The "orderVi spo'kaar of 1r what 1 termed
tbs"Kolghts of th0o4e 'Ciirola." We are
somewhat aatonlabed that a paper like tbe tier
aU, regarded as respectable, should be guilty
of publishing such stuff,,'' We bar not. thought
it worth wblle heretofore to nttiee' tbis moet In
famous 'and black barted lit,' sent .out from
this city, where no sensible Wan believes it, add
no reaDsotabla man assert i K."' There is not
now, nor has there ever been, tbat we know of,
such an organizitlon In this county, , It is a
mean, dirtv lit. cotton up to . injure and defeat
the Democratic ticket! T-'.t :V'i
Tbe people of tbis county hare; toa decisive
majority, pnt (he. brand upon the lying scamps
who originated and havo-.clreulstcd this Inf
mons falsehood r-j
The attempt of jMtJUrtld. to depreciate the
patriotism of the p'eople. 'cf this county is as
mean uj't stafemeuta are., false, franklin
county ba sent .mar meai.to thai war than
Cayahoga." ta u-l'! fit ,uv..i i- g.-.u,: u .
-1 f-i m-i i '; , . v ..'-"J V !
this a Contractor's War?
A gentleman direct front Washlcgtod .states
to ns, tbat In a conversation' with a leading Ra
publican of that city; and who occupies a prom-
IUWJV pUBlVIUU IU UH paiV, J. u u uiaitwi
to him: "When will there be a' big fight ever
thefotomaet" Tb answer was.' "Tbere will
be bo fight. This to a 'coutrwtor'a war, and
thev don't want the trar to end soon." J The
Cincinnati Cbmawrn'Ol-seems to be impreased
by that Idea L judging from the following which
appeared editorially in' it' Isano of day before
visterdavj - - ' ' ' ' "J -" ' : 'v.-.-' i
"We have no definite idea of the amonni of
pressure td the square Focn tpat would be requir
ed at present M lore the truth Into the "honept
understanding of the President of the7 United
States' Unfortunately, 1t has come to pis '1a
these latter days (which IneHide an- ltdeQoits
number Of AdinihUtratiohs) that the' President
la waited in from the'beoole,' and only permit
ted to beav the truth at rare 'interval?. He it
surrosnded by an atmosphere,' made , op' of the
nhalatloM'Pf tbe hanger-on about tbe' CapU
tal the- pcddllag potitictant the 'sycophants
of power the beggars of tbe crumbs that fall
from official tables and the rest of the sedi
ment and froth of the usual quadrennial Nation-
albiil. "'Tbis atmosphere,' so-offensive t9 good
ettteen asphyxiates the President and renders
aim dim or sight end bard rf hearing. The
UebtniDgsof eivil war have not yet disturbed
and puHfied thisatmoephetei"" : r :
"Thet art to treat forces encamped at
Washington.' ' Without the city are the Circle
of forts "and enoampmeata' of the : soldiers.
Withia it, the camp follemerir the contractors
of all degrees;' the tribe of thieves, a vast mul
tltud.' While the- defenders of tha 'Govern
ment la arms, shelter the Capital from the ban
dit of,seeiOn,he Wood -snekers are ln:nodis
tare possessioB.' While the Wrd of Joveta
aloft, with tbe glitter ot tounoerooita surrouno-
ing hlm,tbeeadneet Pf enemies arewei
tared aader bli wings'. - Now! while we have an
army of "near two htwlrext -thtmsaud men at
Waahlrrgton, and When the season and the time
for aetton hare fully come, the contractors talk
of delay, wren of going; toto-'wlnter quarters,
and- wearing" wet the. enemy "by waiting' and
watching leararog, as LbnglellOw 'would have
ft, to labor and to wait.1 "This till not dot
Whatever force la necessary to bring fbs facts
into immediate contact? with toe Presidential
oreansof sense, will, most be employed, to in
form the highest authority definitely, and with
all necessary, weight and penetration, that the
policy of rendering the war subservient to tbe
contractors has bee puuued tQ;lhe exUemeat
. r 1. 1.- j rr : :.
verge pi puuno uuaraouc. t us utovkyi
log until the. rebel can't march, pocauae tbey
will have worn ont their shoes, and natilthey
are shaken to sleeel ia oonaeauence of the want
of iquinine, and UntU their - soldiers damage all
their good suns, la orobablv. esDioaea- ov n
opening of direct trade between tha Scalp and
ftarope by tbe line oi temrs sMouaaq py
Yancer A Co- tha Btrmuia .being the first ar
rival, and the orobabilitv of rsnuia trips bsioc
on the card. j Wltfxia. the traud .Arajyoa
merowmao. u nnoaruasn, w ik. icswr
in the overthrpw oi the fipveiamept in one way
o? another'.' r ,0 r' aahiax ,"TlainiJ
n Wn hii iirmiim n. uru? TYirt. Carv .and
Doraev were to have bean in Mifleraburz onUha
49 01 uoHwer.4 inaer vi tueua j
was sick, so they say, and couldn't com' , Why
Car and Doreey were not here, we don't know,
or never expect to care yery mnch.r,Nsitler
of tbem has been heard, ot. since, cdtf they
should neter tarn no hereafter, we don't Mand
. . . v . . i x--.f.. t .i nnA
to fret very much abaat $blr, Vmysteflqpt Ais
appearance, 'J.Ws', have oolyona, rquca, le
mk. th.t tm. If lba (a an eiili lett In thl
hands of .the Executive tate - Committee, that
It be. Expended to paj (or 'fpictare-gallwy V of
tnemseives. do muon loog-sarea wiauom ,wiu
nrobablv never be eot toaether in tbe same ea-
pacily,"a4clfor lack of it thaisuucweqrs should
aye tueir pictures tq woa at an w,Qajur oves.
iVvonlda't be a' bad Jnvestaeuti also, if
Means are lclt.' to bur medals for all, aicakers
who aa la the habit of makfng .appoiataieata
ana not suing mem. luxtra long ouesnsaeaio
69 l7eP A9 tWaW vpj ane, vary. ,J4!
rVoopy,taaDoveirfWan auwtoo.wrgaai oi
IJohne ieoubty fer thp ' benefir oT tbe' Uniod
Efxebufly i "Cbin'mltt W 'eity.It'i toltbe
pmLjfpomplimeUrySU4od il;i.b tte-nl
tiP Nc'w'EaanJ abet PauaSy'
if.mf.S.mV."01 acq, rauy;
o d I )r"" J (' TT"' S'. ( "j ftd n
Tliaaar T.unna It la bow anihariUtitalv
dnnoanoed tbat tne receipt oi tne custom lur
the present teal Will not. amooat to. more than
twenty miliioa Cellar taArdUioaa-iltes.thaa
eve. Secretary Caa!a; patlmat. i JVkc tbe
MorriU tariff waa iupt eoaotpt, tt waa clstpaed
that, the, receipt under U wouW reacb aixty
millions, but tbe cirewsiiUacoes ot tn souiry
bav ao ohaogsd sja then that. th esUmates
that period ar valualeas neWM i lnu isj
It evident from, tbi state ot things that .we
are boat,nteriog ipon a pew Jn the finea-;
olal history of the , oontry. i hereafter, 4it aet
taxauop ia inevwawp, anstoma auee wm oe
entirely Lndeqatf.tMb support of tb Gov.
roment and tbe payment of the.araoatdebt
wear contracting., ,rioe loretga trade, of tne
country will, id any event, be much less .for
several years t com thaa it Jat - beep In the
past, and the deficit ia -our reveooes la oonae
quencemust b provided fof Ip somootber way,
Thia matter will asaum great -importaoce be
fore (be aiuiag pt.Coogrwee, and Bpeajhat, body
will bp thrown tb delicate and reponsiblduty
originatiag a new system of ways and me
to furnish the Government with mooes to meet
Its current expense aodjpey tt'qebMni4i, e-ii j
I .Tbaopai) try will ev JesrtF thet tt will b
nocess-ary fpi ptnimMsff the -fffi;,W
tasing cu ne pr)iiioiiorv ,jrocuoo.liiiiiea,1
country wllf never submit to bav lb sera.
'uMUbf 'for tbtTsSV of protetg the
it Jw!) tf'.v .1
frit arieart tfial Dr. H,ti ftlMVvM
f !,ttai xpditiut.hy afie!y artlvsd.at
IIaJiA s'iTtd ol aboertgiskl vPmbel idled
daitng the voyage, onarof whom was Aoocst
?., 7' .7. ." ?.. 7,7.
Wdeg-'as n. bctib iaiiioue. - v,
The Affair—Official Report
of the Engagement.
i 1 J , i
tharthe euemy had
landed Jn rUrre
KidP KetTaad
oeat Q14cknIiu)oboo atd
elndiaaa; (tgimens posteii
then UnMi full retfeat before them. Also,
wdsln fu
that onr tlirea tuffs In. Ibe Inlet were -aground
Atm.hA "' Th r.nfit had been ctDtwed tbe
Alt hiftn.vly airpaoe goOdndaw-way with!
thia h;n nd tha Montiocllo, and anchored
for .the.nlcht close" to he shore iniUattesaa
At daylight I found our troops jo andbout
tha lightbouaa, and In distress lor yaut HH pro
Visions, which they bad boen.wiUiout for twen
t-lour hmira. Zl sanDliad them with food, abd
at the request of the commanding pfflcer.reO
malnad .fu . thelf 'protection during the- dayJ
Learning tbat tbe enemy waa in largo lorce aa
KIQ Keet, J lent tne monuoaiio o urirv muni
off, whjch Important service waa performed by
Lieutenant Commanding uraioe wivq great ei
feet and good conduct.' His report Is inclosed,
, I am, very respectfully, . . .r . , , rr '. .
JWUlO J iYoui obedient servant,- ' A M
J. L. LARDNER, Captain.
To Flag Officer L, hi. UouissoaoooH, etc eto.
OFF CAPE HATTERAS, Oct. 5, 1861.
Era: I have tbe honor to Inform you that, In
obedience to your order of tbis morning, Iatood
through the inner, channel of Hatterea shoals
at 18& FM., and stood close akmg ahore to.
tbe northward, Keeping a orignt lookout, irom
aloft.-. At lJij P. ,AL W. diaopmed several
sailing vessel over the woodland Klne Keet,
and at tbe same time a regimerit anarohlng to
the northward, carrying a rebel flag in tbelr
midst, with many stragglers, la lb sic rear also
two togs inside, (lying tbe earn Bag. r As tncy
came out oi the woods of Kioe Keet, we ran
cloee In shore and opened a deliberate fire upon
tbem, at tbe distance ot three quarters -f a
mile.' At our first shell, which foil apparently
la their, midst, tbey rolled , up their flag and
scattered, moving rapidly np tie beach to the
northward.' We followed tbem, firing Tapldly
from three guns, driving tbem up to a clamp of
woods, la which tbey iwk refuge, and abreast
of which tpeir ateamersUy. . we now rhelled
tbe woods, and could see tbem embarking In
small , bot-altar their veaselar evidently In
great confusion and suffering greatly from our
Of- ;- .' , , ., .-. -. . ;
' Their, stbamers how opened fire npon us, fi
!ng, however, but two shots, which fall short.
Tm boali filled uith nun uxrr tlruek by tur $htll$
and dettroucd. Tbre more steamers came
down the Sound and took position1 opposite tbe
woods. - we were shelling also two sloops.
We continued, firing deliberately noon them
from half past one P.M. until half past three
P. jVI I when two men worp macprered On tbe
aeabeScD making signals to us:' Supposing them
to be two of tbe Indiana regiment, we aent an
armed boat and .ore to bring tbem ofiV. cover
ing them.kt 'the same time with our fire., .Upon
me coat Hearing tne Deacn, tbey took to the
water ; One Pf tbem WaJ suceessf ul Ju reaching
the boat Private Warren O. Haver, Company
H.Twmtteth Reglmtlf1oaUh troops. The
other man Private Charles White, Company
H, Twentieth Regiment Indiana troop waa an
fortnnately drowned In the surf."1"
Private Haver Informs m that h Wss taken
priaones on the morning of ,th 4ih; that bs
Witnessed One shot, which Wa very deatraetlve.
He stales that two ot put shells fell into two
sloops loaded with men, blowing the. vessels to
piece and sinking them. Al),- that -several
officers wer killed and- their horses- Been run
ning about -the traokl t-fte had just escaped
from his captors, after' ihootlog the captain of
one of the rebel- companies. He states, that
tbe euemy were In tbe greatest confusion, tush-
log wildly Into tbe water, Striving to get toff to
vueir TesseiB. .. .
Private Haver now dicectei me to the point
where tbe rebels were congregated, waiting an
opportunity to get off. . ' I opened fire egaln with
success, scattering them.'.l.W were now vary
close, in three fathoms water ,'and tb trwof the
uH .h.U tiAA miLh.ftort.. ... .1 ' ,iu '
-' Six steamers were now off the polhl, Oao pf
wnicn 1 recognized as tne canny. ,
At twenty-fiv miauiee-t five P. M we ceas
ed firttg, leaving the enemy scattered along the
Deaca lor upwards ot lour miles. . 1 bred repeat
edly St ".the. enemy's steamats. witb oncrifled
cannon, a Parrot tbirty-poander.atid struck the
fanny, I think, nc v 1 lonud she range Pf this
piece much short of what I anticipated, many of
me anoi turning ena over cna, ana cot exceed
ing mush tbe range of th smooth bare tblrty
two-pounder.'1-'-' -.'. jjewtiu;.
I inclose herewith the tnetrmrandum of the
amount of ammunition expanded to day. Iam,
resotclfiillr. vonr obedient servant. - -
Lieutenant D. L. BRAINE,
' Commandlpg.U. P. steamer .Mootltello-
To Captain J. Lv LaiDaca, Commending V. S.
steamer ' SotquehaBoa, pff Cape Hatterai,
. u.
The Democratic Organization.
!rt B1 'chief,
paity li h paat baa bee Its dnvotiob W the
untotuKtne uPnstitunon and tne laws. Mn trl
ntoph and in defeat, tn the flash of victory and
amid, tha atorma of sectional Bassioar, it has
maintained it nationality and It allegiance to
tae fundamental principles ;ot lue governaeut.
Its history is a history of struggles In defense
of the Constitatida. It first great conflict was
for th preaervatloa bf that government bated
and I eared by the aristocracy of tbe old world
and th new.., Ia it contesU with tbe money
power, and the sectional cool lot which, bav
sine ensaed, time and avetrt Pave proved tbe
beneficence of its faith, the depth of its wis-'
dom, and the purity of its palrlotiim3 irfT'O
litis lime ot publio danger and traaUiinot
th time for Ihoae who bav protected the gov
ernment from destruction in tha naat to faltar
at tbe .call .of tbe country oow-Jf the. men
w mateDD we jjemocratio oartv. an the
principles which distinguish Its' Organization,
were the preserratiea-wnd protection of the gov
ernment in paat times, they may prove doubly
beneficial hoar. . Tb nationality and eobserva
tism wbich-havadiatingaishad tbe-democracy
In other-timsa, .of danger, r aaor thaaevsr
bow reqoiredJor.estors union andnnity among
tb discordant element of tb nation. Tbe
samp principles of political action which would
nave saved as from civil war ar most likely to
restore union, harmony and strength.' Hence
the necessity of preserving the democratic or
ganization,' until all shall acknowledge the prac
tice! Tiedom pf Its constitutional platform, and
become the true and conditional friend-,of
th S it was learned
Milwaukee News.
Pennsylvania Election.
-- --
Tbraturws ef th election are hot ebfflclen't
to tletermine the political complexion c the
Aeeisuttare: Dai it is certain tbat tb Demo
orats hare gained largely, and possibly sleeted a
majority to th Hons of Representatives..,. W
bav never known an election of which it was
av niucnii w otjuiia ine returns. . 1 oe uemo-
crau bar gained Sooator .in: Pbiladelpbia.
one ia BabjtvlatiU.andi ia all orobabilitv. ana In
Montgomery nd one In" Backi,""Th currnit
ot the vote throughout the tale IS decidedly in
favor of, tb Democrats, and indicate that ia la
destined to control tbe politics of this Btate In
tha Yatara. ""' - ' '" 1 ' ' '
I From tbe complexion of tbe election re lure
from rarlewi quarter of the Stat we have lit
tle to doubt that the Democrats harp srtnaiorltv
of tbe aggregav .populaej vetai pod ;prpbebly
bav elect! majorilp pf members, to the
House of Representatives .Tbv eot i West.
moreieod county la indicative of a -revolnHOTi in
".WW." 9,the 6Mt 1- a j -a- r.
1 -.wo o 11
Pennsylvania State Election.
Moarrooisrty Cctf,' W". 10.4-Th w'hol
'smocratie bounty ticket is .elected, aJobaC.
Smith la elected Senator bv a BsioitV Of about
will); Kile, sheriff, by Pbe-ut l.fMiOr and'Ctap-
mnn, lor Judge, will nave about w.uuu majority.
fcair, uct. lb M. u..A.wry, t- Kadtaal
eoabHOPnaclididate. ba been elected to tbe
BUt Setste- over the Union candidate In the
i27 fh VCOAlOrlal Die trlctT
1 . -si.a
D Tbe Demoorscv of the Srlngfeld Dl-
rjc, io jiituuia, ue,e. DDiAUiami aaautTaa i, 1.
Thornton r 'OonTi(i Jw plaawof klaClsrv I
ntnd. reslgrlcd, tH- tt .tef m Appointed Gen-1
ralfntb army'''
The State Elections.
Nort arnsi aval eeur calvelfromth. Vitata
election np tbe t moot our ft 'log Id r 's-'f-.
The pro ablll f Is t' ugh that ia J epta.r.
or monvrl tkuti Lwa tioa cwierkf tuooewk.'
ful. lt.li''niiy to b expeotea mat party
could succeii
d. With fully one third ita.,.raa.w -
lie-armr, there tor tbe purpose" of eruihlug out
2wwked rrhelltaia tbatseotional fanatics, North
nd Houihi aavf Precipitated upon the 000067.
While th Democrats are lending their asslst
anca to uphold tha flag and enforce th author
ity of the Goveromvut. Abolitionists ar abpr-
logthemlvM 'rnto ft offloaa- to' th, guW of
Unlop mear-6Wyw; ()(d.) Vlunimr1
In w. .l'- !llli "l S , ' Pi in hii ' 1 ti ei I
.uHeww Mail k Cow Ylo hsa Mic.'4-A
snuaotlbtr eompiaiBi tat n nu a no cow.
which has twelve qnarts of milk to spare) at
each milking, yal sb wilt not let him hav ainy
until bar calf kas had hi npply. J He wnts to
know tb rsaaoa nl thla.i II strongly Suspects
tber 1 something ia is looks, bis hat. dren
or moral hablu.ar bis way of milklag, which
has so set hie dumb beast against him. H Ii
in great tribulation, fie, lie, sir 1 just try milk
lag pop teat at tlme.i aa th calf do, ahd
see If that won't make her gtv down. Ws
bay known this to answer tbe purpose many a
time.. Jf tbat won't do, along with It try th
praotlo of giving her some favorite food, j pet
to divert ber attention when too Begin to milk".
American Agriculturist.
By Bor. W. Bruih, Oct. 10th, at reatdeDc
ntdeDC of
bride's fattier, Mr. On. W, Hjuist sad Uias Zauaa St.
BT.uKii)t, both of thlaoountn V -. .. )
Sheriffs Sale,
I. w.
riTTMl. at r..
t.JQ. Keep fit 0.-'. r:.t ... .,- ; - 1. .1,, ..
XJ la the above eaee. and alao two etbar writs, one la
favor f John P. Bomi va. J. 0, Knaps te Co., aad oee
In favor William O. Pana rt. i. . Knapp at 0 .to
ax dlraoted from tbe Ooart of Oomaioa Pleaa of Delaware
ooanqr, Ohio, I will effet for sale at the etare reoaa Mo.
10 laet Broad atreet, Buckeje Block, lo tha city of Op-
lumkaa, aale eomaMnclnf ea - 1 'IP
Monday, th 14th day of Oc.'A: D. 1861,
atte'oloea a. m., aflne ajsortnenr ot Cry teoda aad
noBena, awe a lone, eae ate ladder, two sots rairbana a
acaiee, one oeat, eae eigat ay otook, a, ev ivh.t
rnnier a reea a.i . . -
3 O. "Tf? n0rIAK. Bherlff,
.7By Id. Davie, Depaty.
W. B. Kawr, iVcflfaTfiV
npa am.
:v. vt
BlUe, WheelookStOo
. .- ve, , , -(
J. G. Knaps c Co.
Order of aale attaohmenf.
mi, -V i. ,1 -I
to US directed from th Bonerlor Court of frank
lin county, Ohio, In tbe above eaee. and another caa.
whereta Vred. BnltarfleM, aotinee ef Seforeai, Aras-
atronf m Co.. are plalatuTa, Te. J. 0- Xaapp Oa are
oaienuania. 1 win oner ror aale at ine (toie-fwoau an
after the execntlona are VatUfled aa deecribed In the
above advenaMmeat, . the' rematalnc Dortlon of Bald
lock ot goodai ealacomeaeneuiaaa. j. y.jJ. iir.n I
Friday, th 18th flay Pf Ootober A. Dr 1861 1
at 8 eMoekVA. M. .'.noli i; r a t n .--.t (I aotvitt 1
rrlatersfrea, S 3D.aJA:r. ,vj ia. I ua; i:nx
u: t :,:: -j JJW W. bn W-BOfPfliN, Bherlff
KIUU. -u-i'I .awBft.'Ty." ut"
;i a :
t Sealed-PfbpdsaW""
" . TIC J ,ef . the Quartermaeter Oenerak Oelambai
Ohio, onUl 13 it, : BAiySH47, th ffOfQBiPtiar thi
following articles army eUthingiiirr) r;-'.. raJdi?
9,000 Regnlallon Jorae Oapa andOoTera, Bine Oloth
8,000 do . a llgedBlontesV A
1,500 do Cavalry Jackets, ) All-wool daik bin
. .An , . t . . i w
6,000 laH f TrcPaera,a)lM4akyblunKeriey.
18,000 Orey Shirts, Colon. FlaoneJ,!? o,
18,000 FalraDrawera,. do. ...,..(
8,000 Valrt Shoes, nu-.j tTt .,-.,. iiin
, 3,000 nUraOaralry Baotv: tx-ltoUM ,P
8,000 Js&ntry OveroeatSrall.waol sky kla Keraey r I
3.00B Cavalry J de'eiiaa,. I'-"1".
4.S00 Falra LhakeU, alj weoj.1 IP Uo taa prr.r
AU lbs above artkles aiw rertuired -fi be1 of 'aiateflki
SndT tty la eoirerpnAlliui' In every reipect ,t&! ba tf. 9 J
Arm Bsguiauon'.,-;;-.; v :;,-r,'"..(, -r,- w a
.. eampie pattern u eaca arucie aiay e saea at tae ei
ficeof tb itejiaaeter 6aeml,Coambm.oA a'.y
Bids meet be mate aeaamery fc each article, and
Stat SM aamet el hro or mote turetlee.1' "
' Tor, fcllteoepted cida, flit partita will be KqaireA to
lUebeada wiHnaiBcItntafonrlty, lorthalallhfol par
formaace of the aoptracW and la caas ef fallSre la the
tune el delivery arte the quality ef the artlel! tae
Btate aeatrrea the'Hrbt'te pnrcbtee them elsewhere1 at
Oie expense of thecontiactor,''' .
Fajmant will be made within lUty iaya froaT
tion of contxact., , , j, u'l. ixip: i- ,..is.j:t
-Delivery ef Cavalry am artillery dlothmf te k made
at Ootombae within 30 days from date ef coatraet, in
equal proportlona each'WwV V v.1,"'"..', '
Delivery of Infantry .clolhlug an! of Cape and blaa
kela, to be made within forty-Are dj,.la equal pnptt
tlona each week.. '. ,'...-') ,M.tWai.l
Frapoaala will be addranad Ur ,.'-v Vov i ,tn
-. i. '. -f '.' -i ' -Qt6V. 'VliABy.
. . '..
f rt
j ,.t I .j v'lii a.l li
'jJklntJ Seecl fefore,'
.!) or.
-r )oii
1 .
.1 .
e .eii( rw f"c
firfe, QTJtB8t,SA8H,TDTTT, OOJUAOaVqatl
Ouuasetl,"VP4k1tTtIl'w XPPJire,
atheraod BabbeT Beltfnf,' Io4 Xsajhay, Jleaa and
. II UlX.AXll '.' , A..l.r.A.. i3Ui 1
X TUnKn in this .inatltutlon-wiu oommaaea on
THURSDAY, the Set af (ttlOUBA, and-soMma Bn
H tbe latef auroa, ltjoa
.1 4 v-f V J f.." a'ViW'W n:arinfu rarwoii-lli
Prorcianr of Xaaorv and PranUoM aAd Daaal
.7.1 UVJS AHd llil'i0
- to j t FttANCia pARTER;M Dl
Prof, of Oiletrlrt A TtltKaMi'of.'lfoiitn A Children,
JKORbl SO afS-i lil 0; IIwiaiA
trot, of Aateay ant JhyehjloiT
h,l . . t.a h. tmU f Sartersi . a U ti4 ,
.f-.-!iro fv.- fwatti awrt aa ea jrnm iwr
i, u -iiw ..S- LOVING Mrtr
' p Mai, iav?hM $wWwK
Ji. 1 . I - -l J -tLT-Bit- .bV'JU',PJT7T i" s
- .-..P. 1 . a-a
Hwii"'' a. a
fTf V;vy ttsVi.iHa W.eV"
R. NsPAtr.MT'P:
1...-, DtaDOBAiratce .oi- Anao.- anuv
I .ui.iA;n-i
r- - - - ,nt i -a,-
irrj.n 1 .bar
,f.:ii'iAl BMS
rv'i KOrStiH-.A K
1 " ' 1 "-"-rWa lue-itavU -..
Tlcketa for'all the Profeaaera. .r.w i'V,ilM
MatrlcuUticnTlkutfonlipaidQoo).,,., t 5 00
Oradnatlon Pees.-. ..,.v,l"" '' "
Demonatmtlon BiV1ce Slip
Poatdiiif 8toJprwetlt, toclndlni Qtbtanl fni.
The Clinical ' and Dotpltal adTantagea ponaist'ln the
larireandiliTeralSedOollreCllnlc.and tha lioipltalof
tne V ran kiln IHD-r uniwr - ro inaaai ine two
Military Campaln Mf actjhbofhood will be acceeaibfe te
(Alt. ktKwa ea tadblap Wfll setromptly ihtlereS; If
Mtliwacsl to 1 iii mi ia
eollid ., J ,,rrtrIflWITHj Dean
! t n
1, n
TTrjKHaaTRn fa rr ft in
VI Unn fchlrt atoaoaM- 'Vlain anS ruin."- "
A Vutfr."
tblrtinir ao Bo
Boeoea Linens.' a 4
Ulwr PaalL.au
LinnlMrrrtif am) l-OT-i lwne.
' . -iU.ca ro.w-1 1 ,1 -i, M irtaww... ,
aeSaMri f-t lir irf 1
M I'rO t.trlen lfi arS ft 1 H...r-'- "
i..eiITahl CloH -i . n ' ., !.!"--eir- '
Hi rtlnwa fe-nxa oio - ww, -,r. -a.1
So aaHAJllwan t c - .
W Pe,eawt l f... - -
BATH at BflSfr"'
S.IvttUBJh street.
0, Nu. via a 3 V. wvAa,)J
tiOABTBaaUr. -Qx IUl, Or4yr
UollUlLlut,Ov;t,S,ltl. T
a anau jtn i ikii tub xa b s5, nta
oiere on futlou
add paid by the Amletanl Qnartermuter U,
pa. SO, jnUa.UMUa, flolaaaima,
TfT fV-TH ATM) rf ft
attn5rTYiwJta v Wt,.i-i.
-, ; ye i hi W llo'iy-peij fjT I
, ,--., !! le';i et
mVK'UnpVED TO ,TUKU jwxri
JUL BXQBaV 1 aa IUl X - Wt. -Witf " 1
and hare aeeoclatad with themaelres WM. KIOBARDlLI
oadertbearmef -
,t) V fr
Vorttlof pn ot ths) Urjceit Dry floodi llonsei In
This Ilooae la conatantlv aasairlnr Maar Alanla.
,V, )fftI?P SILK'AND WpbL f OPiUNS;
4:t . liifP.H.C ttrh.;'fl
4 1 -
Tha. VaPsVMi mnal M.aalaksat nHrfavai a a T t U
t ... ... . varatttmPOl
In Ihe City, caa be found at ':'1''!,v
I ri
tetT fi-eeH'r.s
:Ta.l .h -f
x treat variety, j oat rseetyod by
.10 m !(-.
At BO?
Ai.tn oviar
i.-i.-;0 .,
i :! I i" ' ft.. .5-1
ru.-; GLOVES Jr UOdiERV,'1 -a
Q'3 J
L A D I E 8. 9 L 0 T H;C L 0 A K 8,
Of tha Veweit Styles, juat received, a4 also' mad to
0 ; .taWii
. -4o" ha.iiie'
chintz, BHlMmat,,-"W"'
,e u OOTPOM Mnr W6 0ARparrAa.f--'ile
rha BrnT, 1uT)n aaojjfei the Caah 7yUm hvthUit-
bhaae aad aale of. Oocxla. are enabled to Mil troaal&ea-!)
per oentleas thaa stbai honaea under Uteandtt ayacanj. L
.A:.y K,.v. .'JulT -IS lewiee
aou ana vjv oouin .Migfj otrcciv-0
V7 -.'o biabaM ail la Cl
TJ y.?t
lTA..-; I
.xr a-
,aw,'a 'il,i'
!lal '
e, Mvaali
AI W V'aAlOriSNa AtAlK
' r- --ip A i libit r.'i
.(.Kil'J iJ t:LlAlltr (YK.UJ Wl
y bill vv vinwinnau,
-,JJ wtdtaVovmO i. -:A
Ia now recelrinr; aWrjrrfatid Iteelrable etock ot
t joAwu.us ed'.wjau al uJ eT"
f ' '.Uiemaii
which he will aellalprlcea that will enable hun ft re
tain the repntatloa the gtandlready eojoya of being the
v ouoato Store Jt
f IK." Ill,
ai tae uiqr. maen ot ua is toca waa upajna 1
before the late extraordinary advance, end al
sold aa- t An 14 - 9 Li-wv v n!
. can be
t,)Trtn f . 'r
Ir'or I.av1 iewa. Mi ia ta3, Child rsm.
1 ...v 1-.,;n,wJ lii'i'l h')W
of the very beat qoallty and make. . ,1 aorlially.invite
ue oiu cuitonera 01 ine nouiiv ana. everyooay eiaea
call aadenmlne mjilocia before purohaalag eleeohare.
il - t , ril .'' ): -eJa Jv e:p ij.-t'acae
in aoojH piB piaibtx tQafSBA, rno.
lAJjrtl frHAiJ XlTOfl TTCir wjsyt '
r.J aA. T
It-ft CT " - T t wjN MM ,4)
I 11 'I '" ! II 1"
v vamot TjaBHM arT.ww
VTeare mtw aaTarlnr owrtmawnae etoeh of PaPcy btesa
hub Alirtaa aaaa taaa evwr ar--ffrTe In thlt city.
Iheattamlioay a :tlie fcaaHow af that eHy and'; vicinity b
eoiwiwa, a emt a tori w vmxr aeiaet anit enmpmte la ail
imdeaof toodalDlhia Una... , PBTBB BAIM,
aoraa. , . n gonu, uign jtreet.
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tuxsiea By their pwrf merits. ,' Jamaj fti ia klae aftaJa
bf great distinction by the merit of his a (rivalled Dt
etetle Baleratna, ; (s mles an enormona. 'Depot, 312
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eakneea, lnvotnntitrv Era lea tone, lexnal Debility, and
Impedlmente to kUi rik.-i irenenllly,lrvoaanee,iCoaf
tomptlon, Kpllepey and Vita, t entaf and PuyMcal in
apeetty, reealUng from Beii-baae, Ao. By jtouej J,
H-etwell, at. D., author of the Preen Book, Ae.b-wj,
Bwwn Thsasaali aiitterra,
t ande seat, tat a plala enTalope,- te syajilnf
post paid, an reoelpt af two eeampe, by !r,' OtIAB,
J. u. ana, aw
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Bowery, New Xork, Poet-OWrv Boy
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detlveaesa, Headache, Oiddloess, Drowalneaa ahd ainr
mi 1 a ihe ears, arUag frsm to iraaaowealao4M
S bead, eheald asvsr ba rlthoert Brandrsth'a Fills, and
Staay hlfhly aaaieiawa Spmptosas will ba aesneVa ay
Pastr Uamadlate ass. If lii.B-jJK aoaatw
I Tb Hon. J. HtmUs WatieheiiiilVwiw )Oi
arventy avs years ef age, kas weed i saeSesaVs Pills far
Pventy Br yean at his sol saedWre.i''Wlii-rl be feefs
lsdisposed, bo It from Cold, RhetuMtlanw U-,aea4f
ache, Billons AlTeetlana, CoeUra-aaa ar IrrftaUsal ef the
Udneys or bladder, be dps aofblnf bat ft e a let Jfoses
SlssuiaalBnthcelis to take tlx pills, aa VeMoe fhe
we each trlrtfc-ma sill . Tn mn attack of ateknesa
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fTt''!ial:v f,in exfrpet iVoa
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latter written by Gi yV. J. . tuune, paster et tb
Phrrei8tsaet BapttiT OHtmb, Brooklyn, V. T.,to
(ba'-Jeait-- act H4rt," C;.!dnU,0,an4)aBer
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And, iOtherEoads LeaVMns'st
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iauiV C i H
Chartered Care over moat Roads oh PuAinaai Tm'ina
jrr."j n.:-iet. a tui ' ..l"R"lwa
ICBt it SON, Airetitt,
,r (ujI qT ty., Brnnd Street.
"f" .OT.i3':i YHAivn titrrt
r.; Oysters LOystersL!
be In daily nreipt, by Vfyreea, : of
TRESS CAk'&'&tijfYBJE&S;
Prom Baltltoori ind Jrahr lfava-C-
Oallat Wag-nejje Oyater aad Frait Bepoa, )ie.9aat
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-SI ANILX ea hand and for aale, the beat aualily of
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Which be will nil at Uia lowsal market nrlM.'P'S
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Office at'liie atara of aaadonL auv.l.m Ac (In., hf.fl
Af P.n.1
puxktayA v va'aau
J 6 H N'-HTD" N T B R,
-x M ER C HANT- Al l!d fif,
No. S20 BoSit1t':fgri',telreet. Three
,;aitloot-i outr! of Rich,
HAS inat'tVcelred a choice rtock'1if"lll.Vji5D
WINTXK GOODS, suitable for gfntlemen', wear.
flnetnmoro will have tbelr orders neatly Slid tnbdintlal
liaxeouted at the lowest ratee. Ti.I
-.-.rtis-,iateti'iA sootaamft
(Lata of Phalon'aJUUblUhment, N. T. 4
prtorniE'rosi is?int's4protVi
A. Pa,hionable BhaTing, llair 43Httlo,iyiampmwr,
parllnKandDreaslng Saloon, 'Z T V,
South HIarr St.i pteiaii? Store,
oVn7hes.eJ:i'b T,rl0n,
vladlea.' anPOhndiWs Hair PrflPdrarYafhs E?,t
style, -.r.iniiii t.iDiao anAer
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Human Miirki over Invented.
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1 isars, mt:i ijaHiiKST assouti
XV D4Ilt of tke.aieUUarmVe tlnrla- f Rnartuilsa.
All hie aaaieaiwaathe ,, or ftr-lelitd, 'ar
ireand In eopeavtaemea.fm wlih'the gmteat dare,
ao ae to suit Ihe Byes at; all oasaaj eurina; Weakneu.
Diixlneae or Tnflammatioa nf tha B-ea.- ama-Mtnr
etrmgth Pir-rfing rtwllni or fins eewlnav. -n t, ,
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No. 10G, ntii.ti
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