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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, October 15, 1861, Image 1

Image and text provided by Ohio Historical Society, Columbus, OH

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.. . .. . fl.
CT Office Ho. 9, M ana 40, jTorth High It
' Dally ' 1 - ' ' M" V $8 00 per year
By tbCyrrir, yTirMk, tents.
M-WeolrlT 1 - - . 3 00 per tmi.
1 00
..'.: Advertising- br the ftqaAre.
,5'J Ju .20 00 1 On square week. ,4 00
ta 'jjawtihi UIO OH..f'imki.,N
jo ""Smooth IS 00
1 week... 1 75
3m 1 moetti M 00
Dna month 800
3u rl I Booth. 00
On .
&ay. 1 OS
iday... 7S
I insertion so
Displayed advertisement half more thin the above
ate. ,
i Advertisements letMsd ami placed loathe column of
Special Notioee," double th ordinary ratee.
,- I( Ordered on tbalnsiaeexeluelvelyafler the first week
. ' per cent, mure than tbe above rate; but all suoh wil
appear In the Trt Weekly without eharg. .
kuilqui CarJe, not oioeodlng Avelinee, ptryear, In
. tl le, l SO per line ; ouUide i.
Notion of meeting!, chart tablea ooletlei,flre oomptntei
; ke.. half price. )..,,'. " l
'All trantjtnt UttwriUmmtt nwl b paid for in
'ieance Ts rule will not berarled from.
weekly mm prioa at the Dalij, where the adTortiaer
ins neeaiyaione. woe re 'ne uaiijr ana Weekly
ire both need, then the charge ler tbe Weekly will be
. kalf the rauaof the Dally
. Me adTertbwment taken exoept for a deQnlte period.
ii- .P. A. B. . S1HKI1I8,
0fflr Amboj building, oppoelta Oapttol Bqnare. '
I .1 " : ' . . OOMJMBUB. OHIO
. Attorney. & Gounsellor at Law,
v. MARION, OHIO, u-i '
Machine Manufacturing Company
Cutingi, Mill-Gearing, JffMhlniry. -
;-J J
Zl.AllX0Ua. rV02l3e.
i, . o nur DiBOBirnoit. ' " - - j
COIT7iriBt78f OHIO.
OHA8. AH BOB. gnp't
T. AMBOB, Trw.
aeon, uuo-a
zl ;1J!1'
Summer Arrangements.—Time
Connecting at OrAtllne with the TITTSBUBQH, II.
fbr Mtttburgh, PAUadtlphia and BaMmon. Alto
for fort Wayiu and Chicago. ,
Connecting at Olereland with tbe LAKI BHORI BAIL-
j . , ROAD s ! " ' . ;
Far Dunkirk, Bnffal. Albany Boa-
v Ion, and. Now York. ,
- from Oolambai, in connection with Tralne on the
NIOUT J!XPEK98-LaTee Oolomboi at J.fO A.M ;
will IraTe pauengen at all etatlona aouth of Gallon,
atop at . Delaware. Aihley, Cardlngton and Gilead, and
at all tlatinna north of Gallon, arriving at Olereland
at 0:00 A. Mn Dunkirk 3:00 P. U., Buffalo 4:25 P. M.
Albany l.ft A. M New York 8:15 A. M., Boetoa 9:30
f.H; Piltaburgh rla Omtline 3.S0 P. M , Phlladel
Ma 9:10 A. H. Chicago rla Oreetllne at 7-00 P. U,
Nl T0RK XXPRBBB Learei Colnmboi at 11:10
a. m. Will Mop at Lewie Centre, (for White Bnlphur
Bprlngi), Delaware, Oardington, Gallon, Oreetllne, Shel
by, New London. Wellington and Grafton, arrive at
Cleveland at 8:31 p. m.; Dunkirk, 8:50 p. m. Buf
falo, 10S3 p. m ; Albany, B:45a. m.; NewYoik, 1:45
S. Botton, 4:40 p.m. Thii Train oooneote at Bhel
y for Bandueky, and at Giafton for Toledo, arriving at
Toledo at 6:40 p. m.
' " THIRD TRAIN. ., .:,
atd.W p. m. Will itop at ail ataUona South of
Bbelhy, and at New London, Wellington, Grafton,
and Bona; arriving at Cleveland at 6:30 p. m.; Dun
klik, k:00a. n. ! Buffalo, 3:80 a. m. ; Albany, Srl p.m.;
Newtork, 739 p. m. Boeton, 11:45 p. n. Pltttburgb,
4a OrMUlne, at 11:55 p. n.; Philadelphia, 1:00 p. ai.,
Okleago, Oreetllne, 8: a. m. Thla Train connecle
at khelby for Bandnrky and Toledo, arriving at Toledo
at 8:55 p.m. ?
Patent Sleeping Cart are ran on all
- Sight Trains to Chicago, Hew
.. . s tYork and Boiton. m ;
agtag CtebuA Through to Km York and Sotton
CUetland; alio, to Philadelphia and
i ,Jku XorkoiaOrtMm.
Night Bxpree arrive at Colnmbn at. .. 11:1 J P. M."
Otneumatt KapreMairive at Oolnmbni at 10:50 A. M,
AeooaniodaUoa Kxpree arrlvaeat ColaBka kt 7:50
Faro at low n by any ether Kante.
Ai far Ticktl tU Or til lint or Cleveland.
f Superintendent, Cleveland, Ohio,
- - Colnmbua, Ohio.
Oolumbna, Jinn 17, 1SC1. . . '
Jmt BeMlrad! ; ,;.
TUAS lOO ban prime Rio Oonet.
ISO poeketaold Dutob Government Jan Coffee.
....Ml m mimiM.
tOOkbla. undent Whit Sugar, eonitotlng of Pow-
area, vnrunea, aranniaiea a ana o yonee, .
50 quintal George Bank Oodneh. . i 1 ; .
SO bbla. Uma and Ne. 1 Mackerel.
tee. Plok Salmon.
ICObz. Layer BaWne., -r -.
SOW. box do de- W - '
100. b do da , ...
' lOO M Oigart, different brand and grade,
ova? , ; x m,WM.MDONAJJ,
And Blank-Eook -Manttfiinturer, ' c
arit-dtr - ' - -
aprtt fijO: kr. Hi. S9 Boola High (traet.
KoiSD. SOUTH, W0H f TaiaTt.V n y
tt.m laat leoelred an wttW Of HOOP BrSTl
nbhed la a manner far uprior loan jet Introdaad
er R.riHi-'''' ' flf": I Ali'W.
" ; Isvl
utartuisj IargeBt-The T Beit.
,r The Cheapest Beostue the But,
TTI,es .? rfeUWViPUMAr i Am-
tnarlty el the English Laftiiare.
erttry Mtem Srerywhere, -"Hei
are upward of a Hundred Taoutand Wori.
noJ imkltlfarloiu meaning aad derlvatiua, together
pvvuiag, ana pronnneuuon are cieariy
etbefon the .
BeaithtVtiitlon 'i of tho JTembert of th Ohio State
uaeAor-$ Atiooiation.
Th andtntgnedi aaembera of the Ohio State Teacher'
AieoeUtion, adopt and aim to nee In teaching, writing
nd paakug, tfaa orthography n pronanctatlon of
Woreeeter Boval Quarto Dlotlontrv. and we moet 00 r-
dlally reoomnend It a tbe moet relltkl ilaadard an
thertty of the Bngllth lan rut ge, a It I ' now written aad
If km Ajroarw, Prerideni kenyori Obllegk.
m. D. Lbm(tt, Superintendent Zaneavllle School
xno. w. rJiavwr, Hnp'l Haeel Ion Union Bchoolt.
. M. f . Oowniar, Bup'tPubllo Behoola, Banduakrr
JoatLraoa, Bup'tPubllo Bohoel. Clrclevilla. . I
B. N. BARToan, Principal Cleveland female Bemlnai
W. MlTCMLL. Bnn't Pnhlki UuIl Ml. TTntAa. '
Joaa Oasaa, Prlnolpal But Normal ftobool, Minna-
Onrm Nieoit; rrlncTptl fourth Jtntermedlat School,
Cincinnati. -B.
B. Maitiii, Bup't Canton Union School.
Xnwm Baut, Principal MeNecly Normal School.
Ku T. Tarraw, Prof. Mathemattot, Ohio Cnlveraltrt
Wm. W. Bbwaxm. gnp't Troy Union School. i I
A. G. Boraun, Principal Wett High School, Olere
land. . , -.-!.! I . 'K
8. A. Noktox, Amoclat Principal High School, Cleve
land -
TnoDOM Btirujio, Principal High School, Cler
land. , I
R. P. BDMlwroK, Principal Cleveland Inetltuta.' - !
J. A. GAtruLO, Preildent of Blectlo Inatltut, Hi
ram. , ' I T T. ,. ; j
W. L. Haiku, Prof, of Ohemlitrjr, Ohio Weileyan
Univeralty. . . . .
H. H. BAkiitT, 14-OwmDlnloner of Common School,
JaMc MomoB, Prr. RbetorU, Ofcerlla Oollege. I
TRo.Hux.Preaident Antioch College. I
. 0. W. H. Oatboaat,. Prof. Mathematloa, High
School, Dayton. ,. , i
8. 0. OaoaBAOaR, Prof. Language, High School.
Daytoo. )- , .., i ; . , . ,.. ;
B. M. BaMis, BupH Union School, Ashland. f
Mor than Sia Bundrtd other PreMdento of OoRt-
gei, Profeeeort, Author and JHtMnguiihed Educa
tor, have endoreed the above unUmtnt. , . , c i
Marietta Coium "It I truly a magnificent work,
au honor to the author, th publisher, and the whole
country." Preeidenl Andrewi. ' t
Ohio Wua UmriMiTTIt xaed my expect
Hon. It will be my guide In orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often ba consulted by ne (or It neat
and accurate definition." President Thompson. j
W. R. Icuctio OoLuoa. "Heretofore w have need
Webster' orthography. . At a recant meeting of our
Faculty, It was decided to ohango It to conform to that
of Worcester' Boyal Quarto Dictionary." President
,-. ; .-- , - . ' ' .,,1 .'-,; i
'Wtsrt. Rcssstva Oouisi. "I find It worthy of
cordial approbation." President Hitchaock.'
Oataua Coixiea. "It mora than meet ay expect sr
tlons. I reoommeud It as the standard authority io
orthoepy to my children and mj pupil. "President
Morgan. .....
Ajmocn Ootxiai. "I adapt and aim to use In teaeh
tog, writing and (peaktnr, the orthography1 and pronun.
tatioaof W ones tea' Boyal Quarto Dictionary."-'
President Bill. '
9n all my writing, peaklng, and teaching, I have en'
deavored to conform to the rale for orthography and
pronunciation a coatalsed la. Warotiterti Dictionary.'!
Horace Mann, late President. "
Kurros Oouaw, QAKBin. '1 most cordially reoom
mond Has th meet reliable standard authority of th
Bngllsh languag a it I now written and spoken."
President Andrew. , -,
From Reo. Anion Smyth, OommieMoner of Common
School in Ohio. -.
"Th Dictionary I an Imperishable monument to the
learning aad industry of Id author, and an honor to the
world of .letters. The mechanical aeration I far supe
rior to that of any other Lexicon with which, I am ac
quainted." , , T
From Eon. S. B. Barney, Mb-Oonwiiionr..j
School in Ohio. i
"The moit reliable standard authority of Ah lan
guage." i. - ----- ,
wmat tm .. J . :
ieadina Newpaxera of. Ohiai Bay.
From th Cleveland Beratd of March 2t. 1
The orthography of the Worosater Dictlonan 1 tha
used br most, if not all. anther ol distinetioar In this
country and England, and oonformt to the general onge
of ordinary writer and speakers.
Whatever prejudice may bav existed previously,
careful study of this volnm will invariabb) ba followed
by a warm appradatloa of It great sMrita, aud a desire
to add it to the well selected library, be It large or small,
It 1 a library In Itself, and will remain an Jupsriaha
bi record of the learning of it compiler. " ' i
From the (innati Commercial of Apr UtO i ,
Her are upwards of a hundred thouaand rotde good.
bad and indifferent whoa malttfartoa MBlng nd
derivation, together with their correct spelling and pro
nunciation, sre eet olearly before the eye. The work i
unquestionably the greatest Thesaurus of Bngllsh Words
ever published. J
From th Cleveland Plaindealef ofSepl to, 18ud. '
Evidently Woacsrm' Botai, Qdarto DicnoiuaT it
not only the laet, but the xrr tcori of the kind ever U
Md!,andoan by no poU)iUty guffer bx comparison or
eontrorerty. ',' , ' , ..' , J.. , ,
From th Toledo Blai of May 1H.
A to raoirorjciATirjw, Woactimra i tn StamiaM
followed by oar beat authors; in dsflnltlons b leave
nothing to be 6lred, aad in OaTnoouArar it I lufficlem
to say mat wonoarrxn can a arrrjr rouoweu.
. .... ...... t , .-.! '
fx ,...:m - OP.. I,,-, I ,.-...- .
NW AXlS., Nm T. '
DiTldenel Jaaaarr 1, Me I 4 5 Per Cent,
A8BBTS. ....:.. - v. 11134 SO.
tatamaat Jaauary l,j 1861
Balance, per itatament Jan. 1st, 1800,, .,.$3,408,501 39
Beeelved for Fremium uur- -
tog th J ear WO..... $73,93 55'
llMMlwAa far htlMMit dnrtnir ' ' ..I4..'
, !:.ji.'
the year 1130 ............. 8M,ai rt
Total laoatDla for 1960.i..t977J)7 74 1
Paid Olalmi by Death,9U7,030 00 ... ' ; "
Paid Polteiea lurran-' : ' i .. , "
' dared ..n. ....... 41,111 20 ..(..i ;' ot tf
Paid 8lariea, Pot- , . , . , ,ft ,
ago, Taae, sx- . . ni , .
ehanee. eo SI.820M ' . .. ;.
Paid OommUslons to " .','(
Agent. ....J S1.32S SO
Paid Physician' fee. ,0Uo 75 '
Paid Annuities 1,7 00 ,
Paid DlvtdSnr-;,,,t 1" " w
lag U oat 1CQ,5W 7J Su5,001 3 411,071 14
t Jakviea .Tannary'lt.' 1861 '',.3,ijl,5i8 50
'u..M.J.-.s, ....... AB8m.
C-hWhani..i;?.:.:.. $0,6284 19 .
Bond aad Mortgagee on Real ' .
, mstawv waria .dooMa th T tu .1. ' '
I amount loaned, a.t-tvaoetaaa, SsA7a041 08 t, J ' .'V'V '
Ifamlnm Wattm. ha nitAi.m r r v "
i ' " -i.-wri(.vi 'ij(y,rijl 1 ' fc. ' ' 'I"
goal BsUie......,,., ...... 4lO,era3 7. A IU C M
LoansonBorip... ' 5,931 44 7 ,
treaunraa, Mote aa Cash, la '--':T.I.Aani.-:
oun innammnoa.... 4941 Ti 'J.-.t( )
It Mi PolWai kt fortm, tamrt...MBte,038
1 1,493 new follow aav a txata dartng the mar.
i After a oartful ealoulatton of th BiaewUiwalam M
outstanding PollciMOf th Company, and harts Um
nemmnry amount to reserve therefor, IhaDireoter
bare declared a vivtpawa oi per cent, en the Promt
a paid at In tabl rat, to all pollute for IKe la fere,
ted prior to January I, lauO, payabl according to th
present rule of the Company.
. Bate for all Una of III ConUrtfeiwica, Prospeev
asee, Btttoaent,' aad AppHeatrooa, will be furnished
withoot , at tha OAc or AgenciM at the Oaas-
i'. :vk., L. OeBOVBB, Tic President.' '
'BBJU0. MILLCB, Beerrfciry. ! i.t..:
' ,MnJh9B,'18n;!'- l .Tl OolmnbuiTo,.,
j v- ' 1
tli A t If . X 4 FI6(!UE' BLACK
XT, DBISa ULKMs W rren grade. .. -4o WMt aeleot
aaeottawal ia Utatlly, Wat mu m- lrateav,.t.
j jirtlii . . VS l-'
ia a (foiirttitutibnar disease, "a corruption of .-lie
blooclj, by wbiolj thil' fluid becomes vitiated,
weak.'and poor. Being in the circulation, it
pervade the whole body, and may burst out
in disease on any part of It. No organ is free
remits atftoks, nor ii there one Which it may
iirit destroy, ' The scrofulous taint i variously
caused by mercurial diseme, low living, dis
ordered or unhealthy food, tmpvrq air, filth
and. filthy habits, -'the depraming vices, and,
above all, by the vnevcal infection. What
ever be iu origin, it U hereditoty in the con
stitution, de.seeiiduig from parents to children
unto the third and fourth generation ;'' indeed,
It woerti to bethS rod of Him who', says, "I
will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon
their children." " " t
Its effects tonmience by deposition from tlie
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
tlic lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed
tubercles; In the glands, swellings; and on
the nurfuce, eruptions or sores. .This foul cor
mption,' fthl;h genders in the blood, depresses
Uhj eiierii of life, so that acrofulous constitu
tionk . not 'only u,ffer from, scrofulous com
liiints, bt they have fur less power to witli
,stanJ lit attacks of other diseases; conscv
qucnlly vast numheri ' perish '' by disorders
Ti liicb, ultljoiigb. not scrofulous in their nnturo,
are .still- rendered, iutal by this taint in the
ayntrm..' Host of tlie consumption which tie
cimntcs the human family hat its origin directly
in this ecrpfulous contamination; and many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brnin,
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from of
are aggravated by tlie same cause. . I
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous
their persons are invaded by this lurking hit
fection, and their health is underrained by it,
To cleanse it from the system we must renovatt
the blood by an alterative medicine, and an.
lgfTrnte tt by healthy rood tvnd exercise.
Such ',a medicine we supply in . , , . i
. LAYER'S ; ': j
Componid Extract of Sarsaparilln,
tlie most clTectufil remedy which the medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
where prevailing and fntal malady. It is com
bined from the most active rcmodials that havo
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of. the
system from its "destructive consequences
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but a.so those other nfTcc
tions which arise from it, such as Eruptivh
and, Ski ji Disbases, St. Anthony's FinF,
Blotches, Blaiks and I3oii.s,Touons, Tetter
and Salt Riieuk, Scald IIeai, Kinowoiim,
11mi:i'mtism, Syphilitio and Muhciuiiai, l)is
eakes, Ditoi-sr, IlYSPErsiA, Deiiimty, mid,
indeed, am. CoMPT.Alirrs awsino Pttos Vitia
TF.ir on Impure Blood. Tlie popular belief
in "iiuphrilti of th blood " is founded in truth,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilln is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible in
; ; ,.-- - " '-.. ' '; '-,, ' ,
Ague Cure,
' rou TnB SPEEDY CURB o ' '
Intermittent Fever, or Fever and Ague,
Remittent Fever, Chill Fever, Dumb
Agim, Perineural lirariarhe, or Dillon
lira. Inch, and Billon Fever, inileed
for tha who! class of dlacaaea orlgiiint
Injr in biliary derangement, eauseil hy
the Malaria, os Hlaasnattc Countries.
Wc are enabled here to offer the community a
remedy which, while it cures the above complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Sucli a remedy is invaluable in districts
where these afflicting disorders prevail. This
"Cntii" expels the miasmatic poison of FEvr.it
and AtiLT from the system, and prevents the de
vclomientlof the disease, if taken on the first an.
proai li of its premonitory symptoms. It is not only
tlie best remedy ever yet discovered fnr this class
of complaints, but also the chcapest.i'Thc large
quantity we1 supply ur a dollar brings it within tiio
reach nf everybody j and in bilious districts, where
l"'i:v i:it and Aeun prevails, every body should
have it and use It freely both for cure ami protec
tion. A great Miperionty of this remedy over any
other ever discovered fi'tt lUe speedy and certain
cure of JiiternlittPnts is that it contains no Qninino
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious ellccts whatcrer upou the constitu
tion. Those cured by it are left as healthy as if
they had never had the disease
l ever and Ague is not alone the consequence of
flic miasmatic poison. A great variety of diior
der arise from its irritalion, .sniona which are
jt'purnhiirt. Rfteumatistn, Gout, lleaiTacht, lilind
tum, 'i'ooikqcJitt.Earache, Catarriit, Asthma, t'al
gitai'ii'i, I'lii.'fid .flection of ii ,ijiecHi Histrr
ut,,lia in the liuwvla, L'olic, J'amtytit and l)t
ruitftautiit.of ttit Stomach, all of which, when
originitiiiu in this cause, put on the intermittent
type, or become periodical. This " Cl'itE " expels
the poison from the blood, and consequently cures
then) all alike. It is an invaluable protection to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily.,
residing in the malarious districts. If talten ocra
siomillr or ibiily whilo. aafinsed to the infection,
that will bo excreted'&orn Ui system, and cannot
accumulate in sulBcrVnt quantity to ripen into dis
ease. Hence it is even mitre valuable for protec
tion than euro, and f.iw wijl ever surfer from Inter
mittent if they avail themselves of the protection
this remedy affords
Prepared by Br. 1. 0. ATE2 to CO,, Lowell, Hast,
' B0BKRT1 k SAMTTBL, Oslumbus,
And by Drugglsteaad Dealer fverwbar.
nov9:lyd,twaw i. v. , i
' TO AND rKOin ;:
i Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
'The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company' Srt4tas
full.DAWMviA fllvrla-hnllt Htaemra Mil mwmvw Bai-
nrday from foktlanu, carrying the Canadian and
unitta niaie mail ana passenger. . -
(ibarteat, Cbeapeat and Quickest Con
.. .... viancvir "
TBateti ot Pamrn eta, a to Kurop, '
'i ' " ' 30L SJO3L SSO. .' '
Will tail from LIVERPOOL ararw TFedaeadafs
ana mm yuan au eicry assturaay, aalllng at
LONDONDBBBY, to receive on board and land Mall and
Paasenrer. to and front Ireland and Scotland.
JXTthe Steamer ar built of Iron, In water-tight
eompartmuta, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
vary attention i paid to toe comfort and accommoda
tion or pangra. aiineyproceeaoireet to LONDON.
DBRY, ih neat risk nd delay of calling St St. John'i
I avelded. ...
i abugow passan gert tr famished with ntgsj paisag
ocaeai 10 ana irns Amiaonuarry.
i Betnra Hoket granted at reduced rate. ' ' 1 1 7 ' ' :
i Oertiteate sssved for oarrying to and bringing out pa
anaer tram all th principal town of Great Britain and
arauuM, iNvnq raw, uyims iidv ui steamers, ana
yso WA8111NUT01 Lima or BAILING PACKETS,
eerfig t.fvw. w..f ' r t .
Ilfht Draft tar 1 aad Upward par
' apleloKaKiaDdsIrelwad Hon( ,
" ;; land or Walea.
for aaasan. arpl at tha one. 33 HK4JAIU
fAVs NW.yrlt and 18 WtTEH JT.
SVpraH at , -. k-'ij v
BABEL aSARLI, OthtrsJ 4gnU,
rto-"-J. R. ARMSTRONC. .
nelO-lydAw Poit Offlo,Oolaabn,Oblo.
Co-PortnerBhlp; O
ten JAMBR ADOJR SAItf a nartner In m boil.
nee, which will net after be eenducted under the firm
of Bala m Sen
P. BAIN.WajouthDlih St
Ooiuaibn, fek 13, 1811.
1.." ..-r i-i fr,i
U Pl, bll.li1o, w. T..y PMPrleror
. ..r.uiie Bnavtngi Batr Cutting
!, variiBgar Draartne naroon. Btst Stat
Oflea, wber attfacUoa will
w rven a all tha varieaa brantbee. Ladle
' ..K,.f.iH V'".8
w.iob van) SnnihM. ItMa
Summer Arrangement.
Little Miami & Columbus & Xenia
For Cinoiniiati, Dayton ft Indianapolii!
Through to Indianapolis wltloat Change of Carl
aud bat One Change of Can between ,
.'M ,,j Clunibua and St. Louig. , ,
Four Trains Daily troni Columbus.
J ' .''i7 ' FIRSTTRAIN'. 'i; '
AOOOMMODATIOrf at SV a., topping at all sta
tions between Columbus and Cincinnati aod Dayton, ar
riving at Cincinnati at 10 05 a. a., and at .Dayton t
8.1U a.m., connecting at Dajtoa, for Indianapolis and
th West.
SECplfD TKAIN. ' ?.
No. 1 XXPRB8B at 11.40 a. m., stepping at Jefferson,
London, Obarleeton, OedarvUI, Xsnla, Bprlng Talley,
Oorwln, J reeport. Port Ancient, Mosrow St., Lebanon,
f osMr's, Loveland and Milford, arriving at Oinelnoatl
at 4.30 p. m., Dayton at 8.45 p. m.,oanectuurwith tbe
Ohio and Mississippi Railroad for Loaiaville, Ky., Vln.
oeones. Cairo, St. Lonis. New Orleans, elo.i at Dayton
for Indianapoli, Lafayette, Terrs Llaute, Chicago and
all Western point.
HAIL at 9.10 p. m , stopping at all stations hetaeun
Columbus and Xenis, and at Spring Valley, Cirvin,
Morrow and Lovdasd, arriving atOinclnnati ut 2 a. m.
NIOnT EXPBK89, via Dayton, at 1 00 midnight,
stopping at London, Xsnla, Dayton, Middletown and
Uemllton. arriving lit UincinnaU at 5.95 a. m.;t Day
ton at 3.55. ni.) conneoting at Oinrinnail with the
Ohio and Mississippi Ball road lor Louisville, Evansvllle,
Vlncennes, Cairo, 8t. Lonls, Memphis, New Orleans,
and all point Bonth and South-west; also, at Dayton
for Indianapolis, Lafayette, Tsrre llaute, Chicago, (to
KT 'r further Information and Through Ticket,
apply to M, L. DOUBBTY, Ticket Agent. Union Depot,
Oeneral Ticket Agent, Clncinnttl.
Agent, Oolumbns.
Hupsrintcndcnt, Cincinnati.
Columbus, July 14, iPOl
AND Steubenville Short Line
Shortest, Quickest & Most Reliable
Route to all Eastern Cities !
Trains Leave Columbus as follows :
Leaves Colnmbua 3.30 A. M. from Union Depot, via
Bel 11 re or Btenbenvllle t arrive at Bcllaira, 10.20 A.
M. Btsubenvlll. 12.20 P. M.i Pittsburgh, 3.40 P.M.;
Harrlsburg, 1.10 A. M.t via AUentovm, arrive at New
York 8.00 A. 11.; via Philadelphia, arrive at Phila
delphia, S. 10 A. M.i New York, 10.30 A. M. Connect
also at Ilarrlsburg for Baltimore, arriving at 7.45 A. M.
Sleeping: Can attached to this Train
Vroln Colnmbua, run directly through to Bellalre or
Pittsburgh without change; and Passenger via Allen
town arrive In New York at 8 A. M.,
Tbta Train also connects at Bellalre with the
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Leave Columbus 11 25 A. M , from Vnion Depot, via
Bteubenvlllei arrives! Newark, 12 50 P. M.; Coshoc
ton, 2.15 P. M. Bteubeoviile, 0 Pi M.; Pittsburg, 8.40
M. I ("This l theonrr rout br which Passengers
ctn leaveCiBOlnnatl at 7 A. M., go through to Pilta
burgh In daylight, without chang of cars or delay.
Leaves Columbus 2.15 P. M., from Union Depot, via
Bellalre: arrives at Newark, 3.23 P. 11.; Zanesville,
4 33 P. M.i Bellalre .7 .55 P. M.i Pittsburgh, 11.25 P.
M.: Harrlsbunr. 0.00 A. M.t via AUtntoxen. arrive
at New York, 4 P. M.i via Philadelphia, arrive
rnuaaeipnia, i.io r. at.: new lora. o r. at. in is
Train also connect at Ilarrlsburg for Baltimore, ar
riving at Jr. n.
inia Train run tnrougn to Bellalre or rittsburgwitn-
out chanie of Cars; and from Pltubura there I no
change of Oar to Philadelphia, or via Allentown to
Hew rors tnn ottering
The only Route from Columbus to Baltimore,
Philadelphia, or Mew York, with only ,
. , one change of Cars.
Bl thl Train Panter arrive In New Yotk fire
hoars in advano of tha Northern line. .
This Train also connects at Bellalre with the Baltimor
and Ohio B.B.
UTTbii Route ia 30 miles shorter to Pittsburg,
ana (mora than lUtl miles sborter to
New York, than Northern Lines.
Bag-gago Cheoked Thronffh to all im-
portant Joints East.
Ticket Good war either Houte.
Oen. Ticket Agent Central Ohio R. B.
Sen. Ticket Agent Bteubeuvilla Short Line.
Sammatlon and pain, and heal the wont burn.
scald, bruise, out ,or fresh wound of any kind, prevent
swelling aod paia from ba (ting, mosquito kite, and
poisonous plant, naurairia, rheumatism, ague in the
breaat, salt rheum, eto. When taken internally, It will
positively cur oroup In ohi Id ran, and give immediate
relief bath worst case t thl terrible complaint! alio,
remove hoarsen aad or throat. Pries, 25 seatse
bottle. - Bhonld be In ar ljhonse. for al by Drug.
gist and Storekeeper. IRVIN 8TONB,
aoie rropnetor, n Jopraee si., new xora
oeUdAwiyl . .4
No real iutlo eaa b dan the abov preparation
bat by procuring aud reading deacrlptivpampblU4
be found with ail dealer, or will be aent fay Proprietor
on demand. Formula and Trial Bottle sent to Phyel
otana, who will find development In both worthy thatr
acceptano and approval. . ,
Correspondence aolicited from all who nscessltle oi
curiosity prompts to a inai oi wo aoove rciutoia item
dies.. ' " ' - ' -
Par sale by tha usual waoieaast and reUil dealer
verywher. ,. ,t -., . .. , -
IOUN Ii. llfJNNEWEl.1 Proprlete
" No. 9 Commeielal Whrf, Boston, Mats.' '
; Robert k Bamnel, H. p. Warple, i. B. Cook, J. H
Denlg, G. Denlg A Bobs', A. J. BchuellerkBon, Agentt
fcf Oolumnuaoni. - ' J rayl-dly
NovaltH In Nck Tie ani Scarf. ''
, Bjren an GariioU Collars. - -.
" , Embroidered Pocktt ataadkrohieh
Pari Kid Glove, superior mike. , . ,
Golden Hill Shirt, varlona tyl. ' ,''
. Boy' wouea Hill Bhlrta, '' '
, Driving and Street Grove, do . " i .
; Hmmed Pocket Handkerohier, various itykrs. . . ,
Half Hon and Under GsxmenU,
, ..... BAIN A SON,
aprllS Ho. 20 South High Unci.
v Hi
IF 10 to. do. BOURBON.
J t-.1ai' i
Just rWeived and fbr sal low for cash, by
io f.. . IiAOBLLI BOSS A CO..
K4 South High ttoet, ColnabsJ.
tl li
... .. ,,. . TIBXI,
illy, par pear. .,....
Tri-Weeklr. par tar;.f
Weekly, per year ..j. ...........
I .i ? i 'i'- j ;
..ii..tt4 ed i
...,...,,, 4lt0 .
What is Wanted for the Winter—The
Sanitary commission to the Women
of America.
.The. 'Army.Sa'uiury Commugloa hl waiied
the following appeal to the women of America
in behalf of the soldiers of bur army. ' Tbe ap
proach of (be cold session requires the Immedi
ate adoption of measures for, the. protection jf
out troops against tne aiecomiorts of winter
campaign, tod this appeal will, we trust, awak
en a hearty response from the peoples" ' j
to the LOraL womii or America. - j
WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. 1861.
CounTRywcMicN: You are called upon to help
take care of our rick and wounded soldiers and
fa'lors, , .. ..
' Ills true that GoveronicLt undertakes their
care, but ull experience, iu every other country
as well as out own, shows tbat Ooreromebi
alone cannot completely provide for tbe humane
treatment of those for whom tbe duty of provid
ing, as well as possible, is acknowledged. Evoo
at this period of tbe war; aud with a much
smaller, proportion of sick aod wounded thau tt
to be expected, there is much suflY-riug, .aad
dear lives are daily lost1 because Gorcrumeut
eannot put the right thing in (be fight place at
tbe right time. No other Government has ever
provided so well (or Its soldiers bo soon after the
breaking cut of a war of this magnlludo, and
yet it remains true tbat there Is muchsufferiug,
and that death unnecessarily occurs from the
imperfectness of the Government arrangements.
This is partly owing to the ignorance, partly to
(be Indolence, and partly to tbe Inhumanity aud
knavery of various sgents of Government, as
well as to the' organic defects of the system.--But
humanity to the sick most, to a certain ex
tent, be sacrificed, nnder Government, to the
purpose of eecuring tbe utmost possible strength
and efficiency to tbe military force. ' :
- Whatever aid is to be given from without
must still be administered systematically, and
Io perfect subordination to the general njtttai
of administration ot the Government. To bold
its 'gents in any degree responsible for the din
ties with which ibey are charged, Government
mnst protect them from the interference of irl !
responsible persons. ' !
Hence, an Intermediate agency becomes nco
eseary, wbio i, without taking any of tbe duties
of the regular agents ol the Government out of
tbeir hands, can, nevetttieless, offer to tbe at
means of administering to the war.tj of the
sick and wounded much beyond what could bo
obtained within tbe arbitrary limits of snpply
established by Government, and la strict accord
ance with th regulations necessary lor main
taining a proper accountability to it. ' . t
Tbe Sanitary Commission, a volunteer and
unpaid bureau of tbe War Department of the
Government, constitutes such an agency. ' 1 .
Under its presont organizttion every camp and
mllittry hospital from the Atlantic to the
plains, is regularly ana frequently visited, it)
wants ascertained, anticipated ss fares possi
ble, and whenever it ia right, proper, and broad
ly merciful, supplied directly by the Commis
sion to tbe extent ot its ability. For the means
of maintaining this organization, and of exer
cising through it a direct influence upon tbe
officers and men favorable to a prudent guard
against the daugers of disease to which they
are subject, which ia its first and principal ob
ject, the Commission is wholly dependent upon
volunteer contributions to its treasury, tor
the means of administering to the needi of the
sick and wounded, the Commission relies upon1
gift offerings of their own handiwork from the
loyal women of the land. It receives not one
dollar from Government."1
A large proportion of the gifts of the people
to the army hitherto have been wasted, or worse
tban wasted, because directed without knowl
edge or discrimination. It Is only through the
Uommieaion mat sucn guts ean reacn tne army
with a reasonable assurance' that they, will be
received where tbey will do the motft good and
tbe leasl harm. ' '
Tbe Sanitary Com mission has established Its
right to claim the confidence of the cation Tbe
Secretary of War and Mapr-General McClellan
hare both recently acknowledged, In the warm
est terms, the advantages which have alreadr
resulted from Its labors, and the discretion and
skill with which they have been hitherto direct
ed. Its advice has been freely taken, and In
several important particulars acted upoo, favor
ably to the health ot tbe army, by tbe uorern
ment. There has scarcely been a company of
volonteers in the field wherein some detect, er
ror or negligence, endangering health, has not
been pointed out by lis agents, and Its removal
or abatement effected.- There has not been a
aingle instance in which Its services or advice,
offered through all its various agenoies, have
been repulsed: not a single complaint baa been
received of its embarrassiog any officer in bis
duty, or of its Interfering with discipline In the
slightest degree. Its labors bare been chiefly
directed to Indncs precautions against a certain
class of disease whioh have scourged almost
very modern European army, which deolmated
our army in Mexico, and which, at one time,
rendered nearly half of one ol our armies in tbe
war of 1819 unfit for service. It is a ground
for national gratitude tnat our present armies
have passed through the most trying season of
tbe- year wonderfully escaping this danger
Tbat tbere are grander eauses tor this than the
labor of the Commission, cannot be doubted ;
bnt that, among human agencies, a large ebare
of eredit for it should be given to those labors,
it is neither arrogant or unreasonable to assert,
In tbi assurance, what contribution tbat has
hitherto been mad to the treasury or to tbe
store oi the Commission, is not received back
aaraln tenfold in valnav
Mor thai fifty thousand articles hare boen
received by tne commission from tbeir patri
otlo countrywomen. It ia not known tbat on
sent to them has failed ta reach Its destination,
nor is tbere on tnat cannot be aoeonnted tor.
It ia confidently believed tbat there has not
been of late a aingle case Of sever sickness
in the army of the Potomac, nor wherever tha
organisation or tbe Commission has been com
nletelt extended in which some of these arti
cles have not been administered to the relief of
the suffering.- ' 11 ' "
After an intimate and connaeniiai confer-.
enos with the Secretary of War, the comman
der of the army of the Potomac and the Qiiar-termatter-General,
there ia reason to solicit
with urgency a large Increase of the resources
at the command ot the Commission; especially 1
of tbat class of its resources upon which it must
chiefly draw for the relief of ' the sick and
Tbe experience of the Commlsaoh has so well
acquainted it with th earnest wish of the wo
men or tna norm, io d aiiowea to work m the
national eauae, that it is deemed -unnecessary
to do more than announce mat mere m a real
and immediate occasion for their beet exertions,.
and to Indicate convenient arrangements lor the
end In view. . i, t ,... ti.n t , .
It is therefore suggested that eoeiette be at
our formed in evety neighborttood where thev
are notaireauy esuoiiaaea, ana that existing
societies of suitable organisation, a Dorcas So
cieties, Sewing Societies, l'.eadlng Clubs and
Sociables, devote thcmaelvs,;ior a Urns, to the
saored service of their country) tbat energetic
and respeetkbi committee be appointed to call
from house to house, and stor to store, to ob
tain contributions la - materials- suitable to be
mad up, or money for th purchas of such
mtteilals t tbat collections be madio obarohes,
and sohools, and factories, and abops, for tb
sameparpoet; thai eonlribstioa hose b placed
In postoffioes, newspaper offloes, railroad and
telegraph offioes, publio homes, ateamboate aad
ferry boats, and ia all ether, suitable piao, la
beled. For oursfck nod wounded;" and. all
loyal womeo meet t such convenient tiara and
places as may b Agree poo- ia each neigh-'
borbood or social aircle, to work nnon thaL
teriai wbioq shall be so ptoeared. i; -j ,
. Erj woman io the couatry esn, at the leasf.
.knit a pair of wool stockings, or, if no,gn
purab ane. them. - ..ia saoa towa let tbetet cc.
csrt, on. this subject, taking oar that tbreo br
ur sines are provided, iix upon a .place for
rooeifiiaiTk and A data when-tbe package abU
be transmitted, and. send is a soon aa poseibl
jv mi,, convenient el Ule depot! of tie
Commtioo.n -.!, ,.a;(Mr,., rl :l .'.,.J F
Duotirrioa nr. Ahmih.Uu. j
Blankets tot single beds! .nilta. of obeap maaeJ
rials, about sevea eet loo by fl fty inobea wtdt :
a, wooiien aock i woeilenor Canton, flaandl;
Md ROWna. wranoera. unrlamhlrta n4 a.A-..
mall bail and feather pillows and buehloDB for
wounded ILmKu. .1;...... .. j. -I
Delieaciesortbe'aick-.u.h a. rArinaalll"
lUrv, mAX
Lniru.lv flri,! ...1,... . L j . ....
.v. ; ue aavanaagaonaiy ais-
j..u Hiiesiwiioui : jeiue should n
oareiully 'prepared to avoid fermontation, and
most securely packed. Many articles of cloth
ing baro-hmi li.jinad. iapattkae heretofoie
sent the Comrn iasion,,Uy tha brij king of jars
and bottles, Over every vessel containing jelly
strew white sugar to the depth of half an Inch,
and piste stout paper (not brandiod) over the
moutb.' Jellies sent in Btope bottle arrive In
tbe best 'condition, and there is do difficulty
in removing tbe contents for use. Every bot
tle, etc, containing jelly should be labelled.
Aromatic spirits and waters, light easy chaifs
for convalescent!, nicely made aplinta fur wound
ci TlrhbB, cbcquei and backgammon boards, arid
like articles' for tbe amusement of wounded
men, books for desultory reading, and magi
?ines, especially If illustrated, will be useful.
AU' articles ebould be close! v nacked hi
wootieq boxes, or In very, atiomjly , wrapped
bales, and clearly directed. On the bo ot tho
contents of each box, under tbe cover, a list f
wnai ii contains anouia OS placed; a duplicate
of thla list should be sent by mail. ' Arrange
ment for free transportation should be made. Or
freight paid In aavauce. The Express Com
panies will generally convey goods lor tbi pur
pose at a reduction of .be uauai rates I Pacli
ages may bo directed and sent, as Is most eeod-ou-ical,
trora any pointtj any of tbe addresses
hfln "I'nr Iba IT . e.,n!l... : 1
slon ") ' " " -
OfRce of the woman Central Relief Aud.
ciatiori, Cooper UnionNo. 10,' Third avenu),
new x Ola;
: Core of Sumoef & William Walsh: No. !?lfa
boutli unaware Sveuuo, Philadelphia:
care or Dr.b. u. Uowe.iiU Uroomtteld t tret I,
uoston; r. i . ,- i. .
Care of Dr. w. ii. Musiey, Cinciunati
Care of Dr. C. D. Griswold, Wheeling, Vi
Caieof.r. L. Olmsted. 311 V. street. Wash
ingtun.D.C- . ... :;t .. I,
Auknowledsmenta will be made to-ell those
who lorwatd parcels, and a final report' te thp
secretary ol War will be published, recovdiol
toe names-oi an contributors, so far as 'thev
eball be known to tbe Commission. : ' ,f
Henry W. Bellows, D. D., Presldmt. -
Prof. A. D. Paohe, LL.D; : 'i '
, George T. Strong; - : .. c.-.-.j. a.
,Fred. Law 01 mated; -' . - . o j . -George
W. Cullnm, U. S. A.i . "
Alexander E. Shiras, U.S. A :'' ' '
Robert C. Wood, M. D U.S. Ar J J . !
Wm, II. Van Buren, M. D.; . . i -l
Prof. Wolcott Gibbs, M. D f .:i
Elieha Harris, M. D.; . . '
Samuel G Howe, M. D.t . - i'
Cornelius R. Agnew, M. D.; -.
J. S. Newberry. M. U.; . , i
Horace Binney, Jr.; !
Rt. Rev. Thomas M. Clark, D. D.;
Commissioners under authority of the Secre
tary of War
Frd. Law Olmsted, General Secret try, Wash
ington. . . -
A. J. Bloor, Assistant Secretary, Washing
ton. J. Foster Jenkins, M. D Associate Secretary
for fh divisions under General Banks, General
Dix aud General Wool. ... .... -
J. 8. Newberry, M. D , Associate Secretary
forlhe Western armies. ' ' "
,. The Sanitary Commission is doing a work of
groai numanity, ana ot direct practical value to
the nation, ki this time of trial. It Is entitled
to the gratitude and the confidence of tbe peo
ple, and I trnsl it will be generously supported.
Tbere Is no -aeuoy-through which voluntary
offariugSAt pfttriotiem can be:more
wh -aiarcu, ooar eondeniad
. , . riiwi
Washington, Sept. 30, 1861.
Arrival of Dr. Hayes's Artic Expedition.
' ' ' ' ' ,' tlon.
,to-...jl . 1" '. ' :;ti. . l) ii-
A dispatch from Halifax. Oct. 9. contains tha
following-, . . ...-j ... .. , ; .r., '.. .. i - a
Ur Uayes'a polar expedition arrived here this
morning in the United States.' The party are
all well. .Two bare-died, including August
Sontag, the astronomer, and Gibson Caratber.
, Dt. Hayes reached Smith's Straiti on th 35th
of August, last yeas, .but oould not penetrate
toe strait wun nis vessel, either last season or
this. He wintered at Port Foujke, near Cape
Aiexsuoer, ana wita a aog aieage reacned lat
81 dee. 35 mln. on May 18:h ot this rear.
- Tbe following dispatch reached New York
city last evening:
Arrival of Dr. Hayes's Artic Expedition. HALIFAX, Oct. 9, 1861.
To Htssr Grinkxll, 17 Bond street: Home
ward bound, ' Put in, after , a stormy passage,
for repairs and water. We were unable te can
etrate Smith's Straits either this season or tbe
last, on account of bearr ice. We wintered at
Port Foulke, near Cape Alexander, and I have
penetrated, with dog eludgea, to latitude eighty
one degrees thirty eve minutes, on tbo weat
side on Kennedy Channel, iu tbat channel
there was much open water. The thirteen aur
vtviog members of my original party ar all
well. Two of my companions, Mr. Sontag and
uioson died.
American Polar Expedition.
The expedition sailed from Boston en the 7th
of July, lt!60, in tha schooner United States, 140
tons buroen, wmcn bad its name obanged from
tbat of Spring Hill. The plan was to proceed
first l Upper Naviok, in lat. 73 dear. 40 mln.,
tbere to procure dogs aud furs, to leave that port
about tbe end of July, and, proceeding through
the middle ice, to reach Smith' Straits about
the 15th of August. It waa calculated that th
first summer would be exhausted In reaching
that looallty,' the winter setting in early ia Sep
tember. . From that time till March, 1661, they
were to remain inaotive; but, on the earliest
return' of sunshine, sledge parties were lo be
formed and engaged In makmr explorations,
- To expedition reached Smiib'ediraits, about
the 78th dogree of north latitude, on the 26th
of August, 1860, but found tbat the ice could
not be penetrated, and that the schooner could
not reach soy higher. They wintered st Port
Foulke, expecting to' get into Smith's Sound
wnen toe ice would be melted la th summer,
It was In this sound, In lat 78 deg. 40 min., tbat
Dr. Kane'el vessel, th Advance, bad to be aban
doned, in May, 1853, Bat the strartj continued
sealed lip, and so far ss the navigation or tbe
sound formed part of tbe plan, It bad id bo,
abandoned."" " " - ' -' " ' j
) Sledge parties, however) were formed, and In
on of those Dr. Hayes mads explorations SB
far northAa 81 deg., 6 min. about tbe- same
latitat. thai was reached by slsdge parties in
the laat spedUloa commanded by Dr. Kane.
Tbi point, was reached on th 18th of. May.
1SG1. The object of the expedition ware: -. , .
i .1. To explore further th open poles sea dis
covered by AV.,A4ne, ana to determine it Us-
Ita iuu ouarsutvB-. ,.'!
. 10 complete toe anrvey or tne northern
oasts of Greenland and Griunell land.
1 3. -To determine Important questions relative
to thjaagrjtisa, meteorolgy, natural bfetory,
and general physio l feature of the Snexplored
regton norin oi Bmiin-s DtrailS. ' '
: The first object could not, of eborse."1 be so
oompllshed on aooonnl of tbe lee blocking- up tbe
passage to Smith's Sound; bat te may presnus
iron ut. nayes activity- ana determination,
tbat th Others have been, so far, ai least1, as it
We possible to affect their aoeomDllsbment. '
f tTa expedition wad composed a follows?
Dr. Isaac I, Hayes.
V?"?" M"ioM PW".
vr.aaui binan tmn. . a
Son's'01101"' d n00Di ,n iinAid-rAnga t
. "WMaster-S.P. McCormlck. '; ' 1
Mate H. W.Dodga. ....w i,..-.
' ' A C'"-" F. Koorr. ...,
i Assistact Astronomer Hewy G. Radcliff
Jvabln Boy Colon C. Starr ' ' "r : "
:, Cook-John Williams.
Harvirfl" h.' MIck, William MilUr,
atn y Ii m0' TbonlM F- B'own. John
Mu?0DW Bd Thomw Bowman.' ' ' - J.
to see recorded, was an experienced voyager, a
highly accomplished arti.t. anri . u.t;U.7'L ,
Z, ri " w . """sea in tne service
nn fl- K-..,. P if.. " r-.v.
--Mv Bji.Apwii.iuu, ana, w Deuv, ou
vommoaore rerry's Japan Expedition. Hi,
death will grieve a large nnmber of rrieoda aud
admirers. :,u u-r..i ; ji. i.n n..i
' W await with: interest Dt. Hayes' report of
th expedition. ,. , r
An Effective, 8afa and . EcoaomieaJ
Compounrl. .. ..
To It original color without dyeing, and prevent! of.
Hair from turning gray.
And coring H, when there I rh least particle of vttaH
, , , . . or lecuperaliv (uergy rt-naining,
AndallcutaneousalTectlon of the Scalp.
Imparting to It an nneqalrd glasandbrilliancy,'mkiof
tt oft and ailky In Iu, textura, and eaustaa it to ur'
readily. t
Th great celebrity tnd Increasing demand for tbi so
equaled preparation, Convince th proprietor that oo
trial is only necessary to sati-fy a dlscernini' Dn.!!- l l,-
uperiorqualrue over any other preparation tu aa. It '
oieantat Uis bead and scalp from dandruff aod other
cutaneous diseases, causing th hair to grow luxuriantly
giving it a rich, (oft, glossy aod Sexibl appoarauM, an
.a... ...c uAir is lumuuiug anu winning, II will giv
trvngth and vigor to th root and restor ih groath t
hos part which have Uccous bald, causing it to yield
rend covering of hair.
- Then are hundreds of laj.es anil gentleman rn New
fork who have bad their hair reiiortHj by Uu one w( this
lnvlgorator, when ail other preparations have filled. L
U. basin hi possession letter innumarable te.tilym,
to the above fact, from penun of the highest rMaecia:
blllty. It will ofleotualiy prevent the hair from turning
until th latest period of life; and incases witeie the hair
ha already changed its color, the ate of the Inrigorator
will with oertawty restow it to it lo il original hue, giv
tng It a dark, glossy appearance. As perfuto lor u
toilet and a Hair Beatorativ it I particularly recoie
mended, having an agreeable fragrance; and tcs great -facilities
it afford in dressing th hair, which, when auiat
with th Ihvigorator, can be dressed ia any required
form so as toprekervc Its place, whether plainkir in curl
hence the great demand for it by the ladie aa a standard
Wilet article which none ought to b nithoutu the prire
plai-es H within th reach of all, being
Only Twenty-Five Cents
per bottle, to be had at ah respectable tintim-tats ar.d
. -ii . Pert alters. . .-.
L. MILLER would call the attention of Parents i
Guardian to the use of hi Inrigorator, In eases wlive
the children' hair Indue to be weak. The use ot it
lay the foundation fur a good head of hair, a It re
move any impurttie that may have become connect cl
with the scalp, th removal of which Is neaessary both
for the health of tbe child, aad the future aviwnrance of
It Batr. - .
Oaotio. Non genuine without the fac simile LOU) 8
MILLER being on the onler wrapper; also. L. kllL
LRU'S HAIR IN VIGOR ATOR, N. T., blown io tbe
gia.. , . ,
WbolAlal Depot, 58 Dey itreet, and soi l by all the
principal Merchant and Druggist throughout the world
Liberal discount to purchaser by the quantity.
' I also desire to present lo the American Public my
which, after year ol scientlnc uperimenUng, I have
brought to perfection. It djoe Black or Brown Inntanth
wilhoutbijury to the Bair or Bain; warranted th twit
article of th kind In existance.
Depo't, 5G .Dcy ..St, New York.
8team Between' Ireland and America
Th following new and manlScent flral-classnaddli
wheel Steamship oompoae Die abov Una:
ADRIATIC, 5,838 ton burthen, Capt, J. Mae
(Formerly of th Oolllos Lin. )
HIBERNIA, 4,400 tons burthen, Oapt. N. Paosvia.
COLUMBIA, 4 4IK) " , n. Lmtcii.
aNULia, ,uo " Nicholson
PAOlflO, It 000 ' I. Baiin.
3,wu J. Walks.
One of th abov shtps will leave New York or Bosion
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, lor Ualaay, Car
rying the government malls, touching at St. Johns,
N. F.
- Tha ' Steamers of thl Una hav been constructed with
the greatest car, under th supervision of the govern
ment, have water-tight compartment, and re unexcel
led force mfort, safety and speed by any tmr afloat.
They are commanded by able aad experienced etlicera,
and (very exertion will be mad to promote th comfort
Of pawenger.
An.experienced Surgeon attached to each ship.
Flrse-clsss N. Y.er Bolton to Galway or Liverpool HH
Becond-olas, " " V
IflrwMl, ' '" ' to St John' '.16
Ihlrd-claa, ,. " : " . i to Oalway or Liverpool.
or any town In Ireland, on a Railway, - - - 30
Thlrd-elas paannger ar liberally supplied with pro
visions of th beat quality, cooked and served by the ser
vant of th Company.
Parties wishing to send for their friend from the old
country can obtain tickets from any town on railway, ia
Ireland, or from the principal cities of England and scot
land, at very low rates.
1 Passenger for New York, irrlrlog By th Boston
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York free of charge.
For passage or further Information, apnly to
At the offloe of the Company, on th wharf, fuot of
Canal street. New York.
aprlllO.dOm. . -
... r - l ;
1,000 yard Bantr Plain Black Bilk tt SI Otf-valo
I Sl 8ipirard. ; i ' .:,
jJilioO yards Travetir.g Dresa and Mantle Good '
; 18 19 cents vala 90 eent per yard. '
8,000 yards Whit Brllllante at 13 18 oni ,
yalws 0 n,ts pr jard. ,r . ,. p...---
BtOOO yanlj Via and Domeetle Oiagbaau greatly aa-,
dorvakfe. . '..,... t.ni.r, t .'. i ... ,n
.. ; .-AS-NO: . -.' .
HOZAKBIQITEA aAltplinrM,y ! ' '
; IAWNfl, CAUC9X8, 1 TOPUSB. , ".'
AND ALL OTHER . ' ,;" '
: ew 4d .Sbipnablo Preaas OixkJ.. :
I rth aostalaslrabUitvIe aalst wry loreri prkw.'
: r er- ' " .i n- i'I,'... ..:-t .it
I if alt atarlal, mad m th mott stylish manner aflaV '
lh latest Pari ftshloM-l'n most elegant atyle
k.llk'" '' "' -- t,
LE .( 1
I may a "
BAIN A, ''
, W Snatll ITIgV street.'
re Irish Linen Goods. ; v
Line Shirt Bosom Piaia and fancy
Shining ana Boama iiinane. .-..".j
Linen -tUueUugtaad Siliow Caatag.
Linen Cambrics and Long Lawn.
it'tf! , Linen Pect-hatklf.,sll tie.'
r!;,no-' Line TowaliingaaodDiapar
a.inea dw. aue u iyiiee
tme Towel with colored border. 1 V' '" S J
.rr'!Jlr!-r.'.'.LIw Stair OovertairaaaSOrwa- "o 'C " '
r"'t'' iatwprie, . , -. ,vn- ,
1 DAW A SOS. .
febn H.MBaihHik (trees.

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